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You Call This the Pandemic Slowing Down & Stabilizing?

WTF (pardon the “French”!), this is how bullshit this government of the DDP is here, on how the head of the CDC here, has, absolute power over us all now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen suddenly announced that he wasn’t going to host the weekly Sunday debrief press conferences, reason being, that the pandemic is seemingly “stabilizing”, and all his major policies were already, announced, and so, there’s the once-halted session of the press conference.  Yep!  You’d heard that right, as Chen claimed that the pandemic is “stabilizing”, the confirmed contraction was over 79,000, a step away, from 80,000.  The pandemic had stayed in the plateau stages for over months now, it’d, started lacking oxygen, and Chen believed this to be, “normal!”  And, what’s dramatic, is that he was confirmed of contraction, in this, “stabilizing of the pandemic!”

Those with the power, can have the means to be, stubborn.  From the tenth of last month, as the confirmed contraction surpassed 50,0000, the numbers swayed between 50,000 to over 90,000, not yet gone past 100,000, nor dropped to lower than 50,000.  During this time, other than lower than U.S. and Germany every now and then, we’d stayed at the top of the world.  The pandemic is stagnant at the plateau stages, can’t get lowered back down, and this is, not a, good thing.  But Chen could, careless, he is, more than satisfied, with this, “stabilizing plateau.”

It’s no easy task being the head of the C.D.C.  but in the past more than 800 days, Chen lived under the halos of “compliance toward Chen”, and, in the plus zero conferences, he’d glowed of that pride, never tired of that.  And now, the cases are in the 70,000 to 80,000 range, with the constant increase of moderate and severe symptomatic, and the rates of death increasing by the minute, Chen pulled the press conferences on claims that the “pandemic is stabilizing”.  And, pray tell, what are those who’d struggled currently in the severe symptomatic specialized MERS-CoV wards of the hospitals, and those who are about to get, cremated due to death caused by MERS-CoV?

Chen’s stubbornness, may not be hard to understand.  The president recently announced the regroup of the officials, and, the DDP originally wanted to get the nominations in by the July votes, and it’d gotten delayed to August because of Chen.  And, as Chen became the man of the DDP, whatever he did, will be, allowed.

This is the ultimate abuse of power, by these, government officials, the head of the CDC now has, absolute power, and he still can’t see what he’s doing that it isn’t good, that it’s, harming the people, but hey, what do you expect, the country had voted for a party that watched out only for their own party politics, and the party’s own, interests, and the screwed over is still???  Oh yeah, WE the people!

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Humanity & Honesty

This is what happens, when the government has too much power, too much control, over the people’s lives, they ruin us all!  And yet, we the people are still blind, like the head of the C.D.C. who’s stuck in the mindset of “we’re number one” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With MERS-CoV spreading quickly, it’d become, a global, pandemic.

For more than two years on end, the CDC reported the statistics, and the declining number of those who’d died, who’d contracted became, what settled the people’s minds, plus the government had that halo of “being the model for all the world in the pandemic”, it’d driven the people to accept the limitations, the restrictions the government had placed on our, lives, following the orders of what the government tells us to do, misbelieved, that so long as we followed the “orders” of the head of the CDC, we can be safe and healthy. And so, we’d slowly, lose our guards over the fact, that we need to check the government in the means of disease control, if it was, damaging the rights of we the people.  In reality, when someone does mention it, then, the individual is viewed as malicious, in attacking the government’s means, and sued for libeling against the government, or that they worried too excessively.

And yet started in April, the local cases started up, with the rise in the digits of deaths, of confirmed contractions, everyone of us felt unsafe, with enormous psychological stress, and due to the fast increase of the morbidity rates, the collective anxiety didn’t pale by comparison to the major earthquake of September 21, 1999, with no end in sight.

And yet, the CDC still, ritualistically, reported on the statistics, without realizing, what the messages of those statistics meant to the people, and toward the criticism of how this country had dropped to the last three in the monthly flexibility indicator of defense against the outbreaks, he’d responded coldly, “the pandemic heating back up, it’s something all countries in the world will experience.”, “as the pandemic heated up, there are now more of those who contracted, and naturally, we’d, dropped places, and hopefully, that as this current wave blows over, we will, get ahead again.”, and it’d made me, feel disappointed toward, humanity!

