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The Prelude to His Thunder…

She could hear that lowered, rumbling noise, coming, from, TEN miles away…

She knew exactly what would come next, and, despite what her, better judgment told her, she still, ran, out into, the downpour, and surely enough, she got, STRUCK!

The prelude of his thunder, she’d heard it, for too long, and, even though she knew what to expect what’s coming after that thunder roll, she’d still, stood, and it’d, angered him ever the more.  Surely, she’d, earned herself, a beating, once again.

knowing damn well, what’s to come next! Photo from online

The prelude of his thunder, she should’ve known better than to, push his buttons, but she gets off on knowing, how she could, make him, tick, it’d become, the numbered funs she could ever get, in her life, living with him…

The prelude of his thunder, it keeps on, rolling, and he got no clue what’s made him tick, what’s made him rage, but, she knew it all too well, for she’s the puppeteer, and he, merely, a puppet, on her, strings………………

It’s, a toxic relationship, and they both knew it, but, still, trapped themselves in!

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The Workers in Catholic Churches in France in a Span of Seventy Years, Sexually Assaulted 330,000 Young Children

and here’s a video from CNN on that, off of YouTube...

SEX SCANDALS, from the, CATHOLIC CHURCH, and the church still refused to take responsibilities for it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 2,500 Pages of Report Revealed, the “Veil of Silence”, with Around 3,000 Perpetrators, the Pope is Heartbroken

The independent investigation committee on the cases of sexual assault of young children by the Catholic Church found that from 1950 to 2020, there are about 216,000 underage victims who’d been sexually assaulted by the workers of the Catholic Church, and this had always been covered up by “the Silent Veil” continually.

After a two-and-a-half year long investigations, this report with the meaningful milestones got published on the fifth formally.  From before, the communities in the world felt infuriating toward the accusations of the sexual assaults on the victims worldwide.

If the instructors, and those who aren’t officials in the Catholic Church are counted in, the number of victims will increase to 330,000 for the last seventy years.

In the investigative reports, there are, estimated a total of 2,900 to 3,200 cases of abuse, and there may be more, and the church usually don’t CARE about the victims.  And, due to too long a time passing from when these cases had happened, based off of French law, the statutes of limitation had long passed.

Pope Francis stated, that he was in pain when he’d read up on the investigative reports.

The chairperson of the investigative committee held a press conference, and stated, “this is a horrific statistic, and it makes man and god, angry, we shall not, tolerate this.  Until the beginning of 2000, the Catholic Church chose to turn a blind eye to the victims, to the point of, cold-blooded.”

The investigator pointed out, “If the silent veil can finally be lifted, we should, thank these, brave victims, because without their testimonies, the community will never have gotten to know, what’s been omitted, what’s been, denied.”

The close to 2,500 page report found, “most” of the victims are prepubescent young boys from across the socioeconomic statuses, and, between ages ten and thirteen.

The report stated, “The Catholic Church is the most prevalent place where sexual violence occurred, next to families and friends.”

The report told, that the church not only was lacking in the preventive measures, knowing what’s happened, not reporting it, and had put the victims in contact with their, abusers intentionally.  The investigator, Sauvé told, that the church not only lacked in its measure of protecting the victims, covering up, and sometimes, they’d, intentionally place the victim children into contact with their, abusers, if someone comes forth, normally, the victims are blamed, and made to shoulder partial of the responsibilities.

The majority of these cases occurred before 1970, but, Sauvé stated, that the sexual assaults in “the Catholic Church poses a huge problem to this very day.”

And so, you still don’t think that reforms in the Catholic Church are, absolutely, necessary?  And, because it’s these, officials who “served” god who’d, committed these, sexual, heinous, crimes, the churches would cover them up, because there’s a reputation to, upkeep, and now, these cases bust loose, because of how the Catholic Church allowed for it.

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The Associate Professor of Chang Jung Christian University Raped a Female Acquaintance He Met Online, Sentenced to Three-and-a-Half Years in Prison

How can you get only three-and-a-half years for RAPE???  This is still, INJUSTICE, I tell ya!!!  And this rape still happened because???  He thought that he, C-O-U-L-D!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Chang Jung Christian University associate professor, Tsai, four years ago was accused of raping a lesbian woman, but he’d never admitted it, but the Tainan District Courts used the victim’s rape kit, as well as her friends testimonies, and other related evidences, believed that the act of sexual assault was, valid, yesterday, Tsai was sentenced to three years six months on forced rape.  This can still be appealed.

