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Making Up Excuses to Send the Armed Service to Iraq, Abusing the Prisoners of War, the Reputation of the U.S., Went Down to an All-Time Low

As it, S-H-O-U-L-D!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On March 20th, 2003, the U.S. sent the troops to Iraq on how it owned massive numbers of weapons of mass destruction, and how Hussein covered for the Al-Qaeda leaders in the attacks of September 11th, invade into Iraq.  And yet, after the fact, all the evidences, and investigations showed, that Iraq never owned ANY massive number of biochemical weapons that can cause massive destruction to the world, and that there’s NO ties of Hussein to Al-Qaeda or the leader of Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden.

Other than falsifying the evidences to justify the invasion into Iraq, the American armed services also had been found to have abused the prisoners in the Iraqi prisons, and massacring the civilians of Iraq, the reputation of the U.S. dropped to an all-time low in the War with Iraq, and the effects are still going on today.

No Massive Number of Weapons of Massive Destruction Had Been Discovered

The DW reported, on February 5th, 2003, the then Secretary of State, Powell went to the U.N. to give the evidence of how Iraq owned massive numbers of weapons of mass destruction, but later the investigations found, that this wasn’t, true, that the U.S. had, either falsified the claims, or, exaggerated it, after the American Armed Forces overthrew Hussein, they’d conducted the searches, and found NO massive amounts of weapons of mass destruction anywhere.

Powell is one of the few who’d admitted to regretting the invasions of Iraq of the Bush Administration.  Powell stated, that the speech he’d made to the U.N. accusing Iraq, was the “stain” of his entire, career.

The Harvard professor told DW, that back then, the U.S. invaded Iraq first, then, tried to find the valid excuses for it, through an assortment of making up of the false intel, to justify the means of the invasions.

The U.S. Carried Double-Standards Toward the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

And now, the U.S often, claimed that “based off of how we need to maintain world order”, and yet, from the war in Iraq, the U.S. seemed to not follow the rules of “world order”, that they can break up this so-called “world order” they say they were, defending.

The legal expert of law department of German’s Georg-August Universitat Gottingen told, this sort of saying one thing, doing another, is what’s caused the many countries to keep their distances from the U.S. in the current Russo-Ukrainian Conflict right now, for instance, Brazil, South Africa, India, they didn’t want to follow U.S.’s calls to support Ukraine in fighting off Russian invasion, nor do they want to be a member of the countries that tried Russia for the war either.

The professor stated, that these “southern countries of the globe” knew, that U.S. held double-standards toward the War in Iraq and the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict.

And so, the ugliness of the U.S. finally got, noted by the world, and, the U.S. is no longer, “great” (so stop believing the BIG LIE of: to MAKE AMERICA GREAT!). 

Because the immoral behaviors of the U.S. is finally getting noted by the rest of the world, that’s why, the U.S. is, losing all of its friends in the world, in support of its own, causes, and everybody is slowly coming to know, just how, selfish the U.S. government, truly, is!

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“No AK 47s”, the Civilian Organizations Pushing Forth the Public Votes for Peace

What we the people want, is PEACE, but the DDP is, longing for that, W-A-R, with China, and people’s opinions, don’t matter, and, even IF this vote goes through, do you think that the DDP will, respect the people’s will?  Hell NO!  So, why bother vote at all???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former legislator, Wang and the civilian organizations hosted the press conferences of “The Better Routes to Peace Between China & Taiwan—Vote NO for War & Yes for Peace!” press conference, he’d raised his arms high, to make it look like he was holding an AK47, to call out for peace, to voice his displease at the president’s request that everybody in the country learns to shoot a machine gun to prepare for war with China.

we can march, but the government won’t give a @#$%…photo from online

Wang stated, that the Central Elections Commissions kept delaying the set up for the public votes electronic system, this was stripping the people of our rights to exercise our democratic rights to vote, and as the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict happened, he became very worried over how Taiwan will end up exactly like Ukraine too, that’s why he’d started up the “caring for lives, vote for peace” public issues vote, recently, he will be initiating the first stages of getting the issues printed, and in the future, he will visit with the various chairpersons of the varied political parties, as well as the presidential, candidates, to demand that they put forth a time table for concrete plans for peace, and sign the petition.

