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After the Death of a High School Student, the Police Were on the Look Out for the Bookies and Found Three High Schools and Twenty-Seven of Their Students Involved

Started too young, in the life of crimes, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The second-year high school student, Kao works as a bookie for a gambling website, because he’d owed $280,000N.T. in gambling debts he couldn’t pay up, on Mother’s Day, he’d attempted suicide by burning charcoal in his home.  The police followed the leads, and two nights ago, managed to arrest the bookies He works under, Tsai and Lee, and Yeou, who’s above the bookies.  After Tsai and Lee were interrogated, they were taken into police custody, and Chuang was charged with gambling right away.

The police sorted through He’s cell phone, and found there to be twenty-four other students from his school who were also involved, and, interrogated them all yesterday, and so far, three schools and twenty-seven students have been found to have involvements in the case, and from this, we can see how serious the problem of on campus gambling is.

The police stated, because the online gambling sites are set up abroad, and, the workers took cash bets, it’s really hard, to find the person behind it all, and, Chuang was merely a “small fish” in the gambling websites.

Tsai and Lee are both minors, and, although they’re involved in the gambling charges, they weren’t caught in the act, and so, they were sent home after being interrogated, alongside twenty-four others, and, they’re to make their appearances in juvenile court at another date.

The investigative officers pointed out, that two weeks ago, Lai, another student from He’s high school, because of how much pressure there was for him as a junior bookie (Retailers), after He learned, he’d taken up the post, but, for the next two weeks, because the students who’d signed the bets couldn’t pay him, and he’d owed the debts himself, he and his peers owed a total of $160,000N.T.  And because the debts are collected on Mondays, in order to find a way out, to turn his situations around, on the evening of May 9th, before Mother’s Day, he’d bet in the “Dice Games”, but, in just one night, he’d lost $120,000N.T.s, the very next day, he’d left the message, “Lost my final bet in life”, committed suicide by burning charcoal.

The student, Tsai was once the upstream for Lai, in February, he was caught by the police, and, he’d handed his job to another student from another school, Lee, later on, He connected with Lee, Tsai and Lee admitted to working as the general agents, and reported to Chuang directly; Chuang sold drinks at the night markets regularly, and, in order to increase his earnings, he’d gotten the agent rights from a gambling ring online, from a man nicknamed “Chang”, absorbed Tsai, Lee as his downstream, on the ninth, he’d heard Lee told, that “He is suicidal”, but he didn’t know He personally.

The police officers said, the student He accepted the bets from his fellow students, and got 1.5 percent of the fees, and, the bets ranged anywhere from $100 N.T. to $10,000N.T., the gambling rings used the temptation of making huge amounts of money to attract the students, and, at the start, they’d given them the sweet rewards, but, they’d found an assortment of reasons, to withhold their commissions.

The police suspected, that He had lost the bets, and, wanted to gamble one last time, to see if he could make what he’d lost back again, and maybe, he was affected by the Japanese comic of “Revelation of Gambling”, the main character from the comic was a habitual gambler, with high debts, in the end, he’d taken his friend’s advice, went onboard a gambling ship called, “Hope”, placed his final bets, ended up, winning everything, but the money was scammed away by his friends, He might have copied the behaviors in the stories, but, he’d ended up, committing suicide.

So, this, is the cause of the death of a high school kid, because he was tempted, and, once he was drawn in, he’d found himself, sinking deeper, deeper, and deeper, and in the end, he couldn’t get out, so, he took the easy way out.


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“Lost the Last Bet in Life”, a Last Year High School Placed Over Ten Thousand Dollars of Debts, Gambling on the Teams of the N.B.A., He’d Committed Suicide

Had he known better, but he didn’t!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A high school student, He from the city of Taichung disclosed to his classmate on the 10th that because he’d signed the gambling slips for NBA, he’d managed to owe over thirty thousand dollars’ worth of debts, that his life was over, “I’m going now!  Lost my final bet in life.”, the classmate immediately went to the police to report, and the police managed to find out where He was, but, it was too late, he’d already, committed suicide by burning charcoal in his bedroom already.

