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The Government Does NOT Need to be Perfect, But Needs the Compassions and the Mercy

And yet, that’s, EXACTLY what this current government run by the DDP lacked!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The hottest fantasy, ancient soap in the summers, the “Love Between Fairy & Devil”, as I’d finished watching the whole thing, I was moved.  The entire soap is circled around one thing, “love”, the mercies, the kindness, the love for the world, and for all, is the most moving away from the loves shared by the male and female characters.  Think on it, awhile ago, the head of state, Su reported to the legislature that he’d done, all that he could, and yet, there are still those who’d died in this, major pandemic of the hundred years; there is NO perfect government in this world.  He who’d, lead the government, to do the right things, correctly, that’s all that we can, hope for.

There’s no perfect person, no perfect government either.  We are NOT asking for a perfect government of one hundred, but we are, in need of a government with the officials, with the love, and mercy in their, hearts toward us.  At the start of the pandemic, if those in power cared for the people more, showed more mercy, more, love, would there be less in number in those who’d contracted the virus, and died?  The earthquake of September 18th in Taidong, had the president made her way into the areas hit locally, then, would the people NOT felt more cared for, more loved, by our, government?  And yet, before life, all we see, is how callous, how pride had, run the officials in their means………

like this, you don’t follow us, we use the GUNS on you! Illustration from online

With the end of year election coming up, if the government has that kindness, that consideration, that love for the people, then, we would be more than willing to, vote for you; and if you don’t have mercy in your heart, then, you shall be, abandoned by the voters too.

And, this is supposed to be what?  A PLEA to the government, to PAY more attention to the sufferings of we the people, to NOT care too much about how they can, make a buck off of the sales of the ineffective vaccines, to NOT make us ingest poisons (i.e. pork with ractopamine from U.S., nuclear contaminated produce from Japan, etc., etc., etc.???), but, unfortunately, this god damn DDP government, only has what it wants, what it cared about keeping all of those members of their party in office, so they can, keep on, controlling the masses, and the people are still, in a COMATOSE, because, not enough of us had, DIED yet!

It will take everybody around us, those whom we loved, and cared about, DEAD from contraction, and giving birth to malformed babies, to finally realize, that SHIT, this FUCKING (so???) government is NOT on our side at all then, maybe, we would, finally, wake up to see, that we should NOT let them win the election, or better yet, we go and overthrow the DDP!

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What Role is the C.D.C., Now that the Bans on Our Borders are about to Get Lifted?

Reasons why the CDC still wants to keep on operating, even AS the pandemic became, flu-like, and there’s, no need for its, daily press conferences in front of the press anymore!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the world started, reopening, recently, there were the statements of “so long as the pandemic is under control”, the government will go with the people’s wishes to get the bans lifted.  The MERS-Cov mutated strain is less deadly, but very infectious, the country’s operations should return back to normal, the Department of Welfare Sanitations, the Executive Department, the C.D.C. are all in sync on this , “there’s still a lot the command center needs to accomplish, we’re not out of the wood, yet!”  but the C.D.C. had split on the beliefs with the Department of Transportation twice recently, and, in the times when the bans are about to get lifted, the role of the CDC is, very, misleading.  To prevent the respiratory infectious pandemic like SARS to start back up again, that’s why the amendments gave the rights to the government to quarantine its people, to force us to mask up, and, the C.D.C. under the “special mandates” protections, the head of the C.D.C. can issue or change any of the orders as needed, but now, the contracted are dealing with the means of their own quarantines, there’s, no need for the sake of “controlling the spread of the pandemic” to keep the C.D.C. active.

There are the needs of the means, of the procedural to lift up the bans, but, the CDC, and the tourism department aren’t on the same page.  First, the means of “following up with the quick scan results of those who enter into the country”, the CDC announced that it won’t be tracking the individuals anymore, the Department of Transportation stated that the tour guides will be in charge in following up with the members of the tour groups.  Yesterday, the “operations of tour groups, travel agencies” posted, that the medical costs of treatment or measures of those who returned from travel, the C.D.C. and the Department of Transportation, aren’t on the, same page.

 The director of the C.D.C. Wang explained yesterday, that the four requirements of the CDC being no longer needed are: the total number of contractions, the spread of the moderate to severely symptomatic, if there are the fatal mutated strains, the pandemic becoming flu-like, and if the regular preventive measures can be implemented daily, actually, this is exactly like the detections set up for the flu every year, and there’s still no normalizing the methods for the pandemic.

