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The Increase in Cases of Child & Adolescent Sexual Assault Cases, the Human Rights Foundation Started the Research of Visiting the Cases

In hopes, that somehow, this can, help reduce the number of cases!  This DDP government is still, WAY too ideal, but nowhere NEAR real, in this matter too, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’d been many cases of child sexual assault cases, the National Human Rights Committee announced the systematic data collection of the systems of reporting these things nationally, Chen who’s the head of the Examination Department, and a chairperson of this committee stated, that the prevalence of child and teen assault cases recurring again, that this is the first time the Human Rights Agency started up the national’s reporting systems, hoping to lower the number of these cases.  The member of the committee, Chang told, that the preventative interviews would be of five hundred individuals, and the results of this research will come out by July of next year.

Chen stated, that based off of the reported cases of 7,787 rape in 2021, there were 4,520 underage minors who were victims, about fifty-eight-percent, more than half; the reports on the children’s rights found, that in the sexual assault cases in schools back in 2020, those from elementary school to high school age got up to 233 cases.

Chen said, the Human Rights Committee needed to try and figure out why these severe cases of child, adolescent sexual assaults are happening repeatedly, hoping to borrow the Australian government’s investigative means, to do the researches into the placement facilities of minors, and the sexual assaults occurring in the schools.

She’d told, that setting up the cases individually won’t get the whole picture of the problem with the systems, that the committee would focus on listening to the experiences of the victims, to find out the structural problems of what’s causing these sexual assaults, rapes in the minors, and work together with the government units to prevent the recurrences of these tragedies.

The member of the examination committee, Tien called the victims of child sexual assaults as “survivors”, she’d stated, that it would be nothing easy, for these victims to come out, that Australia had set up the funding of seven hundred million N.T.s and seven hundred employees to help achieve this, that Taiwan does NOT have this sort of resources, everything is hard at the beginning, but this must get started.

Chang pointed out, that the interview will start on the school level, the rape victims of the placement facilities first, the victims of the sex trade, even if the individuals are over eighteen, so long as they were assaulted as minors, they are all going to get interviewed, that the program will recruit the interviewees, and is planning on interviewing a hundred survivors face-to-face.

Yeah, this is a plan, that will, totally, NOT work, because who the FUCK that’s been raped, molested, abused sexually would be willing to, tell her/his stories to the public, to get SHAMED again, to RELIVE those traumas?  Yeah, nobody, that’s who, besides, this sort of things are personal to those who’d weathered through it, and, for most of us, we just want to, put it all behind us, soon as we are through, dealing with the events of these, traumas of our, younger years, so yeah, this is still, too ideal, so, good luck, on getting enough “sample” for the “pool” there, DDP!

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The Rations of the Future Years Can’t Resolve the Famine We’re Currently Under

On how this, god DAMN, government still doesn’t give the people what WE the people are in need of, from the vaccines, now to the quick-scan kits!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The ability that’s the greatest in all politicians, is that they are able to, fool we the people, with the digits.  Reason being, the numbers looked, solid enough, but there’s, the hidden “notes” that came to deciphering them.  As all the people waited on hard, for the test strips, the president, Tsai called out to NOT hoard the materials, said that in May, the government will gain access to “a hundred million doses”, that we the people don’t need to panic at all, and that, is the game of numbers, in the mind games that the DDP is playing on we the people.

What got cheated first by the numbers was the, “time”.  We are only, starting out in May, and the confirmed diagnoses per day exceeded over 40,000, which showed, how the government didn’t do enough of the preparation work, causing the unknown number of diagnoses to keep on hiking up.  Think on it, with the rate that it’s currently going, even if a hundred million quick-scan kits arrive by end of May, by then, there would be over millions in the population who’d contracted the virus, wouldn’t it be, too late already? 

this is what most of us would see!

outside of the super convenience shop these days: start selling the kits at ten, $180 per kit! Photo from online

This is like, how the rations of food allotted for next year, could NOT save the people who are currently starving in the now.  The functions of the quick-scans is to allow the public to know if they’d contracted the virus sooner, that way, they can put themselves under the self-care management systems, and avoid passing the virus to their relatives, friends, and those who come into contact with them.  And now, due to how ill-prepared the government had been, the pandemic had, spun, out of, control here; surely, the confirmed diagnoses started, “blooming out” like the flowers in springtime here, and, even if a hundred million doses of quick scan kits arrived, it’s, useless already.  Like how the fish dying in a pond can be saved, by a scoop of water, and someone claimed, that s/he will, get the waters from the streams close by to save it.  Is this, heartless, or, brainless?

