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As Three Members of the Janitorial Contracted MERS-CoV, Chen is Still Turning a Blind Eye

And folks, this, is what we get, when we have someone who feels, too good about HIS own abilities, despite the fact, and yes, this HEAD of the health and social welfares is still too, EGOTISTICAL here, and, it’s all because of this DENTIST’s policies, we’re all, going down!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of Department of Sanitation & Welfares, Chen sung the national anthem like a hero on the flag ceremonies on January first, and immediately following, the alerts of the outbreaks start flashing RED.  First, it was the three quarantine hotels that’s found to have the clusters of infections, more then ten individuals who’d originally returned here healthy and sound, due to being quarantined at the quarantine hotels, they’d contracted the virus.  In these past two days, there were, three members of the janitorial crew and a quarantine cabdriver who’d been confirmed of contraction, with a very low Ct rate, which showed, how speedy the virus is transmitted along.  Will this be how the virus will enter into the local residential communities, we are all sitting on the edges of our seats, waiting to see.

here’s that, LOSER who’d, screwed, WE the people, OVER with the BULLSHITTING policies that he came up with!

photo from online

From the four quarantine hotels with the clusters of contractions, to the three members of the janitorial of the airport system contracting the virus, it all showed, of how the front line of entry into this country is, problematic.  There may be three ways the clusters of contractions happened in the quarantine hotels: first, the sanitizing of the usage of the amenities wasn’t thoroughly enough from the previous user, causing the virus to remain, that gets passed to the next individual who’d checked into the room; secondly, it may be due to the lack of training in the hotel personnel, in the deliveries of the foods and necessities, the toiletries, they’d accidentally given the virus a lift to a public space, or a neighboring customer’s room; third, it may be the ventilating systems of certain hotels, the faulty designs of the fire prevention systems, something that’s not right with the hardware, causing the virus to spread through the air-conditioning units, to next door, or to floors above or below.

Whatever the problem, central government FIND it, and demand that the quarantine hotels make improvements, so the guests can check in with ease.  Otherwise, as people arrived back into the country healthy, and they’d, contracted the virus at government sponsored quarantine hotels; and due to the shortened periods of quarantines, the citizens didn’t know they’d contracted the virus, took the virus home to pass it on to their own loved ones, how embarrassing that must be?  And, the carefully designed system of preventing the virus from spreading out, became, a means of how the virus got spread, wouldn’t that be, ironic?

The contraction of the janitor working in the airports, this is, an even more serious matter.  The clusters of contractions at the quarantine hotels, at least, there are the tracks that the government can put the traces on, with the certain origins of contraction; but, the contractions for the janitorial workers, hard to trace.  Especially, the very first janitorial worker who’d found to have contracted MERS, with the Ct rate of only eleven, at the height of its spreading; and, the individual was found to have gone everywhere: setting up the stands at the local markets, lifting the kids to school, with no specific population that s/he’d come into contact with.  If, the individual stayed somewhere, and caused the contraction to spread out, it will surely, cause, a major scale, community outbreak.  And because of this, the city of Taoyuan immediately ordered two of their local schools to stop holding the sessions, because the government realized, just how serious the matter is.

As Chen still does his daily broadcasting online on “no local contractions”, what we the people see, is the numbers getting higher, higher, higher, that are, confirmed of contractions of MERS-CoV coming into the country, we’d once had more than forty confirmed contractions in a day’s time.  All of these, are the extensions of the sources of contractions from the airport janitorial workers, and the quarantine hotel cases.  But, with the confirmed contractions on the rise from out of the country, we’d not seen the CDC switch up its means of operations and prevention, or even, making the PCR tests available to all more speedily, clearly, the CDC is, slacking off.  Reason being, the quarantine hotel stays had been shortened to just a week’s time, and, a lot of whom, before they knew they’d contracted MERS, had already went home, which can become a source of community outbreaks.  If the sanitation measures of the quarantine hotels are not done up to standards, then, the hotels became, the transfer stations for the virus, and the pathway to the communities all around.  The hotel clusters of last May, we the people still remember it clearly, had Chen already, forgotten?