The father of the associate professor, Tsai is a current member of the examination board.  The Chang Jung Christian University stated that Tsai had been suspended from teaching his lectures, the school didn’t assign him to any more lectures, and they respect the results of the trial, the school will base the third appeal’s rulings, then, discuss if Tsai should still be hired as a teaching staff, or that he should be fired, there will be no leniency.

The female victim claimed, that in May of 2017, she saw a “Friends” ad by Tsai on the discussion boards, she’d left a message for him to contact her, they chatted for two months online; the first time they met up, they’d talked about investment ventures, the second time they met, they’d talked until five in the morning, Tsai made the excuses of wanting to continue the conversation, to follow her home, knowing that she’s a lesbian, he’d taken the advantage of her sleep, made his way into her bedroom, then, raped her.

Tsai denied the allegations, said that he was looking for a girlfriend that was why he’d posted the ad online, that back then, in his summer break, he’d stayed at her place, that they were, close to becoming, cohabiting partners then, until in August her partner made her way into her apartment that was when he’d found out she was a lesbian, and broke up with her, stressed that they’d gone on dates in the various restaurants, the movie theatres, the malls across the Tainan metro.

But the D.A. reexamined the Google Map and GPS trackers on her scooter, and her cell phone GPS, none of which matched up to the places where Tsai stated they went for the dates, plus the victim posed the rape kit from the hospital as evidence, along with the testimonies of her friends, and how she’d confronted him after he raped her on recording, the D.A. didn’t believe Tsai’s claims, and indicted him on sexual assault charges.

During the trial, Tsai still denied the allegations, the judge took the evidence of the victim’s hospital exams, and the counseling slips, believed that Tsai had, raped the woman, and considering how he’d not respected her, raped her body, caused her psychological traumas, and how he’d, still, dodged his responsibilities for rape, and not settled with her, sentenced him to three years six months.

And that, is what you got, for rape, still too lenient if you asked me, because, considering how this female experienced the rape, how she was violated, and, how much psychological, physical trauma she’d been, put through, no amount of sentence, however heavy won’t be enough, to make it up!

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A Horrific Stepfather, Beaten the Front Teeth Off of His Stepdaughter, & Locked Her Outside on the Balcony in the Dead of Winter, to Torture Her

And this still just, came “out”, now!  Imagine how L-O-N-G, this child must’ve, suffered, through the abuse of her own, stepfather, before all of this shit busted out in the open???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A stepfather, Chou from Taoyuan had long-term abused his ten-year-old stepdaughter, if she’d not listened, misbehaved, he’d, whipped her hard with his belt, and even beaten her in the face, in the eyes with his fists too, he’d broken her front teeth off, last winter when it got coldest, he’d even, locked her out in the lanai, and, allowed the coldness to hit her.  The Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office believed that Chou had harmed the young child’s body, mind to too severe an extent, recently, indicted Chou on obstruction of a young child’s growth, and asked the courts for a severe sentence, to warn Chou.

The D.A. investigated, that Chou is the young girl’s stepfather, they live together, and that made them into family, but he’d not done his responsibilities in protecting her, used the excuse of her misbehaving, not listening to him, started from February of last year, continually abused her using the rod, the broom, in frequencies of two, three times per week, and he’d even, whipped her really hard with his belt too.

like this??? Photo from online

The child sustained severe injuries all over her body, her torso, her limbs, and she was beaten on the face by her stepfather on the eyes, other than sustaining contusions on her eyes, her ears, she got her front teeth knocked out too, but Chou didn’t stop there, in the dead of winter around February, he’d, locked the child alone on the lanai outside, allowing the cold to attack her, took her mobility away, she was tortured for long term.

The case was out in the open, after the neighbors turned Chou in, as the district attorneys stepped in, Chou admitted to beating the child, but the motives of his beating her, and how many times, he’d, become, evasive on, but the child testified to his abuse, and the checks conducted by the hospital showed there were old and new injuries covering up her body, and, after assessment, the authorities believed, that she was abused physically.

