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A Cycle of Kindness

Because of the kindness, shown by those graduated, older school members to you, making you, more than willing, to give back to your younger schoolmates too now, this is, an amazing, cycle of help, of kindness that keeps, rolling down, translated…

My son stayed in his room a long time, I’d asked him what he was up to?  He’d told me he will be in a webcam meeting in a bit, to train his younger schoolmates on the techniques of interview.  I’d questioned, that it wasn’t him who’s taking the exams, he’d replied, “back then, my older schoolmates had helped me the same way, of course I am going to help my younger schoolmates now too!”  wow, my son is, really, grown up!  This was, very truth, back then, my son wasn’t, too articulate, a geek too, wanted to become noted in the excellent bunches of students from Jien-Guo High School, not an easy thing.  But gladly, his older schoolmates were, more than willing, to coach him, they’d come back to school to rehearse with him every weekend, and finally, it’d helped my son get into his desired major of medicine.

Of them, the most helpful person was the one who’d, connected my son with his older schoolmates, his homeroom instructor, she’d treated her students like they were her own children, and all the students were, more than, grateful toward her, with a call from her, all of her students would drop everything, and came to her aid.

Especially, the year my son graduated, everybody made the higher grades, and, it’s all on how those graduated students’ willingness to put in the time on their weekends, to share with those younger schoolmates the tips of going into the interviews, to how to prepare the information package to bring to the interviews, etc., etc., etc., and on Memorial Day weekend, they’d, trained them from 8:30 in the morn, to five in the afternoon, to allow the younger schoolmates to get the stance they’d needed, when they are in the interviews, and I was, more than, moved by these, older class members’, giving, there were, a total of twelve students who got into the medical department.

More importantly, these experience of having something offered to them, made these kids know how to give back.  It’s said, that children who are intelligent, were all, selfish, but on my son, and his classmates, I’d, found that, cycle of kindness that, repeated itself.  Because they knew, that they couldn’t get into the universities of their choices, had it not been the older school members’ returning on the weekends to help them prepare, so, they’d, followed in their older school members’ footsteps, returned back every year to help their younger schoolmates, and not only of the same school, my son and his college classmates would also, work together, to help the high school students in the Yunling, Chiayi areas to the highest, the topnotch universities in Taiwan too.

Later I’d asked my son, why did he do this much?  He’d said, that the countryside doesn’t have as much resources as in the cities, if because of their helping out, the kids from the countryside can, have the opportunities to get into the more prestigious universities, wouldn’t that be, amazing?  Hearing this, I’d found, that my son has, grown up, knew to trace to the origins, willing to help others, this would make me happier, than his, making the good grades.

This shows, how the cycle of kindness, can also, snowball, with the previous generations of graduates, coming back to the high school to help the graduating students prepare for their, entrance college interviews, giving them tips, helping them get into the majors of their choices, now, these younger school members, are, paying it forward, because they were, shown the kindness, by the previous generations of graduates, that’s why, they’re now, more than willing, to give back too.

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Sisyphus in the Subways of Paris

The help from unknown strangers, that’s, made this woman and her daughter felt warmed in the hearts, translated…

I’d come to understand how Sisyphus was feeling. As I took two suitcases with the illustrated books, standing by the subways of Paris, faced with the dozens of steps heading upward.

Going against gravity, is already, a challenge in itself, let alone, when I’d needed to, push a huge rock that’s, way oversized, way heavier than my own body weight. And so, Sisyphus kept, pushing uphill continually.

Ahhh! I’m, after all, luckier, than Sisyphus, someone offered to help me out.

A graceful woman with silvery hair, used her wrinkled hands, stated in English, that she wanted to, help me out, and, grabbed my small suitcase to carry. I’d understood, that the moment she’d, lifted it up, she’d, be regretting it, because, it was, filled with books, weighed, just like the rocks.

But, why had, this kind hearted elderly woman offered me the helping hand? Because there was a middle aged man who saw her hauling a suitcase as she’d, stumbled up a staircase, and gave her a helping hand. And, she’d, gone down the steps, emptyhanded, and turned around and saw me with great difficulties, climbing up the steps, she’d, immediately, “paid it forward”, and, lifted up the suitcase, that was, apparently, heavier than she was.