The defense against the spread of the virus, we need both central and local governments on board, and so, the clusters of the quarantine hotels should NOT be seen as the lacking of the local governments.  Especially, as the hotel staff members, the janitorial personnel at the airports, are on the frontlines, the experts already advised that they get their “third doses”, but Chen only had the mind for reducing the numbers, only cared about the wellbeing of the hospital workers, and, neglected all of these, entry level, high-risk workers.  What’s most debatable being, the Omicron strain is breaking out, the high-risk group should swiftly all receive their third doses, but the command center held firm on its claims of at least five months between the second and third vaccinations, showing complete lack of cares and concerns for the welfare of the people.  Treating the sound advice like wind through his ears, and once the Omicron strain spread out too fast, then, it would be, too late!

And yet, the bobblehead of Chen, only nods, when you SLAPS its head, and, that, is how, this brand new, bigger, better (b/c its mutations are, on how many DNA strains???), spreading even faster than the Delta strain, the Omicron, will take this country D-O-W-N, and to think, that had Chen changed his policies, then, none of this SHIT would be, happening now.

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Don’t Pass the Hatred from Generations Before Us, to the Next Generations

How the DDP that’s ruling right now, will, taint the children that are currently, schooled, as well as, the generations that, follow, written by a part-time professor here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the rain slowed in the late morning, and the temperature getting warmer, I’d gone for my exercise walk, and, I’d, turned into the National Human Rights Museum to visit.  Because I worked at a university library, I’d felt especially close, to the volumes of books on display in the museum, and I’d entered into the library to visit, there were, the hundreds of volumes of books on the historical events on February 28th, and other topics of human rights movement, the interviews, the memoirs too.

I’m a lecturer of Taiwanese History, and I’d done the field research regarding these matters, interviewed the elderly individuals who’d weathered through these events of history.  And, I’d, picked up a new volume, and I’d paid special attention to the independent movement historian, Shih’s, memoir, although he is already gone, no matter how he selected to interpret the events during his time, his ideology in politics, his never-stop-fighting for what he believed in spirit, still left me in awe.

here’s one, politically-incorrect children’s book, from online


Looking at the results of the public issues votes, I noted, how the “values of Taiwan” became, nothing more than a card that the two parties had played.  As I held my lecture this past Monday for my students, I did a simple survey, asked if the students showed any cares and concerns for the issues of public voting, or that they were, more interested in the paparazzi of the singer, Wang.  I’d found, that in my two classes, the ratios of former to latter was 1:5 and 1:6.  And, although this didn’t serious impact the outcomes, and the controls of things, but we can see that the modern day Taiwanese students’ awareness of the values of Taiwan, and how much they understand about it.  I can’t help but say, that the younger generations, with the use of media accessibility, and the influences of the news media reports, they’d, understood deeper of the matter, more so than the, ordinary, citizens.

And, out of my expectations, there was, another children’s reading room, children’s game room in the library, I’d entered to take a closer look, there were, close to a hundred volumes of children’s literature.  The larger-sized volumes were about, thirty-pages long, I saw one with the title of “Young Girl 228”, picked it up, it was a book, using a animated sort of way, with the characters being animals, discussing the meanings of the events of February 28th, including murder, hiding, the secret compartments for hiding.  At the back, there was a guided reading section by a scholarly person.

As I’d finished reading, I’d turned to the volunteer at the information desk (the individual was about seventy years of age), I’d told the person, suggested, that this sort of materials should NOT be provided as children’s readers, it may, add to their, being, more misinformed on the matters.  A volunteer called out to me loudly, “This is HISTORY, and we shall, have it!”

I’d told the individual, “I’m only here to tour around, not for arguing, I teach Taiwanese history at a university, this children’s book can contaminate young minds.”  Then, I’d left my name, and had him tell the manager of the library, then, I made my way out.

And, as I walked, I’d pondered, everything in Taiwan is related to politics, and, politics is, currently, expanding out, the past generations’ hatred are, wrapped up, into children’s readers, to BRAIN wash our next generations.  And it’d felt, that in the “democratic” society of Taiwan today, there are those, older generations of writers, younger generations who are influenced by the ideologies of the party ruling over us, that used the untransparent means of words, to wrap up the hatred, and passing the hatred like it was DNA, down to, the next generations of children, how can we expect, that Taiwan would be at peace internally?  If this children’s book was on display at any bookstore, then, nobody can say a thing, because, it’s the freedom to sell for the shops, but, in a library that emphasizes independence, human rights, this was, too, improper.

and another…

all of these, are easily, accessed by parents, to read to their own, young! Photo from online

Think of it, there were the tragedies after the historical events of February 28th, and at the end of Japanese rule over Taiwan, there were the massacres of over 2,400 Taiwanese locals by the Japanese armies.  To how at the end of the Ching Dynasty, Liu, in order to extract the camphor oils, taken the troops into the mountains, and, slaughtered the natives…………Surely, these are all up to interpretations of the writers of history, but, filling the children’s heads with hatred, of what had happened to the people in culture in the past, that’s, quite, morally, irresponsible.  The KMT forgot about the histories, the Communists deleted history, the DDP distorted history, this is, the shared sins of the modern day history of Taiwan and China.  Walking out on this rainy day, I can only feel, that the ugliness of those who want to rule with absolute power, is way harsh, comparing to the coldness of the, cold fronts that are here.

