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Threats, a Short Prose

How the younger generations still, take after their elders’ behaviors, and, that’s how this cycle keeps on, repeating, itself, nonstop, and all of you still get, trapped, and you don’t even realize it!  Translated…

My mother-in-law has her own way of coping with the hard-to-use electric appliances.

“You get stuck again, I shall throw you out, and get a brand new one!”

“So hard to use, guess I’ll just, go out and, buy me, a brand new one!”

“The XX dehumidifier can warm the quilts up in less than half an hour, way better than this one we have at home here!”

But it’s odd, when these appliances get scolded by her like so, all the problems, they’d, vanished out of the blue, and start functioning normally for a bit, it’s, as if these machines can understand her words, worried of, getting, disposed of.

My wife told me that when she was young, she’d seen it many a times, that it’s, nothing new to her.

And that was why it’d dawned on me, why my wife always, threatened me with divorce all the time too.

Yeah, that’s still, emotional blackmailing, except, that your mother-in-law is doing it to the mechanical appliances, and your wife’s doing it to you.  And, there’s, nothing you do about it, you just, fall back into the cycles of her threatening to get rid of you, you behaving yourself better for a little while, until you start, misbehaving yourself again, and, she threatens you, again, and this vicious cycle still, rolls…………..

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The Elementary School Age Student Used a Craft Knife, Held His Classmate at Knifepoint Awhile Ago in Hsinbei City

Nobody got her/his neck slashed, this time, but next time, who knows, the blade may still be in the knife, and, blood will be, spilled them, and this happened in a classroom, with an adult, the teacher, is negligent, at least, for NOT making sure, that improper horse play doesn’t happen under her watch!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Department of Education Intervened to Counsel, to Enforce the Moral Education of the Elementary Schools as Well as Enforcing the Laws of Safety in the Schools

In an elementary school in Hsinbei City awhile ago, there was a student, during the break periods, took a knife, held it against his classmate’s neck, the victim student’s parents were unsatisfied how the school handled the matter, posted the incident on the local Facebook groups, demanded that the other child’s parents start disciplining their own young, and demanded that the school instructors get tougher on disciplining the students.  The Department of Education stated, that they will have the school counsel the students continually and they will enforce the education of moral responsibilities, and the law too.

At break period on Tuesday this week, a twelve-year-old male student from an elementary school in Hsinbei City was horseplaying with the classmate, he’d picked up a craft knife, held it against a fellow student’s neck, it’d thrilled the other students around.  As the victim student’s parents learned, they got furious, and started calling out on the local FB group: “Parents of the child who’d allowed him to bring the craft knife to school, DO watch your own young better, and the principal of the school, the teachers too, man up, don’t wait until a student gets severely injured, and then, make the useless apologies.”

The parent also wrote, “to the parents of the child who brought that craft knife to school, DO view your child’s behaviors more seriously, I got all the time, and I’ll wait for you at the principal’s office, don’t run from this.”

as I didn’t know better can no longer be used as a valid excuse here! Illustration from online

The principal of the school stated, because the instructor worried that as the students were using the crafts knife, they risk cutting themselves, that’s why the instructor had collected the knife right after art class, and, the knife that the child grabbed didn’t have the blade in it.  Because the male student couldn’t find a more proper way to interact with his peers, and the school will continue to counsel this male student.

The Department of Education stated, that the male student, during the break period, when he was playing with the other students, held the knife used in art class close to the student’s neck for close to two seconds, the blade was already out, and as the other students reminded the instructor, the instructor collected the knife without the blade back.  As the school had been notified, they’d called up the parents, and told them what had happened, and discussed the means of counseling needed for the students, to avoid incidents like this from recurring.

The school already had the counselors stepping in, to help the male student learn in class better, to help him relate to his classmates in a proper and safe manner, at the same time, reminded the students, if they find something that’s not quite right, to immediate tell their classroom teachers.

And so, this, is what happens, as children horse played with one another, and this time, thankfully, nobody was injured, or killed, but, next time, it may not be as lucky, and the instructor, the school is at best, negligent, in not instructing these young school age children what is proper and improper ways of playing with each other, besides, the kids are modeling the behaviors, from what they encounter on the internet, in the news media, on the soaps, there’s NO way of preventing that NO scene of violence enter into their, eye sights, and so, as adults, you can only, make sure, that you keep the sharp objects out of these kids’, reaches.

