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Church accused of adding to trauma of survivor by trying to thwart case involving paedophile priest

Excuses of the Catholic Church When Someone Accuse the Officials for Sexual Abuse…

Stigmatis News

Catholic church’s claim he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised Anglican proved to be incorrect but delayed case for a year, in a legal move being heavily criticised

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being utilised by the Catholic church in Australia for abuse cases. Photograph: Roman Milert/Alamy

Christopher Knaus

The Catholic church has been accused of causing added trauma to a survivor after it tried to thwart his case involving a notorious jailed paedophile priest by claiming he could not have been an altar boy because he was baptised in the Anglican church, a move that delayed the case for a year.

The accusation adds to a litany of complaints about the legal tactics being employed by the church in abuse cases, including its repeated attempts to permanently halt cases where paedophile clergy have died, a practice first revealed…

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It’d Been a Year Since the Anti-Stalking Law Was Sign into Effect, and the Signing of the Needed Restraining Orders are Still, Coming Too Slowly

See how slowly this SHIT’s, coming, along???  And the Tsai government still prides itself, on getting the anti-stalking laws going???  Yeah, the president IS, delusional all right!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Eight Cases a Day, and it Takes an Average of Thirty-Four Days to Pass One Restraining Order, Over Eighty-Percent of the Perps, After Being Warned by the Written Orders, Would Stop, or Reduce the Occurrence of Stalking

and, here’s, how much, “red tapes” that one must go through, before coming to getting a restraining order on someone who stalks you…the, “run-around”…from online

As the anti-stalking law was, sign into effect on June first of last, the Modern Day Women’s Foundation  stated, that the estimates by the Police Affairs showed that in close to a year, there’d been 2,724 cases of reported stalking since April 30th, eight cases per day on average, ninety-percent of the victims are women; that the police had issued 1,812 written or verbal warnings, and over eighty percent of the perps, after receiving the written warnings, would stop the behaviors of stalking or reduce the prevalence of stalking greatly.

But, the restraining order for the anti-stalking law is slow to come along, the average time was 34.11 days after the papers were, processed and filed, and the first quarter of this year, was 44.66 days, and for some, it takes as long as three, four months, to have the restraining orders, signed into, effect.

The C.E.O. of Modern Women Foundation, Wang stated, in the close to 3,000 cases of stalking, the regular tag-along took up 57.4-percent, the domestic violence stalking is 42.6-percent, with ninety-percent of victims who are women, the perps of men of 85.2-percent.  The means of stalking are mostly by communication means, physically tailing came second.  There’d been 1,957 written warnings issued, fifty-percent of these were stalking, domestic violence-related stalking took up 43.5-percent.

and here are the, “stats”…from online

Fifty-two cases, by police recommendation, of these, twenty-three cases were signed into effect by the courts.

Wang believed, that there’s, the visible effects of the anti-stalking laws since it’d been enforced for almost a year, that it’d, elevated the awareness of how stalking is a serious offense, and, the public are slowly understand, that the believed-to-be-harmless verbal harassments, are all, illegal.

But the anti-stalking laws stated, that the victims when feel imminent danger, they don’t need to go through the paperwork to get the restraining orders, Wang believed, that some judges insisted that the law must be broken, before the issuance of a restraining order is needed, that it’d not considered the threats that are immediate in the victims’ lives, that the restraining order would lose its, purpose in protecting the victims.

And so, this is still, too slow, because, see how many people are MURDERED, by those who stalked someone?  Yeah, maybe, these anti-stalking laws, are considered “advanced”, but, they’re still, too slow to get issued, because, there are still victims, being MURDERED by their stalkers, since when the law first got signed into, effect.  This legislation still only works well, on paper, but not in the, realms of, practicality, because unless, the police can camp outside the stalking victims homes, and watch over them twenty-four-seven, then, who’s to say, that when the cops drive off, the stalkers are not going to come?  So, this still does NOT work well, besides, there were the cases of those who got a restraining order on them, that tore through those restraining orders, and MURDERED the victims!