And so, this, is how the younger generations get, tainted by this government of ours, they control ALL the reading materials, print out the distorted versions of history, not based off of facts, but off of whatever it was that they all believe, and, I feel sorry, for the younger generations of children who are being educated in school right now, for they will NEVER know, the truth about, what happened in history, because, the government is in charge, in rewriting it!

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Selectively Disclosing the Matters of the Epidemic, Giving Off that False Feel

Like in selective attention: I only see and hear, what I want to see, and what I want to, hear, NOTHING else!  The lies the government still, feeds to us, and we are all willing, gobbling this SHIT up here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC has hosted its press conferences almost daily now, sending an assortment of messages out to the public, seemingly, open and transparent, but, until the hotels in Taoyuan were, clearing out the customers, did it confirm, that there’s a hoard infection in Taoyuan locally, the selective means of their disclosing information, are they waiting until the epidemic from the hotels had, spread through the local communities, then allowing we the people, the rights, to know?

Looking back, had it not been the deputy mayor of Taipei, Huang’s on the fourteenth, disclosing that the commanding center is about to disclose that a certain case had gotten out of the hotel, then, received a confirmed contraction notice, it would take the command center a long time, until it decided to allow the public to know it, so, the hotels in Taipei is having the contraction cases of MERS-CoV, and they’re, expanding the scans currently.

politicians who LIE!!!

the biggest liars, sitting, and lying with their, faces, straight! Photo from online

After the cluster contraction at the hotel in Taoyuan happened, the Command Center swore hard, that it will zoom in on all the hotels across Taiwan, and now, the second case of clusters of infections occurred in Taoyuan now, putting Taipei in danger too, the Command Center, started, evading its own responsibilities, and, given the responsibilities to the local areas.

Examining closely at how the Command Center does things, it’s means of “nobody noted, I don’t tell”, had happened in everything that the command center had been doing, for instance, on the disclosure of mayor Ke’s how that batch of Modern vaccines set to expire on the eighth wasn’t used up completely, the Command Center switched it to “we’d not let the vaccines gone to waste”, admitted that over hundred doses are used on the test animals.

This “selective disclosures”, “getting caught and I come clean” attitude, not only on the investigations of the epidemic spreading, vaccines, even to amending the definitions of what constitutes as contraction deaths, all occurred, under the tables.

At the start of October, the Command Center told, “the deaths after sixty days of confirmed diagnoses are all qualified as related to MERS-CoV”, the new cases of death that occurred just a few days ago, the assistant head of medical tactic, Lo told that the death “is suspected to be related to MERS-CoV”.  As the press prodded on, the spokesperson, Chuang finally stated, that the causes of death got changed to be determined by the physicians individually, as to when it got changed?  He’d responded, “I can’t remember.”

In order to keep everybody living in the façade of “everything is fine, those in power is strong enough”, it’d held the press conferences daily, seemingly, the CDC was doing a whole lot, but it’d, neglected, the most important matters, regarding the outbreaks here.

And so, this, is how the government is still, bullshitting we the people, and there’s still, NOTHING we can do about it, we’re not, barbaric enough (let’s face it!!!) to overthrow these, dictators that are, ruling over us, and the means that the DDP took, to covering up the facts, it had, advanced, to, a whole new, level all right!

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Chen: the Research Assistant Who’d Contracted MERS Suspected of Not Following the SOP

The CDC got into the habits of, operating on HINDSIGHT from the very start, to even now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Female Researchers Suspected of Taking Her Gloves Off as She Got Bitten by the Rat, then Her Protective Outerwear, the Sample of 259 Others are All Negative, the Sessions for the Vaccination Stations at Taipei Main Extended

There are six more new cases of MERS-CoV from internationally yesterday, no local cases, no deaths.  The spokesperson for the CDC, Chuang, on the matter of laboratory researcher contracting the virus told, that they’d taken the samples of 259 researchers and employees currently, all are, negative, “this is a good sign”, but we still need to prepare the monitoring of the local communities; the commander of CDC, Chen told, that the researcher who’d contracted the virus seemed to have taken her gloves off, then, the hazmat suit, that she didn’t follow the SOP, but they still needed to clarify if that was, what she did.