Wang pointed out, currently, there are two reasons why China and Taiwan can’t agree, first, the DDP’s refusal to negotiate with China, and even if they’d gone to talk, Beijing may not believe in the goodwill of the party one bit; secondly, if the KMT sent out the representatives, the Taiwanese public will doubt, that KMT may, sell out Taiwan to China, and can’t trust the party either, so, the peace public votes is, an open path, that might help bring the two sides to the table, to negotiate peacefully.

Yeah, good luck, because the DDP and Tsai will NOT allow for any peace, they want war, because that, is how they spin it, that if we don’t declare independence from China (hello, hello, hello, we were, originally, independently operating from China until the DDP claimed, TAIWANESE independence you MORONS!), we will get gobbled up, and Tsai and the DDP still foolishly believed, that the U.S. will help us out, yeah, right…

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The Head of the A.I.T., Unafraid of Being Called “Doubter of the U.S.”

How the Democratic REGRESSIVE (instead of progressive???) Party takes away we the people’s opinions, silencing we the people, despite what the FACTS of the “case” showed!  About to cross that final threshold in becoming Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, the doings of the U.S. had, sparked up some doubts here, but it’d become, a propaganda used by the DDP, “doubting the U.S.”  The head of A.I.T. Sun, when questioned about this, she’d stated, “doubting the U.S. is not the same as defying the U.S.”, that the freedom of speech should include the “theories of doubts” too; while her work is, deleting the “I don’t trust you” doubts, and not to point the fingers of “you are passing the false news around!”

Sun’s claims, should serve as a wakeup call to the D.D.P., and it’d given that lesson in democracy to Lai and Chen.  In the populist culture of the U.S., thankful for senior diplomats such as Sun, who’d not forgotten the core values of democracy, she’d differentiated “doubt” and “being against” too clearly, and, managed to put her responsibilities, right where it should, be.  This, ought to make the Tsai government and Tsai herself, shamed.

At the end of January, Hou pushed forth “we’re NOT a pawn for the world’s powerful countries”, and immediately the vice president, Lai called him a spreader of “doubting the U.S.”.  Following, the legislator, Kao-Jing questioned the U.S.’s “Taiwan Scholar Plan”, how the U.S. will sent its officials into our government departments, and the head of state, Chen called her out on “doubting the U.S.” too, to prevent her to talk more.  The DDP and the side wings, spun these naysayers into “Communist Chinese supporters”, that they were singing the same tunes as China.  What they’d not counted on, was that Sun was unafraid of getting called a “doubter of the U.S.”, she’d even, supported that we have our own doubts, and believed that she was, responsible to answer to the inquiries from others.

Sun’s statures should be looked upon as amazing, in comparing, those higher up officials of the DDP who’d treated the “doubters of U.S.” as conspiracy theorists, should feel ashamed of themselves.  Those who need to answer to us, are you, the politicians in power, running this country!  And yet, you only ask us, ordinary citizens, to shut up!

Yeah, so it’s, official, this “free country” (it had never been, FREE, not since the DDP took over!), because a DICTATORSHIP, and, the DDP still attempts to SILENCE all voices which are more sound (based off of logic!), which are, against them, and yet, people are still, following this god damn political party to hell?  What’s it gonna take, for all of DDP’s followers to wake the hell up?  Oh, I know, as that bomb from China dropped onto the president’s office here in Taipei, bombing the president up, then, we would all be, “free at last”, won’t we???

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Dad, Can I Use ChatGPT to Do My Homework?

Yeah uh, these, modern day technological advances, are making sure, that the kids do NOT turn in their own work, which means, that they won’t be using their BRAINS at all, and that would then, ultimately lead to???  Yeah, a bunch of BRAINLESS idiots that became the “losers” (instead of leaders???) of TOMORROW, and the fate of all mankind gets, FUCKED up!  The artificial intelligence program (is it now???) that made the leaders of tomorrow into, LAZY IDIOTS, taking away their ability to think FOR themselves! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

My middle-school age daughter came home a few days ago, told me, that all her classmates had ChatGPT to do their assignments for them, and asked if she could too?

