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Restricted Abortion Access Will Cause Psychiatric Harm — Neuroscience News

Women seeking abortions are three times more likely to suffer from a mental health disorder, and restrictive abortion rights will only cause more women to experience mental health problems, researchers say. Additionally, the physical and emotional stress caused as a result of forced pregnancy will have a detrimental impact on the brain development of the…

Restricted Abortion Access Will Cause Psychiatric Harm — Neuroscience News

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But It’s Our, Bodies…

You Say that Roe vs. Wade is MURDER

But it’s Our, Bodies…

That at Conception, there’s, Something that’s Alive Inside

But it’s Our, Bodies

You Tell Us, that it’s Un-Christian, to Take a Life

But it’s Our, Bodies, Carrying Those, “Lives” (are they really noted as living at the moment of, conception???)

It’s just Not Right, that the Government Now Controls Over ALL of Our (Women’s) Reproductive Rights

But WHAT Can We Do?  We are Now, Second-Class Citizens of the Free World Here

And We Can Only, Allow the Government to DICTATE WHAT is to happen, and what isn’t to happen, with our bodies

Now Consider this:

Would this have happened, if it’s the MEN we’re talking about?

Of Course N-O-T!  ‘Cuz YOU LOSERS ain’t got what it takes to carry your babies, unless, you’re all, seahorses, sea dragons, but your not, or, are you all, kangaroos, with them, pouches here?

Of course NOT!

And you TAKE away the RIGHTS of our bodies???

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s Overturning Roe vs. Wade, the Two Sides Stood Opposite, Causing Impact on the Global Community

The U.S. is only that very first domino, following this, there will be more countries, with the extreme conservatives or extreme radicals that take over, and this will have gone to H-E-L-L!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The major news of the U.S. recently is the Supreme Court’s overturned Roe v. Wade from fifty years ago.

And, as I’d read the responses from the website, most of the messages left were all of confusion.  After all, every year, during the month of July, the important part of “helping the soul pass on” is on helping those unborn pass on.  Based off of Taiwanese beliefs, the souls of the aborted won’t be able to reincarnate, and they will stay by the parents eternally.  And I suppose, that the Taiwanese may not agree with the right-wing of the U.S.’s “right to life” beliefs?

I also read the posts from my friends in the U.S., they are all clear on the sides.  Actually, most of the universities in the U.S. leaned toward the left, and I’d often heard of the newest trends in marriage from my friends; but every year around Thanksgiving, Christmas, it’s always the conservative churchgoers who’d invited the students who can’t go home to celebrate with them.  Once I’d read a short story by Michael Cunningham, about a man who’d found his wife’s younger brother on drugs, and worried of whether or not he should disclose it to his wife, then realized, that keeping what he knew to himself, the courtesy from this, was the way to survive in the society.  But the social media had cause, this matter to spin out of control, even though there were those who’d believed that it doesn’t affect them, they’d only posted their own opinions, reblogged someone else’s articles, and they got labeled, and after the wars of the pens, they received a thumbs up seal.

The politicians in the U.S. surely took advantage of this, turned the debate into a national affair.  For instance, the senator, Cruz who is famed in Taiwan for speaking up against China stated, “this is a huge success for life”, while the American President, Biden stated, “Wade is on the ticket of election this fall”.  The Mid-Terms elections are coming up in the U.S. in the fall, inflation caused the Americans to feel furious, and Biden had used the abortion laws to shift the focus of the war of ideologies, and maybe, it’s what will help the Democrats win.

protests all over the U.S. on the Supreme Court ruling

the pro-life! Photo from online

From the practical side, this decision by the Supreme Court, it’d given the right to ban abortions to the states individually, but currently, the situational (for instance, rape, abnormal fetus) abortions can be performed, if the women needed to go to another state to get the abortions, what sort of economic help can they receive, all of these, seemed to be the anti-abortion of the extreme right’s to get the laws set up.  Or maybe the left had come lately, and was hit too fast, or maybe, the Democrats were planning to focus themselves wholly on the election of the latter of this year, and expected the debates to get too hot, to the point, that there’s no, turning back.