This is NOT a matter of places, but the lives that were precious which were, lost!  With the highest official of medical services stating so coldly, how can our hearts not, grow cold!  “Dearest” head of C.D.C., please don’t remember, every single body that’d turned cold, is someone’s, family!

With all these rules now set up, all testing the humanities of the people here!  Empathize, how the offspring, toward the lives of their elders being lost to the outbreaks, needed to get them cremated within twenty-four hours, and not allowing the families to properly grieve, to get the deceased presentable enough, how upsetting!  The children of the elderly population who’d died from contraction, they were caught off guard; but, who can help ease the sorrows of the loss of that fifteen-year-old teen’s father?  While the father of En-En, so lonely, and he had to, get put in the fires of the politics!  How is this sort of treatment justice?  Pray tell, as a young child who’d been active, losing his life in a matter of few short days, due to a high fever, in the well-established medical provision systems available to everybody in the country, how tragic!

And we became the best example of how democracy turned into, authoritarianism!  The people who are too mild and gentle, can’t stand up to this self-righteous, egotistical, abusing power, populist government, with the president elected by popular votes, and we the people are manipulated, abused by these self-righteous, egotistical, abuse government officials.  And because democracy is intertwined with authoritarianism, the media, the means had already, lost its power to restrict the government from having absolute power, and couldn’t find out, who exactly it was that gave Chen the power to make the confirmations of whether or not the government’s doing right by the people. 

The people have the right to know, what went wrong in the policies of defense against MERS-CoV.  I hope, that the rate of death ranking at highest in Taiwan can, burst Chen’s bubbles, and wake the entire CDC up, like how he’d made the policy of “coexisting with the virus”, he must be on the same page as we the people too, and, get rid of that pride from the democratic authoritarianism, and take other countries’ experiences, so the country will fare better as a whole!

Yeah, this is how absolute power equals absolute CORRUPTION, take the past examples of how the DDP took rule over the people, and see how they’d, FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the country, and it’s still all due to one man’s way too huge ego, his inability to admit he’d been mistaken, and his inability to CHANGE his ways, and all the people in this god DAMN country is still, going down with this head of the CDC here!

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She Was Abused by Her Cohabiting Boyfriend, Ran Away from Home with Her Daughter, Thirteen Days Afterwards, She was Dead

Abused to DEATH, by her cohabiting boyfriend, DESPITE how the laws are already, set up, to protect people from this sort of, horrid lovers, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman in Tainan was abused by her cohabiting boyfriend, Chen, the victim took her ten-year-old daughter, and ran away, moved to Kaohsiung, but she’d sustained the multiple physical injuries on her, started spitting up blood at home, on the evening of the eighth, she fell ill, was taken to the hospital, the following day, she’d worsened, and died; the police charged Chen on assault causing death, breaking the laws to prevent domestic violence, the Chiaotou D.A.’s Office set the bail at $50,000N.T. after they’d interrogated him, and he had to report to the local subprecinct twice per week.

The police investigated, the victim was around thirty, started dating Chen four years ago, took her daughter who was only six, lived in with Chen at the residence on the West side of Tainan; on May 28th, the victim had a verbal altercation with Chen, was beaten by him physically, it’d caused her to sustain multiple injuries.

As Chen left, the victim discussed with her sisters, worried that she may get abused by him again, took her ten-year-old daughter, ran away out of Tainan, moved to Zhuoying, Kaohsiung to stay temporarily.  She’d only thought the injuries she’d sustained were only physical, that she just needed a few days’ rest and will recover, but on the eighth of June, she’d suddenly fell ill, started puking up blood, as her younger sister saw, she’d called emergency, and stated to the operator, that her sister was beaten by her cohabiting boyfriend.

As the victim was taken to the hospital, she fell into a coma, during which time she regained conscious, and told her families of what had happened, the police took the statement of the daughter on the ninth, and on that evening, the victim’s condition took a turn for the worst, she’d died of multiple organ failure, and the case is being prosecuted as assault causing death.

