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Sponsors of a Concert, Blamed for Allowing Her to Drink & Drive…

This is, for someone who was, legally allowed to, drink…

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, and this is still, SCAPEGOATING, that the woman is just, too, irresponsible, I mean, she is, already considered, legally an, ADULT already, and, who can control her, if she wanted to get behind the wheels after she’d had, one too, many?

And yet, the sponsors of a concert, are blamed, for allowing her to drink and drive, what the @#$%?  And, this would, open up the doors, to all those who got killed by drugs or alcohol, because, it wouldn’t be the abusers, the users of these, substances who are, responsible for what they’re doing to their, bodies (putting poisons in themselves, and, getting too high to function, rationally!).

The sponsors of a concert, blamed for allowing her to drink and drive, for starters, it wasn’t the sponsors of that concert who’d pointed a gun to her head, told her to, down how many shots of vodka, how many cans of beer, how many glasses of whiskey or whatever to get her plastered, was it?  NO!  She is an adult, who CAN (or you’d think that she would be able to!) make the decisions to drink or to not on her own.

And yet, as she crashed the vehicle, the sponsors of that concert where she’d attended previously, where alcohol was available for, consumption, was, BLAMED. 

Tell me, how’s, THAT, just???

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Carrying the 1.1 Ton’s Worth of Fries In & Out of the Freezers in Forty Minutes, Entered & Exited Out of the Freezer Storage Forty-Eight Times Without the Heavy Coats On, the Part-Time Student Worker Died on the Job, McDonald’s Found Negligent, Mandated to Pay $4.72 Million N.T.s to the Families

And because this 23-year-old part-time worker had died, therefore, the company is required to pay for the death of this young man, and, this is still, bullshit!  I mean, you’re an ADULT (at age twenty-three, you ARE an adult, aren’t you???), and yet, this is how the judge ruled…off of the Newspapers, translated…

The twenty-three-year-old Lee part-time student worker in McDonald’s from Kaohsiung, as he was working to set up the stock in the freezer bins, he’d suddenly passed out, after he was in treatment for five months, he’d still, died, Lee’s parents questioned that if he died from hauling the stock into the freezer bins and died, that this was occupational negligence, and the parents SUED McDonald’s for $10.05 million N.T.s, the Kaohsiung District Court based off of the hospital’s examination report found, that in a short period of time, Lee hauled 1.1 ton of frozen fries in and out of the freezers, that his body couldn’t withstand the changes in temperatures so fast, but Lee wasn’t wearing any protective coat on, he too, was responsible for his own death by thirty-percent, found that McDonald’s needed to pay Lee’s parents $4.72 million N.T.s.

McDonalds responded yesterday, “We are very regrettable that this had happened, the company has NO comment on the verdict that’s still not yet, finalized.”

The verdict pointed out, that Lee worked as a part-time employee on the weekends.  On May 29th of two years ago, at around nine in the morn, he was stocking the shelves in the freezers, and suddenly passed out, as his coworkers moved him to the first floor, he was taken to the hospital via a cab, and treated for five months in the hospitals, and died from sepsis that’s caused him to go into shock.

Lee’s parents questioned that the store didn’t call the ambulance, and only lifted him to the hospital by cab, that there was no safety precautions set up in the shop, that it is “occupational hazard”, that the company should pay the family a total of $10.05 million N.T.s for medical treatment, funeral arrangement, and the money needed to care for his own aging parents, as well as for the non-property damages too.

McDonald’s claimed, that Lee’s condition was not an acute condition, nor from the long-term accumulation of stresses from work, that it would not qualify as conditions caused by work, that the company already had all the safety measures set up, that it wasn’t, negligent.

