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Those Who are “Faithful” Got the Positions in the Government, WHO Did We “Teach” with Our, Votes?

Our votes teaches the DDP, absolutely NOTHING, as the party is already too, corrupt to be, reformed, it’s rotten down to the cores, and unless we the people uprise, and overthrow our government, but we’re all, way too, civilized to do so, so we continued to be, enslaved by our, government here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The head of state, Chen is in office today!  The former head of State, Su suddenly resigned right before the New Year’s, and, it’d, made all the second-in-command heads of offices ill at ease for the ten days’ worth of New Year’s.  As the game of musical chair only finished up over the nine-in-one elections.  The government officials are like rats in that race, and, nobody from the outside can understand what was going through their, minds.  But, how about, what’s on we the people’s, minds?

Life is, a gamble, like Shakespeare had stated in Julius Caesar.  The higher up government officials had rolled the die due to the opportunities that presented themselves, and, the chess game of the party it’s a win or lose, but, every four years, there’s, the tortures to be expected, and there’s the insulting questioning of the local representatives, or the finger-pointing of the officials, to keep the statures of the higher up of government, it’s, nothing, easy!

with the government officials too easily, bought!

political comic from online

Ahhhhh!  They’re now, regretting becoming the officials of the government for sure!

As citizens, every time elections roll around, we are all way too pleased, that we’d used our votes, to “teach” the unfitting officials from that, abusive party.  But, this sort of a pendulum of election, the moving the officials around into various posts, does it, really have an effect in changing the structures of benefits in the political, biosphere?  If it costs close to hundreds of millions of dollars for a local office election, over billions of dollars for the presidential elections, perhaps we the people, are just, simply, way too, naïve, in believing that our votes can and will teach those who hoard powers anything at all!

That’s right, this still just showed, how even as the abusive party lost out, it still doesn’t DO shit, we still hadn’t taught the DDP a thing, and, there’s, that desperate need for the people’s revolution against our government, it’s just, that we’d been, enslaved too long, gotten, too used to, being controlled by the DDP, even IF we revolted, and overthrow the DDP, made SURE, that it gets kicked OFF of the political realms of things, who’s to say, that some other corrupt party won’t rise up again someday in the near future?  So yeah, we’re still involved in this, war that we can’t, EVER, win here!

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U.S. and China Going to War Over Taiwan?  The Majors of the House: it’s Quite Possible

Yeah, uh, I highly doubt that, because, how HUGE is CHINA???  13 billion, that’s how many, dollars of earnings again???  Yeah, it’s, SUICIDE, if U.S. goes to WAR with China, and it still would NOT be for Taiwan, but what U.S. wants from Taiwan, the semiconductor chips technologies, so yeah, we can all become, delusional and dream here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The American Airforce admiral, Minihan warned in a memo, that U.S. may declare war on China two years from now.  The leader of the Republicans of the House of Representatives, McCall stated on the 29th, that it’s quite likely, that U.S. would engage in conflict with China over Taiwan.

Minihan in a memo stated, “I hope I’m wrong, but my instinct tell me, that we will go to war with China in 2025.”

Reuters disclosed, that McCall told “Fox News”: “I hope he’s wrong, but I think he’s, right!”

preparing for war in 2025!

photo from MSN

Minihan’s views does not speak for the Pentagon, but it showed the worries of the higher up military department’s worries over how China might takeover Taiwan.  In the memo, he’d pointed out, that the presidential elections of both Taiwan and U.S. are coming up in 2024, that this may be an opportunity for the Chinese military to move in with the military.

McCall told, that if China can’t use a more civil mean to take over Taiwan, then, “in my view, the Chinese may well invade with the military and we must be, prepared for that.”

He’d accused that the Democratic Party retreating out of Afghanistan, leaving the place in a total mess, showing the weakness of the U.S., that this may well cause war to happen between the U.S. and China.

McCall stated, “we may get into conflict with China, there’s a high chance of war in the Indo-Asia and Taiwan region”.

