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What Goes Around, WILL Come Back Around, and You WILL NOT Escape from It, It’s EXACTLY Like the F-L-U!!!

He’d Robbed the Gold Jewelries Worth $470,000N.T., Escaped, Leapt into the Creeks, Fallen to His Legs Became Injured So Badly He Couldn’t Move a Single Muscle

The quick KARMA that bit him on the ASS here!  Served him right, for robbing a jewelry store!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Two evenings ago, an eighteen-year-old man, Wu went into the jewelry shop told that he wanted to buy a gold necklace, as he pretended to be selecting from the batch, he’d grabbed a necklace worth $470,000N.T., and run right out of the shop, the shop owner chased after him, and called the cops as he’d chased after the robber; as Wu saw the police and the locals coming towards him, he’d leapt into a five-meter deep creek, and injured both his legs, and couldn’t move an inch, was arrested by the police who just arrived, he was taken to the hospital, and sustained no major injuries, booked for robbery, after the D.A. interrogated him, they’d asked the courts to have him in custody, which the courts signed off.

The police investigated, that Wu just turned eighteen, two evenings ago at around six, he’d walked into a jewelry shop in Zhushan Township in Nantou, claimed that he was looking for a gold necklace and a ring; the manager found him keep on switching to and from the pieces, acting weird, as he was about to tell the clerk to collect the jewelry, Wu grabbed two gold necklaces, and two gold rings, then, ran right out, the clerk immediately chased after him, and called the police as he’d chased him down.

The locals learned that there was a robbery, and joined in the pursuit of the robber, not long thereafter, the police arrived too, Wu saw the crowd behind him getting bigger and bigger, he’d flipped over the railings, and leapt into the street-end creek down below, not realized that it was a five-meter drop downward, he’d injured both his legs, couldn’t move an inch.  The patrol officers arrived immediately afterwards, cuffed him, took him to the hospitals, and gotten the robbed gold jewelry returned to the shop.

And, look on the bright side (sliver lining anyone???) you got to hold that gold of $470,000N.T.s, at least, for a brief moment in time, and that still just showed, how quickly KARMA bites back, meaning, IF you do something bad, then, what you did will return back to you TENFOLD, like for this loser, he would not just be facing the jail term, but also the medical fees too now, and it still was NOT worth it!

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We the People, Paying for the Mistakes of the Energy Policies of the Government

And because, we’re still all, paying into, this government’s, SHITTY plans, that’s still, money down into the toilet (Watch it all go ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round…), off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Last year, the government had collect4ed around $450 billion N.T.s in taxes, an all-time historical high, and the waves of “returning some taxes back to the people” came on, and we all expected that the refunds will be in cash, but the president, Tsai stated yesterday, that the refunding the taxes back to the people is temporarily placed on halt, wanted us to understand.  And yet, a huge chunk of this over-collected tax amount is going to Taipower company to cover the lacking in the cost of electricity, in other words, we may not get the refunds of the taxes back, we are also, paying for the energy policies of the Tsai government, how can we possible, understand that?

The last eleven months from two years ago, Taipower had already sustained a loss of $220,400,000,000N.T.s, already closing in on the total capital of the company’s worth of $330,000,000,000N.T.s.  Due to the hike in energy costs because of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, especially for natural gas, it’d increased the cost of operations for Taipower Company, and, the estimated shortage may be roughly the same this year compared to last year.

and, here’s what THAT, looked, like…and, guess what’s going to happen, AS the plug goes into the wall??? Cartoon found online

The key to causing this total loss of the cost of operations of Taipower, is the government of Tsai’s rushing into doing awa3y with nuclear power completely.  The originally planned percentage of natural gas provision of fifty-percent by 2025, thirty-percent powered by coal, and the reusable energies only twenty-percent, due to the shift in goals of energy production policies, the check’s bounced last year ahead of its due date, and we can now only, use more fire power to increase the electricity power that we are in need of.  Especially, the proportions of natural gas powered is still increasing, this sort of a continual loss, is entire caused by the faulty energy policy of the government.

