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Keep the Love Flowing

The cycle of kindness, also rolls down continually, from one person, to the next, we need more stories like these, especially at this day and age! Translated…

The rain came pouring down on my exercise walk, I’d rushed into the breakfast shops to hide out, the shop owner’s mother in her seventies ushered me in, and she’d, taken out a yellow raincoat from the closets, for me to put on, her act of kindness had, warmed up my heart.

As the rain slowly dissipat4ed, as I was, about to, return the raincoat, she’d started telling me the funny things that happened to her while she was on a trip to the eastern side of the island. A couple of years ago, she’d gone to Hualien to travel during the New Year’s holidays with her family, and, the trip was a spur of the moment thing, and, she’d only worn the short sleeves and shorts, and, the cold fronts made everybody shiver, and so, they can only, run back into the cars to hide, they’d not gone anywhere.

And, a woman who was standing at the side of the road saw, she’d immediately gone home, brought a ton of clothes for them to choose from, waited until the seven, eight adults and children had, selected the thick coats and smiled and said their thank yous, they’d wanted to ask her address, so they can send the clothe back, but, the woman turned them down. She’d told them, that her kids are all grown and lived elsewhere, that the clothes were just, taking up space in her home. And, every time after that, as the family saw the clothes, they’d always, smiled on it, and, remembered the kindness from the woman, who’d given them the coats to wear.

In order to keep the love flowing, the breakfast shop also gathered some donated clothes for the comers to borrow, other than keeping the shop connected with the local communities, it’s, a way of repaying the woman for her kindness. As I’d heard, I thought, maybe I can write this tale down, or maybe, by chance, that kindhearted woman that the family met in Hualien will see, that her kindness had become, a cycle already.

And so, this, is how some random act of kindness had touched so many lives, and, by passing the kindness to the strangers that came to the breakfast shop, the owner is keeping the kindness that was shown to her and her family flowing, and we need more stories like this in the world we live in right now!



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An Elementary School Girl Used Her Scholarship Prize Money to Help Support Her Household, Two Elderly Men: Let Me Help Her Too

Kindness from all around, from the Newspapers, translated…

“Do let me help her!”, the special report from the papers this March about how the elementary school age girl, Wei-Han Wang lived with the low-income assistance money from the government that supported her family of four, consisting of her grandparents, and an older brother, how although life was hard, she’d not gotten beaten by it. As the newspaper printed her story, “Grandpa Yeh” came to the school himself, and told the officials he’d wanted to sponsor Wei-Han Wang by the month, and “Grandpa Chen” sent a letter, with cash enclosed, it’d warmed up Wei-Han Wang and her grandmother’s heart.

The news report pointed out, that Wei-Han Wang was only in the fourth grade, and yet, she’d accumulated a whole STACK of awards, from when she was in the first grade, she’d received $2,000N.T. for scholarship for excellent academic performances, which she’d turned into her grandmother, to help the household, and she’d earned scholarship money from a foundation too.

A week after her story was told after March 10th, an eighty-year-old elderly C.E.O., Yeh went to the elementary school to visit, after he’d met the principal, Chen, he’d shown her a newspaper clipping from his wallet, told her, “I want to help her out!”

Grandpa Yeh said, he grew up poor, that he’d started his business from nothing too, that now he has the abilities, and he was very moved by the young girl, Wang’s story, wanted to give her a better life, and so, he’d made the trip to Bitou, and expressed how he’d wanted to help Wei-Han Wang out each and every month.

The principal, Chen was moved, told him, that Wei-Han’s grandmother believed that there are those less fortunate than she, and turned Grandpa Yeh’s offer down, but Grandpa Yeh helped install the wind-resistant windows, he’d also bought the cleaning equipment for the outside walls of the school to help the school, so the kids won’t have to sit through the cold winters in class.

鼻頭國小女童王薇涵。 記者張芮瑜/攝影、翻攝a photo of the young girl in school, courtesy of the UDNpapers.

Several months later, on August 23, the elementary school received a registered mail signed by “Grandpa Chen”, with the newspaper clipping, and $6,000N.T. cash; Grandpa Chen who teaches as a professor at Poli-Sci University said, that he thumbed across the story about Wei-Han in the newspaper, he was very moved by the hardworking mannerism of the young girl, he’d clipped the news off, and placed it in the first page of his notebook, and would read it once every single day.

Awhile ago, he’d passed by the local office of the Department of Education, he’d asked the secretary there for the address of Wei-Han Wang’s school, wanted to send her something, also, to fulfill the wish he’d carried, for so long already.

As the Wangs received Grandpa Chen’s money for help, they were very moved, and, Wei-Han told the press happily, that after she’s older, she too, will help others in need as well.