And if this man predicted correctly, then, we the people of this god DAMN island are all, SCREWED, we got NO military trainings, and men aren’t doing their service terms right, and, there’s, just this, total LACK of, discipline in the military, because the government is still rotten, from the very top down, and, based off of the way things are going, we might just, hand ourselves in to China, because, waiting on the aid of U.S., yeah, uh, that’ll, happen, and, if war is to break out, then, this land will NOT be pretty NO more (so???), instead this would be a place with the landmines, and, the people would need to store up the cheese pieces (for the rats as rewards of them finding the mines for us!)…

War is NO good for anyone, and yet, that’s where the world is heading towards, WAR, with the east against the WEST, using TAIWAN, as a, pawn!

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The Jealous Man Taken into Custody for Forcing the Adversary to Hold a Firecracker that Caused the Man to Lose Three Fingers

As the green-eyed monster, took control over him, and, aggravated assault, was the result of this, particular, case, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Wang was upset over how his girlfriend fell for another man, two nights ago, called the adversary, Chen out, had eight others to ambush beforehand, forced Chen to take the firecrackers in his hand, then, Wang lit it up, it’d blown off three of Chen’s fingers; as Wang and eight others saw, they’d run off scattered, and was caught one by one by the police, after the D.A. interrogated Wang, the courts took him into custody, with the eight accomplices charged with public endangerment.  Chen was rushed to the hospital, not in life-threatening danger, his fingers were reconnected through surgery.

The Puzi Substation of Taoyuan Police Station received a call by the locals at 11:17 two evenings ago, that next to the McDonalds there was a loud explosion, that there was a man injured, the police and fire department rushed over, found the twenty-nine-year-old Chen’s left index, middle, and ring fingers blown off his hand, they’d rushed him to the E.R. immediately.

The police found, that tis was a crime related to love, they’d reviewed the street surveillance, and zoomed in on the thirty-two-year-old Wang, who was arrested at fifteen past midnight last night, they’d found the steel bullet, the gun, and the lighter in the form of a gun, then identified the eight other accomplices, in two hours, they were all arrested.

The police found, that because Wang’s ex started dating Chen, the two men became jealous of one another, Wang called his ex and Chen out to resolve things, right before the incident; as Chen showed up, Wang and his gang subdued him, Wang pulled out the gun with the steel bullets threaten Chen to take an unknown explosive in his left hand, then, the group of men, detonated the device using a gun-shaped lighter, with three fingers blown off Chen’s hand, then, the group dissipated.

As Wang went into the police station, he’d claimed, that the explosive he used was a sort of a fire cracker, that Chen brought, that he’d lit it up himself, but the locals testified that it was Wang who lit up the device, and ran to the side to hide; because Chen was outnumbered, and may have underestimated the explosive, didn’t let go on time, and got injured.

Because the explosive was completely destroyed, the police is still trying to figure out the ingredients, to see if the men had broken the laws on owning explosives; the police charged Wang and eight others on aggravated assault, gang fight, and other charges, sent the nine into the D.A.’s offices, and they’re working the case as an organized crime case.

And so, this all started, as an upset in love, because this man was upset over how the woman who used to love him fell out of love with him, and in love with another, that’s what got him started on revenge, and, because he let his jealousy go over his head, that’s why he’d attacked the adversary, using a fire cracker, and now, he and his gang will all be charged with aggravated assault!

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Who Cares, about the Missions of the, People?

As that game of, musical chair of the government’s head of offices got, switched to, final stage, let’s see who’s getting, WHAT here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, there’s absolutely NO considerations of professional knowledge or skill sets of the requirements of the various offices of the government here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The president, Tsai had named the former vice Chen as the head of state, and Chen promised that he shall be kind and gentle in the position, to fulfill the four major tasks that Tsai had, assigned to him, to go with Tsai on the last more than five-hundred days of her, term.  But, the researcher the Central Research Institute, Chen reminded, that Chen must understand what the missions of the people are, because in times of democratic ruling, the most important task of the elected officials is to serve we the people, not to fulfill the requirements assigned to him by the, president.

do we have a flush, a sraight, a royal flush, or what??? Found online

Tomorrow, the new head of state will be sworn into office, Chen posted the candidates of his office, all the major heads are now, assigned, most were from Su’s horses and men, but, the majority were made up of Tsai’s own personal, favorites.  Tsai stated that she’d assigned four major tasks to Chen, in actuality, she only wanted him to obey her orders, to help her keep her authority for this, last mile of her, presidency.

