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The Orphans that the Vaccines, Forgot

An educator, with a sixth-grader, at home, was who wrote this, on how her daughter and her class, the entire, SIXTH grade student body is all, getting, @#$%ED up, because the vaccines aren’t available for their, “age group”, and, it’s still, all the government’s fault too, for setting up these, stupid rules of who can and get not get the vaccines where, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

My daughter, the group of, sixth graders, many of them were born between September, 2011 and April 30th, 2012.  From before as the vaccines were approved for children over age 12, they were still under twelve, couldn’t receive the vaccinations; and now, the school age children from ages six to eleven were opened up for vaccination at school, but they’d, turned twelve already, the school told us, that they weren’t, in the registry rosters.  But, there were, no first doses of the quantity of vaccines of the twelve year-olds in the clinics outside of school, they are, the children, forgotten, by the, systems here!

There is, a huge group of sixth graders in the population who are, orphans of the vaccines!  Hope that the government can take note of them.

SHIT, is what this is, I mean, from before, there’s, NO vaccines for this group of children that are, in this age group, because from before, the vaccines hadn’t been, okayed for children yet, and now, as they are “of age”, the school can’t vaccinate them, because, the government only allowed the children from six to eleven to get vaccinated at their schools, and so, the age group of twelve-year-olds are, all gonna, D-I-E, and it’s still all because of this, stupid, god damn, SYSTEM!

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The Young Toddler in Critical Condition after Just ONE Day of Being Placed with the Nanny

Because the kid’s only been left with the nanny for one day, and this became of him, and so, we are bound to deduct, that it’s the nanny who’d not looked after this young infant boy closely enough, but, the real facts hadn’t come out yet, so…but, someone IS, responsible for what happened to this young boy!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Hospital Found Signs of Abuse, the Nanny Claimed that the Toddler Choked on the Formula then Fell into a Coma, the D.A. & Police Checked the Child, Found Him to Have Old & New Injuries, and is Now Looking into Who Abused Him

A young boy, Yi, of a year and ten months of age, two evenings ago, fell into a coma two evenings ago, was rushed into the E.R. by his nanny, Hsia, he was found with multiple bruises on his body, subdural hematoma.  The police investigated, Hsia claimed that the infant had choked on the formula, that was why she’d rushed him in, and was unclear as to how he came to have the bruises over him, but the parents of the boy told, that when they’d handed their son to the nanny, he didn’t have any injuries on him, pressed charges of physical assault on the nanny. The investigators found the young boy to have multiple injuries on him old and new, but, who had abused him, they will clarify that through investigations after the hospital evaluations come out.

The police found, that the nanny, Hsia started looking after the one year-old boy Yi, started on the evening of the 24th this month, on the evening of the 25th, the boy was taken in, it was only, a day’s time, the police questioned about the time of the injuries, and the results are pending until the hospital’s reports come out.

Based off of understanding, the boy sustained the injuries of subdural hematoma, a fractured skull, retinal hematoma, redness, bruising on the lips, body, the wounds were numerous, and some were old, while others are, new, and, if the boy’s injuries were caused by the nanny, or someone else, is the focus of the police investigations right now.

After the interrogations at the D.A.s office, the nanny was listed as a defendant, the toddler’s persons as related individuals, the police aren’t ruling out a third person who’s involved, and will be comparing the evidence, the statements made by both sides, to clarify the facts of the case.

An individual, Chen who claimed he was related to the family disclosed, that two afternoons ago, the nanny, Hsia had texted the parents the photo of their child, and at ten in the evening, she’d notified the parents, that the boy choked on his formula, and was in the E.R.; the families rushed to the hospital, and the nanny had, left, and not told them exactly what had happened.

The individual from online, Chen told, that the nanny stated that the injuries weren’t caused by her, that he’d bitten his own tongue when she fed him the bottle, that she’d not called an ambulance, but drove him to the hospital herself.

The Social Services of Taichung told, that Hsia didn’t have a certification of operation for a daycare center, that if she’d taken in the children unlawfully, she will be fined anywhere from $6,000N.T. to $30,000N.T.s.

