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Calling the Corruptions of, War

The precedence of, Ukraine, still NOT, taken, seriously enough here, ‘cuz, oh yeah, there’s NO bombs, dropping down, blowing UP this god DAMN island that I’m currently living on, Y-E-T!!!  The Taiwanese “popularly elected government” is still FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) us all, up!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The scandals of corruption came out, the president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy fired FOUR assistant directors of government offices, five governors, an assistant district attorney, along with many other in the higher up government, including the assistant manager of his own office, Tymoshenko.

The corruption of Ukraine is already, world-renowned, and, Zelenskyy used the slogans of “fighting corruption” to help him win the elections; and yet, his closest cabinet members are corrupt, right under his, nose.  After the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict began, he’d used the green t-shirt to shape his own heroic image, while the corruptions of his government officials, ongoing outside the camera lenses.  And, this scandal made the rest of the world realized: that the corruptions of war give off of an even, bigger stench!

what they looked like, photo from online, and more are, “coming in”…

As the soldiers of Ukraine give their lives on the frontlines, lying DEAD, the higher up officials are living high, and extravagantly.  Tymoshenko had used the Chevy that were used to extract the locals to safety as his own; the assistant basic equipment manager, in a contract that helps restored water and electric power to the people, took a bribe of $400,000 in the engineering; even the D.o.D. took the kickbacks on the meal costs for the servicemen who are fighting the war on the, frontlines.

The disclosures of all of these, scandals, had, completely, blemished the justifiable reasons of a country’s going to war.  The problem being: is this scene, only unique to, Ukraine, or, is this, the unavoidable, results of, war?

Wu and Hsiao both stated to the foreign presses, matter-of-factly:  Taiwan is ready for war as a whole society.  Recently, there came, the news of the Speaker of the House, McCarthy’s possible visit in the springtime here, it’d only been, no more than six months since the Communist Chinese fighter planes, battleships started, circling Taiwan, and now, the DDP wanted to, defy the People’s Liberation Army of China.  But, doesn’t the DDP have other tricks up its, sleeve, why does it keep on, tooting the horns of, war?

The higher up of Ukrainian government got turned over, every call that’s loud for war, sounded like the war horns of, corruption, sounding, quite, suspicious!

the “head counts” from back in 2019! “Graph” found online

Of course, the U.S. would want us to go to war with China, after all, it’d, already RETREATED all those TMSC engineers out of the country by, “extraction”, leaving this island as, a vacant lot, and, hello, hello, hello, that’s what, 13 BILLION in population across the seas in China, and how many do WE have here???  Yeah, not even close to HALF of that, and so, here’s the “dilemma” (yeah right!): do we go and save the measly millions, offending BILLIONS in China (that would be, SUICIDE in business, you DO realize that, right???) or do we just, let that god DAMN island, that we’d already shipped ALL of our, outdated battle gears to, sink?

You do the “math”…

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Does it Matter, WHO, Becomes, the Next Head of State?

Of course not, as the DDP had already, RUN this country to TEN-FEET under (‘cuz six-feet ain’t, deep, ‘nough!), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

If there are, no mishaps, the President, Tsai will be announcing the new head of state today.  But, even IF there are, accidents, we won’t be, the least bit, surprised; reason being, this circus had started playing two months back since the DDP lost the area elections.  And so, this time, the DRAG doesn’t keep our eyes, tuned, in.

Currently, the candidate for the new head of state is the former vice president, Chen.  For two months, from Su’s being asked to stay on post, to the possible candidates of Su, Chen, Gu, etc., etc., etc., etc.; to Su’s “resigning and waiting”, returning back to Gu, Su, Chen’s “possible candidates”, the disc just skips, skips, and skips, again, again, and, again, clearly, the DDP had, NO fitting personnel anymore.

a DOG that’ll roll over, play dead, SIT, STAY, SHAKE, for a “treat” is what Tsai’s looking for as her head of State! Photo of former president Obama with his poodle, from online

Looking at all of these, “possible candidates” for the “head of State”, the “first choice”, former VP, Chen’s misspeaking during the pandemic, lacking the professionalism; and he was jokingly called the “salesperson for Medigenvac”, his candidacy is, completely, questionable.  While Su’s abusing his special power, Gu’s brashness, they are all, ill-fitted for the position.  Let alone on the subject of the “time-being man of choice”, none of these can even manage the matter of the DDP’s losing the elections.