The Department of Labor also found that the death of Lee was NOT caused by work, but his parents were dissatisfied, filed for a retrial, got tossed back by the Department of Labor, and the district attorney for the Labor Department also found NO negligence, and as his parents ran all over the country, in the end, the Southern office of the Occupational Safety Work Injury Prevention Unit had the medical school of Kaohsiung to review the facts, and found, that on the day Lee died, he’d, hauled out a total of 1.1 ton worth of fries and patties in forty minutes, that he’d been in and out of the freezer bins a total of forty-eight times, that in the short time he’d physically labored, and twenty-nine minutes of which he was exposed to extremely low temperatures, that Lee’s condition was caused by the work he was doing, that his body couldn’t withstand the frequent adjustment to the temperatures.

The judge of the courts based off of Kaohsiung University’s medical school’s examination report, found that Lee’s death was caused by the job, but back then, he wasn’t wearing any heavy coat like the company had written, that McDonald’s didn’t make sure that he was properly dressed going into the freezer units, that the responsibilities is split thirty and seventy, considering the parents’ asking, McDonald’s will be paying a total of over $4.72million N.T.s to the parents.

And, this is just CRAP, I mean, you should have had the SENSE, to put on a heavy coat as the company had written down, and yet, you didn’t, and, you’d died, and your parents are suing, because you are dead, and, the company pays.  How’s that just?  It’s not, and you would think that an ADULT would HAVE the sense (I mean, the guy is twenty-three!!!), to know if he needed to put on an extra two or three layers of coat when he goes into the freezers to haul out the frozen items…

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Hsu, the Head of Internal Affairs, Dodged Out First

As the DDP’s lost most of the local government races, the head of internal affairs, and the rest of Tsai’s “goonies”, started, dodging O-U-T, dashing for that, E-X-I-T now! Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the DDP lost out in the local offices elections, Su asked to leave Tsai’s cabinet, but she’d, asked him to stay on, this made the society shocked.  And immediately came the news of the head of internal affairs, Hsu packing up, clearing out his office, the DDP-favored press leaked, that he was going to take the position of security of the party too.  Hsu denied all of it, said that it was normal, for people in the government offices to move from one place to the next; but what was abnormal was, how he’d sent his close confidant in the office, Hsu to serve as the assistant of the offices of military recruits department.  And five days afterwards, the Executive Department confirmed that Hsu had “asked to be taken off the rosters” due to “health issues”.

It’s quite a show, how Hsu had sent in his resignation, like the twists and turns of a novel, with those on the inside, watching things in detail, those of on the out, just, seeing the actors run to and from on the stages.  As for why Hsu had selected to “make his escape first”, there are two speculations from those on the outside: one, to push Su to the guillotine, his quitting will bring about the reforms of personnel of the government offices internally, to get Su whom he’d not gotten along with; secondly, to avoid the troubles, he’d defended the mobs, had close ties with the criminals from before; this time, as the DDP was accused of using the illegally gained money from the mobs to run the country, he won’t be able to escape by relations, and so, he’d, quit ahead of times, to save his own skins.

the government officials of the DDP are now, dashing towards…

as the DDP government’s, sinking! Photo from online

And, due to how swiftly and quickly Hsu had, resigned, it’d caught the party off guard.  The legislators from the DDP stated it bluntly, that he should wait until his term was over, that would be, more fitting.  What was odd was the legislator of KMT, Yo thanked him on “giving more security to the police and fire department”, maybe, she’d been, mis-informed.

Hsu suffered from asthma, and had gotten treated in the E.R. before.  But recently, there’d been no signs of stresses from his work, or him being overworked or strained.  If his conditions got really serious, in the end, maybe, he would be, ill-fitted to take the post of the secretary of the DDP party too.  What’s worth noting was, as Hsu sent in his resignation, the unresolved gunshot case in Tainan, the police station chief, Tsai got fired.  The highest official of the police department had quickly sent in his resignation, with the entry level offices of local police departments’ titles getting pulled, this clearly showed, how there’s NO sense of responsibilities of the DDP whatsoever.

