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That Day, We’d, Saved My Five-Year-Old Youngest Cousin, from Being Sold Off into Human Trafficking

A selfish man who totally didn’t think on what’s good for his own young, contrary to the gangsters, who’d, helped this family get this young child back, out of the fire pits, sometimes, the stereotypically bad people can be good, and, those who seemed to be good, can be, bad!  Experiences, and trials of, her young life, translated…

After reading the writer, Hsu’s “That Night, I Made My Way to the Teashops”, I had the flashback of that primetime soap scene that happened in my, reality.

On my youngest uncle who’s a prodigal son, after losing ALL of my maternal grandfather’s money, he’d still drifted in the bars, the brothels, continued being his, “good son in the fire pits”.  My aunt in working too hard, keeping the family intact, before their sixth child turned one, died from illness, then, my youngest uncle sold off his youngest to the local landowner to be groomed into a child bride, with the money he got from selling his daughter, had a time of easy with women then.

like this…

photo from online

Back then, one day as my youngest uncle came back home, suddenly, he was, overcome with his fatherly love, told that he was taking my youngest cousin at age five to head into town to get her some new clothes, the family didn’t have any suspicions then, but at night, we’d not see the two of them, returning; my maternal grandfather thought: no matter how ferocious the tiger is it won’t, eat its own child, he’d already sold one of his daughters of, could he have in mind, to sell his own, youngest too?

And the following day, the families believed, that the fifth child was, sold.

My tough second aunt went around, asking about where my cousin went, and, in the mouth of the “agent who’d introduced” my uncle, she’d learned, that my youngest cousin was sold to the “tea shop” in Taipei, to pay for his own, gambling debts, he’d sold her for $60,000N.T.s—the poverty stricken selling off their daughters, it wasn’t anything weird back then.  My second uncle was a leader of a gang in Chiayi, and asked the gangsters to find the whereabouts of my youngest cousin, and the families, the relatives, started, getting the money together, to try and save my cousin.

It was 1976, I was in the third grade.  My mother bought a princess fluffy dress for me to wear, with a pair of white socks with pink lace, along with a pair of, white doll shoes, with the pigtails tied by ribbons, better dressed than I was for New Year’s.  my eldest and second eldest aunts put on their traditional Chinese dresses alongside my mother, with the heels, set their hairs at the salons, with the makeup carefully made on their, faces, with the bags full of cash, and the group of us, headed up to Taipei with my second eldest uncle.

We met up with my second uncle’s brothers from different mothers, and we were led, into, the teashops, there were, so many, pretty women here!  I clenched tightly to my mother’s, hand, looked around, wanted to find my youngest cousin.  I can’t understand it, we can, trade the recycling metals for a malt candy, what can you get, for selling your daughter?

We entered into a room, my second eldest uncle started, negotiating with the man, he got loud at times, friendly at others, stared into the man’s eyes fiercely at times, used the Taiwanese I couldn’t understand to interact, the pretty lady handed me an orange soda, I’d, carefully, took smaller, sips, wanted to save half for my, youngest cousin.

The adults looked quite, serious, I got too bored, started playing with the zipper on my mother’s purse, they’d talked for a long, long, long time, until the coldness, the fizz of the soda wore off, and I saw my second eldest uncle stand up, shook the man’s hands, we knew, that my youngest cousin can, come home now, the ladies then, pulled out the wads of cash, and stacked them, onto the tables———

We got my youngest cousin back, three times what her own father had, sold her for, for $180,000N.T.s.

And so, this, is the behaviors, of this DEADBEAT who’d, SOLD his own young to feed to his own habits, and, also the stories of how the gangsters can be good, they’re the ones, who’d, helped get the youngest cousin of this ed get the youngest cousin of this ed get the youngest cousin of this individual back, and, the man who’d sold his daughter thought he got a good deal, and yet, the families, ended up, paying, three times more.

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Contusions, and Hematoma, the Nine-Month Old Infant Boy Suspected of Being Abused

The parent claimed that it was, an “accident”, but, does anybody believe it?  I think, N-O-T!  A terrible case of, a child, becoming, the scapegoat of his parents’, argument here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An infant of about nine-months of age was rushed into the E.R. in Kaohsiung two nights ago, there was contusions on his back, with hematoma in large surface areas, he was immediately taken to the I.C.U. upon admittance; the hospital suspected abuse, and notified the Social Services and the police.  Based off of understanding, the infant was cared for by his mother, two evenings ago, because the infant was injured, and the mother swallowed a lot of pills, she too was, taken to the hospital with her young son.  The police investigators found that there was a high possibility of the infant male having been abused, but the facts hadn’t been checked, so the Social Services had, intervened first.