The new offices of the state had kept most of the officials of Su’s term as head of state, and this upset the people, and there’s no persistence of work to be expected or seen.  For instance, the head of foreign affairs, Wu, the chair of Agricultural Committee, Chen, and the head of department of Welfare & Sanitations, Shue, their either wolfs, or fighting cocks, how could they be warmed up towards we the people?  With the head of economics, sacrificing the environment, allowing the windmill powers, the seaweed reefs be used for the electricity provisions; the head of environment office kept, ignoring the protests of the environmental, groups, who can they be firm enough?  What’s most hilarious, is that Chen used all his might, to keep the secretary of the State office, Lee, that he’d not paid ANY mind to all the other, major positions of the various departments of government, so, it’s, a split of the land by the conquerors then?

Chen’s leading the offices of cabinet of Tsai, maybe, it will, help her keep that last dignity of hers as, president, as for if he will be able to, fulfill the wills of Tsai, perhaps, Tsai does NOT even, care.  The problem is: Who then, cares, enough about, the missions, the lives, the welfares of, we the, people?

So, that “game” of musical chair of the government officials, ended, and, all those, improper, ill-fitted, unprofessional head of whatever, stayed under the president’s, thumb, and she wanted those who will carry out her will, and, so, naturally, those whom she assigned to the various posts are nothing more than, puppets, as Tsai continues her “work” as the hand behind those, strings…

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The Rainbows Keeping Watch Over the Phones Late in the Nights in the, Cities, a Passerby in Someone Else’s, Life

The volunteer lines for the LGBT communities, in training here, this is something that’s, needed, with the increase of sexual and gender diversity, translated…

“Hi, this is the homosexual hotline, how may I be of service to you!”, this was the instinctive response that got etched into my mind the year I’d worked as a call receiver of the hotlines.  Picked up the phones, was like getting the buttons turned on, immediately, I’d gotten into the various modes of answering, ready to catch the LGBT communities’ various troubles.

I’d signed on to be a volunteer, right after the public policies votes.  That was when a lot of people felt upset, with the strong sense of, helplessness passing through the LGBT community.  “What can I do, for them?”, it’s this thought that’s, got me, involved.

The Tiny “Secret Room”

In the times of convenience communications app, who still use the landlines?  But, in the tiny room of the call center, there were, several landlines, with the volunteers, sitting in their seats, talking in whispers, looking a bit, mysterious.

Although it was called a “hotline”, but there are, a lot of the small cliques, for instance, “same-sex families”, “A.I.D.S. prevention”, “gender education”, etc., etc., etc., many of these groups needed to reach outward, the team members are all very active.  Comparing, the volunteers of the call center were much, quieter, and the other groups’ volunteers would always joked, “the call center volunteers are all, autistic!”

like peeling the layers of an onion off! Illustration from

Surely, the most active place for the volunteers is, inside that tiny room, the door into the room was like a threshold, only the call operators are allowed in.  And, as we’d gone in to answer the calls, we’d, used the “false names”, and the privacies of every unique case does NOT leave the room, so, nobody knows exactly, what we’re, doing in there, and so, that made the other volunteers, feel, a bit, distant, to us.

It’s not easy to become an operator in that tiny room, we’d had to, go through the evaluations: signing up, getting evaluated, train for six months, and we had to pass an oral exam.

How Can Pressing an Elevator Button be an Obstacle?

But, I never imagined, that the very first obstacle I would come across, was pressing the elevator, button.

