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Ten Death in “Small Taipei”, the 72-Year-Old Suspect of California Shooting Used the Gun on Himself

Whatever the cause of this man’s going on a shooting rampage wasn’t important, this still showed how desperate the U.S. is in need of that next-to-impossible-to-pass GUN CONTROL law!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The L.A. County Police confirmed on the 22nd, that, in Monterrey Park where back in the eighties, there were the immigrants from Taiwan, the place was known as “Little Taipei” on the evening of the 21st, there was a mass shooting, and the suspect on the twenty-second, used a gun on himself to commit suicide in a white van in Torrance, California.  The deputy of the county sheriff’s office pointed out, that the seventy-two-year-old suspect, Huu Can Tran was of Asian descent, the motives of his shooting, unknown.  Based off of the locals and those who are familiar with the dance studio, “Dancing Star” where the shooting occurred, the shooting may have been due to jealousy.  This had shocked the president of the U.S. Biden, who was on vacation with his own wife, Jill, he’d ordered all federal government offices to raise the flags halfway up the staffs on the 26th to offer condolences.

the video of the news, off of YouTube

The officials told, there are no suspects on the run in this case, there were ten fatalities, ten wounded, and the motives of the shooting is still pending investigation.  The locals told, the owner of the Dancing Star, Ma came from China, he’d owned and operated the dance studio locally in Monterrey Park for more than two decades, and offered the courses in ballroom dancing, hosted many dancing competitions, the customers to the place are over fifty, mostly.

The Chinese Association in Los Angeles’s chairwoman, Chuang told, he’d known Ma many years, that this wasn’t the first time that something happened at the Dancing Star, normally, the disputes were related to how couples are upset with one another for going to the dancing studios.  Based off of what he’d known, the shooter was Asian, but because the shooter’s wife was invited to the New Year’s Eve activities, and he wasn’t, he flew into a jealous rage.  But based off of understanding, Tran may also be the Vietnamese spelling of the last name of Chen.

Chuang also told, the news of the shooting shocked all the local Asian communities, they’d worried that this may be a hate crime targeting the race, but he’d believed, that this was only a case of “domestic violence”, and due to the availability of arms everywhere, that’s what’s caused the innocents to get killed too.  Based off of the United Press, this is the FIFTH large-scale shooting since the start of January this year.

And so, this still just showed how dangerous it is, for the U.S. citizens to live in a nation where there is, NO gun control, and this man went on a shooting rampage, and killed himself, and so, we do NOT know what exactly made him went on the shooting rampage, but, because of how easily it is to own a gun in the U.S. with NO gun control law having the chances of ever being passed, these sorts of things will only keep on recurring, recurring, because the N.R.A. is what funds the Congress!

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The Thirteen Members of the Keelung Police Forces Who’d Gone to the Birthday Celebration of the Mob Boss, Punished

Continuing from yesterday’s reports, now, the “punishment

Phase” of these officers of the law’s involvement with the mobster’s birthday party, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The city police handed down the punishments for the thirteen members of its own, involved in the scandal of the police forces celebrating the birthday of a gang leader.  The lieutenant, Cheng had only told his superiors that he was going to the dinner gathering, and not mentioned with whom, got a written reprimand for false report, and demoted two levels, the other seven who’d gone didn’t get the okay signed off, they all received one written reprimand each; the five officers, due to not supervising closely enough, the captain, Chien of the detective squad got his status pulled, transferred to a nonmanagement position, the substation manager, Lin given two written warnings.

The meal gathering was held on the evening of the thirteenth, at a restaurant in Nuan-Nuan, Keelung, with the lieutenant, Cheng from the Keelung’s third substation and seven others from his office in attendance, with the primary gangster Lin of the Sun Santo Union, there were fourteen at their table.

The supervising department looked into the matter, Cheng had reported beforehand, but only roughly disclosed that he would be there for the specific intel, not stated that it was a meal gathering or that it was a birthday celebration either, nor did he tell he would bring along many detectives, that the written report didn’t coincide with what actually happened, that he was evasive; because of not reporting the truth, the footages of the birthday celebration was filmed and passed around, that this severely damaged the reputations of the police, he received two written reprimands, and transferred to uniform.