The police stated, that the Jen-Wu Police Substation’s Da-Hwa Subprecinct received the call from Changgang Hospital, and told that there was a suspected case of child abuse, the officers from the station rushed over, and, had the location of where the infant male was registered, the Fengshan Substation to oversee the case.

tripped, and fell, and, bumped into the walls, would be the parents’ excuse for this young child’s, injuries…

photo from online

Based off of understanding, the infant male was not yet nine months old, the parents were in their thirties, the infant was their first; the mother was seemingly in a daze, a stay-at-home mother.

The police investigated and found, that two evenings ago, the infant’s father came home, found the young boy injured, and inquired to his wife, she’d replied, “I’d accidentally stepped on his right foot”, they started arguing.

The mother was suspected getting emotional, and in front of the husband, swallowed the pills, and the infant’s father immediately rushed his wife and child to the hospital; the hospital found the infant boy to have multiple bruises all over, contusions, as well as huge surfaces of hematoma on him, that it’d not looked like “being stepped on by accident”, they’d immediately reported to the Social Services, the infant was sent to ICU, with his signs, stabilized, and following, the examinations of his injuries were made.

The Domestic Violence Prevention Center of Social Services in Kaohsiung stated, that they’d sent the social workers to understand if this was a case of child abuse, the family will be listed as individuals of concern first; the child was examined, and they will find out whether or the primary caretaker was abusive, and work with the police, to figure out if this was intentional, or, an accident.

Uh, chances are this is another case of, child abuse, because, you just don’t use that much force, to STEP on a kid by “accident”, and this infant male sustained severe injuries (for an infant that young!), and so, someone needs to be charged here, it’s just, that the police are, still, investigating WHAT exactly happened, to get to the bottom of this, that’s why, no charges were filed at this time…

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A Child, Force-Fed Illegal Substances & His Body was Buried, the Fierce Man Sentenced to Life-in-Prison

In this case, the death penalty would seem more, fitting, but, look on the “bright side”: now this LOSER will, forever get, GNAWED by his own, guilty conscience for MURDER, and my guess would be, that he’s going to wish that he had, gotten, the DEATH penalty instead of the life-terms!  Crime and punishment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man Chen abused his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter long-term, last June, he’d fed the child amphetamine, and FM2, causing her to die, afterwards, he’d moved the body from Taichung to his home in Nantou to dispose of.  The Nantou District Courts sentenced him on abuse of a child, murder, and disposing of the body, that he’d, falsified the cause of death to mislead the investigators, that he was with, great malice, to life in prison yesterday, and he will be stripped of his government post for life.

Last September, the district office and police investigators dug up the three-year-old young girl’s body in the vegetable garden that belonged to Chen’s family, that was when this brutal murder of a young child came out into the light.  The verdict stated, that Chen and the child’s birthmother were friends, and he was asked to look after the young girl.  He knew that the child was only three, and couldn’t express herself verbally well enough, he’d used the girl as a punching bag, abused, and tortured the child.

In the city of Nantou last year in February, he’d beaten the child on the head, causing her to suffer a fractured skull, subdural hematoma.  In May, he’d poked the young girl with a bamboo chopstick on her thigh until she’d bled, physically abused her to injury with a wooden panel; the child sustained injuries on her ey4es, he’d, taped up her head and eyes, it’d freaked the young girl out. 

Last June, he’d smacked the young girl on her hand, her legs, her feet, and her buttocks with an iron ruler, the shoe racks, punished the young child physically by making her “bridge”, causing trauma to the young child’s life.

And, Chen had been abusing FM2 and amphetamine long-term, the adults can easily overdose on these substances, last June in his Taichung residence, he’d forcefed the young girl the drugs twice, the child died of asphyxiation from the drugs, that caused her to have difficulties breathing, and died.

Chen worried that her body might be discovered by the police, contacted Tsai and the child’s mother, lifted her body to a relative’s home to stash, worried that the scent of the body rotting away might be discovered, so he’d taken her body to the vegetable gardens, and buried her.