The location of the hotline office was at the busy Roosevelt Road, first time in, as I just stepped into the elevator, about to press the button for my floor, I’d, hesitated—there’s, a ton of different folks in and out of the building, there were, the employees of the offices, and also, the residential elderly people too.

The alarm started sounding inside my mind, like everybody was staring AT my, finger, I’d feel anxious: how would the perceive me, after I’d, pressed the “12” for the floors?

But, it’d not mattered which number I’d pressed, there are more than the hotline office on the twelfth.  For a while, I’d felt uneasy over the reactions—but, WHAT was I, fearful, of?

This shame and secret got buried in my mind, and, for a very long, long time, as I got to talking with the volunteers of the hotlines, I’d found, that I wasn’t, alone in feeling like so.

Getting Involved with the LGBT Communities & Getting to Know Myself Again

After I got past the obstacle of the elevators, first what I’d needed to learn, is getting acclimated with the LGBT culture and the community: the gays, the lesbians, the trans, the bis, the gay and lesbian Christians, to the families of homosexuals, and we also needed to familiarize ourselves with the topics of safe sex, and the bad reputations for A.I.D.S.

“Gay” is too generalized a term, and we only know the tips of that huge, iceberg, so, going to classes was like opening up the minds, from the uses of the terms, the cultures (why are there more and more gay bars in business but the trans bars going out of businesses?), to the societal debates (how the H.I.V. patients would get turned down by the dentists?), and it’d made me wondered, was the world I used to know, for real?

And all of these, are what the callers faced, from their, day-to-day interactions.  The male homosexuals’ are mostly concerned about their statures; the lesbians, dealing with the dual impacts of being females and lesbians, and, with the Gay bars more in numbers than the T-bars, which made well be related to how the females can’t feel safe enough to go out at night.

There are a ton of callers who worried over illnesses too, they’d gotten scanned multiple times, but still worried of contracting A.I.D.S.  Reason why this is a primary fear is due to how the media press equated H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. with gays and lesbians, which is why those who’d contracted H.I.V. still keeps on hitting the walls in their lives, for instance, the dentists would use the excuses of “we don’t have the equipment to offer you your needed treatment” to turn them away, but, others who have illnesses by blood contact rarely got, stereotyped or, discriminated against.

Other than knowing those who aren’t the same as we are, we also need to get to know ourselves.  That’s where the “groups” came in, the volunteer candidates would split into groups, led by those with most experiences to supervise, to take turns sharing the experiences, to dissect life, the process of accepting, hen, with the supervising individual, and the rest of the group, offering positive feedback.  Before we can help anybody else, we need to know our own, selves, this was, what I’d learned, the most important lesson, of all.

The Rehearsals that Left My Heart Bumping

Surely, we also needed training in the, various, counseling, techniques too: identifying the emotions, empathy, and disclosures of our own, selves, and know the S.O.P. of taking the calls of the hotlines: greeting the individuals, understanding why they’re calling, in the conversations, collecting the data about the persons (i.e. age, students or in employment, gender orientation, gender identification, city the individuals live in, etc., etc., etc.).  After we get to know some specifics about these individual callers, we’re, better able to, give them the fitting, responses.

The supervisors in class often told us, “don’t rush into giving advice”, if the advices are unfitting, to the point of not responding correctly to the callers’ problems, then, we would be misunderstood as we can’t understand them, instead, catching the callers’ emotions first, to establish that trust in conversation.

On paper, it all sounds, simple, but, putting these theories to practice, that was, something, else!  We would split up into groups, the supervisors would play the caller, we’d taken turns, answering the calls, and, the members whose turns are still on the way, would sit close by and take notes—those exposed, the wrong words being used, the awkward silence, all get, captured down, and we would be evaluated on afterwards.

The supervisors used a multitude of means to interact with us.  Some had, comforted us, “this is only for a few short minutes, you can, do it!”, while other supervisors get into characters right away, started in the roleplay, cried, ranted, cussed, everything, and it’d, made us, too flustered—while in reality, that, is how, multifaceted the callers can be in our line of, work!