Should the constitution stay neutral in the matter of abortions?  Had all Trump’s supporters never had an abortion?  Is voting democrat meaning the voters supported abortion?  The features of a democracy became clear as day in this matter, the three supreme court justice that Trump had put into the supreme court kept the rightist at a majority advantage, and they all voted according to the values of the Republican party, and people don’t need to listen, or watch, and they immediately decide on the right or wrong, based off of stereotypes, who they should support, who they should ban, so scary, this hyperpolarization!

And the American President Biden criticized harshly, that the Supreme Court had taken the U.S. back 250 years; but what I’m most worried is, that the either/or of the culture of election will take the global community back one hundred fifty years.

and the Pro-Choice!

photo from online

And so, this is how it goes, because the extremists got their ways in the U.S., there’s that shift in power, and this is only the first domino that got tipped over, because with the U.S. setting this precedent, there will be more countries’ extreme left or right groups tilting the balance in their countries separately, until, all dominoes fall flat, and there’s gonna be a HUGE spill on AISLE three!

Who the HELL put the firewood and GASOLINE for the barbecue cook-offs next to the rotisserie chicken anyway???

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Women Turned into, Livestock

And yes, ladies, THAT, is what, the U.S. Supreme Court, composed of ALL conservatives had, turned us all, women, into…

Women turned into, livestock, we’re nothing but the animals, cramped inside those bins, corrals, etc., etc., etc., those places where the livestock are kept, your swine, your pigs, your cows for milking and meat too.

And, by turning us, women into, livestock, men would be allowed to do whatever the FUCK (so???) they want to do with us, hump us, knock us up, knowing that we ain’t never gonna be able to get rid of these, unwanted pregnancies legally (but hey, who’s to say, you mother FUCKERS, that we won’t just take the paring knife out of the kitchen drawers and perform the UNSANITIZED HYSTERECTOMIES of our own bodies, huh???)

photo from online

Based off of the abortion bans in the U.S., the law turned us all women into, less than animals, nothing more than those incubators of where the babies are, “hatched out” of (I do believe, that there’s a reproduction center somewhere in the world, where babies are made, inside those, artificial, simulator, women’s wombs!”

And so, this is still, how U.S., which is one of the frontiersman (yeah, uh, right!) of women’s rights, dropped, to taking the MOST basic of all human rights away, from us, WOMEN!

And no, we’re still NOT (well, I know I’m not, but don’t know ‘bout all you other ladies out there!) NOT, taking THIS shit, lying down, are we, ladies?

HELL no!

and here, is what the U.S. Federal Government had, turned us women all, into!

swine! Photo from online

Back to being them, iron jawed angels again…

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The U.S. Supreme Court: the Right to Abortion No Longer Protected Under the Constitution

Women who were raped who got pregnant, or impregnated through incest in the U.S. now, won’t be allowed to get abortions, as the U.S. Supreme Courts STRIPPED the rights of women’s bodies from them!  This is women’s rights going back, into the DARK AGES in the U.S., but hey, what can we do, we got those CONSERVATIVES across the benches in the U.S. Supreme Court there, and women are more than likely, to seek out, more dangerous means to kill off the fetuses that they don’t want to give birth to now, I’m sure, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Planned Parenthood Clinics in South Dakota and Wisconsin stopped taking the registrations.

The Washington Post pointed out, that in the primarily Republican states, many of the clinics that had offered women the services of abortions had already halted the appointments.  And, for the primarily Democratic states, the abortion clinics will be faced with abortions being illegalized, then, the workers at these clinics in these states will be dealing with the cancellations of the appointments of women who wanted abortions.

