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The DEATH, of, Little Albert…

You remember that young kid, who got, put inside a laboratory, with that god DAMN rat, where the psychologists, conditioned him to fear the rat, by making that LOUD noise as they’d, reintroduced the rat to Little Albert?  Yeah, that unfortunate, K-I-D!

Well, guess what, I’d, “checked out” the “post-op” review of this “story”, and the article said, that after the lab, his mama moved with him, out of the area, and, not long after that, Little Albert (and no, I don’t believe that the kid’s name was actually, “Albert”, that was what they’d “labeled” him as in the laboratory!), fell ill, and, never made it out of his childhood years!

And that is, MURDER, for the sake of experiment, I mean, you would think that those god DAMN psychologists would be more careful, to first come UP with a safe way, to countercondition that kid to before fear got instilled into him, but NO, that’s not how “science” worked back then.

and, here’s the video of that in black-and-white from YouTube

By the codes of research of present day, I would imagine, that this “lab” would’ve never passed review, but unfortunately back then (the 70s. 60s, 80s???), they did NOT set up a strict code of ethics, which is what caused this young child (whose name wasn’t even ALBERT!) to D-I-E.

So, another, innocent KID, got, S-L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R-E-D, in the name of, SCIENCE…and that’s, just, ANOTHER K-I-D, that never made it out of his, childhood, ALIVE!

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The hostile “takeover” of D.C., and now, that’s, “spread” to, Brazil, and it’s taking over the planet here, there’s, uprising, EVERYWHERE, and if you think the countries you’re living in is at “peace”, just you wait!

Uprising, EVERYWHERE, as people became, completely, WEARY of their, populist DICTATORS, and, it’s too late, to oust them all, as they’d, control all parts of the government, the three branches (if the countries are built on the three-branch systems of checks and, “unbalances”…).

march on DC over the police brutality of Floyd, photo from online

Uprising, EVERYWHERE, and, someone who can read those charts, would’ve, predicted this situation, this unrest in the world, and yet, we’re all like, the waves, just, rolling, rolling, rolling along, getting PUSHED to the front of the oceans from the waves on our, backs, and we will continue to get, pushed, because that, is how it goes!

Uprising, EVERYWHERE, as we the people finally realized, that we will NOT stay, oppressed anymore, that all them, popularly ELECTED DICTATORS got greedy, and started, hogging the power, and we the people refuse to be enslaved again, as being enslaved, it ain’t, nothing, good……….

So that’s, what’s, causing this chaos in the world right now, ‘cuz we the people had had, ENOUGH, of these, popularly, ELECTED, D-I-C-T-A-T-O-R-S!!!

and here’s the latest in, Brazil…photo from online

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Rohingya refugees bet lives on boat crossings despite rising death toll — Stigmatis

Woman recounts suffering on perilous journeys taken to escape oppression in Myanmar and squalid Bangladesh camps Rohingya refugees rest following their arrival by boat on Lamnga beach in Indonesia’s Aceh province on 8 January. Photograph: Chaideer Mahyuddin/AFP/Getty Images Shaikh Azizur Rahman and Rebecca Ratcliffe in Bangkok | Jan. 8 2023 Hatemon Nesa recalled hugging her young daughter tightly as […]

Rohingya refugees bet lives on boat crossings despite rising death toll — Stigmatis

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Stashed His Deceased Mother’s Body in the Freezer Bins, and Continued Getting the Assistance Money, He Got Indicted for Scamming the Social Welfare Programs

Scamming the social welfare systems here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The elderly woman, Chiang died from illness, the son got the body back, and, put her corpse into the freezer bins, and, used his mother’s stamps to continue receiving the assistance paid to the elderly woman, and he’d received the funds for five whole years without getting caught, until last year he’d been reported for abusing his own daughter, as the social workers showed care and concerns, the daughter disclosed, “grandma is stashed in the freezer”, then, this shocking case of hiding the corpse inside the freezers got out; the Shihlin District Attorney’s Office indicted the man on forgery, and scamming the system.

