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The Father-in-Law Had an Affair with the Daughter-in-Law, and Wanted to Divorce His Own Wife, the Courts Found Him Lost

As he should, L-O-S-E, for having the incestuous relationship with his own son’s WIFE, and wanted to, divorce his wife too?  Yeah, that’ll FLY, in court all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The male high school student Lai just inherited five hundred million dollars N.T., then died from falling off of a building, it’d caused his identity to get found, Lai was actually the child of his own mother and father-in-law, back then, as Lai’s incestuous sexual relations with his own daughter-in-law had been discovered, his wife divorced him, and, Lai’s own children can’t helped but wonder, “from before, the boy called you grandpa, what will he call you now?”

Lai stated in the claims, that back in 2004, the families hadn’t gotten along, causing the civil suit cases to come repeatedly, and to settle the matter, he’d, signed over the deeds of his property to his own wife, but she’d separated from him, and not contacted him for more than a decade, and he’d even, written a confession too, but his wife ignored him, that they will never patch things up, and he’d, filed for divorce.

Lai fought the divorce, that her husband had an incestuous relationship with her daughter-in-law, and had, chased her out of their home, and, before her husband committed adultery with her daughter-in-law, the family of three generations lived together, and were very well together, but, after the incest was found, her husband had, chased the rest of the family out, and only allowed her daughter-in-law, and the son she gave him, to live at home, her husband had no shame over what he’d, done.

The courts called the children of the two adults, the children testified, that back then, there was a family meeting, and as the eldest daughter went to inquire their father of the incest, he’d smashed a potted plant toward her, and told them to go to hell.

The children testified, that since the incest, the families never got together on the New Year’s for the meals, and their mother had stopped interacting with their father since; another daughter also testified, that she’d asked, “my younger brother’s son called you ‘grandpa’, but what would the child whom you had with your own daughter-in-law call you?”, then her father got angry, and, acted like he was going to, hit her.

The children testified, that their mother kept wanting the daughter-in-law to move out, that it would be awful and wrong, for their mother to share a household with the woman with whom her husband committed adultery with.  That their mother had given all she had to the family, and their father was, divorcing her, that this was, too, funny to them.

The courts considered, Lai had a son by incest with his daughter-in-law, but never admitted to the incest, not only did he break the duties of being faithful to his own wife and he’d, chased his own wife and his children out of his home, that he had no claims that are valid to get a divorce from his own wife.

Of course this LOSER did NOT have the “just cause” to divorce his own wife, but his wife surely has the reasons to, and, this  elder had put up with this SHIT long enough, and, hopefully, she will SUE him for divorce, for his infidelity, for FUCKING their, daughter-in-law, and fathering his own, grandson too!

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DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

PATTY GIDDIS                                                                Inbox – iCloud  3:23 am   Fine let’s talk this way   To:   Daddy,   Maybe this way you won’t hang up on me again or worry about my roommate knowing my sordid secret.  She’s not even here to peek over my shoulder at what I’m typing – actually would never […]

DADDY by Kristin Garth — Punk Noir Magazine

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Forgiving Her Predatory Father…

Because he’s my “daddy”, and I love him!  Yeah, uh, how FUCKING retarded are you, huh?  And, you DO realize, that it’s WRONG, what that M***ER F***ER had done to you, right?

Forgiving her predatory father, she had, because, she loved him, after all, without his sperm, she wouldn’t even EXIST!  And besides, he’s the PRIMARY source of income, and, her and her family relied on him for bringing in the dough, and besides, in just a few more years, she’ll be, an adult, and she won’t need to, PUT up with him, coming into her bedroom late in the nights, undressing himself, and getting too close to her no more………

Forgiving her predatory father, she didn’t want to, after all, how can you, possibly, forgive a man for RAPE, especially when he WAS (past tense???) your father!  But, for the sake of her family, at her own mother’s urging, child, if you don’t forgive him, he’ll get sent to prison, and what’ll, happen to us???  (and that constitutes as emotional BLACKMAIL!!!), and so, she had, NO other viable options, but to state it in court, “I forgive my father!”

And so, this PREDATORY father learned what???  Oh yeah, I can get away, with RAPING my own daughter any time I want to, besides, the law’s on MY side, and her mother doesn’t believe her…

What do you think is gonna happen, to this child who will eventually, become adult?  Yeah, I can’t even begin to IMAGINE it…………


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From Being Forced to, to Taking the Initiative, She and Her Father Who Raped Her Continued on for Twelve Years

Let’s see how this came about, shall we???  Call it, an EVOLUTION of the ABUSED if you want to, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-eight year old woman accused her father for raping her two hundred times in a period of twelve years, and that five years ago, she’d even given birth to her father’s child; but the judge investigated the matter and found that the child the woman gave birth to was not her father’s, and that the after the woman passed her motorist exam, she’d even invited her father to a motel, and after she’d moved in with her boyfriend, she’d even initiated sexual intercourse with her own father.  The District Court in Shihlin decided that the man had broken the laws of using his power status to force his daughter to have sex with him, gave him three years.

