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The Experts: the Hospitals, Too Passive, Allowing the Violence to Happen More Prevalently

The trends, of this, abuser/enabler, interaction style, making this work environment, even that much more, dangerous, for the, professionals who work there, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The More Prevalent Forms of Abuse is Verbal, and Everyone Looked the Other Way, with the Occupational Safety Committee, Not Functioning the Way it’s Supposed to

Based off of the researches, sixty-percent of the medical professionals had bore witness or encountered violence at their workplace.  Of the medical violences encountered, most were verbal, and the causes of these verbal abuses included the miscommunications between the medical staff and the patients, the shortcomings in observations of what the medical professionals perceived as needed by the, patients.  The experts believed, that the rises in these incidents, has to do with how the hospital tried “silencing” the victims of these abuses, when the workers were abused, the hospitals hoped that they would just, take it in, to apologize to the patients and families, and, the number of cases that’s been documented, may only be, a tip of the, iceberg.

The C.E.O. of the Medical Reform Commissions, Lin told, that the commissions reviewed over past researches, and found, that the locations where violence are occurring most prevalently are in the E.R., the psych wards, and in the waiting areas, and mostly were from the anxieties of the families, hoping that their loved ones can be checked immediately, causing the loss on emotional control; while in the psych wards, it may be due to the psychiatric illnesses that’s caused the violences.

taking it out on someone who’s trying to help him get the needed treatment measures! Photo from online

The assistant director of Changwha Christian Hospital, Chou stated, that the violence in the E.R. are most prevalently due to drunken disorderly conduct, then, it’s the mentally ill patients, third, as the expectations of the treatments fell short of the patients’ expectations, fourth, waiting too long, losing emotional control due to anxiousness of requiring treatment.

Compared to the medical doctors, the nursing staff are more easily attacked, as the patients mistreated the nursing staff members like they were the maids, and when a demand was made, and the nurses didn’t respond, they get, cussed out.

The C.E.O. of the Taiwan Nursing Physicians Guild, Chen stated, that as the patients go into the hospitals, they’d hoped to be in and out shortly, and the hospitals normally carried the stance of “customers are king”, which spoiled the patients, to believing that they can get physical, and use verbal insults toward the medical staff members when things don’t go their, ways.  And, most hospitals, only wanted these incidents to go away, with no means for the workers in the medical realm to file their complaints.

Chen said, that the various hospitals needed to set up the occupational security committees, but, there were, rarely any that’s been, set up, to the point that when the medical professionals don’t even know if such a committee, actually, exists in the hospitals where they worked, and normally, this would be brought up, when the violence occurred, and got reported on the news, and the hospitals where these incidents occur would run the drills, to settle the society down, and nothing was done afterwards, to prevent the recurrences of these incidents.  The hospitals all swore on their “zero tolerance policy for medical violence”, but nothing had been, implemented, or done, to prevent these acts of violence against the medical, professionals.

trying to help, but getting, ATTACKED! Photo from online

And so, this is a high-intensity, high-tension work environment, where everybody can CRACK, at any time, especially when you’d been waiting in the E.R. forever, and, everybody around is, busying, taking care of others who are also in need of medical care, and you are bound to, lose it, and take your angers out on the medical staff members, when it’s not even, their, faults, they’re, already, very busy, doing EVERYTHING they can, to ensure that we all get the help that we needed!

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A Sixth-Grade Girl Was Suspected of Being Bullied in School, the Parents Accused that the Instructor Coerced the Other Students to Lie on the Stand

What was worse, is that the teacher had, taken the LEAD, in the bullying of this, victim, and the victim’s, written and crumpled, thrown out note got found, by the parents, that’s how this whole thing got, busted, WIDE, open!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Young Girl in Taichung Feared Going to School, Became Suicidal, Lu the Mayor Demanded that the Department of Education to Quickly Check for the Facts the Humanistic Foundation Wanted the School Instructor to Get Out of the Instructors’ Rosters

A sixth-grade girl was suspected of being bullied by her classmates, and turned into by her instructors; the parents of the victim accused that the homeroom instructor, Liang not only “didn’t do a thing” to stop the bullying from their child’s peers, she’d also told the students to lie about what happened, to make it that the female student had hugged other male students, along with “engaging in abnormal behaviors”, to report this case as a matter of gender equality, causing the female student to have too much pressures, to her having suicidal tendencies.

the Humanistic Foundation demanded with the parents’ at the press conferences, that the Department of Education in Taichung should quickly terminate the contract for hire, and get the students in the instructor’s classes to the other classes, and offer counseling to the students who’d been directly or indirectly affected, but not by the counseling office of the school, that the Department of Education should carry the responsibilities for counseling of the students.

