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Do Something Substantial!

The government here, keeps on, giving we the people, SHIT, and there’s, nothing that we the people (enslaved by our government now) can do ‘bout it!!!  Under the DICTATORSHIP of the DDP, and Tsai here, commentary off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP has its own way, of showing their love for Taiwan, the delicateness of their love, is comparable to the plastic surgery means.  Those who loved getting “work” done on their bodies, the tattooed brows here, facelift there, exfoliation the next day, fixing up the bone structures, felt that, one’s becoming, prettier by the day.  Same for the DDP, today, it’s, the amendment of the laws of education, tomorrow, down with the statues, the day following, a change of name of the country, and the political party felt, more than, energized.

The “plastic surgery” which the DDP used to show how much it loved Taiwan was started by the legislator, Lo, demanded that the memos of the party meetings changed to the western instead of the eastern, reason that “we need to connect with the internationally working means”.  This is hard to rebut, who DARES talk against getting connected with the rest of the world?  But, because Lo is a legislator out of Tsai’s pockets, the draft of amending the labeling of the years and dates, got questioned by the party not in power, and the party not in power, believed that the goals of changing the labeling of the year is to , “demolish the Republic of China”.

And, the party not in power thinking this, may be, too, narrow minded.  What they should be asking, is where does Taiwan NOT connect with the rest of the world?  For many years, for those who wanted to use A.D. to label the dates, they do it, for those who wanted to use the means that we were originally using, use it, everybody is given a right to select their own separate, preferences, how did we not connect with the rest of the international world?  And besides, using the “national days” to label, it’s, way easier than the Japanese means of having the emperors’ name before the year.

this says it all, don’t it??? Comic found online

Besides, the DDP had been, “changing the labeling” of things, how they should, consider, the benefits of we the people.  Too easy to change the curriculum of school, taking down the brass statues of Chiang, changing the labeling of how the years get measured, but, how difficult it was, for the population to receive the vaccination that we all needed, how to raise up the average wage, became, an impossibility of this government we’re currently, ruled by.  Then, can you, help people NOT die, because of your, incompetence, your, impotence?

The DDP legislators fille up their heads with the name-changing tasks, instead, they should, do more work that are of stance.  Lo should, consider the costs of his changing HIS own name, then, bring up the draft of the amendment that he wanted to get signed by the legislature.

And so, this still just showed, how those ruling over us (we the people!), still don’t got a single clue of HOW to SERVE WE the people, it keeps on trying to “delete” everything Chinese in this country, they’d already changed the name of CKS Memorial to Freedom Square, and, they’d, lost focus, of what’s important, and we the people are still letting them, RUN our lives, instead of getting the vaccinations available for ALL, it goes on these, bullshitting ventures, wasting our (the taxpayers!) money, and there’s still, NOTHING that WE the people, can do ‘bout it, because, we’re, enslaved by this DICTATORSHIP, that masked itself up as DEMOCRACY!

It should be D-E-M-O-C-R-A-Z-Y if you ask me!!!  But hey, who asked you???  Exactly.

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Tracked Down, by the GPS of My Own, Cell Phone…

We all became like that pet, whose owners are too afraid that we go “missing”, you know, wandered off, and never come back home again, that we got that GPS scanner code on us all now.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own, cell phone, but, I didn’t, activate, NOR set this “function”, and yet, once every month, the almighty, GOOGLE would send me this, “notice” of sorts, “covering” where I’d been for the month…

leaving that, electronic, footprint wherever we go right now in this country, with this…

we’re supposed to use the CDC LINE account to scan this, everywhere we go now...image from online

And that makes me wonder, if I’m tracked down that easily, without even SETTING up the cell phone trackers, how easy can it be, for the government, to TRACK my, whereabout?  Especially when we’re, required, to use LINE to scan the barcode outside the shopfronts, as a measure of, getting our “foot tracks” known by the government, for the sake of MER-CoV tracker.

Tracked down, by the GPS, of my own cell phone, how the HELL did that happen?  I mean, so, if I spent, a little too long inside the public bathrooms, does that mean, that by the time I’m done, doing MY business, there would be, a huge gathering of crowd, outside, wanting to know exactly, just what happened in there (the toilet), and why did it take that long for me to go???