So, this is what’s happening, started at the local offices, all the way, up to, the national levels, as the DDP lost the local elections, all who’s “unimportant” (can no longer be used and don’t want to be used as scapegoats of the party), all sent in their, resignations, because they do NOT want to be the patsies anymore, they do NOT want to take the fall for this, corrupted from the top party that they’d served under, and so, there’s, that EXIT of a lot of the local and higher up government officials right now.

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For Forty Dollars, the Shop Insulted an Individual with Downs’s Syndrome, Planned to Sue

The angry mob mentality of the people who saw something unjust and, reacted…off of the Newspapers, translated…

Recently, in a food shop in Yonghe, there was an individual with Downs’s syndrome who’d gone to make an order, but forgotten his wallet and couldn’t pay for the food, the owner of the shop cussed the child out, and called the police on him, Hsieh’s mother felt the heartache for her son, and disclosed what’d happened online to the online community.  As the news got out, it’d incited public anger, the online community started going after the shop on Google, giving it a really awful review, the shop yesterday hung that “forever out of business” sign on the front, the owner of the shop had inquired to the police about Hsieh’s mother and the online community that’s come after him, but he’d not pressed charges in the end.

Hsieh’s mother is a verified street performer certified by the Cultural Department, had gotten invited to the various charity events, has her own fans page on FB.  After the incident, the adolescent, Hsieh posted online, “I’m not well, in need some time to cool myself down, I won’t participate in any performance of late again, nor will I buy anything anymore, I just want to stay close to grandma and grandpa,” his words made those who’d read them sad.  The online community started offering him their support.

On the evening of the fourth, the individual with Downs’s syndrome, Hsieh went to a crispy fried chicken nugget stand locally to buy the foods, because he’d forgotten the forty dollars for the food, he couldn’t pay, the owner of the start started shouting and screaming, and even called the police on him, the young man started trembling in fear.

Hsieh’s mother told, she’d only wanted her son to be treated fairly, “is it that hard, to offer my son an apology?”

As the news got out online, the online community got together and found the shop’s name, and gave the shop one star on the reviews, and the negative comments on it, a lot of the online community stated that they will boycott the stand to show the support for the young man who’d been, mistreated by the owner.

The owner of the shop got angered, and stated that he’d intended to sue the members of the online community who’d insulted him, and Hsieh for defamation.  The Yonghe Police substation stated, that at three in the morning yesterday, the owner of the stand came to the substation at Zhongzhen Bridge, stated he wanted to press charges, the police talked to him for close to an hour, and the owner eventually dropped the defamation claims.

So, this is how it goes, because this man became too emotional, probably thought that the individual with Downs’s Syndrome just wanted a free meal, that’s why he’d gone off on him, and, the young man was hurt, and, the online community got a hold of what had happened, and went AFTER the shop’s owner, that’s just how powerful the internet can be, and, this could’ve, easily been avoid, had the owner calmed himself down, and told the young lad to go home, and get the money, then, come and buy and pick up the food item he’d ordered, but, because the economy, the world is shadowed by MERS-CoV, and everybody’s on edge, which is why everybody is losing control right now.

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He Got Fired for Stealing, Went Back to the Dorms, and Beaten His Coworker to Death, the Man in His Fifties Taken into Custody

Taking the anger of his getting fired for STEALING, out on the man who caught him breaking and entering, scapegoating here, at ITS, worst!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The worker, Lin, after getting caught stealing at the factory where he was working, got fired, in the midnight hours of two days ago, he’d, made his way back to the dormitories, his former coworker, Cho found him, chased him out, Lin felt upset, he’d taken a knife and club, returned, to the dorm, and, physically assaulted Cho, Cho was suspected of sustaining blunt force trauma to his head, lost consciousness for six whole hours, before he was found, and, died as they rushed him to the hospital; as Lin was arrested, he’d claimed, that he’d only wanted to teach the person a lesson, that he’d not thought he had, killed the man, the district attorneys charged him with murder, and asked the courts to have him into custody, which the courts signed off on.

The police investigations found, that the fifty-two year-old Lin originally worked in a lumber factory in Taidong, but because he was caught stealing in the dorms, the owner felt that he was bad, fired him.

