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Three Hundred Fallen Victim to the Scams of Investment in Virtual Currencies Up to Billions of Dollars in Amount

There are still, NO victims, only abuser and enabler in this here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Lin set up a scam artist ring, used the high returns to entice the working class to invest in the virtual currencies, in two years, he’d had the cash flows of over tens of millions of dollars, and there’d been at LEAST, 300 victims, including more than twenty professional servicemen.  The city detectives of Kaohsiung caught Lin and his three other accomplices, in the female bookkeeper, Hsu’s room, found $6.56 million N.T. in cash under her bed.  The four admitted to running the scams, and were charged on fraud, and breaking the banking laws, after the D.A.’s Office interrogated them, three were put on the bail of half a million dollars N.T. each, one was sent home.

The police investigated, that the twenty-eight year-old Wang had been involved in the virtual currency and the selling of the funeral towers scams, later met up with Lin, and they coconspired to scam; the ring had Wang and his wife to recruit the investors, claiming to have a two-to-four-percent’s return per month, to attract the investors.

Wang drove a Porsche, and dressed in high end name brand clothes, Chen put the videos of giving cash to the clients on Instagram, to make it look like their ventures are bringing in the big bucks; the investors who’d only just joined in started getting the returns, and at the start of this year, they’d received nothing, and called the police, that was how this whole thing blew wide open.

The police found, from February of two years ago to February of this year, Lin recruited at least three hundred investors, including more than twenty members of the armed forces, who were introduced to this by their fellow servicemen, who’d put up their savings, or had taken out the loans from the banks to get in on the actions.

The city police of Kaohsiung first searched the residences of Wang and Chen, found that they live in a small mansion in the Sanming District, where the housing cost is fifteen million dollars N.T., all of the money was from their investors’, both are not yet thirty years of age, large spenders, paid for half of the estates in cash.

Wang originally denied the fraud claims, was taken into custody by the asking of the district attorney’s office to the courts, he’d told that Lin was behind the whole thing, the police then chase the leads to Lin and Hsu’s residents to search, in Lin’s home, the police found many Rolexes, another Piguet worth two million dollars N.T.; underneath Hsu’s bed, they’d found $6.56 million N.T. cash.  Based off of the cashflow in Wang’s account, the police roughly estimated that he’d illegally scammed over tens of millions of dollars in just, two years.

As Lin and Hsu were arrested, they’d admitted to scamming, the D.A. set their bails at half a million dollars N.T. each, in the first search, Chen was sent back, the case is currently, panning out.

And so, this is still an abuser/enabler interaction that these who got scammed fell into, because they’re enticed by the claims of they can earn money fast and in huge sums, that’s why, they’d, fallen to these, scams, and, they may look like victims, but they’re actually, enabling the scam artists, think about it, if you are not enticed by these get-rich-quick schemes, would the scam artists be able to, successfully, scam you???  Yeah, I think, N-O-T!

So these victims are, equally responsible for what’d happened to them.

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Suspected of Stowing Away to Vietnam, Transferring to Cambodia Illegally as Scammers, Eleven Criminals with Active Warrants Extradited Back

Scam-artists GALORE here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Peng and eleven other suspects with active arrest warrants stowed away from Kaohsiung to Vietnam, last month, as the group tried to enter into Cambodia, they were caught by the Vietnamese police, the Criminal Investigations Unit found that from the group, ten were sentenced for fraud, there were those who’d been caught for scamming in Eastern Europe, they suspected that the group was headed over to Cambodia to set up scam there locally, yesterday, the Criminal Investigations Unit sent the officials to escort them back to Taiwan, and, interrogated every one of them, taken them all into custody.

The police told, that the Cambodian scam artist rings needed the workers in the mechanical operations units, and Cambodia followed the “one-China rule”, and Taiwan lacked the means to have the local police forces to help investigate, the country became a hot zone for the escaped scam artists, and the police will soon find out if the eleven members are involved in oversea scams, fraud, and/or human trafficking.