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Talking with My Mother about Taking the Bribes in the Past

The values passed down to their young, how these parents led by example, to teach their children how to behave correctly, translated…

“Mom, did dad ever taken the bribes”, that day on the phones, I’d suddenly gotten curious.  In my memories, my father who is only a patrol officer, had gotten the gifts of various sorts during the holidays, and, for me then, who’d not known any better, opening up these “presents” was the highlights: sausages, soaps, cakes………most of the times, the gift contents were the items of the holidays, but there were those times that are, outside of these, exceptions, those were the moments of my surprises!

I’d recalled this, once as I opened up the packages, there was a red envelope lying there, at the bottom of the giftbox, I suppose, it was, a bribe from the individual who’d come to our home with the gifts?  So, what did my father do with the red envelope?  My mother became a chatterbox, once we started discussing the bribes.

I was born in a place called “three-and-a-half kilometers”, with my father working at the check stations with the Department of Forestry, all the woods that go in and out, needed his stamp on it to go through.  My mother told me, that the check station is a huge opening, that there would be the gifts brought to us, and mostly, we’d received the “pork”, and in those days of not having enough resources, we can’t have all the meats, the fishes daily, and surely, the pork were often used as, gifts.

At another check station of Xinyi Substation jurisdiction of Nantou, there was an officer whose wife gambled a lot, and because she’d lacked the funds, he’d asked for money from those who came bearing the gifts, and someone ratted the woman out, and, it’d impacted her husband’s work with the police……………and the conclusions my mother reached from the case was, “we can’t get greedy!”

It’s still norm for the gifts to be given and received on the holidays in the government offices, and the givers are trying to “get with the government workers”, but if there are the illegal asking of favors, then, the gifts will needed to be upgraded to major, instead of the regular gift baskets.

“The police aren’t at a higher status now, not like they were from before”, my mother mentioned to me, I’d felt so too.  when I was younger, living in the police dorms as I’d, turned into the substation where my father was stationed, I’d felt the gazes of my classmates, looking upon me with envy.  The elders in the village, as they saw the officers, they would call out, “Sir!”, the officers were like the law enforcers of the ancient county governments, with the powers to enforce the law, which made room for the bribes to easily take place.

I’d asked my mother, “did dad ever take any bribes?”, my mother told, “he couldn’t turn them away”.  Those who bribed would hand off a red envelope packed with many bills to the manager of the station, and have him split it to the subordinates, who wouldn’t take it?

But, there were, those who’d “gobbled up the cash”, once as my mother was going to the bathrooms in the public toilets outside of the dorms, she’d overheard the two officers, conspiring, “we’ll give this pack to Chang (my father).”, my mother worried this would cause the interactions of my father and his coworkers to go sour, as she got home, she’d, prepared him for it, “the money from others, if you get it, it’s fine, if you don’t, that’s fine too, the money that came the wrong way, easy come easy go.” My father nodded, and, he was okay afterwards.

If the money were for everybody, then, why would you not take it, but, if it were only for my father?  Then, that, I suppose, was that huge packet of money at the bottom of the gift box, my mother told me, that my father turned it in up the chain of command.  There’d been cases of briberies since the beginning of times, and, there were the illegal means to an end of those who bribed, and, the recipients of these bribes, naturally do the favors, but, knowing the law and breaking it, it’s, an added on offense, once busted, it’s the entire station’s futures on the line, not just the individuals’.

The numerous cases of bribes in the news, it’d made me glad that my father, although he couldn’t turn down the bribes, but thankfully, my parents were greedy, to the point, that they fall into that huge abyss of becoming too unlawful.

“A woman (a wife’s) attitude is very important.”, that’s another conclusion of my mother’s, the wife affects the husband, the parents, influence their young, I’m grateful for my parents for not being greedy, which taught me to feel blessed with what I already, have.

And so, this is the value that these parents teach to their young, that it’s wrong to take the bribes, but sometimes, if you want to survive at work, you have to do these bad things, and, it’s okay, so long as you don’t get too greedy to the point, that you start taking bribes that get bigger, bigger and bigger, because things will snowball, and you will crash in the end.  And bribes are still, B-A-D!

