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The Married Disciplinary Official at a Technical High School Openly Proclaimed His Love for a Female Student, It’d Cost Him $400,000N.T.

Because he’s the adult, and she, his, student!  With, absolutely, NO sense of no right and wrong, cheating, carrying, that high C-O-S-T!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A former disciplinary official of a technical high school disregarded that he was already married, had an affair with a female student in the school, and, posted on FB their status, “Going Steady Right Now”, with the photos of them puckering up to kiss, and stated, “it’s odd this connection we’d come to share, so grateful for you in my life, I love you”; He’s wife sued in the civil courts for the damages to her marriage, the Kaohsiung District Courts found He and the female student to pay a total of $400,000N.T. to the man’s wife.

Based off of understanding, two years ago, He opened up his relationship status with the female student, “Going Steady”, boldly stated that he loves her, and even posted the photos of the two of them traveling to Japan together, and said, “I want to take you on trips, I love you”; the female student posted her replies back to him on FB, “we shall go on that honeymoon trip next year”, “This trip was more than worth it because of you”, the two of them posted the photos of them, intimate together.

He’s wife found out about his affair, accused him of having an affair, that he was, open about his affair with the female student, it’d, caused her to be under turmoil emotionally, and psychologically, that her right as his spouse was, clearly, impacted, she’d sued for half a million dollars N.T. for the emotional distress.

Toward his own wife’s accusations, He covered the female student repeatedly, said that the young girl was only starting to experience what love is, that she’d not known about the breaching of the right of another’s spouse, claimed, “She too, is a victim!”, that she shouldn’t be sued for his cheating on his own wife; the judge believed, that back then, the female student must’ve already known about the rights of a man and woman in a marriage, that she needed to shoulder up partial of the responsibilities.

He then accused of his own wife of nickeling and diming the expenses, that she’d, controlled the money in the house, “our relationship was based solely off of money”, that she’d refused to sleep in the same bed, causing their love to grow thin.

The courts believed, that He and his wife were married for over twenty years, that even if his wife was stingy, it’s, not odd from a family’s angle; while He could spend a ton of money, taking the female student to Japan to travel, he has, more than enough money, but he’d, become stingy when it came to his wife’s household, and children’s, expenses.  “This is unreasonable”.

The verdict pointed out, that from the contents on FB, the way the student and teacher related to one another, was too intimate, surpassing what was normal between normal school instructor and student, to the point of resembling that of a married couple, that it’d, severely, damaged the right of He’s wife; the judge had grilled He, being a school instructor, he’d, used the innocence the teen has toward love, to have an extramarital affair with the student, with absolutely, NO sense of remorse, found that they student and teacher needed to pay a total of $400,000N.T.

Based off of understanding, He had let his post at the school two years ago, and shortly afterwards, the female student dropped out, on reasons of medical leave.

And so, clearly, this man had, used this young woman’s crush on him, and took advantage of her, although, she’s not, entirely, faultless, nor blameless, because it still takes TWO to T-A-N-G-O, and he got sued by his own wife, and what’s worse was he was so open in proclaiming to the rest of the outside world, that he was in love with the student, totally, disregarding the feelings, the RIGHT of his wife, and he deserved to get S-U-E-D, and this young woman is too innocent, too stupid, and that she was, equally to blame for breaking up this man’s family.

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Love is Confined…

Love is confined, to this, small, tiny, cheap motel room, with the wallpapers, peeling off, with the unchanged sheets with the stains from someone else’s use from before.

Love is confined, to this, one-day weekend we were, having, ‘cuz your wife’s, out for a day, and you’d, called me up, to score! And ‘cuz, I got, nothing better to do, I’d agreed to it! Love is confined, to this, cheap, roadside motel room, but, we still, have the love we share, don’t we? So, we’ll be, all right, right?

查看來源圖片what was, happening, photo from online

Love is confined, you’d not called me up in a long, long time, and, I’d, not called you either, we both knew, that beyond this room, we don’t, have ANYTHING that we should be, sharing! Love is confined, there’s, NO way to, free it now, and, it got, caged up, way too long, nobody let it out to go to potty, to exercise, and it’d, become, so depressed, it’d, tried to, KILL itself!

