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The Very First Case of Jury Trial in Hsinbei City, the Mother Being Charged with Smothering Her Son to Death, the District Attorneys Offices: She Did NOT Qualify for Reduction of Sentence

The very FIRST case of trial by jury here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The thirty-six year-old Hsu, because of her own emotional instability, economics, and other issues, last year in October, she’d smothered her own son to death, then attempted to kill herself with a knife, but was rescued, the Hsinbei D.A.’s Office indicted Hsu on murder, and this would be the very first case with a jury.

The D.A. found, that after Hsu was divorced, she’d made an agreement, to alternate the care for their son with her ex.  Last year in October, at her home, Hsu murdered her own son by smothering him with a pillow, then, attempted suicide, and as her ex couldn’t get in touch, he’d arrived at her apartment with the police, broken down the door, and found that his son was smothered to death, the district attorneys charged Hsu on murder.

Based off of understanding, due to how this was the very first case that will be ruled by a jury, the district attorneys already prepared for how the defense was going to use a psych evaluation, that she was in distress after the divorce, or economic difficulties, that it’d caused her to become unstable, asking for leniency, the D.A. asked for the psych evaluations, and investigated into the couple’s relationship, interviewed the school teachers, and found, that this case does NOT qualify for the reduction of sentencing.

An unnamed district attorney stated, in this trial, whether the defendant was a good or a bad mother, is the key point of the argument, in the cases of parents murdering their young, the D.A.s claims, and the defense’s claims of how the defendant is, is usually quite, diverse, both the D.A. and the defense believed, that which side can get to the jurors would be the key.

The unidentified district attorney told, that a able-bodied district attorney, in the ordinary public hearings, should NOT jut explain the law so that the laypersons can understand it, when asking of the sentencing, they would always use the factors of, emotions, and, toward the jurors, they will have to use vernacular explanations, that are simple to understand for the laypersons.

And so, this case if important, because this would be the very FIRST case of trial by, jury, and, nobody knows how this will go, and, nobody knows, if the defense is going to play on the jurors’ emotions, to get them to feel for the mother who’d committed suicide (showing that she was, remorseful!), or not.

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He’d Lived Like a Hermit Crab Under His Friend’s Roof, His Friend’s Wife Got Annoyed of Him and Started Altercating, He’d Beaten His Old Friend’s Wife to Death

It all began, as a give-and-take, you give something to me, I give you, something in return, and yet, somewhere in the middle, things started, changing, and everything, went downhill from there, eventually leading to, murder!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The fifty-seven-year-old Lee lived in his friend, Chen’s home in Taoyuan for thirteen years on end, had multiple times gotten into it with Chen’s forty-two-year-old wife, Liao, two evenings ago, they got into it and started hitting again, Lee was suspected of pushing Liao into the ditch that’s three-meters down, killing her.  Lee admitted to what he’d done, but the D.A. felt there are still other suspicions in the case, had Lee into police custody on murder charges, they will be conducting an autopsy of Liao to clarify the cause of her death.

The police investigated, Lee and the Chen’s worked in the professions of engineering, they’d known each other for more than two decades; twenty-three years ago, Lee failed in his home-modeling business, had been living hard since, as the master who’d taught Lee the trade, thirteen years ago, he’d had Chen move in, and provided the roof over Chen’s head, and meals too, while Lee had  become a handyman, helped to fix up their home.  Liao had always had something to say of Lee, and, the family was well aware, that she would attack him verbally frequently, and for long term.

At eight in the evening on the fourteenth, the two were suspected of getting into it due to something, started brawling, Lee was suspected of strangling Liao’s neck, and other parts of her body, the brawl moved from inside the home to outside the backdoor, Lee was suspected of pushing Liao into a three-meter deep ditch by the home.

The adopted son of Liao, who is twenty-nine years of age heard the raucous and wakes awakened from sleep, gone downstairs and checked and found Liao fallen into the ditch, although he’ called it in immediately, Liao still died from the severe injuries.