The police had Chen into the station, Chen stated that he had, argued with the victim, but was evasive toward the questioning of physically abusing her, the preliminary checks of the body, the death can’t be determined, they will conduct an autopsy on the thirteenth to clarify the cause of death.

And so, this woman got abused to death, by her cohabiting boyfriend, and this still just showed, how dangerous is it, to stay with an abusive man, because it’d happened once, it will, happen, again, again, and again, until the victims die, or do something to escape.  But in this particular case, the victim didn’t escape, she died!

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Quote: Arundhati Roy — Rethinking Life

AZ QuOtes

Quote: Arundhati Roy — Rethinking Life

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Shooting Fuels Parents’ Fears All Over Again

In light of the shooting in TX, from the New York Times, how the shootings in schools, affect everybody in the country, not just those who are directly involved, in the schools where the shootings had, occurred, written by Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, Chelsea Rose Marcius, & Lola Fadulu…

Last Tuesday night, Luz Belliard sat on the edge of her bed in upper Manhattan in the room she shares with the nine-year-old granddaughter, Victoria, and thought about what to say.

Victoria, a third grader, was sitting on her own bed, which was covered with stuffed animals; she had already seen on the evening news that children her age had been killed in a mass shooting at a school in Texas.

Now, Belliard had to consider just what she would tell Victoria on their walk to school the next morning: Listen to your teachers.  Get down on the floor.  Remember the drills you do in class.

“She’s young, but she understands—sometimes too much,” Belliard said Wednesday outside Victoria’s school in Washington Heights.  “To take your child to school and come back to see them dead, it’s not fair.  It should not be that way.”

“It’s sad that a lot of children died that way.  Those children had a big life ahead of them,” the girl said. “When I hear that kind of stuff it makes me scared.”

In New York and across the country Wednesday, children, parents and caregivers grappled with the aftermath of the deadly shooting in Uvalde, Texas, where an eighteen-year-old gunman killed nineteen children and two teachers before being shot dead by authorities.

They hugged their children a little tighter and lingered a little longer at drop-off.  They could imagine too easily a gunman bursting into their own child’s classrooms.  And they were once again faced with a haunting question: Is there anywhere in America schoolchildren can truly be safe?

Some schools around the country took extra precautions in the wake of the shooting.  Schools in Texas and Florida banned backpacks from buildings Wednesday.  Officials in states including Georgia and Virginia sent extra officers to schools as a precaution.  In New York City, home to the largest school system, officials are considering ways to tighten security, including locking school doors after children have arrived for the day.

The shooting has cast a somber tone over the final days and weeks of the school year.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to say publicly,” Deborah Gist, superintendent of schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma, wrote in a Facebook post.  “I feel a huge responsibility to use the right words.  How, though, do I express the horror, outrage, frustration, disappointment, pain, and fear that an event like the shooting in Uvalde brings?  It’s a parent’s, a teacher’s, a principal’s, and a superintendent’s worst nightmare.”

And so, this is how these things affect the children, because they’re in the immediate environment of all of this, and, there’s still the need for tighter gun control laws, to make the arms not that easily accessible to just anyone who wants to buy, and, these shootings still don’t just, affect those whose lives are altered directly, those with victims in the tragedies, it affects, everybody in the world.

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The Officers that Didn’t Pursue the Case of the Chang-Rong University Female Student’s Murder Got Demoted as Reprimands

How the police was, negligent in working the case of the murder of the Malaysian female student, and now, they’re all, fired, demoted, as punishment, and the problem still started, at the, very top of the “systems” here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the murder of the Malaysian female student at Changrong University from two years ago, it’d been found, that the officer, Kao who was working at the Gui-Jen Subprecinct, Datang Substation, didn’t follow protocol in taking the case, the police station manager, Chang, and the assistant office manager, Yang didn’t supervise him closely enough in the case, the Examination Department found that the three had severely damaged the reputation of the local police department, destroyed the images of the police, impeached all three, sent them to the punishment courts, and the punishment courts yesterday demoted Yang and Chang two levels, and Kao got demoted one level.