The indictment pointed out, that in October of 2017, Chiang had vascular problems, and was taken to the hospital, where she’d not come out alive, her son got the body returned to the family, then, stashed the corpse in the freezer bins of his own, not gone to get the death certificate filed, nor gotten his mother taken off of the household registries, instead, he’d, continued using his mother’s stamps to continue to receive the welfare assistance.

The D.A. investigated, the man from 2017 to 2022, received a total of $750,000N.T.s in funds from the low-income support, the lesser of the community assistance, rent assistance, the elderly care for the holidays, the elderly health insurance, and he also received the local living assistance amount, the refund back to the community from recycled waste water, over $750,000N.T.s.; and he’d also used his mother’s name to take out a rental place.

Based off of understanding, the adolescent got addicted in the cell phone games, and her father could not get her to stop play, he’d beaten her, the school found the girl with bruises on her, and visited her home, and the adolescent blurted out, “Grandma’s in the freezers”, the police were notified and went to check, and confirmed, that the elderly woman, Chiang’s body WAS, stashed in the lower ice storage units of the refrigerator, that was when the case went bust.

The man claimed, he’d spent all of his money caring for his own mother, and couldn’t afford to bury her that was why he’d put her into the ice bin, and admitted to fraudulently receiving the assistance from social welfare.

And so, this is really bad, you’d NOT given your mother a proper burial, just put her inside the ice bins, not given her a final place of rest, simply because you wanted to keep on claiming her social welfare benefits, what kind of a son are you!

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On that Weekend Before Mother’s Day, I Met, the DEVIL!

The DEVIL takes, MANY, “forms”…

On that weekend before Mother’s Day, I met, the DEVIL!  He’d, extended those, withered fingers toward me, and I was, way too young, way too naïve, way too, unsuspecting, as the DEVIL “dressed” himself up as, a frail, elderly person.

On that weekend before Mother’s Day, I met, the DEVIL, and, he’d, reached out, and, touched me, because he’d asked me for a hug, and due to my previous experience with another, kinder, elderly man, I thought, that he’s, harmless, but turned out, he was, POISON.

On that weekend before Mother Day, I got MOLESTED, by a stranger, and he’d, attempted to attack me again, only, only that there WAS no, second time ‘round, ‘cuz I’d, wised up, and what was worse what, the DEVIL destroyed my trust, and I could, no longer, interact with the outside world, as I once had, with that, kindness of heart anymore.

I would’ve NEVER have guessed that the hands of the Devil will look like this…

photo from online

THAT, was the EFFECT of, meeting, the DEVIL, and, there are, still too many evil, and good in this god damn world that I’m currently, residing in, and I know that, NOT all people ARE, like that, but I just, kept my, guards, UP a lot of times now.

Guess, that was, a much-needed, wakeup call for me, to TEACH me the lesson of, not be, mistaken by how someone appears, and to NOT show kindness to others, unless, they show kindness toward me, first………

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As a Six-Year-Old GUNNED Down His, Teacher…

A SIX-YEAR-OLD kid, with the intent of, MURDER, what had this world gone to???

Based off of the reports here on Yahoo! News, it said here, that this boy, shot his school instructor after he had an altercation with her in class, and, the D.A. is having difficult charging this, SIX-YEAR-OLD, because Virginia law believes, that underage minors lacked the understandings of what constitutes as crime.

There are a few issues, first and foremost, the DESPERATE need for a GUN CONTROL amendment in the U.S., but, seeing how the senators, the representatives of the House are all pocketed by the N.R.A., that’s not going to happen, and secondly, whatever happened to keeping the arms locked up safe and sound, out of reach of young children, inside, a PASSWORD protected, safe?  Oh yeah, that doesn’t happen, and even IF you managed to lock your guns, rifles, shotguns inside them password protected safes, you’d still have to change the combination once every say???  Three to six months, because your kids may be peeking behind you when you unlock, and, chances are, you won’t even remember WHAT digits you’d, switched to in the end.

and, here’s the news report on that off of YouTube

And the BEST option, is to place a ban on the sales, the buying of arms, and, we can already hear those, NRA-funded Republicans cry out in pain, so that still, won’t happen.