And the cost of power will only get higher and higher, and higher by the day for the futures, and, the reusable energies, will NEVER reach the rate of what’s promised to us by our, government, plus the party is now, pressed by the votes, and doesn’t DARE anger the people, the evaluation of the lowering of the costs of electricity became a rubber stamp, with, Taipower Company never breaking even.

To have a stable source of energy, the industries keep on calling out to the government, but the government still keep on giving the taxes that we pay to make up for the operational losses of Taipower, which is the same as wiping the ASS of its own, bad energy policies.

And, there you have it, the Tsai government SCREWED us over, by manipulating the people to vote NO to restart Nuclear Two, and we already all expected this to happen, and now, we’re, merely, sucking it up, and taking whatever the FUCK the government’s manipulated us into believe, and the people here, DESERVE to get, SCREWED over, because the population are too FUCKING (don’t pardon me!) retarded, to vote the way the DDP wanted them to.

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Detonated a Bomb at the Station, Became Amputated, Received Seven-and-a-Half Years

Can’t see what he did, only pointed finger to those who’d, “wronged” him, yeah, that’s the bad behaviors, of a man all right!  How KARMA is still, a total, BITCH!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A plumber-electrician, Yu because he was in a foul mood in July, he’d taken a bomb, with the reputation of “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation, stated that he was going to, detonate it, and, he’d actually, accidentally pressed the detonator, and set the bomb off, his right palm was blown to bits, and got taken to the hospital and amputated; the Hsinchu District Court tried him, found that he’d caused troubles in public safety, but already paid a dear price, sentenced him to seven years six months for breaking the laws of ownership of illegal dangerous arms, and obstruction of police business.

The verdict pointed out, Wu learned to make the bomb from online, went to the hardware, chemical stores on July 6th , bought the needed supplies, and started making the bomb at home, and, late that evening, he’d tried to see his own young daughter, was barred from seeing her, got in a foul mood, took the bomb, “Satan’s Mother” to the police substation locally.

as Yu entered into the substation, he’d immediately told the officer on duty he was with an explosive device, and took it out to “play with” again, and again, the officers worried that Yu may actually detonate, tried calming him down, while calling up his father, and, Yu started shouting at his father in the phones, that he had a bomb on him, and he got more and more, worked up as they spoke.

And, half way through talking with his father, Yu accidentally set the detonator off, and, blew up his own right palm, and thankfully, none of the officers on duty had, gotten injured.

And so, this is what happened, when you put an explosive device in the hands of someone who’s, worked up, emotionally unstable, and what exacerbated this man’s bad behavior, was his own ex-wife’s barring him from seeing his own daughter, and he’d not considered WHY, his own ex-wife barred him from seeing his own young daughter, because he’d gone to her place too late, and the child may already be in bed, and he’d, blamed EVERYBODY else for his, “misfortunes”…

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The Passing of the Torch Through a Small Computer

The heart of this serviceman from the same unit is, the most amazing thing, that’s stayed with the writer, even after so many years since he’s finished with his own, service terms in the armed services, translated…

It was 1990, when I was working as a counselor at the Marines’ Penghu Command Post, my primary work involved surveying the servicemen in Penghu, to get to understand how the soldiers were faring, how they’d adapted to the life in the armed services.  Back then, computers weren’t all over the places, it was quite rare, too expensive, not to mention, the armed services worried that the top secret may leak out, and so, we can only conduct the statistical researches manually, with a total lack of efficiency.  Every month, we would sample ten units, and, the surveys we collected were quite massive,, thankfully, in the unit I worked in, there was a small computer that was two, three times larger than the calculators, as we’d keyed in the data, then, the computer would compute out the results; I’d heard, that this was a serviceman from the years before out of the info-tech department who’d bought the machine with his own money, wrote the programs that’s being used right now, and as he was relieved of his service duties, he’d, generously donated the computer to the army, and so, every time I’d thought back, I was filled with, a ton of, gratitude.

