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Who Doesn’t the Ceasefire, Benefit?

From the U.S.’s angles, a ceasefire would NOT play to the country’s, favors, because, the U.S. get to sold the weapons the Ukraine needed, and, if a ceasefire agreement is reached by Ukraine and Russia, that’s, how many dollars and cents again that the U.S. won’t be making anymore???  Yeah, right!  Observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chairman Xi is visiting Russia for three days starting today, and after that, he will be speaking with Zelenskyy, the world is guessing, that he will try to mediate between Russia and Ukraine.  The spokesperson of the White House National Security Council, Kirby immediately stated, that U.S. isn’t in support of the ceasefire right now, because “it doesn’t fit to Ukraine’s benefit at this point”.  But what Kirby is stating is actually, “a ceasefire would NOT benefit the U.S. right now!”

The Russo-Ukrainian Conflict had gone on for over a year now, last year, as Germany, France tried to mediate, but to of, no avail, with the primary opposition coming from the U.S.  The U.S. provided the weapons and the money to help Ukraine to help it fight Russia, it’s someone else’s countrymen who dies, this is, a good business, but too selfish too.  And, as soon as the Putin-Xi meet news came, the international criminal court immediately issued an arrest warrant for Putin, with the primary purpose, of diminishing the possibility of a, ceasefire, for the negotiations for peace to go, bust.

like this??? Photo from online

What’s going on in the mindset of wanting to see others at war?  From two years ago, Biden announced the withdrawn of the armed services from Afghanistan, called out, “we’re at the end of the era, of trying to reform other countries”.  And yet, he’d gotten interested into altering the workings of other countries in the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts.  And this time, Biden didn’t even need to send the American Armed Forces to war, only allowed the Ukrainians to die in the wars, and to fight this war against Russia, while the U.S. stays behind the screens, manipulating.  From the point of view of Taiwan, the U.S.’s part in the conflicts between Taiwan and China, isn’t it also, staying behind the scenes, to watch how the wind will, turn, to the point, of playing one side against, the other too?

As the mediations by the western countries failed, can Xi be successful in mediation, he can’t be overly, optimistic.  The key is, that he will have to find an agreement that both Russia and Ukraine can, live with, so both sides step away from the war with, their own dignities intact.  The U.S.’s “not supportive of the ceasefire right now”, the keywords are, “right now”, which was, totally, missing the point, Kirby should wait until the results of the negotiations are out, then, make his, comment.

How can a country who is passionate about war, know the meaning of, peace?

So, the war between Ukraine and Russia only benefits the U.S., and a ceasefire would totally NOT work in the U.S.’s favors, because, where would the sell all those, bullshitting weapons that they’re planning to dump on this country too to?  There’s no more market for it, if a ceasefire between Russia, and Ukraine is, reached, so, of course, it does NOT “approve” of China’s acting to try to mediate, not that China does NOT have alternative motive, China has its own, agenda, to prove that hey, what the U.S. can’t do, China C-A-N, to SOLIDIFY its own status, as the head honcho of this global world.

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When the Allied Countries Played the Role of the “Supporting Actors”, Foreign Affairs Got Turned into a Firework Show

Diplomacy that became, a political, manipulation under the DDP regime, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

From the leaderships of the former DDP president, Chen to Tsai, they were both excellent, in using passing through the countries as a propaganda, and the diplomatic ties with other countries, came second to the shows, and the members of this country stationed in foreign nations that are with diplomatic ties or without, became the tools of the politicians in Taipei.  The Tsai government, in knowing how difficult it is, to establish the relationships with other countries, the offices of foreign affairs still put in too much energies, into the countries who aren’t set up in diplomatic ties with Taiwan, with the DDP favored media helping with the propagandas, causing the doubts of how serious this country is in international relations with the countries who had diplomatic ties with Taiwan, and those who didn’t have it.

