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The Teens Ran Away from Home, Stashed the Cash Underneath Their Beds, Ten Adolescents Found to Have Worked as the Pickup for the Mobs

The targeted population being teens, because of their underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, lacking in foresight, and they’re, disposable too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taipei City Police’s Juvenile Division awhile ago received calls from the parents, that their underage teens ran away from home a lot of late, became truant, and as the parents examined the kids’ rooms, they’d found tens of thousands of dollars under their children’s beds, and the parents called the youth squad; the police dug deeper in, found that there were ten adolescents who’d been absorbed by the Bamboo Union’s Jen-Ming Division, became the pick up drivers, picking up the cash from the cases of scams, the primary suspect, Jeng and twelve other of his accomplices were taken into custody.

The police pointed out, that Jeng (age 24) proclaimed himself as the man in charge o the subunit of Sanchong chapter of the gang, found two followers, used the youths’ needs of economic, with no social experience, lacking in foresight, used money to entice these teens, getting the underage adolescents to work as the delivery person to pick up the cash drops for the scams.  The group used the means of faking themselves as law enforcement officials, and scammed the members of the public for over millions of dollars N.T.

Jeng not only just used these teens as tools to pick up the cash, once he’d found that the adolescents were suspected of taking the money for themselves, or that the money came up short, he’d ordered the gangsters to take the teens, and beaten them up, kept them in custody, threatened them, to force them to pay up the amount that went missing.

The Juvenile Squad of the city of Taipei chased the leads, arrested Jeng, and his two subordinates, and there were more than a dozen of teens who were caught as well, after the interrogations, the police charged the three suspects, Jeng and two others, the ten teens on organized crimes, threats, and assault, etc., the teens were sent to juvenile court, with the three primary suspects sent to the D.A.’s office.

The captain of the youth squad, Kuo pointed out, that summer is about to begin, the police will start up its “Youth Specialty Division” from July first, to enforce the laws to protect the adolescents in the society, that if the teens have plans to work, they should pay attention to “whether or not the company hiring are legal”, “if there’s an unusually high payout”, and were the workers demanded to “Turn in their identification” and if there’s a “Fee” to get the job, to avoid being used as the scapegoats of these scam rings.

And, these teens are the targets of these crime rings, because they do NOT have any sense of the outcomes of their own behaviors, due to their undeveloped prefrontal cortexes, and besides, they are easy to get, offering them money, and they’d become baited on that hook, and when these unsuspecting teens get caught, the heads behind these operations are already, far, far, far away, leaving these teens to take the fall, for their role in this bigger organized crime.

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The Adolescent Stated He Was Going to Bomb an Airport, Arrested within Twenty-Four Hours

They should know by now, that making these sorts of a JOKE, can get them into, huge trouble, but they still, don’t learn, WHY is that, huh???  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

An adolescent, Wei while ago, left the messages on Starlux and Evaair Websites, that he was going to bomb the airport in Taoyuan, the airport police specialty task force tracked down the IP address of where Wei was posting from, and in twenty-four hours, the adolescent was arrested, he’d admitted that he dropped out of school, and because he was locked in at home, the outbreaks worsening, plus the messages of the Ukrainian-Russian conflicts that’s caused him to feel negative about the world, that was why he’d posted his upset online.

This message threatening to bomb up the international airport in Taoyuan came on the Starlux Airlines, the Eva Air websites, even the high-speed rail systems also received similar threats too, the suspect’s zooming in on the air and land transports, caused the attention of the police department, and the airline police and the railroad police set up a specialty task force, through the tracking of the IP address, they’d zoomed in on the adolescent, Wei, Wei was taken into the police station yesterday.

Based off of understanding, Wei dropped out of school, and because of how quickly the pandemic spread, he couldn’t go out on his planned trips, and saw the Russian-Ukrainian conflicts on T.V., how the missiles, the bombs getting dropped in the airports, and he’d started having the negative emotions, and selected two airline companies at random, to leave the threatening messages, to show his displease, his upset of the current situation.