Based off of investigations, eleven were sentenced to fraud, organized crimes, illegal possession of firearms, obstruction of the peace, sentenced to two years four months to five and a half years, they escaped, and not arrived at prison to serve their terms, of them, ten were charged with fraud, one was charged with breaking the medical care provision laws, and none had any records of being out of the country.

The Vietnamese Public Safety Agency’s offices of immigrations caught eleven of them at the Vietnam-Cambodian border, found that none had their passports, and reported to the criminal investigation agency stationed at Vietnam.  The International Department of the agency, the local police precinct officials, a total of twelve law enforcement officials arrived in Vietnam yesterday, and escorted the suspects in two groups back here, arriving here at the international airport in Taoyuan in the afternoon and early evenings yesterday, because of the pandemic, after the police interrogated them, they were sent to the Taichung Penitentiary to quarantine.

And so, this is how easy, people from here, get into the scamming business, and besides, operation in the Southeastern regions of Vietnam, Cambodia, and places close to there is way cheaper, that’s why the area’s become a hot spot for the operations of the scam artists.


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Hell on Earth, Ten Days in Burma, the Taiwanese Man Witnessed Someone Getting Tasered, and Put into a Fish Tank Prison

The REALITIES of pursuing after that dream of, “easy money”, by the young, the naïve, not to mention, the STUPID!!!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-six year-old male, Chen from Tainan was scammed by a love con artist, and went to the KK Park of Burma, forced to work as a phone scammer, with the help from the city councilperson, the police here, he was finally, rescued back not too long ago; he’d told the press yesterday, that although it was only for ten days he got trapped in Burma, it was like living in hell on earth, that he was really glad he is now, back in Taiwan.

Chen told that he’d met a woman, Wang on FB at the start of August, after a few communications, the woman told him that she has a company trip which she could bring someone, and invited him to go.  He’d paid the charges, flew to Thailand first, then, transferred to the KK Parks in Burma, as he saw Wang, he’d found, that she wasn’t like what her photo online looked like, felt that he got cheated, and immediately, he was under the control of the scam artist ring, and they’d forced him to work the lines in the telecommunications scams.

“It was only for a short ten days, but it’d felt like hell eternally, I still feel the shock”, he’d told, that on the day he’d arrived locally, he started “taking the group training courses”, including using a false name, uploading the fake photos on the social media accounts, the second day was the “test”, the managers of the groups told them that the first three weeks of this “training” was the adjustment period, that a month later, he would formally start working.

During the time, he’d witnessed many Taiwanese people getting mistreated, and abused, and tortured because they couldn’t make the demands of the rings, some was even water tortured, told to strip, and put into dirty water for the whole day, not only did the person’s skin start rotting away, the mind was also, nearly, broken down as well.  He’d also heard, that if the ring thought that someone wasn’t useful anymore, the individual will be taken to the port in Cambodia or the public oceans to get their organs harvested out of them alive.

The city councilwoman of Tainan, Lin got the call for help from Chen’s family on August 19th, the families told her that Chen went to Thailand with a female he’d met online, left the country on the thirteenth, and lost contact with them here by the fifteenth, they’d immediately sought help from the head of detective agency the international unit, the head of the police station in Yongkang , Gan to help, in the end, it was through the criminal investigation agency and the airport police station, that they’d made the rescue.  She’d told, that in the process of negotiation, the Taiwanese human trafficking ring demanded the families pay the ransoms, the police told them not to, and finally, Chen was returned back to this country on the 22nd.

Yeah, because you’re enticed by the lies of easy work, high pay, that’s why you’d gone to Burma, thinking you’d struck gold, without knowing or realizing, that HEY, you are the targeted population, because you’re young, naïve, NOT to mention, STUPID too, and because you hadn’t learned the lessons of how you always need to work hard for what you want to have in your lives, and your families had to pay for your rescue, and, there are, going to be, more of these, cases of younger generations who thought they’d struck gold, in getting the offers to work elsewhere, because you can’t find a good enough job here.

