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The Accent that Gave the Scam Artist, Away

Phone scam that the writer received, and she almost fell for it, but didn’t, thank heavens!  Translated…

Several years ago, I bought a mosquito trapping lamp online, but, not only weren’t the mosquitoes fooled, they’d, attacked with, that blood-thirsty mean, and so, after only a few short days, we’d, put that mosquito trapping lamp, into, the attics.

We’d originally thought, that this would be the end of the lamp, and yet, on the evening a few weeks later, we suddenly received a call from customer services, the individual first, checked my identity, confirmed it was me, then, inquired, if I’d bought a mosquito trapping lamp on a website, as she heard that I’d responded yet, she’d used a more serious tone of voice, “you’d purchased something that’s $120,000N.T. from the website later, if you want to cancel this order, do come to the bank before midnight tonight, to the clerk, and follow the instructions we give to you, otherwise, the amount will be deducted from your bank account.”

I’d asked out of the blue, if I’d not purchased anything else from the website, of course I wanted the order canceled, then the person used that as an advantage, “seeing how you’d, mistakenly ordered, then, you must, go to the bank to stop your bank from paying!”, as I was hesitant, my son heard me, and came over, firmly stated, “mom, don’t listen to them bullshit, this is a scam ring!”, suddenly, I awoke, from the words, and, acted like nothing was the matter, changed the subject, and I’d heard that the woman carried a Cantonese accent, and I’d, started, carry on in conversations in Cantonese with her, then, the scam artist loosened her guard, and then, showed who she was.

bad people who think they can, keep on fooling those who aren’t aware enough…photo from online

I’d warned her, “woman, you are from my same hometown, please, don’t EVER use this sort of a means, to scam others, doing bad things to take advantage of others, it will all, come back to, you.  The laws and technologies go hand in hand these days, do NOT think that because you’re calling from China, you can fool anybody, you sounded quite young, go find a formal position that can earn you your living, the correct way!”, then, I’d, slammed down my phone.

Later, as I’d heard that someone I knew got scammed, and lost the money, or mistakenly trusted the scam artists, and ought whatever junk they didn’t need, I truly hoped, that my heartfelt word to that woman with the Cantonese accent, can actually get into her ear canals, to help her stop doing what she was, doing.

And so, this still just showed, how those scam artists are, swarming like them, FLIES, and you can’t just, SWAT them off, because you swat off one, there comes, another, and another, and another, and another, and these scam rings are targeting those who are young, who can’t find work, to work for them, and because the younger generations are enticed by the bullshits of easy money, no hard work, that’s why, they’re all, falling, into the traps, and, working as the scam artists, and, there are more and more of these, phone scams these days, and we must all, be more aware, to NOT fall for the same old trick in that god damn B-O-O-K!

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Getting Enticed by Money, Sex, the “Phishing Scams” Increased in Hong Kong

And there are still???  Oh yeah, NO VICTIMS of these, cases, only ABUSERS and, ENABLERS in these cases, the targets marked, not, let’s, get ‘em all, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s an economic article writer who’d, painted the pictures of the global economy, told that it’s in complete, chaos right now, with the gray/black swans, flying all over the places, that things can skyrocket and fall too quickly.  Of course, this is, alarming, but, what’s more was, another made-up, yet, quite real scene, the photos of a row of fishing poles, and catching the fish one by one.

The poles are a metaphor of the online scams in Hong Kong, the police called these cases as, “fishing scams”.  The phishing scams are the trojan horse viruses in the link attachment from the scam emails, as the “fisher” click opened the email; the many kinds of scams, caught the account owners in the nets.  The word phishing is very similar to fishing, and it’s, crazy too.  The most recent bulletin from the Hong Kong Police Department, the phishing scams of the first season in Hong Kong is as high as 1,400 cases, and, the total amount lost to these scams, were up more than $26 million Hong Kong dollars.