And so, let’s put aside, whether or not this nanny was certified, and the facts are this, a child is injured, and someone should be held accountable for that, it’s just that as all the details of the case hadn’t come out in the open yet, we still can’t tell, who’s fault it is, but the least, neglect, and maybe, abuse too.

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What I Couldn’t, Recall, from Before…

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, it all came, flooding back, into my mind, too fast, I can’t, process them, and the dusts never, settled down fully, nothing was, calm, again!

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, why are they, all hitting me hard now?  Why do I need to, remember, all of these things of pain from my younger years, why can’t my mind, just, keep me, deceived, as it’d done before, huh?

difficulties accessing the memories locked inside the brains! Image from online

What I couldn’t, recall, from before, it’d all, come back out, of the darkness of my, unconscious, passing through the grays of the, subconscious, into, the consciousness that’s me!  What I couldn’t, recall, from before, they’re all coming back, one by one, a fact here, a fact there, several on a day, none on the next, too many to cope on the following day after that.

Until, until, everything that’s happened to me in the past, presented themselves, collectively, to me, inside, that, Pandora’s, box………

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The Vaccines for Young Children, the Government Lost on Three Fronts

How the government totally DISREGARDED the right to life, the welfare of the younger children, for its own, political needs here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The matter of vaccines, it’s actually, political, and you can’t decide whether or not the policies are right or wrong based off of the theories in medicine.  From the political angle, the necessities of the vaccines are, considered, while pathologically, it’s the side effects that are, considered.  If the government wants to win on all these fronts, then, it would have to be more than precise in its timing, otherwise, the opposite of exactly what the government wanted to accomplish would happen.  The issues of children’s vaccines this time, was a classic case of how all sides ended up losing, the government, the CDC, the people.

But, why is the matter of vaccines a political issue, because, if the vaccinations are taken off the shelves based off of the side effects, then, there would be, tons of vaccines that will get, taken off the shelves.  And, when there’s the need of preventing contractions, the government them have the responsibilities to find the needed vaccines for the people, don’t’ matter if the vaccines are effective, how long it can last, preventing the spread, should be, the government’s, primary, goal.  Because, the vaccines are designed to fit everyone’s needs, and the reason why the vaccines can’t pass the okay from the CDC, is primarily due to lack of test subjects in the clinical trials.  After the vaccines had proven in efficacy, the government still looked for the adverse side effects, to see if there are, alternatives, and if we can, get our hands on these, alternatives.  So, the needs is, the golden standard to determine the policies on the vaccines.

In this current wave of epidemic, the Taiwanese government boosted Medigenvac all the way, but are there, the adaptivity of the “homegrown” vaccines internationally?  No, but, the government has the needs, and at the time, Taiwan couldn’t get enough of the already working vaccines into the country.  Naturally, this allowed the president to use her executive orders, to have Medigenvac create the vaccines, to sell it to we the people, none of these had been faulty, because, there’s, the necessities.  From this, it’d proven, that the policies of the vaccines in Taiwan, is, politically, manipulated.

And now, let’s take a look at the children globally, being vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccines, at the very start, they’re, prioritized toward the last in line, this was totally opposite in the flu vaccines.  The flu vaccines prioritize children as firsts, to prevent the transmission strains.  This is how the government decided on the priorities of the Covid 19 vaccines, with the elderly population, and the hospital staff members as the first in line.  And yet the Covid 19 vaccines placed children toward the bottom, and, Taiwan had, prioritized the officials in the CDC as the firsts to get their vaccinations, and they’d, justified it as there’s no other way.

Comparing to how the Medigenvac getting boosted by the government, the government here, doesn’t even CARE about children not getting their vaccines.  The side effects, are merely an excuse that the government has, for delaying the children’s usable vaccines.  If when the vaccines are in shortage, the government helps the children find a vaccine that works, even if it is from Medigenvac, allowing children to be the firsts in line to get them, whether it be not enough known of the side effects in children, there wouldn’t be so many upset parents right now.