The hundred millions testing kits, not only is it, way behind on the times, it’s also, an, exaggeration too.  The company that manufactured these testing strips, was originally a small eatery, it’d used a capital of two million dollars N.T., to take in $1.6 billion N.T. order, and in the end, the company, due to its former accumulated debts, got choked to death, and, abandoned the manufacturing slips, and suddenly, the black hole of 17 million doses came unfilled.  As for the rest of the manufacturers, nobody knows, if they’ll, fulfill the orders on time or not.  Blankly stated, the hundred million sets of quick scan slips are nothing BUT, placebos, it’s the president’s, fooling herself, but it does, absolutely, NOTHING for we the people.

And so, this is, once again, the DDP’s, bullshitting the people, promising how there are going to be more doses of vaccines (well, they’re finally in, yay, government!), and now, as we run short on the slips, the government spoke: we will manufacture more, and it was exactly like how the masks were, we can only go to the pharmacies, with our national health insurance cards, to pick up the allotted amount (it was three masks per week then!), and now, the same SHITS are happening to the quick scan test strips too, because this government is too ill-prepared, with absolutely, NO foresight, and it still failed to learn from its, previous mistakes, and we’re, allowing these mother @#$%ERS, to run our lives to the ground?

Yeah we the people are totally, STUPID all right!

and yet, this is the REALITY of that…

photo from online, and the number cards are passed out a noon sharp too!

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Dreams Trapped by Reality’s Net

These dreams, are like butterflies, caught in the nets, struggling, to break free!  Dreams trapped by reality’s net, they will, NEVER, break free that’s for sure.  For reality is what we’re, living in, we ain’t got no time for dreams, don’t you know???

Dreams trapped by reality’s net, you see them, struggling, fighting hard, to break the hold of reality’s, tightened grasps on them, and, maybe, one seemed to break free, but, wait a second, what is that again?  Oh, the hands of reality that, SMACKED down, and, KILL that, buzzing, little, F-L-Y there.

and this, is what we all, became…

pretty, but soon to be, DEAD! photo from online

Dreams trapped by reality’s net, we are, all living like this, because, we got dreams, that we can’t, “exercise”, because the reality is pressing, mortgage, car payment, interests on our loans, etc., etc., etc., the cost of living, the cost of milk just hiked up, five cents from a week ago!  Not mentioning how costly it gets, to buy them, toilet papers, or, tampons that we are needing there.

Dreams trapped in reality’s net, well, there’s, only, ONE end for these dreams, DEATH, but, these dreams they still, struggled on, foolishly, believing, that they just might (delusional is what this is!!!), break free…

Dreams will continue to get trapped in reality’s net, and, we are, those butterflies, fluttering our wings, as we get ourselves, CAUGHT, DEAD, in the black widow’s net, not knowing, that by struggling as hard as we are doing, it only, hastens our own, deaths.

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One-Way Airfare

The twists and turns of, fate, how this woman made the plans, but, fate stepped in, translated…

In a white lacy dress, with her hair straight, to shoulder-length, as she’d entered from the door, she’d sat down in front of me, stated, “Ms. I need a one-way airfare to London.”

In that era, when the e-ticket hadn’t been invented yet, the counter clerks of the travel agencies served the functions of the homepage of the travel agency websites, needed to have an assortment of skills, to understand all the knowledge there is, available to know, so we can, tailor to the needs of our, customers.  And so, as she sat herself down, I was on the phone, with my fingers, tapping away on the keyboard, asked her to wait.

To keep my customers’ waiting not too bored, I’d, kept a cactus, which allowed my customers to look, to touch.  She’d, looked upon the potted cactus with enthusiasm for a bit, started playing with that hanging décor on her Chanel bag.

Because the one-way airfares are more expensive, without the discounts, after I hung up the phones, I’d asked her why she’d only wanted a one-way airfare.  She’d told me, “I’m marrying my fiancée in England, and won’t be returning back here anytime soon.”  I’d flipped open her passport to book the flight for her, and glanced over at her date of birth, only twenty.  I’d offered my blessings, “Congratulations!”, and this seemed to have gotten her enthusiastic in telling me her story.

