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The Shooting in Japan Causing Three Fatalities, the Gunman Went to Hide in the Councilman’s Home

With the firearms, so easily owned, there are going to be, more incidents of this in all around the world right now, making this world, that much more, dangerous to, live in…off of the Front Page Sections, from the international “fronts”, translated…

On the afternoon of the twenty-fifth, in Nagano, Japan, there was a case of a man of about age thirty who’d attacked the members of the public at random, causing two officers and a woman between ages forty and fifty to get, killed, along with a man being injured, in the span of no more than seven, eight hours’ time.  After the stabbing and the shooting, the perp ducked out in the local residential areas, and was at a standoff with the police, and the police forces called out to the locals to stay in their homes.

The NHK reported, that the city police in Nagano stated that at around 4:26, the police were called by locals, “a woman was stabbed by a man”, then they’d immediately sent the dispatchers over.  The suspect started firing off using a weapon that looked like an assault rifle at the police, causing a forty-six year-old, and a sixty-one-year-old sergeant to be killed in the line of duty, with four others who’d been, injured.

and here’s the news report…

Based off of the reports, the suspect was dressed in camouflage military wear, with the dark glasses and mask.  After he’d shot people, he’d escaped into the local’s homes, the owner of the residence he’d escaped into was the home of the city councilmember, Aoki, and there were gunshots firing off.  The location of the shooting was the residential area that’s only 1.5 kilometer away from the train stations, which were populated with the shopfronts, the restaurants, the cafés.  Aoki’s fellow councilmembers called him, but none were able to get into contact with him.

At around 8:30 at night, a woman escaped out of the residence where the suspect was hiding, told that her son was still in their home, the police are confirming this right now.

And so, this is how the accessibility of arms was what caused these shootings, these murders to happen more prevalently, and, if you can buy a gun from just about anywhere, and there’s not the enforced background checks, the waiting period, and everything else, there will only be more who will, die!

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Analysis: Three experts explain America’s gun politics — Stigmatis News

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN At this point, it’s no surprise that there’s been another mass shooting in America. The latest tragedy came in Allen, Texas, on Saturday when a gunman opened fire on shoppers at an outlet mall. It was another horrific attack on people simply going about their lives, whether at shops, a bank, parties, schools, […]

Analysis: Three experts explain America’s gun politics — Stigmatis News

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The Shopping Mall Shooting in Allen, Texas Ended in Eight Fatalities, Seven Injured, with the Gunman Getting Taken Down by the Police

Firsthand testimonies from the witnesses, inside that mall, as the shooting, happened, and I can only imagine, how scared these folks, must, be, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the sixth at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas, there was a shooting resulting in eight fatalities, seven wounded, the hundreds of shoppers were scared.  Witnesses told, that the gunman was dressed like a member of the SWAT team, dozens of shots heard, the victims fell to the ground, the gunman with an AR-15 semiautomatic was gunned down by a police officer.  CNN quoted someone who’d told of knowing the events, reported, that the authorities are searching for possible accomplices, but the police believed, that this is only a one-man job.  The WH stated, that Biden heard the briefs of the case, and the presidential office already offered to give any kinds, forms of supports that the local authorities needed.

The mall is north of Dallas, in Allen, with a population of about 105,000.  The witness testified, that as the shooting happened, many of the shoppers tried to escape, some hid in the shops.  A seventeen-year-old part-timing at a sports shop, Brayson Jones told The New York Times, as the gunshots sounded, it was all complete, chaos, screams from all around.

the news footage off of YouTube

Another female witness described, the gunman was tall, wore the all-black clothes like the S.W.A.T. teams, but without the letters.  She was with her twenty-two-year-old son, shopping locally, as they were escorted out, they saw the gunman’s body.  As the shots got fired, her son thought it was the construction work starting, later, he’d found the gunman, standing outside of the shop.

The Republican governor, Abbott stated, this is an indescribable tragedy.  He had already signed several of the loosening of gun control acts into law, including the one in June of 2021, allowing most of the members of the public to carry guns without the permits.

A man in the interviews by a T.V. station stated that he was shopping with his wife and six-year-old son, they’d gone into hiding in the dressing room after the shots were, heard, with two other female customers, who were also, hiding, they’d used the cardboard boxes to barricade themselves in.  He’d told, for about ten minutes, he was in a state of extreme fear and shock and panic, can’t imagine what was happening outside, we just parked and gotten in, and, five minutes later was when we’d heard the gunshots.

A witness in an interview with CNN stated, after the gunman exited out of the car, he’d walked to the sidewalks, and opened fire.  He’d told, he’d asked all the customers to come into the stores to hide out.  The gunman started shooting while he was still outside on the sidewalks.