Washington Post pointed out, that the abortion clinics in both South Dakota and Wisconsin had now shifted their focus on helping women to go to other states where abortion hadn’t been illegalized yet.

After the verdict from the Supreme Court was handed down, South Dakota law will initiate the anti-abortion laws.  The four Planned Parenthood clinics located in Wisconsin had not registered any woman for their abortion appointment since June 25th.  Toward women who are soliciting advice on abortion, the workers in the clinic suggested them to go out of state to get their abortions.

The history of Wisconsin’s banning abortions can be traced to as early as 1948, if Roe vs. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court, then, the state will go back to enforcing the law before Roe vs. Wade came about.

Based off of Texas law, as Roe vs. Wade is overturned, within thirty days of the verdict, the abortion services provided in the state of Texas would be a felony.

And so, this is how the U.S. stopped caring of the rights of we women, not allowing us to get the abortions, even IF it was from a rape, or incest, because there’s nothing BUT the conservatives sitting across the benches of the U.S. Supreme Courts, throwing women’s rights to their bodies, down into the toilet, then, pressing that flush button, and watching everything swirl, ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round.

Women are getting SCREWED over here, and yet, that’s’ how the Supreme Court of the U.S. ruled on the matter, because the CONSERVATIVES now run the country!


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When Abortions Constitutes as, “Murder”…

Yeah, this is, what’s going on, in the, U.S. right now all right!

Because at the moment of “conception”, it’s already, a life, and, you shouldn’t, kill it (as in Thou Shalt Not Kill???)

And, if abortions constitutes as, “murder”, then, wouldn’t MEN’s RANDOMLY EJACULATIONS (including masturbation too!) be the same as murder too, I mean, after all, you losers ARE, wasting those lively, tadpoles of yours, right, I mean, those @#$%ING tadpoles of yours, came out of the SHAFTS of your PENISES, alive and well, swimming away, wiggling their tails (remember???), and WHAM, you’d, shot them into that toilet (I’m assuming that’s where you losers DO your masturbations in, then again, how the HELL should I know???), and voila, after you’re done, you’d, press that knob on the toilet, and, KILLED all your possible “babies” and if abortions are equivalent to murder, then, shouldn’t your EJACULATING into that condom, that TOILET be that same too?

women protesting the anti-abortion laws right now! Photo from online

Or, is it because of how our bodies are “made up” different than yours, that we’re all now, UNDER that @#$%ING, bus here, huh?

Gender equality MY A-S-S!

And so, loser, how many times had all of y’all committed, “MURDER”, based off of this, new definition of, “abortion”?  yeah, more times than we ever will that’s how many…

It’s, MY LIFE, MY CHOICE, MY BODY and, I’d like to see the FUCKING (so???) government control that!

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The Overturning of Roe v. Wade

Our (women’s) bodies, are, no longer, OURS, it’s, the government’s!

The political news website, Politico disclosed that the supreme court justice in an unpublished draft of the primary opinions, that the Supreme Court is going to overturn the 1973 landmark case on abortion, “Roe vs. Wade”.  If this gets through, then, in twenty-two states, abortions would become, illegal, and this was the very first time that the opinions of the Supreme Court had “leaked out” before the ruling had become, publicized.

Out of the expectations of the general public, the Supreme Court took the case of Mississippi’s banning a fifteen-week pregnant woman’s right to terminate her own pregnancy, in this case, the state demanded that the Supreme Court overturn the decision of Roe vs. Wade.

The website Politico since February started rumoring about the decisions of the Supreme Court, the head justice, Alito wrote: “Roe vs. Wade was wrong from the start, the theory was weak, this decision had led to serious consequences, not only did it not resolve the controversies of abortion nationally, it’d even, caused the debates to split the people up.”

