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My Turn to Take Care of You This Time

From the mind of a son, translated…

The year that I’d interned at the emergency room, I’d always feared that my father would become one of the patients, every time I’d heard on the announcement system, that there was an unknown male patient, I’d always gone to check.  My father had been ill a long time, one morning, he had a stroke, was found by a neighbor, to be lying at the park, having a seizure, but after being treated, he’d gotten stabilized, and can now, live on his own.

I can’t believe, that my father who’d always been so strong, how he’d missed the signs of him growing weaker, back then, I’d spent all of my waking hours on my post, learned to ask the patients what was the matter, and how to treat their difficulties, and, in this busyness, I’d gotten a call, as I’d dialed back, it was, a stranger, telling me about my father’s conditions, how ironic!  My heart became twitched and tangled, I’d immediately rushed to the other hospital, saw my father, panting hard, at a corner of the emergency room; what’s worse was, I’d worked through the days and the nights, and neglected to ask him how he was, and was completely clueless about his mental and physical health.

I should’ve known, that my father had concealed his condition from me, because he didn’t want me to worry, I should’ve gotten that something wasn’t right from how fatigued he looked, all those knowledge I’d learned from medical school allowed me to look at every patient’s situations subjectively, but, I couldn’t see clearly what was going on with those I loved………I’d started doubting my love toward my father now, compared to those who’d kept me up all night long, thinking over their conditions, I don’t even know when was the last time my dad went to his doctor’s appointment, must there be a give and take between a greater kind of love and the love you have for those who are close to you?

There was a time, when I’d gotten trapped in the emotions of self-blame, before my father’s bed, I’d looked over his charts hard, trying to find a way, to make this love I have for him complete; but, what surfaced into my mind was not the medical knowledge, but the days my father and I spent together.  The tears of regrets stained my white robe, and, it was, as if my father heard my helpless cries, he’d worked hard, opened up his eyes, and told me, to not worry so much, word by word.

My father couldn’t control his drool, and, it’d slowly overflowed from the corner of his lips, I’d wiped it up lightly, I didn’t want someone else to look after him again, even as my father ushered me to head back to work, I’d still told him no.  This time, I want to, keep watch over my father, as his son.

And this, is how someone had become too focused on his job, that he’d forgotten about how important family is, but gladly, he’d gotten that wake up call just in time.


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Two Things that the Middle Schools Failed to Teach the Students

The downside of this reform in education, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently after the results of the college entrance examinations, the related questions are once again, brought up, all of these problems, may be the issues of the systems, but, they are also a reflection of the blind spots of education, we failed to teach the younger generations the following:

Plans for One’s Futures: all the parents know, that entering into college is a very important decision.  But, other than preparing for the entrance exams day and night, what ELSE did we put in, for preparation’s sake?  We’d been led to believe, that so long as we scored high enough, we can attend ANY school we wanted to; but, the colleges are filled with an INFLUX of students who’d chosen the wrong majors, and has an even HIGHER rate of dropping out.  Aren’t the youths of eighteen years-of-age allowed their rights to explore their areas of interest?  Couldn’t they have the chances, to fail at the options they were choosing?  Shouldn’t they get to know the situation in those schools they’re applying to?  Are they really certain, of what they’re doing? 

The writer recalled, back when he’d applied for graduate school in the U.S., in order to make the best choice with limited funding, he’d conflicted between the choices of schools, or the majors, but, after going through that, I’d understood better, the purpose of me, studying abroad.  The whole purpose of the application process, is for the students to sort through their plans for themselves in the next four years, to choose the major that is mostly fitting to oneself.  But unfortunately, we’d educated the students by rushing them through the lessons, then, giving them endless reviews, examinations of the subjects, unwilling to let the students find their own separate piece of sky, no wonder, the college interviews, the entrance exams for the separate majors are almost exact, and, the schools had spent a TON of money, to publicize the academics, and not getting the desired results.

The Students Couldn’t Live Independently by Themselves: undeniable, the process of heading to interviews will take the students all over the map, but, the parents shouldn’t accompany the children to and from, and hover over them, wasting their money away.  An eighteen-year-old youth, in order to fulfill one’s own life, venturing out on one’s own, it’s the MOST meaningful thing in life.  In Europe or the U.S., a youth such as this may have already backpacked around the world, or worked odds and ends, to provide for one’s own tuitions, but, our beloved parents seemed to be more unwilling to let their babies head off to college, and would rather treat their grown children like babies, and had even hoped that the kids would choose schools closer to where the parents lived, so they could look after them better.