As the case happened Yang was transferred to the position of department manager, then, sent to Hsinhwa Substation as the manager, after he was impeached, he got demoted twice to the secretary, and got his rank pulled.  He’d stated yesterday, that he accepts the rulings, “no comment!”  While Chang had asked to get transferred to work in Changwha, that he had, “nothing else to say”.  Kao filed for retirement.  And, the police chief of Tainan, Jeng, three months after the case, got pulled off his post.

On October 28th, 2020, the university student, Chung was taken by the suspect, Liang against her will, raped then, murdered, the Chiaotou District Court in March sentenced Liang to death for forced sexual intercourse, and intent to murder.

Before Chung was murdered, Liang had attempted to abduct another female student from the same school on the evening of September 30th, afterwards, the woman went to the Datang Substation to report the matter with her landlord’s daughter, but Kao didn’t take the case and recorded it, not written the matter up, nor taken the women’s statements, not put down the women coming in to report the incident on the docket.  As Chung’s murder was solved, the female students returned to the substation, to give their statements, and identified the perp, that was when the fact that the police officials didn’t keep the records of their coming in to report the incident out into the open.

The Examination Department investigated, that on the evening of September 30th, Chang knew the incident of the victims, but didn’t report, that he was at fault.  After the murder had been solved, Chang didn’t report up the chain of command, that the female student had come in, causing the station to print out the untrue facts of the case.

During the time, Yang had supervised at Datang Substation twice, and not found Kao, and Chang having broken the rules of protocol.  As the substation manager, he should be more careful in making the statements to the press, checking the facts, and, in Yang’s interview on October 30th, he’d claimed, that the murdered student was unidentifiable, that she’d refused to report the case, that it was, a “prank”.

So, this is still, a chain of command thing, because the upper level supervisors did NOT supervise the lower level officers closely enough, and these men can’t keep themselves checked, in their means of taking the reports from the locals seriously, they just, brushed off the case, and so, they all deserved to get their ranks pulled, and even, fired from the police forces, because, would you want to go to report something major to the police (i.e. rape, or murder?), and have the officers, not take you seriously?  I wouldn’t think so, but this is still a top-down problem, because the heads of these places aren’t running their stations tightly enough, that’s why, all those little screws, come loose at the bottom layers.

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The Messiness of the CDC, as the Death Rate Skyrockets, then, the Tunes are Changed by the Government Agencies

How the pride of this government that’s ruling over us all, managed to, ruin everybody in this place, and we were, once, long, long, long, long, long (5 longs, oughta be, long, ‘nough!), ago too!  Because this is a government that lacked the foresight, and too egotistical, too, proud of itself, people are all, dead!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bloomberg issued the flexibility of countries in the rating of defense against MERS-CoV in May, in the fifty-three countries evaluated, Taiwan went down nineteen places to fifty-one, this showed, that since Omicron started taking over, the policies of defense against MERS-CoV, Taiwan had been, totally, incompetent!

In the past two years, the people fought over the vaccines, the masks, and recently, the test strips, and fought over getting their PCR at the hospitals too; since May, not only had the confirmed cases of contraction skyrocketed, the morbidity rate also increased to very high, thinking of those who’d died, especially those innocent children, I’m sure, that they’d felt, upset; what the HECK had this government been doing, to cause the means of protecting the people, a total, mess?

Both mayors of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei already called out to the Central government, that to administer the medications to those who’d tested positive, otherwise, more will, die, but the CDC still pretended that everything was fine, until the cases of morbidity skyrocketed, then, it’d started, readjusting the means, but it’s already, too slow to react; and, upon seeing the cases of children’s morbidity rate hiking up, the Executive Department started issuing the five quick-scan doses per child from birth to six years of age, hoping that it’s not too late, to help; seeing how the parents had lined up in the middle of the nights in Pingdong, Kaohsiung outside the hospitals to ensure the BioNTech vaccines for their children and grandchildren, only, that after the vaccinations, it takes, two weeks for the antibodies to start up the immunodefense in young children’s, systems, had the CDC gotten ahead like it preached, and purchased enough vaccines for all, then, none of this that’s happening today, would be, happening right now!