Had there been a gun control law, stricter rules for purchasing, owning of the assault weapons, even for the sake of hunting’s sake, then, this could be avoided, but because the Americans are mostly, GUN loving, because we are, avid protectors of our own second amendment rights, and seeing how the Congress is funded by the N.R.A., still not seeing the passing of a gun control bill into law!

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The Three Key Causes of the Numbers of Mass Shootings in the U.S. Getting Higher

It’s still, GUN CONTROL!  But, let’s see what the “dissection”, shows here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mass shooting by a twenty-eight-year-old transgendered female at a Tennessee church school that occurred at the end of March, led up to the fatalities of six.  Based off of a nonprofit research organization “Gun Violence File”, since 2023, there’d been 131 mass scale gun-related massacres (not including the shooters), there were three cases that happened in the span of a week’s time in California.

So, why is there a speedy increase of mass scale massacres in the U.S since 2020?

The Gun Violence File Data research showed, that all the cases of gun-related violence had been on the rise in recent years, including suicides, murders, and large-scale massacres.

In 2019, the fatalities related to guns was 33,599; in 2023, the total number increased by more than thirty percent, most were suicides using a gun, murdering someone else came second.

this is how it, goes! Found online

Although, these mass scale shootings had often caused widespread panic in the society, and gotten a ton of media attention, but, these cases actually only made up a tiny portion of gun-related deaths in the U.S..  In 2020, the fatalities of mass shootings only took up 1.1-percent of all gun related deaths.  And yet, in recent years, these large scale massacres are on the rise.

Currently, in the ten worst shootings in America, nine had occurred after 2007.  Experts stated, that, there’s no confirmation of reason as to WHY these cases are on the rise, but it may be related to the following factors.

The Uncertainties in Society, Trapping People in the Vicious Cycles of Feeling Compelled to Own the Arms to Protect Themselves

One of the reasons for the increases in shooting in the U.S., is that people are owning more guns than before.

In 2020, the reported sales of arms got up to an all-time high of 23 million, a sixty-five-percent increase compared to 2020, in 2021, the sales of guns is still, rising up.

BBC found, that unsettlement in the society can cause people to purchase the arms, for instance, in 2020, the U.S. enforced the lockdowns due to MERS-CoV, the police shooting Floyd causing the riots, and after the riots in Capitol Hill, people are purchasing guns more.

The expert from John Hopkins told, that the more unstable the society, the more scared the people are getting, and, this would boost the sales of guns, especially the cases of violence occurring in the night clubs and gas stations, will cause the people to panic more, to keep the sales of arms higher and higher.

Ninety-Three-Percent of the Shooters Were Found to Be Under Enormous Pressures Before the Acts

Experts pointed out, that the pressures in life getting higher may be a contributing factor to the rise in gun violence cases, especially from the pressures of economics, work, homelife, and love.  The expert told, that some may use violent means to reduce the pressures of their lives.

The research showed, that close to ninety-three percent of the shooters experienced distress in their private lives like in marriage, health, school or work; and, from 2016 to 2020, about ten-percent of the shooters of mass scale shootings committed suicide.

The Loosened Restrictions, Allowing the Public to Gain Easy Access to the Weapons

The second amendment stated that citizens have the right to bear arms, causing the stagnation of passing of a gun control bill, and the states have different means of sorting through the matter.  The American President Biden last June signed the “Red Flag Laws” to enforce background checks for younger purchasers of arms, and allowing the law enforcement officials to confiscate all the arms that someone possesses if s/he may be a potential threat to oneself or others.  And yet, not all the states are in line with the Red Flag Laws.

why it’s, NEXT-to-IMPOSSIBLE for a GUN CONTROL LAW to get PASSED by the Congress in the U.S.

from online

In California, where the shootings had occurred at the highest prevalence, was actually one of the states with the most strict of gun control laws, but, the neighboring states have loose gun control laws, which made it easier to gain access to the firearms that are used in the large scale shootings, and massacres.

The federal laws does NOT require a strict background check for the purchasing of arms yet.  “Comparing to other countries, it’s too easy to gain access to the firearms in the U.S.

The researcher also pointed out, that safe storage, and firearms management is very helpful to reducing the incidents of death, or injury involving firearms, but, some of the states in the U.S. still hadn’t pass the stricter gun storage laws yet.