The other seven who were there not sent in anything written, broken the rules of police being in relations with specific individuals, all received one written reprimand each.  The four were on duty when they’d broken the disciplinary rules, the assistant captain, Lu demoted to desk, the lieutenant, Tsuei, the detective Huang, demoted to uniform, Lu the officer demoted to work in the substation; the other sergeants, Lin, Hsieh, and Lu were only extras who’d tagged along, they stayed on their original positions, not gotten demoted.

The city police is now, going after the captain of the detective units, Chien for inability to supervise, for lacking in management of his subordinates, transferred to a nonmanagerial post, the assistant captain SU received two written reprimands, the substation manager, Lin, two written reprimands.

The mayor of Keelung, Hsieh stated yesterday, that there should be a higher standard for the relations of police forces and the mobsters.  The head supervisor of Keelung City Police, Hsu told, that for the cases of morale of police, he would not cover for his officers.

And so, this is still all, HINDSIGHT!  Had someone in the office zoomed in on these police officers’ behaviors and made sure that they don’t go “off the grid” to that birthday celebration of the head mob leader, then, none of this would be, happening, but, because of the lack of supervision, lack of self-disciplines of the officers themselves, that’s why, asses are being, wiped up, and this still won’t do a thing, because it’s still, after-the-fact!

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Weighing the Individual Right to Have Sex with Whoever One Chooses More than Rights of Spouse?

What the @#$% is this?  So now, we can go and FUCK (so???) whoever we want to, no matter if the one we’re sleeping with is married, or not, and it wouldn’t matter IF we’re, married or not either…how the amendment that “zoomed in” on individual rights IS FUCKING (so???) up the “institution” of “marriage”, and yes, it’s still MY personal belief, that those of YOU who wants to get married, SHOULD be, “institutionalized” still…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Extramarital Affairs Gained the Minority Supports to Fight, the Courts: Based Off of Individual Interpretations

The female judge of the Taipei District Courts had ruled that spousal rights aren’t protected by the constitution, ruling that the law guarantees “the freedom of sexual acts”, found the other woman not guilty; the man, Yeh took Liu, the other woman to a motel, and he was sued by his own wife for $600,000N.T.s, the man and the other woman used the claims that they should have the sexual freedoms to fight the charges, but the Taichung District Courts found, that the verdict was based off of the particular court justice’s own interpretation of the law, that it’s NOT the long-term ruling, found Yeh and Liu guilty of adultery, that they both will pay the wife of Yeh $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh’s wife stated, that Liu took the advantage of working with her husband, got between them, last year in March she was at home, caring for her children, her husband used the excuse of a business trip, took Liu by car to a motel in Nantou, that they’d had sexual intercourse there, that they’d both infringed her right as his spouse, she’d sued her husband and Liu for $600,000N.T.s.

Yeh fought the charges, stated, that “the rights of the spouse” isn’t a “written right” in law, that it’s a concept of practical means, and that the legislations of “sexual decision rights” should trump the spousal rights, so, adultery isn’t a crime at all, not mentioning, how it’d not, broken the law of, marriage, that he and Liu had gone to a motel, but they’d not had sexual intercourse, that his wife had NO basis to sue him.

and now, even AS you’d, caught your spouses (1@a time!) doing this with another, you still can’t SUE, because adultery is DECRIMINALIZED!!! Photo from online

Liu also said, that there’s already questions in the country’s beliefs about spousal rights, Yeh and his wife’s relations hadn’t been a husband and a wife’s means of interactions, that their relationship was broken long before she got involved.

The courts found, that Yeh and Liu’s behaviors, not considering the fact that they went to a motel together, but, based off of social norm, it’d clearly, exceeding the normal friendships interactions, found that Yeh’s spousal right was, infringed, that Yeh’s using that his marriage with his wife being broken already, to justify his sleeping with Liu, considering the occupation of both, and the incomes they bring in, the courts found that Yeh and Liu need to pay Yeh’s wife $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh and Liu fought the verdict, that the defining of whether or not a marriage is well is subjective, that this wasn’t a guaranteed right of the law, that even if it’s protected by law, the individuals’ sexual rights should get prioritized over the spousal rights; but the Taichung District Court found, that the ruling was based off of the individual court judge’s interpretations of the particular law, that it’s based off of the personal opinions of the judge, that it’s NOT a long-term practical belief.