If there’s a fishing pole and a hook then, there would be, fishes that bite, the easily fooled is noted as “fish out of water” by the people in Hong Kong, and, “fish out of water” is the name for turtles, because as turtles were caught out of water, its chubby body would start squiggling, like it’s, rich, and it’d, still, bitten onto the hook and bait, refusing to, let go.  The “phishing scams” increased quite quickly in Hong Kong, showing that, there are, also, many fishes that were being, “hooked out of the waters”, and that the contents of these cases are mostly, too, unimaginable, unbelievable.

and you still don’t have a C-L-U-E!!! Illustration from online

Those who got hooked by these “phishing scams” are usually enticed by money, or by sex, of them, the “love affairs online”, are the most, prevalent sort.  The worst of these was a thirteen-year-old middle school boy went online to start up a love affair, and in the end, he’d met someone who’d sold for sex, demanded that this young man purchase the gaming credits as the down payment for the service that the woman was to provide.  The young boy went to the super convenience store and bought a game card that’s worth 768 Hong Kong dollars, and he’d gone with the requests, keyed in the serial number, then surely, the person cut off, all contacts with him.  That young man was so upset, he’d had his mother come with him to the police, to call for help.

The biggest “fish” caught by these phishing scams, was an accountant, this January, the individual received a text from the telecommunications company, told that his points are about to expire, that he could trade in the points for a Bluetooth ear set, and he’d, turned over his credit card information, then, became a victim of identity theft, lost $700,000.

Most of these cases came from the scammers who’d falsified  themselves as the telecommunications companies, making up seventy-three percent of all of these scams, and there were about twelve-percent that are related to the rewards plan by the falsified con artists claiming they were the wholesales enterprises, the rest are related to mail scams.

And so, despite how many cases that had already been, recorded, there are still, way too many, people who are, falling for them, and why is that???  Because we are just, way too lonely (those who were scammed by L-O-V-E!), too stupid (giving our money away to those, con artists), or, we just wanted, the cheap costs of things (the opportunists)…either way you are getting scammed, because you are, easy targets, and, what made you into, easy targets???  You go and figure that, out!

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The “Wheelchair Man” Got Taken into Custody Again on Suspicions of Money Laundering

Easy targets, too many fishes are, biting the bait of, easy money, invest here schemes, on getting caught scamming!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Wu is immobile, nicknamed “the wheelchair man”, had priors in falsifying personal data, causing the local landlords to lose billions of dollars before, last year, he was sentenced to eighteen years six months; he was also suspected of using a dummy company to help the scam rings launder money in the amounts of over $140 million N.T.s, and told that it was for the sake of virtual currency trading.  The police and district attorneys on the second arrest, took in twenty-three people, with Wu and four others mandated into custody.

The forty-nine-year-old Wu got into an accident, was immobilized, between 2018 and 2019, he’d used the dummy accounts to make up the false landlord information, had someone falsify as the landlord he’d made up, and the debtors to the courts to ask for a “false mediation”, then go to the land offices to get the deeds transferred, causing multiple landowners to loses a total of $705 million N.T.s.  The case was tried last year in Keelung District Court, Wu received an eighteen-year-and-six-months sentence.

During the trial, Wu was suspected of setting up a money laundering group with the twenty-four year-old Hong, the thirty-seven year-old Fang, with Hong as the recruit to set up a false company, using the company ledgers to collect the money that were scammed, then, wired the amounts into Fang’s, then the company’s account, and finally, the personal bank accounts, then, withdrawing the sums to hand over to the man behind it all, a money laundering, scheme.

Wu and others also falsified the conversations records in their cell phones, claiming that they were interacting with the sellers of virtual currencies, and using the “loans” to set up the dummy companies, and claimed that in the process, they’d used the KYC procedures to verify identification, to escape getting caught by the investigators.

The police confiscated a total of $300,000N.T. in cash, Wu had ten million in the virtual currency of tether; at the preliminary tallying, from June of last year to April of this year, Wu and his accomplices had scammed a total of 143 victims using a eleven false companies, with the total of amount of $140 million N.T. laundered.

