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May the Tragedies of Eighty-Fifty NEVER, Happen, Again

But you know that it will, due to the lacking in the long-term care policies that work that are still not quite, set up by the, government here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Mother’s Day is here again, the scent of carnation is the symbol of mothers, and, we don’t need to put mothers on that high pedestal, their kindness toward us, we can’t, repay them for all of our, lives.

In the times of thanks, there are however, a group of aging mothers who are taking care of their own young, as they’re, growing, older.  The 8050 Trend reported by the “Orange Generation”, the parents in their eighties, raising their fifty-year-old midlife age children, their golden years, are, shadowed over by the dark clouds of long-term care, they can’t see the beautiful rays of the setting sun, there’s no rainbow after the rain, it’s a never-ending war, also, a tragedy of Mother’s, Day.

I have a friend with polio, she had never been married and is already sixty, and in her midlife years, she’d been diagnosed with diabetes, and now, she’s looked after by her elderly eighty something mother.  When she was younger, her mother told her, that it’s okay she never marries, so long as she’s healthy and happy, but, as she entered into midlife, the assortment of conditions came at her, and in her mother’s elderly years, she’s responsible for caring for her own adult daughter, Mother’s Day had never been easy for her, no need for blessings of any sort, and her only hope, is to, get away, from the hells of long-term care.

I’d bumped into a mother-son pair on the weekends, sometimes at the marketplace, sometimes, on my way to the marketplace.  This mother-son pair live close by, the son wedded a foreign woman, later his wife ran off, it was only him and his mother.  He work during the weekdays, his mother took care of the meals.  On weekends, the two would go shop for groceries together, the mother walks in front, and her son was like a guard, walking behind her, very, carefully, he looked similar in stature to his own mother, as the mother passed through the butcher’s, the vegetable, fruit stands, fish, stopped, the son’s arms were fully hung with the plastic bags, and that, is what marked the weekend marketplace.

This seemingly nice picture, quite harmonious, but actually, the man never got over his own wife running off, became severely depressed, and had to quit work, and could no longer shop at the markets with his mother now.  Later, the woman would come to the markets, in her cane by the weekends, and would greet those whom she was acquainted with, not knowing when her son will get better, and how much longer she can, take care of him, or maybe, one day, she would, die before him.

My neighbor’s fifty-year-old son was sent to prison a few years back for something, the siblings had given up on him, only his aging mother didn’t, every other week, she would bring his favorite meals to visit him in prison.  As he was released, he’d moved in with his mother, couldn’t find a job, became, a borderline person of the society, and started working odds and ends, picking up the recycle materials to sell for measly income, and his mother can only put up the money she’d saved to help him make his own ends, meet.

The trend of eighty-fifty is that heavy lock and chain in old age, it had all the untold sorrows of the parents, a deeper sort of imprisonment than the prisons.  I hope that there won’t be any more of the tragedies of the eighty-fifty in society repeatedly, hope that the systems of welfare the government set up can be more complete, that we the offspring can all become those whom our parents can, rely on when they’re, older.

And so, these are cases of how the aging parents are still responsible for their adult children, for whatever reasons there may be, and this is bad, because these aging parents deserve a break, but they simply, can’t get it.

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The KMT Criticized the Five Mistakes in Policies During the Pandemic that the DDP Should Apologize to the People for

Because the government did NOT function as it was supposed to, giving us all what we are in need of, of course we all must, fend for, our own, selves, and, shit still, comes out of, all of these, politicians, mouths here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Command Center of MERS-CoV is about to get “off the tables” on May 1st, the KMT stated that for the three years running, there are the “five shortages, five messes”, lacking in the vaccines that people needed, lacking the quick scan kits, the medications, and the integrations, and there was also, the “revisions of the statistics”, the sealing of the contracts of purchase of the vaccines, the 3+11 that’s not on “record”, and the point of entry of the outbreaks being in Wanhwa, and, the Command Center became the DDP’s “election headquarters”, never gotten ahead like it stated, and that the Command Center owed us all, that, apology.

