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Analysis: Three experts explain America’s gun politics — Stigmatis News

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN At this point, it’s no surprise that there’s been another mass shooting in America. The latest tragedy came in Allen, Texas, on Saturday when a gunman opened fire on shoppers at an outlet mall. It was another horrific attack on people simply going about their lives, whether at shops, a bank, parties, schools, […]

Analysis: Three experts explain America’s gun politics — Stigmatis News

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The Three Key Causes of the Numbers of Mass Shootings in the U.S. Getting Higher

It’s still, GUN CONTROL!  But, let’s see what the “dissection”, shows here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mass shooting by a twenty-eight-year-old transgendered female at a Tennessee church school that occurred at the end of March, led up to the fatalities of six.  Based off of a nonprofit research organization “Gun Violence File”, since 2023, there’d been 131 mass scale gun-related massacres (not including the shooters), there were three cases that happened in the span of a week’s time in California.

So, why is there a speedy increase of mass scale massacres in the U.S since 2020?

The Gun Violence File Data research showed, that all the cases of gun-related violence had been on the rise in recent years, including suicides, murders, and large-scale massacres.

In 2019, the fatalities related to guns was 33,599; in 2023, the total number increased by more than thirty percent, most were suicides using a gun, murdering someone else came second.

this is how it, goes! Found online

Although, these mass scale shootings had often caused widespread panic in the society, and gotten a ton of media attention, but, these cases actually only made up a tiny portion of gun-related deaths in the U.S..  In 2020, the fatalities of mass shootings only took up 1.1-percent of all gun related deaths.  And yet, in recent years, these large scale massacres are on the rise.

Currently, in the ten worst shootings in America, nine had occurred after 2007.  Experts stated, that, there’s no confirmation of reason as to WHY these cases are on the rise, but it may be related to the following factors.

The Uncertainties in Society, Trapping People in the Vicious Cycles of Feeling Compelled to Own the Arms to Protect Themselves

One of the reasons for the increases in shooting in the U.S., is that people are owning more guns than before.

In 2020, the reported sales of arms got up to an all-time high of 23 million, a sixty-five-percent increase compared to 2020, in 2021, the sales of guns is still, rising up.

BBC found, that unsettlement in the society can cause people to purchase the arms, for instance, in 2020, the U.S. enforced the lockdowns due to MERS-CoV, the police shooting Floyd causing the riots, and after the riots in Capitol Hill, people are purchasing guns more.

The expert from John Hopkins told, that the more unstable the society, the more scared the people are getting, and, this would boost the sales of guns, especially the cases of violence occurring in the night clubs and gas stations, will cause the people to panic more, to keep the sales of arms higher and higher.

Ninety-Three-Percent of the Shooters Were Found to Be Under Enormous Pressures Before the Acts

Experts pointed out, that the pressures in life getting higher may be a contributing factor to the rise in gun violence cases, especially from the pressures of economics, work, homelife, and love.  The expert told, that some may use violent means to reduce the pressures of their lives.

The research showed, that close to ninety-three percent of the shooters experienced distress in their private lives like in marriage, health, school or work; and, from 2016 to 2020, about ten-percent of the shooters of mass scale shootings committed suicide.

The Loosened Restrictions, Allowing the Public to Gain Easy Access to the Weapons

The second amendment stated that citizens have the right to bear arms, causing the stagnation of passing of a gun control bill, and the states have different means of sorting through the matter.  The American President Biden last June signed the “Red Flag Laws” to enforce background checks for younger purchasers of arms, and allowing the law enforcement officials to confiscate all the arms that someone possesses if s/he may be a potential threat to oneself or others.  And yet, not all the states are in line with the Red Flag Laws.

why it’s, NEXT-to-IMPOSSIBLE for a GUN CONTROL LAW to get PASSED by the Congress in the U.S.

from online

In California, where the shootings had occurred at the highest prevalence, was actually one of the states with the most strict of gun control laws, but, the neighboring states have loose gun control laws, which made it easier to gain access to the firearms that are used in the large scale shootings, and massacres.

The federal laws does NOT require a strict background check for the purchasing of arms yet.  “Comparing to other countries, it’s too easy to gain access to the firearms in the U.S.

The researcher also pointed out, that safe storage, and firearms management is very helpful to reducing the incidents of death, or injury involving firearms, but, some of the states in the U.S. still hadn’t pass the stricter gun storage laws yet.