Yeah, so this is how these virtual currencies give ways to money laundering, because there’s no real cash involved, it makes it even easier to do, and, these scam artists are still, preying on the greed of human nature here, and, everybody  can be a victim here.

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The Female High-Tech Worker from Hsinchu Technology Park Was Scammed Three Million Dollars N.T., it Took the Police Three Whole Days, to Stop Her from Going Forth with the Falsified Investments

Welcome to, SCAM-GALORE, the claims of investment and making you wads of cash, as that hook, and, you’re, baited, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The female engineer from the Hsinchu High-Tech Park was scammed for two million dollars, was about to pay another three million dollars, her friend was asked to make the withdrawal of 1.3 million dollars N.T. on her behalf, and got suspicious, notified the police, told that Wu was taken by the police on suspicious of scam; the police kept the money in custody, and tried persuaded her for three days, to deter Wu from believing that the investment scheme was real, and had her gone to drop off the money, and gotten the driver caught, Wang, the driver was arrested on fraud.

Based off of understanding, the forty-year-old Wu is single, on the weekends, she’d pulled in her overtime at work, last year on LINE, she’d met the scam artist claiming to be a financial advisor from a bank, believed that the stocks the individual recommended can earn her more money, for the past year, she’d wired a total of two million dollars N.T.; last month, the scammers enticed her to wire another three million dollars N.T., but she had to work, she’d given her bank books and stamp to a female friend to do it for her at the counter.

The friend heard about the investment, immediately became suspicious, and only withdrew $1.3 million N.T.s for her, and went to the local substation in Hsinchu to get help, claimed to Wu, that she got mistaken for a driver of a scam ring, and got taken back to the substation.  Wu went to the station, to tell the police, that it was for a legitimate investment, the officers reviewed over the conversations records on LINE, and noted that it was a scam, but, they couldn’t deter her, and, managed to persuade her to give the money she’d withdrawn already and her bankbooks, her stamp at the substation temporarily for safekeep.

A female officer of the Second Substation detective squad tried to convince her from the angle of a friend, for three whole days, the female officer called Wu up, to ask how her day was, invited to come to the police station to chat, and, showed her the assortments of means the scam artists are using currently, and finally was able to, deter her from wiring the money.

Wu worked with the police, contacted the members of the scam ring, to deliver the cash withdrawal on April 14th, with the officers ambushing close by, and arrested the driver who came to pick up the cash drop, the nineteen-year-old male, Wang.  Wang claimed, that he didn’t know he was involved in a scam, that it was a work introduction of picking up deliveries from a friend, he’d worked for two weeks, and not earned anything yet; the police believed he was evading his role, sent him to the D.A. after they’d charged him with fraud.

So, this, is how easy you can get scammed, and, there are, just too many cases, and this woman, thankfully, she did NOT end up losing, all the money she had saved, but she had, already, lost, a whole lot, but her friend had, saved her, from losing, more.

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The Laughable Proclamation by the Government on Cracking Down the Scams

The government is still, full of, huffle and, puff, with NO substantial meaning here, and the theories of how they’re going to, CRACKDOWN on the scams, still sound, oh so, musical, but, can it be, applied, effectively???  Hell NO!  Commentaries off of the Front Page Sections here, translated…

The Executive Department passed the “New Age Anti-Scamming Outline, Version 1.5”, and had the five outlines to follow as guidelines to help the people to work with the government on the crackdown of scams.  It’s funny, if these is real, why not just come up with the version 2.0?  Could it be that the former VP, Chen, who is now, the head of state, was afraid, that he might have, surpassed the former head of state, Su, too much?

What’s funnier, was that “together as one” motto to the “uncombined five”, was way too tongue-twisting and illogical.  The head of state Chen believed, that he could, mix and match any five rules that sounded less tongue-tying, the officials and the people would, follow his, command, and that the scam rings would get scared, and, stop operating?

