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The One-Year-Old Young Girl Died from Being Abandoned by Her Own Mother, Her Mother Turned Herself in, Received a Five-Year Sentence

How the mother of this young child was negligent, which was what caused her to, D-I-E, and she got, punished here all right, it’s just, that no amount of sentencing would be, enough, for the life she’d caused, to die, her own, daughter’s life was, lost, because of her, lack of concern and care for her…off of the Newspapers, translated…

The woman, Wang in Taoyuan, because her husband was serving time in prison, was left to raise her own one-year-old young daughter, but didn’t care for the child enough, only fed her in the morning and at night, left her young child at home alone, went out to travel with her boyfriend for three days, and then, the child had, died.  To cover this up, she’d refused her child for the vaccinations, to evade the department of sanitations checking up, and the truth finally came out four years later; yesterday, the Taoyuan District Court charged the woman on abandonment causing death, sentenced her to fie years, this can still be appealed.

The investigations found, that after Wang gave birth in 2015, she’d left her infant home alone, multiple times because of her work, during the time, she’d failed to provide the infant with enough food, causing the infant to be malnourished, and had been hospitalized a whole month, and after they were discharged, the hospitals couldn’t find them again.  In 2020, Wang’s daughter is turning six, and, was at the age of entering the elementary school years, the local sanitation offices tracked the child’s health status, and found, that Wang and her mother who didn’t live together both claimed, that the child was in each other’s care, that was when the local sanitation offices thought something was wrong, notified social services, the social workers and police broken through to wang, and that was when they’d learned, that the young girl died back in 2016, and the body is nowhere to be found now.

The indictment from the D.A.’s Office stated, that Wang had left her own daughter twice for as long as three days at a time, and during the time, she’d not left enough food for the child, she’d claimed, that on the second time she’d left her child, she’d left her daughter at the hospital, where the child had, died, because it’d been a long time, she can’t remember now, what she did with her daughter’s, body.

Although Wang admitted to what she did, but blamed the matter on how she’d had a hard time growing up, that her husband was in jail and sent her the divorce papers, she couldn’t take it, that was why she’d been, neglectful to her own daughter.  She’d told, that her daughter was hospitalized, because of kidney conditions, and her brains, but she needed to work, couldn’t care for her 24/7, and, as the medical professionals signed off, she’d left her daughter in the I.C.U.  But, it was a fact, that her daughter had died when she went out to travel, “as I’d refused to allow my daughter to get vaccinated, she’d already been, deceased!”

The courts investigated, that although the local sanitation offices found that Wang’s daughter was unfound, but they couldn’t confirm that she’d been dead, the police originally listed this case as a missing persons, that Wang’s telling them what had happened, qualified her for turning herself in, that she could get a reduced sentence.  But as a mother, Wang did NOT solicit help when things were getting hard, causing her daughter to die, the courts, did NOT allow her to ask for a second reduction of her sentencing because of this.

And, if you ask me (but hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!), this woman DESERVES to serve the HARD time for leaving her own young daughter to DIE, for NOT feeding her (that’s NEGLECT!), and maybe, this child wasn’t beaten up, or emotionally abused or whatever, her death was still, a result of her own mother’s, inability to care for her, and that would constitute as, MURDER in my opinion!

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Trauma is, a, Time Machine

From the blog, of a man, who’d been, raped, molested, by his nanny and her family, with nobody believing in him, on slowly, coming to the knowing, the acceptance of what had, happened, in his own, childhood MISERY, translated by me…

Trauma is, a, time, machine, instantly, transporting our souls into the past.

The sorrows are far away, distant, but, I’m, right, HERE.

The me that’s, traveled through time from the present, to the moments of the, past, am I, still, me?

With my soul, extracted out of my body, am I, still me?

Trampled down by the memories of trauma of my younger years, here, this moment in time, am I still, me?

Everyone asks the questions of the self: am I, okay, now?

But most of the time, the expected response, was the, question of have I been, returned, to the, present?  Can I start living now?  Can I, find a job now?  Don’t get me wrong, these are, all vital questions about being.