The assistant chairperson of the committee of KMT, Lin stated, that there were the shortages of the masks, the vaccines, the quick scan kits, and the treatment medications, the government did NOT get ahead, it’d, caused the situations of our lives to worsen during the outbreaks.  The final global country report in tackling the pandemic by Bloomberg last June showed that this country ranked second to last.  But, the former head of the Command Center for MERS-CoV, Chen kept dodging responsibilities, he was, not, humble enough, whenever the KMT mentioned that there’s a need for supervision or given him sound advices, he’d always either pretended to be deaf, or, evaded his responsibilities.

The spokesperson for the KMT, Yang stated, that we need to show gratitude toward the hardworking frontline paramedics for keeping us safe and protected, but, the Department of Health & Social Welfare and the Command Center are bad partners, like how the “campaign headquarters” set up by the party in power, only cared about its own political benefits, kept trying to wrapping up the fact of how the medical professionals are on the verge of collapsing, of melting down, how they’re, putting their own lives in the lines of fire, how they were, underpaid, overworked.

Yang pointed out, to NOT forget about Chen’s “classic motto”, when he was asked on the press conference, what should we do if we contracted the virus, he’d responded, “Take care of it yourselves”, Chen also said that the “general scans, micro ban lifts, ahead of the departments, I shall carry the responsibilities on my shoulders, and the revisions of the data”, at the height of the pandemic, when Chen was called by the DDP to run for mayor on the ticket, he’d also said, “the government system is, ‘freelance’.”

Yeah, and that is, how the DDP, and its, officials, still, refused to take the responsibilities for their mistakes in policies, which caused a lot of the citizens in this country to DIE off, and it still won’t man up, because, this is a party, that’s gotten used to enslaving we the people, and we the people are still, FUCKING retarded, letting them, ruin our lives, continuously.

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What the Command Center Did NOT, Clarify

The DDP government receive a SOLID F for its “policies of MERS-CoV” here, and the officials still think that they’d done, quite well, wow, talk about, totally, DETACHED from the realities of, things here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With the pandemic, slowing, the Central CDC Command Center is finally about to, get relieved of its, duties.

Recalling to the over-a-thousand-days, the Command Center created numerous mottos, the “revised numbers”, “getting ahead”, “like general scans”, “blame it on the virus”, “how can the world catch up to Taiwan?”, “I’ll take full responsibilities for the 3+11 plans of quarantine”, “self-adaptation”, and the “micro ban lifts”, etc., etc., etc., all of these are, “classics”.

For over three years, the command center hosted its daily press conferences, like clockwork, and the online community jokingly called these, “the Bullshits of Five”.  The pandemic is heartless, the loss of every life made us all feel sad, and yet, the command center turned these lives into, nothing but, icy cold, stats.

and, here are, the facts, on how the elected mayor of Taipei stating how Chen’s “grade report” of his role as director of the Command Center is, a solid,”F”, off of YouTube

In this quite lengthy process of pandemic, the questions of the “3+11 policy implementations”, (claimed that there was NO record of this), is Wanhwa the breakout point of entry of the pandemic, do the dead bodies get cremated within twenty-four hours of death, why do the vaccine purchases needed to be sealed for thirty years and listed as classified information, why does the Tsai government favor Medigenvac so much (that as the borders opened, the people who had the Medigenvac vaccines who wanted to travel to Japan had to pay extra to get their PCR test, because Japan didn’t approve Medigenvac vaccines), all of these are questions left, unanswered.

Looking back to the roads we took, the start of the pandemic, the shortages of vaccines, unevenly distributed, we didn’t have what we are in desperate need of, to defend ourselves against the pandemic; the chaotic data output, causing people to get upset and worried, the Command Center didn’t do a thing, to help us feel safer, more secure, nor, settled.  And I feel compelled, to offer my personal condolences to the more-than-ten-thousand lives that’s been lost.

The Command Center had finally, “served its time”, and, everything that’s happened during these times of the outbreaks, will get recorded down in, history, and continue to stay, very lucid, in the minds of, we the, people.

So, this is still how the DDP’s BULLSHITS had caused, so many lives to get, lost in the pandemic, the government was late from the very start, in the purchase orders of the vaccines that worked, then, we became reliant on other countries’ garbage vaccines from AZ, and the government spun it as wow, everybody’s giving to us (more like dumping their unwanted TRASH!), and, it’d refused to purchase the needed BioNTech vaccines from Fosun Pharma, as that’s the only AGENT in the Asian regions, delaying the shipments of vaccines, and, leaving the private sector, to do ITS work, in purchasing of the vaccines that we are in dire need off, and, not to mention, how many of those lives that were lost, that could’ve been, saved or spared, but this DDP government doesn’t give a flying FUCK (don’t pardon me) about us, and so, how do you think the “grade report” of the DDP’s helping we the people, defend against the pandemic would, “score” again???  Exactly!