Lee followed to the hospital with the family, the police found that he was a primary suspect, took him into questioning, and during interrogations, he’d admitted to losing it in an argument with the woman, charged with murder, sent to the D.A.’s office.

The district attorneys went to the autopsy of Liao, found that there were many contusions on Liao, but they weren’t that apparent, they are having the autopsy this afternoon to clarify the cause of her death, and believed that Lee was reserved of what had happened, asked the courts to have him taken into custody.

And so, this is still a build up, and, based off of this, the man finally, CRACKED in this argument, brawl with this woman, whose husband gave him a “home”, and had this woman not verbally insulted the man long term, and he’d not exploded in that precise moment, then, none of this would’ve, happened.  But it still, had!

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The Man Had a Fight with His Wife, Went to Steal His Own Father-in-Law’s Ashes, Tossed it into the River

This is really bad, and, there’s NOTHING to be, salvaged of this, marriage if you ask me!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Scapegoating for Divorce, in the Dark of Night, He’d Stealthily Made His Way into the Bone Towers to Steal, as His Wife’s Eldest Brother Went to Make the Offers, He’d Found His Father’s Urn Missing, the Remains Were Recovered in the River

The thirty-four-year-old man, Chen had a fight with his wife Lin, they got angry at one another and divorce was mentioned, and, Chen took his upset out on his deceased father-in-law, last month late in the evening one night, he’d gone to the tower where his father-in-law’s remains were stored at a funeral home, stole his father-in-law’s ashes, poured it under the bridge to get even with his own wife; when the son of the deceased went to make the offerings to his deceased father awhile back, the urn was not there, he’d called the cops, and, as the police reviewed the surveillance footages, they’d found, that it was his younger brother-in-law who’d stolen the urn.  Two days ago, the police called Chen in, and charged him on counts of damages, theft, abandoning/stealing the remains, sent him to the D.A.’s Office.

The police investigated, that Chen didn’t get along with his wife Lin, they got into argument often of late, divorce was discussed.  Chen was suspected of scapegoating onto his deceased father-in-law.  On the third, in the midnight hours of two in the morn of last month, Chen wore a white hoodie, with an umbrella, stole his father-in-law’s ashes from the bone towers, then, placed the urn into his trunk, took it away, he wasn’t caught.

As Memorial Day approached, the whole family went to the ancestral burial site at the start of this month, as the son of the deceased went to pay the respects to his deceased father, he’d found the urn gone, went to the local substation to report it stolen.

The police reviewed over the surveillance cameras in the burial site, found that on the 23rd of last month, Chen went in in the midnight hours, that he was, a suspect of taking the urn away, called him into the station on the eleventh of this month.

Chen admitted to stealing his father-in-law’s ashes, claimed that it was because the fight with his own wife upset him, that he’d, driven to the Shander Bridge of the local Yuanshan County and dumped the ashes there, and he’d bumped into the railing, causing the cracks of the urn, he’d tossed the entire thing into the riverbed down below afterwards.

The police had the forensics went to take the evidence under the bridge afterwards, and recovered partial of the remains.  The police found Chen responsible for not just the theft, but of abandoning, stealing the remains, sent the case to the D.A.’s office.

And so, this , is awful, because your wife got into a fight with you, you’d gone into the graveyards, to steal her father’s ashes, and what was worse was you’d, tossed her father’s ashes down under a bridge, and that just showed, how LOW you are, to do such a thing.  You had NO respect for your elders, and what was worse, was that you’d, taken the upset you’d felt from the fight with your own wife on her, dead father.