The 64th Police Precinct in Taichung on the afternoon of the tenth received a panicky high schooler who rushed in, and he’d shown the police the conversations he’d shared with He using LINE, told them that he worried, that He might commit suicide.  The police found his address, along with the records of members of his family, they’d notified the father, and, He’s father recalled how he hadn’t seen his son come out of his room, that it was odd, he’d broken into his son’s room, found that he was already dead, and there was also, a bowl of charcoal, burned, completely.  The coroners believed, that He had committed suicide by burning charcoal, and they will look into, whether or not He was forced to pay the debts he owed from signing the gambling slips or not.

And so, that, just shows, how easily they will fall, and, when you’re that young, you should NOT even BE into gambling, but this young man was, and, because he couldn’t pay up the debts, he felt his life was OVER, and committed suicide!

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A Man Who Was Turned Down by the Woman He Was Infatuated Raped Her, Sentenced to Eight Years, and the Courts Mandated that He Must Pay Her Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars

Yeah, because she didn’t reciprocate, so, you’d changed the love into revenge, is that it???  From the Newspapers, translated…

A man, Chou fell for a middle school aged girl, he’d professed his love to her, and she’d turned him down, he’d pick-pocketed her keys, and, in the middle of the nights, he wore gloves and his safety helmet, entered her home, taped the girl’s eyes s hut, was about to rape her; the adolescent’s five-year-old younger brother woke, she feared that the man might hurt her brother, so, she didn’t fight back, and begged Chou to let her brother go free, and, she’d held it all in, as Chou successfully raped her.  The judge used the laws of forced sexual behaviors, found Chou guilty of rape, gave him eight years in prison, and mandated him to pay $800,000N.T. to the young woman.

The courts investigated, that the nineteen-year-old Chou two years ago, met the fourteen-year-old middle school girl through a friend, in order to pursue her, he’d gone to her workplace, and applied for a job there too, later on, he’d worked up the courage, told her he loves her three times, but, got turned down.  Later on, Chou changed his words, said that he wanted to be her best friend, had multiple times accompanied her home, and, as she’d dropped her keys, he’d picked it up, without her knowing it.

Last year in the early morning of July 4th, Chou put on gloves, helmet, took along duct tape, and condom, used the set of keys he’d picked up to enter into her place, pulled the covers over her head, then, subdued her nose and mouth.

The adolescent’s five-year-old younger brother was sleeping close by, he woke up, and the girl was worried that Chou might harm him, begged, “he’s still just a child, don’t hurt him”, and she’d stopped fighting him off.

Chou duct-taped both her eyes, forced her into the next room, was able to rape her, then, forced her to go to the bathroom, to shower everything off, and he’d asked her intentionally, “do you know who I am?” the adolescent suspected that it was Chou, but feared, that if she’d called out his name, it might make him go crazy, so, she’d shook her head, “No”, and Chou felt better about it, then left.

Afterwards, the adolescent called up her mother, and the police too, the police used the surveillance footage, and found out that Chou is involved; Chou admitted to what he’d done, said that it was because his professions of love didn’t get taken seriously by her, that, was what’s caused her to do the deed, that he’d acted on his impulse.

Yeah, this is still, a crime of passion, or call it retaliation, because the man got turned down by the girl, and so, his love for her turned to hatred, and, because he had the opportunities, he’d committed the crimes, thinking that she won’t tell anybody, but she did, and so, he’s caught, that still just shows, that NO good deeds go unpunished!

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A Man Made Up Stories with the Scripts that Sounded Like the Soap Operas, and Managed to Trick a Third-Year Middle School Girl

So, how gullible CAN you get???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A fifty year old cabdriver, Kuo falsely claimed that he own a filming studio, and that because he was sought after by his enemies, that, was why he’d falsified himself into a cabdriver, he’d lured a last year middle school girl by using these stories, to have sex with him, and captured the footages; later, he’d suspected that the young girl is dating another guy, he’d threatened to kill her then himself with a gun, the Taipei District Attorney’s Office found him guilty of possession of ammunitions, threats, and having sex with an underage minor.

As the D.A. interrogated, the adolescent denied having dated him, and sued Kuo for rape, but the D.A. reviewed their messages, and found how the youth nicknamed Kuo “hubby”, and they’d shared sexually illicit dialogues, and in the sex tapes, she’d interacted naturally with Kuo, and so, the D.A. dropped the forced sexual acts charges against Kuo.