The case is prosecuted with the civil aerial law, and the criminal laws of threats, the youth was sent to the juvenile court in Taoyuan.

And so, this is still how the teenage brain worked, they’re NOT yet fully developed in the prefrontal cortex (area in control of impulsive behaviors, emotions, higher thinking abilities, etc., etc., etc.) and this adolescent felt upset, by how he was forced to be in locked down mode, as the outbreaks are started back up again, and he’d, gotten upset, and threatened to bomb the airlines, and he got caught.

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He’d Called on His Gang to Get Even for His Good Friend, Abducted the Teen by Force Then Beaten Him Up

How easily, they still, lose it, blame it on their, underdeveloped, prefrontal, cortexes, breaking up in the teenage years that resulted in a beat down of the victim here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The nineteen-year-old male, Wang, in order to get the breakup pay-offs for a younger good friend, late on the seventeenth, he’d forcibly took the adolescent, Chou to the Chingtiengang, found the twenty-six-year-old, Tsai,  with ties to a gang, to bring other gang members to beat him; the police arrived, put an end to the physical beating, charged the suspects with obstruction of personal freedom, the district attorneys had Wang and Tsai taken into police custody, with the rest of the other nine minors, handed back to their parents to discipline.

The police investigated, the adolescent female was originally dating the fourteen-year-old adolescent, Chou, after they broke up, Wang thought that his good friend had been taken advantage of, believed that Chou should pay for it, forced Chou to sign a check of $200,000N.T.s, and the adolescent male’s parents knew about this also.

Late at night on the seventeenth at around ten, Wang blocked Chou in Nehu, claimed, “your girlfriend’s in the car, she wants to talk to you”, after he’d coaxed the teen into the car, he’d driven to Chingtiengang, where the twenty-six-year-old, Tsai was waiting with the bats with others, as Chou got out of the car, he was, ganged up on.

As the suspect took the youth, the police was reported, and reviewed over the surveillance, zoomed in on the license plates; at this time, the Shihlin Police Station also got the calls that there was a beating in Chingtiengang, as the officers rushed over, they saw Chou with multiple contusions on his arms, and legs, they’d taken him to the hospital immediately.

At the time, there were, Wang, and Tsai, and two other adults, with nine other minors present, the police hollered for them to get down, counted them, took them all in, and found the weapons of pepper spray, clubs, knives that were used as weapons to attack.

Wang denied the allegations of abducting the adolescent and calling on the group to beat him, claimed that he’d bumped into Chou by chance, “I’d asked him along to go see the night lights up the mountains”; but Chou claimed that he was taken by force, and that a few weeks ago, he’d already been forced to sign a check of $200,000N.T.

After the interrogations, the police charged Wang, and Tsai and others on obstruction of freedom, disorderly conduct, threatening to get the money, and physical assault, and other charges, sent to the D.A.’s Office, the D.A. had Wang and Tsai taken into custody, two others made bail, the nine underage adolescents, returned to their parents to discipline.  As for the check that the victim was forced to sign, the police said it was null and void, because the victim was still a minor.

And so, another breakup turned into, revenge, because this man felt bad for what his good friend sister was going through, being broken up, and these individuals are still, so very young, and they’d, resorted to violence to solve their problems, and this is an awful thing that’s, currently, trending, as there’d been, many precedence of how violence is used in break up.

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The Sixteen-Year-Old’s Birthday Celebration Turned Fatal, the Drunk Birthday Boy Leapt into the Danshui River, Three Days Later, His Body Was Found

This TEENAGER made the WRONG decisions of getting PLASTERED on his birthday, which was what caused his death, besides, the legal drinking age here is EIGHTEEN, and this adolescent was only sixteen!  Accidental death here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A first-year technical high school student from Danshui, the sixteen-year-old Cheng, on the evening of the twenty-fifth, met out with his classmates by the Danshui River to celebrate his birthday, after he was drunk, he took his clothes off, and leapt into the icy cold Danshui River, drowned, and sank into the river; the divers from the fire department went in search of the teen, couldn’t find him after they were called to the scene, and, it took three days later, as the body of the adolescent male, Cheng to finally surface back up, he was already dead, and his birthday became his date of death too.  The families suspected that it was his classmates who’d, used peer pressure to make him jump, while the students denied, the district attorneys are looking into the matter further.

