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The traps that will get you screwed, because by holding this, you’d have the tendencies to feel depressed when you experience, or encounter things that ARE unjust

A Lesson for the Higher Up in the Police Forces on Abusing the Power of Law-Enforcement

As it should happen, these are law enforcement officers, and they’d, abused their powers to enforce the law, and if we can’t count on them to follow the law, then, we are all, in a, dangerous, environment, living our day to day, lives here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In recent years, the government boasted the police using forces to enforce the laws, and the entry level officers believed he rule of “law is biggest”, and yet, there’s no law against the overuse of police forces in enforcing the law; the officer, Yeh’s pulling the female instructor over and assault her physically is only the tip of an iceberg; the verdict is to make the officer who’d not admitted to wrongdoing a needed lesson, also given a needed lesson of the police for covering their own officials too.

Taiwan boasted on being a democratic country, the purpose of the police is to protect the people’s rights, and the means of enforcing the law is only, when necessary, as the powers given by the country is used to hurt an innocent citizen, how can there be no wrong in that?  The higher up of the police, after the incident, they’d acted ambiguously, and rationalized the behaviors of the officer, Yeh, that he was only, “enforcing the law”, their bad behaviors are the accomplices of Yeh’s physical assault on the drumming instructor.

Evaluating the whole case, the officer cross the jurisdiction of the district, in lacking the evidence of a crime, used the terms to illegally pull the law-abiding citizens over, and as the citizen questioned the justifications, the officer body slammed her, and charged her on obstruction of police affairs, where’s the justification in that?

As the case went into the trial phase, the officer Yeh stated that he’d suspected that the woman is a junkie or that she may be a listed missing persons, that was why he’d pulled her over, but this was without any objective proof, and as the woman refused to allow him to check her, he’d still continued, there’s more than enough proof, that the officer had abused the power of the police; and the backup who’d arrived stated, “if there’s no problem, then why would she not agreed to get checked”, this also showed the lacking of awareness of the rights of the people and of the, law too.

It isn’t that the officers who’d broken the law while enforcing the law is unforgivable, and yet, it’s a month since the incident, and the then police chief, Chen, as he was interviewed, he’d commended Yeh on being hard at work, that he took the active stance to check, that he needed the affirmation of actively checking what he thought was, suspicious, and then then mayor, Cheng and the police internal affairs also, backed the officer up as well; and the then warmth from the police higher up, turned into the “heavy sentence” of the patrol officer now.

Nobody would not back up the fact that the police is, enforcing the laws, but, we will NEVER tolerate the abuse of police power; toward the illegal behaviors, the officers should be tough, but, do remember, to “exercise the right to enforce the law based off of the law”, to follow protocol, to serve justice, to protect the good citizens of this, country.

And, there’s, a gray area in this, because, what would constitute as, suspicious behavior, if someone is walking down a street, dressed in dark clothes at night, looked that s/he is, up to, no good, does that count as, justifiable, cause for getting pulled over?  And, what if this person that looked suspicious, was only slouching, because s/he had a long day of work from the office, and is, too tired?  Then, where’s, the JUST in pulling this person who looked, “suspicious”?  It’s this GRAY area, that gives the room for LOOSE interpretations of the law, which then may lead to, more, police brutality.

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Using the Illegal Means to Arrest the Female Instructor, the Police Officer Who’d Made the Arrest Broke the Law & Got Sentenced

As he should, for police brutality, and, abuse of power, and, some other, “charges” too…but, this officer still think he’d done no wrong, and is, going for, an appeal, to overturn the verdict, with the help from the police department, who’s actually, backing THIS sort of a bad behavior up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Getting Pulled Over, Refused to Allow the Police to Check Her, Got Slammed to the Ground, Arrested, Led Away in Cuffs, the Officer Broke Two Laws, Sentenced to Ten Months, the Victim: if the Police Abused Power, then, There’s NO Need for the Citizens to Comply

The former officer, Yeh from Zhongli Police Substation of Taoyuan in April two years ago, without just cause, pulled the music instructor, Jeng over, and, body slammed her to cuff her, causing the communities to get upset.  The district court of Taoyuan found the officer, Yeh having broken the law, used his status as an officer of the law, to abuse the woman, sentenced him four months on forced behaviors, and six months on obstruction of an innocent person’s freedom, the part of forced behaviors, he is allowed to pay the fines to escape the time served.  This can be appealed.

