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When You’d Become, the Sum of My Parts

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, I can’t, do without you, I’d become, totally, completely, hooked (woe would be me!!!).  When you’d become, the sum of my parts, we’d become, too intertwined, too, mingled together, like those balls of yarns that those kittens played with, without the supervisions of humans?  They end up, tangled up completely, unmanageable.

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, it would be, super, duper hard, for me, to live without you, I’d grown, to rely on you, for every single one of my needs, and yet, you don’t, give me any, and so, I shall, die…

what that, looked like…查看來源圖片and it’s, still NOTHING good!  Photo from online

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, nothing’s, interchangeable, I gotta, have you in my life, or else, I will, die, I can’t even, go a second, without you on my mind, what am I, supposed to do, I think about you when I’m awake, and dream of you, when I sleep at night.

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, I’m destined, to get, SCREWED over, which is why, I’m now, working, too hard, to make SURE, that you don’t become, the sum of any part of who I turn out to be!

When you’d become, the sum of my parts, well, let’s see, how it’ll end, and I gotta feelin’: it ain’t, gonna end well, not for me one bit, and yet, I can’t, map out my brand new path, my path is, too entangled, with yours now………

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His Wife Had Committed Suicide, Because the Man He Was Seeing Pressured Her to Divorce Her Husband

The results, of the adultery with another man she met from work, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man Lee started dating a waitress at a food shop for over a year then broke up with her, after he’d learned that Cheng was already married, he’d forced her to divorce, and, Cheng became suicidal, took a lot of pills to kill herself, and was rushed to the hospital.  As Cheng’s husband learned that his wife’s suicide attempt was caused by another man, he’d sued Lee for obstruction of family, and the Kaohsiung District Court found Lee guilty of adultery, sentenced him to five months in prison, and he can pay $150,000N.T. to get out of serving the time, and he can still appeal the case.

The verdict pointed out, that Lee (age 40) who works as a voluntary traffic officer, in 2014, met up with Cheng, the waitress, Cheng had kept her marital status a secret and dated him for over a year; after they broke up, Lee learned that Cheng was already married from the other waitresses who worked in the shop, in 2016, he’d invited Cheng to a motel, to have sex with her three times, and asked her to divorce, or that he will show their affair to the open, tell others, Cheng was suspected to not being able to handle the pressures, she’d attempted suicide by swallowing the pills on the early morning hours of August 23rd of last year, and as she was rushed to the hospital, her affair busted out.

As Lee was brought in for questioning, he’d stated, that Cheng had lied about her marital status and gone out on dates with him, that after the first breakup, they’d not contacted each other for over a year, during which time, her coworker told him she was already married, and later, Cheng told him she will take the responsibilities, and so, he’d gone to a motel and had sex with her again.

Cheng also admitted to going three times to the motels to have sex with Lee, the judge believed, that Lee showed a total lack of respect of Cheng’s marriage to her husband, obstructed her family life, and gave Cheng a ton of pressures, in the trials, Lee plead guilty, but didn’t reach a settlement agreement with Cheng’s husband, and found him guilty of three charges of adultery, with two months per count, a combined sentence of five months, and he will be able to pay $150,000N.T. to get out of serving time in jail, the case can still be appealed.

And, because this man felt uneven, that, was why he’d tried to make the woman divorce her husband, and the woman here, was still NO victim, because she’s the one who’d decided to have an affair with him, it’s just, that she’d attempted suicide, which probably makes her seem like the victim of this case, but she really isn’t, because if she hadn’t had the affair, then, everything that followed the events, would’ve, NEVER have happened!

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Fell in Love with Someone Else’s Wife, Sent Her Threatening Messages, to Force Her to Move

This is called, STALKING, hello, hello, hello???  From the Newspapers, translated…

The thirty-four year-old man, Chang about a year ago, met a married thirty-three year-old woman, Chen at a betel nut stand in Sanchong District, he’d started pursuing her endlessly, but they both had families, and the woman turned him down.  Chang got angered by her, awhile ago, he’d sent an anonymous letter to Chen’s neighbor, rumored that she was suicidal, to attempt to get her landlord to evict her, and the neighbors to force her to move out, the police yesterday followed the leads, arrested Chang, charged him with damaging someone’s reputations.

