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What Goes Around, WILL Come Back Around, and You WILL NOT Escape from It, It’s EXACTLY Like the F-L-U!!!

The Endowment of Heaven’s Blessings

What goes around, comes, back around, how one good deed brings you the “luck” you were, searching for, translated…

On my husband’s fifty-fifth, the family of four celebrated the occasion at the rowdy food shop at the night market, in the summer evening, we’d eaten the traditional Taiwanese cooking, and enjoyed the beers too.

In the loud and raucous shop, the sound of the games came on.  Then suddenly, a thin older male entered, limping, and started selling the lotto tickets he had with him table by table, “Sir, buy a ticket from me!  I hope you win the jackpot!” he’d circled around the shop, nobody bought from him.  Although he wasn’t mobile, he’d still tried and made a living on his own, and even as he got turned down repeatedly, he’d still worn that smile on his face; his sense of optimism had, touched me, I’d gone up to him, bought two scratch-offs, and, placed it into my purse, and forgot about them.

A few days later, my husband suddenly asked, “did you scratch the tickets from the other day?”, I’m someone with no extra lucks, I’d not even won the smallest prize from the receipts ever, I’d only bought those tickets, to give them man some needed assistance, naturally, I’d not kept it on my mind.  And, as my husband reminded me, then, I shall, scratch!  The first, I’d lost, and, the second ticket, I’d won, $2,000N.T.s, holy!  I was so ecstatic, started hollering aloud, “I won!  I won!”

Thanks to the handicapped man who’d sent me the lucks, and, that meal cost, right around, $2,000N.T. too, it’s so magical, isn’t it?  Thanks for the heavens for looking down on me, I’d never been a believer of doing good things and good things will happen to you, this sort of a karma, and at this moment in time, I am, a believer!

So, this is how your kindness paid off, because you had that thought of kindness in mind when you’d helped that handicapped man, purchased a scratch-off from him, that’s why, you’d won the cash prizes, and you broke even for the meal too for that evening.

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How Would Lin Face His Constituents?

Shameless, the DDP now showed its, ugly self, and, we the people are no longer gonna, buy it NO more!!!  This is, hopefully the FINAL straw that goes to end the reign of terror of the DDP in the cities of this country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of Lin’s thesis being accused of plagiarism, after N.T.U.’s Research Ethics Committee looked into the matter for ten plus days, yesterday, the board confirmed that he had, plagiarized, and announced that they will be taking back the degree awarded to him.  As for the professor, Chen who kept on cunningly defending Lin, N.T.U. stated that if there was something wrong on his behaviors being reported to the schools, they will go by the research ethics evaluation processes, and examine his behaviors, Lin and his professors were able to walk so tall, so high from before, and yet, after they were both busted, there’s nothing, but corruption deep down to their bones.

With the reputations of a “Five-Star Mayor”, but for the sake of his own vanity, he’d used the means of plagiarism to get the undeserved degree, Lin’s halo had shattered, his character, his ingenuity, crashed down into the valleys now.  His falsified dress, not only managed to “scam” Tsai for her trust in him, and he’d even attempted to cheat from Hsinchu to Taoyuan, does he actually believe, that we the people are gobbling up all the propaganda sold to us by the DDP as a population?

Maybe, it’s because of how the N.T.U. became shocked, for three times, the school had asked the mayor of Hsinchu and his advising professor, Chen to explain themselves in front of the school board and the press, but both evaded this.  If they have nothing to hide, then, why wouldn’t they have at least the courage to clear up the accusations stated on them, but kept spreading the words of how they’d been defamed, blackened in the reputations outside of the school?  And, thankfully the man who was plagiarized from, Yu had been fearless, coming out to the press to explain things, to speak for one’s own innocence.  This going up against the favorites of the head of the government is a show of how that sense of right and wrong is still alive in Taiwan.

And surely, we also need to applaud the N.T.U. too.  During this time, the political attacks on the school kept coming nonstop, including the calls for the members of the ethics committee to get switched out, in their attempt to blacken the correctness of the reviewing of Lin’s thesis, but the N.T.U. followed the procedurals step-by-step.  And now, Lin is officially, the biggest open sore for the end-of-year election of the DDP, and, how to avoid the DDP’s losing all five major cities’ elections because of Lin’s misbehaviors, it’s on Lin to think very hard over.  He may fool his party members, but he won’t be fooling us all, voters.

