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Not Only the Younger Generations, the Baby Boomers are Returning to Live in the Nests Too

The trends, as affordable housing, living on their own became, next to, impossible, as the prices, the costs of everything still gets, higher by the day, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The American and European’s “Boomerang Generation”, Returning Home to Live with Their, Parents

The adult children living in with the parents, or never, worked outside, relying on their parents for economic supports, this trend isn’t only found in Japan.  There’s also, the “generational boomerang” syndromes visible in the western world too, on how the originally left home younger generations, due to the economic difficulties, high unemployment rates, and high cost of housing, etc., etc., etc., to save the money, moving back in, with their, parents.

Recently, more and more of the baby boomer generations (from 1946 to 1964) had moved back in with their own, parents, showing that the “boomerang generation” isn’t limited, only, to the younger generation.

like this…photo from online

The Guardian reports that, the outbreaks of MERS-CoV caused more and more of the baby boomer generation to move back home, to live with their aging, parents.  There are many reasons, the more positive involved, that the grown children needed to ensure that their parents are well-cared for; the more negative revolved around how the children are having financial difficulties, and their marriages being, broken.

The fifty-six year-old school instructor, Emma Egan, after her divorce, she’d moved back in with her parents, she told, that during the outbreaks, she and her parents spent a ton of quality time together, and she’s still, living with them, simply because she loved their, company.

The sixty-one-year-old Jackson, who is a creative director, after he became unemployed and his children leaving the nest, moved back in to his own parents’ home with his wife.  He told, “past age sixty, it became hard for me to find a new job, we believed that our best option being selling our home, and no longer paying the mortgages, and move into the basement of my parents’, home.”

Jackson stated, “now I don’t have the pressures of mortgage, I get to put everything into finding a new job, the new job I’d found allowed us to purchase our own home, and it is only ten-minute in walking distance to my mother’s home, who’d just lost my father, not too long, ago.”

The financial trouble was the key factor of the citizens’ moving back in with the parents.  The ONS pointed out, that in 2021, there are, over 355,000 British citizens over fifty-five years of age who became unemployed.  With the problems of inflation, cost of energy on the hike, moving back in with the parents can reduce a lot of pressures of life, and helps the parents to pay for the costs of the families’ general living expenses.

adult children, living at home, being waited and served by the, parents…photo from online

The fifty-four year-old tech consultant, Lambert, due to debts and divorce, moved back in with her mother.  This was a fitting arrangement for both, Lambert told, “my mom liked this arrangement, because my children comes to visit, she loved seeing them more often.  But I would want my own personal space, living at home now lets me pay up my debts, I plan to move out of my mother’s a year from now.”

Not only in England, there are many middle generations who’d posted online from the U.S., discussing how it was for them, to move back in with their parents’ after they became unemployed, even, there is someone who claimed that s/he is forty-five years old, never worked a day, and still living at home with her/his, parents.

And so, the downturn in economy is, breeding out these, brand new group of, trending, leeches, those who help around their parents’ homes, picking up the slacks, helping to care for their aging parents are, not a problem in this case, but those who refused to find work, who sucked their parents’ dry, having their mothers, cook their breakfasts, serving the foods to them by the meals, while they just, glued in on the screen, that is, NOT, okay at A-L-L!

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The Boy Working on His Homework Early in the Morning in School

The attitude of this young boy on study, is truly, amazing, and surely, he will, carry these good values he’d been socialized with, into his, adulthood, years too!  Translated…

I’d gone into the schools for my early morning before sunrise stroll, starting my day off.  It was 6:30, a child of the lower grades entered into school, sat on the steps, pulled out the writing assignment books from his backpack, started practicing writing the characters; as he’d come across a character he couldn’t read, he’d looked up the words from his Chinese text, he was sitting, squatting as he read, or got down on his belly side to write, his focus drew me to him, I can’t take my eyes off of him, but, I’d not, interrupted his, self-learning sessions either.

Before I went home, I’d gone up to him and inquired, “why are you here so early?  Do you not have a desk to read on at home?  Working on your assignment from yesterday?”  “I’d done my assignment from yesterday already, my parents have a breakfast truck nearby, I thought I can come to school early, and finish today’s, assignment earlier.” I’d silently thought to myself: child you not only owned just, that one full house of gold in reading.

why we all need to get an early start on our, days, because the best time of work is in the mornings! Illustration from online

There are the various tasks we are all in need of completing in our separate lives, and we can, choose the attitudes to which we face these; and yet, the temptations of video games, internet, chasing the soaps are oftentimes, too enticing, “life should be wasted on something beautiful”, and reasons of the, likes, it a good excuse for our own, laziness, but toward what’s really important, what we should really work hard towards, we’d often, rushed through them, and brushed them all aside, with that scent of, carelessness.