And, the records kept by the city government of Taoyuan showed, that started in August of 2019, there had been multiple reports of the family’s reporting on domestic violence, and the young girl was placed in protective custody now.  The D.A. believed, that Chou beaten the young girl regularly, not given her enough food, not taken her to get treated when she fell ill, that it’d constituted as “torturing of a young child”, causing severe injuries in the child.

And wow, this went on, since august of, 2019 too, and, this kid, sustained the abuse her stepfather “endowed” her for two plus years, and now, it finally, busted, wide open, and where the FUCK (don’t pardon me!) was the social services before this, huh?  And, didn’t the schools note that she had, the multiple bruising, the scars covering her body too?  And, where’s the mother in all of this?  Was she, too, scare of her own second husband, that she couldn’t, even protect her own self, let alone this ten-year-old daughter of hers?  And all the before-mentioned “parties” in this “equation” should all get CHARGED, with abuse, abuse AND neglect if you ask me!!!  But hey, I’m still NOT the judge here, so…I don’t make the “calls” here…

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The Predator Raped & Molested His Friend’s Young Daughter Over Thousands of Times in the Span of a Decade, Got a Severe Sentence

The long-term, sexual abuse of this young child, into, her teenage, years, and, this is called, justice???  Yeah right, get REAL!!!  But hey, the judge had, spoken, and case is, closed!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

She was Not Yet Five When Her Mother’s Boyfriend Was Asked to Help Take Care of Her, Although the Settlement Agreement Was, Reached, but the Man Didn’t Get His Sentence Reduced, Due to the Maliciousness to Which He’d, Raped Her

Yo, in 2008, was asked by his friend to help watch his three-year-old daughter, but, before the young girl turned five, Yo started raping, molesting her, for around ten whole years, until the victim could no longer take it anymore, and told a volunteer counselor about it.  The Yilan District Court found Yo guilty of forced sexual behaviors of a child of under age fourteen 608 times, molestation for four hundred times, a total of thirteen-years, ten months; and, for the sixty-two times of sexual molestations of the child, a year an eight months, and he could pay the charges and not serve the time for this.

Yo is currently sixty-six years ago, and even though he’d, admitted to what he’d done, and settled with the teenager, the teenager’s father forgave him, and begged the courts for mercy for Yo, but the judge believed that the crimes Yo committed was serious, and not given him a lighter sentence.

the molestation of a young child…

photo from online

The verdict pointed out, that Yo, being the victim’s grandfather’s friend, the victim’s parents were divorced when she was young, her father wasn’t doing well in his ventures, in 2008, he’d, handed her and her older brother to be cared for by Yo, back then she was only three years old.

Yo was suspected of raping the young girl from August of 2010 to mid-October in 2012, in the frequencies of once every two days, a total of 404 rapes on her during the time; from 2012 to 2017, he’d, raped her in her bedroom, in his residence, a total of 204 times.

From September of 2017 to October of 2019, he’d patted her breasts, patted her pubic areas, molested her, for about four times a week, a total of, four hundred times counted; from when the adolescent turned fourteen, he’d raped and molested her another, sixty-two times to the start of June in 2020.  In the end, the girl couldn’t put up with it, and finally, told her social worker whom she was getting counseled for long-term, and that was when the whole thing busted, wide open.

The courts found Yo guilty on 406 charges of forced sexual acts of a minor younger than fourteen years, and, sentenced him to seven years two months; the charges of having sexual intercourse with a minor of under age fourteen, a total of 202 counts, seven months each, that he is to serve a total of thirteen years, ten months for.

And, the molestations charges of a minor between ages fourteen to sixteen, sixty-two counts, with three months sentence on each count, a total of a year eight months in prison, which he could pay the fees, and not serve the time.

And yeah, how’s this, enough, for punishment?  I mean, imagine it is you, who got FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) by this “friend” of the family, someone you trusted, because your parents entrusted you to him, and what of the emotional sufferings, the psychological problems this young woman will develop (and she will in her future!) for what she was put through, by this, SEX predator that wore the false fronts of a “family friend”, huh?  How’s this punishment, SEVERE enough?  It’s nowhere NEAR, enough!