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Using a Nonviolent Way to Resolve a Fight

An incident of your son getting beaten by a classmate, and you’d found out why, and you and your son had selected to forgive the other child, translated…

“Mom, my head hurts, I think there’s a bump!”, as I bathed my child, my son patted his head, told me, in a sorrowful manner, and I’d immediately felt alerted, and asked him what had happened.

“Was it from a fall during the time between classes?”, my son stuttered, as he’d responded, “No, it was in P.E., when we were lined up, I’d accidentally, bumped into a classmate, the person got angered and pushed me down, then, sat on top of me, to beat me up, and I got this bump on my head”, I was shocked and hurt, and immediately called up my son’s homeroom instructor to understand exactly what had happened.

In the assistance of his homeroom instructor, and I’d communicated with the parents of the other boy, and the boy who’d hit my son apologized to him, and my son and we chose to forgive.  After all it was due to our son’s lack of attention, and bumped into his classmate, and even as he’d apologized to the classmate, the other child couldn’t understand, and lost it, that was why the push and the shove occurred.  The homeroom instructor later explained to us, that the child who’d hit my son was with emotional troubles, but due to the matters of his families, he didn’t get any help from a professional facility, but the school had assigned the counselors to continue to counsel the child.

And we’d used this as an opportunity to educate our own son, that if in the futures, things similar to this occurred, how he could protect himself, and get away unharmed, to use the right means to resolve his problems, and to avoid the problems that will keep on coming with one solitary incident of violence.

The information is transmitted too speedily nowadays, the children can gain awareness from all over the places, if the parents didn’t give their young the correct values and teach them right from wrong, then, the child can easily be misled into believing, that using violence to resolve the problems is okay; as for the adults’ behaviors and words, the children will always, model after.  And so, as parents, we need to set a better example, and use the things that happen in the daily lives, to instill the right kinds of values into our young’s minds, to reduce the onset, the prevalence of in-school violence.

When these incidents do happen, whether it be the school instructors or the parents, they all must face this actively, and not try to smooth things over, and believed, that “the kids are just, playing”; any behavior that can cause someone else physical or psychological harms, are rarely the results of playing for joy, instead, they’re mostly caused by the negative emotions accumulating, causing the person to lose control.

Children are independent, not only do the adults have feelings, the children’s thoughts and feelings should also be listened to and empathized, I hope, that every face that smiled on, will be able to grow up happy and safe in an environment that’s not made with fear.

So, this just showed, how children still modeled after the adults, if you treat your children with violence, then, they’re more than likely to resolve their problems with the violence too, this still showed how children always model after their adult counterparts, and so, as parents, YOU (and nope, still NOT one of you out there!)need to make sure that your emotions are in check, that you are calm and collected when you interact with your own young, and if you lose control, that’s okay too, but be sure to explain to your kids, why it was that you exploded, and that it wasn’t their faults, that it may be something that they’d done that angered you, but it’s not directed toward them as person, but their behaviors.

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The Rituals of Love

How to raise your own young with love, so they’d become, loving people too, by modeling for your kids, what the expressions of love should be, and surely, as they watched you, they too, will start, to express their love to each other, as well as everybody else they may meet in their own lives, translated…

“Come!  A kiss, a hug, embrace me!”, when the kids were in elementary school, every morning before they set out, when they’d come home at night, I’d opened my arms wide, to perform this “family ritual” of hugging them, and, as the kids felt that they are fulfilled, smiled radiantly.  And to this very day, my passionate daughter would still hug me like so, with her face close to mine, make her eyes crossed, to make me laugh out loud.  While for my son who’s shier, he’d minced his lips and smiled, and, hugged me, and patted my back, and I’d hugged him and patted his back.  As the kids get older, the arms that wrapped around me became, stronger, and stronger.

The prayers before bedtime, it’s another ritual of love we shared.  The whole family reset ourselves back to zero; “Dear heavenly father, we are all your children, we all need your guidance, your help.  Please give us the wisdom every day, the courage, the love so we can face up to the challenges daily, bless us with strength, with peace and safety”.  Sometimes, my kids would say, “Dear heavenly father, there’s an exam soon, I’m really nervous, please help me have more courage, more strengths…………” in the nightly prayers, we’d become, equals, no lectures, no pressures, just being humbled together, lifting our heads toward up high.