And, as we got together again, after, a very, very, very long while since the last time, inside, that cheap, roadside, motel room, you’d, scored, that final FUCK on me……

Then, it was, all over, I’d, put that bird that’s dying inside that cage out of, its misery!


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Using Religion as an Excuse, Pulled His Wife Along, with His Arms Around His “Spare”, They’d Gone on a Trip Together

This man has the BALLS, I’ll give you that!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lu had an affair, he’d even set up so that his wife, and his spare, Hsu and he went together, on a worshipping trip; he’d lied to his wife, that Hsu was a coworker, and lied to Hsu about how his wife was his ex-wife, and, he was able to, get away.  Later on, Lu started becoming suspicious, and, his wife checked his cell, and found, that her husband was having an ongoing affair, and the other woman was pregnant, she sued her husband and Hsu for adultery.

As the Taipei District Attorney’s Office was investigating the details of the cases, Lu paid his wife, and she’d dropped the case against him, and, Hsu was found, to not known about Lu was already married, and yesterday, both of them got the charges dropped against them.

Lu who works in the transportation industry has a son with his wife, during 2013, he’d met Hsu, who was two years older than he, they became a couple; because of Lu’s job, he’d often taken Hsu out on trips, and, because they are both very religious, they’d gone to the temples.

At the start of last year, Lu took his wife and Hsu on a worshipping group trip, Lu lied to his wife about Hsu being his coworker, and his wife believed him, but, after that trip the three of them took together, Lu had found an assortment of excuses, to go to work early and to come home late, his wife realized that something wasn’t quite right, started zooming in on her husband’s whereabouts.

Last August, Lu’s wife snuck into her husband’s text message to his own mother, and it was about how he admitted to having a “spare wheel”, and she’d found another text of Hsu’s words of anger to her husband after they had a fight, it’d mentioned, “These two children are my pains forever, you wouldn’t know”, that, was when Lu’s wife realized, that the “coworker” her husband talks about was actually his whore.

As the D.A. prosecuted the case, Hsu admitted to having sex with Lu, but claimed that she didn’t know he was already married; Lu also told, that he didn’t tell Hsu that he was already married, and so, the D.A. believed, that there was no proof, of Hsu knowing, that Lu was already married.

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be shitting me, right?  What the F***?  And this man still hid behind the BIG shield called “religion”, wow!  And, this still just shows, how BAD they can behave, IF we don’t keep them in check!


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Infidelities, Most Likely to Happen, Three Years After the Marriage

From research statistics, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Shu-De Technical University Human Sexuality Department manager, Yen-Ching Lin said, that modern day women are financially independent, have a strong sense of themselves, and, once the quality of their marriage drops, they have a higher chance of having affairs; the Graduate Research Department in its 2010 survey of 400 married women in southern Taiwan, the rate of infidelity was 36.5 percent.  Lin believed, that the statistics for the married women in the central and northern parts would be roughly the same as well.

This study showed, that the partners of the affairs who were friends made up about 44.3 percent, the highest, followed by coworkers, friends from online, exes, and, the time when the affairs are most likely to start would be three years after the marriage.

And on top of that, the results of a survey by the Sexology Research Department before Valentine’s Day showed, that the rate of modern day female college students who had already had sex makes up about 43.5 percent, compared to the 27.3 percent from seventeen years ago, there is a clear increase, the primary reason for this being how open the societies had become.  Lin said, that from the researches conducted abroad, the women who had had sex prior to marriage are more than likely to have extramarital affairs after they are married, and, modern day women are expecting higher quality from their marriages, compared to the last generations, and so, they are bound, by the cultures, to stay in a marriage, so, they’re more than likely to find an exit for their own emotions.

On the males’ front, although the sexology department didn’t conduct such researches, however, on a survey over the subjects of one-night-stands, twenty-five percent of surveyed males are accepting to the idea, thirty-three percent of the subjects HAD experiences with one night stands, and men who wanted to try out one night stands, make up sixty percent.

Lin suggested that couples need to work hard, in making their relationships work, just spend more time with one another, showing cares and concerns for each other often, it shouldn’t be that difficult, to keep happy in the marriage.