The young boy’s attitude toward life offered me the important lesson of “the best time of day is in the mornings”, and he’d moved me, even though, he’s, on his belly, moving slow onward, but, in putting the words of being humbled by one’s own circumstances, he’d shown that strong force of life, and his, persistence as well as, his, stamina too.

So, it’s this young man’s attitude that’s impressed this writer, because of his means of taking advantage of time, unlike how a lot of us would take time for granted, and waste it all away, this young lad didn’t, he’d, taken the time before his school started, to study, to review over what he’d learned from before, not wasting a minute, away.

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Trauma is, a, Time Machine

From the blog, of a man, who’d been, raped, molested, by his nanny and her family, with nobody believing in him, on slowly, coming to the knowing, the acceptance of what had, happened, in his own, childhood MISERY, translated by me…

Trauma is, a, time, machine, instantly, transporting our souls into the past.

The sorrows are far away, distant, but, I’m, right, HERE.

The me that’s, traveled through time from the present, to the moments of the, past, am I, still, me?

With my soul, extracted out of my body, am I, still me?

Trampled down by the memories of trauma of my younger years, here, this moment in time, am I still, me?

Everyone asks the questions of the self: am I, okay, now?

But most of the time, the expected response, was the, question of have I been, returned, to the, present?  Can I start living now?  Can I, find a job now?  Don’t get me wrong, these are, all vital questions about being.

But, if you want my answer, I want to share:

What defines “I”, or me, and what constitutes as “okay”.

imaging living in this as a young, child…and you’re so little, and can’t, escape…

photo from online

Included in the “I”, were the moments of being overwhelmed with the fears of being abandoned by my own parents.

Along with my own hypervigilance of staying with, those who’d, raped me, with the stamina I’d gained, having, survived through, all of, these moments of time.

Nothing is as it actually is by reference.  The milk tea here in Taiwan, is not the milk tea in Hong Kong.  The prototype of mothers in the textbooks, aren’t like our own mothers.

Your pains, not identical to mine.

If you really care for another person, you need to put in a lot of time, to understand where the individual comes from, the meanings, the symbolisms of every word that’s used by the individual.

Then, you can finally get, closer to the real, “me”.

As we were writing our columns, we always come across of a ton of cases of child abuse from other countries, with too many of these cases, too cruel, too, unimaginable.  But the words we read, can’t even come close to what the children growing up in those backgrounds were, weathering, through.

The pains of the survivors, the next-of-kin of the survivors, are, in every single details of their day, accumulating in the sleep, the meals, the relationships with others, the, trust, accumulating into a large, mass.

As these young children come before you through the passages of time, how do you explain to them, what “I”, is?

If s/he is hurt by a parent, or a caretaker, a relative, a school instructor, the “me” would’ve gotten damaged even more.  But how do we explain it, to, others? 

What’s hidden behind the “okay”, are, oftentimes, the society’s expectations, the judgments of the values of the, “damaged” person.

But, if we get down to the core of “me”, then, we will come to know, that this “okay” that’s agreed upon, is, absolutely a, LIE.

But there are, a lot of people who cared about the psychological wellbeing too.

Are you now, considered, “okay”. 

Then, naturally a child (or an adult) who’d been, hurt, will take you on the ride on the, time machine.  Back to the “I’m okay” from the past, then, suddenly, drops us into, the, “I’m NOT okay”.

Along with all the selves that came, after that that are, in need of, care, that feeling of, being, isolated, with no one who understands, what we’re, going, through. 

This is a very long journey, with our bodies, right here, and our psyches, far, far, away.  And, return back to this, present moment, you will no longer be you, and I, no longer, me, anymore.

Will you be willing, to strap yourselves, under that, safety belt, and take this, journey, with, me???  The adventures of your own, individual, lifetimes.

And so, yeah, we are, in, desperate need of, that, “traveling companion” on this, journey, to healing our own selves, from our separate traumas of the childhood years, but, who can take this journey FOR us?  Uh, nobody, that’s W-H-O, this is something we must, weather through, ALONE, and it will be difficult (trust me, ‘cuz I’d already, been there, and, oh yeah, done THAT too, ‘k???  So, do NOT doubt my authority on this).  And, it’s only going to get really hard, because you (whoever YOU may be out there???), still ain’t come to your own senses, in ADMITTING to your selves, that heck, mommy and daddy they NEVER loved me, and I’m, damaged as a kid.