I was stunned at the moment, and all I could tell her was, “I’ll…think……about………it…………”

The instinctive dialogue, made the users who are using ChatGPT feel like they’re talking to a friend, or asking a teacher a question, more importantly, it’d helped resolved the problems that the users may, have, analyzes the conditions, and offer a workable resolve, this is how ChatGPT can attract more than 13 million users per day.

Now, the children are raised digitally, plus every student has an iPad, the push forth of the digital learning policies, and this means of learning, will take over the elementary, the middle school years soon, and the parents and instructors will be split into two minds: do we worry about how the kids can get the answers to the problems from ChatGPT or are we, happy, that ChatGPT can be used, as a helper in learning?  With using ChatGPT risked, lowering the logical thinking ability in children?

Here, I have summed up FIVE positive ways that the adults can see ChatGPT:

First, the adults need to learn: the twelve-year national education mandates stressed that the students will acquire the ability to learn on their own, to find their own means to learn things, and the parents, educators, growing with the technological advances, would be, the BEST way to teach as role models to the students.  Therefore, the instructors, the parents need to get acquainted with the program of ChatGPT, the principle which ChatGPT is based off of, the scenarios where the program is used, so they can understand, under what circumstances, their young go t ChatGPT to get the answers.

Secondly, focus more on the process of learning, encourage the children to enjoy the process of knowledge acquisition, to explore, to discover, to think, instead of trying to get the answer only.  Reminding the children, that ChatGPT is merely, a tool, that it’s not a database of answers they need, that they need to use the program to understand the problems, and use their own thinking processes, their creativity, to come up with the answers.

Third, focus on the honesty in learning: reminding the children, that copying someone else’s answer is immoral, that it would damage their reputation.  And guide them, to know that using ChatGPT to find the answers is okay, but they have to use their own understanding, and creativity, to restate the answers they get from the programming.

Fourth, teach them the techniques of usage: teaching the children to effectively use ChatGPT.  For instance, help them clarify the questions they wanted to ask, select the fitting key terms for the searches, and, know how to tell if the responses from ChatGPT is accurate and real and factual.

Fifth, restrict the usage: set up the limits and restrictions that your children will use ChatGPT, only allow them to use the program to resolve a certain type of problems.  For instance: you can use the outlines given by ChatGPT when writing, but you can’t use the program, to get the entire essay written for you.

The tools aren’t good or bad, it’s all up to the users’ states of mind, as a tool to help learning, ChatGPT can increase the efficiency of learning for students, making learning more convenient, but, at the very start of how to operate the program, the adults need to guide the children how to use the program correctly, through the parents and teachers using the program alongside the children, helping them with acquire the right, morally responsible values of use.  ChatGPT is a tool that has a huge effect, it can assist children in their learning, then, through the children’s own abilities for thought, creativity, and judgments, to help them resolve the problems.  Artificial intelligence cannot, and should NOT replace the children’s critical thinking skills, creativity, and, their learning to socialize, to interact with the world around them.

And so, this is a program (I think!) that’s devised, to answer ALL our questions for us, and, if the kids are allowed to use this program to do their assignments, then, why the @$%# would they still have use for their brains?  I mean, just ask ChatGPT (like how we adults, just “ask Google” too!), and ye shall, receive!

Wow, so ChatGPT IS god of the 21st, Century then???

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Run, as Best as You, Can

The features of a woman, the values she had, the means of work she’d, carried with her, translated…

The year that Manzu went to college, her family only gave her a month worth of allowance for living.

She’d gone up north on her own, found a rental stay close to Fujen Catholic University, to settle herself in, then, immediately found a job.  Worked days as an operator in a factory plant, and, right after work, she was just in time for her classes.  Before the first month’s worth of salaries came, she’d had a period of time of not having any money on her.  She had nothing on her, and thankfully, she’d told her landlord that she wanted to have the meal plans, and she didn’t, starve, she was glad, that she had, the foresight to sign on with the meal plans.

And, she’d, gotten through her five-years’ worth of night school, didn’t get any more money from her own parents.  Both her parents worked as farmers, worked in the fields their entire lives, never even gotten a chance to retire until they both, died, raised up the eight of them children, “I was the fifth out of seven girls, so I was, a ‘tiny dancer’”, she’d joked.