The ambassadors to other countries are stationed at the various countries, had a ton of pressures, stresses of work, and, the performance isn’t equal, as the government believed, that if the two countries set up the diplomatic ties then, the efficacies of the diplomatic workings would be, exactly, equal, but it isn’t that way.  And yet, the government boast its winnings whenever there were the foreign embassies set up in the countries, and Somaliland had only one location of the embassy set up, and yet, the government feel so good about itself.

this is what the DDP turned the foreign relations into…only there’s not that huge a “crowd” in the “audience”…phoot

In July of 2002, the former president Chen visited Senegal, Malawi, Swaziland, a total of four diplomatic related countries with Taiwan, and, the government had tried to breakthrough the diplomatic workings as the plane flew over countries in Europe, or passing through a certain country in Africa, and, take for how the last stop of the trip, due to Swaziland’s airport not being, long enough, the plane landed in South Africa, and the car took the officials into Swaziland, but Beijing blocked it off, so the officials couldn’t, get through there.  The special airplane with the former president Chen wasn’t gassed up fully, as it flew out of

Malawi, and had to land in Swaziland, and the plan gassed back up in Malawi on the return, carrying the luggage, with the members of the foreign affairs department, taking a limo from Johannesburg to Swaziland, and the hundreds of dressed up to the nines countrymen were killed and robbed on the way, and the gains doesn’t even compare to what’s lost in the trip.

At the start of the former president, Chen’s taking control of the government, we had eight other diplomatically relating countries in Africa, and now, we only have one, Swaziland, the two DDP presidents had, squandered away the international relations that was built up from decades’ time completely, which led us to an all-time low of diplomatic countries.  And, might I ask, is there any possibilities that the president might visit Somaliland, Lithuania, to meet up with the leaders of the country?  And, what Tsai stated of how she was going to set up a stable foreign affairs, isn’t it, ironic?

At the start of next month, the president will head over to Guatemala and Belize, and Taipei is currently talking with D.C. on passing through the U.S.  From a few years back, a politician from Taipei stated, that as the R.O.C.’s diplomatic relations reduced, the diplomatic ties of Taiwan will appear.  As we watched the DDP’s twice in office, the international relations isn’t as they’d stated, and we are all, very aware of how it’s going, how the offices of foreign affairs are, manipulating things, is it, fending for the rights of this country, maintaining the independent operations, on equal basis with the countries we’re trying to set up diplomacies with?  The foreign affairs are an extension of internal affairs, it’s also, an art of making the impossible, happen, that required the hard work that came long-term, it’s not to be used as a fireworks for the, elections.

Yeah, so that’s how the DDP did it, making diplomacy into, a runway show, with the president, waiving her hand to the crowd, proving that WOW, there are still countries that welcome us to visit, without knowing, that all that’s left of the countries that are still, “on good terms” with this country, want something from us, money, and what else???

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Connected by the Green Onions She’d Planted

Getting to know what WE are, all about, our values, our beliefs, and respect the differences, while we shared our, similarities, on supporting each other…translated…

My student, B after she go out of work at four, would head to the yoga studio in Kwun Tong District to wait for the sessions.  At this time, I’m usually eating my meals, and had shared with me the light meal I’d packed from home with her, and we would engage in conversation.  B is very kind, always finished her plate.

That day, she’d brought a very fresh bundle of green onions, and gloated to me, “I’d planted this, just harvested it this morn, it’s very fresh!  Instructor, please do take these home.”

The following day, I’d chopped the green onion to shreds, and mixed it in to the already steamed soybeans, added in the salt, the sesame oil, a few tiny drops of chili olive oil, then splashed a pinch of white sesame on, within five minutes, voila, a small plate of appetizer.  The green onions, are never the star of the show on a plate, but a more than fitting supportive “player”, it would definitely earn the supporting role award.

A few month later, Hong Kong weathered through one of its most severe political uprising.  For a whole year, my yoga classes stopped.  I’d kept in touch with B during this time, she’d told me that she’d been greatly impacted by the revolt locally, to the point that she’d cried through the nights and couldn’t get any sleep, and couldn’t go to work in the morn.  At the time, I’d rented a small cabin in the mountains in Jong Kong’s Dumbbell Island, and invited B who loved nature to stay on the weekends with me, to get out into the wilderness, to enjoy the fresh air.  She’d brought me the green onions she’d planted when she’d come.

