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The Australian Foreign Exchange Student, Shorey Was Poisoned, the Rat Poisoning was Purchased by a Female Best Friend

The developments of the case here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Woman Admitted to Mixing the Rat Poisoning into the Drinks, Claimed that it Was for Her Own Consumption, But Shorey “Accidentally Drank” it, Listed as a Defendant, and Banned from Traveling Out of the Country

The Danjiang University foreign exchange student, Shorey, due to ingesting rat poisoning, was rushed to the E.R., and because Shorey had a serious allergic reaction to the antidote, it’d caused him to be in critical condition; the Taipei D.A.’s Office investigated and found, that Shorey’s Taiwanese close friend who is a woman claimed, that Shorey got into a huge fight with her, and, in a moment of anger, she’d, mixed in the rat poison into the drinks, and planned to drink it to kill herself, but, after they’d both cooled off a bit, Shorey didn’t know, and drank the drink, which got him poisoned.

The Taipei D.A.’s Office went to Shorey’s female friend’s place to search, confiscated the liquid rat poisoning in a bottle, the bottle had been emptied, with NO rat poison inside, they sent it into the lab.  The D.A. used what’s been confiscated at the woman’s home to interrogate her, then restricted her from flight, and they’d ruled out that Shorey’s poisoning had anything to do with him eating the local foods or that he was abusing substances.

Based off of understand, the female friend told, t hat her husband died at the beginning of the year, that’s why she’d purchased the bottles of rat poisoning, that she’d drunk one bottle already, and she’d, spiced up the drink with the rest of the bottles, claimed that she’d intended to drink the drinks herself, but, Shorey mistook the drinks as being served to him, and after accidentally consuming, he was, poisoned.

Based off of understanding, after the 24-year-old Shorey was poisoned, the female close friend did NOT want to admit that she had the rat poisoning, she’d gone to take care of Shorey in April at the hospital, and took Shorey’s parents back to her home to stay, and took the shifts with his parents to the hospital in looking after him, not long thereafter, it was Shorey’s parents who’d found the rat poisoning inside the female friend’s home, and they’d called up the D.A.’s office.

The district attorneys found, that on March 15th, Shorey checked himself into the hospital because he wasn’t feeling well, and was released the same day, the following day, he’d fallen ill again, and went to the hospital again, at the time, the hospital noted that Shorey was poisoned by rat poisoning; on April 11, Shorey got taken to the E.R. again, because he had an allergic reaction to the antidote, was in critical condition on the eighteenth, taken into the I.C.U.

The close female friend told, that the rat poisoning was for her own suicide, but the D.A. reviewed over Shorey’s medical records, and found that he was in and out of the hospital from March 15th to April 11th, that his condition was unstable, Shorey’s families believed, that the female best friend had poisoned him again, as he was just, beginning to, get better.

Based off of understanding, the female best friend wasn’t Shorey’s real girlfriend, but they were intimately related, Shorey often went to her home.  The woman was incongruent in her statements in interrogation, lost emotional control in the sessions, although she’d claimed that she was saving the rat poisoning for her own suicide, but the families and the D.A. suspected, that she was suspected not wanting Shorey to leave Taiwan, that was what drove her to dope his drink, causing him to fall ill, so he can’t travel out.

Before Shorey left Taiwan, he’d refused to press charges on the woman, and the D.A. is currently trying to get to the truth of what exactly happened.

So, these are mostly, theories of what had happened with this man who got poisoned with rat poisoning from Australia, and we don’t know exactly what happened yet, but, if the woman had, poisoned this man, because she wanted him to stay here longer, then, she is responsible for him falling ill, and close to dying, and she DESERVED to get charged with attempted MURDER.

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A Man with a Crush on a Single Mother, Stalked & Threatened Her, Caught & Sent to Jail

Despite how the ANTI-HARASSMENT law had been signed into effect, it still doesn’t do SHIT in deterring these bad behaviors, nor prevent these things from recurring in the society, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Huang, started dating a single mother, the woman wanted to break up, Huang didn’t, he’d waited until she was asleep, and secretly recorded her personal data, her schedule, the photos she’d saved, as well as the conversation records on her cell p hone, to know where she is, and texted “we’re going to die together” as threats; Huang claimed that it was only him, venting, showing how he “will NEVER break up with her”, the courts found him guilty on obstructions in computer usage, and the anti-stalking laws, gave him fifty-five day prison term.