Jeng told the press yesterday, that she’d hoped that her case can help the public become aware, that “if the police use the authorities of the law to abuse, the people don’t have to comply”, the police should also be more aware, of their own boundaries in their moral responsibilities, and their, roles too.

the drum instructor who was a victim of police brutality, holding up the verdict stating how if the police abused power, then, we don’t have to follow their requests, off of

In April of two years ago, the officer, Yeh, went across the jurisdiction of where he’d been assigned to patrol, pulled Jeng over, and told her that she looked like someone who’d been reported missing, and demanded her show him her identification, and block her path with his body, and, as he was accusing Jeng, he’d used the body-slam to arrest her based off of obstruction of affairs of the police business; afterwards, they both accused one another on assault, obstruction of police business, and other charges, the charges were dropped, and Jeng filed for an appeal, in the end, Yeh was indicted on obstruction of freedom.

In the trial, Yeh denied the allegations, stated that the location where he caught Jeng walking down was a hotspot for crime, that Jeng was carrying a huge load, looked fatigued, he’d suspected that she had abused drugs, or that she was reported missing, that’s why he’d pulled her over, stressed that he’d gone by the book in the behaviors.

The courts found, that at the time, Jeng was walking on the outer of the sidewalks along, looked well-dressed, and clean, appeared normal, didn’t show any abnormal behaviors as one would from after using the illegal substances, that she’d not had any physical visible dangerous weapons, as she was pulled over by Yeh, she’d only questioned why she was pulled over by him, didn’t attack, nor ram the officer, nor tried to get away, that there wasn’t any, signs of her engaging in criminal behaviors at all.

Yeh broke the laws first of illegally pulling Jeng over, and his comments toward her calling him out on the justifications of his pulling her over “Really stupid”, and “What you’re doing is against what you’d been train and told to do”, he’d body slammed her to the pavement, cuffed her by force, that this behavior can’t be compliant with the laws.

the courts believed, that as an officer of the law, Yeh should’ve followed the laws himself, yet, he’d, pulled Jeng over without just cause, that his behaviors had severely destroyed the trust of the people in the police, and hadn’t shown any regrets, nor remorse over what he’d done, not gotten Jeng’s forgiveness, or reached a settlement agreement with her, that he’d not had a good attitude afterwards, that he would be given a fitting sentence for his crime.

The police department stated they will respect the verdict, and will be asking all units of the police to enforce the education in what would be just force in the field; the Zhongli Police Substation told, that the officer Yeh is considering filing for an appeal, that the police will continue to provide the legal assistance that Yeh needed.  The Examination Department last March already reprimanded the Zhonglin Police Substation.

And so, the police forces, the officer still, won’t admit what the officer did was, wrong, and that just showed, how the police believe that they’re, above the law, that they can break it, and they won’t get punished, because this society is NOT run by the law, but the people who are, supposed to enforce the law, to protect the people, and they’d, abused the ordinary citizens with these, illegal arrests, without the, justifiable, causes.

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If Homosexuality is, a “Crime”…

Then, how many of us in the “general populations” will get, “put to death” (like by the DEATH penalty???)?

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, then, a lot of us in the population don’t deserve to LIVE on this @#$%ING, planet, because of our, sexual, orientation.

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, then, this must be like those, “original sins” that we man are, “charged with”, with our blood, dirty upon birth, and it’s only with the BLOOD of the CHRIST (that DUDE who got, SACRIFICED on that, cross back in???  Jerusalem, was it???), that we’re all, washed clean, and, all it took is the DEATH of ONE, to save, all of us, sinner!

and, here’s, that, “statement”, in a, photograph…

photo from online

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, then, being a lower order of species of living organism is too, after all, we can’t choose it if we were, born, can we?  Of course not, as the two adults (our god damn parents???) consented to score that FUCK on each other.