But, if you want my answer, I want to share:

What defines “I”, or me, and what constitutes as “okay”.

imaging living in this as a young, child…and you’re so little, and can’t, escape…

photo from online

Included in the “I”, were the moments of being overwhelmed with the fears of being abandoned by my own parents.

Along with my own hypervigilance of staying with, those who’d, raped me, with the stamina I’d gained, having, survived through, all of, these moments of time.

Nothing is as it actually is by reference.  The milk tea here in Taiwan, is not the milk tea in Hong Kong.  The prototype of mothers in the textbooks, aren’t like our own mothers.

Your pains, not identical to mine.

If you really care for another person, you need to put in a lot of time, to understand where the individual comes from, the meanings, the symbolisms of every word that’s used by the individual.

Then, you can finally get, closer to the real, “me”.

As we were writing our columns, we always come across of a ton of cases of child abuse from other countries, with too many of these cases, too cruel, too, unimaginable.  But the words we read, can’t even come close to what the children growing up in those backgrounds were, weathering, through.

The pains of the survivors, the next-of-kin of the survivors, are, in every single details of their day, accumulating in the sleep, the meals, the relationships with others, the, trust, accumulating into a large, mass.

As these young children come before you through the passages of time, how do you explain to them, what “I”, is?

If s/he is hurt by a parent, or a caretaker, a relative, a school instructor, the “me” would’ve gotten damaged even more.  But how do we explain it, to, others? 

What’s hidden behind the “okay”, are, oftentimes, the society’s expectations, the judgments of the values of the, “damaged” person.

But, if we get down to the core of “me”, then, we will come to know, that this “okay” that’s agreed upon, is, absolutely a, LIE.

But there are, a lot of people who cared about the psychological wellbeing too.

Are you now, considered, “okay”. 

Then, naturally a child (or an adult) who’d been, hurt, will take you on the ride on the, time machine.  Back to the “I’m okay” from the past, then, suddenly, drops us into, the, “I’m NOT okay”.

Along with all the selves that came, after that that are, in need of, care, that feeling of, being, isolated, with no one who understands, what we’re, going, through. 

This is a very long journey, with our bodies, right here, and our psyches, far, far, away.  And, return back to this, present moment, you will no longer be you, and I, no longer, me, anymore.

Will you be willing, to strap yourselves, under that, safety belt, and take this, journey, with, me???  The adventures of your own, individual, lifetimes.

And so, yeah, we are, in, desperate need of, that, “traveling companion” on this, journey, to healing our own selves, from our separate traumas of the childhood years, but, who can take this journey FOR us?  Uh, nobody, that’s W-H-O, this is something we must, weather through, ALONE, and it will be difficult (trust me, ‘cuz I’d already, been there, and, oh yeah, done THAT too, ‘k???  So, do NOT doubt my authority on this).  And, it’s only going to get really hard, because you (whoever YOU may be out there???), still ain’t come to your own senses, in ADMITTING to your selves, that heck, mommy and daddy they NEVER loved me, and I’m, damaged as a kid.

End of “therapy session” here, pay my secretaries!

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The Tragedies of Murder in Domestic Violence Cases, the Couple Need to Be Careful Not to Allow Their Emotions to Run Haywire

This is still in HINDSIGHT, which is still 20/20!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Criminology Department professor, Cheng from Zhongzhen University observed the case of domestic violence resulting in three deaths and one wounded, that this is a classic murder case of domestic violence, Wu and his wife got into a verbal altercation, he’d murdered his own wife, then, killed himself, he exerted borderline personality traits; the county government’s social services department had sent the social workers to help the families with the aftermath, the school started the counseling for the students.

Cheng stated, that if the couple’s relations showed signs of trouble in communications, domestic violence issues, the Domestic Violence Prevention Center should be notified, the Family Education Center, as well as seeking out help from a marriage counselor or a psychotherapist, and the families, the neighbors should get a little nosier too.  The family and community counseling center manager, Lu by the Chiayi University said, males are less likely to seek out help, he deducted, that the husband may have accumulated the bad feelings for along time, then, exploded, and it’d caused harm to his own, young.

