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The Shooting in Japan Causing Three Fatalities, the Gunman Went to Hide in the Councilman’s Home

With the firearms, so easily owned, there are going to be, more incidents of this in all around the world right now, making this world, that much more, dangerous to, live in…off of the Front Page Sections, from the international “fronts”, translated…

On the afternoon of the twenty-fifth, in Nagano, Japan, there was a case of a man of about age thirty who’d attacked the members of the public at random, causing two officers and a woman between ages forty and fifty to get, killed, along with a man being injured, in the span of no more than seven, eight hours’ time.  After the stabbing and the shooting, the perp ducked out in the local residential areas, and was at a standoff with the police, and the police forces called out to the locals to stay in their homes.

The NHK reported, that the city police in Nagano stated that at around 4:26, the police were called by locals, “a woman was stabbed by a man”, then they’d immediately sent the dispatchers over.  The suspect started firing off using a weapon that looked like an assault rifle at the police, causing a forty-six year-old, and a sixty-one-year-old sergeant to be killed in the line of duty, with four others who’d been, injured.

and here’s the news report…

Based off of the reports, the suspect was dressed in camouflage military wear, with the dark glasses and mask.  After he’d shot people, he’d escaped into the local’s homes, the owner of the residence he’d escaped into was the home of the city councilmember, Aoki, and there were gunshots firing off.  The location of the shooting was the residential area that’s only 1.5 kilometer away from the train stations, which were populated with the shopfronts, the restaurants, the cafés.  Aoki’s fellow councilmembers called him, but none were able to get into contact with him.

At around 8:30 at night, a woman escaped out of the residence where the suspect was hiding, told that her son was still in their home, the police are confirming this right now.

And so, this is how the accessibility of arms was what caused these shootings, these murders to happen more prevalently, and, if you can buy a gun from just about anywhere, and there’s not the enforced background checks, the waiting period, and everything else, there will only be more who will, die!

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The Major Operators of the Scam Artist Group Tricked Her Two Besties to Cambodia, Sentenced Heavily

And, that’s, how it goes, this head human trafficker, still tried excusing herself, and, the punishment still isn’t, severe enough, and as soon as she’s released from prison, she’ll certainly, go back to her old business, of trafficking people to Cambodia and selling them, again!  This still just, never, ends…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The twenty-three-year-old woman, Yeh was hired by the human trafficking ring in Cambodia as a head operator of the scam ring, last July, she’d gone to Cambodia to work, and enticed two of her best friends using the bait of the promises of high wages, causing her two best friend to get taken against their will, and as the families paid their ransoms, they were, released.  As Yeh was arrested, she’d cried that she was innocent, and played the victim, and the investigators busted her for it, the Kaohsiung district court found her and the other head operator, Wang both guilty of using scams to get the victims out of the country and trafficking them, gave both the severe sentence of five years four months.

Last year, there’d been many people who were tricked to Cambodia, in August, there’s the post on FB of the identification of Liu from Kaohsiung, with “this is the real trafficker, works as head of human resources in the Bokor Mountain, from Kaohsiung, nicknamed Yu-An, the company was under the names of Wan-Gu, Wan-Yuan, Wan-Li, with over two hundred getting tricked to Cambodia already.”

people getting sold off like livestock! Photo from online

Later, the investigators caught Wang, and found, that the members had “shipped” many Taiwanese citizens to Bokor Mountain, and received as high as a thousand to three thousand dollars U.S. per person.

As Yeh returned to Taiwan last September, the police arrested her, she claimed that she was a victim too, that she’d paid $400,000N.T. to get back here; the investigators found that Yeh was a head personnel of the scam ring by reviewing over the reports by the victims who’d called in the case, that she’d recruited three Taiwanese citizens to Cambodia, two of them were her, best friends, who finally got released, after the families paid the ransoms for them.

During the trial, Yeh continually claimed she’d been, victimized, that she’d not known that she was going over to Cambodia to work for a human trafficking ring, but Wang stated that she was an accomplice, claimed that he’d met Yeh through his girlfriend, and was told, that Yeh was a recruit for the scam artists in Cambodia, that Yeh worked for the human trafficking, scam rings, that she’s, “quite experienced”.