The mayor, Lu told, that the city will do everything by the book, demanded that the department of education to supervise the school in the gender equality board evaluations, so justice will and can be, served soon.

like this…photo from online

The Department of Education pointed out, that last year in December, the sixth grade girl had a spat with  a student, as the school intervened, she’d written a five-hundred letter of apology, and the parents of the bully victim had accepted the student who’d bullied their own daughter, but were upset of how the homeroom instructor handled the matter, how the school did NOT report the incident, and that’s why, they’re, pursuing.  Later on, the homeroom instructor found, that two male students had pushed another male student, who’d, bumped into the young female student, and used the reasons of “improper bodily contact”, and listed her as the victim, and reported the matter to the gender equality evaluation committee.

The parents pointed out, at the start of last December, their daughter’s photo was made into a funny shot by the students in the class, then, she was isolated, and then, bullied, the student asked the homeroom instructor, Liang to help her with it, but, the instructor said she “wasn’t into handling it”, and the instructor had even posted the names of the other students who’d confirmed that the bullying was occurring in class on the parents’ group of the class, the instructor had attempted to sway the parents’ views, causing the parents to have the misunderstandings, and started the rumors in the classrooms, to isolate the student, the parents of the victim went to school to ask, and Liang the instructor told them, “it was all an misunderstanding”.

In January this year, the instructor, Liang had the students falsely testified, that the girl had had “improper behaviors” such as hugging with other male students, and reported the incident as a case of gender equality, and not notified the parents, to make the young girl face the attorney on her own, to withstand too much, pressures.

The parents told, their daughter now feared going to school, that one day, she’d, wondered by the railings outside of her fourth floor classroom, leaving the note that she wanted to take her own life behind; they’d asked the school to investigate the instructor, the school gave them “we won’t be looking into it” on paper, without giving the parents any reasons, nor had an conference of discussing if the female student needed to get placed out of her original class, and made the child get bounced around from one classroom to the next and the next, and she couldn’t get help anywhere, and had had her mother stay in the classes she was learning in every day.

A parent who’s child had lied about the bullying by the teacher came forth, told, that her son or daughter was “told by the instructor how to write a statement of what had happened”, and later, wanted to tell the truth, to clarify things, but became a subject of the rest of the classmates’ bullying too, and became, depressed every day when s/he is to go to school.

Yeah, this is how bad it gets, not just because of how this bully victim’s continually getting picked on by the classmate, but how the teacher not only didn’t do a thing to stop the students from bullying this victim, she’d taken the lead in the bullying too, and this sort of an improper instructor should get her/his teaching license, revoked, and labeled AS “improper instructor”, so no more schools would EVER, hire her/him again!

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Due to the Personal Data Leak of Decathlon, the Attorney Was Scammed for $570,000N.T., and Asked for Compensations, the Courts Found Her to be Responsible for Ninety-Percent of the Total Fault

Getting SCAMMED, and blaming it on the company’s website, for NOT putting the Anti-SCAMMING alerts in B-O-L-D!  Yeah, how’s that gonna, work???  Some people just, don’t take responsibilities for their own, lack of, paying enough, attention here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The well-known sporting goods store, Decathlon had the bust of the personal data of the members of the shop getting leaked, a female attorney, Jen received the call from the scam rings, and wired a total of $570,000N.T., then realized that she’d been, scammed, and asked for the damages for her psychological trials, and infringement of a total of $590,000N.T.; the courts found, that the woman works as an attorney, and had sorted through the matters of scam artists, and had she gone online to check, she would’ve realized that the company posted an anti-scam bulletin on its website, that she was responsible for ninety-percent of what had happened in her case, and found that the company needed to pay Jen $59,000N.T.s.