And so, the timing of the policies of vaccines is too vital, the opening of children vaccinated with Moderna is correct, but the timing being off, then, the “generosity” of the government, became, an excuse.  Plus, the government made it known to the people, that the only vaccine that had been proven safe for the children, BioNTech, can’t get in, because the government’s own “hating China” sentiments, refusing to negotiate the terms of contract with Shanghai’s Fosun Pharma, so the BioNTech vaccines can be shipped over.  It’d, angered the parents even more so, how the government’s anti-Chinese sentiments, can, be more important than the lives of young children in this country, totally inhumane.  And what came from this, the debates on whether to stop the classroom sessions in school or not, busted the incompetence of the government out into the open.

Using politics, to manipulate the vaccines, it’s the norm of policies of the vaccines, which fitted to the workings of the society.  And yet, this government used the top hat of science, and, pushed the younger generations toward the fronts of “hating China”, it’s so tragic, for children living in Taiwan.

And so, look what this government, is willing, to SACRIFICE, the future generations, because it only CARES about its own political means, turning the people here (who are too stupid to know better!), against China, and not giving the children a chance to live, by depriving them of the vaccines that’s proven safe for them to get vaccinated with, and to think that the majority of voters (as all the DDP supporters all go to the polls?) still voted this party of dictators.  We (collectively speaking, that is) the people are, surely, STUPID all right!

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In the Case with the Child Taking Judo and Got Slammed Down, Causing His Death, the Examination Department Went After Two Facilities

Placing, assigning the blames, and yet, what the @#$% would that do?  Nothing, the kid’s already, DEAD, hello, hello, hello???  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The incident of the young boy in Taichung who got body-slammed to his death in his judo class, the Examination Department assigned the corrective measures to the Taichung City Government’s Department of Kinesiology.  The head of the examination committee, Yeh stated, that the city government and the kinesiology department are responsible for lacking in training in managements of the facilities, that it’d not, tightened the processes of the ring’s certifications.  The city government of Taichung is already, evaluating this, and, although the death wasn’t caused, directly by the exercise rings, but legally, the government already, demanded that the instructor hold the professional licensures, to strengthening the trainings on safety, to protect the rights of the citizens locally.

The seven-year-old boy, Huang last year on April 21 at his judo class, had been slammed repeatedly by the unlicensed coach, He and many of his classmates a total of twenty-seven times, he’d sustained subdural hematoma, hospitalized for seventy days and still died.  Yeh stated, that the city government started cracking down on the qualifications of the coaches, the courses’ contents, the rosters of students, and the safety measures including but not limited to the surveillance cameras being set up at the location, the emergency resuscitation training means, that the location had allowed the unlicensed coach, He to teach long-term at the station.

Yeh told, that the child, Huang just begun the judo lessons for two weeks, and had been body slammed multiple times, even the Professional Judo Association said, that this wasn’t, the ways that a child who only begun taking judo should be slammed down; but the city government had, simplified the case as the student’s willing participating in the afterschool activities, evaded its responsibilities, and blamed it on the coach alone, that it’d, evaded the responsibilities thereof, in keeping the place under close watch, that there was proof of, negligence on the city’s part.

He said, the location where the incident happened was public, the participants were all students of the school, that this case can be ruled as “incident in school”, or “incident in education”, that there’s the discussions of having the country pay for the death, that this asking the government to pay is just and right, and met to the standards of the requirements of what constitutes as the fault of the public space.

The city’s department of education stated, that the contract to lease the space specified, that the sponsors of the activities needed to fulfill the safety requirements, and to protect the safety of all participants; while the department of kinesiology stated that in the activities, there’s a need for the valid certifications of national organizations of the coaches, the city government already mandated the various schools to hire the instructors with these specific qualifications, certifications to teach the courses.

And so, this is what happens after a kid lost his life, and, yeah, all the measures set up now, may be able to, prevent cases like these from recurring repeatedly, but what OF this boy who’d, lost his life already, huh?  Who’s going to pay for that?

