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The Rituals of Love

How to raise your own young with love, so they’d become, loving people too, by modeling for your kids, what the expressions of love should be, and surely, as they watched you, they too, will start, to express their love to each other, as well as everybody else they may meet in their own lives, translated…

“Come!  A kiss, a hug, embrace me!”, when the kids were in elementary school, every morning before they set out, when they’d come home at night, I’d opened my arms wide, to perform this “family ritual” of hugging them, and, as the kids felt that they are fulfilled, smiled radiantly.  And to this very day, my passionate daughter would still hug me like so, with her face close to mine, make her eyes crossed, to make me laugh out loud.  While for my son who’s shier, he’d minced his lips and smiled, and, hugged me, and patted my back, and I’d hugged him and patted his back.  As the kids get older, the arms that wrapped around me became, stronger, and stronger.

The prayers before bedtime, it’s another ritual of love we shared.  The whole family reset ourselves back to zero; “Dear heavenly father, we are all your children, we all need your guidance, your help.  Please give us the wisdom every day, the courage, the love so we can face up to the challenges daily, bless us with strength, with peace and safety”.  Sometimes, my kids would say, “Dear heavenly father, there’s an exam soon, I’m really nervous, please help me have more courage, more strengths…………” in the nightly prayers, we’d become, equals, no lectures, no pressures, just being humbled together, lifting our heads toward up high.

The affirmations, the praises we gave one another regularly, it’s also a ritual of love.  When my son was in middle school, his classmates made fun of him, “you moron!  Retard!”, to which he’d responded back, humorously, “Yeah, with the guarantees of wisdom, I’m bound to be able to make a living for myself.”, he’d effectively resolved the badness those classmates’ words might have on him.  I’d told my son often, “I’d found, that you are a kid, with so many good qualities, you have the frugal morals of your grandfather, your father’s punctuality.”, and I’d told my daughter, “You have that flair to do major things in life, you will become, so very capable like your grandmother in the future, even more talented than I!”, the children respected us as their adults, and became fully confident, filled with their own hopes and dreams of their own futures.

Some say, that there’s this space inside our hearts, and only love can fill it up.  If this space is emptied, then, we would feel empty inside, to the point of feeling depressed.  So, I’d thought of some ways, to fill the love into that space inside my own children’s hearts.  In our home, there’s these warming rituals, hmmmmmmmmmmm!  Let’s call it, the “scientific behaviors of expressions of our love”, through the endless rehearsals, turning into this good cycle, filling up all the spaces in our hearts, with love.

And so, growing up in this environment full of positivity, the children are bound to be more optimistic, because the parents not just preached of these values to their own young, they’d, shown the kids, how to perform these behaviors using love too.

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Filosofa Rambles … — Filosofa’s Word

Something has been weighing on my mind of late.  Well, many things have been weighing so heavily that I lie awake most nights, but there is one thing in particular that I feel a need to expound on.  I’m not even sure what to call it or where to begin, so I’ll just let my […]

Filosofa Rambles … — Filosofa’s Word

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Becoming More Environmentally Aware

Changes that come, with the self first, the power of, one!  Translated…

The culture in Taiwan is that everybody has a cup of bubble tea in her/his hand, me too.  With the designer style cup, walking down that street, I’d imagined, that my whole flair was, elevated.  Sticking that straw in, to sip the coffee or the cold tea or juice, the pressures of work, of school, suddenly got, left behind, although it’s nothing grandeur, it does, make us feel, those, little, blessings upon our lives.

And, I was watching a nature show, and a fifteen-centimeter long straw got pulled out of the nostrils of a sea turtle, and the environmental volunteers’ saving the green turtle, as it’d, defecated out the plastic bags, that was, eye-opening and awakening to me; and that was when I was alerted, to that problem that I’d, thought about, but quickly, cast out of mind from before—the garbage humans left from drinking the drinks had, caused the disasters in nature.

