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Passing the Kindness Along

Being kind to someone else in need, how one act of kindness, generates itself, turns into more acts of kindness that gets, passed around, translated…

At the start of summer, the early mornings in Taipei is still a bit cooled, I was wearing a long-sleeve shirt, waiting all on my own, at the bus stop.  It was about 6:30, almost no one else was on the streets, and, every now and then, the passing of the cars, broke the silence of the streets.

A homeless man, who looked very dirty, with the torn shirt sleeve shirt came to the bus stop, with a dirty linen bag on him, perhaps, it’d contained, everything he’d owned?  He got on the bus as I had, not long thereafter, the bus stopped at the light, the driver suddenly got out of his seat, walked toward the homeless man, told him, “your mask is dirty, you need a brand new one!”, then, handed the man two brand new masks, the homeless man was stunned, didn’t know how to respond, while I was, touched by the driver’s kindness, so, the driver pays attention to all who alighted his bus.

At this time when the pandemic is running high, as everybody was standing in line, trying to get the ration of the quick scan kits, there may be those who don’t even have enough masks to change out of, for most, these masks are use-and-toss, but for the homeless, it’s a precious resource.  And, my heart felt heavy up to here, what, can I do?

So I’d, opened up my pack, and, puled out all the spare masks from my bag, and before I got off the bus, I’d, handed all of it to that homeless man, he was thrilled, then, nodded toward me, and I’d, waved goodbye to him, and, silently prayed, that everything will be okay for him.

And so, this is how the bus driver’s kindness toward the homeless man, had generated the thought of kindness in this person, and, this person realized that s/he had more than enough of what s/he was in need of, and, gave it to the homeless man who is lacking in the supplies to protect himself against contracting MERS-CoV.

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The Young Memory House, “Can’t Keep Our Memories Intact, But Can Keep the Love Flowing”

A place that’s set up, to offer the help, the support that these families with patients of early onset dementia needed, and it also, allow these patients with early onset dementia, to keep on contributing in their own means, their own, ways too, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Stories of the Lives of Those Diagnosed with Early Onset Dementia

The day I’d arrived at Young Coffee, the servers were Chiu and Wu.

Chiu was interactive with the customers, “First time here?  Do you like it here?” as the servers delivered the coffees, he saw the reporter flipping through the stories of the lives of the early-onset dementia patients, he’d gotten activated, “I’d made one too, let me show you!”, and, as I’d turned, I saw the report on the T.V. wall, on how the early onset dementia patient, forgetting what he was gong to do.

Twelve years ago, the fifty-three-year-old owner of the transportation business, Meng fell into a coma from arrhythmia, and days afterwards when he woke back up, he couldn’t, recognize his own wife, Chuang, forgotten how to write, bathe himself, putting his clothes on, his wife thought that this was the side effect from his stroke, and he’d gone into physical therapy for a whole year, but, no improvements, that’s when his wife took him to the neurologist’s for a test, and, Meng was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

As I was drinking the coffee, the shy Wu came over, and used his salesmanship to sell me some cakes, not really many words, thought for a very long time, then told me, “This tastes amazing!”, and, as everybody started getting the whole sentence to try to figure out what Wu meant, then they’d come to known, that this was Wu’s bakery, “The Sweet Memories Bakeries” pound cakes, that’s sold here only on the weekends.

The Fifty-Two-Year-Old Husband Had Dementia, Causing the Whole Family to Fall into State of Panic

When Wu was fifty-two, he had a stroke, which caused his dementia, the day he was formally diagnosed, his wife, Chen and he held each other at the hospital and cried hard.  Wu due to his condition, could not work, and had needed to be taken care of around-the-clock, and needed to take the classes to help slow down the progression, his wife, Hsin-Yi had to keep the household economics, she’d stayed on working, and placed her husband into the daycare programs. Zheng-Bang worked hard for several days, placed himself in the seventy, eighty year old elders, did the physical therapy exercises with them, do the activities of singing, art, being younger, with a good physical health, he’d had a future of work ahead of him, it’d made him feel embarrassed, and refused to go to the daycare center again.

the photo of the cafe

from online, operating every Saturday from 10 to 4p.m

Hsin-Yi found, that the activities are all designed for the elderly population, that there’s a different set of challenges for the families, the patients of early onset dementia.  She’d looked for a very long time, and found Young Coffee, my first call was with “Huei-Jen, we’d talked for two hours straight, it was like I’d finally found that piece of wood in the vastness, that someone finally, understood me.”  Chen’s panic, loneliness, and feeling lost, is common to the loved ones with early onset dementia.