To tell the truth, if the parents are having troubles, letting the kids fly solo to school, how could they possible expect, these children will grow up, to be the pillars of the community?

Naturally, a lot of the schools could improve more on the processes of deciding on admissions, for instance, they should have separate offices for the applications, and personnel who handle the matters professionally.  And, the restrictions of the percentile markings from the examinations should also be more lenient, so more of those students from less fortunate backgrounds could get equal opportunities, so they could use the potentials to overcome their backgrounds, to give back to the community later on as they graduated.  But, all of these key determinants of success is based off of the real understanding of the purpose of education: grades are a minor part of life, we needed to help our young work hard to follow their paths, to become more practical in life.  But, all of these, more important values, we’re not, teaching them at all.

Because this application process had just been set up this past couple of years, whereas they’d used the exam grades, to determine WHICH major you are to study in in the past, and so, this, is all new to the students, as well as the parents, and so, the parents AND the students NEED to adapt themselves, quickly, to how this current system works, and that, would be one thing that those legislators failed to consider, before they’d implemented the new ideals.

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The Legislations for Long-Term Care is STUCK Again, My Household is About to Get Shattered Here

This, would be the PRIMARY issue of concern, in all the world’s countries today, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of the news reported by UDN NEWS, the legislations for long-term care is stuck, in the legislative department again.  It’s such a pain, just like the scholars stated, if there are NO laws tailoring to the long-term care of the elderly population, a lot of the families in this society will shatter.  All of us, siblings are trapped, in this deep and painful abyss, and, there’s still, NO end in sight.

My mother is in her eighties, has serious long-term conditions, other than heading to the doctors regularly, she’d still needed around-the-clock care, but, we’re all, regular working class, and, although we wanted to hire someone to watch my mother, but, my mother feared that she’ll drag us all down, and wouldn’t allow us to spend the money, and so, we, the siblings that are all over the island took turns, looking after her.  Even so, whenever there is a period where nobody was able to go stay with her, when my mother is left all alone on her own, we couldn’t help but worry, but, there ARE, no better ways, it’s truly, hard!  If there’s long-term care programs, and when it is required for us to, we’re willing to pay the extra fees, to kick start this program, so, my mother could be looked after well, so we can all, take time off, it would be a wonder, and, none of us needed struggle as hard on the issues.

Seeing my mother’s conditions, I’d come to my senses, that I’m almost sixty, I deeply feared that I may become a burden to my two sons, and so, I’d bought myself some long-term care insurance, my other half wanted to do this too, but, unfortunately, he has a history of long-term illness, the insurance companies wouldn’t provide the coverages.  Ahhhhhhhh!  How long, this road, to providing the long-term care for elderly is, when will it actually start working?

And so, this, is still, NOT just happening here, it’s happening, in ALL the world’s countries, because as we live longer, more health issues will surface, take of dementia, there WASN’T the diagnosis of dementia say, back in the 1900s, was it?  Nope, because people didn’t live LONG enough to get there, but now, as the human age gets longer, there’s this desperate need, for long-term care, but, can we get it???

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The Counter Clerk as the First Line, on Customer Service Skills

Ins and out of the workplace, translated…

My son came home after finishing with the sales from the bank where he’d worked, he’d smiled at me and told, “All who came to my counter today seemed to be in a great mood, they’d said thank you to me in a light voice after I’d helped them take care of their businesses!”

This reminded me, of how once, I’d taken my mother to the bank, the counter clerk had a straight face, with her arms extended forward, with my mother’s national identification card, looking down, then up at her, down, then up at her again, to check, that it was her in the picture.  My mother was getting somewhat agitated from getting stared at by the clerk, she’d made a joke in Taiwanese, “what?  I was once young too!”, the clerk thought it was too hilarious, and, the corners of her lips started lifting, and, this awkwardness in the air, all of a sudden, disappeared.

There was a post office nearby my house, and because I’d needed to take care of businesses, I’d gone in and out of it several times a month; there was a temporary clerk, “Ms. Tang”, I’d interacted with her for thirty years, and, not once did I see her lose her temper, and, she’d smiled at her customer, and said those kind words to the clients, she hadn’t changed to this date.

Every time I’d walked into the post office, seeing her there, it’s like I’m back at home, I feel very leisurely and relaxed.  She would always skillfully and kindly, helped her clients deal with what they needed assistance with, it was, as if, she were interacting with members of her families.