I’d naturally, used my English and French, to tell her thanks, but it wasn’t, necessary, but I still had a bigger suitcase in my arms, and, this “evergreen marathoner” had, surpassed me already.

And yet, this pushing the rocks upward, with me, as the last leg. Or maybe, I hadn’t, found where to put my strength to best use yet, I appeared to be too foolish, and, an onlooker can no longer, take it, another younger, more fashionable woman, entered, into this race of mine, and, took the large suitcase I was handling, away from me.

Ah! What, is in this thing? All her friends, started, dissecting my case with their eyes from the various angles, and finally, they were, able to, lift up, that huge rock, then, lift up the legs, push up the steps; lift up the legs, push up the steps………as for me? With nothing in my hand, I’d, used both English AND French, to cheer my helpers on.

I’m, way luckier, than Sisyphus, the rock didn’t roll back down, as it was about, to reach the heights, and, all of those “competitors” who were involved in this race of mine, stood on the top of the stairs, with tears in the eyes, waved goodbye to me. And, my youthful daughter stood, panting, by her large suitcase, with great confusion, watched, this skit that had, happened in the subways.

The two of us, kept sliding the three large suitcases along in the subway of Paris, and, discussed how incredible our adventures were. As we just turned the corners, holy! Stairs! Stairs! Stairs! It seems, we’d, added, a second show, of the “Trials of Sisyphus”!

And so, from this you can see, how helpful, these strangers were, to this mother-daughter pair, and, without the strangers’ kindness, this mother-daughter pair, would’ve, NEVER been able to, carry their two large suitcases up that first flight of stairs, and yet, after they’d passed this first hurdle, there comes, the next one…but, the kindness of the strangers who’d, offered them a helping hand, can’t ever be forgotten that’s for sure!!!

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When Having Shoes Became a Luxury, Kindness that Flowed Overseas

This, is a TRUE story!!!  Found on the papers, translated…

The English Teacher, Yo-Jen Yang in order to help the Kenyan people with the problems of sand ticks, started in April, he’d used the internet, and initiated the “Old Shoes Save Lives” activities, he’d originally wanted to just have the shoes to fill up a twenty-inch small case, in the end, came four forty-inch large cases of compassion.

The most beautiful scene in Taiwan—compassion, plus, the endless powers of the internet, more than 14,000 pairs of life-saving shoes floated overseas, and arrived in the hands of the Kenyan people, at the end of the month, the second container will be shipped out.

Barefoot, Causing Ulcerated Feet, the Mountainous Regions are in Need of Shoes

Yo-Jen Yang’s Canadian father-in-law is a Christian pastor, and had helped build wells, schools with his church members in the distant mountains in Kenya often.  He’d noticed how the people in the villages didn’t have any shoes, and would step barefoot into the sand and the bud, and the sand ticks could easily get in from the soles of their feet, and, at its best, the infections from the sand ticks can cause the feet to become ulcerated, at its worst, it can take the lives of the individuals who got it, the Kenyans are desperately in need of shoes.

Yang had heard his father-in-law talked about this, and, even IF everybody filled their suitcases up with shoes, there would only be enough room for only one to two hundred pairs at a time, seeing how the children who didn’t get shoes looking so sad, Yang’s heart went out to them.

On April 19 of this year, Yang started the movement of “’Old Shoes, Save Lives” project, wanted to just get about a hundred pairs of shoes donated from the public and then, used a twenty-inch cargo, transfer it to a school in the mountains of Kenya, so the kids could have shoes to go to school in.

He’d Only Set the Cause Up for Four Days, and He’d Managed to Get 14,000,000 Pairs of Shoes Donated

What he didn’t realize was, that in just four short days, he’d managed to get the amount of shoes to fill up a forty-inch large cargo case, and the message was reposted over ten thousand times, a ton of actors, actresses, along with school all joined the cause, even in Japan and Hong Kong, there would be inquiries, “Where do we send the shoes to?” a shoe manufacturer had even driven a truckload of shoes in his inventory to the church.