And so, this, would be the outcomes of the country’s legalizing adultery, by decriminalizing adultery, because now, two consenting adults can FUCK, with a total disregard of how they may have damaged the rights of their own, individual, spouses (if they have them!), and this is just SHIT!

And yeah, marriage IS, that, “institution, that EVERYBODY checks out of, that way, we can all, fuck whoever the hell we so choose, no strings attached, and this is the mess that comes after the country’s decriminalizing the act of, adultery, some years ago…

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He’d Robbed the Gold Jewelries Worth $470,000N.T., Escaped, Leapt into the Creeks, Fallen to His Legs Became Injured So Badly He Couldn’t Move a Single Muscle

The quick KARMA that bit him on the ASS here!  Served him right, for robbing a jewelry store!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two evenings ago, an eighteen-year-old man, Wu went into the jewelry shop told that he wanted to buy a gold necklace, as he pretended to be selecting from the batch, he’d grabbed a necklace worth $470,000N.T., and run right out of the shop, the shop owner chased after him, and called the cops as he’d chased after the robber; as Wu saw the police and the locals coming towards him, he’d leapt into a five-meter deep creek, and injured both his legs, and couldn’t move an inch, was arrested by the police who just arrived, he was taken to the hospital, and sustained no major injuries, booked for robbery, after the D.A. interrogated him, they’d asked the courts to have him in custody, which the courts signed off.

The police investigated, that Wu just turned eighteen, two evenings ago at around six, he’d walked into a jewelry shop in Zhushan Township in Nantou, claimed that he was looking for a gold necklace and a ring; the manager found him keep on switching to and from the pieces, acting weird, as he was about to tell the clerk to collect the jewelry, Wu grabbed two gold necklaces, and two gold rings, then, ran right out, the clerk immediately chased after him, and called the police as he’d chased him down.

The locals learned that there was a robbery, and joined in the pursuit of the robber, not long thereafter, the police arrived too, Wu saw the crowd behind him getting bigger and bigger, he’d flipped over the railings, and leapt into the street-end creek down below, not realized that it was a five-meter drop downward, he’d injured both his legs, couldn’t move an inch.  The patrol officers arrived immediately afterwards, cuffed him, took him to the hospitals, and gotten the robbed gold jewelry returned to the shop.

And, look on the bright side (sliver lining anyone???) you got to hold that gold of $470,000N.T.s, at least, for a brief moment in time, and that still just showed, how quickly KARMA bites back, meaning, IF you do something bad, then, what you did will return back to you TENFOLD, like for this loser, he would not just be facing the jail term, but also the medical fees too now, and it still was NOT worth it!

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As a Six-Year-Old GUNNED Down His, Teacher…

A SIX-YEAR-OLD kid, with the intent of, MURDER, what had this world gone to???

Based off of the reports here on Yahoo! News, it said here, that this boy, shot his school instructor after he had an altercation with her in class, and, the D.A. is having difficult charging this, SIX-YEAR-OLD, because Virginia law believes, that underage minors lacked the understandings of what constitutes as crime.

There are a few issues, first and foremost, the DESPERATE need for a GUN CONTROL amendment in the U.S., but, seeing how the senators, the representatives of the House are all pocketed by the N.R.A., that’s not going to happen, and secondly, whatever happened to keeping the arms locked up safe and sound, out of reach of young children, inside, a PASSWORD protected, safe?  Oh yeah, that doesn’t happen, and even IF you managed to lock your guns, rifles, shotguns inside them password protected safes, you’d still have to change the combination once every say???  Three to six months, because your kids may be peeking behind you when you unlock, and, chances are, you won’t even remember WHAT digits you’d, switched to in the end.

and, here’s the news report on that off of YouTube

And the BEST option, is to place a ban on the sales, the buying of arms, and, we can already hear those, NRA-funded Republicans cry out in pain, so that still, won’t happen.

Now, there’s, only ONE more option, to CHARGE these “young babies” who bring that dangerous weapon to school for the sake of that “show and tell” (like that third-grade boy who brought one to school, and accidentally SHOT his ten-year-old little friend who’s a girl from…dunno how LONG ago that was!) as ADULTS.

Or we can simply, say, that hey, this problem does NOT exist, it’s only an isolated incident, it won’t happen, not in the future, and continue to blind ourselves with that big lie!

So, what’ll it be, huh?  TOUGHER gun control laws, TOUGHER laws for those who brings guns to school for that “show and tell”, CHARGING these children as ADULTS?  What?  What can we all do???


