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Raped, by the Silences…

We are raped, by the silences, because, we’re, afraid to tell anybody what had, happened to us, because, if we tell our truths, the outside world will only, ostracize us more, saying, that it’s our fault, that we shouldn’t have, behaved too provocatively in front of that man, that we were, just, asking for it, therefore, we’d, kept our silences.

what we were…picture found online…查看來源圖片

Raped, by the silences, we were, because, we’re, too afraid to talk, too afraid for our lives, as well as the lives of, those we loved and cared about, and, can’t even begin to imagine the shame they will feel, if our stories, busted out into the open!

Raped, by the silences, there’s, no way this will, ever come to an end, because, those predators are still, lurking, waiting, for their chances to, attack, and even though, we only come out, during the daytime, sometimes, it feels, like nights…

Raped, by the silences, we were, we were all, victims before, but, I’d, managed to, turn myself, into a god DAMN survivor here, I will, NEVER be quieted, be silenced again!!! what we are now…

what we have the potentials of becoming…picture found online

Raped, by the silences, there’s, nothing we can do, to change the past, change what’s already been done to us (and no, we NEVER enjoyed it!!!).  Raped, by the silences, no we don’t, keep our lips sealed, because what was shameful, wasn’t US, it was, what was, done to us!


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Risen from the Ashes

Like a phoenix, we had, risen from the ashes, but, say that we weren’t scorched from before would be a total L-I-E!!!  Risen from the ashes, you must, otherwise, you’ll just be mistook for those dusts that gathered around the house, that someone will eventually get around to wiping off…

Risen from the ashes, it won’t be easy, after all, getting burned is still the easiest part, now comes the hard part, building everything back up, with nothing provided to you, because everything you’d taken to be familiar, had all become, ashes.

Risen from the ashes, you will, you MUST, otherwise, you will, be gone, and, you don’t want that, do you???  Risen from the ashes, we will all get, at least, ONE chance in our lives to do so, but, some of us were able to, and not others, why is that??? Risen from the ashes, I had, and, I got burned too, and yet, I’m still in one piece here, and, I guarantee that this process would be extremely hard, but, once you’d done it, once you’d conquered all the difficulties of your own lives, I promise you, that you will, see that big blue sky, opening wide for you!

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Wear Tragedies Like Armor

On Overcoming Obstacles in Life

no longer silenced movement

work hard     While everybody has experienced at least one form of tragedy, none of us experience the same tragedy. Everyone who was abused as a child has their own story, feels their own way, copes their own way, and experiences pain in their own way.

Your story can seem so similar to the person next to you, and you can tell them you understand, but unless you’re them, you can’t assume you understand exactly what it is that they’re going through.

One thing, every child abuse survivor shares, is the need to cope, the need to not just survive, but the ability to thrive. You cannot get back the childhood that’s robbed from you, that every survivor shares too, but you can live your life in such a way, that you love it enough to make up for it. Whatever you wanted to do as a child, a sport, play an…

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The Author of The Vagina Monologues Came to Taiwan to Speak Up Against Sexual Violence

The tale of a survivor, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The sixty-one year old Ensler, back in 1994, wrote the Vagina Monologues, Eve ENsler, she’d talked about the cultural differences, the age, along with sexual preferences, and the views on the woman’s vagina, and it’d spoken of the desires of women, the shame and being raped, she’d won the highest award in drama, the Tony Award.

In 1998, she set up V-day, and put forth the Vagina Monologues, and used fifty lanagues, and toured around 167 nations, and managed to raise billions of dollars to prevent violence, and was chosen as the “100 Most Influential Women of the World” by Newsweek, and “150 Women who Changed the World”, by a British periodical publication.

“Some would comment on my greatness, so I could do so much, but I’d told them, that I’d turned these movements into my strength, into my nutrition for life, they’re better than chocolate.”  Ensler spoke truthfully, she was raised in a very violent home, after she was raped by her father, she felt dirty, awful for a very long time, and had even started, mutilating herself.  After the women’s movements got started in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Ensler who saw herself as a feminist, immediately got involved with the cause, and started writing scripts.  On an interview, the audience who are facing menopause had nothing but negative things to say about their vaginas, she was shocked at women’s attitude toward their bodies.  She’d started interviewing people, for more stories, and it’d allowed the taboo word of “vagina”, to become, the star of her show, and she’d gotten involved personally, in setting up the Broadway productions of her book.

Ensler said, that she’d found that a lot of women of many nations believed that being the victims of rapes is shameful, and that, was why they’d kept silent, but, keeping silence only makes matters worse.  Awhile ago, she’d met a female leader in the Philippines, said that she too, found her strength through the misfortunes of her life, “a lot of the revolutionists faced pains and difficulties, but if you can get through it, then you can gain energies from the experiences, start to metamorphose, pain will become the driving force for changing the world”.