In the daytime, we’d gone to the local beaches to practice our yoga poses, then, we just, sat in our, shared but separate silence, thinking about what’s on our separate, minds.  B chased the waves, the waves moved forward, B would retreat, as the waves receded, B would make the advances; the two of them went back and forth, back and forth, like engaging in a dance together.

Before bedtime, B came to my room to chat, she’d told me, “I did not cry this time (on the night of the protest). 

I’d asked her, “then, do you feel that you love Hong Kong any, less?”

“Totally NOT!”, she’d said to me, with that steadiness about her.

“The strength of emotion does NOT represent the amount of love you may feel, the love you feel this time, compared to how you’d cried so hard the last time, to the point you couldn’t even make it to work, which one’s more, powerful?”

B’s eye glowed bright, immediately she’d responded, “This time, I feel more, empowered”.  Afterwards, we both burst out, in laughter.

how they’re, connected, as friends…there to support each other when needed…photo from online

Normally, we would feel, that love should be passionate, and emotional, but, is there only one way to express love?  At the start of the rebellions, there were a lot of friends all around me who’d, fended for their own, beliefs, with the varied perspectives, they all love Hong Kong, being from Taiwan, living in Hong Kong for a long time, I love this place too.  But, if someone wants the extent of feelings about the events from me, then, you may feel disappointed, because I’m like that water in room temperature, not too hot, not too, cold.

In the days of instability, I’d asked myself, what I should, do, to do my part?  The answer was, always, clear, be a good listener, to anybody who needed to pour her/his heart out, to get the loads off of her/his, chest.  So, the way I love Hong Kong, is to settle myself down first, to help others around me feel settled too.  This sort of a perspective, it may not fit to the expectations of those around me, but, I have my own path I need to travel.  Letting go of the demands we feel toward love, then, it makes it possible, for the many facets of love to, shine, through.

The following morn, I’d brought out the cold served soybeans, with some green onions as toppings, with the porridge for breakfast.  B asked me in her surprise, “is this green onion mine?”

I’d nodded and smiled.  Green onions, it may be hidden in the dishes, no need to explain one’s own, existence to anybody else, and, what others interpreted it as, does NOT have an effect of how it had, served its, purpose in existence, the main player, the supporting performers, as well as those who are, neglected, overlooked, are all, equally, important.

And now, I’d not seen B for a while, and we’d texted one another to check up.  Our relationship seemed less connected than before, but we both have our separate directions in our lives, and we’re, moving towards our own, directions.

I’d chosen to be a green onion, just be my own, self, this is, how I show the love.

And so, this is on the importance of social support, to have someone we can talk to, talk with, when we feel the need to share, and this individual gave her friend a safe place to pour her heart out, and, even though they have different lifepaths they’re traveling now, they’re still, connected to one another.

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I Don’t Need Any Comforting

What we need when we feel upset from our families…sometimes, we just need to be, left, alone, to sort through things on our own, instead of having that knight in shiny armor to get us out of that awful mood!  Translated…

My younger sister is fifteen years junior, due to the age difference, I’d gone on my parents’ behalf, to her parent-teacher conferences, and would get the classmates’ response, “Wow, your dad is so young”, and as she’d set them straight, they’d changed their claims to, “wow, your brother is, so very, old”, the fifteen years between us, doesn’t make me a dad to her, nor would I be, like an, older, brother.

My younger was born when I was in middle school, back then, I’d babysat her for my mother, I could say, that I practically, carried her.  From before, my family was hit hard by the bad times, and I’d tell her words of encouragements, to give her that sense of security.  In her elementary years, I was already working, when she felt upset, I’d, hugged her, felt, that these hugs I’d given to her, can make everything she was going through, okay.  But during that time, I thought, that I was, offering her the strengths she needed.

