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After a Woman Gives Birth, She was in a Vegetative State, the Husband Filed for Divorce, and the Courts Allowed for it at the First Retrial

What happens to in sickness and in health, ‘til death again???  Oh yeah, that does, NOT, exist!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A man in Taichung, Lo married the woman, Lin nine years ago, after Lin gave birth, she had an embolism in her amniotic sac, causing her heart and lung failures, became a vegetable, and, after many years’ worth of treatment, she’d still, not waken up, and Lo filed for divorce because of it, the first and second trial, tossed back Lo’s request of divorce, because Lin’s falling into a vegetative state wasn’t her fault, Lo fought for the appeal, and the retrial from the first found, that there’s no knowing if Lin will ever, regain consciousness, that this is a case of “can’t fulfilling the duties of marriage”, and, permitted him to divorce her.

Lo claimed, that he and Lin were wed in August of 2012, and in October of same year, Lin had a caesarian birth of an infant daughter (died on October 25th), back then, due to anoxia caused by her birth, Lin fell into a vegetative state, and after the years’ worth of treatment procedures, she’d still, not waken up, and for the two years, they were only married in name, but not in form, he’d wanted a divorce from her.

Lin’s families told, that reason why Lin became a vegetable was caused by the embolism of her amniotic fluid during the birthing process, that this was a tragedy for both the husband and the wife, that the responsibilities should NOT be only on one party.

In the first retrial, the judge believed, that Lin had been in a vegetative state for nine years, that anyone would lose the desires to maintain a marriage like so, that legally, this constitutes as “a marriage that can’t be, maintained”, and the judge found the man’s claims of wanting divorce valid, the case can still be appealed.

And so, this still just showed, how COLD you losers CAN be, you’re still using us as, baby machines, and once we’d become unproductive like this woman became, fallen into a vegetative state due to the embolism in her amniotic sac, you want to divorce us, and that, is just how cold the world CAN be, because, nothing IS set, and you can’t count on your partners to stay by your sides, when things like this happens to you.


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The Case of “Playing the Victims” in Sexual Harassment Cases on the MRTs, Aiming at Suing for Cash

Accidental bump, or, was it, intentional?  The newest, scam, using SEXUAL harassment as a “claim” here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

Not only on the regular roads, there were the incidents of “bumping” on the MRT.  Based off of the statistical analyses of the Taipei Police Department and the MRT Police, in the past three years, there’d been an influx of reported cases of sexual harassment, obstruction of secret, taking the misplaced items, theft, and assault, the five crimes.  As a lot of women were being sexually harassed, they are, brave to point out, but there were those, who would, cause others around them to “accidentally bumping” into them, and then, ask for a sum to settle the cases.

The MRT police told, that there was a woman in her forties, riding in the MRT one evening, there was, almost, no other passengers, and as a male student got on, there were still, empty seats all around, but the student still insisted on sitting down next to her, then, he’d even, placed his hands onto her thigh, it’d, thrilled her to not known how to react, and can only, wait until the male student got off, and during the time, she’d took the photos of his placing his hand on her thighs down as evidence, and then, reported it to the police.

As the police took the case, they’d immediately reviewed over the surveillance, and found the male student to explain himself, “that young male student was shocked, and arrived at the station with his parents, not known when he’d, sexually, harassed someone.”  The male student explained, that after his cram school session, he’d dozed off as he sat in the seats, not known, that his hands had, slid onto, Lee’s lap, that he’d not intended the actions.

The MRT police stated, that normally, when similar cases surfaced, because the individual already caused discomfort for the victims, they’d normally advised the victims seek out payments to settle it with the perp, and normally, the individual would give the amount the victim has asked for, to show faith; and because this case was sent to the substation locally, and, based off of the investigations, the woman asked for $300,000N.T. to settle, “The male student was dumbfounded, had absolutely, NO clue that the cost of his dozing off on the trains would cause him $300,000N.

T.”, and after the communications, the mediations, the sum was settled at $30,000N.T.