I’d often seen how she’d patiently giving the customers who didn’t know how to write the addresses out on the packages they’re sending.  A few days ago, because the rain made my envelope wet, and I didn’t have the extra money to get one more, she’d handed me one, told me, “Just use this one!”, but this envelope, would be out of her own pocket.

Normally, when people get into this sort of a situation, they’d usually become embarrassed.  At which time, if the personnel can be kind and gentle toward the inquiries from outside the counters, I’m sure, that it would make a good impression on the customers.  After all, the hardworking personnel of the front line, carried the image of the entire company!

That just shows, how important it is, if you work in the service industries, or any industries, really, to keep that smile on your faces, to make yourselves personable, so your clients and customers won’t feel any uneasiness when they come to you.

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With the Right Usage, the Words Come Out Right, and Everybody Can be a Motivational Speaker

The magical properties of those words, translated…

Words have souls, every single world, or phrase, can ignite a long line of associations in one’s emotions.  For this, those who can use the words well, if you can transfer the use of words, into the verbal communications with someone, then, you can clarify the point of your speeches to others.

Just like how from before I’d stated how “so” and “but” would give hints about what’s to come next, and how different people expect the words that followed these two to be: one leads toward the results, the other, brings about denying, and turning someone down, researches from linguistics showed, that a LOT of the couples started arguing from the word “but”.

Everybody would want to be in a situation where you don’t blurt the wrong things out, you can try to write down what you wanted to say first, tone it up, then, you can become an expert word user too, and say things that are wise, from other’s points of view.

So, this is all about communicating, isn’t it?  The purpose of communicating is to just get your points ACROSS, and, there are instances when emotions must be taken into considerations, and, because there’s NO book telling us how to behave, in which situations we come across, we can only go with our previous experiences…

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Keep the Defenses of Life


“Mr. Tsai, will you forgive them?  When they’d done wrong, they were still, so very young.”

The big boy, L, who’d voiced this question, is closed to 6’3, he was once the star pitcher of the professional baseball league, he’d thrown a ton of games which led his home team to victory, he’s one of the best defense pitchers in all of Taiwanese baseball history.

But, we’re talking about key points, not how well he’d done, two genius pitchers, one of them, a high school older schoolmate by a year, C, C had once received record-making wage when he’d signed with the Japanese professional baseball teams, and had struck the batters out for twenty-eight games consecutively, became the keeper of the record for “Japanese Pro Baseball Players’ striker”.  Another was T, “He’s a natural born pitcher, a star among stars.”  L described him using a worshipping tone of voice, T was also the very first pitcher that went on to the American Major Leagues.

And still, both C and T got involved in gambling, and, at the height of their careers, they were banned from the games, for life.

“On one end of the table was a gun, the other, your wages for an entire year, and, there was a beautiful woman, scented in perfume, leaning onto you.  When the world used the most enticing things to seduce you, and, all you needed, was to trade it in for a game, no matter how strong your soul, you will take the bait, right?  Mr. Tsai, they were so very young then, will you forgive them?”, L’s heart went out to them, and, my heart started wrenching.

I too, have a ton of regrets, regretting those brand new shiny stars all around me, because they couldn’t defend themselves against the gravities of those black holes, they’d gotten, sucked in, one by one, and, lost their chances to shine through.

For instance, B, who works for the custom’s offices, and M, who works for the police department, their departments had been taking bribes for long periods of time, if they entered into this “tradition”, they can get an extra fifteen days’ worth of salaries per month, and if they don’t, they will be transferred out.  And so, they’d become, “assimilated” and “gotten used to it”, until something went bust, then, they’d not only lost their public posts, along with their good reputations, and they also have that stain on their originally perfect records.  Back then, they’re not yet thirty, they were all once, my good students.

Temptations come in all shapes and sizes, but, they’re all just as enticing.  For instance, what Freud worshipped as God, sex drives, and the desire for revenge from Hamlet.  On that hot summer’s day, my close friend, “Rock”, before them, because his soul wasn’t heavy enough, he’d gotten, pulled in, and, he’d served, behind bars, for eight years for it.

“I can’t believe that I actually got out of there alive.  This lesson was, way too expensive!”, as the class reunited, the past had, stuck in Rock’s throat, “I’d lost my right to an attorney, lost my marriage, missed out on my own son’s coming of age, as I’d entered the prisons, he was still an elementary school kid who stayed close to his dad, and now, he’s a last year high school student.  This class I’m teaching, you ALL must understand!”