There’s No SOP, Only Learning as They Go

“The early onset is quite different than the elderly dementia, as the elders become demented, they were already dependents of the families, are in need of care.  The younger type would feel, that they needed to find work!  They are faced with loss of job, family conflicts, and other problems relating to these, the education of their young, as well as the caretaking of their, aging parents too!”, the assistant secretary of the Alzheimer’s Foundation, Lee is the driftwood that offered the chances of not drowning to Chen on the other end of the line.

Lee worked with the cases of early-onset dementia patients for many years, is the families’ go-to-person, she’d told, that there are, too many different and complex situations with the early onset cases, there’s no standard means of handling the cases, to even now, she’s still, learning as she goes.

For instance, a few years back, the foundation received a call, a woman who held a higher up position in a firm in her fifties, she was in the beginning stages, single parent, raising a child of only a little older than three, her parents are gone, with no one else she can rely on, she’d come to inquire, what arrangements she can make for her own child.  A year and a half later, the woman deteriorated to the point of not being able to live on her own, the foundation accompanied her to the treatment sessions, helped her retire successfully, found a facility for her, and filed for the adoption papers for her child, each problem came too quickly, “there are a lot of case like this one, before you can think about what to do, you are, forced, to make the choices!”

The Youngest Worker is Forty-Five, with the Café as His Driftwood that Helped Him Stay with Head Above Water

In Young Coffee, everyone has a bitter story.  Currently, the youngest is a man born in 1977, as another individual was diagnosed, he just had twins.  And, for some, because formal diagnosis was hard to get, the individual was labeled as mentally ill, lazy, irresponsible, forced out of their work, gotten divorced from their spouses.

the early onset individuals mixing the dough to make the cookies…photo from online

And so, Young Coffee is a café from the outside looking in, but, it’s actually, a place where the families and the early onset patients’ place to go to learn, and to breathe in, also, a base for the foundation to help the families of these early onset dementia patients.

“Shen-Jen no longer recognized me, he can’t take care of his own needs anymore”, Liu, is also a family member of an early onset dementia patient, her husband, Lin was diagnosed at age fifty-four, in the beginning stages, he’d worked at Young Coffee, taken the classes too, but, dementia is like a long goodbye, no matter how attentive Liu took care of her husband, how much she’d put her mind into caring for him, it still, can’t defy the scripts of life that dementia had written down for her husband.  And even as she’d known how it would end, his wife, Feng-Lien told, that there’s still the heartaches, the losses that come with it.

But, it’s not all loss.  When Liu was younger, she sustained a brain injury, lost all the physical abilities of her body, as a registered handicap person, Liu had always been the cared for in her life, but she’d become stronger, with her husband’s early onset dementia, and became, a caretaker, even now, as her husband is of severe dementia, Liu still spoke for the early onset dementia individuals, fought hard for more resources for them, to get a facility set up to take care of all the early onset dementia patients, she said, all of these resources, her husband is no longer in need of, but they can help the families like them, who are in the same situations, to find that driftwoods, so they can all, float back to shore, without drowning.

with a professional leading the patients of early onset to do some physical activities…photo from online

And so, these are, the stories, of the families of the early onset dementia patients, and, this is a place, that offers the vocational trainings, the opportunities for work, so these younger generations of dementia patients can still continue working, until they can’t work anymore, and this is also a place, where the families can come together, to find that social support they’re all in need of, in taking care of their loved ones who’d been, diagnosed too.