Now, there’s, only ONE more option, to CHARGE these “young babies” who bring that dangerous weapon to school for the sake of that “show and tell” (like that third-grade boy who brought one to school, and accidentally SHOT his ten-year-old little friend who’s a girl from…dunno how LONG ago that was!) as ADULTS.

Or we can simply, say, that hey, this problem does NOT exist, it’s only an isolated incident, it won’t happen, not in the future, and continue to blind ourselves with that big lie!

So, what’ll it be, huh?  TOUGHER gun control laws, TOUGHER laws for those who brings guns to school for that “show and tell”, CHARGING these children as ADULTS?  What?  What can we all do???


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The Cover-Up of the Middle School Principal of Hsinbei City Beating the Students

PHYSICAL “discipline”, aka, CORPORAL PUNISHMENTS of students are already, “banned”, since, early 2000s already, and yet, there are still the unfitting educators who’d, resorted to this sort of a, physical, abuse!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

Until the Parents Made the Disclosures, Did the Principal Get Demoted Down to the Position of a School Instructor, the Department of Education Only Gave Him a Written Reprimand, Sparking Up the Debates

Last year in January, a male student from a certain middle school in Hsinbei City, because he’d brought the cigarettes to school, was called into the principal’s office, the principal and the male student engaged each other physically, in the end, it’d turned into a case of physical assault of the student by the principal, the school covered up the incident, and not notified the authorities, until last year in November, the parents called the Department of Education to report this incident, that was when the school principal went back to the position of the school instructor.  The Department of Education only gave the principal a warning, the Humanistic Foundation believed it was way too lenient, that the principal should get fired.

Last year in January, a male student from a middle school in Hsinbei City brought the cigarettes to school, and got called into the principal’s office, but the principal and students got into a heated argument and started engaging each other physically, and the school principal was said to have beaten the student on the head, the face, pulling on his collar, causing the student to sustain an injury on his neck, even the zippers on the student’s school jacket got pulled off by the principal.

But afterwards, the school didn’t report this incident with the Department of Education as a concern of safety matter of the school, the parents got upset, and last year in November, the parents went to the Department of Education to report this, the principal in April of this year, excused himself from the position of the school principal, and got demoted to a school instructor, and by August, he’d been, officially, reassigned as a school instructor.

The Department of Education, after they were notified by the student and parents, went into full investigation on the matter, and hosted the evaluation of the principal committee, and the principal ended up with a written warming, and the school is asked to evaluated itself, and to reinforce the trainings of the school officials, to report these incidents as they occur.

The parent, Jiang believed, that the principal, as the head of the school, the role model for all the school instructors, should NOT have gotten angered, and engaged with the student.  The C.E.O. of the Humanitarian Education Foundation, Feng believed, that the principal clearly isn’t fitting to work as a school instructor, the Department of Education should stop the contract for hire on his, set up the standards, so the other school principal can use this man’s example of what not to do.

The Department of Education stated, that the decision was made from reviewing the reports of investigation of the case, and they’d found the principal’s improper means of discipline to be valid, and there’s the zero tolerance policy on improper discipline methods, and, they’d asked the school to start up the counseling measures for the student.

And, another Tae-Kwon Do coach from Hsinbei took the teams to compete nationally, and the accusations of his sexually harassing the trainees, the Tae-Kwon Do Association of R.O.C. investigated the matter, and pulled the coach off of his coaching post temporarily, and the school had rehired him back, causing the panic in the parents.  The Department of Education explained, that as the schools hire the personnel, they should check with the database with the reported improper behaviors of instructors are listed, and this particular coach didn’t have any records, and the school is asked to verify the status of behaviors of this particular coach, to stop this sort of violence from recurring in school, to protect the rights of the school’s instructors, and, students.

And so, you can see, there’s, this, LACKING in the systems of reporting these things, and, besides, if it were up to the schools independent to report these incidents, then, chances are, the schools are not going to, because, the schools don’t want to be labeled as hiring improper instructors, because that would then, affect the enrollment rate, which will, cause the school to shut down, especially with the decline in birth rate by the year, and this is the way the schools keep themselves in operation, by covering up the bad behaviors of those, ill-fitted, educators, and this is truly, B-A-D!