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The Couple Had Abused Their Eldest Son to Death, Disposed of His Body, Tortured Their Younger Son to Severely Injured

Murdering their children by physical abuse, in their infancy stages of life, and now, the husband is charged with murder, and  the wife who didn’t say a thing until now gets away, with the rest of the family’s children, placed in protective custody!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Parents Refused to Sign the Consent Forms for Their Children’s MERS-CoV Vaccinations, the Personnel of the Sanitations Office Didn’t Become Aware of What Had Happened, Until the Wife Turned Herself in, Both Parents were Indicted

The couple, Chou three years ago, because of a physical fight of shoving each other, it’d caused the three-months-old eldest son of theirs in Chou’s wife’s arms to die of shock, the two worried that they might get found out that it may cause their two-year-old eldest daughter to get placed out, they’d bagged up the body of their infant son, took it to the Yangming Mountain in Taipei to dispose of, as their second son was born, the two were too impatient of the infant crying, fed him the tranquilizers, stuffed his mouth with socks, causing the second born son to suffer permanent brain damage, until the end of last year when both had been tortured by their own guilty conscience, did they finally, turn themselves in, the Taoyuan District Attorney’s Office charged them on manslaughter, disposing of the bodies, and damaging the development of young children, indicted the parents.

Based off of understanding, the Chous rarely interacted with their own separate families of origins, in recent years, they’d cut off contact with them completely, Chou’s wife’s side didn’t even KNOW that she’d given birth to their second son last March, they had no clue of the death of their eldest son.  And, although the sanitation offices had sent the notices for the children’s vaccinations, but because the couple signed a consent form to refuse vaccinations for their young, it’d caused the employees of the local sanitation offices to not become aware of what had happened to their, eldest.

The case worker told, that had it not been Chou’s wife burdened by her own guilty conscience, the truth may have to wait until the eldest is six years old, as mandatory education starts to find out, this is the hole in the social security net.

Chou’s wife claimed, that as it’d happened, she was arguing with her husband, they were pulling and tugging on one another very hard, causing the eldest son in her arms to go into shock, as her husband found that their son wasn’t breathing, he’d tried to save him by performing CPR, but he’d still died, because they worried they may get sent to jail, and that their eldest daughter would be placed out, that’s why they’d selected to dispose of their own young son’s body.

Later, the second son was born, the husband hated the noises, and after they’d discussed it, they’d fed him tranquilizers to quite him down, and had stuffed his mouth with the pantyhose, covered his eyes up, until feeding time.

Last November, Chou’s wife saw her husband slapping their younger son across the face repeatedly, she’d worried that he might end up like their eldest, dead, her conscience got the best of her, she’d notified the police; but, Chou denied his wife’s allegations, claimed that their eldest died, because his wife lost her balance, and sat on the bed.

The district attorneys investigated, that the facts of the Chou’s disposing of their eldest son’s body, and abused their second son, and on the part of the eldest son’s death, Chou’s wife had accused her husband of murder, but because it was a he say she say, and Chou denied having committed murder, and passed a polygraph test, and so, they were indicted on involuntary manslaughter, disposing of a body, and obstruction to the growth and development of young children.

Well that’s as good as it gets, as far as justice goes, isn’t it?  The wife was equally awful in her enabling their children to get abused by her husband, and now, she’d come out, because her conscience wouldn’t let her rest, and thankful, that these bad adults did NOT get a chance, to MURDER more of their own, children.

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The Scam Artists Falsified Themselves as Experts in Finances, Scammed a Woman for Three Million Dollars N.T.

This is still, an ABUSER/ENABLER interaction, getting scammed, because you’re, way too, STUPID, and you still only got your selves to blame!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’s an increased record of cases of investment scams, there were the scam ring falsifying as expert in finance, Nguyen, the writer, Wu to scam, using the FB accounts, fans pages or the LINE groups to get the investors in, there were those who’d become victims everywhere.  The Police Affairs Department analyzed that the scam artists are evolving in the means of scamming, are enforcing the laws, to help prevent people from falling victims.

The seventy-four-year-old elderly woman, Hsieh was using her cell phone, she got a message by the self-claimed financial expert, Nguyen that he is going to offer her some great investment opportunities, and she’d believed it, added the individual to her LINE contact, the individual told the woman that an assistant will assist her in getting into the “multiples earning plan” LINE group, to share the first hand news in investment with her.