The police investigated, that on the 12th, the neighbors received an anonymous note, and that very day, they’d handed the letter to Chen, in the letter, it’d pointed out how she was beaten up by her husband who was a drunk and intended to take her three young children to commit suicide, and that if a fight broke out between her and her husband, the neighbors might be impacted hard, or that their rental home may become a place of murder and suicide.  The very next day, Chen called the police, said that she’d never offended anyone.

Until the police wouldn’t stop chasing the leads, Chen admitted that she’d gone to the betel nut stands to chit-chat, and met up with a married man who’s a customer there, Chang, she’d turned his love down, but told him that she would be a god sister to him, Chang started showering her with clothes, gifts, took her out to dine, and had gone to her home, to help fix up the plumbing and electric matters as well.

But last summer, they’d started arguing, and, Chang threatened that he was going to tell the relationship they carried on in to her husband, Chen believed that she’d gone within the realms of morality, she wasn’t threatened by Chang, and returned the cost of the goods, amouting to $10,000N.T., and returned the amount to him, wanted to sever the relationship; on the eleventh, Chang went to Chen’s front doors, and started screaming again.

The police found Chang using the leds, he’d admitted to typing up the letters and sending the message to the neighbors, planned to force Chen to move, by damaging her reputations, he was taken into custody after the police inquiries.

Wow, so this, is how you deal with a woman, turning you down?  You spreaded rumors about her, sent her threatening messages, stalked her, and tried getting the neighbors, to chase HER out of her home?  And it still didn’t work, and you still ended up, getting sent to jail, and all of that, because you felt you’d given too much to her, a married WOMAN, who hadn’t RECIPROCATED your feelings back to you???  Are you FUCKING kidding me here!

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Couldn’t Find the Man Who Turned His Girlfriend’s Heart, So, He’d Hacked His Girlfriend Eleven Times to Death Instead

Love still turned to revenge AND hate here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Kaohsiung Forest Rebuilding Foundation After the Typhoon’s foundation manager, Yang, was displeased at how his girlfriend had a change of heart, tried to find the man she was now seeing, Pan, but couldn’t, he’d turned his rage toward his girlfriend, and Pan’s friend, Lin, hacked his girlfriend eleven times until she died, and almost chopped off Lin’s nose too, afterwards, he’d turned himself in.

The police investigated, that Yang (age 65) had been dating his forty-five year old girlfriend, Tsai, but he’d suspected that his girlfriend still had a thing for her ex, they’d broken up three days ago.

Two nights ago at a little past ten thirty, the neighbors saw the two met up at the Da-Ai Basketball court for a confrontation, and they’d started arguing, the neighbors had heard Yang called, “I love you very much, why are you so cruel?”, the neighbors tried to put an end to the altercation, but Yang threatened them, “If you come close, I’ll kill you too.”

The neighbor didn’t dare approach, returned home, and called up the police, as the police came to the scene, Yang was already gone, and Tsai had been hacked to death, and was lying in the grasses, close to the ball field, the officers called up the ambulance, then, got another report, that just a meter away, a man, Lin was wounded by a knife outside of his house, the police zoomed in on Yang.

As the police were chasing the leads, to find out where Yang was hiding, he’d come out and turned himself in, he had a knife, along with a taser, wanted to find Pan to take his anger out on him, but couldn’t find him, so he’d called up his girlfriend, and because she’d insulted him over and over again in the talks, he’d hacked her to death.

He’d first tasered his girlfriend, then, hacked her over ten times, saw how his girlfriend was then, lying in a pool of her own blood, he’d decided to go after Pan, and, on the way to confront Pan, he saw Pan’s friend, Lin was at home, he’d suspected that Lin had told Pan of what was about to happen, so, he’d changed his mind, went to the super convenience store first, to clean off his knife, then, went to Lin’s place to take revenge.

Lin stated, that when Yang came knocking, he didn’t suspect anything, opened the door, and got hacked three times. And because he has an elderly father at home, and worried about his father’s safety, he’d forcefully taken the knife from Yang, and that, was when Yang fled.

“I was ruined by her (the girlfriend)”, after Yang killed two people, his anger was still raging. Yang’s neighbor told, that Yang had been emotionally unstable regularly, seeming depressed.  The police stated, that the suspect took along a knife and a taser to the confrontation, clearly, it was premeditated.

