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Banning TikTok, Building a Great Wall of DDP?

The DDP’s, infringing our rights to use TikTok, and using that valid excuse of how it would be, addictive for younger generations of children, and that it would cause our personal information to get, stolen by the hackers, and the DDPs reason for banning it would be???  It was developed by, C-H-I-N-A, simple as that.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

TikTok had been the focus these days, from the addictions to the platform of younger generations of students or from the considerations of personal data safety, this may be, debatable, but, the head of Digital Developments, Tang said, the Executive Department is going to discuss this matter on the means of national security, with other departments of the government too, getting all of the offices of the departments of the government involved, is this, for the sake, of setting up the great wall of the, DDP here?

Tang stated, that the government already placed the restrictions of the public offices from downloading and using software such as TikTok, that if the government agencies wanted to become closed in in banning certain websites on the internet, the people can’t have any say in it; but she said “the authorities believed, that TikTok presents danger to national security”, and it’d made us all worried, that the excuses of “national security” will soon become “uncontrolled”, and the government now dips its filthy hands into the people’s uses of their cell phones and computers and laptops too.

like, this! Photo from online

The reason for banning TikTok, there’s the saying of, “as TikTok sounded off, the parents are, at wits’ ends”, meaning, that TikTok is addictive to the adolescents; but, banning TikTok, the younger generations are going to find alternatives, the online games, the friendship platforms, wouldn’t they get addicted to those too?  Not using the means of education as prevention means, to tackle the matter of internet addictions, just wanted to kill off a platform, it’s worse than sawing off the arrows from the arrows being shot out of bows.

There’s also the “cultural invasions” that are being considered here too, then, would not the Japanese, the Korean influences in the media be the exact same too?  And, hadn’t the president, Tsai also been following the soaps on the fights of the inside of the emperors’ palaces too?  Even the legislator, Lin who spoke against TikTok also, has a TikTok account too!  Another case of, “the DDP can, but we the people, can’t!”.  To the claims that using TikTok constitutes as “spreading the false news, and using cognitive manipulation warfare”, doesn’t Facebook, LINE pose the same risks as well?

There are the multitudes of various perspectives from various social media, platform, posted from the various sides, that is the collective of the digitized visual industries, it’s not surprising, that there would be, the false news mixed in them, but, there are, the creative agencies, the business opportunities in these too, Tang can not bring down the name of “digital development department” by banning TikTok.  With the huge cannon of “national security”, does the DDP want to, turn Taiwan into, North Korea?

Because TikTok is developed by China (“our ENEMY!!!”), that’s why this god damn dictatorship of the DDP is, trying to ban the downloading, the usage of it here, and that’s just shit, how far can these authoritarians go, in controlling, we the people’s, lives, and how far can the people allow, those mother @#$%ING (maxed out!) authoritarian, dictators, to rule over our lives here?  Well, apparently, we the people, still ain’t had enough of the TOUGH hands of the DDP Y-E-T!

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The Need to Prevent the Intimate Photos from Going Viral, We Needed an Amendment to Protect the Involved Set Up Speedily

On how to prevent yourselves, from getting, victimized after the two of you, break up, when those sexual photos had been, shot, during the time when you two are hitting it hot and, heavy!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The legislator, Kao beaten by her boyfriend to injury, although the man is already in police custody, but, there’s a chance that the photos of intimacy of the two had gone, viral.  This showed, that the law is lacking, in protecting the rights of the abused, when the abuser holds the photos of intimacy of the victims, are the laws which are set up currently, enough, to protect the rights of the, victims?

