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Church accused of adding to trauma of survivor by trying to thwart case involving paedophile priest

Excuses of the Catholic Church When Someone Accuse the Officials for Sexual Abuse…

Stigmatis News

Catholic church’s claim he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised Anglican proved to be incorrect but delayed case for a year, in a legal move being heavily criticised

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being utilised by the Catholic church in Australia for abuse cases. Photograph: Roman Milert/Alamy

Christopher Knaus

The Catholic church has been accused of causing added trauma to a survivor after it tried to thwart his case involving a notorious jailed paedophile priest by claiming he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised in the Anglican church, a move that delayed the case for a year.

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being employed by the church in abuse cases, including its repeated attempts to permanently halt cases where paedophile clergy have died, a practice first revealed…

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The Workers in Catholic Churches in France in a Span of Seventy Years, Sexually Assaulted 330,000 Young Children

and here’s a video from CNN on that, off of YouTube...

SEX SCANDALS, from the, CATHOLIC CHURCH, and the church still refused to take responsibilities for it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 2,500 Pages of Report Revealed, the “Veil of Silence”, with Around 3,000 Perpetrators, the Pope is Heartbroken

The independent investigation committee on the cases of sexual assault of young children by the Catholic Church found that from 1950 to 2020, there are about 216,000 underage victims who’d been sexually assaulted by the workers of the Catholic Church, and this had always been covered up by “the Silent Veil” continually.

After a two-and-a-half year long investigations, this report with the meaningful milestones got published on the fifth formally.  From before, the communities in the world felt infuriating toward the accusations of the sexual assaults on the victims worldwide.

If the instructors, and those who aren’t officials in the Catholic Church are counted in, the number of victims will increase to 330,000 for the last seventy years.

In the investigative reports, there are, estimated a total of 2,900 to 3,200 cases of abuse, and there may be more, and the church usually don’t CARE about the victims.  And, due to too long a time passing from when these cases had happened, based off of French law, the statutes of limitation had long passed.

Pope Francis stated, that he was in pain when he’d read up on the investigative reports.

The chairperson of the investigative committee held a press conference, and stated, “this is a horrific statistic, and it makes man and god, angry, we shall not, tolerate this.  Until the beginning of 2000, the Catholic Church chose to turn a blind eye to the victims, to the point of, cold-blooded.”

The investigator pointed out, “If the silent veil can finally be lifted, we should, thank these, brave victims, because without their testimonies, the community will never have gotten to know, what’s been omitted, what’s been, denied.”

The close to 2,500 page report found, “most” of the victims are prepubescent young boys from across the socioeconomic statuses, and, between ages ten and thirteen.

The report stated, “The Catholic Church is the most prevalent place where sexual violence occurred, next to families and friends.”

The report told, that the church not only was lacking in the preventive measures, knowing what’s happened, not reporting it, and had put the victims in contact with their, abusers intentionally.  The investigator, Sauvé told, that the church not only lacked in its measure of protecting the victims, covering up, and sometimes, they’d, intentionally place the victim children into contact with their, abusers, if someone comes forth, normally, the victims are blamed, and made to shoulder partial of the responsibilities.

The majority of these cases occurred before 1970, but, Sauvé stated, that the sexual assaults in “the Catholic Church poses a huge problem to this very day.”

And so, you still don’t think that reforms in the Catholic Church are, absolutely, necessary?  And, because it’s these, officials who “served” god who’d, committed these, sexual, heinous, crimes, the churches would cover them up, because there’s a reputation to, upkeep, and now, these cases bust loose, because of how the Catholic Church allowed for it.

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The Former Dominican Republic’s Ambassador of the Pope Was a Pedophile, and Was Found Guilty of Sexually Molesting Boys

Another “specimen” of a LIAR that preached about the love of G-O-D, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Pope’s representative to the Dominican Republic, Jozef Wesolowski was found guilty, of sexually raping many boys, the Roman Catholic Church, on the 27th, mandated that he be alleviated from his duties as a servant of God.  This, is the harshest punishment that the Roman Catholic has ever had, toward a high ranking member of the church in history. On the twenty-seventh, the Reason Department punished Wesolowski to return to being normal for his rapes.  Returning to the normal ways of life is the harshest punishment that the “Order of the Church” can have on any member of the church.

