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A Teen Threatens the Taiwanese Railroad with a Bomb Multiple Times

Blame it on their, not-yet-fully-developed prefrontal cortex, for NOT realizing the effects of their own behaviors in these teens, the upsets from the pandemic, lashed out, by this teen, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The customer service of Taiwanese Railway Company received an anonymous threat two evenings ago, the individual claimed that he was going to place a bomb at the first train of the 448th Puyuma Train to Taidong, at six in the morn, another threat came that stated that there was going to be a bomb planted on every single train of the 110th Puyoma Trains, the railroad police immediately confirmed, after tracking the phones, that these two calls came from an adolescent living up north, they’d already had him come in to explain.

Based off of understanding, this seventeen year-old had also called on the New Year’s holidays to the customer service of Taiwanese Railroad to make the threats, falsified that there was a train derailing, that it’d caused deaths, back then, as the police called him in for interrogation, he was taken to the hospital on being too emotional, and yet, in his treatment at the psych ward, he’d made other calls to threaten the Taiwanese Railroad Company, the police confirmed that the calls are all made by the same teenager, that they will review his evidence of making the public threats, and, take him to court.

Based off of understanding, this underage adolescent, because he couldn’t find a better outlet for his emotion, that was why he’d “expressed his emotions” by making the threats on the trains, ruling out the recent Taoyuan Airport MRT threat being from a foreign suspect, all the rest of the domestic threats are from this particular teen, he’d used his cell phone to make the threat calls, and the police had zoomed in on him already, and they’d notified his parents to come to the station.

The Taiwanese Railroad Company stated, that during the outbreaks, there were a rising number of threats like this, that recently, the company had set up the identification systems of callers, in the futures, those who called to the station to inquire something will have to verify their identities by text.

The assistant director of the Safety department of Taiwanese Railroad, Huang said, in the past, Taiwanese Railroad had rarely received any threats, there was only an average of one case per year, to none that’s been reported, but during the pandemic, there’d been a clear rise, in recent three years, they’d received around two, three threats, and the officials aren’t ruling the behaviors of modeling effect.

Feng, the assistant manager of Taiwanese Railroad Company believed, that there’s a clear rise in the threats during the pandemic, primarily, the threats were on the holidays when there are the increased number of travelers, and they believed, that there would be more frequent threats in the downturn of economy, as well as under the conditions of people’s lives being affected the most.

And although they already identified where the threats came from, the railroad police still had gone on the trains, to check all the seats, the restrooms, the luggage compartments, the luggage racks, just to be certain, and currently, there’d been no explosives or any other suspicious items being identified.

So, you’re just, way too bored, that you can’t find anything to do, and that you’d felt upset over things, and felt the need to, lash out, that’s why you’d, misbehaved, is that it?  That’s the problems with the teenage years, they’d lacked the ability to FORESEE the consequences, as their prefrontal cortexes aren’t fully developed yet, and that’s why this young lad made the threats, that alerted the entire country, and now, he will face the punishments, but because he’s a minor, he’ll probably, get off easy, and that’s still not right, he DESERVED to be punished HARSHLY, so he does NOT do it again.

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The Abuser Was, Ganged Up On, Sixteen Were Taken into Custody, Most Didn’t Know Each Other, the Gathering of the Crowds from Online, Taking Matters into Their Own Hands, Against the Bullies

Vigilante justice, is still???  Oh yeah, NO justices, but hey, that’s what we do, UNDER the INFLUENCE of the WWW here right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the footages of the technical high school female student, Lin getting bullied went viral, the online did a human search and found the abuser, and used violence on the abuser; the man, Huang, who’d led the group in slapping Lin came out, apologizing two nights ago, but, there were the members of the online community who’d, “leaked out” the message, and it’d become a matter of “vigilantes seeking justice”, there were about twenty individuals who’d taken the weapons, and ganged up on Huang, beaten his right elbow to and his ring finger to fracture.  The police were notified, and arrested a total of sixteen people, including seven teenagers, and the police found, that most of whom didn’t know each other, and they were all charged with physical assault, gang-related activities, threats, and other charges too, and two of the group were sent to the D.A.’s office, and the district attorneys after interrogations, sent them home, while the rest of the group were, taken and kept in police custody.

