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A Father Took His Five-Year-Old Daughter to Jump a Ditch, and Was Forcibly Hospitalized


And that still makes you an UNFIT parent!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Jiang, who’s been diagnosed as emotionally unstable, was displeased at how his wife kept ignoring him, he’d set his house on fire, then, used a screw driver, took his daughter hostage, and jumped, with her, into a deep ditch, and was in a stand-off with the police for two whole hours; and the police took advantage of the time when they’re handing him a cigarette, to carry the little girl who’s shocked away, and forced him into the hospital, after he was charged with public endangerment.

“Would daddy burn us to death?”, every time the child spoke of her uncertainties, the family would also fear; in order to prevent any more threatening behaviors from Jiang to his family, the families hoped he could get the complete care and hospitalizations he will require.  The Sanitary Department stated, that they will get a medical doctor’s opinion on the matter, then, see if there’s a need for forced hospitalization.

The man in charge of the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention, Lin pointed out, that last year, they’d listed the Jiang household as a high-risk family, and had sent social workers to visit them regularly, and giving them counsel and the situations are improving, and that Jiang had lost it two days ago, they’d already helped Jiang’s wife and kids by filing an emergency restraining order against Jiang.

The police investigated and found, that the thirty-eight year-old man had been unemployed and stayed at home for awhile now, and the household relied on outside charity, along with government assistance to get by; recently, Jiang’s personality had changed, and every time he’d gotten into a disagreement with his families, he would start throwing things, and had multiple times, set fires to his own place of residence.

Even though, the family had multiple times, scheduled him for hospital stays, but he’d always manage to sneak out.  The nurses from the public sanitations department had three-times, helped him to get hospitalized, but, he’d locked the bedroom doors from the inside, and, the nurses considered that he might be emotionally unstable, and so, they’d left him alone, and didn’t force their way into his room.

At the start of the month, Jiang first used a knife to threaten to kill his own wife, on the 24th, he’d set his own house on fire, the D.A. allowed him to make bail.  Two days ago, in the morning, Jiang was displeased at how his wife ignored him when she was cooking, he’d committed arson once more, and had used a screw driver, and forcefully took his own five-year-old daughter, and jumped into the ditch next to his house, claimed that he will take his own daughter to die with him.

Jiang had several times, pushed his daughter’s head under water as threats.  And, the patrol officers who were called to the scene worked hard to console him, wanted him to think more on his own, along with his daughter’s behalf, and asked his wife and made communication between the couple possible, but they’d still argued nonstop.

The police saw how shocked the little girl was, and was struggling and wailing in her father’s arms, and the police pretended to hand Jiang a cigarette, wanting him to calm down so they can talk; as Jiang reached for the cigarettes, the officer managed to get the child, and, the rest of the crew rushed up, and pulled him onto the ambulance that took him to the city’s care facility, and the child who was still under shock was sent back with Jiang’s eldest brother.

And so, because you were unstable, you jeopardized your own child’s life, what SORT of a father are you?  And, you SHOULD be forcibly hospitalized, whether or NOT you like it, because something IS wrong with you, after all, you’d made your families live in fear for their lives every single day, and that, is how there are still so many unstable adults, and, the ones who suffered the most are still the kids!



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Tired of Being Himself, So He’d Faked His Own Death Online, and Had a “Rebirth”

You can sell practically ANYTHING online here, can’t you???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chen, didn’t have a stable job, owed over a million dollar’s worth of debts; in order to evade the collectors, he’d bought his own death certificate, and asked a friend online, He, to help him register him as being dead, and his plans were busted by the officials at the local land offices, and he is now, being sued for falsifying documents.

“It just became more and more awkward to me”, the employee said, those who’d come to get a death certificate were usually the members of the family, and they’d all looked very serious too, but on the day that He took Chen’s (age 33) death certificate, along with using the falsified statement of Chen’s father to the offices, he looked more than relaxed, “it doesn’t seemed like someone whom  he cared about had died at all.”