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Contusions, and Hematoma, the Nine-Month Old Infant Boy Suspected of Being Abused

The parent claimed that it was, an “accident”, but, does anybody believe it?  I think, N-O-T!  A terrible case of, a child, becoming, the scapegoat of his parents’, argument here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An infant of about nine-months of age was rushed into the E.R. in Kaohsiung two nights ago, there was contusions on his back, with hematoma in large surface areas, he was immediately taken to the I.C.U. upon admittance; the hospital suspected abuse, and notified the Social Services and the police.  Based off of understanding, the infant was cared for by his mother, two evenings ago, because the infant was injured, and the mother swallowed a lot of pills, she too was, taken to the hospital with her young son.  The police investigators found that there was a high possibility of the infant male having been abused, but the facts hadn’t been checked, so the Social Services had, intervened first.

The police stated, that the Jen-Wu Police Substation’s Da-Hwa Subprecinct received the call from Changgang Hospital, and told that there was a suspected case of child abuse, the officers from the station rushed over, and, had the location of where the infant male was registered, the Fengshan Substation to oversee the case.

tripped, and fell, and, bumped into the walls, would be the parents’ excuse for this young child’s, injuries…

photo from online

Based off of understanding, the infant male was not yet nine months old, the parents were in their thirties, the infant was their first; the mother was seemingly in a daze, a stay-at-home mother.

The police investigated and found, that two evenings ago, the infant’s father came home, found the young boy injured, and inquired to his wife, she’d replied, “I’d accidentally stepped on his right foot”, they started arguing.

The mother was suspected getting emotional, and in front of the husband, swallowed the pills, and the infant’s father immediately rushed his wife and child to the hospital; the hospital found the infant boy to have multiple bruises all over, contusions, as well as huge surfaces of hematoma on him, that it’d not looked like “being stepped on by accident”, they’d immediately reported to the Social Services, the infant was sent to ICU, with his signs, stabilized, and following, the examinations of his injuries were made.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Social Services in Kaohsiung stated, that they’d sent the social workers to understand if this was a case of child abuse, the family will be listed as individuals of concern first; the child was examined, and they will find out whether or the primary caretaker was abusive, and work with the police, to figure out if this was intentional, or, an accident.

Uh, chances are this is another case of, child abuse, because, you just don’t use that much force, to STEP on a kid by “accident”, and this infant male sustained severe injuries (for an infant that young!), and so, someone needs to be charged here, it’s just, that the police are, still, investigating WHAT exactly happened, to get to the bottom of this, that’s why, no charges were filed at this time…

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Mixing Medigenvac Vaccines, without Learning to Walk Yet, & the Pharmaceutical is Wanting to Fly

There’s NO research data to back THIS up, and yet, the government tells us, it’ll work, but, do WE the people, believe?  God I hope N-O-T!!!  The government is still, looking for, LABRATS for its, vaccine trials here, and do WE the people want, to get, injected???  Yeah, you do the math, and, keep your own “answers” to yourselves, why don’t you!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The N.T.U. Hospital will be conducting the mixing-vaccine trials of Medigenvac with Moderna soon, it’d initiated doubt in the communities.  The EUA of Medigenvac was already, questionable enough, and now, it’s going to be used, in the never-before mix-vaccine experimentation studies, and I can only describe the process of: before you learn to walk, you’re trying to fly!

Novavax in the U.S., that’s made with the same technologies already done the third stage clinical trials from before, and the pharmaceutical company also stated that it’s filing for the EUA, but the news of whether it was allowed, kept being, delayed.  The testing subjects had already had their second vaccines, but the level protection isn’t enough, to get the certification of the American government yet, and, those who are tested can only, watch as the Delta strain slowly takes over, and not allowed for any other vaccines, because it can’t be mixed with any other already developed vaccines.

It was a smooth-sailing passage for Medigenvac since it made the markets, and now, the second, dose, about to be, administered, but the actual protection is still, yet to be known, because the epidemic is now, under control, most of the test subjects for Medigenvac vaccines couldn’t have the opportunities to come into contact with MERS-CoV.  And, with that lacking of data showing its efficacy, combined with an already proven effective to work vaccine, even if there are the positive results on paper, it still, can’t get rid of the doubts in many of the citizens here in this country.

