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I’m Not a Porcelain Doll, the Reflections in the Doll Corner

This morning, the Porcelain climbed off that high shelf that her owner kept her on display, toward the floor, and, she stood there, in front of the mirror (b/c it’s a girl’s room, and ALL girls want to get dolled up, don’t they???), and, she’d looked at her self in the mirror, left, and right, like how a scientist is examining something s/he’d just, discovered…

I’m not a porcelain doll, Porcelain mumbled to herself, although I looked delicate, fragile, easily shattered, but, I have, a heart of a Raggedly Ann, you can SHAKE, toss me, and let me DROP to the floor, I still won’t BREAK!

not my photo…

I’m not a porcelain doll, the Porcelain decided, that she will NOT be fragile like she’d always been, she’d wanted her owner (a little girl???), to pick her up, and play with her without worrying about shattering her, and so, Porcelain started changing, metamorphosing, and, the little girl who’d owned her, hadn’t seen her, she’d, forgotten about the existence of this particular Porcelain she loved so much.

not my photo…

I’m not a porcelain doll, I won’t break if you shake me too hard, and, even if you tossed me high up in the air, and I come down, landing on my head, I still won’t CRACK wide open!

But, although Porcelain had, made up HER mind on not to break anymore, she still can’t change her physical self, and, surely enough, she’d, shattered, for the last and final time, and, we are all gathered here today, to MOURN the loss, of our dear friend, Porcelain, she was, a very good doll, she just can’t get satisfied, being WHAT and WHO she is, that, is why, she had “died”………



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Stuck, Between the Perfect World and the Bottom Line

This, is I guess, how life goes, huh???

Stuck, between the perfect world and the bottom line, we’re, barely surviving here.  We’d been hassled, by this day-to-day, ordinariness of our lives, and, our asses got dragged down, by that harsh note of reality, the moment we returned, from our honeymoon, and, all of a sudden, we are, bombarded, with a ZILLION (and no, that’s still NOT an exaggeration!) bills to pay, people to keep up, and, we’d lost sight of “us” in the process.

Stuck, between the perfect world and the bottom line, why, oh why, did I, allow the harshness of this hard-hitting reality, to take over this life of mine, I kept wondering, but, I just, can’t come up, with a SATISFYING answer for that million-dollar question!

Stuck, between the perfect world and the bottom line, that, is how life goes, I guess, there’s NO escaping, getting RUINED by the everydayness of life, after all, that, is what life is all about, making the adaptations, to living ordinarily, right?

Stuck, between the perfect world and the bottom line, we kept wishing for that perfect world, to fall into our laps, and yet, at the same time, we were both, bogged down by the bottom line, and so, we’re still, struggling, and, I reckon, that this struggle, shall never end!

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Two Lost Souls, Joined by One Happily Ever After

Like that UGLY-AS-HELL toad and that DUMB-BLONDE princess???

Two lost souls, joined by one happily ever after, they were drawn, by the mirage that Crystal Ball they gazed into together, that promised them a bright and happy future together.  Two lost souls, joined by one happily ever after, you know, it’s kinda like how Cindy thought that she’s free of her working as a maid days, the moment she’d fitted her foot into that glass slipper, without realizing, that the weight GAINED from her unwanted pregnancies, by the spreading of Charming’s TADPOLES, will cause her, to CRACK the heels of those glass slippers.

Two lost souls, joined, by one happily ever after, and they still don’t live happily ever after until the very end, and that, would be how all those modern day, starry-eyed, dumb BLONDE princesses’ tales end.

Two lost souls, joined, by one happily ever after, they fell, to the false promises of a happily ever after, and that, was all that it took………



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When the Plans You Made Conflicted with Your Reality

Giving in, to the DEMANDS of reality here now, are we???

Sometimes, life, it just goes AGAINST you, doesn’t it!  When the plans you made conflicted with your reality, what will you do?  Just CHUCK those plans?  But, it’d taken you FOREVER, to make them, you can’t just, throw it all away, can you?  Nope!

When the plans you made conflicted with your reality, that, is the way it’s ALWAYS gonna be, there’s NO doubt ‘bout it!  And, you will end up with, a TON of unfulfilled dreams, those bubbles that burst, and, a WHOLE lot of disappointments.

When the plans you made conflicted with your reality, there’s NO way, you can predict what is to happen in your realities, and, you’d already made those plans, and, you DO see how, that would be trouble, right?  When the plans you made conflicted with your reality, can you do anything about it?  Of course N-O-T………



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Kidnapped by Reality

Help!  Reality had kidnapped me, and, it’d demanded NO ransoms from my loved ones…

Kidnapped, by reality, I had been, and, because for a very long time, it’s just, me and reality, I’d originally hated it very deeply, but, because I’d relied on it for my basic needs, I’d started, developing what seemed like love toward it.

Kidnapped by reality, it’d taken me hostage, and, I have NO choice, but DO as I’m told, NO matter how much I didn’t want to, because if I don’t, then, something AWFUL is bound to happen to me.  Kidnapped, by reality, I’d lived in this state of mind, for so very long, been locked up in that cage too long, that I’d lost my will to fly…

Kidnapped by reality, and, there’s NOTHING I can do, it’s either adapt, OR die, so yeah, I’d forced myself to adapt, to this reality I’d found myself to be in, and, one day, reality, it just set me free, no questions asked, how O-D-D?  Why did reality kidnap me, and then, release me, without ANY requests later???