The indictment papers from the D.A. pointed out, that Kuo met the adolescent last September on Facebook, falsely claimed that he’d owned a filming studio somewhere up in the mountains, and had shot commercials for underwear; but because his ill, and was about to die, and was pursued by enemies, which, was why he’d falsified his identity as a cabdriver.

Six months after they met online, they’d met up, on two separate occasions, Kuo took the adolescent out on different high-end cars, making her believe in his lies about his own status, she’d rode the car, to the Daja Riverside Park with him, and parked in the parking lots under the bridges, and had sex for the first time with him; afterwards, Kuo took the girl to Taipei, Hsinbei, Keelung, along with other places to have sex, they’d had sex over fourteen times, and he’d recorded the process of them having sex with his tablet computer.

The young girl had asked Kuo to take her to his filming studios or his home, but he’d always diverted her attention to something else, and the youth started suspecting that he’d been lying to her.

In October of this year, Kuo discovered that that adolescent girl went out with a male friend, thought that she’d found another guy, he’d called her, texted her, to threaten her, said that he was going to leak the sex footage out onto the internet.  The girl was forced to meet up with him again, and Kuo took out a modified gun, pointed it to his own head, and the gas tank of his car, threatened that if she won’t be with him, then, he will not only leak out the video footage, he will kill all her friends and families, and then, himself.  The youth agreed, even though she didn’t want to, and afterwards, she’d notified the police.

Those girls ARE really getting dumber by the nanosec here, aren’t they?  Or, are they just into getting famous quickly these days?  But in the end, this LOSER still didn’t get away unscathed, but the girl’s innocence was also, lost, and it’s still, too high a price to pay…

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During the Talk about Breaking Up, the Technical High School Student Stabbed His Girlfriend

And yes, here’s another one, and no, I still didn’t just make this one up, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Another case of a horrid lover; the seventeen-year-old technical high school student, Tsai met some difficulties in love, two nights ago, he’d asked his middle school aged girlfriend, Hsiao to come out to talk, he’d stabbed the young woman into severely injured, and when he’d gotten home, he attempted to leap off of his building, and after he learned that Hsiao was out of danger did he head downstairs, when he was arrested, and booked on attempted murder charges.

Based off of understanding, Tsai and Hsiao had feelings of affinity since they were in middle school together, after graduating from middle school, Tsai went to the night school department of a technical high school, and worked at a breakfast shop during the daytime; while Hsiao went to a regular high school, and they still kept in constant touch with each other.

This May, Tsai noticed how Hsiao would dodge him, or intentionally avoided him, he suspected she was cheating on him, and they’d fight a lot, and talked of break up; Tsai had once threatened to kill himself, and showed signs of self-mutilation and suicidal tendencies, Hsiao had once texted Tsai’s mother, but was ignored.

The police investigated and found that two nights ago at around ten, Tsai asked Hsiao to the park opposite side of Da-Dong Night Market, as Hsiao’s mother learned of this, she feared her daughter’s safety, and accompanied her there, and intentionally stood between them; Tsai was accompanied by his friend, Wu, Wu worried that Tsai might lose control, he’d confiscated the two fruits knives Tsai had prepared in his car.

As they’d met, Hsiao claimed that “there is NO feelings left”, Tsai felt that it would be impossible to get his girlfriend back, he took out the fruit knife from his pocket, missed Hsiao’s mother, stabbed onto Hsiao’s left breast, and, she was rushed to Chenggong University Hospital, and, she had a ruptured lung, and after the surgeries, she’s still in the ICU, being observed.

After Tsai committed the stabbing, he’d realized that he’d done something awful, as he’d gotten home, he’d climbed up to the fifth floor roof, attempted to leap, and his family and his friend Wu all consulted him not to jump, Tsai stayed on the roof without a word, this lasted for over twenty minutes; later, the police arrived, and managed to soothe Tsai, Tsai said, “I’m so afraid, I don’t know how I’m going to face the future.”