If the CDC can, help prevent the flu in the means that it doesn’t affect our daily lives, there’s no reason why it can’t do the same for MERS-CoV, and even if the C.D.C. doesn’t dismember for the time being, it should be preparing for its work to end.

And so, apparently, the CDC doesn’t want to get off stage, I mean, it’d hogged the stage, owned the spotlight for what???  Three years so far (right???), and now, as the pandemic became treated like the flu, it wants to, continue to HOG the stage, to NOT let the next “performer” get on, and that’s expected, because the CDC got that taste of ultimate power, of seeing how its mandates, can make all of us, bow down to it, that’s why, now as the pandemic became flu-like, it’s not ready, to turn away, from the spotlight, after all, it’d, hogged the stage, for the last three year, it got addicted to power, attention of all of us, of how it just needed to, holler, and the rest of us, ordinary citizens will, follow its, orders.

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Contracting MERS Overseas for Seven Days, Then People are Allowed to Return Back, Who is Going to Keep Guard Over This

The new, seven-plus-zero, with the HOLES in it!  How the rules of the reduced periods of quarantine is going to BACKFIRE, because, apparently, the government thinks that NOT enough had CONTRACTED MERS-CoV here yet, and surely, this is going to, get the numbers back up, to an, all-time high once more, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

So Long as the Citizens Don’t Quick-Scan Themselves, Don’t Tell Anybody, Nobody Would Know, the Rule of Seven Days After Contractions, Then Returning Back Here is, Set Up Uselessly

The gates of this country is reopening on October 13th, the country is allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no strict rules set of quarantine, allowing the foreign tours to enter without quarantine; the CDC stated, that if people in this country followed the tours out of country and had been confirmed of contractions, then they would need to stay out of the country for seven whole days before reentry.  But currently, there’s no requirement of a negative PCR when you board the planes from abroad, and starting on the thirteenth of October, there’s no PCR tests when you enter into the airports here, there’s NO system of guarding the gates, and besides, if you have the symptoms when you were away out of the country, if you don’t do the scans, or intentionally covered up, nobody here can know, and so, the rules of staying out of the country if you are confirmed of contraction for seven days are, pointless.

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

People stated, that if they were confirmed of contraction abroad, they had to stay out of the country for seven whole days before they’re, allowed back, they’d had to spend extra to book the hotels, changing the flights, and, if they have the symptoms, they don’t have insurances, and can’t get treated cheaply, they would need to spend a ton of money on healthcare; if you’d contracted away from the country, most would just return back here with the tour groups, if the individuals don’t tell, they don’t do the quick scans, nobody would know, “those who would stay away out of the country for a whole week, and then, return back, they would be, the minorities.”

The Head of Transportation, Wang told, that in the past, on the tours, when the members stary showing signs of illness, there were the protocols that the travel agencies followed, “this won’t be a problem”, the tour guides can take the tourists to the hospitals at the country they’re in, and follow the rules of quarantine locally.

And yeah, this is this country’s, being, too eager, to open up the gates, that’s why, the rules are, loosened, and, the results of this would be???  More are going to contract the virus, and more are going to D-I-E, and it’s still because of the government’s, not thinking things through, because everybody here is too @#$T%ING sick of getting locked up for the past TWO years and we can’t, wait to, get out.

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A PARROT that Reads Off of the Screens

How can this be, what we, the people need, in our defense against the spread of MERS-CoV?  It’s not, and yet the CDC here, still does its usual, reporting the numbers, and, other than the purpose of letting we the people know, how many contracted the virus today, how many are asymptomatic, how many severely symptomatic, mild symptomatic, blah-blah-blah, it served absolutely NO other functions!

And yet, we’re still allowing them to, take control over, our lives, with the delays in vaccines (‘cuz Taiwan can HELP, my ASS!!!), to the running short of the test kits, and (Taiwan can HELP!), the government is still, quite delusional, STUCK in that mindset of, wow, we’re, ahead, ‘cuz we got all those masks provisions for the rest of the outside world, crack up them factory units, and start, manufacturing that SHIT!

what the CDC two o’clock press conferences daily is, composed of here!!!

“Paulie wants a………oh yeah, a CRACKER!!!”