The supervisor of the Chiayi Chapter of a nonprofit organization, Lee told, that the youngest son who’d survived, who’d witnessed these violent acts and tragedies may show signs of withdrawal, refusing to go to school, insomnia, and loss of appetite and other symptoms, that the help from a child psychologist may be necessary for him, the families and school need to help him get the assistance he needed, stay beside him, to offer the child emotional and social support.

The counselor, Lin stated, that parents should NOT see the children as their own properties, hurting them, and taking their lives, the individual who’d gone violent should also be more aware of her/his own anger management, if s/he feels angry, then, s/he should get away from where s/he is, and start breathing deep, to calm oneself down, to lower the chances of doing something that one would regret.

Yeah, this is still, all hindsight, and, there’s still, NO way anyone could’ve, prevent this tragedy or any others like this one, because, we only read about these things in the news, and let it become yesterday’s new, and we forget, and the key to prevent these sorts of tragedies is by having a higher sense of awareness of oneself, and yet, do people have that?  Not really, because if everybody is too aware of her/himself, this SHIT would not happen in the first place, would it?  Of course not, and, you also should not get jealous, and that is what everybody needs to work out, to STOP mistaking possessiveness for love!

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The Tragedies in Chiayi, the Man Murdered His Wife & Son, the Committed Suicide, Resulting in Three Deaths and One Wounded

Another case of domestic violence that ended in murder, and deaths, like these cases normally, would, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Man Refusing to Sign the Divorce Caused the Couple to Fight for Days on End, Awhile Ago, the Man Was Suspected of Getting Locked Out After the Separation to Visit His Families, Flew into a Rage, and Committed the Murders

The thirty-eight-year-old man, Wu was suspected of not getting a divorce settled, had been fighting for days on end, in the midnight hours of yesterday, he was suspected of losing it after getting locked out, he’d climbed up the aluminum ladder from the outside to his second story home into the room, hacked his wife and ten-year-old son to death, and injured his own eight-year-old son severely, then, cut his own throat, fell off the building, and died.  Before Wu committed the murders, he’d texted his own father, “I’m taking my kids with me”, and his father called the police, but as the paramedics and the police arrived, it was already too late, the three were found dead.

Based off of understanding, Wu works as a wood sculptor, his wife who was eight years junior, Lin worked in customer services to provide for the family, Wu suspected his wife for having an affair, prohibited her to go to work, and complained that she’d spent too much money.  The two were negotiating the terms of their divorce lately.  Wu was suspected of worrying how he would have nothing after the divorce, which was what caused him to commit the murders, before he’d gone on the killing spree, he’d texted his youngest sister-in-law, “I will make you live in pain!”

The D.A. told, that early in the morning at around three, Lu climbed the aluminum ladder into the bedroom, used a twenty-five centimeter long fruit knife, murdered his own wife, his wife had fourteen stab wounds, found dead by the bed, with the wounds in the chest, her neck being what killed her, the ten-year-old son sustained a slash on the left of his neck, which was what’d killed him, the eight-year-old younger son was stabbed in the neck, following, Wu started slashing the left and the right side of his neck, and his wrists too, fell from the second floor balcony.

Wu’s younger sister told, that her brother-in-law had been emotionally unstable, easily worked up, and had restricted her older sister’s whereabouts, she couldn’t withstand the pressures anymore, filed for divorce, and he’d threatened her multiple times verbally, “if you divorce, I will take you  and the kids out, the house you live in will be unoccupied forever”, last Friday, her older brother-in-law was in suspicion that her older sister was having an affair, checked her phone, but found no evidence, and, he’d thrown her cell phone onto the floors and started abusing her.

Wu’s’ wife’s younger sister told, that she and her mother were present as he’d started abusing her older sister, and immediately after he’d beaten her, they’d taken her to the hospital to get her injuries documented, and consoled with her to move out of the apartment, to move in with their parents in Taichung, but she’d worried it might anger her husband, didn’t dare, hoped that they could peacefully divorce first, then, take her two children and leave, but they all were, murdered.