Kidnapped by reality, and no, I won’t give in, I will NEVER allow it, to take ME hostage, I’d rather DIE, and so, I had, taken away, the ONLY leverage that reality has of me, my own life, and, in the very end, mine, was an unsolved mystery case, and the perpetrator, reality, it was, NEVER caught, OR, brought to justice, nor did I pay, for MY untimely demise!!!

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No Matter How Hard It Got, He Still Made His Art, a Student with Cerebral Palsy: I Found My Wings, in My Art

A story of inspiration here, to all, from the Newspapers, translated…

A severely handicapped third-year student with cerebral palsy, who is in the Public He-Mei Experimental School, in the art departments, He enjoyed going to school a lot, and, loved art more, but, his limbs are slowly, becoming more and more stiff by the day, he couldn’t draw or paint on his own, gladly, with the help of his physical therapist and art instructor, they’d made instruments to help him draw and paint, he had the chance, of developing his art skills further, and was able to, knock on the doors of related majors of the varied universities.

He lives in Nantou, in the past twelve years’ time, his mother, Ke would drive him to and from school, and help him to study in the arts.  Ke said, He loved going to school, and, even when he’d fallen ill, he still refused to take a leave of absence, several times that he was kept at home to rest up, he’d started getting upset, and her and her husband had lifted up the white flags toward their son’s requests, and, allowed her child, to “play video games to his heart’s desires, and eat whatever he wanted to,” to stop him from objecting on not being in school.

“I’d made new discoveries at school every single day!”, said He, the teacher taught him to draw, taught him how to use the computer programs to create art, although he was immobilized, his heart soared in the creations freely, he’d hoped, to be like the main character of the latest Miyazaki animated feature, to fly with the wind, to never give up, until he’d achieved his own dreams too.

Every time before he’d started creating his art, He would put on the special wrist support created for him by his art teacher, Lin, and others, and he’d used a sponge, to help him hold on to the pen that he was drawing with, dipped the brush, into the specialized foam cup, and worked hard, to “dip” onto the drawing papers, the multiple dots had formed a picture, like the Western Impressionist artworks.

He’s handicaps exacerbated by the days, and, he’d needed six to eight times more the time that regular students would take, to finish a painting, he’d taken an entire semester, to finish the watercolor piece, “Autumn”, he’d used bright colors, it was breathtaking, and he was invited to put on an art exhibition with the He-Mei Art School.

The principal, Lee, from He-Mei Art School said, that He is of normal intelligence, and knew well, that he is slowly, losing control of his own body, and, the angle to which his wrists and arms are able to move is being reduced by the day, and so, he’d started, planning his studies after he gets admitted into university, and, his spirits are moving, and he is, a role model for his peers.

And so, this high school aged kid didn’t let his handicap stop him from doing what he enjoys, and, with the accommodations made by his teachers and school, as well as with the support from his parents, he was able, to live his dreams.

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My Boyfriend Wanted to Accompany His Spare Who Was Diagnosed with Cancer, for the Rest of Her Life

Troubles in love here, a Q&A, translated…

Q: Ms. Y wrote…

Ms. Y accidentally found out, that her boyfriend had a spare who was in the terminal stage of cancer, who still treated him real well.  Y confronted her boyfriend, and he’d admitted, that it was originally, just for fun with her, and now, he’d wanted to be a good guy, to accompany beside her, to when she finishes her chemotherapy treatments, and when she’s more stabilized, asked Y to give him more time.  Y didn’t know, if her boyfriend is going to uphold his promise?  Could he manage to, really walk away from her?  She’s now, very confused.

A My Advice

It doesn’t matter who the “spare” is, the truth is that the boyfriend cheated on Y.  Whether it was just for fun, or for real, it’s a question that will come later on, the most important being: the boyfriend HAD cheated on her, and that, IS a FACT.

Then, let’s take a look at what’s happening to the spare.  For the terminal cancer patients, first, they’re looking at lengthening her life for five years; and, anybody could feel pity and compassion to an “opponent” under the conditions.  Whether it’s because the boyfriend is really falling for the spare, or that he felt there to be a moral obligation to be with her, from a rational standpoint, the boyfriend HAD been moved.

After the chemo, the cancer patient has a long way to recovery, and, there might be a miracle too (any normal person would want her to get better, right?), and it may also go the other way.  In other words, Y shouldn’t hope, that the “competition” just dies off quickly (but the truth is that of the two ladies, one must be out of the game, so, it’s possible for a couple to be, Y must feel that sense of guilt, for wanting the “spare” to be eliminated quickly); but from a practical side, Y may not want the other woman to get better (this may be a bit hypocritical), then, what is Y to do?  The worst case scenario is by falling into this HUGE mess that her boyfriend had created for her.

If the spare got better, then, wouldn’t Y have waited dumbly, and wasted a lot of her life away?  If the spare died, then, it would still be hard, for a person who’s alive, to compete with someone who’s dead.  In the man’s mind, he will remember the “spare wheel’s” better days (may feel somewhat sorry too), then, in their daily routines, he would naturally start picking at her.

Plus, men are easily cheating, entirely WITHOUT a CONSCIENCE person, can you believe his lies?

Of course, you can’t, believe in his lies, but, part of you is desperate, to believe, that the reason why he’d stayed close to his spare, because she was diagnosed with cancer, is from the goodness of his heart, yeah right!  It’s just another way a man makes cheating LEGAL is all, so, WAKE up, lady, and DUMP HIS sorry ASS already!

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