What the @#$%…it’s official now, we’re, TRACKED by our, government, in this age of, absolute NO PRIVACY here!!!

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The President’s National Day Speech IS the Emptiest of the Six Years Before

She took to the podium, testing, testing, 1, 2, 3, then, it began, with the audience under the “stage”, looking confused, ‘cuz, NO sound came out of this LIAR’s LIPS!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A lot of politicians and news media paid strict attention to the president, Tsai’s national day speech, calculated how many times she’d said “Republic of China”, and “Taiwan”.  In actuality, what she meant by “Republic of China” may not be what we, ordinary citizens take “Republic of China” as.  And, in this year’s speech, what’s worth most noting, or most worrisome is, the problem that the president faces in running the country internally, she’d NOT mentioned anything on it.

she surely, DOES, enjoy the spotlight, attention all right!!! Photo from online

Her speech, about HALF was on international relations, the relations with China, and the self-awareness of Taiwan as a whole.  And, toward the rising concerns of Taiwan’s safety, she’d only mentioned, “When we’re better, we get more pressures from China”, this sort of a “sweeping under the rugs” manner of reply.  Then what?  We can, just, keep on, living in this, “most dangerous zone”, kept watching the major world powers in the game of shouting match, seeing who STRIKE whom first, without ANY mention of how she will be, bettering the country’s situations practically.

here she is, a world-class, LIAR!!!

「中華民國中樞暨各界慶祝109年國慶大會」10日在總統府前廣場登場,今年國慶以「2020民主台灣.自信前行」為主題,總統蔡英文出席發表演說。中央社記者張皓安攝 109年10月10日
“I’ll HUFF, & I’ll PUFF, & You will ALL get, BLOWN A-W-A-Y!!!” Photo from online

Then, let’s take a look at the internal affairs.  In her speech, she did, pose, that “pretty question”: “a lot of people inquired, what, are we going to do for Taiwan next?”, but, the president didn’t give us a substantial response.

She’d only mentioned, “cohesive community”, “understanding”, that we will use the “strengths of our society”.  But, there are, the disagreements of various people in the society, it’s hard to reach that consensus.  That’s why the “political powers” need to get involved, with the bipartisanships, of the parties different ideals, and policies, with the people, voting for WHAT they believe.

If it’s not pressing, then, we can slowly, come to an agreement with time, with conversations, with adjusting and adopting to one another.  But, most of the public policies are pressed by time, and we’d needed to rely on the party politics, the elites of the society, to help us find the right direction, so we the people can vote on the matters.  But, through her entire speech, she’d mentioned, amending the constitution, the justice of turning around the methods, energy policies, she’d only, lightly mentioned these, without telling people where she STANDS on these issues, NO direction, and in the end, she’d told that she will need the “collective powers” of the community to help the country find the right directions.

This is like the mistakes in the logic of linguistics, “the run-around”, with the empty words, the embellishments of word usage, without ANY substance.

Besides, during these past six years, the housing costs still continued hiking, for most of the younger generations, all they are wishing for, is a stay, but, it’d become, an impossible, dream.  And for those of us who took out the heavy mortgages to buy the homes, the burdens of the monthly payments of the mortgages, it’d, stripped us of the means of pursuing the life of our own, ideals.

The shocking eye-gouging incident, showed that the “net of social security” she’d promised she’ll be setting up isn’t set up properly.  While, on the matters of debts in the government, the inappropriate special budgets, the bankruptcies of workers insurances, the crises of reduction in birth rates, long-term care issues, etc., etc., etc.  all of these, are closely related to everybody’s life, the leader of our country has no answers for, no direction, this is, the huge mistake of the person in power right now.

Recalled back to the 2016 National Day speech that Tsai had made.  She’d mentioned the reforms of the retirement funds, the provisions of public daycare programs, the innovations of the industries, the self-operations of national defense, etc., etc., etc., the practical directions of her policies.  But unfortunately, in her speech this year, there’s nothing practical, of what she is planning to do toward the internalization of the country, and the tensions between China and Taiwan, but tanking the military on the frontlines of the defense, there’s NO mentions of any measures she will be taking, to keep the peace with China; while internally, she’d only, lightly, stated the empty words, without giving us a practical direction of which policies she was going to employ, and the desired effects of these policies, she’d lost the responsibilities, the ability to shoulder the country’s wellbeing, as a leader of the country in her national day speech.