The MRT police stat4ed, that now, women are more aware of the rights of their own bodies, a lot of women when sexually harassed, they would come out and identify the perpetrators, but there were a lot of women who’d reported on sexual harassment, but the police found, that it was only when the trains were moving, and the man next to the woman, accidentally, touched her, or that in the rush hours, they’d, bumped into each other’s bodies, and the individual told of how she was harassed, and demanded that the individuals to pay for emotional distress. 

The MRT police told, tat there were members of the public who’d, used these “MRT bumpings” as their livelihood, and would get on the trains whenever they can, to create the instances of being bumped into, and took the photos, then, demand the victims of these scams anywhere from $800 to $1,000N.T.s, but, because the interpretations are different with everybody so, it’s hard to tell, if the act was, experienced as an accidental bump or intentional. 

And so, this just showed, how personal space is, too important, especially when you’re in a crowded place, bumping into someone is, unavoided, and, you need to make sure that you apologize to someone if you’d bumped into her/him, but don’t use it as an excuse to sexually molest someone else, thinking that you won’t get caught, because you will, and once you’re caught you will be made to pay, a huge price!

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Chasing Away the Verbal Viruses, Find Back the Most Beautiful Sight

A government that split up the masses, instead of helping the masses, work together, for the common, good!  Commentary, observations, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The five major opportunities of not wearing the masks to protect ourselves is almost arrived, and yet, the Delta strain also, made its way, into the country too.  The uncertainties of our futures now, affirmed, and we can’t, get back to the way things were, and so, the government can only, work the “post-vaccination norm” to the general, public, encouraging us, to face up to this brand new, reality, to adapt ourselves.  But, this process of repair, not only needs to focus on the economics, but the psychological aspects also.  The trends are now showing, that the mud and the muck had, been accumulating up, and it’d, congested our means of communicating with one another, causing the virus of words to start taking over, started, taking over the gentle kindness, the society that was, once, reliant, on goodwill of each other.

A lot of people can clearly feel, that as the virus made its way in, our patience had been, reduced to a minimal, the officials stated more clearly, that the keynote press conferences, the commander of the C.D.C. acted, impatiently to the questions asked of him that he’d not wanted to answer to, that he’d either, used sarcastic remarks, or, brushed the press off; and the press reporters are the ones, under fire of the general public.  A few days, the words were, classic, as the eight major industries are about to, open for business again conditionally, the press asked, how would the “escorts” behave to usher in the “clients”, the commander Chen told, “the police would know if something’s going on with one sniff”, and it’d, made the entry level workers pissed, and, Chen’s careless words, once again, hit another, landmine.

Nobody would believe, that the commander is, ill at, communications; this is a matter of, attitude, not a matter of capabilities, and the words he’d blurted out showed, that he could, care, less of others’ feelings.  He’d reminded us, to keep ourselves in check, to protect ourselves from contractions, but he’d, become, totally, ignorant, of how he’d, broken the trust, how he’d, used, that demeaning tone, that viral infection of his use of, language.

And the viral languages are, everywhere, especially, hidden in the spits of the public officials’ lips under those, masks, finding the syntax errors, the blurring of the important issues at hand, rousing up the oppositions………all’s gone, viral already.  Because it’s too toxic, more and more people would rather, get far, far away from it all, to get themselves, at peace; who cares what kinds of a result you would want the public votes to get, this is the era of, democracy, your insistence, doesn’t mean, that I have to, go along with what you say.  And, soon as that door of communication slams, nobody benefited.

The language virus needed the rational debates, the understanding of the goodwill that’s behind the words, the patience, as the vaccines.  The icons, the signals, the cusses, it wouldn’t, make Taiwan more, powerful.  The society that refused to admit it’s wrong, and refused to communicate will, fall, ill; nobody can imagine, that the kind reminder of a super convenience store clerk for the customers to mask up, gained the ferocious, nearly, deadly physical assault; the hands that tap away on the keyboards, used the new technologies, to hurt someone else

What’s worrisome, is that all of these viruses that turned the psychological wellbeing of the society ill, does anymore care?  And will this, turn into, a “trend” of the post-pandemic, era too?