Some experts said, that Moderna with Medigenvac, with the myocarditis occurring by the second dose, so, we can avoid the risks, if we get Medigenvac as our second vaccines, those of us who already had our first Moderna vaccines.  But, when was, the side effects of myocarditis detected as a side effect of the mRNA vaccines again?  During the second, and third stage trials, this wasn’t, discovered, but after the shots were, administered in over millions, the follow-ups of those who received the vaccinations, over months, with millions of the populations, then, the researchers found this abnormality in the data that’s, collected, and confirmed myocarditis as a rare side effect of the vaccines.  Looking now, at Medigenvac vaccines, how many injections given?  For how long?  Will there be, unforeseeable, rare side effects that come much later after the inoculations, nobody can, predict for certain.

what we the people, become…

R-A-T-S, for the government’s, unproven to be effective, vaccines…photo from online

The command center said, that the experiment was brought up by N.T.U. Hospital, and yet, they still needed to get the sign off on it with the Command Center, and, because of the allocation of vaccines, not enough for all the people who needed, had come under the bus, and so, if we leave it up to get evaluated by the command center, there’s, that huge, conflict of interest to be noted.  The doubts of the external world is, not blank accusations.

Although, the president and the vice president vouched for Medigenvac, there’s only, 100,000 who’d gotten their Medigenvac vaccines in the entire population, which suggested to how most people are in doubt, of its, efficacy, and those who’d, insisted on their first vaccination of Moderna, they are, really careful in considering the safety and the amount of protection that the vaccines can give them, and I’m sure, that none of whom will be willing to get their second doses in Medigenvac.

Actually, for the mix trials of vaccines, we can work with Novavax, with Moderna and Novavax vaccines together, that’s what England is currently doing.  Or, we can wait until the results come out in other countries, this would be, more credible than having Medigenvac with Moderna.

If we want to solve the matter of not having enough Moderna as second doses, for the concerns of mixing the vaccines, what should currently be mixed should be Moderna with BioNTech/Pfizer, because BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine shipments are, coming in soon.  This is not a problem in the international realm, because, there’s not an issue of the sort.

The original mind to mix the vaccines, is to avoid the rare complication of blood clot from the AZ vaccines, later, there’s the finding of boosting in the immune systems by mixing the vaccines, and so, that’s why, other countries are, using this, measure now.  And yet, as there’s no data proven the efficacy of mixing of vaccines, it can only, be treated, as an “accidental” result.  The currently proven to work best are still the mRNA vaccines, with the most ideal being two doses of mRNA vaccines, next, Astra-Zeneca with mRNA, or, two doses of AZ with an mRNA.  Taiwan should be working toward this, instead of, trying to, open up the backdoor for the country’s own vaccines.

And so, this government is still, too eager, to use we the people, AS its, LABRATS, and we the people, still don’t have a say, because, the government is now, the VOICE that speaks, for all of us, well, that’s what we get, for voting, that DICTATOR into office, and unfortunately, we’d all been, enslaved, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y too long, we can’t, rise up and rebel against the rules of, this dictatorship of ours anymore!

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The Government LIES, What is the Priorities of We, the People’s, Health?

How the government is, ABUSING all of us, who lives in, this god damn, @#$%ING country here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Instead of Encouraging “Mixing of Moderna with BioNTech”, the Government Opened up a Backdoor for Medigenvac, Disappointing the Public

The sixth round of Astra-Zeneca vaccines started yesterday, the second doses, but there are still, 600,000 members of the public who are insistent on Moderna, but the Moderna vaccines are, near, extinction.  The Command Center told us often, “we can choose our desired vaccines and get it”, but it’d already known, that Moderna vaccines in the supplies, and the shipment time frames, couldn’t match up to our expectations, but refused to tell us the truths, just kept changing the rules of the games, over, over, and over, disappointment the members of the public, repeatedly.

As the platform for vaccine registry came online this July, the solid fans of Moderna got disappointed repeatedly, the CDC kept using the claims of, “we will allot as the shipments arrive”, a gift of 2.5 million doses from the U.S., were like the rain that finally came on time, allowing the over three million of the public to receive their first vaccines, and allowed some of the people got their second doses; but, the Moderna vaccines the country bought on its own weren’t quite enough, and the deliver dates were dragged out repeatedly, the command center that already had the information of the dates of delivery dates knew how many are able to receive, but the command center would rather let the solid fans of Moderna wait, and not opened up the information to the public, to the point of ignoring the already suggested by the experts, to mix the vaccines of Moderna with BioNTech to help reduce the short supplies of the vaccines.