And so, this would be only, a first straw, that started breaking the big camel’s back, and, after this tiny straw gets pulled out, like that game of the wooden sticks stacking up, everything will fall down, and this is expected, as the DDP had shown that it got NO morals, that it’d FUCKED (no need to pardon me here!) up we the people’s lives, since the start of their ruler, with Tsai getting voted as the president.

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The Dreams I Got Caught in, Yours, the Nightmare You Got Caught by, Mine

I was, caught by a dream once, long, long, long ago, that dream of you I’d had, that kept on, recurring, recurring, repeating in my state of sleep, I couldn’t break myself free out of it, and for a very long time, you were all I was, ever going to, dream about…

The dreams I got caught in, it was you, and you’d, become, my nightmare then!  I tried to, work my way, through these walls of my own mind, but kept, ramming into, the dead ends, like there’s no way out.

The dreams I got caught in, yours, and now, you will get stuck in the nightmare of my making, call it karma, or, pay-back if you will, after all, I’d already, gotten, ground down too hard, into, bits, and pieces here.

like this, caught, in a trap…photo from online

And now, it will be your turn, to get, slaughtered, by the nightmares of my making, because I’m in control of everything that will happen (or won’t!) here.

Let’s see how you enjoy these sweet little, nightmares of mine…

I will no longer be caught in your dreams, your turn, to, suffer, by living in my nightmare now, honey!

Note: this is still NOT directed toward anyone who CAN read, and if you can’t read yet, and can understand this, do give me a call, I love to meet ya.

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Companionship at Old Age

GET a D-O-G, that’s my ADVICE!!!

Companionship at old age, someone who can, take care of me, as I age, someone with whom, I can, connect with intimate (not SEX!!!), someone with whom I can, share my innermost feelings with, someone who will, accept me for who I am…………

Companionship at old age?  Yeah, be your own companion, because if you can’t even, get alone with yourselves from before, and if you’d, failed to set up that tight-knit connection to your own loved ones, what the #$%@ (maxed!) makes you think, that your next-of-kin will, want to, stay close to you?  After all, it is, too important, that we surround ourselves with those whom we are, related to by blood (our offspring, next-of-kin, relatives, spouse, etc., etc., etc.), right?

how nobody wants to end up with…

living alone, in the, darkness…photo from online

Companionship at old age, very important, because, the lack of socialization, can make your brains deteriorate more quickly, than the original speed that your brains, deteriorate at.  Companionship at old age, not just anybody at random, but those that you cared for, raised when they were children, and, because you’d taken care of them, put clothes on their backs, foods into their stomachs, provided for their school tuitions, there’s, NO reason why they wouldn’t want to be near you, when you’re, old and gray, right???

WRONG! Despite how much you think you’d, given to your children, if you can’t make them feel the love you have for them, who’s to say, that they won’t turn out as ingrate like I became one, huh???

And yes, this is still, from the life and times, of a total INGRATE: ME!!!

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The Military Serviceman Committed Suicide as the Other Woman Kept Demanding that He Pay Her More Hush Money

Death, was what, came to, this, CHEATER, and it’s still, his own @#$%ING, fault here!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Three years ago, the serviceman, Wang committed suicide at his residence, as his wife sorted through his things, she’d found that he was having an affair with the female janitor, Chen who worked in her building, as the two broke up, Chen started, blackmailing Wang, and he’d paid her a total of $400,000N.T. worth of “hush money”, but Chen still won’t let go, which was what caused Wang to commit suicide at the end.  Wang’s wife sued Chen for threats to get money, the Chiaotou District Court in the first trial found Chen guilty, sentenced her to six months in prison, that she could pay the fines and skip out of serving the time, Chen’s wife filed for an appeal, the courts maintained the rulings from the first trial.  Case closed.

Starting in 2016, Chen started working as a janitor at Wang’s building, both were married, and they started having an affair, but in the end, Chen’s husband found out; after they broke up, Chen threatened Wang, that from December of 2017 to March of the following year, Chen threatened Wang with text multiple times, “you will die horribly!”, “I will MAKE what you did KNOWN to the world!”, “You can’t afford to mess with a married woman!”, etc., etc., etc.

Wang was a professional serviceman, to keep his affair under wraps, he’d paid a total of $400,000N.T. as hush money to Chen, to silence her, but, after Chen got the money, she won’t let up, she’d texted, “I was originally a fitting woman, now, my reputation’s gone down the drains, you will go down with me too!”