How these local and federal governments still operated on, hindsight here, and, a KID is already D-E-A-D, who the FUCK (don’t pardon me!) is going to pay for that, huh? And, how much in dollars and cents would be, enough, to “cover” for this young boy’s getting slammed to DEATH by his classmate, because the coach told that other kid to do it, huh???

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Suffering from Postpartum Stresses Symptoms, She’d Suffocated Her Own Infant Son from the Fatigues of Caretaking, the D.A. Asked for Seven and a Half Years

What drove this woman, to kill her own newborn son, it’s another, tragedy that could’ve been, avoided, but it still, wasn’t!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The woman, Wang felt enormous stress and pressures after she gave birth to her son, she’d suffocated her own two-months old young infant son to death with a blanket and plastic bags, she’d turned herself in and melted down, and, wrote a confession, telling what had happened, and gave it to the police; the district attorneys found that the means that Wang took to murdering her own young was extremely cruel, but considering she was mentally unstable, that she was in a state of declined capacity for thought when she’d committed the murder, and she’d fitted to the requirements of turning herself in, charged her on murder and other charges, asked the courts to give her a seven and a half year sentence.

The coroner’s offices found that the infant boy died of asphyxiation, the block in his airway, which corresponds to Wang’s confessions, and she would’ve originally been given a more severe sentence for breaking the welfare rights of children and adolescents, but, she received leniency because she turned herself in.

Based off of police investigations, on November 11th of last year, Wang saw her young son asleep in the crib, she’d picked up the blanket, then a plastic bag, covered up her own infant son’s mouth and nose, causing the infant to suffocate to death, after she’d committed murder, she was in a daze, stayed with her own young son’s body for over three hours, then she’d called her own husband, and the infant boy was rushed to the hospital, and couldn’t be saved.

Wang turned herself in, cried that she’d murdered her own young, that she would be willing to accept the punishments from the court systems, she’d written a confession, which detailed what she did to murder her own young, and told the police, that when she was murdering her own young, she was in a daze, thought she was dreaming about it, that she thought that she’d dreamed that her son had died.

The district attorney’s office checked the records of Wang’s mental wellbeing and found that after her son was born, she’d started experiencing the depressive moods, and the evaluations found she may have a case of postpartum depression.  Wang also stated, that she’d felt enormous pressures from having to handle the household chores during her pregnancy, that she had troubles, caring for her own newborn, that it was her fault that her son had died.

The district attorneys believed, that Wang was affected by a mental condition, and lacked the proper trainings of parenting, that’s why she’d lost control, and murdered her own newborn son, considering how she had, turned herself in, and shown remorse again and again, that this is a pain she is unlikely to ever recover from for her whole life, and asked the courts to give her a seven-year-six months sentence.

This still just showed, the pressures we women are under, with caring for a newborn infant child, and, there’s a high chance that we may experience the postpartum symptoms, and, without the proper needed, social support, the support from our husbands (one at a time!), our families, this is what happens, MURDER, and, this could’ve been avoided, had this woman had the senses, to seek out help sooner, and getting the proper social support she’d needed, as well as extra pairs of hands to care for her own newborn son.

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The Infant Who’d Died Ten Years Ago, the Police Can’t Find the Body, the Mother Charged with Abandonment of the Corpse of Her Own Young

The case had, almost, “gone cold” here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Ten years ago, the woman, Liao was suspected of not being able to care for her newborn son, after her son died, she’d wrapped him up in a towel, and buried him in the public cemeteries; the investigators chased the leads three years ago, and, based off of Liao’s description of the location of where she’d dumped her son’s body, the police dug five times, and not found the body.  The Shihlin D.A.’s Office believed that the infant was dead, without any evidence of foul play, nor neglect, and they’d indicted Liao on disposing of her own young son’s body, and asked the courts for a year’s prison terms for her.