So, this still just showed, how incompetent this DDP government is, since the beginning of the outbreaks from…two whole years ago (was it???) back then, we had the opportunities to get ahead, as the cases aren’t getting higher and higher like it currently is, but the government missed out on the opportunities to get ahead, because it got too proud of itself, gloating about wow, look at the world, and look at how, there’s not even that many cases, and it’d lost the opportunities to get ahead, and, since then, the country’s been playing that game of catching up, and it can’t, this is why, the rate of morbidity in this god DAMN country is way too, @#$%ING high, close to the, third-world countries, rates of contraction and death, because whatever the people needed, we don’t get, because this government is way too @#$%ING retarded!

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The Government that Cared about its Own Benefits is More Horrible than Covid 19

And it’s still, WE the people’s, fault, because we allow the government to, keep on, ABUSING us!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Starting in March of this year, the confirmed contractions broke a hundred cases by the day, by April, the number went up to more than 10,000 per day, and, by May, it’d, exceeded to close to 100,000 cases, and the rise of rate of morbidity occurred to, with young children and elderly in the population making up the majority.  In the lacking of resources, medical personnel, the meds, because the government failed to keep the virus from getting into the country, they’d used the excuse of “we’re now changing the means to coexisting with the virus”, and used backed its claims using a ton of, not-yet-mature enough results from the researches internationally, continued to try and persuade the people, that there’s a lower rate of morbidity now, stressing that the government’s goal of tackling MERS-CoV is in coexisting with it, to cover up how the pandemic is, spreading all around Taiwan locally.

And yet, during this time of heightened pandemic watch, we all saw, how delayed the reactions to help the people the central government had been, that it’s all left, to the individual cities.  Especially, the set up of the quick-scan station at the Songshan Airport, it’d, fazed me so.  As I’d passed the airport awhile ago, there was no route separating those who’d contracted the virus, from the rest, and most of these visitors are from the regions of islets, and those places had a lacking in medical resource provisions, and isn’t this, increasing the risks?  And, the workers of the airport were in close contact with everybody who was in and out of the airport, and wouldn’t it be increasing the risks of contraction too?  And, if lives were lost because of these, how would this country shoulder up the responsibilities, for setting up the wrong policies?

“Should We Coexist with the Virus?”, I believe, this is the wrong topic, first, we only have a limited knowledge of the virus with all the data collected built on the different races of people in the world; plus, Taiwan’s pandemic wasn’t out of control from the beginning of the outbreaks like in the U.S. or in Europe, we knew that there are means to delay the onset, but, we’d come to find, that in these past two years, the government lacked the provisions of preparing the nation to coexist with the virus, the testing of the systems of care provisions, to withstand the pressures, it’s like, it’s a trial-by-error basis, like how the government had been forced to keep on coming up with brand new excuses, for its lack of, foresight.

Secondly, the government kept stressing that those who’d died already had the predisposition of illnesses attempted to use the big data to mask up this group of people whose lives are, already, lost.  While the real point here is, even AS the goal of coexisting with the virus is now set, but, did the government do anything, to protect the group of lesser individuals, those with the weakened immunities, those who can’t receive the vaccines, those who work in the medical scene?  Did the government give them weapons to protect themselves against the invasions of the virus, the resources, and help them gain the confidence that they can, defend themselves against the virus?  So, I believe, that what’s scary is NOT the virus itself, but the government that cared about its own benefits.

And so, this article basically showed, what a lot of us, already KNOW about this government of ours here: it only CARED about its own party, delayed in response time of everything, because we were ahead (yay us!!!), from the start of the pandemic, when the virus had yet to, mutate, and this DDP government still got STUCK in that mindset of: yay, we’re NUMBER ONE, and that’s, exactly, WHAT had, screwed us over, and yet, the supporters of the DDP still can’t wake themselves up, because they’re, following the leader to H-E-L-L, and taking the REST of the general population down with it!

And there’s, NOTHING that we the people can do ‘bout it, because we’d been enslaved by the government, and we just don’t feel like rebelling against this dictatorship no (and your point being???) more, ‘cuz what is the use?

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Whose Lives, are the Government, Joking With?