Social Services investigated, that Wu wasn’t listed as violent, and the family wasn’t listed as high-risk, that on Monday a call came, and domestic violence was suspected, and the social workers only started intervening, the very first time the social workers visited, the domestic violence ended in murder occurred, they couldn’t stop the tragedies from happening.  The head of Social Services, Chang stated, on the day, the social workers helped Lin set up and assessed her safety situation, and gave her the information packet on domestic violence prevention, assisted her in getting a restraining order, but Lin didn’t get a restraining order, and the social services could not force her to take action, and the Social Services regretted this.

The school where the two boys attended told, that they were in the band, loved music and science, were well behaved, courteous, with many talents, and the school never expected this tragedy to fall on them.  The school principal told, that the youngest son arrived to school with his father, he saw them laughing as the man dropped him off, he didn’t find any signs of domestic violence in the family.

Of course not, these things, they don’t show up, until it’s too late, like in this case, the restraining order still didn’t come soon enough, and besides, these abusive spouses can care less about those court issued restraining order, and continue to, abuse their families, and this one caused two children to die, with the perpetrator, sustaining only, “minor” injuries, and he will be charged with murder and domestic violence after the hospital treated him.

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The 129th “Large-Scale Shooting” the Guns Sounded Off in an American Elementary School, a Cross-Gendered Woman Massacred Six

And, we have, W-H-O, to THANK for this, REPEATED SHIT again???  Oh yeah, the Republican Party, as they’re all, GUN-LOVING, and “sponsored” by the N.R.A.!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the 27th, at the Covenant School of Nashville, Tennessee, there was a shooting, the twenty-eight-year-old transgendered former graduate, a woman, Audrey Hale, took two semi-automatic and a handgun, entered into her alma mater, and started shooting at random, causing three nine-year-old students, and three adult instructors to get murdered.  As the police arrived, they’d fired at Hale, and, gunned her down.

March is not even, over yet, and The Covenant School shooting, was already, the 129th “mass scale shooting” in the U.S. (not including the gunman, there were at least, four fatalities), the President of the U.S., Biden on the 27th, called out to the Congress to set up the bans of the assault weapons.  He’d stated, “this is heartbreaking, this is the families worst nightmares, we must, work harder, to try to prevent the cases of gun violence, and to protect the schools.”

The police stated, that Hale had entered into the school by firing into the lock and started shooting.  The police were called at 10:13 in the morn on the day, five officers rushed over, heard the gunshots came from the school’s second floor, two officers opened fire on Hale at the hallway of the first floor, at 10:27, they had shot and killed Hale.

The police stated, that as soon as Hale entered, she’d started shooting at random, the fatalities included three nine-year-old students, and three adults, including the sixty-year-old principal, Koonce, Peak, and the school janitor, Hill.

The head of Nashville Police Department said, the declaration of the shooter “showed that there will be multiple locations, the school was only one of them.”, the police also found a map of the school, with the details of where the surveillance cameras are installed, the various doors.

and, here’s that video off of Youtube, from the news channels…

The motive of the shooting is still pending investigation, Drake stated, two of the three weapons that the gunman had, were legally purchased, when she’d gone on a shooting rampage, “she had the massive amounts of ammunition to open fire with the police forces”, “readied to cause even more damages”.  The shotguns were also found, in the gunman’s home.

The school belonged to the Covenant of Grace Presbyterian, in 2001, the school was set up on the southside of the neighborhood of Nashville, with the enrollments of students from preschool to sixth grade, around two hundred students, and thirty-two instructors.

The spokesperson of the WH, Jean-Pierre stated, that Biden hoped that the Congress can do something about this, because “enough is enough!”.  She’d stated, “how many more children need to die, before the Republican House Representative pass the bill to ban the assault weapons, with the detailed background checks and purchasers showing that they have a safe storage place for the assault weapons.”

There’d been many cases of large-scale massacres of graduates who’d barged into their former elementary schools.  Last May, an eighteen-year-old male opened fire at an elementary school in Texas, causing nineteen children and two schoolteachers dead.  In 2012, a twenty-year-old male opened fire onto his alma mater in Connecticut, causing twenty students and six teaching staff dead.