Through all of this, the C.D.C. still just, reads off of that T.V. in front of it, stating, how many new contractions, how many died, how many of the newly contracted are mildly symptomatic, how many are, asymptomatic, blah-blah-blah, and, the head of the CDC (off with HIS head again!!!) still stands under that god damn SPOTLIGHT like his, predecessors, in front of that god damn MIC, getting his, three-minutes of attention under that god damn, “spotlight”.

And that would be how this Taiwanese government, IS dealing with the pandemic.  Believe me when I say, it would be a hell of a LOT, entertaining, putting those, bobblehead figures right in front of those mics, and, tap on the heads…….well, look on the, BRIGHT side: at LEAST the CDC can still R-E-A-D.



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The Director of the C.D.C. Who’s Taking the Orders from Someone Else

On the “new guy” who got, “promoted” to the post of the director of the C.D.C., as Chen dropped out from his own post, to run for the mayor of the city of Taipei, announcing the ban lifts of the border, to a DDP-favored news medium first, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A round of, applause.  We’re going, to lift the restrictions of our, borders soon, something worth, celebrating, but don’t get too into it, just yet, because as the press asked those in office about the details, nobody knows anything, their minds hadn’t drifted that far up ahead yet.  Just like how it’d been, on the policies of defense against the pandemic, how this government is do-as-you-go, and, lived off of the donated vaccines from foreign countries and the local organizations, and Tsai and her government still pompously boasted, “We’re, up ahead of the “rest”, and they’re, totally, thick-skinned.

Take for Wang, the new director of the C.D.C. for instance, in “not qualifying enough for the post”, he’d, become the director of the C.D.C.  on the left, he had to watch the means of the Department of Social Welfares, Shue, on the right, he’d had to listen hard to the whispers of his predecessor, Chen, how is he to, take the lead?  And that’s not all, as he was still, evasive on the orders to lift the bans on the borders; suddenly, the Executive Department publicized the news of “zero-plus seven” ban lift for October 13th.  This was a total slap across Wang’s face.

So many “elders” stepping in, and, Wang became, nothing more than, a puppet, and pretended as if, he was, actually, in charge of, something.  What’s even odder was, as the time came for the announcements, Wang didn’t speak up about the news of the bans of our borders lifting to the public in a press conference, instead, he’d gone to a press conference of the DDP media, to hand out the good news.  This sort of a bad behavior, further proved, that he’s, ill-fitted for the position of the director of the C.D.C.

What’s more debatable, was that this individual whom he’d gone to announce the lift of the bans for, just recently stated that the Tzu-Chih Hospital was connected with Communist China.  For that, the president, Tsai recently especially made the trip to Hualien, to suck up to the founder of the Tzu-Chih Foundation; the following day, Wang went to, warm up the show for the media, and, blurted out the policies of the Executive Department.  Is he, really that dumb, or, is he, going against the president?

Is Wang trustworthy enough in the public’s mind, this was, not the debate.  What’s more disappointing was, does this government still have the tracks to follow, and the screws on tightly enough, because, everything, is messed up completely here.

So, there’s, the priority in getting the NEWS here, this new HEAD of the CDC (off with THAT head as well!), doesn’t have HIS priorities set straight, like his predecessor didn’t either, and, he just followed the means of Chen who came before him, and, this country will get ruined, until EVERYBODY D-I-E-S here, and seeing how, this government had not yet, wiped OUT our entire population yet, well, it’s still, nowhere NEAR ending, this REIGN of TERROR of the DDP, and Tsai!

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Inconsistent about What He is Saying, How Can the Director of the C.D.C. be Trustworthy Enough?

The CDC is now, the DDP’s, privately owned, campaign machine, losing THE professionalism that it should have, but hey, what can you expect, it’s the DDP that’s, leading THIS god damn country, to HELL right now!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The executive department had signed off on the two stages of opening up the gates to this country yesterday, but, way before the news, there’d been multiple versions of the dates of opening up our gates, Wang, the director of the CDC, rushed to announce on the radio the plans of the day of implementing the “zero plus seven” before the Executive Department’s announcements of, and, after the discussion forums of the executive department, his statement, changed, again, so, which one should we believe, and how do we place our trust in a CDC that’s, inconsistent on its, announcements?

As Wang was in the seat of the head of the C.D.C., he’d called out that the CDC will “do away with the party politics, to serve the people”, and yet, as he came to office, he’d not set the new rule, but just, followed his predecessor, every time there’s a major news, he’d, told it first to the specific media press.

