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Humanity & Honesty

This is what happens, when the government has too much power, too much control, over the people’s lives, they ruin us all!  And yet, we the people are still blind, like the head of the C.D.C. who’s stuck in the mindset of “we’re number one” here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

With MERS-CoV spreading quickly, it’d become, a global, pandemic.

For more than two years on end, the CDC reported the statistics, and the declining number of those who’d died, who’d contracted became, what settled the people’s minds, plus the government had that halo of “being the model for all the world in the pandemic”, it’d driven the people to accept the limitations, the restrictions the government had placed on our, lives, following the orders of what the government tells us to do, misbelieved, that so long as we followed the “orders” of the head of the CDC, we can be safe and healthy. And so, we’d slowly, lose our guards over the fact, that we need to check the government in the means of disease control, if it was, damaging the rights of we the people.  In reality, when someone does mention it, then, the individual is viewed as malicious, in attacking the government’s means, and sued for libeling against the government, or that they worried too excessively.

And yet started in April, the local cases started up, with the rise in the digits of deaths, of confirmed contractions, everyone of us felt unsafe, with enormous psychological stress, and due to the fast increase of the morbidity rates, the collective anxiety didn’t pale by comparison to the major earthquake of September 21, 1999, with no end in sight.

And yet, the CDC still, ritualistically, reported on the statistics, without realizing, what the messages of those statistics meant to the people, and toward the criticism of how this country had dropped to the last three in the monthly flexibility indicator of defense against the outbreaks, he’d responded coldly, “the pandemic heating back up, it’s something all countries in the world will experience.”, “as the pandemic heated up, there are now more of those who contracted, and naturally, we’d, dropped places, and hopefully, that as this current wave blows over, we will, get ahead again.”, and it’d made me, feel disappointed toward, humanity!

This is NOT a matter of places, but the lives that were precious which were, lost!  With the highest official of medical services stating so coldly, how can our hearts not, grow cold!  “Dearest” head of C.D.C., please don’t remember, every single body that’d turned cold, is someone’s, family!

With all these rules now set up, all testing the humanities of the people here!  Empathize, how the offspring, toward the lives of their elders being lost to the outbreaks, needed to get them cremated within twenty-four hours, and not allowing the families to properly grieve, to get the deceased presentable enough, how upsetting!  The children of the elderly population who’d died from contraction, they were caught off guard; but, who can help ease the sorrows of the loss of that fifteen-year-old teen’s father?  While the father of En-En, so lonely, and he had to, get put in the fires of the politics!  How is this sort of treatment justice?  Pray tell, as a young child who’d been active, losing his life in a matter of few short days, due to a high fever, in the well-established medical provision systems available to everybody in the country, how tragic!

And we became the best example of how democracy turned into, authoritarianism!  The people who are too mild and gentle, can’t stand up to this self-righteous, egotistical, abusing power, populist government, with the president elected by popular votes, and we the people are manipulated, abused by these self-righteous, egotistical, abuse government officials.  And because democracy is intertwined with authoritarianism, the media, the means had already, lost its power to restrict the government from having absolute power, and couldn’t find out, who exactly it was that gave Chen the power to make the confirmations of whether or not the government’s doing right by the people. 

The people have the right to know, what went wrong in the policies of defense against MERS-CoV.  I hope, that the rate of death ranking at highest in Taiwan can, burst Chen’s bubbles, and wake the entire CDC up, like how he’d made the policy of “coexisting with the virus”, he must be on the same page as we the people too, and, get rid of that pride from the democratic authoritarianism, and take other countries’ experiences, so the country will fare better as a whole!

Yeah, this is how absolute power equals absolute CORRUPTION, take the past examples of how the DDP took rule over the people, and see how they’d, FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the country, and it’s still all due to one man’s way too huge ego, his inability to admit he’d been mistaken, and his inability to CHANGE his ways, and all the people in this god DAMN country is still, going down with this head of the CDC here!

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En-En’s Father’s, Unanswered, Call

How the CENTRAL government’s set up for the whole defense against MERS-CoV went bust, and it runs down the line, to the local government levels, to causing the lives of young children to get lost, the IMPOTENCE of this DDP government, and there’s nothing WE the people can do about it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The toddler, from Zhonghe, “En-En” died of contraction, the father kept prying and prodding the city how why was it that no help ever came to the family, as they’d dialed up emergency services.  He’d questioned the two “empty time frames”: of one, he’d called up the 1922 hotlines for help, and yet, the central government took a total of 143 minutes to “horizontally connect”; secondly, he’d called 199 to the Hsinbei Fire Department Emergency Services, and yet, it took his child a wait of eighty-one minutes to finally get taken away in an ambulance.