Based off of what’s know, the youth, Cheng can swim, and he’d turned sixteen on the twenty-fifth, that very evening, he’d gone out with a dozen or more of his male and female classmates, first, to the Holiday Karaoke to sing, then, gone to a local restaurant in Danshui to continue celebrating his birthday with the group, at dinner, someone had ordered up the cocktails, and beers.  After the meals, the group went strolling by the Danshui River, at around 9:40 at night, Cheng was worked up, stripped to his boxers, and leapt into the river.  It was cold on the night, and rainy too, with the temperature of the water in the river being, on the low, and, not long after he leapt in, the group of friends saw him struggling to keep his head above water, and by the time the fellow classmates found, that something had gone wrong, the young man had floated far off, and then, sank into the water.

here’s one…photo from online

The Huwei Fire Department Substation were was notified, about two hundred meters away from the river, and immediately sent out the boats, the divers, but didn’t recover him on the might, and the following day they’d, continued the search; two days ago at 9:40 in the morning, Cheng’s body finally surfaced back up, and floated into the wharf where the Huwei Fire Station was located, the police called the families in, and the families positively identified the youth.

The families started questioning, the group whom the adolescent was partying out with, that someone had, pressured him to leap into the river, but the students denied it, claimed that it was Cheng who took his clothes off all of a sudden, then, jumped into the river on his own.  The district attorney’s office autopsied the body, and reviewed the facts, and will see if they need to call in the fellow classmates in, and released the body back to the families, so they can bury him.  As for the restaurant’s providing alcohol to minors, the police sent the reviews to the city governments to investigate.

and another…

let’s all do these, shots! Photo from online

And so, this still showed?  Oh yeah, alcohol IMPAIRS judgment, and, these were teenagers, with their prefrontal cortexes (hello, hello, hello, the area in charge of judgment, etc., etc., etc.) under developed, and, they were drinking, and, the sixteen year-old took his clothes off, and leap into the river on a whim, and drowned to death, and now, the families looking for someone to blame, and they can’t blame this kid, because he’d DEAD, drowned?  Hello, hello, hello?  And, we still should NOT blame the dead, no matter how STUPID they were, when they were, alive!  Or at least, that’s, one of the unwritten rules of Chinese culture here.

This was a tragedy, that could’ve been, easily avoided, but it still, wasn’t.

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The Taichung First High School Instructor Became Willing to Apologize to Students for Losing Control, & Going Off in Class

And, here’s, that “bottom half” of what had happened in class from the footage of the instructor going OFF on her students yesterday, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Students Refused to Give Their Oral Reports & Started Reading Off from Their Textbooks

During the music classes in Taichung First High School the instructor and the students went at each other’s, throats, and the argument was video recorded by a student who was there, and the video went viral, and everybody from all around started debating who’s right and who’s wrong.  The school hosted a press conference yesterday, the head of student affair, Peng pointed out, that Mrs. Lu stated, that the icons in the presentation had angered her, in actuality, it was the students, who refused to do their reports, and just started, reciting off the textbooks that’s, why she’d, lost control, she became willing to apologize to the students, with the arrangements made by the school, and the students were also willing to communicate with their teacher.

音樂課報告南北管 中一中師怒稱牽亡魂 要求刪掉 – YouTube

the video of the instructor going off on the students, and the instructor and students getting loud with one another in class, as emotions run high in the moment

Peng told, at the preliminary discussions, the instructor had assigned the rules, that chapter nine was traditional Chinese musical instruments, for the reports, and the students were supposed to present their reports for the thirty to forty minutes of the class period, that before the class, the students were to upload their papers to the computer in the music classes; but as the instructor previewed the materials, she’d found that there were the discussion of the musical instruments out of the chapters she’d assigned to the class, and because the group reports were assigned a set page number and the number of songs to each report had been specified, that’s why she’d deleted the contents of the students’ works, not fitted to the requirements of what she’d assigned them.