How’s that for, “efficacy”, huh???

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In the Case of the Fifth Grader Adding the Substances to His Classmate’s Water, the School Denied that They Were Passive in Handling the Matter

Of course, that’s what the “official statements” would say, because if the school admitted that oh, we weren’t, careful enough, then, the school gets, SUED by the victims and their, parents, a great way of, dodging responsibilities here, when this SHIT happened under your watch, and then again, it’s the individual’s actions that’s, given this school, a bad rep!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A fifth grader in an elementary school in Taichung had upsets with a classmate, and he’d coconspired with three other of his classmates, added the juices of devil’s ivy to the classmate’s water bottle, the victim drank from the water bottle and fell ill, the parents called the cops, and complained how the school was passive in handling the matter “refusing to provide us with the sound files, the video files of the conferences with the students and parents”.  The school yesterday apologized on this matter, stated that as soon as they were notified of the incident, they’d, immediately contacted the security professional of the school, other than counseling the individuals who were involved, they’d also called up the emergency meetings in the school to start up the investigations.

The school pointed out, because the student is under twelve, to protect the students’ privacies, they will provide the counseling, and educate them on what constitutes as proper, to prevent them from getting hurt again, and begged the society to give these students, a chance, to turn their lives around.

And, the parents of the victim filed for the bullying, the school told, that it’s reviewing the evidences based off of the bullying prevention standards that’s set up in the school, and will hasten the investigation, continue to reinforce the means of stop bullying in the meetings in school.

Members of the public posted online, that the higher grade level students A and R in a certain elementary school had the upsets with one another, although they’d resolved the matter under the mediations held by the teachers, but, A started researching for the related information on poisonous plants, and coconspired with three other students in the class, in the end, decided to use the devil’s ivy, and waited until R wasn’t looking, added the sweetened sap of the plant into his water bottle, after R drank the fluids, he’d started feeling nauseous, and started having a stomach ache.

The Taichung Department of Education stated that the school already started counseling the students who were involved, and both of the parents of the students had also, filed the bullying and discrimination cases with the schools, the case is currently under investigation.

And so, this, is on how the parents of the victim are upset, over how the school handled the matter, and, this is outrageous, how the school can, allow the elementary age student, to do such an awful thing to one another, in school!  This happened in school, and, it didn’t matter whose fault it was, it’s the students!  And the school is now, dodging responsibilities, yeah, they are all, “minors”, but hey, it’d happened, UNDER what should’ve been, YOUR WATCH, and yet, the school refused to, MAN UP???

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The Fifth Grader Co-Conspired with Three Friends, Poisoned a Classmate with Devil’s Ivy for Revenge

What the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) has happened to the children today???  And, if you asked me, this “KID” should be, CHARGED with, ATTEMPTED MURDER, because that was what he was, trying to do, to the, “victim” of the case here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Added the Juices of Devil’s Ivy into the Classmate’s Water Bottle, as He Drank the Fluid, He’d Become Dizzy and Had Stomach Cramps, the Families Called the Police, the School Set in to Counsel the Student

In an unnamed elementary school in Taichung, a fifth grader had a run-in with a fellow student, and he’d held a grudge, coconspired with his three other classmates, added in the juices of the devil’s ivy into the victim’s water bottle for revenge, as the victim drank, he’d started becoming, ill, the families called the police.  The Department of Education of Taichung told, that the school is now, having the counselors involved in counseling the related parties, and, both students’ parents are filing for the school bullying and gender equality discussion boards complaints, the case is currently under investigation.

The members of the online community posted, that the higher grades in a certain midstrip elementary school, two fifth or sixth grade students, A and R had upsets, and, although, they’d, resolved the disagreements with the teacher mediating, but A still carried a grudge, and searched for the means of toxic materials, and discussed with the three other students how to poison the victim.

and this is, how “minors”, settle their upsets with one another these, days…photo from online

The four students had the choices of night-scented lily, oleander, devil’s ivy, and they drew a raffle, decided to use the devil’s ivy.  As the victim, R wasn’t paying attention, they’d poured the sugared devil’s ivy juices into the water bottle; after R drank the fluids, he started having headache and, nausea, and thought he had something bad that’s, ingested; the homeroom instructor found that the student had drank the poisoned water, and reported it to the school, also, notified the parents of the victim, suggested that they keep a close watch on R’s condition.