And, to give up the convenience, choosing the more environmentally-friendly, seemingly, it’s too easy, and yet, when we put that into practice, it’s anything, but; eating out, I would, from time to time, to bring my own, chopsticks, and I’d, allowed myself to use the one-time eating utensils, and told myself, that I will, remember to bring the eating utensils the next time I eat out, and as I’d gone to buy the drinks, I’d normally, left my mug at home, and it wouldn’t be until, I was down to the final sips, would I recall, that I should’ve used my own mug, and then, I’d be, filled with, guilt.

what made her become, aware…photo from online

These are the hardships of allowing ourselves to do what we want to, and being friendly to the environment, I need to make a chance, and hope, that my tiny action, can become, that driving kindness, and, as everybody does her/his share for the environment, then, the world will be way better in the futures to come.  There’s not just the species of humans on the planet, but also, millions of billions of other species of living organisms, and, we can’t destroy it all, in the 1.2 billion plastic cups from the tea shops estimated of consumption in Taiwan in 2021.

From the struggles, to getting used to it, as I head out now, I would, make sure, I had my own drinking cup, my own eating utensils, and, I’d, saved up on the water and the electricity along the way now, turned off the lights when I leave a room, to reduce my own needs of materials, and reduced the number of time I’d gone to buy the teas from the shops.  There is a limited resources on earth, wasting it all, or, taking care of the environment, I’d selected to take the latter, the more troubling, but the option that set my mind, at ease.

And so, this is one person’s, change, in her realization of her own tendencies, to how she’d come to realize, that we’d produced too many once-per-use trash in plastic, that’s damaging the creatures of nature, and she’d, taken the initiative, to make that change, which is a first step, to bringing about change, in the, larger spectrum of the world.

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As the Eggs, Run Short on Supplies

The HUGE mess that’s caused by the Department of Agriculture from before, causing everybody to FIGHT to get the eggs, translated…

Before the eggs are on short supplies, I’d not gotten enough of the eggs that came fresh often.  By the local tiny market set up in my local community, there was that three-days work week egg vendor, because of how fresh the eggs were, the costs reasonable, plus the word-of-mouth in the neighborhood: “First-Grade Eggs”; the first nest from the young hens, the eggs tasted wonderful, and within thirty minutes of the stand’s setting up shop, the dozens of casings of eggs, gone.

After the “shortages of eggs” started, I’d, come up empty, again, again, and again.  Being a night owl, I can’t get up early, to compete with the elderly populations in my community.  But to get the eggs from the vendor, I’d, set up the alarms, gone to wait by the location where the vendor would come and set up his stand at six.  Watching the owner drive up in his pickup, and, unload the batch of fragile merchandise.  In the more than ten to twenty minutes the owner of the stand took to set up the stand, the customers passed their plastic bags on, ready to grab.  As the owner of the stand gave that look, then we’d all bent over, squatted down to the ground, some with the plastic bags, some with the rice cooker inside wok……we’d all, started, picking out the eggs, like it was free for us to pick and choose.

And, after many times I’d gotten up early to go to shop for the eggs, but, couldn’t beat the elderly crowd, I’d started, complaining to the owner of the stand, and that was when I’d learned about how hard he had it too.  He’d told, that at the beginning, he’d set up the stand by the side of the roads, there wasn’t a line set up to flow in and out, but he’d considered the elderly population of not being agile enough to bend down, to squat down to pick the eggs they wanted up, and, would help them select the eggs they wanted to buy, “peacefully”, then, handed the eggs to the buyers.  But, as the egg grabbing sessions started, those elderly groups had set up their own “buying group”, begged the owner to put two casings of eggs on the tabletops.  Now, the fires are all over the places, the wars to grab the eggs are, on.  As soon as the eggs were unloaded onto the ground, the fight started, the bees swarmed; as the eggs are placed higher on the stands, the elderly group started, in that grabbing competition.

the highest costs in eggs in history! Photo from online

After the more than twenty minute long chaos, the broken was what remained, and the owner had to carry the losses himself, and there were those who’d taken the eggs but not paid him too.  And, after being, ambushed too many times, the owner of the egg stand changed his operational means, parked the truck, unloaded the goods, getting the money for his eggs……………he’d adjusted, adjusted, and adjusted his means, and yet, he still couldn’t, keep all those who’d just, “grab and go”.

In the assistance of my alarm, I’d not just gotten to witness the “powers of the elderly population”, but also, gotten a closer look at how humans never change their ways.

That morn, as I’d, gently placed the eggs I’d selected on the electronic scale, the owner lifted his gaze, looked into the distance, left the stand, and, chased after someone.  All of us in line started whispering, someone just grabbed and went again!  The owner came back emptyhanded, sat back down on his stool, with worries, taking over his face.  The number cards then?  The limits of what you can buy per customer?  Setting up a one way entry, one way exit?  Whenever people are involved, things tend to become, a bit, complicated.