Wesolowski, who was originally Polish, he has two months’ time to prepare for an appeal, at the same time, he also faces the multiple criminal charges, and, IF these charges stand, he may face time in jail.  The Vatican stated, that it will take the measures that it needed, to make sure that he doesn’t make escape.

The Dominican Republic’s San Domingo Bishop had already reported and confirmed to the Pope of Wesolowski’s rape on many boys, the Catholic Church on August 21 of last year, recalled Wesolowski, and stripped him of his ambassadorship, and started an investigation on him and a Polish priest.

Wesolowski is the highest ranking member of the Vatican who faces investigations of rape to date.  The Catholic Church never stated how Wesolowski responded to the accusations, nor did they disclose any information of Wesolowski’s attorney either.

And so you still have a preacher of god that did something EVIL, and, this time, before he had the chance of using “the DEVIL made me do it!!!”, he was already found GUILTY, and, he was STRIPPED of his Roman Catholic religion, and that, if you ask me, still isn’t harsh enough a punishment, and, that would make you wonder, IF there needed to be MORE reforms in the Catholic church or not, doesn’t it???

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A Male Instructor Had Sexually Molested Thirteen Male Students Over a Total of Three Hundred Times

From the news headlines, translated…

A man, Feng, was accused of sexually raping thirteen young boys close to three hundred times anally while he worked as a teacher for a church institution.  The Highest Court today, sentenced him to twenty-three years for forced sexual laws.

The verdict pointed out, that the twenty-nine year old Feng, during the period from April to June, 2012, took advantage of students, using the excuse of them, NOT paying attention, wanted the child to sit next to him, and forced him onto his own lap, stuck his hands down the child’s pants, other than fondling the children, he had raped them with his hands.

At this time, Feng works as a bible study instructor for children at a church, since 2010, he’d been threatening the boy, using the name of the “Holy Father” that if they didn’t comply, then, the children will NOT be able to be readmitted into church again, and he’d successfully used that to rape many more boys.

During the trial, Feng’s attorney stated that Feng admitted to being a pedophile, during his first trial, the courts confirmed that Feng had raped fifteen boys, and one of the children was raped as many as 120 times by him, that he’d raped the young children over three hundred times, and, the judge gave him a heavy combined sentence of twenty-nine years.

And the lawyer of this LOSER appealed, and got HIS sentence reduced down to just twenty-three, and that the case can ALL be appealed.  Are you FUCKING kidding me?  For starters, what happened to a STRICTER background check IF you want to work with children?  After all, those P-E-D-O-P-H-I-L-E-S still don’t have that VISIBLE tattoo you know???

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A Korean Pastor Took in Adolescent Girls, Using the Name of Wanting to Help Them, But He’d Raped Them Instead

Yes, the “number” of “these” just keeps on increasing, are you FREAKIN’ kidding me here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A Korean pastor, Tsuei, and his wife, was suspected of “using God’s name”, to raise funds to build orphanages, but instead, the money went into their own pockets, Tsuei had even sexually molested, and raped the girls at the shelter he’d set up, along with beaten up the young men who came to him for help too, like the case of “Ru-Yuen Ming Gong”, the police two days ago, made their arrests, took Tsuei in, and Tsuei’s wife was out on a $50,000N.T. bail.

The police found out, that Tsuei (age 54) had been in Taiwan for fifteen years, had set up churches in Taipei, five years ago, he’d set up a care foundation in Pingdong, and took in single-parent, along with children who grew up in poverty stricken homes.

Last year in November, the Eighth Division of the Detective Squad had gotten the report of how Tsuei was suspected of raping, molesting the adolescent girls he’d taken in, and the members of his congregation would refer to each other as “followers of saints”, called Tsuei, “dad”, and his wife, “mom”, and Tsuei had used the name of “Fatherly Love”, took in young girls, and sexually raped them.

The victims, when taken into interrogation, mentioned how “dad” made them feel “sick”, “disgusting”.  The adolescent girl said, that one time, she had a nightmare, and went to the pastor, he’d told her that “Satan had plans to seduce you into doing bad sexual things”, and had sex with her.  One time, the young woman had an infection that hurt, in her pubic area, he’d told her, “That, was your sins from before, God is punishing you.”  The pastor had hugged, French kissed, bathed the young woman, and told her, that “it was how Koreans showed their fatherly love to their daughters.”

