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With National Security as a Call of the Information Leaks, There Would Only be Many More of the Elementary, Mistakes Made

It’s only, that tiny “blip” that’s caused a ton of high schoolers’ data getting lost, kinda like how it was only a “touch” of the buttons by the employee of Taipower that’s, caused, that huge, blackout, and next time, who knows, it might be, a hacker, who gets her/his hands, on all our, personal data, and we the people can do nothing, because we all became, pigs to the slaughter!  The government really needs to tighten up on information security here, but, does it?  HECK no, it’d rather, spend all our money, on shits like, the five-times vouchers, the “freebie” vouchers for the drawings, and there’s nothing WE the people can do ‘bout it!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translate…

The government here viewed information security as matter of national security, and more than 20,000 uploaded learning process case files went missing, the experts believed, that the central government was lacking in its means of supervising the systems well, not listed the “loss of data” into the costs of the program set up, the information security budget of the Legislative Department hadn’t increased for many years, that “national security” is, nothing more than, a motto only, and similar things will keep on recurring.


photo from online

The anonymous experts in information security stated, “the department of education’s failure to backup this sensitive, and vital data, had it been a well-known electronic company that’s done this, losing the clients’ information, and asked the clients to resubmit the data, the company would’ve already gotten, bankrupt.”, he’d spoken straight, that the attitude of uncaring enough toward the matter of information security, it’s a microcosm of this government, and “things like this will only keep on, recurring.”

The security expert observed, that the banking industries with huge amounts of personal data, is kept on a tight watch by the board of committee members of the industry, the telecommunications, the cable companies, under the NCC, once there’s a leak of personal data, the loss of data, a huge fine will be enforced, “not just talking about the fines, but really the fines will get, enforced!”

The government’s viewing data security as national security, adding the security updates to the various department, but the department responsible for the whole of the information security of the country, for these past three years, the budgets allotted stayed at $3.31 million N.T.s.  There’s the higher risks of data security by the days, to the point of having too much information into the systems, and the budgets of the department, and the tasks the department had been required to handle, doesn’t, even out.

or worse, this…

and, all your information, without the backup files, gone, and you got, NO way, of recovering them again!

Mr. Lee, who’s familiar with the innerworkings of the information technology system used by the government believed, that the budgets in the sales department had been cut each and every year, causing the budget to focus on the information communications only, and not the backup files, the “low end” mistakes of losing the data of the students’ learning process profiles, will be other departments’ example to take from too.

A government worker told the press reporter of this paper, that after buying in more of the communication software, the information accumulated, but the public department’s equipment only has a five to ten year usage rate, and before that date expires, the systems of operations, the equipment can’t be switched out, “so what happens when there’s not enough storage space?  We can only, ask for the funds from the specialty projects, but this is not a long-term solution to this problem.”, the worker said with a worrisome tone of voice, that this time, it was only the learning process profiles that got lost in the systems, and who can guarantee, that what’s lost the next time it happens, won’t be the people’s, personal, information?

And so, this is still, only, a “tiny blip”, in the, bigger system that’s, the problems here.  The systems aren’t up-to-date, and, naturally, when something gets used for a long, long time, it fries, and, this time, it was only, the high schoolers’ learning process profiles that “got lost” in the server, and, who knows, the next time, it may be that file of all of our, health insurance cards, our identification numbers that got, “eaten” by the, system, and what’s worse, is that hackers can hack into the systems, and, get their hands on all of that, and, voila, the information, leaked!!!

And, there’s NOTHING any of us can do about it, because the government still doesn’t, budget enough of our taxes, on the matter of, information technology safety here…

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Contusions, and Hematoma, the Nine-Month Old Infant Boy Suspected of Being Abused

The parent claimed that it was, an “accident”, but, does anybody believe it?  I think, N-O-T!  A terrible case of, a child, becoming, the scapegoat of his parents’, argument here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An infant of about nine-months of age was rushed into the E.R. in Kaohsiung two nights ago, there was contusions on his back, with hematoma in large surface areas, he was immediately taken to the I.C.U. upon admittance; the hospital suspected abuse, and notified the Social Services and the police.  Based off of understanding, the infant was cared for by his mother, two evenings ago, because the infant was injured, and the mother swallowed a lot of pills, she too was, taken to the hospital with her young son.  The police investigators found that there was a high possibility of the infant male having been abused, but the facts hadn’t been checked, so the Social Services had, intervened first.