And so, that, is how this love ended, because the girlfriend had a change of heart, the man couldn’t handle it, and started HACKING everybody up, and that’s still NOT right, why can’t you all just let go, and move on??? Oh yeah, you got too much invested in the relationship, and “pulling out” right now, well, you’d lose B-I-G, isn’t that right???


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A Man Lied to His Spare that They Will Die Together, and He Was the One Who Survived, Got Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

And she was still DUMB enough to fall for it?  When, will you learn, woman???  Oh wait, it’s too late, you’re already D-E-A-D!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

An interior designer, Cheng had an affair for eleven years, his girlfriend wanted to break it off with him, Cheng took his girlfriend’s identity and set up a Facebook account on her behalf, posted the nude photos, and, invited her friends and family to “join her circle of friends”.  The woman begged him to delete the account, or she’ll kill herself, Cheng replied, “Let’s die together then, and the girlfriend really DID leap off of a building and killed herself.  The Shihlin District Courts gave Cheng a six months sentence based off of forced acts, which he could pay a fine, to get out of serving time, the D.A. is discussing an appeal of the case right now.

The original indictments of Cheng had included, “artificial suicide”, “obstructions of secret”, “damaging reputations” and “obstructions of privacy”, but the woman’s father and older brother agreed to settle with 3.8 million dollars, the family withdrew the case.

Cheng (age 47) eleven years ago, had an affair with a then-nineteen year old female employee, they’d break up and got back together over and over again.  Two years ago, his girlfriend (age 30) had a new boyfriend, brought up the subject of breaking up.  Cheng believed that he’d been cheated, used the name, “Hated Once’, set up a Facebook account, and used his girlfriend’s headshot as the picture, then, posted her sex life, her shower onto the photo album online. Cheng had invited the “enemy” Chen to join as her friend, her coworkers, and her families as well, the niece of his girlfriend got an invite, and browsed online, and saw her aunt, naked.  After his girlfriend learned, she’d broken down, begged Cheng to let her go, and claimed, “I’ll die in front of you right now!”.  Cheng replied, “I’ll accompany you then”, falsely claimed he was willing to die with her.  Cheng begged to see her, to get back together, and claimed, “I only live for you.”

The third day after Cheng set up the Facebook account in his girlfriend’s name, the girlfriend gone to leap off of a building and killed herself; the police searched Cheng’s house, and they’d found the laptop, with the deceased nude photos, along with thirty-six DVDs.  The wife who’s been married to Cheng for twenty-two years didn’t even know her husband was having an affair until she received a court order, and how the other woman killed herself, because he wouldn’t let her go.

As the judge was ruling the case, because the family of the deceased was willing to settle, and he’d taken into consideration, that Cheng had elderly parents and children, Cheng was sentenced to six months in prison, along with a fine.  On the charge of assisting a suicide, the judge believed that the dialogue on Facebook are like the ranting of when couples are arguing, that it didn’t constitute as aiding to the suicide.

And because this L-O-S-E-R didn’t have the BALLS to commit suicide, he survived, and, if you ask me, six months in prison is still too lenient, after all, the woman DID die, because of him, and, the cost of a life is still way too cheap here!

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The Way A Man Loves

Love Gone Awry here…

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During the Talk about Breaking Up, the Technical High School Student Stabbed His Girlfriend

And yes, here’s another one, and no, I still didn’t just make this one up, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Another case of a horrid lover; the seventeen-year-old technical high school student, Tsai met some difficulties in love, two nights ago, he’d asked his middle school aged girlfriend, Hsiao to come out to talk, he’d stabbed the young woman into severely injured, and when he’d gotten home, he attempted to leap off of his building, and after he learned that Hsiao was out of danger did he head downstairs, when he was arrested, and booked on attempted murder charges.

Based off of understanding, Tsai and Hsiao had feelings of affinity since they were in middle school together, after graduating from middle school, Tsai went to the night school department of a technical high school, and worked at a breakfast shop during the daytime; while Hsiao went to a regular high school, and they still kept in constant touch with each other.

This May, Tsai noticed how Hsiao would dodge him, or intentionally avoided him, he suspected she was cheating on him, and they’d fight a lot, and talked of break up; Tsai had once threatened to kill himself, and showed signs of self-mutilation and suicidal tendencies, Hsiao had once texted Tsai’s mother, but was ignored.