Lin who’d lost out in the mayoral race of Hsinbei City, was named as well, the one who’d nominated him stated that he was, “without flaws”.  Translation?  That he didn’t have the problems of “plagiarizing his graduate papers”.  And, if this is considered as an added quality to take over the country’s most important posts then, the government of Tsai surely had, lowered ITS, qualification in leadership style, leadership abilities, as well as morale.

Whether it be Su, Gu, or Chen, the three shared one quality: they are all very trusted by the president, Tsai.  Bluntly told, Tsai is only, looking for a surrogate for her own beliefs.  And, if this is the case, it would NOT matter, W-H-O is, the HEAD of, state.  It’s clear to see, whether Tsai plans to, “start off anew” or if she wanted to, “keep the powers at her table”.

And so, this president only wanted a good doggy, who’ll, do what he is told, and, who will be that good dog at Tsai’s feet again?  Yeah, I don’t’ think it matters, so long as she’d trained him, to NOT pee and poop EVERYWHERE all over the place, then, she wouldn’t trained her “good doggy”, well enough.  Tsai enjoyed being the puppeteer, which is why Su got FIRED, because Su went off on his own, he strayed from her rule, so she’d, OUSTED him.

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The Laws Which are, a Step Behind the Scam Artists, the Fake Play on Tackling the Problems of Scams in the Country?

Listen to the DDP government, BULLSLHITTING we the people again, hadn’t we had, enough???  Apparently, N-O-T!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The government announced in July of last year, that it will set up the “team of experts to tackle fraud”, but, the setting up of the system is slow to form, can’t catch up to the innovative scam means devised by the scam artist rings; the conditions of fraud and scams in this country continued worsening, the head accounts, the virtual currencies, the electronic pay, and other forms money laundering are happening all around us, there were the deaths of the jobseekers losing their lives after the scam groups forcibly abducted them, and, it’d made us wonder, that the “team of experts to tackle the frauds”, are “faking it”.

The virtual currencies became a primary method of money laundering now, and the heads called themselves currency traders to dodge arrest, this is primarily due to how there’s the lack of management means for the virtual currencies, that you are not required to have the licensures to trade virtual currencies, the government should get more active in keeping an eye on these, and now allowed the “unlicensed” currency traders to do business, or to trade outside the markets.

Also, the investigations aren’t easy either, the communications app, the social networking sites being prevalent nowadays, the police can’t catch the bad behaviors and to review the data they suspected in time, the drafts of the technology investigations legislature is planning to use the trojan horses to collect the evidence from the internet, to close in on the criminal acts, but with the society still doubting the efficacies, the drafts of this act hadn’t passed yet.

hey, look on the, “bright” side, at least, we didn’t, go RED in the, alerts, we’re only still, only, YELLOW level here! Yay us!!! Map from online

Japan, China set up laws to punish the holders of the accounts who’d allowed the scam rings to use their accounts; Italy pushed forth the information sharing of telecommunications company with the banks, to enforce the accounts and cell phone verification means; there are now, a lot of other European nations that are allowing for the equipment end to keep tabs on the communications.  Now, look at Taiwan, what had we done?  Government announced that it will break up the frauds, the scam rings, what’s the efficacy of that?  We the people, are still, waiting to find out.

And so, we are still, johnny-come-lately, just like how we were slow in tackling the issues of MERS-CoV, we are, too far, far, FAR behind the rest of the world’s major countries in cracking down the scam artist rings, and this government still made us a ton of empty promises, with NO means, no ways of, enforcing the laws, to ENSURE the safety of our personal data from getting stole and misused by the scam artists here.

Thus, turning this god DAMN island, into, a HAVEN for the scam artists.  Well, look on the bright side, at least, that would, put US on the maps for that!