Wang could no longer live with how Chen constantly threatened him, and felt he had wronged his families, believed, “honor is the first life of a serviceman”, left a note in his residence, then, killed himself, as his wife sorted through his belongings, that was when she’d, learned about the affair for the first time.

At the first trial, Chen claimed, that Wang had, raped her, that it was Wang who’d, broken up, said that he was going to pay her for it, but gone back on his words again, and again, that was what angered her, and thus, the text, that it was, all venting.  The Chiaotou District Court considered how Chen only had a middle school education, that she and Wang’s families can’t reach a settlement agreement to date, sentenced her to six months, and, confiscated the $400,000N.T. she’d blackmailed him away.

Wang’s families thought, that six months was too “lenient”, accused how the woman had sent nude photos of herself to Wang, but delegated all the blames of the affair to Wang only, asked the district attorneys to file for an appeal.

The High Subsidiary Courts of Kaohsiung during the trial, Chen claimed, that Wang’s wife asked over eight million dollars in payment, she couldn’t afford it, which was why she’d not settled with her, the judge believed, that the punishment signed by the first trial was fitting, that it wasn’t, too lenient, too heavy, or, not proportional, tossed back the appeal.

And so, this, is how it goes, you’d cheated, and got sued, and now, you were able to, WEASEL your way out, by excusing yourself, that you don’t make that much money, and you can’t pay what the wife is asking for, and, the man you’d had an affair had, killed himself, as he DESERVED to D-I-E, for being unfaithful to his own wife, and he was, way too, tortured by his own, guilty conscience, and you still, got that, slap on your wrist for having an affair with a married man.

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An Elderly Man Who Married More than Once After He’d Had a Stroke, He’d Finally Realized, that His First Wife Loved Him Better

Here we still have, a LOSER who wanted what he’d thrown away back again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

An elderly man, Cheng, from back in 1957, married his wife, Liao, and, back in 1999, he’d filed for divorce in California behind his wife’s back, and married a new wife with an American citizenship, Kuo; a little over four years ago, he’d come back to Taiwan, and had a stroke, Cheng was angered at how Kuo had abandoned him, left Taiwan when he was under critical condition, took his savings too.  And Liao, his first wife filed for the suit to establish that her marriage with him was still valid, because back then, she didn’t receive the divorce papers from the courts, she’d won, Kuo was displeased at how she’d become the “spare”, sued for the invalidations of her husband’s last marriage, but her claims were tossed back.

The District Court in Shihlin pointed out, that back when Kuo married, she probably didn’t know that her husband had committed bigamy, but, because she failed to provide the documentations of the deliveries of the divorce settlement papers to Liao, the first wife, that, was why she’d lost the claims.

After Cheng the elderly man married, Liao, he’d moved to the U.S., later on, because his wife needed to look after their daughter’s child, she’d moved to L.A. with her daughter.  In 2011, when Liao came back to Taiwan, to get an reissuance of her national identification card, she’d found, that there was a blank on the column of “spouse”, she’d asked her attorney in the States to find out what had happened, that, was when she found out, that she’d been “divorced”.

Liao said, that back in 1999, when her husband asked the courts in L.A. for divorce, he’d lied that she lives in San Francisco, causing her to miss her court date, and the divorce was finalized, because she failed to show up in court.  She said, that she didn’t know that her husband was having an affair with Kuo at all.

Kuo however, told, that back in 1999, when she’d married Cheng in the U.S., after they’d returned to Taiwan, they’d registered for marriage here too, but in 2010 when her husband had a stroke, the daughter from his first marriage prevented her from seeing him, and so, she could only file for separation from him.  Last year, she’d found out from a mutual friend, that the first wife had filed a case to the courts, to annul her marriage to her husband, that, was when she’d learned, that her husband and his ex-wife was still married, legally.

Cheng the elderly man complained of how his new wife left Taiwan, after the hospitals issued a last notice on him, and how she’d managed, to drain out his bank accounts in the U.S., then, vanished, that she’d abandoned him out of malice.  Cheng had also pointed out, that the person who’d signed for the receipts of the legal papers was different from his first wife’s handwriting, that it wasn’t signed for by his first wife.

The courts decided, that Cheng had filed for divorce with his first wife in California, and after the courts settled the matters, he’d married Kuo, but the divorce suit was found invalid by Taiwanese law, and so, the elderly man committed bigamy.