Jen stated, that in March of 2019, she’d logged on to the website of Decathlon to purchase items, not known her personal data had leaked, and as last year, as someone came forth to the media about the security of Decathlon, the company still, denied that they have the security issues of their website, and not immediately notified the users, in May of 2022, she’d received a call from a scam artist ring, stating that the website of Decathlon got hacked, that she needed to follow the instructions, to set up the online banking accounts to sort through the matters, and she was scammed over $570,000N.T.s.

a message like this, using the official website’s “name”…image from online

Decathlon fought the case, that Jen’s personal data wasn’t leaked from the company’s website, that it was the scam rings, having retrieved the data through other means, and long before the woman got the scam call, the company already posted on the official website, LINE, and FB, to beware of scams, and sent the notification emails to the members, texts too, to remind the members, asking that Jen’s request be, tossed, back.

The courts investigated, that the police affairs department received only forty-five cases of scammers using Decathlon to scam from January first to April 30th, 2022, but starting from May 1st to September 30th, the number increased to 540, the Police Affairs Department listed Decathlon as a high risk scammed website from April 25th to September 18th.

The courts discovered, that on April 26th of last year, the company posted the anti-scam bulletin on its FB sight, stated that the company would NEVER notify its members via phone or text, to ask for account number, credit card information, or to go to the ATMs, that these are all scams, that if the members received such a call, do hang up immediately.

The courts found, that Jen is an attorney, worked the cases of scams, she is, an adult with enough intellect, and, as she’d received that call, that her data was altered, that it wasn’t, “normal”, and had she checked online to the company’s official website, and the official FB pages, she would’ve found the anti-scam alerts, and yet, in seven hours, she’d continued to wire her money out, and considering, that Jen is responsible for ninety-percent of what had happened to her, and Decathlon only, ten.

Yeah uh, is it NOT enough, that the company posted an ANTI-SCAM alert: we will NOT ask you to operate ATM, yada, yada, yada, and that’s still, common sense, I mean, these cases did not just, start up yesterday, there’d been too many cases of getting scammed, too many victims, and this currently “vic”, she’s an, ATTORNEY at L-A-W, and yet, she’d fallen for this, cheapest trick in the book and sued the company for its lack of bulletin online to the users?  Yeah, how would that work, huh?


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The Man Had a Fight with His Wife, Went to Steal His Own Father-in-Law’s Ashes, Tossed it into the River

This is really bad, and, there’s NOTHING to be, salvaged of this, marriage if you ask me!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Scapegoating for Divorce, in the Dark of Night, He’d Stealthily Made His Way into the Bone Towers to Steal, as His Wife’s Eldest Brother Went to Make the Offers, He’d Found His Father’s Urn Missing, the Remains Were Recovered in the River

The thirty-four-year-old man, Chen had a fight with his wife Lin, they got angry at one another and divorce was mentioned, and, Chen took his upset out on his deceased father-in-law, last month late in the evening one night, he’d gone to the tower where his father-in-law’s remains were stored at a funeral home, stole his father-in-law’s ashes, poured it under the bridge to get even with his own wife; when the son of the deceased went to make the offerings to his deceased father awhile back, the urn was not there, he’d called the cops, and, as the police reviewed the surveillance footages, they’d found, that it was his younger brother-in-law who’d stolen the urn.  Two days ago, the police called Chen in, and charged him on counts of damages, theft, abandoning/stealing the remains, sent him to the D.A.’s Office.

The police investigated, that Chen didn’t get along with his wife Lin, they got into argument often of late, divorce was discussed.  Chen was suspected of scapegoating onto his deceased father-in-law.  On the third, in the midnight hours of two in the morn of last month, Chen wore a white hoodie, with an umbrella, stole his father-in-law’s ashes from the bone towers, then, placed the urn into his trunk, took it away, he wasn’t caught.

As Memorial Day approached, the whole family went to the ancestral burial site at the start of this month, as the son of the deceased went to pay the respects to his deceased father, he’d found the urn gone, went to the local substation to report it stolen.

The police reviewed over the surveillance cameras in the burial site, found that on the 23rd of last month, Chen went in in the midnight hours, that he was, a suspect of taking the urn away, called him into the station on the eleventh of this month.

Chen admitted to stealing his father-in-law’s ashes, claimed that it was because the fight with his own wife upset him, that he’d, driven to the Shander Bridge of the local Yuanshan County and dumped the ashes there, and he’d bumped into the railing, causing the cracks of the urn, he’d tossed the entire thing into the riverbed down below afterwards.