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The Japanese Government Can’t Intervene as Religion is Used to Abuse Children & Adolescents

How Japan now, came up with a way, to protect the children’s own right to their own religion, different from their parents’, meaning, that the parents have NO right to FORCE their own young, to practice the SAME religions as they believe in!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“No birthdays, no national anthems, no school fight songs.  From when I first known, I was pulled into the church group.” The man, with the false identity of Dan-Saku, at the age of eighteen, cut off contact with his own mother, who belonged to the Japanese worship group, “Jehovah’s Witness”.  He and other children who have religious fanatics as parents are pushing for the laws of “banning the abuse from religious groups” into the Japanese constitution, but the Japanese government in December, only passed the help acts to assist the victims who are scammed by the improper donations of religious groups.

The government’s welfare department will issue the formal edicts to the local governments, that if the parents use fears to brainwash the children into getting involved with the religious activities, to keep their young from obtaining a higher level of education, to find the work they wished to find, all qualifies as emotional abuse under child abuse, and the government is going to initiate the response to protect these children immediately.

But, there’s, the gray area of if the parents keep on using the religious teachings to educate their own young, pressuring them to join the religious groups, does this, constitute as, child abuse, an area, that the government, does NOT, dare to, touch.

The professor of the constitution, Minaminomori believe, that the second generation of the believers are stripped of their freedom of religion, but without the general signs of child abuse, it is difficult for public agencies to, intervene into the matter.

Practically, the children who’d been abused by religion emotionally, seeking help from the government agencies, and there’s no help given to them, because the government uses the “Freedom of Religion” clause.  The province, due to the lack of protection of the rights of children, used the more civil definitions of the forcing of the family’s religious beliefs onto the children for the family as, child abuse.

And so this, would be, an advanced law, because, we normally become whatever religions our parents would, follow, that’s, just how it is, but, due to how religions are becoming, excuses to force the children to comply to the ways of the church, the Japanese government now set this, law to protect the right of children, against their parents’, forcing them, to follow the same religion that their parents have.

This is a quite advanced law for children’s right to choose a different religion from their parents.

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Promise Me, Do, Spare Those Under the Keys

As these words of ours that we’re all posting online, might be, damaging…translated…

Recently a friend started a diner, other than being in awe of his cooking skills, I’d hoped, that I can do something for him, to help his shop run smoothly.  My friend didn’t ask for much, smiled and said, that if I’d used my articles to recommend his shop to the online community, that it may be the best form of, advertisement.  And so, I’d, tapped into my editorial skills from my work from before, wrote an article for him, and gladly, the article got the attention of a group of hundreds had posted things.

As we were both happy over this, I’d suddenly found, that my personal page hits surpassed thousands per day too, but, most of the comments, they were like friendly like they’d been before, instead, the trolls trolled us for making the shop look and sounded good, that the shop my friend owned, seemed like it would cheat the guests.  Some of those who made real troubles, left the messages of “the food, disgusting, and the prices, too expensive, while the owner of the shop was…well………”, then, my personal headshot got posted to the bottom of the posts, and, those “martyrs of justice” started attacking my “immoral behaviors”, criticizing about why I couldn’t do what I’d been “paid to” do, that I was, immoral in embellishing my friend’s shop, how I was, “cheating the people out of their money”, etc., etc., etc.

trolls online! like this, and this may be someone you know too! Illustration from online

It wasn’t that I’d never been bullied before, but, seeing how my headshot got cut, I started to panic for real, at the shortest time, I’d thought, that I had the photos of my family members on there too, could it be that they were also, attacked?  I’d felt apologetic toward my friend too, my good intention, got abused by the online community.

In the past, our culture taught us to be courteous to one another, to be kind to those whom we meet, and yet, the online world became, a secret headquarters, betting on how you can’t see me, and I can’t, see you either, the anonymity, I’m not who I say I am, and you’re not who you say you are either, forgetting, that behind the keyboards, there are, REAL live, human beings, the hearts that are, working really hard, to make the lives, count.  As our lives are, tied in to the internet, but, can we, in all the words we post online, put that empathy into what we’re, saying?