The courts investigations found that the victim’s father married in 1999, was divorced in 2003, the eldest daughter is mildly retarded, without any viable skills.  She’d accused, that her father had multiple times took her clothes off when she was sleeping or when her family wasn’t watching and she feared that if she didn’t go along with it, her father might disown her and stop providing for her, she didn’t dare fight back.

She said, that last year, she found a boyfriend and moved in with him, her father was more than displeased; during May, her father got drunk and went to confront her boyfriend, and when she’d called the cops on him, that, was when she’d told them what had happened to her when she was younger.

After the incest blew open, the father openly admitted to having sex with her, but stressed that “We’re in love”.  But he’d also admitted that his daughter didn’t have a job, and that he was in charge of the living expenses, “that might have been why she’d agreed to have sex with me.”

The courts investigated, that other than the father going to find his daughter to have sex, because the daughter was under bad influences, she’d find him to have sex too.  seven years ago, when she’d received her motorist license, she’d asked her father to take her to a motel to celebrate; this April when the father went to visit the daughter, they’d “naturally made love.”

After the case busted wide open the man was taken into custody, and, when the courts held its sessions, he’d apologized to his own daughter nonstop, and the daughter stated, “I don’t want to care anymore”; the judge believed that the man’s behaviors were against the natural ways of things, and had affected his daughter’s views of right and wrong, that originally he was going to give him a heavy sentence, but considering the daughter’s words, along with his apologies, the man was sentenced for three years.

Wow, and that, is how CHEAP virginities are these days!  And, you CAN see how this girl, at the beginning, she may not have wanted to, but toward the end, she’d sought out her own father for sex, right?  And that still just shows that IF you’d started acting wrong, then, you will go WRONG, all the way!

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This X-Rated Game We Were Forced to Play

We were forced, to play this X-rated game, that we didn’t even want to be a part of when we were children, but, for survival’s sake, we had, played this X-rated game.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, it was to satisfy his needs (ewwwwwwwwwww, and don’t even!!!), he’d watched his children, FUCK each other silly, and, he’d given his sons tips on fucking his daughters, and, he’d even “demonstrated” to them, how it should be done.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, I will NOT have it anymore, you hear!!!  You come near me, I will SLICE and DICE, and, off, goes your PENISES!  This X-rated game, we were forced to play, we had no choice but to, because he’d threatened to take away his love for us, and, because of how young we once were, we needed his love as kids, and so, we did what we were told, and gotten exposed too young………


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A Middle School Aged Girl Found Out that Her Mother’s Brother Was Actually the Father of Her Child

She went to the doctor for a cold, and, guess WHAT she found out????  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A middle school age girl went to the doctor for a cold, and was told that she was knocked up, after the Taipei District Attorney’s Office found out, the girl lied to them about having had sex with a stranger; and because she’d insisted on carrying the child full-term, the D.A. believed, that there might be something she’s not telling them, and they’d waited until the child was born, and did a DNA test, and found, that the child’s birth father was her own uncle, and yesterday, the D.A. had prosecuted the uncle for having sex with a minor.

The D.A. found, that the adolescent’s family is a low income household, and the parents were divorced a very long time ago, she lived in with her younger sister, her mother, along with her mother’s boyfriend.  Her mother and her boyfriend was suspected of seducing underage girl to sell their bodies and gotten a delayed sentence, and her uncle was indicted for raping his own daughter five years ago, but later, on, there wasn’t enough evidence, so the  uncle was set free.  Based off of understanding, the adolescent and her uncle had consensual sex and got pregnant, and her younger sister was suspected of being raped by the man her mother is living with right now, and that case is still pending investigation by the D.A.’s office.

The D.A. pointed out, that the adolescent girl because she had a cold last year, she’d gone to the doctors, and was found to be pregnant, for a few months already, the doctor felt that something was off, and notified the rape prevention hotlines, and the social worker took over, and the social workers found, from the neighbors, that the adolescent was especially close to her uncle, and the social worker suspected that the uncle raped the girl.

During the time of the D.A.’s investigation, the girl lied and said, that she’d had a one-night-stand with someone at Ximen Ting, that she didn’t know who the father of her baby was, the D.A. called up the mother, and she said, that she believed her daughter would not lie, and said that it’s an innocent life.  The D.A. believed that something was off about the mother and daughter’s statements, and after the adolescent gave birth to her daughter, they’d took the infant’s saliva, and they found a match, with her uncle.