The police had the forensics went to take the evidence under the bridge afterwards, and recovered partial of the remains.  The police found Chen responsible for not just the theft, but of abandoning, stealing the remains, sent the case to the D.A.’s office.

And so, this , is awful, because your wife got into a fight with you, you’d gone into the graveyards, to steal her father’s ashes, and what was worse was you’d, tossed her father’s ashes down under a bridge, and that just showed, how LOW you are, to do such a thing.  You had NO respect for your elders, and what was worse, was that you’d, taken the upset you’d felt from the fight with your own wife on her, dead father.

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A Teen Threatens the Taiwanese Railroad with a Bomb Multiple Times

Blame it on their, not-yet-fully-developed prefrontal cortex, for NOT realizing the effects of their own behaviors in these teens, the upsets from the pandemic, lashed out, by this teen, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The customer service of Taiwanese Railway Company received an anonymous threat two evenings ago, the individual claimed that he was going to place a bomb at the first train of the 448th Puyuma Train to Taidong, at six in the morn, another threat came that stated that there was going to be a bomb planted on every single train of the 110th Puyoma Trains, the railroad police immediately confirmed, after tracking the phones, that these two calls came from an adolescent living up north, they’d already had him come in to explain.

Based off of understanding, this seventeen year-old had also called on the New Year’s holidays to the customer service of Taiwanese Railroad to make the threats, falsified that there was a train derailing, that it’d caused deaths, back then, as the police called him in for interrogation, he was taken to the hospital on being too emotional, and yet, in his treatment at the psych ward, he’d made other calls to threaten the Taiwanese Railroad Company, the police confirmed that the calls are all made by the same teenager, that they will review his evidence of making the public threats, and, take him to court.

Based off of understanding, this underage adolescent, because he couldn’t find a better outlet for his emotion, that was why he’d “expressed his emotions” by making the threats on the trains, ruling out the recent Taoyuan Airport MRT threat being from a foreign suspect, all the rest of the domestic threats are from this particular teen, he’d used his cell phone to make the threat calls, and the police had zoomed in on him already, and they’d notified his parents to come to the station.

The Taiwanese Railroad Company stated, that during the outbreaks, there were a rising number of threats like this, that recently, the company had set up the identification systems of callers, in the futures, those who called to the station to inquire something will have to verify their identities by text.

The assistant director of the Safety department of Taiwanese Railroad, Huang said, in the past, Taiwanese Railroad had rarely received any threats, there was only an average of one case per year, to none that’s been reported, but during the pandemic, there’d been a clear rise, in recent three years, they’d received around two, three threats, and the officials aren’t ruling the behaviors of modeling effect.

Feng, the assistant manager of Taiwanese Railroad Company believed, that there’s a clear rise in the threats during the pandemic, primarily, the threats were on the holidays when there are the increased number of travelers, and they believed, that there would be more frequent threats in the downturn of economy, as well as under the conditions of people’s lives being affected the most.

And although they already identified where the threats came from, the railroad police still had gone on the trains, to check all the seats, the restrooms, the luggage compartments, the luggage racks, just to be certain, and currently, there’d been no explosives or any other suspicious items being identified.

So, you’re just, way too bored, that you can’t find anything to do, and that you’d felt upset over things, and felt the need to, lash out, that’s why you’d, misbehaved, is that it?  That’s the problems with the teenage years, they’d lacked the ability to FORESEE the consequences, as their prefrontal cortexes aren’t fully developed yet, and that’s why this young lad made the threats, that alerted the entire country, and now, he will face the punishments, but because he’s a minor, he’ll probably, get off easy, and that’s still not right, he DESERVED to be punished HARSHLY, so he does NOT do it again.

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Sponsors of a Concert, Blamed for Allowing Her to Drink & Drive…

This is, for someone who was, legally allowed to, drink…

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, and this is still, SCAPEGOATING, that the woman is just, too, irresponsible, I mean, she is, already considered, legally an, ADULT already, and, who can control her, if she wanted to get behind the wheels after she’d had, one too, many?