The affirmations, the praises we gave one another regularly, it’s also a ritual of love.  When my son was in middle school, his classmates made fun of him, “you moron!  Retard!”, to which he’d responded back, humorously, “Yeah, with the guarantees of wisdom, I’m bound to be able to make a living for myself.”, he’d effectively resolved the badness those classmates’ words might have on him.  I’d told my son often, “I’d found, that you are a kid, with so many good qualities, you have the frugal morals of your grandfather, your father’s punctuality.”, and I’d told my daughter, “You have that flair to do major things in life, you will become, so very capable like your grandmother in the future, even more talented than I!”, the children respected us as their adults, and became fully confident, filled with their own hopes and dreams of their own futures.

Some say, that there’s this space inside our hearts, and only love can fill it up.  If this space is emptied, then, we would feel empty inside, to the point of feeling depressed.  So, I’d thought of some ways, to fill the love into that space inside my own children’s hearts.  In our home, there’s these warming rituals, hmmmmmmmmmmm!  Let’s call it, the “scientific behaviors of expressions of our love”, through the endless rehearsals, turning into this good cycle, filling up all the spaces in our hearts, with love.

And so, growing up in this environment full of positivity, the children are bound to be more optimistic, because the parents not just preached of these values to their own young, they’d, shown the kids, how to perform these behaviors using love too.

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My Children’s Act of Kindness Toward a Stranger on the Bus on Our Trip to Japan

The most beautiful sight of a place is still, the people we encounter on our travels, translated…

As we exited the Hiroshima station of the Shinkansen that day, the afternoon from the previous day, our flight landed, with the rainy fronts, that followed us, all the way here, from Kobe.  But as travelers, we have no right to get upset over the weather, our next stop was the Shukkei-en, and we’d still, alighted the bus, and arrived there.

Different than how quiet the nighttime port of Kobe had been, the noontime station at Hiroshima was rowdy and populated, especially, there were so many faces of, foreigners, as a city, known during the war.  We’d followed the signs to before the bus stop, with already a long line before us, as we alighted, we were lucky to find a double-seat, and I’d, sat my children down.

On the way, not very many passengers got off, but there were people who’d climbed onboard along each and every stop, and, the crowd pushed me away from the seats, as we were about to arrive, I’d found that my daughter had my son on her lap, and the two of them leaned in to the windows and chit-chatted in their whispers, and, on the next seat, here was, a young boy, who’s about my son’s age, with blonde hair, blue eyes.  I’d called out to my children that we’re, getting off, the young boy first looked confused, then, seeing my children get up, he’d understood that they were, getting off, and, sat slanted, to allow them to get out.

As I was about to get off, I’d felt that someone grabbed my arm, I’d lifted my eyes, saw this, Caucasian woman, saying thank you to me repeatedly, as a mother, my instinct told me, that this must be that young boy’s mother.  Her thanks came from how my children, as they were sitting on the crowded bus, seeing that young boy get on, and sat together, and gave the boy a seat, so he won’t have to bump on the ride.  I’d returned her smile with my smile, took my children off the bus.  As I turned around to look, the two of them, mother and son sat by the windows, and waved hard to us, “bye-bye!”, and we’d, called back loudly too, knowing, that they can’t hear a thing on that crowded bus.

The rain still continued drizzling down, but it’d not affected the travelers one bit. The three children from two different countries, squished together in that tight seating space, but, the kindness was so wide.  As we’d headed to the Shukkei-en, it’s said that it was a miniature identical-twin of the sights of Xihu, but in my mind, my children already gave me that amazing scene on the bus ride from Hiroshima.

And so, this is the kindness of children working, and, this is the act of kindness from strangers, the children saw the need of that little boy who’s unsteady on the bus, and, gave a seat to him, and this kindness still doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from the kids, being taught, and watching and modeling after their adults’ behaviors in their daily lives.

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On the Reusable Plastic Bags

Her actions that “spoke” louder than her, words, setting an example, and her children followed it, translated…

Upon reading the writer, Liu’s “Reusable Plastic Bags”, I’d felt that close connection.