If homosexuality is, a “crime”, uh, it isn’t, we were born, and, unfortunately, some of us (not naming names still!) while we were inside our mother’s tummies, we got exposed to a little estrogen or androgen, and that’s made us into who we are by BIOLOGY, then, our mothers were the ones deciding to carry us, full-term, or for some of us, we’d, “come out” early as, premature babies, but we still, survived.

And now, the Catholic Church, is “kind enough” to STATE, that “Homosexuality is NOT a crime”, and, we’re all, gracious for His Holiness’s mercy, aren’t we???

Yeah, this is still SHIT if you ask me, but hey, what would I know, I’m just, a HERETIC online, DISSING the “teachings” of the HOLY Bible, which isn’t really, that, holy in the, first place here.

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For Forty Dollars, the Shop Insulted an Individual with Downs’s Syndrome, Planned to Sue

The angry mob mentality of the people who saw something unjust and, reacted…off of the Newspapers, translated…

Recently, in a food shop in Yonghe, there was an individual with Downs’s syndrome who’d gone to make an order, but forgotten his wallet and couldn’t pay for the food, the owner of the shop cussed the child out, and called the police on him, Hsieh’s mother felt the heartache for her son, and disclosed what’d happened online to the online community.  As the news got out, it’d incited public anger, the online community started going after the shop on Google, giving it a really awful review, the shop yesterday hung that “forever out of business” sign on the front, the owner of the shop had inquired to the police about Hsieh’s mother and the online community that’s come after him, but he’d not pressed charges in the end.

Hsieh’s mother is a verified street performer certified by the Cultural Department, had gotten invited to the various charity events, has her own fans page on FB.  After the incident, the adolescent, Hsieh posted online, “I’m not well, in need some time to cool myself down, I won’t participate in any performance of late again, nor will I buy anything anymore, I just want to stay close to grandma and grandpa,” his words made those who’d read them sad.  The online community started offering him their support.

On the evening of the fourth, the individual with Downs’s syndrome, Hsieh went to a crispy fried chicken nugget stand locally to buy the foods, because he’d forgotten the forty dollars for the food, he couldn’t pay, the owner of the start started shouting and screaming, and even called the police on him, the young man started trembling in fear.

Hsieh’s mother told, she’d only wanted her son to be treated fairly, “is it that hard, to offer my son an apology?”

As the news got out online, the online community got together and found the shop’s name, and gave the shop one star on the reviews, and the negative comments on it, a lot of the online community stated that they will boycott the stand to show the support for the young man who’d been, mistreated by the owner.

The owner of the shop got angered, and stated that he’d intended to sue the members of the online community who’d insulted him, and Hsieh for defamation.  The Yonghe Police substation stated, that at three in the morning yesterday, the owner of the stand came to the substation at Zhongzhen Bridge, stated he wanted to press charges, the police talked to him for close to an hour, and the owner eventually dropped the defamation claims.

So, this is how it goes, because this man became too emotional, probably thought that the individual with Downs’s Syndrome just wanted a free meal, that’s why he’d gone off on him, and, the young man was hurt, and, the online community got a hold of what had happened, and went AFTER the shop’s owner, that’s just how powerful the internet can be, and, this could’ve, easily been avoid, had the owner calmed himself down, and told the young lad to go home, and get the money, then, come and buy and pick up the food item he’d ordered, but, because the economy, the world is shadowed by MERS-CoV, and everybody’s on edge, which is why everybody is losing control right now.

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If the Death Penalty IS, “Cruel & Unusual” Punishment

Yeah uh, this is still, BULLSHIT, if you ask me, buy hey, who asked Y-O-U!!!

If the death penalty IS, “cruel and unusual” punishment, then, what of the severe methods those perps had, tortured their vics, before they finally put them out, of their miseries, what of the perp that cut off a woman’s genitalia, after raping her, and then, murdering her, huh?  Wouldn’t that “constitute” as, “cruel and, unusual” too?

And yet, these “human right’s activists” from all around the world kept preaching on how we all need to, do away, with the death penalty, and should we now???

I mean, if the world’s completely without the death penalty, then, the EIGHTH amendment of the U.S. Constitution would be, struck, off of that, thousand year old, document, wouldn’t it???

And, consider this, IF it were, your loved ones who were, tortured, and brutally, raped, then, had their genitalia CUT off, just because the perp C-A-N, would you still feel, that death penalty was, “cruel” or, “unusual”???