Then the scam ring texted her using LINE, that the returns of guarantee is one to two times, but she’d had to wire the transfer into the specific accounts that won’t get the red flag from the Funds Commissions or the bank.  Hsieh went to the bank counters to make three wire transfers, totaling to three million dollars N.T., and used what the scam ring taught her, told the teller, that she was using the amount to “remodel her home”, then, she’d chimed about how she’d made a good investment with her daughter, that was when the daughter found, that her mother had been, scammed, and they went to the police together.

The fifty-year-old woman, Tsai joined the fans pace of the writer, Wu, got into the fans group’s LINE account, and was enticed to invest in stocks, crude oil and commodities.  Tsai followed the directions and wired a million dollars N.T. after she’d registered with the website, wanted to get the investment and the gains back, but the person was gone, she couldn’t get into contact, that was when she’d realized, she’d been, SCAMMED.

The criminal investigations unit estimated, there were a reported 6,600 cases of false investment scams, a-fifth of total scams reported, which was a thirty-five percent increase from two years ago, and a lot of the victims fell into the “fame and reputable” trap, believing that they’re talking with someone famous, with the credibility, and ended up getting, scammed.

The criminal investigation unit disclosed, that there’s the blue verification seal of the publicly noted figures on FB, the users can check to see if there are the blue check marks by the account or not, or just call the Anti-Scam hotline at 165 to check.

And so, just because it’s a famous person, it doesn’t mean that it’s real, but that’s what people are falling for these days, because, wow, it’s a public figure’s HEAD, therefore, what the ad stated must be, true.  Well it’s not, as the cases from here showed, so, do NOT, fall for it!

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The Painter Had Premediated the Sexual Assault as He’d Brought a Knife to Commit the Crime, Received a Severe Sentence in the Second Trial

A premeditated, rape, but he got caught, as the woman got away, and he only received five years, that’s still too light!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The painter, Peng last year barged into Chong-Guan Technical University in Taichung with a knife, forced a female staff member of the school to get into the restrooms, to sexually assault her, to molest her, thankful however, the woman was smart enough, got away, and got help, the police arrested Peng later.  In the first trial, Peng was sentenced to four years ten months, in the second trial, the courts confirmed that he’d premeditated the rape, gave him a heavier sentence of five years ten months.

The verdict stated, the twenty-six-year-old Peng at one in the afternoon on July first of last year, rode his scooter to the Hongguan Technical University in Shaloo, took the knife into the school, and started looking for the victims; at five in the early evenings of the day, he’d zoomed in on a female worker who was going to the restrooms alone on her own.

Peng tailed after her into the restrooms, as the victim finished using the restrooms, and opened the door, he’d pushed her down, in the process of the struggle, the woman got cut in the fingers, and the blood flowed nonstop; Peng strangled the woman around her neck, dragged her into the handicapped stall, started rubbing her breasts, attempted to sexually assault her.

The victim called out for help, Peng worried that she got too loud, exited the stall to check, the woman took the advantage, locked the door to the stall, as Peng was locked out, he’d started screaming to her, “if you don’t open up, when I get in I will kill you!”

Then, Peng attempted to climb into the handicapped stall from the adjacent stall, the woman saw he was not paying attention, rammed out the door, Peng changed his outfit, got out of the school, and about an hour later, he’d changed his attire, then returned to the scene, to check how far the police is in the case.

The police later found out it was Peng, and went to his home to confiscate the clothes he was wearing, as his families told him, he’d realized he couldn’t escape the law, at one in the morning the following day, he’d turned himself in.

The Taichung District Court in the first trial, found him guilty of attempted rape with a weapon, sentenced him to four years ten months, the district attorneys felt it was too lenient, went for an appeal.

The Taichung High Subsidiary Court found that Peng had cased out the location, used a knife, and afterwards, he’d changed attires to go back to the site, that he was too bald, that he’d carefully, planned the crimes out, that it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, he’d severely impacted the safety of the school as well as the victim, the D.A. had justified reason to appeal, changed his sentence to five years ten months, this can still be appealed.