The “zero-plus-seven” had been the policy that’s long awaited on by the people and the businesses, as, many of the smaller enterprises had fallen out on the doorsteps of the defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  And yet, Wang continued to be inconsistent on when the borders of this country will reopen, and today, it’s, “end of September”, tomorrow, “at the start of October”, then in a few days, “quite unlikely for the upper half of October!”

Chuang the spokesperson for the CDC confirmed the “schedules of opening up the borders” that started getting passed out online, and there’s the suspicions of how this got leaked out on purpose, to test which way the wind will blow.  Yesterday before the meeting at the legislature, Wang “coincidentally” went to the interviews at a certain radio station.

The very first time the head of the C.D.C. responded to the exact date of the country’s opening its gates, it wasn’t at the press conference at the C.D.C., but at a specific, radio programming.  The major policies, the head offices needed to slip out the news to the side wings first?  Not only does this show a total loss of authority, but, it’d, embarrassed the professionalism of the public health scholars completely.

Wang’s calling to keep politics separated from the defense against MERS-CoV, and yet, as Chen’s having troubles with his campaign, he’d, rushed to host a press conferences, to hopefully, gain the support of the voters for Chen’s mayoral candidacy.  Do we the people, really, need this sort of a CDC that’s, leaning toward the political party in power?  Or, do we just, tune in to the underground radio stations at eight every morn, to hear the latest on the news of the newest of the pandemic from this, “underground media”?

And so, the CDC is now, the campaign machine for the DDP’s using, and that’s, just bad, because, the CDC is supposed to be neutral, with the sole goal of helping the country defend against the spread of MERS, and now, it’d become, this, tool for the former head of the CDC, Chen, to work as a campaign motto, and if that’s not abusing power, I don’t know what would be!

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The CDC Chickening Out, the Professionalism of the Office Completely, NONEXISTENT

How this country is still, run by, them, IDIOTS, I’m afraid, with the last, “ousted”, because he’s running for mayor, and this new one, doesn’t even have a single clue either!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The people of this country had been looking forward to the shortened term of quarantine to get from “three-plus-four” to “zero-plus-seven”, but, these past couple of months, the CDC is, chickening out, became ambiguous in opening up the country’s borders, until September 16th, the commander of the C.D.C., Wang still thought, that based off of the models of how the pandemic is trending, there’s a next to nil chance of lifting the bans on the borders.  But in only a few short days, yesterday, his attitude flipped completely, stated that in two week, at the upper half of October, then the borders will be opened, he’d gone back and forth on his statements, confusing everybody else.

As early as June eighth of this year, Chen who was then the head of CDC stated, that it may not be time yet to reduce the term of quarantine to “zero-plus-seven”, and yet, the following day, he’d stated, that in September, when the free tours out to other countries, “Surely, there would be that possibility”, but to this very day, we had yet seen any tour group gone out of the country yet.

As Wang took the role of the director of the C.D.C., he is also, ambiguous on the implementing of the “zero-plus-seven” quarantine schedules”, as the businesses, the tour industries are getting antsy for the “Zero-plus-seven” schedules to be out, on August 25th, Wang, for the very first time, “estimated” the time of reducing the quarantine should be around “end of September, start of October”; the following day, Wang started backing out of it, said that the day of loosening of the quarantine is to come in October, that the “Zero-plus-Seven” quarantine phase is to be considered at the very end.

The chart of “border control & suggestions to open up” came at September 16th, clearly printed the schedules of opening up the country’s borders, the CDC admitted then, “that was only a rough draft of the plans, but the precise details of it, will be adjusted accordingly.”, as the media pressed on the online news of opening up the “Zero-plus-Seven” quarantine period, Wang backed away again, stated it bluntly, “there’s a next to nil chance that the borders will be opened back up in the first half of October.”

Yesterday the news of how the Executive Department will be announcing the schedules which the “zero-plus-seven” will be in effect, from the policy making processes, the C.D.C.’s professionalism, once again, got reduced to nil, and the head of the C.D.C.’s role dropped to running the campaign for the former head of C.D.C., Chen on his Taipei mayoral candidacy, and, the declaration that came in the middle of the nights that was in a hurry for the following morning press, was only for the sake of clarifying, “the sealing of the documents of purchasing the vaccines for thirty years”, wasn’t a brash decision made by the former director of the C.D.C., Chen.

Do we need a head of the C.D.C. who is indecisive, how can’t cope?  The rumors now ran, “after the voting of the major cities, the C.D.C. that’s specifically used to resolve the problems of the pandemic will end”, it seemed, that this may be, factual, because other than handing down the rules of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, the CDC seemed to have some, unspoken, secretive, political, agendas.