Based off of understanding, both Huang and the woman are in their fifties, they were dating, but didn’t cohabit; in January of last year, the woman wanted to break up, Huang was strongly opposed to it, they’d stayed, connected; in May of last year, the two went to a motel, when the woman was asleep, Huang took the advantage of the time, keyed in her cell phone passwords to gain access to what she’d saved on her phone, the photos, the footages, as well as the clips of the conversation records, her work schedule, along with other personal information, and sent it to his own phone.

As Huang got a hold of the woman’s schedules, he’d tagged along the back of her car with his car, gone to her workplace, to know who she was interacting with, and went to the door of her office and called aloud, “I don’t want to break up!”; and he’d also texted her repeatedly, “let’s die together, why don’t we?”, “I’ll buy some pesticides and come find you”, “don’t give me a chance, why don’t you kill me instead”, etc., etc., etc., and it’d impacted the woman too hard, she’d gone to see a psychiatrist for it.

Afterwards, the woman couldn’t withstand Huang’s harassments and threats any longer, she’d told her daughter, then reported it to the police, the police called Huang to interview him, he’d admitted to the threatening messages he’d sent, and all the behaviors, claimed that he only wanted the woman to take him back, that he was only expressing how he “will NEVER break up no matter what”.

The Taichung District Courts considered, that Huang admitted to what he’d done, but already caused the victim to fear, to become suicidal, that he’d broken the laws, plus the woman refused to forgive him in trial, nor settle the matter, sentenced him to fifty-five days in jail, he can pay a total of $55,000N.T. and not serve any time on using technology to harass and invasion of privacy, this can still be appealed.

And this is still too lenient, I mean, because of this LOSER’s tendencies and priors (he HAD, harassed the woman, threatened to kill her then commit suicide!), despite how she’d told him she wanted to break up, and, he’d invaded her privacy too, and, you think the bars of prison are going to, keep him away from doing it again?  Yeah, that’s now how those, obsessed EXES work, and after he’d served his “hard time”, surely enough, the woman’s going to get tailed, and harassed again, because these sorts of punishment does NOT do SHIT!

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The Extramarital Affair of the Hsinbei Fire Department Chief, Huang’s Resignation Approved

If these heads of the cities’ various departments can’t even behave themselves, what do you think this SHOWED about the morale of those who’d, ruled over us, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Busted as the Woman Wanted to Break the Six-Year Relationship, but Huang Didn’t, the Woman Accused Him for Harassing Calls, and Blocked Her Path and Begged to Get Back Together

The Fire Department Chief of Hsinbei City, Huang, was found to have had an extramarital affair with a female boss of an electronics plant for six years, the woman wanted to end it, in two weeks’ time, Huang had flash-called her hundreds of time to get her to take him back, he’d even gone to her home to block her path, the woman couldn’t take it any longer.  Huang’s behaviors were found out, on the twenty-fifth, he’d quickly resigned, the city government allowed him to, the assistant director of the Hsinbei Fire Department, Lee is now the chief.

Based off of understanding, Huang and the woman met at a high-end steak gathering six years ago, they’d exchanged contact information, and afterwards, Huang started texting her, in pursuit.

Based off of what’s been disclosed, the woman originally didn’t want to be a couple with him, but they’d started having an extramarital affair, but the woman didn’t want to be the other woman for the rest of her life, and she “was painful in this sort of a relationship”, at the end of last year, she’d finally decided to break it off with him.

On January 2nd of this year was the very last time they met up face-to-face, but Huang still couldn’t let go, repeatedly calling, sent the text messages, to try to save their relationship, and he’d even gone to her home and waited for two whole hours outside; and the harassment exacerbated until the woman couldn’t handle it anymore, and was planning on suing him.

The attorney He believed, that if Huang had made up to a hundred calls in the two-week time period, texted the woman too many times, and asked her to take him back, then, he would have broken the anti-stalking laws.

The attorney told, that the stalking prevention laws protects the lives and privacies of the victims, as the victims got stalked, the first step is to head to the police to report, to have the police investigate, to clarify if the anti-stalking laws had been broken, then, confirm which of the eight means of stalking the behaviors fitted to.

And if the police, after investigations found that it was, stalking behaviors, then, they will call up the suspect to ask the individual about her/his behaviors, and the motives behind the stalking, and the police can also issue a written warning, and if the victims are still stalked or harassed then, they can file for a restraining order from the courts.

The press called up Huang, but he’d not responded back, the Hsinbei City Government confirmed on the 25th, that Huang had, resigned from the post, and the assistant fire department chief, Lee got promoted to his position yesterday.