In this dangerous situation, Tsai’s friend, Wu dialed up Hsiao’s mother who was in the hospital, keeping watch over her daughter, hoping he’d get some help from her, after Hsiao’s mother worked hard to console Tsai for over twenty minutes, and told him, “my daughter is already out of danger from the operations”, and claimed to him, “you’re still quite young, don’t do this again, I’m willing to forgive you”, then, Tsai gave up on his suicidal attempts.

After Tsai’s mother learned of what had happened, she’d accompanied her son to the station, claimed, “I have absolutely NO idea what my son was thinking of”, and, every time, she’d gone through her son’s friends and Hsiao, to know what her son was up to; and, when he’d broken it off with Hsiao, Hsiao texted her, even though, she showed some cares and concerns, but there’s nothing she could do, because he won’t talk to her.

And so, because this N-U-T has no one he could talk to about his troubles, and, he felt awful for the young woman, wanting to break up with him, and so, he’d stabbed her, and once again, this is still a case of NOT being mature enough to be in love, because at that young an age, when you fall in love, love became your everything, and once it’s over, you’d feel like you’d lost everything that’s keeping you alive…

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The Mother Tried to Find Her Daughter, and the Facebook Community Was Moved and They All Helped Out

In this case, Facebook had helped, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seventeen year-old adolescent girl, “Blue” often runs away from home, and would show off her new clothes and the great dining experiences she’d had via Facebook, her mother tried to reach out to her through Facebook, it didn’t work, but, her mother’s words managed to touch her Facebook community friends, and the friend had told the police of the adolescent girl’s being controlled by a drug dealer, and the police yesterday was about to make an arrest and save the girl.

The Youth Squad in Taichung last July received a tip, said that the seventeen year old girl, “Blue” was being controlled by the twenty-six year-old man, Lin, using drugs and he’d forced her into sexual slavery, wanted the police to investigate.

The woman who’d phoned this in said, that because of her job, she’d met “Blue” and Lin on Facebook, and became Face friends, and realized that Lin had used drugs to make several adolescent girls do illegal work, but she didn’t want to get into trouble, she’d stalled on tipping the police off.  She said, that “Blue” had shared how she was wined and dined extravagantly, and had on new clothes, that “Blue’s” mother would often post words of encouragement to the girl, hoping she’d come home soon, and, as a mother, she knew what her mother was going through, that, was what made her call the police.

Through the long-term investigations and collection of evidence, yesterday, the police used multiple teams to arrest three suspects, including Lin, and managed to get four adolescent girls out, including “Blue”, and, as the police interrogated the men, they’d found, that the current boyfriend of “Blue”, Wu (age 26) was involved in fraud.

“I’m so sorry mom, I’m too rebellious!”, Blue cried, and said that she didn’t know any better, that was why she was “collected” by Lin, and now, she’d come to know, that she will be placed by the social services, she was in deep regrets.  Blue’s mother yesterday learned, that her daughter sold her body for so many months away from home, and used drugs, she was heartbroken, and upon knowing that her daughter would be placed in a group home, she had an even more difficult time accepting, kept claiming, “How did this happen?”

The police investigated and found that Lin used the title of “The Master of Chinese Translating Company”, worked with a man, Wang (age 21), gotten the teenage girls hooked on ketamin, and when the girls ran out of money to buy more drugs, they’d pimped them out.  After the interrogations, the police took Lin and the others into custody.

And so, without the woman being bossy, this young woman may have NOT been rescued from the fires, and, because this woman has a child of her own, so, she was able to empathize, and that drove her to help this young woman out.

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Her Cell Phone Was a Gift from Her Father, and She Used the App to Solicit Sex with People She Met Online

This is why, you should NOT give your teenagers a god DAMN smart phone, heck I got mine ‘bout a year ago, at the age of 31, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifteen year old middle school girl received the gift of a smart phone from her father, and through an application, made a few friends, and started having sex with people she’d met through the network who were already adults, the oldest being a fifty-six year old male, until her father found that her schedule hadn’t been “normal”, he’d checked her cell and that, was when he’d found out.  The Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office called the three men into question, and indicted all three based off of having sex with a minor.  Based off of understanding, there were two other males who had already had sex with the adolescent girl too, and their cases are still pending investigation.

