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You Can Evade from Taking Responsibilities, But Do NOT, Scapegoat on the Wild Critters

The DDP is really, getting into that BAD habit, of pointing fingers, and NOT taking responsibilities here, but heck, what CAN you expect, as they’d been doing it that way since BEFORE day one already!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On the eve of the anniversary of the Taroko Express accidents, right in time with the Memorial Holiday weekend, the Southeast Cement factory taking down the tanks accidentally crushed the high voltage towers, causing the HSLR and Taiwanese railroad systems halting, giving the tens of thousands of travelers an April Fool’s Day present.

The HSLR stopped the trains first, and, a lot of the passengers’ immediate interactions was, “What animal is it this time?”, this is NO April Fool’s joke.  The outage of March third, the government didn’t prioritize in discussing the shortages of electrical power provisions, or the electrical networks, but blamed it on the birds, the snakes, the squirrels, and the monkeys also; Xing, who was about to become the head of general attorney’s office even questioned, that the animals are thrown by unknown persons intentionally, and asked the public to keep a keen eye on the antisocial individuals who are trying to mess with the faith that we the people have toward the government, and that was, truly, shocking!

here’s what the government say, what caused the power outages here awhile ago…

and can we blame it? no, because the wires looked like N-U-T-S, right??? Photo from online

And the shutting down electrical power, causing the speed rails to stop operating, before the animals, and the antisocial criminals had been found responsible yet, the city of Kaohsiung started fining the factory plant that had stopped its operations, the Department of Transportation also stated that they will pay for all the losses completely too.  But just last year, Southeast Cement Company had a death that happened with the tearing down of the towers, the city councilperson criticized the city government’s means of  workers’ safety measures being lacking, which was what caused the “Copy and Paste” accidents that’s occurred, one right after the next, and the next, and the, next.

While, this latest derailing by the construction site, was seemingly, “copied and pasted” from last year’s Taroko Express accident; the railroad system’s land allotting committee questioned, that if this was a major accident with the two trains being operated too close to each other, while does the Department of Transportation KNOW, how many dangerous construction sites are out there, that may also, cause the life of the passengers to get threatened, or even, lost?

The security problems of connecting of the rail systems had already caused huge impacts on the economics, transportation here, as well as concerns of us all, becoming a matter of national security to Tsai’s government; but the root these lies in the energy policies, and the culture of safety measures.  The government led by Tsai, as well as the Kaohsiung City Government can keep on evading their responsibilities, but, it’s way PAST April Fools, no need to scapegoat on the animals, or those, anti-government individuals now, do we?

And, this still just continued to show, how this government led by the DDP still refused to man up, how they kept on, evading responsibilities, giving people the excuses of “oh, it’s not our fault”, and, it’s always, someone else’s fault, the power provisions, the derailing of trains, the rocks that fell from the side of the mountains, that knocked that part of the bridge out, and with the train speeding too fast, and that part of the bridge that got knocked out is at a turn, and naturally, the train conductor couldn’t see it, so WHAM, all passengers onboard, put your life vests on, ‘cuz you all are, going for, that S-W-I-M!  And that, is how this FUCKING (don’t pardon me here!) government does it.

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On an Unknown Early Morning

On an unknown early morning, she woke up, not knowing, what’s up ahead in her day, she got dressed for school, as she’d done from before…

She got out at six thirty, walked on that small road between the fields, like she’d, always done in the mornings, getting to school, then, she can’t remember, what happened afterwards.

She woke, in a room, full of, bright light, with voices, so sharp, so loud it’d, made her ears ache.  She’d, blinked her eyes, tried to get things into focus, but it’s like, something’s, obstructing her view, she’d, rubbed her eyes, to try to clear it, it didn’t work.  It took her, a very long time, to realize, that the white room she was in, wasn’t her class, where she was, supposed to be.