And so, this is what we get, after we’d voted the BIG-BAD-WOLF as the president, she’s still, using all those, embellishments of words, to TRY and fool all who will be fooled by her, and because the citizens of this god DAMN country is still, in that state of COMATOSE, they’re still, buying her words, and she’d played us, for STUPID, and there’s NOTHING that we the people CAN do ‘bout it!

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Chinese Fighter Planes Over Taiwanese Borders, Scholars from China: Using Taiwan to HIT the U.S.

Taiwan is still, that, SACRIFICEABLE P-A-W-N, in this war of China V.S. the U.S. and, the government still, failed to know it, wow, are we RUN by STUPID here or what???  (Don’t answer that, it’s still R-H-E-T-O-R-I-C here!!!), on how we are, led by, STUPID, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The People’s Liberation of Army of China had been patrolling the aerial places of the Taiwanese border for four days consecutively, are they, threatening Taiwan?  The researcher of the Shanghai Fudan University Song stated, that in the past, only U.S. could play that hand called Taiwan, and now, China can too, U.S. used Taiwan to HIT China, China can do the same, using Taiwan, to HIT the U.S. as well.  The former assistant director of the Department of Defense, Lin said, that the Communist Chinese fighter planes verbally told that they’re, invading Taiwan, but they’d not told, that this, was the, aerial defense practice run of American’s Southern Seas drills.

Chinese fighter planes over aerial borders of Taiwan

“we’re just, patrolling, OUR, borders!!!” Photo from online

Song pointed out, that this move is the gambling of the major nations, while Taiwan was only a “playing hand”.  But, the hand that hold Taiwan, is no longer JUST the U.S., China too, can use Taiwan in this game of defense.  And now, both U.S. and China are using the combo punches, like the calls between Biden and Xi, changing the American diplomatic offices in Taiwan, occurring on the same day, and the release of Meng was also, on that day, Biden announced to the U.N. that U.S. is not going to engage in another Cold War with China again, but, came up with the AUKUS Pact with Australia; while China too, was using a combo, it knew well, that U.S. doesn’t want to get in the war between Taiwan and China, and used the moves, to have America BACK away, that if U.S. dares to throw that first punch, China will be there to fight, and this was China, playing, the Taiwan card, as the fighter planes came over to patrol, would U.S. back off?

Lin believed, that there are, two reasons for China’s patrolling the aerial borders of Taiwan, that openly it’d claimed that it was to fight Taiwan, but, the unspoken was its setting its foot down on American drills in the Southern China Seas.  But, Communist China stated that this was directed toward Taiwan, from the media to the official statements, it claimed that this was to prevent Taiwan from becoming independent, to allow it to have the effects to carry over, but this is a stupid move, it would make the younger generations here in Taiwan, feel more animosities toward China, and deepens the hatred.

The professor of Diplomacy Department of Poli-Sci University , Huang believed, that although the details suggested that the fighter planes from China was zoomed in at the drills of the Southern China Seas, but, as the planes take a short turn, fly for four, five minutes, then, they’re, in the aerial border of Taiwanese air, and this can’t be interpreted as purely, the fight between China and U.S., China is also, emphasizing how this was against Taiwanese independence.  Although, from all the political surveys, the hatred of Taiwanese toward China is now at an all-time high, but for Beijing, even if it’d upset the citizens of Taiwan, it would, suppress the calls of Taiwanese independence, despite its affects on how it would, upset the Taiwanese public.

“Taiwan observes 18 Chinese warplanes during U.S. envoy visit” from the WWW.

Huang reminded, that Taiwan can’t be relieved, thinking that the planes patrolling the aerial borders are the fights between U.S. and China, the approaches of any Communist Chinese army aircrafts over Taiwanese aerial border, can easily cause the bullets to fly, especially, under the conditions of how both distrusted each other, and there’s, low transparency of military matters, it causes more concerns and worries.

