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The Child Who Was Body-Slammed by the Judo Coach Died

He’d, hung on, for long as he possibly could already, and now, at least, he’s, no longer, in pain!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seven-year-old young boy, Huang refused to do the move of dual sleeve hang in a judo class outside of school, the coach, He forced the child to complete the moves, the coach was suspected of slamming the child over his shoulders, throwing his body onto the mats, and told another boy, Liao, to body slam the child too, causing Huang to hit his head on the floors, and sustained traumatic head injuries; the Taichung D.A.’s Office prosecuted the coach, He on charges of severe injuries by physical assault, suggested to the courts to hand down a severe sentence.  After more than seventy days of emergency resuscitation, the child died last night, the parents agreed to get the child unplugged, they’d melted down beside his hospital bed.

The hospital stated, that in the last few days, there was, a clear drop in blood pressures, and pulse in the child, that it’d not looked, optimistic at all, they’d notified his parents to be there at around nine in the evening last night, which they’d agreed to terminate his life-support and stop resuscitation.  The boy went to the hospital more than seventy days ago, when they’d started working on him, and he’d still, died, the hospital staff were also, grief-struck.

On the sixth, Huang’s father only posted on FB, that he’d just had a birthday, and his only hope was that his son could wake up, safe and healthy again.

At the start of the month, the Fengyuan Hospital stated, that the child is in a level three comatose, with deteriorating functioning to his brain, digestive systems, and still needed to be on the respirators.

Huang’s mother stated then, “I believe, that justice will be served for my own young son, and I want the coach to take responsibility too.”  She’d felt unfair, of how the coach was out on bail, and her own son is in the ICU, battling life and death.

The father of the child wrote on FB on the sixth, that from April 21st to date, my Super Mario, Wei-Wei, you’d been brave and strong all the way, during this time, you’d gained a ton of emotional support online, for us.”

Huang stated then, that he was grateful for everybody’s support, that he believed, that his son will improve, that as he’d past his birthday on June 1st, he only has one wish: that his son will wake up healthy again, this would make him happiest, he believed, that his wish will come true, hoped that the online community can keep on sending the goodwill to his son.

And so, this, is how this young boy died, and, it’s still due to the coach’s lacking in emotional control, and, the boy fought hard, and, still died, and, this family suffered, a huge loss.  It’s, truly, tragic!

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The Outbreaks Did NOT Fall from the Skies

The commentaries, on how the government is so, incompetent, in preventing the spread, by not giving us, the citizens, enough vaccines to help us reach that level of needed, immunity, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Delta strain had been found in Pingdong, which sounded off the alarm of the slowing of the outbreaks of MERS-CoV in Taiwan, again.  The head of the county of Pingdong, Pan called out, that the outside world should NOT be on a witch hunt, not giving Pingdong a bad reputation, “the virus did not grow in Pingdong, the virus didn’t just, fall from the skies.” His words, it’d, touched many, it’s, just that the words came, a bit, late.

This current outbreak that hit hard, Hsinbei and Taipei were the hardest hit, since the DDP took office, down the chain of command, of the city councilpersons, as well as the online armies, had started, attacking both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities endlessly.  The city councilperson, Miao stated, “The whole country is in lockdown mode with Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, the side wings immediately chimed in; the second in command of the Department of Sanitation Welfares, Shih pointed out, “Wanhwa is the hole which the virus had broken in.” the supporters of DDP immediate named the strains, “Wanhwa Strain”.  Who’s hunting witches, who’s, giving whom bad names, it’s, clear to see.

The reasons for the DDP’s doing this, first, to show, that the local governments with their party affiliate being in charge is doing, way better, other than stressing constantly, “+0”, they’d also, pushed those who’d contracted the virus all outward; secondly, to divert the people’s attention from Tsai’s wayward methods of helping the country defend itself against the outbreaks of MERS-CoV.  As the clusters of infections took over the communities in Kaohsiung, the mayor, Chen pushed the responsibilities to “both Taipei and Hsinbei didn’t report the cases truthfully.”, this was, a valid, example.