Two days ago at around one in the midnight hours, Lin made his way back to the dorms, was caught by the forty-seven-year-old Cho, and his friends, they’d called the cops, Lin left, displeased, at around two in the morn, he took a sickle, a wooden club, returned back to the dorm, he was suspected of beating Cho’s head many times, then, left to escape in a cab.

Cho suffered head trauma, fell in the dorms, and nobody had found him, until at eight two days ago, his friend saw that he’d not left his room, went to check, saw him lying in a pool of blood, then, called for help, but it was too late, Cho had, already, died.

The police suspected murder, and as they’d investigated, they’d found, that Lin was a primary suspect, the surveillance caught Lin, covering his face to dodge from getting captured by the footages, but his stature was made out by his fellow coworkers.

Two mornings ago at around eleven, the police caught Lin at the Carp Mountain in Taidong, Lin admitted to murder, claimed that he only wanted to teach Cho a lesson, that he’d not thought he was, using, way too much force.

The district attorneys stated that Lin used such ferocious means to attack, that he was responsible for murder, aggravated theft, and other charges, that he has flight risk, and corroborating his statement with others, asked the courts to have him into police custody, which the courts signed off on, and there would be an autopsy scheduled soon, to clarify the cause of death for Cho on another day.

And so, this is, scapegoating, because this man got upset from getting fired, for stealing, and was caught and confronted by his former coworker, and, he got angered, and murdered his former coworker in cold blood, and he was malicious in his attacking his former coworker, with the intent to commit murder, and he deserves a very harsh sentence.

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Mommy/Daddy Need to Go to the “Corner”…

Wouldn’t that be nice, for a child, is only, this is, what happens, when the adults “get angry”???

Mommy/daddy needs to go to the “corner”, to THINK about what s/he did wrong!  Mommy/daddy needs to go to the “corner”, like how you punished your children, when they misbehaved, made a huge mess of things in your households?

Mommy/daddy needs to go to the “corner”, to cool down, to think about what s/he needs to change in her/his, parenting methods, because it’s still OUR energies that our own children are, feeding off here!

like this, how you would, punish your, own young???

only that YOU, the parents should put yourselves in that, “position”! Photo from online

Mommy/daddy needs to go to the “corner”, to get some brand new perspective, to reflect, on that wall that’s drawn with, the crayons, the markers, documenting the coming-of-age process of their own children’s, cavemen days.  Mommy/daddy needs to go to the “corner”, so, do leave us alone for a bit, and, when we sort through whatever the FUCK (children should NEVER use this “bad” word!) it is that’s, bothering the hell out of us, then, as we groomed through our own thoughts thoroughly, then, we will be calmer, in dealing with whatever it is that you are doing, that’s, pissing us off.

Because, when you feel angered by your child’s behaviors, it’s more of less, a projection, a transference, of some part of lacking in your own, childhoods…

So, do NOT, blame the child here!

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The Father Was Ticketed for Exceeding the Weight Limits on His Truck, His Son Took Revenge on the Officer Who’d Ticketed His Father, Ran the Office-on-Duty Over, Injuring Him

Yeah, uh, that, is what THIS world’s gone to, the son taking it out on the officer who’d ticketed his father, for breaking the limit of weights on his semi, on law and disorder, crime and, punishment here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The semi driver, Shi was ticketed by the police for hauling over-the-limit loads for $46,000N.T.s, and, thirty minutes later, the officer who’d ticketed the semi driver, Chuang was run over in high speed by a sedan, he’d flew more than ten meters in front of his scoter, sustained contusions all over his body; the police chased the leads, and found that it seemed to have been a premeditated hit, and they’d found, that it was the son of the semi driver who got ticketed.  The man told, that he only wanted to get even for his own father, and the case had been sent to the D.A.’s office as attempted murder and aggravated obstruction of public duties, the D.A. set Shi’s bail at $50,000N.T.s, and, his father was sent back home without any bail set.