And, this is still NOT quite enough, for the Congress to pass the gun control bill, because, they’re “sponsored” by the N.R.A., and of course, the Republican majority will NEVER pass a gun control law, because that means, they will be, losing the support of those in favor of the N.R.A., and, the N.R.A., has the Republican Party, in its, pockets, putting the fundings of the Republican campaigns into the party.


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The Very First Case of Jury Trial in Hsinbei City, the Mother Being Charged with Smothering Her Son to Death, the District Attorneys Offices: She Did NOT Qualify for Reduction of Sentence

The very FIRST case of trial by jury here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-six year-old Hsu, because of her own emotional instability, economics, and other issues, last year in October, she’d smothered her own son to death, then attempted to kill herself with a knife, but was rescued, the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office indicted Hsu on murder, and this would be the very first case with a jury.

The D.A. found, that after Hsu was divorced, she’d made an agreement, to alternate the care for their son with her ex.  Last year in October, at her home, Hsu murdered her own son by smothering him with a pillow, then, attempted suicide, and as her ex couldn’t get in touch, he’d arrived at her apartment with the police, broken down the door, and found that his son was smothered to death, the district attorneys charged Hsu on murder.

Based off of understanding, due to how this was the very first case that will be ruled by a jury, the district attorneys already prepared for how the defense was going to use a psych evaluation, that she was in distress after the divorce, or economic difficulties, that it’d caused her to become unstable, asking for leniency, the D.A. asked for the psych evaluations, and investigated into the couple’s relationship, interviewed the school teachers, and found, that this case does NOT qualify for the reduction of sentencing.

An unnamed district attorney stated, in this trial, whether the defendant was a good or a bad mother, is the key point of the argument, in the cases of parents murdering their young, the D.A.s claims, and the defense’s claims of how the defendant is, is usually quite, diverse, both the D.A. and the defense believed, that which side can get to the jurors would be the key.

The unidentified district attorney told, that a able-bodied district attorney, in the ordinary public hearings, should NOT jut explain the law so that the laypersons can understand it, when asking of the sentencing, they would always use the factors of, emotions, and, toward the jurors, they will have to use vernacular explanations, that are simple to understand for the laypersons.

And so, this case if important, because this would be the very FIRST case of trial by, jury, and, nobody knows how this will go, and, nobody knows, if the defense is going to play on the jurors’ emotions, to get them to feel for the mother who’d committed suicide (showing that she was, remorseful!), or not.

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The Mother, Suspected of Becoming Too Overwhelmed in Caring for Her Own Emotionally Troubled Son with the Disabilities, the Police Suspected that She’d Murdered Her Own Son then Committed Suicide

Despite how the DDP government BOASTS the effects of their long-term care programs, this still keeps on, happening, why is that???  Another tragedy that stemmed from the stresses, the burdens of caring for someone with a disability, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pair of mother and son were found dead in Taichung in their home on the third floor, the investigators deducted, that it may have been the mother who’d shouldered the burdens of caring for her own mentally decapacitated son too long she’d become too tried, she’d dosed her son with sleeping pills, killed him, then committed suicide, the autopsies are scheduled next week to clarify the causes of their deaths; the Taichung Social Services stated, that the Chen’s son was not registered as a handicap person, there wasn’t any records of the families filing him as such, and called out to the public, that if there are families in need, they can get help from government to step in to intervene to help with the care.

Chen returned home at around six, found his son lying in bed, with his wrists and ankles tied to the bed frame, the right hand was tied to his right ankle, his wife was found with her head down next to him on the floor.  By the time the paramedics arrived, both had been declared dead.

Chen has a three-story mansion, the police found that the lock wasn’t broken, there’s no sign of entry from out, they’d found two fruit knife, one hammer, and an ax, with a-third of the bottle of sorghum wine remaining, along with the opened up pack of sleeping pill of Chen’s wife’s prescription, ten pills were gone, rope and belt on the door.  Both the mother and the son showed no defensive wounds, no signs of struggle.