And so, that’s how it goes, when everything is in the DDP’s pocket, they’d taken over this country’s working, and, with the brand new HEAD of the C.D.C., Wang (still OFF with HIS HEAD!), who’s way worse than his predecessor (like the last was any good???), and this loser who’s now in that position of power, can’t even made u his mind, and had to consult his former “boss” for the decisions on whether or not to reduce the terms of quarantine.

Yep, this country’s, gone to, HELL all right, and it’s going to, sink even lower still too.

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Who Had Blocked the Purchasing of the Vaccines, We the People Took Note

We’d seen this, but, will we, remember it, at the next election???  Maybe we will, maybe, we won’t!  On WHO had, made the purchasing of the needed vaccines, so difficult, and as the deal went through, the DDP takes all the credit!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The local hospitals and the foundations purchasing the vaccines to donate to the government, they’d not earned a cent, and it’d cost them a whole lot of money too.  The CDC didn’t do what it’s supposed to, making the vaccines run out, the private organizations put up the money, donated the purchased vaccines to the country to use, based off of reasons, the government should be grateful, welcoming.  But, who’s been blocking it, and why?

Still remembered, that last year, Terry Go issued an eight-point statement, stated, “the key issue can’t be surpassed”, begged to meet up with the president, Tsai, because, “without your delegations, the purchasing of the vaccines can’t begin properly.

Terry Go of Foxconn

on his flying to Shanghai to sign the deal with FosunPharma…photo from online

The government tells us however, it’s the international politics that’s, blocking the purchasing of the vaccines that the country’s people are in need of; the Tzu-Chih Foundation founder, Master Zhengyen, after having a webcam conference with President Tsai, then, the purchasing of BioNTech vaccines by the private sector stopped getting blocked, and clearly, it’d shown, that international conflicts, weren’t what’s causing the lacking in the needed vaccines in this country at all.  And, all the credits should go to the founder of Foxconn, Terry Go’s flying to Germany himself.  The purchasing of the BioNTech vaccines, the office of diplomatic affairs stationed AT Germany, was “closer in vicinity”, but failed in its, function.

So, who’d been, blocking the local foundations’ buying and donating of the vaccines?  We’d been seeing it, and, we are all, in the knowing now.

So, this is how this DDP government enslaved us all, making it look like it’s them, who deserved the credits for successfully getting the shipments of the BioNTech vaccines here, when they’d been the one, blocking it all, because the DDP refused to deal with the agent of BioNTech that’s in China, and now, as the deal fall through, they take the credits for it, wow, how thick-skinned CAN you get here???

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The Records, Sealed for THIRTY Years, Will it Still Give Off a Wreaking Scent?

The “average” human attention span is what???  No more than, three NANOSECONDS, right (???), which means, that by the time that the records can be, unsealed, nobody will remember SHIT!  On how the CDC keeps everything about the buying of vaccines covered up, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The C.E.O. of an online periodical stated: the former head of CDC sent someone to have a video chat with BioNTech of Germany, and purchased a total of ten million vaccines at $45U.S. per dose; this was fifty-percent higher than the purchase made by Lin to the Fosun Pharma of China, the agent of Asia for BioNTech.  At the same time, Terry Go and Tzu-Chih Hospital also purchased ten million doses, comparing the three, the cost that CDC paid was twenty-dollars U.S. higher per dose, and, at five million doses, it’d cost the one hundred million dollars extra.

And, the online periodical openly accused the government for manipulating the purchasing of the vaccines, this is no small thing!  This country is cracking down on fake news really hard right now, spreading the false news, the individuals will be faced with a jail sentence and massive amounts of fines.  And, if this accusation was false, with the “Fake News” laws implemented, whoever that’s spread this news will have to pay big times.

The former head of CDC stated, “I really don’t know the actual amount, as Terry Go and the three enterprises negotiated with BioNTech, we’d not purchased any doses.  So, you can’t compare the costs like so, and beside, at the time, the legislature had setup the ‘vaccine review teams’.”

The recruit for this special unit stated, “all of the important details had all been blacked out, including the arrival dates of the purchases, the number of doses we’d purchased, and the cost per dose, all of it, dodged the supervising of the legislative unit of our government”.