This, is still BAD karma, if you ask me, and, now this elderly had a stroke, and was abandoned by his second wife, he’d realized how wonderful his first wife, whom he’d divorced instantly after he’d found another lover, was the one who’d been kind to him all along, and now, he’s paying for HIS mistake for divorcing his ex-wife, and, he’s getting EXACTLY what he deserved here!

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Just the Right Amount of Blessings

The ins and outs of life here, translated…

The five of us sisters, the money for the outings we head out on every week, other than being from our separate wages by the months, we’d welcomed those “donations” too; for instance, the amounts won from the receipts and from the lottos, my youngest sister who oversees the account hoped that we could all put more money in, but, for so many years, she’d not gotten the results she’d wanted to see, and, the God of Fortune just never seemed to want to give us, the sisters, some winnings in money.

The gatherings of us sisters, we’d not allowed people who don’t carry our last names, including our own young.  But, at last week’s gathering, there was, an odd guest, and, we’d welcomed her, unlike we normally wouldn’t.

Reasons being: my second youngest sister got reconnected with her middle school classmate from over forty years ago, the two of them had gone out to catch up and to eat lunch, and split the checks; after the bill was paid, my sister handed the receipt to her classmate, several months later, her classmate called her up in excitement, the receipt had won the prize for $10,000N.T., for matching the last six digits, after the taxes had been deducted, they each received almost $4,000N.T.s.  Her classmate had even taken a photo of the receipt, and texted it to my sister, to prove that she was, telling the truth.

This winning was hard to come by, my second sister was very happy, and donated her share of the winnings, into our community fund.  That day, the sisters went out, and, she’d taken the opportunity, to bring this old classmate who was honest along.  Although, $4,000N.T. is not that much, but, if her friend wanted to take it for herself, she could’ve easily done so, after all, she did, have the winning receipt, and my second younger sister was on the outside of all of it, not knowing, that the blessings were, coming closer.

My second youngest sister told me, that her friend had gotten commends for her honesty from when she was in middle school, and, after so many years, she’d still stayed true to her good values, it’s really rare.

Her classmate felt somewhat embarrassed, as we the sisters all commended her for her honesty, kept stating, that she was merely, doing her part, as a partner, that it’s not necessary, for us, to give her so much commend.  She’d stated, that if it were my second youngest who’d won, she was sure, that she’d done the same too.

“Aren’t you at all, hesitant?” I’d joked with her.  Her classmate said, in a serious manner, “Thankfully, we didn’t win the ten million dollar prize, otherwise, I would’ve had a ton of conflicts!”

So true, this gift from above, the just right about of blessings, not making my youngest sister’s classmate get caught up, in the battle of her own conscience, and, it’d given us a share, everybody’s happy that way.

This, is the truth of friendship, the person could’ve easily taken the money for herself, but she didn’t, because she’s honest in nature, and, because of her honesty, the family now sees her as one of their own.

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Waiting for You, at the Finishing Lines

Waiting for you, at the finishing lines, is still NOTHING you would want!  You’d finished running, this long, AND hard marathon called life, and, seen a ton of beautiful, and ugly-as-hell scenes along the way, haven’t you?  And now, you’re just about done…

Waiting for you, at the finishing lines, don’t expect a hero’s welcome, because you ain’t gettin’ none, because you’d done so many things wrong along the way, tripped someone, just to get ahead, elbowed your opponent, to keep her/him from outrunning you, don’t THINK I didn’t notice!

Waiting for you, at the finishing lines, are the mistakes you’d made, crimes you’d committed, and, that red-faced dude, with the pitchfork, and the horns, a goatee, with that lizard-like tail, ready, to COLLECT, and, you WILL pay up.

Waiting for you, at the finishing lines, are all the dreams you’d ever hard, and, as you run past each and every one of them, you’d recalled how you’d felt, when you first dreamt them all up one by one, you’d wanted stay awhile, but, you couldn’t, your feet are urging you, to move on, and, you’d left your hearts, where those broken dreams were………

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The Man Who Shot His Girlfriend Committed Suicide at a Hotel Using a Gun

We have a murder-suicide, caused by???  Love, once again, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Police Department in Tainan received a call that someone brought a gun to a hotel to stay yesterday, the police broke down the door, called out: “POLICE!”, the man ran into the bathroom, and committed suicide using the gun he had, afterwards, the police found out, that the man was the one who’d shot the mother of his young son, Huang, awhile ago.