And so, because weapons are so easily accessible in the U.S., that’s why these shootings are, at an, all-time high, besides, the world is, not as safe as it once was, which makes people scared, and, they go out and buy more weapons, to protect themselves, that’s why, there are these, mass-scale, massacres, shootings, happening in the gun-loving, United States, besides, a lot of you in the U.S. are Amendment II worshippers, and, with N.R.A. funding the senators, the representatives, yeah, good LUCK on getting that gun control bill passed into law there!

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The Scam Artist Rings Used the 165 Anti-Scamming Hotlines to Phish, Targeting the Nonprofit Organizations

Yeah, they’re, everywhere we look nowadays, and, how can we tell???  We can’t, and that’s, EXACTLY how BAD this is, getting here, this is exactly what makes people less than likely to donate to the charities now, besides the fact that we’re in an economic downturn, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A certain child welfare foundation received an email from the 165 Anti-Scam Hotlines, that asked the foundation, to click on the link to download an antiviral program for the sake of internet information security, the foundation became suspicious of this message and called it in; the criminal investigation agency found, that this was from a scam ring, attempted to use the phishing means of hackers, to implant a trojan horse program, to attempt to steal the personal data, to provide the scam rings to scam the donors to the foundation, and told that all the not-profit organizations need to start being on the look out for these.

The police found, that the scammers used the email as the sender, and used the 165 Anti-Scam logo, claimed that there’d been a security breach with the Treasury Department, that there was a data breach in the connecting network of the foundation, that the foundation needed to download an anti-virus program, and demanded that the foundation followed their words, with the hyperlink attached in the email.

like this…

and, you do NOT know if this is, legit, because the address is almost exactly identical to the foundation’s…photo from online

The foundation got suspicious upon receipt, didn’t click the link, and notified 165, and confirmed that it was a scam.  The criminal investigations unit tested out the link, that it can’t be downloaded, so they’re unsure of the functions of the downloaded file, suspected that it was a trojan horse virus, the e-mail IP address originated out of Switzerland, while the IP for the hyperlink was traced to Hong Kong, they’d suspected that it was a diving board.

The criminal investigations agency told, that the network security protection of the not-for-profit organizations’ data files are weaker, that there’d been the leak of personal data, the scam artists got a hold of the donors’ information, name, phone number, and the amount they’d donated, then, falsified themselves as the particular not-for-profit, or the banks, called up the donors, told them that the settings of the scheduled donations needed to get set up again, and had the donors use ATM or online banking transfers; just last month, there’d been dozens of cases using this measure already.

And so, this, is how and why, we’re all, no longer inclined, to donate, because these scam rings can and will use the “name” of the foundations we’d donated to to scam us, and, most of us, can’t tell the difference, because it’d looked legit, the website was, similar to the foundations we’d made our donations to, and so, we easily fall, prey.

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A Lesson for the Higher Up in the Police Forces on Abusing the Power of Law-Enforcement

As it should happen, these are law enforcement officers, and they’d, abused their powers to enforce the law, and if we can’t count on them to follow the law, then, we are all, in a, dangerous, environment, living our day to day, lives here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In recent years, the government boasted the police using forces to enforce the laws, and the entry level officers believed he rule of “law is biggest”, and yet, there’s no law against the overuse of police forces in enforcing the law; the officer, Yeh’s pulling the female instructor over and assault her physically is only the tip of an iceberg; the verdict is to make the officer who’d not admitted to wrongdoing a needed lesson, also given a needed lesson of the police for covering their own officials too.

Taiwan boasted on being a democratic country, the purpose of the police is to protect the people’s rights, and the means of enforcing the law is only, when necessary, as the powers given by the country is used to hurt an innocent citizen, how can there be no wrong in that?  The higher up of the police, after the incident, they’d acted ambiguously, and rationalized the behaviors of the officer, Yeh, that he was only, “enforcing the law”, their bad behaviors are the accomplices of Yeh’s physical assault on the drumming instructor.

Evaluating the whole case, the officer cross the jurisdiction of the district, in lacking the evidence of a crime, used the terms to illegally pull the law-abiding citizens over, and as the citizen questioned the justifications, the officer body slammed her, and charged her on obstruction of police affairs, where’s the justification in that?