After we’d lived our separate, lives, now, I’m, living with her, and, the fifteen years’ difference is still there (of course it is!), it’s just, that I’m in my forties, she’s, in her, thirties now.  The issues in living with the families came one by one, the too much concerns versus not enough of it, due to our blood ties, we don’t, impose, and we’re still learning, to get along with one another to this very day.  She’d loved the animals, there was a time, when we had turtles and birds in our home, or maybe, it’s because people think too much, which made it easier to get along with animals better.

One day I’d returned home, it was so quiet, unlike how it usually, is, like something was, missing.  I sat in the living room, reading, as my sister got home from work, I’d inquired, how come I didn’t hear the birds sing, she’d strutted upstairs, and left “it’s dead!” behind.  My heart ached as I’d heard, I’d followed her upstairs, tried to hug her, she’d pushed me away, “I don’t want this!”

This time, I flew into a panic, started getting jittery as I went downstairs to sit, texted my friend; the friend had, worked with my sister, an older woman who could, help sort through the messes of life, and tell the wisdoms out loud to me, she also, loved helping people out with the problems of their own lives using the charts.  On the other end of the computer, she’d mapped out both mine and my younger sister’s charts, told me, that she is someone who’s excellent in sorting through the emotional things on her own, while I’m someone who gets affected by someone else’s emotions, so, at this time, I only needed to, settle myself down, to NOT affect her with my own, feelings of, antsy and agitation.

For the days that followed, I’d tried acting that nothing was up when I’d interacted with my younger sister, and because I knew she loved the gourmet dining experiences, that is the only time I went, all out, gotten her to go out with me to eat more often.  In about a week, she’d asked me if I wanted to see the corpse of her bird, turned out, the bird got buried underneath the plants in the garden.  At the moment, I’d blurted aloud, “I do not want to see the corpse!”

This sort of an interactions with the families, no need to hug, that was something I’d learned, in my, forties.  (but I had, gone to, see her bird’s corpse later.)

And so, this is how the families, showed one another, the needed emotional support, sometimes, we don’t need anything done for us, we just want our families to stay by our sides, to let us know, that they’re there, to give us the needed emotional support, but unfortunately, this doesn’t really happen, because, when we get into a bad mood, the first thing our families do, is try to SNAP us out of it, and that usually made us even more, upset, because, why can’t I feel bad???  Because we feel that our feelings aren’t, validated by our loved ones!

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The Security of a Preschool

A man, who works in an entry level position, with the higher work ethics, comparable to the managers and bosses here, if we have more workers like this then, this world will function, a hell of a lot, more, smoothly for sure!  Translated…

Last September, as my young granddaughter started in preschool, the first day I sent her in, the security guard at the gates saw her nametag, stated, “Good morning, Riya.”, during the time, she was really into the fairytales, and so she’d blurted aloud, “I’m princess Riya!”, and the security guard smiled back at her naturally, ‘Yes, my princess!”, and it’d left that good first impression with us, and ever since, every single day, he’d greeted her with “Good morning, Princess Riya”, or, “Bye-bye, Princess Riya.”, showed how he was amazing to young children.

hard working individuals like this, who keep the school campuses, safe…photo from online

After I’d observed this interaction for a whole season, it’d, disclosed to me, what’s really underneath the man’s, mask.  He is, too patient, kind toward all the adults, as well as the young children too, even though the mask covered up half his face, and we can’t see his full expressions on the face, but, his performance for work was more than enough, to make me note his good work ethics.  What was rarest was, he’d memorized the more than two hundred faces of the students, their names, and the appearances of their, parents too, and every afternoon as we’d come to pick the kids up, the parents get to know his superpower.  This meant, that he’d put everything he had into working as a campus security, and used this open mind and means, to interact with everybody he’d, encountered, so very, amazing.

As the world is under the dark clouds of the pandemic, there’s too much unsettlement internationally, our society is able to steady itself, and it’s all due to many of the entry level employees such as this campus security guard, keeping at their, posts.

And so, this is, a sort of an ode to all those, entry level workers, they are, the bottom of the ladder, and, without them, the rest of what’s higher up can’t steady themselves, because, we need a solid foundation at the bottommost layer of the socioeconomic ladders.