The D.A. went to the autopsies, the sixty-one-year-old Liu sustained two stabs in her abdomen, which killed her, with the attempted suicide knife wounds on her right wrist, the thirty-seven-year-old son sustained multiple blunt force trauma on his head, skin-deep cuts on his throat, with the stab into his right thorax being what murdered him.

Chen who lost his wife and his son stated that he was helpless, their daughter told, that her mother gave all she had in caring for her older brother, she was on medication for years on end, that she had it hard.

Based off of understanding, the son was mentally decapacitated, with symptoms of attention-deficit-hyperactivity, couldn’t take care of himself.  The Chen’s worked in construction, paving the tiles, and would take their son with them when they go to work from time to time.  The mother and son were very close, but Chen’s wife had insomnia and suffered from emotional troubles, and had been on meds for ten years.

And so, this is a combinations of the woman’s mental illness, combined with the burdens of caring for her own young son with disability that’s caused her to murder her own son, then committed suicide, and this may have well been prevented, had someone noted something, had this woman sought out help, like applying for the breather programs from the long-term care policies that’s been implemented since, 2010-ish???  Then, none of this would’ve, happened!

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The Couple Had Abused Their Eldest Son to Death, Disposed of His Body, Tortured Their Younger Son to Severely Injured

Murdering their children by physical abuse, in their infancy stages of life, and now, the husband is charged with murder, and  the wife who didn’t say a thing until now gets away, with the rest of the family’s children, placed in protective custody!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Parents Refused to Sign the Consent Forms for Their Children’s MERS-CoV Vaccinations, the Personnel of the Sanitations Office Didn’t Become Aware of What Had Happened, Until the Wife Turned Herself in, Both Parents were Indicted

The couple, Chou three years ago, because of a physical fight of shoving each other, it’d caused the three-months-old eldest son of theirs in Chou’s wife’s arms to die of shock, the two worried that they might get found out that it may cause their two-year-old eldest daughter to get placed out, they’d bagged up the body of their infant son, took it to the Yangming Mountain in Taipei to dispose of, as their second son was born, the two were too impatient of the infant crying, fed him the tranquilizers, stuffed his mouth with socks, causing the second born son to suffer permanent brain damage, until the end of last year when both had been tortured by their own guilty conscience, did they finally, turn themselves in, the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office charged them on manslaughter, disposing of the bodies, and damaging the development of young children, indicted the parents.

Based off of understanding, the Chous rarely interacted with their own separate families of origins, in recent years, they’d cut off contact with them completely, Chou’s wife’s side didn’t even KNOW that she’d given birth to their second son last March, they had no clue of the death of their eldest son.  And, although the sanitation offices had sent the notices for the children’s vaccinations, but because the couple signed a consent form to refuse vaccinations for their young, it’d caused the employees of the local sanitation offices to not become aware of what had happened to their, eldest.

The case worker told, that had it not been Chou’s wife burdened by her own guilty conscience, the truth may have to wait until the eldest is six years old, as mandatory education starts to find out, this is the hole in the social security net.

Chou’s wife claimed, that as it’d happened, she was arguing with her husband, they were pulling and tugging on one another very hard, causing the eldest son in her arms to go into shock, as her husband found that their son wasn’t breathing, he’d tried to save him by performing CPR, but he’d still died, because they worried they may get sent to jail, and that their eldest daughter would be placed out, that’s why they’d selected to dispose of their own young son’s body.

Later, the second son was born, the husband hated the noises, and after they’d discussed it, they’d fed him tranquilizers to quite him down, and had stuffed his mouth with the pantyhose, covered his eyes up, until feeding time.

Last November, Chou’s wife saw her husband slapping their younger son across the face repeatedly, she’d worried that he might end up like their eldest, dead, her conscience got the best of her, she’d notified the police; but, Chou denied his wife’s allegations, claimed that their eldest died, because his wife lost her balance, and sat on the bed.

The district attorneys investigated, that the facts of the Chou’s disposing of their eldest son’s body, and abused their second son, and on the part of the eldest son’s death, Chou’s wife had accused her husband of murder, but because it was a he say she say, and Chou denied having committed murder, and passed a polygraph test, and so, they were indicted on involuntary manslaughter, disposing of a body, and obstruction to the growth and development of young children.