Yeah, this is still too lenient, and who’s to say, that this LOSER won’t do it again, after all, he’d only gotten just almost SIX years for attempted rape of a woman.

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The Malicious Men Who Drove the Maserati Who’d Beaten the College Student to Severely Injured, the Primary Suspect Got Nine Years

These rich BRATS think that they can get away with everything, including ATTEMPTED murder, because they got rich daddies behind them!  This is, very, bad!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Slapping the College Student Across the Face, Kicking His Head, the Courts Believed that the Driver of the Maserati, Chang had the Intent to Commit Murder, the Other Two Accomplices Both Received Four Years Eight Months

Two years ago, the college male student, Song in an altercation regarding a traffic accident in Taichung got beaten by the Maserati drivers, Chang, Lee, and Chen into severely injured, the case was well-noted; since Chang had been taken into custody, he’d only admitted to partially the crimes he’d committed, but not all of it; the Taichung District Court believed that Chang kicked Song on the head repeatedly, and the forces he’d used showed the intent to murder, yesterday, the courts sentenced Chang to nine years on attempted murder, and, sentenced his two other accomplices, Lee and Chne both to four myears eight months, this can still be appealed.

On November 7th of 2021, Chang and his two other accomplices had a collison with Song in his Maserati, Chang went after Song, started slapping Song across the face repeatedly, kicked his head time and time again, with Lee and Chen, holding Song down as Chang continued physically assaulting Song, Song fell into a coma, and was intubated for five days; at the time of the incident, the police’s only ticketing the assailants on beating not caught in the act, and the police was criticized for it, later, due to Song’s sustaining subdural hematoma, then the charges changed to attempted murer, and Chang was taken into police custody, this puts the orderly conduct in Taichung under questioning.

Afterwads, the three assailants were taken in, during the trial, the courts had sent Song to get evaluated for his injuries, called up the witnesses repeatedly, and reviewed the surveillance camera footages many times, and mandated that Chang remain in police custody six times; the speedy trial clause had the highest limits of fifteen months in prison, and Chang may be out as the fifteen months expires on March 24th, Lee and Chen made bail at the end of last year.

During the trial, the justice presiding over the case, Kao once told, that the courts received the reports of how the hospital that documented the injuries of the college student received the bribes in attempt to alter the results of the evaluation, hoped that in the trial, the courts can make a note to all, that this is prohibited, Kao stated bluntly, “This is a very bad act”, and stated, “if there’s this sort of behaviors again, then, the courts will take you into custody again”, but the defendants all denied having bribed the officials conducting the examinations.

On the fifteenth of last month, the courts finished the testimonies, with Chang only admitting to assault and forced acts, while denying the attempted murder charges, Lee only admitted to forced behaviors, denied the physical assault, Chen turned his testimonies around completely, claimed that Chang was not guilty; Song’s mother and the attorney she’d hired criticized how Chang and his accomplices don’t have any respect for another’s life, and asked the courts to sentence all the perpetrators, severely.

The Collectivist Courts considered, that Chang, because of a fender-bender, slapped Song across the face repeatedly, kicked him, and as Song fell to the ground, he’d told Lee and Chen to prop him back up, to continue beating him, that he’d even kicked Song’s head hard as Song already fell to the ground, that there was, the intent for murder present; and during the time of their acts of violence, the perps also threatened the other passengers on Song’s car, were physically violent, with no sense of law, severely impacted the safety of the society, the measures to which the men took was way too, vicious.

Considering how the three perps evaded their own responsibilities of the matter, how they’d, attempted to get themselves off, not settled with the victim, Chang was the most malicious in his actions, the courts charged him with one count of attempted murder, two counts of assault; with eight years, a year, and ten-months term, that he will be serving a whole of nine years; Lee and Chen were charged on physical assault, counts of forced behaviors, sentenced to four years seven months and four years eight months; and will have to serve the entire term of four years eight months.  The Taichung D.A.’s Office, and Chang’s attorney, Wang both stated, that they will discuss if they will press for an appeal after they received the written verdict from the courts.