Bluntly stated, the primary purpose of this “outline” may be the justifications of “investing in $1.3 billion N.T.s”, to extract more money.  Last year, Su used $1.4 billion N.T. of the taxpayers’ money to set up the “National Anti-Scamming Team”, and of them, the “digital department” that’s new was in charge of tackling the source of the scams, and yet, it’d turned in a blank record to date.  Last year, the total sums of scammed cash got up to seven billion dollars N.T. altogether, while the average age of the con artists dropped to 28.5, doesn’t look good.  And now, the government used that tongue-tying motto, and stressed that it’s the “new and improved, advanced” version; but at this time, the higher up of the DDP is completely taxed on the matter of the elections, how can they even have the mind to tackle the scams.

Don’t believe me, the legislature next week, should “quiz” Chen and all the related officials to tackling the scams on the tongue twisters.  The local councils can also check with the local police, to see what they’re doing, who they’d, caught?  If we want to, root up the chances of getting scammed, there should be the curricula in the civics and social studies texts, to teach the kids to learn to differentiate between what’s true and what’s not, to teach them how to become, ethical, citizens.  That way, not only would we be able to better prevent fraud, as these younger generations grow older, they’re, less likely, to work for the scam artist rings too.

And, this is how the DDP government is still so full of BULLSHIT, and the party still runs on motto, and this is too laughable, I mean, how are you, the government officials going to help we the people, to prevent getting scammed, what do we the people need to be careful on, what are the steps of caution we need to take, none of that which is needed information, IS, included in this, latest, propaganda of the DDP government.

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The Loans Scams on the Rise, the Unemployed Man Wanted to Take a Loan of $300,000N.T. Out, But Got Scammed $260,000N.T.s Instead

These scam artists are still, preying on people’s needs, their, vulnerabilities, and, the victims’, desperation here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The cases of scams are happening too frequently here, the false loan scams are also, rising higher by the days, the scam rings posted the loans ads online, using the handling charges, the evaluation of credit, mistakes in operating the machines, etc., etc., etc., to get the victims to pay first, the Criminal Investigations Agency estimated that up to the sixteenth of this month, there’d been 308 cases, fifty-percent increase compared to last year around the same time.  And the money scammed away had doubled, and the agency found this may have to do with the downturn in economy.

The police investigated, that the man, Tien who’d originally worked odds and ends jobs received an ad on LINE offering to lend him half a million dollars N.T., he’d gone to the super convenience shops to operate the machines to pay for the $100,000N.T. in guarantees, and the link he’d received after submitting asked him to click and key in his personal data to register, and claimed that he’d keyed in the wrong account information, that his account would be frozen, and that he had to pay $60,000N.T. to get everything reset, and that he had to pay another $60,000N.T. for the inconveniences.

Tien had three times gone to the super convenience shop to pay a total of $220,000N.T., and still didn’t get his loan approved, and the other party told him to pay more, claimed that they needed more from him to create a higher credit limit for him, and he’d consulted his families and realized, he’d been, scammed.

like this!

and, if you clicked the link, then, you’re, SCREWED!!! Photo from online

The unemployed man, Yeh saw the loans ad on FB, added the LINE account, and borrowed $300,000N.T.s, clicked the link that offered him to register for an account, and the message showed that the loan wasn’t approved; the other person stated he’d keyed in the receiving accounts wrong, that he’d had to pay a handling charge to get the secured transactions of his accounts, then used the excuses of his account being frozen, that he’d needed to purchase the banking insurances, asking him to pay more.

Yeh went to the super convenience shop to make the payments eight total times, and bought the game credits five times, spent a total of $260,000N.T.s, and the clerk at the super convenience shop became suspicious, and called the police, that was when he’d learned that he was, scammed.