Rock knew, we’re all, fighting off temptations our whole life.

“Professor Tsai, will you forgive them?”

That day, I’d answered L, that I would, but, the rest of the world never will.  No matter how well they’d performed on the fields, so long as they didn’t keep the defenses of their souls up, in the end, they will, pay for their own lost battles.

L had once played for the team that’s most involved in sports gambling, but, unlike C and T, he’d not given his soul easily, he was still the pitcher with the lowest “rate of defense”, and so, the beautiful woman next to him, after waiting for him for ten years, decided, to marry him; and, the manager, my student, Renee, was moved by his simplistic and pure soul, after L worked hard, to defeat Korea, struck out ten batters, and, in exchange, for the sport injuries that’d caused him to lose his professional playing career, he’d decided, to keep watch over him for life too.

In a blink of an eye, youth passed by, with a bit of temptation, life became smokes.  And so, I’d treated, C, T, and Rock as the mentors of my life.  I know, that every day, every moment, of this life, I will be, tested by temptation, but, I must take after L, to put my defenses up, and so, in the days that come later on, I will get to, advance.

This, is the understanding of life a person learned from watching someone else’s life unfold, and, in interacting with the varied individuals, the writer learned who he wanted to be more, and who’s a bad role model whose steps he shouldn’t follow, a good way to learn from someone else’s mistakes here…


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The Millions of Possibilities in the World You May Have Missed


That, was a game of our childhood past—a piece of scratch paper, a pen, using the pen, to draw out several parallel roads, several intersecting lines: then, we’d rolled up the paper, showing the starting point, making our friends choose a path: to the left, or the right?  With the moving forward of our fingers, the one who’d made up the games of the page slowly, unveiled the sheet, and, the ending results, slowly, appeared, before us, what’s waiting there at the very end would either be a dead-end, or some treasures.  We’d giggled, as we’d played this game, nobody really cared the results of this game; plus, the paths are too simplistic, the end, painless, and, usually, after a few more times, everybody would start to get bored.

As children, none of us knew, that this game of “lost journeys” made up by childish lines, is the simplest type of decisions we would be making, later on in life.

Had I only known, I wouldn’t have chosen the answer I’d selected.  Had I know, I wouldn’t have alighted that bus.  Had I know, I wouldn’t have fallen for that person.  Had I know, I would’ve put ALL my money in, and let the die roll………I must admit, there are constant little things that made us regret, the smallest being having the wrong food items, the biggest to writing down the wrong majors to take up in university.  Regrets are surely unpleasant, because the experiments from psychology showed, the feelings of “knowing that there’s a possibility of you losing” is WAY MORE intense than “I’d already had”.  Even a rat being tested showed, that it can show regrets—when it’d discovered, that the food item it’d chosen for this time wasn’t fitting to its desires, for the next round, it will turn around, and start, lining up, at the other region.

In “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” by Mokoto Shinkai, described how in a parallel universe, in it, he’d romantically pointed out, that this parallel universe is the dream world of the people from this universe, if people are able to get to the end results of those other universes, could they, make the perfect decisions for themselves?

But, unfortunately, even IF all the stories on time traveling has the theme of making the wrongs in the pasts right again.  This world still kept on, turning nonstop.  During my daily life, every single second of every single minute, I’m standing on a crossroad, and most of the times, the choices are not as simple as turning left or right, instead, it’s like the branches of a tree, fanned out; possibilities, time possibilities, the endless numbers of possibilities will eventually, pass me by, and yet, I was destined, to see just, the END result.  Sometimes, I’d contemplated, or maybe, it’s because how we can have time to do over again, we must accept our own mistakes, that, is probably why, the brains of living organisms have developed the optical cortex to process regrets, so we can change our behaviors for the future—it’s about survival, and the next time, don’t make that mistake again.

Don’t know why, my elementary school teacher told me, who was still in the elementary years abruptly, “I decide, if I’d thought the consequences of a behavior through thoroughly, no matter the results, I will NEVER regret about it”.  This, was probably, the most important declaration I’d ever heard, I suppose.  Back then, she had that serious look, in her twenties, and, from my point of view right now, the speaker of this, my former elementary school teacher, was still a young girl herself.  I guess, perhaps, she’d had the bitter tastes from the fruits of regret, but she’s not alone.  After all, history stated, in the key moments in time, the choices of man are always wrong.