End of “therapy session” here, pay my secretaries!

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When the Time Put in Isn’t Returned in Equal Ratios

As the inmates started acting disrespectful toward the lecturers who came to prison to try and help them, what can the lecturers, do???  Translated…

I work as a counselor at the prison, and I work with the inmates with the drug-addictions and drug priors, to try and help them in getting away from the addictions, to prevent them from going back down that wrong path again, the facility would have a ton of courses for these inmates, for  instance, life education, stress relief, and medical awareness, etc., etc., etc., and the professionals in the various areas are hired to give the lectures.

Although none of the inmates are here voluntarily, but most of them knew “how to behave themselves when they needed to”, after all, nobody wants to prolong their stays because of bad behaviors, getting out early is the goal.  So, even if they’re disinterested in the lectures, they’d still, pretended to care, to play their part in compliance.  And yet, as the evaluations are passed, they are, allowed, to go home early, and, some of whom who had been hidden too long, would let  their real selves, show, thinking, that they didn’t have that long a time here, and would start, misbehaving themselves in class.

like this…photo from online

Awhile ago, as I led the lecturer out of the class, away from the protected areas, the individual wanted to talk to the official who’d, assigned the teaching of the course.  I’d curiously inquired about why, turned out, the inmates who are about to get released soon, had that I don’t care attitude in class, to the point, of, verbally challenging the lecturer, it’d made him feel upset, and he’d wanted to, switch to teaching another class.

The man told, that from before, he was a higher up on the corporate ladder, he had everything as he’d filed for retirement, and carried that heart of giving back to the community to lecturer here, he’d put a whole lot into preparing for the lectures, and yet, the inmates treated him with too much, disrespect, it’d made him upset.  I’d tried to console with him, told him not to mind it too much, and shared with him my experiences, in relations to his, suggested to him, that he can, change his attitude, to NOT punish himself with others’, mistakes.

Or maybe, he felt empathized, and realized, that what he’d encountered, was normal, other than stopping complaining about it, he’d, also, made fun of himself, that he’d not, been “trained” enough, that he needed to work of that, then, we’d, parted, ways.

In actuality, interacting with the nonvoluntary cases, we would encounter the “passive attacks”.  And, in the mandatory lectures in these realms, there were the members of the audience who’d yawned loud, kept interrupting the lectures, not taking the lectures, seriously enough.  And if the lecturers get upset, then, it’d fed to the inmates desires of wanting attention, and then, they’re, the ones, in control.

At this time, it’s best, to just, ignore the bad behaviors, to not stoop down to their, levels, and, as they’d felt, that they can’t get anything out from the lecturers, then, they would get bored and, move on.  If the lectures got halted by the interruptions of the audience, then, the lecturers can ask the audience, to please allow her/him to continue to lecture, and, I’m sure, that those who’d acted up would, tone it down, because they were the ones, interrupting, and the lecturers asked nicely for them to, “behave” themselves.  After all, the lecturers are asking nicely, and if the misbehaved go overboard, I’m sure, the other members of the audience won’t see fitting, and will, put an end to it.

what the lecturers would want to see…the inmates engaged in the discussion topics…photo from online

I hope, that the lecturer can keep on having that heart of educating the masses, continue to, use his knowledge to teach, to give guidance to the lost sheep, inside that cage.  And, if the same circumstances happen again, then he might choose to overlook them, but, so long as he has a clear conscience, knowing, that he’d done all that he could.  Once you put everything into something, and get manipulated by others, then, you’re the ones who’d, lost.

And so, this, is how the inmates, are, challenging these, lecturers, and, it makes the lecturers feel defeated, they’re giving their time, to try and help these individuals, and yet, this was, what they got, the disrespects, because the lecturers expected that their words will not fall on, deaf ears, but sometimes, these inmates just challenges you, and, if you get roused up by their behaviors, then, you’re the one, who will be, manipulated by them, and you lose!