The child died, and the parents needed the facts, this was what made “En-En’s” father angry.  But, after the many days of calling, calling, calling in to the government offices, he seemed to not get closer to the truth.  The city of Hsinbei first used the “right to privacy”, to not allowed him to have the recorded call; later on, the government’s press conference stated that it was only, a “model”.  And, what the father could feel, is probably how the entry level workers of the local government’s giving him the run-around.

The responses of the 1922 hotline is even more, ambiguous.  The CDC’s explanations, too simplistic, there’s no records of the calls getting transferred to the various agencies on record as proof, the families entered into that labyrinth with the fog.  What’s funny was, the 1922 had, labeled itself as “expert in MERS-CoV defense”, with call availabilities in and out of the country, twenty-four seven in operations; but in that moment of need, the CDC claimed, that the 1922 hotlines does NOT have the powers to get the ambulance or the taxis sent, it’d, evaded ALL its, responsibilities.  Meaning, that in this sort of a case we should just, all dial, 119, is that it?

The young child, En-En was only the FIRST child who’d died in all of Taiwan, it was April 14th, there were only a little more than 800 confirmed contraction cases that day; but, due to the lacking of the government agencies, the country fell into, that, huge, mess.  And now, there’s, a total of SEVENTEEN children deaths of contraction of MERS-CoV but, the child, En-En’s loss of life, and what caused the delays is still, fogged up, and the 1922 hotlines is still, not working well enough.  And now, the government that’s been, exaggerating on its, achievements in the defense against the outbreak, falls, silent.

And that, is how this government of this country is, completely, USELESS, in serving we the people, and from this, we learn, that we can’t count on the government, to provide the emergency services that we are in need of during the outbreaks, and so, those of who fall into, critical condition from contracting the virus should just, go HIDE out underneath our separate covers, and wait for Mr. Ripper, G!

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Turning the Defense Against MERS-CoV into the Election Calls, the Head of State, Su’s Calculations Had Caused the People to Lose Their Lives

When what runs the policies of defense against MERS-CoV is the party politics, surely, the party is, destined to, LOSE, big times, as the year’s not even quite over, and people are still getting sent, straight into the morgue daily, with the number rising up still, and this is still due to the INCOMPETENCE, the IMPOTENCE of the DDP, and hopefully we the people will totally remember HOW this god DAMN party abused powers, at the end of this year when we go to the polls!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the entire country is still in the plateau stage of the pandemic, the head of state, Su, as he’d made the rounds to the large-scale vaccination stations of the middle and southern regions of the country, he’d blurted out, “Let’s win this election based solely off of the pandemic”, suddenly, the air froze, and, Su realized that he’d, misspoken, and immediately, corrected himself.  But the truth was, Su hadn’t, misspoken, but bluntly stated how he’d, calculated all his policies, based off of the election, which is one of the primary reasons why the pandemic had, spun, out of control here, how people’s lives are, lost, with NO just cause.

From the arrangements of Su’s itinerary, you can see, that he’d, intentionally, avoided the hardest hit areas of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, and went toward the central and southern regions to find the warmth he was, desperately in search of, and he’d even announced offering four doses of quick scan kits to students under high school age too, which showed what he knew the best, “giving the tiny kindness to buy up the votes of the people”.  It’s just, that the means of using the budgets, with the taxpayers’ dollars to buy up the votes, had lost its effectiveness, because it’d been used, reused, and overused already, what replaced that was, as Su went on the rounds, he kept bumping into the locals, calling out at him, protesting against the policies he’d made, some stated, that the “bad policies killed the citizens off”, some complained, “the private preschools can’t stop the classroom sessions”, as the effects of protecting against the spread of MERS-CoV went bust, the people’s upset had accumulated to flowing over, and the DDP still dreamed of using this sort of an outcome of their policies for defense against MERS-CoV, as a winning ticket for them for the, elections, they’re, dreaming all right!

The ambiguity of the means of preventing against the spread of MERS-CoV had been messed up since day one, primary due to how Chen, the head of the CDC is planning to run in the mayoral race of Taipei at the end of the year.  But, Chen’s consideration of his candidacy, still can’t work as fast as the Omicron strain that’s come to attack, his old ways had, failed to function, he couldn’t, tackle the fast-hitting Omicron strain, and wants to use “quick-scan to replace the quarantines”, but due to the lack of supplies of the quick scan kits, the people were made to stand in those, long lines outside of the pharmacies to wait to purchase, like how we were made to for the masks two years ago, and, all the propagandas of “getting ahead” became ineffective, and the bust of the constantly changing rules of defense against the spread of MERS, and it’d, become this, blockage to Chen’s entering into the mayoral race of Taipei, causing the DDP’s plans to win the races, questionable.