So, there you have it, from the lips of the researcher, and, this still just shows, how as we advanced in every single way, our behaviors are falling backwards, and, just because you can, doesn’t mean that you would do it, where’s the moral restraints???

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Buying His Wife’s Forgiveness with a Million-Dollar Property…

And, I used to think, that forgiveness CAN’T be BOUGHT, apparently, I’m, once again, MISTAKEN here, from Yahoo!.com Taiwan, translated…

A married man in Taipei, Bai, had saved the photos of intimacy that he’d had with his whore in bed together, on his home computer, and was found by his wife, it was found by his wife last year, Bai then gave his wife, the property he’d bought, worth around ten million dollars N.T. as his way of begging his wife’s forgiveness.  Bai’s wife had, sued the other woman, Chou, and the District Court of Taipei found Chou guilty, and mandated that she must pay Bai’s wife $400,000N.T.

Based off of The Apple Daily, after Bai’s affair went bust, he’d given a house of a hundred million dollars N.T. in worth, in return for her forgiveness, which worked, and, Bai’s wife sued the other woman, Chou for adultery.  But the judge thought, that because Bai’s wife just went after Chou, and not her husband, she’d violated the “No Separations Clause” of the suits, and, decided, to toss the case out.

The reports showed that Bai’s wife had sued Chou in the civil front for $600,000N.T. for damages, and, the judge believed, that Bai’s wife’s right of being Bai’s spouse had been violated, and found Chou guilty, and that she must pay Bai’s wife $400,000N.T.

Is that fair?  Hell NO!!!  I mean, WHY the FUCK (and NO, don’t “pardon” me this time!!!) is it ALWAYS the women who get sued, I mean, what about the losers who couldn’t keep their DICKS inside their pants, I mean, it DOES take TWO to tango, right???  And that still just shows how easily a woman can and will forgive her LOSER husband for HIS infidelities, but, think of it in another term, if it were the woman who’d cheated, do you think, that the husband would forgive as easily?  I think not!  And, this, is one MORE case (and I’m more than 100% P-O-S-I-T-I-V-E, that this, is NOT going to be the LAST “case” that shows GENDER inequality!!!).

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Getting Over Her Husband’s Extramarital Affair

The growth of a woman, translated…

There was a cougar in my cooking class, every time she’d shown up, it’d awed us all, she’d earned her reputation as being the hottest among us all.  Close to age sixty, she’d taken well care of herself, dressed fashionably, and, none of us could tell her age.

That day, I’d had a chance, to strike up conversation with her, I’d learned of her story, she’d told me, that one time, she’d accidentally sorted through her husband’s text messages, and that, was when she realized, that he was having an affair, back then, she was in pain that was beyond verbal expressions.  When she’d mentioned this, she’d still felt angry, and, so, I imagined that this had hurt her a lot.

Later on, she’d finally gotten it, that she didn’t want to live her life like this anymore, so, she’d lost over ten kilograms of her weight, based off of her own determinations.  After she’d gotten slimmed down, she’d gotten her confidence back, dressed herself up pretty, not for anything else, but just to see her beautiful reflection in the mirrors that it’d made her happy.  She’d walked out of her house, took a ton of classes, like floral arrangement, cooking, and she’d also started volunteering too, her life was now, filled with colors, and, she’d glowed too.

She’d also told me, that after she’d changed her lifestyle, someone said that they wanted to introduce her to someone else too.

After I’d heard her story, I was truly shocked, that underneath all that glory, there was, this hardship that she’d weathered through.  Her story allowed us to understand, that all hardships will come to pass in time, so long as we don’t give up on ourselves, just keep our confidences up, the stories can be rewritten, to have their separate happy endings.

So, this woman took matters into her own hands, changed herself from the inside, and, her outside reflected her internal states, and, after she’d changed her mind, her life started looking up, and that, just shows, how powerful that positive thought can be.

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Before She Married Him, She Realized that He Was a Letch, But Because She Didn’t Want to Lose “Face”, She’d Put up with Him for Eight Years, and Now, She’s Finally Filing for Divorce

Was it worth it?  Of course NOT!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lai married eight years ago, his wife found that after they had their wedding photos, the very next day, he’d gone to a motel with another woman, and, in her friends and families urgings, she’d still followed through with the marriage, but, after they wed, the man is still uncontrolled she’d gotten so many phone calls from her husband’s whores, begging her to set him free, and, eight long years later, she’d finally filed for divorce and it was approved by the judge.