And so, because weapons are so easily accessible in the U.S., that’s why these shootings are, at an, all-time high, besides, the world is, not as safe as it once was, which makes people scared, and, they go out and buy more weapons, to protect themselves, that’s why, there are these, mass-scale, massacres, shootings, happening in the gun-loving, United States, besides, a lot of you in the U.S. are Amendment II worshippers, and, with N.R.A. funding the senators, the representatives, yeah, good LUCK on getting that gun control bill passed into law there!

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The 129th “Large-Scale Shooting” the Guns Sounded Off in an American Elementary School, a Cross-Gendered Woman Massacred Six

And, we have, W-H-O, to THANK for this, REPEATED SHIT again???  Oh yeah, the Republican Party, as they’re all, GUN-LOVING, and “sponsored” by the N.R.A.!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the 27th, at the Covenant School of Nashville, Tennessee, there was a shooting, the twenty-eight-year-old transgendered former graduate, a woman, Audrey Hale, took two semi-automatic and a handgun, entered into her alma mater, and started shooting at random, causing three nine-year-old students, and three adult instructors to get murdered.  As the police arrived, they’d fired at Hale, and, gunned her down.

March is not even, over yet, and The Covenant School shooting, was already, the 129th “mass scale shooting” in the U.S. (not including the gunman, there were at least, four fatalities), the President of the U.S., Biden on the 27th, called out to the Congress to set up the bans of the assault weapons.  He’d stated, “this is heartbreaking, this is the families worst nightmares, we must, work harder, to try to prevent the cases of gun violence, and to protect the schools.”

The police stated, that Hale had entered into the school by firing into the lock and started shooting.  The police were called at 10:13 in the morn on the day, five officers rushed over, heard the gunshots came from the school’s second floor, two officers opened fire on Hale at the hallway of the first floor, at 10:27, they had shot and killed Hale.

The police stated, that as soon as Hale entered, she’d started shooting at random, the fatalities included three nine-year-old students, and three adults, including the sixty-year-old principal, Koonce, Peak, and the school janitor, Hill.

The head of Nashville Police Department said, the declaration of the shooter “showed that there will be multiple locations, the school was only one of them.”, the police also found a map of the school, with the details of where the surveillance cameras are installed, the various doors.

and, here’s that video off of Youtube, from the news channels…

The motive of the shooting is still pending investigation, Drake stated, two of the three weapons that the gunman had, were legally purchased, when she’d gone on a shooting rampage, “she had the massive amounts of ammunition to open fire with the police forces”, “readied to cause even more damages”.  The shotguns were also found, in the gunman’s home.

The school belonged to the Covenant of Grace Presbyterian, in 2001, the school was set up on the southside of the neighborhood of Nashville, with the enrollments of students from preschool to sixth grade, around two hundred students, and thirty-two instructors.

The spokesperson of the WH, Jean-Pierre stated, that Biden hoped that the Congress can do something about this, because “enough is enough!”.  She’d stated, “how many more children need to die, before the Republican House Representative pass the bill to ban the assault weapons, with the detailed background checks and purchasers showing that they have a safe storage place for the assault weapons.”

There’d been many cases of large-scale massacres of graduates who’d barged into their former elementary schools.  Last May, an eighteen-year-old male opened fire at an elementary school in Texas, causing nineteen children and two schoolteachers dead.  In 2012, a twenty-year-old male opened fire onto his alma mater in Connecticut, causing twenty students and six teaching staff dead.

And, this is still NOT quite enough, for the Congress to pass the gun control bill, because, they’re “sponsored” by the N.R.A., and of course, the Republican majority will NEVER pass a gun control law, because that means, they will be, losing the support of those in favor of the N.R.A., and, the N.R.A., has the Republican Party, in its, pockets, putting the fundings of the Republican campaigns into the party.


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Another School Shooting, Again…

History still, REPEATS itself, because, the Congress of the U.S. is funded by the N.R.A., which means, that there’s NO chance in H-E-L-L, that the legislators will EVER pass a gun control, LAW!

At least seven, including three children, were killed, by a gunman carrying an assault rifle into the school and opening fire.

The police opened fire and killed the shooter, who’d been identified as a twenty-eight year-old transgendered woman.  The officials said, that Hale may have been a former student.

the video on the news channels, off of YouTube

The shooter was armed with at least TWO assault-style rifles and a handgun.

And, almost ALL the reports focused on the losses of the loved ones, but, nobody discusses, why this teen was able to gain access to a serious ASSAULT rifle, being a teenager, or that it’s the prevalence of gun ownerships, that’s made these shootings happen too frequently, because, those god DAMN congressmen, congresswomen of the Senate, the representatives of the House, they’re all, pocketed by the N.R.A., which means, chances of passing a gun control law, is next to nil, and yeah, I also don’t believe that a gun control law is going to stop these random massacres altogether, but hey, at least, it would REDUCE the chances of someone goes out to the “shopping mart” to purchase a dangerous ASSAULT weapon that easily.  So yeah, gun control is still, the “primary” debate in this one.