My high school classmate, Manzu Lin, medium-built, a bit on the slender side, was the notable runner, she had the time of thirteen seconds in the one-hundred meter dash, she’s excellent in sports, but she’d made fun of herself, for “showing all my faults”.

As summer just began, before the bell for the morning study hall came, she would carry the aluminum kegs going back and forth, watered the jasmines in the school, the flowers got clipped to round shaped, like the cute children’s heads, looking up, at her, she’d smiled as she’d watered the plants, the perfect form of a seventeen-year-old adolescent, girl.

As soon as “Fly” started working, she’d started, running fast.  She’d gone to China for ten years, worked in Dongwon, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and other places, worked in sales, accounting, as well as management.  The owner of her agency sent her to set up shop, told her, “doesn’t matter if we lose money, make sure we have a spot there.”  She’d kept watch over the factory alone for a whole year, and, didn’t sustain any losses, the new C.E.O. was the brother of the owner of the company she’d worked, lacking the drives in work, and on the weekends, he’d gone to Shanghai, spent all the money, and written it off as the company’s bills.

illustration from

The company didn’t develop at all, Manzu disliked that she was going nowhere, sent in her resignation.  She’d learned the foreign languages by her own means, went to stay in Indonesia for four whole years ono end.  Waited until she decided to come back home, she’d, settled down as a bookkeeper at a local construction company.  She’d disregarded how the company’s operations worked, worked hard, to persuade the owner of the business, to reform the accounting department, by the third year, he’d finally given her the okay, and she’d saved the company millions of dollars in taxes, stopped the company from bleeding out.  “I am no expert, I’m just, hard working is all”.  She’d told.

Manzu already showed signs of her hardworking characters, from when she worked as the head of classroom services, she was relentless in checking the students for how clean the classroom looked.  She knew that everybody was complaining on how tough she was toward them, still refused to lower her standards.  Using her natural born excellent sight, she’d much rather get on everybody’s bad side, would not let her duties, slide.  Nowadays, it’s impossible to find someone who carried this sort of high morale, the younger children, even though they knew, that “popularity is only for the time being!  It’s more important than anything else!”

As Manzu had a hysterectomy, she’d still refused to stay put and reset, a few short days after her surgery, she’d returned back to work.  Told her coworkers, “it’d hurt less when I’m working!”

She’s not married, knew, that loneliness at old age will be coming to her, so, as she’d recovered, she’d started, racing, again, before four in the morn, she’d hiked up to Baqua Mountain to the gymnasium, ran the five-thousand-meter laps, then, she would go off to work.  On the weekends, for karaoke, the Sundays of the even weeks, she’d hiked with the hiking buddies, she’d sent all those good morning greetings like clockwork.  Perhaps, to let us know, that if one day, the good morning greetings stopped coming, it would mean, that she had, died……….

After leaving work for thirty years, she was still a junior accountant, and not a formal accountant; she’s not the gold star saleswoman, but could keep the orders of her company when her company was changing its means of operations; she’d used the means of “one word less” to work with her subordinates, and it’d helped them maximized their work potentials.  Hard working, and not known fatigue, as Manzu just returned to Taiwan, she didn’t find work immediately, and started, working as a windshield cleaner at the carwash.

Recalling her past, I saw in her crystal clear eyes, “there’s no upper or lower status quos of life, just run the races best as you can, that’s all that anybody can asks of you”.

And so, this, is the story of, that ordinary woman, with the extraordinary life, she’d, weathered through everything, and is still, working hard, to make her life, count.

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The Selfie for the Final Portrait for My Funeral

I want to look my BEST, after I’m dead and gone, when people come and pay their, final, respects to me!  Yeah, uh, go figure, right???  Translated…

This one is okay, but not this one, delete!  I’d closed my eyes, delete this one also!

What about this one?  Post it on Group, for everybody to choose.  (simple question, let’s, all chime in; the harder to resolve, read and no response would be fine.)

How’s this one?  Do I need to touch up on my chin, my lips, my eyes, my nose, my complexion?  (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I need to turn off my mumbling mode).

too, goofy??? photo from online

Saving this one, not that.  (I’m not addicted to appearing beautiful here!).