Yang said, he didn’t imagine the power of the internet, not only in his home and church in Chongli were piled with shoes, even in his brother’s computer repair shop in Taichung, along with the warehouse were all stuffed with shoes, the shoes piled up in the basements from floor to ceiling.  He’d posted that the activities are now, over, that people should not send in more shoes.

But a lot of the online community saw the articles shared, and, there would still be over a hundred of packages, coming from all over.  And, there wasn’t enough space, and so, they’d kept the donated goods in the post offices, but then, the post offices couldn’t manage, and so, he’d piled the donated items outside his shop front.

Yo-Jen Yang, the Person Who’d Started This Cause: I’m Even More Excited Than the Locals

“The compassion of the Taiwanese people are wider and deeper than the Indian Ocean,” Yo-Jen Yang said, that the items were eight times OVER what was expected, and, there were not only shoes, but old clothes, toys, and he’d shipped the items using a 40-inch cargo case, the first shipment of forty thousand pairs of shoes, over seven thousand kilograms worth of clothing, got shipped out this June, and, by September, it had arrived in Kenya.  This year in November, Yang went to Kenya, and saw how a woman who had not had shoes for nine years, wearing the lifesaving pair of shoes, and smiling so very brightly, “I’m even more excited than they all are!”  The second shipment will be sent out before the end of this month.

And so, this, is how fast kindness spread, to overseas, and, all it took was this man’s compassion, empathy toward people in those less fortunate circumstances, and, it also showed, how people would be more than willing to help out, if you ask them to.

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This X-Rated Game We Were Forced to Play

We were forced, to play this X-rated game, that we didn’t even want to be a part of when we were children, but, for survival’s sake, we had, played this X-rated game.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, it was to satisfy his needs (ewwwwwwwwwww, and don’t even!!!), he’d watched his children, FUCK each other silly, and, he’d given his sons tips on fucking his daughters, and, he’d even “demonstrated” to them, how it should be done.

This X-rated game we were forced to play, I will NOT have it anymore, you hear!!!  You come near me, I will SLICE and DICE, and, off, goes your PENISES!  This X-rated game, we were forced to play, we had no choice but to, because he’d threatened to take away his love for us, and, because of how young we once were, we needed his love as kids, and so, we did what we were told, and gotten exposed too young………


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Later on, as I Drove, I’d Modeled After My Dad

See, parents still have GREAT amounts of influence on their children, NO matter how old they (the kids) get, translated…

With a turn, the SUV went into a narrowed alleyway, a white-haired, elderly man, with a hump on his back was slowly, moving in the middle of the path.  The driver couldn’t tell whether the elderly person planned to stay on the left or the right, and so, he’d drove behind the man, slowly, with a large distance between them.  Until other pedestrians discovered this, and reminded this elderly woman to stay to the sidewalks, the vehicle then, slowly, slid right by.

The pedestrians started chatting and giving off commends, “This is an amazing driver, he didn’t use the horns to tell the elderly to move.”  In the backseat, as I’d heard them, I felt real pound, thinking, “It’s my dad who’s driving!”

I had multiple experiences where someone HONKED me and scared the SHIT out of me on the roads.  Sometimes, I’d just made sure, that there was NOT a single car on the roads, but, there could be a car, that moved, so stealthily, to my back, “HONK~~~”, wanting me to move, and that sound, can scare your feet off the grounds that’s for sure.

And, sometimes, anger too, got sparked as well.  Back when we were younger, there were friends who’d SPIT on the windows of the car too.  There was a car that’d shocked my girlfriend, and, she, who’s usually gentle fought back immediately, she’d SLAPPED the trunk of that car hard, screamed out, “What the HELL you honking at!”, and, the sound of the horns, along with the screams of my girlfriend, from her angers, it’d shocked me twofold.  But I understood where she was coming from, after all, if you got honked like that, so many cells would’ve been shocked to death.

My father, whilst he was driving, would NEVER honk behind people’s back like that.  Since I was younger, after couple of decades, even IF he was already running late for work, and rushed to take me to school, he’d driven with such amazing courtesy on the roads.