And, even IF it was “consensual”, just because your niece had a crush on you, that still doesn’t give you the RIGHT, to take advantage of her like that, and, not seeing the fact that it would constitute as INCEST, what about the moralities???


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How Did She Find Out that Her Husband Was Raping Her Daughter, “the Master Told Her”

Here is a story of a “Johnny Come-Lately”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman in Hsinbei City saw her kids, touching each other in the pubic regions of their bodies, and suspected that it might be because of how her husband had molested their daughter, she’d forcefully interrogated her daughters, but they told her it didn’t happen at all, and she’d either let it go, or suspected about it for a few more days, and the youngest daughter couldn’t put up with her mother’s ways anymore, and finally wrote a “confession”, and the woman sued her husband for rape, and the molestations of her daughters.

After the police were notified, they took her fourteen year old, twelve year old daughters, and her elementary school age son into emergency custody, but, when the D.A. asked the children, the youngest daughter changed her claims, and the eldest too, recanted her accusations toward her father, that it never even happened, and the husband blamed the wife for being too superstitious, that she’d gone to the temples to consult the “masters” on everything, big and small.  And because the father had passed a polygraph tests, and there was NO evidence of his sexual molestations on his daughter, the D.A. decided to NOT prosecute the case.

Based off of understanding, the family of five were originally living happily, and they are well-to-do, but since the female head of the household started going to the temple and followed a “master”, things started to change.

The woman felt that money would go missing from her house, or suspected that her children was misbehaving, and she’d go and consult the leader of her temple, and when she’d come home, she’d suspected that the children had taken the money, or used illegal substances; if the kids told her they didn’t, she’d screamed out at them, called them liars, and claimed, “Must I beat you, for you to tell me the truth?”, and the son was beaten to submission and said what the mother wanted to hear.

At the start of December of last year, the woman suspected that her daughter and son were touching each other’s pubic regions in their bedrooms, instinctively believed that her husband had assaulted her daughter, that the kids were modeling the behaviors; after she’d consulted the “master”, she’d first grilled her youngest daughter, and she’d said no, and she’d ignored her youngest daughter for an entire week, and in the end, the youngest daughter could only say what she wanted to hear, and wrote a confession of how her father had molested her.

And the woman questioned her eldest about if her father had ever been improper with her, the eldest shook her head and denied, the woman pulled her child in front of the statute of the Goddess of Mercy, and asked her to answer the question according to her conscience, the eldest daughter felt, that she was suspected of lying by her mother, and felt taken, she couldn’t stop crying, and the woman read her daughter’s behaviors as because she felt hurt from the rapes that, was why she was crying.

Later on, the woman accused the husband for sexually assaulting her two daughters; the D.A. separated the children and asked them separately, the three kids all pointed out, that when after their mother went to the “master” and came back and asked the questions, and if they didn’t answer the questions to the mother’s liking, they’d get screamed at, or beaten; the two daughter were insistent that their father wasn’t improper with them, the youngest had even confessed, that the confession she’d written, was based off of her mother’s wishes, and the son also claimed that he and his older sisters never touched one another inappropriately, and whereas before they said they had, was because they feared getting beaten up by their mother.

Wow, so, if you tell the truth, you’d get beaten up, so, to AVOID a beating, you would???  L-I-E, and what sort of a value system is set up in these kids here?  And this woman was way too taken by the leader of her CULT (b/c that, is still what this is), and this woman is way too weak, because you should NOT go around, and believe the words that someone told you, and question the words of your loved ones, NOT in this case, at least…and, how difficult, do you think the kids had had it, when they were forced to accuse their own father, or each other???

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While His Middle School Age Niece Was Sleeping, He’d Touched Her Inappropriately, and Claimed that He Was Giving Her a Massage

From the newspapers online, translated…

A second year middle school girl, “Yu” (a false name), after her parents divorced, her father had custody over her, two years ago, late one night, her eldest uncle told her he wanted to teach her how to massage, and took advantage of her, touched her pubic region, the victim called up her mother, the mother was so angry she’d notified the police, and she’d negotiated with her ex, to have custody over the child.  The High Subsidiary Courts in Taichung yesterday found the uncle guilty of forced sexual molestations, and he was given three years four months’ jail sentence.

The uncle (age 54) denied the sexual molestations accusations, claimed that maybe he went overboard with the massage, but, it wasn’t so serious, that he did NOT touch her that long, that he was only giving the victim a massage and his hands just happened to stroke her genitalia.

The Collective Courts investigated and found, that the victim was quite young, her parents divorced, she lives with her grandparents, and that it was awful, that she had to be raised by her grandparents, and the plaintiff, “Yu”’s uncle, not only didn’t protect the victim, he’d used her to satisfy his own desires, and took into account that the victim’s mother insisted on not forgiving him, so, the courts gave the man a jail sentence.