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Independent as We Age

The right attitude, that we should keep, in observing someone else, and reflecting over the things in our own, lives…translated…

I was conversing with my neighbor opposite of me, saw our upstairs neighbor, Mei-Feng riding her bicycle out to work, looking at her, getting farther, farther, and farther away, my neighbor told me, “didn’t Mei-Feng say her son is a manager of a bank, making $100,000N.T. a month, so, why is she still working?  Cleaning the houses, working her hands to the bones?”, then, the neighbor smacked her lips, seemingly doubting, that our neighbor’s son’s working as a bank manager was, untrue.  Then, she’d, shifted the subject to her own home, two daughters, one works in a public agency, the other, a university professor, “they’re amazing, all very, good”, my neighbor claimed.

And, although I’d not responded to her comment on Mei-Feng, but I’d, started that inner dialogue of disagreeing with her.  There were, at least, TWO things she may be mistaken on: first, based off of her logic, if the children are paid a high wage, then, the parents can rely on their offspring, and not work anymore, that they should retire early, and start living their retirement.  Secondly, when the son is paid so high, and he’d still allowed his mother to work her hands to the bones, that does, NOT fit the values of filial piety at all.

Mei-Feng’s son works in a bank sure, not long ago, she’d, handed me her son’s, business card, so I can give him a call if and when I need to.  Her husband doesn’t take care of the family, for years on end, she’d raised her own three sons, by working as a janitor; sometimes, she’d shared with me happily, that the younger people where she’d worked, would give her things, treat her to beverages, calling her aunty, she was pleased, and called the ladies her good girls.

illustration from

She’d not complained about her current line of work, she’s, enjoying herself in working.  She’d told, that in her work, she got to talk with the younger generations, staying, connected with the society, she does NOT want to retire yet.  And, although her son is highly paid, she’d wanted to become, self-reliant, to NOT rely on her son, to provide for her.

And, her beliefs were correct, there’s enormous pressures in the current world, it’s difficult for any of us to survive, even  in the closely related family dynamics, nobody wants to, rely on, anyone.

And, I was reminded how when in the off-seasons, the manager wanted a coworker to take the unpaid leaves, she was upset.  And the manager mocked her, “didn’t she say, that her husband makes million dollars per year?  Why would she mind, if I put her on unpaid, leave?”, I found the words to be, ignorant, when the husbands can make a lot of money, that’s on the husbands, as wives, women still needed to become, economically, independent.  So, I’d often told my two daughters, even if they are to marry in their futures, they need to keep their economic independence still, that way, they will have their, dignities.  And, for me, I would want to continue work as I grow older, and, I plan to retire AFTER I’m sixty-five, and, if my physical health allows, I want to part-time, to NOT rely on my children, to NOT burden them.

As for if others are as they’d told, paid really well, feeling skeptical about it, I don’t believe it’s necessary that we act like that, we should be glad, that, they have everything that they need.  No matter how old, not relying on anyone, independent, and being a self-made person, that’s what fits us, best!

And so, this is the values: not relying on anyone when we are older, continue to work, to contribute to the societies we’re, living in, not using that sour grapes mindset because someone seems to have it better than we do.


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Gaining the Love in Holding on & Letting Go

On parting with the things that we loved, but have, no use for, giving them to someone else, so these items, can bring that same kind of joys, to their, new, owners…translated…

The alerts on my cellphone started sounding off, it was my coworker who is close to me, sending the photos, my heart felt warmed as I saw the pictures, and tears, started, coming too.  In the picture, her daughter was focused, beading the beads I’d given to her, with the box full of what was once mine, but now, a gift, to her, little, girl, my best, treasures.

Inside that box, an assortments of beads, the felts, the ribbons, the colorful glitter pieces, and the rubber stamp carving tools I was into many a year, ago.  Because of the move, I’d, found boxes of handicraft materials, and knew that her youngest daughter was good with her hands, and loved the handiwork, I’d, given the box to her.  My coworker told me, that her daughter was surprised, and started screaming in her excitement, too happy, and, as he pretended he was taking it away, she’d, started, crying too.

A few days ago, my old friend also sent a heartwarming photo from the angle of the parents, it was her daughter, coloring in the coloring books, with a thank you card, handwritten by the child to me, the slanted writing showed the gratitude, and her joys of getting the coloring book, and as her aunty, I’d, received all of the joys and her thank you.

These past few weeks, I’d sorted through my home, and gave away, so many, presents, whatever they were, book, tools, or the items that I had for a long time, and in the process of cleaning things out, I’d found—wow, I’d, acquired, so many, treasures!  Watercolor, oils, pottery, weaving, the metal accessories, the materials for handcrafts, the boxes were, dug up one by one, and, it was truly, difficult for me to part ways with these items, but, I’m too grateful to these cherished treasures that waved goodbye to me, now that they’d, gotten new owners, and, brought so much joys to their, new, young owners.