If it’s, cruel and unusual, to hand down the death penalty and, enforcing that, then, wouldn’t BE, tortured by ones’ own, guilty conscience for what one has done to another, be even more, crueler?

So, do NOT bullshit about things you hadn’t weathered through there, higher up officials of every single country.

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As a Country HOGGED Up All the Vaccines Specifically Made to Tackle the Omicron Strain

This is how, selfish the U.S. is: hogging ALL the supplies!

As a country HOGGED up all the vaccines specially made to tackle the omicron strain, so, what happens to the rest of us?  Oh yeah, we’re, destined to get, WIPED off, because we don’t have enough protection, and that just showed how SELFISH, the U.S. is, only thinking of itself.

As a country HOGGED up all the vaccines specifically made to tackle the Omicron strain, the rest of us can only, wait our turns to D-I-E off, because, we are, ill-fitted to live, because we don’t have the vaccines to save our lives.  As a country HOGGED up ALL the vaccines specifically made to tackle the Omicron strain, and, seeing and noting how quickly this strain is spreading out right now, the majority of us in the world’s population are going to contract it, because we ain’t got NO protection, ‘cuz the U.S. monopolizes everything, and there are of the citizens in the U.S. who are, anti-vaxxers.

So, why don’t you, Uncle Sam, the JUSTICE SERVER of this god DAMN global world, share the “wealth”?  Oh yeah, because you’re too god DAMN, FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) SELFISH, too much of an opportunist, only considering YOUR own benefits, with a total disregard of HOW your fucked up (so???) behaviors might hurt the rest of the world.

And yeah, let’s see how the U.S. can, survive on its own, when the rest of the entire world goes bye-bye.

And yes, for the umpteenth time, I’m still a U.S. citizen, gotten my citizenship status back in…’02, was it???  Can’t really remember now.


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Truth is DEAD, as the Way of the Mobsters Overrides Ethics of Research

How the ethics of research, became, questionable, when the politics pressured the schools, and yet, the N.T.U. lived up to it reputation of being the top university in all of the country, made the right judgments, using the RIGHT means of evaluations of whether or not Lin had, plagiarized, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Twenty some odd years ago, at a gathering of sorts, I’d met a German man.  After a few words of exchange, he’d suddenly stated to me, “the Taiwanese are liars”, to defend the people, I’d naturally returned, “There are a ton of liars in Germany too!”, he’d smiled, “I’m not saying that Germans don’t lie, but, as the Taiwanese got caught, they’d tried to lie even further, and denied the lies out of their mouths”.  As I’d finished my studies and returned to the country to live for close to thirty years, I have to say, this guy’s observations were, too precise.  The behaviors of Lin and the DDP from the top down of late, showed, once more, the Taiwanese politic had been, rotten, down to the cores.

Toward the heaviness of political pressures, the research ethics committee of N.T.U. made the right calls.  The point of argument, quite simple really: was his thesis plagiarized?  How much was plagiarized?  The originality claims were only the smokes and mirrors that the professor and Lin shot out to fool the masses.  And even so, the ethic committee still managed to dissolve the claims using what’s correct and sound, and, based off of solely this, it puts the London Politics Academy to shame.  Tsai’s degree came into question, and the school only issued an “unspecified named” paper to vouch for the credibility of Tsai’s papers.  And, if we really wanted the details of the case, the N.T.U. should’ve posted Lin and Yu’s theses for comparison.  Those who pretended to sleep can’t be wakened up, but, seeing IS believing, this would silence those who are stating the opposite of what’s already been discovered.  The hard work of the ethics committee also rebutted the “related”, Chen’s claims.  And, anybody who has the least bit of understanding about the scholarly, knows that he’s “lying in public”.

The ethics committee is a part of the self-governing means of universities.  Lin has the right to not accept the rulings, but his absences from the hearings three times, how can he fight for his own behalf?  And the supporter, Tsai, is the president, and naturally, she should comply to the rulings of the ethics committee.  And yet, she’d called out, “I believe in the man”, turned the ethics of the mobs into the means: whether or not the man did the researches, is up to us to decide, N.T.U. should, step aside!