The indictment stated, that Liao had a son a decade ago, because the father was unknown, she took care of hm on her own, at the bottom of 2011, her son died of unknown causes, Liao was suspected of wrapping his body up with a towel, took the body to the Fuder Public Cemetery at Muzha Road Section five, and, dug a hole on a slope, without any containers, just, buried the young infant’s body in, abandoned his corpse.

where she’d, DUMPED her own infant son’s body, in a place like this one!

photo from online

On June third, 2017, the young boy wasn’t registered for school, the school notified Liao, she’d claimed, that she’d given her son away to someone else to raise; her father didn’t know anything, because he’d only seen his grandson once after he was born, he’d not seen his own grandson for years on end, and became worried of the boy’s wellbeing, he’d notified the police.

Three years ago, the police started searching for the missing boy, the data from the health insurances showed, that the boy was born on April 1, 2011, was inoculated five days later, then, there wasn’t any other records from the health insurances.  Liao then admitted, that her son died a long time ago.

The D.A. and the police went on four occasions, based off of Liao’s descriptions, on December, 2018, January, 2019, March, 2019, and April, 2019, to the public cemeteries to find the body, but couldn’t, and on November fourth of this year, they’d dug again, and, not found him.

The district attorneys pointed out, that they can’t prove, that the infant’s death was directly related to Liao’s behaviors, but the child lacked the proper care when he was alive, and Liao should’ve asked for help from outside, and instead as her son died, she’d selected to, dispose of his body, they’d suggested the courts to give her a year sentence.

Yeah, a year seemed, not quite enough, for how this woman treated her son’s dead body, she’d just, dumped him somewhere, and not even had the decency, to bury her own young son properly, and she’s only charged with the disposing of the body illegally?  Yeah, how’s that justice for the dead child???

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The Nanny Taken into Custody in the Case of the Infant Male Sustaining a Cranial Hematoma and Fallen into a Comatose

The nanny wasn’t certified, and claimed that the eleven month old infant boy climbed up high, and fell, to try to evade responsibilities of her role in murdering this young infant boy, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 23-Year-Old Unlicensed Nanny Claimed, the Eleven-Month Old Infant Boy Climbed Up on His Own Too High, and Fell, the Families Didn’t Believe Her

An eleven-month-old boy in Yunlin was rushed to the E.R. by his nanny, Gu, as he was admitted, the paramedics found him to have subdural hematoma, in a level three coma, the surgeons operate on the infant, found that there were huge masses of hematoma on the right side of the infant boy’s cranium of nearly five inches, with the hematomas on the left and right visual optical nerves, as he was taken in, he was already, out of consciousness, after two emergency surgical procedures, he was saved, and is currently in the hospital for observations.  The nanny claimed, that the infant boy fell from a high place himself, the families didn’t believe her claims, and the police investigators are also, doubtful.

The police found, that the parents of the young infant boy worked away, and through the LINE groups and the introduction of their friends, they’d found the twenty-three-year-old nanny, Gu from Donan to care for their young around the clock, and paid her $30,000N.T. a month; and the couple would head home to visit every now and then, and Gu had sent them photos of the infant’s life from time to time too.

photo from

how this young boy looks right now…

Two evenings ago, the mother of the infant boy received a call from Gu, that as she was bathing him, he kept vomiting, that he may have fallen from someplace high he’d, crawled up to; and because there was no visible external injuries, he’d not been taken to the hospitals, and as the infant started vomiting again, and convulsing, Gu then took him to a nearby local clinic, and he’d not improved, and then, she’d, rushed him into the E.R. of the N.T.U. Hospital Branch in Yunlin.

The parents of the infant rushed to the hospital, they were in disbelief as they saw how severely their young son had been injured; Gu told them, that the infant climbed up to a place that’s two meter high then fell on his own by accident, she’d picked him up, onto a table that’s about 1.5 meters from the floor, and she’d, fallen again.

The father of the infant doubted her, that his son was only eleven months old, couldn’t even stand, how can he possibly crawl up that high; and from before, he’d discovered multiple bruising on his son’s face, and Gu explained that he’d gotten them “when he was rough playing”, and because Gu was also taking care of her own two-year-old child, that’s why they parents didn’t question her.

