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Two Rapists Out on Parole Escaped, Hsinchu, Taichung, on High Alert

Yeah, and, we’re, NO longer safe here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

It was, extremely rare, but, the sex offender out on parole, De-Yen Lin on the early morning of the 27th this month had, managed, to destroy the electronic ankle bracelet and took it off himself, got away from his residence, the D.A. already put out an arrest warrant.  The news got out, that a sex offender on parole had broken loose, it’d made the women in Hsinchu and Taichung worry, they’d asked the courts, the D.A. to watch the sex offenders more carefully.

The Taichung D.A.s office manager, Xiao-Wen Chang said, that De-Yen Lin (age 49) twenty years ago, committed robbery and rape multiple times, was sentenced to life in prison, but because he’d shown signs of remorse and behaved well in prison, he’d gotten the chance of parole.  At the start of two years ago, Lin was indicted on charges of theft, and because he was a sex offender, he was forced, to have an electronic anklet on him.

On the early morning of the 27th, the court appointed officer was watching the monitor, and found that Lin wasn’t at home, the D.A. immediately issued a warrant on his arrest, hoped, that he could turn himself in.

The Facebook Group, “Seeing the North of Hsinchu” two nights ago, posted the note: “a Released Rapist on the Loose, Women be Careful”, said, that the sex offender from northern Hsinchu, Lee severed the electronic anklet and ran off, it’d immediately gotten the online community’s attention, and the article was passed from one member of the online community to the next, and, that, was when the Hsinchu Police Department confirmed the statements.

Guo-Shen Lee (age 43) committed thirty-four cases of robbery back in 1992 in Tainan, and three of these cases involved the rapes of women, and he’d taken items such as Rolex watches from them, and was nicknamed that “Wolf of Rolex”, the following year, he was caught, and, from his first trial to his seventh appeal, the judges all gave him the death penalties, and, on the appeal of his ninth trial, the judge gave him life in prison, four years ago, he’d paroled out, and had the curfews of from nine at night to six the following morning, and he must have on, an electronic tracking anklet at all times.

Two years ago in June, Lee had sex with a hooker, and was sentenced to five months in prison for obstruction of societal values, and, he could not have his parole anymore.  The District Attorney’s Office received the notice of Lee’s parole getting taken away on January 5 this year, the very next day, Lee took off the electronic tracking anklet, and was on the run, on January 16th, the District Attorney’s Office sent out an arrest warrant for Lee, but they didn’t tell the public that he was a sex offender.

Two nights ago, the Facebook group “Seeing Northern Hsinchu” posted photos of Lee, told the online community to keep an eye out for him, the police subprecinct from northern Hsinchu received so many calls from the public, asking if the source of the news was real.

Why didn’t the police department issue the notices of this sexual predator’s escape?  The police station said, that the arrest warrant issued by the District Attorney’s office is the same as letting the public know; the District Attorney’s Office in Hsinchu said, that if after four, five months from now, Lee is still not yet arrested, then, they would consider posting his name and photograph to the public.

And, by then, guess how many more ladies are gonna get raped and murdered?  Exactly, this, is NOT good way, to deal, how can you ask the public to feel safe and secure, if a sex predator is on the loose?  It’s the justice system’s way of covering up, and, finding ways, to dodge getting blamed for not being careful enough if you ask me!

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After He Was Released from Serving Time for Murdering a Pair of Sisters, He’d Murdered Another Woman…Managed to Escape the Death Penalty

Because his previous punishment wasn’t severe enough, and so, after his release from prison, he’d offended again, from the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chen, with a history of mental illness, twelve years ago, murdered a pair of young sisters in their elementary years, five years ago, he’d falsely claimed that he was hiring a woman for a betel nut stand, and clubbed Lin, a woman who went to the interview to death, the Highest Courts on the first trial, believed that he could still be reformed, that there’s no need, to pass down the severe sentence on him, changed his sentence to life in prison, the High Courts yesterday, tossed the decision of the man’s appeal back.

The verdict pointed out, the thirty-three-year-old Chen during the month of April of 2003, drove a pair of elementary school sister in Banciao District of Hsinbei City to a small cabin underneath the Huazhong Bridge, and he’d murdered the young girls who were innocents, then, he’d disposed of their corpses into the Hsintien Creek, and, afterwards, in his trial, he fitted the criteria for reduced sentence because of his mental states, and the diagnosis of a mental disorder was confirmed by the hospitals, and the courts gave him twelve years in prison for certain.