The school also set up a conference with both student’s’ parents, and, the following day, under A’s seat, there was, another bottle with the devil’s ivy juice with the sugar added in under, the parents of both parents went to the police, but the school was quite passive in the matter, refused to produce the video and the sound files of the conferences with the parents.

The specialist of V.M.H. on toxic substances, Mao told, that the plants all belonged in the same group, with the toxics in them, that ingesting by error will cause pains in the oral cavities, throat, esophagus, or it might cause the stomach to upset, to vomit, stomach pains, diarrhea, etc., etc., etc.  Oleander is the most toxic of all, with the toxins that attacked the hearts, and it can cause arrhythmia, and most severely, death.

The attorney, Lin stated, that based off of the law, children under fourteen won’t be sentenced, because they aren’t responsible for breaking the law.  But if the children involved are twelve years of age, although they may not get charged criminally, they can still get sent to be tried in juvenile court; and the victim may seek out medical damages, as well as emotional damages from the legal guardians of the perpetrators.

The assistant professor, Pai of Zhongxing University’s Instructional Development Graduate Studies stated, the higher grade elementary school students under the influences of the internet, life and interpersonal relations, already have some level of maturity of knowledge, but, in the high stress environment, the children are easily stimulated and can feel the extreme emotions, when they feel they’d been unfairly treated, they will try and get the person who made them feel that way, back, to reach that balance inside.

Pai told, that the counseling should NOT just be for the victims and the perpetrators, but for the entire class too, to enforce the interpersonal relations, to teach students how to more effectively handle the disputes they may get into, most importantly, teaching the students, WHAT they can, and cannot do.

And so, due to how these are, minors, they still didn’t get charged with, attempted MURDER, because that would be what the charges will be, had it been, adults, but because these are, elementary school “kids”, that’s why, they were only, given, a slight slap on the, wrists, and, no amount of juvenile detention will be enough, to ENSURE, that they don’t, “act out” again, because, think about it, you can poison someone, because you were upset with her/him, and that, is such, a scary, thought, but hey, that’s kids today for ya!

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The Two Justices Secretly Interacted with Two Suspects in Cases of Sexual Molestations, Got Their Judgeships Stripped

As they S-H-O-U-L-D, for secretly interacting, connecting with the suspects, and feeding them the means of how the court trials are to proceed, to help them not lose the cases!  The moral responsibilities of these officers of the courts of law, going down here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Disregarding the Rules of Privacy, Offering the Suspects the Strategies for Winning Their Cases, the Duties Courts: the Justices Had Gone Off the Books, Demoted to Running Errands for the Courts Now

The judges of Shihlin District Court, Jiang and the Kaohsiung District Court, Hou had personal connections with the manager of a youth home, Lin who was involved in the sexual molestation of teenagers, Jiang believed that calling it in was a bad idea, Hou acted as an “attorney” to the youth home manager, to give him counsel on how he can win the case, given him strategies for his case, the punishment courts took away the judgeships of both, demoted them to the personnels of justice department.  This is the first time since the judge laws implemented that two court justices got their positions of judges stripped from them.

The thirty-eight year-old Lin the manager was a personal friend of Hou’s; two years ago, a youth who was placed in the home told his family, that Lin “ejaculated” on him, the families reflected this to the district court’s officers of corrections, Jiang was called, he’d originally wanted to contact the female protective custody manager, Hong to understand what had happened, but Hong had clocked out, she’d, passed the info on the sexual assault of the teens to Hou, and Hou had taught Lin on how to spin it around.

The duties courts stated, that, if there were suspicions of sexual assault, then, the officers of the law needed to notify the courts within twenty-four hours, no matter if there’s physical evidence, or if the victims are willing to report or not; the laws did NOT give the justices the rights to weigh and measure, that Jiang’s not reporting the matter wasn’t justified, objective, nor, neutral.