There are the plagiarisms in every country, many a year ago, the head of Defense, Guttenberg and the head of education, Schavan’s plagiarism, at first, Merkel spoken up for both (one being her best friend, one being a political leader of tomorrow).  And as the alma mater made the clarifications of plagiarism of their papers had been found, the doctoral degrees were tossed out, and, even as Merkel is one of the most influential women in the world, she can only, accept the resignations of the men; this was a country ruled by the laws.  Now, look at Tsai, she’d not only stepped on the ethics evaluation committee, even used her power status, to try and force the most prestigious university in Taiwan to submit to her will, to silence the school; this is shameless, and, unlawful!

And now, in the multitude of pressures, Lin denounced his nomination of the mayor of Taoyuan on the DDP ticket, but the papers reported that “Tsai was unwilling to see him step down”.  And, the more than two thousand professors of N.T.U., not had spoken on how the ethics committee had made the right calls, let alone, mentioning the hand that’s pushing the process, this is, an even more serious problem.  The soul to seek out the just, the truth in the hall of knowledge is now, dead, and the rankings of N.T.U. as one of the top university in the world is, false and useless now.

And so, this showed, how the politics here, is still, dipping ITS, filthy little hands into everything, it’d tried to manipulate the outcomes of Lin’s evaluation of whether or not plagiarism had occurred, and, thankfully, the N.T.U. conducted the evaluations in a just, correct mean, and this is going to be one of the straws, that end up, breaking DDP’s back, because now, the people see just how corrupt the party truly is, and hopefully, at the end of the year, when voting comes around, they will lose a ton of votes.

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The Era of, STRIKES

Until ALL of our demands had been met, we will NOT, return, back to work, see how y’all can live without us…

The era of, STRIKES had now, arrived, and it’s still all due to that precedence (you MOTHER @#$%ING, spoiled rotten BRATS!), of success from before, leading the rest into believing, wow, if we cried as loud, we too, will get, our undeserved, CANDIES.

The era of, STRIKES, it was first, those, airline pilots, who can’t cope with those, long hours of working their, continuous shifts, then, the flight attendants too, and now, it’s the, post office employees.

like this…photo from online

The era of, STRIKES, we’re, striking, because we feel that we are, underpaid (how’s six-digits annually “underpaid”???), with not enough benefits (what, workers’ comp, health insurance, and your quarantine hotel charges are, reimbursed a bit too!), but it’s, still, NOT quite enough, because WE demand more, because once you’d given us something, we want more of something else, and we won’t stop, because that, is human nature.

So, welcome, bosses, ‘cuz all your workers are gonna be, upset over the work schedules, the pays, the health benefits of your individual, companies, and, they will, STRIKE!!!

And, there’s NOTHING you, as the big shot bosses can, do about it, ‘cuz, it’s the workers’ rights to strike, and if you stop them from striking, then, you get your sorry ASSES, S-U-E-D.

or this…

photo from online

So, do you all, want that, class actions suit on your hands???  Yeah, wouldn’t imagine so.

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The Self-Deceptions of God Help Those Who Help Themselves

How the Russian invasion on Ukraine will be more than likely what will happen if China selected to invade Taiwan, see how this government still has its HEAD up its ASS???  Observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the experts analyzed the situations of Russia and Ukraine, Tsai in the committee meeting of the DDP summed up, that “god help those who help themselves” is the best description of Ukraine.  I would imagine, that had Zelensky heard these words, he would totally get angered, because he’d just, sent the videos online to blame the west for watching Ukraine die, where’s the help that the country needed?

Zelensky’s painful understanding of the predicament of his country, is the most vivid thing of the war.  He’d accepted the interview of ABC, stated, that he had given up hope on joining N.A.T.O. already, that N.A.T.O. never wanted Ukraine as one of its members, that he refused to bow down lower than he had already.  Then, on his own YouTube channel, he’d criticized the western world for not fulfilling the promises of providing the fighter planes, that he’d waited for thirteen days on end, and not received any help from them.

Zelensky stated these words time and time again already.  He’d asked N.A.T.O. to make the no-fly zone over Ukraine, which N.A.T.O. declined, which he blamed the west as enablers.  What was ironic was, U.S. stated, that if Zelensky were to get assassinated, it already had a backup plan.  Tsai chose to ignore this, and, used the hollowed idioms, to try and fool the people!