After the case was discovered, Chen denied having abused the child to death, and falsified the cause of death of the young girl, attempted to mislead the police in their investigations, the judge believed, that Chen took such brutal methods to torture, and abuse the child, to use her as a punching bag, causing her to die of asphyxiation, force fed her illegal substances, that he’d intended to take her life, sentenced him to life in prison, and stripped him of his public office position for life.

And so, don’t know why this son-of-a-bitch didn’t get the DEATH penalty, because maybe, it’s not a mass shooting, with many victims dead and injured, it’s just this, young child whose life had been taken too soon, and this LOSER will now, get gnawed by his own guilty conscience for murdering an innocent child, for the rest of his life, so yeah, that’ll be a fate, far worse, than death, I suppose!!!

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The Three-Year-Old Child was Abused to Death by Her Boyfriend, the Mother Called it in as the Child Having a Stomach Ache

The mother was, neglectful, to say the least, but she had an “alibi”, she’d not found her kid until she came home from work!  One more kid that dropped dead here!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Clinic the Child was Taken to Told the Families that the Child Needed to Go to a Major Hospital, the Suspect Didn’t, after the Mother Came Home from Work Several Hours Later, Did She Finally Call for Help, Her Boyfriend Taken into Custody

Two days ago in the afternoon, Chen went to the fire department asked for help, claimed that her three-year-old son was having a “stomach ache”, by the time the ambulance arrived in the hospital, the boy was, not showing any vital signs, after the emergency resuscitation measures were performed, he was pronounced dead, the hospital reported the case as suspected abuse; the police and district attorneys found that it was the cohabiting boyfriend, Yang who abused the child physically, denied the abuse, the district attorneys after the interrogations asked the courts to have Yang into custody, and the courts allowed it, while Chen was listed as a witness, and sent home, an autopsy is scheduled today, to clarify the cause of death for the young boy.

The investigations found, that the twenty-two year-old Chen is divorced from her ex, they each took custody of a son, her ex took their eldest, moved back south, while Chen and her three-year-old youngest son lived in Longjing District, Taichung; Chen works in a betel nut stand, was all right economically, after the divorce, she’d started cohabiting with the thirty-one year-old man, Yang, and there wasn’t any records of domestic violence on file for the family.

At around three o’clock in the afternoon two days ago, Chen called emergency, stating that her three-year-old son is having a stomach ache and needed to get to the hospital, the fire department sent out the ambulance, before they arrived in the hospital, the child was already dead, the hospital unsuccessfully resuscitated him.  The hospital found there were new and old bruises on the young boy’s abdomen and back, seemingly from external forces, and, notified the social services’ violence prevention center, and the police too.

The police investigated, that two mornings ago, Yang took the boy to a local clinic, the physician at the clinic found the boy serious injured, wrote a transfer slip, told Yang to take the boy to a major hospital, but Yang didn’t, he’d taken the boy home; in the afternoon, as Chen came home from the betel nut stand where she worked, she’d found her son, she’d immediately notified the local firehouse for help, but she was, three, to four hours too late, the child was already, in a comatose.

In the interrogations, both Chen and Yang claimed, that they would discipline the boy normally, but denied the allegations of abuse, as they were sent to the D.A.’s office, Chen told the officials, that her boyfriend had beaten her son up, but Yang denied it, and, evaded the D.A.’s questions; the district attorneys believed that Yang was involved in manslaughter, with the flight risks, and the corroborating of his statements, destroying the evidences, asked the courts to have him into custody, which the courts signed off on.

The police and D.A. went to check the body of the young boy, found there were the old and new large areas of bruising on the child’s back and abdomen, but couldn’t determine what the cause of death was, the district attorneys ordered an autopsy to clarify the cause of death.

The birthfather of the young boy expressed his anger on Facebook, “how can you be so cruel in the treatment of a child?”, and grieved for his own young, “you’re no longer in pain now, do grow up happy in another world, daddy will, always, love you”, it’d made all who’d read felt very sorrowful.

And so, the mother, although she wasn’t present when her own son was brutally murdered by her boyfriend, she’s still, at fault, for enabling his abuse, she’d FAILED to protect her own son from the abuse of her boyfriend, and yet, the police only zoomed in on the perpetrator, the boyfriend who was the one who’d, actually, physically, beaten this young boy to death, why is that?  Oh yeah, because the mother wasn’t present, and she couldn’t do anything to save her son, was that it?