The person who’d disclosed this stated, that the other four Republican Supreme Court Justices appointed by Republican presidents, after hearing the debates last December, supported Alito in overturning Roe vs. Wade, and, the opinions of all five Supreme Court Justices stayed unchanged to this week.

women in the U.S., protesting this! Photo from online

The other three justices appointed by Republican presidents, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan, voted not to overturn Roe vs. Wade, of these, the liberal, Roberts will hold the deciding vote, it’s still unsure, which side he will rule for.

And so, by declaring Roe vs. Wade unconstitutional, the U.S. Supreme Court is saying that we women don’t have the right over our bodies, that our bodies belonged to the government, that if we get pregnant, we need to give birth, and that’s, a total violation of our, personal freedom and rights, and, as this ruling finalized, there would be a ton of those, abortion clinics that operate in the darkness, because that, is how this happens, because there will always be those of us who don’t want our pregnancies, and, because the U.S. is now, illegalizing abortion, we will all, find alternative ways, to get that done, and, putting our lives in danger in return.

Taking AWAY we women’s right of choice, and, pro life is still, pro choice, we are the ones, with the rights of our bodies here, not you, men, God, Supreme Court justices of the United States of America!

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A List of Things that are the Absolute Truth… — Rethinking Life

No man has ever died in pregnancy  No man has ever died from an illegal abortion  No man has ever gotten pregnant from being raped by his father, brother, uncles, strangers, teachers, neighbors, or anyone else  Women do not have the power to say what men can ,or cannot, do with their bodies  Women […]

A list of things that are the absolute truth… — Rethinking Life

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The U.S. Supreme Court Found the Heartbeat Laws of Texas Constitutional

Whatever happened to our bodies, our, rights again?  Oh yeah, it must’ve, DIED, with those, IRON-JAWED Angels then, right???  This will mark for many landmark case to the FEDERAL supreme court of the U.S. that’s for sure!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

And the Decisions of the Federal Supreme Court Also Allowed the Abortion Clinics to Report to the Authorities, the Head Supreme Court Justice Warned, that if All the Other States Followed Texas’s Lead, the Legislation will Become a Laughing Stock

The effective “heartbeat laws” started back in September stated that other than emergency medical conditions, the prohibitions of fetuses over six weeks old will be prohibited, even in cases of rape, and incest too.  normally, the zygote started having a heartbeat at week six, and, the law banned the surgeons to manually abort as the heartbeats are detected for the pregnancies.

the protests, before the TX law had been signed into effect…photo from online

And the law also allows for ordinary citizens to blow the whistle on those who are involved in the abortions, including the medical surgeons, nurses, medical professional workers, the owners of the hospitals or clinics, even the cabdriver who gave the woman a lift to her abortion, and, the reward of $10,000U.S. is to be paid for by the defendants of the cases.

The Supreme Court of the U.S. also tossed back the justices department’s halting of the enforcing of the Heartbeat Law, the justice department claimed, that this law obstructs women’s rights to terminate their pregnancies constitutionally, that it was, unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court in 1973 in “Roe vs. Wade”, found that women’s rights to abort is protected by the U.S. Constitution, while legalized abortion all across the U.S.  The American president, Biden through his statement through the White House claimed, that he supported the decisions of Roe vs. Wade that’s been in existence for close to half a century, the women’s right to abort.

Since the Heartbeat Law started, there were already, dozens of cases, at this time, the Supreme Court’s decision that the abortion clinics is allowed to blow the whistles is only, partial victory, the allowing for the carrying through of the law, is still in conflict with the landmark case of Roe vs. Wade.

found online

The chief justice of the U.S. Federal Supreme Court, Roberts sent out a harsh warning to his fellow supreme court justices on the Heartbeat Law, that if by allowing every other state to follow the Texas state senate, bypassing the courts, to set up the unconstitutional laws, “the law itself, as well as the explanation thereof, by the Supreme Courts will all become, a total, laughingstock!”