And, the Taiwanese government still doesn’t have a CLUE, we are now, officially, nothing MORE, than a CHIP in the game of America vs. China, and, we are, that stupid, pawn that either side can do without, but hey, we’re still, sucking UP to the U.S., and this officially makes Taiwan into, EVERYBODY’s B-I-T-C-H, and “WE” (collectively speaking, again!) the people, got ZERO clue!  Wow, are you, dumb or, are we, D-U-M-B here???

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The Ordinary Citizens’ Economic Hopeless, as the Higher Up Officials Operated on a Parallel Universe

How those, higher up government officials are still, with their HEADS up in the clouds, and not enough of a TIGHT GRASP on the reality of things here!!!  Commentary, observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the legislators questioned the head of the Census Records’ Office, that the hikes in costs of everything, hurting the people’s livelihoods, asked him how much a bowl of oyster noodle cost, he’d replied “$20”, which shocked everybody who was there at the press conference.  It seemed, that the higher up officials are, too far, from the ordinary people’s lives, that they’d, operated on a, parallel universe, untouched by how the cost of things are causing the people to have a difficult time, making our ends meet, and they’re, numbed out too.

Early morning yesterday, close to my house, at the intersection, an elderly woman rode her bicycle, with the recycling materials, the plastic bottles, the bundled up cardboard boxes, in a moment, she’d lost her concentration, and everything fell off her bicycle, I’d helped her collect her items, bundled them up for her tighter, she’d told me thanks, then left.

In actuality, during the outbreaks, in metro Taichung, you could see the middle aged, the elderly individuals, who are, picking up the recycling materials that people had, thrown out on the streets, the Taiwan Avenue before the train station, the underground passages, along with the lobby of the train stations, you can see the homeless, camping out all over the places, this was, a rare sighting for these past few years.

and, here’s, what THOSE IDIOTS, running THIS country looked like…

photo from online

I’d gone to Taipei last month, on the way, I’d, tried finding the restaurants between the Taipei Main Station and the Transitory bus stations on my way back, I saw even more homeless people, sitting on lying down on the sidewalks, it’s like this, in the capital city of the country, and, as I’d visited cities like Tainan, Kaohsiung, that, is what I saw too, the shops are either with the locks, or that they’re opened, but not enough customers, and if the bigger cities of this country are like so, imagine how much harder it must be, for the even, more distant-region places.  There’s, the bipolar Taiwanese economy now, the bigger companies, with their order slips piled up higher than the ceilings, the smaller shops, and the economy of ordinary citizens, are worsening, and, they’re all, in need of, help, it makes me hopeless, and I’d, felt, helpless of the situation.

The rate of economic growth of Taiwan is performing quite well, but, the prices of everything keeps on getting hiked up higher and higher, widening the gap between the rich and the poor, the wages earned, and the retired, especially for those who didn’t have enough retirement insurances, their measly wages, already spent up by inflation, the smaller shops too, are having a hard time; and even AS the government handed out the five-times vouchers, may I ask, how much help, can five-thousand MEASLY dollars, get for the ordinary citizens who are, having it hard, making, their, ends, meet up?

We are on the verge of celebrating National Day, and, people are, faced with the pressures from inflation, as well as the hikes in prices of everything we need, and, this would have more of an impact, compared to Communist China’s fighter planes, flying over our borders in the skies; if the government run by Tsai though that the Taiwanese economy will improve, by lowering the alert levels, that people are traveling through the country on this weekend holiday, then, she’s, DEAD WRONG!  The head of the major departments of the governments, should NOT assume that by handing out the vouchers, that would solve the economy crises.

The head of statistic’s “$20N.T.s for a bowl of oyster noodles”, only showed, how the officials of Tsai’s government are still, high up in their, ivory towers, living on a parallel plane compared to ordinary citizens such as you and I, it’s so regrettable, and making us so helpless.

The former American President, Clinton won over Bush stated the issues so clearly, “You fool, the problem is in the economy!”  Faced with the impacts from in and out of the country, the changes of the living environments, what’s the whole of our country’s economy like, these heads of the government offices knew the best.  And, those in power, if they can’t help the people in their economic wellbeing, they will, lose their, positions as heads of government.

Celebrating National Day, I hope, that for the upcoming years, Taiwan will, have a new air, the lives of ordinary citizens can get better, that, is the right way, and the hard facts.