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Suspecting of Enticing More than Ten People to Go to Cambodia to Sell, the Heads of the Four-Seas Gangs Taken in

There are still, NO victims, only abuser AND enabler here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The human trafficking rings are using an assortments of ads to get the people in this country to go to Cambodia, using the false promises of making the big cash, easy work, etc., etc., etc., and selling the people they enticed into sex trafficking, or forcing them to scam others; the Taipei City Police received a tip, that there were two eighteen-year-olds who got scammed to Cambodia to work as scam artists, that they are currently controlled by the rings, the police chased to the back of the scenes, found that the primary suspect was the major head gangster of the Four Seas, in the past, he’d operated the loan shark programs, seven years ago, he’d gotten into financial disagreement with a woman who owned a couture shop in Da-An District, had more than forty mobsters smashed up the shop, and threw the flare signals into the store, was arrested by the police, the case is in process of trial by the D.A.’s Office right now.

The Wenshan First Precinct received the calls of two parents, the two younger generation persons were friends and classmates, they just turned eighteen, and hadn’t been heard of for days, and, as the families notified the police, that was when they’d learned, that the two children had been shipped to Cambodia more than ten days ago, and they’re working in the telecommunications scams locally, that it may have been that their friends had some monetary issues with the Bamboo Union locally in Cambodia, that was why they were both involved, after the district attorneys interrogated Chen, they set his bail for $30,000N.T., and put him under house arrest.

But the police told, that although these two young men went abroad on their own, Chen was still suspected of human trafficking, currently, the police already used the means, to get these two young men back home.

The Police Policy Department pointed out, based off of the notices posted on August 21st by the Taipei City Police Department, in a month, there’d been calls on twenty-seven who’d gone to Cambodia, and lost contact with their families here, and, as the police looked into the matter, they’d found, that seventy-five percent of those who’d gone missing in Cambodia had priors in fraud, and organized crimes.

And so, despite all of these stories that are posted on the news channels, newspapers, there are still the gold rushers of the younger generations, thinking that oh wow, they’d offered us more money overseas, let’s go to make the big bucks there, not known, that it’s a trap, like all of these previous cases, or maybe, they needed to get BURNED, before they learn, they needed to get SOLD for SEX, repeatedly, and finally get rescued out, to learn, because, that’s the only way they will learn, that there’s NO easy money, that we all have to work hard in our separate lives, to get exactly what we want, and what we deserve!

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No Longer Driven by Working Hard…it’s a Wonder They Were, Fooled & Sold

Wanting the easy way to make the big cash, and not the hard labors of working, that, is the commonality of the mindset of the younger generations these days here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, my wooden door was, damaged, I’d needed it replaced desperately, several times, I’d called up the factory, and can’t find the master to fix it for me, and so, I’d gone to the shop to wait for the owner, and finally, I caught him, he shook his head, and sighed, “nowadays, no younger generation wanted to learn the skills of carpentry, I’m in desperate need for workers in my shop right now, all the workers all had a ton of work to manage, and can’t even finish their own separate work load, I can’t find a person to help you fix up your door.”

In the corner of the shop, there was an older worker, with his head close to the work counters, focused on measuring, and, used the electric saw to cut off the pieces of wood, and, sawing off the pieces swiftly, and precisely, doing the complex work.  The older master saw me standing there, looking odd, with that helplessness about me, walked over to the owner and started whispering to him.  Later, the owner finally agreed, to send the masters who didn’t mind working the overtime, to use their weekends off to help me fix my doors up.  Before I’d left the shop, I’d especially gone to the older master of the trade, and thanked me, for his willingness to work the overtime, to give up his weekend, to help me fix my home up.  Although the man was covered in saw dust and sweat, but he was, the most admirable laborer that this country lacked the most off, the skilled workers.

Comparing to the busyness of the shop, I saw a ton of college kids, doing nothing all day long, getting addicted to the internet, and as they needed the extra spending cash, they’d gone to the 24-hour stores to part-time, or gone to the restaurants to work as waiters and waitresses, to make the deliveries, they seemed not want to learn a set of viable skills at all.  Their goals in life seemed to be just to become a “lain-flat”, dreamed of making money easily, and pursuit the lifestyle that pleased them.