The police told, that the scam groups are now using FB, text messages, LINE, using the loans’ ads, with low interest rates, guaranteed to approve, using the claims of the individuals’ keying in the wrong data, and other excuses, to scam; and all the money these victims offered up, were placed in the dummy accounts, there were rarely any handing off of cash now.  This year, twenty-percent of the scams involved the paying for something using the barcodes in the super convenience shops, buying up the gaming credits, and this is on the rise.

The Criminal Investigations Unit told, that people need to check if the agencies they’re taking the loans out with are legit, those with a set location of the offices, and see if the rates are reasonable, and after their loans are approved, then, pay the handling charges, but do NOT, leave your bankbooks, and identifications with the places you are taking the loans out of.

And so, this, is the newest way we can, get scammed, and, these scam artists are getting really, innovative, I mean, who’s going to check, if the loans ads are, legit, we’re already, in desperate need for CASH here!  That is why, desperation made these victims, that much easier, as, targets!

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Faking Depression, Scamming $60Million N.T.s from Insurance?  Eight in the Family Found Not Guilty

The possibilities of insurance scams?  The courts don’t believe so, but this may be a precedence, for all who wanted to commit fraud and scam the insurance agencies, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Courts Found, that there’s No Evidence Pointing to Falsely Reporting of the Medical Conditions, that Psychological Disorders are Inherited, that the Insurance Companies Can’t Say that the Individuals Were Faking Their Conditions

Eight members of a of Chang’s families from Hualien were accused of faking psychological illnesses such a depression, going to the various hospitals to get treated, then, used the formal diagnosis reports, to make the fraudulent claims of over $60 million N.T.s in the health insurance claims, the district attorney’s offices charged all individuals with fraud;  the Taipei District Court tried the case, many of the involved claimed they were innocent, the Collectivist Courts found all eight individuals not guilty yesterday.

In the investigation phase of the case, there were the members of the families who’d admitted to committing fraud, told the police how Chang had taught them now to make the fraudulent claims; the Taipei D.A.’s Office told, that they will decide if they are to pursue for an appeal after they received the court’s verdicts.

photo from online

The D.A. accused, that Chang and her families had eight different life insurance companies’ policies, that one member had at least four policies, then they’d gone to the hospitals across the island, from Taipei to Hualien, and gotten themselves diagnosed with depression, and had the psychiatrists make the false diagnosis reports.

The D.A. believed, that the family had been on this crime spree for as long as ten years, she and her husband, her daughter, her eldest sister, her eldest brother-in-law, third sister, third brother-in-law, and youngest sister-in-law, a total of eight people, falsely claimed a total of over fifty million dollars N.T., and scammed the National Health Insurance Agency for about ten million dollars N.T., with the total of illegally gained sum of over sixty million dollars N.T.s.

The D.A. asked the Department of National Health Insurance for the families’ illness histories, reviewed over the conversation records, clarified the facts of the crimes, and called in the medical professionals who’d treated the members of the families to testified, and confirmed that this was, a collective crime of all the members of the families.

The courts found, that Chang and her families were assigned to the hospital stay sessions by the treating physicians, the district attorneys stated that eight members  of the families had faked the illnesses, but can’t provide the evidence of Chang’s “continual depression, lethargy, anxiety, insomnia, suicide thoughts” being untrue, and that in reviewing the investigation reports, had found NO proofs of the physicians’ claiming that Chang and the other had used scams.

And, the D.A. accused that Chang and the members of her families to have checked out of the hospitals during their stays for the treatments, but that there’s no relation of faking illness, that it can’t be confirmed, that the families checking out of the hospitals too many times to be related to falsifying their own medical conditions.

The verdict stated, that although there was the whistleblower of the case of fraudulent insurance claims, but the whistleblowers aren’t medical professionals, that they have no idea of Chang’s families’ histories of illnesses.  Chang and the seven in her families were all admitted to the psych ward for treatment, the expert testimonies proved that psychological disorders are, inherited in the families, and that in the families of histories of psychological disorders, there are the chances of multiple patients, that the claims of how all eight members of the families are related, the whole family was faking illness, to scam the insurance companies.