But, after Chen served only six years, because of the amnesties, in July of 2009, he was released, the following year in October, he’d found a place to live in Hsinbei City, used the name of “Mr. Hsieh”, and posted out an ad that hired ladies to operate the betel stands, Lin saw the ad, and after she’d called him, she’d gone for an interview.

Because Lin kept asking to meet with the boss, Chen realized that his lies were about to went bust, and he’d used a baseball bat, clubbed the victim on the head, after Lin fell to the ground, she’d begged him to stop, Chen lied to the victim, that by taking FM2, a date rape drug can help alleviate the pains, he’d waited until Lin passed out, then, continually, clubbed the victim’s head, until Lin was dead.

Afterwards, Chen took off Lin’s shorts, ripped her top off, and wrapped her corpse with a quilt, then, wiped down the blood splatters across the walls, and he’d even gone out to buy himself food for lunch.  After Chen was caught, he’d claimed to be mentally ill, has dual-personalities, that it was the demon in him who’d killed, that it wasn’t him who’d done it.

For his first and second trials, the judge gave Chen the death penalties, but, the first appeal of the high courts believed that Chen can still be reformed, that there’s NO need to give him the death penalty, gave him life in prison, stripped his ability to take up a government post for life, yesterday, the Highest Courts tossed back the rulings, and the case is settled.

Wow, after you’d BRUTALLY murdered so many, the courts still believed that you still have the abilities of being reformed, what the F***!  And this man even tried to use the insanity plea, but gladly, nobody bought it, and, his behaviors are thought out carefully, his actions, planned.

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A Repeated Offender Sexually Molested Someone on the Bus, the Other Passengers Made Sure He Didn’t Escape While the Bus Driver Notified the Police

From the Newspapers, translated…

“Don’t do that stuff on my bus!”, the thirty-eight year-old man, Shen last night, sexually molested a female student for more than ten minutes, the bus driver, who’d found out about the molesting behaviors of Shen, parked the bus, and, called out to Shen, then, he’d notified the police, and Shen was taken into custody based off of laws against sexual harassments.

Based off of understanding, Shen lives in Banciao, and worked as a skilled worker in Sanchung, claimed that he was mildly retarded, is a repeated offender of sexual molestations on the busses, and was already blacklisted by the bus companies, two nights ago at around six, he’d followed a fifteen-year-old high school female onto bus Route 652.  After he got on the bus, both his hands were on the bars, and he’d rubbed up against the female student’s backside, the female student had signified her friend, that she was being violated, but didn’t dare call out for help.

Gladly, the driver who has good eye sight, Wu had recognized Shen as he got on the bus, the driver said, “He’s a repeated offender, everybody who took the busses regularly knows him, the moment he’d gotten on, I’d asked all the passengers to watch if he’s doing something weird.”  A passenger found that Shen was doing something inappropriate to the female student, and immediately, notified the driver, and the driver parked the bus, and called out to Shen, “Don’t do these things on MY bus!”, then, the driver notified the police, Shen begged for forgiveness, while the bystanders all said angrily, just call the police.

And so, this still just shows, that you cannot rehabilitate a SEX offender, after all, this, was still NOT the first, nor is it going to be the very LAST time this man will EVER sexually molest someone, and, it’s an issue of addiction, combined with bad impulse control, but gladly, the driver and the passengers all worked together, to put him to justice!

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A Sex Offender “Checks in” at the Police Station, and Copied a Woman’s Information Down

From the Newspapers, translated…

A man with priors in sexual assault checked in at the subprecinct because of a case he was involved in, he’d taken advantage of the time when the police officers weren’t watching him, took down the information for a woman who was involved in a car accident, afterwards, he’d written her love letters and asked for a date, the woman believed that her information was leaked out, and called the police, and, the police arrested Chen.  The Hsinbei District Courts found Chen guilty for obstruction of privacy laws, gave Chen 50 days in jail, which he can pay a fine for.