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The Musical Chair of Government Officials

Yep, that’s what, this, @#$%ING, government is, doing, that, “SWITCH-UP” here!

The musical chair of, government officials, yeah, because the DDP “promoted” from “within”, that’s why, the former VP is now, the head of state (OFF with HIS HEAD!) and, the current VP is still, in his, post, until, the DICTATOR feels the need, to, “behead” him, then, put another DUMMY onto the SPOT (Who’s the NEXT to get “castrated” again???).

And so, this promote from within the party is still pointless, as we’d already WITNESSED, just how god DAMN corrupt the DDP became, with Tsai as the chair of the party.

like this…

whoever’s able to, “grab” a chair gets to the State to sit NEXT to the President, and the rest who got a chair will become the members of the “cabinet”…photo from online

But, there’s NOTHING we the people, (and we ARE, still, the PEOPLE right, or, did I, miss a “memo” again here???) can do, we’d been, enslaved by the party too long, and, this long and overdue awakening of the masses still came, too little, too, late, as the DDP tasted absolutely power already, you think they’re gonna let it go, without, a coup d’état???  And, what makes you think that we the people, are barbaric, enough, to OVERTHROW this, DICTATORSHIP?  We’re still, using our pens (aka the USELESS votes!) to “voice” our, displease, and that still, does, S-H-I-T!

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As the Government “Allowed” Us, Women, to Spend Our New Year’s Eve with Our Own Families of, Origin

The government here, RE-iterated that it SHOULD BE ALLOWED, for us women who are married (still so totally NOWHERE N-E-A-R the vicinity of THAT shit here!), to go home to our own individual families of origins for New Year’s Eve meal gatherings…

Now, the government had, called out to the families with the sons, to be “more open” to the idea, to allow us women, to have the needed “time off”, seeing how we’d waited on them (our husbands and their families) hand-AND-FEET, all year long already, to give us a break!

And called out to the in-laws to not be so “narrow-minded”, to allow us women, to head home to our own individual families of origins on New Year’s Eve.

Now, there ARE, a few (more like a ton of!) problems with that:  first, who the FUCK (so???) says, that we can’t go to our own families of origins on New Year’s Eve to have the meals, and, this government’s “graciously allowing” us to do that, wouldn’t that be insinuating that before the statements made, we weren’t allowed to?

and the “caption” reads: one in five believes that women are inferior to men, study shows…from online

Secondly, who the FUCK (no need to pardon me here still!) says, that once we women are married, we are, SLAVES to your (men’s) families, as the traditions of this god damn CULTURE stated (not in so many words still!), that we’re supposed to be MISUSED as the maid, heading home on the holidays, serving our in-laws, our husbands (1@ a time, hello, hello, hello???), and their siblings, however many there are! Hand-and foot?

And third, just because we are married to you losers (just bring that UZI to my wedding, remember???) that does NOT mean, that we’re, your SLAVES, “honey” (still sarcasm “talkin’” here!), and, that’s that.

We will NOT take any more SHIT from you losers, our has-beens (b/c that’s what you’ll become, IF you do NOT behave yourselves!), and, all you mothers-in-law out there, DO remember, that we are the ones, who will be able to give your STUPID little boys their children, and unless all you mothers want to get CHARGED with INCEST (sex with your own direct next-of-kin, hello, hello, hello!!!), DO show respect to us, women who aren’t related to you, okay???

This is still ME, asking you, “nicely”, and trust me, nobody want to see me mean, just ask my two already DEAD boys, they’d seen me like that from high school, and they’d, DUCKED out for cover.

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We Can Put Up with Her Songs, But We Can’t, Put Up with Her Words of, Truth

As truths, normally, sounded like those NAILS, scratching across that BLACKBOARD???  How the DDP is, selective in only accepting the words of those who sucked up to them, and NOT the words of truths, the words of, real, advice, and we’re still, letting this, BAD political party, RUN our lives, to SIX feet under!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there were, two women from Taiwan who’d gained the most number of news reports, one sang very well, one didn’t.  One gained her fame twenty-five years ago, the other, only risen to her fame recently.