And, harassment can be done by anyone, man, woman, a nobody, a somebody, and it all starts with, that relationship, then, the relationship with that certain someone had ended, and the one who still wanted to continue didn’t want it to end, and start to, harass, and that’s now, against, the law here.

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There are the Tell Signs of the Horrid Lovers, NEVER Go Alone on Your Own to Break Up with the Individual

As ANOTHER murder happened, because of a bad breakup!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The professor of Crime Prevention Graduate Studies, Cheng of Zhongzhen University told, that online relationships gives the individual that sense of false familiarity, that you would still need to physically date to know the person better, that when breaking up, don’t cope with it alone.  The psychiatrist, Lee gave the six signs of “horrid lovers”, and by first being aware of all six traits, you can avoid falling into the wrong love.

Cheng said, that the foundations of online connections are based off of chats, exchanging of photographs, there are almost NO opportunities to get to know the other person from a face-to-face contact, and it would form that false sense of familiarity.  Surely, online chats may be convenient, but with the limitations too, people are easily trapped by the false beliefs, the imaginations, take everything that someone says as truths.  And, when sex, love is in the contents of these online exchanges, then, it would be even easier to fall in, the younger generations all wanted a good love, with the needs of sex too but, you need to be fully aware, that the online exchanges simply just can’t, replace the face-to-face contact of dating each other.

He said, you can share your conversations with someone online with friends you have physically, as you are taking that step forward, your friends might offer you sound advice, or means to, protect yourself.   Do NOT go on your own to meet up to break up with someone, the statures of the females aren’t as big as the males, and normally, the females have the underhand, know to protect yourselves, to NOT go to an unknown location, that’s unfamiliar to talk.  In the process of breaking up, do avoid the use of emotional language, to avoid causing the other individual to get too worked up.

The psychotherapist, Lee advises, that before you start dating someone, be friends with the individual first, to observe her/him more, to know the person’s personality traits, and when meeting up, do watch for your own personal safety, if you get stuck in a dangerous situation, call for help immediately.  To be skillful in breaking up with the horrid lovers, to NOT confront, take more time, slowly, distance from the person by the day, to not incite anger, to risk being, attacked; if the person caused an impact on your daily lives, do see a therapist to help you sort through your, emotions.

So, these are the what-not-to-do when breaking up with someone, and how to stay safe, because, as these online relationships become more prevalent, there are easier chances that we may, come into contact with a psycho, and yet, those PSYCHOS don’t have that sign on their backs, or tattoo across their foreheads, telling us, that that was, what they are, and these are, important tips, to have in mind, the advices of these, psychotherapists too.

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Failed in Getting His Ex to Take Him Back, the Horrid Lover Ambushed & Attacked Her

And this government still prides itself, on having the one of the MOST “advanced” anti-stalking laws on the planet here???  Give ME a break!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen suspected of not getting his ex-girlfriend, Yeh to take him back, his love toward her turned to hate, yesterday, he’d ambushed around the Nankang Software Industrial Park where Yeh works, chased after her with a machete, attempted to hack her down, and used a rope to strangle her, the police were notified, and rushed over, Yeh sustained four hacks on her body, rushed to the hospital, she’s not in critical condition currently, Chen sustained the slashes on his hand, was taken to the hospital under police custody, he will be charged with attempted murder.

The police investigated, the forty-year-old Chen and the twenty-nine-year-old Yeh had broken up for about four months, he’d texted her repeatedly to get her back, later on, he’d started texting the threatening messages to her; Yeh works as an accountant for a company at the Nankang Software Industrial Park, she had been stopped by Chen, as he wanted to talk to her about breaking up, she finally had it with his harassing her, on the 26th of this month, she’d gone to the substation and reported him on domestic violence, and filed for a temporary restraining order, and it hadn’t been passed down yet.

At around 11:30 yesterday, Chen drove to Sanchong Road, Hsinming Street intersection next to the software industrial park, waited outside of a super convenience shop in his car, at around one in the afternoon, he saw Yeh on foot, going to get her lunch, he got the machete in hand, got out of his car, and, cut into her abdomen, Yeh fell to the ground, started screaming, Chen started hacking at her like crazy, and the act of hacking her down took around one minute.

As a passerby saw, the individual immediately called police, and stopped Chen with an umbrella, Yeh took the advantage to get away, ran into the breakfast shop opposite of the street, Chen chased after her in, with a knife in one hand, the other on her neck, strangling her; the three officers from the local subprecinct arrived, pulled out their guns, hollered, “Drop the knife!”, “Get on the ground!”, as Chen tossed his knife he was subdued, pinned to the floor, his shirt was covered in blood.