The party in power had, sealed the records of vaccine purchases, the cost, and related meeting discussing the matters for thirty years, and the records will be publicized in 2051.  This “top secret”, other than the purchasing of BioNTech vaccines, there’s the five million doses of highly debatable Medigenvac vaccines.  Based off of the costs of Medigenvac vaccines, way higher than the rest of what’s been available to us, with the remaining doses of 2.8 million left unused, and, the doses about to expire, will soon be, destroyed.

To which, the officials explained: based off of understanding, the longer the evidences are kept in lock up, the longer the truths will be, preserved.  Sealing the records up for thirty years, the forefront of this is, knowing exactly what had happened, before we seal it in, meaning, that saving these evidences for thirty years, it’s for the sake of, preservation of the truth.  And, if you’re afraid that something might happen with this, then, best to destroy the evidence, soon as you possibly can, then, after a year from now, there would be, no more evidence we can, examine, and, sealing up the records for thirty years, ensured that thirty years, the evidence are still there for us to check.

everything became, CLASSIFIED under DDP rule!

photo from online

The C.E.O. understood too well those higher up in the government, he’d said, “if I’m stating it wrong, do feel free, to SUE me.  They don’t dare, because if they’d sued me, then, the case files can’t stay sealed up for thirty years, and it would need to be publicized.”

Do you understand it now?  “This country’s” ruler, sealed the case files for the purchasing of the vaccines for thirty years, meaning, that the evidences are preserved, we the people just, can’t have access to it!  And it’d left that warning too, “if you worried that there’s something questionable, best that we destroy these evidence right now!

Sooner or later, it can, get destroyed, and what can you do?  Before the evidences get destroyed, do give out those, kudos.  In the means of the outside realm with zero access to the files, sealing those files, who CAN, guarantee that those files hadn’t been altered, or had been, partially, destroyed?

“Sealing up the evidences for thirty years” is an old trick, recalling how many years ago, when some famous person became a professor at a university, and got questioned of the false doctoral degree, and the people demanded the records be publicized, an the government had, stated that the records shall get sealed for thirty years.

Most of the public in Taiwan suffers from amnesia, all that’s happened, became, forgot soon enough.  The changes of curriculum came one by one, the younger generation of the internet age becoming, aloof of the histories; thirty years then turns into, a whole, lifetime, and by then, everybody will forget, and nobody will bring it back up again.

What’s sealed in a hurry, it’s something that the government doesn’t want us to know, something that stinks, maybe?  Do the fecal matters, after being kept for thirty years still stink?  Someone would need to sniff that pile.

And so, this is the government’s way of making sure that we the people maintain our, less-than-three nanosecond’s attention span, because it’d done some dirty deeds, like overpaying for the Medigenvac vaccines, that hadn’t even gone through stage three trials yet, and how the DDP is protecting their own, like in the case of plagiarism of Lin, or, how the President’s doctoral dissertation from a university in England, that’s also, sealed up for public review too.

Because this government works in the black box ops that’s why they’re all, keeping, everything under wraps, to keep it from the public’s eyes, hoping, that our attention span is shorter than those, three, nanoseconds, but are we the people, that stupid?  Yeah, maybe we are, and then again, maybe, we’re, totally NOT!

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When the Only WAY You Think You Can Win an Election is by ATTACKING the Characters of Your Opponents

Well, can’t get, NO (and your point being???) L-O-W-E-R than that, can we???

When the only WAY you think you can win an election is by ATTACKING the characters of your opponents, to degrade them, to make them look bad in the voters’ minds, what does that make you?  Oh yeah, a LOWLIFE!

And yet, you’re still, trying to, manipulate the masses, and yeah, the masses are stupid too, there’s NO doubt, but one day (and the day still won’t come, soon enough!), the voters will wake to see you for WHAT (as you’re no longer a “who”!) you are, and vote you out of office.

like this…

like the last election in the U.S.??? Photo from online

When the only way you can win an election is by ATTACKING the characters of your opponents, and, because you’re, attacking them, that made them feel compelled to, fight and to, bite back, and they’d started attacking your characters too, but hey, you STARTED it!

When the only way you can win an election is by ATTACKING the characters of your opponents, it don’t get NO (so???) lower than that, I mean, if you have to make yourself look better, by making someone ELSE look bad, what does that say about you?

Oh yeah, you’re, unfitting to lead, and yet, we the people still, vote for you, why is that?  Oh yeah, because we’re all, too, @#%$ING, retarded, that’s W-H-Y.


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