And, because Chen’s name on the ticket for the mayoral position of Taipei is now, in question, the former head of transportation, Lin had already prepared his “Twelve Visions” for the capital of the country.  His will to enter into the race is, ever the more, clear.  This isn’t what the head of state, Su wanted to see, but once it’s, confirmed, proving the Chen’s policies of defense against MERS-CoV was a total bust, it’d proven, that Su’s policies didn’t work, this isn’t something that Su, who wanted all the credit will, tolerate.  Especially, as Lin, who isn’t on the same page as Su got on the ticket for the mayoral race of Taipei, threatening directly, Su’s northern Taiwan lead, of course, Su would be even more, displeased to see it.

Although the DDP isn’t admitting to it physically, but, the bust in the policies of defense against MERS-CoV is only, bringing down their chances of winning the races.  Not only did the number of single-day contraction got up to five-digits, the numbers of moderate to severe symptoms, the death rate also, rise, the allocations of the vaccines, the quick scan kits messy, the administering of the needed medications, too slow, and the at-home quarantine days kept changing repeatedly, the residents had to run all over the places to get their paperwork verified, plus the medical provision systems are already, too maxed out, the extra bonuses for the medical professionals are, once again, delayed, and all of the cases of contractions, added to more upsets in the general public, which will totally, add to the chances of the DDP losing the races at the end of this year.

And, based off of this, it’s less than likely, that as Chen, the director of the CDC, got on the ticket for the mayoral race of Taipei, he’s, going to win, as we had all witnessed in this past TWO years, how the DDP had, run this god DAMN country, to the GROUND (more like SIX feet under the ground!).

Yeah, good luck, DDP, you had, completely, FUCKED up we the people’s, lives here, and, hopefully, we the people, will TEACH your party to NEVER FUCK (so???) with us again, or not, because, the average human attention span is???  Oh, dunno, less than THREE nanoseconds?  So, maybe, by the end of this year, the total number of deaths from the impotence of the DDP won’t mean a thing to the voters, but, more than likely, it will, so, BRACE yourselves, DDP for losing the election at the end of the year, I think…but don’t quote me, as I still can’t predict anybody else’s futures, but my own here.

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When the Saliva Tests Lacked the Efficacy, the DDP Still Blamed it on the Virus

How corrupt the DDP is, from the inside out, rotten, to the core, and we the people are still, allowing it, to ABUSE us all?  Wow, we are, stupid, aren’t we???  These are the FACTS, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Department of Sanitation Welfares approved the import of the Gmate Covid-19 Saliva Test by Medigenvac, and was suspected of benefiting the manufacturers.  Recently, the KMT caught that the brand of saliva test isn’t effective in finding if the Omicron strain was present, and the manual by the manufacturer already stated so, so why had the Department of Health Welfare Sanitations still imported it?  Chen’s response was direct and to the point: “the virus can only be detected if the cycle threshold value is under twenty-four, that it’d fitted to the national regulations.

And, translating what Chen stated to layman’s terms: your readings came back negative, it’s because you don’t have a high enough concentration of the virus in you, you’re not, sick enough yet.  The magical number of twenty-four, don’t know how Chen came about setting that; if people used this brand of saliva test, they may have contracted the virus, but thought they didn’t.  It’s a wonder, that Chen stated that, there is a three-times underreported number of the confirmed contractions; must be that too many people had used this brand of, ineffective saliva test, that they can’t tell if they contracted MERS-CoV or not.

Problem being, this Korean manufacturer stated that the test can’t be tested for Omicron strain, and yet, the Department of Welfare & Sanitations not only allowed it to get imported, it’d used us, as lab rats to test its, efficacy, said that the cycle threshold of twenty-four under will be tested.  Chen’s “considerations” also went up, to a, whole new, level.  And yet the Department of Health Sanitation & Welfares had been blocking all the vaccines, the medications, and other brands of quick scan kits, how did it set up such, double standards?

Had it not been this current outbreak, the people may still be in the dark about just how bureaucratic, how incompetent the Department of Sanitation & Welfares is, and how it’d, abused its powers completely.  Last year, the Tsai government’s wrong love for the Medigenvac Vaccines, everybody was here, to witness how the person in power, disregarded the health, the welfare of the people, and, favored the company, and falsified the records to help its case.  And yet, we never imagined, that this scandal is still continuing on, while Chen is, ever the more, shameless, lying his ass off.