The belated understanding from Zelensky had turned
Ukraine into a wasteland, and it’d proven the hypocrisy of the U.N.  Yet, Tsai thought she could donate what she’d made in a month in wages to help Ukraine, that that’s, the help the Ukraine is currently in need of?  War isn’t for kicks, but of the people, displace from their homes, fighting for their, lives to, survive.  If Taiwan can’t spend the needed arms to Ukraine, it can at least, stop the huffle and puff.

Blankly stated, what Tsai couldn’t face, wasn’t the miseries of how Ukraine was invaded, but the mirages of Taiwanese independence.  The boasting of her words were merely making the noises, playing pretend, that if Communist China invades, the west will come to our rescues.  It wasn’t that Ukraine helped itself, because the people are banded together, but the government of Tsai in, self-deception.

And so, this god damn country has no business, commenting on what’s going on in Ukraine, but this god damn president felt the need to make her self known, and started blabbing bullshit out of turn, let’s see who will come to Taiwan’s rescue if and when China DOES, invade, then, we will, ALL be like the Ukrainians too then, won’t we???

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The U.S. Stands to Gain the Most Out of the Ukrainian-Russian Conflicts

How the U.S is, the opportunist!  Observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Some analyzed that the U.S. is the tactical loser of the War of Ukraine and Russia, while Russia is the winner of tactics, and as I’d, analyzed the results based off of the war itself, I’d come up with a different, conclusion.

I believe, that the Ukrainian-Russian War had been under America’s thumbs all along.  Right after the U.S.S.R. fell, the U.S. started encouraging the “color revolutions” in the countries of Asia, and set up the laws of pushing N.A.T.O. eastward, and set up the rockets, and other arms right outside Russia’s, front door, forced Russia to react, which was what the U.S. already, expected.  And, right before the war actually happened, President Biden called aloud “wolf!”, which made Russia throw that very first, punch.

Seeing how war is already occurred, Putin didn’t expect that Ukraine was going to fight this hard, and failed to take over the capital of Kyiv, and now, the two sides are, negotiating, but, both didn’t, live up to expectations.  At the end of the war, no matter who won, both sides suffer, so, how can Russia be the, “tactical winner”?

I believe, that after the Ukrainian-Russian conflicts, U.S. stands the most to gain:

First, the great harvest for the arms dealer in U.S., creating more jobs, and economical growth for the U.S., and at the same time of the harvest of the arms dealers, it’s also, a big win for the mid-terms elections of the Democratic Party.

here’s that political comic for you! From online

Secondly, Russian invasion on Ukraine is bullying, which made Putin’s standing drop considerable internationally, lessening the threats, the power of the Russian forces, and in the future, it’d ensured that Russia will no longer be a big enough threat to the U.S. anymore.

Third, the leadership of U.S. in N.A.T.O. had been weakened these past years, and, the war won back the leadership support of U.S. in N.A.T.O.  Especially for the primary members of Germany and France, that often gone different ways in tactics in war.  Germany and France’s failure in trying to achieve peace in the conflicts caused the two countries to be disappointed in Russia, and they got onboard U.S.’s calling out to other members of N.A.T.O. to force the arbitration means against Russia, which united the west in going against Russia.

Fourth, although the war between Ukraine and Russia caused China to get closer with Russia, which is a huge disadvantage to Europe and U.S., but for China, it turned, hesitant.  As Russia was faced with the “most severe economic arbitration” from the west, China didn’t show enough concern, to solve the financial crisis that Russia was faced with, this is a huge warning for Putin.  And, this caused Russia to distrust China more.

From the analysis above, although President Biden was inept in running the U.S. (on internal affairs!), but, in the tactic settings of the international front, he surely, played his cards, right.

And so this still showed, how U.S. merely, used all of these other countries in the world as pawns, chips in this huge gamble, and, the histories tell us, that it’s the bystanders, those on the outside, watching in, who stands to gain the most in these, international, major, conflicts.  Besides, history is proof of how U.S. never get on the defensive, unless the country was HIT physically, like in Pearl Harbor, or September 11th?

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