There were the students’ reports that got over twenty minutes of reports deleted, and only had seventeen minutes remaining, and so, the students can only, read off the texts; the instructor lost it, became out of control, and the students video-taped her losing control, and the video went viral, of those three minutes the instructor went off on the students, and after the conflicts, she had, allowed the students to do their reports from start to finish.

The instructor, Lu stated, that she felt sorry that she’d, lost control, and was willing to go along with the school’s means to assign her to apologize to the students personally.  Peng said, that the reports students spent a lot of time, a lot of mind to complete, just got deleted by the instructor, they were angered too, that was the primary cause of the conflicts.

Peng said, the Mrs. Lu didn’t look down on the traditional music of the dead, instead, she’d, pushed forth the education of the traditional Chinese instrumental music, that it’s completely false, that the outside realm kept stating how Mrs. Lu had belittled the traditional requiem projects.  Ms. Lu even mentioned of the plans to set up the traditional Chinese musical instrument performances of her students; and she said by being referred to as the comedian, she won’t mind it, because she’s very strong.

The school also told, that if the instructor will be taken out of this particular class, and assigned to another, they will discuss the matter further; and, the school didn’t demand that the students take the video off, that the students are very autonomous, and the schools had told them of the possible consequences if they don’t take the video off, and allowed them to decide on their own.

The legal realms stated, that because the instructor already stated it, that she refused to get taped, and the students had continued taping her, that it may be a case of infringement of rights on the civil front.

And so, this is the whole story, and these students DESERVED to have their instructor going OFF, but, from the reports and the video of the classroom shot by the students, you still only have one side of the story, which makes you easy to rush to conclusion, that this particular instructor just went, N-U-T-S, but, she has a reason to go off on the class here.

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The Younger Generations of Tik-Tokers, Walking on the Borderlines of Morality

These younger generations will do just about any and everything, for hits on their channels here, even losing their virginity too, I bet!!!  And it’s still all due to the developments of these internet platforms, that made it too easy, to gain the “fames” that these younger generations of children are longing to get, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Bytedance, the internet company in China in 2016 announced it’s APP Tik-Tok being provided, since the selfie shorts are, trending all across the world, and now, the international version of Tik-Tok, and the Chines versions had been downloaded over three billion times, surpassing FB, IG, and other social media leaders.

and this, is how it all got, started…

photo from online

The adolescents are already used to sharing their selfie videos, streaming them online, anytime, anyplace, sharing it with the online communities.  The Child Welfare League’s “Survey of Children & Adolescents Usage of Internet Software” back in 2019 found, that thirty-five-percent of children and adolescents have the habits of making short films of themselves, and streaming online, sixty-percent are using Tik-Tok, of the surveyed, forty-five percent said that they wanted to be young internet sensations.

In the past, Tiktok had made a ton of middle and high school age students famous.  There were the students who’d started speaking for the products, hiring the agents, with many of the high school age students’ followers breaking over hundreds of thousands, most of the followers are in the peer groups of teenagers.

To get the trending videos made, some of the teens are walking the borderlines of morality.  In October, there are the TikTok footages of many adolescents interacting with a homeless man, Huang.  The homeless man, Huang seemed to be psychologically ill, had once gone and hugged unknown school students who’d passed him by, and now, where the homeless man squatted, there is, a crowd holding their cell phones, making fun, and, some had used improper language to anger the homeless man, and there were those students in their school uniforms, hugging him, kissing him, all of the sake, of getting thousands, or hundreds of thousands of hearts, and the “most number of Kudos” on TikTok.

advancing to this…

photo from online…and, this too…
photo from online

So, this, is how bad it is getting, to boost our ratings, our “popularities”, we’re, willing to, put our lives out there, in HARM’s way, and, you don’t know, if that homeless guy you’re, hugging, for “ratings” might get turned on, and, start molesting you, and yeah, I’d been there, and had that done to me, and that just showed how the younger generations will do everything, just to get a HIT on their YouTube channels or whatever.