Then, a woman’s voice started speaking, she tried to follow where the sound came from, but, she couldn’t see!!!  The woman’s voices told her, “Ms. You’d been, attacked, we just did a rape kit on you!”  A rape what???   That wasn’t supposed to happen, I was on my way to school, then, for some unknown reasons, I ended up, here…

The woman’s voice continued, “is there someone you’d like us to call for you, an adult, maybe?  Your parents, perhaps?  Do you have their numbers???”

On an unknown early morning, nothing was supposed to happen, it was, just like any other day, she got up, got into the shower, to wake herself up, brushed her teeth, put on her clothes, dressed herself for school, and, sat at the breakfast table, as her mother worked in and out of the kitchen, her father, sitting in his chair, with his paper, reading…

Nothing was supposed to happen, on an, ordinary, unknown, early morning, but something did, something that made her wish she was, dead, but she wasn’t, she’d, survived through the physical and sexual assault, and now, she’s, broken!!!

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Disregarding the Costs, the Mobile Supermarkets Entered into the Distant Regions, “We Can’t Care about the Costs”

A social welfare program, that didn’t, CARE about the cost, but only, helping the locals, we need more of these in the world right now that’s for sure! From the Newspapers, translated…

The mountain regions in Yilan is off-the-maps, the locals can’t shop easily, the Helping with Love Supermarket’s C.E.O., Chu made a wish of “delivering the groceries to the distant regions”, push for the mobile supermarket programs, used two million dollars to alter the 3.5-ton truck into a mobile marketplace, yesterday, the truck was official, it’d, delivered the meats, the vegetables, the fruits, the instant noodles, the soy sauces, the daily needs, along with, over a thousand groceries, up to the mountains, to sell.

photo from UDN.com宜蘭山區部落購物不便,喜互惠推出「行動超市」,昨天正式營運。 記者羅建旺/攝影the grovery store on wheels…

The mobile supermarket at the start of the year, started the trials of using a 1.5 ton truck, it’d gone to the regions of Nanshan, in Datong, the Four Seasons, the Ylang, the Song-Luo, Le-Shui, Ying-Shih, along with Nan-Ao, the native tribal areas first, and, also, to the communities far off in the northern Yilan, Gueishan, Daxi, and other local communities, so these distant towns can also, get their needed groceries.

“We don’t care about the costs!” the mobile supermarket is out on the road a lot, of it, it takes two hours per way, to the 1,200 meter high Datong’s Nanshan Tribes, a total of four hours, over a hundred meters, Chu said, the items in the mobile supermarket is exactly the same as what we sell in the cities, in prices too.

The mobile supermarkets’ “shelves” don’t have the randomized groceries, it’d been, surveyed by the statistics, to see which items are mostly needed by the locals, and, everything the locals need, they can, preorder it from online, the meats, the vegetables, and, then, after the orders were, placed, the mobile supermarket drives up the mountains, there’s no extra, delivery charges.

Chu said, other than deliveries made to the distant regions, if there are larger scale functions, or nursing homes that needed, the mobile supermarkets will deliver, “when we are, service-oriented, we stopped considering the costs!”, Chu said, that the mobile supermarkets bring in a set income, and, considering the costs of gas, of the wear and tear of the vehicles, the drivers, and the costs for hiring the cashiers, they’d have a negative earning, but, because of the needs of the distant regions, it needs, to be done.

And so, this, is something wonderful this man started, he saw a need, and, provided the services, and, we need more of these, understanding minds, more of these, helping states of minds, to make this world a better place, and this man is, already, doing more than his share, to make a difference, in the lives, of others, not caring about the costs.





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All the Hurtful Things You’d Said to Me

I wish that I can say, that none of it mattered, but, it’d still, affected me, but, I’m slowly, becoming, desensitized to it.  All the hurtful things you’d said to me, had become, something, that fueled me, those awful words that had, gotten too deep, into my ear canals, had finally, made me deaf!

what it felt like at the beginning…not my photo…

All the hurtful things you’d said to me, after so many years, it’d, still hurt, but, a little less every single day, and, I suppose, that one day, all the hurtful things you’d said to me, will NO longer affect me, it’s just, that that day, hadn’t, “arrived” yet…

All the hurtful things you’d said to me, they don’t matter now, I’d become stronger, hearing all the hurtful things you’d said to me, and, they no longer, hurt me anymore, they’d become, nothing more than those cold winter winds that cuts through the skin on the surfaces now……………

and now…

no longer “registering”, ‘cuz I’d, tuned you O-U-T!!!