Until yesterday, the command center sent out its, ultimatum, that the solid fans of Moderna, if they don’t add the choice of BioNTech by the seventeenth, they may have to wait until the end of the year before they get their mRNA vaccines, how do you think this made the solid fans feel, didn’t they government tell us, that we “Get to choose which vaccines we are getting”?

What’s even odder to the outside world, was that at this same time, N.T.U. will be conducting the “mixing of vaccines of Medigenvac with Moderna”, the clinical trials, and, the data will start to come in as soon as next week, and this made us think, did the command center want to, try to, sell off more Medigenvac vaccines again.  It’s only passed the EUA in Taiwan, and it is supposedly to be used, as a backup, unless there are, no other vaccines available to us, then, we must, get it, but, Medigenvac, with the president’s backing it up, drove fast all the way, lost the measures that a real drug or vaccine trials should have, and the commander of the C.D.C. even boasted, “the related drug trials don’t need to be conducted externally, otherwise, how can Taiwan, get ahead.”

But in actuality, we can expect that for the next few months, the BioNTech vaccines are due to arrive in time, and the people are more confident of this vaccine, if the government really wanted to up the second-dose coverage rate, it should be encouraging “Moderna with BioNTech” clinical trials; but instead, it’s, opening up that tiny door to Medigenvac, and called out to the members of the public who had already had their first Moderna vaccinations, to “give Medigenvac a chance”, this sort of a CDC, where does it place the people’s health welfare, wellbeing, on the scales?

And, this still just showed, how FUCKED (don’t pardon me!) up this government is, it’d been, trying, to SELL the people the “homegrown” vaccines, pushing forth its EUA, when it hadn’t even gone past the stage three trials yet, and, now, due to the shortages of Moderna vaccines, they’re, advocating, that it’s okay to mix and match Moderna with the country’s own, Medigenvac vaccines, but, who’s buying it?  The members, the followers, of the DDP, maybe, but NOT the rest of us!

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Were the Pilots a Hole in the System, or is it Chen’s Conscience that’s the Hole?

The EGO of the government is what SCREWED us, then, the policies regarding the quarantine periods, the vaccination orders and, it all, snowballed, and that is how, the government, managed to screw, WE the people, O-V-E-R!  Political observations from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The pilots of EVAAIR contracted the delta strain, one of them had, passed it to his son, causing the technical university his son attended to shut down for two whole weeks.  From before, the China-Air initiated local epidemic only started settling, now, Eva Air was the one, causing this current restart of the outbreaks, tracing to the roots, it’s all due to the carelessness of the CDC’s regulations of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV.  From before, a total of eight hundred in the population had died, while Chen insisted that the China-Airlines, the quarantine hotels aren’t a “clear cause”; it’s all because of the commander’s inability to introspect, that’s why he kept making the same mistakes.

From our knowledge, the breakthrough of the virus came from the “Three-plus-Eleven” quarantine rule mistake.  Because of the DDP legislator, Fang’s pushing through the rules, the Command Center relaxed on the rules, allowing the pilots to only quarantine at home for just three days only, then, eleven days more of self- health management.  By this, this was way shorter than normal citizens’ fourteen plus seven days of quarantine.  And because the term is too short, to see if the virus is present, it’d caused the pilots with the contractions in the hibernation period to go out to their communities, and spread the virus all across Taiwan, causing the downfall of the breaking down of the systems as the local epidemics occurred on a grander scale in May.

But, Chen hadn’t learned from this lesson, nor admitted that the hotel quarantine of China-Airlines is the “hole” in the systems, in June, July, he’d opened up the “three-plus eleven”, the “five-plus-nine” quarantines to the pilots.  Of these, to all the pilots who had two full vaccines, the “demands” of “Self-management for seven days” are made of them, deleting the at-home quarantine terms completely.  The assumptions of the Command Center was: as the pilots received two vaccines for over two weeks, they have the protections, so there’s no need for the stricter rules of quarantines then.  Unfortunately, the three pilots who contracted the virus all had their, two doses of Astra-Zeneca, and yet, there’s, no “protective wear” to their systems’ defenses, they were both attacked by the Delta strain in other countries, then, returned home, and passed it to other members of their own, families.