Chen’s most widely used motto is, “blame it on the virus”; when you can’t test it, it’s still, the virus’s, fault!

This still just showed, how the DDP abused its powers, made us all, into, sacrificial goats of its, rule, and this government could care LESS about the welfare of we the people, and, we’re, allowing the DDP to keep on abusing power, screwing our lives over, are we stupid, or are we, stupid here???

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The Storms of Death: Those Who’d Died in Vain, in Front of the Head of the CDC

Hear those FARTS, still, coming out of the head of CDC, Chen’s mouth here???  Yeah, someone, put that SOCK in him already, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pandemic continued spreading in the country, the confirmed contraction stayed at the plateau range, with the total deaths, tripled, for three consecutive days, there are over hundreds of morbidity per day.  The rate of thousands dead from contraction since the start of this year, already exceeded the total number of deaths from these past two years’ confirmed of contractions; the experts had estimated, that this current wave will cause tens of thousands in the population to die.  But, since the storms of deaths hit, the CDC seemed to be, unaffected.

Toward the problem of the high morbidity rate of contraction, the CDC had emphasized how they were mostly the unvaccinated, with the progressive conditions, those who’d signed the DNR, or focused on the ninety-nine-percent of mildly symptomatic and asymptomatic, stressed that “we’re doing well, keeping the contraction numbers down”; and now, it’d only admitted, that “this is a warning sign” at the most, “we shall see”.  The CDC stated it too lightly, but behind that, it’s the tragedies of the people’s, losing their lives.

The pandemic hits the people of all ages, especially the elderly population.  The Public Health Department experts of N.T.U. pointed out, that this wave of pandemic had caused the morbidity rate of individuals over seventy to grow higher than the same time last year, showing that the lacking in provision of medical help had caused the “number of deaths to exceed” in the elderly population, to the point of twenty-eight extra lives gone every 10,000 in the population.  Yet, the commander of the CDC, Chen only brushed it off lightly, that MERS-CoV is especially dangerous for the older populations, we’d not needed to compare the statistical measures to know that.  But even if Chen doesn’t want to compare the stats, countries such as South Korea, New Zealand all gave the same lessons, and so, why does Taiwan still suffer from the lack of needed medical provision?

The CDC’s not admitting that the lacking of medical provisions existed, is because it would BUST the huge bubble of the CDC’s claims of “getting ahead”; Chen stressed furthermore, that the medical provision systems aren’t on the verge of collapse, otherwise, he couldn’t, continue, performing on this stage of his.  But, the medical workers criticized how Chen had, boasted about the vacancies of the hospital beds, ignoring that there’s not enough medical staff on duty in the hospitals.  If it weren’t due to the lacking of medical workers on duty at the hospitals, why would Chen’s adding more patient per nurse in a hospital cause the entry level nurses upset?  Until a nurse who’d contracted the virus, who got called back to her post, and, at resting time, she could only, line the floors with cardboard box to sleep in a photo got shown to Chen, then, he’d started, exclaiming, “How did this happen?”

And yet, “how did this happen?”, is not a question that should be posed by Chen.  This question, we all want to ask Chen.  The rate of morbidity getting higher in the older age groups, the younger generations dying because they couldn’t get their needed medications on time, the infants who’d contracted the virus, who couldn’t be saved, because of lack of hospital provisions, along with the inconvenience of the testing, the delays of medical treatment measures which were necessary, all caused this speed up of rate of morbidity, shocking.  But, how, did this, happen?

Now, let’s look at the increased number of morbidity in the long-term care systems.  The long-term care facilities, the nursing homes, they’re, the hardest hit areas of the current wave of the pandemic, the CDC only offered us a simple estimate, to the twenty-sixth, there were the total of 919 homes with confirmed contractions found, with a total of close to 9,000 residents, and 3,500 workers confirmed of contraction.  But, based off of the statistics posted by the Department of Sanitation & Social Welfare from April, there are a total of 1,077 homes, about a total of 52,000 elderly residents; in other words, if the statistics are correct, there are already eighty-five percent of the facilities with the confirmed contraction cases, seventeen-percent of the residents living there contracted.  Especially, of the daily deaths, the rate of those in the assisted living facilities went from fifteen-percent to twenty-six percent in a matter of only a few days, to thirty-five percent in a single day.

and, this is what someone SHOULD do, to the head of CDC !

photo from online

Actually, during the pandemic of MERS-CoV, two years ago, the nursing homes of U.S. became the graveyards of elderly population first, so tragic; and this year, Korea also, couldn’t keep the assisted living facilities safe, with the confirmed contraction rate of death of thirty-five percent; and, more than half of the deaths by contraction of MERS-CoV in Hong Kong were out of assisted living.  All of these lessons, the CDC hadn’t taken heed.  At the height of this pandemic, the only way to reduce the rate of morbidity of this particular group is by increasing the coverage of the vaccinations, the quick-scans being done regularly, and, the medications administered on time, that’s the only way, we have, of protecting this high-risk group; but the CDC still lagged behind, and it’d taken it to finally realize, that we don’t have enough of what’s needed, the vaccines, the quick scan kits, and the process of getting treated by the medical professionals, had finally caught up, but it’s still not, running smoothly enough yet.