My friend did NOT blame me, but I’d still, taken a little more time, to get myself from under the glooms of the attack.  And I will, never try to, help my friends in, anything, anymore.

And so this, is how the internet affects people in a negative way, because there will always be, TROLLS, those sour masses, that are, commenting on what they really got no clue about, and, these words of “you suck”, or whatever, it hurt, and, especially if these bad words can spread like a wildfire too fast, burn through the online world, damaging the reputations, hurt the feelings of someone who don’t even know those who are targeted by the online community!  And this is really, B-A-D!

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The Increases in Identity Thefts, the KMTs Called Out to the Government to Patch Up the Holes in the Systems Quickly

How easily, for even, the higher up government officials to get their personal information misused and stolen by the hackers, and that’s with, a high-end, security system that they’re currently using, now, imagine, if it’s that easy for the government officials’ information to get stolen, how our information can be stolen and misused, even more, easily!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Words are that Twenty-Three Million Personal Data Had Gotten Sold, with Lai and Gu Listed as Among Them

An account online “OKE” claimed that it’s selling over 23 million pieces of personal information of users in Taiwan, with a lot of the people leaving messages that they wanted to buy, this was on the BreachForums discussion board.  The legislator from KMT, Hsieh stated yesterday, that the digital development department of the offices of internal affairs told yesterday, that their system was NOT hacked, but, there were the anonymous hackers who’d compared the data, and it’d shown, that the information was close to identical to the data in the database of the local land offices’, with the personal information of the vice president, secretary of NSA, Gu, and the head of economics, Wang in them.

The digital development department stated, the government, followed the “information communications secured management” edicts of the varied levels of security.  That the massive amounts of personal data from the citizens, they’d set up the drills to prevent the hacking, and the real-life means of prevention of getting hacked, that it takes one to two months, for these drills to be completed to set up the needed protections of the security of our personal data every year.

The KMT head recruit, Tseng told since 2019, there’d been 674 cases in regards to national security data breach, and there’s that consistent hike in the cases per year, including the Postal services, and more than ten thousand personal data getting leaked out from the department of foreign affairs in 2017, and there’s the over 23 million personal data files leaked out just this past November.

And, there were the cases of hackers hacking into the data files on the rise too, getting more and more serious.  The hackers are getting bolder and overboard, the government can’t just sit and do nothing about this.

Toward the claims of the selling of personal data by OKE, the offices of internal affairs and the digital development department both told, that it wasn’t the land offices that got hacked, some said, that the files leaked are exactly identical to the 2020 “Toogod” hacking files; but, based off of the anonymous reports, and in comparing the “OKE” files, the complete household registry, with the I.D. numbers listed, that’s all, brand, new.

Based off of the claims of the anonymous hacker, the data being sold contained personal information of the vice president, Lai, Gu, and Wang, the head of economics, it’d become a matter of national security, calling out to the DDP, to start zooming in on the matter of attacking the opposing party, and start, tackling this serious matter now.

The legislator of the KMT, Lai told, that there are nine hundred openings of the national government employees of the high-tech departments, the head of state, Su told that the department was going to outsource to get the workers filled, he’d suspected that the matter data security can be “outsourced”?  Both the president, Tsai and the head of state, Su are using the mottos to run the country, he’d demanded the government to see these data breach as a matter of national security, to try to BLOCK it off.

Yeah, and this still just showed, how INCOMPETENT the DDP government is, on this matter too!  I mean, it is the government’s job, to try its best, to protect the government owned and operated systems from being HACKED, and yet, see how many data breaches, the higher up government officials’ names, personal data are being, misused?  That just showed, how dangerous it is, for ordinary people like you and I, because if the government officials higher up get their personal data, identities, stolen, how easy it would be, for you and I, to get our personal information stolen?  And this is still a top-down problem, because the system was NOT set up securely enough at the very top, that’s why, it trickles down…

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