And so, this government is still, using the five-times vouchers, to BULLSHIT all of us, because the government is too impotent in solving the crises here, and we the people, are still in our states of comatose, and we’re, allowing those running the country, to lead us.

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The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

Lots of news lately involving money and politics dropping this week. First, there was the whistleblower story about Facebook and algorithm manipulation which was followed up by a complete network outage for most of the next day. Then, there was the story about the Pandora Papers which exposed how the wealthy have been hiding money […]

The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

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After that Boy Cried “Wolf”, What Then?

The government still plays this, game that the country can’t even, afford to play, and, it’s, risking all our lives here too, yeah, how’s that for the benefits of the people again???  Oh, it’s N-O-T, that game of “chicken” with China here, not a wise idea, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On China’s National Day on the first, from day until night, there were, a total of, thirty-eight Communist Chinese planes that “patrolled” the southwestern air borders.  The following day, that record was broken, from day until night, a total of, thirty-nine aircrafts had, harassed our air.  The head of international affairs, Wu tweeted this: we are threatened by Communist China, and no longer need to “make more excuses for them”.

Funny, what excuses does China have, to satisfy Wu finally?  The levels of hostilities between China and Taiwan heightened up higher, I warn you, you warned me, do we need, any more, excuses?  Wu “shape-shifted” into the head of international affairs, and would cuss China out on the frontlines, the Mainland Affairs Council stood, chicken, on the back; and like so, how can we have civil conversations with China?

what the Chinese government is engaging in with the government here! Illustration found online

Reason why Communist Chinese aircraft kept harassing our southwestern borders because, first, this area is too far away, too vast, too hard for the country’s military to keep watch over it; secondly, they’re using, mental warfare on us, using the advantage of “We can harass you whenever we want” day and night, and there’s nothing you can do about us, to fatigue the country’s defense, to loosening our border patrols.  And like so, other than counting the fighter planes, doing inventories daily on them, calling out, “Wolf!”, the Department of Defense also needed to, have a, better rounded plan.

It’s understandable how the DOD called out “wolf” constantly, to get the locals worked up about how bossy China is.  The problem is, the more times you’d cried “wolf”, people are, getting, tired of hearing; buying up massive amounts of weapons, people would start doubting, will they, actually, if and when an invasion comes?  Then, we will all be asking: once a war becomes, inevitable, is Taiwan, truly, ready?  And, how long will be last in a war with China?

I do beg that the government run by Tsai, to not play that game of “count the planes” anymore, a country, with the mandated armed service terms of only four months, can’t afford to play this game that’s, too high, in cost!

And so, this is like those kids, with one hitting the other first, then, the one who got hit, hit back, and then, this god damn “game” just keeps on occurring, until someone gets punched too hard and start to cry loudly, then, mama comes in and say: stop it you two, or ELSE!  Only, that there’s, no mama in this story, and, we can’t defeat China, because let’s face it, their numbers are, greater than us, more than ten billion in population over there, and how many people do we have here again???  Exactly, and, we also can’t beat them in resources, and, with the world watching close, WHO do you think the rest of the world’s gonna side with, IF we were, ever going to go to war with China (with more than 12 billion in population, right???), that’s, a HUGE piece of the pie called, market economy, so yeah, we’re, destined to lose, and yet, this government still does NOT take heed, are you fucking (don’t pardon me here!!!) kidding me!

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Where’s Moderna?  The Command Center Became, the “Boy Who Cried: WOLF!”

Liar, liar, PANTS on F-I-R-E!  oh wait, the government’s “pants” are fine, it’s ours that caught fire here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Multiple employees of the High-Speed Rails System had posed themselves as first to third types, and, successfully, “broken through the obstacles”, gotten their second doses of Moderna, it’d caused debates here, and, although the media, the people pointed fingers at how the workers or those medical staffmembers for allowing them to receive their Moderna vaccines as the ones who were at fault, but the real problem is the lacking in the supplies of the vaccines.  There are, currently 800,000 individuals who are already ten-weeks along after their first vaccination of Moderna, who are, waiting hard, on their, seconds, but, when will that be available, how many will receive, the government is still keeping the people in the dark, and the CDC is the primary one responsible for all of these messes.