In the long-term care policies of Tsai, the residents of assisted living facilities had long been neglected, to the point that they weren’t, included in the programs of Long-Term Care 2.0 at the very start, until the president, Tsai fought for her stay in office, then, the programs were upgraded, and made up for the lacking.  In the outbreaks, the residents are still, ignored in the assisted living facilities, in need of more support, but not getting any at all.  What’s ironic was, Chen kept boasting, that the morbidity rate in the long-term care facilities had stayed at about one-percent, that we’d not followed in Hong Kong’s footsteps, “we are doing, all right!”

Doing all right?  Not only those in the assisted living facilities, including the elderly population, the younger generations, the parents of young children, the words of Chen, in the ears of those who’d lost someone to the outbreaks, they feel, the more, upset.  So what of, those who got, sacrificed by the system that’s, not set up, correctly, and fully operational, do they deserve to die?

And yet, this, is what the head of the CDC does, to cover his own inability, trying to, paint the stats over, but he couldn’t anymore, from before, the outbreaks are far, far away, we are still, trusting his lies, but now, we are hit, locally, in our communities, with children, elderly, the younger generations, dying left and right, and this LOSER still bullshit the people, but we’re, no longer, buying it here!


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As We Got to the Deeper End of the Defense Against the Spread of MERS-CoV, the Government Should at Least, Toss Us that Flotation, Device

Yeah uh, get real here, these higher up officials of the DDP are only caring about their own lives, they would get on that lifeboat, leaving the rest of the people in this god DAMN country to, sink to the bottom of the ocean floors, hello, hello, hello???  Doesn’t anybody see that?  Apparently not!  The incompetence of the DDP party that’s, ruining all our lives here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The young girl, Feng died from the vaccinations, the former head of Department of Sanitations, Yang accompanied Feng’s mother to the Taipei District Court to sue the country, claimed that it was due to the neglect of the officials of defense against MERS-CoV that’s caused the people to die; and maybe, the chances of these charges sticking is too small but, this showed, how the mess was born out of the bad leaderships higher up.

The total number of contraction here had skyrocketed, with the accumulated total number of deaths to over 1,600.  And so, how did we, the originally top-of-class of defense against MERS-CoV, drop to so low, it’d sparked up media attention.  In the past, the masks produced here, surely, trended throughout the world, and the president announced the “Mask’s Production Teams of the Country”, and called out to the world, “Taiwan can help!”, and the head of Sanitation Welfare also called out, “I am from Taiwan, I’m proud!”, but, see how high and mighty you can stay.

Surely, good things never last, because of the mistakes of the border control of defense against MERS-CoV, the mutated strains, entered straightly in, with the pandemic, taking over, and the truths about the country’s “getting ahead”, went bust, and the lacking of anything from vaccines, the test kits, the medications, we are now, lacking in provision, and as there are the businesses, the hospitals who tried to donate, the government set up the road blocks.  The “Goddess of Defense Against MERS-CoV”, along with the charitable foundations’ donations, it’s something beautiful in Taiwan, and yet, it’d, made the government’s incompetence, more apparent, along with what a big joke “getting ahead” became.

Those in power should think of everybody in the country, and NOT rule like a dictator.

As the policies against the defense against MERS-CoV came up short, the number of confirmed contractions skyrocketed out of control, the government led by Tsai came up with “new Taiwan mode”, to steady the country in economics, opening up the borders, to help us return to our lives back to normal.  And in actuality the “clearing of the severe cases of contraction” is nothing but hot air, with the rate of death steadily rising up of late; we’d come to the deep zones of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, the government should NOT be discussing what they’d done, but instead, tossing us that needed, life vest and flotation, device.

The nurses who’d contracted MERS were called back to work by the hospitals, but during their breaks, they can only line the floors of the hospitals up with cardboard to sleep it off; Chen visited and exclaimed, “How did this happen!”.  The nurses who’d contracted the virus are still on duty, they don’t get days off, they’d had to, camp out in the nurses’ rest areas on the floor, how did this happen?  This is caused by the collapsing of the medical systems, the unreasonable nurse to patient ratios, or maybe, it’s due to how those in power had no idea of the trials of the frontline of defense, the medical staff members, kidnapping the medical staff with words of morale.