Based off of Penal Cod 315, Section 1.2, those who illegally tapes, photographs, or using any other means to secretly film another in private activities, is punishable by a three-year sentence maximum.  And, this stated, that if the two are dating, then, it’s easily interpreted as that there’s the agreeing to getting secretly filmed, taped, and this is going to cause problems.  While, after the breakup, to prevent the images, the footages from leaking out, is there a right to ask the individual to delete all the records, this will become problematic as well.  To prevent the issues of invasions of privacy after the break up, the recordings without the other party’s concerns, are all included in the voyeur clause.

no way to prevent this! Photo from online

As based off of Penal Code 315-2, Section 3, those who spread the contents of the recordings, will be sentenced to no more than five years in prison, this isn’t lenient, and not considered as accusation cases, but, does it need to have the preset of being secretly filmed, if the victim didn’t press charges on being secretly filmed, the individual who’d streamed the footages online, will s/he be charged of this count, then, there would be, discrepancies.  Basing off of a stricter definition, it needed to have the fact that the individuals were, secretly filmed for the preset, otherwise, spreading the footages, will only be charged with Penal Code 235, spreading lewd photos.

Spreading of lewd photos is not a chargeable crime, but, the laws gave it two years and less jail term to the offenders, which is considered a slap on the wrists.  And, on the matter of spreading out the photos of intimacy on the counts, and, the sexual intercourse between the man and woman, would constitute as molestations, and wouldn’t that be, damaging the victims repeatedly.

To resolve the matter, there’s need to define the spread of lewd photos into act, at least, raise up the sentence terms to five years and less, and the charges of spreading the sexually-illicit photos, and all of these needed to get adjusted in wordings of the law, to prevent the victims from getting offended repeatedly again.

And, there’s, the matter of statutory period too, how to prevent these photos of sexual intimacies from leaking out is worth considering.  Especially with the current domestic violence prevention, only limited to the physicality of the abused, and the individuals’ personal freedoms, toward the behaviors of spreading the photos, the law only sets a restraining order against such acts, but, the victims may not know the identity of the individuals spreading the photos, let alone, asking the courts for that needed restraining order and in the end, the victims can only rely on the criminal charges to prevent the spread of such photos.

On the matter of handling the matter as criminal offense, confiscating, although this included all the hard drives, but, does it also, include the platforms of which the photos were, uploaded to, or the social media too, there’s, the definition of such needed, in legal terms, to the point of if it’d, obstructed the freedom of speech too.  Even if the confiscations of such materials had been conducted by force, in the internet eras, how to prevent the setting up of an alternative account to spread the is an even harder to tackle problem, and this will be, a hot potato that the legislators need to, look into more.

And so, there are, still, a lot of shortcomings to this, anti-stalking law, to prevent the violence of intimate partners, and, there’s the matter of the sexually illicit photos you took of each other, because you want to share that part of your selves, with the other person, because the two of you are, in love, not realizing, that HEY, if and when we break up, those materials can be used, against me, but hey, you don’t realize that, not when you’re, hot and heavy with each other, in L-O-V-E, which made you easy targets.

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The Digital Footprints, the Criminals with NO Place to Hide

Nobody can hide her/his tracks, in the high-tech age here, written by the professor of South Caroline University, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An American teenager took the gun his father bought at the Thanksgiving sale to school and went on a shooting rampage, causing four fatalities, seven injuries; the legislator, Kao found of being abused and controlled by her boyfriend, and there were, four more victims found; the net armies are rash and spread the rumors online, trying, to sway the public.  So, what do these three stories, that are, totally different have, in common?

Answer: they’d become, the examples I use to teach from current events in class today.  There’s a computer crimes forensic course offered this semester, and today’s theme was the case studies, and all of these cases, are perfect, in the discussion of how digital evidence is used, in the investigations of crimes, and utilized as the facts in the cases going to trial.

The advancements in technologies are coming every single day, their applications, already, rooted, into our, everyday, lives now, whether it be connecting with friends and families, shopping commuting, leisure and fun, we are leaving, our, digital footprints behind.  Same as the criminals too, which made the studies in digital forensic as, a primary field of study in the criminology forensic investigation department.

inerasable are these, digital, footprints of, ours, photo from online


The American teen posted a picture of his father’s gun on his Instagram account, called it his new toy, that anyone with a question for him, feel free to leave a message; the police also found the carefully detailed plan of the youth’s bringing his gun to school to go on a shooting rampage, although he’d not posted that on social media yet, and the motives of what he was to do wasn’t cleared yet, all of these digital footprints became solid evidences of his premeditating murder, which also made the police to decide to charge him as an adult.