The positive energies are clearly, declining here in Taiwan.  There’s a need for much, much more kindness and good will, that offers a role model for al, to help people find the faith back again.  During the fight against the spread of MERS-CoV, people followed the rules set forth by the government, this was a rarity in the entire world, with the people, masking up when they’re told, and, when we’re allow to not wear the masks, then, we don’t, wear them, this is, the high quality of the citizens’ own self-control, and our trust in the government.  Those in power, DO cherish this, other than keeping the thought of fighting over the offices in mind, DO consider, how you can, give us, ordinary people, the voters, more protection.

More pressingly, we need the entire community to work together, to find that gentleness, that empathy, the faith, and goodwill back.  This was once, the most, beautiful sight of Taiwan, and, this whirlwind, had caused us, to almost, lose it.  And now, it’s reducing, and we’d needed to, call it back to life, with the means of advocating, education, to let this “Four Major Values” to return, back to the citizens’ lives, then, we will have enough strengths, to continue on, overcoming these, obstacles, to keep going.

And so, this government works well, at, SPLITTING up the masses, by, dividing the public up, and, the heads of the government, despite the facts, STARING them AT the faces, still don’t change, because this god damn government does NOT know how to, introspect, it just does whatever it will, at the expenses of, all of us, who live under its, ruling.  And the saddest part of all of this is: none of us can do anything about it!

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The End Results of a Horny Man Who Preyed on the Innocence of Teenage Girls: Three Years, Two Months.  Met a Middle School Females Student for Less than Ten Days, and Had Sex with Her

And, if you ask me, but hey, who ASKED Y-O-U!!!  Exactly, what this HORN dog got was still, way too, light, he should’ve gotten at least, a whole DECADE in prison and get chemically or physically, CASTRATED too, and yet, these teenage girls are still, way too, god damn, @#$%ING, E-A-S-Y these days, aren’t they???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The adult male, Hsu from Taoyuan, especially selected the adolescent girls as his targets, and chatted with them online, he had two prior records of guilty charges with underage minors, but he’d not, changed his ways, still set the baits on FB, met a thirteen-year-old adolescent female, and, within ten days of knowing one another, he’d, gotten her to have sexual intercourse with him; the courts believed that he’d committed these crimes for the second time by the same methods, although, he’d asked her for permissions to have sex, it’d still caused her psychological, and mental traumas, that there is a need, to enforce a harsher punishment on him, found him guilty of obstruction of sexual freedom, and sentenced him to three years two months, and this can still be appealed.

The investigators found, that on April 17th of last year, Hsu met the adolescent female on FB, knowing that she was not yet fourteen, that she wasn’t mature enough psychologically, less than ten days after they met, he’d asked her out, then, took her home, and, gone against her will, had sexual intercourse with her.  Later, as the adolescent’s parents found that she’d been having continual conversations with a stranger, they’d pressed her, and she’d told them, that she has a boyfriend, and that they’d been, having sex together.  As her mother went to the police, the whole case was busted, wide open.

During his trial, Hsu admitted openly to what he’d done, which matched the adolescent girl’s statements, and there were the records of their conversations on FB, and the rape kit result proved that the adolescent had had sexual intercourse.  The courts found that back in 2013, Hsu had sex with her the first time, he was sentenced to a year eight months, with three years’ probation, and back in 2016, he’d, had sex again, with an underage minor, and got sentenced to ten month, with no probationary terms for the second time.

The courts believed, that in the past, Hsu had multiple records of having sex with minors under fourteen, and had consensual sex with adolescent females from ages fourteen to sixteen, and this time, he’d still done it, which clearly showed, that he was a repeated offender, that there would be a need, for a severe sentence this time.

Hsu’s defense attorney argued that he and the adolescent were dating, that he’d not had sex with her that many times, and admitted to the adolescent’s mother, and begged for forgiveness, that he’d, qualified for the reduction of sentence based off of the mercy clause.