The police stated, that the Jen-Wu Police Substation’s Da-Hwa Subprecinct received the call from Changgang Hospital, and told that there was a suspected case of child abuse, the officers from the station rushed over, and, had the location of where the infant male was registered, the Fengshan Substation to oversee the case.

tripped, and fell, and, bumped into the walls, would be the parents’ excuse for this young child’s, injuries…

photo from online

Based off of understanding, the infant male was not yet nine months old, the parents were in their thirties, the infant was their first; the mother was seemingly in a daze, a stay-at-home mother.

The police investigated and found, that two evenings ago, the infant’s father came home, found the young boy injured, and inquired to his wife, she’d replied, “I’d accidentally stepped on his right foot”, they started arguing.

The mother was suspected getting emotional, and in front of the husband, swallowed the pills, and the infant’s father immediately rushed his wife and child to the hospital; the hospital found the infant boy to have multiple bruises all over, contusions, as well as huge surfaces of hematoma on him, that it’d not looked like “being stepped on by accident”, they’d immediately reported to the Social Services, the infant was sent to ICU, with his signs, stabilized, and following, the examinations of his injuries were made.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Social Services in Kaohsiung stated, that they’d sent the social workers to understand if this was a case of child abuse, the family will be listed as individuals of concern first; the child was examined, and they will find out whether or the primary caretaker was abusive, and work with the police, to figure out if this was intentional, or, an accident.

Uh, chances are this is another case of, child abuse, because, you just don’t use that much force, to STEP on a kid by “accident”, and this infant male sustained severe injuries (for an infant that young!), and so, someone needs to be charged here, it’s just, that the police are, still, investigating WHAT exactly happened, to get to the bottom of this, that’s why, no charges were filed at this time…

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The Successes or Failure of Importing of Fruits to China, All Relying on the Politics?

How the country’s, politics, is, SCREWING over the livelihoods of the farmers here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Checks for the Insects Should be Tighter Here, and, We Should, Respect the Laws of the Country Where the Produces are Being Imported into

The fruits grown here, are high in quality, and the sales of them are mostly in the major cities’ markets in China, and, the major cities were, connected by the wholesalers.  During the time of KMT in power of the legislations, the Chinese government was interested in connecting with our governments on setting up the sales fairs of the fruits of Taiwan in the major cities in China, and the fruits grown here started, getting, exported into the Chinese markets.

I’d gone to interview these major wholesales agencies for my research, they collectively believed, that the quality of the fruits grown here are high without a doubt, but, they’d told, that they had, complied to the rules of the party in charge of Chinese politics as well.

Because of the vast market China is, they’d already, imported in the high quality fruits from all over the world, and they’d, traded in the terms of signing of long-term contracts with the sellers, and so, China is not lacking in any kind of fruits grown here in Taiwan.  In other words, there are the selling points for importing the fruits from Taiwan, but, because we only import by singular items, and not year-round, with the unsteady amounts being provided, so it isn’t, that good, a deal.  From our angles, we’re, selling our high quality fruits to China, but for China, it’s, that sense of connection that China felt toward the agricultural products and its, workers too.

This time, the Chinese used the excuses of finding scale insects in the shipments to ban the fruits from being imported.  Based off of the claims of Department of Agriculture, we’d received multiple notices of how the fruits we exported to China didn’t match up to the evaluation of quality standards since June, but China didn’t ban the imports immediately, seemingly, they’re, considering the interactions of the two sides, willing to give Taiwan the rooms for improvement.  But, dragged to two days ago, they’d, banned all imports of fruits, does it mean, that due to prior instances of checks from before, of the harmful insects found in the shipments, China already, ran out of chances to give Taiwan for improvement?

it says here online, that Kazakhstan’s fruits exported to China had increased to 42%…photo from online

Comparing how the country immediately told that we’re going to the WTO to complain, but, compared to how we remained silent, of similar situations from other countries, it’s, such, an, ironic, sharp, contrast; the other countries that used the rule of “business is business” and we’d not objected to their banning the imports of our produces, nor did we say we’re going to the WTO; but, China, who’d been more than lenient to our agricultural produces, once they “get down to business”, demanded a stricter regulation for diseases and insects, we’d, started crying loudly, said that they made it hard for us on purpose.  Don’t know if the consumers, the agricultural wholesalers may think that we’re, overreacting on such too?