The police investigated and found that two nights ago at around ten, Tsai asked Hsiao to the park opposite side of Da-Dong Night Market, as Hsiao’s mother learned of this, she feared her daughter’s safety, and accompanied her there, and intentionally stood between them; Tsai was accompanied by his friend, Wu, Wu worried that Tsai might lose control, he’d confiscated the two fruits knives Tsai had prepared in his car.

As they’d met, Hsiao claimed that “there is NO feelings left”, Tsai felt that it would be impossible to get his girlfriend back, he took out the fruit knife from his pocket, missed Hsiao’s mother, stabbed onto Hsiao’s left breast, and, she was rushed to Chenggong University Hospital, and, she had a ruptured lung, and after the surgeries, she’s still in the ICU, being observed.

After Tsai committed the stabbing, he’d realized that he’d done something awful, as he’d gotten home, he’d climbed up to the fifth floor roof, attempted to leap, and his family and his friend Wu all consulted him not to jump, Tsai stayed on the roof without a word, this lasted for over twenty minutes; later, the police arrived, and managed to soothe Tsai, Tsai said, “I’m so afraid, I don’t know how I’m going to face the future.”

In this dangerous situation, Tsai’s friend, Wu dialed up Hsiao’s mother who was in the hospital, keeping watch over her daughter, hoping he’d get some help from her, after Hsiao’s mother worked hard to console Tsai for over twenty minutes, and told him, “my daughter is already out of danger from the operations”, and claimed to him, “you’re still quite young, don’t do this again, I’m willing to forgive you”, then, Tsai gave up on his suicidal attempts.

After Tsai’s mother learned of what had happened, she’d accompanied her son to the station, claimed, “I have absolutely NO idea what my son was thinking of”, and, every time, she’d gone through her son’s friends and Hsiao, to know what her son was up to; and, when he’d broken it off with Hsiao, Hsiao texted her, even though, she showed some cares and concerns, but there’s nothing she could do, because he won’t talk to her.

And so, because this N-U-T has no one he could talk to about his troubles, and, he felt awful for the young woman, wanting to break up with him, and so, he’d stabbed her, and once again, this is still a case of NOT being mature enough to be in love, because at that young an age, when you fall in love, love became your everything, and once it’s over, you’d feel like you’d lost everything that’s keeping you alive…

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Ways to Stop an Old Flame from Harrassing You

Now these, may OR may NOT work, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

  • Clearly, but in a mild manner, tell the person “no”, other than giving the other person a way out gracefully, it can also help prevent making the other person angry…

Here’s what I THINK: if you don’t CLEARLY tell the OTHER person that it IS O-V-E-R, then, wouldn’t that leave a window of opportunity, for the person to think, “hey, I might still have a chance”, I get that letting the other person down gentle, it’s safer, but IF you’re NOT clear-CUT on your methods, then, the other person might misinterpret it as “oh, I might have a slight chance”, then, you’d end UP with MORE problems than E-V-E-R, especially IF you’d started dating again.

  • Move away when necessary, to avoid opportunities for contact

Hello, what happens if the other person turns into a STALKER, then, wouldn’t you be in more danger than you’d begun with?  Uh, D-U-H!  And, moving away is just escaping the problem, NOT dealing with it, and, IF you don’t deal with it, then, it has an OVER-a-HUNDRED percent CHANCE, of coming back, and BITING you in the A-S-S!

  • Asking a mutual friend to act as the middleman, to convey the message, include the reasons of why the two of you are NOT fitting together, to avoid the misunderstanding of the parties involved, and allowing the pursuer to falsely believe that you’re playing hard to get.

Yeah, IF the person who’s harassing you is RECEPTIVE to outside opinion, but mostly, the harasser isn’t, and, even IF the reasons for why the two of you should NOT be together is dissected so clearly, the person who’s refusing to let go may NOT see it that way, and so, this, would have a very little effect, I think.

  • If the other person continues to harass you, change your phone numbers, and block the other person’s phone numbers
  • But, you KNOW what, those old flames turned PSYCHOS have a TON of resource, and, s/he will manage to TRACK you down, and, you’d get dragged BACK into the reality of getting harassed again, and, NO matter how many times you’d changed your addresses, your phone numbers, and, even IF you’d moved to a brand new city, and thought that you’re FREE from the person, you’d still be looking OVER your shoulders, and you’d get scared, at the sound of the phone ringing, so, how’s that effectively solving the problem? It is N-O-T!
  • When the harassment got to the point that it’d affected your daily lives, call the police, and ask for help.

