You Must Live Happily Ever After…

This, I guess, would be the Queens’ wish for her daughters, perhaps???  So, let’s begin, shall we???

Snow White’s birth mother, before she died…

Snow, you MUST live happily ever after, and NOT leave your own child, the way I must leave you, you mustn’t fall ill as I’d done, and leave your own daughter all alone in this world, with NO love at all.  You must live happily ever after, and marry that Prince Charming that woke you up out of that coma!!!  You must live happily ever after, and enjoy the life I was meant to have, but never got the chance of living out, child.

And now comes Beauty & the Beast…

You must live happily ever after, Belle, because you’d chosen to give yourself to the B-E-A-S-T, so your father would be saved, even though you felt NOTHING toward the beast, love will grow, I promise you, just give him time.

You must live happily ever after, for your father’s sake, because if he knew how unhappy you were, being kept captive by the Beast, he would’ve beaten himself up over letting you take his place.  So, for your father’s sakes, and your dead mother’s too, you MUST live happily ever after, and know, that you will NEVER get to bury your own father after he’d gone, because you’d still be “doing time”, for his sins, hunting on the Beast’s properties.

And, here’s that COMATOSE princess…

You must live happily ever after, even AS a vegetable, because you will NEVER be awakened again, NOT by Philip (that’s the name of the prince, right???), like you’d wished to, because he got DEVOURED by the dragon that was H-I-R-E-D (don’t know by whom!!!), to keep you guarded and safe, and, nobody will EVER dare venture anywhere N-E-A-R your bed after that.

You must live happily ever after, even IF nobody ever comes to wake you back up, after a million years of slumber, and, because you’re under that spell (by that last fairy godmother???), you will be FROZEN by time, and, your kinfolk, will fall asleep, alongside you, and, because you never got waken up again, neither will they.  Look at it this way, at least, you will ALWAYS BE beside your parents, the king AND the queen, sleeping in a COMA in the same building, that way, none of you will EVER feel lonely.
And, Rapunzel, who ACCIDENTALLY (yeah right!!!) cut her hair off, well, look at it this way, you’re still HIGH up, above everything else (it’s got a great view, you must admit!!!), and, nobody will EVER be able to climb to the HEIGHTS of your windows, and, you have EVERYTHING you’ll EVER need, inside that small confine of your tower, so, you got NOTHING to worry about.

You MUST live happily ever after, and have the life that I’d wanted for myself, but never had the chance of living out, because I met up with your father, darling daughter.  You must live out the rest of your lives in my wildest fantasies, and, you MUST live the life that I had wanted for myself, because you are my baby, and, I am your mother, and, you MUST help me accomplish all the dreams I’d dreamed up, but never had the chance of achieving, for whatever reasons there may be.

And that, would be exactly H-O-W, a happily ever after became so FUCKING (oopsy!!!) heavy on the shoulders of ALL those aforementioned “princesses” out there.


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