Growing up in Hualien, she has indigenous ancestry, at the celebration of the tribe two years ago, she’d met her husband from England.  He owns a textile mill, came to Taiwan, to understand the weaving methods, the artistic of the natives, and so, the elders of her tribe set up the visit, she, being the only one with a college education, tagged along as a translator.  As her husband returned home, the two wrote to one another in letters, and fell madly in love.  Two days ago, they were engaged, and readied themselves, for the return back to England.

“I liked calling him ‘daddy’, because he is older than my father.”, she’d smiled, and told me, “I didn’t care how others see him as!  I love him, simply because he’d liked my identity, and loved my culture, and encouraged me to get into my favorite subject, history after we married, he’d made me feel free, to be, me!”

That feeling of being moved, and blessing filled up my heart then.  I’d stopped what I was doing, and focused on listening to her, sharing her joys.  Before she’d paid the fees, she’d left the visa, her passport, and her plane ticket, said in a musical tone, “let me know when the visa’s ready!”

Four days later, the visa was approved, but I’d, tried calling her the whole day, nobody answered.  Seeing how the departure date was in three days, I’d waited on, anxiously.  Two days passed, a man called me back, stated in his Chinese that wasn’t, fluent enough, “Vivian’s dead”.  It was like thunder and lightning striking at the same time, hard for me to believe.  The man continued, “after she’d left the travel agency, she’d gone on a cab, the driver ran a red light, and she’d, died on impact, they couldn’t, save her.”, then, the gentle sobbing came into my ears, my eyes turned red, and tears started coming, my hands, trembled, couldn’t make a word out.  Don’t know how much longer it was, the man came back on, stated, “after the forty-nine days worth of offerings, I’ll come to get the visa.”

It was the year I was twenty-four, the very first time, I’d felt, how unpredictable, how short life can become, and I couldn’t, stop myself from crying.

A week later, the man showed up, looking really weakened.  The travel agency decided to give a refund back.  The man said thank you, asked me, “are you the last person she saw that day?  How did she appear on that day?  Happy?”

Returned back to how she’d looked that day, I’d told the man from my memories, that innocence of a young child, playing with the decoration, how focused she was, in observing the cactus I have on my desk, how her eyes filled with, joys, and hope, and also, expectations too………………

And so, this, is how unpredictable life can be, this woman made the plans for her life, and yet, fate stepped in, and took her life, and, there’s no right or wrong, it just, is, and, yet, the travel agency worker was able to, see her joys, and shared the woman’s moment of expectation, of dreams of her life in the future with her husband from England, and now, it all, ended, way, too soon…

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Where Do We Find the Money for the Provisions of Long-Term Care in the Coming of the Super Elderly Era

It’s still all, a pay-as-you-go, with the younger generations of workers, paying into the accounts, to go into helping the elderly in the population, and as these younger generations are ready for retirement, the money’s, run, out!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Starting last year, the birthrate in Taiwan is less than the number of deaths.  Based off of the statistical measures conducted by the Offices of Internal Affairs, the average age of people is 81.3 years, with the male at 78.1 years, and females at 84.7 years, both were at record highs.  The reductions in birth rate, the advances in medicine, causing the problem of the aging population, by 2026, there would be more than twenty-percent of the total population which is made up by elderly sixty-five and up, exceeding, and we’d, entered into the super elderly society.

Started back in 2017, Taiwan had started the “Long-Term Care 2.0 ten-year-plan”, other than expanding the original long-term care provisions, the breather programs, the homecare, a total of eight service provisions, it’s also added the Alzheimer’s care, the primary caretaker support, and pushed forth the community-oriented care programs; and, the increases in the contents of these had, helped the families, which is to be, commended.

We hope that in the future, the systems of long-term care will be more complete, and continual, and so, there’s this need to get to understand where the source of money comes from for the syst4ems.  Based off of the fifteenth of the “Long-Term Care Regulations”: the central unit (the Department of Sanitation & Welfare) need to set aside a fund, to ensure the stability of the funds in the system.  The fund’s sources may include: increases of inheritance taxes, the taxes of endowment, cigarette taxes; the government with enough in the budgets, the donations of health taxes from cigarette sales, the donated incomes, the interests from the various foundations, and other extra incomes.

And all of these funding, may be enough for now, but would it be a stable source, it’s still, worth our time to look into.  Like the inheritance taxes, the cigarette taxes, the taxes on the endowments of assets, they will change with the economics of the society, less stable.  If the long-term-care is fueled by taxes, then, the more ideal would be taxing the incomes.