The best time of day is in the mornings, it’s not worth it, starting off the days with this foul mood for sure.  I’d, carried my “winnings” from the war I was just fighting in, as I’d stomped my way home, I’d started, calculating, how I was going to, try and make the dishes that tastes just as good, without, the eggs now.

And so, this is still, the big mess, caused by the agricultural department, because the hens aren’t laying the eggs, due to the weather not being right or whatever, and, so everybody started fighting for a limited amount of resources, and, eggs were in shortage from before, due to the Department of Agriculture’s mistakes of sending out the words that there will be egg shortages, and this is still all caused by the government agencies, and we the people are, paying the huge price for that.

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So close, yet, so far, far away, you and I, on an attraction that is there, but, stayed, unspoken, unexpressed…translated…

You and I, the distance between us, from where you are on the driver’s side, me, on the, passenger’s side.  Not that far away, but, there’s still, that border between us, that we can’t, and we shouldn’t, cross.

or maybe, because it’s that patch of loneliness that belonged solely to you, or maybe, because I’d been, mobile, but always, walking alone, then suddenly, we were able to, start off that conversation easily.  Even though it was only a few serendipitous meetings, the exchanges of a few short bus stops, but, we’d, left traces of ourselves in one another’s, lies.  But, that was, all I know, if I don’t alight the bus you drive, then, we will, never, bump into, one another, again.  I’d loved this sort, of an, accidental encounters with you.

the seasons changed, so do our attires, the only thing that stayed, were the masks we put on our, faces.  That way, I’m, camouflaged enough, to keep myself unknown to you, even if, I alight the bus you were driving again.

But unfortunately, my cover got blown, you’d made me at one sight, without any extra facial expressions, but I saw your excitement for seeing me, shining through your eyes.  Then you’d told me, recounted, how started from the day of the month, of last year, to this very day, how long you’d not, seen me.

This sort of a concentration, of focus, it was, out of my expectations.  I felt a bit, touched by your gesture, but at the same time, that scent of light sorrows that came too.  I’d loved, that ambiguous flirtatious means, knowing, that someone is, silently, expecting my appearances; but I’d also felt a bit sad too, that this was, a sort of a mirage of beautiful feeling that existed, only because, of the, mysteriousness.

Without the nitty-gritty of daily living getting between us, no age difference, no differences in our habits of life, we were like those pen pals who’d written one another for years on end, sharing our multitude of feelings with one another in words, and, as we’d put our pens down, we’d, returned back to our, separate corners, to, work hard for, our own, lives.

Well, we shall, keep on, maintaining that distance then.  No means of contact, there wouldn’t be any differences, interferences, or the possibilities of, cruelty.  But know, that as you stopped at the lights, you would wonder, if you’ll get to see me, crossing the streets, like how when I’m lonely and feeling down, seeing that gentle gaze out of your eyes, it’s, a comfort that I’d, longed for.

This was the settling distance that’s quite comforting between us, until we meet again, by chance.

And so, there’s, that I like you, but I’m not saying it here, because you two had interacted enough number of times, the two of you connected, but, it doesn’t go beyond the professional sense, and sometimes, it’s best it’s kept at that, because, you do NOT want to burst those bubbles of attraction and feeling of liking that the two of you have for one another.

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Playing “We the People” for STUPID…

One, two, three, testing, testing, okay, the mic is on!

Hello all, I am, your god damn, government, and I shall, RULE over all you guys, like you are, little MAGGOTS with NO other options, because in this DICTATORSHIP of mine (‘cuz you were, @#$%ING retarded to vote ME into office!), whatever the @#$% I say goes.

Playing “We the people” for STUPID, this is what this government is doing, by using the outbreak, as its, homing advantage, to control us all, now they’d put on this, god damn, social-distancing APP (similar to how the LINE program of scanning the barcodes upon our entries into the shops!) only, that this time, it goes, a step further (don’t know how, but I’m thinking, that the government will, use our, GPS on our separate cell phones, like in remote-controlling something???), to keep tabs of our, whereabouts.

“Chen “encourages” the people to download the app”, as the “caption” of the photo translates…

photo from online

And they’re still, using the pandemic as a VALID excuse here, and it isn’t enough, that this god damn @#$%ING government is poisoning us with all the shits from abroad (pork with ractopamine from U.S., nuclear contaminated fruits and vegetables from Japan, etc., etc., etc.).  It now, wants to, GPS track us too by telling us, that it’s, “advised” that you ALL download the safe social-distancing app too?