Yeh sustained a total of four knife wounds, on her left abdomen, the lower of her left ear, and her right forearms, was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics.  During the attack, Chen slashed his own left hand, the police escorted him to the hospital, he’d not said a single word, because he sustained the nerve ending damages from his own cutting himself, he’d needed the surgery and the hospitalization, the police hadn’t gotten the chance to interrogate him yet.

At the preliminary inquiries, the police asked about the backgrounds, their relationship, the motives of his going after the woman, Chen remained silent.  The police found, that Chen had no criminal records on file, but had harassed the victim repeatedly, and they’re looking at the “horrid lover” who’d committed the attempted murder.

So, this is how well the amendment that got signed, at the end of June or start of July with the means to stop the horrid lovers worked, not at all that well, because the police always comes too late, and, unless you’re, escorted by the police, everywhere you go, there would be chances that these people who felt upset over the breakups will come after you, and, restraining orders still does SHIT, just look at all those, previous cases, the restraining orders, always come, too little, too late.

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He Was the One Breaking Up with Her, But Decided He Wanted Her Again, Abducted Her, Tied Her Up, then, Raped Her

Yeah, and this mother @#$%ER (maxed out!) still only got that SLAP on the wrist, considering, how he is more than likely, to, go after this ex-girlfriend of his again, given what’s happened already!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Her Again, Abducted Her, Tied Her Up, then, Raped Her

Transferred $100,000N.T from Her Account to His, No Remorse After the Fact, the Second Trial Found the Man Defined by the Horrid Lover Clause, Sentenced to Eleven and a Half Years

The man, Yu, two years ago, broke up with his girlfriend, the day after the break up, he’d, returned, took her by force, tied her up, beaten her, tortured her then, raped her too, and, used her fingerprint, to log onto her bank account online, and transferred $100,000N.T.  The first trial found him guilty of forced sexual behaviors and threaten to get money, gave Yu five years four months; the second trial found, that Yu’s behavior was “fitting to the behaviors of the horrid lover”, no remorse, with a bad attitude, changed the charges to robbery and forced sexual intercourse, sentenced him to eleven years six months.  The Highest Court tossed back the appeals, case closed.

Yu is in the electronics industries, talked of marriage with his girlfriend, but often cussed her out, called her a “bitch” repeatedly, and there were the photos of sexual intimacies on his cell phone with other women too; on January 31st, 2020, he’d told her he wanted to break up with her, but the following day, he’d, gone back on his thought, suspected that his girlfriend had taken up with another before he broke up with her.

At nine that evening, Yu asked his girlfriend to accompany him back to their rental stay, he’d used an electrical wire, the tape to tie up her hands, demanded her to do what he’d told her to, go take a bath, sleep, unlock your cell phone, telling him her password to unlock her phone, so he can check her contacts, that if she’d refused, he’d beaten her up.

Yu loosened his girlfriend temporarily, but, took the cell phone, to connect to the surveillance in the residence, to keep tabs on her every move, and, his girlfriend can only do what was told; on the early evening of February 2nd that same year, Yu took advantage of his girlfriend being tied down, and couldn’t fight back, raped her, then, slapped her, used her finger print, to unlock her online bank account, transferred $100,000N.T. from her account to his own.

To get herself free, the girlfriend falsely agreed to move in to Yu, claimed that she needed to return to work to pick up the things she needed, Yu demanded that she turn on her camera, to control her; as the girlfriend returned to the dormitory of her school, she’d asked for help from her R.A., and called the police.  Yu denied the allegations, claimed that he’d not actually threatened her, that everything he’d done, was to get her back with him; that the transfer of the money was only a means, to make his girlfriend stay, as it’d worked from before.

The High Courts believed, that Yu had, ordered the woman around, cussed her out, that when his girlfriend didn’t do as he’d told her, he’d, started, cussing her out, that as he’d broken up with her, he’d felt uneven, tied her up, beaten her down, raped her, and, used her assets at his own will, that his behaviors qualified as that of the horrid lover’s, causing psychological and physical traumas in his girlfriend, and showed NO remorse, with a bad attitude, sentenced him to eleven years six months on robbery, forced sexual acts.  The Highest Courts tossed back the appeals, case is closed.