The recent news of the younger generations getting tricked to Cambodia, the unreasonable asking, like working in the casinos locally, no experiences needed, easy work, with the wages of anywhere from $50,000N.T.s to $80,000N.T.s monthly, with the bonuses, eight days off per month, with the couples’ suites offered for them to stay………and it’d, tricked many of the younger generations to go.

Although, none of the victims were of the “lain-flat” group, but, the con artists only used the means of “no need to work hard” as the bait, and, the trap had caught many of those who are into, laying flat, not working, and making the top dollars.

The writer, Hong mentioned in her book, “finding something, do it for the entire life, benefiting the world, that’s, the source of true, happiness.”, reminding the generation of lain-flats, that they should use the example of the carpentry shop owner, to find the meanings to ones’ own existences, learn the skills that is necessary, to NOT get tricked into the scams, to live your lives, fully.

And so, this just showed, how the younger generations all wanted an easy way out, they do NOT want to work hard, but, expected that they can still make the cash, without realizing, that it’s a positive correlation (hello, hello, hello!), the amount of work you put in, with what you get out of it, they all want the easy way out, that’s why, so many of these younger generations had, fallen prey to these schemes of the human traffickers.

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Just This Year to Date, 330 Had Gone to Cambodia and Never Returned, and There are Still the Unreported Numbers

This is what, the most overly used “trick” in the book now, and you’re still, falling for it???  Wow, are the younger generations becoming, more and more, stupid or what???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Scam Ring’s “Selling the Piggies” Got Heated More & More, the Criminal Investigations Filtered 4,000 Taiwanese Who are Currently in Cambodia, Will be Checking with Their Families Individually

The people in this country who’d gone to Cambodia who were scammed then taken in, and the traffickers extorted their families for cash had now become, a serious issue that the government is examining, and listed as major crimes cases; based off of the statistics by the Criminal Investigations Unit, this year to date, the cases reported to the offices of diplomatic affairs and the police reports, there are now, more than 330 cases of the country’s citizens who went missing in Cambodia who’d been taken as prisoners, or gone missing, currently, there are, 330 cases of citizen who’d gone to Cambodia who’d been reported as missing, or were suspected of being taken into custody, with the police looking deeper into the matter, the number is still rising up.

There had been over six thousand people from Taiwan who’d gone to Cambodia, to find the potential victims that hadn’t surfaced yet, the Criminal Investigations Unit are using the big data to analyze, filtering through more than 4,000 between ages sixteen and forty-five who’d gone overseas.

Based off of understanding, Cambodia has no diplomatic ties with Taiwan, and legalized gambling locally, to set up the locations, and there were the locations with the utilities capabilities, the internet connections, the police forces patrolling, the shops, fitting for the scam artist rings to set up their headquarters and to control the people; plus the Cambodian government is operated by bribery, some of the officials are working with the scam artists, and it’d attracted the mobs and the scam rings to head over to work.

Cambodia had legalized gambling for many years already, and, there weren’t that many cases of people from Taiwan getting tricked to be “sold off as pigs” in the country, and in recent years, the various countries are cracking down on the scams, the drivers and the workers of the operations unit had been on the decline, the scam rings started conning the people of ordinary means to work in Cambodia, and because the government cracked down on the scam artists’ ways, it’d reduced the means of profits, most of the scam artists found, that after getting the individuals from this country to Cambodia, they can force them to start scamming, and if they wanted out of the business, the scam artists can demand the families to pay a ransom to get them back, to, exchange ownership of these workers to make a profit, and the “selling pigs” business made a huge profit for them.

