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There are the Tell Signs of the Horrid Lovers, NEVER Go Alone on Your Own to Break Up with the Individual

As ANOTHER murder happened, because of a bad breakup!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The professor of Crime Prevention Graduate Studies, Cheng of Zhongzhen University told, that online relationships gives the individual that sense of false familiarity, that you would still need to physically date to know the person better, that when breaking up, don’t cope with it alone.  The psychiatrist, Lee gave the six signs of “horrid lovers”, and by first being aware of all six traits, you can avoid falling into the wrong love.

Cheng said, that the foundations of online connections are based off of chats, exchanging of photographs, there are almost NO opportunities to get to know the other person from a face-to-face contact, and it would form that false sense of familiarity.  Surely, online chats may be convenient, but with the limitations too, people are easily trapped by the false beliefs, the imaginations, take everything that someone says as truths.  And, when sex, love is in the contents of these online exchanges, then, it would be even easier to fall in, the younger generations all wanted a good love, with the needs of sex too but, you need to be fully aware, that the online exchanges simply just can’t, replace the face-to-face contact of dating each other.

He said, you can share your conversations with someone online with friends you have physically, as you are taking that step forward, your friends might offer you sound advice, or means to, protect yourself.   Do NOT go on your own to meet up to break up with someone, the statures of the females aren’t as big as the males, and normally, the females have the underhand, know to protect yourselves, to NOT go to an unknown location, that’s unfamiliar to talk.  In the process of breaking up, do avoid the use of emotional language, to avoid causing the other individual to get too worked up.

The psychotherapist, Lee advises, that before you start dating someone, be friends with the individual first, to observe her/him more, to know the person’s personality traits, and when meeting up, do watch for your own personal safety, if you get stuck in a dangerous situation, call for help immediately.  To be skillful in breaking up with the horrid lovers, to NOT confront, take more time, slowly, distance from the person by the day, to not incite anger, to risk being, attacked; if the person caused an impact on your daily lives, do see a therapist to help you sort through your, emotions.

So, these are the what-not-to-do when breaking up with someone, and how to stay safe, because, as these online relationships become more prevalent, there are easier chances that we may, come into contact with a psycho, and yet, those PSYCHOS don’t have that sign on their backs, or tattoo across their foreheads, telling us, that that was, what they are, and these are, important tips, to have in mind, the advices of these, psychotherapists too.

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A “Hottie” Online, Scammed First, then the Threats Came, Zero Trust in the Online Relationships

Because you do NOT know for sure, if the individual you’re, interacting is, that photo on display in the “icon sections” there, and, desperation is why made you, easy, targets.  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There were, increasing numbers of false sex trade scams, that hooked the female victims, the scam artist rings first went online, and, used the photos of the “hotties”, then, claimed to be the male modles, the cowboys, or the public relations in the pubs, if the victims suspected, or couldn’t pay the gaming credits, then, they’d started threatening the victims as the mobsters, and from beginning to end, the victims never saw the “hottie” personally.  The criminal investigations bureau stated, that there’s the high anonymity of online relationships, that there are, tons of traps that are, hidden, that when you interact with someone online, best that you hold the “zero trust” policies in your interactions.

The police told, that the scam artists groups used the “first the lies, then the threats methods”, through the varied friendship apps to connect to the victims, selecting the victims at random, getting the victims to interact on LINE; most of these scam artist would claim that they are from a wide varieties of occupations, and sweet talked the victims into trust, then, scammed the victims for money, and claimed, that when they meet, they will then, return what they’d, charged from the victims.

and this, is what’s, happening!

so don’t be stupid, don’t fall for it!!! Photo from online

As the victims made the purchases of the credits, the scam ring would then use an assortment of reasons to get the victims to purchase more, and if the victims wouldn’t comply, then, the scam rings would then start using threats, that they knew where the victims live, their phone numbers at home, at work, where they worked, go to school, stated that they will bust the victims for soliciting for sex, to threatening the victims’ lives; the police stated, that men or women, these scams used the similar means, with the end goal of, “draining the victims dry”, and, it wouldn’t be until the victims get cut off completely, or threatened, would they wake up to realize, “there’s, no prince charming or the hottie”.