The judge based off of the records of conversations, that Yeh mentioned “promotion” to the friend, that she claimed, “I’m very happy here, well off”, with no negative feelings whatsoever, and thanked Wang, “thank you, brother, for giving me this platform to work, I shall, cherish it”, the judge believed, that had Yeh also been a victim, she couldn’t possibly be “happy at work”, and didn’t believe her, sentenced Yeh and Wang both to five years, four months.  This can still be appealed.

And guess what’s gonna happen, after this woman served her five years or after she got out on good behavior?  She’s going to, return to her old ways of, working as a human trafficker again, because, you just don’t get out of the business that easily, besides, she’d already, gotten a taste of how much she could earn, by enticing the unsuspecting people over to Cambodia and selling them out!

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The Loans Scams on the Rise, the Unemployed Man Wanted to Take a Loan of $300,000N.T. Out, But Got Scammed $260,000N.T.s Instead

These scam artists are still, preying on people’s needs, their, vulnerabilities, and, the victims’, desperation here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The cases of scams are happening too frequently here, the false loan scams are also, rising higher by the days, the scam rings posted the loans ads online, using the handling charges, the evaluation of credit, mistakes in operating the machines, etc., etc., etc., to get the victims to pay first, the Criminal Investigations Agency estimated that up to the sixteenth of this month, there’d been 308 cases, fifty-percent increase compared to last year around the same time.  And the money scammed away had doubled, and the agency found this may have to do with the downturn in economy.

The police investigated, that the man, Tien who’d originally worked odds and ends jobs received an ad on LINE offering to lend him half a million dollars N.T., he’d gone to the super convenience shops to operate the machines to pay for the $100,000N.T. in guarantees, and the link he’d received after submitting asked him to click and key in his personal data to register, and claimed that he’d keyed in the wrong account information, that his account would be frozen, and that he had to pay $60,000N.T. to get everything reset, and that he had to pay another $60,000N.T. for the inconveniences.

Tien had three times gone to the super convenience shop to pay a total of $220,000N.T., and still didn’t get his loan approved, and the other party told him to pay more, claimed that they needed more from him to create a higher credit limit for him, and he’d consulted his families and realized, he’d been, scammed.

like this!

and, if you clicked the link, then, you’re, SCREWED!!! Photo from online

The unemployed man, Yeh saw the loans ad on FB, added the LINE account, and borrowed $300,000N.T.s, clicked the link that offered him to register for an account, and the message showed that the loan wasn’t approved; the other person stated he’d keyed in the receiving accounts wrong, that he’d had to pay a handling charge to get the secured transactions of his accounts, then used the excuses of his account being frozen, that he’d needed to purchase the banking insurances, asking him to pay more.

Yeh went to the super convenience shop to make the payments eight total times, and bought the game credits five times, spent a total of $260,000N.T.s, and the clerk at the super convenience shop became suspicious, and called the police, that was when he’d learned that he was, scammed.

The police told, that the scam groups are now using FB, text messages, LINE, using the loans’ ads, with low interest rates, guaranteed to approve, using the claims of the individuals’ keying in the wrong data, and other excuses, to scam; and all the money these victims offered up, were placed in the dummy accounts, there were rarely any handing off of cash now.  This year, twenty-percent of the scams involved the paying for something using the barcodes in the super convenience shops, buying up the gaming credits, and this is on the rise.

The Criminal Investigations Unit told, that people need to check if the agencies they’re taking the loans out with are legit, those with a set location of the offices, and see if the rates are reasonable, and after their loans are approved, then, pay the handling charges, but do NOT, leave your bankbooks, and identifications with the places you are taking the loans out of.

And so, this, is the newest way we can, get scammed, and, these scam artists are getting really, innovative, I mean, who’s going to check, if the loans ads are, legit, we’re already, in desperate need for CASH here!  That is why, desperation made these victims, that much easier, as, targets!