On the twenty-fourth of July, at the Taoyuan International Airport, the Criminal Investigations Unit managed to stop four citizens from going to Cambodia, and, arrested the man, Tsai who gave them the ride to the airport, and later, arrested Tsai’s girlfriend, Jeng, and three days later, they caught three more victims before they got out of the country; Tsai and Jeng, because they were involved in trafficking of humans, were charged on it, and they are currently in custody.  At the preliminary investigations, Tsai (age 45) and Jeng (age 41) had gotten more than a hundred people out, and every person they sent out, they get paid a commission of $20,000N.T to $30,000N.T.

The scam artist group targeted men around age thirty specially, and, offered $50,000N.T. to $100,000N.T. per month, to get the trust of the victims, they’d had the accomplices in Cambodia show the environment to the victims, trying to get them to believe that it’s a good environment to work in, that the work is easy.

And you still get fooled?  How stupid can you get, there are, no easy way, you want to make the big bucks, you start off at the bottom, then, work your ways up, there’s NO shortcuts, no easy way to make the quick cash, and, you should learn that by now, but you don’t, and that’s why, you become, victims of these, scams, and get sold off, to the, highest bidder, SATAN!!!

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The Mechanical Units Laundered a Total of Two Billion Dollars N.T. in Just Three Months, the Police Arrested Twelve, and are Still Pursuing the Accomplices

An illegal gambling ring, busted!  On crime and punishment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Gu was suspected of setting up a mechanical unit, recruiting workers, to collect and to transfer the gambling fees and debts for the Vietnamese “Casino 777” and other gambling sites, in just three short months, there was about $1.97 billion N.T. made; the investigators found the location of the operations unit, and after the second time trying to bust the units, they’d arrested twelve, of them, Kuo and five other major operators were taken into custody by the D.A.’s requests, and they’re now, expanding the searches.

The investigators found the thirty-two year-old Gu asked Huang to rent a three-story mansion in Kaohsiung, using the car wash business of the first story as a front, then, used the amount of between $30,000 to $50,000N.T.s to recruit Kuo, Shao, Lin, Tsai, Lee, and other members, using the cell phones and computers, to collect the fees, to send out the cash, and other operations.

The Investigative Bureau used the “Database of Telecommunications Fraud” to analyze the matters of money laundering, found the precise location of the mechanical operations unit. And, the eight squads from the detective agency, and the city police of Kaohsiung were involved in chasing the leads.

The task forces searched the mechanical operations unit in July, took in seven suspects, of them, when the police busted the place, Kuo and other individuals were making the transfers, they were caught in the act; the ten work stations were confiscated, one laptop taken into evidence, ninety-four cell phones, four wifi routers.  At the end of July, the police made a second bust, took in Gu and four other suspects.

The police investigated, and found, that the mechanical operations unit only started operating in March, and in three months, there’d been more than one trillion Vietnamese Dong transferred in, and Gu and his crew took one-percent of what’s been made, roughly about twenty million dollars.

The five managers, including Kuo denied the money laundering charges when they were interrogated, the D.A. believed they will destroy the evidence of their crimes, asked the courts to keep them in custody, the courts signed off on it; the man who’d rented out the mansion to the operations, Huang was given a bail of $50,000N.T.s.  As Gu was taken in, he’d admitted to put up the money for the website, and told the police where he got the money from, and the investigators are chasing the sources right now.

And so, this is, how easy you THINK you can make some quick cash, in huge sums, and, these are the things that are going on, because???  There are going to be opportunists, wanting to make that quick cash, and they will get caught.

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Using the Pen and Paper to Try and Stop a Woman from Being Scammed, the Police Was Successful in Catching the Delivery Driver

The scam artists, playing that repeated trick again, and someone is still, falling for it!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A sixty-five year-old woman received a falsified kidnapping call, thought her son was taken by the kidnappers, and beaten, she was hurried in rushing over to the bank to make the withdrawal in $790,000N.T. to rescue her own son, the bank teller notified the police; the police arrived on site, as the woman was being called up by the kidnappers, the police and the bank teller used the pen and paper, to convey what they knew was happening to the woman, took more than ten minutes, to finally calm her down, for her to understand, that it was  scam, and, the police were able to get the driver, Chang to come, and they’d arrested him, charged the man with fraud, and send him to the D.A.’s office, and the courts mandated that the driver be taken into police custody.