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More than Twenty-Percent of Children & Adolescents Believe They’d Been Cyberbullied

How social networks became, a new source of, anxiety for these, members of the, younger generations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the outbreaks slowed down, this semester, many school had started holding the classroom sessions, but the masks are still, a needed tool to prevent the spread of the virus across the school campuses.  Now, it’d been two months since the start of the school year, the masks had, blocked off the saliva, and it’d also, blocked off the interactions of children with their own, peers, some of the first year students hadn’t even seen their classmates’ faces, and can only “show their faces” on social media.  But, the children are even more worried over how they are looked upon on social media, and this became, a brand new source of their, anxiety, to even making them the victims of cyberbullying.

The outbreaks not only caused the graduation trips to get canceled, the graduation ceremonies, the first day of school all happened via webcam, that “sense of ritual”, gone, and a lot of the students sighed “there’s no beginning, or an end!”

With the slowing down of the epidemic here, the schools from all around the country started the physical classroom sessions.  But, entering into a brand new semester, in the past, to get to know the classroom classmates, there would be the name tags on the desks, and, by a week at most, everybody knew everybody, and now, all the students’ faces are covered with the masks, and, even though at meal time, they’re allowed to take their masks off, they had to eat with the plastic separators between one another, and, a lot of the students just, left their names on their desks, and even now, the students couldn’t call one another by each other’s right names, to the point of the teachers, miscalling the names of the students too.

A middle school principal told, that there’s no first-year student orientation this year, that there’s no morning school gatherings this semester, the students are “slower to warm up”, and, even as the instructors told the jokes, because they can’t see the facial expressions, the students normally, don’t react, and there’s, just, not enough of that warmth of exchanges that we used to get with each other.

like this??? from online


And even though, almost all the students had a cell phone each, and the internet broke the barriers of interactions, a lot of the students, before school started, got together on the social media, to meet up as school resumed.  But, the therapist, Tseng told, that the children become, ever the more anxious on if they’re noticed on social media now, and this new trend may become a new source of their, anxieties, affecting the children’s level of self-confidence.

The Children’s Welfare League did a survey and found, that due to the outbreaks, the children and adolescents log online for an average of 42.7 hours per week, almost doubled from last year’s 27.2 hour.  But, more than twenty-percent of children and adolescent believed, that they’d been cyberbullied, with the primary way of bullying being “getting named by someone or attacked by someone for no reasons at all”, and there were only, twenty-two percent who would tell the adults, there are at least, twelve-percent that wouldn’t find help from anyone.  The Department of Education listed cyberbullying as a form of bullying in school last year.

Pai, the C.E.O. of Child Welfare League advised students on three things, she’d said, admit and accept, that you just can’t get along with everybody; and, you can use the app or the cell phone systems, to keep track of your own personal usage means of social media, to control the time spent; if you encountered something that’s negative that’s affecting you, then, you need to learn to view yourselves, using an unjudgmental way, to calm yourselves down, so you can, deal with the many challenges that life may bring.

Yeah, that, is another, downside to this outbreak, because everything is online, and, there will be, more cases of cyberbullying too, and, cyberbullying is really hard to prevent, because, you don’t know what you may have said, or posted online, that might get misinterpreted by another.


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The End Results of a Horny Man Who Preyed on the Innocence of Teenage Girls: Three Years, Two Months.  Met a Middle School Females Student for Less than Ten Days, and Had Sex with Her

And, if you ask me, but hey, who ASKED Y-O-U!!!  Exactly, what this HORN dog got was still, way too, light, he should’ve gotten at least, a whole DECADE in prison and get chemically or physically, CASTRATED too, and yet, these teenage girls are still, way too, god damn, @#$%ING, E-A-S-Y these days, aren’t they???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The adult male, Hsu from Taoyuan, especially selected the adolescent girls as his targets, and chatted with them online, he had two prior records of guilty charges with underage minors, but he’d not, changed his ways, still set the baits on FB, met a thirteen-year-old adolescent female, and, within ten days of knowing one another, he’d, gotten her to have sexual intercourse with him; the courts believed that he’d committed these crimes for the second time by the same methods, although, he’d asked her for permissions to have sex, it’d still caused her psychological, and mental traumas, that there is a need, to enforce a harsher punishment on him, found him guilty of obstruction of sexual freedom, and sentenced him to three years two months, and this can still be appealed.