Pastor Tsuei was also accused of inappropriately disciplining the youth in his shelter, if they didn’t place their shoes at the right place, then, he’d used the shoes, and throw them at the children, had the youths not folded their clothes properly, he would kick their legs and feet; and had once used steel chairs, and wooden bats, to beat the youths up too.

The police pointed out, that the youths never blamed the pastor, because they were taught, that “when they’d misbehaved, they should get beaten up.”;the younger followers were also beaten up by older followers as well; the girls who had stepped out and accused the man, were called liars by his other believers.  But there were also followers who’d told, that Tsuei had wired eighty-percent of the money he received from the followers into the church’s account, and the remaining twenty, into his own.

The Tsueis two days ago, were taken in by the police for questioning, Tsuei denied the rape charges, only admitted to improper disciplines, claimed, “Before I disciplined them, I’d asked for their permissions.”  Tsuei’s wife said, that twenty percent of the donations they got from their followers after a year, will be returned back to the church, “This, is how we paid our respects to the Lord.”

The clinical psychologist in Jia-Le Hospital in Pingdong, Hu, pointed out, that Tsuei had misused the powers of the church, used the adolescent boys and girls’ desires of belonging, to satisfy his own private desires.  There are pastors who raped the members of the congregations, and the members of the congregation didn’t tell until they’re old enough too, when they’d become braver.

And so, this, is still a PREACHER of G-O-D (hello, read it backwards, what, does IT “spell”???), that used the “Lord’s” name, to do bad things, because he is still, preying on human nature, and this, I believe, still won’t BE the last of it!!!






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The Holy Bible Also Prevented You from Playing Football

So, the Holy Bible places RESTRICTIONS on the activities you enjoy doing, what ELSE is N-E-W??? From the Front Page Commentaries, translated…
If you must have a traditional character to describe the average American male, it would be a man who loved his home life, an avid Christian, with a regular nine to five job, someone who would accompany his children to sports activities after his work. He lives in a big house with a yard, and would head to church regularly on the weekends, and would spend some of his time, working on his own backyard. And still, football will also be a VITAL part of his life, he would have a team, that allowed him to root for them every week in the season, like how he’d gone to church every single week.
This kind of a life, however, has an odd conflict in it, because the origin of football, based off of the Holy Bible, is imperfect. Of course, some two thousand odd years ago, this sport had YET to be invented, and God did NOT actually say, that people should NOT ram against one another, after drawing a few lines on the ground, but, the Holy Bible has a firm stand on pigs and pigskin. Leviticus stated that “pig, because the hooves are separated into two, and the pigs can’t chew their own feet to clean in, and so, naturally, when humans touch it, it would be uncleanly. The beasts meat, you shall NOT eat, and you shall NOT touch the animals when they’re dead, they’d end up, infecting you with dirtiness.” American footballs, in the past, were made from pigs’ skin. And the players, they NOT only touched the balls, they’d fight over it, and this, seemed to have gone against God’s will.
And the article goes on to say a LOT more about how there are “rules” in the Holy Bible that is AGAINST what we loved doing, blah, blah, blah, and that just shows, how OUTDATED, some of the beliefs of those Old Testaments had become, and, IF you follow that word-for-word, then, you shall be, outdated, just like the Holy Bible too, once more, feel FREE, to SHOOT me, for voicing MY O-P-I-N-I-O-N, or rather, go AFTER the original writer of this article too, if you want to…

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An Adolescent Woman Followed Her Mother to a Cult, She Was Taken Advantage of, and the Online Friends Taught Her to Collect the Evidences

Hello, did you NOT read up on that very LAST case???  Apparently N-O-T, which, is exactly why, this SHIT is still happening here, and, it just might (I mean, it is, all too possible!!!) happen, in your separate “neighborhoods” too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The mother had forced her to “get with” the sixty-seven year old spiritual instructor, and had demonstrated for her daughter to see, and as the police called in the mother and the “instructor”, they were both very well educated and articulate, the young woman sought out assistance from online, and took evidence in voice recording, to get a conviction.