All the hurtful things you’d said to me, they’d, become, this never-healing infection of my childhood days, and growing up, I’d, carried all my scars that marked my body, and now, as I’d become, an adult, those scars became scabs, and, underneath those ugly scabs, there are, newly, grown-in layers of skin, waiting to come out.


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A Senior Rookie

Switching tracks later on in life, translated…

I’d switched tracks at almost forty years of age, the former decade I’d spent, working in the business realm, and the latter decade, to now, I’m working in the realms of education.  And, I’d become, rookies in the workforce twice in my life.

The very first time I was a rookie, it was when I’d just, started out working, I was, a blank piece of paper, and, the goal of my work from day to day, is to fill up this blank piece of paper that I once was with a wide variety of colors, hoped to gain the approvals of others.  Back then, all us rookies all wondered, how “do we enrich ourselves”?

not my drawing…

The second time I’d become a rookie, I’d gone from working in business, to teaching, and, although I was a rookie in the field of education, but because of getting olrder, plus the decades’ worth of work experience, this time, this rookie’s focus is no longer on the “self”, but how to benefit someone else.  I’d taught the subject of English in school, but, I’d known, that before I’m able to teach the lessons in English, I must find a way to connect with my students, and so, other than teaching the lessons in class, I’d worked really hard, to manage my classes as well, after I’d gained the trust of my students, the classes flowed even more freely.

These two experiences of being a rookie gave me different understandings of life, it’d also, enriched my working experience as well.

not my picture still…

So, this, is on switching tracks, this person wnet from working in business, to teaching in a classroom, and it’s such a huge difference, and, he must’ve needed to, adjust himself, based off of the people he’d encountered in business, and in school, teaching a classroom of students, but, it’s, these sorts of varied experiences in life that makes life more interesting.


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Two Rapists Out on Parole Escaped, Hsinchu, Taichung, on High Alert

Yeah, and, we’re, NO longer safe here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

It was, extremely rare, but, the sex offender out on parole, De-Yen Lin on the early morning of the 27th this month had, managed, to destroy the electronic ankle bracelet and took it off himself, got away from his residence, the D.A. already put out an arrest warrant.  The news got out, that a sex offender on parole had broken loose, it’d made the women in Hsinchu and Taichung worry, they’d asked the courts, the D.A. to watch the sex offenders more carefully.

The Taichung D.A.s office manager, Xiao-Wen Chang said, that De-Yen Lin (age 49) twenty years ago, committed robbery and rape multiple times, was sentenced to life in prison, but because he’d shown signs of remorse and behaved well in prison, he’d gotten the chance of parole.  At the start of two years ago, Lin was indicted on charges of theft, and because he was a sex offender, he was forced, to have an electronic anklet on him.

On the early morning of the 27th, the court appointed officer was watching the monitor, and found that Lin wasn’t at home, the D.A. immediately issued a warrant on his arrest, hoped, that he could turn himself in.

The Facebook Group, “Seeing the North of Hsinchu” two nights ago, posted the note: “a Released Rapist on the Loose, Women be Careful”, said, that the sex offender from northern Hsinchu, Lee severed the electronic anklet and ran off, it’d immediately gotten the online community’s attention, and the article was passed from one member of the online community to the next, and, that, was when the Hsinchu Police Department confirmed the statements.

Guo-Shen Lee (age 43) committed thirty-four cases of robbery back in 1992 in Tainan, and three of these cases involved the rapes of women, and he’d taken items such as Rolex watches from them, and was nicknamed that “Wolf of Rolex”, the following year, he was caught, and, from his first trial to his seventh appeal, the judges all gave him the death penalties, and, on the appeal of his ninth trial, the judge gave him life in prison, four years ago, he’d paroled out, and had the curfews of from nine at night to six the following morning, and he must have on, an electronic tracking anklet at all times.