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The Shooting at University of Michigan with Three Fatalities, Five in Critical Condition

Yes, another one, in this country where the N.R.A. funds the congress, and chances of a gun-control law getting passed is still, next to, N-I-L here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Forty-Three-Year-Old Gunman Committed Suicide, the Governor Criticized the Shootings as “a Problem Unique to the U.S.”

On the thirteenth at around eight in the evening in the Michigan State University, there was a shooting on the university campus, with three fatalities, five wounded, the victims were all students.  The police stated, that after a few hours of pursuits, the gunman was found dead by suicide.

The police stated, that the gunman was the forty-three-year-old male, Anthony McRae.  On the evening of the thirteenth, hundreds of police came to the neighborhoods of U of Michigan to search for the gunman, the sirens sounded through the entire night, with the sound of the helicopter propellers too.  The assistant manager of the school police department, Rozman stated, that the gunman isn’t related to anyone in U of Michigan, currently, they’re checking to see if the gunman is tied directly to the victims of the shooting.

from the news, off of YouTube

During the time when the police searched for the gunman, the school asked the students to stay in their dorms.  The nineteen-year-old nutrition major student stated, that she’d learned of the shooting after her chemistry exam, then, headed to hide in the classrooms with thousands of her fellow students, “during this entire time, I couldn’t stop trembling, I’m still a bit, shocked right now.”

Rozman said, the five injured in the shooting had been taken to the local hospitals, and are all in critical condition.  The victims of the shooting hadn’t been identified to the public.

Based off of campus police department, this shooting occurred on the evening of the thirteenth, there were two incidents, one in the lobby of the college of liberal arts, and the Michigan State’s general studies buildings.

The university had cancelled all classes, all activities for the next forty-eight hours.

The governor, Whitmer tweeted after the shooting, that these massacres are a problem unique to the U.S. in her speech to the state congress, she’d advocated a gun control bill.

Based off of Michigan State law, anyone over eighteen can get a license to own a dangerous firearm.

And so, this is, another case of countless number of deaths (well, the dead had been tallied up, but you know what I mean!) caused by guns in the U.S., because, a gun control law is too slow to pass, because the Congress is funded by the N.R.A., and because, people can easily own the firearms, and who knows, they just might SNAP, and go on a shooting rampage, and, chances of that gun control law getting passed by the U.S. Congress, yeah, that’ll, happen, not anytime soon, or EVER, for that matter, because the U.S. cared too much about individual rights, and not the right of “We the people” as a, general “whole”…

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Every Time, Another MASS SHOOTING Occurred…

Every time, another MASS SHOOTING occurred, you see those, government officials (the members of the Congress, Senate, House Representatives, yada, yada, yada) swear UP and DOWN that AISLE, to CRACK down on ownership of guns (i.e. a stricter rule for purchasing, blah-blah-blah), and this last for???  No more than, three NANOSECONDS (as that would be, the attention span of modern day man, or maybe shorter, as we all became, addicted to those, three-second long, TikTok videos here???), then, everything gets, put OUT of, all of our, minds.

Every time, another MASS SHOOTING occurred, you’d hear those government officials, SWEAR that they’re going to CRACK down on the laws on stricter mandates of ownership of guns, the banning of owning of illegal firearms, having a tougher set of standards on getting the license (like say???  A SIX-MONTHS to a YEAR’s waiting period, but, would that be enough???), and, what happened to those, “promises”???  Oh yeah, it all went into, that, TRASH pile, labeled, “Yesterday’s NEWS”!

“FIRE in the HOLE!!!”, in “slow-motion” here…photo from online

That, is what happens, every time, another MASS SHOOTING occurred, people feel scared, not knowing, if it’ll be safe for them, to shop at a local mall (‘cuz, who’s to say, that PSYCHO with a MACHINE GUN won’t come in, and shoot us all???), and so, we all start, carrying our own separate, “concealable weapons” (preferably fitting into our tiny little, purses, to PROTECT ourselves!)…

And yet, who’s to say, those LOADED guns won’t fire by “accident”?  I mean, there were, already, the PRECEDENCE of a kid playing with a loaded gun of his mamas, and, BOOM!, SHOOTING his little ten-year-old (think she was!) girlfriend (friend who WAS a girl, not going out on dates!) somewhere NOT near her VITAL organs, from???  2010, 2011, 2012, or, when was that SHIT again???  Yeah, I can’t remember NO more (and your point being???).