As the case went into the trial phase, the officer Yeh stated that he’d suspected that the woman is a junkie or that she may be a listed missing persons, that was why he’d pulled her over, but this was without any objective proof, and as the woman refused to allow him to check her, he’d still continued, there’s more than enough proof, that the officer had abused the power of the police; and the backup who’d arrived stated, “if there’s no problem, then why would she not agreed to get checked”, this also showed the lacking of awareness of the rights of the people and of the, law too.

It isn’t that the officers who’d broken the law while enforcing the law is unforgivable, and yet, it’s a month since the incident, and the then police chief, Chen, as he was interviewed, he’d commended Yeh on being hard at work, that he took the active stance to check, that he needed the affirmation of actively checking what he thought was, suspicious, and then then mayor, Cheng and the police internal affairs also, backed the officer up as well; and the then warmth from the police higher up, turned into the “heavy sentence” of the patrol officer now.

Nobody would not back up the fact that the police is, enforcing the laws, but, we will NEVER tolerate the abuse of police power; toward the illegal behaviors, the officers should be tough, but, do remember, to “exercise the right to enforce the law based off of the law”, to follow protocol, to serve justice, to protect the good citizens of this, country.

And, there’s, a gray area in this, because, what would constitute as, suspicious behavior, if someone is walking down a street, dressed in dark clothes at night, looked that s/he is, up to, no good, does that count as, justifiable, cause for getting pulled over?  And, what if this person that looked suspicious, was only slouching, because s/he had a long day of work from the office, and is, too tired?  Then, where’s, the JUST in pulling this person who looked, “suspicious”?  It’s this GRAY area, that gives the room for LOOSE interpretations of the law, which then may lead to, more, police brutality.

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Every Time, Another MASS SHOOTING Occurred…

Every time, another MASS SHOOTING occurred, you see those, government officials (the members of the Congress, Senate, House Representatives, yada, yada, yada) swear UP and DOWN that AISLE, to CRACK down on ownership of guns (i.e. a stricter rule for purchasing, blah-blah-blah), and this last for???  No more than, three NANOSECONDS (as that would be, the attention span of modern day man, or maybe shorter, as we all became, addicted to those, three-second long, TikTok videos here???), then, everything gets, put OUT of, all of our, minds.

Every time, another MASS SHOOTING occurred, you’d hear those government officials, SWEAR that they’re going to CRACK down on the laws on stricter mandates of ownership of guns, the banning of owning of illegal firearms, having a tougher set of standards on getting the license (like say???  A SIX-MONTHS to a YEAR’s waiting period, but, would that be enough???), and, what happened to those, “promises”???  Oh yeah, it all went into, that, TRASH pile, labeled, “Yesterday’s NEWS”!

“FIRE in the HOLE!!!”, in “slow-motion” here…photo from online

That, is what happens, every time, another MASS SHOOTING occurred, people feel scared, not knowing, if it’ll be safe for them, to shop at a local mall (‘cuz, who’s to say, that PSYCHO with a MACHINE GUN won’t come in, and shoot us all???), and so, we all start, carrying our own separate, “concealable weapons” (preferably fitting into our tiny little, purses, to PROTECT ourselves!)…

And yet, who’s to say, those LOADED guns won’t fire by “accident”?  I mean, there were, already, the PRECEDENCE of a kid playing with a loaded gun of his mamas, and, BOOM!, SHOOTING his little ten-year-old (think she was!) girlfriend (friend who WAS a girl, not going out on dates!) somewhere NOT near her VITAL organs, from???  2010, 2011, 2012, or, when was that SHIT again???  Yeah, I can’t remember NO more (and your point being???).

So, you think it’s safe, to have a FIREARM in your house?  Yeah, the LAWS will NEVER change, until HALF of the LEGISLATORS (or maybe more would be needed???) lost someone they loved to gun-related violence or accident, because hey, safety’s off!