A nineteen-year-old female college student met a man, “Andy” on Tinder, he claimed to work as a public relations in a bar, asked her to buy the gaming credits, then, told her that the manager of the bar he worked for threatened to chop his limbs off, and sent her the bloody photos, to threaten harm on her; she was so scared she’d purchased the gaming credits three times total, and suffered a loss of $20,000N.T., and, she couldn’t get connected with the man ever again.

The criminal investigations unit said, in making friends online, you can never be sure of the individual’s true identity, that most of the scams would get you trapped too deep, that people should NEVER disclose any personal information through the chats online; and, that there’s no “identification confirmation”, “guarantee amount” in the purchasing of the gaming credits, to NOT get tricked, and fall into the love trap, because you let love go to your heads.

And, this is still, how those, unsuspecting, desperate fishes came biting, if you’re not that desperate, then, you wouldn’t have, fallen prey to the scams, but because you are lonely, in need of love, blah, blah, blah, that made you, that much, more vulnerable than the average person, so, don’t fall for it, get a dog or a cat, I mean, they’re, WAY, WAY, W-A-Y better, at keeping us warm through the nights, and, if you get them trained well, then, they will sit, stay, roll over, play dead, for your attention, and treats too, which is, way better, than romance, besides, you can get the unconditional love from the animals, but not so much so (at least it’s no guarantee!) from a human being.

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He’d Received the Message, “a Horny Dog in Love with a Shrew”, Sent the Porn Back as a Reply to a Woman He Met Online, the Elderly in His Seventies Found by the Verdict to Pay the Woman $10,000N.T.s

Sexting here, and you still get, SUED!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The seventy-year-old elderly man, Tsai sent the porn footage to a female he met online, was sued for sexual harassment, and the woman sued him for $200,000N.T.s, he’d said he was innocent, that it was the woman, sending the footage of the dog humping the female owner to him, which misled him.  The judge found, that the footages were sent and received in the time of two-months, and, in the dialogues, it was difficult, to confirm, that the woman was hinting at sex, the courts mandated that Tsai needed to pay the woman $10,000N.T.s; both the elderly and the D.A. filed for the appeals, the district court in Kaohsiung believed, that Tsai the elderly had, damaged the woman’s dignity, and still mandated that he pays the woman $10,000N.T.s.

The verdict pointed out, that Tsai and the woman met online, added one another to LINE and started chatting from time to time, sending one another the greetings; in January of two years ago, the woman sent a footage, “The horny dog in love with the shrew” to Tsai, with the dog, humping the female owner’s legs, two months later, Tsai also sent the three segments of pornography he’d downloaded to the woman.

The woman felt that Tsai was sexually harassing her, called the cops, and pressed charges, and sued him for $20,000N.T.s.  During the trial of the simplified court of Fengshan, Tsai said that it wasn’t what it looked like, that Tsai had asked him to go to a motel, and told him that the cost was $2,000N.T.s, back then, he’d not made the “date”; later the woman sent him the footage of “the horny dog in love with the shrew”, that was why he’d, responded by sending the porn footages back to her; he said, that sending and receiving the videos is the culture of the online interactions, that the contents of what he’d sent wasn’t really sexually illicit, that it’d not constitute as sexual harassment.

The judge reviewed over the conversation records, and noted how two months after the woman sent Tsai the footage, did Tsai send the three segments of porn to her, that during the time, there were the only ordinary greetings of “Good morning”, “how are you” exchanged between the two, that it was hard to confirm, that the footages sent by the elderly has anything to do with what the woman sent to him, from two months ago.

The judge believed, that Tsai is with enough experiences of life, that he should know, that the footages he’d sent to the woman, would cause her disgust, or thrills, that his behaviors was sexual harassment, and, considering the finances of both, mandated that Tsai needed to pay the woman $10,000N.T.s.  Tsai still denied the sexual harassment charges, while the woman felt that the money the courts fined Tsai to pay to her wasn’t quite enough, both filed for appeals.

The district court of Kaohsiung found, that the two had never met physically, that their interactions revolved around “greetings toward elderly”, and that the woman told Tsai, that she was seeing someone else, that it wasn’t like Tsai stated, that they were, dating, didn’t believe Tsai’s claims, and found that Tsai needed to pay the woman $10,000N.T.s, as for the asking of the woman in payment, the original trial already specified the basis for it, tossed back her appeal.