Of course, the outbreaks didn’t, fall from the skies, nor would the virus, there were, the tracks to be found.  This currently outbreak locally, the starting point was the pilot’s quarantine rule of “three plus eleven”; the structural cause lies in that Tsai and her government was too full of themselves, to the point of careless, turning everything into, political-correctness, that’s what caused the outbreaks to get out of hand.  Can the Tsai government see the problems, and, amend the mistakes that it’d made, that, is the key.

the virus still did NOT fall, like this…

bombs falling from the skies 的圖片結果
like bombs, out of the skies…photo from online

As the outbreak clusters occurred in Kaohsiung, Pingdong, the calls of, “We’re all jailed up with both Taipei and Hsinbei Cities” gone, in an, instant, this, was the lessons we need to learn from the blood and the tears.  The Tsai government needs to understand and note, that “the spread of the virus is not party-specific”, that she needed to view the “island as a complete whole”; otherwise, this outbreak shall, NEVER, end.

And so, it’s not like we’re not having it hard enough as is, the DDPs are still, trying, to turn the citizens, by claiming how it’s us, the northern regions who’d not kept close tabs on the spread, how the local governments (that aren’t their colors???) didn’t do their jobs correctly, that’s, caused the virus to head south, well, there’s now, the locally “grown” virus sighted in the south, and then, the greens shuts up, because that, is how the DDP works, it tries, to bend the people’s mind, and, sway those who are, easily swayed, and, mostly, those who are fooled, are living in the south and middle strips, because the DARK greens are in control of these, local governments, and, up north, our separate city governments ARE, doing the BEST that they possibly could, and the DDP try to divert their followers’ attention, so they don’t get blamed, for their, stupidity in the policies, and yet, are we the people, just so, FUCKING retarded to believe them???

Uh……………we are, well, the majority of those the voters who are GREEN, and they will all, head out to the polls, while, those of us who don’t support the current party in power, we just feel, that we can’t do anything, to change the situations, and besides, the party in power have a way, of swaying the masses, so, why the #$%@ would we bother, vote???

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No Democracy to Speak of, without the Choices of Selections of Vaccines We the People Can Use

How this popularly voted government in Taiwan, is totally, a DICTATORSHIP!  And it’s our lives that are, sacrificed for the cause of the president’s ventures into the vaccine manufacturing company here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Terry Go and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company both received the green light to buy the vaccines, Tzu-Chi Hospital also showed signs of willingness to donate the BioNTech vaccines, but Chen, the commander blocked them.  The Tzu-Chi Foundation issued a statement, demanding that the government agree to the hospital’s buying the vaccines in the ratios, that was when Tsai agreed to video chat with Master Cheng Yen, and promised, that the government will handle the matter, swiftly.  There’s, this, serious shortage of availability of vaccines here in Taiwan, but, as the agencies not related to the government showed interests to buy the vaccines, the government officials are, doing all that they can, to prevent it, and, why is it, that the president signed off on the proceedings, then, things started, flowing along?

The mutated virus is already, causing a brand new form of global epidemic, while, here in Taiwan, the preventions against the spread is still, going at last year’s rates.  The commander finally admitted that there’s, a serious shortage of the availabilities of vaccines in the country, which caused some of the high-up government officials to get the shots illegally; what’s contradictory was, he’d, prevented the non-government related agencies from donating the vaccines from import, complained of how as too many privately owned foundations wanted to apply for the exports of the vaccines, it would cause too much trouble for the government.  Tzu-Chi made a statement, that only as the president, Tsai’s signing off the papers to allow the foundation to buy the vaccines based off of the proportions that Tsai had allowed for TMSC and the YongLin Healthcare Foundation, then, the donations of the vaccines would be, well.  Her words hit the marks: why can the foreign governments donate the vaccines to this country, while the local foundations can’t?

Terry Go called out to the government, and he was, able, to get the go for the imports of the vaccines; as the Tzu-Chi Foundation called out, Master Chengyen got the okay from the president personally, as for the other foundation’s asking to donate the vaccines, along with the applications of the separate local governments’ will to buy the vaccines, hadn’t gotten signed off yet. The government’s mistake in policies of vaccines, and how the government had been, passive, toward the private foundations’ will to donate the vaccines, and, the government blamed the matter on Communist China, attempted to fight for the sympathies of the U.S. as the war of diplomacy between U.S. and China are, ongoing; and so this way, the Tsai government will be able to, cover up its mistakes, and, to prevent the loosening of the country’s being against China.  All of these conflicting ideas, showed of how the Tsai government specifically tailored to a certain sort of ideology, and its own, benefits, and, she’d not loosen up one bit, as the outbreaks had, slowly, taken the country over.