During the time when Kao was being abused by her boyfriend, she’d wanted to charge her cell phone, and she’d, found the “recovery data file” gadget that would, save the files of the cellphone into the cell chargers on its own, and found the photos of four other females posing nude; and although, there’s the password function on this backup drive, but her boyfriend clearly, overlooked the importance of the function of this, that’s caused him to get busted.

And the net armies mistakenly believed, that they can spread the rumors anonymously, using the anonymous account names, without knowing, that as they’d logged in using their account names, their IP locations are, registered, which can get traced back to them.

And, all of these cases exemplifies the fact, that “everything leaves a trace”, even in the digital age too.  The criminals search records and the cell phones, the other high-tech devices they’re using, are exposing their activities, which expedited the paces of the investigation, and how quickly the charges will be, pressed; and because there’s the inerasable quality of digital data, it can keep the records of one’s crimes from the younger years through the individuals’ entire lives.  This is why we’re, pushing forth the digital forensic courses, hoping that more would know the powers of the digital footprints, that before these criminals do something bad, they will, think before they act, to NOT make the mistakes that they will be paying for, for the, rest of, their, lives!

And so, due to how we’re all, tracked down, and nobody can not use their cell phones for a minute in her/his life, we’d grown, reliant, on these, high-tech devices, they’d become, something we can’t do without in life, that’s why, it’s that easy, for the systems to, track us, and, this would be considered as an invasion of people’s privacy of sorts, sure, but it’s, utilized as crime prevention, and evidence, in case a crime had, occurred.

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Prevention of Date Rape, Three “NO’s” of Online Friendships

Put a STAR next to this one, y’all, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are so many cases of how online dates became date rapes, the Police Department of the City of Taipei remind the youths, to follow the “Three NOT’s” of online dating: “Not too deep”, “Not Exposing Oneself Too Much”, “Not Going Out with Someone You’d Met Online Alone”.  And the parents must zoom in on the number of hours that kids are spending online too, to teach them the RIGHT kind of values, and, if your kids are meeting up with someone they met online, the parents should be closely, to keep an eye out for them.

The online world is false and it is also real, the evil persons would use humor, care and concerns as baits, to lure the females out, and then, they’d RAPED them, there had been many cases already.  The Detective Squad just last month had cracked the Sex Ring, Tien Dao Group”, the main suspect, at the start of this year, lured a twenty-six year old female to the north, on a date, and to shop, but, had spiced her drink with date rape drugs, and forced her to swallow illegal substances, then, forced her to SELL; the female, even though, managed to escape, but was found dead, later, suspected of having too much illegal substances in her system.

This June, the man, Chu (age 22), from Hsinbei City, used “Love Apartments”, and started dating a second year middle school girl, the female student took her younger school mate along to meet up with Chu at a motel, to play cards, and Chu had took advantage of the situation, and RAPED the younger girl.

The police pointed out, that the teenagers are faced with the online age, liked going into chat rooms, even as they’d done their homework, they’d needed to conduct researches online; making friends online had become the norm for this generation, but it would also allow those who are evil, to use it, to lure those young and naïve girls, then, to FORCE them to have sex with them.

The police called out to the parents, that in order to protect the children, other than showing care and concerns every now and then, they must also teach and correct children’s way of using the internet too.

The police used the Three Simple Rules of “NO”: Not getting into too deep, NOT showing too much of one’s own skins, NOT go out on private dates; to NOT let the world wide web affect your regular life, to NOT give out one’s own personal information or to send videos or photographs that are too sexually illicit, and if you must meet, meet the person in a highly populated area.

