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Getting Fired for Saving a Life

This, is why, the world is minding ITS own business, without CARING for anybody else’s wellbeing, because it not only doesn’t P-A-Y, it costs, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A safeguard from the beaches of Florida, Lopez, saved someone on the second, but, because he got out of his own area without notice, and had gotten over into someone else’s areas to save the life of a man who’s drowning, he got F-I-R-E-D.

The twenty-one year old Lopez works as a lifeguard on the Harendale Beach, north of Miami, on the afternoon of July 2, he received a report from other tourists, that someone was struggling in the unprotected zone of the beach.  The local newspaper and WFOR television station paraphrased Lopez, “even though it’s really far away, but I knew that someone was in need of my assistance, I would never turn down a call for help.”

The drowning man was taken to the hospitals for emergency resuscitation, and is still in the I.C.U.

But, after Lopez filed the paper works for how he managed to save a life, he was fired for going 500 feet AWAY from where he was supposed to be.  The manager of the privately owned company who helped the beaches find lifeguards pointed out, “We have issues with who’s responsible, the lifeguard is NOT to leave his zone of protection.  What he does is entirely up to him to decide, he knew the rules of the company, he did what he was supposed to.”

Wow, is that fair?  A man got F-I-R-E-D, for saving a life?  Think about this, had the lifeguard NOT gone over HIS “zone of protection” to help save the life of that drowning man, wouldn’t the beach be looking at a LAW suit for negligence right now?  And, the lifeguard got F-I-R-E-D for what he was originally supposed to do, because he wasn’t supposed to go to ANOTHER zone, because he is only responsible for HIS small area, are you kidding me?

But, Lopez got the offer to get his job back, a few days later, wow, are you kidding me here, first, you FIRE someone for doing what they were originally supposed to, then, you HIRE him back again, because you’d made the WRONG calls, because the general public is getting P-I-S-S-E-D at how unfairly this man was treated?  Are you kidding me here???

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