And so, despite how this woman and her families may or may not have the illnesses, the more serious issue here, is how easily people can, scam the systems, with these loosened “nuts” and “bolts” in the hospitals, how you can basically, pay someone some money, to get that formally proven diagnosis of whatever it is you may, or may not have, to scam the insurance companies.

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Show Us Some Actions of the Claims to Preventing the Frauds, We Don’t Want the Mottos that Governs This Country

And yet, that’s what, the DDP does, BEST, mottos, slogans, the banners, the WHOLE CIRCUS show!  How this is still due to the lack of doing something, by the government of the DDP here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the members of the family who got scammed, on the New Year’s gatherings, we’d heard of the news of how everybody received the scam calls, that even for the elderly woman who didn’t even have a cell phone, who’d still gotten scammed of all of her money she’d saved for her own funeral; the retired military man’s two ancestral estates got foreclosed by the banks to pay off the debts; the military serviceman who’d lent his cell phone to someone else, and the wages he’d saved up for over three years of over half a million dollars N.T. got stolen by credit card theft; the retired school teacher lent over half a million dollars to someone, the courts found the scam artists to have wronged and mandated that they pay three thousand dollars N.T. back to her each month, and after a few payments, the scam artist, went off the grid; my daughter was schooling in the cultural city here, she got cash scammed from her, there were the surveillance cameras in the super convenience stores, and yet, the cops can’t even catch who did this.

And this is just, within, one family that’s fallen, victim, and you can imagine, all the frauds, must be, running loose like rats on the streets here, to the point the courts only written these cases off as, “warned, nothing can be done”, and all we can do is, sigh, and keep our wallets closer to our own, selves.

There’s the presidential, the legislator elections that are coming up next year, to get the voters’ attentions, the slogans came at us one by one, the officials added that strong dose in, and now, the current system of “Democracy and Politics” are used as a motto by the scam artists too.

Surely, politics is, a higher up scam, and the lies, told over hundreds of times, became, the truths, even the “theories of doubting the U.S.’s intentions” we can’t even, speak up about, with these officials who’d tried silencing the public opinions, and we still call ourselves, a, “democracy”?

The people in the country are currently, being, tried by the scams, and the government should step up, to try and get rid of these scam artists, to NOT let the elections, to turn the systems of this country, into, a “Scamming System” altogether, and the motto of making the country better is eventually, nothing more than, a slogan, a SCAM.

And so, this is how little this DDP government is doing, to TRY (they’d not even trying now!) to ELIMINATE the activities of these, scam artists, it’s like this god damn DDP government just, lay down, like it’d done in everything else that it was involved in, the pandemic, the shortages of power, the importing of the contaminated produces and meats too, because this DICTATORSHIP led by Tsai and her BAD political party does NOT care about WE the people (or, did I miss that memo, how we’re no longer, THE people anymore???), the least bit, she only cared about what’s best for her, and her party, to keep herself and her party in office, for as long as she can.

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Before the Female College Student Flew to Burma, She Was Suspected of Acquiring the Debts on a Gambling Website

Yeah, these younger generations of dumb-ass “children” (not legally!) still don’t got a SINGLE C-L-U-E here, so stupid, so naïve!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Shared the Use of Her Cell Phone with Her Ex-Boyfriend, Rumored that She’d Taken Out a Loan of $60,000N.T.s from the Scam Artist Rings

The female college student from Jingyi University, Lin lost contact, the police found, that she was sighted at the scam ring park in Burma, because she’d given her ex-boyfriend money for loans, and signed the gambling bids on the gambling websites, the police isn’t ruling out that she’s over in Burma to work in the scams because of her accumulated gambling debts, or that because she needed more money.  As for whether or not she’d gone to Burma willingly, or if she’d been scammed to go there, they’re still waiting for her to get returned to the country to find out, the police already found means to contact her, and provide her the airfare to return, but she didn’t seem like she was willing to come back to Taiwan.