And so, this, is what this LOSER got, and it’s still, too, light a sentence, because, who’s to say that after eleven and a half years in prison, or shorter, as he may be out with good behaviors, he won’t go after his ex again, I mean, this time, because he’d broken up with her, and wanted her back, he’d taken her by force, raped her, and this woman will NEVER be fully and completely, safe, until this LOSER gets, locked away, for good!

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The Jealous Woman Went into the Sushi Shop, Set Fourteen Parked Scooters on Fire During the Mealtime, Thrill Dozens of Customers

The fires of jealousy, burned on, destroyed, the properties, and this woman is now, charged with the crime of, arson, public endangerment, etc., etc., etc., off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-eight-year-old woman, Lu suspected that her ex-girlfriend was a bit, too friendly with a male employee of the Sushiro on the International Road in Taoyuan, yesterday, she’d gone to the parking lot of the store, dragged out the man’s scooter, poured the gasoline she brought there, then, lit it up to vent, the fire destroyed fourteen scooters total, damaged the external walls of the shop, causing one of the employees injuries.  After Lu committed arson, she’d immediately turned herself in, charged with arson, sent to the D.A., the district attorneys believed that her crime was of the major, that there’s a high chance she is more than likely to do it again, asked the courts to have her in police custody.

the photo from the news channel, ettoday…

And the sushi shop only had its grand opening just last April, the business is flourishing, and, the owner at this location can only blame the unlucky stars; Lu’s father told his daughter to apologize for what she’d done, and promised to pay for the damages to the shop, the owner of the vehicle all he is able to.

The police found, at around noon, Lu was in her motorcycle helmet, arrived to the location with two kegs of gasoline, pushed one of the blue scooter that was parked to the back lot, poured the gas, then, lit up the fire, stood by and looked for several minutes, then, she’d, walked away.

The fire and smokes started getting big, and the employees saw, immediately had the customers who were dining in the shop to evacuate away, and ran outside with the fire extinguishers that the store had, and the fire wasn’t put out until the fire department came, the fourteen motorcycles had nothing but the iron frames remaining, the walls outside, the kitchen, burned to black, with an empty keg, and a lighter left behind at the scene.

After Lu set the fire, she had a friend accompanying her to the police substation to turn herself in, claimed that she was upset that the male employee had, started dating the girlfriend she had for many years, that she committed the arson on impulse; the police examined the location, reviewed over the surveillance of the nearby shopping strip, the nearby gas station, and the vicinity, and confirmed, that it was Lu, who bought the gas, who set the fire, who was, running away, charged her with arson, and, her crime of arson runs a sentence of more than a year, less than seven years in prison.

Lu’s father told, his daughter recently broken up, with the girlfriend she dated for seven years, and because of how stubborn she was in her personality, she wouldn’t tell him anything, with the pressures from work, that was what caused her to commit the crimes; and because she worked the graveyard shift at work, he’d not interacted with her regularly on a daily basis, and not noticed the signs of her upset.

And so, this last bit, is the father’s attempt, to excuse his own adult daughter, for committing arson, and this still just showed, how emotionally immature people can be, and how love turns to revenge, just like that (a snap of the finger???), and, this woman lost her senses, and committed the crimes, and despite how she’s already an adult, she still needed her daddy, to wipe HER A-S-S!

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When You’d Become, the Sum of My Parts

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, I can’t, do without you, I’d become, totally, completely, hooked (woe would be me!!!).  When you’d become, the sum of my parts, we’d become, too intertwined, too, mingled together, like those balls of yarns that those kittens played with, without the supervisions of humans?  They end up, tangled up completely, unmanageable.

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, it would be, super, duper hard, for me, to live without you, I’d grown, to rely on you, for every single one of my needs, and yet, you don’t, give me any, and so, I shall, die…

what that, looked like…查看來源圖片and it’s, still NOTHING good!  Photo from online

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, nothing’s, interchangeable, I gotta, have you in my life, or else, I will, die, I can’t even, go a second, without you on my mind, what am I, supposed to do, I think about you when I’m awake, and dream of you, when I sleep at night.

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, I’m destined, to get, SCREWED over, which is why, I’m now, working, too hard, to make SURE, that you don’t become, the sum of any part of who I turn out to be!