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She Sold the Bank Accounts to the Scam Rings, and Worked as a Driver Too…Found NOT Guilty, the D.A. Office Criticized that This Was Outrageous

A judge who’s a DINOSAUR, or, did a DINOSAUR become, a judge???  This is SHIT is what this is!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Could He Not Offend Again?  The Legal Realms: This is Against ALL of Our Basic Knowledge of the Law

The woman, Lin had sold the accounts to the scam rings to use, received only probation, and was caught on suspicions of working as a pickup driver, withdrawing the illegally gained cash in the amount of $850,000N.T., the first trial gave her ten months; the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung believed that she’d been sentenced for fraud, that it was unreasonable she would work as a pickup driver too, changed the verdict to not-guilty.  The verdict sparked up the debates in the legal realm, there were the entry level district attorneys who’d criticized that the decision was “bullshit”, believed that there’s debate of the matter.

The legal realm believes, that practically, the judge may think, that the person being tried may not know what s/he was doing, so the verdict of “not guilty” is handed down, but, the woman in the case, Lin had repeatedly offended, she’d also, exacerbated in her criminal actions, the first trial gave her a sentence, while in the second, the judge found that she may have been forced into doing what she did, and claimed that she won’t do it again, this was against the common sense of law, that the decision may not be acceptable for the public to take in.

Based off of understanding, in August of 2017, Lin mailed the deposit books, the ATM cards to the scam rings, and changed the passcodes like the scam rings told her to, assisted the ring to scam $10,000N.T.s, she was caught, and pleaded guilty, and paid the $10,000N.T.s.  The district court of Chiaotou believed that she’d assisted the scam artists as an accomplice, gave her two months in prison, two months probation, and she had to take the legal classes too.

what the judge, is…from online

In September of 2020, Lin was once accused again, for providing the accounts to the scam artist rings, withdrew $850,000N.T. from the victims’ accounts, and gave it to upstream.  The district court of Chiaotou sentenced her on the three counts of offense last year, gave her another, ten months.

Lin changed her statement as the case is being tried in the High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung, she’d claimed that she was looking for a job online, not known that the job was a pick up driver for the scam artist rings, and the verdict used the concepts of “done the crimes once, wouldn’t do it again”, pointed out, that Lin was charged and found guilty on fraud from before, and this time, she’d not only provided the accounts, she’d wired the money she picked up into her own account, and not even covered it up, “this is different than the mind of those who intended to commit a crime”.

The Collectivist Courts found, that Lin had confessed once, but, the statements she gave was mislead by the judge of her first trial, and there was an alternate judge who resided over the case, and the court was via webcam, due to MERS-CoV, “subjectively believing, that the defendant, in front of the court, felt pressured to admit to what she’d done”.

The verdict was criticized by the entry level district attorneys, said, that if a criminal dared goes out into the open to commit a crime, and that’s not intentional?

The attorney, Ge believed, that in the earlier cases, the district attorneys only asked for probation for those unknowing participants, but in recent years, there’d been too many job scans, multiple ways of checking, the news reports, there were more cases which were, dropped, but, if the judge believed, that the jobseekers didn’t know what their accounts are being used for, as it was the first time they are finding work, there were the judges who’d given out the not-guilty verdicts.

And so, this is basically, the “luck of the draw” what you get, for your sentence if you work as a driver, or give up your accounts for the scam rings to use, and this case is bullshit, and the judge IS, that, dinosaur, because that first time this woman got caught, she wasn’t, severely punished, which led her to her second time in the criminal behavior, and the judge still gave her a free pass.  Guess what’s going to happen?  The woman’s going to do it, a third, a fourth, a fifth time, and each and every time, she would get higher u on her criminal behaviors, until maybe, she escalates to, murder or, embezzling money???