And yet, the sponsors of a concert, are blamed, for allowing her to drink and drive, what the @#$%?  And, this would, open up the doors, to all those who got killed by drugs or alcohol, because, it wouldn’t be the abusers, the users of these, substances who are, responsible for what they’re doing to their, bodies (putting poisons in themselves, and, getting too high to function, rationally!).

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, for starters, it wasn’t the sponsors of that concert who’d pointed a gun to her head, told her to, down how many shots of vodka, how many cans of beer, how many glasses of whiskey or whatever to get her plastered, was it?  NO!  She is an adult, who CAN (or you’d think that she would be able to!) make the decisions to drink or to not on her own.

And yet, as she crashed the vehicle, the sponsors of that concert where she’d attended previously, where alcohol was available for, consumption, was, BLAMED. 

Tell me, how’s, THAT, just???

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Carrying the 1.1 Ton’s Worth of Fries In & Out of the Freezers in Forty Minutes, Entered & Exited Out of the Freezer Storage Forty-Eight Times Without the Heavy Coats On, the Part-Time Student Worker Died on the Job, McDonald’s Found Negligent, Mandated to Pay $4.72 Million N.T.s to the Families

And because this 23-year-old part-time worker had died, therefore, the company is required to pay for the death of this young man, and, this is still, bullshit!  I mean, you’re an ADULT (at age twenty-three, you ARE an adult, aren’t you???), and yet, this is how the judge ruled…off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-three-year-old Lee part-time student worker in McDonald’s from Kaohsiung, as he was working to set up the stock in the freezer bins, he’d suddenly passed out, after he was in treatment for five months, he’d still, died, Lee’s parents questioned that if he died from hauling the stock into the freezer bins and died, that this was occupational negligence, and the parents SUED McDonald’s for $10.05 million N.T.s, the Kaohsiung District Court based off of the hospital’s examination report found, that in a short period of time, Lee hauled 1.1 ton of frozen fries in and out of the freezers, that his body couldn’t withstand the changes in temperatures so fast, but Lee wasn’t wearing any protective coat on, he too, was responsible for his own death by thirty-percent, found that McDonald’s needed to pay Lee’s parents $4.72 million N.T.s.

McDonalds responded yesterday, “We are very regrettable that this had happened, the company has NO comment on the verdict that’s still not yet, finalized.”

The verdict pointed out, that Lee worked as a part-time employee on the weekends.  On May 29th of two years ago, at around nine in the morn, he was stocking the shelves in the freezers, and suddenly passed out, as his coworkers moved him to the first floor, he was taken to the hospital via a cab, and treated for five months in the hospitals, and died from sepsis that’s caused him to go into shock.

Lee’s parents questioned that the store didn’t call the ambulance, and only lifted him to the hospital by cab, that there was no safety precautions set up in the shop, that it is “occupational hazard”, that the company should pay the family a total of $10.05 million N.T.s for medical treatment, funeral arrangement, and the money needed to care for his own aging parents, as well as for the non-property damages too.

McDonald’s claimed, that Lee’s condition was not an acute condition, nor from the long-term accumulation of stresses from work, that it would not qualify as conditions caused by work, that the company already had all the safety measures set up, that it wasn’t, negligent.

The Department of Labor also found that the death of Lee was NOT caused by work, but his parents were dissatisfied, filed for a retrial, got tossed back by the Department of Labor, and the district attorney for the Labor Department also found NO negligence, and as his parents ran all over the country, in the end, the Southern office of the Occupational Safety Work Injury Prevention Unit had the medical school of Kaohsiung to review the facts, and found, that on the day Lee died, he’d, hauled out a total of 1.1 ton worth of fries and patties in forty minutes, that he’d been in and out of the freezer bins a total of forty-eight times, that in the short time he’d physically labored, and twenty-nine minutes of which he was exposed to extremely low temperatures, that Lee’s condition was caused by the work he was doing, that his body couldn’t withstand the frequent adjustment to the temperatures.

The judge of the courts based off of Kaohsiung University’s medical school’s examination report, found that Lee’s death was caused by the job, but back then, he wasn’t wearing any heavy coat like the company had written, that McDonald’s didn’t make sure that he was properly dressed going into the freezer units, that the responsibilities is split thirty and seventy, considering the parents’ asking, McDonald’s will be paying a total of over $4.72million N.T.s to the parents.