Based off of the media exposures, the Food & Drugs Administration by last October, amended the rules of emergency mandates of the technologies, and added in the clause of “initial effect of vaccines, no need to get proven through the trial stages”, to do away with the stage-three clinical trials of the vaccines.  While the manufactures already knew of this, and could, loosely, “estimate” the effectiveness of the vaccines that they produced, without the third-stage clinical trials, and the vaccines could go up for sale.  The Department of Health & Welfare originally had, hoped that the U.S.’s research results of the immunoresponse replacement indicator, but it’d not, worked out, and in the end, the vaccines developed by the biochemical companies can only use the unproven by the world’s methods of “immune bridging” to replace.  The Department of Sanitation & Health Welfare gave the greenlight on the vaccines manufactured here, and, other than loosening the drug trial standards, they’d even, replaced the evaluation staffmembers of their own party too.

The government used the “cheating methods” to get the vaccines approved, as that was, its plans, all along.  And, the vaccine manufacturers stated, that to speed up the designs of the trials to vaccines, it’s in response to how quickly MERS-CoV is taking over, and how hard it is, for the country, to get the needed amount of doses of vaccines imported from internationally, this was, a lie, as the Food & Drug Administrations loosen up the standards, the government had set for the BioNTech negotiations, while the Command Center just signed the contract with COVAX too, so how could it know, that the vaccines would be, hard to get?  Coincidentally, after the FDA set up the new restrictions with the drug company, the talks of the vaccines in Eastern China went bust immediately, the Command Center delayed until this February, then, put in its order for the Moderna vaccines.  All of these outrageous legislations, they were all, the true causes of the shortages of vaccines we are having here now.

The shortage of vaccines had caused the society to unsettle, the Tsai government didn’t think of ways to make up for the lacking, instead, she’d, twisted how the locally donating the vaccines from BioNTech into how the foundations sided with Communist China.  Fosun Pharma in Shanghai as agent for BioNTech is a business move internationally, if the government can be more practical, and utilize the local community’s ability to buy the vaccines, to improve the immunity of the entire country’s people.  But, the government treated Go as challenging the DDP’s rule, and, as the public got angered, it’d, pulled in TSMC, and, blocked out all the other local groups’ buying abilities.  Waiting until the Tzu-Chi Foundation called out, then, the president hurriedly set up the video conference with Master Cheng Yen.  This going back and forth, what standards of negotiation, does the government have?

Ironically, the vaccines the government ordered in are late, and the officials stated how Communist China had, blocked us; while the shipments from Japan, and U.S. came in, Tsai called out, that these are, “vaccines of independence”, to cover up her own impotence and incompetence.  And, what I want to know is, as the majority of the public couldn’t even have the selection of choices of which brand of vaccine we can receive, to the point of fighting over the leftover shots, would the president’s “vaccines of democracy” be too cheap?

The government only allowed itself to receive the handouts, and not allowed the local groups to donate the vaccines; and, advocated the manufacturers of the country’s own vaccines, and not use its buying powers to buy in the vaccines, and taken measures to protect the mutated strains of MERS-CoV.  Where’s the government’s democratic sense, if the president is so stubborn in her way of allocating the vaccines, and the buying of the vaccines, to strip the people of their rights to live healthy?

And so, ALL HAIL HITLER!  Except, Hitler only, committed genocide against the Jews, and they still didn’t get wiped out, and this god damn president’s measures, of ensuring that the vaccine producing company she’s signed off for, will make the big bucks, and the vaccines manufactured here, still hadn’t gone past its, second-stage trials, and, that’s the only available vaccine to us all, fucking RATS, in this, god damn, medical experimental treatment program!

And there’s still, nothing any one of us can do about it!!!

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Fighting Over the Leftover Doses

This is what we the people, became, under the ruling of this, @#$%ING (maxed out???) government of ours, like maggots, crawling on the dirt, fighting, for a very, limited, resource (vaccine), observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the command center announced that the remaining doses of the vaccines are up for the alternates for the adult populations, the various cities and counties had employed different methods of making the appointments, but, generally, the shots are still, very difficult to get, it’d, tried all the medical personnel, and it might also, become, this, ununified chaos in format, which is, yet, another, irony, for the Department of Getting Ahead.