The investigators found, that on April 17th of last year, Hsu met the adolescent female on FB, knowing that she was not yet fourteen, that she wasn’t mature enough psychologically, less than ten days after they met, he’d asked her out, then, took her home, and, gone against her will, had sexual intercourse with her.  Later, as the adolescent’s parents found that she’d been having continual conversations with a stranger, they’d pressed her, and she’d told them, that she has a boyfriend, and that they’d been, having sex together.  As her mother went to the police, the whole case was busted, wide open.

During his trial, Hsu admitted openly to what he’d done, which matched the adolescent girl’s statements, and there were the records of their conversations on FB, and the rape kit result proved that the adolescent had had sexual intercourse.  The courts found that back in 2013, Hsu had sex with her the first time, he was sentenced to a year eight months, with three years’ probation, and back in 2016, he’d, had sex again, with an underage minor, and got sentenced to ten month, with no probationary terms for the second time.

The courts believed, that in the past, Hsu had multiple records of having sex with minors under fourteen, and had consensual sex with adolescent females from ages fourteen to sixteen, and this time, he’d still done it, which clearly showed, that he was a repeated offender, that there would be a need, for a severe sentence this time.

Hsu’s defense attorney argued that he and the adolescent were dating, that he’d not had sex with her that many times, and admitted to the adolescent’s mother, and begged for forgiveness, that he’d, qualified for the reduction of sentence based off of the mercy clause.

The courts found, that Hsu knew that the adolescents hadn’t developed fully mentally yet, and still used FB to hook them, and he’d done it twice, using the exact same methods, that it wouldn’t qualify for the mercy clause of the sentencing, didn’t give him a lighter sentence.

The courts considered, that Hsu had committed obstruction against sexual freedom TWICE, and still didn’t turn around, knowing well the impacts of the traumas on underage minors, but for the sake of his own personal satisfaction, he’d still had sex with the adolescent girls.  Although he’d not gone against her will, but it’d caused the mental distress, the personality formation problems in the teenager, that there’s a need for him to receive a harsh punishment, still charged him on counts of having sexual intercourse with underage minors, sentenced him to three years two months.

And no, this still was NOT his first time, and as he’d gotten out on probation due to “good behaviors” (as who wouldn’t behave her/himself in lock up!), he would be out, in no more than a year’s time, and guess what?  He’s going to, FISH, and HOOK them young and DUMB, unsuspecting, teens again, and so, by giving this PREDATOR this light a sentence, you’re ensuring, that he is bound to, offend again!  And there’s NOTHING we can do ‘bout that, as the verdict’s, final here!

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Anytime, Any Place, the Hard-to-Prevent Cyberbullying

The means, of how the hurt can happen, at any time of day, and anywhere!  On the facets of, cyberbullying, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The school therapist, of the guidance counselor’s office of a school analyzed the differences in cyberbullying and physical bullying in the past, and reason why cyberbullying should be examined, more closely:

From before, the place where bullying happens is in school, and now, with a cell phone to a child, the bullying became at anytime, any place.  For instance, a middle school student, Hwa felt that someone stole her boyfriend, then, she’d called on her cohort of friends, started sending the private messages to the person, posting the words publicly, or go to the IG to start cussing the guy out, and even, setting up a “trash-talk” Line Group of the guy, and the victims may not even be aware, that a group talking trash about her/him/them exists.

like this…

illustration from online

The use of sexual violence for revenge online is getting serious too.  There was a sixth grade who’d received a message that said, “I have nude photos of you, if you send me another, then I won’t post this one”, the kid almost believed, but thankfully, the adults stopped it upon finding out.