Actually, we should, evaluate ourselves with these, frequent bans of imports of goods.  After all, we must, comply with the rules and regulations of the country we’re importing into, and not found an excuse for ourselves.  The truth is, is we’d, done our insect checks thoroughly enough, this sort of things won’t even be happening, whether if the fruits are exported to China, or any other countries around the world.

And, the government’s using this sort of a short-sighted means to resuscitate the situation of agriculture is absolutely necessary, but, the government should not employ this means repeatedly, whether it be leading the people locally, to buy up the fruits or, to allot the funding for the betterment of agriculture.

In the end, after this incident, shouldn’t the government also think on how these past few years to up the international sales of our produces, the organizations such as the “Taiwanese International Agricultural Development Agency” had, served their, purposes, to spread the business around the world internationally.  Anyway, if we can’t tackle the problem itself, and allowed these sorts of things to become, frequently occurring, how can the government answer to the hardworking farmers, as well as we, the taxpayers?

So, this is still all because of politics, from before we were on better terms with China, and they’d, let a lot of things slide, like the checks for the harmful insects and such, and now, we’re no longer on good terms with each other, China tightens up its checks, and, the government here are crying that it’s unfair, and the writer is right, if the country used a stricter method for the checks for insects, to ensure quality control of the shipments overseas, then, this problem wouldn’t have existed, but no, everything is politics related, for this current government that we’re living under right now.  And we the people are still, getting, S-C-R-E-W-E-D over by it!

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The Insect-Infestations of Fruits is Only an Excuse, the Real Problem Lies in the Politics

The WAR on exports, had, begun!!!  How China is, banning the fruits exported from here, cutting off the “earning curves” of the fruit farmers here, killing their, livelihood, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

After the pineapples, the bell fruit and the sugar apples were, also, banned by China, reason being that the fruits exported to China was found to have wax scales.  The farmers here couldn’t understand when that shipment was found to have the wax scales, and besides, the export of the sugar apples to China were mostly the variety that’s mixed with pineapples, with the production time of between November and April of each year, so why did the ban come, six months, later?  And, the wax scales are only found on the surfaces of the fruits, and the farmers had rid the fruits of them with the air-compressors when packing.  The farmers believed, that they were merely, scapegoats of the wars between China and Taiwan, it’s still down to the politics.

There is a plantation of the sugar apples in Pingdong in the area of 5,000 acres, with half of pineapple crossed with the sugar apples, and another species of the sugar apples each taking up half.  The other species of sugar apples were from March to September of a year afterwards, sold mostly internally within this country; while the cross of sugar apples with pineapples were mostly exported to China, about 14,000 tons per year, bringing in about $1.2 billion N.T.s, and so, China’s banning the imports would hurt Taidong the hardest.  Although the Agricultural Committee had announced the billion-dollar sustenance for the farmers plans, but, it’d not caused the problems to go away, most of this country’s people liked the other species of sugar apples that’s, less sweet, and the way to resolve this issue is to, sell the cross of pineapple and sugar apples to China.

and this is, more than likely, the end result, both sides, losing…comic from online

I have three recommendations: first, through the communications of the locals, separating politics and agriculture, without the official organizations of Chinese Council Committee here in Taiwan, and the office of Taiwan not in contact enough, and the sea foundations, not interacting much, I recommend that the KMT use the means of local exchanges, through the Communist China’s Central Taiwan Offices to get to the bottom of the reasons, and discuss the matter, based off of the agricultural only, to set up the means to help, to continue exchange agriculturally between the straits.  Second, get a brand new selling market in other countries: there’s such a higher risk to one solitary market, the Agricultural Committee should help the farmers develop the freezing techniques for the produces, and expand the market to Japan, Korea, as well as, southeast Asia as well, to even Canada and the U.S.  Third, strengthening the upgrades of agriculture: agriculture should NOT be the produces, but the processed foods, turning the fruits into food, to NOT get affected by the expiration, that way, the agriculture value will, increase.