The D.A. found, that this adolescent is shy, introverted, and that she must not have known how to say “no”, that, was why she kept falling victim.  The D.A. pointed out that there are many incidences where the youth made friends from online, and had sex on the first meeting, that the parents must take precautions, to prevent their own offspring from being victimized, and should up the education in the family; the parents should teach the kids that they have the rights over their own bodies, and see things through the kids’ perspective to show care and concerns, to get to know their online friends, and discuss what might happen if they headed out with the people they’d met up online, to make the root of self-preservation deeper.

A fifteen year-old middle school girl, raised by her father alone, last July, received a smart phone as a present from her father, and had gotten involved with online networking and met a 27-year-old, unemployed man, Lin, they’d made a pact to become boyfriend girlfriend, and had had sex over ten times in a month in just two months.

At the end of September of last year, the adolescent girl met a fortune teller, Wang (age 56), he’d claimed that he knew how to read fortunes, had the girl given him her date of birth and time; few days later, Wang asked the girl out, said that he wanted to give her a more precise reading, the youth wore her school uniform to the hotel to meet up with him.  The young girl, even though, she’d felt that Wang was too old, but, in the end, she’d still allowed him to have sex with her, half-willingly.

The very next month, the girl met a security guard, Wang (age 27), Wang had multiple times taken the girl to his rental place, and in the two months’ time, they had sex at LEAST five times; it was not until the end of last year, when the adolescent partied all night long on New Year’s Eve, her father realized that something wasn’t right with her, he’d checked her cell without her consent, and realized that she’d had sex with multiple adult males, and that, was when the father decided to take away her cell phone, and call the cops.

And you THINK that this would be enough to keep your little girls from selling her body?  Yeah right, these little WHORES will find a way to sell, after all, they don’t need ANY training, just a set of tits, a vagina, and, they’re IN BUSINESS, and this, is the bad thing about allowing your young kids to have a smart phone, heck, I didn’t even GET my smart phone until I am thirty years old, and that, is how modern day technologies are helping stealing the virginities of these young girls here.


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A Teenage Girl Cussed Out a Police Officer, Got Fined $6,000N.T.,

So, the six thousand dollar fine was WAY more than worth it, wasn’t it???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Sergeant from Hsinbei Police Station, Shu stopped a female student, Yang, and her boyfriend, for running a red light, gave them both a red slip, later, Yang called Shu a bad cop on her blog, and after Shu knew, he’d sued her for libel and slander, awhile ago, they’d agreed to settle for the amount of $6,000N.T., and Shu put up $4,000N.T more, to buy MRT passes for the poor students, hoped that Yang could donate it on his behalf, to help put forth this kindness cycle.

“It’s nothing new, that cops get cussed out by the public”, Shu, who’d worked as a police officer for almost thirty years stated, she’d met a LOT of members of the public who’d cussed him out, and yet, this, was the very first time he’d decided to sue, it wasn’t for the sake of the money, but because he wanted to teach the female student a lesson.  After Yang’s parents learned about this, they kept thanking Shu.

Four years ago, Shu worked at the Pingling Subprecinct of Hsintien Police Department, he’d pulled Yang and her boyfriend who ran a red light, back then, the two were going to Pingling, other than running the red light, the boyfriend didn’t bring his license or registration, and he was ticketed for both.

Back then, Yang, who was still in high school later wrote on her blog, “Today, at Pingling, I’d met a BAD cop!”  “There are so many riders without helmets, I can’t believe that you didn’t see…Shu is such a LOUSY cop!”

Last year, Shu surfed online, and found this post, and collected the evidence, and sued the female student for libel and slander.  The judge believed, that Yang had seriously broken the libel and slander laws, but believed that she was only venting, and she was younger then, and that Shu had agreed on the six thousand dollar settlement, so, the judge didn’t let the case go to the courts.

Now, Yang, who is already in college, openly apologized to Shu, her parents were also ashamed.  Yang said, that she’s a student, and didn’t have any money, the judge agreed that she could pay the fines in six installments.  Shu also told Yang and her parents, “I will use the money to do something good.”, the parents are both very agreeing to it.