The virus had been typed for the research assistant of the Genetic Research Lab of Central Research Agency (case 16,816), and it’s exact identical to the rat’s delta strain, they’d found the door handles, the tabletops to have tested positive for viral content.  Chen said, “this is, a contraction occurred in the laboratory setting”; Chuang stated, we’re not ruling out the cross-contamination within the lab, and environmental contractions.

Chen stated, that the SOP set up by the CDC and the research institute isn’t flawed, that it’s the implementation of the means.  Based off of the standards of the lab, the researchers are to take off their hazmat suits, then their gloves, but the researcher in question stated, that as she got bitten by the rat, she’d taken her gloves off then her protective suit, but, if that’s how she’d contracted the virus, it’s still debatable.  The Central Research Agency is discussing, if she will get a reprimand or not based off of what’s happened.

As for the Omicron strain causing the epidemic to run high in various nations, but Chen told, that he’s confident of the development of the epidemically locally here, he’d stated, if we can have everything under control, after New Year’s, we will be able to lower the levels of the alerts again; that it’s expected that the Omicron strain shows in the nation, but, it won’t be as bad as the Delta strain.

And so, once again, this MOTHER @#$%ER (maxed out!!!) is still, UNDERESTIMATING the enemies that are currently, on our doorsteps, and trust me, this latest strain, Omicron, will get in here, just like the Delta strain, and, whether or not the Omicron will cause even MORE damage than the Delta, well, we’ll just have to see, how many MORE dies here, won’t we?  This NOT taking up the responsibilities for these, “tiny slip-ups” that’s already occurred, causing the BREAKS in how the strains of the variations of the mutations to get in, is still the government’s fault, and we the people still can’t do SHIT about it!  We are, enslaved here, remember???

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A Really Odd Contraction of the Virus in the Laboratory Setting

This is still a, TOP-DOWN management problem of how the directors didn’t set up a strict means of managing the systems, that’s why, those who worked under this, not set-up properly systems, started, @#$%ING up, and, now, the virus is, out, in the community, and instead of solving the matter, to contain it, these officials are still, evading responsibilities, not coming up of a way, to catch that virus before it spreads out of control, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Another local outbreak, the highly acclaimed P3 Labs became, the holes in the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, and this was a genetic center that is operated by the Central Research Agency, the former vice president, Chen, and the former director of Central Research Weng worked in the same building as the laboratory.  The recent events, whether it be the rat bites, or the bullying of the superiors, had all been, unbelievably, odd.

“don’t blame it on me! I’m innocent!!!” so stated, the R-A-T!

the rat here, being, injected, with the virus for testing…photo from online

The legendary P3 lab has a high-end defense system for protection, a carefully followed set of standard-operating-procedure, with every worker following the mandates down to the last letter, the female research assistant who’d only started working recently had been bitten TWICE by the rats, after she’d filed a suit, she started using the “official” explanations, and even as she started experiencing the symptoms, she’d not gone for a quick scan, instead, she’d, trekked around, then, quit her job so abruptly.  Recently, as the CDC checked, they’d found that on the door handles, the laboratory desk tops, had been smeared with the viral contents.  This sort of a loosened managing systems, is the lab really up for doing researches as deadly as MERS-CoV?

It’s said, that doe to lacking in human resources, that’s why the lab had hired an inexperienced research assistant.  And yet, the female assistant only got hired back in May, and started working back in September, and, so many things had happened under her watch, apparently this was, a case of, “maladjustment” to the job.  What’s even odder was, the woman quit on the third, and, the confirmed diagnosis had been assigned only five days later, while the man responsible for overseeing the operations of the laboratory, Jeng just filed for his retirement on the first of this month.  This series of coincident, proves the “cheese theory”: something will happen, because all those holes are now, connected, into, one, straight line.

The society is questioning all the events leading up to the diagnosis of the female research assistant, and yet, the Central Research Agency never gave a full explanation of how the viral contents were found present on the doorknobs and the top of the tables with the equipment over it?  Why is it that the female researcher had contracted a different strain of the virus than the rat with the virus contents in its systems?  Who’d not followed the standard-operating procedures in the laboratories?  Why did a normal complaint turn into bullying in the workplace?  The Central Research Agency stuttered on all of these inquiries, couldn’t give an acceptable answer.  As for the heads of the bio-tech industries, they’d, plead the fifth too themselves as well.