This, is what those waiting on their second doses, won’t get…

photo from online

Those who received their firsts in Moderna, due to the lacking in supplies for their second doses, are all worried the effects of their vaccinations, Korean sent its representative to the U.S., in protest of the delays of the their two shipments of Moderna vaccines; now looking at the proclaimed “getting ahead” command center here, without any, means of, actual response, the head of CDC, Chen who claimed, “I will do any and EVERYTHING I can!”, didn’t DO a thing, to put that rush on the deliveries of the Moderna vaccines.

Recently, the shipments of Astra-Zeneca, BioNTech kept coming, and the Medigenvac is already, up for the second doses, but, when does, Moderna arrive, how many, Chen always brushed it off by, “There’s that chance”, but, no shipments still, turning the CDC into the “boy who cried, ‘wolf’”, making those who’d gotten vaccinated with Moderna, losing FAITH.

Getting down to it, the workers of high-speed railroad who are afraid of getting “orphaned”, wanting to find the holes, their thoughts of cheating the system was the primary, but, IF there are enough vaccines to go around, then, why would we the people, break the laws?  Chen should really, examine the problems of the lacking in supplies of the vaccines thoroughly, otherwise, these incidents will keep on, recurring, the government should help people feel settled, feeling that they can get vaccinated, that there are enough to go around, instead of stating “it’s coming……………soon”, without telling the people, just “how soon”!

what we the people don’t have the”luxuries” of…photo from online

And so, the commander here is taking that N.I.M.B.Y attitude toward pressing the deliveries of Moderna vaccines, comparing to South Korea as U.S. delayed the shipments, they’d sent out the government officials to press the U.S. for delivery, and looking at this god damn government here, what DOES it too?  Sit back, relax, and, watch we the people, D-I-E!!!

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The Employees of the High-Speed Rails Cut in Line, Found the Holes in the Systems: the Comedies of the Country’s Defense Against MERS-CoV

It’s not, just, the individuals’ faults here, the GOVERNMENT is what’s to, BLAME!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

More than forty employees of High-Speed Rail Company were suspected of falsifying themselves as third group of employees to get their second doses of Moderna vaccines when they’re the seventh group, went from Taichung southbound to Kaohsiung to get their second doses, it was, shocking to everybody.  Actually the receiving, the gaining of the MERS-CoV vaccines in Taiwan had long before, a comedy already, this was, only, a “turn” in the story.

And so, why are this group of people so hurried to get their second doses?  Because after they had their firsts, they’d become, “Moderna orphans”, not known where their second doses are, and so, they can only, save themselves.  The standard period between the Moderna vaccinations are eight weeks apart, but because of a lacking in supply, the W.H.O. advised the term being extended to twelve weeks, and, many of them had already, exceeded the dates, or course they’re all worried the vaccines losing its, effects.  Actually, the elongated time between the doses of mRNA vaccines, had not yet been, prove, and we can only assume, that the protection is still, intact.

situation in this country, since the very start of the outbreaks from, last year! Photo from online

If Moderna is short on supply, then, the best working situation is using BioNTech as the second doses, but the command centers allowed the adolescents to have their first vaccinations in BioNTech, this was, the only precedence in the world!  The W.H.O. already suggested, to let the high-risk group get fully vaccinated first, then, start on the adolescents, but Taiwan had gone against the normal.  In reality, there are the risks of myocarditis for teens receiving the BioNTech vaccines, this was considered heightened risk in Great Britain which had over ten thousand new cases of contractions currently, and surely, it’s even greater here in Taiwan, considering the number of total population.

Those who broken the rules, could breach the appointment system of the hospitals, and gotten their shots, it’s because the orders of the vaccinations here, are the MOST complex of the world, nobody can get it.  The international ways are easy, after the frontline hospital workers received theirs, then, from the elderly population, to younger, because the primary risk factor is age, this not only fitted to the scientific, but also, simplified the managements of the vaccines.  The shipments arriving in are lagging behind, the orders of vaccinations, not set up correctly, surely, there would be, holes that people are trying to get into in this.  From the Hearts & Livers Foundation case, to now, the employees of the high-speed rail, they were originally, law-abiding, citizens, but, because of the bad policies from the vaccine orders, and not enough in supplies, in the panic, they can only, get themselves to the ground, and behaved badly.