And, this is still, way too, lenient, based off of how violent these rich kids assaulted this college student, and yet, the courts don’t see it that way, and just gave this gang nothing more than, a slap on the wrists, and, the attorneys of the injured college male SHOULD appeal, with the D.A. on the verdict!

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A Man with a Crush on a Single Mother, Stalked & Threatened Her, Caught & Sent to Jail

Despite how the ANTI-HARASSMENT law had been signed into effect, it still doesn’t do SHIT in deterring these bad behaviors, nor prevent these things from recurring in the society, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Huang, started dating a single mother, the woman wanted to break up, Huang didn’t, he’d waited until she was asleep, and secretly recorded her personal data, her schedule, the photos she’d saved, as well as the conversation records on her cell p hone, to know where she is, and texted “we’re going to die together” as threats; Huang claimed that it was only him, venting, showing how he “will NEVER break up with her”, the courts found him guilty on obstructions in computer usage, and the anti-stalking laws, gave him fifty-five day prison term.

Based off of understanding, both Huang and the woman are in their fifties, they were dating, but didn’t cohabit; in January of last year, the woman wanted to break up, Huang was strongly opposed to it, they’d stayed, connected; in May of last year, the two went to a motel, when the woman was asleep, Huang took the advantage of the time, keyed in her cell phone passwords to gain access to what she’d saved on her phone, the photos, the footages, as well as the clips of the conversation records, her work schedule, along with other personal information, and sent it to his own phone.

As Huang got a hold of the woman’s schedules, he’d tagged along the back of her car with his car, gone to her workplace, to know who she was interacting with, and went to the door of her office and called aloud, “I don’t want to break up!”; and he’d also texted her repeatedly, “let’s die together, why don’t we?”, “I’ll buy some pesticides and come find you”, “don’t give me a chance, why don’t you kill me instead”, etc., etc., etc., and it’d impacted the woman too hard, she’d gone to see a psychiatrist for it.

Afterwards, the woman couldn’t withstand Huang’s harassments and threats any longer, she’d told her daughter, then reported it to the police, the police called Huang to interview him, he’d admitted to the threatening messages he’d sent, and all the behaviors, claimed that he only wanted the woman to take him back, that he was only expressing how he “will NEVER break up no matter what”.

The Taichung District Courts considered, that Huang admitted to what he’d done, but already caused the victim to fear, to become suicidal, that he’d broken the laws, plus the woman refused to forgive him in trial, nor settle the matter, sentenced him to fifty-five days in jail, he can pay a total of $55,000N.T. and not serve any time on using technology to harass and invasion of privacy, this can still be appealed.

And this is still too lenient, I mean, because of this LOSER’s tendencies and priors (he HAD, harassed the woman, threatened to kill her then commit suicide!), despite how she’d told him she wanted to break up, and, he’d invaded her privacy too, and, you think the bars of prison are going to, keep him away from doing it again?  Yeah, that’s now how those, obsessed EXES work, and after he’d served his “hard time”, surely enough, the woman’s going to get tailed, and harassed again, because these sorts of punishment does NOT do SHIT!

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The Judo Coach’s Body-Slamming the Male Student to Death, Second Trial Maintained the Nine-Year Prison Term from the Last Trial

The verdict’s finally, “IN”!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taichung Judo coach, He, because of the seven-year-old pupil, Huang refused to do the Judo moves that he was teaching, he’d thrown Huang over his shoulders, tossed him up in the air, watched him land on the mats, causing the child to go into a coma then die, the first trial found He guilty of manslaughter, sentenced him to nine years; He appealed, that before Huang arrived to the dojo, he may have slammed into something himself, that his injuries weren’t caused by the lessons.  The High Subsidiary Court of Taichung didn’t believe his claims, confirmed that Huang’s injuries were caused by his landing on the mats after being slammed, maintained the original verdict; this can still be appealed.