The workers, even though, felt that it was weird, still processed the information, because He had all the documentations there, and, as he’d keyed in the information, he kept feeling weird.

The next day, as he’d flipped through the paper work, he’d found that Chen’s death certificate, the stamp by the coroner was off, and so, he’d called up Chen’s family, and they’d told him he was alive and well, the man called the police immediately.

“I’d spent $100,000N.T., and still couldn’t manage to escape it!”, Chen claimed to the officers, that he’d owed millions in mortgage and credit card debts, and it was pressuring him too much, that he’d heard someone who sold death certificates, believed that if he’d faked his own death, then, he would be able to evade his responsibilities, and, he would get a new identity and be “reborn” again.

Chen said, that he’d spent $100,000N.T. to buy from an unknown person his own death certificate, he’d gone on to a chat room, used his father’s name, said that he would be willing to pay someone $1,500N.T. to take the paperwork to be processed.  He thought that everything would go smoothly, but that He’s face looked off, and thus, there goes his plans.

And so, it all eventually comes BACK and BITE you on your ass, because you try to evade paying your debts, because you don’t want to pay up what you’d owed, and, this is still karma, because IF you try to do something bad, then, it WILL catch UP to you!!!

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When You Used Your Own Offspring’s Death to Make More Money…

And yes, there are still MANY, MANY, M-A-N-Y MORE unfitting parents such as these…

Other than that Konjac jelly case, there’s this current one where the father intentionally LEFT his own young son, who’s JUST a toddler too, inside a car, after he’d researched the temperature that the car would RISE up to, AFTER being under the sun, and, now the young child died, and the father is acting ALL sad and shit, and he’s scamming the motor vehicle company for a faulty design.

When you used your own offspring’s death to make MORE money, I mean, it is understandable, you’d already suffered the losses (the DEATH of your kid???), and, IF you could SCAM some money, to make ALL your lives easier, than, why N-O-T, right?

When you used your own offspring’s death to make MORE money, you have the chance of getting charged with M-U-R-D-E-R, because you will NOT get away with it, like this father who HAD researched the temperature it takes, to kill his own young son, in a locked up vehicle.



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The Mother of the Little Boy Who Was Abused to Death Made Bail Because She’s Once Again, Pregnant, with Twins

Hello, shouldn’t someone take HER in, to get S-P-A-Y-E-D???  From the Newspapers, translated…

Last week, Pan was caught, dealing drugs, but because she was pregnant with twins, she wasn’t placed in custody.  The Hsinbei Social Services Department, the Department of Sanitation, along with the police stations called a press conference because of this, hoped that the D.A. would consider giving Pan house arrest; the D.A. stressed that they’d done everything according to the law, that there was NO mishaps.

Three years ago, the two year old little boy, How Wang’s birth father was sent to prison for dealing drugs, the mother, Pan, and the drug dealer, Liu moved in together, and How Wang was abused to death by Liu and three others; and Pan was sentenced for drug use, three years ago in March, she’d used the excuse of she’s pregnant, filed to a stop order on her incarceration, and after she’d made bail, she ran off; on May first of this year, Pan was once again, arrested for dealing drugs, but because she was once again, pregnant with twins, after she was arrested, she’d made bail again, and was told to wait, but the D.A. did NOT put her on house arrest.

The district attorney in charge of the Hsinbei City’s D.A.s offices, Lee stated yesterday, that based off of the laws of the penitentiary, women who are five months pregnant or had given birth no more than two months can’t be placed in custody, and that the jails would NOT keep them either, and, they can only enforce a law that made sure that Pan is placed under house arrest, that there’s NO strict enforcement of this, that if she really wanted to run, NOBODY can stop her, all they could do, was to wait for the laws to be amended.