Now, we’re finally involving the L-A-W, but, you know how well those god DAMN restraining orders worked already, don’t you?  And, the person who’s harassing will NOT stop, until the one who is getting harassed is back with her/him, or is killed, and so, it still doesn’t end well either way.


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They’d Dated Only for a Month, and She’d Been Hounded by Him for Three Years

Another one who just REFUSES to LET go, even AFTER love is OVER, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou and his ex-girlfriend, Wen, who were dating for only JUST a month, and they’d broken up since three years ago, and Chou wasn’t pleased at how he was “dumped”, he’d called her up often, texted her nonstop, hoping that she’d meet with him again, and Wen could withstand the harassments, sued him.  The Shihlin District Attorney’s office found that Chou only sent text messages that is harmless, and so, they didn’t prosecute him.

The D.A. stated, that even though, Chou’s behaviors are not acceptable, and he’d created a TON of discomfort in his ex’s life, but, his behaviors did NOT constitute as criminal act, they’d suggested that Weng go through the civil courts to get this resolved.

Weng had once operated a lotto shop, and Chou had interviewed as her employee, after a month of dating, Weng felt that they are too different, and decided to break up.  Later, Chou went into the service, and Weng went to a hotel in Takoro to work, and they’d never met up again.

Weng accused, that while she was working at the hotel, her coworker told her, “There’s a Mr. Chou looking for you”, she was shocked, “It’s been so very long…”, she’d suspected that her personal information was leaked out.

“I swear I will NEVER use violence, can we meet up tonight?”, “You had gone off my radar, and, you’re probably doing lowly deeds right now!”  Weng put up the evidence of the messages she’d received from Chou as evidence.

As the D.A. opened up the case, Chou claimed, that what he was doing was NOT threatening, nor was it harassment, that he’d just wanted to have an amicable meeting with his ex-girlfriend.  The D.A. examined the text messages from Chou, and found, that mostly, they were about his state of being, “I’m hungry and tired right now”, “I hate Valentine’s Day”, etc., etc., etc., and he’d even reminded her of a movie that’s playing on AXN”, begged his girlfriend to take him back, that there were NO threats.

The D.A. stated, that even though, Chou had once stated to Weng, “You’re the culprit for causing your mother to turn demented”, but, the messages were sent to just his ex-girlfriend, that he didn’t spread it out to someone else, and so, it didn’t constitute as libel and slander.

Yeah, that’s just for THIS time, what about the NEXT time?  What if, the next time this LOSER decided to put HIS own words into action, and started harassing the woman even more?  After all, there’s a VERY thin line here, and because the boundaries are still very G-R-A-Y-E-D out, that, is how this, is a typically dangerous case scenario.

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Threatening to Get Back Together

Dangerous lover alert!!!

Threatening to get back together, because I need you in my love, darlin’, I can’t live without you, you’re everything to me, now I know, I shouldn’t have gotten drunk and came home late that night, and beat the SHIT out of you, but, had I not gotten FIRED by my DICK HEAD boss, and as I’d left the office, I can feel my coworkers, laughing AT me, I wouldn’t have needed to go to that local bar to get WASTED, and, had you not NAGGED me nonstop after I got home from drinking, then, I wouldn’t have HIT you, and punched your eyes!

And now, after that nasty hangover, I saw things more clearly, and I realized, that I shouldn’t have hit you, and so, that, is why, I’m on my knees (if you want to make it believable, get on ALL FOURS!!!), begging you please, please forgive me, and I promise I will NEVER lose my temper, or beat the SHIT out of you again.

And, because you still wasn’t moved, I got MAD, because it’s MY incompetence that caused me to lose you, but, I don’t want to admit to myself, that I am, indeed, incompetent, and so, I projected my anger onto you.

Threatening to get back together, and, so what if you got back together, is the relationship mended?  Or, is it even MORE broken from before?  After all, you’d FORCED the other person to take you back, against her/his will, didn’t you?  So, how can you be sure, that her/his heart will forever BE true?

Threatening to get back together, and if you don’t, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll SET myself on F-I-R-E in front of you, so you can watch me B-U-R-N, and, after I die, you’d be left with the guilts, of NOT allowing me back into your life.

What DOES this sound like?  Emotional blackmail, abuse, THE V-I-C-I-O-U-S C-Y-C-L-E?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, what do Y-O-U think???

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