They are, the legislator, Kao, the singer, Yuki Hsu.  One was born in 1978, the other, in 1980.  In the past, we’d called those ladies over forty “ma’am”, but now, we call them, “ladies”.

what Kao’s words sounded like, to the DDP! there’s, that, very, loud, annoying, sharp, SCREECH………photo from online

On the New Year Eve party this year, Yuki Hsu brought the past to everybody who were there, made the eyes filled with tears.  A woman of closes to forty-five still danced and sang, the younger ladies of the generations, can’t even, tag on her, taillights.  The songs, “I’m a girl”, “Great, Great, Great”, and, “Monster”……….too scary.  And if you don’t know any of these, you may have, lived up in the, mountains.  Don’t know if she’s actually a good singer, or the songs sounded very, melodic, every one can be a hit.

While Kao, as her mouth opened, everybody scattered, after all she is, no singer, but loved to perform, her “loss of executive control of office”, landed her the best female lead of the shows.  Every year the statistical department estimated the upcoming year’s predicted budgets, if the taxes collected is over the amount, then the government had, collected overtly, the bigger the difference meant the loss of function of the executive departments, or, that as the GDP goes up, every profession made more money, naturally, more taxes were being, collected, both of these explanations are, correct.

The two ladies in their forties both landed under that perfect spotlight.  One wanted to step off the podium, with everybody hollering “Encore!  Encore!  Encore!”; the other bowed to the masses in her apologetic means, and everybody booed her, wanted her to get OFF.

In recent times, they’re bringing back the, oldies, so, the songs of Yuki Hsu from twenty-five years back, sounded, new; but, to the supporters of the party in power, they’d much rather have the legislator, Kao sing more, and talk a whole lot, less, because, no matter how bad her singing voice is, it beats her telling the society the cold, hard, truths.

And so, this, is what this was, how the truthful words of the party’s legislator now, bit the party on the ass, and, this woman, she finally got some sense knocked into her, realizing, that the party she’s a part of doesn’t do anything for the people, that’s why she’d become, outspoken, because they went after her for something else, and now, the DDP tries to, silence her, but, I’m pretty sure, that Kao will keep on, singing her, tunes of, the truth about what the DDP truly is: corrupt to the core, rotten!

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Tang, the Head of Digital Department Can Really, Toot Her Own, Horns

Another way the Tsai government’s, wasted our, tax dollars here, setting up, this BULLSHIT “department” of the government that does, SQUAT!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of Digital Department, Tang visited Lithuania, and in an interview of the foreign press, she’d stated that Taiwan will be helping Ukraine in “digital rebuilding”.  Surely, it’s nice, the thought, but she seemed to have forgotten, that the phone scams are worsening by the days here in Taiwan, the government and public agencies’ informational security has a huge hole in the systems, with our personal data getting stolen, and sold off.  Tang left the problem we’re facing at home, went abroad, and, tooted and boasted, what does she think she’s doing?

Awhile ago, the news over 23 million individual personal data was leaked with the N.S.A affirming that this was, true, with the leak coming from the systems of the local land offices.  After the incident, the head of internal affairs, Hsu sent in his resignation, with the “stand-in” head of internal affairs, Hua in a shouting match with the legislators who aren’t of the DDP, with that malicious attitude, until finally, he’d, “promised” to propose a solution on what should be done, within two months.

and, the grand opening of that, “office”…photo from online

These two days, there was the news of the database of the members of China Airlines getting hacked, including Chang, the C.E.O. of TMSC, Terry Go, C.E.O. of Foxconn, the VP, Lai’s personal data being, leaked.  As the civics aerial department started investigating, China Airlines claimed, that they already sent out the emails to the members to “change your passwords periodically”, to ensure the security of your own personal data.  Meaning, that the information are leaked out, because the customers aren’t frequently changing up their, passwords.  As for how the information was hacked, and the responsibilities to China Airlines, there’s, NO mention of any of this.

At the start when the government of Tsai set up the Digital Department, the DDP made it sounded like there’s some amazing acts of the department that’s foreseeable in the futures.  And yet, from its beginnings from last August, the department only put out a “noodle ordering platform”, so Tang could, dance around and show off what she had, accomplished, with the end result of the citizens, booing.