Well, there must’ve been previous encounters of the boyfriend’s, abusing her own son, so, why did she do nothing?  And yet, only the man who’d, brutally MURDERED her own young son was, arrested…

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A Man Abused His Girlfriend’s Young Daughter, Got a “Heavy Sentence” of Fourteen Years

Did you NOT read that last case of the newborn being COOKED by the mother’s boyfriend???  So, why the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!) is this still happening???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou, in Yunlin two years ago, moved in with a married woman, Ke, and because of Ke’s young one-year-three months old daughter won’t stop crying, Chou had multiple times, used rulers, sticks, or cloth hanger, to beat the child, he’d even scooped up the child, and fly-kicked the child, causing her to fall to the ground, the infant, after these abuses, because of the back of her head was beaten, she’d fallen into a coma, then died.

The D.A. charged Chou and Ke together, the first trail, the courts sentenced Chou on abused to death to eleven years, eight months, and sentenced the mother on abuse for three months and she is to serve one more month in jail.  The second trials maintained the ruling toward the mother, but believed that Chou didn’t follow the payback plans, and he is without remorse, he’d charged him on abuse to death on fourteen years and a half, and, on the damages part, he could pay a fine.  The highest courts maintained the rulings of the appeal courts.

As the trial was proceeding, the grandmother of the child showed up and started wailing, screamed at Chou, called him “inhumane, I must get you back for my granddaughter’s sake.”  Even though, Chou had reached a settlement of two million dollars with the infant’s father, Chou still hadn’t paid a single dime.

The verdict pointed out, in an online game, Ke had met Chou, who fixed up the air-conditioning systems, two years ago in May, Ke took along her daughter, and moved in with Chou in Yunlin, the one year three months old daughter would cry often, and Ke would used glue sticks to beat her own daughter’s back or legs, causing the child’s back to swell and bruise.

Chou claimed he was a psychic, claimed that the infant was possessed, not only had he used the punishment toys, rulers, to beat her up, he’d also burned the child with incense and beat her body with a clothe hanger, last June, he’d even fly kicked the child, the child flew across the living room, fell beneath the sofa, and, went into shock, thankfully, a friend of Chou’s performed CPR, to help save the child’s life.

A few days later, the young girl had her bottle, and as sitting on the toy car, Chou, all of a sudden, started hitting the child on the back of the head, the child cried two loud cries, then, fell into a coma, Chou once again, ask his friends to perform CPR, and lifted her to the hospital, the child never woke up again, she’d died six months later.  Chou claimed that he’d only lightly hit the child as a disciplinary method, and Ke claimed that she wasn’t there, but the courts didn’t believe them.

And there are still a TON of parents who are NOT supposed be parents, in this case, the man has emotional problems, and he took his anger of whatever out on the girlfriend’s young daughter, and, fourteen years is still too lenient, these sort of LOSERS should be locked away for L-I-F-E, if you ask me!

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The Father Was Abusive to the Infant, the Mother Covered for Him, the Nine Year Old Daughter Told the Truth About All of It

So, from the mouths of babes, huh???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Lee and his girlfriend, Chien had a baby for two months, but because Lee got into a foul mood several times, and the baby won’t stop crying, he’d beaten up the infant, to the point, that the infant’s sense of hearing and sight become permanently damaged; as the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office questioned him, he’d denied the allegations, claimed that it was an accident, that he’d dropped his daughter to the ground, and his girlfriend covered for him too, and the D.A. didn’t believe them, and, prosecuted him based off of severe damage charges.

The twenty-something Lee is a construction worker, he’d dated Chien, and, Chien had a nine year old child from her last relationship, last year, she’d had a baby with Lee, the four of them lived together; because Lee was too tired from work, he was usually in a foul mood, when the infant cries or gets too rowdy, he’d slapped her cheeks, head, chest, back, and feet.

Chien and her nine-year-old daughter both witness the infant getting beaten up by Lee, and knew that there were multiple bruises on the young child, but because he’s their main source of income, they’d put up with him; last year, when the infant was just two months old, Lee had beaten her up again, and when Chien came home, the child was already falling into a coma,, she’d rushed her to the hospital.