Chen claimed that he’d wanted to have a girlfriend, but didn’t have a chance to, that, was why he’d written down her information, to proclaim his love to her, and even though, he didn’t know her personally, but he’d wanted to “try his luck, maybe he could have a chance”, that there was no alternative motives for his behaviors.

The courts investigated and found, that the forty-one year old Chen had priors in forced sexual behaviors, forced sexual molestations, along with other serious charges, and was sent to prison for eight years, he was released three years ago, and, based off of the laws toward sex offenders, he must check into the police precincts locally regularly.

At mid April this year, when Chen went to check in to the Sinchuan subprecinct of the Sinchuan Police Department, he’d found that there was a record of a car crash, of a woman, who’d had a run in with a man last August, the officers were about to discard the reports, but had carelessly, left it on the desks.

Chen took the time when the officers weren’t watching him, wrote down the woman’s name, her address, her birthday, along with other contact information, at the bottom of April, he’d written a love letter to this woman, said he’d wanted to meet her, and maybe, be her boyfriend, and mentioned about her birthday, and how he’d wanted to help her celebrate.

The woman was shocked when she’d received the letter of love from a stranger, she believed that her information was leaked out, but couldn’t be sure through which medium it was leaked, so she’d called the police.  And the police found Chen’s place from his love letters, and arrested him, and that, was when he’d told of how he’d gotten the information off of the car accident report on the desk of the subprecinct.

And so, a sex predator will always BE a sex predator, and, there’s absolutely NO way of reforming them, and, the police were too careless, to leave the information out in the open, anybody can get it!




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A Pedophile Falsified Himself as a Doctor, and Asked a Child for Directions, the Last Time He’d Gotten Beaten Up, This Time, He Was Caught by the Police

Pedophile ALERT!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

“A stranger took a boy away”, the words are actually realistic!  A man, Hsu a few days ago, enticed a little boy in the elementary school years, he’d brought the child to his place and had fellated him, the detectives chased the lead, and made an arrest, and, they’d discovered, that in March, he’d used the same methods, to get another little boy to go home with him, and got a delayed sentence of two years, and yesterday, he’d offended again, and this time, the D.A. asked for incarceration, which was granted.

The unemployed Hsu (age 23), during the month of March, rode his motorcycle across a local elementary school, and found that a little boy wasn’t with the group, and started up conversation with him, said he’ll give him a ride home, and instead, he’d taken the child to his home; back then, the boy didn’t say he was raped, and Hsu had no priors, the Changhwa District Courts gave him seven months in prison for enticing children, and allowed him to serve it two years from then.

And the news of Hsu, enticing little boys spread too quickly, it’d made the local parents panicky.  And, on October 31, Lee rode his motorcycle to another local school, and was striking up a conversation with a little boy, and was discovered by the parents there, he was beaten by the parents, and nobody reported this incident to the police.

A few days ago, a parent reported to the police that her son would get scared every time around the time school lets out, the school teachers got the child to tell her about it, he’d told her he was raped by a stranger uncle, and, after his sexual molestations of that young child, Hsu still scouted around the school.

The police reviewed the surveillance footage around the surrounding areas of the school, and found, that the child was forced onto Hsu motorcycle and driven off, and the victim children also identified him in the pictures of ex-cons that the police showed.

After Hsu turned himself in, he’d admitted, that he’d pretended to be a doctor, and asked the little boy for directions, asked him to lead the way, and after he’d enticed the child onto his motorcycle, he’d taken the child to his resident to rape, then, dropped him off close to the school afterwards.

The D.A. realized that Hsu was a multiple offender, and that there may have been other victims, and were considering sending him to get evaluated, and they’re chasing the leads to see if there had been other victims as well.

Yeah, and so, apparently that first time he got caught, the punishment wasn’t severe enough at all, and this time, something AWFUL happened to another little boy, and the police had zoomed in, and, there will be MORE pedophiles who are released, back into the “wild”, and, they will continue to DO damages into the world, because you CANNOT reform a sexual predator, a predator will always be a predator, just like in the animal world, the hunter will always be the hunter, and the preys, will always and forever BE the preys!