The man, Lai and his wife both worked in the technology industry, they’d met at a matchmaking party, and, before they marched down the aisle, the woman found out that the man had not been faithful to her, from the very next day after they’d had their wedding photos done, she’d found on her credit card statement that he’d gone to Kaohsiung on vacation with his whore, it’d angered her.

Lai’s wife had originally wanted to cancel the wedding, but, the families and friends from both sides all prevented her from it, believed that the date was set, the invitations printed and sent, that canceling will make them lose face, that people are going to laugh about how short-lived their love was, so, the two of them got married according to “schedule”, but, during the honeymoon phase, the woman found that her husband had been seeking out one-night stands on an online website, she’d grilled her husband about it, he’d told her it was just “for fun”, that he didn’t actually sleep with that other woman.

They’d worked up north originally, but after they married, they’d agreed to work in the southern regions, four years ago, Lai transferred first, lived in the dormitories provided by his work, and, shortly thereafter, he was caught by his wife for bringing another woman to his dorm, but Lai claimed that she was only a friend, that he’d invited her over to watch television, nothing else.

During the course of her marriage, Lai’s wife was not only harassed by just one whore that her husband had, there was also a woman who phoned her up, told her, “your husband left his clothes at my place, I’ll send it home to you.”; two years ago, the woman’s friends and relatives had found that her husband took the hands of his whore, as they strolled the night markets, and that, was when the wife broke down, decided to NOT put up with his ways anymore, moved out of their place, and asked him for a divorce, but Lai had refused to sign.

Lai’s wife this year received yet, another photograph of her husband nude from a whore, and she’d told her, that she’d been with Lai for over three years, and, she could no longer withstand the emotional tortures, asked the courts for a divorce.  Lai told the judge that what his wife said were all true, but she’d already begged for her forgiveness on his knees, and wrote out a confession, that he’s still in love with his wife, hoping that the judge won’t rule on the divorce.

The judge believed, that the two of them had separated since two years ago, and Lai’s wife still hadn’t forgiven him, and that it would be impossible, for their lives to return to the way it once was, allowed for the divorce.

So, this, is a very short-lived marriage, followed by a very long and winding divorce, and, it’s still ALL because that loser couldn’t keep his DICK inside his pants, and how his whores just won’t give up on harassing his wife, and that, just shows how long a woman had to put up with a man, until she finally realized, that hey, this marriage ain’t worth SHIT, and I’m out!  Had she signed the divorce sooner, she would’ve suffered less, but, because of the outside noises, she couldn’t, and now, it’s mandated by the judge that the divorce is final!

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A Woman Had a Child, to Save Her Marriage, the Cheating Husband Changed the Locks on the Doors, to Force Her to Divorce

This, is how C-O-L-D a man CAN get, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

She has a master’s degree from the U.S., and gone against her parents’ advisory, insisted on marrying him, who only has a technical high school education, she’d gone back to her mother’s house to get her pregnancy settled, and, “she couldn’t return to her house again”.

A man, Kao, had a married woman, Lin had an extramarital affair, and he’d used the excuse of “my father wanted a grandson”, and “you’re NOT kind enough to my parents”, etc., etc., etc., etc., to ask for a divorce from his wife; his wife, in order to save the marriage, she’d worked hard, in getting herself knocked up by him, but, during her pregnancy, she still got kicked out by her husband.  The Shihlin District Court believed, that Kao’s wife had given him a male heir, and Kao still lived with the spare wheel and her son, was the one who was unfaithful in the marriage, and so, tossed back his request for a divorce from his wife.

Kao the couple had dated for four years then they got married, Kao only graduated from a technical high school, while his wife had earned an MBA from a graduate school in the U.S.  Kao’s wife complained, that as they were dating, her parents were totally against them, she’d sought after her true love, and insisted on getting married, and, didn’t expect, that in just THREE years after they’d wed, she’d gotten dumped by him.