Am I, Only, on the, Starting, Lines?

After the test trials, can we start, working on, the, hotlines?  Not yet!  There’s still, a final, and not everybody passes!  On the day of the test, the supervisor I was assigned to played the role of an anxious mother of a gay/lesbian person, started grilling at me, “how do I know that my son/daughter is gay/lesbian?”  “Can’t my child become, ‘normal’ again?” I’d used empathy, to get to the emotions being the caller, avoiding the “right answers” that might “kill”, fearing the caller would, hang, up.  But, she’d not accepted my means, and continued on, and I was, stuck.  As the session ended, the supervisor asked me, “why didn’t you just tell me that you didn’t know?”, then, it’d, dawned on me, how multivariate the callers can be, that there’s no one-answer-fit-all, and we can only, search for the right direction in the words of, our, exchanges.

I’d felt, very, defeated, and felt that I’d not, passed, as I got home, I was so upset, I’d finished a whole can of, chips.

And yet, a week later, I received the notice that I’d been, approved for the, hotlines, and I still can’t understand why I had, passed!  After this “round”, I’d finally realized, that to work as a hotline operator, we need to have a very strong, heart, but, this was certainly, to make sure, that all the hotline operators are highly qualified to work the lines, not to miss any caller.  While, as I’d started working in the hotlines……well, another story, for, another, time!

And so, this, is the training process of someone, becoming a hotline operator for the LGBT communities, because there’s this desperate need, for these individuals’ voices, troubles to get, heard, and yeah, we are now, more opened to the LGBT groups, but, there are still the issues that these individuals come across in their daily living, that they may need an outside perspective to help them see things more clearly, and that, is where this hotline comes in.

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Both Ways

Words out of mouths of, babes…very wise, and, making, a whole lot of, sense too!  Translated…

Since Circle started preschool, she’d become, this opened up wide door to knowledge, and would always shock us in the defining moments of our, lives.

Although my mother stopped working in business, but, at the end-of-year banquet for the employees, she’d made the pork pieces wrapped up in buns to serve.  Because we’re a four-generation family, the same dishes are set up with two kinds of cuts, with the fitting portion sizes for the younger children to savor.  Since we have the pork slices wrapped up in buns, we’d also, started, making TWO different sizes for the kids to enjoy.

the bun, resembling the wide-opened mouth of a tiger, with the piece of pork in the middle, photo from online

Due to the pandemic, these past few years, the end-of-year employee meals were set up by the individual families using webcams, we’d skillfully spread the peanut powder onto the buns, and, padded the buns with my daughter’s favorite canned tuna, the baby pork floss, as our daughter was ready for the seconds, she’d suddenly blurted out, “I get to have it, both ways!”

And my older brother took the footages of her exclaiming these words, and sent it up to LINE for the rest of the families to see.  Yes, surely, absolutely, certainly, at this very moment in time, we all feel, that we were, having it, both, ways.

So, this is how easily a child feels, pleased, the young child is satisfied with so very little, she is, curious, and that’s what made her world so brand new to her experiencing it, and, the words out of those babes’ mouths, can sometimes, surprise all of us, adults too!

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The LIES They’re Feeding ‘Em at, School…

And NO, it’s still NOT lunch time at the, cafeteria either, NOT yet, at, least…

This is, currently, WHAT is, happening (and yeah, it’d already happened, in some major world “powers” like the U.S., Japan, Germany???) right now.  This is, the governments’, attempts to, train the younger generations to, follow them, blindly, and, the “leaders of the future”, wouldn’t know FACT from fiction, because, that’s what they’re, feedin’ ‘em from the kindergarten to, twelfth grade!

and, this still, did NOT, happen either…

The LIES they’re, feedin’ ‘em at school, well, chapter one was originally what???  Indians (or the more “politically-correct” term would be, “native Americans”?), so what, oh yeah, the INDIANS, they GREW from the ground, like those, native species of plants?  And, as they grew and took over the land, another species (from the Mayflower???) came over, and TOOK the native “species” over, because from over there (wherever “they” are from???) there are the more “advanced” diseases that the “natives” ain’t seen before, and therefore, NO protection, and thus, the ENTIRE subspecies of this people of this land got, ERARSED!

so, he, didn’t get, ASSASSINATED!