The hospitals diagnosed her, that her sense of hearing is permanently damaged, her optical nerves had deteriorated, along with other health problems, and they’re all due to being abused, the hospital believed that abuse was what was happening, and notified the police and the city government, and the social workers had sent the nine-year-old and the infant to foster homes now.

When the D.A. questioned, Lee admitted to slapping the infant’s face, but, the other parts were caused by bumping into the stairs when he carried her somewhere, or from accidental falls; as for the day of the hospitalizations, he’d accidentally knocked the child off the bed while he was in a fight with Chien, and Chien had corroborated with his statements.

But the nine-year-old’s testimony, said that she saw Lee beaten his younger sister, slammed the infant down onto the bed; the doctor also confirmed, that the damages weren’t caused in a day’s time, and that if she’d fallen off on her own, it couldn’t have caused this sort of damage, that it must be caused by external forces, and it proves, that the infant was abused, and so, the D.A. believed, that Lee did, hurt the child.

We still have an abuser/enabler relationship here, the man abused his own child, while his girlfriend covers for him over, over AND over again, probably out of fear too, who knows, but the point is, another infant girl got beaten to near death, and, someone MUST pay for that, and the only one who told the truth here, IS the nine-year-old older sister!

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Is the Online Friends Really “Almighty”? Left Her Two-Year-Old Son in the Care of Someone She Met Online, and, the Child Died a Week Later

It’s like sending a SHEEP into the lion’s den, are you FUCKING kidding me here???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A single mother, Huang left her two year-old son, to a man she’d met online, Kao, two days ago, the little boy went into a coma and was taken to the hospitals, and, yesterday morning, he’d died, of intracranial hemorrhage.  The police found that there were wounds on the child’s head and chest, suspected that there’s MORE to the child’s death; Kao admitted disciplining the boy with a toy, but denied having beaten him, said that the little boy fell and bumped his head.  The D.A. examined and found that the wound in the chest was not what killed the child, and, had sent Kao home, and they will be autopsying the child, to find out the real cause of his death.

The police investigated, that Huang got pregnant at age fifteen, and later on, married the child’s birth father, but, the marriage only lasted for one year and two months.  Later, Huang met Kao (age 29) who auctioned things off on a website, and because “the cost of living is a LOT lower in the lower parts of the country”, Huang moved to Kaohsiung with him from Taipei, and asked Kao to look after her son for a few days, so she could go and find a job.

In a week’s times, Huang used her cell phone to understand how her son was doing, and Kao had even posted photos of him and the child on outings together, told her not to worry.

Two afternoons ago, Kao panickyly took the child to the E.R., the boy was in a stage four coma, and it’s not looking good for him, he showed of intracranial hemorrhage, the doctor immediately operated on him, but the child’s recovery isn’t at all optimistic, yesterday morning, he was pronounced dead.

And because there were bruising on the child’s forehead, and on the chest, the back, there were multiple old and new bruises, and there were palm prints on his thigh, the social workers suspected that abuse was what had happened, and the police were notified.

“I did discipline him with a toy, but I had NEVER used violence toward him”, Kao stressed, two days ago, he was cleaning up after the boy after he defecated, turned around, saw him tripping, and twitching, took him to the hospital immediately, believed that it was because he wasn’t steady enough on his feet that he’d tripped and bumped his head.

Huang said, as she cried, that her son is very naughty, that the wounds on him were from the disciplinary measures that Kao and she took with him, but it was discipline, going overboard.

The D.A. found in the prelims, that even though there were multiple wounds on the child, but none of them could have killed him, as for what caused his intracranial hemorrhage, they will be autopsying him to find out.

And so, we have here, a very likely case of a child, getting BEATEN to death, and, once again, it’s still about the SAFETY of your kids, and this woman left her son in the care of a practical stranger, I mean, she’d only met him online, and that’s just a woman, without ANY parenting sense.

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A Man Abused His Friend’s Two-Year-Old Daughter and Made the Son from His Previous Marriage Take the Fall for Him

More bad news, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman from Hsinbei City, Hsieh, helped looked after her friend’s two-year-old daughter, the girl was suspected of getting abused to death by her ex-husband, Lee, but Lee had threatened Hsieh’s thirteen-year-old son to take the fall.  Five months later, the teen cried as he’d told his mother, “I’m afraid that you’d go to jail, and that my siblings will get separated” that, was why he’d taken the fall.