The vaccines were sealed in using the “multiple doses per bottle” method, and, after the names on the rosters had gone down the lines, there would, usually, be leftover doses, and, some of the hospitals would rather, dispose of the extras.  Actually, there’s, this, serious shortage of vaccines here in Taiwan, and, it’s, absolutely, necessary, that these leftover doses are put to, good use, but, as the Central Government announced its measures of opening up the appointment to allow for the backup vaccines, but it’d not, come up of a way to make the measures work, and, the various cities, counties can only, rely on themselves, leaving the citizens, not knowing when, how, or if they will have their vaccinations.

what the people here in Taiwan don’t have available to use…photo from online

The Central Government only wanted to reduce wasting away the remain dosages of the vaccines, to fill up the needs of minorities, but, there are, many rules applied in the various cities throughout the country, and, not enough vaccines to go around, the people need to, think very hard, to fight for, the limited resources of the leftover vaccine dosages.  This added more trouble to the entry level hospital workers, and they were all, scapegoats of a system that wasn’t set up properly.

The origins of this mess of remaining dosage came from how the government is lacking, in buying in the vaccines, that even the leftover doses became, too, precious to be, wasted away; while the system of appointment that’s said to be already set up and ready to go, how do we expect, the system will show the priority orders of receiving the vaccines, the map of where the left over doses are available, and the system of notices of the individuals, being called to get the vaccines?

everybody’s waiting, for that, life-saving, dose…photo from online

Taiwan is NOT a developing country, with the advances in technology being our strong point, as well as ample power of the citizens, and yet, toward the life-saving vaccines, our government couldn’t get its hands on enough, not allowing the private sectors to donate the vaccines, to how we the people, fighting over the remaining doses like how we’re, fighting over the lifesaving boat fare out to sea, this is, exactly what Tsai still refused to admit, that we’re, “beggars”.

And so, this is how, “WE the PEOPLE” get, FUCKED (no need to pardon, not this time!) up by the government’s BULLSHIT, and look at how the citizens here, are now, fighting over the left over doses of the precious vaccines that aren’t enough for everybody, and it’s still all due to the government’s lack in foresight, how the president still focused on that game of politics that she’s, currently playing, and she’s, playing that game of Russian roulette, with the blindfolds on, with our lives, and there’s, NOTHING we can do about it!!!  Because, the MAJORITY voted for her, and now, this, is the results, that all of us in this, god damn, @#$%ING country, must carry!!!

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The Psychiatrists’ View on Anxieties of Vaccines

The observations, of a PSYCHIATRIST here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The patients of my treatment clinic composed of mostly elderly population, at the start of the outbreaks, a lot of the families were too nervous, to not bring their elderly parents back for treatment; finally, the long-awaited vaccines are here, but, the media press embellished on the adverse side effects for the elders who received the vaccinations, which caused my elderly patients to grow even more, anxious.

I’d asked my patients to take out the medicine pouches, explained to them, “all the medications help, but there are those with the side effects, it’s all printed on the bags, and, there would be those who have the allergies because of their systems, but, do we stop taking our medications because of it?  If because of ‘the possibilities of’ and ‘risk factors’ we’d stopped, taking the medicines altogether, then, there would be, no medication available, because there are, NO perfect, medications.”

I said, “everybody loves her/his parents, we all want that perfect vaccine for them, but, there is, NONE!  See from our medical care workers, at first, when they’d been told, that they needed the flu vaccines, from the start, they’d, started, comparing the various kinds, and yet, year after year, they’d started, getting used to, any brand would be fine, and then, they’d gotten their flu shots when they’d become, available, and everybody became, less, selective.”

The members of the families thought a bit, and stated, “yeah, every time the physicians notified me, that mom needs the flu shots, I’d taken her to get her shots, without a second though.”  I’d asked her then, “do you think the COVID-19 shots are only the two this year, or, do you think it will be like the flu vaccines, by the year in occurrences?”

“I get, that everybody wants the best brands, but, it’s like how it is with the flu shots, this is the very first year, and everybody worries about the differences in side effects, the effectiveness of the various vaccines, but, a few years from now, after we all get used to it, it won’t make, any, difference anymore.”  Every medication has a side effect, but, nobody can predict the chances of the side effects that might happen.  We can encourage our elderly parents to get the vaccines, and, keep close tabs on the reactions in their bodies after they received the vaccines, have them rest more, drink more fluids, to not add on to the external factors, that, is the best way.