鼻頭國小女童王薇涵生活困頓,卻不向命運低頭的事蹟,陳爺爺看到報導後,很欽佩寄上現...the letter written to the young girl by the elderly man who’d donated to help her and her family out, from…

So, this, is how the cycle of kindness gets passed down, because someone saw something that moves him on the news, and, decided to help the person in need, and, the person in need who received the help, was touched, and she’d made a wish too, to help someone else in need when she’s able to, and so, the cycle of kindness is also, rolling here………



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The Students from N.T.U. Sold Handmade Soaps to Help Those Who are Living on the Edges of the Society

Good deeds, caught on “tape”, from the Newspapers, translated…

Four students from N.T.U. set up the group, “NTUtopia” platform, worked with the not-for-profit organization of “Community Village”, helped those who lived on the edges of the society, they not only set up the handmade soap gift box sets, they’d even push forth the products to the EMBA Alumni Group of NTU to be used as the gifts of the Alumni Group’s meetings; they’d raised funds from the online community as well, and gotten the monetary supports from multiple enterprises, so the not-for-profit organizations can have more funds to do what they need to do.

“Community Village” is located in Taoyuan, and, it specializes in placing those individuals that don’t fit the criteria of being placed in homes, or those who are abandoned by the society, couldn’t take care of themselves, like homeless people, or those who had gone through huge trials in their lives, orphans, those who are mentally ill and couldn’t find a place to live in.

One of the members of the NTUtopia, Jia said, that “Community Village” does not receive monetary assistance from the government, and, although the public makes small donations, the village also sell their own handmade soaps, secondhand books, sell the recycling materials, but, the money it brings in is still not quite enough, to care for the over a hundred homeless members’ living expenses.

Jia said, that she and her group had visited numerous not-for-profit organizations, but, the “Community Village” was one that impressed them the most, the members of her group saw six elderly who are disabled, with illness, all cramped, inside a small room, it’d made the students feel bad.  After the students learned of the situation that the “Community Village” was faced with, they’d decided to do something for them.

In order to earn more profit, the “Community Village” taught the student to make handmade soaps, so they could have a viable skill, but Jia said, that they’d found that the soap the “Community Village” made are almost invisible, and plus, the packaging wasn’t attractive that it is really hard, to get the consumers to buy, and so, she and her group had helped develop gift sets, and introduced the product to the NTU EMBA Alumni Group, and the soap gift boxes became the take-home presents for the initiation of the new president of the Alumni Group, and this was, the very first step, to sell the handmade soaps to the outside world.

NTUtopia also set up a fundraiser for “Community Village” on its online platform, find the enterprises sponsors for them, at the same time, they’d put the products that “Community Village” make at the N.T.U. Arts Festival too, slowly, getting the products on the maps, which helped the group get more funds from individual donors.  Jia said, next, they are going to help other foundations which aren’t well-known to the community, but are in desperate need of funding, to make the rest of the world notice.

And so, this, is from a student set-up organization that’s doing all of this, because a need is realized, and, someone took the initiatives, to make the needs of the group known to the rest of the public, and that still just shows, how far one small thought can go.

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An Injured Female Motorist Helped Lifted the Car, to Save Someone’s Life from a Car Accident

Altruism still exists, apparently, this woman, although injured, still helped someone who was involved in a car crash alongside her, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-seven year-old woman, Yang yesterday evening rode her motorcycle to the hospital to pick up her mother’s medications, but, she’d gotten involved into a chain car accident as she was riding toward the hospital, where there are three deaths, five injured, although she’d gotten hurt herself, and was shocked, but still, she’d gone out of her way, to save someone else, and when she’d heard that the female motorist, Chang whom she managed to pull out from the crash site still died, Yang cried, “I’m really unwilling to let go, but I’d done all that I possibly could!”

“It was truly scary!  There were still members of the public who were trapped underneath the overturned eighteen-wheeler.”, Yang was still in shock, when the car crash happened, she was waiting for the light, and heard three loud bangs from behind her, then, she was pushed downward, and her mind went blank, thinking back, “Gladly, I wasn’t speeding, otherwise, I too, may have died as well.”

As Yang recalled the crash, she was still shaken up.  She said, that right at the moment, she’d become dumbfounded, and, as she’d come to, she saw a female motorist, STUCK beneath the overturned small truck, she’d helped the five men who were there, to help lift up the truck, then, pulled the female motorist out, “Back then, I couldn’t think at all, just knew I had to pull her out.”  But, after two hours of emergency resuscitation, the motorist, Chang was still dead, Yang was having trouble, holding back her pain said, “I really don’t want her to die, but, I’d done all I could for her!”