And so, there’s not just not manning up to take the responsibilities, of how the female research assistant had, contracted the virus, the possibilities of the virus, spreading out and about in the country from the lab, there’s also, that loosened up system of operations of this, top-notch, “government-secret” virus research lab, and, this still just showed, how it’s still, the top of the heads that didn’t set up the system right, and crooked sticks will always and forever, give off those, crooked, shadows here!

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Comparing the Chemical, Ractopamine to the Bronchodilator

Here’s the argument of the side that’s, pushing for approval of, American imported, PORK…

“The studies showed, even if you consumed 750 kilograms worth of pork and/or beef with ractopamine, you won’t have any health problems, besides, this is the diluted by a hundred times regulations.” Research also showed, that consumption of ractopamine does NOT cause cancer, nor would it have an effect on the unborn fetuses during the pregnancies, now would it have the residual chemicals remaining in our systems.  “If it’s not lethal, then why are you against it?”, the supporters continued stressing, the Asian diets consisted of internal organs, but, there are so many Asians living in America, and, they’d consumed the pork, and none had been found DEAD.  There are the American pregnant women, children, and the amount of ractopamine in their diets are, unmentionable, too tiny, to have any inkling of an effect on the human systems.”

Lin stated, that the bronchodilator with one spray, has TEN kilograms worth pork with ractopamine in it, “then with one spray, I would’ve exceeded the amount of the chemical that is equivalent in a ton of pork, or of beef, this was not banned by other countries around the world.”  The dosing is tens of thousand times comparing, beta receptors are naturally produced by the human bodies too, this is not a toxin, this toxin alone is not fatal, it’s consuming too much of it that will cause fatalities.”

Lin also made the example of botox, of how it’s, deadly, that half a kilogram’s worth is enough to kill the entire global population of man, but the plastic surgeons still used it to firm the skins.  Importing pork with ractopamine may not be the primary entry of our country into the worldwide organizations, but if we don’t accept that there’s a difference of dosage amount being allowed, “You don’t have to consume it, but you should NOT block it from making Taiwan a part of the international trade relations.”

And so, this, is the PRO import side, and I can think of, a whole lot of, more valid reasons on the anti-import side: first, the pork in U.S., has that stench to it when we lived in the U.S., we don’t want to consume it, secondly, this IDIOT compared ractopamine with botox, that’s totally different, because, even though both are toxins, but hey, one of them is being used in the plastic surgeon, and surely, there are the risks, but it’s at the risks of the individuals, and importing of ractopamine isn’t, you’re putting this contaminated food into the plate of every citizen in the country, and having us digest poison, and you call that beneficial, because, hey, who gives a FUCK (don’t pardon me here!) if you all died, so long as we, with the big hats, those of who are high up on the ladder of the government (the heads of states, etc., etc., etc.) get everything our ways.

Besides, this country is already a BITCH to Japan, importing their nuclear contaminated vegetables, and fruits, and every other country is dumping ITS unwanted SHIT on our grounds (those almost past-due date AZ vaccines that Japan donated, you think that’s from kindness?  Think again, because they got better vaccines of Moderna, BioNTech, and there’s the risk of blood clot for those, AZ vaccines that the country did NOT want to kill ITS people with, that’s why, they were too generous, donating that to us!) and the government still does NOT see it, and now, it’s going against we the people’s wish, just to get the U.S. on our sides?  And, might I ask, how many of us are on this island???  Only, say, ‘bout, twenty to thirty million, and, how many people are over there in China???  Wow, that’s what???  More than, a BILLION, hello, hello, hello???  Anybody with a FUCKING working NEURON, can see that why we’re, everybody’s BITCH here!