If the children must meet up with an online friend, make sure that they’re NOT there alone, there must be a friend or a family there too; at the same time, the children should also let the parents know the time of the meeting, the place, and the time when they’ll be home, that way, their safety will be secured, and they will be safer too.

Yeah, all of that is extremely I-D-E-A-L still, but, which one of you, (hadn’t properly gone THROUGH puberty) would tell your mommies and daddies, where you are 24/7?  And, because of how “wired” we’d all become these days, there would still be an INFLUX of WOLVES (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo!!!) online, and, this time, Little Red becomes Granny the moment they’d accepted that “e-vite” (electronic invitation???).


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Internet Porn & Its Effects on Children

On, written by: Helen A. S. Popkin…

A father recently sat down to have “the talk” with his 10-year-old son. After he got through the basics on the birds and the bees, the boy asked, “Why do men wear masks when they’re having sex?”

Though the father said he had parental controls engaged on his iPad, the son managed to find a fetish site depicting men in masks.

As the anecdote told by sex educator Cindy Gallop so plainly illustrates, kids look at porn. Kids look at porn on the Internet. And yes, let’s go further: Your kids look at porn on the Internet. Gross? Probably, yes. But it’s reality.

Keeping your kids from Internet porn is practically impossible, experts agree. Whether kids under 18 deliberately searched out sexually explicit sites, or stumbled upon them accidentally, approximately 40 percent see Internet porn every year, the study found. And yes, all that exposure does leave a mark: “Although research is scarce, investigators see links between young people who access Web porn and unhealthy attitudes toward sex,” the American Psychological Association noted in 2007.

But parents don’t have to be powerless. Explaining to your kids that difference between pornography and what goes on between consenting adults in real life is key, say some sex educators. You won’t want to do it. Your kid won’t want to hear it. And unfortunately, because of the Internet, that conversation has to come sooner rather than later. But it may make all the difference to kids when they’re grown.

“This is not because 8-year-olds go looking for porn, it’s a function of what they’re shown on someone’s cell phone on the playground, what happens when they go out to the neighbor’s house,” said Gallop, a fervent proponent of reality-based sex education. Preparing kids for a healthy sex life as adults was part of her message Saturday at “The Future of Porn” talk at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin.

Gallop is CEO and founder of Make Love Not Porn, a website dedicated to correcting sexual misconceptions picked up by viewers of professional for-profit pornography. The Internet venture does this, in part, by curating videos of “real sex” uploaded to the platform by “real people” — not “porn stars.” (Obviously, the video portion of the website is for adults only.) But as Gallop emphasized, the misconceptions picked up through pornography can start at a very young age.

“It doesn’t matter what parental controls you put in place, kids live their lives in other places … or an 8-year-old does something really cute and innocent. They discover a new naughty word and they Google it.” Next thing you know, Gallop pointed out, that curious boy or girl is one or two clicks away from something he or she is too young to understand.

The exposure may result in relationships that lack scope and communication. “Too many young people start their sexual careers attempting to duplicate porn, not realizing that this model lacks so much,” noted sex educator and author Dr. Marty Klein recently wrote in the Huffington Post.

“With valuable face-to-face communication increasingly replaced by brief digital syllables … young adults’ ability to simply talk about what goes on in bed … is lagging further and further behind the needs of their sexual encounters — whether hookup or more intimate.”

Kids don’t want to hear a lot of things. They don’t want to hear that they shouldn’t drive too fast or date the mean hot person or eat fast food all the time. But if the Internet is going to put your kids in the path of a virtual tsunami of porn, the least you can do is warn them about it.

You DO know how children have the tendency to get their HEADS STUCK inside that cookie jar, right?  And, so, there is still NO WAY you can possibly PREVENT this sort of an early exposure, unless, unless, unless, oh yeah, you LOCK them up in that FUCKING (oopsy!!!) ivory tower, and then, you THROW away the freakin’ keys, and, DO make sure you “trim” Rapunzal’s H-A-I-R, so they won’t find a way to GET outside of that IVORY T-O-W-E-R!!!

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