This man really works very hard, to have everybody in the school memorized for their faces, their names, as well as all of their, next-of-kin too.

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Children of, War…

As the sounds of the alert sirens start blaring, we’d gone, underground!

Children of, war, never to see the warm sunshine shining through their windows, not getting waken up by the sounds of birds that called…

Children of, war, they will, NEVER grow up, they are only kept, alive, with the, most minimum needs fulfilled.  And the rations are growing, shorter by the day, with NO place they get go, to get their daily needs of foods, waters, they don’t even leave their “homes”, in fear of, getting bombed once they’d stepped, outside.

everybody rushing into that designated shelter in their closest vicinity! Photo from online

Children of, war, it’s not a war of the children’s makings, it’s the adults’, and yet, the adults are, making these innocent children, TAKE the consequences that aren’t even theirs to begin with…

It’s not their faults, these children of, war, but they are now, shouldering the consequences, carrying the historical, debts of their, ancestors.

Children of, war, they deserved to be able to walk outside into the light, but in shadows they hide, too ashamed of what their older generations did, and this shame gets passed down the line, until, the line actually, ends, and trust me, that long line ain’t nowhere near, ending, any time, soon…

or this??? Photo from online

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Tired of Dealing with Bad Customers, Nintendo Started Taking Actions to Not Allow the Bad Customers to Have Everything Their Ways

Finally, the “culture” of “the customers are always right” is, shifting, and this would be, a GREAT thing, because let’s face it, customers aren’t always “right”, and we think we can, get away with, just about anything because we PAID for the goods, well, NOT anymore!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan had listed “bullying of customer services” as a factor of damaging to the labor environment, by Taiwanese it’s the bad customers, the amendments encouraged the enterprises to set up the rules of managing the complaints of customers.  Last October, Nintendo posted that if the clients can’t give a reasonable reason for the repairs, the employees have the right to reject repairing of the products.

The Nintendo Company posted the rules on its website, set up the “bad customers” clause, that if the customers harassed, threatened, along with using an assortment of other means to harass customer service, the company has the right to refuse exchanges, repairing the products.  The online community gave this their thumbs up, supported that Nintendo supporting their workers on the frontlines.

the field of customer services, and this, is what you’re dealing with, every single day!

photo from online

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan investigated, that 19.5-percent of laborers expressed that they’d been physically abused, verbally abused, and threatened by customers.  In the past, there were the workers, kneeling down to settle the customers’ complaints.  And the industries of taxi, nursing centers, along with other locations, business that serviced people, have an even higher chance of encountering these bad customers.

There are a lot of the bad customers in the government public offices too.  Sixty-percent of the interviewed government public services workers stated that they’d been treated unreasonably by locals, like being threatened that their names, their photos online publicly, and some even got threatened with attacks.

The social psychology professor of Kansai University, Ikeuchi pointed out, that the Japanese culture does NOW allow any mistakes, plus, the people are already now, very highly tense on the tightened rules of getting the pandemic controlled, their breaking points became, lowered, which caused the increases in the bullying of customer services.  The scholars believed, that Nintendo’s leading in denying services to unreasonable customers, this can surely become a good model for all other, enterprises.

And so, this is in Japan, a country where they valued the opinions and rights of the customers, and yet, these customers sometimes abuse the companies’ treating them like V.I.P.s and stated abusing the workers, making the unreasonable, demands, and calling the workers bad names, and so, there’s a need to set up these sorts of regulations, to keep the workers’ work environment friendly for them.

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The Conversation I Overheard about My Daughter

Something that happened as you took your child with a special condition out to eat…translated…

I was on the back, wanted to block those, eyes.

After we’d dined, walked out of the restaurant, a few dozen meters out of the door, my eldest daughter who was ahead of me, grabbed her younger sister who’s a head shorter than she tightly.  I’d turned my head back, and, those eyes, they’d, followed us out.