And so, the farmers are now, the ones, caught in the war between Taiwan and China, and, this would be, such, a huge hit, as this particular species of the fruits is meant to export to China, where it’s, quite popular, but now, because Taiwan hit China first, and China’s now, hitting Taiwan back, and, we the people, are still, the ones, with the, shortest ends of, that STICK!

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The Balancing Points of Defending Against the Spread of MERS-CoV and Economics

The fate of the nation, as a whole, not as the north vs. the south, vs. the central regions here, we’re all on the same boat here!  Written by a college student, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently because of the delta strain coming in, a lot of people are worried about how we may have another epidemic like the one we’d experienced back in May, to get Taiwan back up to level three alert again, our lives, greatly impacted, the markets hit hard, and there are those who thought of, whether or not the shops can, withstand, another huge hit of the raising of the alert levels.

But, as the Hsinbei City’s no dine-in rules were implemented, and Taipei didn’t follow, I’d thought of, the methods of combatting MERS-CoV, should it be that we learn to, coexist with it, as the epidemic are under control, we’d, stopped the spread as well as we possibly can, keeping the economical activities going, without much impacts on our daily living, or, should we, set the goals, of getting that zero diagnosis?

Because there are the millions of text messages sent out, there are the members of the communities who are going to the quick scan stations voluntarily, and, this gathering, other than getting as high as thirteen local cases of contraction on August 29th, the confirmed diagnoses per day hadn’t exceeded to past ten cases on average, it doesn’t look like the epidemic’s out of control, but, the society still called out to raise the alert levels.

In this time of the epidemic, on the spread, we saw the differences of means of facing the epidemic of the cities of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities, it’d, made us think on: how do we, find that balancing point between trying to prevent the spread of MERS-CoV, and at the same time, not impacting the economy too much?

I pray, that the government can truly, get ahead, to decide on the general direction to which it’s leading us in the epidemic, that way, if there’s another wave of epidemic, then the leaders of the local governments will once again, face the hard choices of prioritizing the economics, or keeping people safe, to try and stop the spread of the epidemic again, and, we the people are also, flustered, and unsettled, due to, the lack of unification of measures the local government employs in the defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV.

And so, this, is on how the local governments aren’t on the same page, because, the outbreaks are primarily, happening here up in the north, and, the local governments in the southern parts complained, of how the entire country is under lockdown with both Taipei and Hsinbei cities, without knowing, that we shared one fate, the fate of this country.

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Time to, Open Back Up Again

The faulty policies are from the federal government here, and yet, the local governments, are being, blamed?  How’s that fair?  It’s not, it’s, still, SCAPEGOATING, and, had those down south not traveled up north, and took with them, that mutated strain up here, then, would Hsinbei and Taipei cities, need to, close down?  HECK no!  So this is still, BULLSHIT!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

A week later, than all other cities and counties of the country, Taipei and Hsinbei cities, finally announced that the restaurants are, opened back up for dining-in today.  For the over 6.6 million in population, it’s, a great news, meaning, that we’re, closer to, getting back to normal in our, lives now, and, those shops that are, being tried, are slowly, getting, back on track too.

But, a lot of the people are worried, if the shops are, opened back up, would the outbreaks, hit hard once again?  From the examples of foreign nations, this is, a hidden, worry for certain.  But currently, “learning to coexist with the virus” became, the new norm of the global community, there’s, no more pursuit of “clearing all the cases” now.  For Taiwan, that, is what we’ll have to, settle for, to balance between the, economics and, defenses against the outbreaks.

But, look on the bright side, the citizens here, got used to, masking up, and knew to keep that safe social distance, and reminding one another of it.  This, should set our minds more at ease, taking from the foreign countries’, examples.  What’s important, is that the government needed to, tighten up, the border controls, to not hold back on the general scanning, the tightening of rules of blocking off infections can’t be, lenient, that way, the fruits of opening up will continue.

There were the representatives of city councils that blamed “the entire Taiwan is sitting in prison because of Taipei and Hsinbei Cities”, and, blamed the inconveniences they feel onto the two cities up north, this was, helping the Central government evade responsibilities.  In actuality, if the central government didn’t set up the rules tightly enough, and known, that there were, holes in the systems, not fixed it up, no matter how intelligent the local government officials are, they still, wont’ be able to, block out the virus from invading.