And, this is just CRAP, I mean, you should have had the SENSE, to put on a heavy coat as the company had written down, and yet, you didn’t, and, you’d died, and your parents are suing, because you are dead, and, the company pays.  How’s that just?  It’s not, and you would think that an ADULT would HAVE the sense (I mean, the guy is twenty-three!!!), to know if he needed to put on an extra two or three layers of coat when he goes into the freezers to haul out the frozen items…

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Hsu, the Head of Internal Affairs, Dodged Out First

As the DDP’s lost most of the local government races, the head of internal affairs, and the rest of Tsai’s “goonies”, started, dodging O-U-T, dashing for that, E-X-I-T now! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the DDP lost out in the local offices elections, Su asked to leave Tsai’s cabinet, but she’d, asked him to stay on, this made the society shocked.  And immediately came the news of the head of internal affairs, Hsu packing up, clearing out his office, the DDP-favored press leaked, that he was going to take the position of security of the party too.  Hsu denied all of it, said that it was normal, for people in the government offices to move from one place to the next; but what was abnormal was, how he’d sent his close confidant in the office, Hsu to serve as the assistant of the offices of military recruits department.  And five days afterwards, the Executive Department confirmed that Hsu had “asked to be taken off the rosters” due to “health issues”.

It’s quite a show, how Hsu had sent in his resignation, like the twists and turns of a novel, with those on the inside, watching things in detail, those of on the out, just, seeing the actors run to and from on the stages.  As for why Hsu had selected to “make his escape first”, there are two speculations from those on the outside: one, to push Su to the guillotine, his quitting will bring about the reforms of personnel of the government offices internally, to get Su whom he’d not gotten along with; secondly, to avoid the troubles, he’d defended the mobs, had close ties with the criminals from before; this time, as the DDP was accused of using the illegally gained money from the mobs to run the country, he won’t be able to escape by relations, and so, he’d, quit ahead of times, to save his own skins.

the government officials of the DDP are now, dashing towards…

as the DDP government’s, sinking! Photo from online

And, due to how swiftly and quickly Hsu had, resigned, it’d caught the party off guard.  The legislators from the DDP stated it bluntly, that he should wait until his term was over, that would be, more fitting.  What was odd was the legislator of KMT, Yo thanked him on “giving more security to the police and fire department”, maybe, she’d been, mis-informed.

Hsu suffered from asthma, and had gotten treated in the E.R. before.  But recently, there’d been no signs of stresses from his work, or him being overworked or strained.  If his conditions got really serious, in the end, maybe, he would be, ill-fitted to take the post of the secretary of the DDP party too.  What’s worth noting was, as Hsu sent in his resignation, the unresolved gunshot case in Tainan, the police station chief, Tsai got fired.  The highest official of the police department had quickly sent in his resignation, with the entry level offices of local police departments’ titles getting pulled, this clearly showed, how there’s NO sense of responsibilities of the DDP whatsoever.

So, this is what’s happening, started at the local offices, all the way, up to, the national levels, as the DDP lost the local elections, all who’s “unimportant” (can no longer be used and don’t want to be used as scapegoats of the party), all sent in their, resignations, because they do NOT want to be the patsies anymore, they do NOT want to take the fall for this, corrupted from the top party that they’d served under, and so, there’s, that EXIT of a lot of the local and higher up government officials right now.

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For Forty Dollars, the Shop Insulted an Individual with Downs’s Syndrome, Planned to Sue

The angry mob mentality of the people who saw something unjust and, reacted…off of the Newspapers, translated…

Recently, in a food shop in Yonghe, there was an individual with Downs’s syndrome who’d gone to make an order, but forgotten his wallet and couldn’t pay for the food, the owner of the shop cussed the child out, and called the police on him, Hsieh’s mother felt the heartache for her son, and disclosed what’d happened online to the online community.  As the news got out, it’d incited public anger, the online community started going after the shop on Google, giving it a really awful review, the shop yesterday hung that “forever out of business” sign on the front, the owner of the shop had inquired to the police about Hsieh’s mother and the online community that’s come after him, but he’d not pressed charges in the end.

Hsieh’s mother is a verified street performer certified by the Cultural Department, had gotten invited to the various charity events, has her own fans page on FB.  After the incident, the adolescent, Hsieh posted online, “I’m not well, in need some time to cool myself down, I won’t participate in any performance of late again, nor will I buy anything anymore, I just want to stay close to grandma and grandpa,” his words made those who’d read them sad.  The online community started offering him their support.