The seventy-year-old He is a certified Judo coach, started teaching for free at the basement of Taichung Fengyuan Gym in 2015, the seven-year-old Huang went to take the lesson two years ago in April, He assigned Liao, who’d been taking the lessons for five years to pair up with Huang for the practice throws, because Huang didn’t follow the orders, He repeatedly threw him over his shoulders, and tossed Huang’s body up in the air multiple times, causing Huang to sustain multiple head trauma which caused Huang to go into a coma

After two months of treatment, Huang is declared dead, the Taichung High Subsidiary Court’s second trial found, that based off of the forensic autopsy reports, Huang had hematoma in his head, subdural hematoma in his brains, which caused sepsis, the injuries were from “counter hitting impact”, “a reactive sort of injury”, with the cause of repeatedly hitting the areas of the brain against something soft, confirmed that He didn’t have the set intentions of, harm.

the judge believed that Huang had rammed his own head, that there was no evidence proving that, that it was all speculation, that it was his way of evading responsibilities, considering how he’d denied what he did, and not settled with the families of the child, but didn’t have any priors, that the verdict from the first trial was just and fitting, tossed both the D.A. and He’s appeal.

So, this is the aftermath, after that kid got body slammed in his judo class and died, and, nine years for this “unintentional” murder is still too lenient, I mean, you are a coach, and you should’ve had the sense, knowing, that the students were only beginners, that they may not know how much force they’re slamming each other with, and at the least, you are, negligent, and the charge should be, MANSLAUGHTER, but it wasn’t!  The punishment should be a hell of a lot more, harsher than just nine years, but it wasn’t.

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The Female Saleswoman Called the Police on a Crime Spree, Using Test-Drives as Excuses to Rape the Female Sales Agents, the Woman Called the Police

One more way, to get, scammed and harassed, and sexually, assaulted, and these are people with some work experiences who’d fallen, victims here too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A car saleswoman from Hsinbei City received a call for a test drive with someone from FB, got sexually assaulted, there’d at least been, five victims so far, and the ring had tailed her, she was so thrilled she’d gone to the police to report it.  The police reviewed over the ad, that it was threatening, that the ad broke the sexual harassment prevention laws, and will help her file a case, and have her assist in the investigations, and clarify if this was a new means to scam.

The police investigated, that a female car saleswoman in her early twenties received the private messages from FB of late, the content of the message was suspected to be the private messages between the scam artists, with her photo loaded online, stated, that if she was captured successfully, a bounty will be paid, that the members could “test drive” her first, on the ninth, she’d gone to the local substation with her supervisor from work to report, and provided the image of the conversation she’d saved from her FB.

She’d claimed, that the individual claimed to be a member of an enterprise, that because he felt guilty, texted her to let her know, that the scam ring had, zoomed in on her already, that she needed to watch her back, claimed, that the ring was seeking out pretty young female sales agents in the car business, and tricked them out using the claims of wanting to test drive, and to rape, to sexually harass the victims, and take photos of sexually-illicit means, the sex footages, and threatened to not tell anyone, there’d been at least five known victims found.

The patrol officers told her she could sue the individuals criminally for damaging her reputation and others, she’d not, she’d stated that she wanted the police to use the I.P. she’d provided to them, to track the scam ring, the officers told her she’d had to make it a formal report, she’d left immediately, not given her statement.

The police reviewed over the messages the woman left for them, and it’d involved sexual harassments, and threats, they’d called her back immediately to get a statement, and they’re working the case toward sexual harassment and threats, and the police is now investigating to see if there are the organizations that are using this method to commit the crimes.  The police called out, if anyone receives any messages similar, do be brave, and come out, the police will do everything they can, to help find who these suspects are, and arrest them.

And so, this, is on how easily someone can be, intimidated by the scam artists, because they hold those photos of you, and threaten to send them out online, that’s why you were afraid, to go to the cops, and, even if you go to the police, it will be very difficult, for these perps to get caught, because, there are just, too many out there.

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