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A Man Raped a Girl and Forced Her to Drop the Charges, Strangled Her to Death, He’s Escaped the Death Penalty

Justice is still FAR from being served here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Hsu was suspected of raping his live-in girlfriend’s daughter, when he was unsuccessful in begging and pleading for her to drop the charges against him, he’d broken through the door, and choked her to death, then, he’d staged the scene for it to look like as if she’d committed suicide.  Hsu was twice sentenced for death for murders, and the High Courts, on the first retrial, gave him life time in prison, and stripped him of his public office jobs forever.  The case can still be appealed.

The courts that decided on the first retrial believed that after the adolescent filed a suit toward Hsu still lived in his place for a couple of days, and he’d given her his ATM card so she could make withdrawals from the ATM machines; Hsu had lived with the youth for over ten years, treated her as his own child, and because he had served in prison from before, he’d feared it, had once begged and pleaded with her to not file charges against him, which clearly showed that there are two distinctive personalities that he has, and it couldn’t be proven that he couldn’t be reformed, and so, that, was why the death sentence was not issued.

Hsu (age 58) was accused of starting in 2006, when the young woman was in her first year of middle school, used the twice a week frequency, to rape his live-in girlfriend’s daughter; in 2010, his live-in girlfriend killed herself by hanging, and the daughter couldn’t put up with his sexual abuse any longer, and moved in with her birth father, and sued Hsu for the five years of nonstop rape of her.  Hsu was displeased at how she’d sued him, he’d strangled her to death, and used the brake wires from his motorcycle, wrapped it around her neck, to make it look like she’d committed suicide from hanging herself.

And this man still didn’t get the DEATH penalty, simply because he’d shown that FAKED sense of remorse, and we ALL know how you CAN fake it too, don’t we???  Now, this man will forever BE haunted by the guilty conscience of having raped and/or sexually molested his live-in girlfriend’s daughter.

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The High School Girl Was Sexually Molested by Two Men on the Trains

From the Front Page Sections, and NO, I still didn’t JUST make this one up either, okay???  And you still believe that we can REFORM a SEXUAL predator???  Translated…

The engineer Yeou, had, several times, on the boxcars of the Taiwan Railways, sexually harassed the same high school girl over and over again, and, once, he’d even touched the hands of another sexual predator, Liang too, Liang later got a delayed sentence; a year later, Yeou started touching another teenager, and the girl cried for the other passengers to help her out, and the police caught him, right in the act.

The D.A. believed, that Yeou was able to sexually molest the young woman with his fingers, and so, they’d prosecuted him based off of forced sexual acts, and asked for five and a half years, on the first and second trials, the judges both believed, that the young woman was dressed in her high school P.E. uniform, that it is clearly stated, she was underage, and Yeou’s repeatedly touching her inappropriately had caused her to become damaged physically and mentally, and he was charged and sentenced, based off of three forced sexual molestations and one forced sexual intercourse, and given a heavy sentence of seven years two months, which he could still appeal.

The verdict stated, that the forty-two year old Yeou worked as an engineer for a decade, and, would take the commute trains from Yingge to Taipei Main Station, then, transfer to the MRT toward Sun-Yatsen Memorial Hall to work.  The adolescent who lives in Taoyuan had taken the same commute, to go to school in Taipei.

On a November morning in 2010, Yeou took advantage of how crowded the trains were, and got close to the adolescent, touched her inappropriately outside of her P.E. shorts.  And because this, was the very first time this young woman had ever encountered a “wolf” she didn’t dare holler, she’d stepped on Yeou hard, and pushed him away from her, and when she got to school, she’d called her family to ask them for help; and because the girl didn’t know the man’s identity, the family could only tell her to take more precautions.

On the same month, on the morning of the 23rd, Yeou inserted his finger into the girl’s pubic area, the girl cried, and looked toward the woman next to her, but the woman didn’t do anything to help her; the day after school, she didn’t dare take the trains, after the family consoled with her, she had someone pick her up.

Fifteen days later, Yeou once again, started touching her, and he’d touched the hands of another “wolf”, Liang.  This time, the adolescent was molested and touched inappropriately by both men, she’d melted down when she got home; her family got furious and called the police, and asked for the surveillance tapes, and the very next day, the family took the trains with the girl, and caught Liang, and sent him to the police.