Lin, the technical high school student, and the woman, Hsiao had monetary disagreements, on the 22nd of last month, Lin was ganged up on by Hsiao’s boyfriend, Huang (age nineteen), and the group, drinks were poured on her face, while the bystanders shot the footage of a total of fifty-six seconds, and streamed it online, and members of the online community found out Huang’s identity, and some of the online community threw eggs at Huang’s residence.

vigilantes, seeking “justice”…

here, we have, a “mob” of only TWO! Found online

Two nights ago, Huang’s friend, the man, Fang (age 19) asked him, “do you want to fix it”?, Huang wanted all of it to be over soon, and agreed, that he would meet out two nights ago at ten, outside a super convenience shop in Hsiaogang to discuss how to apologize, and the man, Lin got in touch with the girl who got slapped, Lin to come but because there was a gathering of, seven to eight individuals, the police were called and came, Fang rode his scooter out to the Rose Cemetery in Daliao District with Huang on the back and continued to “discuss” the matter.

Someone Instagrammed the goings on of Huang making the apology, and everything was tracked online, from the posts and reposts, and reposts of the online community, at around midnight last night, there were, more than twenty individuals who’d, rushed over to the cemetery, and Lin showed up with her father, and talked with her abuser for no more than five minutes, then left, but, within five minutes afterwards, Huang was, ganged up on, and, was taken to the Hsiaogang Hospital, and the hospital immediately, notified the police.

Huang stated, that he’d only known three, to four people who were there, that he’d not known most of them, and that someone had hit him with a bat; Fang tried to cover him up, but it’d not worked, that he planned to sue his abusers for threats, and assault.  Fang also testified, that back then, he did, try his best, to protect Huang, he took along six, to seven others, to film the process of his apologies to the girl, that he’d not known most of those who were there.

at the tips of our, fingers too! Photo from online

The police took in sixteen of the suspected abusers one by one, and found, that most of them didn’t know each other, and suspected that someone had, shared the passage of Huang’s apology to the adolescent girl at the super convenience shops, and someone started tracking his whereabouts, and, as the online community posted, reposted, and followed up, there were more and more of those who’d gathered around the cemetery, and as soon as Lin and her family members left, they’d, started, gaining up on Huang; the abusers included Fang’s friends, and there were those who were there, because of the posts online, the “vigilantes”, using violence to fight violence, the police took Fang and one another individual into protective custody, while the rest of the involved were taken to the police stations locally.

Based off of the viral video on IG, while Huang was getting cussed at and beaten on by the gathering crowd, Tseng tried to block him from being attacked, and kept moving backwards; there was another footage that showed Huang getting asked, “how do you want to apologize to the woman?”, with Huang stuttered, “I shouldn’t have, slapped her”, and the individual filming asked  him again, “How are you going to apologize?”, Huang kept bowing, and said, “I’m sorry, I should not have hit the girl!”

And so, thanks to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and, YouTube (for allowing the footages to go VIRAL???), that was HOW and WHY this beat-down happened, and this is happening, more and more often these days, because of all of those tiny matters that you and/or I feel to be, unjustified, and, there are those of you (which I’m nowhere NEAR a member of???), who felt that oh, she got beaten up, and that’s not right, and so, you’d, gathered up that huge crowd, and went to TAKE the guy who’d, beaten up that teenage girl up yourselves, and now, you are all gonna get charged, for ASSAULTING the original ABUSER, and in the process of seeking out what you deemed to be, justice, you’d, turned into, ABUSERS too, and wow, you still, don’t REALIZE this, because, you’d TOO BLIND by what you deemed to be “justice”.