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The Cover-Up of the Middle School Principal of Hsinbei City Beating the Students

PHYSICAL “discipline”, aka, CORPORAL PUNISHMENTS of students are already, “banned”, since, early 2000s already, and yet, there are still the unfitting educators who’d, resorted to this sort of a, physical, abuse!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

Until the Parents Made the Disclosures, Did the Principal Get Demoted Down to the Position of a School Instructor, the Department of Education Only Gave Him a Written Reprimand, Sparking Up the Debates

Last year in January, a male student from a certain middle school in Hsinbei City, because he’d brought the cigarettes to school, was called into the principal’s office, the principal and the male student engaged each other physically, in the end, it’d turned into a case of physical assault of the student by the principal, the school covered up the incident, and not notified the authorities, until last year in November, the parents called the Department of Education to report this incident, that was when the school principal went back to the position of the school instructor.  The Department of Education only gave the principal a warning, the Humanistic Foundation believed it was way too lenient, that the principal should get fired.

Last year in January, a male student from a middle school in Hsinbei City brought the cigarettes to school, and got called into the principal’s office, but the principal and students got into a heated argument and started engaging each other physically, and the school principal was said to have beaten the student on the head, the face, pulling on his collar, causing the student to sustain an injury on his neck, even the zippers on the student’s school jacket got pulled off by the principal.

But afterwards, the school didn’t report this incident with the Department of Education as a concern of safety matter of the school, the parents got upset, and last year in November, the parents went to the Department of Education to report this, the principal in April of this year, excused himself from the position of the school principal, and got demoted to a school instructor, and by August, he’d been, officially, reassigned as a school instructor.

The Department of Education, after they were notified by the student and parents, went into full investigation on the matter, and hosted the evaluation of the principal committee, and the principal ended up with a written warming, and the school is asked to evaluated itself, and to reinforce the trainings of the school officials, to report these incidents as they occur.

The parent, Jiang believed, that the principal, as the head of the school, the role model for all the school instructors, should NOT have gotten angered, and engaged with the student.  The C.E.O. of the Humanitarian Education Foundation, Feng believed, that the principal clearly isn’t fitting to work as a school instructor, the Department of Education should stop the contract for hire on his, set up the standards, so the other school principal can use this man’s example of what not to do.

The Department of Education stated, that the decision was made from reviewing the reports of investigation of the case, and they’d found the principal’s improper means of discipline to be valid, and there’s the zero tolerance policy on improper discipline methods, and, they’d asked the school to start up the counseling measures for the student.

And, another Tae-Kwon Do coach from Hsinbei took the teams to compete nationally, and the accusations of his sexually harassing the trainees, the Tae-Kwon Do Association of R.O.C. investigated the matter, and pulled the coach off of his coaching post temporarily, and the school had rehired him back, causing the panic in the parents.  The Department of Education explained, that as the schools hire the personnel, they should check with the database with the reported improper behaviors of instructors are listed, and this particular coach didn’t have any records, and the school is asked to verify the status of behaviors of this particular coach, to stop this sort of violence from recurring in school, to protect the rights of the school’s instructors, and, students.

And so, you can see, there’s, this, LACKING in the systems of reporting these things, and, besides, if it were up to the schools independent to report these incidents, then, chances are, the schools are not going to, because, the schools don’t want to be labeled as hiring improper instructors, because that would then, affect the enrollment rate, which will, cause the school to shut down, especially with the decline in birth rate by the year, and this is the way the schools keep themselves in operation, by covering up the bad behaviors of those, ill-fitted, educators, and this is truly, B-A-D!

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The Man Who Got Cheated on HACKED the Other Man 113 Times, the Judge Believed He was Still “Reformable”, & Not Given Him the Death Penalty

How does that work, huh???  Because it’s a man, who’d murdered his own wife’s affair, hacked him a HUNDRED THIRTEEN times, and the court justice still believed that this murderer can be, reformed???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, He returned to visit his own ex-wife in May this year, found her new love, Wu at home, he’d used a knife, stabbed Wu 113 times, then, used a robe, hung Wu on the door handle of the bathroom, attempted to strangle him to death, in the end, Wu died of losing too much blood; the Kaohsiung District Court found, that He, due to the other man breaking up his marriage, that was what led him to murder, that he was still, able to get reformed, sentenced him to life in prison on murder.  He (age 34) got divorced in March of this year, he’d believed his ex was having an affair, that he was tricked into getting a divorce, and got into argument over the property rights and the children’s custodies, after he’d had a verbal altercation with his ex on May 6th this year, he’d gone to her place to confront her, his ex took their children to school, wasn’t around, he’d entered into the residence, found Wu (age 37) asleep in his daughter’s room, believed that it was Wu who’d broken up his marriage, got furious, picked up a fruit knife, and started, stabbing and hacking at him.