Two years ago in June, Lee had sex with a hooker, and was sentenced to five months in prison for obstruction of societal values, and, he could not have his parole anymore.  The District Attorney’s Office received the notice of Lee’s parole getting taken away on January 5 this year, the very next day, Lee took off the electronic tracking anklet, and was on the run, on January 16th, the District Attorney’s Office sent out an arrest warrant for Lee, but they didn’t tell the public that he was a sex offender.

Two nights ago, the Facebook group “Seeing Northern Hsinchu” posted photos of Lee, told the online community to keep an eye out for him, the police subprecinct from northern Hsinchu received so many calls from the public, asking if the source of the news was real.

Why didn’t the police department issue the notices of this sexual predator’s escape?  The police station said, that the arrest warrant issued by the District Attorney’s office is the same as letting the public know; the District Attorney’s Office in Hsinchu said, that if after four, five months from now, Lee is still not yet arrested, then, they would consider posting his name and photograph to the public.

And, by then, guess how many more ladies are gonna get raped and murdered?  Exactly, this, is NOT good way, to deal, how can you ask the public to feel safe and secure, if a sex predator is on the loose?  It’s the justice system’s way of covering up, and, finding ways, to dodge getting blamed for not being careful enough if you ask me!

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Accompanying My Amnesiac Father, Learned to Live, a Simpler Life

From the caretaker’s “notebook”, translated…

This past year, every time I’d entered into the nursing home, I’d wanted to evade from thinking too much, fearing, that if I’d thought too much, then, I’d get weighed down by that sense of “loss”.

I’d thumbed across Cheng-Hong Liang’s article, the writer used the term, “simplistic” to describe how his own mother went through her days.  Actually, I just couldn’t find the right wordings, to describe the world I’d come to experience recently.

My father who had a stroke, lay in his bed, the blueprints of his memories would stay hidden and it would come back from time to time, he’d become more than silent now, totally unlike how when he’d worked as a disciplinary officer at the school, so articulate, I’m probably the brightest marker of the realms of his memories!  Because of me being there with him daily, if he could easily call out to me, “My dearest child!”, using this small clue, my father worked hard, to put together, the pieces of his fragmented past, and I, used these thin threads, to keep the bond with my father going strong.

Sitting next to my father, massaging his arms, witnessed how he went from the colorful world, retreated, into a darkened corner of his mind, from an active life, into a slow and delayed world of the elderly person, I felt, that “loneliness” had enlarged itself, enveloped everything now, and, there’s this “scent” of light sadness, surrounding us both.  I kept engaging in conversations with him, wanted to try to lure his memories back with my communications, slowly, I’d understood, even IF we, as father and child, started talking on the same page, that still wouldn’t mean, that I have him back, “Don’t want to be forgotten!”, although neither one of us spoke of this, but, we were both, screaming it aloud with our gazes, and inside our hearts.

Because he’d lost his memories, my father’s life became simple.  Ahh!  Heading into the station of life marked “simple”, is a must, how, do I chew and savor, the taste of this simplicity, my father slowly, taught me, this lesson to me, with his “forgetting”…………

So, this, is from the passages of someone’s life at the end, because this woman accompanied her father through the final stages of his life, she was able to observe the changes in her father’s life, how aging had affected him, and she’d cherished every moment they’d shared even more.

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Loving His Wife Like This After He Retired, Observations from the Workforce

Observations from the workforce, translated…

In our unit, there would be senior workers who retire every single year, they’d continued working for thirty, forty years, from young guys, into old men, their spirits were amazing.  And, they’d gotten along with those who came after them really well too.

There are four retirees this year, everybody all felt unwilling to see them go.  The dinner get-together is the most widely used goodbye we’d thrown the retirees, those of us who are still working offer blessings for the retirees, and the retirees gave encouragements for us, who are still on the job.  And, the superiors would often ask the retirees what their plans were.