The officer, Chuang is still at home, recovering from his injuries, his families felt awful, seeing the multiple contusions all over his body, Chuang said, he’d originally thought that it was only a random car wrecks, later as he’d heard his coworkers discuss, that the man who hit him was the son of the semi driver he’d handed that ticket to, he was, shocked.

The incident happened last month on the 27th, at the time, the patrol officers, Chuang and Liu were riding out on patrol calls at Jiaxing E. Road, and found the semi driver, Shi (age 57) to have an over-the-limit haul on his semi, and, as they’d pulled him over, and weighed the item on his semi, it’d exceeded the limit of what was allowed by more than seventeen tons, and they’d ticketed him with a fine of $46,000N.T.s.

And, half an hour later, as the two patrol officer had left the weighing station, was they were going south on Gangshan N. Road, Chuang was hit by a white sedan in high speed, he’d flew off his scooter, and, rolled several times, to more than a dozen meters, his shoes flew off his feet, his sleeves, socks, pants and shirt were all, torn up, and thankfully, he’d only, sustained, the physical contusions, the officer, Liu bore witness to all of this, and called it in.

Shi (age 34) stayed at the scene for the interrogations, claimed that he was running late from work and didn’t get enough sleep the night previous, that he’d accidentally, hit the officer.  But he wasn’t a local resident, and his work place was in the opposite direction to which he was driving towards, which made the officers who were interrogating him suspicious.

The police reviewed over the surveillance and found, that the sedan was parked waiting out of the weighing station, and as the patrol officer rode out, it’d followed the scooter, and, rammed straight at Chuang’s patrol scooter; and because of the evidence from the scenes, the police suspected that Shi had premeditated the crash, as they looked deeper, they’d shockingly discovered, that the man who’d hit the officer was the son of the semi driver, and believed that he’d held a grudge, and wanted a payback for them ticketing his father.

Two evenings ago, the D.A., and the police took both the father and the son into custody, Shi admitted, that he wanted payback for what happened to his own father, that was why he’d ambushed, then, went after the officer; the father said, that as he was pulled over for hauling over the limit, he had called up his son to the weigh station to help him unload the haul, but he’d not known, that his son had, gone after the officers who’d pulled him over.

And so, this is how bad people are getting these days, they’re the ones who’d not abided by the laws and got caught, and they held that grudge toward the officers ticketing them, and, went after the police who’d ticketed him, yeah, and this man deserve a very long prison term for attempting to murder a cop on behalf of getting even for his own father all right!

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The Nursing Home in Shanghai Started Cremating the Living Elderly Residents, Causing Anger in the General Public

Yeah uh, due to, an, oversight (let’s call it that, shall we then???) an old guy almost got, cremated, but, thankfully, the funeral home worker was, “intelligent” enough, to notice that hey, he ain’t DEAD yet!!!  Happened in a nursing home in China, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

There’d been, one outrageous thing after the next, as Shanghai closed down operations due to the pandemic, a nursing home in Shanghai placed an elderly person who was still breathing into the body bag, almost cremated the individual, causing public anger.  As the Shanghai officials investigated the matter they’d, immediately gone after five of the local district government officials who are responsible for the matter, and, retracted the physician’s license of the physician that signed off on the elderly as deceased, and the case is now, investigated by the Public Safety Units.  And, based off of disclosures of the news media press of China, there are at least five nursing homes in Shanghai that had the pandemic contractions of MERS-CoV within the facilities, and, multiple elderly persons had died in this current wave of the pandemic.

Based off of the WeChat footage, you can see, that as the funeral home workers went to take the elderly off from the Welfare Hospice, discovered that the elderly is still alive, still moving, and then, the funeral home workers pulled out the bed, and, the body bag.  The funeral home worker stated, “see, he’s alive, don’t cover him up anymore.”, early yesterday morn, the nursing home facility, as well as the land offices of the local district confirmed the incident as truth.  Currently, the elderly man who was mistaken as dead had been lifted to the hospital to get treated, and is now, in stable conditions currently.

and the YouTube video on that…and yes, the link works!