Even though, showing some kindness on the road is common courtesy, but, it could spare a TON of people from being scared the SHIT out of, it’s an act of kindness, that needed more followers.  So, later, as I’d become the driver, I’d also, taken after my dad.

And so, because you HAD a good example to follow, your father, who’d driven with this sort of a milder manner, and you’d empathized the pedestrians, because someone close to you had been honked at, therefore, you’d be less than likely, to honk at people who’d blocked you.  But, the father’s actions are the biggest influence in this man’s life that’s for sure.

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The Puppets’ Father

A poem, translated…

You’d prayed to become a father

The looks of death

You said your joints are cold like the ends of the earth

And naturally

You’d feel quite ashamed

After ALL the cotton clothes are taken off

I’d tied, all your most fragile parts

After we’d hollered “One”

Then, you can begin

Tipped your toes to make a bow

The loosened strings made your hands waved

This movement that you made

Was once seen through

Once seen through by me

And the gaze, oh no

We couldn’t control that

Should we add some other strings

So you’d be able to see me better too

Clear or not

You said, that the poses of curling up would be the closest resembling

To that chest down posture in front of the doorsteps

Looking at our wooden bodies

Mimicking life

When you silently prayed to become a father

So you could approach him more and more, you’d recalled

That he had once, chosen to give up on

Singing you that sweet lullaby into your windows

And so now you sang, sang so loudly

The voice is filled with strings

Along with the clinking of the joints

The stiffened body without the companion dancer

A body, with nothing BUT solos to perform

In between graceful, beauty and crazy, kept turning over and over again

You’d faked our dances

Like how you’d made up a new way of speech

Took Over our bodies

And so, the puppet eventually gained control and started controlling others, and that, is how abuse still gets passed down, because the “father” passed down the way he was treated to his own offspring, even though he HATED being treated the way he had when he was little…

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A Young Child Rode Around on a Water Motorcycle, After Five to Six Times Riding, She Was Riding it for the Last Time, and She Fell into the Waters and Drowned

S-P-L-A-S-H-E-D, literally, across the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nine-year-old girl, Yang yesterday followed her family to the place where the Hualien Stream emptied out into the oceans, she and her four other cousins rode on the water motorcycles, and, as the motorcycle made a huge turn, she’d fallen into the waters, and five hours later, her body was found, and, after the family rushed her to the hospital, she’d still died.

The Grandfather’s Birthday Became the Granddaughter’s Day of Untimely Demise

Yesterday was the birthday of the little girl, Yang’s grandfather, and the whole family went out to a picnic for the occasion, and the birthday of the grandfather had become the date of death of the granddaughter, the whole family was very sad.

The place where the Hualien Stream emptied out into the oceans had always been a place where people rode on water motorcycles, and players would often come here to test ride, the oceanfront was seemingly peaceful, but, at about fifty meters offshore, there was a deeper place, and this, is where accidents happen mostly.  Last month on the tenth, the rescue team of the Hualien area held an activity, three were taken away by the waves, but gladly, NOBODY was hurt.

The Five Children Were NOT Wearing Safety Vests

At dusk, the professional rider, Wu was about to go, the four kids begged for one more last right, and the little girl, Yang was originally NOT going, but, was persuaded by her older cousins.  And the five children got on, without life vests, and, as there was a turn about fifty meters away from the shores, they’d lost foothold and four of the kids fell into the waters.

At which time, the professional rider, Wu, quickly managed to grab two of the kids who fell, another professional rider also jumped into the water and saved another, the child, Yang, couldn’t swim, and she’d gotten carried by the waves, and, nobody had spotted her until even nine in the evenings, the families started burning paper money by the shorelines and cried, “Younger sister, younger sister”.  The fire department started the search and rescue immediately, and the air rescue team also came, sent out choppers to help, and finally, they’d found her at ten nineteen at night, and when they’d pulled her up, she wasn’t breathing, and after they’d rushed her to the hospitals, she’d still died.

The child’s mother said, that the professional riders were kind enough to take the kids out, and that it was on a spur of the moment, that, was why they were NOT wearing protective vests, that she didn’t expect the accident to occur, and she didn’t blame the professional riders.

