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A Fetus that Didn’t Get a Chance to Be Born

All those “children” that FAILED to get carried “full-term”, the ones that were aborted, because the mothers are unwilling, unable, NOT yet ready to, accept the responsibilities of being a mom…

A fetus that didn’t get the chance of being born, I was one, I was an “unexpected”, then, an “unwanted” pregnancy, you see, when my mother got knocked up, she thought, that she’s going to have her man forever, well, she thought W-R-O-N-G, and, after they’d broken up, she didn’t know what she was to do with me, and I was only in my very first few weeks of life, and, she’d decided to NOT have me, still don’t know if it was for her sake, or for mine???

A fetus that didn’t get a chance of being born, do you know HOW many abortions had been done already on earth?  With how many girls, getting KNOCKED UP by the nanoseconds, because they thought it was the BEST way to keep their LOSERS around?

A fetus that didn’t get a chance of being born, I now, haunt my mother’s empty womb, and, I’d ACHED nonstop inside of her body, and, she will continue, to feel this hollowness that I’d become, inside of her, for the rest of her life………

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They Cut You Out of Me

They cut you out of me, and I’m in mourning, for the loss of you, my child, you were unintentional, I’ll admit to that, but, after I’d found out, I was hopeful, and yet, because I was too young, and they told me that having you, would RUIN my chance at a supposed life, the life they’d planned for me, and so, they cut you out of me.

They cut you out of me, how could they?  You were mine, and, shouldn’t I get a say, in whether or not I have you?  Of course N-O-T, because in their eyes, I was still JUST a child, theirs, and, they didn’t want this to go down on my “permanent record”, being a teen mom, and so, they CUT you out of me, without MY consent, and, who the HELL do they think they are?  And, how would they know, that I’d be unfitting as your mother, just because I got pregnant out of wedlock, while I’m still in school!!!

They cut you out of me, that, was a VIOLATION of my body, and, I didn’t have a choice, I couldn’t stop them from doing so, and, after you were TORN from my body, after the scars, the wounds healed slowly, I’d still feel immense pain, from the insides.  They cut you out of me, it wasn’t because I wasn’t ready to be a mom, dear, it was because they thought that I wasn’t ready, and, because I’m just a teen, I have NO right, to decide whether or not I should have a baby………







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