On the evening of the fourth, the individual with Downs’s syndrome, Hsieh went to a crispy fried chicken nugget stand locally to buy the foods, because he’d forgotten the forty dollars for the food, he couldn’t pay, the owner of the start started shouting and screaming, and even called the police on him, the young man started trembling in fear.

Hsieh’s mother told, she’d only wanted her son to be treated fairly, “is it that hard, to offer my son an apology?”

As the news got out online, the online community got together and found the shop’s name, and gave the shop one star on the reviews, and the negative comments on it, a lot of the online community stated that they will boycott the stand to show the support for the young man who’d been, mistreated by the owner.

The owner of the shop got angered, and stated that he’d intended to sue the members of the online community who’d insulted him, and Hsieh for defamation.  The Yonghe Police substation stated, that at three in the morning yesterday, the owner of the stand came to the substation at Zhongzhen Bridge, stated he wanted to press charges, the police talked to him for close to an hour, and the owner eventually dropped the defamation claims.

So, this is how it goes, because this man became too emotional, probably thought that the individual with Downs’s Syndrome just wanted a free meal, that’s why he’d gone off on him, and, the young man was hurt, and, the online community got a hold of what had happened, and went AFTER the shop’s owner, that’s just how powerful the internet can be, and, this could’ve, easily been avoid, had the owner calmed himself down, and told the young lad to go home, and get the money, then, come and buy and pick up the food item he’d ordered, but, because the economy, the world is shadowed by MERS-CoV, and everybody’s on edge, which is why everybody is losing control right now.

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He Got Fired for Stealing, Went Back to the Dorms, and Beaten His Coworker to Death, the Man in His Fifties Taken into Custody

Taking the anger of his getting fired for STEALING, out on the man who caught him breaking and entering, scapegoating here, at ITS, worst!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The worker, Lin, after getting caught stealing at the factory where he was working, got fired, in the midnight hours of two days ago, he’d, made his way back to the dormitories, his former coworker, Cho found him, chased him out, Lin felt upset, he’d taken a knife and club, returned, to the dorm, and, physically assaulted Cho, Cho was suspected of sustaining blunt force trauma to his head, lost consciousness for six whole hours, before he was found, and, died as they rushed him to the hospital; as Lin was arrested, he’d claimed, that he’d only wanted to teach the person a lesson, that he’d not thought he had, killed the man, the district attorneys charged him with murder, and asked the courts to have him into custody, which the courts signed off on.

The police investigations found, that the fifty-two year-old Lin originally worked in a lumber factory in Taidong, but because he was caught stealing in the dorms, the owner felt that he was bad, fired him.

Two days ago at around one in the midnight hours, Lin made his way back to the dorms, was caught by the forty-seven-year-old Cho, and his friends, they’d called the cops, Lin left, displeased, at around two in the morn, he took a sickle, a wooden club, returned back to the dorm, he was suspected of beating Cho’s head many times, then, left to escape in a cab.

Cho suffered head trauma, fell in the dorms, and nobody had found him, until at eight two days ago, his friend saw that he’d not left his room, went to check, saw him lying in a pool of blood, then, called for help, but it was too late, Cho had, already, died.

The police suspected murder, and as they’d investigated, they’d found, that Lin was a primary suspect, the surveillance caught Lin, covering his face to dodge from getting captured by the footages, but his stature was made out by his fellow coworkers.

Two mornings ago at around eleven, the police caught Lin at the Carp Mountain in Taidong, Lin admitted to murder, claimed that he only wanted to teach Cho a lesson, that he’d not thought he was, using, way too much force.

The district attorneys stated that Lin used such ferocious means to attack, that he was responsible for murder, aggravated theft, and other charges, that he has flight risk, and corroborating his statement with others, asked the courts to have him into police custody, which the courts signed off on, and there would be an autopsy scheduled soon, to clarify the cause of death for Cho on another day.

And so, this is, scapegoating, because this man got upset from getting fired, for stealing, and was caught and confronted by his former coworker, and, he got angered, and murdered his former coworker in cold blood, and he was malicious in his attacking his former coworker, with the intent to commit murder, and he deserves a very harsh sentence.

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