And, had this young child NOT gone, as she didn’t want to go, she may NOT have died, but, because it was her time, and that, was why this could NOT have been prevented, and, the what-ifs are of NO use at all, a life is still lost…


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The Story of the Happiness Fund


My community college lecturer was invited to China to give a speech, his schedule was jam-packed, he’d never stopped to take a breather, it’d gotten him a splitting headache.  One day, he had some stolen time and went out for a stroll, he saw a man, with half a head, as a street performer, and the donation box had the label “Happiness Fund” on it.  And, all the passersby had generously given to him, but, most had just tossed the coins into the box, then, ran off in a hurry, nobody dared to look at him closely, there was a high school student who’d threw him his entire wallet, then, ran like the wind, as if he’d just seen a ghost.

My professor went up to him, placed the money in, and carried on in conversations with him, and commended him on how well he’d played, and that even though he had physical deformities, he’s unafraid to live in the light, that he is a brave man.  The person smiled, and pointed to his donation box, said, “yes, I’m a very lucky man, with so many who hears my music.”  Hearing this, my professor’s heart was filled with emotions, and that, was the first time that he felt so lucky, that he could carry his entire head as it ached.

“We would, often see, in someone else’s eyes, unsuspectingly, how blessed we truly are.”  My community college instructor told us.  I recalled my good friend, Fang-Ping, she also has a story of a happiness fund from her side of the family, that moved me.

Fang-Ping’s youngest sister was born deformed, a slanted face, a twisted mouth, can’t speak words clearly, with a total of just six fingers on both hands, and had several toes missing too.  Her mother blamed herself for taking medications during the pregnancy that it’d affected her child, she was in deep regrets, especially after her divorce, she’d become totally depressed, and before age forty, she’d died, and, before she died, she’d called her five children to her side, cried, as she’d asked the children, to take care of this youngest child, whom she’d owed the most this life.

Because her youngest sister is physically handicapped, she’d gotten weird looks in school, and after middle school, she didn’t want to continue her education, and would rather stay at home.  Later on, as the siblings started working, they’d agreed, to set aside an amount, and to wire the amount into their baby sister’s account, as a care fund for her forever, and even after they’d grown up and had separate families, they’d still kept doing this.  Sometimes, their husbands or wives would have something to say about it, but they’d still set aside the amount just the same.

The youngest sister who’s ashamed of the way she looked stayed single, and lived a plain life.  Fang-Ping told me, that everybody keeps the promises to their mother, to set up this happiness fund, giving their baby sister who is never to marry security for life, and now, even her son, who’s in college and part-timing wanted to be a part of it, she naturally had agreed.

Passing down the compassion, and, the followers keep on following, Fang Ping is feeling at ease now.  The goal of their “happiness fund” is, “The MORE you’d given, the MORE happiness you’d receive”, who’s to say it isn’t so?

And so, this all started, as a caring for the baby sister’s life, and it’d gotten transferred on down the line, from the grandparents’ generation, to the parents’, and now, the grandchildren’s too.  This, is how kindness is passed on, from one generation to the next…

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My Mother Helped Made My Happily Ever After Possible

A story on marriage, translated…

My mother grew up away from the island, she was beautiful, passionate and gentle when she was young, with a TON of suitors, but she’d carried her hopes and dreams, came to Taiwan, and gotten into the police academy.  After she graduated, she’d volunteered to head back to her hometown to work, she was once, the only female police officer on the entire island, as she walked in her uniform, tall and proud, she’d attracted a TON of others’ attentions.  She was once interviewed on a newspaper special, and, on those yellowed old newspaper clippings, it should her glory career.

In order to help out with her household economics, she’d married my father who was stationed there at age twenty-eight, and, with my father’s promotion to an army officer, she’d become a “ma’am” too, but she still kept her values of simplicity, and kept her personality from the small countryside town.  Every day, she rode the bus to and from work, and she’d brought our favorite treats as she’d come home from work, and, would sit beside us after supper, help us study, took the responsibilities for caring for her husband and educating her kids, our family lived in harmony.