Clicking into “recently deleted”, review, this one looks fine, not that one though, keep!  Delete!  Keep!  Delete!  From the dark hairs to the white, dealing with the massive but emptied image files.  This is never-ending, the me that doesn’t even look like me, takes up, the total volume of, this life, of mine.

Due to my O.C.D. tendencies, I’d snuck back from the other side of forgetting, continued to select the many beautiful photos of what I don’t look like, to find that final portrait to put on the shrine of my own, funeral services.

Yeah uh, that’s, understandable all right, you want to look your best, even AS a DEAD person, so that’s why, you’re taking, so much, god damn energies, selecting the picture of you, to get blown up, to put on the shrine up there at the altars of the funeral services.

how about this then??? foudn online

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The 129th “Large-Scale Shooting” the Guns Sounded Off in an American Elementary School, a Cross-Gendered Woman Massacred Six

And, we have, W-H-O, to THANK for this, REPEATED SHIT again???  Oh yeah, the Republican Party, as they’re all, GUN-LOVING, and “sponsored” by the N.R.A.!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the 27th, at the Covenant School of Nashville, Tennessee, there was a shooting, the twenty-eight-year-old transgendered former graduate, a woman, Audrey Hale, took two semi-automatic and a handgun, entered into her alma mater, and started shooting at random, causing three nine-year-old students, and three adult instructors to get murdered.  As the police arrived, they’d fired at Hale, and, gunned her down.

March is not even, over yet, and The Covenant School shooting, was already, the 129th “mass scale shooting” in the U.S. (not including the gunman, there were at least, four fatalities), the President of the U.S., Biden on the 27th, called out to the Congress to set up the bans of the assault weapons.  He’d stated, “this is heartbreaking, this is the families worst nightmares, we must, work harder, to try to prevent the cases of gun violence, and to protect the schools.”

The police stated, that Hale had entered into the school by firing into the lock and started shooting.  The police were called at 10:13 in the morn on the day, five officers rushed over, heard the gunshots came from the school’s second floor, two officers opened fire on Hale at the hallway of the first floor, at 10:27, they had shot and killed Hale.

The police stated, that as soon as Hale entered, she’d started shooting at random, the fatalities included three nine-year-old students, and three adults, including the sixty-year-old principal, Koonce, Peak, and the school janitor, Hill.

The head of Nashville Police Department said, the declaration of the shooter “showed that there will be multiple locations, the school was only one of them.”, the police also found a map of the school, with the details of where the surveillance cameras are installed, the various doors.

and, here’s that video off of Youtube, from the news channels…

The motive of the shooting is still pending investigation, Drake stated, two of the three weapons that the gunman had, were legally purchased, when she’d gone on a shooting rampage, “she had the massive amounts of ammunition to open fire with the police forces”, “readied to cause even more damages”.  The shotguns were also found, in the gunman’s home.

The school belonged to the Covenant of Grace Presbyterian, in 2001, the school was set up on the southside of the neighborhood of Nashville, with the enrollments of students from preschool to sixth grade, around two hundred students, and thirty-two instructors.

The spokesperson of the WH, Jean-Pierre stated, that Biden hoped that the Congress can do something about this, because “enough is enough!”.  She’d stated, “how many more children need to die, before the Republican House Representative pass the bill to ban the assault weapons, with the detailed background checks and purchasers showing that they have a safe storage place for the assault weapons.”

There’d been many cases of large-scale massacres of graduates who’d barged into their former elementary schools.  Last May, an eighteen-year-old male opened fire at an elementary school in Texas, causing nineteen children and two schoolteachers dead.  In 2012, a twenty-year-old male opened fire onto his alma mater in Connecticut, causing twenty students and six teaching staff dead.

And, this is still NOT quite enough, for the Congress to pass the gun control bill, because, they’re “sponsored” by the N.R.A., and of course, the Republican majority will NEVER pass a gun control law, because that means, they will be, losing the support of those in favor of the N.R.A., and, the N.R.A., has the Republican Party, in its, pockets, putting the fundings of the Republican campaigns into the party.