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A Better Example for the People

We can’t look up to this government of ours, because it has, NO morals, and, if we look up to this, immoral government of ours, and follow its lead, then, this country will completely, go, D-O-W-N, that’s for sure, written by the professor of neurology, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d bumped into a friend who cares a whole lot about her health, saw she carrying out a whole case of instant noodles at the wholesales mart, I was, a bit, surprised, she’d felt embarrassed, and told me that her last year high school son studies into the depth of nights, and, when he felt hungry, he’d normally gone to the super convenience shop to get the midnight snacks for himself.  But a few days ago, when they were shopping downstairs, there came a man without a mask, she and her son were shocked, and immediately, they’d recalled the eye-gouging case in Pingdong, the clerks were all tensed up too, they’d immediately decided that they didn’t want to buy the food anymore, left immediately.  But her son would still feel hungry in the middle of the nights, especially with the weather getting colder, he’d wanted something warm to eat, that’s why she’d bought a whole case of instant noodles, stashed them up at home, to save her son from the chances that he might encounter danger at night when he needed the refuel.  She’d sighed, “wasn’t Taiwan known for how safe it was from before?  Why is it like this now?”

Surely, from before, we were proud that we could go out late at night, and when, we started worrying, that in the broad day light as we are out, there may be someone who’s psychologically ill that stabs you from the back?  Yesterday, a friend told me, that she saw a man with his head shaved flat, with a weird look on his face, walking towards her, without a second thought, she’d, immediately, cross the streets to the other side, she’d come to inquire, that if she was, too neurotic?  I don’t know how to answer that.  In the past, we’d not placed a weapon in our cars, and now, a baseball bat seemed, fitting.  Recently, there are, the violent air that’s, filled up this, society.  Even in the public high school in Chiayi, a group of students had fought each other using baseball bats in the hallways too.  All of these acts of violence, maxed out our capabilities to handle them psychologically, they’d affected our lives, to the point that the government needs to, do something about it.

The readers wrote into the newspapers, that this sort of atmosphere of violence was started up by the politicians, these drunken younger generations are modeling after the politicians ruling over us, brash, and without the laws.  They don’t see the laws, disrespected others, as well as, themselves too, even the servicemen in uniforms, they would get plastered too, and fallen asleep outside the doorways of the super convenience marts, totally, not care of the image of what their uniforms, represented.

I’m too curious why do these younger generations need to get plastered, to numb themselves out, or smashing up the vehicles, beaten someone else up, to vent?  They were, blessed to have been born, in the resourceful environment of Taiwan, which war had not happened in seventy whole years, they have more resources than we ever had, what do they, feel, upset about?

I’m sure, that a lot of people are wondering about this, and worried that the younger generations couldn’t find a purpose for their own lives, gotten lost in the materialism, and wasting their lives, away.  If we don’t know what we want to do in our lives, then, we can’t change into who we want to become from where we currently are, nor would we have the motivations, the drives, to move forward in our own lives.  So, humans must grow, and we all must have goals, and role models too.  Role models are important, just like Confucius said.

The role models come from all over, so long as their actions are worthy of us following.  Some feel, that the students now lacked that role model, because of the deletion of the contents in history and culture lessons, because they don’t like to read, especially, not histories, they’d not known who in history are worth their modeling after.

A child looks up to Guangong, as he got his stitches out in the hospital, the doctor asked him if he would like anesthesia, and the child told his surgeon, “Guangong wasn’t afraid of pain when he got his injuries treated, nor am I!”, and that is the effect of a role model, it’d encouraged the kid to become the hero that he’d looked up to.

There are so many in the world, who are, wandering, aimlessly, without a sense of purpose, because they don’t know where they’re going in life next; there are also so many who are without goals, who are, in that state of dormancy, because they don’t know what they’re waking up to.  We are given the gift of time, placed on this earth, don’t waste it away, and, the government, do NOT boast your achievements all over the places, DO something that can cause some positive feedback in our lives!

And so, this, is still, a “top-down” problem, because the government does NOT lead by example, we the people have NO role models to look up to, to model our behaviors after, and, because of how bad the government is, misbehaving right now, that’s why, there are, so many things that are, going wrong in society right now, and, we’re, all a part of this, because, we’re, living, in these, societies, that we are all, living in right now.

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The Entry Level Medical Staff Members at the Blames for the Vaccinations System Errors?

Who gets the blame here, oh yeah, not the perps!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A couple in Taipei, in order to receive their vaccinations, lied about how they’d misplaced and lost their yellow vaccine registry card, torn off the sticker of proof of vaccination on their national health insurance cards, signed a written statement, swearing they’d never had their vaccinations yet, to “bug” the medical staff to administer the vaccines on them, and they’d used an assortment of measures, received a total of FOUR injections; but, as the government learned of this, it’d only called out to the public, to NOT abuse the systems, and the Taipei Department of Sanitations stated “there’s no law set to punish this behaviors”.  The entry level medical workers are already stressed, are now, also, responsible, for the health problems, the medical neglect suit that came out of this?