From the angles of “back to normal”, what should be reopened, is not just the restaurants, but also, the public facilities, and outdoor activities too, so long as the guidelines are set strictly, and followed, the operations should be, continual, and the government should not, control the people’s, freedom any longer.  Including the restrictions of the hospitals, the terminal wards declaring closing in May, still had yet to get, lifted up to date, could it be, that nobody, needs, the services, provided by the hospice programs, the terminal wards now?

And so, this still just showed, how FUCKED (no need to pardon here!) up the policies of the government is, and the only reason why there are, multiple outbreaks getting hard a short while ago, it’s because those living in the southern areas, drifted up north, and carried with them, the VIRUS up here, and we’re blamed, for keeping the entire country under lockdown?  And, the fault still rests with the central government, for NOT allowing in enough doses of the vaccines that we the people are in need of, had the government bought enough for everybody, then, we would, NOT be, where we are right now, would we, no!  And yet, everybody is, scapegoating, the northern local governments, and that’s, just, not right!

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What Color is, Our Lives? A Question to the Head of CDC

Black and white, and, all shades of, gray???  The importance of our lives, based off of, our, party, affiliations here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The CDC’s inability to make everybody listen to it is in its calls of “we’re all the same”, but deep down, the heads separated by the party affiliations.  The rationing of the vaccines this time, the hardest hit region Hsinbei City didn’t get as many as Kaohsiung.  While the mayor of the city of Taipei, Ke questioned, that a week ago, notices had been sent to Kaohsiung, but Taipei wasn’t aware, this is, the “internal trading of politics”.  As the outbreaks are ever the more serious, the central government are still, playing the sides, it’s, incredible.

if your cities are ruled by

then, you get, more than enough vaccines provided to your cities!

As Chen was called out, he’d, explained, that the way the rationing of the vaccines is based off of the regions’ various types of workers, in percentages.  This answer, is, the least bit, persuasive.  think on it, the population in Hsinbei City is forty-five percent more than the city of Kaohsiung’s and, the confirmed diagnoses are close to a hundred times more; while the CDC didn’t factor this in, in the rationing of the vaccines, is the CDC blind, or is it, colorblind?

After the shouts were made, Chen changed his claims, that he shall give ten-percent MORE vaccines to the hotzones of Hsinbei City and Taipei too.  Based off understanding, this order was mandated by the head of legislation, Su himself; this didn’t mean that Su understood what the people are being tried over, but the government’s favoring the south more than the north got called out.

The policy of Tsai, had been favoring the DDP over the KMT.  She posted on FB before on the local areas defenses against the spread of MERS-CoV, she’d told that the “central government shall support” to the regions of Miaoli and Hsinbei, which the heads of the mayors’ offices are members of KMT; while toward the mayors of the cities that are of the DDP denominations, she’d, boasted on how good a job they all did, for helping their nearby areas, to relieve the stresses of the central government, etc., etc., etc.  with the President’s leading the way in discriminating the city that aren’t ruled by her party, why wouldn’t the head of CDC, Chen, follow her lead?

but if your mayors are

then you DESERVE to, D-I-E! Based off of the current government’s way of, doing things…image from online

The way of defense against the spread is based off of party-affiliations, not regarding the people’s lives as worth something.  And, the allocation of the vaccines is reliant on the heads of the cities’ party affiliations, are our lives, divided based off colors too?

Yeah uh, this is how FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) the president is!  Not viewing EVERYBODY’s LIVES on equal basis, and I’m guessing, that she would wish that those who aren’t her party affiliations all DIE off during the outbreaks, that way, this entire island will be run by the greens, and she would have everything her way, becoming, a full-blown, dictator, like she isn’t one already???

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The Woman Committed Arson Out of Anger, Nearly Caused Her Own One-Year-Old Daughter to Die

Just needed to, VENT here, and you’d, scapegoated, and, almost killed your own, one-year-old child!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

She Had a Fight with Her Husband, Her In-Laws, Youngest Sister Took the Young Daughter to Escape, the D.A.’s Office Charged the Woman with Attempted Murder

The woman, Yang had a fight with her husband, Tseng, the following day she crashed her scooter, and her husband didn’t show any care and concerns toward her, led her to become, even more, upset, she’d gotten angered, gone to the gas station, bought a total of 6.8 liters of gasoline, ran back to the betel nut stand her husband operated, but couldn’t find him there, and disregarded that her in-laws, her youngest sister-in-law, along with her own one-year-old young daughter inside, poured gas over the place, and, set the fire, the fire quickly spread out, the in-laws carried the young granddaughter, made it out, recently, the woman was charged with attempted murder domestic violence, and the D.A. asked the courts to increase the severity of her punishment based off of the children and adolescent protective laws.