Because the “side effects” of MERS-CoV vaccines are as serious as DEATH, that, is why all those, elderly in the population, who are up for their vaccines are, backing out, and because of how there are only, one kind of vaccine available, and, because of the magnifying of the side effects of the vaccines by the media press, that’s why, the elders are now, super reluctant, in getting their, MERS-CoV vaccines, but like this physician told, everybody may have a different kind of response, depending on their separate systems, and, you just, can’t predict, what sort of a response might happen to you, before you get the shots, and now, it’s, best, that the elderly population just, line up to get their shots, because, we the younger generations want the shots, but, we are still, waiting our turns, as, there are, NOT enough vaccines going around.

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You GET, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T You, PAY for…

This would be, the MOST important lesson you will EVER learn, in your lives, and, nothing comes, CHEAP these days!

You get, EXACTLY, W-H-A-Y you, PAY for, because, when you slash the costs, you’re also, slashing the services (or, are you still deluded there???).  You get, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T you, PAY for, as the costs of something heads up, so would the services you get (or so you would, like to believe!), and generally, this is, true, however, there are, cases that are, totally, against this belief, so, don’t take this, as a “sure thing”…

You GET, EXACTLY, W-H-A-T you, PAY for, nothing comes cheap these days, there’s, always, that FINEPRINT on whatever it is you’re, signing, and because those “prints” are, so fine, you’re more than prone to, overlook what’s on there, and that’s, how you get, SCREWED over!

But, just hold on, to this thought…every cent, for every amount of, services you want to get, there’s NO such thing as, high-quality things that comes, at low costs, maybe save for, these “children” I’m currently, “reproducing” on here.

Oh and by the way, I’m now charging, each and every one of my readers, FOUR “shinny pennies”, instead of the TWO previously, okay?  Yeah, ‘cuz the prices of everything’s hiking up, so are these, “children” that I’m, currently, “giving BIRTHS” to here.

So, pay up, your FOUR C-E-N-T-S for this one, just “deposit” your shiny pennies, in the “collection plate” two on your ways in, two on your ways out, or you can, pay for the FOUR cents up front, or when you, “exit”………………

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The Delta Strain…

In the form of, a narrative, I suppose…and, here’s, some of that, NEEDED INSIGHTS for all of you, CDC “professionals”(are you sure you got, enough, professionalism of your own areas of, expertise there???).

I’m the delta strain, and, I’m slowly, becoming, the MAIN form of MERS-CoV, and, I’m, stronger, tougher to kill off, compared to my, alpha, beta “compadres”, and, I’m bound to, mutate, again, and come back even stronger, as you, god damn FUCKING (‘cuz I’m the virus, and I can swear, all I want to here!) humans, try to, take me out…

And, now that, I’d, mutated, a third time, I’d acquired, the antibodies that my former “forefathers”: alpha and beta strains”, don’t got, because, the vaccines that’d been developed now, can take them both out.

what “I” look like…photo from online

And so, yeah, looks like, I’ll be, ruling this world, for a bit, ‘cuz you FUCKING, little STUPID human beings, still don’t got single C-L-U-E there, had you allowed me to, run my course with the global population, as Mother Nature mandated (yeah, ‘cuz the virus in its original form had been proven to be, naturally-occurring, hello, hello, hello???), then, I wouldn’t have to, mutate like CRAZY, as you, stupid little humans try to, kill me off, besides, I’m only, recycling people, to help Mother Nature heal here!

So, don’t shoot me, I’m only, that lesson that you all need to learn, but still hadn’t, quite, “managed” Y-E-T is all………

my alpha “former self”…

in 3D, from online…

Now that, I’m, out of that, “outfit”, let me reiterate (why am I repeating myself here again???): reason why the virus is mutating quicker, quicker, and quicker, reason why the new strains of MERS is harder and harder to kill off is, because we’re trying to ERADICATE it, wipe it off the surface of this planet, and, that’s why the mutations are happening all over the world now, ‘cuz they’re, trying to, SURVIVE, like we, “higher orders” (are we really???) of living organisms are doing.