How our (ordinary citizens’) lives are, nothing, compared to the government officials’ lives, because we’d voted them into office, and they are, ruling over us, like we’re all, second-class, MAGGOTS!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the pandemic continued climaxing, we are at an all-time high for the number of contractions, the moderate-to-severe symptoms, the rate of morbidity.  Hundreds of cabdrivers got to the CDC to protest, that they’d not gained access to the quick-scan kits, that their customers can’t feel secure, that when they feel ill, they couldn’t get the PCR tests, that the government lets us live and die on our own, “the government’s joking with our lives here!”

The mess of the quick-scan kits, the mess with the at-home-quarantines, the mess with the students in quarantine of sitting around someone who was confirmed of contraction, the mess with the insurance claims of the pandemic too, it all went wrong, with President Tsai’s “Getting Ahead” a total, joke now!  Tsai hosted the conference of discussing defense against MERS-CoV in person, mentioned how there would be the larger scale scan stations set up, simplifying the clinic treatment sessions with the physicians, the medications, and increasing purchase of the needed resources of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, these three major areas.  But, all of these practices should’ve already been, set up; the government waited until the virus was hitting hard, forcing us to cohabit with the virus, then, implementing these rules, isn’t this, joking with, our, lives here?

As the pandemic hit, people can only, expect that they will be told, if they’d contracted the virus on time, and once they were confirmed of contraction, they can only, wait for the medication, the treatment procedures they are in need of.  But the head of the CDC, Chen not only not responded to the inquiries of “of the forty-one who’d died, only five were on the medications for MERS-CoV”, instead, he’d turned the blames toward the separate mayors of Taipei and Hsinbei, for their viewing the positive readings of the quick scans as confirmed contractions, and allotting the medications needed to the individuals as “getting flustered with the virus, and treating everything cough as contraction”.  And yet, how can the slowpokes, deal with this, fast-hitting virus?

Actually, not everybody in the population had to wait in lone line outside of the hospital for their PCR, there were the talk show hosts of the DDP who’d, had the physicians gone to their homes for the house calls for the PCRs, the DDP legislators also had a speedy PCR result too.  The slowpokes turned their backs, then, the “green aisle of humanitarianism” was built up.  Like how in the heightened stages of alerts, as the construction workers took off their masks at the construction sites to take a drink of water, and got fined heavily, with the higher up officials of the DDP in their vacation villages, gathering for their grand meals, and not gotten fined.

The lives are separated by the caste systems, the government led by Tsai, isn’t joking with every citizen’s life; as the lives of some, the government led by Tsai, doesn’t, joke about, at all.

And so, this just showed, how this dictatorship of Tsai and the DDP still, overlooked the lives of us, ordinary citizens, not giving us what we needed when we needed them, no vaccines when that’s what we needed, making the people stand in long lines outside the pharmacies for those masks (from before), now it’s the quick scan kits, while all the higher up of DDP still, wines and dines, without a single care or worry in the world, and we the people, are still, allowing this sort of SHIT, ruling over us all!

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The Reveries of Springtime, a Poem

Despite how messed up the world is, things that stayed constant: the sun, the season, the moon that pulls the tides, and that is all we have, to rely on, to help us all through these, difficult times, of our, lives, translated…

Who Can Get a Bouquet of Flowers for

And, Switch it on the Bright International Dateline

As a Decoration of that, Belated, Justice

I Shall Use My Naked Spines to Give Back to

despite this…

photo from online

That Fire Filled March of Hopes & Dreams

Love is Nothing More than the Vending Machine Sales

Freedom Came, a Bit Later than the Springtime

All that’s Needed is a Bouquet of Flowers

I Will be able to Pretend, that the World is, Beautiful

The Skies Too Bright

And Those Children Who were Lost, are Cute, and Naïve

Who Can, Buy Me, that Bouquet of Flowers

To Switch it onto the International Day Line During the Springtime

the constants of, the universe is still, ongoing…from online

And so, this still just showed, how the seasons still come and go, despite how messy this world currently is, just because so many had died in war, in the outbreaks, the globe still turns, that, would become, the only, constant there is, in everybody’s life here!

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