Wu, after being stabbed, awakened in shock, he’d tried to get up to get the knife out of He’s hand, but he’d been stabbed too many times, couldn’t have enough strengths left, they’d brawled to the outside of the bedroom hallway, Wu was unfamiliar with the lock of the front door, couldn’t escape, started pulling with He, and He went to the kitchen, picked up another knife, as Wu saw, he’d made his escape into the bathroom, and lost consciousness.

He used the nylon strings of the weight-lifting equipment, tied it around Wu’s neck, hooked the ring on the door knob of the bathroom, planned to strangle Wu to death, but Wu had already been stabbed 131 times, lost too much blood, then died, after He made sure Wu had died, then, he’d, left.

As his ex came home, she saw blood everywhere, and found Wu dead in the bathroom, had a friend helped to call the police, the following day, the police caught Wu who spent the night, hidden in the elevator at Gushan Station of Taipei Railroad systems.

During the trial, He admitted o murder, the Collectivist Court found, that after He murdered his ex-wife’s partner, he’d not reached a settlement agreement, and the families also demanded that he be given the death sentence, but considering how what caused him to commit murder was he’d found his ex getting too close to another before they were finally divorced, and as he’d signed the papers, he got, kicked out of his home, and saw the other man in his ex-wife’s home, that it wasn’t, premeditated, that he may still have some conscience left, that if there’s a complete system that helps reform him, he will be “cured”, and that was why he wasn’t given the death sentence.

Yeah, on WHAT basis, did this ruling come?  Because this man went into a murderous rage as he saw the other man in his ex-wife’s apartment, he’d, brutally murdered him?  And, how’s that reformable, huh?  I mean, this is SHIT is what this is, and the law’s telling us, if you get cheated on, and you flew into a rage, and committed murder, you will, get nothing more than a slap on your wrist!

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The Famous Arcade Shooting, the Gunman Turned Himself in in Tainan

Thanks to the investigators, working relentlessly, to catch these, bad guys, they are now, in custody, and they will get punished for their, crimes, from the Newspapers, translated…

The August 8 Shooting at Shueja worked by the Tainan D.A.’s Office, made more progress, the investigators discovered that the Uzis used in the case, had been provided for by Tsai, while the getaway driver, Hsieh was captured awhile back, and the escaped “Red Turtle”, Hong got the gun from Yang who’d been, taken into, custody already, with Hong, ordering Kung to fire the gun.  The police department of Tainan took Tsai and Hsieh into custody last night, the D.A.’s offices had the courts signed off on the two men’s being in police custody, so far, there were, five who were involved, in police custody.

The investigators told, that the Uzi used in the case is still in Hong’s possession, he was suspected of being covered by his accomplices, used the money from the illegal gambling rings, to get the cash for his getaway, the police already set up a specialist task squad, to sweep the professional casinos, to cut off the money.  And because all who were involved were from the regions closest to the oceans, the police investigators aren’t ruling out that the shooting may be related to the alternative energies, and politics yet, they’re now, in pursuit, wholly of Hong.

Tsai (age 58), Hsieh (age 39), both denied involvement; Tsai also denied having provided the Uzi for the shooting, Hsieh claimed that he’d not known that Yang (age 46) went up north to retrieve the guns, but the Tainan District Court judge believed, that Tsai, and Hsieh are primary suspects, that their testimonies didn’t match up to the witnesses, that they have flight risks, and collaborating their statements, and signed off on them being in custody.

The former chairperson of a DDP committee, Kuo’s sold factory and the city councilman, Hsieh’s office in the district were fired into on the tenth of last month by Kung eighty-eight times with a Uzi, the investigators chased them with the car, and found that the getaway drivers, Lee (age 40), Kuo (age 41) got the guns from Tsai, nicknamed “golden dragon”, then, Hsieh drove up with Yang, to get the weapons.

After the law enforcement officials arrested Yang on the fourteenth, they’d also, arrested Tsai, Hsieh in Sinchuang, Hsinbei City and in Kaohsiung as well. The D.A. believed that they are involved in the shooting, and is at risk of destroying evidence and collaborating their statements, last night the courts mandated them both into police custody.  And, the law enforcement officials also had the driers, Wu, and Tsai come in for questioning, and both were released after the police inquiries.