Hello, hello, hello, why do I feel like I’m the only one who’s seeing this, “trend”???  Oh, must be my high-up status inside this ivory tower of my FREAKIN’ mind, that’s, gained me, a panoramic, perspective…………

And, with each and every strain mutation, I’ll get, stronger yet, so, eventually, you god damn, stupid human had made me INVINCIBLE, and by then, the race of humans shall be, completely, S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!! 


what “I” look like, in “my” mutated form, from South Africa…

photo from online

And no, I still don’t “own” a degree in the medical sciences, or microbiology, or even, virology here, I still just had a bachelors of ARTS, in psych…

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Selling Your Daughters off as WHORES…

What sort of fathers are you, selling your daughters off as WHORES???  Where’s that protectiveness that ALL daddies feel toward their, baby girls, huh???  Oh, my B-A-D, there’s NOTHING called PATERNAL instinct, only MATERNAL instincts isn’t there???

Selling your daughters off as WHORES, that’s, what you, FUCKING fathers do, because you got used to having us women, come serving you on your hands and feet, and, it’s only natural, that you start, selling us, your daughters off as WHORES, to make you the money to live off of.

Selling your daughters off as WHORES, I’d been “sold” too, for just, those, CHEAP, $2,000 (roughly $71.42USD’s, based off of the current exchange rate, and yes, I checked it okay???, on my twenty-sixth too!), and, the way that mother FUCKER slapped down those, CHEAP two thousand dollars was like he was, paying me off for some sort of shit, and yeah, I still took it, ‘cuz, I was, “running short” on the cash in my wallet then……………………

And, that is, some of you, FATHERS are prone to do, selling off your own daughters off as, W-H-O-R-E, and us baby girls, well, we deserved, a WHOLE lot better, than to be, sold of like them WHORES, ‘cuz, not all of us, are whores, I know I’m not, for I’m, still, a total B-I-T-C-H here!

And, here’s that “side note”, you might want to be my P-I-M-P, but, I AIN’T your WHORE!!!

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I’m an Elderly Person, and it’s My Turn for My Astra-Zeneca Vaccines…

With the cases of AZ shots, causing the blood clotting deaths on the rise, how do we, feel safe???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Since the Command Centers allowed the donations of AZ vaccines from Japan to come in, making the vaccines available to elders seventy-five years and older, in only ten days, there were the total deaths of 169 elders recorded.  The command center claimed, that all of the elderly who’d died, had undergone the autopsies, and the results all showed that their deaths, are unrelated to the vaccinations, and stated that the natural deaths of elders are close in estimates to Koreans who’d died after receiving the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, that it’d not shown any differences that were too, apparent; but, the families of the deceased were all feeling regrets, for putting their elderly family members up to receive the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, and stated that they wanted justice.

Last month, the Frankfurt University immunology professor first brought up the scientific proofs of AZ shots causing the blood clots.  He’d found, that as the antigens were injected into the muscles in the arms, it would cause the MERS-CoV mutated genes to get into the nucleus of the cells, transcribing DNA into RNA, then, returned back to the cells, to duplicate the proteins needed, which than, cause the b-cells to produce the antibodies.

And here’s where the problem lies, as the mutated protein genes entered into the nucleus, they’re easily, damaged, which caused the proteins produced by the cells to partially, lose effects, and the proteins released by the vaccines will interact with the proteins of the human bodies, and the byproduct of these interactions can cause the blood clots.  I believe, this may be why it’s causing the elderly with the progressive conditions originally to die so suddenly, and, the autopsies performed by the justice department can only observe the organs’ progressive illnesses and the changes in the pathologies on the cellular levels, there would be the needs of biopsies to come to a full and complete conclusion.  And, how many of these, pathological examinations had the government conducted in the autopsies of the deaths caused by the vaccinations?

Earlier in February and March, in EU there were more than thirty cases of blood clotting cases in countries such as Norway, and Denmark, which made the countries immediately banning the uses of AZ vaccines, while most of other countries placed an age restriction, setting the inoculating population at fifty-five years or older, Canada had set such a rule too.  In mid-February, Great Britain used AZ vaccines in the entire country, and recently, it’d set up the mandates of only those forty and older are allowed to get the AZ vaccines.  At the start of March, South Korea started inoculating with AZ vaccines, there were multiple cases of younger generations having the blood clots, and currently, the country set up the restrictions of those under age thirty aren’t allowed to get vaccinated with AZ.  In Brazil, Malaysia, the medical professionals advised pregnant women against receiving the AZ vaccines.  In October, Australia will be using primarily Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, putting AZ on ice.  I believe, that because of the safety concerns, that’s why the various countries set up the specific age requirements for Astra-Zeneca vaccines, right?

and, AZ didn’t even, make it to this list of effective vaccines! And the government still, imports, to, MURDER its, people here!!!