That was a spaghetti shop, we were sitting in the seats that’s farthest from the door.  Adjacent to us, was a three-generation family, celebrating someone’s, birthday, they’d come to gather on the occasions, to blow out the candles for the, grandmother.

The grandmother was loud, it’d made me looked at her a few extra times.  Maybe it was the western style foods that’d not quite fitted to her liking, her eyes searched around the diner, leaving the delicious plate of pasta behind, she’d halted her gaze until she’d locked in on my eldest daughter.  The woman pushed the young boy sitting next to her, pointed toward my eldest, and lowered her head to talk to him.  I’d straightened up my back, wanted to, block the gaze from the elderly woman that kept on, drifted toward, us.

illustration from

As we finished, my husband went to the hardware store next door to purchase something, my two daughters and I sat in the car parked in front of the diner, waiting for him.  With the window, I saw the three generation family come out.  The younger generations waved goodbye to the elderly woman, in the end, it was just that thinly built young lad, and the elderly woman standing outside.

The car felt a bit, heated up, I’d rolled my window halfway down, saw the young man asked, “Mom, you’re so rude, not eating your pasta, and just kept, gawking at them!”, the grandmother called aloud, “Child, I was just looking at her, how young she was, and, she’d looked so, deformed, whatever will happen to her in her future, I feel sorry for her, that’s why I can’t take my eyes off, I didn’t mean any harm!”, the young lad continued nagging, “if someone stared at you nonstop, how would YOU feel?  You keep looking at her, and her mother had, noted it…………”, the man disregarded how the elderly was now, crying.  Until the elderly stated, “I know, it was, my fault……….”, then, the young lad, stopped his, scolding.

I hid myself, behind the blackened windows, less than a meter away from them, I’d wanted to tell them, to NOT let us, destroy the joyous occasions of their family gatherings.

My two children, started up as chatterboxes since they got into the car, and I sat next to the window, blocked all of it out for them, they’d not know, what was happening outside.  I’d returned, pointed to the young man and his mother, told my eldest daughter, “look you’d caused the elderly woman to get scolded by her son.”, she’d pointed to herself, “me?  What has it got to do with, me?”

Then I’d told her what I saw outside of the windows.  Because of her osteogenesis imperfecta, she also has scoliosis, she’s, small built.  She’d asked me, “what did you think about that?”, I’d told her, “the elderly woman was like a young child, didn’t know how to pretend, if the elderly woman asked, I would’ve told her, that my daughter may be unagile, but she’s, super, smart, very popular……………”

As we’d talked of the strangers’ conversations of us, those interactions with my eldest daughter and I.  I was, working, really hard, to hold back, my tears then.

And so, this is how strong the child is, more so than the adult, and, the elderly woman may have meant no harm, she was like a curious child, and, her son scolded her, and the woman with the special needs child was watching all of this, and this still just showed, how people are ignorant, because they lacked the understanding, but once they’d understood, they will have more, empathy.

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Hitting Those, Occasional, Icebergs

And she didn’t even know what she did, or say, that’s made that EX-friend start hating on her!  Translated…

It’d Been Told that Women are, Unpredictable, Actually, All Humans are.  The Natures of Human are, Never Exactly the Same, and, Coping with the Changes with the Steadiness of Our Minds & Hearts, So We Don’t Get, Swayed that, Easily……………

Pei and I aren’t “besties”, but because we were both Pomeranian owners, that’s why we’d met up.  If we bumped into one another under other circumstances, we may not even engage.  She’s very uptight, I’m the exactly opposite, very outgoing, she keeps everything bottled up, I’m a blabbermouth, she’s a homemaker, I, a workaholic, and, it’s impossible to see us, intersect.  This is the wonder of “groups”, rounding up the individuals who are completely diverse to one another together, we have only one commonality, and everything else, nothing in common.

After she was married, Pei stopped working to care for her children, she’d taken the part-time jobs, but none lasted long.  As she’d entered into our group, she’d met the rest of us, homemakers, and, started feeling the motivations to start up in a second career of her own.  She’s very detail-oriented, and very artistic too, she’d done well in her small business ventures, and due to the high-quality products she’d produced, plus knowing how hard it is in entrepreneurship, I’d gone with the members of our group, to make the purchases from her many a times.