And all of this is due to???  STREAM it LIVE!!!

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Her Parents Were Fighting, and the High School Student Climbed Out the Windows, Sat on Top of the Air-Conditioning Systems

There was just this picture, in the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the Taishan District of Hsinbei City, a high school girl, early yesterday morning heard her parents fighting, saying that they want to divorce, and the mother claimed she was going to leave, the high school girl took a fruit knife, climbed up to the lanai of her third floor home, on top of the air-conditioning systems, threatened to kill herself, and the firefighters consoled her from her window, and the fire fighter on the fire engines was able to grab Wu, so, they’d prevented a tragic event.

What’s even outrageous was, that the parents, after they’d fought, they’d gone back to their bedrooms, and fell asleep, they never even realized that something wasn’t right with their daughter, until the fire department came, did they realize how serious this had become.

Wow, you still have GOT to be SHITTING me here, parents!!! How STUPID do you think we all are?  When you get into those fights at night, to prevent us from being affected, and you supposed that we’re ALL asleep sound in our beds, but, we’re actually N-O-T, because we got our ears, GLUED to the doors, hearing every single detail of your fights, so, do NOT assume (b/c that would still turn ALL of y’all into ASSholes!!!) that just because we don’t tell you we saw, means that we saw nothing, we are still watching you, stupid PARENTS!!!

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When “Fun” Became a Sorry Excuse for Drug Use

And no, I still did NOT just make this one up either, it’s found, on the online newspaper pages, translated…

The police subprecint in Neipu recently discovered four men who used the popular instant messaging program of LINE, along with Facebook, to deal drugs to students, and they’d even held a “party” in a motel too, and, there were fourteen middle school and high school age students who fell victim.

The Neipu subprecinct started chasing the leads, found that four men, Chen, Hsu, Chang, and Lin, took advantage of it being the summer vacation right now, and solicited teens at places like net cafés, shrimp fishing farms, motels, along with other “hot spots” for youths to gather, sold drugs to them, to establish “connections”, then, they’d used the chat programs, to notify the students when there will be a drug party.

The police told, that the four men used the cell phone chat programs as a medium, to notify the teens when there will be a party, without a specific location, and, they’d texted, “Hey, let’s have a party”, as a secret code for the teens to know, that there would be a drug party somewhere, during the party, the four men would prepare ecstasy, along with other illegal substances, to hook the teens.

The police found, that the fourteen students who were caught, were still in school, and couldn’t support themselves economically, some had taken their parents’ money to buy the drugs, some had used their own money saved up from part-timing work, other than a few who had priors, most were first time offenders.  And, after the police questioned them, some of them told the police, “I just wanted to try it, for fun”, and it’d made the parents angry, but some of the parents told the police, “We couldn’t discipline them!”, and, after questioning, everybody IS booked.

And so, this, is how easily they fall, after all, they’re way too young, way too easily impressed, and, they’re at an age where they are needing acceptance the most, and, IF the parents couldn’t control these teens, then, it’ll be up to the law to make sure that the teens are “steered” into the right directions, and sometimes, it still wouldn’t work, because a LOT of those kids are destined for a life of crimes…





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Shake it…Making Friends with Her Cell Phone, an Adolescent Girl Lost Her Virginity

The prices of virginity, is still getting C-H-E-A-P-E-R by the nanosecond here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifteen-year-old adolescent girl in Tainan, at the start of the month, used her cell phone program to make friends, and connected with a male college student, the adolescent saw that the college guy looked gentle, and resembled a Korean movie star, they started going out together, later, she was lifted to the man’s rental home to watch porn, and forced to have sex with him, afterwards the adolescent female told her parents, and the parents got mad and went to the police.