The Mazu offerings, touring around the country is an asset of culture of the country, the people finding that spiritual relief.  It’d represented how as the statue made the rounds across the areas, it’s watching over the people locally.  But, it’s a matter of the scientific, of whether or not Mazu will keep the virus controlled, not a matter of belief systems, religions.  The events this year at Baisha, there were, close to 100,000 who’d gone to participate, the VP, Lai with a degree in Public Health from Harvard, went personally to make the offerings, while the president herself got involved, in clearing the holder for the statue, disregarding the importance of social distancing in the times of MERS-CoV outbreaks, sending chills down the spines of the medical professionals.

The leaders took the defense against MERS-CoV so leisurely, are they, pushing us, into the abyss of contraction, to increase the speed of reaching that hoard immunity?  “We all need empathy, to feel another’s trials of life as our own”.  The president should consider the behalf of the people here in the country for a change.

And so, this is, what sort of BULLSHIT is happening still, in this, god damn country where I currently live in, the president is full of @#$% (maxed out!), only bobbed her head, smiling for her photo op in front of the camera, same for the head of the C.D.C. Chen, who’s actually, a PARROT (see that feather popping out of the top of his head, like a cockatoo???), becoming nothing more than a machine that reported on the stats of number of contraction, how many dead, how many new cases, how many relapses, blah-blah-blah, and this, is what’s ruining this country I’m currently living in right now, and guess WHO is at the bottom of this god damn, @#$%ING (maxed out, remember???) food chain???  Oh yeah, it’s still WE the people, and there’s nothing we the people can do ‘bout it, we’re, enslaved by the majority voted, DICTATORSHIP of the DDP here, remember?  Oh, right!

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The Parallel Universe the President Lives, in

EARTH to the, PRESIDENT here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

May 20th was the sixth anniversary of the current president of the DDP taking office, the president had gone to the “frontlines the major outbreaks” to make her rounds, to show her concerns.  And yet, she’d not gone to the hit-the-hardest regions of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, but to the DDP mayors’ Taoyuan and Hsinchu.  It’s curious to the people, that the first line of defense against MERS-CoV for the president, is it, only the counties, the cities, with the heads from the DDP?

this is, where this, god DAMN president currently lives!

in a parallel universe! Photo from online

The last time that the president made her “public appearance” related to the outbreaks, was on April 26th, a whole month ago, and her schedule then was, “going to visit the CDC command center”.  And yet, as the virus spread out, other than using her FB account to make some literary claims, she’d not gone personally, to the frontlines of the defense against MERS-CoV again.

And on the time she’d visited the CDC, she was comfortable in her seat, telling the locals to, “follow orders of the CDC, to keep calm, to be careful, but not to fear”; but ever since, things changed completely, and it’d become, “unclear on the rules, the policies going wayward, people living in fear”.  On May 20th, Tsai told in Taoyuan, “this outbreak hit the country quite hard”.  And she’d, come to her senses, too slowly, and now, she’d only begun to realize, the major impacts of this round of, outbreaks?

At the committee meeting of the DDP last week, the scholar, He gave a presentation on her research, “Theories of Immunity Based off of Vaccination Plus Contraction” whether it be that He was sucking up, or that it was her professional opinions, it’d become, debatable.  And yet, Tsai showed total lack of interest, and inquired, if she could “borrow those concepts”, because the concepts are, “too important”.  Could it be that the president “want EVERYBODY in this country to contract the virus, to fight it off, to increase our immunity against it”?  This is, truly, scary!

The president’s reactions to the outbreaks, it’s as if she’s, living in, a parallel universe.  And in that world of her delusions, Taiwan is still the HEAD of the CLASS in the defense against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, the local governments, grateful toward the central government’s kindness, that contracting the virus can only, make our systems tougher.  So, why did she dodge away for a whole month, and the first time she’d visited the regions, she’d, actively, skipped over Hsinbei and Taipei cities?  And because, she didn’t have the corresponding performances of those who agreed with her, the president finally got that needed, wake up call, she can’t pretend that the outbreaks are, nothing now!

while this, is what she should BE, wearing, on her body

from online

And so, this is how, deluded this president that’s, living on her own plane of reality (it’s actually a plane of our, the people’s, DELUSIONS!), still stuck in that, wow, we’re, number one in defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and as the rest of the world started adapting itself to the imminent existence of MERS-CoV, she’d finally started, waking up, but still NOT completely awake yet, because, all who’d died, aren’t related to her personally, they’re NOT members of the DDP, and even IF those who’d died of contraction are members of the DDP, unless they’re her closest cabinet members, she still, won’t realize, that wow, we should, tighten up the defense, we need to catch up, and yet, we’re only begun in that game of catch-up, and we are, way, way, WAY behind already.