As I’d taken over for two months, that small computer malfunctioned, and, as I’d gone back to the island of Taiwan on my break, I’d also, bought the exact same model, and wrote the programs for it, and, yet, I just, couldn’t get the computer to work like it had before.  Seeing how the work came rushing towards me, I’d started, flustering, and, I’d called up the former serviceman who’d left the original computer behind, and still couldn’t figure things out, and so, I’d not known how to resolve the issues with the calls, and so, I’d met up with the person who’d donated the computer in Taipei, so I can, better understand how to make the computer work.

And yet, as we’d met, he’d, handed me, a brand new computer, told me, that the old one had stopped working, because it’d not been upgraded in the memory disks.  I’d told him I wanted to pay him for it, he’d turned me down, convinced me, that it’d not paid quite enough in the services, that he’d started working already, that it was his way, of giving back to the unit he served in, for taking care of him during his time there, told me not to mind it.

Turns out, after two years, he’d already, forgotten the details, and to try to help me solve my problem, he’d, bought a brand new computer, to research more into it, to know what the problem is.

I’d waved goodbye to him with tears in my eyes, carrying that small computer in my arms, felt very moved by him, and hoped, that I will be able to, passing this heart of helping, this love he felt toward people, on.

And so, this older, former serviceperson had gone over and beyond the call of duty, to help this individual who was currently serving his term, and this older, former serviceperson wanted to make the work in the units easier, more efficient, that was why he’d bought that desktop computer in the first place, and, he’d, offered more than the needed help to the writer as he’d come across the troubles of the computer working well.

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The Riots Against the Orders to Close Down the Cities in China Different than Tiananmen, the Chinese Dreams Got Beaten by Livelihood of the People, Now the People Demand Freedom

The A-4 revolution of the people, caused by the dictatorship of Xi of China, and how the people of China finally, got FED up, being controlled by the, government, with the growing pandemic as the fuel to this fire that’s starting, to burn right now, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fires in Ürümchi shehiri leading to the national riots all around, not only did it prove Mao’s “a tiny spark can causes a huge forest fire”, it’d also, caused a serious impact on Communist rule of China, this is the largest scale riot in thirty years in modern China.

Some of the commentators compared this to the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989, this was, improperly stated.  Research showed, as people get trapped in poverty long-term, they are less likely to riot and rise up, but, as the living standards are improved, to a certain degree, there would be the anti-government activities that start to happen all around.  In the nineties, the communist government of U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe quickly got taken over after the reforms happened, the backgrounds of Tiananmen too, is quite similar, it’s just that it got, suppressed by the forces.  In political science, the anger of the people that came into being due to this oppression, is “the relative sense of being deprived.”

This current incident however, is a crumbling of the contract of societal functioning between the person in power and the people.  In Thoreau’s philosophy, he’d believed, that the people are willing to give up certain freedoms if the person or party in power put up an equated quality or ideal, and once the social contract crumbled, then the relations of both became led by tension.  This, applied to China, the Communists are able to gain totalitarian control because after the reforms, the economic is taking off, as the speed of development entered into the plateau stage, then, the government must come up with alternative plans to help the system progress.

From the western cultures, the reforms in economics brings about the reforms of the governing systems, Korea and Taiwan are examples of this.  In 2001, in WTO approving China as its members, without the country’s being up to standards in international trades, is due to this ideal of the western world’s
“the evolution of peace”, hoping, that through the involvements, it can cause China to participate in the multivariate politics.  And yet, it’d not worked out, although the Chinese economics is steadily on the rise, and the political environment turned to more open in Hu and Wen’s terms as leaders of the country, but, in 2012, since Xi took power, it’d, shifted back into authoritarianism.