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The Passionate, the Warmth Noted by an E.R. Nurse The Passionate, the Warmth Noted by an E.R. Nurse

From the perspectives of the hospital staff members during the outbreaks here, the stories of hope, in times of MERS-CoV outbreak, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

What do the nurses see, under this current wave of, outbreak?  The endless amount of care provisions that they’re, pounded by, we’d gone to work, with our footsteps leaden, not knowing, what sort of a challenge awaits us today.

There were the locals that kept complaining about how their children are running a fever, those who’d come into the E.R. stressed, asking what to do, as their elders’ quick-scan showed positive?  The policies by the Central Government is constantly changing, new rules set up, every couple of days, and as we’d received the notices of how something should be done, the following day, it’d, changed.  The hotline that got jammed up, the ambiguous memos, we can’t even understand it, as medical professionals let alone for the general public.

Other than my job as a staff member of the E.R., I now also work, as a hotline operator too, bombarded with a ton of questions I can’t even think of the answers to, and, it’d caused those of us, with strong hearts, working in the E.R., slowly, losing our, energies too.  And we work every day now, like zombies, and all we can do, is give one another the encouragements, that we are, E.R. staff, that everybody else can fall, but we can’t!  That we can, handle this!  And yet, one of our nurses was confirmed of contraction, and we are, tighter on personnel every shift, that younger schoolmate of ours, with her fever, cried to apologize, that she can’t, return back to work to help us lighten the load of work, as her coworker, I’d, felt bad for all of us.

As our energies are completely maxed, there were, the stories of warmth that came to me.  At scan time, before I got to my post of work, I’d told the members of the public waiting there: if there are those elderly population or foreigners who don’t know how the QR code works, please, everybody, help them out, to fill the forms for them; and, everybody looked toward me, and nodded, and suddenly, I’d felt, so moved!  Surely, a lot of those who don’t know how to fill out the forms, can get help from others who were waiting there!

And, there’s one more thing, as I was, getting a ton of quick scan registration, a woman walked up and asked, “Do children have priority in the quick scans?”, I looked at her, and saw no infant, so I’d asked her: “why?  What’s happened”, the woman told me, that there is a mom waiting with her infant for a very long time already, can you go check him out first?  I’d immediately asked the mother over, and saw that the infant she had in her arms, was a bit, lethargic, and as I’d inquired, I’d learned, that the infant had a positive quick scan result, but she couldn’t get the number tags, and was stressed over what to do, I’d immediately called the E.R. to get someone to offer her assistance, the mom’s worried looks, looked relaxed, and told me thank you; no, you shouldn’t thank me, but the woman who’d found you guys.  It’s truly moving to see, that the woman who is also ill, can still find the means to help another out!

And these two incidents had, warmed up the E.R. nurses’ hearts, and this war is continuing onward, and we will, work even harder to provide you all, with the help you need, thank you for giving us the positive energies!

And so, these are stories of hope that’s, in the midst, of this, dark world, and we need to notice these things more, because, these are the easily missed things that can give us the needed boosts, to carry on, because there’s still NO end in sight with this war of MERS-CoV yet!

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A Wedding Present of Kindness

How her friend’s kindness toward her, touched her very deeply, got her started in helping others in need, because she was helped, offered assistance by her friend from before, translated…

My room and board had been covered by the factory I work in, so I’d, sent my wages, along with my overtime inside the envelope where the boss handed me as a monthly wage packet, straight to Pingdong, helping my mother raise the five younger siblings I have.  As I got to marriage age, met someone who was compatible with me, I didn’t have a cent under my name, his family just filed for bankruptcy, the two of us believed, that so long as we work hard together, we will, get more money, and, there’s nothing we can’t, conquer that comes our way.

The man didn’t have the dowries, the woman didn’t have the marriage gifts, and the matchmaker we’d found at the spot.  As the wedding date approached, my mother-in-law changed her mind, “without a dressing mirror that the bride marries in, it will bring bad luck to the husband’s families.”, I got angered, and starred crying and telling this to my hiking buddies whom I’d just met as I’d started hiking, and she’d become, ecstatic, “I was just, having troubles, coming up with a wedding present for you, now that I know your need, this had, resolved my troubles, of having to think what I’m getting you for your wedding.” And shortly thereafter, she’d sent the delicate, and costly dressing mirror to my new home.