The courts found, that Hsu knew that the adolescents hadn’t developed fully mentally yet, and still used FB to hook them, and he’d done it twice, using the exact same methods, that it wouldn’t qualify for the mercy clause of the sentencing, didn’t give him a lighter sentence.

The courts considered, that Hsu had committed obstruction against sexual freedom TWICE, and still didn’t turn around, knowing well the impacts of the traumas on underage minors, but for the sake of his own personal satisfaction, he’d still had sex with the adolescent girls.  Although he’d not gone against her will, but it’d caused the mental distress, the personality formation problems in the teenager, that there’s a need for him to receive a harsh punishment, still charged him on counts of having sexual intercourse with underage minors, sentenced him to three years two months.

And no, this still was NOT his first time, and as he’d gotten out on probation due to “good behaviors” (as who wouldn’t behave her/himself in lock up!), he would be out, in no more than a year’s time, and guess what?  He’s going to, FISH, and HOOK them young and DUMB, unsuspecting, teens again, and so, by giving this PREDATOR this light a sentence, you’re ensuring, that he is bound to, offend again!  And there’s NOTHING we can do ‘bout that, as the verdict’s, final here!

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Can’t I Just Be, a Warm Sort of a, Guy?

A people-pleaser personality, does NOT, make a good leader here, and this is still not a problem, individually, but from, the top down, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

It’d been, more than ten days since the tragic death of forty-six in the apartment fire, the outside waited, and waited, and waited, and yet, we still don’t see the mayor, Chen do anything about the awful living conditions, nor do we see him taking any responsibilities for the issues.  Chen may believe, that he can just, drag things out and people will eventually, forget, but, it doesn’t work that way in life; on the national revolution day, the city of Kaohsiung had two consecutive reports of factory fires, which burned his incompetence for running and operating the city out.

Not talking about a run of bad luck, but this “warm sort of a guy” of a mayor’s been, having it hard lately.  The case of impeachment of Chen, the DDP called that they will raise up the bar for the impeachment votes; and yet, as Chen’s lowering the bar just five years back, and calling it a “victory” in democracy was placed on the tables to talk about by the people.  He’d grilled the then mayor, Hu, “How many must die, before YOU get out of, office?”, and now, that’s been, tattooed, onto his, record as the mayor too.

the people-pleaser takes, the “stand”…

photo from online

The DDP took office of Kaohsiung for two years now, and it can’t, push the responsibilities back onto the KM, nor, use the factory case in Kaohsiung as a sorry excuse.  The fires that burned on the holidays on the 25th this month were both really hard, while, the factory officials claimed, “We just passed the safety fires check recently”, that sounds, familiar, doesn’t it?  Exactly identical to the posting of “building is safe of the case of City within the City apartment complexes.

Chen was once a committee member of the legislature, lawmaker, assistant secretary to the office of the president, deputy head of office, and many other titles in the government, he’d what the DDP works hard to put into office, a, political, star, but, this “warm guy” could care LESS about the lives of people, and the properties of the people, and people are now confused on who he’d been, “warmed up” to?

The population is moving out of the city of Kaohsiung, the businesses aren’t, doing well, stores closing down all over town, from the bottom half of September, in just five days, there’d been, four drownings in the River of Love locally, the construction security issues throughout the entire year.  If Chen doesn’t even CARE about human lives, and kept referring to himself as a “warm sort of a guy”, wouldn’t that be, blind!

Yeah, it’s BLIND all right, and this, is just one tiny SCREW that got loose in the big machine set up by the DDP, and, if a tiny freakin’ screw gets loose, then, the whole machine crumbles down, and that, is what’s, happening to the political party in power in this country, everything’s, coming, L-O-O-S-E here!