The LIES they’re feedin’ ‘em at school, boy oh boy, am I glad, that I’m not a “part” of this younger generations of students who are being, BRAIN-WASHED to believe the lies, after all, that’s how we learn, and believe what is true and what isn’t, and, forget about a college education, because everything still started rooting away, down there, at the roots (your primary/secondary education years of K~12!), and, if the fundamentals aren’t taught and learned RIGHT, then, how the @#$% (controlling my self here!) are you supposed to learn from the mistakes of those who came before in history, and NOT make them?

And so, that’s all, the LIES they’re, feedin’ ‘em at, school, and, what’s sad is, these younger generations of innocent kiddies, they’re being, TAINTED, without even knowing that they’re not with the RIGHT FACTS of the P-A-S-T!

Truly, very, S-A-D!

But, what would I know???  I’m only still, a “kid”………

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Keeping the Gates, to Make Sure that We Don’t Become an Amusement Park for the Scam Artists

This is still, an abuser/enabler interaction style, and, this is a period of high activity for the scam sprees, because all our moneys are rolling into our accounts now, with the year-end bonus, the red envelopes, etc., etc., etc., off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Before the New Year’s, I’d heard my sister-in-law who works in a bank mentioned, that she’d worked a ton of cases of scams, other than the individuals who’d fallen prey were regretting it, it’d caused a ton of impacts on their loved ones too.  The scams are everywhere we look now, and the government should crack down on these illegal activities hard.

These few years, an assortment of scamming messages had become, norm; the new methods of scamming were popping up every single second, constantly bothering the public, becoming the nightmares of, a lot of the citizens in this, country.

The scam artists zoomed in on the greed of people, using an assortments of means, or used the younger generations’ job searches online, friendships online, to get the victims to invest, to involve themselves in illegal activities, to the point of human trafficking overseas.

A lot of the inexperienced, or those who want to make some quick cash are easily preyed on; what’s worse, is that there were the victims who got lured to other countries, worked for no pay, and they got, sold off like, “pigs” too, to the point of losing their, lives.

For many years, Taiwan had become the safe haven for scam artists, the scammers are beyond the law connecting with the illegal rings, and causing great harm and adverse effects on the legal headhunters, the government should find effective means to break these cycles of crimes.

Before and after the Chinese New Year’s, are the most prevalent times of scams; the mayor of Taipei, Chiang in the public meetings, asked the police forces to reinforce the means of prevention of scams, and gave accolades to the bank tellers who were successful in helping the locals to not get scammed.  The head of police, Huang asked that we all work towards “steady public security, free flowing traffic, and safety in the people’s minds”, so we can all have a good Chinese New Year.

To tackle the crimes, the government should reinforce the means of catching, or removing the illegal organized crime activities, especially in the post-pandemic era, with the people coming and going in and out of the country, to keep the images of this country up.

And so, this is the period of high activity for scammers, as everybody is earning that extra bonus from the new years, and so naturally, where the money flowed, there will be the scam artists, and this is still zooming in on people’s greed, if you are not enticed by money, would you have gotten, scammed and fallen, victim?  I think not!

So other than the government’s cracking down hard on the scams, we should all make sure, that we don’t fall prey to greed too.

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The Original Sins of the, Dumplings

Because the DDP sees the mayor of Hsinbei as a BIGGEST threat, that’s why, the side wings are, going after him right now, and, isn’t it EVERYBODY’s option to have whatever the HELL it is that they want to eat in the meals?  Apparently, N-O-T, according to the side wings of the DDP, the MINIONS of Tsai, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For those who are more intuitive, from a plate of dumplings, the people can tell what each other is thinking about, guessing your intentions, correctly.  The mayor of Hsinbei City, Hou posted the photo of the New Year’s meal he was having at home, a plate of dumplings, stated that the fillings inside the dumplings are the bliss he’d shared with his, loved ones.  The fans of the side wings of the DDP immediately started calling him out, stated that he was having the “Chinese Norther Province local’s” food for the New Year’s, that it was to show his loyalty toward the Retired Veteran’s from the National Army of the R.O.C., that he aimed at getting the votes of those who are from northern China who are eligible to vote here.