Can’t give you the exact date, but Pei started becoming, silent in our group, along with the statements of how she’s upset on FB many times already, but, as the other members of our group asked her on it, she’d told them she was, fine.  Until one evening, she’d, exploded on FB again, stated how she felt so suffocated, all of us started, showing an enormous amount of care about her from our group on LINE, then, in the midnight hours of that day, she’d, exited our group, without another, word.

Not Realizing that We Had Offended Her, Detonating the Bombs of Her, Emotions

And, as nobody could get a straight answer, but, the situation worsened, I’d instinctively felt, that I had, something to do with what’s happened, because she’d given me the cold shoulder.  She’d told me it was nothing, and thanked me for my care and concerns.  Then, the group members started up as Sherlock Holmes, and, guessed that it was how as she was buying something from me, that I wasn’t, with the, “right” attitude, that I’d, accidentally, stepped on her, toes.  But this was only, a speculation, some said, that wasn’t serious enough, that it wouldn’t have caused her to react so strongly.

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Then, Pei blocked my FB account, and, she’d started, avoiding those  in our group who are closer to me; and, we were just laughing, and joking with one another from before, and hanging out together, but this isolating me was, so hard-hitting to me.  Thinking back to when we first met, she was very kind, and very interested in mem, to the minor details of my tattoos, the brands of the clothes I have, the bags I carried, to how I was faring at work, the book I just published, everything, she’d chatted them up with me.

Being “dumped” at close to forty, and using such a strong method, it’s, a, rarity.  I thought, that closing in on forty, everybody has a sort of a reducing the impact of ‘breaking up”, for instance, the conversations of why we’re, “breaking up”, or just, distancing from one another, and not like the “I hate you for the rest of my life” sort of a thing.  And, to this very day, I still can’t understand, what it was I’d done, to offend her, maybe it’s this, or that, or anyways, when someone stopped liking you, they, STOP, liking, you, any reason is possible.

Friends of the same group told, that if we are to last for the long run, we need to set our boundaries.  Can’t accept anything, taking anything that’s said too personally, what sorts of things that we say can and will, or might offend each other, everybody’s limits, ticks are all, different.  As we can’t be sure of our own boundaries, and as others keeps on stepping too close, and once they’d stepped over that line, we’d, become, emotional, explosive.  No matter how close we are to one another, as lovers, significant others, there’s that absolute need for boundaries.  My friend told me, it should be better, if we speak everything aloud, be open to one another, because as the high pressure emotional cooker gets too heated up, everything inside, will blow up in our faces.

Or maybe, I’m that person who kept on stepping on someone else’s toes without knowing.

We are Always Learning, about Human Nature as We Age from Day to Day

The lesson I’d learned from Pei was this, humans are, never as, simple as we imagined, like the iceberg theory of Satir, how we behave, is the iceberg over the top of the oceans, with what’s hidden beneath sea level unknown.  Especially the emotional responses we have in the social places, they’re all digested, and wrapped up in a bow and presented out to the world, really very far from what’s real in the cores.  Toward me, she is, passionate, buying things from me, she is very, courteous, and, in the gatherings, she’d still had a couple of glasses of wine, not really enjoying the booze, and, the her that’s, become, completely, furious at me, it’s all, her, the her that’s under, the oceans, what’s, hidden.