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On the Longings, in Our, Hearts

Interactions of a father and daughter, on things that come into their lives, every single day, translated…

During the outbreak in the summer, my third-grade daughter and I are together 24/7 at home, and I’d had to, play the part of her teacher then, taught her the very first class.  I’d, selected the book, “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho, after I had her read, I’d asked her to think about the following: explain why the youth felt that “he’d learned more from the herd of sheep than he had in reading the books?” why is it that “in the key moments in life, we couldn’t do anything about our lives, only let destiny take over, this was, the biggest, lie”, along with, “When you truly want something really bad, the entire universe will work in your favor, and help you accomplish it?”

As she’d read that very first chapter, the first question she’d replied, “errr………I………dunno!”, I’d encouraged her, that it’s okay that she didn’t know the answers yet, had her gone back through the pages, to reread the passages, to think, to come up with an answer if she could?  After deep thought, she’d still, fallen, silent.

And so, I’d, switched into the mentor mode, spiritual guide, asked her, what she took from her interactions with everything she encounters in life, the cats, the dogs, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the bees.  In the end, I’d asked her, “What, can we learn, from the flocks of sheep?”

She’d fallen, more and more, silent as she’d heard me explained, and I’d felt a bit, helpless, halted the lesson, and, with a bad look coming over my face, asked her to think.  She’d run into her room, put her head down on her desk, and thought, and, it’d, taken her, over an hour, no words, no naughty behaviors, I’d become, a bit, panicky then, and that was when I realized, that compared to whether or not she could come up with the right answers to my questions, I’d, cared more about whether or not she’s, happy.  I’d entered into her room, inquired, “What’s wrong?  If you can’t think of it, take a break!  You want to watch some T.V.?  or, go out for a ride?”

She’d remained, silent still.  Did I, push her too hard, after all, she’s, only, nine, to think on things, she couldn’t, yet relate to?  suddenly, I’d become, that panicky, mothering roll, the father who’d, carried that apologetic heart, to dress her up or maybe, that was, her way, of telling me, “WHAT, is it, that you long for?”

Nothing but for my girl to be, happy!  Until my daughter told me, “I’m fine”, then, started, misbehaving again, and the world finally, came back to, normal…………………………

And so, this, is how this father and daughter interacted, the father and daughter were all that each other had, for whatever reasons, and, the daughter is the father’s world, and so, the father cares a whole lot about whether or not his baby girl is happy, is well, and, posing that question to his child, he’d, stumped her a bit, and, she just, needed time, to sort everything through herself, and after that, everything’s, back to normal.

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The Cries of Those Who Stolen to Catch the Thieves

How the current DDP government managed to, manipulate the systems to work in their favors, and there’s NOTHING that We the people can, do about them!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After Bo-Wei Chen was impeached, the DDP behaved like it’d discovered a new continent, pushed everything they did to the malformation of the system of impeachment processes.  The speaker of the party stated, “the minorities outvotes the majority” is the ambiguity of the systems, Huang stated, “we need to, reevaluate the means”, and Tsai also hinted that there’s a need for amending the process of impeachment.  All of these, are, the thieves crying, “THIEVES!”

The current impeachment proceedings, had been set up by the DDP back in 2016, doing away with the strict “Dual-One System”, dropping the votes to a quarter.  The prelude then, was the failures of the “appendectomy” after the Sunflower Movement of the Students, Tsai unifying the rules, immediately amended the legislatures to ensure that her party won’t get impeached.  As it’d passed the votes, all the supporters of the DDP hollered out ecstatically, “Hooray for Taiwanese democracy!”

Back then, the matter-of-fact amendment of the constitution was immediately used on Han, the mayor of Kaohsiung back then, he was, successfully, impeached.  Back then, Tsai commended, “Taiwan’s democracy had marched another step forward”.  And yet, as the impeachment case of Chen came on, Tsai sighed, “We need to work harder for Taiwanese democracy”, the DDP, as well as the scholars supporting the party also called out, to amend the proceedings of the impeachment processes.  Are all the means, the systems of democracy, nothing more, than a political tool in the eyes of the DDP?