“Information security IS national security”, but, with the digital department now set up, there’s no one who’s in charge of keeping the data from being, hacked by hackers, with Tang keep on, tooting her own, horns.

And, this is another “bill” on that TAB of a long list of how the DDP wasted the taxpayers tax dollars, and, nobody knows what this new digital department does, and my guess would be, that this is only, like those, shell companies of those firms that are laundering money somewhere in Europe (that’s where those things are being done, right???  Wouldn’t know here!), with the name, and “status”, but it doesn’t do SQUAT, it can’t even prevent our personal data from getting stolen, what good is it, huh???


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Weighing the Individual Right to Have Sex with Whoever One Chooses More than Rights of Spouse?

What the @#$% is this?  So now, we can go and FUCK (so???) whoever we want to, no matter if the one we’re sleeping with is married, or not, and it wouldn’t matter IF we’re, married or not either…how the amendment that “zoomed in” on individual rights IS FUCKING (so???) up the “institution” of “marriage”, and yes, it’s still MY personal belief, that those of YOU who wants to get married, SHOULD be, “institutionalized” still…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Extramarital Affairs Gained the Minority Supports to Fight, the Courts: Based Off of Individual Interpretations

The female judge of the Taipei District Courts had ruled that spousal rights aren’t protected by the constitution, ruling that the law guarantees “the freedom of sexual acts”, found the other woman not guilty; the man, Yeh took Liu, the other woman to a motel, and he was sued by his own wife for $600,000N.T.s, the man and the other woman used the claims that they should have the sexual freedoms to fight the charges, but the Taichung District Courts found, that the verdict was based off of the particular court justice’s own interpretation of the law, that it’s NOT the long-term ruling, found Yeh and Liu guilty of adultery, that they both will pay the wife of Yeh $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh’s wife stated, that Liu took the advantage of working with her husband, got between them, last year in March she was at home, caring for her children, her husband used the excuse of a business trip, took Liu by car to a motel in Nantou, that they’d had sexual intercourse there, that they’d both infringed her right as his spouse, she’d sued her husband and Liu for $600,000N.T.s.

Yeh fought the charges, stated, that “the rights of the spouse” isn’t a “written right” in law, that it’s a concept of practical means, and that the legislations of “sexual decision rights” should trump the spousal rights, so, adultery isn’t a crime at all, not mentioning, how it’d not, broken the law of, marriage, that he and Liu had gone to a motel, but they’d not had sexual intercourse, that his wife had NO basis to sue him.

and now, even AS you’d, caught your spouses (1@a time!) doing this with another, you still can’t SUE, because adultery is DECRIMINALIZED!!! Photo from online

Liu also said, that there’s already questions in the country’s beliefs about spousal rights, Yeh and his wife’s relations hadn’t been a husband and a wife’s means of interactions, that their relationship was broken long before she got involved.

The courts found, that Yeh and Liu’s behaviors, not considering the fact that they went to a motel together, but, based off of social norm, it’d clearly, exceeding the normal friendships interactions, found that Yeh’s spousal right was, infringed, that Yeh’s using that his marriage with his wife being broken already, to justify his sleeping with Liu, considering the occupation of both, and the incomes they bring in, the courts found that Yeh and Liu need to pay Yeh’s wife $200,000N.T.s.

Yeh and Liu fought the verdict, that the defining of whether or not a marriage is well is subjective, that this wasn’t a guaranteed right of the law, that even if it’s protected by law, the individuals’ sexual rights should get prioritized over the spousal rights; but the Taichung District Court found, that the ruling was based off of the individual court judge’s interpretations of the particular law, that it’s based off of the personal opinions of the judge, that it’s NOT a long-term practical belief.

And so, this, would be the outcomes of the country’s legalizing adultery, by decriminalizing adultery, because now, two consenting adults can FUCK, with a total disregard of how they may have damaged the rights of their own, individual, spouses (if they have them!), and this is just SHIT!