And because of how severely the infant boy was injured, the D.A. started up the women and children’s protective platform, and had the police take Gu in, Gu still insisted that the infant crawled and injured himself, as the D.A. interrogated her again, they’d found her to be a prime suspect, that she denied her involvement, that there’s a chance she may clear off the evidences, asked the courts to have her into custody.  Gu’s husband was also listed as a person of interest of the case.

The office manager of the Yunlin County Social Services told, that as they’d checked, Gu wasn’t a certified nanny, she wasn’t licensed, that she’d broken the laws, and will be fined.

And so, you can see, how this woman still weaseled, after all the evidences pointed to that this infant boy couldn’t have, crawled to high places and then, fallen down, and that’s just what you get, when you don’t CHECK the credentials of the nannies you hired, to watch your children while you’re away at work, and this time, a baby boy is in a comatose.

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The Dead Infant Boy Had Been Buried for a Whole Year, the Parents are Still Claiming the Assistance Money from the Government for Childcare

And there’s, this, huge HOLE in the system here, and, another infant child ended up, DEAD, and infant boy got, abused to DEATH, and, there are other kids in this family, who are, malnourished, and it’d taken, the social services this long, to uncover the case, now tell me there’s NO a lacking in the systems here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Social Security Net Wasn’t Set Up Properly, the Nine-Month-Old Infant Suspected of Being Neglected and Died, and Nobody Knew about It

The shocking news of a nine-months-old infant boy who was improperly cared for by his parents, buried in a wooded region of the local township, for a year’s time, on the evening of the fourth of this month, the remains were finally, dug back up by the police.  This couple still continued to claim the childcare assistance reimbursements from the government even after their son died, the D.A. believed, they were involved in the murder of their own young, with the flight risks and opportunities of collusion, but Lin’s mother is about to give birth, the D.A. asked the courts to take the father into custody, and placed the mother under house arrest, that she’d had to check in with the local police substation daily.

The infant male died from being abused for a whole year, during which time, his body wasn’t found, and the parents continued receiving government support for him on registry.  The children and adolescent rights experts believed, that the government’s increasing the reimbursements for parents of children, the local counties and cities giving the monetary reinforcements for having babies for married couples, but, the problems of upbringing, raising after birth deserve the same attention, and this sort of a tragedy still showed, how there’s, a lacking in the social security nets right now.

what was, dug, up…

photo from online

Lin (age 42) works in a technology park in Zhunan, his thirty-one-year-old cohabiting girlfriend, Lin and four young children reside in Miaoli, while the registry for Chen and the children are all in Taoyuan.  Of the children, the eldest daughter Chen had with her ex turns six this yet, but didn’t register for school yet, and the social services of Taoyuan went to find them, found that their home which was registered wasn’t occupied, and the two young children weren’t vaccinated on time either, and the entire family was “M.I.A.”, lost contact.

The social services department of Taoyuan notified the women and children specialty forces of the local police, to track, and the officials reviewed over the bank records of Lin and Chen, found that all the assistance payments were in the accounts, and the two had made the withdrawals regularly to, and they’d, used the cameras and found out that they’d rented in Zhunan, Miaoli, because the government assistance for childbirth and childcare are both higher there, that’s why they’d set up the registry in Taoyuan.

In order to confirm the status of living of the family, the police went to interview the neighbors privately, and all the neighbors the police interviewed all told, that they only saw “three children”, clearly, this was off from the registry.

The police set up a specialty task force and cased out Lin’s home, and, interviewed the locals around, on the fourth of this month, with consent from Lin, they’d, gone into his stay to check, found that the family of five was cramped in a tiny suite, the rooms were filled with garbage, leftover food items, and there were only, three young girls who are malnourished there, and the son who should be two years old wasn’t to be found, the police suspected that something wasn’t quite right, took in the parents.

The parents started stating, how their young son was “taken by a stranger” in June of last year, then changed their statements to how they were afraid that the cries of the young infant boy would affect the neighbors, they’d covered the young boy’s head up with the puzzle floor mats, and because the infant was malnourished and underdeveloped, later they’d found him, already dead.  Because the couple kept going back and forth on their statements, which was suspicious for the police to note, the police didn’t believe them.