The Shihlin Police Substation told, that awhile ago one morn, the woman received a call, and on the other end came the painful cries of a man getting beaten, the caller told the woman, “Your son had signed for someone else, and the man can’t pay back the loans”, demanded that she pay his debt, told the woman to stay on the line, to keep her phone in her pockets so they can continue to contact, that she should head to the banks to make the withdrawal of the amount, then further instruction would then be given to her.

The woman took it to be truth, in a panic, rushed over to the Tienmu branch of the Hwanan Bank to get the money, the clerk saw the woman, and suspected that she was being scammed, delayed the process of making the withdrawal of the amount she’d asked, and contacted the local police station.

the note the bank teller received from the woman

photo from

The police arrived at the bank, and had the teller communicate with the woman using pen and paper, then, two officers, Ke and Hsieh were sent over to the bank, they’d continued to using writing to communicate to her what was occurring, the officers wrote down, “I need you to trust me, where are you meeting at?” she’d written, “some elementary school, don’t follow me, please!”, refused the help from the police.

The officers continued communicating with her using pen and paper, told her that she was being scammed, but the woman kept on worrying about her son’s safety, that he may actually be kidnapped, and, after more than a dozen minutes of the teller, and the officers’ working hard, trying to convey to her, that she was being, scammed using written communications, she’d finally, believed the officers.

The police went along with the scam artists’ plans, allowed her to make the withdrawal of $790,000N.T. in cash, and set up the meeting site with the scam artists at a park next to the bank, and the scam artist ring had the twenty-three-year-old man, Chang head up from the High-Speed Rails from Miaoli, transferring by cab to Tienmu, to pick up the drop, as soon as Chang got to the park, he was arrested by the officers, he’d claimed that he was only an “errand boy”, and was charged by the district attorney’s office on fraud, and took into custody.

That’s great, the bank and the police had, prevented this woman from losing a whole lot of cash, but, it’s still one of the expandable, “minions” who’d been, caught, not the bigshot bosses behind the scenes, and this still just showed, how the younger generations are being used as the lower stream, expandable persons of these, larger scam artist rings at work, and the mastermind behind all of this, is still, in the unknown but hey, you have to, start somewhere, right?

So, kudos, police, for catching this tiny fish this time!!!

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A “Hottie” Online, Scammed First, then the Threats Came, Zero Trust in the Online Relationships

Because you do NOT know for sure, if the individual you’re, interacting is, that photo on display in the “icon sections” there, and, desperation is why made you, easy, targets.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were, increasing numbers of false sex trade scams, that hooked the female victims, the scam artist rings first went online, and, used the photos of the “hotties”, then, claimed to be the male modles, the cowboys, or the public relations in the pubs, if the victims suspected, or couldn’t pay the gaming credits, then, they’d started threatening the victims as the mobsters, and from beginning to end, the victims never saw the “hottie” personally.  The criminal investigations bureau stated, that there’s the high anonymity of online relationships, that there are, tons of traps that are, hidden, that when you interact with someone online, best that you hold the “zero trust” policies in your interactions.

The police told, that the scam artists groups used the “first the lies, then the threats methods”, through the varied friendship apps to connect to the victims, selecting the victims at random, getting the victims to interact on LINE; most of these scam artist would claim that they are from a wide varieties of occupations, and sweet talked the victims into trust, then, scammed the victims for money, and claimed, that when they meet, they will then, return what they’d, charged from the victims.

and this, is what’s, happening!

so don’t be stupid, don’t fall for it!!! Photo from online

As the victims made the purchases of the credits, the scam ring would then use an assortment of reasons to get the victims to purchase more, and if the victims wouldn’t comply, then, the scam rings would then start using threats, that they knew where the victims live, their phone numbers at home, at work, where they worked, go to school, stated that they will bust the victims for soliciting for sex, to threatening the victims’ lives; the police stated, that men or women, these scams used the similar means, with the end goal of, “draining the victims dry”, and, it wouldn’t be until the victims get cut off completely, or threatened, would they wake up to realize, “there’s, no prince charming or the hottie”.