Because of the numerous types of persons, it’d caused the platform of appointment to have, too many holes, for instance, first to third types, there are the rosters made for their vaccinations, for the rest, we’d had to sign up online, and because the elderly population may not be agile in using the online appointment systems, the heads of the boroughs passed out the registry forms, too hard for it to not become, too, messy.  In other countries, before the vaccinations, it’s united that people get registered online, receiving their vaccination slips, then, they would make the appointments for vaccinations, one set of systems, one set of procedures.

Last year, Taiwan had passed up the chances of buying the shipments of BioNTech, but because the outbreaks hadn’t hit hard enough yet, it’d, passed up the opportunities, and by May when the outbreaks exploded, the country’s hurrying to buy more was, way too late, so the government can only, push forth the nation’s own “homegrown” vaccines, but the people don’t buy it, and it still didn’t resolve the shortages of vaccines available to us.  Thankfully, because most of us abided by the rules, using the non-medical means to block off the Alpha and the Delta strands.

Currently, based off of how it’s going, it’s a low risk that someone contracts MERS-CoV in this country, the people don’t need to panic and start fighting over the limited supplies of vaccines.  As BioNTech’s first round through all the age groups, the mixing of the vaccinations should be allowed, to have the flexibilities of usages of vaccines.  And the platforms for the registering needed to be unified too, using the computer as the gatekeeper, to separate the registration and the actual vaccination proceedings, instead of letting it up to get evaluated by the hospitals individually, that way, it will, reduce the scams.

So, there’s not just, that faulty registry system at work, but the shortages of vaccine availabilities, and the government still waiting on the AFFIRMATIVE results of mixing and matching the vaccines work, and that’ll take???  Exactly, and during this wait, more will die, and it’s still the god damn government’s faults, for NOT giving WE the people enough vaccines, for setting up this, bullshitting platform for registering for, and to actually sign UP for the vaccines.  And, due to this bad programming of the systems, MORE are gonna, D-I-E, because, apparently, the government WANTS to reduce the problems of OVERPOPULATION in this big old world we all reside in…

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When the Government is BRAIN-DEAD…

Here’s, that, “multiple-choice question” again…

Do we (A) Pull it off life-support, (B) Keep it Connected to the machines, let nature take its course (C), Start a revolution, to set up, a brand new, governing, body?

When the government is BRAIN-DEAD, and let’s face it, the government does NOT have a brain, and I’m still NOT just talkin’ about the government of this god damn “country” I’m currently residing in either, I’m talkin’ ‘bout government in general here, I mean, those governments that are, “voted by we the people” (b/c WE are, the people, or, are we all, something else now???), they actually don’t have our best interests in mind, like for this currently one I’m “ruled under” (yeah, get real here!), the president kept claiming how the government’s ordered enough vaccines for everyone in the country to get at least, TWO vaccinations, and yet, many of us hadn’t even gotten our firsts (as Moderna is short-stocked???), and the shipments of BioNTech/Pfizer is, late again, and, AZ had that huge risk of blood-clot, and nobody wants to put their lives at risk of that, while this god damn government developed ITS own vaccines, and they wanted to, use WE the people, as LABRATS, forcing the EU to pass only AFTER stage two!

And that, is only on the part of the outbreaks…

Then, there’s, the BULLSHITTING spending vouchers, the government does NOT direct deposit the money we, the taxpayers paid into our bank accounts, instead, it made us stand in those, long, long lines in the super convenience stores to pick up the printed version, while there is, a bundle of us, who selected to get the vouchers, tied to our, credit cards (that saved us from standing in those, long, long lines!!!).

The government also, imported the pork with ractopamine, and for what?  Sucking up to the U.S. government, thinking that it would side with us, if we were to go to war with China (uh, get real, the U.S. isn’t STUPID!!!), and also, we went from the top few in defenses against MERS-CoV as this started back in, 2019 (maybe???), and due to the lack of vaccine availabilities, we’d, dropped, to the bottom, and we went from “Taiwan CAN Help” (b/c this country donated the masks???) to “WHO WILL, help, Taiwan?” (b/c the government did NOT have the foresights, to order up a ton of vaccines that we the people are in need of!)

Yep, that ‘bout, sums that up here…

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