And maybe, GUN CONTROL is NOT, what we need, PEOPLE CONTROL, is, as them guns, well, they don’t, FIRE themselves now, do they???  Yeah, think on it…

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Rohingya refugees bet lives on boat crossings despite rising death toll — Stigmatis

Woman recounts suffering on perilous journeys taken to escape oppression in Myanmar and squalid Bangladesh camps Rohingya refugees rest following their arrival by boat on Lamnga beach in Indonesia’s Aceh province on 8 January. Photograph: Chaideer Mahyuddin/AFP/Getty Images Shaikh Azizur Rahman and Rebecca Ratcliffe in Bangkok | Jan. 8 2023 Hatemon Nesa recalled hugging her young daughter tightly as […]

Rohingya refugees bet lives on boat crossings despite rising death toll — Stigmatis

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The Increases in Identity Thefts, the KMTs Called Out to the Government to Patch Up the Holes in the Systems Quickly

How easily, for even, the higher up government officials to get their personal information misused and stolen by the hackers, and that’s with, a high-end, security system that they’re currently using, now, imagine, if it’s that easy for the government officials’ information to get stolen, how our information can be stolen and misused, even more, easily!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Words are that Twenty-Three Million Personal Data Had Gotten Sold, with Lai and Gu Listed as Among Them

An account online “OKE” claimed that it’s selling over 23 million pieces of personal information of users in Taiwan, with a lot of the people leaving messages that they wanted to buy, this was on the BreachForums discussion board.  The legislator from KMT, Hsieh stated yesterday, that the digital development department of the offices of internal affairs told yesterday, that their system was NOT hacked, but, there were the anonymous hackers who’d compared the data, and it’d shown, that the information was close to identical to the data in the database of the local land offices’, with the personal information of the vice president, secretary of NSA, Gu, and the head of economics, Wang in them.

The digital development department stated, the government, followed the “information communications secured management” edicts of the varied levels of security.  That the massive amounts of personal data from the citizens, they’d set up the drills to prevent the hacking, and the real-life means of prevention of getting hacked, that it takes one to two months, for these drills to be completed to set up the needed protections of the security of our personal data every year.

The KMT head recruit, Tseng told since 2019, there’d been 674 cases in regards to national security data breach, and there’s that consistent hike in the cases per year, including the Postal services, and more than ten thousand personal data getting leaked out from the department of foreign affairs in 2017, and there’s the over 23 million personal data files leaked out just this past November.

And, there were the cases of hackers hacking into the data files on the rise too, getting more and more serious.  The hackers are getting bolder and overboard, the government can’t just sit and do nothing about this.

Toward the claims of the selling of personal data by OKE, the offices of internal affairs and the digital development department both told, that it wasn’t the land offices that got hacked, some said, that the files leaked are exactly identical to the 2020 “Toogod” hacking files; but, based off of the anonymous reports, and in comparing the “OKE” files, the complete household registry, with the I.D. numbers listed, that’s all, brand, new.

Based off of the claims of the anonymous hacker, the data being sold contained personal information of the vice president, Lai, Gu, and Wang, the head of economics, it’d become a matter of national security, calling out to the DDP, to start zooming in on the matter of attacking the opposing party, and start, tackling this serious matter now.

The legislator of the KMT, Lai told, that there are nine hundred openings of the national government employees of the high-tech departments, the head of state, Su told that the department was going to outsource to get the workers filled, he’d suspected that the matter data security can be “outsourced”?  Both the president, Tsai and the head of state, Su are using the mottos to run the country, he’d demanded the government to see these data breach as a matter of national security, to try to BLOCK it off.

Yeah, and this still just showed, how INCOMPETENT the DDP government is, on this matter too!  I mean, it is the government’s job, to try its best, to protect the government owned and operated systems from being HACKED, and yet, see how many data breaches, the higher up government officials’ names, personal data are being, misused?  That just showed, how dangerous it is, for ordinary people like you and I, because if the government officials higher up get their personal data, identities, stolen, how easy it would be, for you and I, to get our personal information stolen?  And this is still a top-down problem, because the system was NOT set up securely enough at the very top, that’s why, it trickles down…

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The Male School Instructor Had Abused a Male Student to the Point that the Student Would Pass Out Twenty-Times a Day

The abuse by this ill-fitted school instructor that’s caused this male student to suffer from dissociative symptoms, and PTSD as well, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A male instructor, Liu asked a ten-year-old male student to look out for his young son who just started in school, believed that the student he’d asked to watch out for his son didn’t do his job, he’d beaten the genital of the student with a drum stick, and abused the ten-year-old for a whole year, causing the boy to start exerting the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and he’d fainted in school twenty times once.  The Taipei District Court found that Liu the instructor, used his authority as a school instructor, abused a helpless student, during the trial, he’d ignored how he’d caused the child to become psychologically ill, that he deserved a harsh punishment, sentenced him to four years six months for obstructing the growth of young children; this can be appealed.