Chen said, “I want to spend more time with my wife, my kids, and help out with my grandchildren, and from time to time, I’d like to travel.”

Wang said, “I plan to take my wife abroad on a couple of trips, to see the world, to make up for the loss of how I couldn’t from before, then, I’ll do Tai-Chi, to keep my physical abilities.”

Chuang said, “I’d already found volunteer opportunities, other than taking my wife out on dining experiences, I will be exercising, and reading more too.”

Everybody seemed to have similar plans.  In the end, Chang said, “The luckiest thing that’s happened to me my whole life is I have a wonderful wife, she’d given me two children, and worked hard, to raise them up, and had been giving to the family for the thirty, forty years on end, other than spending more time with her, I’d wanted to learn to cook, my turn, to make the meals for her, to treat her like a princess, as if we were just, begun to date, to give back to her, for all these years of giving to me, and my family.”  Chang ended up, getting the loudest applause, he has the most heartwarming love, the most practical plans, that moved the most number of female coworkers.

So, showing love doesn’t mean showering someone with something, or taking someone out to dine at those high-end restaurants, traveling, or whatever, it could be as simple as helping one’s spouse out, to spend more time together, simple as that!


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My Father Who’s Demented Still Remembered His Specialties


A car wreck, had, caused my father to lose his memories, forgot whether or not he’d eaten yet, forgot whether or not he’d slept at night or not, forgot who his families were.  It was, as if, someone had taken an eraser, and wiped everything from his life, the only thing that he’d still remembered, was a martial arts set of moves that he’d picked up when he was younger, and, he’d performed it at the house, daily.

Based off of what he’d told us when he was still alive, he’d learned his specialty martial arts during the war times when Japan took over Taiwan, back then, he was sent, to dig the trenches in the warzones, he’d bent all day long, and, dug up trenches, after trenches, the life back then was extremely boring, a group of them, young and energetic men, in order to spend some of their energies, started practicing martial arts, to stretch out their legs and arms, and my father had, made up a set of martial arts routine on his own, when he’d fought for practice with his pals, nobody could beat him.

Afterwards, the Japanese lost, my father took off his armor, and returned back home, as the eldest, he’d chosen to take up farming.  With his specialties, when he had the spare time, he’d still loved, practice his fighting techniques with his friends, when the local gangsters challenged him, they’d gotten beaten and run away scatter.

Back then, my father’s fighting abilities had gained him a ton of applauses in front of his cohort who were mostly farmers, but, in my grandfather’s eyes, being able to do this is absolutely nothing at all, and, as we, the children watched him practice the moves, we’d felt ashamed, fearing that others might think that he was stupid.

Until after he was diagnosed with dementia, did we start looking at his martial arts seriously.  Turns out, he didn’t do nothing in his life at all, the only thing he can show off was his made-up, specialty martial arts fighting techniques, he couldn’t even forget it.  At this time, we’d all watch him perform, because only through this, can we get, our father back, in his most real state of mind and being.

And so, even AS someone becomes demented, some things still STUCK, like for this man, his made-up fighting moves, and, that, is quite normal, because the things that the elderly recalled after dementia sets in are all significant to her/him, and, it may look like some unimportant matter in someone else’s views, but, because the things remembered had played such an important role in the person’s life, how can the person forget it?

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Tricky Decisions

Thinking Too Much, Overanalyzing the Situation…

Storytime with John

There are often tough decisions we have to make in life – some of them are major heart-wrenching numbers, you know; should I move abroad to look for work? Should I go back to school? Do I really need extra cheese on this XL pizza? 

But occasionally these choices demand an instant response, and can’t be deliberated – the choice is a split-second one…and in this moment your brain spins into total chaos attempting to pick out the least offensive best fit ~

Fresh GIF

That happened to me a few hours ago…in a frenetic snapshot that lasted only a few seconds. You see I was innocently on my jolly old way to the supermarket at about 3:00pm – so I could beat the lines, and get it all over with before I had sniffling school children, and their beleaguered parents wrestling with me for the last on sale pork chop. No…

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