From before I watched a video, a decluttering expert who helps people clear out the spaces in their homes, she’d told, “every object has its mission, like those cards you can’t, discard, actually, their missions were, completed, the moment they got to your, hands; they’d given you tons of joys, you can, take photos to keep the memories, or, after you said thanks, part ways with them, that way, you wouldn’t, stack things up in your, homes then.”

I’d grateful for what I once had, whether if they were given to me, or if I’d, bought them.  They symbolized the bliss I once, had, even though, I’m saying goodbye to them now, I’d, owned that bliss, again, because they’d, given the joys to someone else; to have this sort of giving and taking in life, it’s, such, wonderful, thing!

And so, this, is the attitude of saying goodbye to the things we owned, we’d not lost these items, instead, we’d, gained the memories of what those items meant to us on a deeper level, also, we get to, see the joys of someone else, whom we’d, given these things we once loved so much, to too.

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Heading into the Operating Room without the Worries

The attitude to which, this woman, come to terms with her, cancer diagnosis…translated…

I’d bumped into my friend, S at the hospital, after the greetings, we’d asked what we were there for?  What department are we going to see?  S stated with ease, that she’d just set up the stay at the hospital, she’s getting the operations the following day.

How can that be?  Aren’t surgeries always, stressful and worrisome?  S looked like she was, out for, a stroll in the afternoon.

S saw my question, explained, “last year when I went for my health check, it’d shown that I had a node in my lungs, I’d gone for the follow-up earlier this year, the CT showed that the node on my left lung grew bigger, the oncologists recommend that I have it removed to get a biopsy.  I’d though, it’d not impacted me, it’d not hurt, would it be necessary, that I go, under, the knife?  Guess I’ll, wait for a while then.  And yet, the fact is right before her, she kept swaying between whether or not to get the biopsy.  And so, I’d asked a physician friend of mine, Dr. Huang, and he’d, used only five words, and I was, convinced, to check myself in.”

“Might I inquire, what the four words were?”, I’d asked.

S smiled that stealthy smile, “it’s more than worth it!”

So, is there, a “calculation” of how much going under the knife was worth it or not?

Turned out, Dr. Huang reminded her, that the cancers of the lungs, are mostly, asymptomatic, unless through the low-dose CT, and the biggest myth was, a lot of people believed, that they aren’t smokers, so they won’t have lung cancer, but medically, in Taiwan, ninety-percent of female lung cancer patients don’t smoke at all, and so, this, was a must.  Going under the knife for a minor procedure, to get the truths known, no need to worry over it, most importantly, it’s, early discovery, in the earliest stages, easiest to, treat and cure, isn’t it, quite, worthy?

I squeezed S’s hand, wished her the best, she’d smiled, “knowing, facing it, dealing with it, to get that firmness underneath my feet, this is, such, a wonderful, feeling!”

And so, this is on how attitude determines, everything, especially when there’s the uncertainties in our lives, we must, keep believing, that we are going down this road, and wherever it’ll lead, is wherever we’re, meant to be, and if you carry this mindset, than, nothing will, faze you!

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So, this is on how you think you will have, all those, tomorrows you will ever get, until you don’t have that many, tomorrows left…translated…

Sometimes, happiness isn’t here,

And it’d, come over on the wind.

Sometimes, You Feel Spaced Out,

Because You’d, Forgotten How the Blanks Tolerated All the Colors.

the painting of the writer…courtesy of

When You Daydream in Your Dreams,

Love Start Fermenting,

The Years Won’t Repeated Themselves,

Other Than How the Flowers Bloom in the Warming up of Weather During Springtime Each and Every Year.

So, this is on how as long as we have breaths still inside our bodies, we will keep on having hopes, hopes for a better life for us and those whom we care for an love, a better future for all.

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On an Ordinary Morning

A simple way to live, with that easily satisfied mindset, that’s what makes an ordinary life, fulfilling, every single, day!  Translated…

Woke up at around five this morn, I’d turned on the computer to the exams I was working on, found that I was, limited by the original questions, I’d come to the understanding of breaking through to my self, and, used what I’d lectured on in class, to set up the exams, how I loved this sort of, wakeup call that’s very enlightening to me!