This is, just one more excuse the government uses, to bully us, preying on our fears, using the pandemic, because we don’t want to catch MERS-CoV, we don’t want to D-I-E (oh wait, nobody died, as the symptoms became, less-severe now!), and no, I will NOT be downloading this god damn, social-distancing APP that the government’s pushing out by…next month, maybe, how the hell should I know, instead, I’d be, going back to using, pen and paper, signing in, dating the times, at the shops I will be, entering into, and there’s nothing that the government CAN do, to MAKE me download this, god damn, social-distancing, APP!

And that, is T-H-A-T.

And, SUE me, for being, NONCOMPLIANT, why don’t ya!

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The Compassions that Didn’t Flow, Smoothly Enough

How we (collectively speaking), have the thought, but without the means, to get the physical aid over to, Ukraine, because the doors are, closed, the roads are all, blocked, that, is how the Taiwanese have the heart, but, no way of making our hearts have that physical, effect!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taiwanese locals rushed in with our donations to help Ukraine, this first call, the government collected a total of  a little over nine hundred million dollars, the second wave of donations, the government collected another eight million dollars U.S.  What’s funny was, the government led by Tsai only asked for fifty ton of goods to send over to Ukraine to help, and the public donated 650 ton of goods, and now, these items stacked all over the basement of the department of foreign affairs as well as the storage units of Taoyuan Airport, and, there’s no means of transporting these items to Ukraine.  The overflowing compassion of the people is now, STUCK!

can “we” now??? Really? Are you SURE about that???

As the war is occurring, thinking of those displaced from their homes, needing the emergency items of blankets, cookies, surely, that’s kind.  But, there are over five million of Ukrainian nationals who’d already, escaped the country, how do we deliver these donated items to the refugees?  More seriously, these million cases of goods, to ship them all, it takes anywhere from two to three hundred million dollars, and the Department of Foreign Affairs had only, set aside $16 million for the shipment funds, who will be paying for the extra over two hundred million dollars for shipping?

As the other countries are providing Ukraine with the arms, the Taiwanese selected to get the donated goods and money there, comparing, it’s more, humane.  And yet, if you considered, how difficult it would be to ship these goods over in wartime, the massive costs of shipment, greatly exceeded the cost of all of these, donated materials, that is, another, story.  If all of these items can only reach as far as Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, along with the other countries neighboring Ukraine, and not gotten into the hands of the refugee Ukrainians, then, the country had done all that work, for, nothing!

This is not only Taiwan’s problem.  Recently, the self-defense military teams of Japan wanted to send ten planes, as a part of the shipments of humanitarian goods in Indian, to give it to Poland, but India turned Japan down, and so, the shipments of these aircrafts were, delayed.  To the western countries, giving Ukraine massive amounts of weapons, some were shot down in the aircraft transporting the arms to Ukraine by Russian army, while others ended in the “blackholes” by suspicions.  The kindness of Taiwan, Wu, the head of foreign affairs, can only, pass along to the mayor of Kyiv instead, which, expressed, exactly how our goodwill got, stuck!

the aid to Ukraine

it has to get to the country, to have THE physical effect of helping the citizens of Ukraine! Photo from online

So, this is, the half assed means of help the this country is offering, just like how the government did EVERYTHING since the DDP took control, they don’t think things over thoroughly, they just have a thought, and, barked it out, and this is the DDP’s failed attempt, to keep us known to the world, but heck, at least, the news of us, TRYING to help the Ukrainians got known by the rest of the world, and that put Taiwan on the map, so, good job, government.

As for the physical assistance that Ukraine is needing overseas?  Yeah, uh, good luck on that.

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Keeping that Heart of Gentleness

Doing his job, offering assistance to others, he deemed it to be his job description, but for someone who is immobilized, the individual’s actions of going that extra mile to offer the services means, a hell of a lot!  Translated…

Seeing Chen walking out of his office, I’d gotten up, out of my seat, pushed the elevator button for him.

Chen was carrying a bag of something, walked slowly, smiling, grinning, but this time, he’d not taken the elevators, instead, he’d, handed me the bag, told, “I’m truly grateful toward you all, a bag of food for you and your colleague to share!”, I’d immediately pushed the bag back to him, didn’t feel right getting a reward for what I was paid to do in the first place.