 Before Wen stepped down, he’d stated, with a heavy heart: if we don’t push for the reforms, we may eventually, lose the results of the economical reforms as well.  But unfortunately, Xi didn’t heed Wen’s advice, instead, he’d convinced the people, using another means to make sure the people followed and obeyed his rule: the Chinese dreams.  Simply put, tapping into people’s patriotism, to replace the needs, the demands of the reform toward a more democratic government.  This emotional appeal, normally, can be enforced by reaching out to the law enforcement authorities, to keep the people in check, however, this means of control stop working, as soon as the people can’t even fulfill their most basic needs for staying alive, and losing their personal, freedoms.

What Communist China is currently faced with, is exactly as described, and, comparing to the goals of reform of more politically-oriented from the Tiananmen riots, what the people are demanding, is their living needs be, fulfilled, and if the Communist government doesn’t consider it, then, the riots will get out of control soon.

As the most basic needs of food, shelter, what we need to live our daily lives became, unfulfilled, we are, driven to revolt, because these are the most basic needs of us as humans, to live, to survive on the planet, and as China stayed TOUGH on its plan to clear ALL the cases of MERS-CoV, life gets harder for the people in the country, they’re, running out of their basic living needs, foods, water, etc., etc., etc., and naturally they are, going to, revolt, and, it will in turn, lead to the changes of the formations of the government, because people are now, banding together, to fight against the dictatorship, the authoritarianism of the man who’d called the shots way too long in the country.

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The BEST Case Scenario for the Outbreaks of MERS-CoV…

Is that this SHIT, wipes OUT, all of the world’s, leaders, ‘cuz they all end up, abusing their powers, NO matter what “democratic” countries they’re ruling over right now…

The BEST case scenario for the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, is, that it takes OUT ALL the world’s leaders, the world’s a TOTAL MESS, because of them, and so, naturally, it’s only FAIR (but life usually, isn’t!!!), that MERS-CoV, takes them ALL out, or at least, leaves them, debilitated, mentally incapacitated, to RUIN the countries that they’re all, RUNNING to SIX feet under.

And by this, MERS-CoV would be, something amazing, instead of something that’s, feared, because it takes out the world’s, population, in an attempt, to REDUCE the rising temperatures of the global planet.

The BEST case scenario, for the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, is that, it takes, ALL those, DICTATORS who masked themselves up as democratically voted presidents, and used their manipulative means, to pass the laws that aren’t, good, nor beneficial to we the people.

But we can, only, hope………

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Falling Off the Shrines, & Blaming the Shrines for Not Set Up Correctly

How the political party that’s, RUN this country to SIX feet under is still, not enough, to MAN up!!!  Still pointing fingers, and blaming EVERYBODY BUT, themselves, talk about a total LACK of introspective abilities here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The DDP candidate, the former director of the Command Center of MERS-CoV, Chen stated, that if he had it to do all over again, he would’ve NEVER taken the post of the director of the C.D.C., and sighed how the arrows are all over, his own, back.  But, of the 908 days he was in office, since the 1,000 day anniversary of the command center, the former president, Chen stated, “he stepped on close to 10,000 dead bodies, as he’d marched into the city government of Taipei”, that he’d gotten the best of everything, and still complained, Chen, who’d basked in the glows of the shrine’s halo lights, is the LEAST proper to blame the shrine here!

Turning back the hands of time to before the pandemic, other than being the longest serving person of the office of Department of Health and Social Welfare, what did he do that’s, memorable to us?  What did he do for his, party?  Because of the pandemic, it’d given him absolutely power, he’d gained the money, the power, and the fame; because we the people are too worried that we’d, zoomed in on the developments of the pandemic, that’s how he got to, stepped onto the podium, underneath the spotlight, and blabbed on, and on, and on, at his, regularly scheduled press conferences at the offices of the C.D.C.; and, because the success or fail of the defense against MERS-CoV became related to the life or death of the Tsai government, that’s why, he’d turned into the final statue of worship, that the DDP legislators, and the side wing net armies.