Under Tsai’s rule, the side wings of the DDP went all out, wit its sharpened tongues, going after all who spoke ill of the party and its leaders.  And now, they can, find the nonexistence of meaning in a plate of dumpling, giving it such an awful name, so truly, shocking!  Dumpling had been added to the people’s diets here for what, sixty, seventy years in counting, and someone actually found that it was not right, that the Hous had this item for his New Year’s Eve meal, and libeled that he did it for the purpose of getting the votes.  This sort of a side wings, truly, tragic!

the photo of Hou, mayor of Hsinbei City sharing what he had on New Year’s Eve on his social media…off of Yahoo! Tw

Actually, looking closer at the mayor’s New Year’s Eve meal, it’s almost all, vegetarian.  Other than the dumplings, the radish cakes, there were, the vegetables, soy bean byproducts, there were only, no more than three dishes of meats.  If a nutritionist sees his table, s/he would probably commend Hou and his families for healthy eating.  But, in those politically turned people’s minds, a plate of dumpling was, tabooed, believing, that Hou was too into keeping the seats, and feigning toward the true KMTs, that’s why, they were, after him.

But, immediately, someone from online asked, that Tsai’s New Year’s Eve meal was French cuisine, with the “buns of the black gold”, whose votes was it that she’s trying to win?  Plainly stated, the varieties of food items served on the New Year’s Eve meals meant that the tastes of the Taiwanese is becoming, worldly, that the diets are, evolving to healthier, merging the old with the news, and who says, that every New Years we must, keep guards to the traditions?

Do forgive the original sins of the, dumplings!

And so, the mayor of the Hsinbei City is only guilty, of, “flashing” his New Year’s Eve meal, of dumplings, and, the side wings of the DDP went after him, and this is still just, bullshit!

What we want for our meals, it’s entirely UP to US to decide, isn’t it?  and, when the @#$%ING government has something to SAY about what we can, and cannot enjoy for our meals, where’s the “Free” in that?

And so, we continue to, live under, the REIGN of TERROR of the DDP and Tsai…

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That, is What You Get, for Not, NEUTERING All the Men in Your Lives, Completely…

Those sons-of-bitches (four-legged and otherwise!), they all start doing their “business”, all over the places, and that, is what you get, for not, NEUTERING all the men in your lives, completely.

I mean, you DO realize, how we women gotta, TRAIN them, sons-of-bitches (the four-legged, AND the two-legged varieties!), correctly, right?  We can’t allow them to do their “business” everywhere inside of our homes (there’s carpeting, that will have that huge PISS stain!!!)…

because how “cute” they looked, we’d, not punished them for what they D-I-D, which leads to, even MORE repeated, BAD behaviors! Photo from online

And because as women, we have the tendencies of letting our more nurturing sides (that’s what’s believed, right???) take over when they start @#$%ING things up in our lives, making a huge mess take over, that’s why, we unknowingly, continually, WIPE their sorry ASSES, which in turn, caused them to, SUCK even HARDER on us, bleeding us, dry!

And it’s still ALL our faults, because we do NOT go down HARD on them that very first time they’d (cheated, lied, peed on the ground, where there’s NO newspaper……….) fucked up, which aided them into believing, that hey, it’s okay if we FUCK, LIE, HUMP, yada, yada, yada, yada, because my “honey” will always be there, to clean this SHIT up FOR me.

We still got our selves to blame, for them mother FUCKERS (don’t pardon me here!), because we allowed them, to DRAIN us dry, and by that, we’d become, the ENABLING “parties” of this, dynamic duo of ABUSE!

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