And, Jiang had passed along the information of the sexual assault case to Hou, then, Hou provided the data to Lin, for him to use in the investigations of the cases, other than breaking the privacy rules of prevention of sexual assault, she’d also, broken the regulations of being a court justice, also, broken the laws of, privacy too.

The conversations of Hou and Lin came out to the open with the verdict, including, “yeah, that’s good, get more victims to get the statements to correspond”, etc., etc., etc., which made the courts believed, that Hou knew Lin was a suspect, but provided Jiang with the information that might benefit Lin’s case, gave him the tactics of how he could win, provided legal counsel, like an “attorney” would, that he’d, not done right.

The Duties Courts believed, that the two had, severely damaged the people’s trust of how court justices are supposed to be impartial in ruling over the cases, that it’s, shaken up the faith that people have toward the justice systems, that they are, no longer fitting to sit on the benches, took away the judgeships, and, demoted them both into officers of the law, and terminated their positions of ruling over the cases.

And so, this is how the court justices, can break the laws, and, they’re, the ones, ruling OVER the cases too, and, it’s still due to the moralities of the individual on the bench, if they aren’t tempted by the connections with someone else who can offer them something (i.e. bribes???), then, they would NOT have gone against their own, better judgments, and done these things that are, not morally, responsible…

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Why is the DDP Still Carrying Chen, the Surrogate Director of the N.C.C. Along?

How this is only, one more chip, in the dominoes that fell, and more will fall, until, the DDP became, nil and nada!  On how the DDP still vouched for the man they put up as the “dummy”, despite now that the courts had, ruled on the man’s illegal actions of pulling off the T.V. news station number 52, a win for democracy, I suppose…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For the past two and a half years, the N.C.C. had brashly decided to NOT issue the certification of airing for CTITV, leaving the bad name of oppressions of freedom of the news media.  Recently, the High Executive Courts of Taipei found, that N.C.C. was unlawful in pulling the news station off, that the N.C.C.s actions is to get, reversed.  The decision of the courts is not just a wakeup call for the N.C.C., it also gave justice, BACK to the, news station, and, opened up a window for Tsai and her government’s oppressing of the freedom of speech, of news media press as well.

Because the CTITV wasn’t satisfied with the various rulings of the stations by the N.C.C., it’d appealed for the executive court decisions, and, to date, this was the station’s continuous tenth win.  The related court systems where these cases are being tried, other than the Taipei Highest Court, the Taipei District Court, as well as the Highest Executive Court too.  From the verdicts we can see, that the justice system disagreed with the N.C.C.’s pulling the certificate to air from CTITV, which was why all these courts demanded that the N.C.C. retract the pulling of the certificate to air.

this, is the DDP, as that, very, first domino finally, got, tipped, over~~~off of YouTube

Chen, as the chairperson of the N.C.C., seeing how in his term, the series of decisions he’d made, getting tossed back by the justice systems, I wonder how he felt about that?  The head of state, Su who’d put Chen on as the chairperson of the N.C.C., does he not feel unsettled, as his favorite “wingman’s” actions are about to get, called out?  As the president, Tsai sees that the independent operating agencies of the government, becoming a hired gun for the political party, shouldering the bad rep of “oppressing the freedom of news media”, does she feel, proud of her, self?

Most importantly, Lai, who’s working really hard to get to the top position in the D.D.P., with the entire political party, would they agree with Chen’s behaviors, believing that the N.C.C.’s favoring the stations that leaned toward the D.P.P. was what should be aired being in line with the principles of the Democratic “Progressive” Party?  From an angle, the case of the news station, with the not allowing the president of the N.T.U. take his role as the president of the university had been one in the same, all because the government led by Tsai, or the party’s craving absolutely power, didn’t care about breaking the laws, and in the end, the party had lost the people’s, trust.

The DDP had watched Chen do his bad bidding for all these years today, is the party, still going to, shoulder the outcomes of what he did, for him now?