and here’s, how that, went!

a total, mess! Broken to bits and pieces, with body parts, gone! Photo from online

And now, Chen sighed about how he got arrows all over his, back, that everybody hated on him, this was clearly, a consequence and cause.  Reason why Chen’s shrine had, collapsed, because he only changed on “getting ahead, getting ahead”, with we the people, lacking the vaccines we need to defend against the spread, the quick scan kits, the medications to treat our, symptoms; he’d become possessed, and blocked off the vaccine purchasing, that we the people, needed to rely on the vaccines donated from other countries, and the local charitable foundations, the hospitals, to save our, lives; he’d pasted that written slip of paper onto the data of purchasing of the vaccines from Medigenva, and we the people, can only, glare at the black box with the data, for thirty whole years.  To the point of how after he’d, fallen from his higher up status on the shrines, he’d become, possessed to believe, the famed online side wing commentary’s outrageous, unfounded claimed, to the point that finally, the crash of man-made and heaven sent came down on him hard.

Chen told he didn’t want a do over, but he should ask, if we the people would want HIM as the commander of the CDC first.  But, Chen’s regret of being the commander of the C.D.C., like how Tsai told that it wasn’t her problem after 2024,  I get the benefits, I get the spotlight, while you the people, go through the trials of this country.

And so, this is how irresponsible this party that’s led this god DAMN country is, they’d evaded responsibilities, even to this day, had it not been them, then, maybe, maybe, there would NOT be as many who’d died in this current pandemic, had it not been the government’s, delaying purchasing of the vaccines that are necessary, not basked in how we got head of the rest in the defenses against the pandemic (when it was still back at the alpha or the beta strains???), and gotten prepared, purchased enough vaccines that the country’s people in need of, we would NOT have the highest number of morbidity, in the developed countries list, would we?  And this LOSER, still boasted on how he’d had it hard?

Who’s gonna buy that, huh?  I know I won’t, but, unfortunately, those, FAITHFUL followers of this DDP CULT, still worshipped him like he’d their, G-O-D!

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The Endowment of Heaven’s Blessings

What goes around, comes, back around, how one good deed brings you the “luck” you were, searching for, translated…

On my husband’s fifty-fifth, the family of four celebrated the occasion at the rowdy food shop at the night market, in the summer evening, we’d eaten the traditional Taiwanese cooking, and enjoyed the beers too.

In the loud and raucous shop, the sound of the games came on.  Then suddenly, a thin older male entered, limping, and started selling the lotto tickets he had with him table by table, “Sir, buy a ticket from me!  I hope you win the jackpot!” he’d circled around the shop, nobody bought from him.  Although he wasn’t mobile, he’d still tried and made a living on his own, and even as he got turned down repeatedly, he’d still worn that smile on his face; his sense of optimism had, touched me, I’d gone up to him, bought two scratch-offs, and, placed it into my purse, and forgot about them.

A few days later, my husband suddenly asked, “did you scratch the tickets from the other day?”, I’m someone with no extra lucks, I’d not even won the smallest prize from the receipts ever, I’d only bought those tickets, to give them man some needed assistance, naturally, I’d not kept it on my mind.  And, as my husband reminded me, then, I shall, scratch!  The first, I’d lost, and, the second ticket, I’d won, $2,000N.T.s, holy!  I was so ecstatic, started hollering aloud, “I won!  I won!”

Thanks to the handicapped man who’d sent me the lucks, and, that meal cost, right around, $2,000N.T. too, it’s so magical, isn’t it?  Thanks for the heavens for looking down on me, I’d never been a believer of doing good things and good things will happen to you, this sort of a karma, and at this moment in time, I am, a believer!

So, this is how your kindness paid off, because you had that thought of kindness in mind when you’d helped that handicapped man, purchased a scratch-off from him, that’s why, you’d won the cash prizes, and you broke even for the meal too for that evening.