The verdict stated, that “Yu”’s uncle, three years ago, came home late one night, after he’d showered, he saw his niece, lying asleep on the couch, he’d started by massaging her feet, and when she woke up, he’d claimed that he wanted to give her a massage, and placed his hands inside of her panties for ten minutes, and because she was too afraid, she didn’t scream.

The victim felt insulted, and she’d texted to her mother, it said, “Mom, uncle said he wanted to massage me, and placed his hands into my panties!  He’d even asked me to massage his crutch too, I’m so afraid, mom!”  After the mother received the text, she’d gone right over to where the daughter lived, and the very next day, she’d called the cops.

And here, you still have someone that the victim had trusted, who’d broken that trust, by sexually molesting her, and what the FUCK (no need to pardon ME this time!!!) is WRONG with you, stupid adults?  Just because your daughters, nieces, or whoever the HECK they are, related to you looked so young, juicy (don’t even), fresh, sexy or whatever, that still doesn’t give YOU the right to fucking assault them, after all, they ARE related to you, MOTHER-FUCKERS (yeah, and your point being???) by B-L-O-O-D!

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Felt Horny When He Saw His Cohabiting Partner’s Sixth Grade Granddaughter, the Man Who Cohabited with the Child’s Grandmother was Found Guilty

What SHOULD be done in THIS sort of a situation is that you, L-O-S-E-R, should just GO, and JACK yourself O-F-F (no offense, and I apologize for the disgusting “visuals”) and no, I still didn’t just make THIS one up either, from the Newspapers Online, translated…

A sixth grade girl went to visit her grandmother on the weekends, when she was taking her naps, her grandmother’s cohabiting partner had his eyes on her.  He’d forcibly pulled OFF her panties, and attempted to RAPE her, the sixth grade child started crying very loudly, but, NOBODY had heard her cries for help, when Chen was changing into another “position”, the young girl took advantage of the time, and ran to the bathroom, hid out there, and, observed to see if Chen was coming after her, when she realized that Chen wasn’t coming after her, she ran to her cousin uncle’s place to ask for help.  The Tainan District Court gave the man three years ten months on this first trial.

The sixth grader who’d attended school away from her home town, on the weekends, had visited her maternal grandmother’s place, earlier this March, and, the grandmother took the advantage, and introduced her to her cohabiting partner.  On the morning of March 10, at eleven in the morn, Chen got home drunk, saw that the fifth grader was napping all alone, told her, that he was coming into the room to get something, wanted her to open up the doors.

After the child opened up the door, Chen let his sexual urges take over, locked the door behind him, covered the child’s mouth and nose, forcefully got her into bed, stripped her shirt off, forcefully kissed her breasts, and pubic area, the child started screaming, “Mom, Grandma, help me!”, Chen pulled down his pants, and rubbed his own DICK against the child’s “private parts”, and the child took advantage of the time when Chen was switching to another position, to get away, she ran out and hid in the bathrooms, after she found that Chen wasn’t behind her, she ran out quickly, to her mother’s cousin’s place to get help.

After the uncle heard what’d happened, he was furious, he’d immediately notified the child’s mother, called the police, and went to confront Chen.  The verdict stated, that from the child’s underwear, they were able to extract the DNA from Chen, and Chen had admitted to wrongdoing in interrogation too.  In this first trial, the Tainan District Court found, that the man who’d cohabited with the child’s grandmother was equivalent to her grandfather, had raped the child, and, believed that Chen was raping his own granddaughter, and that it was awful what he’d done, sentenced him to three years, ten months’ jail term for attempted rape of a child.

Once again, this, is still a crime of opportunity, and this just also shows, NO matter how old you LOSERS get, you will still BE using your D-I-C-K-S, if you’re NOT neutered, and, you still don’t think, that you need to get “fixed”???  Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here!!!

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Memories of the Body

The body HAS memories, like the mind does too, believe it or don’t!!!  The memories of the body, they date back, to way, way, WAY before the mind was mature enough to deal, after all, IF the mind is the EGO, then, the body would BE the ID, and the soul, SUPEREGO, kinda…

The memories of the body, don’t try to get rid of it, just watch it unfold, like that movie in your minds, and, get ALL emotional about those feelings that are associated with the memories of the body, and, before you CAN fully do that, you will NEVER properly OR fully heal.

The memories of the body, the mind often blocks out, because the immense pain that the body experienced, and the mind is merely, protecting itself, from being murdered, and so, the mind may NOT recall what the body remembers.

The memories of the body, this is NOT to be reckoned with, and NOT to be brushed aside, or taken lightly on, because eventually, those memories of the body that you had failed to sort through piece-by-piece WILL come alive, during the nighttime, and they will, plague your days too.



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