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The Gangs Targeted the Teen Members, Giving Them the Ideal, that After They Served the Time, They Will Become Leaders, the Gangsters are Getting Younger in Membership

The lies they fed to these, young minds, that aren’t developed fully in the prefrontal cortexes, and that’s why, these adolescents are too easily, fooled, influenced, started living their, lives of, crime here!  Why the adolescents are used, in a lot of the crime sprees to commit the shootings, the murders, and other unlawful acts, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In recent years, the mobs are targeting the youths with no sense of belonging to join, because the younger generations who were caught usually don’t get the severe sentencing, and, what’s more, the minors’ criminal behaviors are not on the records, because their, juveniles.  A gang leader, Chen told, that the adolescents don’t have minds of their own mostly, and they got nothing holding them back, would feel that sense of honor, getting involved in riots, and shootings, and even if they were sent to prison, after they’d served the time, they’d become, the majors, besides, the sentencing are usually more lenient for them, which is why a lot of the adolescents are willing to become the hitmen for the gangs.

This gang leader told, that the adult mobsters may already have families, and would consider that if they get caught in a crime, they will drag their families, down; but the adolescents believed, that it’s no big deal, after they come out of the system, they will be in the majors then, blankly stated, the younger generations are “more expandable, and easier to use”.

teens used as expandables by the gangs and getting sent to juvenile detention…photo from online

Currently, the three most active gangs in this country, because of the massive numbers of their members, there are the population make up of a lot of adolescents too, and, the gang leaders believed, that they can easily sacrifice the adolescent members, and stressed to them, that if they want to be somebody, then, they need to make the contributions, and the younger generations wouldn’t care about their futures of possibilities of getting caught and sent to prison, whatever the leaders tell them to do, they’d, do it.

In the earlier times, as the gunmen committed the shootings, they would stow away out of the country, in recent years, however, the gunmen are almost all underage, not only were they provided with the weapons for the crimes, they had set the cut-off point for afterwards too, because there’s the less severity of sentence for the minors, in the recent shootings, after the gunmen shot someone, they’d all turned themselves in, to get even less of a sentence on turning themselves, in.

In the past, we see the leaders of the mobs going to the funerals, calling the gangs of adolescent followers’ company, and the adolescents are normally, usually, more faithful, and, as the fight between gangs happens, the younger generations would become more ferocious in defending their groups.

And, due to the underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, and this is still NOT their faults!  These teenagers became, the patsies, because these gangs zoomed in on the teenagers’ needs to belong, and that there’s more leniencies of laws on the crimes that these younger members committed, and, the teens are, more expandable, compared to the more experienced, members of these gangs, that’s why, these gangs mobs are, getting more teenagers to join in the crimes!

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The Painter Had Premediated the Sexual Assault as He’d Brought a Knife to Commit the Crime, Received a Severe Sentence in the Second Trial

A premeditated, rape, but he got caught, as the woman got away, and he only received five years, that’s still too light!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The painter, Peng last year barged into Chong-Guan Technical University in Taichung with a knife, forced a female staff member of the school to get into the restrooms, to sexually assault her, to molest her, thankful however, the woman was smart enough, got away, and got help, the police arrested Peng later.  In the first trial, Peng was sentenced to four years ten months, in the second trial, the courts confirmed that he’d premeditated the rape, gave him a heavier sentence of five years ten months.

The verdict stated, the twenty-six-year-old Peng at one in the afternoon on July first of last year, rode his scooter to the Hongguan Technical University in Shaloo, took the knife into the school, and started looking for the victims; at five in the early evenings of the day, he’d zoomed in on a female worker who was going to the restrooms alone on her own.

Peng tailed after her into the restrooms, as the victim finished using the restrooms, and opened the door, he’d pushed her down, in the process of the struggle, the woman got cut in the fingers, and the blood flowed nonstop; Peng strangled the woman around her neck, dragged her into the handicapped stall, started rubbing her breasts, attempted to sexually assault her.

The victim called out for help, Peng worried that she got too loud, exited the stall to check, the woman took the advantage, locked the door to the stall, as Peng was locked out, he’d started screaming to her, “if you don’t open up, when I get in I will kill you!”