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As Children DIE Outside the E.R.…

How we the people had, silently, enabled this DDP government’s ABUSE on us, and how the people are now, dying, left and right because of it, and how we the people, are still in that, COMATOSE, waiting for, the “reality fairy”, you have GOT to be shitting me here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The BIGGEST joke of Taiwan is the “getting ahead of MERS-CoV”, how it’s, made up of a group of incompetent, enslaved government officials who only knew to suck up, to follow orders, the motto that’s created, to fool, the people.

The government of Tsai had, budged over trillion of dollars to use toward the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, but, what did it to, to get “ahead”?  The lacking in supplies masks, the government made us stand in line for; the lacking in vaccines, made us into beggars, begging for the handouts from other countries; as the quick scan kits are running short, the government then, issued an emergency import, and we’re supposed to line ourselves up in single-file lines, and can’t complain of how high the costs of the kits are; not having enough of the medications to treat MERS-CoV, and the patients who are administered the oral medications are, evaluated using a strict set of standards; not having enough energies to test, so we the people are, cramping up the E.R.s of our, local hospitals; with the higher up officials being so incompetent, the entry level hospital workers are getting screwed over, putting a helpless kid to wait outside the E.R., to the end, the child, died.

This is a classic of “bureaucracy murdering the people, the cold-blooded government” at work!  The government led by Tsai was totally, unprepared of the hard hitting pandemic, and, being hit so unexpectedly, she can, only, abandon “fort”, but she’d not forgotten, to make up the terms of , “like-general scans”, “like clearing the cases of contraction”, “microlifting of bans”, “New Taiwan mode”, seemingly, creative, but in the end, all of that doesn’t solve a thing.  Instead, it’d, made we the people, live in that state of anxiousness, of panic constantly.  What’s wrapped up in the bows, and the pretty papers, is actually, a rotten, greedy, an opportunistic, government who only cared for ITSELF, and NOT the people at all.

What’s most outrageous is, that this government disallowed the people, to use the FACTS to SLAP it across the face, and used the means of declaring the facts as “false news”, to threaten those who’d questioned how costly the quick scan kits are comparing to the costs internationally.  Not realizing that the government, IS the sole source of all the, fake news, that all it does, is deceive the self endlessly, and what do you expect, this sort of an abusive, ignorant government, can do, for we the, people?

not leisurely like this, I’m afraid…

photo from online

The biggest culprit of causing this wave of pandemic to get blown out of proportion, is the leaders’ aiming too high, reaching too low, and its, careless attitude.  As we watched the rest of the world slowly, lifting the bans, this group of bureaucrats thought that they can, follow in the footsteps of the other countries around us, and so, it’d, opened up the gates of this country, wide, without knowing, that other countries had already, become, fully, prepared for all possibilities, and this government used that pipe, to look up to the skies, seeing just that, tiny hole, thinking, that everything will, resolve on its own.  Too foolish!

Take for example the United States, as it’d decided to do away with the quarantines, opening up the borders completely, the government had already, provided the people with enough free quick scan kits, and, set up the free PCR test stations all around, and more importantly, made sure, that the medical provision systems is set up to handle the needs of the local residents.  Looking now at Tsai, in the pandemic, she’d, scoured up as much as she possibly can, dig into all our wallets, and, as she was questioned, for taking advantage of the situation, she got her net armies to work, to call the people out as Communists, to get back to China

I’d recalled, that as I was in my clinical psychology courses, my professor mentioned, that when a person no longer cared as others made fun of her/him, s/he is, most, dangerous.  The current government of Taiwan is now at this sort of a place too.  As the head of transportation came up with the terminology of “train-like”, everybody originally thought it was a joke, and yet, those banners are put up, and, in an instant, the “train-like” are now, all over, Taiwan.

And it showed, how as this government goes crazy, “liking” things, anything IS, possible!  And the people of Taiwan, is blind, living inside, that, iron curtain!

And, if waiting for the allocations of the masks makes you helpless, standing in life to buy the quick scan kits that costs more than other countries (the money is from you, taxpayers’ dollars!), you’d still felt, that this government is, doing the best, then, congrats!  You are, the fools, following that leader, and, for that kid that waited outside of the E.R., who’d died, I naturally, don’t expect you, to feel a thing!