As a consumer, I’d always kept up the habit of recycling the bags.  Especially after a shopping trip to the traditional marketplaces, there would be, so many more plastic bags.  The originally wrapped up items, when we bought them, the owners of the stands still get into the habits of putting that extra shopping bag outside of the items.  In the populated marketplaces, I sometimes didn’t even have time to tell the owner of the stands to not do it, and, the accumulations of the bags, is, unimaginable.

I’d, folded these extra bags up neatly, then, bring it to the markets to a couple of the independent farmers selling the smaller number of produces they’d grown, because the bigger stands had a set standardized operation procedure of things, and disliked the colorful bags, which the independent farmers loved taking in, and it’d felt, that I’m doing something for the environment.

like these…

photo from online

It was originally on my own part, but, it’d, affected my two children.  The first two years my son studied at Chingwha University, he’d stayed in the dorms, until he went on to grad school, then, he’d rented out of school, and, every time he’d come home, he’d, brought me a stack of clean plastic bags, knowing, that giving them to me is much more meaningful, than tossing them out into the trash.

After my daughter graduated, she’d started working in banking, and, being young, she’d, followed the trends of the “168 fasting”, no breakfasts, but I’d still prepared a serving of yogurt for her.  The bags I’d packed the yogurt in, she’d not tossed out, she’d, brought them back, and let me reuse, and that made me realized, that setting an example for my children, is more important the words I used to teach them.

In the means of childrearing, I’d used the “free developmental method”, never lectured them, never too strict with my rules, and, I’d never mentioned to them to “reduce the plastic items”, and yet, they both, did it, by following my lead!

And so, this showed, how children will always pick up their adult counterparts’ behaviors, so, do behave yourselves, parents, because, they’re eyes are watching god, whether or not you know it, and, we all need to be good models for our young, otherwise, this world will go to hell, not that it already hadn’t!

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The Experts: the Psychological Issues Weren’t Resolved, the Primary Suspect May Offend Again

On the male college student who’d endured, police brutality, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The younger generation of a food producing plant, Chang because of a fender bender, beaten the male college student, Song to severely injured, psychiatrists believed, that Chang has records of physical assault, that it may not be related to living under authoritarian parents, or that he was from a single-parent family, the biggest problem lies in that he has poor emotional control, hostility toward others, that there are the hidden negative psychological traits that’s caused him to behave like so; if there’s no resolve to change his lack of emotional control, there’s a high chance that he may well, offend again.

Chang had previous records of traffic violations already, beating on his fellow servicemen; the professor of the counseling department of Changwha Teacher’s College said, there are instances where we may get into conflict with each other, including getting into a wreck with someone, most people will be able to communicate well enough, solve the matter with reasoning.  Chang’s inability to use his words to express, and used his fists and feet, the only way to resolve is by finding the causes of his behaviors, then resolve that cause.

The head of the Changwha Christ Hospital’s Justice Psychiatric Unit, Wang believed, that how the child is disciplined, strict or not, isn’t related to how the person turns into in adulthood, but, if there’s that high pressure environment at home, disciplinarian parenting, lacking in communications, the child will more than likely, duplicate what s/he picked up in childhood, and carry that to interacting with others around her/him.

He told, to see if someone has the risk of violent behaviors, we need to examine if the individual has a history of violence, alcohol or drug addictions, the military is considered a high-tension environment, Chang still behaved violently, and, he suspect that Chang may have antisocial personality traits.

He also believes, that compare to ordinary people, there’s a low rate of violent attacks caused by mental illness, the disciplines of children isn’t reliant solely on the “words”, sometimes, violence IS, violence, not necessarily, psychologically, psychiatrically, related.  Violence has to do with personality traits, the correctional facilities need to intervene professionally with the violent criminals, the medical treatment measures is only part of the equation.

And so, what makes a man violent, his nature or his nurture?  A combination of both?  Or, do we, model the actions of violence, internalize what we watch our adult counterparts do, and then, we act out, and, based off of this case, it’s probably, all of the above!  And it’s still the families’ faults, for not doing RIGHT by their own young, because, the families failed to function right, how the @$#% can you expect the person who came out of this, malfunctioning families, to act right?