The victimized male student wrote the thank you notes to the judges, “Thank you, judges, for serving justice for me”, “it’d been four years since, although I’m taller, and more mature now, but it’d still, stayed in my mind, I kept replaying the scene of me, getting beaten up by Mr. Liu.”

Based off of investigations, the instructor, Liu believed that the student didn’t care for his son well enough, had multiple times abused him in class, using the drum sticks to beat on his genital, his bones in the calves, or smacked the back of the student’s head, temple, the nose ridge, and slapped him across the face, insulted him, “Your father is stupid, your mother, a fool, that’s why a trash like you were born, you IDIOT!”, and forced the student to not tell anybody about his abuse.

The victimized student started exerting the symptoms of dizziness, stomach troubles, and started in September of the following year, he’d started having the fainting spells in class, started screaming and begging for forgiveness, and was later diagnosed with PTSD with symptoms of dissociation.

The instructor, Liu denied the allegations of abuse to the end, and claimed that he was libeled and slandered against by the young student.

But the homeroom instructor of the boy told, that the victim would pass out in class, ten to twenty times a day, that as he’d fallen down, he’d started, convulsing, kept ranting, “I won’t do it again, I’m sorry, Mr. Liu, I won’t, do it, again!”

The Collectivist Court found, that before the boy was placed in medical treatment, he’d never disclosed what Liu had done to him, later, as he’d disclosed what had happened to him when he was unconscious, and his families heard, that he had, NO reasons to, frame Liu.

And so, this is how the victims of abuse, suffered from the dissociations, reliving the traumatic moments of what had happened to him, and this instructor was awful in his means of abusing the student, and he NEVER should’ve asked a TNE year old KID to take care of his own young, first grade son, the boy is still a child himself, and how the @#$%, can he, possibly, take up the responsibilities of caring for another child who’s, only, a few years younger than he is?

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The Legal Experts: the Courts Can’t Understand the Facets of the Cases of Domestic Violence

Only those who lived in the abuse knows how it’d, felt, the courts can’t even begin to comprehend what it’s, like, how there’s not enough focus on getting the abusers caught, and sent to jail, so the victims won’t have to live in fear of their, lives, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Women’s & Children’s Advocates attorney, Tien pointed out, that with the status quo of Kao and her influences on the society, she could become victimized by domestic violence, Lin’s many crimes, separately considered, aren’t serious at all but, the judge who’d handed down such a light sentence for this repeated abuser, doesn’t quite balance out in crime and punishment.

And, all the domestic violence are all progressives, from screams, hitting the walls, throwing things, and in the end, injuring one another, from the victims’ perspective, it’s all, abuse, but, toward these sorts of violence in intimate relations, should there be a heavier sentence given out?  And how much evidence would be needed to prove?  And there are room for change in the current laws to prevent domestic violence.

A judge who chose to not be named pointed out, that rather than stating how Lin got off easy, “I believe, all of the cases on domestic violence in the past had been, way too, lenient”.  The court justice analyzed, in considering the sentence, there would be the examples from the past cases taken in, “the victims are tragically injured in the abusive relationships.  It’s just that under normal circumstances, the courts have NO way of knowing, just how AWFUL the victims suffered.”

A court judge mentioned the cases of domestic violence s/he resided over before, most of the victims, after they’d pressed charges, the district attorneys would NOT work the case endlessly, and the victim, needed to keep on fearing for their lives, by the threats of the abusers, “not very many of the accused will get jailed, let alone, dreaming of how the justices, the D.A. would, get to the cases quickly enough, comparing, the victims of domestic violence, aren’t given enough protection by the justice systems.”

And that, is what needed change, because these cases aren’t as major as those, murders, massacres, so they’re more than likely, to get put on the backburner, in that pile of files, and that’s just bad, because, these victims of domestic violence are the ones, most in need, of the laws to, protect them, and yet, these cases aren’t high enough on the D.A.’s lists of, priorities.

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DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

PATTY GIDDIS                                                                Inbox – iCloud  3:23 am   Fine let’s talk this way   To:   Daddy,   Maybe this way you won’t hang up on me again or worry about my roommate knowing my sordid secret.  She’s not even here to peek over my shoulder at what I’m typing – actually would never […]

DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

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