Actually, other than the blood clots, there may be, a lot of, unknown side effects, and all of these, can only be, determined with the longitudinal studies, and, the manufacturers intentionally neglected to mention these safety concerns, for the sake, of getting their vaccines sold.  The seventy-three-year-old Italian PM, Draghi got his first vaccination of Astra-Zeneca vaccines in February, and by May, he’d received a second vaccination from Pfizer; the sixty-six year-old German PM, Merkel got her first dose of Astra-Zeneca, and for her second dose recently, she’d, switched to Moderna, why are there these, switches?

Any ways, the blot clotting risks had been, confirmed for Astra-Zeneca vaccines, maybe, the deaths of the elders with the previous health conditions, may be an indirect risk then?  Currently, the elderly population only have Astra-Zeneca vaccines available to them to use, with the Command Center’s advocating that “the results are worth the risks”, and, I suppose, those with the progressive conditions, can only, pray.

Yesterday, I’d, received the notice of it’s my turn to get vaccinated, I’d felt, ill-at-ease; my daughter didn’t stop me, she’d also reminded me, to take my health insurance card with me when I go, my national identification card, and also, my stamp, like in the elections, and it’d made me feel, like, I may not, return safe.

And so, because of these, risks, these, deaths that’s occurred with the Astra-Zeneca vaccines, many of the other countries had, put the restrictions on the vaccines, and yet, this country still puts us, the people, up to the execution stand, are you fucking kidding me?  Despite all the data that’s been, collected, of how there may be the results of blood clots, leading up to, deaths, for this particular brand of shots, the country still didn’t, ban the exportation, because we’re in need of these shots, because we are now, orphans of this, war against, MERS-CoV, and it’s still the government’s lack of foresight!


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The Habits of Making the Lowly Mistakes Unchanged, Taiwan Shall be Closed, Indefinitely

It’s still, the god DAMN, @#$%ING policies of this god damn government that’s, SCREWING us all over here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As people started to believe, that the epidemic is, slowing down, with the lowering of the third level of alert, we’d only gotten ecstatic for just two days, the confirmed diagnoses rose back up to three-digits, with total number of deaths, exceeding 600.  Thankfully, the Command Center didn’t announce the lowering of the alert levels so carelessly, otherwise, the consequences would be, too dire.  What’s worth noting more, is how in just one day, Kaohsiung had nine new cases added on, with the mayor of Kaohsiung, Chen’s blaming Taipei and Hsinbei Cities for their lacking in control of citizen who’d contracted the virus, and the false reports.  What’s worth more of our attention is, the originally safe and secure southern regions now had the new clusters of epidemic, in just one day, nine cases in Kaohsiung spiked up.  There were, five confirmed cases of contraction in Pingdong as well, and, the source was the individual who’d returned from Peru, and, we’re all, waiting anxiously to find out, if it’s, the first case of the Peruvian Lambda mutated virus.

It’s clear to see, why it is hard to split up the levels of alerts in the various regions here in Taiwan.  First, there’s only a seven-percent of inoculation of vaccines, not nearly enough, for the immunity of population to happen; secondly, the lives were interrelated, a lot of those who work up north live in the central, or southern regions, and, it would be, too difficult, to implement the policies of by-district rules of disease prevention; third, whenever any place loosens up the restrictions, there would be the large masses, pouring in; fourth, because the government does NOT allow for the general scans, those who are only with the less severe symptoms are going around, spreading the virus out, really hard to control.

The nine confirmed new cases in Kaohsiung, two cases of the clusters of contractions are both involved with the residents going from south to north; the seven cases in Jen-Wu, traced back to the hospitalized patient in the En-Chu-Kong Hospital, as the individual returned to Kaohsiung to live, the individual passed the virus to two families, with a total of seven members contracting the virus.  Chen accused that the Hsinbei City failed to keep track of the patient, and, failed on listing these man who’d entered and exited out of the En-Chun-Kong Hospital three times as a patient to trace, in the end, it was the government officials in Kaohsiung who’d gone online, and tracked the leads.