I’d originally, would rather not marry, and not accepted her gift, but she’d stated to me lightly, “money is nothing, I can give you this gift, and maybe, I will need your help sometime in the future………”, and yet, before I can, repay her back for her, kindness, she’d, immigrated to South America due to the problems of the construction company set up and owned by her older brother, and I’d lost contact with her since.

Due to her blessing, my life after marriage, my work, all of it went, smoothly, and I’d, never forgotten her words, “I can afford it for you.”  Someone helped me through my hardships in life, and, it’d, sparked up the heart of gratitude in me, and, I’d, taken her kindness into my heart, and kept, helping those around me who needed.

And so, this, is how one act of kindness, become, an infinite number of kindness, because, these good acts multiple, just like how the bad things in this world multiple too, it’s just, that when we’re touched, and offered assistance to by others, we usually, take it to our hearts, and we, never forget it.

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Keeping that Heart of Gentleness

Doing his job, offering assistance to others, he deemed it to be his job description, but for someone who is immobilized, the individual’s actions of going that extra mile to offer the services means, a hell of a lot!  Translated…

Seeing Chen walking out of his office, I’d gotten up, out of my seat, pushed the elevator button for him.

Chen was carrying a bag of something, walked slowly, smiling, grinning, but this time, he’d not taken the elevators, instead, he’d, handed me the bag, told, “I’m truly grateful toward you all, a bag of food for you and your colleague to share!”, I’d immediately pushed the bag back to him, didn’t feel right getting a reward for what I was paid to do in the first place.

But Chen insisted, then, turned and left, I’d caught up with him, because I didn’t know his full name, saw the name printed on his identification, made a mental note, thanked him for the foods.

like this, just, doing his, job…photo from online

Awhile ago, the restrooms on the first floor was being renovated, and those who worked on the first floor had to go up to the second floor to find the restrooms, but, for someone with a handicap, it was a bit more difficult, after all, that’s, an extra way to walk, and had to, get into the cramped elevator with the crowds.  As a first line worker, I’d shouldered the responsibilities for pressing the floor buttons; it’s work, but it’, something I do every day as is, it’s not considered lending someone a helping hand, just empathy is all.

I think, it’s because, of all of these situations I’d bumped into at work and in life, I’d, trained my heart to be softer.  In other words, I should be the one thanking him.  Even though my term of work is about to be up, I’d had to leave this work environment, and, as I find work elsewhere, I shall, also, take this heart of gentleness with me there, to treat everybody I meet there kindly, to keep this heart of mine, gentle.

And so, this is what you learned, from your interactions with others on the job, what you do, pushing the elevator buttons for those who entered into the elevators may be ordinary for you, but, for someone like the man who’d especially came by to thank the individual, because he wasn’t mobile enough, it’s something big, and, this individual will take this heart of helping others, of serving others, to her/his next job, because s/he knows, that what s/he does, makes a difference, no matter how little, to another human being.

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A Simple Act of Helping Someone Out, that Made Everything, Different

Lessons that’s learned, after that incident, and, you’d done your, good deed for the day, and bringing a smile to the kids’ and their instructor’s, faces, translated…

The classroom instructor, Mrs. S is loud, and she’s in charge of those, innocent, young first graders who’d not been, socialized enough yet, and, there would be the actions of the kids, that made Ms. S scream aloud for help.

One day, she’d left the classroom to get the snacks for her class, before she left her class, she’d told the students, to “behave”, and yet, as she returned back to the room, she saw the young children, running around like wild animals, she’d started, screaming aloud at them, too loud, and it’d made my ears, buzz.  Although, I’m not the one she’s directing her anger towards, but, being forced to listen to her screams, it’d, upset me, and, the tropical depression in the atmosphere then, was, uncomfortable for me.