So, this woman overcome her childhood abuse, and is now, speaking up and out, to help others who’d been through similar things, and she is very brave, for doing what she does.

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Still in the PTSD cycle here, but surely, getting closer to healing every single day…

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Raised by Your Abuse & Her Neglect

I was, raised by your abuse and her neglect, and, I was hurt a lot as a child, just as you were too, and yet, you weren’t wise enough, to KNOW how to treat me right! Are you FUCKING retarded???

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, and look how well I’d done, growin’ up. Raised by your abuse and her neglect, I would’ve hoped for better parents growing up, but seeing how NOBODY gets the first selection of who they were born to…

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, and now, I’m all grown up, and, I will N-E-V-E-R, EVER, EVER, E-V-E-R, allow this pain, this betrayal I’d experienced, to get passed down, to this next generation in MY freakin’ god DAMN bloodline legacy.

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, how could you? Abuse and neglect your own offspring, and call it love?  And, just because you never had the good kinds of parents who loved you unconditionally, doesn’t give you the R-I-G-H-T, to NOT love me unconditionally too, does it?  Of course N-O-T, because RIGHT, is R-I-G-H-T, and WRONG, is W-R-O-N-G!

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, I will N-E-V-E-R, hurt my own, as you’d done yours, and now, you will face, a future, filled with regrets, and you WILL be paying, dearly, for your mistakes, with both your lives, along with the lives of the ones you loved, and cared about, and that, is still??? Oh yeah, NOT my P-R-O-B-L-E-M, because it’s NOT in my B-A-C-K-Y-A-R-D???  Uh, D-U-H!!!

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Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence

From a victim to a survivor here, translated…

When I heard people tell me, “On the fact that B had died, we really don’t know how to make you feel better, so, that, was why we didn’t call.”, on the other end of the line, A started crying hard.

A is a hard working career woman, not only was she able to keep herself well economically, she’d also supplied more than her share of the household income. But, underneath her amazing work abilities, A had the life of an abused woman—after getting beaten by the husband, she’d reported it to the police, gone to the hospitals to get her wounds documented, left home, to get started on healing, later on, she fell into the soft words of B’s consoles to get home again.  Year after year, this was the same script that kept happening, again, and again, it’d made ALL who really actually tried to help A out feel helpless, like it wouldn’t be right, for them not to offer assistance, but, they can’t really help her out, because she keeps circling around in that same vicious cycle.

One time, we’d learned that A moved back in, I’d immediately called her up, to get her to move back out, told her, that IF she couldn’t make her mind up about leaving home, then, B may not do as they’d both agreed, go to the hospitals regularly to get checked, and the kids that grew up in this violent environment, it would be hard, for them to develop well psychologically. And still, the feelings still overcame A’s rationalism, in the end, she’d chosen to stay at home, with her abusive husband, and B, refused to check herself into the hospitals.

And, this only exacerbated, several years later, one day, A’s mother just so happened heard the rumors floating around A’s neighborhood, “We’d often heard a household getting too rowdy, followed by a woman’s crying.” She shocking realized, that the woman that the neighbors heard crying might be her baby girl.  She did some checking into it, and, it WAS her daughter, and so, the mother took her baby girl out of her abusive home.  A, who’d finally had enough of being abused regularly, finally made up her mind, never to return home again, and so, ever since, the status of A and B’s marriage became “separated”.

The days of being abused is just way too scary, A and the kids now lived independently and steadily, from day to day, with NO contact with B whatsoever. A short while ago, B who has NOBODY next to him died all of a sudden.  When A and the kids went to pick up the house, she’d found, that as her husband was starting to live alone, he’d started to change, had prepared for the children’s education and everything, and still, he’s already gone, and, no matter how much he’d saved up, it’s not going to be enough, to make up for that emptiness he’d left in them.

Had A been more stubborn on leaving, and never returning back home again, and break the vicious cycle of domestic violence earlier, maybe, it would’ve all ended differently. To every abused woman, leaving the home, making changes is never an easy choice, and yet, if you’re able to set up your minds, and end this vicious cycle, there’s still a good chance that you can rebuild your families again.

This, is still ALL in H-I-N-D-S-I-G-H-T, and, there’s a ton of “had…only…” involved in this “equation”, and, it is hard, for someone who’s been abused LONG term, to finally SNAP out of it, and, when this woman finally decided to make the changes, everything starts improving, but for this loser who’d abused her, his change came a bit too late.

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