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The Children Called Out “Grandpa Ma”, as the Former President Visited China, & Didn’t Know Who Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Was

Welcome BACK, to the, Mao Zedong Era, when history is whatever it is that they tell you history, IS!  I feel sorry for these younger generations of children, they got, ZERO clue of how they came about (not that!!!), and they got ZERO clue, of where they’re, headed (to HELL! Is my guess!), and there’s nothing that we can do ‘bout it…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The former president, Ma, arrived at the Zhongshan Memorial of Nanjing to offer his respects.  There were, hundreds of plain-cloth officers, S.W.A.T., and the officers of the Chinese Central Police, as Ma was hiking down the pass, he’d “bumped into” a group of preschool children from Nanjing.\

things that never happened in history…

illustration from online

The kids called out to him, “Hello, Grandpa Ma!”, Ma also, bent down to the children’s level, and asked, “Why are you all here?  Do you know where this is?” and, in the instructions of their teachers, they’d responded, “this is the Memorial Hall of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen.”

The former president inquired, “Then, do you all know who Mr. Sun Yat-Sen was?  What did he do?”, there was that blank look on all the children’s, faces then, and one of the children admitted, “I don’t know”.  Ma smiled and told, “it seems, that your teachers need to, work harder!”, which caused everybody who was there to burst out in laughter.

Wow, this makes you wonder, W-H-A-T the FUCK are they teaching the young children these days?  I mean, did General Washington, get wiped OFF of American history too?  Did the Mayflower that carried all the Pilgrims, get swallowed by the raging waves of the oceans during the storm or something???  Uh, I dunno!  And here I thought, that eradicating the past only occurred here, under the tyranny of Tsai, but apparent, it’s, happened in China too.

or, and there’s, this one, from the “eastern world”…photo from online

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Treating the Diplomatic Relations as If They Were, Eggs

Nope, they still, ain’t run out of them, excuses, not just YET, not by, a long shot, because, every single official of the DDP, is still, bullshitting, and, shit’s coming out of their mouths here, and there’s still nothing that we the people can do, because, we’re too, civilized, to OVERTHROW them in a, revolution here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Honduras had broken off diplomatic ties with us now, and since Tsai took office, we’d lost, nine countries in diplomatic relations, seven of them is on the hands of Wu, head of foreign affairs.  As early as last week, Wu made the statement, “it’s JUST, for the government officials to, take the, responsibilities”; on the day that we’d lost Honduras, he’d stated, “we won’t avoid any political responsibilities”.  Sound familiar?  Not too long ago, the head of Agriculture, Chen stated almost the EXACT identical phrases on the egg shortage.

but, it’s not these, “cutesy” sort of SHITS that’s come out of the DDP officials’ mouths like it is here!

photo from online

Chen and Wu, one is “the chair of egg shortage”, the other, “head of severing diplomatic ties”.  The two swore that they will take responsibilities, but to this very day, they’re still, safe and sound, sitting in their, seats; the responsibilities floated over their heads like the clouds, they were, steady, sitting as the mountains.  Same with the head of economics, Wang.  The two major power outages, Wang had sent in her resignations both times, and in the end, it was the C.E.O. of Taipower Company who got, ousted.  Under the government led by Tsai, the word, “responsibilities” became only, a “decorative word”.

Toward losing the diplomatic relations and the shortages of eggs, Tsai’s government used similar excuses to give the people the run-around.  When there’s the shortages of eggs, she’d told, that eggs are in shortage everywhere else in the world, that it was the avian flu which was to blame, but never evaluated the policies.  When we’d lost the diplomatic ties, she’d blamed it on Communist Chinese pressure, that all our allies only wanted the funding from us, but not evaluated that it was her and the DDP’s policies, that’s caused these relations to break up.