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Children of, War…

As the sounds of the alert sirens start blaring, we’d gone, underground!

Children of, war, never to see the warm sunshine shining through their windows, not getting waken up by the sounds of birds that called…

Children of, war, they will, NEVER grow up, they are only kept, alive, with the, most minimum needs fulfilled.  And the rations are growing, shorter by the day, with NO place they get go, to get their daily needs of foods, waters, they don’t even leave their “homes”, in fear of, getting bombed once they’d stepped, outside.

everybody rushing into that designated shelter in their closest vicinity! Photo from online

Children of, war, it’s not a war of the children’s makings, it’s the adults’, and yet, the adults are, making these innocent children, TAKE the consequences that aren’t even theirs to begin with…

It’s not their faults, these children of, war, but they are now, shouldering the consequences, carrying the historical, debts of their, ancestors.

Children of, war, they deserved to be able to walk outside into the light, but in shadows they hide, too ashamed of what their older generations did, and this shame gets passed down the line, until, the line actually, ends, and trust me, that long line ain’t nowhere near, ending, any time, soon…

or this??? Photo from online

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Murdered, After Coming Out as a Sexual Assault, Victim

That is, the final, cost of her, bravery, and yes, this still, was, UNFAIR, but hey, we can’t, battle it out with fate, and win, can we now?  Nope!

Murdered, after coming out as a sexual assault, victim, by the man who got off on a slap on his wrist, and, the reason why he’d, murdered the woman he raped, was, no other than, her, suing him for rape.

And that’s still, NOT fair, but, that’s what’s, happened in this god damn world we live in right now, and there’s, NOTHING we can do, ‘bout it.

And this would make the survivors of rape, think TWICE (three, four, five times, even!), before coming out to testify against, the perp, wouldn’t it?

Murdered, after coming out as a sexual assault, victim, at least, she’s, no longer needing to, re-experience those, traumas of what’d happened to her any longer…


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On the Way to the Library

What this walk around the school brought you, understanding of life, wisdom, and a bit of the scents of, letting go, even???  Translated…

It was the springtime when the outbreaks started back up again, the stage three alert that’s taken over this city made everything quiet, and slower paced.  The dormitory that’s been listed as a cultural asset, fell silent, after the rain underneath the blue skies as well; after all, it’s a place you really wanted to go, you’d felt lighter in your, steps then.  Based off of the beliefs of the experts, “walking is the best form of defense against contraction”, as the alerts of the outbreak came on again, you’d come to the campus of this school to walk, using your status of an alumnus to enter the school’s libraries.

At that time, the tracks of the contracted gained widespread attention, seeing the messages of the groups of LINE: “I’d researched the tracks of the contracted, found, that none went to the bookstores, the libraries………so, the safest place during this outbreak is places with the books………”, I can’t help but grinned, am I glad, that these are, my most frequent hangouts?  Nope, but, being stuck in the boredoms of the outbreaks, I had, needed, that good laugh!  Borges stated, “I’d always imagined heaven to be some sort of a large library”, for you, heading into the libraries, it’s a temporary escape out of the nitty-gritties of the kitchen, the household chores that bogged you down, giving you that time alone you loved to enjoy on your own the most.

Resting in the libraries, you’d hoped to call out the various times, becoming someone else, it’s a sort of a cross between reality and fantasy.  The trees green after the rain, glowed that fresh new green of leaves, suddenly, Virginia Woolf’s word came, “the women needed the escort or the recommendation letters from the college researcher to enter into the libraries”, that was written back in 1920, showed of how sexist the British society was back then, today, it seemed, funny, and odd, but you’d, examined your own passages of growth, noted the tracks that remained on your life from the patriarchy too.  Here, you’d once, bumped into a group of outstanding young ladies, helping each other grow, in the enlightenment of learning, so youthful, the students mostly came to study here, due to their families’ expectations, “there will be fitting jobs for women after you graduate”, was the persuasions for you all.  Thirty years came and went quickly, once you were so obedient, so passively in accepting whatever handed to you, and now, do you, love yourselves, a little, more than those who came before?