In actuality, the voting rates, and the number of votes of the currently deletion of data case of Chen, based off of the former legislatures, Chen’s impeachment would be assured.  And there are two reasons, first, Chen’s Chinese-two claims are too outrageous, it’d made the voters intolerant of him; secondly, the DDP had manipulated the means too overboard, and, forced out the locals who’d become, upset with their ways of doing things.  Afterwards, Tsai called Chen, to make him feel better, and consoled him, “Your act is commended by all”; based off of this, does the president keep the wills of the people in mind?

The DDP is the one, turning the cultures of impeachment to the bad realms.

And so, this, is how it is, as the government sees that the rules don’t fit them perfectly, not worked in their favors, they’d, called for the amendments, and, as that same rule worked against one of their own, they’d, called out to the blind followers: let’s do away with this law, and the public who are following this leader blindly all chimed in, YES!  That, is what we all get, when we voted a dictator, by popular votes, and note: not all of us who are, against the DDP went to the polls this last time, as many of us who don’t follow their beliefs think, that what use is there?

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The Husband Disallowed the Wife to Have a Religious Belief, the Marriage of Twenty-Seven Years, Put to an End by the Courts

And, this woman, actually, put up with this LOSER for, TWENTY-SEVEN whole years too!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman, May (a false name), filed for divorce with the courts, on the means that her husband, Yong (a false name) is way too macho, and emotional abuse on her, restricting her religious beliefs, and such to file for divorce, as the family court held its trial, the husband denied the accusations, but the daughter testified, that her father had, rejected her mother for having a religious belief, the judge considered, that the two couldn’t make up anymore, and allowed for the divorce.

May stat4ed, that she and her husband Yong had been married twenty-seven years, has two adult children together, that after they were wed, Yong behaved like a macho man, not only did he get loud with her often, and, he’d, smacked the tables whenever things displeased him, and, sometimes, ignored her existence altogether, he’d even, shut down her FB, as well as LINE accounts too, and they have too different a religious belief systems.

May told, that once, as she was headed over to the dojo for her retreat, her husband threatened to “show her”, and when she’d returned home, she’d found the kitchen floor covered with the shattered chinaware, and the dish dryer also got, thrown out too, her husband disallowed her to have a belief system, and, barred her from going to the religious retreats, and she’d, decided, to file for divorce.

And so, this man thought he could control this woman, by barring her from her freedom of religions, and this IS, the most basic rights of humans, to believe what we all want to believe, and, this LOSER tried stopping his wife from attending the religious gatherings, and this, is illegal, because nobody should have a control on what someone else believes, or if someone selected to practices some sort of a religions.  And the judge had finally signed off on the divorce of this woman from this woman.

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Don’t Consider it a Donation, But Sharing the Joys & Blessings of Sorts

On lending that helping hand to someone else who’s in need, offering the assistance to another, the acts of, kindness, translated…

My daughter came to me, and inquired, if she could, give her old school uniform to the next generation of new enrollees of her high school.  Turns out, the school counselor received the call from a parent of a first year student, who’d asked about if there are the uniforms available from the already graduated class to her young, and so, the teacher asked the students who are taller in stature, and sent the request out to the groups, to see if someone would, respond back, and, my daughter fitted to the requirements.

And so, we’d, cleaned up the winter, the summer uniforms, the belt, the tie, the backpack too, plus a handwritten card by my daughter, the lunch bag I’d sewn, with the fullest blessing, sent it out.

I don’t like using the words of donation to educate my young, so we’d always “shared” and “given the blessings away to others.”  My daughter carried this belief from when she was young, in her first year of middle school, she saw how I lost all my hair to chemo for breast cancer, started growing her hair for three whole years, then, cut it all off, to donate to those who needed, and to this day, she’d carried out her act of kindness.  As her classmates forgot the money for lunch, she’d shared with her classmates the lunches her grandmother made for her; the Vietnamese mom of a classmate was out working away from home, and she’d taken that classmate home, for a short stay with us.

teaching her young, the values of, giving to others…photo from online

My daughter being so kind and generous, it’s due to her maternal grandmother’s, influences, my mother loved sharing her cooking skills, those vegetable vendors, butchers, those neighbors opposite of her home, the security guard downstairs, the man in charge of the working of her community, the cleaning lady, the elderly woman who lives in the same building as she, all had the homemade foods she’d made…and, the foods she’d shared with others, contained, my mother’s, joys from sharing them, and so, we’d often received the free vegetables, pork livers, bubble teas, etc., etc., etc., as well as the gratitude from all around.