If we don’t add in the extra long-term care tax in the income taxes, then, social insurances can also be a direction to consider.  There’s a forced policy of social insurances, that can ensure the nonstop flow of funding.  Comparing to the source of long-term care being funded by the taxes, it’s more fitting to the long-term need of the programs.

I’m not advising that the taxes get changed to social insurances in sum, but to provide the current provisions of long-term care to those who are not as economically well-to-do, as the basis for the citizens long-term care.  As for the rest of the population, then, the social insurances programs can be, employed, with the people, the workplace, and government, paying for the insurances.

Naturally, as the insurance programs of long-term care provision gets implemented, there are still going to be the lacking.  The members of the public who needed the more delicate cares, would have to buy the specialized insurance plans.  The government should encourage the insurance agencies to add more long-term care insurances that of a business type, especially the pay-and-receive, that, is what the people needed most in their long-term care needs.  The provisions of long-term care by the government, if some of it turns into the social security programs, I’m sure, it would elevate the awareness of the members of the public on the risks of long-term care, and, through the private insurance companies in long-term care.  That way, government would have a lighter burden to shoulder.

So, this is on a program of combination of publicly funded and privatized insurance policy or elderly care provisions, and, it’s still, workable in theory, but, not in reality, because you’re asking the younger generations of workers, to pay into an account, that’s keeping the retired population now in good care, and, who’s to guarantee, that as this next generation of younger workers age, and became elderly, the money won’t run out?  There’s no guarantees of it, and government funded social security program is pay-as-you-go, and that only means, that you will get cared for (we hope!), as you’d paid into your insurance programs right now, but there’s no guarantees of that there would be enough money WHEN you’re actually, ready, to retire, so this is still workable, only in theory, but NOWHERE near, realistic, it’s way too, ideal.

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Wanting to Have More of a Long-Term Effect of Foreign Language, a Taiwanese Learning Method Should Be Established

At a loss for words, is what this, policy of foreign language instruction will turn the children of today into tomorrow…not thinking it through, the government here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Tsai government called out, that we will be a dual-language country by 2030, and the executive yuan will set forth ten billion N.T. in budget in making this happen all the way to 2024, from the newly implementation of dual-language instructor in the school semester that started in September this year.  But the scholars analyzed, there’s little to no drive for the country’s own instructors to get trained as foreign language instructors, while the Department of Education is throwing huge sums of money down, hiring the foreign born teachers to teach.  But, the learning environment is different compared to that of U.S. and European nations, that the “Taiwanese mode” should get set up, for the program to have a longer lasting effect.

introducing children to the various cultures…photo from online

The common point of the dual-language education that the country set up is by hiring of foreign-born instructors to teach in the schools, starting this semester, the middle and elementary schools gets a total of 300 foreign instructors; with the added fifty classes of experimental education in dual-language per school, with a foreign instructor hired per class; while the community college levels, they’d selected a standard school, to get the foreign-born individuals to join the teaching staff.

The assistant dean of student affairs of N.T.U., professor of Education Department, Lin worked in the dual-language focus schools in Singapore before reminded, that the environment of learning here is different compared to that of Singapore, U.S., and Europe, that there should be a unique method to start off the education of English, that the country should NOT rely solely on the foreign born instructors, and, blindly, transplanting the experiences of Europe and U.S., otherwise, the programs would be, short-lived.

And this, is only, one of the, tiniest, “adverse” effects of globalization that’s found here in this country, the department of education finally realized, just how important for us to get onboard the “international train”, which is why they’re, now, implementing these policies of foreign instructors, without knowing and/or noting, that you HAVE to teach the children ONE language, and for the children to learn their mother tongues well enough FIRST, then you can, instruct them in a second language, while they’re implementing the foreign language instructions in the lower levels of elementary years, when the children hadn’t even mastered Chinese yet, uh yeah, that’ll, totally, BACKFIRE all right!

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Richochet Dreams

Dreams, they shot out of that, gun barrel, and, as they HIT reality, they, ricocheted, and, hit elsewhere, so far off, off the BULLS’ EYE!