The investigators found, that the twenty-year-old woman, Lin and her twenty-five-year-old boyfriend, Lee with priors in fraud and scams had been dating for over a year, right before she flew to Burma, they’d broken up, she’d gotten a monthly allowance of $10,000N.T.s from her parents, but, as she was renting her stay out, and living on her own, she’d often, loaned Lee the cash, adding to the expenses, she’d once worked in a lotto station for playing the bets.

When the two were dating, they’d shared the use of a cell phone, Lin had logged in on LINE using Lee’s account information, and met up with Lee’s scam group, and there was the members who’d introduced her to sign on the bets online, the police suspected that she was dating one of the male members of this group, and had been enticed to sign on the bets, to work abroad with him.  The police took Lee’s phone into evidence, found that Lin had used the communication app on Lee’s phone to get a friend to place a bet on a gambling website, stated, “I’d won a whole lot of money!”, but there’s no details.

The rumor was that before Lin headed off to Burma, she’d borrowed the $60,000 in Tether, but this wasn’t confirmed. Lee told the police, that the reason for Lin’s going to Burma was unknown, but reminded her to “not get scammed”, suspected that she’d hooked up with a male member of the group, and alighted the flight to Burma, that it may be due to love, or money.

Last month on the twenty-nineth, Lin lost contact after she’d left school, the families called the police, and put out a find ad; the local substation at Chingshui and the Detective Squad set up a specialist task squad, found that on the morning of the thirtieth of last month, Lin had already flown out of the country, that she wasn’t controlled by anyone, and entered into Bangkok, and on the same night, flew to Burma.

The Detective Squad notified the office of foreign affair’s Burmese-Taiwanese Economic Office, found that Lin was sighted at the scam park in northern Burma, and they already made contact with her, and bought the airfare for her to fly back today, but Lin claimed, “if he (the boyfriend) doesn’t go, I don’t go”, and the related government units are trying to get some sense into her.

Yeah, for love, you will be willing to, do any and everything, selling your SOUL to the devil, your body too, and for the sake of, that extra dollar, what wouldn’t YOU, give?  That, is the values of the younger generations here, and it’s, really, scary.

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The Online Schemes in the U.S. Made the Illegal Profits of Three-Hundred-Billion Dollars Just Last Year

See how the internet gave rise to the online scam artists in the WORLD right now???  The trends, in frauds and scams online, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The FBI investigated, that in 2022, those who fell victim to online scams in the U.S. lost a total of about $10.3 billion, an all time high in five years.

The cybercrime center of the FBI receives more than 2,000 calls per day, the most common were the phishing scams, there’d been 300,497 victims reporting, with a total amount of over $502 million.

Phishing by definition is “using the supposedly legitimate companies, but the unrequested emails, texts and calls, to ask for the victims’ personal data, financial records, and/or log-on information”, reason why this means of scamming is successful is because the emails are similar to what the victims are acquainted with, which led the victims to click on the hyperlink.

The report pointed out, that the personal data leak and the nonpayment scams are the second most prevalent online scams, with 58,895 and 51,679 victims respectively.

The extortion software, uses the software lock to get the personal information of the victims, then, demand that the victims pay to get the accounts, unlocked.  FBI received 2,385 calls of the extortion software fraud cases, totaling the loss of money to over $3,430,000.

The cybercrimes alert center warned, “the extortion software tapped into the fears of the victims, that if they don’t pay up, then, all their information will be posted online, causing the victims fear that their personal data would leak out, which is why they are willing to, pay for the ransoms.”

The targets of these cybercrime scams are still mostly who work in the healthcare industry right now.

But soon, I’m more than certain, that the targeted population will expand, to all working class, and these scam artists zoomed in on our fear of our personal data being, leaked out, and that’s why they’re all, successful, in scamming the victims, because the victims fear their data being, leaked out!

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