How Wang’s aunt, Wei-Jun Wang noted this, and blamed the government “Must you wait until someone’s DEAD, then start regretting?”  Wei-Jun Wang questioned, that Pan had once dodged bail before, and if she “disappeared off the maps”, took the advantage to use and hurt the child she was carrying, or after she’d given birth, and handed her child to the “drug-addicted friends”, and the case of How Wang repeated, who will be held responsible?

Wei-Jun Wang stated, that the law is there to protect people, but when there are holes in the systems, then, the laws must get amended quickly, instead of just saying, “there’s NOTHING we can do”, she saw how the social services department was working hard, how the social workers are working hard to show their cares and concerns, and that the cops are on call 24/7, that, is not the way to resolve this sort of a problem.

This, is still how the government is trying to TREAT a problem, and, this woman should NEVER BE allowed to make bail at all, but because she’s pregnant AGAIN, and I’m betting that she uses her pregnancies as a “get-out-of-jail-free” card too, and that, is just ONE out of zillions of H-O-L-E-S, in the JUSTICE system.

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The Execution of a Death Row Inmate

This, might appear to be “cruel & unusual” (Amendment EIGHT???) to you, but, consider this: how would you feel, IF you were the family members of the person who was MURDERED brutally, by this person who’s about to go UP for that lethal dosage of the “Death cocktail”?  Would you still feel that what the law was doing WAS cruel OR unusual?  I wouldn’t think so.

The execution of a death row inmate, maybe, giving the person a LIFE sentence would be a HELL of a L-O-T harsher, but, think about it, the citizens will be paying for the LOSER’s medical care, his room AND board, from the taxes, and, the longer those inmates lived, the MORE the citizens of this nation MUST pay, and it just doesn’t even out, nor is it fair, I mean, why the FUCK (oopsy!!!) should WE pay, just because it was “cruel and unusual”, to kill someone via lethal injection or the electric chair?

So, what do we do?  We get STUCK, between the right way to do it, and how the world would view us, IF we executed the person, and, we became this rope that’s being pulled on, and, we’d gotten strained, and so, we S-N-A-P!!!

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A “Wolf” that Worked at a Funeral Home Cut the Face of a Woman, and Kept Her Locked Up for Four Hours

Like I said, they still don’t have the TATTOO across their foreheads here, do they? Of course N-O-T, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-seven year old woman, because her father was on his deathbed, two nights ago, she’d gone to a funeral home, to set up the plans, without knowing, that the owner’s son who was out on parole from rape locked her up in the room, and attempted to rape her; the woman fought hard with her life, and had her face destroyed by a pair of scissors that he had, four hours later, she’d finally broken free, the police managed to capture the perpetrator, and chased the leads the entire night.

The police found, that the perpetrator was Chang, who was thirty-two, and after the family was notified of what he’d done, they’d gotten angered, and told the police, that they’d warned him to NOT hurt anybody again, and here he is now, fouling up again. Chang claimed, that because he was feeling very low, that, was why he’d gotten into an argument with the woman, that he had NO intentions of raping her.

The police said, that the victim is the eldest of her family, and, other than taking care of her younger siblings, she’d still had to make the money, to pay for her father’s cancer treatments; recently, his father’s health worsened, and, through the introductions of a friend, she’d gone to a funeral home, and after she’d finalized the plans, she didn’t expect that she’d meet up with such a horrible “wolf”.

The victim claimed, that back then, she’d only traded a few words with Chang, and he’d pulled down the steel doors, and ran toward her, and forcibly took her clothes off; she’d begged him to spare her life, and Chang was going mad, started waving a pair of sharpened scissors at her, and it’s cut her face, her hands, and her feet too.

She said, that she’d fought hard, and Chang didn’t get to rape her, and he’d kept her locked up on the first floor, took away her cell phone, and threatened her, “If you try to leave, I’ll do something really awful!”, she was trapped for four hours, and, she’d used the time that he’d gone up the stairs, and ran out the back door, and asked a bystander to help her to the hospital, and to notify the police.