Ricochet dreams, they, bounced off of reality, and, entered into our bodies, and, some of the bullet fragments, they shattered upon impact, and, they, got STUCK, on the trajectory path into and through our, bodies, and, those broken-off parts, they’d, stayed inside our bodies, and, they became, infected, causing us, high fevers, and at worst, we may, need, amputation, due to necrosis of the untreated wound!

what that, looked like

illustration from online

Ricochet dreams, there’s, NO way of preventing those, bullets that are, bound to, HIT from coming our ways, and all we can do is, duck for covers, as those bullets come flying, and yet, we’re, not hand-eye (body-eye) coordinated enough, and naturally, we all, got S-H-O-T…………

GSW (gunshot wound???) to the HEAD, STAT!!!


The “patient” shot by REALITY, just, FLATLINED, let’s call it, Time of Death is??? (you fill it in, why don’t ya!)

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Reality, with a Rope, TIED, Around the NECK of Dreams…

Call this, a HANGMAN’s, T-A-L-E then???

Reality, with a rope, TIED, around the NECK of dreams, and, one tug, just a little bit, harder than you’re, supposed to, dreams would have the DISLOCATED CERVICAL vertebrates, and, become, PARALYZED, from the NECK down!

what that, looked, like…photo from online

Reality, with a rope, TIED, around the NECK of dreams, as it should, ‘cuz, reality grips dreams too tightly, that dreams can’t even, breathe, and they just, started, CHOKING, coughing, and struggling, NOT realizing, that the harder they’d, attempted to break free, the tighter the noose’s gonna, be.

Reality, with a rope, TIED, around the NECK of dreams, you do know, where this SHIT’s gonna go, right?  It’s not, gonna end well one BIT, for dreams’ sakes that’s for sure.  Reality, with a rope, TIED, around the NECK of dreams, and, until dreams can, give in (in that unwilling compromise!), to reality, it will, keep on, struggling, kicking the legs, as they slowly, D-I-E (like in those, old story, town hangings???).

Reality, with a rope, TIED, around the NECK of dreams, and, dreams, they don’t have any other options, but to, dislocate, the HYOID bone, and CHOKE to death, or, having the neck, SNAPPED, and then, D-I-E, instantly.  Either way, it’s, not good, for the dreams that’s for sure!

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Dreams, Stained, with Reality

Dreams, stained, with reality, they’d become, blemishes, tainted, damaged, goods now…

Dreams, stained, with reality, there’s, no way of, altering this fate, it’s just, not at all, possible.  Dreams, stained, with reality, see how dirty they’d, become, huh?  And, you can try and scrub-a-dub-dub all you want, but, there’s, simply, NO way you’ll EVER be able to, remove the stains!

Dreams, stained with reality, there’s NO way ‘round it, there’s, NO way you can escape, the fates, of how your dreams will all, shatter into, millions of, bits, and pieces.  Dreams will forever get stained with reality, no matter how you look at it, because, we all, reside, in this, real world, and, despite how much we all wish that we could, we simply, can’t, wake ourselves, up, and out, of this nightmare called: R-E-A-L-I-T-Y!!!

like, this???查看來源圖片photo from online

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Dreams, that Fell, into the CRACKS of Reality…

There were, those, dreams, that fell, into the CRACKS of reality, that were, never seen, or heard of, ever again!  Where did they go?  Is there, a blackhole, that SUCKED the life out of all things that used to be alive, from this realm, to the next?

Dreams, that fell, into the CRACKS of reality, they got lost, in the tramples of the day to day, don’t you remember, a long, long, long, long, long time ago, back, when you were, way too innocent, to KNOW, that you can’t, live on dreams alone, what, did you want to be, when you “grow up”?  Now that you’re, all grown up, did you ever, got the chance, to pursue becoming whatever it was, that you wanted, to become as a kid?

this, is where those dreams will be found…photo from online…查看來源圖片

Dreams, that fell, into the CRACKS of reality, I’d, made that unmarked grave (you know, those mounds you see in those, vacant places around???) as their, final resting places, and, I’m sure, that NOBODY will, EVER come look for them again, so, I’d, still, gone to that burial site of all those dreams that fell, into the CRACKS of reality, to see them, to talk them, to hear them, tell of their, tales, of how someone (their “owners”???) used to love them, and cherish them so very much, until the person, grows up………

Dreams that, fell, into the CRACKS of reality, they will, continue, to fall into those cracks, and get buried alive, until one day, you look back, and realize, where those dreams, were lost in time, and by that time, you go and dig ‘em all back up, they would’ve, suffocated to death, as you’d, buried them alive, back when, you were, a whole lot younger.

Dreams, gone up in flames here…查看來源圖片photo found online…




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