illustration from

My dear, as you say your prayers, who do you pray for first?  The freedom of thought in age, already returned our own brains back to us, but, in the unawareness, our spirits, still got bound by the social roles, the labels.  You’d walked up those heavy steps, the mirror in the grand hall was the first thing you saw, like it was the first time you ever saw it, but, that reflection, reminded you of just how hard time had left its tracks on you.  The gentle breezes brought the fresh scent of the grasses, before the ladies’ dorms, the yearly bloom of the gardenias, familiar, yet, quite, distant, the dreamy color of the eggs, felt distant, and like a dream to you, and, you were reminded of that older schoolmate who ws kind, and warm, she’d, stayed in her marriage, guarded by the laws, in actuality, she was left alone in a marriage with that cheating husband, raised up her children alone on her own, in the decades of time, the malignant tumor started taking over her, and, spread through the seasons, as she’d found the tumors last spring, in a few short months, she’d, gone, and you couldn’t say your proper farewell to her in the outbreaks.

The times pushed you forward, the gardenias covered in raindrops stay scented.  The days shadowed over by the outbreaks, how much the world had, changed, in the tempo and rhythm of nature, you can still find back that constant, that, calm, and so as you’d hummed “To Oneself at Fifty”: “We shall keep on trekking, keeping moving forward…………hearing those sounds that had been, etched deep in our, hearts………”, you’d found, that even with the mask on, tears falling down, you can still, smile, there are still something worth you expecting, something joyous in being, alive.

And so, this, is on the passages of our lives, we are all hit hard by the outbreaks, with the different lifepaths we travel on our own, and, some of us may have it easy, some, hard, but that’s just how life is, everybody is different, and yet, we’re, all the same.

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A Whole Bunch of, Kiss-Asses

As the head of the CDC (off with HIS H-E-A-D!) bowed down, “gracefully”, ‘cuz he got that ticket on the DDP to run for the mayor of the city of Taipei he’d, bowed his head down, in front of the press…

And the reporters commended him, on being an EXCELLENT director of the C.D.C. (uh, either that these press reporters had been living ON that parallel plane of reality than we the people had been living in, or that, they had previously, resided in OUTERSPACE, and just come back down to EARTH, for this particular “farewell tea party” hosted in honor of Chen’s departure from the CDC!), and the press reporters stated something to the effects of thank you, sir, for keeping the defense of the country so well (so, the lives of those who’d DIED in the outbreaks, the elders in the nursing homes, the young children, that little one who couldn’t get into the hospital on time, remember him??? Don’t count at all!).

And this is what the DDP is based off of, kiss-asses, sucking up to the MAN, because that, is how the politics of things worked here, because nobody gives a flying FUCK (no need to pardon me!) how many had died in the outbreaks since it began back in???  2012!

as the mother @#$%ER makes his “exit speech”, stepping down from the CDC to run for the mayor of the city of Taipei!

a photo of him, bowing down in apology for those who’d died during the outbreaks from before! From online

Despite how many had died, the elderly in the nursing homes, the children without the vaccines they can use, etc., etc., etc., and now, we the people are only, starting to, wake back up, and it’s, too late, because too many had been dead, we have one of the highest morbidity rates from contraction in the “developed nation” sect, believe it or don’t.

And yeah, guess we should be grateful, that Chen’s off to ruin someone else life because at least, he’d, stepped down from the CDC, and there ain’t NO chance that his fucked up policies of defense against MERS-CoV that he’d implored, will ever be in effect again.

So, thank G-O-D, he’d, bowed down, “gracefully”………


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The Couple Gave Birth to Their Daughter at an Older Age, Abused Her, the Second Trial Gave Them Five Years

You would think, that this baby girl who’d come late into this couple’s lives, would be, cherished, because she was, hard to, come by, but NO!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The young girl, Lin from Kaohsiung two years ago fell into a coma, was taken to the hospital, at age three, she’d only weighed 7.9 kilograms, thin as a skeleton, and she was found, covered in bruises, scars new and old, the D.A. believed that it was her parents who’d, abused her, charged the couple on endangering the wellbeing of a young child; the first trialed sentenced both the husband and wife a year six months each, the second trial found that by the time the young girl was taken to the hospital, it was already at the “level” of severe assault, took back the original verdict, sentenced Lin to five years ten months, and the wife, Tsai to five years two months.  This can still be appealed.