A woman was taken by the “Doors of Taoism, Living and Learning” spiritual course, she’d sent her thirteen year old daughter to meet the “instructor”, Xian Ou-Yang, forced the teen to fellate the instructor, and demonstrated for the young girl HOW it is done.  Xian Ou-Yang, along with the mother, after being charged with forced sexual intercourse, and the district courts in Shihlin already allowed them to be out on bail, but the D.A. feared that they might be at flight risk, or that they might do it again, already challenged the court’s rulings.

The D.A. said, that the young girl was very brave and intelligent, in calmly recording the events herself, but, recently, there had been multiple cases of religious misbehaviors, could this be, “getting in too deep”, and the individuals are merely rationalizing their own bad behaviors.  Based off of understanding, after the young girl was raped, she “wanted to die”, and asked the online community, someone from online was shocked to discover that she’d been raped, taught her to collect the evidence, and managed to take the sixty-seven year old “spiritual master” down.

Based off of understanding, Ou-Yang, who’s already married, ten years ago, set up a cult in Shijr District of Hsinbei City, and the members are college level professors.  Two years ago, in July, the woman and Ou-Yang took her daughter to a motel, the man had tricked the woman into believing that he’d opened up the child’s talent side; the girl didn’t want to fellate him, but the mother demonstrated for her how it was done, then, Ou-Yang successfully raped the young woman with his hands.

Because the woman was so taken up with the cult, she’d had arguments with her husband, last year, after the couple split up, the daughter was placed in the husband’s custody; but the young woman had to head over to her mother’s every Wednesday, and, this “weekly meet” because her living nightmare.

Based off of the accusations, Ou-Yang not only had the child fellate him, her mother would pry her legs open, to allow the “instructor” to have intercourse; the young girl wrote out her angers on a notebook, and the pressures from being deflowered, after the mother found out, she’d mocked the child, saying that “nobody will ever find out or believe you”.  The girl posed the question online, and the online community gave her supports, and taught her how to collect the evidence.

The young woman recorded the sessions with Ou-Yang while he was “diverting energy”, and kept the toilet paper with his bodily fluid as evidence.  The woman and Ou-Yang denied having done it, and Ou-Yang said that he was impotent, and couldn’t have ejaculated; but the D.A. found him, panting in the voice recording, saying, “I’m about to guide you in now”, plus there’s the toilet paper with his DNA, the D.A charged the mother and the “master” based off of the physical evidence.

Based off of understanding, the father stated, at the opening of the trial, that he’d gone to the cult with his wife some ten odd years ago, and back then, he’d thought that it was outrageous, and stopped going, without knowing, that his wife had put his own daughter through this torture.

The woman and Ou-Yang appeared to be well-educated and articulate in the way they’d dressed and speech too, at the very beginning of the investigations, the officers had their doubts, “Would they really do such a thing?”, the verdict will be passed down on the 31st.

And so, can you imagine how much SHIT this young woman had gone through, and, it’s still ALL because of how WEAK and GULLIBLE her own mother was, and that is still NOT going to BE the last case where someone who claimed to be a “preacher” of sorts does something EVIL, because there will always BE the weak, who will be willing to believe ANYTHING, because humans are just quite S-T-U-P-I-D, no offense still!!!

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A Man Used the Name of God, Raped Three Women, and in the Eight Years, He’d Gotten His Ways with Them, Over a Thousand Times

Yes, we still have ANOTHER (and no, they’re still NOWHERE N-E-A-R “extinction”!!!) one of those, preacher of G-O-D (or some OTHER sort of “higher forces”) that RAPED, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“In the eight years, he’d raped over a thousand times!”, the fifty-seven year old hoaxer used the excusing of helping people clearing out the bad cysts, and curing breast cancer, as the reason, forced three of his female followers to “get together with him”. Subtracting the days of their periods, their abortions, on average, the man had raped them once every three days; and, the total number was shocking, even to the judge.

Chen had committed rape a total of 967 times, and, based off of the punishment per crime, he would’ve had to serve a TOTAL of OVER 3500 years in prison; the Tainan District Courts mandated that he must serve a twenty-five year sentence behind bars.  Chen denied having raped, claimed that it was all consensual, that afterwards, there were displeasures, that, was why the women accused him; the woman who claimed to be Chen’s family said, that Chen is innocent, and that they will be appealing the case.

Chen is medium built, without much hair on his head, looked ordinary, is very articulate, worked as an operator of an incense shop in Tainan, on the topmost floor of his shop, he’d set up a place of worship, normally, he would offer room and broad to his followers to practice religion in, and had sold items he had blessed to the people as well.