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The Students are Copying the Scripts of the Squid Games, Worrying the Parents

Like that research proposal I’d written up for my methods lab???  How the number of hours of violence in the media viewed by the children can, be correlated to their acting up more violently, and now, this is a “proof” of that correlational study I’d, proposed for my methods class, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

To Celebrate Halloween in the Elementary School Years, the Game of “Bloody Bobeep” is Played, “I Blew Your Head Off” Became an Everyday Dialogue Among the Students

The Korean soap, “The Squid Games” became a huge hit in Taiwan, and it’d become, the choice of costumes for young children for Halloween too here; on the eve of Halloween in an elementary school, the school officials dressed themselves up in pink as the killers, with the prop guns, shooting the victims, with school-age children watching them; there were also school instructors who’d noted seeing the elementary school-age children playing the game of “blood bo-beep” during the breaktime at school, using the paper gun they have in their hands, to “blow up” the losers, and, all of these became worrisome to the parents, that violence had, made its way into the school campus, and they’d begun worrying that this might lead to modeling behaviors, and even, violence on the school campuses too.

Uses of Child-Appropriate Materials as a “Cover” for the Games of Murder

“The Squid Games” used the children’s topics to wrap up the games of murder, because of how innovative this idea is, it’d, become trending across the globe, but it’s brought about the effects of modeling behaviors too, there were a lot of cases of teens who’d modeled after the violent storyline and injured others already internationally; some of the U.S. and European schools worried that the students will model after the violent behaviors in the shows, and passed the prohibitions of the attires now.  And now, the “Squid Games” had found its way into the elementary schools here too, “You’re already dead”, “I’d blown you up already!”, etc., etc., etc., became the regular words of exchange that elementary school age children shared.

in the elementary school here, right ’round, Halloween…photo from online

Children Started Worrying that “Someone I Know Might Get Murdered”

An instructor testified, that there were, a few handful of children who’d watched the programming at home with their own parents, and, took what they saw on T.V. into the games they play in-between the classes, by words of children’s mouths, they’d even started, humming the Chucky theme song, if there were students who’d moved when they weren’t supposed to, then, the other students would pick up the paper guns, and start shooting them down, it’d made her have a ton of headaches over this; there were also careless elementary school instructors who’d played the footages of the show in class, until students went home and told their parents, “I’m so afraid that someone I know will die”, the parents filed a complaint to the school, that was when the school realized, that “something wasn’t, quite right”.

模仿玩「魷魚遊戲」 比利時小學生暴力懲罰同伴|秦綾謙|FOCUS全球新聞 20211011 – YouTube

on how elementary school children in Belgium punished their own peers, from the news here off of YouTube, and yes the link works!!!

While a certain elementary up north on the eve of Halloween, played that game of “bloody bopeep” on the school campus.  The principal was interviewed, and told, that the activities were sponsored by the PTA, hoping to share the times with their own young, and that he’d dressed up as Captain America too, and played the role of the “protector” of the students as well; he’d stated clearly, that at the moment, “I didn’t think this through quite enough”, that he will work hard, to prevent this sort of similar situation from recurring.

The Parents Called Out to the Enforcement of Bringing about Awareness of the Ratings of the Programming

There were the first grade children’s parents who’d told, that they’d not allowed their young to watch “The Squid Games”, but the painting that the young children made was the scenes from the “Bloody Bopeep” and “Jumping Off a Glass Bridge”, and told him that the losers of the game played in school will get “bang-bang, and then, die!”, then, after the victims died, thy will have crosses painted on them, the parent worried that the young will take violence as a norm of life.  He’d believed, that it would be next to impossible to ban the kids from using the internet, that the government should set up the barricades, to set up the ratings accordingly, and to enforce the education on the matter too.

The Department of Education Hoped to Increase the Virtues, the Morale of the Media

Last year, the “Blue Whale Games” with the hidden themes of self-mutilation and exploitation by sexual means, infiltrated into the Taiwanese school campuses, the Department of Education had sent out three separate warnings to get the local government, to let the school note to be careful; and now, the scripts from “The Squid Games” infiltrated into the elementary school campuses, the Department of Education also calls out to the various levels of schools should pay strict attention to the games that are ill-fitted for the developments of young children to play, the animated feature films, the movies, the soaps that are, flowing around school, and enforce the morality of the media, to help the students differentiate between what’s appropriate, and what’s, not.