The purpose of setting up a working system is to ensure the policies gets implemented, and the fairness, the local hospitals, treatment clinics in the city of Taipei, so long as you insert in your national health insurances card, you can log into the central national health insurance system, check for the records of the patients’ vaccination records, the different is, that the major hospitals are, connected to the CDC’s interface (API), that they can check in a faster manner; but the independent clinics didn’t have this setting, has a slower time to process the checks, which leads to the delayed uploading information, which became the holes that these individuals trying to cheat the systems can squeeze through.

Although the hospitals, the clinics were mandated to upload the vaccination records on the dates of the vaccinations, but the speed to which the upload is different, and, it would be impossible, to try and prevent these individuals from cheating the systems , and yet, Central government couldn’t, face the shortcomings of the systems, the incomplete policies of vaccination, and, tossed the responsibilities of this to the local hospitals and clinics independently by saying, “check the national health insurance card to see if the members of the public had their vaccinations”, and not mentioned a single word of how these who cheated the systems is to be, dealt with.

No way to punish, the central, the local governments, all took a passive attitude on the matter, and the pressures are on the entry level workers at the hospta8ils.  If the systems, with all its holes not patched up, would the clinics, hospitals, be willing, to, get sued for, negligence, get fined, so there would be, more and more, “fourth dose warriors” in the society here?

There had been past instances of mistakenly injecting the wrong brands of vaccinations, and the HSR workers, falsifying identification, to sneak in a second dose, the demented getting the mix brands, which showed, how the system isn’t, working, properly here, the Central Government should be discussing how to avoid this from happening again, and to punish individuals like these, who’d, cheated the systems, in getting the mix brand, and extra doses in.

And so this is a top-down problem, because the system isn’t set up correctly, which is precisely, W-H-Y, these problems are, happening, because the government is still, delayed in catching up, and it’s still, lagging behind, and that’s why, the people felt the need, to squeeze through these, holes here.  And yet, the government still, doesn’t MAN up, and take responsibilities for it.

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The Couple in Their Sixties Went on a Vaccination Spree, Received Four Vaccinations in Only Six Months Each

And, there’s, NO laws, set up, to prevent this, or to, punish this sort of, an AWFUL behaviors, it’s still because of the holes in the system, that this couple is, getting away with this, a top-down problem still!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

There are many in the local communities who’d only received, their, second doses recently, and yet, there is a couple in their sixties in the city of Taipei, who’d used the excuses of losing their vaccination records, tearing off the sticker of the recorded dates of their vaccinations, from May to July, they’d gone to the hospitals in cities including Taipei and Kinmen, to get a total of FOUR vaccinations, not only did they mix the vaccines, they even, tried to get in a fifth, but the Taipei Medical Systems already received the reports, they weren’t able to get their fifths.

“There’s, NO law against this, nor is there, any fines set up to prevent this sort of bad behaviors.”, the committee member of the Taipei Department of Sanitations, Ou told, she’d flipped the pages of the laws front to back and found no rules of punishment written for the bad behaviors of cheating the systems to receive the extra vaccinations, currently, the offices of Sanitations of Taipei can only ask the clinics, the hospitals, to pay more attention to this matter, and, asked those who are getting a vaccinations, to show their national health insurance cards, for verifications, to check with the central inoculation agency’s system management, and, after confirming, then, will the vaccinations be, administered, and if the individual insisted on getting the extra vaccinations, and refused to leave, then, they clinics and hospitals can call the police to escort the individuals off the premises.

Based off of understanding, this couple in their sixties, in May, they’d paid for the AZ vaccinations in Taipei first, then, as the vaccinations became available free of charge, they’d flown to Kinmen to get their second; they’d torn off the sticker verifying that they had their firsts, and lied to the medical staff that they’d not get received a first vaccination yet, but the medical staff found them out, and, checked the records filed with the National Health Insurance Agencies, and, refused to vaccinate them.

take your pick, of choice of, multiple vaccinations…

and, you can have, one shot of, each if you wish to…photo from online

But this couple still didn’t give it up, they’d continued claiming to the medical staff they hadn’t had their firsts yet, and signed the papers stating that they hadn’t received any vaccinations yet, and their next-of-kin in Kinmen vouched for them too, and in the end, the medical staff members can only, give them their vaccinations.