Awhile ago, Shu heard that the man in charge of the Rui-Xing Borough was giving breakfast vouchers to poor students, he’d added $4,000N.T., plus, the donations from kind people all around, two days ago, he’d bought twenty-five bus and MRT passes for the twenty-five students, and he’d also bought rice and noodles to give it to the families with low incomes.

And so, this officer truly has a heart of kindness, and, he’d used a harsh way to make a difference, and that, is what TOUGH love is all about.

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Twelve Year-Old Girls Stabbed Their Friend Nineteen Times

The world had fallen I-L-L here, from…

Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls accused of holding down and stabbing their 12-year-old friend were charged as adults in court Monday.

Police in Waukesha say the girls lured their friend into a wooded area Saturday where one girl held her down and the other stabbed the victim 19 times.

Both suspects were charged as adults with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, as a party to a crime. If convicted, they could each serve 65 years in prison. (NBC 5 is not naming the suspects or showing their faces due to their age).

The 12-year-old girl survived the attack, and police say her condition is stable.

The girls may have been motivated by a fictitious character named “Slenderman,” a criminal complaint revealed Monday.

Slenderman is a character thought to have originated as an Internet meme around 2009. He is often depicted as a tall, thin man wearing a suit with a blank face.

According to the criminal complaint, one of the girls stated that “many people do not believe Slenderman is real,” and she “wanted to prove the skeptics wrong.” Their goal may have been to become a “proxy of Slender,” which required the girls to “physically kill someone,” the complaint says.

Authorities said the two suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months before Saturday’s attack. The girls all attended the same middle school, according to police, and were together at a sleepover over the weekend.

The two suspects are accused of luring the girl into a wooded area near Rivera Drive and Big Bend Road under the premise of playing a game, police said.

The victim was stabbed in the torso, legs and arms but was able to crawl out of the woods to a road, where she was discovered by a passing bicyclist.

Authorities say the suspects were arrested several hours later. A knife believed to have been used in the stabbing has been recovered.

And so, these couple of teens still STABBED someone because they “felt like it”, and this, is what’s going on with the current youths today, and, there is still NO cure for this problem in the world, and this still happened in YOUR (well, maybe) backyards, so, what does that make you T-H-I-N-K?

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The Son Killed at Random…the Mother Took Out a Loan to Send Money to the Family of the Victim

And NO, I still did NOT just make this up, it was found, on the newspaper pages today, translated…

A sixteen-year-old adolescent male, Chou, on the early morning of the first of May, followed a twenty-one year old college student whom he didn’t know, and he’d stabbed Lee on the back uncontrollably like crazy, and Lee is still in critical condition to date.

Chou’s mother tried to visit Lee at the hospitals but wasn’t successful, she’d cried to the family, and given them the amount of $10,000N.T. to say she’s sorry for what her son did to their son, but the family refused to take the money, stressed that they’d only want their son to get better soon, and everything else will be based off of the court rulings.

Chou’s mother, Wu took along $10,000N.T. in cash, and was accompanied by the man in charge of her borough to the hospital to visit Lee, even though, she’d missed the visiting time, she’d still stayed outside the ICU, and said she’s sorry for what her son did with tears running down her face.

Lee’s father said, that his son originally went to college in Hsinchu, and wanted to help save the money for his family, that, was why he’d transferred back to Taipei and took up part-time jobs, and he couldn’t understand, how he was brutally stabbed by someone whom he didn’t even know, “The way he’d stabbed my son is meant to take his life!”

Wu said, that Chou was the child from her ex-husband, because he was bullied in the elementary school years, he’d often thought that people are out to get him.  He didn’t continue his education beyond the middle school years, just stayed at home and played on his cell phone, without many friends, how was she to know, that he’d attacked someone as he’d gone out to get some food in the evenings?

As for the medical payments and for the damages, she didn’t know how she’ll make that, because she is a low-income household that’s registered with the system, the $10,000N.T. she’d taken to the hospitals yesterday, she’d borrowed from someone too.

And so, this MOTHER had a FAILED attempt in WIPING UP her teenage son’s A-S-S, and, the family did NOT take the money, because they are NOT supposed to, after all, their son is in CRITICAL condition, and, the stabbing happened at RANDOM, because the teen was in a foul mood, and that just shows you, how BAD the teens are getting these days…

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