So, this, is wisdoms that someone had gained, from walking through her life, and, that still just shows, the most important of all the values we learned, were instilled into our minds, in our earliest days, which is still why, early childhood education is so very important still…

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He Received a Wakeup Call from the Economic Downturn…Having Courage is More Blessed than Having Money

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The founder of “The Supper Table in the Paddy Fields”, Chien originally worked as a stock broker, when the economic downturn happened, his company took a loss of twenty billion dollars, and this huge change helped him realized his dreams, and found himself as well.  Yesterday, in the “Helping Youths Find Their Way” Forums, he’d talked about the “Courage that stemmed out of the Ordinary”, believed, that “All the great dreams were achieved by ordinary people, and all that’s needed is the courage.  And, everybody has this sense of courage in her/him.”

Chien was born in the seventies.  He said, that during the time when he entered into the society, “people weren’t lost”, because their generation believed, that the primary goals were to “making ends meet, and help up the nation’s economy”.  But, the financial storms of recent years had shaken up his original beliefs of “Capitalism is the Key to Happiness”.

He’d taken a year off, lived with the nomads of Tibet for a year, and was shocked, by the “inner happiness” he bore witness to there.  “They lived in poverty, and yet, are so very satisfied with life”.  This experience had, shattered his former beliefs of “being able to achieve happiness is by getting a higher degree, earning lots of money”.

“My life, before age forty-five, is proving myself; after forty-five, is helping others out”.  The General Manager of the Rice Paddy Restaurant Group, Yen stated, that the restaurant group hoped to help ten thousand youths a year, to “pass on the love”, through the restaurant industries.

Yen’s uncle is the Not-for-Profit Organization Forum Foundation’s CEO, Chang-Shou Yen.  He’d said, that Chang-Shou Yen had set up an education forum in Taidong, to help the children in the distant regions, to have an equal opportunities of receiving equal value education, and he’d prepared for their first jobs in the metropolitan areas, “I hoped to become their first boss, to help shape their value systems.”

The Rice Paddy Group’s goal is to help the youths from less fortunate backgrounds, he said, the restaurant business should be a happy business, if the workers are happy, then, they will be able to provide happy foods, and making the customers happy too.  His end goal is similar to Chien’s, first, to bring the youths from the farms to the cities, to cultivate their earning abilities, and at the end, they can too, give back to their local communities.

And so, these, are the dreams of people, and, they are working hard, to make them come true, and, these programs are very good, because it’d offered a better chance at life for those youths growing up in the less developed areas, and the realizations that the older generations gained about their lives are passed down, in the values that they’d taught to the younger generations.

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As Nature Made Us

We are, who we are, because we are born, the way we are, right???  But, what IF, we feel, that we’d been born, into the wrong bodies?  Then, we’d have, a HELL of a time, trying, to suppress that small voice on the inside of us, telling us, we should be opposite of who we are, as children, then, as we grew older, we’d had to, DEAL with ALL those OUTSIDE noises, telling us, to BE who we turn out to be.

As nature made us, BUT, what if, I was, a mistake, a mishap, a freak of nature, that just wasn’t, ABORTED in time?  As nature made us, but, don’t socialization play a part of shaping us into who we become too?

As nature made us, well, NOT ALL of us are supposed to be here as we currently are, we are, the outcomes of our external relationships with the world, after all, we are, a social group of organisms, aren’t we?

As nature made us, tell that to those children who felt they were born into the wrong bodies since they were younger, those who had to deal with the incongruence of their feelings, versus how they actually appear, and tell me, that that, is NOT pressure enough, and yet, these “gender-unspecific” kids are forced, to conform to being either male OR female, is that fair?  Of course N-O-T!!!


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Behind Every Psycho

This, is the cold, HARD truths, so, IF you’re makin’ ‘em, STOP it, RIGHT this minute!!!

Behind every psycho, there’s something awful that’s happened to her/him during her/his childhood careers, perhaps, s/he’d been beaten, molested, raped, even, who knows…

Behind every psycho, there’s that innocence lost from the child, and, by being a psycho, the individual who’s now adult, is calling out for help, on behalf of the child that s/he once is.

Behind every psycho, there’s her/his parents’ abusive, controlling, and/or overbearing ways, and, because the psycho grew up, under these awful circumstances, s/he is lashing out, hurting others, because s/he had been damaged already.

Behind every psycho, there’s the actions of her/his parents, showing UP, reflected, onto her/him (the psycho???), and yet, when these PSYCHOS get put on trial, nobody EVER questions what’s led her/him to turn into the P-S-Y-C-H-O that s/he is right now…

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