It is, already, a @#$%ING (maxed out!) laughingstock already, or, hadn’t you noticed?  What the @#$%?  This is, totally, against human right, and we women, just as same as you, sons-of-bitches (not name-calling here!) on two legs, are humans too, and, Texas passing this law, is against women’s rights, and so, yeah, the U.S. went back, hundreds of years, in this law, to PREVENT we women, to have the RIGHTS, over our, bodies, and it IS our bodies that would be, carrying, all of your young, you do realize that, don’t you, losers, or, can you guys, “shapeshift” into, seahorse daddies, or those, leaf dragon daddies here, huh???

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The New Law that’s Being Drafted States that if a Married Woman Wants an Abortion, She No Longer Needed that Consent from Her Husband

This is, brand new, so totally different, from the TEXAS heartbeat laws, a step forward for women’s rights here, I’ll say!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Focusing on Gender Equality, Getting Rid of the Discriminations, the Eugenics Health Laws Amending the Names, the Abortions of Teenage Girls, NO Longer on the Parents’ Saying So

The eugenics health law is about to have a big change, the Department of Health & Sanitations last week asked along the experts from the various realms to discuss an amendment, other than changing the names of “Eugenic Healthcare Laws” to “Birthing Law Protection Act”, and for the sake of protecting the rights of married woman to have births, they’d canceled the rules of how married woman, in getting an abortion, needed the consents of their, husbands, meaning, that if the wife wants an abortion, she didn’t need her husband to sign off on it, and this may be a huge impact to the beliefs of traditional marriages.

The drafts of this new amendment will be set into motion earliest at the start of January, the Gynecology Medical Society Chairman, Huang stated, that it would cause great debate for married women to not get consent of their husbands on their abortions, that after the drafts of the amendment come into place, there’s a need for the society’s agreeing on this view.

what this signs said!

photo from online

Another key point of this amendment focuses on the abortions of unwed teenage girls, if there were the disagreements on the matter with the legal guardians, it’s no longer the parents’ decisions solely.  The head of National Health Department, Wu pointed out, whether or not the minors wanted to have an abortion, will be up to them to decide, the parents (legal guardians) should not go against the persons’ wishes.

As for the abortions of the married women, no longer needed consents from their husbands, and this amendment caused great debates, there’s no consensus agreed on the matters.  Toward this, Wu told, that gender equality, equal rights for women, is now, a global, trend, and the country’s already passed the “patients’ right to choose”, any medical procedures, will respect the individuals’ wishes.

Wu told, that this amendment is major, and, the name had changed, because the former name, “Eugenics” is discriminatory, and it’d not fitted to the rights of the handicapped individuals anymore; and, in the discussions of this amendment, they will come together with the experts, to amend the laws on a more open, more progressive means, and, the formal posting of the law will be announced to the public at the earliest in January of next year, and, the department is currently collecting the advices from all around, to use the data as the basis of the amendments of the laws.

Huang told, that from a medical standpoint, the medical foundations are standing on the basis of respect for women, getting rid of gender inequality, and supportive of married women’s needing consents from their husbands in abortions, based off of the statistics of insurance, it showed, that there are, more than twenty women per year who’d died due to childbirth, or complications from childbirth, if the pregnant woman can’t choose whether or not to have an abortion based off of her physical conditions, it may not good for the mother, or the pregnancy.

And, unlike the heartbeat law in TX, this is, a step forward in women’s rights, because we now are the ones, deciding whether or NOT we want an abortion, without your consents, and just because you fucking (so???) sons-of-bitches (not namecalling here, not the literal either!) are married to us, that still does NOT mean that you have the rights to decide, WHAT we do with OUR bodies, because, it’s our rights to our own bodies, and if you want to, why don’t YOU FUCKERS (and???) try and carry YOUR children full-term instead???  Oh wait, none of you are seahorse daddies or leaf dragons, nor do you have “pouches” like those, marsupials, do you?  Nope! So, it’s OUR bodies, OUR, choice here, and you don’t got NO (oopsy, mark down another “double negative” here, why don’t ya!!!) say in this!

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