So, this woman put her own safety on hold, and went to save someone else’s life, and that, is altruism, she’d done everything she possibly could at the moment, but, the female motorist still died, and this woman had done all she possibly could.

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A Man with Learning Disabilities Became a Grad Student, and Earned High Acclaims for His Thesis

A story that inspires, translated…

A student with disabilities doesn’t necessarily have difficulties learning, the forestry graduate school student from Chongxing University, Chen made all F’s in his elementary years, but, he’d overcome his own learning disabilities, and became the very FIRST student with disability who managed to get into the graduate department of a public university.

Yun-Shen Cheng is in his second year of his master’s program, he’d studied in Chongxing University for five years, he’d had learning disabilities since he was a child, difficulties with reading AND writing, as he’d read, he’d skipped words, lines, or go up and down, reverse the word orders, and he’d often written down the wrong characters.  He said, that as he was learning to write, he’d added strokes, or not had enough strokes to a character, and, it’d angered his school instructors to punish him to write the characters one-hundred times, made him feel bad, thinking that he won’t master his studies, causing him to feel a low sense of self-esteem.

Until in the sixth grade he was taken to the doctor, the doctor did some tests on him, and found, that there was something wrong with the signaling of his neurons, causing his reading disabilities, and he’d gone into a year’s worth of group therapy for it; in middle school, he’d gotten the accommodations, to allow him to take longer on his examinations, that the instructors wouldn’t deduct him on writing the characters wrong, that, was when he was able to, slowly, improve on his grades.

But, he’d still feel uneasy inside, not knowing what the learning disability was, and that if his grades improving now was real.  Until he’d entered into Kaohsiung Middle School, and worked with a doctor, psychiatrist, as well as his school teachers, and a series of tests, he’d finally know what was happening with himself, and learned to slowly, and completely, accept himself as is.

Cheng is the very first student with reading difficulties who’d entered into Chongxing University, after he’d entered the school, the school held a meeting, to help all the professors in his major, to understand his condition, especially on how as the professors graded his examinations, they wouldn’t pick out the characters he’d written wrong on; and a lot of his classmates who knew of his condition would help tutor him, to review over the reports he’d written, to check for characters that were written wrong.

Cheng said, he is more than lucky, that in his studies, he’d met a ton of people who were willing and able to help him out, but he believed, that the biggest advantage he has is in expressing his own disability, telling others that he needed the assistance, “letting others know why I needed their help, that way, others would know more about me, and accept me more.”

Cheng planned on getting into the forestry department of the government, or the environmental branches in the future, or to work for a private sector, to test out the quality of water, or to work for an environmental program and such.

He’d often gone to the learning disabilities association, to share with others, his process of learning, hoped that he could help out those who are going through the difficulties as he’d done.

And so, because this young man’s conditions weren’t discovered earlier, in his earlier schooling careers, his teacher mistook him as being awful, but, he never gave up on finding the answers to his own life, and now, he’s bringing about more awareness of the conditions that he was faced with to the world, in hopes, that it can raise more awareness, and help more people in the process.  He had, turned his disabilities into an advantage, used his own life story as an example, to encourage others.

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A Man Who’s Been Paralyzed for Thirty Years Saved Up on His Disability Payment, and Managed to Help Those Physically Handicapped Find Work with the Money from His Own Disability Payment

Helping out in his own way, even though, he’s immobilized, a story of inspiration, translated…

A man who lives in Da-An District, Lin, thirty years ago, while he was serving in the armed forced, he’d become a quadriplegic from a diving accident, and for years on end, he could only live on his own bed.  But he’s still filled with hope for his own life, and used empathy, to show cares and concerns for people who are handicapped, in a year’s time, he’d managed to save up over ten thousand dollars from his assistance from the armed forces along with the government, and worked alongside the super convenience shops, to provide temporary jobs for those with handicaps.

In recent days, Lin was hospitalized because he wasn’t feeling well, needed a respirator.  The office manager of the Da-An District Offices, Su said, that Lin helped in silence, if his kindness can be known to the world, and, it might help initiate more of the world to help out too.

Through his friends, Lin learned, that a super convenience shop in Zhudong provided temp jobs for those with handicaps, that they’d wanted to help out too.  Although he was without a job, and didn’t have a stable source of income, but he’d still every penny he possibly could, and donated the amounts he’d saved up, to the program in the Family Mart, to offer as the payments for the temporary workers with disabilities.