And so, this is how, these online interactions, can get people the wrong ideas, and besides, you should NEVER be sexting other people, because, most of us here (still just, assuming, and yet, I’m still, NO ASShole!), would take it as something OFFENSIVE, so, just don’t do it!  Otherwise, you get SUED for sexual harassment.

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He’d Falsified Himself as a Woman, and Successful Scammed Two Men to Sleep with Him, Raped His Victims a Total of Thirteen Times

There are still, NO “victims” in this, “equation” only ABUSER AND, ENABLER!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lin falsified himself as a woman, logged onto the friendship software, started dating two men, and, gotten the two male victims to his residence, used the sleeping pills to put them out, turn off the lights in the room, then, went into the room, to have sex with the men; one of the victims was a virgin, and didn’t have a clue, that he’d “lost his virginity” twelve times, the other man, after once, felt something wasn’t right, and immediately notified the police; the courts criticized Lin for fulfilling his own urges, disregarding his victims’ wills, raped them, causing the victims to get traumatized, showed no remorse after the crimes, sentenced him to four years six months on sexual assault.  This can be appealed.

The police and the district attorneys investigated, that Lin had been sent to prison on robbery charges before, he’d taken up the falsified identity of “Yu-Jie Lin” online, and met the nineteen year-old male, A, on the evening of March 26th, 2020, Lin falsified himself as “Yu-Jie Lin’s” older brother, taking the victim back to his own stay by scooter, added the sleeping pills into the alcohol he’d served to the victim, turned off the lights and waited, then, used his falsified identity of “Yu-Jie Lin”, went into the room, to have SEX with his victim, after he was done, raping his victim, he’d, left the room, without showing his face.

As victim A finally woke, Lin made the excuse of his “sister” being out already, but as victim A went home, he’d found fecal matter on his penis, and texted “Yu-Jie Lin” about it, Lin slurred through the matter, and victim A went to get a urine test at the hospital and found sleeping pill inside his urine, then, called the police.

As the police looked into the matter, they’d found another man, B, age twenty-four, who was also, a victim too, before B was raped, he had no prior experience of sexual intercourse, and was scammed by the same measures, and he’d insisted that “Yu-Jie Lin” was a woman, and from February to May of the year, he’d had sex as many as twelve times, and never once thought, that it was, a man whom he was, having sex with, and, in the chats, they’d started, referring to one another like they were dating couples.

As Lin turned himself into the police station, he’d admitted to taking the two victim males home, but denied the sexual intercourses, claimed that he’d only, carried on in conversation with both males the entire night.  The courts criticized Lin, that knowing the two victims had NO intentions of having se with him, but, disregarded the rights to their bodies, causing the victims to get traumatized, and denied what he’d done throughout, not mentioned of paying his victims, with no signs of remorse.

The courts considered, that Lin committed thirteen counts of forced sexual acts, but, used the same measures, in a short period of time, that there’s the responsibilities of his wrongdoing on himself, gave him four years six months for these counts; the drugging his victims, due to insufficient evidence that it’d affected victim A’s will to have sexual intercourse, and the medications were Lin’s by prescriptions by a hospital, he got off on that count.

And so, this still just showed, how FUCKING (no need to pardon me here!) these younger generations of males are, and, it also showed, how modern day people relied too much on the interactions online, and how easily they get, fooled, and this is still, not good, the perp was wrong, but, the “victims” aren’t, right either, they’re all, way too, STUPID!

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We’ve Never Met

On modern-day interactions, translated…

Some people whom I’d never met, and, don’t know if they have the chances of meeting one another in life, but had become, this light scent of nostalgia to me.

For instance, T, one of my friends on Facebook, a man with a warm smile, and deep eyes, the articles he’d posted are very well-written, and he’d lightly disclosed, how three years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare illness, that it’d turned his views of life upside down, and, since, his writings showed this brand new understanding, this new kind of clarity about life.

One day, I’d recalled how it’s been a very long time, since I saw anything from him, and I’d gone of Facebook, to check out his page, then, I’d gotten to know, through someone else’s posting, that he was currently engaged in a tug-of-war with death in the I.C.U.  Since then, I’d gone on his Facebook page to check on him, hoped to get the message, that he’d made a full recovery.  And I’d often prayed to God, to look out for T, he once had such passions for life!