The police separated the couple, questioned them individually, the office told Lin, that if something had happened to the son, “let me get buried so he can finally rest in peace”, and this finally broke Lin down, and he’d told them the truth, of how his son had died for a long time, and, he was buried, in the wooded region of the town.

Lin claimed, that last year, he’d, abused the young infant boy to death, and, in the middle of the nights, he’d, taken the corpse out to near where he’d worked, and, dug a hole in the woods, buried the body down, on the evening of the fourth, the police went to dig, and as the infant boy’s corpse was found, there was, nothing but bones, diaper, and partial clothing that remained.

The Miaoli D.A.’s Office and the police set up a specialty task squad, and started autopsying yesterday, and estimated that the autopsy will get finalized in a few days, and they can clarify the cause of death of this infant male.  And because all three young children in the house all showed signs of malnutrition and developmental delays, the local social services took over their custodies for now.

And so, this is another of death by neglect, and what’s worse was these parents, still received the payments from the childcare assistance of the government, and they’d murdered their own young, but still received the money that the government pays for the child’s upbringing, they thought they could cheat the system, well, they got caught now, and will be made to pay!

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A Horrific Stepfather, Beaten the Front Teeth Off of His Stepdaughter, & Locked Her Outside on the Balcony in the Dead of Winter, to Torture Her

And this still just, came “out”, now!  Imagine how L-O-N-G, this child must’ve, suffered, through the abuse of her own, stepfather, before all of this shit busted out in the open???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A stepfather, Chou from Taoyuan had long-term abused his ten-year-old stepdaughter, if she’d not listened, misbehaved, he’d, whipped her hard with his belt, and even beaten her in the face, in the eyes with his fists too, he’d broken her front teeth off, last winter when it got coldest, he’d even, locked her out in the lanai, and, allowed the coldness to hit her.  The Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office believed that Chou had harmed the young child’s body, mind to too severe an extent, recently, indicted Chou on obstruction of a young child’s growth, and asked the courts for a severe sentence, to warn Chou.

The D.A. investigated, that Chou is the young girl’s stepfather, they live together, and that made them into family, but he’d not done his responsibilities in protecting her, used the excuse of her misbehaving, not listening to him, started from February of last year, continually abused her using the rod, the broom, in frequencies of two, three times per week, and he’d even, whipped her really hard with his belt too.

like this??? Photo from online

The child sustained severe injuries all over her body, her torso, her limbs, and she was beaten on the face by her stepfather on the eyes, other than sustaining contusions on her eyes, her ears, she got her front teeth knocked out too, but Chou didn’t stop there, in the dead of winter around February, he’d, locked the child alone on the lanai outside, allowing the cold to attack her, took her mobility away, she was tortured for long term.

The case was out in the open, after the neighbors turned Chou in, as the district attorneys stepped in, Chou admitted to beating the child, but the motives of his beating her, and how many times, he’d, become, evasive on, but the child testified to his abuse, and the checks conducted by the hospital showed there were old and new injuries covering up her body, and, after assessment, the authorities believed, that she was abused physically.

And, the records kept by the city government of Taoyuan showed, that started in August of 2019, there had been multiple reports of the family’s reporting on domestic violence, and the young girl was placed in protective custody now.  The D.A. believed, that Chou beaten the young girl regularly, not given her enough food, not taken her to get treated when she fell ill, that it’d constituted as “torturing of a young child”, causing severe injuries in the child.

And wow, this went on, since august of, 2019 too, and, this kid, sustained the abuse her stepfather “endowed” her for two plus years, and now, it finally, busted, wide open, and where the FUCK (don’t pardon me!) was the social services before this, huh?  And, didn’t the schools note that she had, the multiple bruising, the scars covering her body too?  And, where’s the mother in all of this?  Was she, too, scare of her own second husband, that she couldn’t, even protect her own self, let alone this ten-year-old daughter of hers?  And all the before-mentioned “parties” in this “equation” should all get CHARGED, with abuse, abuse AND neglect if you ask me!!!  But hey, I’m still NOT the judge here, so…I don’t make the “calls” here…

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