Elderly Shanghai patient mistaken for dead, later found alive in transit to morgue – YouTube

And, because this incident had caused a huge wave of public anger online, the local government office of Shanghai based off of the results of the investigations yesterday, went after five individuals, including the secretary of the local districts, the manager of the district office, the assistant manager of the district office, and the nursing home department of the local district, firing three of the employees of the government offices; the director of the nursing home, relieved of his post, with the criminal negligence charges against him, and he’s now, under investigation.

And, based off of the physician’s law of China, the physician on staff at the home, Tien’s license to treat patients, retracted, and the case is being sent to the public safety agency to review.  And all other members of the neglect are all, going under review as well.  The nursing home will be punished, and, the government sent in its workers to take over the operations of the nursing home.

And so, this, is how China covers up, the matter, how it’d, punished those who are heads of the facility, thinking, that it’ll, calm the public down a bit, but it really doesn’t do SHIT, because, if you don’t change the systems of operations, these sorts of shit will only keep on happening, and, then, the people of China will finally realize, that hey, it’s this, SHITTY government that’s, caused all of this SHIT top happen, and then, there may be a proletariat revolution, who knows???

This is a top-down thing, because the heads don’t act right, that’s why, the corruptions, run its way, down the line here.

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Blaming the Prevalence of Power Outages on the Entry Level Employees, Still Does NOT Cover the Fact of How We’re, Short on Electricity Provisions

How the government is spinning this, still scapegoating on the entry level employees, because so long as the higher up don’t get touched, we’re all, all right!  Not a single department of the DDP government is shouldering the responsibilities, but they’re still, passing that “buck” around, still trying to, fool the people, and we are still, choosing to get fooled because???  Yeah, figure that out, and you tell me, because I got, NO clue here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The total power outage across all of Taiwan on March third, the Department of Economics shortly thereafter, conducted the evaluations and reported, and blamed the outages on the negligence of operation of the employees of the Xing-Dar Electrical Power Plant, and had handed down the reprimands, but, this the matter was nowhere near, resolved.

The Chiaotou D.A.’s Office last week conducted the searches of the plant’s three employees’ offices as well as their homes, and are now, looking at prosecuting them for “attempted arson” and “obstruction of public affairs”; the district attorney’s office in Kaohsiung had also, set the bar even higher, and blurted out the words “beware, of the antisocial individuals, who wanted to, turn the masses”.

It isn’t unusual, that the government owned businesses have the negligence in operation, for instance, there’d been up to six million residences affected during the August 15, 2017 major power outage, and the direct cause was also confirmed as the entry level workers’ negligence, and the board of trustees were voted off from China Petroleum, the company internally, punished the personnel but there was no involvement of the district attorney’s office then.

This time, the Chiaotou D.A.’s Office conducting this thorough a search in the employees of the electrical plant’s homes and offices, landed, right AFTER the Department of Economics posed it’s professional investigative reports, and anyone can see that this wasn’t directed toward the technicalities of the errors of the personnel, that’s caused the outages, but with alternative, motives.  After four major outages in one year, the people are no longer believing the government’s lies about the power provisions means.

In reality the power outage that occurred back in March 3rd that affected the entire country has little to do with the accidental explosion of the Xing-Dar Electrical Plant, but the Long-Chih Transformer Station that was in charge of the electricity provisions of the southern regions of the country.  After the Xing-Dar Plant had the explosions, the Long-Chih Transformer Station started short-circuiting, causing the chain reactions of all the generators in the southern parts to start short-circuiting one by one.  And, the regions affected could’ve been limited to the southern regions because right after the Long-Chih Station had that incident from before, the Central Regions’ and Northern Regions’ electrical power nets are already, operating independently.

And yet, the outages started occurring throughout the island, reason being, there’s not enough self-generated power by the central, and northern regions, plus the electricity in the southern regions can’t be lifted up north, the electrical pressures started dropping, and the stations all started, short-circuiting, one by one, causing the entire Taiwan to be out of power.