After Hsieh learned the truth, two days ago, she’d told Lee (age 35), “If you don’t turn yourself in, then, I will go to the police!”, forcing Lee to come clean to the police, he’d admitted to the abuse.  He claimed, “Even IF Hsieh was my own flesh-and-blood, I’d still have him take the fall for me!”, the police booked him based off of abuse to death, sent him to the Hsinbei District Attorney’s Office, and the D.A. was granted the right to take him into custody.

The police investigated, that the mother, Kuan, of the child (age 29), because her husband is serving time, she couldn’t take care of her children alone, last year in September, she’d asked her friend, Hsieh (age 36), to take care of her baby; Hsieh is a single mother, with four kids, when she’d sold yam regularly, the thirteen year old eldest son would help take care of the younger siblings.

Last year on a day in October, Hsieh called up his mother, told her, “Something’s wrong with my younger sister, she’s kinda weird, she didn’t make a sound.”  Hsieh rushed home, and rushed her daughter to the E.R., a month later, the child had subdural hematoma, and her brain swelled up and she’d died, and because there were bruises on the child’s arms, knees, and eyes, so, abuse was suspected.

As the police questioned, the adolescent, Hsieh took the falls, said that because the young girl was crying like hell, he’d smacked the back of her head, threw her onto the mattress.  Back then, Hsieh was sent to juvenile court, the judge thought that he should finish school, didn’t take him into custody.

A few days ago, Hsieh told a friend, “I may be jailed!”, the close friend inquired more, and that, was when he’d disclosed the truth, and after he’d returned home, he’d cried to his mother, “I didn’t do it, I don’t want to go to jail!”

Hsieh stated, that on the day that his baby sister died, Lee came to their house, his mother was away, his baby sister wouldn’t stop crying, he’d heard Lee yelled at her, “BE QUIET!”, later, he didn’t hear a single sound, at noontime, Lee was so stressed, told him to contact his mother.

Hsieh said, that afterwards, Lee threatened him, “If you don’t take the fall for me, your mother will get taken to jail, your half-siblings will be taken away.”

Two days ago, Lee went into the station, and came clean, that because the infant girl would cry a lot, he’d become annoyed, and would often smack the back of her head, and her body, or would carry her up to his chest, and threw her down onto the mattress, that he’d lost track of how many times he’d done it.  The police also called Hsieh and her son into questioning, and they’d confirmed that Lee had told Hsieh to take the fall for him.

But yesterday when Hsieh came in front of the press, she’d denied all the claims, and when Kuan was mentioned, she’d asked, “Who’s that?”, and facing her ex, Lee, she’d told the press, “I don’t know him”.

Kuan yesterday got all worked up said, that afterwards, she’d still considered how Hsieh had four other kids, that she didn’t blame her at all.  But later, as she’d discovered multiple wounds on her child, and Lee told her that that was from falling off of the yam carts,” she just kept lying, and I can’t forgive that!

Kuan said, that since the very start, she’d never believed, that the youth had done it, because he’s a good child, always listened to his mother’s words; if she’d known earlier, that Lee had been abusing her daughter, she would’ve “quit her job, and brought her back home no matter what!”

And, this, is still how hindsight worked.  And, this LOSER had utilized the son’s closeness with his mother, to trick him into taking the fall for the abuse and death of this little girl, and, the man showed NO sign of remorse whatsoever, and that, is NOT good examples parents should BE setting for their own children!!!

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The Case Where the Young Boy Was Beaten Until His Intestines Broke in Half, the Boyfriend of the Mother Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison

The follow up from that case awhile back, from the Newspapers, translated…

The four-year-old little boy, Hsu was beaten to having broken intestines by his own mother’s cohabiting boyfriend, he was taken to the hospitals, and he was saved.  Hsiao, the mother’s cohabiting boyfriend claimed that he’d never HIT the child, but the boy got placed on the stands and hit his own abdomen, said, “Daddy, Hit!”, the judge believed that the boy’s injuries were caused by external forces, and believed that Hsiao had abused him, yesterday, the judge gave him eight months in prison.

The courts investigated and found, that the mother who worked in a bar, Hsu (age 24), had a baby out of wedlock four years ago, and, two years ago, she’d started dating Hsiao (age 29), and took her son to live in with him in Banciao, Hsinbei City, and the boy called Hsiao “Daddy”.