After more than three decades, I too, am married, with three kids.  In the process of marriage and education of my children, I, who had gone through higher education, however, never quite measured up to my mother.  Sometimes, I’d gotten angry with my husband and ran home, and my mother would often cook my favorite meal, then, hear me out, showed compassion, sympathy, and empathy, then, talked sense into me, wanted me to understand the stress that my husband was under, to help him lessen the strains.  And, if after a few days I still showed NO signs of wanting to head back to my own house, she’d hinted me, that I was already married, that her place is not a place for me to stay long term, that my home is where my husband is.

When my husband decided to immigrate on a whim, even though my parents were shocked and didn’t want to let me go, but they’d still given us their full blessings, without the least bit of interfering, completely respected my husband and his family’s opinions.  My mother would often showed her care and concerns toward my husband’s work, my health, and the kids’ growth.

And now, my parents are retired, other than the few times they’d visited me when we first immigrated, they do not travel around a lot like the regular retired people, to enjoy their retirement.  My mother often reminded me, that I must take care of the nutrition of my family’s diets, to buy items to go visit my in-laws, and to help my husband out, to take the kids out to see the world too.

I’d often felt that my mother made higher demands of me, and when I’d poured my heart out to her, she’d taken my husband and my kids’ sides, spoke on their behalf.  And still, she’d made a secret deal with my dad, to give me a lump sum to me, to allow me, a housewife, to have free cash to spend at my will, to do what I want to, to not add to the burdens that my husband has.

Sometimes as I’d heard about other people’s problems in their marriages, I felt that my mother’s love is filled with wisdom.  She not only just loved me, she loved my husband, and his entire family too.  And, she would NOT be on my side, and added to my stubbornness, and destroy the harmony in my household.  Her love for me is hidden in all of her teachings, her demands of me, along with her selfless giving to me.

And so, this, is what a good mother looks like, and, the woman was right in how her mother had helped better her marriage, because the mother did NOT take the daughter’s side, instead, she’d just listened to her daughter vent, and sometimes, that, is all we need, someone to allow us to V-E-N-T, and, after we’d vented, we’d be fine, and this mother knew that too.

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When Fears & Hate Were Being Sold, How Can We Show Our Courage to Care

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The MRT recently started back up again, and the media made a big deal out of it, claimed that the passengers feel uneasy, riding on that “train of death”, and accused the MRT companies, “don’t you know that the Taiwanese feared this sort of things the most?”, at the same time, there was a story of how a friendly stranger started singing, to comfort the riders of the trains, and that they feel healed and warm.  The former was selling fears, the latter showed care and concerns, and this, became a strong contrast.

Because blood was spilled in the MRT cars, should it be tossed out, sold for scrap metals, or to get taken off the tracks?  The truth was, that the companies knew of the traditions and the superstitions, and so, after the evidences were collected, they’d sanitized the trains, and hired a Buddhist individual to recite the verses, to cleanse the trains; and, in the various cultures, this may seem as overly superstitious.  And, the government was already handling this matter like so, and it’d gotten misinterpreted as “causing people to panic even more”, “take after the current president, doing everything in secrecy”; DO ask yourselves this, who, is creating fears, who, is actually, selling the fears here?

After the random killing sprees on the MRT, it’d caused this huge SHOCK in the society of Taiwan, but, isn’t this like the killings of the recent University of California case, along with how the Japanese Singing Group of AKB48 under attack, they’re all unpreventable tragedies, and it’s something that we must face as a society too.  What’s important is that, if a society can face tragedies with a mature mindset, it could easily resolve the issues, calm the minds of the public, along with prevent future incidences.  But, unfortunately, here, the media seemed to NOT know its affect on the social responsibilities, instead, they are adding to the fears, and spreading the hate; in these couple of days, the police received multiple calls of copycats, claiming, “I’ll take OVER the MRT to Danshui”, or, “I’m going to do it on the high speed trains from north to south”, and, you couldn’t deny the effects of this sort of bad atmosphere.

And yet, there are just THOSE who couldn’t bear to see the society heal up, and, healing still takes a LONG time, and with those BAD people, it’d only makes healing that much harder, when we’re ALL desperately trying to put this behind us…

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