So, you think it’s safe, to have a FIREARM in your house?  Yeah, the LAWS will NEVER change, until HALF of the LEGISLATORS (or maybe more would be needed???) lost someone they loved to gun-related violence or accident, because hey, safety’s off!


And maybe, GUN CONTROL is NOT, what we need, PEOPLE CONTROL, is, as them guns, well, they don’t, FIRE themselves now, do they???  Yeah, think on it…

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Who Do We Blame the Mass Shooting on???

Oh, I know, those manufacturers of arms, after all, if they don’t manufacture them, why would they be so widely, available for we the people to get?

And, blame it on how easy it is, to get that license for a firearm, I mean, there’s, NO twenty-one-day waiting period for purchases, is there?  No psych evaluations for those who want to buy one, to make sure, that they don’t go OUT and start firing off into the masses.

Or, how ‘bout, the guns themselves, after all, they are, what’s, dangerous, I mean, you can’t shoot your hands, making that gun gesture (bang-bang!!!), and fire off that killer bullet now, can you?  nope!

how much we all, love our, G-U-N-S here!

photo from online

Just, keep on, scapegoating everything and everyone else who’s, not directly related to this, but, it all worlds down to, how the Americans are, GUN-LOVING, avid supporter of Amendment TWO, oh, and it’s also because, nobody close to the higher up government officials had DIED of a gun firing off, nobody we know personally died in a massacre, so, we the government, don’t really, CARE!

So long as it’s not those who are related to us, whom we care about dies, we’re, all, okay, aren’t we???

Yep, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh……………hmmmmmmmmmmm, take this, (a toy gun), and, use it on someone on the streets, see what happens!

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Who Stops a “Bad Guy” with a Gun?

Like, shooting a DRUG addict with too much drugs, and having the individual OD, and then, giving the person an antidote, to TEACH the addict, right, on gun control…from the NYTimes that came with today’s papers…

The lengthy police response to a school shooting Uvalde, Texas, and the death of an armed security guard as a part of an attack on Buffalo, New York, supermarket last month have drawn fresh scrutiny to a recurring (and uniquely American) debate: what role should police and bystanders play in active shooter attacks, and what interventions would best stop the violence?

The debate has moved to Capitol Hill as lawmakers consider gun safety legislation that could increasing funding for mental health services, school safety and other measures aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.  “What stops armed bad guys is armed good guys,” Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, suggested in the wake of the Uvalde shooting, echoing many other gun rights advocates over the years.

Researchers who study active shooter events say it can be difficult to draw broad policy conclusions from individual episodes, but a review of data from two decades of such attacks reveals patterns in how they unfold and how hard they are to stop once they have begun.

There were at least 433 active shooter attacks—in which one or more assailants killed or attempted to kill multiple unrelated people in a populated place—in the United States from 2000 to 2021.  The country experienced an average of more than one a week in 2021 alone.

image from online

The data comes from the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University, whose , researchers work with the FBI to catalog and examine these attacks.  Unlike mass shooting tallies that count a minimum number of people shot or killed, the active attack data includes episodes with fewer casualties, but researchers exclude domestic shootings and gang-related attacks.

Most attacks captured in the data were already over before law enforcement arrived.  People at the scene did intervene, sometimes shooting the attackers, but typically physically subduing them.  But in about half of all case, the attackers killed themselves or simply stopped shooting and fled.

“It’s direct, indisputable, empirical evidence that this kind ofp common claim that ‘the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun’ is wrong,” said Adam Lankford, a professor at the University of Alabama, who has studied mass shootings for more than a decade.  “It’s demonstrably false, because often they are stopping themselves.”

And so, this still just showed, that guns is NOT what stops shooters, the shooters are what stop themselves, by shooting themselves, committing suicide, after they’d created havoc, deaths, and chaos in the society, and, if you take the availability of the weapons (in this case, the GUNS???) away, then, what will these attackers use, huh?  Knives?  Or maybe, they can become those, domestic terrorists, planting the bombs in populated places, yeah, and how easily access is it, to buy a bomb, I mean, unless you’re, really, mechanical and can build one from those do-it-yourself, bomb kits, or how to make bombs to DUMMIES, then, chances are, you won’t have the weapons of mass destruction to massacre someone.

the constitution protects people with the GUNS, because it’s “our”, second amendment rights to OWN! Photo from online

And yet, due to how the Congress is funded by the NRA, there’s nothing that the people CAN do about it, after all, what funds the senators’, the representatives’ seats in the house and senate, is WHAT makes the policies.  And there’s NOTHING any of us can do about it!

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