The police chased the leads and found the man, and he was charged with obstruction of sexual freedom.  The police estimated, that during the summertime, it’s the peak of incidences of rape for adolescent girls, since the start of the summer vacation, the city of Tainan had found eleven reports of rapes on adolescent girls, and four of these cases, the young women had used friendship networking applications on the cell phones and made friends with strangers, and then, were raped, and, the online community had implied that the cell phone friendship programs are a “sure thing for ‘scoring’”.

The police found that this middle school age girl enjoyed using the widely used friendship making program, at the start of the month when she went shopping at the city’s malls, she used the “Shake it” application, to search for those who are using the same application as she, and, there was a good looking, college male in his twenties who’d sent out an application to her, she saw that he looked like a Korean movie star, and she was so glad that he’d invited her.

The young woman cried and told the police, that the man was gentle, first, he’d taken her to places to visit, they’d even shared a candlelight dinner, which he had paid, after the meals, he’d invited her to his rental home, to watch a movie, she didn’t suspect, and followed him home, and he’d put on an X-rated film, had forced her to watch it with him.

The young girl described that the man had “changed completely” as they’d arrived to his home, first, he’d locked the doors, then, after he stripped down, he’d told her to do the same, and after he got his way with her, he’d allowed her to take the bus home.

There are warning signs that cell phone programs have, to stress the dangers of “meeting up with strangers”, and, the users can use that application and then, the cell phone will search other users in the vicinity, and the “shake it” function allows the users to find other users in the area, but, most of the naïve young adolescent girls, if they’d met up with bad people, then, they wouldn’t know how to handle it.

Yeah, and ALL of this SHIT happened because???  Oh yeah, the MIDDLE school girl (you ARE in your teens, aren’t you?  And, had you NOT been watching the N-E-W-S???  Or, is it the Invincibility Fable, working ITS magic here???) has NO clue, because she’s inexperienced, and, too D-U-M-B to know better, I mean, we would have the TWO-sense, but, not this group of kids from the younger generations…

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The Heart of the Springtime in the Summers

I had an unexpected crush in the summer session of my seventeenth year, and, even now, as I’d passed the forty-year-old marker, I still can’t forget about how my heart fluttered that summer when I was seventeen.

It was so hot that summer, and I was forced to join in the summer sessions, in that time, we were a coed school, but, the boys and girls were isolated by gender on their separate floors, but, a group of young kids, rebelled against the battles of continuing our education, and, it’d happened, one afternoon, in Chinese class.  The Chinese class instructor used her high-pitched voice to wake a girl who’s half-asleep, but, unexpectedly, there came the choir songs of the boys’ class from a floor down, “The grasses are green, the fog are white, leaning next to her…”, that young and crisp singing voice, it made the girls who were about to doze off, started to cover their mouths and couldn’t stop giggling.

Must be the infatuations of their age.

And so, you’re STUCK in class, in a HOT summer’s afternoon, and, you’re about to snooze, because of how hot the weather, and, you’d rather BE somewhere else, and, there came, the boys’ choir, and, it’d gotten your attention, didn’t it?


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He’d Stolen Pictures of Hot Girls, and Asked Adolescent Girls to Strip on Webcam

Another SEXUAL predator, found, and caught, ONLINE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-two-year-old man, Yeou used the photos of a hottie as his own, headed online to Facebook, to befriend young adolescent females, then, solicited them to take their tops off and webcam conference him, then, he’d tell them that he’s a man, and coerced them into having sex with him; the Taipei Detective Agency caught him yesterday, found that there were a TON of nude conversations with younger women on his laptop, and suspected that there were at least, EIGHT victims.

The Taipei Police Department reminded the adolescents, that when they were making friends online, they should keep the three “not’s” in mind: not getting too into it, not exposing one’s own body, not dating in secret”; to NOT get too trapped by the online world that it’d affected your routines, to NOT overly expose one’s own information via webcam or by photographs, to NOT meet out alone with someone you’d met online, and, you must choose a public place with great lighting if you are going out to meet up with someone you just met online.