Liang was worried that his wife might get mad, begged the young woman profusely for forgiveness.  And both parties reached the agreement of $80,000N.T. to settle the matter, the courts gave Liang a year in prison, which would be delay-served for four years, and Yeou disappeared off the “radar” for a year.

On the morning of November 22, 2011, Yeou offended again.  The girl texted her family immediately, “I’d found the very FIRST PSYCHO, he’s touching me again!”, and turned toward the woman next to her, and verbalized quietly, “He touched me”, the other female passenger called out, “There’s a SEXUAL predator here!”, and the cops arrested Yeou.

Yeou denied the offenses, and had refused to settle it with the victim.  But the man, Liang, and the other female passengers were witnesses, and the girl has the habit of keeping a diary, and the judge read the words, “I’d cried like hell after I met a psycho!”, along with the testimonies of the witnesses, and believed that Yeou had offended the girl FOUR times.

And, had this young woman screamed that very FIRST time, she wouldn’t have been put through it THREE more times, and, in the very end, “justice” was still “served” if you can call it that, but, this “serving” of justice still came too late for this young woman, because now, she must recover from the DAMAGES of getting sexually molested by some unknown strangers, and, she’s bound to develop some sort of an anxiety disorder whenever she thinks about getting on the trains again, but at least, this L-O-S-E-R IS behind bars!

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Using Gaming Tokens as a “Bait”, He Was Suspected of Raping Over Ten Young Boys

Enticing someone who’s unsuspecting, the BAD behaviors of an ADULT, from the Newspapers, translated…

An eight-year-old boy in the city of Taipei was suspected of being too caught up in playing the online games, in a single month, he had been taken away by a man named Tseng, who used virtual coins as “bait”, and had had sex with him EIGHT times.  The police had also found photos of the child’s pubic area, and they suspected that there may have been over ten victims.

Tseng, as he was brought in to the police station, stated, that back when he was in the second year of middle school, he was raped by a former classmate, and couldn’t get out of the shadows ever since, that, was what got him interested in little boys and he’d started sexually molesting them.

“If you take shots of your own winkies, then, I’ll give you fifty gold coins!”, the man, Tseng (age 27), in Yonghe, through the online game, “Time Hunter”, chatted it up with an eight-year-old boy, and used “virtual coins” to tempt the child to have sex with him.

After the little boy agreed, they’d met up in the public restrooms of the Dongmen MRT station, other than giving the young child fellatios, he’d even asked the child to pee inside of his mouth; in order to get the boy to come out again, other than paying the virtual gold coins to the child, Tseng had even given the child anywhere from $50 to $300 N.T.s each time.

In the middle of August, the child’s mother found that he’d been emotionally unstable a lot, and would get scared when he saw others, and asked the child’s sister to go online to check, to see if the online games are affecting her son.

As the older sister logged online, Tseng mistakenly thought that it was the eight-year-old who was logged on, and asked him to send him photos of his own penis; the older sister reacted very quickly, immediately asked him, “Why don’t you send me your shots first?”, and, after Tseng sent the photos of his own penis, the older sister and the mother immediately took it in as evidence, and went to the police.

Tseng after getting caught by the police, admitted to having raped the child, and claimed, that back when he was a second year middle school student, he was bullied by his classmates, that, was what caused him to act out like this.

Based off of understanding, Tseng had NO priors, after he graduated college, he started working in the computer industry, the police found a TON of photos of little boys’ pubic areas on his laptop, and they estimated that there were at LEAST ten victims.  After he was interrogated, the Yonghe Subprecinct took him into custody based off of obstruction of sexual freedom.

So, if what the loser said was true, then, that just shows you, how easily abuse can pass from one person to another, and, because this man was picked on (or so he’d told) back in middle school, and now, he’d become a sexual predator, and that, is the general development of these kinds of incidences.


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Raping a Young Boy, the Nude Photos Got Out Over the Coast

Once again, a man who works with children from a CHURCH raped, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A homework counselor, Chen, from a certain church in Pingdong had sexually raped, molested a young boy for multiple years, and he’d even used his cell, took pictures of the child’s penis and testicles, last year, he’d used a communication program in China, to show off the child’s privates, and it was during the time when China started the sweep for sexually illicit materials online, the photographs were found by the police in China, and, they’d notified the police in Taiwan, and that, was how this rape got out into the open.