The forty-seven-year-old Tsai has three daughters and a son, with a different father for each of her child, she’d married her current husband, Lin and gave birth to the youngest daughter shortly afterwards, because the family couldn’t afford to raise her, they’d sent her out for adoption shortly after birth, on July 2nd, 2019, they finally took the youngest daughter home to live with them.

On April 23rd two years ago, the young girl had a subdural hematoma, was rushed to the hospital, the hospital found that there were multiple contusions on the child’s face and body, the injuries from getting beaten with a stick on her legs and thighs, dermatitis on the skin on her buttocks, nails too long, that she showed the classic signs of abuse, and was suspected of being malnourished to have the low sodium, and low potassium in her blood; the child was almost three years old, weighed in at 7.9 kilograms, at only 83-centimeters in height, clearly, way lower than young girls of her age group.

The Kaohsiung District Court found the couple to have abused their own young daughter, sentenced each to a year six months, the D.A.’s office felt it was way too lenient, pressed for appeal, the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung went accordingly to the reports from the hospitals, the documentations of the young girl’s injuries, believed that by the time the young girl was finally admitted to the hospital, it’d reached the status of severe physical assault, retracted the original verdict for a retrial.

The young girl is at age five, and living with a foster family right now.

And so, this is another case of “we want another, we can’t afford to give the children enough of what they needed, so, might as well just use our youngest child as a PUNCHING bag!”, and this is just, bad, I mean, IF you can’t take care of that many children at a time, then, why the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) are you, humping like rabbits, huh, and these parents should be neutered AND spayed to prevent more children that came out of them, so they can, abuse their own young even more.

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Humanity & Honesty

This is what happens, when the government has too much power, too much control, over the people’s lives, they ruin us all!  And yet, we the people are still blind, like the head of the C.D.C. who’s stuck in the mindset of “we’re number one” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With MERS-CoV spreading quickly, it’d become, a global, pandemic.

For more than two years on end, the CDC reported the statistics, and the declining number of those who’d died, who’d contracted became, what settled the people’s minds, plus the government had that halo of “being the model for all the world in the pandemic”, it’d driven the people to accept the limitations, the restrictions the government had placed on our, lives, following the orders of what the government tells us to do, misbelieved, that so long as we followed the “orders” of the head of the CDC, we can be safe and healthy. And so, we’d slowly, lose our guards over the fact, that we need to check the government in the means of disease control, if it was, damaging the rights of we the people.  In reality, when someone does mention it, then, the individual is viewed as malicious, in attacking the government’s means, and sued for libeling against the government, or that they worried too excessively.

And yet started in April, the local cases started up, with the rise in the digits of deaths, of confirmed contractions, everyone of us felt unsafe, with enormous psychological stress, and due to the fast increase of the morbidity rates, the collective anxiety didn’t pale by comparison to the major earthquake of September 21, 1999, with no end in sight.

And yet, the CDC still, ritualistically, reported on the statistics, without realizing, what the messages of those statistics meant to the people, and toward the criticism of how this country had dropped to the last three in the monthly flexibility indicator of defense against the outbreaks, he’d responded coldly, “the pandemic heating back up, it’s something all countries in the world will experience.”, “as the pandemic heated up, there are now more of those who contracted, and naturally, we’d, dropped places, and hopefully, that as this current wave blows over, we will, get ahead again.”, and it’d made me, feel disappointed toward, humanity!

This is NOT a matter of places, but the lives that were precious which were, lost!  With the highest official of medical services stating so coldly, how can our hearts not, grow cold!  “Dearest” head of C.D.C., please don’t remember, every single body that’d turned cold, is someone’s, family!