Another friend, C, one day, he’d also vanished, and, he canceled his Facebook account too.  What happened?  Why did he close his account?  In reality, C and I had NO shared friends, and so, I couldn’t find out how he was, even if I wanted to.  C is one of those lowkey people, who used a piece of photography as his display picture, and, the name he used was his initials, I have NO idea what was going on with him in real life.  And still, in the psychological sense, he’s such an interesting person, would use his humorous, and unique way, to reply to all of my postings, and it’d become nostalgic to me.  Having lost a Face friend such as he, I felt very awful.

And, don’t remember how long ago afterwards it was, I’d picked up a book I’d ordered online from a bookstore, as I’d told the cashier my name, after I’d gotten the book, was about to walk out, a man called out to me.  He looked very handsome, with this clean aura about him, but, I was certain, we’d never met.  He said, he was, once my friend, on Facebook.

Once?  I’d inquired.  He said, yes, he’d not logged on Facebook anymore, because someone made an anonymous complain about his account, his account was canceled, and so, he’d stopped using Facebook altogether.  “Actually, it’s a good thing, it’d given me more time, to do other things, it’s just that I regretted saying goodbye to some of the friends I’d shared deep conversations with is all.”  And so, as he’d heard me say my name to the cashier, he was so happy, that he could tell all of this to me to my face.

And, all of a sudden, I’d said his initials which had been erased completely from my mind previously.  And, his smiles became more radiant, “You still remembered me?”

I smiled too, “Of course!  I’m really glad, that I ran into you.”  Thanks to this chance meeting, it’d resolved ALL the questions I have about his disappearing on Facebook.

Back then, we’d started chatting, carried on like we were old friends, recalled some of the interactions we’d shared on Facebook.  Then, without leaving ANY ways of getting into contact with one another, we’d parted ways again.  I still don’t know his real name, or anything else about him, but that was unimportant.  Being able to meet back up with him, was more than enough for me.

Facebook had gotten those who originally had nothing in common together, like how a cloud, bumped into another cloud, or how a duckweed, swam into another duckweed.  In the world online, we’re close, and we’re far apart, maybe we would get forgotten by the world, and, we may become one another’s questioning thoughts.  Turns out, that in our not being aware of it, some of the interactions already had feelings infiltrated into them, and when we don’t see one another, we’d start to care and concern, and also, miss, each other.

This, is how friendships continued AFTER you’d logged off, and that still just shows, how even though you are making a ton of friends online, you should still WORK on the interpersonal relationships you have offline, because you don’t want to have a ZILLION friends on your social networking sites, but, ZERO friends in reality, do you?  I wouldn’t think so.

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My Daughter Married by the Computers, the Most Important Thing in Her Life

On marriage, the MOST important thing, in a person’s life (yeah right!!!), translated…

My daughter, Hsiao-Lei was born with a cleft palate, the moment she was born, when the nurses brought her to me, my heart went cold, the moment I first saw her.

Back then, when her mother had given birth to her, and was told the news, she didn’t have a reaction, with this lack of facial expression on her face.  But, when she saw our newborn child, she’d hugged onto her tightly, then, asked me, “How will she be married like this in the future?”

From when my daughter was growing up, the hardships her mother endured were countless by number, because she has a cleft palate, there’s NO separation between her mouth and her nose, she couldn’t be breastfed, and so, her mother had to pump the milk from her breasts, then, use a syringe, and drop by drop, feed it to her.  As my daughter grows up, she’d undergone dozens of surgical procedures.

From when she was five, she’d taken up the piano, when she was seven, the violin, fifteen, she took up the viola, at age sixteen, in the tenth grade level, she’d gotten into the Julliard Program for high school students, using her viola, and she’d taken courses for two days there on the weekends, for a total of two years.

My daughter went to Columbia University, and graduated out of Georgetown University Medical School, then, she went into the ENT Department of Cornell University, and was trained as a residence there, she never had a boyfriend, until she was twenty-eight.

The two doctors whom I was friends with, along with my daughter’s best friend had all found their soul mates online, and so, her best friend had taken the liberty, to set up a profile for her, on an online dating site.

My daughter has outstanding qualities, because she’s an ENT doctor, that, was one of the highest paid doctors in the U.S.  So the moment her information was posted online, there were a TON of guys who came calling her, and, the e-mails she’d received were so numerous that she didn’t even have time to sort through them all.