At the start of the court sessions, Chen started telling the judge, that the officers who’d interrogated him cussed him out, and started him down for thirty seconds, causing him to fear, that, was why he’d made the false statements, he’d denied having fellated the young boy.  The judge reviewed the surveillance of the interrogation rooms, turns out, that there was only a small space for interrogation, and at the time of him being questions, there were other officers, discussing another public endangerment case, and one of the officers had cussed and stated the name of another perpetrator.

The judge believed, that the officers who had lost control, was engaged in the discussion of the public endangerment case, and it was NOT the same case that Chen was apparently involved in, and believed that Chen’s words are not truth, and sentenced him to seven years six months for obstruction of sexual freedom, and, for the solicitations of underage sexually illicit photos, he was given four months, and this, he can get out of serving time by paying a charge.

The police pointed out, that two years ago, Chen took the advantage of his afterschool help sessions, took the young boy back to his place multiple times, had the child fellate him, and touched the child’s penis and testicles, even though the child said no, he’d still forced himself on him, the child worried that he might get angered, and so, he didn’t tell anyone.  Until last year when China did an Anti-Sex sweep online, and found that he’d uploaded the photos of the victim to someone in China, the police force in China started contacting the police stations here, and, the detectives went to check out and confiscated his laptop, and that, was how this whole thing went bust.

And so, we still have a man that this child trusted, who’d abused his trust, and used his position of power, to rape the child, and this man works in a C-H-U-R-C-H for crying out loud, and what does that tell you about those who preached about god again???  Oh yeah, they’re LIARS!!!


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Felt Horny When He Saw His Cohabiting Partner’s Sixth Grade Granddaughter, the Man Who Cohabited with the Child’s Grandmother was Found Guilty

What SHOULD be done in THIS sort of a situation is that you, L-O-S-E-R, should just GO, and JACK yourself O-F-F (no offense, and I apologize for the disgusting “visuals”) and no, I still didn’t just make THIS one up either, from the Newspapers Online, translated…

A sixth grade girl went to visit her grandmother on the weekends, when she was taking her naps, her grandmother’s cohabiting partner had his eyes on her.  He’d forcibly pulled OFF her panties, and attempted to RAPE her, the sixth grade child started crying very loudly, but, NOBODY had heard her cries for help, when Chen was changing into another “position”, the young girl took advantage of the time, and ran to the bathroom, hid out there, and, observed to see if Chen was coming after her, when she realized that Chen wasn’t coming after her, she ran to her cousin uncle’s place to ask for help.  The Tainan District Court gave the man three years ten months on this first trial.

The sixth grader who’d attended school away from her home town, on the weekends, had visited her maternal grandmother’s place, earlier this March, and, the grandmother took the advantage, and introduced her to her cohabiting partner.  On the morning of March 10, at eleven in the morn, Chen got home drunk, saw that the fifth grader was napping all alone, told her, that he was coming into the room to get something, wanted her to open up the doors.

After the child opened up the door, Chen let his sexual urges take over, locked the door behind him, covered the child’s mouth and nose, forcefully got her into bed, stripped her shirt off, forcefully kissed her breasts, and pubic area, the child started screaming, “Mom, Grandma, help me!”, Chen pulled down his pants, and rubbed his own DICK against the child’s “private parts”, and the child took advantage of the time when Chen was switching to another position, to get away, she ran out and hid in the bathrooms, after she found that Chen wasn’t behind her, she ran out quickly, to her mother’s cousin’s place to get help.

After the uncle heard what’d happened, he was furious, he’d immediately notified the child’s mother, called the police, and went to confront Chen.  The verdict stated, that from the child’s underwear, they were able to extract the DNA from Chen, and Chen had admitted to wrongdoing in interrogation too.  In this first trial, the Tainan District Court found, that the man who’d cohabited with the child’s grandmother was equivalent to her grandfather, had raped the child, and, believed that Chen was raping his own granddaughter, and that it was awful what he’d done, sentenced him to three years, ten months’ jail term for attempted rape of a child.

Once again, this, is still a crime of opportunity, and this just also shows, NO matter how old you LOSERS get, you will still BE using your D-I-C-K-S, if you’re NOT neutered, and, you still don’t think, that you need to get “fixed”???  Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!

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