Yeah, justice finally, prevailed here, and thank GOD (yeah, as if!) someone in the court systems HAD a brain, and, this still just showed, how corrupt this political party is, it keeps on, supporting those who are its, hired guns, no matter how immoral these officials are, and that is how this party had, finally, lost the people’s, trust in it.  Took long enough!

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The Father of Four Started Beating Down the Five-Month-Old Infant Like Crazy, His Two Other Young Children Shocked to Not Knowing How to Respond to What They Witnessed

With the father, unstable, and can turn to abuse anytime when his days aren’t going well, and the mother, not there to protect her own, young…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Mother was on the Run South to Get the Children Away, Texted that She Was Okay, the Taichung City’s Social Services Immediately Stepped in, Filed for the Restraining Orders for the Four Young Children

A man, Jiang, was in a foul mood, awhile ago, he’d started, slapping his own eight-year-old infant son repeatedly, within a minute’s time, he’d slapped the infant close to ten times, as he’d slapped the infant, he’d cussed, and the smacking sound made the infant cried, and the two young children close by were shocked and didn’t dare make a single, move either, the footages of the abuse was posted on a group on FB, with the infant’s faces bruising up.  The police checked, and confirmed that the mother of the infant had taken her/his away, that s/he currently, safe, the social services also filed for a protective order for the other four young children, and demanded that Jiang attend the mandatory parenting lessons.

Someone from the group on FB, “We, from Houli” posted a photo of bruised cheeks of an infant, with another close-to-a-minute long surveillance, showing a middle age man with a tattoo, sitting on the couch, smacking the infant repeatedly, and screamed at the infant, “shut up!” as he was physically abusing the infant, with two young children close by, standing straight, undaring to, move a muscle.  The individual who’d posted the footage stated, that the man claimed, that by three, the children are set in their personalities, that at five-months, physical discipline should start.

Based off of understanding, this was a family with the stepsiblings, with four children, the oldest is in elementary school, the youngest, only, five months old, the one who was being slapped in the video was the five-months old infant son.  Based off of understanding, Jiang owned a construction company, the source of income for the family of six.  Before this footage went viral, the Social Services had been called, at the time, Jiang got into verbal altercation with his wife, and had, beaten her, the neighbors were the one who’d, called the cops; the Social Services told the wife that they could file a protective order for her, but she’d, denied their, assistance.

The Daya Substation stepped in to investigated, Jiang claimed that he was in a foul mood, that’s why he’d started, slapping his own infant son around, the police called up the mother of the infant, and the mother told them, that she was, handling some matters down south, that she’d already moved her eldest, and her youngest there with her, and the children are okay, she will go to the substation, to tell the police exactly what had happened, and decide if she wants to press charges.  The Substation had notified social services because this was a child abuse case, the social workers confirmed that the two children who are staying with the father are okay, and, placed them with their mother’s relatives.

The infant’s mother posted on Instagram and FB that she is okay, stressed, “all of my young are out of harm’s way now, I will let you know what I decide to do”, “thank you for your, concerns.”

The Social Services told, that they will assist the four children to get a restraining order, and mandate the parenting courses for this father based off of No. 102 of Children’s

Welfare and Rights Protection Act; the Domestic Violence Prevention Center is now, keeping tabs on the safety of the mother and children, and will see what is needed for the families, as the social workers continued to visit the home.

The had of Social Services, Liao told, that based off of Children & Adolescent Welfare Law, if the other children witnessed the abuse, the social services will intervene to offer counsel.  There’s a ZERO tolerance for child abuse, nobody can abandon children or adolescents, or abuse in any form, those who’d broken this law can be fined anywhere from $60,000N.T.s to $600,000N.T.s.

And you think that’s going to deter this loser from beating up his own young again?  Especially when he’s out of a stable job, and he gets in that easily angered mood again, who’s to say, that there’s NOT going to be a MURDER the next time, huh?  And, the mother taking the kids away, is only, a temporary solution to a, permanent serious, problem here.