In the means of egg shortage, the city councilmembers and the side wings of the DDP continued lying, to blurting out, that “eggs aren’t healthy for us”, to “we could use duck eggs instead of chicken eggs”.  Same for the severing of the diplomatic ties, as the number of diplomatic countries with Taiwan reduced, the DDP claimed, “we only want those who interact with us,”, “it saves the money if the countries started severing off the ties”.  It seemed, that the DDP, really treats the diplomatic relations with other countries AS eggs, won’t wake up, until, the country’s run completely, O-U-T.

look how this DICTATOR, still poses for her, photo op! Photo from online

And, of course, the countries with whom we shared the diplomatic ties with, aren’t eggs, but, seeing how the Tsai’s government, from the means of diplomacy to the needs of our lives, bending the words, twisting, and turning the reasonings, she’d, finally, shown her true self.  And, the point is, keeping the DDP in office, forget about solving the problems political responsibilities that the DDP claimed.

And, that, is how it goes, the DDP is still, bullshitting we the people, and, although some of us are slowly, waking up (but still NOT fast enough here!), most of their followers are still, ZOMBIES, and, there’s nothing we can do, until the DDP completely, runs, this god damn country to, SIX-FEET, under!

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The Problems of Thinking in Education

The means of education in this country does NOT promote the skills of critical thinking in the students, which is why, they’re all, too inept, to handle the problems after they’d made straight-A’s, and now, they’re, in the real world!  Written by an honorary professor here, on how the education systems, aren’t doing SHIT to help the students who will be, graduating, soon, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

When I went to study in the U.S., I’d found that the American pupils loved asking questions, the students from China, rarely do.  Perhaps, it’s how we’d lacked the language skills, but I think, that most of the students here, rarely, ask the questions too.  This is worth noting, because, the students who ask questions means that they are, thinking.

What the teachers teach us in school, we naturally should, try to understand.  But, if we only remembered what the instructors taught us, and what’s in the books, this is, good enough.  But, if we have the habits of thinking, this will, definitely create doubts in what we’d learned, and, if these doubts were, resolved completely, then, we would finally comprehend what the instructors were teaching, and what the textbooks said, wholly.

But, the education here in Taiwan, does NOT focus on honing the thinking skills of students, because I’m an electrical engineering major, I only have the electrical engineering examples, I’m sorry for that.  We all know, that we can make a circuit board that works with the transistor, and, this transistor often needed to connect to a resistance, but now, the resistance of the multiple wirings, are made with the transistors.  Most of the EE students know this, but, I’d once asked many graduates of the electrical engineering department about it, none of them could explain why we would need to use two transistors.  This showed, that students had, gotten some, knowledge, but didn’t really, comprehend the concepts.  Another situation that’s, caused by learning without comprehension into the concepts.

A lot of the EE students knew that the wirings of the wireless communications needed adjusting, but they don’t know why the wirings had to be adjusted.  There are many students who knew the specific function of a circuit, but didn’t know WHY the circuits functioned as such.

What worries me the most, is that a lot of people encouraged the students to use an assortments of software.  In the past, all the info-tech major students can write the most basic of programming.  But now, a lot of the instructors would encourage the students to look what’s already available online, and when you get the formulas, the program would be, up and running.  This may work for the smaller scale programming, but, any of the larger programs, the designers needed to understand the structures of the programs, and if the universities don’t encourage the students to think, although, it would be easy for the students to get through school, but, they will have it hard in the workforce.

Plainly stated, I’d not gotten into the habits on thinking in my own education.  But, as I got older, I’d had a ton of questions I wanted the answers to from in my schooling career.  For instance, I knew that the electrons and the protons are charged and the neutrons aren’t, but, I’d not thought about asking my professors why this was.  I also knew, that the first Emperor of China unified China, and now, I’m curious over how he was able to?  How did the emperor get his ideas expressed, how did he make the government officials do as he’d told them to?  The Great Wall of China had stood for thousands of years, still standing to this very day, I’d not even asked why it was, so sturdy.

As instructors, we must, encourage our students to think, having the students asking us questions we can’t answer, that means, we’d done our jobs, correctly.

Yeah, that would be, a major problem in education, the systems are, cranking out those, scantron answering machines, when in real life, there’s more than A,B.C.D.E, you need to be able to think critically, and, because “they did not teach us that in school” therefore, you don’t have the skillset to tackle this “subject”, which made you, lose big time, in your future career development, because you learned everything based off of the textbooks, and, textbooks are only the theories, there’s NO application nor the critical thinking skills, between the pages of those hard-cover heavy texts you’re, hauling to and from your college classes.

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