On one evening in April of 2004, he’d used the excuse of how he was taken over by the gods, and kissed a woman until she woke, then, he’d lied to her about how there is a bad cyst in her body, and that if she didn’t have sex with him, not only would she lose her marriage, had to marry more than twice, and she won’t live until she’s forty years of age.  The female believer was panicky, and was forced to have sex with him by his coercion.

“During the day time, he’s a respected teacher of religion, but, at night, he was this awful man.”, the female follower accused, that the frequency that Chen had asked her to work with him increased from once a week to two, three times a week, and if she wouldn’t agree, he would pretend to be possessed and start cussing and screaming at her, and had roused up the crowd, to have them pound on her, and, in the four years, the woman had been raped for over two hundred times.

Later, Chen started going after a twenty-seven year old woman who’s there on her father’s behalf, claimed that there was a cyst in her uterus that will turn into cancer, and that her father would have something horrible happen to him, and he’d even knocked her up, and had her aborted.  This woman accused, that other than when her period came, and on the days after she’d had her abortions, Chen would come to her almost every single night, and in the three years, he’d raped her for over seven hundred times.

Chen told another woman that “There will be a tumor on your breasts”, that he must use Chihgong to help her break up the bad energy, for it to NOT become cancer, he’d taken her shirt of, and sexually molested her twice.

And you still don’t learn?  Are you FUCKING (oopsy, and my B-A-D!!!) kidding me?  How many CASES had there been already?  Oh yeah, it’s C-O-U-N-T-L-E-S-S, and, how many MORE will there be?  My guess would be INFINITE, because there will always BE those people who PREY on the weakness in human nature, and, because you’re way too FREAKIN’ weak, in need of something (how the hell would I know what???), that, is why, some of you out there, are still falling for these sorts of S-H-I-T-S!!!









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Church Paying Off the Sexual Abuses by Priests

And, after so many BLIPS from the Catholic Church, you still don’t THINK that there’s a NEED for reform???  Wow, you ARE stupider than I thought here, from, written by: A. Rafferty, a staff writer for the website, with contributions by The Associated Press…

Four clergy sex abuse cases will cost the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles nearly $10 million, a law firm representing the alleged victims announced Tuesday.

The cases, in which settlements were reached ranging from $995,000 to $4,000,000, allege that former priest Michael Baker repeatedly molested four victims beginning in the 1970s, and that Cardinal Roger Mahony knew of Baker’s criminal behavior and allowed him to continue as a priest.

“These cases against former priest Michael Baker are symbolic of the sex abuse scandals that rocked the Los Angeles Archdiocese under Cardinal Roger Mahony,” lawyers for the alleged victims said in a statement.

Two of the now settled cases involving Baker were set to go to trial next month. A judge had said attorneys for the plaintiffs could pursue punitive damages.

In 2007, Baker was sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to 12 counts of molestation against young boys. In 2011, he was released with credit for time served.

Mahony is currently in Rome helping to select the next pope.

J. Michael Hennigan, an attorney for the Los Angeles Archdiocese, said Mahony is aware of the settlement and the cardinal acknowledges that mistakes were made. He confirmed that the total settlement was for $9.9 million.

“The Archdiocese has always taken full responsibility for Michael Baker’s actions, it was just a matter of agreeing on a number,” said Hennigan. “We’re happy to move passed this.”

Mahony — who retired as head of the L.A. Archdiocese in 2011 and was stripped of his remaining diocesan duties in January — has repeatedly apologized for the handling of the sex abuse scandal.

But he again found himself the subject of scrutiny after publishing blog posts referring to himself as a scapegoat amid calls for him to abstain from attending the papal conclave.

Lawyers for the victims said they will hold a press conference Thursday in Los Angeles.

I mean, those churches are SUPER, DUPER, FILTHY rich, from the DONATIONS of the believers, and so, when one of those priests FUCKED UP, a “higher official” like say, an archdiocese or a cardinal or WHATEVER steps UP and makes the “statement” of “we will pay you for what we did to you”, are you FUCKING kidding me?  And you STILL don’t think that the Roman Catholic Church needs to BE reformed here?  Are you just STUPID, or are you too BLIND to tell if you are indeed, actually STUPID or N-O-T???

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