Then, Peng attempted to climb into the handicapped stall from the adjacent stall, the woman saw he was not paying attention, rammed out the door, Peng changed his outfit, got out of the school, and about an hour later, he’d changed his attire, then returned to the scene, to check how far the police is in the case.

The police later found out it was Peng, and went to his home to confiscate the clothes he was wearing, as his families told him, he’d realized he couldn’t escape the law, at one in the morning the following day, he’d turned himself in.

The Taichung District Court in the first trial, found him guilty of attempted rape with a weapon, sentenced him to four years ten months, the district attorneys felt it was too lenient, went for an appeal.

The Taichung High Subsidiary Court found that Peng had cased out the location, used a knife, and afterwards, he’d changed attires to go back to the site, that he was too bald, that he’d carefully, planned the crimes out, that it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment, he’d severely impacted the safety of the school as well as the victim, the D.A. had justified reason to appeal, changed his sentence to five years ten months, this can still be appealed.

Yeah, this is still too lenient, and who’s to say, that this LOSER won’t do it again, after all, he’d only gotten just almost SIX years for attempted rape of a woman.

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Remodeling Their Homes & Got Targeted by the Scammers, the Fake District Attorney Scammed My Parents-in-Law to Get Them to Make the Withdrawals

Targeted, because he is an elderly person, and he’d, kicked himself afterwards, but hey, what can you do?  You can only, be thankful, that he wasn’t, physically, harmed by those who drove him to make the withdrawals of the cash they’d scammed him for, translated…

It was the year that my father-in-law finally remodeled their old army retirement village home, he’d gone all out, installed the brand new air-conditioning units in every room, replaced the old television, refrigerator, washing machine, couch, along with all the other pieces of, furniture too, in his pride, he’d, shown off his newly remodeled, redecorated home to his neighbors, and soon enough, the scammers, zoomed in on him.

One day, my father-in-law received a call from a self-claimed “district attorney of the courts”, stated that the savings account that he had at the post office had been listed, that he needed to go and sort it out immediately, otherwise, the money he had in the account will be, confiscated.  As my father-in-law believed, he became lustered, and, locked my mother-in-law who’s demented at home along in, rushed downstairs, to get on the car sent for him by the “district attorney”.

the numbers are, legit, but the individual on the other end of the line isn’t, but, how do we know that? We don’t, so we fall, prey! Photo from online

As he got on, two men sat by his side, one on the left, the other, on the right, and on the way, they’d pretended to be busying on their laptops, like they were, sorting the matters with my father-in-law’s account, out, and it’d, trapped my father-in-law into that state of mind, that this was, serious, that he couldn’t settle his thoughts down and think thoroughly through, in the process, the first two post office found something was off, and refused to let them make the withdrawals, and finally, as the car got to a more distant post office, they finally got their ways, then, they’d told my father-in-law, that everything had been settled, then, drove him back to the army retirement village where he lived.

What was ironic was, the post office worker, because my father-in-law is a retired veteran, had called up the counseling committee, and, the counseling committee member called up the families, which was my husband, but my husband thought that the call was from a scammer, and ignored.  But, think on it, as my father was “taken” by the scam artists, and he can only, lose the money, to keep himself unharmed, what ELSE can he do, he couldn’t possibly fight them physically, can he?

The weekend right after this, we’d packed a huge red envelope, took it home to visit with my in-laws, the purpose of the red envelope, is to settle my in-laws’ scare, secondly, we’d worried they might not have enough money for living.  And, my father-in-law who’d always been agile and able-bodied, refused to tell anything more about the events, he may feel, that it was ashamed that he got, scammed, and we’d not asked any further, and can only console with him, that at least, he wasn’t, harmed. Physically.

And in these cases, what ELSE, can you do, huh?  Just be thankful, that at least the elderly who got scammed is, home safe, as for the money, well, that’s not that important, and this still just showed, how the scammers still, targeted the lesser, the elderly who are on their own, because they’re easy, and, even IF there are the news stories, the forums, the ads on T.V. warning against these sorts of things, when you’d bumped into it, you can easily get scammed too.