From the Command Center’s perspectives, the government believes that two vaccinations means complete defense, that the pilots don’t need to quarantine, this was, completely, backwards, and incorrect cognition.  In actuality, from July to date, there were more than forty cases from internationally who’d shown “breakthrough sort of contraction”, there were eight cases locally too, and of them, there were an assortments of brands of vaccines, AZ being the most.  This showed, that two doses doesn’t guarantee the human bodies from being invaded by the virus, especially the delta strain.  With the forefronts of the China-Airline/quarantine hotel cases, the command center had, loosen up the rules of pilots’ quarantine terms; and, we’d fallen twice, on the, exact, same locations, could Chen be only, amnesic?  Or did he, lose his abilities to learn from his own mistakes, to employ a different method? 

There are the mutations coming currently, and the vaccines needed to be updated again, again, and again, there’s a need to improve the methods of treatments for the patients, including the tactics of defense against the spread for the whole country needed advancing too.  But on Chen, people saw no evolution in his management, and his thought, he kept using that last year mindset of “wow, we stopped the spread”!, not seen how we are all, depressed in the currently outbreak, how the lives are, lost daily, not seen how hard the medical professionals are working their lives away.  He’d only reported on the numbers, reading from the scripts on T.V., and, talked down to members of the press who’d questioned his ways, and started arguing for how he did right.  As for why there are not enough vaccines in the country, Chen felt no need to reply to.

And, let’s look at the special treatment of the pilots the government allowed, it’d become their supposed “special rights”.  Even if there’s only a shortened week-long quarantine, some of the pilots still found holes.  In these past two days, there was a pilot who was supposed to be in self-quarantine, who was sighted at a populated restaurant to dine, and, lied about his status at the filling out of the forms, lied about his situation when asked.  With the special rights to them, and not fulfilling their obligated terms of quarantines, these are the holes in the systems that the government made, especially for these personnel, who can possibly, stop it?

The outbreak in May was caused by China Airlines, the September outbreaks, by Eva Air, it showed, of how egotistical, how foolish the Tsai government and the center for disease control are.  Egotistical in, that they’d, overestimated their own abilities, couldn’t manage the systems effectively, that’s why they’d fallen, on the, exact, same spots, TWICE!  The stubborn part is, they don’t want to learn from their mistakes, allowing their asses to think for their actions, and putting, ALL our lives, in harms’ way!

And so, there’s still, NOTHING that we can do, about this, shitty government of ours, it’d started screwing us all over, with the vaccine policies first, not enough are coming in, everything is delayed here, what we’d “ordered”, hadn’t even come in by half, and now, schools are starting, and we working class people in our thirties, forties, are pushed back on the vaccine orders, because the government was too ill-prepared for the epidemic, because the government still lived in that stupid mindset of, “We’re all alright!”, thus, screwing, WE the people, O-V-E-R!  And, unfortunately, there’s still, NOTHING we can do about it…

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How the Government ENSLAVE, “We” the People…

“We”, are they people, are we not?  And, isn’t, a DEMOCRAZY, supposed to “work”, in our “We the people’s”???, favors???

How the government ENSLAVE, “We” the people, well, that’s not that hard, we all, turn in our rights of life to whoever the HECK’s in charge in the government, and allowing them to lead us, make up those, restrictive, policies, for “our own” good!

How the government ENSLAVE, “We” the people, it’s, much, much easier, in the time of the current, epidemic, the government places restrictions on our lives, how many times we can go out to shop for our groceries, how many people in a gathering of a wedding, of a family, etc., etc., etc., not to mention how every time we enter into a shop, we scan those, barcodes by the door too.

like this…cartoon found online

The government keeps tabs on us all, and we must, allow it, because, it’s, for the sake of “preventing the spread of MERS”, that sounds right, doesn’t it?  The government’s restrictions on us, is actually, for our, benefits!

And yet, there are, more in the population here, who’s not had their, very first, vaccines yet, still waiting for that, Moderna, or BioNTech, because the government bought up all those, AZ, and there’s the news stories of how, AZ is related to death by blood clots, and so, everybody here (me excluded, I’d already had my first???) is waiting for that alternative of BioNTech/Pfizer, or Moderna vaccines, which still hadn’t come in by enough numbers yet…

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