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The Freeway Police Asked Twenty-Two Adolescents to Come & Meet Up, Raped Them All, Received the “Heavy Sentence” of Nine Years

And that’s still not even, a year’s prison term PER VIC, how’s that “heavy”, huh???  Off of the Front Page Sections, on how punishment still doesn’t quite, fit the, crimes here, translated…

The Freeway Police Station’s Nineth former officer, Cheng was suspected of meeting and raping a total of twenty-two teens, the D.A. charged him on aggravated sexual assault, exploitation of children and adolescents; the Taipei District court found him guilty on the counts, gave him nine years, and there were the lighter six-months which he can pay the fines and escape the time.  This can still be appealed.

In September of 2022, Cheng was taken into custody, admitted to having sexual intercourse with the adolescents but denied the allegations of rape, but the investigators found on Cheng’s laptop, more than a dozen of sexually-illicit photographs of adolescents in middle school, in November of 2022, they charged him on nine more counts of aggravated rape, the laws against exploitation of teens and children, Cheng was indicted.

The investigations continued, and the D.A. found another thirteen more adolescent victims who also, got raped or molested by Cheng, and added on to the charges, asked the courts to combine the cases he was involved in from the Taipei District Court, and this was, allowed.

As the scandal busted wide open, the Freeway Police Station believed that this had damaged the reputations of the police department, immediately called up the evaluations, and decided to give Cheng two major reprimands, and, fired him from the police forces, and the department also went after the related officials who’d supervised Cheng, Cheng’s direct superiors received anywhere from one to two writeups.

Based off of what’s known by the investigations, the former officer, Cheng was suspected of using the internet to make friends in September of 2022,took a fifteen-year-old adolescent to the public restrooms to rape, the police and D.A. were notified, and based off of what the families of this victim stated, they’d chased the leads, and arrested Cheng, he’d admitted to sexual intercourse with the teen, but denied ALL allegations of, sexual assault.

The investigators expanded the investigations, went to search at Cheng’s residence, to collect the evidence, confiscated his personal home laptop, after they logged in, they’d found too many sexually illicit photos of young boys, the district attorneys believed, that Cheng is a felon, that he is involved, and in their interrogations, they’d, asked the courts to keep him in custody, and the courts signed off on this.

So, a pedophile is a pedophile IS, a pedophile, a SEX predator is a sex predator, IS, a SEX PREDATOR, NO matter what kind of work he does, even IF he was the highway police, and, it’s, next to impossible to reform these, dangerous people, so, it’s best, that they keep him locked up, for as long as the laws would, allow, and, no amount of therapies will help!

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The Detective Got Behind the Wheels Intoxicated, Hit & Injured a Man, Given a Written Reprimand, and Demoted to a Substation

As he should be, because that, was what he’d, DESERVED for NOT following the rules of the law, and he works in the law-enforcement agencies too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The detective, Su from the third substation of Keelung Police Department awhile ago, got behind the wheels under the influences, crashed into, and injured a man, Shue who was crossing the crosswalk, he had the B.A.C. of 0.51mg, was arrested on site, charged with public endangerment, after the D.A. interrogated him, they’d sent him home; the substation where Su worked, gave him a major reprimand, and demoted him to a uniform officer at the local substation.

On this case of police drunk-driving and hitting a pedestrian, the third substation discussed the matter, the station manager, Yang stated, that he’d asked for a warning from the superiors on his own, the captain of the detective squad, Su received two warnings, the assistant captain, one warning, the lieutenant who is directly superior to Su, got one writeup.

the “combo” of what you will, get…photo from online

The police investigated, the detective Su, was on the night shift on the fourth of this month, at past seven on the evening, he’d ridden his scooter to the office to work, because it wasn’t time for him to clock in yet, he’d, driven the SUV he sent into the auto mechanic to the squad, drove his car to a local intersection, rammed into the man in his sixties, Shue, causing Shue to sustain a left metatarsal fracture, the man was taken to the hospital for surgery and is under observation.