The C.E.O. from the Parents’ Group League, Peng stated, that the students in the elementary and the middle school years couldn’t differentiate what’s real and what’s fake, that it would take children at least into their high school years to be able to understand what the society is about, and if the parents lead by modeling the goings on in the T.V. programs, then the parents need to reevaluate their own behaviors too; sh4e’d believed, that anything done in school, including play, needed to be in accordance to the morale of education.

And so, this, is the effects of violence in media, on your school age children (still not mine, ‘cuz???  Oh yeah, don’t gone me one!), and, because violence is, everywhere we look, on T.V., on the WWW, on those, billboards you come across from your ways to work, on your drive home from work, etc., etc., etc., it’s impossible, to keep your kids from getting, exposed, and, this situation is just, really bad, because, the parents are still, too god damn, way too, mother @#$%ING (all out of “cuss words” here!) clueless, and, your children are losing their virginities (psychological kind here!), everyday, when they played these violent games at school, under ADULT supervision, because, those teachers aren’t babysitters, they educate your young, and so please, do NOT make their lives, harder, as children are getting a hell of a lot more difficult, to educate by the generations, because they’re all, smarter, smarter, smarter, as you @$#$ING adults are, getting DUMBER still!

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A Cycle of Kindness

Because of the kindness, shown by those graduated, older school members to you, making you, more than willing, to give back to your younger schoolmates too now, this is, an amazing, cycle of help, of kindness that keeps, rolling down, translated…

My son stayed in his room a long time, I’d asked him what he was up to?  He’d told me he will be in a webcam meeting in a bit, to train his younger schoolmates on the techniques of interview.  I’d questioned, that it wasn’t him who’s taking the exams, he’d replied, “back then, my older schoolmates had helped me the same way, of course I am going to help my younger schoolmates now too!”  wow, my son is, really, grown up!  This was, very truth, back then, my son wasn’t, too articulate, a geek too, wanted to become noted in the excellent bunches of students from Jien-Guo High School, not an easy thing.  But gladly, his older schoolmates were, more than willing, to coach him, they’d come back to school to rehearse with him every weekend, and finally, it’d helped my son get into his desired major of medicine.

Of them, the most helpful person was the one who’d, connected my son with his older schoolmates, his homeroom instructor, she’d treated her students like they were her own children, and all the students were, more than, grateful toward her, with a call from her, all of her students would drop everything, and came to her aid.

Especially, the year my son graduated, everybody made the higher grades, and, it’s all on how those graduated students’ willingness to put in the time on their weekends, to share with those younger schoolmates the tips of going into the interviews, to how to prepare the information package to bring to the interviews, etc., etc., etc., and on Memorial Day weekend, they’d, trained them from 8:30 in the morn, to five in the afternoon, to allow the younger schoolmates to get the stance they’d needed, when they are in the interviews, and I was, more than, moved by these, older class members’, giving, there were, a total of twelve students who got into the medical department.

More importantly, these experience of having something offered to them, made these kids know how to give back.  It’s said, that children who are intelligent, were all, selfish, but on my son, and his classmates, I’d, found that, cycle of kindness that, repeated itself.  Because they knew, that they couldn’t get into the universities of their choices, had it not been the older school members’ returning on the weekends to help them prepare, so, they’d, followed in their older school members’ footsteps, returned back every year to help their younger schoolmates, and not only of the same school, my son and his college classmates would also, work together, to help the high school students in the Yunling, Chiayi areas to the highest, the topnotch universities in Taiwan too.

Later I’d asked my son, why did he do this much?  He’d said, that the countryside doesn’t have as much resources as in the cities, if because of their helping out, the kids from the countryside can, have the opportunities to get into the more prestigious universities, wouldn’t that be, amazing?  Hearing this, I’d found, that my son has, grown up, knew to trace to the origins, willing to help others, this would make me happier, than his, making the good grades.

This shows, how the cycle of kindness, can also, snowball, with the previous generations of graduates, coming back to the high school to help the graduating students prepare for their, entrance college interviews, giving them tips, helping them get into the majors of their choices, now, these younger school members, are, paying it forward, because they were, shown the kindness, by the previous generations of graduates, that’s why, they’re now, more than willing, to give back too.

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