I’d felt awful in that instant, and thought, that heading downstairs, to pick up the snacks only takes a few minutes, and, had I offered to help Ms. S to go get it, then, she wouldn’t have to leave the classroom, and the kids would start running wild, then, wouldn’t I have traded my thirty-seconds’ life in for the peace, and quiet?  For S, for the children, as well as for me too, it all worked out well

And ever since, as I saw that the snack times were about to be here, as I’d heard the noises get loud in the next room, then I’d, gotten up out of my seat, tilted my head in, “I’ll go pick up the snacks for the kids!”, S was stunned, then, immediately, she’d, led the kids to say thanks to me, and, that smile out of gratitude that was on her face, the kids expectant looks, made this errand, more than, worth it.

Although, we can’t turn back the hands of time, but, if we’re, willing, to help one another out, we still will be better in our interactions, relations the next time go around.

And so, this, is what you’d learned, from listening in to the goings on of the classroom neighboring to yours, and, afterwards, you’d, actively helped out, and, helping this other teacher out, was no big deal for you but, for the other classroom instructor, it means, a whole lot, because she couldn’t leave her students alone on their own, seeing how they’d, gotten too rowdy, raucous and loud the last time, and she’d, grilled the whole class that last time.

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A “Not-a-Big-Deal” Deed

A helping hand from a complete stranger that noted your need, translated…

I’d usually ridden my scooter out, because it’s convenient, and saves me the time, but, it’s, “always easier to ride out, and hard to find that parking spot”, and I know I’m, stating this, for all who lives in Taipei, the scooter-commuters.

Early that morn, because it’s still early, there are, a lot of parking spots, and I’d gotten in easily; and yet, as I went to get my scooter out in the afternoon, the scooters are jam packed into the parking spaces, handle-to-handle, and my scooter was like that tiny one, stuck, between, two motorcycles.

Didn’t know how to begin to get my scooter out, I’d looked dumbfounded at my ride for a while, and in the end, I’d, tipped up my toes, used all my might, lifted up the back of the scooter parked to my right, hoping to move it a little bit.  But unfortunately, being petite as I, it’d not, budged.

As I’d, circled around the scooter, hopeless in my feat, then, a scooter parked next to me, a younger gentleman in a black helmet that covered up his face got off, with his large hand, and, scuttled to the left, then to the right, used all his might, worked up a sweat, and finally, he was, able to, help me get my scooter out from between the larger motorcycles.

I’d bowed toward him to say thank you, he’d rubbed his hand, “it’s not big deal!” then, rode off.

Such a “no big deal” to him it was!  He’d, stated it so lightly, but, I’d, carried his act of kindness to heart, and, how much focus, how much strengths he’d used, to help me move my scooter out, is still, clear in my mind.

And so, this, is receiving help from an unknown stranger, the man saw you in need, and, given you the assistance you’d needed, and to him, it may have been no big deal, but to you, it was, a huge deal, and that still just showed, no matter how tiny the act you’d performed, to help someone out, to the individual receiving the assistance from you, it’s, something major, and, the one helped will remember the acts of kindness you’d shown them for the rest of their lives, even if you’d already, forgotten.

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Growing Up Safe & Sound is a, Blessing

On the necessity of these, early intervention programs, supporting the parents of these, special needs children, translated…

Every year around Children’s Day, in the preschools, kindergartens, and elementary school across the island host an assortments of activities to celebrate, and the news channels also, zoomed in on these activities more or less, and, the children that were caught on tape, they usually have the bright smiling faces, active, or maybe, they even, fought for the airtime, and started chit chatting to the cameras, having a good time, celebrating this day that’s, especially, saved, for them.  All of these, ordinary footages, however, for the parents with children in the early intervention programs, may be, painful to watch, for that is what they longed to see, but, may or may not get, in the, distant, futures in their, and their own children’s, lives.