Six months later, while on vacation, my daughter felt lonely, so she’d turned on her computer, and found that a man named Mark still hadn’t given up on pursuing her yet, kept e-mailing her, told her that he just wanted to befriend her.

Hsaio-Lei saw how truthful and honest he was in his statements, and replied back to him, and, they’d hit it off right away.  She took Mark home to meet us, and, after we’d met, we agreed that it was fine that they started dating together, and, they continued down the path to love then. Later on, I had a stroke, Mark quickly flew to Taipei to visit me.  After I had my stroke, my wife, Mei-Huei became diagnosed with severe depression, she couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, doesn’t shower, doesn’t leave the house.  Mark came to our house, tricked Mei-Huei into getting hospitalized, and this action of his, had helped saved my wife’s life.

After Mei-Huei made a full recovery, with our blessings, Hsiao-Lei and Mark got married successfully, and now, it’s been a year since they were wed.

Thinking back to the olden days, marriage was arranged by matchmakers, and the modern day generations found their own ways, and, they were able to find a TON of prospects at a time for them to consider, then, they’d picked from the bundle, the one they think is the best fit, naturally, this, would be better, than the ones the matchmakers set us up with.

And so, from this, you can see, this woman’s growing up process, how much difficulties she had to overcome, with her physical deformities, and the mental reconstructions that she must’ve endured, and how she was finally able to open up her heart, to let love in, and, thus, she’d found her own happily ever after’s, so far here.


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No Activities

Like your BRAIN waves, when you got “stuck”, in that C-O-M-A-T-O-S-E???

There are just NO activities, I’d checked online, it’s like, you’re hibernating or something, I just can’t find you anymore, and, I’m just worryin’, and I don’t really know W-H-Y!

No activities, it’s been a very long time (it’s just been TWO days!!!), since I’d heard from you, you used to IM (instant messaging???) me every other minute, and now, I barely hear a peep from you, is that even, NORMAL???

No activities, and there is NOT a single way, you can get a reaction OUT of me, because I’m done, being PUSHED to react, and, there’s NOTHING you can do, OR say, to move me again.  No activities, what’s happening here?  If I don’t hear from you, I’ll go C-R-A-Z-Y, so, won’t you just, leave me a note online, or, say “hi” in a message, in my voicemail?  Please, that’s all I need………

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He’d Stolen Pictures of Hot Girls, and Asked Adolescent Girls to Strip on Webcam

Another SEXUAL predator, found, and caught, ONLINE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A twenty-two-year-old man, Yeou used the photos of a hottie as his own, headed online to Facebook, to befriend young adolescent females, then, solicited them to take their tops off and webcam conference him, then, he’d tell them that he’s a man, and coerced them into having sex with him; the Taipei Detective Agency caught him yesterday, found that there were a TON of nude conversations with younger women on his laptop, and suspected that there were at least, EIGHT victims.

The Taipei Police Department reminded the adolescents, that when they were making friends online, they should keep the three “not’s” in mind: not getting too into it, not exposing one’s own body, not dating in secret”; to NOT get too trapped by the online world that it’d affected your routines, to NOT overly expose one’s own information via webcam or by photographs, to NOT meet out alone with someone you’d met online, and, you must choose a public place with great lighting if you are going out to meet up with someone you just met online.

The police pointed out, that Yeou last December, flagged down the photograph of hot women, to use as his profile photo on Facebook with a female name too, claimed that he’d just returned to the country from studying abroad.  Awhile ago, after he met a girl in Changhwa, he’d claimed that it was more open in foreign places that he’d wanted to see whose body looked hotter, and had sent the photograph he’d snagged of a woman, said, if I dared to do it, then, why can’t you?

He’d enticed her, said that if she was willing to take off her clothes in front of webcam, then, he’ll give her $3,000N.T.s.  The adolescent girl fell in the tempting offers, and stripped her top off, and, after Yeou had recorded the footage, he’d told her that he was a man, and forced the girl to meet with him, then, raped her, or, he will let the photograph go viral online.

The youth told the women and children’s department of the Changhwa police department, and cooperated with their investigations; but Yeou still kept going after the adolescent.  The girl told him she’d already notified the police, Yeou said he was out of the country that the police couldn’t track him down, he just wanted to have sex with her.

The police tracked down the ISP of Yeou’s computer yesterday, and made an arrest, early yesterday morning.