The district attorneys office and police investigated, the twenty-six-year-old woman, Yang had a verbal altercation with her husband on small matters in life on November 28th of last year, the following evening, she rode her child out, and crashed, at the hospital, she’d called Tseng, wanted him to come and help her sort through the matter, but Tseng was still angry with her, refused, and, dodged her.

In her own emotional instability, Yang got angered, on the night of the 29th of the same month, she’d picked up a plastic keg on the roads, went to the local gas station, bought 6.4 liters worth of gasoline, rushed back to the betel nut stand run by her own in-laws in the park of Dayuan District in Taoyuan, to settle it with her husband.

But Tseng wasn’t at the stand, and Yang got even angrier, disregarded how her own in-laws, her youngest sister-in-law, as well as her own, one-year-old daughter inside the cargo container shopfront, she’d first, poured gas on the parking pen, used a lighter, then, lit things up, the fire spread quickly to the cargo trailer, causing the electric appliances inside, as well as a scooter parked close by to be damaged.

As Yang saw the fire quickly spread, she ran off, and her in-laws, at the sound of the fire alarm sounding off, they ran outside to look, and found that fire had started, they’d, immediately, dashed outside with their own young granddaughter.

The police reviewed over the surveillance, and arrested Yang, took into evidence the receipt that Yang got from buying the gas at the station, and the fire department investigated and believed that the fire was an arson.

As the district attorneys interrogated, Yang admitted to setting the fire, and stated that she knew her in-laws, and her one-year-old young daughter, but didn’t know that her sister-in-law was there too, as the D.A. asked, if she knew the severity of the result of her arson, she’d stated, “I’m aware, that someone can die.”

The district attorney’s office believed, that Yang was aware of her own crime, that she’d broken the laws of domestic violence, attempted murder, and arson, and because she’d broken multiple laws with one crime, they’re looking at charging her on the counts separately.

And so, this, is the results of the woman’s scapegoating, her taking her anger out from the fight with her husband out, on the properties owned by his families, she’d committed arson, and let anger took over her, and now, she’s, faced with, criminal charges, and she’d, almost murdered her own young daughter too, and this still just showed, how violent women can also get, and the fight and her husband’s not apologizing to her, were, the, final straws, there must’ve been, built up, because you don’t suddenly become, an arsonist that commits murder in one instant.

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Sexually Bullied His Cellmate with Other Fellow Inmates, Sentenced to Seven Years

Sexual abuse, in the prisons here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There was the instances of “Sexual Bullying” in the prisons of Kaohsiung, the inmate, Yen saw that his roommate, very feminine looking, with five other fellow inmates, shoved a toy inside the man’s body for over a month’s time, until the super found something wasn’t quite right, then, the case went out into the open.  The Kaohsiung District Courts believed, that Yen, as the “orderly” of the wards, used his power status, to relieve himself, treated his cellmate as a “sex toy”, used his status of power to molest, sentenced him to seven years, and the other five who were involved got sentenced to four years five months to six and a half years; the verdicts can all be appealed.

The verdict pointed out, that the victim were cell mate with Yen, Tseng, Hsu, Chang, Song, Lee, and Wang, Yen was the “one in charge of the cell”, while the others followed his words, and the order of the cell was he say so.

At around five in the afternoon of May 21st, 2017, Yen saw the victim wearing only his boxers, forcibly grabbed him in the crutch, and Tseng and others didn’t stop, but, joined in the abuse too, pinned the victim’s legs and feet down, the victim worried that if he’d fought, it would be even worse, he’d allowed Yen to grab him in the chest, the crutch multiple times, and the other men had even, stomped on his pelvis too.  As the workers of the prison found the victim having an odd expression, they’d reviewed over the surveillance, and found the abuse of the men on the victim.