From before, I’d viewed these as nothing more than, normal and ordinary, but as I’d started working in the facilities for the handicapped, I’d, started, feeling different: being born healthy, to grow up safe, that, is sometimes, the best form of, blessing.

the necessity of these, early intervention programs…

will make a huge difference in the lives of special needs children…photo from online

Most parents would imagine, that as their babies were born, everything will be smooth sailing, and yet, after awhile, some parents would discover, “hey, how come someone else’s child can already flip her/himself onto her/his stomach, and my baby couldn’t yet?”  or, “why is it that we’re never on the same wavelength as our own children?  No matter what we do, our child just cried, fussed, and started throwing the tantrums?”, after getting the professional opinions, all of these parents usually receive the thunder-struck responses, to a lot of times, the physicians can’t even tell the parents, what exactly was, wrong with their children.  To these families, leading their children to the starting lines is hard enough as is, let alone, the “ordinary scenes” we’d described at the start of this article?  In the process of coming of age, they’d weathered through more twists and turns, and, although, early interventions isn’t a fix-all, but, it does, offer them the sturdy support that they are all in need of.

As I watched those footages on T.V., I’d thought of the children in my care, those who are placed, in the early intervention programs.  Some of whom, had too much of a stretch out of their muscles, and as the instructor massaged them, they’d started crying aloud from the pains of the stretches; some are silent, that melted down, because they can’t get the world to understand what it was that they needed or wanted; some can’t stand, some can’t sit, those were the ones who’d thrown their major-scale temper tantrums when placed int eh swing chairs, or the standing racks, to train their muscle tones………and yet, all of these, are ordinary goings-on of an early intervention center, what the normal general public don’t note.

early intervention programs that will make a huge difference in the lives of special needs children…photo from online

This was my primary drive to set up the topics with the UDNpapers this time, through the words, to help more know these children who are, too complicated, and their families too; even if the roads up ahead are filled with the twists, the turns, these children still used their own separate paces, with the help and companionships of trained professional caretakers, grow up, step, by step.

And so, this, is what we, “normal” people fail to notice of this group of special needs children, and we don’t normally see what’s going on, because, a lot of us just, don’t care, because we got enough on our plates, and, we take for granted, that our own children are born healthy, with no problems.

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The Love that Came to the Rescue, in Time

The one, who’d, helped showed the person the light when she’s enveloped in darkness, someone who’d, touched the lives of those whom she came into, contact with, translated…

I’d retired from my teaching career for over three years now, and every time I thought of the connection I shared with my department head, Yang, I would be filled up with a ton of, gratitude.

Recalling how thirty years back, as I transferred to the school to teach, Yang the department head of teaching affairs handed me a box of sweets, told me to take it home to give to the kids.  The gentleness of her nature, she’d, immediately, settled my uncertainty.  Back then, my children were still quite young, as I got caught in the difficulties of not knowing how to get through to them, Yang gave me the tips, as I’d solicited for her advice.

There was a time when my child had the chickenpox, and started itching like crazy, Yang drove her car to my home at night, and, brought me a huge bag of Indian borage, something that stops the itch instantly.  To this day, my son who’d grow taller than us still recalled, that on the night he was ill, how Yang became like Santa Claus, brought a back of, magical herbs, and, hung it on the doorknob outside our home!

In 1998, my father died abruptly, being the eldest daughter, I was, flustered, and flew into a panic, not known how to sort through his, final affairs, and instinctively, Yang my department head came to mind.  I’d dialed her number, and tears came flowing down, and her voice gave me that strength.  Not long after that, as my father’s body was lifted to the funeral home, I’d found, that she was already, among those who were, reciting the prayers for the passing already.

After she retired, Yang still continued her giving, and, entered into the volunteer crew of Tzu-Chih Hospital, and she’d, helped all of those who are close to her, feel the warmth, and gain some wisdoms through interacting with her.

And so, this is, the woman who lit up your life, who offered you the needed emotional/psychological, and the physical forms of support when you’d needed, and, you are, blessed to have met someone who is kind, giving, and gentle in your life.

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Good People Doing Good Things – Mohamed Bzeek — Filosofa’s Word

“I am not an angel. I am not a hero. It’s just what we are supposed to do as a human being.”

Good People Doing Good Things – Mohamed Bzeek — Filosofa’s Word

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