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As a Six-Year-Old GUNNED Down His, Teacher…

A SIX-YEAR-OLD kid, with the intent of, MURDER, what had this world gone to???

Based off of the reports here on Yahoo! News, it said here, that this boy, shot his school instructor after he had an altercation with her in class, and, the D.A. is having difficult charging this, SIX-YEAR-OLD, because Virginia law believes, that underage minors lacked the understandings of what constitutes as crime.

There are a few issues, first and foremost, the DESPERATE need for a GUN CONTROL amendment in the U.S., but, seeing how the senators, the representatives of the House are all pocketed by the N.R.A., that’s not going to happen, and secondly, whatever happened to keeping the arms locked up safe and sound, out of reach of young children, inside, a PASSWORD protected, safe?  Oh yeah, that doesn’t happen, and even IF you managed to lock your guns, rifles, shotguns inside them password protected safes, you’d still have to change the combination once every say???  Three to six months, because your kids may be peeking behind you when you unlock, and, chances are, you won’t even remember WHAT digits you’d, switched to in the end.

and, here’s the news report on that off of YouTube

And the BEST option, is to place a ban on the sales, the buying of arms, and, we can already hear those, NRA-funded Republicans cry out in pain, so that still, won’t happen.

Now, there’s, only ONE more option, to CHARGE these “young babies” who bring that dangerous weapon to school for the sake of that “show and tell” (like that third-grade boy who brought one to school, and accidentally SHOT his ten-year-old little friend who’s a girl from…dunno how LONG ago that was!) as ADULTS.

Or we can simply, say, that hey, this problem does NOT exist, it’s only an isolated incident, it won’t happen, not in the future, and continue to blind ourselves with that big lie!

So, what’ll it be, huh?  TOUGHER gun control laws, TOUGHER laws for those who brings guns to school for that “show and tell”, CHARGING these children as ADULTS?  What?  What can we all do???


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The Famous Arcade Shooting, the Gunman Turned Himself in in Tainan

Thanks to the investigators, working relentlessly, to catch these, bad guys, they are now, in custody, and they will get punished for their, crimes, from the Newspapers, translated…

The August 8 Shooting at Shueja worked by the Tainan D.A.’s Office, made more progress, the investigators discovered that the Uzis used in the case, had been provided for by Tsai, while the getaway driver, Hsieh was captured awhile back, and the escaped “Red Turtle”, Hong got the gun from Yang who’d been, taken into, custody already, with Hong, ordering Kung to fire the gun.  The police department of Tainan took Tsai and Hsieh into custody last night, the D.A.’s offices had the courts signed off on the two men’s being in police custody, so far, there were, five who were involved, in police custody.

The investigators told, that the Uzi used in the case is still in Hong’s possession, he was suspected of being covered by his accomplices, used the money from the illegal gambling rings, to get the cash for his getaway, the police already set up a specialist task squad, to sweep the professional casinos, to cut off the money.  And because all who were involved were from the regions closest to the oceans, the police investigators aren’t ruling out that the shooting may be related to the alternative energies, and politics yet, they’re now, in pursuit, wholly of Hong.

Tsai (age 58), Hsieh (age 39), both denied involvement; Tsai also denied having provided the Uzi for the shooting, Hsieh claimed that he’d not known that Yang (age 46) went up north to retrieve the guns, but the Tainan District Court judge believed, that Tsai, and Hsieh are primary suspects, that their testimonies didn’t match up to the witnesses, that they have flight risks, and collaborating their statements, and signed off on them being in custody.

The former chairperson of a DDP committee, Kuo’s sold factory and the city councilman, Hsieh’s office in the district were fired into on the tenth of last month by Kung eighty-eight times with a Uzi, the investigators chased them with the car, and found that the getaway drivers, Lee (age 40), Kuo (age 41) got the guns from Tsai, nicknamed “golden dragon”, then, Hsieh drove up with Yang, to get the weapons.