The manager of the local subprecinct, Chang said, that they’d gotten a call yesterday, that there was someone suspicious who’d gone to a hotel to stay how had a gun, and, three in the morn, he and four other officers, in their bulletproof vests, and shields in hand.

As the patrol officer turned the key to the door, screamed out, “OPEN UP!  It’s the POLICE!”, the man who was originally lying on the bed, watching television ran immediately into the bathroom, because the chains on the door was stuck, the officer kicked down the door, and he’d heard a “bang!”

“The entire process took NO more than thirty seconds, there was no time for me to react yet,” Officer Wan-Ji Chang stated, the man had shot his own temple, and, even though the officers had rushed him to the hospital, but he was still declared dead.

Chang said, that he had no idea who the suspect was at the time, and, there wasn’t any identification, that afterwards, he’d gone by the description of the clothes of the active arrest warrant, and realized, that it was, Huang.  The police discovered six bullets on the bed, and an altered gun in the bathroom, and two shots.  The officer recalled, that back then, the television was set to the news station, reporting on the “Murder Caused by Love in Gui-Ren District”, that the suspect realized that he wasn’t getting away, that, was why he’d committed suicide.

The police investigated, that the thirty-year-old Huang has a young son with his ex, they’d broken up, and he was unsuccessful in getting her to take him back, on the fifth, he’d made his way into his girlfriend’s house, shot his girlfriend, and her uncle, and hacked his girlfriend seven times, the girlfriend died on the scene, and her uncle was severely wounded, and the entire process took NO more than seven minutes, and back then, their young son was at the scene too.  After Huang committed the murders, he’d ran to Taichung, and last night, he’d slipped back to Tainan, and, in the assistance of his friend, Lin, he was able to check into the hotel.

“This, was the right way for this to end, a life for a life was still too easy for him!”, the girlfriend’s father learned of Huang committing suicide, he’d commented, still angry, after his daughter died, his grandson would tell him that he wanted his mother every single day, and, to date, the family still hadn’t figured out, how to tell the child, that his mother had died.

The Gui-Ren police subprecinct stated, that after the D.A. and the coroner’s examinations, that the gun which Huang used to commit suicide matched the ballistics and the type of the bullets from the fifth of this month; in the evening, they’d asked Lin who’d helped Huang check into the hotel, and after the police interrogated him, they’d booked him for abetting a criminal.

This, is still KARMA, working ITS magic, and, apparently, we can only speculate that this man just couldn’t withstand the torture of HIS own guilty conscience for murdering his ex-girlfriend AND shooting her uncle, that he’d chosen, to end his life, and, although, this, is NOWHERE near justice, but, this, is as CLOSE as it gets, for getting JUSTICE for the families of the woman who was brutally murdered…

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You Will Become Old &Gray, AND Unwanted

You will become old and gray, AND unwanted, and that is still, your destiny, your fate!  You will become old and gray, AND unwanted, and, as you’re still, trying hard, to figure out, HOW you go there, you’ll just, keep on, runnin’ ‘round in circles, endlessly.

You will become old and gray, AND unwanted, by your kin, because you’d FAILED to pay attention to your children and wife when they needed you the most.  Where the F*** (maxed out already???) were you, when your children needed you the most in their teenage years?  You DO realize, that being a parent IS accompanying your kids as they take each and every step toward maturity, right?  So, where the F*** were you?  You’d missed out, on EVERYTHING!

You will become old and gray, AND unwanted, sitting, ALL alone, in that room in that old folks’ home, with the curtains drawn, surrounded, by darkness, with NOBODY, ever coming to KNOCK on your doors, to show you ANY kindness, and by then, where the HELL would all those other people’s children you’d paid for go again?  Oh yeah, they were, merely, USING you, because you were a SUCKER who offered them, LOADS of cash, their ATM, nothing M-O-R-E.

You will become old and gray, AND wanted, and you still can’t blame me for abandoning you, after all, you were the one, who WALKED out on your wife and kids, a very long time ago, weren’t you?

And now that you’re old, gray, and unwanted, what RIGHT have you, to crawl back to their doorsteps, and BEG them, to take you back into their lives again?  Oh wait, you do NOT have that right, to ask your kids to be kind, because you’d done nothing for them, save for, SHOVING money (yes, they’d come in the increments of hundred dollar bills at a time too!!!) UP their separate asses…

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