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, well, let’s see, how it’ll end, and I gotta feelin’: it ain’t, gonna end well, not for me one bit, and yet, I can’t, map out my brand new path, my path is, too entangled, with yours now………

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His Wife Had Committed Suicide, Because the Man He Was Seeing Pressured Her to Divorce Her Husband

The results, of the adultery with another man she met from work, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee started dating a waitress at a food shop for over a year then broke up with her, after he’d learned that Cheng was already married, he’d forced her to divorce, and, Cheng became suicidal, took a lot of pills to kill herself, and was rushed to the hospital.  As Cheng’s husband learned that his wife’s suicide attempt was caused by another man, he’d sued Lee for obstruction of family, and the Kaohsiung District Court found Lee guilty of adultery, sentenced him to five months in prison, and he can pay $150,000N.T. to get out of serving the time, and he can still appeal the case.

The verdict pointed out, that Lee (age 40) who works as a voluntary traffic officer, in 2014, met up with Cheng, the waitress, Cheng had kept her marital status a secret and dated him for over a year; after they broke up, Lee learned that Cheng was already married from the other waitresses who worked in the shop, in 2016, he’d invited Cheng to a motel, to have sex with her three times, and asked her to divorce, or that he will show their affair to the open, tell others, Cheng was suspected to not being able to handle the pressures, she’d attempted suicide by swallowing the pills on the early morning hours of August 23rd of last year, and as she was rushed to the hospital, her affair busted out.

As Lee was brought in for questioning, he’d stated, that Cheng had lied about her marital status and gone out on dates with him, that after the first breakup, they’d not contacted each other for over a year, during which time, her coworker told him she was already married, and later, Cheng told him she will take the responsibilities, and so, he’d gone to a motel and had sex with her again.

Cheng also admitted to going three times to the motels to have sex with Lee, the judge believed, that Lee showed a total lack of respect of Cheng’s marriage to her husband, obstructed her family life, and gave Cheng a ton of pressures, in the trials, Lee plead guilty, but didn’t reach a settlement agreement with Cheng’s husband, and found him guilty of three charges of adultery, with two months per count, a combined sentence of five months, and he will be able to pay $150,000N.T. to get out of serving time in jail, the case can still be appealed.

And, because this man felt uneven, that, was why he’d tried to make the woman divorce her husband, and the woman here, was still NO victim, because she’s the one who’d decided to have an affair with him, it’s just, that she’d attempted suicide, which probably makes her seem like the victim of this case, but she really isn’t, because if she hadn’t had the affair, then, everything that followed the events, would’ve, NEVER have happened!

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Fell in Love with Someone Else’s Wife, Sent Her Threatening Messages, to Force Her to Move

This is called, STALKING, hello, hello, hello???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The thirty-four year-old man, Chang about a year ago, met a married thirty-three year-old woman, Chen at a betel nut stand in Sanchong District, he’d started pursuing her endlessly, but they both had families, and the woman turned him down.  Chang got angered by her, awhile ago, he’d sent an anonymous letter to Chen’s neighbor, rumored that she was suicidal, to attempt to get her landlord to evict her, and the neighbors to force her to move out, the police yesterday followed the leads, arrested Chang, charged him with damaging someone’s reputations.

The police investigated, that on the 12th, the neighbors received an anonymous note, and that very day, they’d handed the letter to Chen, in the letter, it’d pointed out how she was beaten up by her husband who was a drunk and intended to take her three young children to commit suicide, and that if a fight broke out between her and her husband, the neighbors might be impacted hard, or that their rental home may become a place of murder and suicide.  The very next day, Chen called the police, said that she’d never offended anyone.

Until the police wouldn’t stop chasing the leads, Chen admitted that she’d gone to the betel nut stands to chit-chat, and met up with a married man who’s a customer there, Chang, she’d turned his love down, but told him that she would be a god sister to him, Chang started showering her with clothes, gifts, took her out to dine, and had gone to her home, to help fix up the plumbing and electric matters as well.

But last summer, they’d started arguing, and, Chang threatened that he was going to tell the relationship they carried on in to her husband, Chen believed that she’d gone within the realms of morality, she wasn’t threatened by Chang, and returned the cost of the goods, amouting to $10,000N.T., and returned the amount to him, wanted to sever the relationship; on the eleventh, Chang went to Chen’s front doors, and started screaming again.

The police found Chang using the leds, he’d admitted to typing up the letters and sending the message to the neighbors, planned to force Chen to move, by damaging her reputations, he was taken into custody after the police inquiries.

Wow, so this, is how you deal with a woman, turning you down?  You spreaded rumors about her, sent her threatening messages, stalked her, and tried getting the neighbors, to chase HER out of her home?  And it still didn’t work, and you still ended up, getting sent to jail, and all of that, because you felt you’d given too much to her, a married WOMAN, who hadn’t RECIPROCATED your feelings back to you???  Are you FUCKING kidding me here!

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