The police pointed out, that Yeou last December, flagged down the photograph of hot women, to use as his profile photo on Facebook with a female name too, claimed that he’d just returned to the country from studying abroad.  Awhile ago, after he met a girl in Changhwa, he’d claimed that it was more open in foreign places that he’d wanted to see whose body looked hotter, and had sent the photograph he’d snagged of a woman, said, if I dared to do it, then, why can’t you?

He’d enticed her, said that if she was willing to take off her clothes in front of webcam, then, he’ll give her $3,000N.T.s.  The adolescent girl fell in the tempting offers, and stripped her top off, and, after Yeou had recorded the footage, he’d told her that he was a man, and forced the girl to meet with him, then, raped her, or, he will let the photograph go viral online.

The youth told the women and children’s department of the Changhwa police department, and cooperated with their investigations; but Yeou still kept going after the adolescent.  The girl told him she’d already notified the police, Yeou said he was out of the country that the police couldn’t track him down, he just wanted to have sex with her.

The police tracked down the ISP of Yeou’s computer yesterday, and made an arrest, early yesterday morning.

How STUPID can you younger ladies get?  And, it’s still for that little money too.  And you’d think, that these days, virginities should sell at a WHOLE lot higher, but it isn’t, and that just shows you how naïve those stupid girls are, to fall for trash like this one, and now you know, so, do NOT fall for it again, but I’m 99.99 (still living that .01%) PERCENT certain, that there would be another “victim” of similar case such as this one soon, I’m sure, maybe not tomorrow, maybe NOT the day after, but, soon…




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Teenage Attempted Suicides are Mostly Due to Emotional Difficulties or Relationship Issues

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Yesterday the Sanitations Department posted its latest statistics, suicide had fallen OUT of the top ten reasons for death of the citizen here, for four years in a row now, but, it’s the second reason of why teens kill themselves, after careful analysis, the researchers found, that in the still not mature enough teenage years, sixty percent of suicide attempts are made, because of relationship or interpersonal difficulties.

The top ten reasons for death, based off of the statistical measures, of the results, adolescents ages from fifteen to twenty-four, the three top causes of death were: accidents, suicide, and malignant tumors, and, the youngest report of suicide last year was of a twelve year old child.

Dissecting the reason why teens commit suicide even closely, emotional difficulties, relationship difficulties are the first reason, the second reason was substance abuse, the third being work, and economics.

The Suicide Prevention Center’s manager, Chang stated, that in adolescents, males committed suicides more often than females, but in the younger generations, rarely any had the ability to complete suicide attempts, and, the most widely used way of “de-stressing” is by slitting ones’ own wrists.

The experts said, that most suicide attempts made by teens are usually related to romance or relationships, for instance, getting cheated on, or breaking up, and fearing that the adults would worry, so, the children don’t tell anybody, the suggestion is for parents to lower themselves to the children’s levels, to discuss with them this matter, to help them walk out of the gloom.

Chang stated, that before a teen commits suicide, there would be sings, for instance, grades started slipping, taking leaves of absence often from school, withdrawn from socializing, getting bullied by their peers, huge incidents occurring in the home fronts, and knife wounds on the wrists and arms, or verbal expressions of suicidal thoughts, if the instructors and elders can detect this early, then, it would be the key to prevent suicide.

Yeah, but, how many parents actually cared enough, to ask that teen at your separate houses, “hey child, how’s your day?  Did anything happen in school you want to tell me about?”, uh, that’s still NOT enough, and, because you, stupid (yeah, I’m still talkin’ to ALL of you!!!) parents FAILED to take note of your children’s S.O.S’s, that, is why their pains had NOWHERE to go, and, when pains got nowhere to go, well, it’s going SOMEWHERE all right, I would know this, how again?  Oh yeah, I’d HAD my shares (yes, there’d been MORE than once!!!) of suicide “encounters”, but, I just didn’t make it to the “other side” there, because I wasn’t supposed to.  So, PAY attention, you STUPID parents out there!!!