But Chen insisted, then, turned and left, I’d caught up with him, because I didn’t know his full name, saw the name printed on his identification, made a mental note, thanked him for the foods.

like this, just, doing his, job…photo from online

Awhile ago, the restrooms on the first floor was being renovated, and those who worked on the first floor had to go up to the second floor to find the restrooms, but, for someone with a handicap, it was a bit more difficult, after all, that’s, an extra way to walk, and had to, get into the cramped elevator with the crowds.  As a first line worker, I’d shouldered the responsibilities for pressing the floor buttons; it’s work, but it’, something I do every day as is, it’s not considered lending someone a helping hand, just empathy is all.

I think, it’s because, of all of these situations I’d bumped into at work and in life, I’d, trained my heart to be softer.  In other words, I should be the one thanking him.  Even though my term of work is about to be up, I’d had to leave this work environment, and, as I find work elsewhere, I shall, also, take this heart of gentleness with me there, to treat everybody I meet there kindly, to keep this heart of mine, gentle.

And so, this is what you learned, from your interactions with others on the job, what you do, pushing the elevator buttons for those who entered into the elevators may be ordinary for you, but, for someone like the man who’d especially came by to thank the individual, because he wasn’t mobile enough, it’s something big, and, this individual will take this heart of helping others, of serving others, to her/his next job, because s/he knows, that what s/he does, makes a difference, no matter how little, to another human being.

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The Exchanges of Kindness, from a Bystander’s Perspective

Watching kindness, as it took shape, the exchanges of two complete strangers from a train, translated…

“I’m sorry, this is my seat, but it’s fine, I like the window seats, I will trade seats with you”, there’s that sunshine shining through his smiles, that uncle had the innocence of a child.

The settled in the aisle woman who was sliding on her cell phone, noted something, was on her way to get up, then, settled back down by his gentleman nature.

The shot conversation that came on February 28th, on the northbound high-speed rail, the two only exchanged words for no more than three short seconds.  Then the train started moving, and everything fell, silent then.

I was seated to the left back side to them, and was moved by what I saw.  Because this unplanned, unexpected kindness of exchange between people, it wasn’t set up like in the movies, planned.  The sense of kindness that came from within, that unaffected, unannounced, not only does it calm oneself, but also, made others around them feel settled in, so rare in encounter, surely, they are people with the experiences, the morale, and the, stories too.

I straighten up my back, felt compelled to tell the man thank you on behalf of the woman.

We all must’ve had the instances when we were walking in the rain in a typhoon, with the trials that came with every single step, and, no sight of hope; but, are there, a different means of interactions to be had, if we can’t dodge it, then, why not just, trek through it?  Easier said than done, but how can we, not scapegoat on someone else around us, when we are, having it bad?  Only those who’d experienced the pains at their most painful, can understand the happiness that comes with the, ordinary.

The ride of an hour and a half, the train took us across half the island, before February 28th, the war was already in the distances, happening.  Wherever there’s people, there are, conflicts, but, this period of time that’s compressed, the two individuals sitting next to one another, aren’t enemies, but they’d, not exchanged another word more, such a shame.

The P.A. came on on the trains: Banciao Station approaching.  That woman got up, tipped her toes, silently, picked up the luggage she’d set down on the right front of her seat.  Before she got off, she’d turned toward the man, smiled, and, nodded to acknowledge him.  The gratitude was passed without the verbal communications, they’re, already, acquainted.  Getting along by themselves, not disturbing each other.  Forgetting this meeting that they had, leaving the warmth of the interactions behind, parting ways.

Being a bystander, my purpose, is to witness all of this, to know, that love is still, passed around in this world.

And so, this showed, how the kindness of a stranger can touch someone so deeply, and, hopefully, the writer who was a bystander, can take this act of a kindness s/he encountered from the strangers s/he saw on the trains, to others around her/him.


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Days I Became a Tag-Along, a Treasure Map of Memories

The meaning of hard work, the legacy of love, is what this father had left behind, for his own children, as his children watched him, working hard away, to provide for the family that he loves so much, translated…

As My Father Was Still Living, He’d Worked in the Small-Time Businesses, as I Grew Older, I’d Started, Tagging Along……….

My Father’s Brashly Telling the Families that He Was Switching Careers

Awhile back, due to the side effects of the vaccines, I’d started falling drowsily asleep, and I’d dreamed about my father who’d been gone for all of, forty plus years, and, as I woke, I started missing him a lot.