And yeah, marriage IS, that, “institution, that EVERYBODY checks out of, that way, we can all, fuck whoever the hell we so choose, no strings attached, and this is the mess that comes after the country’s decriminalizing the act of, adultery, some years ago…

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With U.S. as the “Puppeteer”, the Talk of Peace Between China & Taiwan Became an Impossibility

Taiwan is still, the, BIGGEST L-O-S-E-R, if war between us and China is imminent, and yet, the DDP and Tsai still believe the lies of U.S., grabbing onto whatever STRAWS they think that will save this country from Communist Chinese takeover!  As war becomes, almost, unavoidable here…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The tactic thinktank rehearsed the outcomes of war between Taiwan and China, and the end result was, Taiwan destroyed, the American armed services won, but barely, the armed forces of China, nearly completely DESTROYED.  This is very awakening, if the armed forces are sent under the willingness of the U.S., working with Taiwan under certain circumstances, this is actually, U.S.’s cognitive warfare toward Taiwan, hoping that we purchase MORE weapons from them, to FIGHT Communist China, to help the U.S., diminish the Chinese powers that are, rising up slowly.

Wanting to use Taiwan as a dummy, the setting of war is in China, believing, that they’d, set the perfect trap for China to be dumb enough to take the bait, to destroy the USELESS country of Taiwan, and in the end, China will carry the historical bad reputations, turning the 23 million of people in Taiwan into, adversaries for life with the Chinese, never reaching that peace.

what Taiwan gets turned, into: D-U-M-M-I-ES!!! Photo from online

It’s not that Communist China won’t attack Taiwan, but it’d already, drawn the lines, and the boundaries of “Taiwanese Independence and Foreign Countries’ Taking Over” simply won’t get, breached.  Looking at how the Tsai government danced along with the U.S. tunes, losing the means of communication that we have with China, the liberation armed forces circled around Taiwan in the drills, shooting the missiles over our aerial zones, shutting us up in fear.  The actions of the People’s Liberation Army is borderline toward that breakdown point, clearly, China is, upset over the behaviors of Taiwan and U.S. too; these new interaction style is becoming the norm, and, it’s hard to guarantee, that there won’t be, any, “accidents”.

Where’s the limits to the Taiwanese political considerations of the armed forces?  The dignity of the country had been bullied by the dictatorship, we’d, taken the Americans for their words in arming up, buying the super expensive war machineries that the U.S. is throwing away as garbage, and, fighting this war that wasn’t even from the very start, we can’t, complain about any of it.  Forcing ourselves to arm up, to bury down the mines, setting up the armory storage for the ammunition we are in need of, lengthening the service terms, putting the younger generations in the warzones, onto the, battlefields, we’d become, subjugates to another country, just, following orders.

Enticing Taiwan to fight China, it’d become, a world trend, like, how we must go to war, to show how strong, how tough we, are?  You think that by setting up the weapon storage bases in Taiwan, will stop China from advancing?  Especially, the thinktank also, suggested giving Taiwan the missiles that can destroy Shanghai too, this is making the people in China HATE Taiwan even more, and why does the government of Tsai not make a sound, and still, she and the DDP called out to “maintain that peaceful term with China”?

If Taiwan goes to war with China, it’ll be the people in Taiwan who ends up DEAD, the brash lies of the authorities told, a million times over, still won’t be, true.

And yet, the government of Tsai still, insisted on making US, into U.S.’s BITCH, and she still failed to take the precedence of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts from before, and, if this country goes to war with China, we will be completely, WIPED out, but hey, who CARES, I mean, the U.S. already “shipped” all the workers of TMSC overseas to give them U.S. citizenship or PR, and this island became, TRASH to the U.S., it already got the technologies from us, along with those workers who don’t mind working their quadruple OTs to the U.S., they got nothing to lose, while Taiwan is, risking EVERYTHING in defying China here, and the @#$%ING DDP government still can’t see that!  How BLIND can you be???