A nineteen-year-old female college student met a man, “Andy” on Tinder, he claimed to work as a public relations in a bar, asked her to buy the gaming credits, then, told her that the manager of the bar he worked for threatened to chop his limbs off, and sent her the bloody photos, to threaten harm on her; she was so scared she’d purchased the gaming credits three times total, and suffered a loss of $20,000N.T., and, she couldn’t get connected with the man ever again.

The criminal investigations unit said, in making friends online, you can never be sure of the individual’s true identity, that most of the scams would get you trapped too deep, that people should NEVER disclose any personal information through the chats online; and, that there’s no “identification confirmation”, “guarantee amount” in the purchasing of the gaming credits, to NOT get tricked, and fall into the love trap, because you let love go to your heads.

And, this is still, how those, unsuspecting, desperate fishes came biting, if you’re not that desperate, then, you wouldn’t have, fallen prey to the scams, but because you are lonely, in need of love, blah, blah, blah, that made you, that much, more vulnerable than the average person, so, don’t fall for it, get a dog or a cat, I mean, they’re, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y better, at keeping us warm through the nights, and, if you get them trained well, then, they will sit, stay, roll over, play dead, for your attention, and treats too, which is, way better, than romance, besides, you can get the unconditional love from the animals, but not so much so (at least it’s no guarantee!) from a human being.

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The Teens Ran Away from Home, Stashed the Cash Underneath Their Beds, Ten Adolescents Found to Have Worked as the Pickup for the Mobs

The targeted population being teens, because of their underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, lacking in foresight, and they’re, disposable too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taipei City Police’s Juvenile Division awhile ago received calls from the parents, that their underage teens ran away from home a lot of late, became truant, and as the parents examined the kids’ rooms, they’d found tens of thousands of dollars under their children’s beds, and the parents called the youth squad; the police dug deeper in, found that there were ten adolescents who’d been absorbed by the Bamboo Union’s Jen-Ming Division, became the pick up drivers, picking up the cash from the cases of scams, the primary suspect, Jeng and twelve other of his accomplices were taken into custody.

The police pointed out, that Jeng (age 24) proclaimed himself as the man in charge o the subunit of Sanchong chapter of the gang, found two followers, used the youths’ needs of economic, with no social experience, lacking in foresight, used money to entice these teens, getting the underage adolescents to work as the delivery person to pick up the cash drops for the scams.  The group used the means of faking themselves as law enforcement officials, and scammed the members of the public for over millions of dollars N.T.

Jeng not only just used these teens as tools to pick up the cash, once he’d found that the adolescents were suspected of taking the money for themselves, or that the money came up short, he’d ordered the gangsters to take the teens, and beaten them up, kept them in custody, threatened them, to force them to pay up the amount that went missing.

The Juvenile Squad of the city of Taipei chased the leads, arrested Jeng, and his two subordinates, and there were more than a dozen of teens who were caught as well, after the interrogations, the police charged the three suspects, Jeng and two others, the ten teens on organized crimes, threats, and assault, etc., the teens were sent to juvenile court, with the three primary suspects sent to the D.A.’s office.

The captain of the youth squad, Kuo pointed out, that summer is about to begin, the police will start up its “Youth Specialty Division” from July first, to enforce the laws to protect the adolescents in the society, that if the teens have plans to work, they should pay attention to “whether or not the company hiring are legal”, “if there’s an unusually high payout”, and were the workers demanded to “Turn in their identification” and if there’s a “Fee” to get the job, to avoid being used as the scapegoats of these scam rings.

And, these teens are the targets of these crime rings, because they do NOT have any sense of the outcomes of their own behaviors, due to their undeveloped prefrontal cortexes, and besides, they are easy to get, offering them money, and they’d become baited on that hook, and when these unsuspecting teens get caught, the heads behind these operations are already, far, far, far away, leaving these teens to take the fall, for their role in this bigger organized crime.

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