Chen’s anger, mostly, was from how his sustaining the “plus zero” diagnoses getting destroyed, naturally, he’d, needed to, blow off some steam.  And yet, the war against the outbreaks, is this, never-ending, tug-of-war with the virus, without bounds, can he blame how Hsinbei had, “intentionally” released the virus into Kaohsiung?  Of course not!  If he could, then, both Taipei and Hsinbei could, openly, accuse Chen, the commander for not keeping the country protected enough, to allow the virus, to take over Taiwan, to stress everybody on this, island?

If evaluations are necessary, what’s worth noting more is, in just two months, the confirmed cases increased to more than 14,000, with more than six hundred people dead, but, the central and local governments are still, making those, lowly mistakes repeatedly, with no intentions of, amending their, methods.  If the policies are what made the outbreaks happen again, no matter how we keep our selves in check, there’s, NO way we can, escape, the attacks from the virus.  For instance, how Chen blamed the city government of Hsinbei for not keeping tapes on the disease-control of En-Chu-Kong Hospital, allowing the patient to bring the virus to Kaohsiung, causing seven people to get confirmed of contractions; while the hospital responded, that the methods of precautions they took, was exactly as the Department of Sanitations Welfares demanded.  In actuality, in the heights of the outbreaks of May, the patients who’d contracted the virus couldn’t even, get into the hospitals to get treated, how can the command center have the mind, to think of the evaluation of its, proceedings?

What’s more debatable is, as the outbreaks locally grow more and more serious by the days, the Command Centers is still, Johnny-come-lately, in the scanning of those who flew from abroad.  How careless the government’s overlooking the borders of the country, it’s hard to understand the government’s mindset.  From the newly discovered five cases of contraction in Pingdong, the sources are the grandparent-grandchild pair who’d returned from Peru on June 6th, although they had the negative test results on record with them, they’d still, infected those whom they live with, then, other family members, as well as a cab driver.  The virus so carelessly, spread into the local communities, and it would be, next to impossible, to trace those who’d contracted the virus secondhand, thirdhand.  The truth is, there were, only, a few hundred of individuals who’d entered from out of country, and in this condition, why didn’t Chen order the general scans earlier?

Take for example, this grandparent-grandchild pair who’d returned from Peru, although they have the negative test reports, but, before their quarantine terms were up, they’d been confirmed of diagnoses.  Reasonably, if the at-home quarantine regulations were followed to the t, they shouldn’t be able to pass the virus along to other relatives, nor the neighbors; it must be how they weren’t, thorough enough in their at-home quarantines, that’s why the virus got out.  Especially, the Lambda strain from Peru is even tougher in its resistance to the medications, and spread out even quicker, once it’s out, the originally available vaccines we have here, will NO longer be enough, to block it, seeing how we’re, already, lacking the amounts of vaccines available to us.  The Command Center doesn’t do the general scans for those who come into the country’s gates, lacking the strict rules of the special areas’ quarantine populations, how many time do they need to make this, rudimentary mistake, to finally learn the lessons?

And look, all of the availabilities of our vaccines, the machines to save the lives, are solely, reliant on donations from the local organizations and other countries, while our politicians are, doing their best, to, blame someone else for the incompetence, the sixteen-year-old nursing school student got accidentally shot with the vaccines she shouldn’t be shot with.  People are struggling here, while the policy makers are still, pointing fingers, placing the blames, how will Taiwan be, able to, unlock the gates?

And this, is still, the problems on both sides, the individuals’ and the government as a collective, the government is at fault, for not making the vaccines available for the majority of the population, so we can, at least, have a set level of, immunity, and on the local levels, because the governments have no way of, keeping tabs on those who had contracted the virus, from running around all over the country, and on the individual level, as this MORONS still refused, to just, SIT still, in their, quarantines, and, with all three levels of trying to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, busting out, WrIDE open, of course there are going to be, more contraction than ever, besides, it’s, currently, at the HEIGHT, of the virus’s activity levels, as this virus won’t get killed, until the temperatures rise up to 50-degrees Celsius (I think it was, but don’t quote me!), and, by the time the temperature actually, rises up to fifty, are we going to survive that heat?  HECK no, it’s only about, 37, 38 right now, and, a lot of the houses here are, already, cranking up their, air-conditioning, units!

So yeah, it’s still the government’s policies that’s, screwed us A-L-L here!!!

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