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The BIGGEST Loser of All the Tactical Rehearsals, Taiwan Always Ends as the BIGGEST, LOSER

Who is, the BIGGEST, loser???  WE A-R-E!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Rather than “Dancing to the Songs” Played by the U.S., We Should Work Hard to Avoid the Conflicts of War with China

In recent years, there were many predictions made of the war that’s possible between Taiwan and China, and the expert scholars had done their mock war trials, I believe, that no matter the outcomes of the tactical trials, Taiwan will always end up being, the BIGGEST, LOSER!

The latest results of the CSIS form D.C., the final outcomes of the war, U.S. lost two war aircrafts, dozens of battleships, with a predicted casualty of 3,200; Japan loses more than a hundred fighter planes, twenty-six battleships; and, Taiwan would sustain the expected losses of 3,500 servicepersons, with all of our naval forces, completely, destroyed; with China predicted to lose about 10,000 people, 155 fighter airplanes, and, hundreds of, battleships.

The key of these army tactic models is in the process, but the results of this particular one is quite far from the realities, and here’s why:

First, if war happens between Taiwan and China, at the start, the Chinese armed forces may block all American and Japanese forces out of the first chain of islands geographically, and even , the second chain of islands geographically, cutting off any possible American and Japanese interventions.

this is what we’re, looking at right now, with our enemies, at the, very T-O-P, and U.S. only comes in third in population, and, imagine how much more weapons, battleships, etc., etc., etc. China has, compared to Taiwan (and we’re not even on this list!) “graph” found online

Secondly, Beijing viewed Taiwan as the beneficial core, for China, even IF war becomes, imminent, the People’s Liberation Army will be all hands on deck, at all costs, not giving Taiwan or any other countries from outside ANY time to breathe during the attacks.

Third, the estimated loss of Taiwanese armed forces only included the navy warships and some of the military servicepersons, this was not exact with the computer based predictions that Taiwan is doing right now.  Whether it be the first day of war, or the entire war of Taiwan versus China, we are estimated to lose more than 100,000s of armed forces, and our naval, air force powers would be, completely, destroyed.

Fourth, based off of the tactic rehearsals, although the American armed services is bound to prevent the Liberation Armies from taking over Taiwan, but it would, sustain, too much losses too; the experts who know the internal workings of U.S. government should understand, that the American government and the D.o.D. card about the cost of war too much, whether it be the total number of American armed services lost on the battlefields, or the destructions of the equipment, for U.S., if entering into war damages its own benefits, then, it wouldn’t send the soldiers to help out, this is precisely why, there’s NO U.S. armed forces sent to the Russo-Ukrainian Conflicts.

Fifth, from the precedence of the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict, Russia is a major nuclear weapon country, so is U.S., and the two would NEVER go head to head.  By the same, China is a major nuclear weapon armed country, as the war between Taiwan and China happens, the U.S. and China also wouldn’t want to, butt heads; reason being, for the U.S., it’s too risky, to start up a nuclear war, giving the round-and-about supports would benefit the U.S. best, and currently, the U.S. government is still leaning towards using the risk-management model to deal with the issues between U.S. and China, not willing to directly get into war with China.

Collusion, avoiding war, and preparation for war, these are the priorities of Taiwan that the country needed to set up right, the diplomatic reasons should be considered more thoroughly, and we should NOT dance to the tunes of the U.S., instead we should, try and patch things up with China, to reduce the chances of, the first shots being, fired off, that should, be the pressing matter the government has, on its, hands. And so, no matter how they (the tactics in Taiwan and in U.S.) worked out the scenarios, this island still end up getting sacrificed like that PAWN in the chess game, and that’s what we’d been, from the very start of this whole SHIT, and the government led by the DDP still refuse to see the FACTS, even though the TACTIC rehearsals of war run by the U.S., and other countries, showed that there’s NO chance for this god DAMN country to WIN, if the DDP government continues to BUTT-HEADS with China, and that, is what we get for electing that DICTATOR to the “throne” here, and if you don’t believe it, take a look at the Ukrainian-Russo Conflicts, yeah, there are also Russian soldiers who died, but heck, it’s still, Ukraine that’s, lost, the most, and we are, Ukraine of the East here, and, people in this government, in this country still hadn’t, waken up yet!


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