Last year at around nine in the evening on March 20, Hsiao took Hsu to the bar to work, then, he’d stayed at home with the boy, until 4A.M. the next morn, when he picked up his girlfriend with her son, Hsu found her son to turn his eyes, and he was limp all over, his hands and feet were cold, and he just puked, wanted to take the child to the hospitals, but Hsiao told her, “Just let him sleep and he’ll be all right”.  An hour later, Hsu saw that her son had worsened, and rushed the child to the hospital for emergency resuscitation.

The doctor examined the boy, and found, that there were holes in his small intestines and digestive tracts, and, that the holes were so big that his intestines were about to break in half, immediately, they’d performed surgery on the young child, and they’d notified the domestic violence prevention center right after that, the police came, and arrested Hsiao.

Hsiao denied having abused the boy, claimed that whenever he’d not eaten his meals as he was supposed to, or misbehaved, then that was when he’d slapped the child’s palms, that he’d never punched the kid in the stomach.  And, even though when the boy was put on the stand, he couldn’t clearly state what had happened to him, however, he’d hit his own tummy said, “Daddy (Hsiao) hit.”

The judge investigated and found, that based off of the surveillance footage of the traffic cameras close to where Hsiao lived, the child was still very upbeat and active as they’d taken the mother to work, and, early the next morn, as he was taken to pick up his mother, he was severely injured, and, during which time, there was only Hsiao who’d stayed with him, that Hsiao was the biggest suspect.

And so, another CASE of child abuse that ended in DEATH, and this will keep on happening, because to others, this, is just ANOTHER tragedy, OUTSIDE their side of the “town”………










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His Girlfriend Sued Him for Domestic Violence, He Abducted Her Nine-Year-Old Child, Beats Him Up

Why can’t people just break up amicably, oh yeah, I forgot, it’s because “there’s NO ‘good’ in goodbye” isn’t it, from the Front Page sections, translated…

A man, Lin, was displeased at how his ex-girlfriend, Lee, sued him for domestic violence, was suspected of abducting her nine-year-old son, and beaten him up badly, and said that Lee should “be on your knees and come and beg for forgiveness”, as his way of getting back at her, and, he took control of the boy for a total of six hours, the district attorney’s office in Shihlin believed that he was evil, yesterday, the D.A. processed him based off of child abduction, damages and threats, and asked the judge to give him three years in prison.

The D.A. pointed out, that Lin had acted on the personal feelings he had had toward the child’s mother, and hurt the child, causing the boy to be damaged psychologically as well.  Lin showed absolutely NO sign of remorse, and that, was why the attorney asked the judge for such a harsh sentence.

The accusations pointed out that Lin (45 years of age) and Lee were a cohabiting couple, Lin had beaten Lee up long term, and threatened to kill her too, and so, Lee took out a restraining order, which Lin wasn’t too happy about.

In order to get back at Lee, Lin drove to an elementary school and picked up Lee’s son, and had the boy called his mother claiming, “I hurt my leg, I’ll walk home on my own.”  Lee heard her son’s voice and he sounded strange to her, she thought that something wasn’t right, but she just didn’t know what.

After Lin snatched the boy, while he was driving, he had hit the child on the head with a baseball bat, then, hit the boy’s face with his own fist, causing the child to have damages on his head and face too; later, Lee called Lin and asked if he’s seen her son, Lin falsely said that he could help her look, and, had called her back, falsely claiming, “I seem to have seen him close to the school”, “I think he’s somewhere near the entrance of the temple”.

At seven that night, Lin texted Lee, saying that he’s found her son.  Lee begged him to return her child, Lee threatened, “I have the child, you need to crawl on back to me”, “Don’t call the cops, or, you will never see your son again”; Lee worried that something might happened to her son, showed up to meet Lin, and called the cops when he wasn’t paying attention, and the cops were able to catch Lin at around eleven o’clock at night.

So, because your girlfriend had found someone new, because you would ABUSE her, so, you take it out on her son?  Wow, that’s really manly all right.  Because the woman couldn’t take the man’s abuse of her anymore, she’d called the domestic violence hotline, and, that pissed the man off, and, he took revenge on an innocent little boy, and, imagine what the little boy had gone through, and, it is still NOT the child’s fault either.

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