The city police chief, Fang led the city detective captain, Lin, the manager of the substation of Shueja, Liu, stated that on the day that Kung fired the gun, he was, set to leave the country, and returned the Uzi back to Hong to keep, and, based off of all the suspects that’s come up, they’re all from the local ocean districts of Tainan, and are all with ties to major Beimen, and Hsieh is also the nephew of Hsieh, that they’re not ruling out, that the case has to do with the alternative energies, and politics yet.

Tsai is from Beimen, many years he’d arrived to Hsinbei city to operate an online shop, and would sell the items on his YouTube channel, is well to do, and would return back home to give to the charities from his own hometown, in 2016, he’d gone back to his hometown, to host the 1,000 homeless New Year’s Eve meal gathering, this time he was a suspect of the case, for providing the weapons, and was suspected of giving the cash for Hong’s get away, it’d shocked the locals from his hometown.  And Hsieh’s cell phone had been out of service, as the press reporters tried to contact him.

And so this still showed, that if you commit a crime, you won’t be able to, escape, and these investigating officers are working really hard, day and night, to catch the bad guys.

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The Perpetrator of the DeepFake Cases, the YouTuber, Yu Mandated to Pay Jie Huang a Million Dollars N.T.

How it’s, so easy, for our headshots we use for our profiles to get stolen, and, mixed and matched, to a body of, a porn star, and the government still does SQUAT, because the punishment isn’t, harsh enough for these, perps here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The YouTuber, “Yu”, Chu and her assistant, Chuang used the DeepFake technologies to switch the faces out, to produce pornographic videos, and selling them online, switched the faces of famous T.V. personnel, movie stars, and politicians onto the bodies of porn stars, and selling the footages online, of these, the city councilwoman, Jie Huang and a flight attendant’s DeepFake footages are still currently streaming on the internet, they’d sued for a million dollars N.T. for damages to their reputations with the courts, the Hsinbei District Court found the charges to be valid for the YouTuber and her assistant, and that they will pay.

Chu and her assistant claimed, that all their audiences knew that the footages they’d posted aren’t real, that they’d not damaged the victims’ reputations, that it wasn’t their intentions to damage the reputations of their victims, but the judge believed, that the sexually-illicit footages of these individuals’ faces with the bodies of porn stars, went viral online, that this constitutes as a damage in the women’s rights to their bodies.  The judge found, based off of current laws in Taiwan, Chu and her accomplice, Chuang are responsible for the most severe crimes of invasion of privacy, toward the means of how the victims’ faces are swapped out, and the nude photos spreading on the internet, the laws can’t prevent these, and other than filing for the civil claims, the victims can do, nothing else.

how easily our own faces can’t get “stolen” without our consents using this technology! Found online

The judge worried, that in these situations, the women from Taiwan will be ill-at-ease using the internet, “they will no longer be comfortable, posting their photos that helped document their daily lives”, which in turn, caused the limitations of freedom of speech online, so it can’t only be punished with just a slap on the wrists for these two perps, the courts sentenced Chu and her assistant, Chuang to pay both the flight attendant, and Jie Huang both a million dollars N.T. each.

Chu and Chuang had abused the technology DeepFake, targeted a total of 119, to make the sexually illicit photos or footages, and shared these on the internet, it’d caused continued damages for the victims, eighty-three of the one hundred nineteen victims pressed charges, the judge believed, that the two made the profits illegally, that it’d severely damaged the reputations, the psychological wellbeing of their victims, that their actions were, malicious, considering how they’d admitted to wrongdoing, and had attempted to settle with the victims, and carried a willing to accept the consequences attitude, on the 119 counts of invasions of privacy, breaching the personal data protection laws, sentenced Chu to fie months, Chuang to three, Chu will be serving five years six months in prison, Chuang, three years eight months, and these sentences can be paid for to skip the time served, the district attorney is filing for an appeal right now.

And so this is still just, SHIT, you can pay your way out of such a serious crime, and considering how these things are already, VIRAL online, how the FUCK can you undo the damages that you’d caused to someone else’s rep, huh?  And this is after the cyberbullying laws, the laws against internet crimes got passed too, and this god damn country still prided itself on being advanced in that?  Give me a break, the punishment here, does NOT even come close to, fitting to the crimes committed, especially when it’s the victims’ reputations that’s gotten, dragged, through the mud and the muck!

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