At six, I’d climbed up to the third floor to wash my clothes by hand first, then, tossed it into the wash, climbed back down to the first floor, to make the breakfasts.  I’d already thought about breakfast last night at supper, took out the foods from the fridge, heated up the leftovers, plated the foods, a sunny side up, prepared the fruits, make my cup of latte, all of these moves, done in, one breath, smooth flowing.  Seeing how the small plates took up my breakfast table, I’d felt, satisfied.

Not long afterwards, my husband who’s dressed up for work came downstairs for breakfast.  As he saw me, he’d opened his arms wide, hugged me, and thanked me for looking after him as he was temporarily hard of hearing because he had water that gone into his ears.  That was, a rare, act of intimacy, I’d not quite gotten used to it yet, but, his actions touched me.

As I saw him off to work, I’d gone back up the third floor to hang out the laundry, put the pillows out under the sun, then, washed the summer sheets, quilts, then, headed over to the front door, swept off the fallen leaves, watered the plants, and sprayed the water onto the leaves to wash away the dusts and dirt that covered them.  Lifted my head, I saw my youngest sister-in-law’s papaya was red, I’d reminded her that she should pluck it.  She’d told me, that there’s not that many people in her home, that I’m more than welcome to it.  And so, I went in, took out a stool, leaned on the fences, and, plucked two papayas from the trees, I was filled with joys and gratitude then.

like this…

photo from online

The nearby temple seemed to be putting on some sort of a celebration, the people are getting loud over there, the clinking of the pots and pans, the burning of the gas stove over there sounded loud, and the scent of the foods came, filling the air with that scent of bliss.  Suddenly, I’d thought, “it’d been too long since I’d gone to a banquet like so, we’re all troubled by MERS-CoV here!”

As I’d hung the sheets, the pillow cases, the quilts out to dry, I’d steeped up a pot of floral tea, with a piece of cake from my eldest sister-in-law, then, I got the time, to sit myself down, to write this passage of what’s happened thus far in my day: for our entire lives, we’d busied ourselves, and sometimes, we need, that free time to enjoy the ordinariness of, life too.

And so, this, is the daily happening in this woman’s life, and, it is, too ordinary, and yet, it’s, quite special to her, because she is grateful for everything she’d been given in her life, and, if you’re grateful, and feel blessed about things in your life, you can find the simple happiness, in your own, day to day living too!

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Having that Optimism is a Superpower

The importance of having the optimisms on things in our lives, translated…

The older we get, the more experience of life that we’d had, it’d become, harder, and harder, for us to, just laugh or even, smile.

In my memories, all the elderly persons are all, strict looking for some reasons, like after they’d, been through all the trials of their, lives, but they can’t get, beyond, life itself.  Many of them had a ton of awful things to say about their own lives and things, and, as they’d retold of the past, it’s as if, they are, experiencing things all over again in the time, like they never can, get past it.

Every time I saw an elder like this, I’d always warned myself: everybody grows older, but, I need to make sure that I age, gracefully, to be happy in old age, this isn’t anything that’s, easy!  But I prayed, that I won’t, follow, in their, footsteps.

I’m not too far off, from the elderly age now.  In about, a little over, a decade’s time, I will become, an elderly woman, in the younger generations’, eyes.  And because of all that I’d, observed, I’d slowly, found the models, then, I’d discovered, that those who smiled and laughed often, are the, most, amicable.

Those who loved to smile, they always reminded me of the face of the smiling Buddha.

They can smile at any and everything in life, had that vision that surpassed thing, they don’t get trapped in certain predicaments, and so naturally, they don’t go around, and tell their troubles to anyone who will, listen, when you’re with them, it’d felt, like that gentle breeze had, come up towards you, and it feels, quite relaxing, interacting with them.

Those who smiled a lot, are more, personable too.  They fill the world with that positive energy, and, they’d spread around the joys to others.

Those who loved to smile, gives off that feel of being blessed by life, this is, reasonable.  They can feel overjoyed over a lot of the little things in their lives, and is leisurely in approaching life, and they’re, our, role models.

Those who constantly smiled, may not have everything going their ways in life.  But reason why they are smiling often, it’s because they know, that everything shall, come to, pass.

Those who can smile in life, are, admirable, because they have that strength about them, can withstand the weightiness of the negative emotions, and knew how to, de-stress too.  Most of the people are living hard, because they don’t have this superpower, to just, smile.

And so, this is on the importance of having that blind optimism on things, and this is a quality that we can all, train ourselves to have, just train yourselves, to see that, silver lining, try to find everything that’s good that’s happening around your surrounding environment, and soon enough, you will gain, that positive outlook on things too.

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