And so, this, is how this government, FUCKED us all up, with all of its, bullshitting policies, making it harder, for us to get what we needed, the masks from before, that we’d had to, stand in the lines outside of the pharmacies to buy, and we are only to buy a pack of four (or was it six) every seven days???  And now, this SHIT with the quick-scan kits too, and, the five-times vouchers that the government “graciously” endowed to us, uh, hello, hello, hello?  We are the ones, paying for those, it’s the TAXPAYERS’ money, and, there are still those idiots who are blind to think: wow, this government is giving us FREE money!  Uh, FREE money my ASS, I’m the one who’d, paid into your night market vouchers, and no, I did not pick those up, but I had, the five-times vouchers, as I’d paid my taxes already, and so, why should I not, benefit (benefit my ASS here!), from the government’s giving back to us?  Exactly, and that, is how this government of the DDP, still play we (collectively speaking, and no, still not a part of that, “collective” here) the people, for STUPID, and the rest of the people in this country is allowing the government to do so!!!

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Can Russia Win This War that Putin Can’t Afford to, Lose?

Dissecting everything, and, the outlook for Russian’s future, doesn’t look that good at all, as the rest of the world, is, using the means of stopping trade, stopping importing and exporting of Russian goods, which will in turn, isolate Russia, and, turning Russia completely reliant on China, and that’s just, not any good, for Russia’s sake, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the twenty-fourth of last month, Russia invaded Ukraine, and, the rest of the world thought, that this was a war, that the Russian president Putin can’t, afford to lose, and yet, how can he, afford to win!

The senior lecturer from Lancaster University’s Department of Management wrote, that the Russians lost over billions of dollars in weapons and military personnel, and, it would cost another couple of billion dollars U.S., to take over a country, and, implant a puppet leader, and, the Russian economy will be paying a huge loss for the invasions into Ukraine.

A lot of countries started using the international arbitration means toward Russia, adding to the already hiking up costs of running the military in Russia.  The bolder estimates suggested that the economy in Russia will atrophy by seven-percent next year, which was worse than the stock market crash in Russia back in 1998, while, from before invading into Ukraine, the estimates of Russian economy was a growth of two-percent.

the war in Ukraine right now!

photo from online

Due to the invasions on Ukraine Russia is on the verge of becoming bankrupt, and, the stock markets shut down, and the rates of the currency exchange dropped to an all-time low, which means, that Russia may not be able to pay off its own debts.

For the last decade, the Russian economy showed almost no growth, and the EU set up plans to reduce their reliance on Russian energies, Great Britain and the U.S. announced the prohibiting of Russian gasoline.  And if the restrictions continue on, Russian may be cut off in business with all the countries in the world except for China and Belarus, which may cause Russia to become, completely, reliant on China.

If Putin can really get to his goal of taking over Ukraine completely, and set in a puppet government, Russia would then need to repair up all the facilities, the basic foundations of what the Russian forces destroyed in the war on Ukraine, which would force Putin to assign large amount of resources away from Russia.

The area of Ukraine was only second to Russia, the second largest in Europe, with a total population of about forty million, forty times the population of the city of Chechen.  If Russia is planning on taking over Ukraine long-term, then, the costs would be, quite, enormous.

There are two key determinant of whether or not the Russian-Ukrainian conflict would become too costly to Putin in the next few days to few weeks’ time.  Among them, could the Russian government survive, not having the imported high-tech technologies of robots and parts for electronics from the western world.  Secondly, the effects of banning the imports to and exports out of Russia from the rest of the world, as well as the mortality rates of the Russian forces, will it be enough to change the opinions of the public, and make the Russian presidential office feel threatened enough, Putin needs to pay attention to the shadows of the broken economy, and take heed.

And so this is for the long-run, the effects of Putin’s invading into Ukraine, and for the short term, Russia may win, because after all, there are, no foreign forces fighting in Ukraine right now, and the world’s arbitrations of Russia, is working, more or less, and this will make Russia isolated, because, nobody will trade with the country, and, it would make the people’s lives, even harder, and, maybe, maybe, the people will start to revolt against Putin’s rules someday, after their lives go to hell!

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Filosofa Grumbles — Filosofa’s Word

Okay, I gave you cute critters to bring smiles to your faces this morning, but now it is afternoon, and I am back in my snarky, grumpy, growly mode. Miscarriage of justice Former Minneapolis police officer Kimberly Potter was sentenced yesterday.  Hennepin County Judge Regina Chu sentenced Potter to a total of 24 months, 16 […]

Filosofa Grumbles — Filosofa’s Word

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