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An “Extra” Son at My House, the Interactions Between Parent and Children


My eldest was born in my mother-in-law’s house out of country, my mother-in-law and my husband both believed the claims of the fortune-teller, insisted on keeping my eldest at my mother-in-law’s house until he’s grown, until he wanted to come back to Taiwan to learn baking, after high school, he’d gotten into a foreign program from overseas and came over to Taiwan to further his education.

I didn’t take care of my eldest child when he was younge3r, and so, he’s not at all that close to us, and so, my second born and my youngest, I’d insisted on raising them myself.  When the three brothers finally got together, I’d observed how they got along, it’s quite interesting, actually.

My youngest had always been afraid of his second eldest brother since he was younger, because as my second child became a teenager, he was only in the lower grades in the elementary years, and every time he’d gotten too noisy, his older brother would hit him, until my second born went abroad to college, their relationship started improving.

As my eldest first entered into our family, he’d acted like a guest, and would NOT blame his younger brothers for anything at all, and would patiently answer his younger brothers’ inquiries, and so, my youngest was taken with his oldest brother.  But, as the time passes, my eldest took from his younger brother, started talking back to me, actually, I’m real glad to see this, because he did not treat himself as an outsider to our family anymore.

As my second child started his cram school in middle school, I’d met a counselor who was still a college student, I thought he looked familiar, the way he was so mischievous reminded me of myself when I was younger!  The cram school monitor had nothing but good things to say about this teacher, and that got my attention even more.  After I’d held a few conversations with him, I’d found that he was not only active, intelligent, courteous to others, and understanding, I’d told my second child to learn from him more.

After my second child graduated, this instructor had received his master’s degree and gotten into the army, we’d lost touch, until I’d met him once more by chance on MSN, and that, was when I got reconnected with him via his blog, after I’d gotten to know him well, I’d took him as my godson.

And now, my youngest is in the higher grade level of his elementary year, and his grade in English just never quite measured up, I’d recalled how my godson might be of assistance, and so, I’d “forcibly” made him into my youngest son’s tutor.

That’s real well, my house had three men originally, and now, I’d found an extra one.

My two older sons lived outside of my home, my youngest would study in cram school until late every night, and my godson would come to teach my youngest once every other week.  From time to time, when the boys got together, they’d ganged up on me, the only female, and I would have arguments with them, my house is so lively!

Everybody said, “daughters are fathers’ lovers from a past life”, and, so, sons should be the mothers’ lovers by the same way of thought!  I’d often exchanged words with my sons as if we’re of the same generation, and those who don’t know us well would believe that we have tension between us all, actually, my youngest son would still want me to lie with him and he’d asked me for hugs too!

As for that godson I’d met from outside, well, he was probably my son from a previous life!  Because he’d become more and more like those three boys I have at home now!

And so, that, is what harmony in the house looks like, and, even though the mother IS outnumbered, but she’s having a grand time, interacting with all of her children, and her kindness toward a stranger in worth mentioning too.

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In a Bad Mood…Took Along a Fighting Knife, a Youth Stabbed a Man Who Was Heading Home Late in the Evenings

Raging hormones AND a foul mood are N-E-V-E-R a good “mix” here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

In four hours, the teen was captured, and he’d said, “the whole world is out to get me”, stabbed someone in the back…the wound was fifteen centimeters long, and into the liver and lungs, two years ago, there had been similar incidences, and the judge mandated that the teen get taken into custody.

There had been an incidence of stabbing that happened abruptly and for no reasons at all!  The sixteen-year-old youth, Chou followed Lee who was on his way home early yesterday morning in the hours of midnight, with a thirty centimeter long fighting knife, and stabbed and attempted to kill Lee, then, ran off in a hurry, four hours later, the youth was caught at his own home by police ambush.  He seemed to have psychological difficulties, he’d told the police, that he thought the man was out to get him; Lee was seriously injured, and is in the ICU, and closely monitored.