My father and I are of the same zodiac sign, he’s thirty-six years older than I am, passed at the age of fifty, which meant, he was only by my side, for fourteen short years.  When my father was alive, for the sake of household economics, he’d done the odds and ends businesses, and as I grew older, I’d started becoming his, “tag-along”.  And now, all the memories of him I have, are of those days I’d gone to work with him.

At around five, or six, my father started selling the pickled, the salted vegetables.  He’d gotten himself a cart, placed the assortments of salted vegetables in the cabinets of that tricycle of his, and as the skies turned light, he’d gone out, pushing his cart along, and sold off of the cart on the streets.  I wasn’t in preschool then, and I’d gone to work with him from time to time, the streets of early morning is quiet, and there was, only, the two of us, father and daughter.

Once, he’d returned home early, and, his cart had been, emptied, the families wondered how he’d sold everything off so soon?  He’d jokingly said, that “there was a rich guy, who bought it all from me.”  In truth, it was a day of the typhoons, and the wind flipped the cart over, and, everything shattered, and my father wasn’t able to salvage anything, this showed, how trying the lives of the small-time vendors are.

Not long after I got into elementary years, he’d announced that he was switching to selling the fish paste fried foods.  My father said, he had a friend in the business, that he believed, that the key to selling it well, is to have the good soup, with the items in the soups.  But, my father told of his trials too, that this friend refused to tell the secrets of what he’d put into the soups to him, as well as the recipe for the dipping sauce.

And, because the soup and the sauce were the keys to the success of fail of the food item, my father would go from time to time, to his friend’s stand to dine, and, bugged this friend of his, to tell him his secret.  My father took me there a few times too, and as I was, working on the foods, savoring the soups, he’d gotten busy, trying to get his trade secrets from him, and, secretly jotted down the ingredients for the dipping sauce too.

illustration from

After my father got home, he’d experimented continually, and after multiple busts, he’d finally, developed a flavor that he loved, and finally, his business was, up and, running then.

My Father Who’d Set Up the Stands at the Local Market Places, Started Developing His Faithful Clientele

Back then, my parents woke at three, four in the morn, to cook the daikon soup base, using the pork bones, then, with the dried fish pack to add in more flavors, then, made all the dipping sauces on their own, and selected all the ingredients for the soup with care, and finally, made into the best served, tempura.

My father who’d set up shop at the local markets started gaining a set clientele, then, he’d started selling the cold tapioca snacks, which he’d made by himself, and slowly, he’d gotten into making the other foods for his business venture.

During the time, every weekend, I’d gone to help as his cashier, cleaned the dishes, in the evening, as we set out for home, I would always, fall asleep from the fatigues of working on his tricycle, my father kept pedaling hard away, and kept turning my head to see if I was asleep, worrying that I may, fall off, and called out to me all the way home: “young one, don’t fall asleep, we’re, almost home”.

My father’s food business was almost all-year-round, especially during the New Year’s, as some of the stands would take time off, my father’s business would be better than ever before, and he’d needed all hands on deck, all of us to help.

During those days, his hand that clamped up the fish sauce pieces never stopped moving, all of us girls, would serve out the foods, to prepare for the takeout for our customers, taking the money for the customers’ ordered foods, doing the dishes, and we were all, busy at work, and we normally were able to, close down shop by early afternoon.  To us, a family who relied on the small businesses, being able to sell all the foods we made, earning the money for a good New Year’s, it was more pleasing, than anything else.

And maybe it was because of how he’d worked himself too hard, shortly after I got into middle school my father fell ill, and, he’d stayed ill for two years, then, passed away.  Although the family still continued operating the food stands, but, without my father as the pillar of it all, we’d eventually, close down the businesses.

So many years passed and finally I’d, dreamed about my father, he was already with hair all white, but was still, selling the fish sauce snacks.  Before I’d asked him if he was tired out, I’d, waken up.  I wanted to tell him, “I missed my time as his ‘tag-along’, and I hope that in a future life, you won’t and don’t, have to work as hard anymore.”

And so, this, is how this man, provided for his families, by using his hands, by working hard, by showing them, that so long as they’re willing to put in the time, the hard work, be honest in dealing with others, then, they will be able to succeed in whatever they do, even if it wasn’t in business, because, business should be based off of honesty, and yet, nowadays, business only cared about making the money.

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