The scene of the accident was close to Shue’s station, the third substation, the police was notified, and rushed over, and used the procedurals of handling the car crashes, tested Su for B.A.C., and it was up to 0.51, and they’d, arrested him based off of protocol.

Su claimed, that after he got off work on the fourth in the morn, he’d gone to the hospital for his health exam, drank at home, to help him fall asleep, and he thought that the alcohol he had had, worn off, which was why he’d, ridden the scooter to work.

And so, he thought he could just, sleep it off, but, he underestimated the lasting effect of alcohol, that only TIME will make you, sober, and he’d ridden his vehicle to work and on the way, he’d hit a pedestrian, and now, he’s, no longer, a higher up detective.

That still just showed, how alcohol impairs judgment, had he not gotten drunk, he would NOT have thought it was all right for him to get behind the wheels…


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The Mob’s Hire-for-Hit for Six Million Dollars N.T., Two Suspects Got Life in Prison

Life in prison, just want these hired hits, deserved, and the murder needed it, because he has cancer!  On crime and punishment, and the worst part is, we are the ones, paying for these, murderers’, treatment and medical care!   Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man from Hsintien, Ho was executed two years ago, the D.A. found, that it was the member of the Huashan Chapter of the Thento Union member, paying six million dollars N.T., through the manager of the chapter, Chang, getting his gang member’s childhood playmate, Huang to hit, all three were indicted on murder charges, Hsu is on the run, with an active warrant out of his, arrest currently.  The Taipei District Court sentenced Huang and Chang to life yesterday, stripped of their public positions for life, Chen was given six years in prison.

The investigations showed, that the coffee merchant, He, due to using the fake diet pills, had a record of arrest, he’d interacted closely with Hsu and Du, Hsu suspected that He had leaked out the intel on the illegal substances, spent six million dollars N.T. to hire a hit on him.

Chang was once a member of the Hwashan Union, as he’d returned to Kaohsiung, he’d set up another gang on his own, and he is a loan shark; Chen is a follower of Chang’s, was a childhood playmate of Huang’s.  Hsu and Du were the masterminds, they got out of country, and used the satellite phones to direct the members of the gang what they are to do, with Chang in the country, keeping tabs on the process of the hit, and assigning the escape routes out of country.

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The deceased knew how to cook up the illegal substances, had interactions in the skills in producing the substances with the Hwashan Chapter, was suspected of being a “mole”, leaking out the drug processing methods, causing the Hwashan Chapter to suffer great losses in sales, Hsu and Du, and others of the group decided to retaliate, found Chang to find a hitman; Chen knew that Huang owed gambling debts, so he’d, introduced him to the job, and they’d set it up, for Huang to assassinate He.

Chang guaranteed to Huang, that after he’d completed the hit, he would be paid four million dollars N.T., that he will assist him in getting out of the country, that, the money will get to his families by Chen; Hsu also told Huang to prepare three sets of clothes, set up two separate cutoff points, to place the gun used inside the shoes of the small bag.  Before Huang went for the hit, he’d told his eldest sister-in-law, “I’m going to do something major!”, told her to get the two million dollars N.T. from Chen afterwards.

On the morn of November 22nd, 2021, Huang arrived in the neighborhood of He’s residence, shot a photo to confirm identity to Hsu and Du, after He returned from getting his kids to school, Huang called out to him, “He, how do you plan to pay”, then immediately, shot He’s head, neck, and thorax, four times.

During the trial at the Taipei District Court, only Huang had admitted to the hit, and told that he had liver cancer, and epilepsy.

And so, the reason why this hitman admitted to gunning down this other man, is he thought he could get a “free ride”, after all, the prison system provides the inmates with a complete healthcare plan, and this hitman has cancer now, and he would need the free treatments, that was why he’d, admitted in court, that he’d, done it, and, life-terms, served these two murderers, just right, because they will be tortured by their, guilty conscience until they die, the problem with that, is that it puts a “damper” on all of our, pockets, because it’s still the TAXPAYERS, who are, PAYING for the “stays” of these, lifers!

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