The police took the adolescent in on attempted murder charges.  The judge reviewed the teenager’s “misbehavior record”, and found, that in the year of 2012, he’d taken a knife and hurt someone, and, the court mandated him get taken into protective custody, and the protective custody is still ongoing; and when Chou was caught by the police yesterday, he had a knife as he walked down the streets, and made the pose of attacking the police, and, taken into consideration that he is more than likely to repeatedly offend, and that his parents had NO way of control, and so, the judge mandated him to remain in juvenile detention hall.

“This is outrageous!”, Lee’s father said painfully, that his son didn’t even know the teenager, he couldn’t understand why the teenager was so cruel to his son; back then, he was asleep, he’d heard the police downstairs and quickly answered, saw his son, lying on the ground, covered in blood, “What’s happened to this world?”

Lee (age 21) who is a currently student of the night school part-timed, yesterday, he’d gotten off work at a little past midnight, rode his motorcycle back to his place, as he’d turned the keys to his apartment, he was ambushed by someone from behind; Lee felt a pain on his right side, and fell forward onto the ground, and turned around, and asked the attacker, “What do you want?”, the attacker didn’t say a word, and just ran off, Lee called the police for assistance.

There was a knife used by soldiers sticking out of Lee’s right back side, the fifteen centimeter depth wound got into his body, it’d nearly killed him; as the police and fire department arrived on scene, his blood was overflowing really quickly, he’d become semi-conscious, and was lifted to the hospital, with the knife still on his back.  The knife had cut into his lung and liver, but gladly, it’d missed the heart, and, after the emergency resuscitation, the bleeding finally stopped and he was taken to the I.C.U., and is still in critical condition.

The police reviewed the surveillance, and went to interview the residents nearby, and targeted that it was Chou, the adolescent who lived nearby, and went to his house. The youth’s mother was at home, stated that her son went out to buy some midnight snacks, the police set up an ambush outside, and the youth returned home at four in the morning, and was confronted by the police, at which time, he’d taken out the knife to defend himself; the police showed their guns, and subdued him to the ground, and very shortly, the youth admitted, “I did it!”

The youth stated that he carried a knife to protect himself, that it was NOT used for premeditated murder, because “the world is out to get me”, and the reason why he’d resisted arrest was also because the “police was out to get me as well!”.  He said, he’d gone to the super convenience shops to get some midnight snacks, as he’d gotten out, he saw Lee walking up front, back then, he was in a foul mood, and he believed that Lee was going to harm him.

As the police interrogated him, the youth reacted very slowly, with an empty gaze, and, had long pauses between his answers, and had a lack of facial expression.  He needed the police to remind him to answer the questions, with NO emotional up and down, and he seemed to feel numb.  The police suspected that the youth was paranoid schizophrenic, but he didn’t have a handicap manual or record of him seeing a psychiatrist at the hospital either.

The youth’s father worked at a construction site, the mother is a housewife.  The mother rushed to the police precinct yesterday and told that after her son graduated middle school, he’d hung out at home, he wasn’t studious at all, without many friends either, and would play on his cell phone whenever he’s at home; the son had NO record of visiting a psychiatrist, and had never shown signs of violence either, and would tell her where he’s going whenever he’d headed out, she was surprised at her son’s behaviors, “I really don’t know why he acted like that!”

And so, based off of what’s given here, which was still NOT that much, I’m thinking, that this teen is suffering from an early onset of schizophrenia, because he had delusions of persecution, and yet, because there was NO medical records, there’s NO way to be sure, and that still just shows you how easily those N-U-T-S can C-R-A-C-K, and, these are all, time bombs, waiting to EXPLODE, and you just don’t know W-H-E-N they’re going to go KA-BOOM!!!

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