The district attorney’s chasing the real cause for the electrical power outage of the entire island, had neglected that the lacking of electricity provisions is what caused the energy plans to go bust, and, the D.A. treated the entry level employees of the power plants as “radicals of the society”, like every worker is ready to commit arson, to make the people more distrustful of the government.  Don’t know this sort of means of investigations, other than covering for the bad energy policies of the government, what sort of a real, and meaningful contributions it has, to the society here.

And so, this still just showed, how the government officials, the departments are, covering for each other, to MASK up the FACT, that we’re running short on electricity, and, it’s still the voters’ getting brainwashed by the DDP, that’s going to cause the problems of electric power shortage hit even harder, after all, they’re all the IDIOTS who voted NO on the restart of Nuclear Four Plants from back in, January, was it???  Yeah, and, it’s still, ALL we (I’m still not a part of this “collective” here!) the people’s, fault!

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The Nephew Found the Aunt Too Noisy, Hacked Her Ten Times, the Aunt Didn’t Sustain Serious Injury Using a Quilt to Protect Herself

We have this, bloodsucker, who’d, attempted to murder his own aunt, and he got taken into police custody, hope he gets a severe sentence for “snapping”, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The unemployed thirty-five-year-old man, Liu sleeps during the daytime, stays up all night, two mornings ago, he felt displeased that his aunt made too loud a noise going to the bathrooms, picked up a fruit knife, ran into her bedroom, hacked her ten times, she’d immediately covered herself up with a quilt, and she wasn’t murdered.  Liu admitted to the hacking, and the knife was covered in blood, after the police interrogated him, he was booked for attempted murder, the D.A. asked the courts to keep him in police custody, the courts signed off on it.

The police found, that Liu lives with his mother, his maternal grandmother and aunt, Liu had been unemployed long-term, problems with his emotional control, and had gotten into fights with his families on minute matters, giving his families a huge headache.

Liu wouldn’t go outside during the day, his days and nights are flipped, two mornings ago after he was done playing with the online games at around seven, was headed off to bed, his sixty-three year-old aunt got up to use the bathroom, Liu found the noises of her flushing the toilets were too loud that it’d, kept him from sleeping, and thought of how his aunt called him a “leech” all the time, he got angered, ran to the kitchen, and picked up a knife.

Liu picked up a twenty-centimeter long knife, at the time, his aunt was headed off into her bed to go to sleep again, Liu opened the door, his aunt heard the noises, opened her eyes, and saw Liu approached her with the knife.

Without saying a word, Liu started stabbing on the bed like crazy, the aunt used the quilt, covered herself up, and called out “Help!”, she had been injured on her face, her neck, her hands, her arms, and her chest, as she tried to fight off his attacks, she’d fled the room, Liu’s mother heard the cries for help, got up and check, she was so thrilled she’d called the police.

At the time, Liu had the knife with the blood dripping down from it, his mother cried out, “Calm down, son!”, he’d attempted to mutilate himself, and his maternal grandmother was waken up too, and tried to calm him down, and they were at a standstill for five minutes, before he’d, dropped the knife.

The police arrived, and saw the blood all over the living room, the knife was on the living room floor, they arrested Liu, and helped the family filed for an emergency restraining order.  Liu’s aunt was taken to the hospital, and, no serious injuries, thankfully.

Liu was more than calm during the police interrogations, kept stressing, “I’m mentally ill!”, but there’s no record of treatment on him; the district attorneys believed there’s a high likelihood he will commit the crimes again, two evenings ago, they’d asked the courts to have him in custody, the courts signed off on it.

And so, this man has a low emotional control, and, it’s probably because of how he was up all night, playing the online games, that’s made him, snapped, and attempted to murder his own aunt, and he deserves to be charged with attempted murder, because he’d attempted to stab his own aunt to death, because she was a bit too loud, going to the bathrooms.

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