Into midlife, thought, that I’d rolled around in the world long enough, and knew at least, some things about human natures, thinking on it, I don’t know enough, the supposes, the matter-of-facts.  Sometimes, when someone reacted too strongly to you, on some level, it’s, her/his reflections of her/himself, you may have stepped on her/his pride, or maybe, where s/he hurt, everybody has things that s/he is dealing with, that s/he doesn’t feel comfortable disclosing to another.  And, toward the emotional nuclear explosions that came out of nowhere, examine what you may have done to cause it, if you didn’t do anything wrong, work hard to melt that ice that’s come between you two, and if you can’t melt the ice, then, learn to let go of that someone you used to, know.

unaware of this in our social interactions with others…photo from online

Closing the cases, letting go, these are important lessons of, life.  For some, it looked like they’re, over it, but deep down, they’re still, ruminating over what’s happened, and this ruminating over what’s happened, can cause disasters in our own thoughts.  At this time, what we need to do is to get rid of the negative thoughts, and understand, and accept, that it’s us, who hadn’t been made aware enough of, human nature, then, accept our own emotions, and how we may have done someone else, wrong.  The world is huge, and, there are those whom we can’t, get along, with, that’s why the best friends are, ever the more, precious to us.  Letting go of the “why”, the “how did that happen”, “whose fault was it”, along with other stubbornness of thoughts, it’s a blessing that we can give to the other individual, as well as, our own, selves, wishing each other the best after we break the ties.

So, this is on interacting with someone who’s, too sensitive, and you’re not, and, maybe you had, offended her based off of her interpretations, but you don’t know what you did, and you probably, never will, because, these personality types, they never come out and just say it, which makes it harder, for those of who preferred the straight-up expressions of our own selves, but hey, at least, you’d come to understand, WHAT types of people you should NOT interact or associate yourself with, and, hopefully, you’ll be able to, avoid those with the similar personality types in the future.

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If Taiwan is Still, Democratic

It’s our, enemies, the government groups visiting here from China, NO matter what purpose, economic, trade agreements, or “just visiting”, that’s how the DDP and the HEAD spins it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Mainland Affairs Council awhile ago, okayed a group of Chinese people to come to the funeral services of the Buddhist master, the founder of Fo Guang Shan, but blocked off the passage of the former head of offices of religion, Yeh from China, which caused great debate.  Recently, the MAC allowed the assistant office manager of its Shanghai office, Lee to come to Taiwan, which showed how “kind” they’d become.  And yet, the MAC made the demands that the group only attend the “allowed visits”, prohibiting all the rest of the engagements, the visitors won’t even be allowed to go out and get their midnight snacks, and as soon as the news got out, it’d caused a ton of debates, again.

The committee made the excuse, that the itinerary was assigned by the Taipei City Government; meaning, that they were only, following orders.  But, which unit would, jam pack the schedules completely, to not allow for any breathing room?  This time the group came, it was because the city of Shanghai had entered into the Taipei City Lantern Festival Shows, and if they weren’t even allowed to go out for their midnight snacks or tea meetings and gatherings, are they all, grounded at the, hotels then?

with the caption that reads: Taiwan to have stricter restrictions on visiting Chinese officials, from online

Is Taiwan a truly, democratic country?  What is the government of Tsai really, afraid of, tightening up the whereabouts of these visiting, Chinese officials?  Of all the countries in the world, other than North Korea, there are, NO such restrictions of the tourists to this, extent.  Taiwan prided itself for being a democratic country, and should be as open as it possibly can, welcoming the visitors from China, to experience the cities here; and yet, the government turned itself into North Korea, could it be, that there are, the secret intel passing around the streets of the city of Taipei that might get caught by the spies from China?  Or, is the government afraid, that we will become, one with China in our, ideologies?

The various departments under the Tsai government had been wayward.  With the department of foreign affairs losing the diplomatic relations with various countries too quickly, and on the subject of China-Taiwan relations, it’d fought to take over the function of the M.A.C.  And yet, for years and years on end, the M.A.C. had nothing to do, and finally, there are the guests of the government from China coming over, it’d become more alerted than the National Security Council, treated these government officials visiting from China as, spies.

For three short days, other than Tsai and her government, tightening up the activities of the group from China, they should instead, restrain their own followers, to NOT push someone else, overboard.

And so, this is how they’re, spinning the stories, when the officials (no matter how high or low) from China comes over, it’s, I-spy, with every member of the Tsai government, tightening up, and this showed how UN-democratic this country became, under Tsai’s dictatorship, and we the people are still, not yet, awakened!

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