The store manager said that he was in awe at how Lin who’d handicapped himself, and still showed care and concerns for the world, that the shop had continually offered positions for those with disabilities, especially for the individuals with the mental problems, because it would be harder for them to adapt to working in the real workforce, and, the shop, other than allowing them to make their own ways, there would be shoppers who helped the workers out too.

Su said, Lin had a bedside assistance to help take care of his daily living, and the Department of Armed Services had also called upon those younger generations who are serving alternatively, to go to his home, to help flip him over, to massage his limbs, along with the necessities of his daily living, and had accompanied him on using iPad to see the world, to make his world less boring.

Su said, that Lin wanted to remain anonymous in his good deeds, believed that he was only putting up little that he could, but the families and the personnel at the land offices all consoled him, that if someone like him who’s a paraplegic can help someone out, he should open up about his story, so, it could inspire more to lend a helping hand.

And so, we have a man, who wanted to, and actually managed to help, because of his own situation, it’d given him the empathies toward those who are handicapped, and, he was driven, to help out in any way he could, and, although he’s immobilized, he’s still making a difference, this, is a story that, hopefully can and will inspire!

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Don’t Let the Kids Grow Up on the Edge of the Society, Start Helping Them From Education

Written by the honorary lecturer of Chinghwa University, Lee, translated…

After the six inmates took hostages in the penitentiary of Kaohsiung, they’d killed themselves.  We all felt relieved, because no harm came to the hostages, but, to all who still had a heart of mercy, the six suicides are considered as tragedies too, after all, they are, the citizens of this country, born and grown up here, and, became the borderline people, and ended up so tragically.

We all hoped, that there are no people on the edge of the society, and, a lot of people believed, that this should be instilled in the minds of students in schools, and so, we’d written out so many texts, encouraging the kids to be better.  But to tell the truth, this, is of NO use to those children who came from poverty stricken family backgrounds.

If we go to the prisons to visit once, then, we’d come to realize, that a most of the inmates are poorly educated, with many that came from lower income households.  For instance, most children who performed well in school can understand in class, and are usually more self-confident about their futures, and even though, they came from poverty stricken backgrounds, the children knew that they can continue their education, and will have a certain level of competitiveness, therefore, they will have no problems in life.  But if a child can’t even catch up to the rest of the class, and in class, s/he can’t understand what the teachers are saying, and did poorly on the examinations, even if this child continues on toward a higher path of education, it would prove to be of no use.   At this time, if s/he got involved with the wrong crowds, and s/he can easily be taken, and fall to the borderline of the society easily.  And, no matter how we’d assigned moral values, give them talks on moral responsibilities, it won’t be of any help to them.

What we should all pay attention to is, the children’s homework problems.  So long as they can catch up to the rest of the class, even though, they’re not the top scorers, they’d know, that at least, they can find a decent job later on in life, with a sizable income to suffice her/his own livelihood.  And, whether or not this child is from a poverty stricken family, s/he would have a lesser chance, of becoming one of those who lived on the borderlines.  I’d met a lot of instructors, whom, upon discovery, that there are kids in the classes who not only didn’t study hard, but started disrupting the rest of the class, these good teachers usually didn’t give the kids talk of moral responsibilities, but instead, the teachers helped the kids to improve their skills, so they could better understand in class.  Once the kids start to get the lessons, they no longer disrupted the classes.  And so, allowing the kids to have a fundamental basis of knowledge, knowing where s/he is academically speaking, and which direction s/he could go, the kids would naturally find a goal, and work toward that.  Once the kids have confidence about the future, a lot of the bad things, they no longer wanted to do, and would stay away from the bad peer influences too.

We’d often seen on the news that the mafia is infiltrating the schools, but, those attracted to the mobsters are those kids who lacked care and concerns, and, most of them didn’t do well academically.  If those kids, on the way to learning, had someone with them, accompanying them, instructing them how to do their homework assignments, so they can feel the expectations from their adult counterparts, naturally, when the mafia tries to reach out to them, they wouldn’t get attracted.

Of course, we’d hoped that the 12-years’ of continued education can force ALL the kids to go to high school or technical high school to continue learning, that they couldn’t drop out, but, what’s more important, is still teaching the kids the most basic of skills, and work hard, to show cares and concerns toward them, to help them out.

In order to ensure that the level of understanding is not too low, naturally, the entire nation MUST put into the hard work, this, is not a hard-to-accomplish task, but a very good investment.

This, is very idealistic, because kids in the middle and high school levels are prone to get affected by peer pressures, after all, that, is a time when friends are way MORE important than the adults in the kids’ lives, and, education is needed, indeed, but, you can’t just rely on education to help steer these kids that are slowly going off the grid into the right directions, the help must come from all the realms, in order for kids to be prepared for life…

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