How STUPID can you younger ladies get?  And, it’s still for that little money too.  And you’d think, that these days, virginities should sell at a WHOLE lot higher, but it isn’t, and that just shows you how naïve those stupid girls are, to fall for trash like this one, and now you know, so, do NOT fall for it again, but I’m 99.99 (still living that .01%) PERCENT certain, that there would be another “victim” of similar case such as this one soon, I’m sure, maybe not tomorrow, maybe NOT the day after, but, soon…




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How Do You Know that I’m Really Single???

Humor me a bit, why don’t ya!!!

How do you know that I’m really single???  Just because I “claimed” to be on my profiles?  I could damn well be a married man who’s just looking to SCORE some free FUCK for all you know!

How do you know that I’m really single???  How can you be sure, that everything I’d written down for my “profiles” is actually the TRUTHS about me?  How do you know, that when I say “I love you” (which is still just TO my dead boys, back when they were still around…), I really DO mean that?  How do you know, that I’m NOT just trying to get INSIDE of your panties, ladies, not that I am here.

How do you know, that I’m really single, unwed, like I say I am?  Even if you meet me face to face, I can still keep the truths about myself AWAY from you, after all, it would be super, duper easy, to conceal this wedding band “dent” on my finger you know?  So, H-O-W do you know, that I’m really single?  Oh wait, you don’t, but, I’m just like that Chinese dude from a VERY long time ago, you know, the one that FISHED without the baits?  So, come, take a bite, if you want to, but, once you get “hooked onto” me, you will NEVER break free, you will BE struggling for the REST of your lives, so, don’t take the B-I-T-E!!!






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Prevention of Date Rape, Three “NO’s” of Online Friendships

Put a STAR next to this one, y’all, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There are so many cases of how online dates became date rapes, the Police Department of the City of Taipei remind the youths, to follow the “Three NOT’s” of online dating: “Not too deep”, “Not Exposing Oneself Too Much”, “Not Going Out with Someone You’d Met Online Alone”.  And the parents must zoom in on the number of hours that kids are spending online too, to teach them the RIGHT kind of values, and, if your kids are meeting up with someone they met online, the parents should be closely, to keep an eye out for them.

The online world is false and it is also real, the evil persons would use humor, care and concerns as baits, to lure the females out, and then, they’d RAPED them, there had been many cases already.  The Detective Squad just last month had cracked the Sex Ring, Tien Dao Group”, the main suspect, at the start of this year, lured a twenty-six year old female to the north, on a date, and to shop, but, had spiced her drink with date rape drugs, and forced her to swallow illegal substances, then, forced her to SELL; the female, even though, managed to escape, but was found dead, later, suspected of having too much illegal substances in her system.

This June, the man, Chu (age 22), from Hsinbei City, used “Love Apartments”, and started dating a second year middle school girl, the female student took her younger school mate along to meet up with Chu at a motel, to play cards, and Chu had took advantage of the situation, and RAPED the younger girl.

The police pointed out, that the teenagers are faced with the online age, liked going into chat rooms, even as they’d done their homework, they’d needed to conduct researches online; making friends online had become the norm for this generation, but it would also allow those who are evil, to use it, to lure those young and naïve girls, then, to FORCE them to have sex with them.

The police called out to the parents, that in order to protect the children, other than showing care and concerns every now and then, they must also teach and correct children’s way of using the internet too.

The police used the Three Simple Rules of “NO”: Not getting into too deep, NOT showing too much of one’s own skins, NOT go out on private dates; to NOT let the world wide web affect your regular life, to NOT give out one’s own personal information or to send videos or photographs that are too sexually illicit, and if you must meet, meet the person in a highly populated area.

If the children must meet up with an online friend, make sure that they’re NOT there alone, there must be a friend or a family there too; at the same time, the children should also let the parents know the time of the meeting, the place, and the time when they’ll be home, that way, their safety will be secured, and they will be safer too.

Yeah, all of that is extremely I-D-E-A-L still, but, which one of you, (hadn’t properly gone THROUGH puberty) would tell your mommies and daddies, where you are 24/7?  And, because of how “wired” we’d all become these days, there would still be an INFLUX of WOLVES (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo!!!) online, and, this time, Little Red becomes Granny the moment they’d accepted that “e-vite” (electronic invitation???).


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