With all these rules now set up, all testing the humanities of the people here!  Empathize, how the offspring, toward the lives of their elders being lost to the outbreaks, needed to get them cremated within twenty-four hours, and not allowing the families to properly grieve, to get the deceased presentable enough, how upsetting!  The children of the elderly population who’d died from contraction, they were caught off guard; but, who can help ease the sorrows of the loss of that fifteen-year-old teen’s father?  While the father of En-En, so lonely, and he had to, get put in the fires of the politics!  How is this sort of treatment justice?  Pray tell, as a young child who’d been active, losing his life in a matter of few short days, due to a high fever, in the well-established medical provision systems available to everybody in the country, how tragic!

And we became the best example of how democracy turned into, authoritarianism!  The people who are too mild and gentle, can’t stand up to this self-righteous, egotistical, abusing power, populist government, with the president elected by popular votes, and we the people are manipulated, abused by these self-righteous, egotistical, abuse government officials.  And because democracy is intertwined with authoritarianism, the media, the means had already, lost its power to restrict the government from having absolute power, and couldn’t find out, who exactly it was that gave Chen the power to make the confirmations of whether or not the government’s doing right by the people. 

The people have the right to know, what went wrong in the policies of defense against MERS-CoV.  I hope, that the rate of death ranking at highest in Taiwan can, burst Chen’s bubbles, and wake the entire CDC up, like how he’d made the policy of “coexisting with the virus”, he must be on the same page as we the people too, and, get rid of that pride from the democratic authoritarianism, and take other countries’ experiences, so the country will fare better as a whole!

Yeah, this is how absolute power equals absolute CORRUPTION, take the past examples of how the DDP took rule over the people, and see how they’d, FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the country, and it’s still all due to one man’s way too huge ego, his inability to admit he’d been mistaken, and his inability to CHANGE his ways, and all the people in this god DAMN country is still, going down with this head of the CDC here!

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En-En’s Father’s, Unanswered, Call

How the CENTRAL government’s set up for the whole defense against MERS-CoV went bust, and it runs down the line, to the local government levels, to causing the lives of young children to get lost, the IMPOTENCE of this DDP government, and there’s nothing WE the people can do about it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The toddler, from Zhonghe, “En-En” died of contraction, the father kept prying and prodding the city how why was it that no help ever came to the family, as they’d dialed up emergency services.  He’d questioned the two “empty time frames”: of one, he’d called up the 1922 hotlines for help, and yet, the central government took a total of 143 minutes to “horizontally connect”; secondly, he’d called 199 to the Hsinbei Fire Department Emergency Services, and yet, it took his child a wait of eighty-one minutes to finally get taken away in an ambulance.

The child died, and the parents needed the facts, this was what made “En-En’s” father angry.  But, after the many days of calling, calling, calling in to the government offices, he seemed to not get closer to the truth.  The city of Hsinbei first used the “right to privacy”, to not allowed him to have the recorded call; later on, the government’s press conference stated that it was only, a “model”.  And, what the father could feel, is probably how the entry level workers of the local government’s giving him the run-around.

The responses of the 1922 hotline is even more, ambiguous.  The CDC’s explanations, too simplistic, there’s no records of the calls getting transferred to the various agencies on record as proof, the families entered into that labyrinth with the fog.  What’s funny was, the 1922 had, labeled itself as “expert in MERS-CoV defense”, with call availabilities in and out of the country, twenty-four seven in operations; but in that moment of need, the CDC claimed, that the 1922 hotlines does NOT have the powers to get the ambulance or the taxis sent, it’d, evaded ALL its, responsibilities.  Meaning, that in this sort of a case we should just, all dial, 119, is that it?

The young child, En-En was only the FIRST child who’d died in all of Taiwan, it was April 14th, there were only a little more than 800 confirmed contraction cases that day; but, due to the lacking of the government agencies, the country fell into, that, huge, mess.  And now, there’s, a total of SEVENTEEN children deaths of contraction of MERS-CoV but, the child, En-En’s loss of life, and what caused the delays is still, fogged up, and the 1922 hotlines is still, not working well enough.  And now, the government that’s been, exaggerating on its, achievements in the defense against the outbreak, falls, silent.

And that, is how this government of this country is, completely, USELESS, in serving we the people, and from this, we learn, that we can’t count on the government, to provide the emergency services that we are in need of during the outbreaks, and so, those of who fall into, critical condition from contracting the virus should just, go HIDE out underneath our separate covers, and wait for Mr. Ripper, G!

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