Well that’s as good as it gets, as far as justice goes, isn’t it?  The wife was equally awful in her enabling their children to get abused by her husband, and now, she’d come out, because her conscience wouldn’t let her rest, and thankful, that these bad adults did NOT get a chance, to MURDER more of their own, children.

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The Judo Coach’s Body-Slamming the Male Student to Death, Second Trial Maintained the Nine-Year Prison Term from the Last Trial

The verdict’s finally, “IN”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taichung Judo coach, He, because of the seven-year-old pupil, Huang refused to do the Judo moves that he was teaching, he’d thrown Huang over his shoulders, tossed him up in the air, watched him land on the mats, causing the child to go into a coma then die, the first trial found He guilty of manslaughter, sentenced him to nine years; He appealed, that before Huang arrived to the dojo, he may have slammed into something himself, that his injuries weren’t caused by the lessons.  The High Subsidiary Court of Taichung didn’t believe his claims, confirmed that Huang’s injuries were caused by his landing on the mats after being slammed, maintained the original verdict; this can still be appealed.

The seventy-year-old He is a certified Judo coach, started teaching for free at the basement of Taichung Fengyuan Gym in 2015, the seven-year-old Huang went to take the lesson two years ago in April, He assigned Liao, who’d been taking the lessons for five years to pair up with Huang for the practice throws, because Huang didn’t follow the orders, He repeatedly threw him over his shoulders, and tossed Huang’s body up in the air multiple times, causing Huang to sustain multiple head trauma which caused Huang to go into a coma

After two months of treatment, Huang is declared dead, the Taichung High Subsidiary Court’s second trial found, that based off of the forensic autopsy reports, Huang had hematoma in his head, subdural hematoma in his brains, which caused sepsis, the injuries were from “counter hitting impact”, “a reactive sort of injury”, with the cause of repeatedly hitting the areas of the brain against something soft, confirmed that He didn’t have the set intentions of, harm.

the judge believed that Huang had rammed his own head, that there was no evidence proving that, that it was all speculation, that it was his way of evading responsibilities, considering how he’d denied what he did, and not settled with the families of the child, but didn’t have any priors, that the verdict from the first trial was just and fitting, tossed both the D.A. and He’s appeal.

So, this is the aftermath, after that kid got body slammed in his judo class and died, and, nine years for this “unintentional” murder is still too lenient, I mean, you are a coach, and you should’ve had the sense, knowing, that the students were only beginners, that they may not know how much force they’re slamming each other with, and at the least, you are, negligent, and the charge should be, MANSLAUGHTER, but it wasn’t!  The punishment should be a hell of a lot more, harsher than just nine years, but it wasn’t.

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The DEATH, of, Little Albert…

You remember that young kid, who got, put inside a laboratory, with that god DAMN rat, where the psychologists, conditioned him to fear the rat, by making that LOUD noise as they’d, reintroduced the rat to Little Albert?  Yeah, that unfortunate, K-I-D!

Well, guess what, I’d, “checked out” the “post-op” review of this “story”, and the article said, that after the lab, his mama moved with him, out of the area, and, not long after that, Little Albert (and no, I don’t believe that the kid’s name was actually, “Albert”, that was what they’d “labeled” him as in the laboratory!), fell ill, and, never made it out of his childhood years!

And that is, MURDER, for the sake of experiment, I mean, you would think that those god DAMN psychologists would be more careful, to first come UP with a safe way, to countercondition that kid to before fear got instilled into him, but NO, that’s not how “science” worked back then.

and, here’s the video of that in black-and-white from YouTube

By the codes of research of present day, I would imagine, that this “lab” would’ve never passed review, but unfortunately back then (the 70s. 60s, 80s???), they did NOT set up a strict code of ethics, which is what caused this young child (whose name wasn’t even ALBERT!) to D-I-E.

So, another, innocent KID, got, S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R-E-D, in the name of, SCIENCE…and that’s, just, ANOTHER K-I-D, that never made it out of his, childhood, ALIVE!

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