Kao claimed, that his wife would spend listlessly, and refused to live in with his parents, and had “refused to have sex” with him, their relationship had been frozen.  Kao said, his wife had moved back into her mother’s house, and had kept wanted him to transfer the deeds to his place to her, he felt so awful, and had wanted to divorce her.

The wife rebutted, that her husband said that he was “childish”, a player, doesn’t want to take care of a child, how could she have expected that he would flip over the cards and tell her, “My father wanted a grandson, and if you don’t have one, then, I’ll file for divorce”.  And, in order to save her marriage, she’d set up a “pregnancy plan”, two years ago in February, she’d gone to Japan with her husband and her in-laws, she actually got pregnant, without knowing, that her husband would tell her, “I don’t love you anymore”.

Kao’s wife went back to her mother’s to take care of her health, and Kao changed the locks on their house, and mailed his wife’s items back to her mother’s place, forced her to divorce.  Kao’s wife said, in order to keep her husband’s side of the family happy, she’d worked hard, to get pregnant, she didn’t expect that as she’d gone back to her mother’s house, she “couldn’t get back home again”.  “This, is a case of squatting!”, Kao’s wife sued her husband for allowing his whore, Lin and her child, to “move in” to their home, and showed a TOTAL aloofness toward his own flesh-and-blood, that it was immoral.

And so, this, still just shows, how I-C-Y, frigid COLD a man gets, and the woman had gotten knocked UP, had a SON, and still, that loser wanted to divorce her, all because he’s found himself, a WHORE who’d had him a son too, is that right?  HELL NO!

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A Man Had an Affair Abroad, It Was Out of the Country’s Jurisdictions, But the Photos of Sex Were Leaked Out, and Those Became Evidence

See, you still can’t WEASEL your ways out of this one in the end, can you???  Nope!!!  Translated…

A married engineer, Wu, and a saleswoman, Liu had an extramarital affair, they went abroad together, and traveled abroad and in the country, and had had sexual intercourse for at least thirty times; but Wu could no longer put up with how Liu wouldn’t want to let him go, he’d wanted to return back to his family, he’d come clean to his wife, Chen on his own.  So Chen had sued, the District Attorney’s office in Hsinbei City believed that they do NOT have jurisdiction overseas, and that there were at least TWO proven times when the man had sex with the other woman, and they were BOTH prosecuted on obstructions of family.

The engineer, Wu, who is in his thirties in Hsinbei City, five years ago, because of work, met up with Liu, who worked as a sales agent for a provider, they’d gone out on multiple dates, during which time, Liu had written many love letters to the man, along with e-mails as well, and Wu had multiple times used the excuses of needing to go on business trips, and used the name of work, took Liu to Kaohsiung, the Sun-Moon Lake, Bali, Long Beach Island, to have affairs, or to motels all over the places, to rest, there were, at least, thirty times. Liu was totally infatuated with Wu, and Wu became troubled by this, hoped to return to his family; this March, he could NO longer put up with Liu’s not letting him go, he’d admitted to his wife, and handed in the evidence of their affair, the photos of them having sex, the text messages that Liu had sent him, the love letters too, and it had shocked his wife who poured her heart AND soul out, in taking care of their children and family.

Chen’s wife sued them both, Wu admitted to wrongdoing, and Liu claimed, that Wu showed him the copy of his divorce papers, that, was why she’d mistakenly believed that he was already divorced.

The D.A. investigated, and believed that the sexual intercourse that had happened was out of their jurisdiction, and that they couldn’t prove that they were in the other photographs, but Liu admitted to how the sexual photos were taken in this country.

And, five years ago, Liu had texted Wu, “Is your wife on shift tomorrow?”, and the D.A. believed, that she knew that he was already married, and still gone out with him.

And still, the woman, the WHORE???, she still ended up, paying the higher price, because the LOSER apologized and admitted to wrongdoing to his wife, and, all of this is still because???  Oh yeah, he could NO longer deal with the other woman’s neediness, her wanting to tie him down, and that’s still not fair, why the HELL is the woman the one being PUNISHED, when it still took TWO to T-A-N-G-O?  Simply because that LOSER fucking apologize to his wife, and she went “soft”?

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Women, Need I Say M-O-R-E???

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