“The methods he used was extremely vicious! Her face was so swollen that you couldn’t recognize the features.”, as the police went to the hospital to take down the statements of the victim, she was cut everywhere, and was barely breathing.

The police said, that after Chang had attempted raping the woman, he’d asked for a few thousand dollars from his family, then, disappeared, and the police suspected that he was hiding in a friend’s place, and last night, they managed to catch him, and found the victim’s cell phone on him.

After Chang was arrested, he was going in and out of consciousness, and he would NOT give exact answers, to clarify the events that occurred, and the police are still examining the entire case right now.

And so, this is, a CRIME of opportunity, and because this L-O-S-E-R took advantage of the fact that the woman came to make funeral arrangements for her dying parents, he raped her, and you still believe, that a SEX offender CAN be reformed? Tell that to the woman who was violated here, or, must something like this happen to someone close to you, like your daughters, your wives (1 @ a time), your sisters, your aunts, nieces, or ANY other FEMALE relatives you may have, then, it’d become a “cause”? How many times must this sort of SHIT happen, before the world REALIZES, uh, I dunno!!!

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The Scandalous Incest Was Brought Out as the Grandparent and Grandchild Watched and Discussed the Scenes from a Soap Opera

Things that get BLURTED out, from a careless “encounter”, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of young kindergarten age sisters were raped by their eldest aunt’s husband, they’d kept it in for a very long time, one time, they were accompanying their grandmother as she was watching a soap opera, the grandmother reminded them, “Study hard, and don’t be like that leading lady that got sold into whoredom”, that, was when the two young girls disclosed how they were taken advantage of; the District Court in Hsinchu gave the horny husband of their aunt a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

The parents of this pair of siblings are divorced, they’d lived in with their father and grandmother.  The older girl is seventeen this year, the younger, just twelve; the eldest uncle is sixty, and runs a physical therapy place.

Two years ago in April, the siblings were watching a Taiwanese soap with their grandmother, the grandmother shared with them what was going on in the show, wanted the two to “study hard in school, to NOT become like the female lead who was sold into being a hooker”, the two of them disclosed how “they were taken advantage of by their eldest uncle.”

The grandmother was shocked and angered, she regretted not paying attention to her eldest granddaughter when she’d told her in kindergarten, that the uncle was a horny guy, back then, she thought that the girl was talking childish words, and disregarded that, and she blamed herself to allowing the abuse to go on, she’d asked the police to allow her to take the two young girls to the hospital to get examined, and asked the schools to help call it in.

The older sister said in court, that since her last year in kindergarten, the uncle had attacked her breasts, and he had raped her using his hands, and told her, “Do NOT tell grandma about it”, she’d mentioned, with a muffled voice, that he was an elder, believing, “So long as he left my younger sister alone, then, I will put up with it”, without knowing, that her younger sister became a victim too.

The younger sister of the victim told, that back when she was in the second, and the fourth grades, she was raped in her sleep twice by him, and afterwards, he’d told her, “Do NOT tell anybody, or, I will beat you up.”  She said, that the uncle would often touch her pubic region, almost once every month, she’d written about how he’s a “horny man”, etc.. etc., etc., to get her angers out into the open.

The uncle when brought to the courts, only admitted to touching their breasts and molesting them, denied having raped them, and, he’d “swore in front of god”, but, when they put him through a polygraph, the polygraph showed that he was lying, and so, the judge didn’t believe him, and believed that he had wronged his next of kin, and with absolutely NO sense of remorse, and so, the judge gave him a heavy sentence of fifteen years.

And, you THINK that fifteen years is enough?  Are you sure about that?  How long do you think it will take these two young girls, to get OUT of that nightmare of being sexually molested?  And, you believe that money would BE enough?  Yeah right, think again, these two young women are SCARRED for life, simply because NOBODY was paying close attention to them, and this sort of SHIT will keep on happening, NOT just in this part of the world, but, everywhere………

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