After both the husband and the wife had their second doses, in mid-July, they got inoculated again in Taipei, they were tagged as suspicious, and the medical staff refused to administer them their vaccinations, so they’d, switched to another treatment clinic to try to cheat the systems, and, after many attempts, they finally passed, and got their third, and using the time of the information upload in the system, on the following day after they’d received a third vaccination, they’d immediately gone to another treatment clinic, to get a fourth in.

In the short period of time, they had a total of four vaccines.  Of them, the first and seconds were Astra-Zeneca vaccines, the third, fourth are Moderna or BioNTech, and yet, they’d still, circled around the various hospital, clinics, to attempt to cheat a fifth time, but, because the medical staff members worried there may be serious side effects, that it would be a negligence suit, and so, they’d, reported these cases, and that was when the bad behaviors of this couple came out in the open.

Ou said, that all the residual doses’ availability as the members of the public comes in, if the citizens didn’t register with the health medical provision systems, based off of the data recording systems in the local clinics, the clinics couldn’t confirm the past records of the public’s vaccinations records, and it wouldn’t be until the data is uploaded into the system, will the problem pop up, which was how this couple got away, with getting, four total doses.

The spokesperson of the CDC, Chuang said, this case is rare, but, still reminded that the independent clinics must check the National Health Insurance cards for the records of vaccination, to avoid abuse.  He said, the clinics may have been fooled, that he will see how the other local offices of sanitations’ systems of records worked, to decide if a fine will be enforced on these offices of sanitations.

And so, instead of punishing these CHEATS, the government goes after a SCAPEGOAT, the local offices of sanitations, and this still just reflected on how IMCOMPETENT the government is here, if the system is working properly, why the @#$%, would people try and cheat the systems like this?  This is still, a top-down problem, because the systems of registration for vaccination wasn’t fully set up, that’s why, now the holes appeared, and, people like this couple, squeezed through them.

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The Bite-Back of the Net Armies that’s Messed Up Taiwan

 taste of their own, @#$%ING, medicines now, karma’s still, a BITCH here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator of the DDP, Kao being abused by her ex-boyfriend, Lin, the former vice president, Lu pointed out, that it was the DDP net armies that became, the enablers, hoped, that the DDP can keep itself in check more, to respond to this currently, social injustice; the head of state, Su told, that he will make sure that Lin gets a severe punishment for his abuse of his girlfriend, Kao, but hadn’t respond a single word on how the DDP net armies are the enablers in this.  And, the entire case had, entered, into, another level of concern for all in the country now: how does the political party in power, that’s relied on the net armies solely to build up their forces, gets bitten back?

how the net army, draws, the “crowd”…

photo from online

In a few short days, Lin’s identities of an abusive boyfriend, a writer, a member of the Taiwanese Taliban, political-social cockroach, to the malicious of the net armies were all, exposed.  But, what sort of a political biosphere, that’s, allowed those like him, to get what they wanted, out of the government, to take as much as they wished to, as much as, they can from the government?

As Lin was put on that cross, in the shortest time, there were the net armies that’s tried to turn the wind, and there was that incident of members of the net armies, publicly and openly, threatening Kao.  And, what the outside world saw as a loser, abusing his girlfriend, busting the innerworkings of the various systems of the various net armies of the DDP; the related net armies even started engaging themselves, in the party’s internal discords, getting involve all around the island, from the north to the south, those who support us, live, those who don’t, gets, eliminated, and nobody can fight them off.

But what’s funny was, Lin, who’d become reduced, to less than, a “nobody”, can keep up the lies of how he’s, closely tied with the political realms, not only did the famed politicians, the famous businesspeople made an appearance at his own mother’s, funeral, and when something had happened, it’d, taken the heads of the DDP to “show concerns over the matters”.  And, had he not shown his “power”, then, how can these older generations of politicians, of businesspersons, pay attention?

The case of Yang, allowed the members of the public see, how swiftly, the net armies, severed off those who damaged their reputations; Han, Ke, and Lai’s being, ganged up on, made the people see just how, hard the net armies can hit; the case of Kao, it’d disclosed, just how dark the workings of the net armies are, and how the collective stupidity of the party in power, and debauchery of the party had, become.  The net armies that’s made a huge mess of the country now, bites back at its, host, this is, what’s, trending, now.

And so, the net armies, set up by the DDP became, this parasite now, and now, the DDP is only, starting to taste, their own, bitter medication, which they’d, sown the seeds for, and it’s still karma, and payback is, still, a total, BITCH!  Now the political party, will, suffer, the consequences of that bad seed they’d, planted down.

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