And so, this, is an AWFUL case of POWER RAPE, because the “man in charge” of the prison cell needed to feel he’s “all that”, he’d, started the physical, sexual abuse of this, lesser inmate who was in the same cell, while the others joined in the abuse, because, they probably didn’t want to get victimized too, or that they were merely, blindly, FOLLOWING their, “LEADER”, and now, they will all be, charged, AGAIN!  And hopefully, they will get, an, even MORE severe, sentence that adds on to their, original ones.

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You’d Discriminately Called Wuhan Pneumonia, They’d Discriminated You for Being Asian

The president, setting a BAD example, leading the “masses”, to DISCRIMINATE, what the current president here is doing, just like how Trump did it, and, now, Biden is trying to, turn this all around, and yet, the president here, is still, CLUELESS as a “leader”…commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The American president, Biden signed an executive memo against the discriminations of Asian Americans during the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, and prohibited the federal government from using “Chinese virus”, along with other words that might cause the people in America to discriminate, to segregate Asian in the country.  Biden’s move had two levels: first, to put out the blazes of Trump’s racist beliefs; two, to mend the fractures in the American society; if the discrimination can’t be done away with, then, the crack simply, can’t be, patched up.

the us and the them…

and you’re not getting into the group, “red”! Found online

Biden’s “Anti-Discrimination” law, although aimed at turning the Trump government’s wayward behaviors; but, the Taiwanese from across the strait can reflect on how the President, Tsai’s mind is, way too, narrowed.  Since the outbreaks started, the government officials kept calling the virus the “Wuhan virus”; before the virus was rightfully name, this would be fine, because it is easier to differentiate.  But, by mid last February, the WHO formally named the virus “MERS”, while the CDC here still didn’t change what it was called, continued calling it the Wuhan virus.  The awareness to prevent the spread by the Department of Health Welfare & Sanitations continually played on, “the Wuhan virus”, and this sort of a discrimination, is sounding off constantly, and daily into our ears, it’d sounded, quite, cacophonous.

The WHO’s renaming, doing away with the location’s names, occupations, animals by 2015, aimed at reducing the discriminations.  While Tsai’s government claimed itself to be forward in thought, advanced, but, toward the outbreaks of MERS-CoV, refusing to use the more neutralized “MERS”, and calling it “Wuhan”, Chen and the central agencies followed suit, for the sake of being “against China”.  Tsai’s government claimed that Taiwan is able, and more than willing to, become a fitting member of the WHO, but it’d, not backed down on the naming of the virus.  The government only chooses the ideals that fitted to its, needs here.

Comparing to Trumps “China Virus” “Wuhan Pneumonia”, and “Kung-Flu”, Chen’s calling it the “Wuhan Virus” constantly, paled by comparison.  And yet, Trump is a narrow-minded, a character-flawed leader, he’d, abused his power; and yet, Taiwan was more than willing, to become is frontrunner, what’s so proud about that?  What’s worse was that Tsai utilized her support in Trump, and used Trump’s claims, to falsify what democracy was; in actuality, those with the minutest political knowledge knew, that Trump had NO sense of what democracy is, and, Tsai’s government, hiding under the shadows of Trump, apparently, she’d, followed, the WRONG leader.

In Taiwan, the issue of race may not be as complicated as in the America, but the race and the issues regarding China is still, too, sensitive, the Chauvinist of Formosa made other groups feel ill-at-ease.  In recent two years, this showed up even more overtly, in Taiwan, Tsai’s discrimination caused the merchants from Taiwan working in China, the spouses from China.  Including how the Taiwanese merchants’ difficulties of returning back to Taiwan during the outbreaks, as well as toward the women married over from China, the “Mings” who were forced to stay in China, it all showed how the president, OPENLY, discriminate the people, to the point of suppression.  Maybe, Tsai believed that she had a justified reason to be against China, without knowing, that she was, feeding to the discriminations against all Asians, and teaching the citizens to hate too.

And so, the president here, just like Trump, didn’t SET a good example, instead of working together, with EVERYBODY onboard, during times of the outbreak, she’d, used her words, to struck up hatred, to get the people here who are still following her, to DISCRIMINATE against CHINA, and yeah, that, is what we are looking at here, another, Donald Trump, in the form of a FEMALE head of “state”…

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