I recalled a coworker of mine, because his family of origin wasn’t functional enough, he’d, protected himself too much, even as the company started a donation for those in need, he’d, turned down the assistance.  My other coworkers complained about him, but I believe, that giving or helping isn’t that important in name, the regret that my coworker lives with, is that he’d not known how to “share”, because he was unaware, that he has the power, to bring about some tiny blessing to someone else that he comes across.

And so, this is on the benefits of giving to others, it makes us feel good, that we can, help someone in need out, and, there are, a lot of people in this world who are in need of assistance (not just the monetary sort), if we only look closely enough, and find these individuals who are in need of assistance, and offer a helping hand to them, it can lighten up their loads, and it’d made us feel, that we’d, contributed to making this world a better place too.

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Cyberbullying: More than Half Believed “It Didn’t Help to Tell Anyone”

What’s, feeding to this trend of, cyberbullying that’s, taken over the world now, as the primary way of, bullying each other, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Children Welfare League posted its results from the 2021 Taiwanese Student Cyberbullying Situation, found that close to eighty-percent of youths believed that cyberbullying is hitting them hard, but, if they’d encountered it, close to sixty-percent of the surveyed believed that nothing is solved by telling, and close to fifty-percent thought that if they’d told, it would only get worse for them.

The C.E.O. of Child Welfare League, Pai mentioned the resolves to this, admitting accepting, controlling the time children spent on the internet social networking, and started up the “I Want to Hear You” LINE official account, with the professional social workers, hearing the children pour out their troubles, to reduce the impacts of the damages from cyberbullying.

Based off of the newest investigations by the Children’s Welfare League, children and adolescents are online for 42.7 hours per week, grew by multiples from last year, reviewing over the details of cyberbullying, there are, more than twenty-percent of adolescents and children who are under attack, and, the primary means of bullying is “attacked or blamed by someone with no reasons at all”, and, the platform of these attacks primarily occurred in the communication apps, took up seventy-five percent; seventy-percent of these personal attacks occurred on social networks.

a child in distress…photo from online

As children and adolescents are being cyberbullied, eighty percent believed that they could trust parents or teachers, but, as cyberbullying takes place, only twenty-two-percent of the victims would tell their teachers or parents, and, there are, around twelve-percent of the victims who wouldn’t tell anybody about it.  Of them, fifty-nine-percent believed that it wouldn’t help if they’d told, forty-seven percent worried that the bullying would worsen if they’d told, and, twenty-six percent who’d been cyberbullied thought about harming themselves.

Although the Department of Education set up the anti-bullying hotlines, the head of school board, Wu stated, that the hotlines doesn’t do anything effective, usually, it’s the results that occurred that didn’t fit the needs of the callers, then, the callers called up the superiors of the units to help.

Wu told, that the Department of Education kept on hosting the seminars on anti-bullying for the school officials to attend, to help the school officials become more aware of the situations.  Pai suggested, that the government should start educating the principals on the anti-bullying policies.  Because in the past, the teachers’ training didn’t focus on matters of how to help children resolve their issues with one another, she’d hoped, that through these seminars, it can help enforce the measures the teachers can find useful, in counseling the students when they have conflicts with one another.

And so, this is still, a top-down thing, because the heads of the school officials aren’t educated enough to handle the matters of cyberbullying, and the kids are, using the methods of covert bullying now, singling each other out, passing the rumors of so-and-so around online, and the WWW is helping to make this worse for the children.

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