The digital footprints will never be erased.  Like the recordings the videos of the photos, the things that makes you targets of bullies, once it gets online, so long as the onlookers started passing it along, even if the bully was caught and reprimanded, the files are forever staying online, and, the victims may be, revictimized again.

What’s worth noting more of cyberbullying is that the bullied already got singled out by her/his friends, and, when it goes online, the endless cusses, the criticisms, will make the victims feel, “So, all those people hate me, despised me, rejects me”.  And if the bystanders, the teachers, the adult counterparts didn’t catch the S.O.S. from the child, with “just deal with it, they’re, just, making fun”, to a child, s/he will die on the inside, because if those s/he trusts won’t even help, it would, hurt her/him, even more.

So, this, is on the adverse effect of being, cyberbullied, because once it’s online, you can’t, EVER, erase, that digital footprint that you’d, left, and, because these children have NO awareness of the foresight of the consequences of their own actions (b/c the prefrontal cortexes aren’t properly developed yet!), the effects are, eternal.

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The Two Officers Fined $100,000N.T. Each for Kicking the Adolescents Refusing to Get Checked by Them, and Threatening to Shoot the Locals Who Tried to Stop Them from the Abuse

Abuse of their statuses as police officers here, and yeah, they got caught, and got, fined too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Zhonghe Police Substation of Hsinbei City last April was conducting the checks on the roads, there was an adolescent who’d refused to get checked, and ran right through the checkpoint, the officers rushed to block him, the officer, Chen, kicked one of the sixteen-year-old on the head, the locals saw it, and tried to sop him from abuse, another officer, Jeng came, and cussed the locals out, and this was a case of overuse of police forces.  The district attorneys believed that Chen had used his work status, and assaulted the adolescent, considered that he showed remorse, and was willing to settle with the adolescent, delayed prosecuting him; Jeng’s indictment for threats and public endangerment was also, dropped, but they are both fined $100,000N.T., and mandated to attend six-hours of legal education each.

The district attorneys investigated, on the evening of April 7th at eleven at night, the police were conducting a check, a car refused to stop, and drove against traffic, the police chased and stopped the car, and demanded the four adolescents inside to get out of the car.

In the process, the adolescents became emotionally anxious, the officers called aloud to stop them, an officer had slammed two adolescents against the pavement, as the officers rounded up the four, they’d grabbed one adolescent by the hair, shouted at him angrily, “Are you hurrying to die.”  The officer, Chen started kicking an adolescent who was down on the ground on the head, causing the adolescent to bruise, and to have redness and swelling on his head.

because of the loud noises, the locals came out, and saw the police using excessive forces, and tried to stop them, “What are you doing?  Beating down on the children?”, the officer, Jeng was suspected of shouting back at the locals, “he refused to get pulled over, come down, I’ll, give you a bullet too!”, was suspected of threats, and breaking the public endangerment laws.

The D.A. reviewed over the video surveillance, which captured the officer Jeng stating: “You”, and “bullet”, without the “I’ll give you”, while the other local residents testified that they’d not heard the words; the local who was shouted at claimed, it was in a heightened state of tension then, we’re all stressed out then, and, we are rash toward one another, I’d not felt I was, threatened, the D.A. dropped the charges against the officer, Jeng.

As for the officer, Chen, the D.A. considered that he showed remorse, and the cause was the adolescent’s resisting arrest, that he became emotional, which caused him to overreact; while the adolescent only sustained minor injuries, and they’d settled, and so, they’d dropped the charges.

And so, because nobody was seriously injured (like getting shot, getting assaulted physically to injury), the officers only received the slaps of the wrists of getting fined, and what would that teach the officers from here on out?  Oh yeah, we just need to, step on the borders, but not over it, and we get off easy, this is really bad, just because the teens refused to get checked, the officers had no right, to use violence on them, besides, it’s not like it’s a case of in pursuit of serious criminals, it’s just some teens, breaking the rules, and too much forces by the police was used in this one!

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