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How Would Lin Face His Constituents?

Shameless, the DDP now showed its, ugly self, and, we the people are no longer gonna, buy it NO more!!!  This is, hopefully the FINAL straw that goes to end the reign of terror of the DDP in the cities of this country!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of Lin’s thesis being accused of plagiarism, after N.T.U.’s Research Ethics Committee looked into the matter for ten plus days, yesterday, the board confirmed that he had, plagiarized, and announced that they will be taking back the degree awarded to him.  As for the professor, Chen who kept on cunningly defending Lin, N.T.U. stated that if there was something wrong on his behaviors being reported to the schools, they will go by the research ethics evaluation processes, and examine his behaviors, Lin and his professors were able to walk so tall, so high from before, and yet, after they were both busted, there’s nothing, but corruption deep down to their bones.

With the reputations of a “Five-Star Mayor”, but for the sake of his own vanity, he’d used the means of plagiarism to get the undeserved degree, Lin’s halo had shattered, his character, his ingenuity, crashed down into the valleys now.  His falsified dress, not only managed to “scam” Tsai for her trust in him, and he’d even attempted to cheat from Hsinchu to Taoyuan, does he actually believe, that we the people are gobbling up all the propaganda sold to us by the DDP as a population?

Maybe, it’s because of how the N.T.U. became shocked, for three times, the school had asked the mayor of Hsinchu and his advising professor, Chen to explain themselves in front of the school board and the press, but both evaded this.  If they have nothing to hide, then, why wouldn’t they have at least the courage to clear up the accusations stated on them, but kept spreading the words of how they’d been defamed, blackened in the reputations outside of the school?  And, thankfully the man who was plagiarized from, Yu had been fearless, coming out to the press to explain things, to speak for one’s own innocence.  This going up against the favorites of the head of the government is a show of how that sense of right and wrong is still alive in Taiwan.

And surely, we also need to applaud the N.T.U. too.  During this time, the political attacks on the school kept coming nonstop, including the calls for the members of the ethics committee to get switched out, in their attempt to blacken the correctness of the reviewing of Lin’s thesis, but the N.T.U. followed the procedurals step-by-step.  And now, Lin is officially, the biggest open sore for the end-of-year election of the DDP, and, how to avoid the DDP’s losing all five major cities’ elections because of Lin’s misbehaviors, it’s on Lin to think very hard over.  He may fool his party members, but he won’t be fooling us all, voters.

And so, this would be only, a first straw, that started breaking the big camel’s back, and, after this tiny straw gets pulled out, like that game of the wooden sticks stacking up, everything will fall down, and this is expected, as the DDP had shown that it got NO morals, that it’d FUCKED (no need to pardon me here!) up we the people’s lives, since the start of their ruler, with Tsai getting voted as the president.

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The Dreams I Got Caught in, Yours, the Nightmare You Got Caught by, Mine

I was, caught by a dream once, long, long, long ago, that dream of you I’d had, that kept on, recurring, recurring, repeating in my state of sleep, I couldn’t break myself free out of it, and for a very long time, you were all I was, ever going to, dream about…

The dreams I got caught in, it was you, and you’d, become, my nightmare then!  I tried to, work my way, through these walls of my own mind, but kept, ramming into, the dead ends, like there’s no way out.

The dreams I got caught in, yours, and now, you will get stuck in the nightmare of my making, call it karma, or, pay-back if you will, after all, I’d already, gotten, ground down too hard, into, bits, and pieces here.

like this, caught, in a trap…photo from online

And now, it will be your turn, to get, slaughtered, by the nightmares of my making, because I’m in control of everything that will happen (or won’t!) here.

Let’s see how you enjoy these sweet little, nightmares of mine…

I will no longer be caught in your dreams, your turn, to, suffer, by living in my nightmare now, honey!

Note: this is still NOT directed toward anyone who CAN read, and if you can’t read yet, and can understand this, do give me a call, I love to meet ya.

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