After the law enforcement officials arrested Yang on the fourteenth, they’d also, arrested Tsai, Hsieh in Sinchuang, Hsinbei City and in Kaohsiung as well. The D.A. believed that they are involved in the shooting, and is at risk of destroying evidence and collaborating their statements, last night the courts mandated them both into police custody.  And, the law enforcement officials also had the driers, Wu, and Tsai come in for questioning, and both were released after the police inquiries.

The city police chief, Fang led the city detective captain, Lin, the manager of the substation of Shueja, Liu, stated that on the day that Kung fired the gun, he was, set to leave the country, and returned the Uzi back to Hong to keep, and, based off of all the suspects that’s come up, they’re all from the local ocean districts of Tainan, and are all with ties to major Beimen, and Hsieh is also the nephew of Hsieh, that they’re not ruling out, that the case has to do with the alternative energies, and politics yet.

Tsai is from Beimen, many years he’d arrived to Hsinbei city to operate an online shop, and would sell the items on his YouTube channel, is well to do, and would return back home to give to the charities from his own hometown, in 2016, he’d gone back to his hometown, to host the 1,000 homeless New Year’s Eve meal gathering, this time he was a suspect of the case, for providing the weapons, and was suspected of giving the cash for Hong’s get away, it’d shocked the locals from his hometown.  And Hsieh’s cell phone had been out of service, as the press reporters tried to contact him.

And so this still showed, that if you commit a crime, you won’t be able to, escape, and these investigating officers are working really hard, day and night, to catch the bad guys.

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The District Attorney’s Office Felt that the Sentence of Five Years is Too Lenient in the Eye-Gouging Case of Pingdong, the Verdict of the Second Trial Still Remained for Five Years

The verdict is now here, for the, eye-gouging case in Pingdong, from last year, too lenient, because of, the, insanity plea, as the man had shown signs of, schizophrenia, getting away with assault, by way of the, insanity plea, and, chances are, his behaviors are going to, escalate to, murder, eventually, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man Yang was upset last September, that the female store clerk, Pan told him to stop smoking outside of the shop, he’d used his bare hands, gouged out Pan’s eyes, causing her to almost turn blind; the first trial, Pingdong District Court found him guilty of attempted assault and physical assault, sentenced him to five years, the D.A. felt that the sentence was too lenient, filed for an appeal, the High Subsidiary Court of Kaohsiung found that the first trial verdict was just, tossed back the appeal, and maintained the sentence from the first trial.

The incident occurred in the New South Village of Pingdong, at the time, the eye-gouging incident had caused widespread panic in the locals’ lives, as the head of the village heard the verdict of the second trial, still at five ears, he’d exclaimed, “Too light!”, he said, that Yang’s parents are both in the nursing homes, and worried that after his release, he may injure other people again, hoped the related facilities can place him in the psych wards.

On September 26th of last year, the fifty-year-old Yang went to the super convenience shop to shop, he was outside the shop smoking, and became displeased at how the female store clerk, Pan told him to mask up, he’d strangled her, then, used his fingers, gouged out her eyes.  Pan sustained a broken nose ridge, and injuries to her left eye socket in the form of a fracture, and her retina was also damaged as well.

As the police arrived, Yang was still violently assault the woman, and was subdued by the locals who were then, gathering, and the police forces too; and, on June thirtieth, Yang also attacked a seventy-two-year-old elderly woman with a butcher knife at a local breakfast shop, she’d sustained injuries from the hacking on the left side of her neck, her abdomen.

The D.A; charged Yang with attempted murder and attempted assault, the Pingdong district court found that Yang hadn’t hacked at the vital parts of the woman’s head, or heart when he’d hacked at her, sentenced him to a year two months for the physical assault; on what he’d done to Pan, he was sentenced to four years for attempted aggravated assault, and combined, he’d needed to serve a total of five years in prison.

The district attorney’s office felt, that five years doesn’t fit to the expectations of the society, that he should be sentenced based off of the jail terms of attempted murder, and started up the appeal process.  The High Subsidiary Courts found that Yang had schizophrenia, that his control over his actions were diminished at the time of the attacks, the first trial found, that based off of this, the sentence was just, tossed back the appeals of the district attorney’s office.

And once again, a possible murderer had, gotten nothing MORE than a slap on that wrist of his, due to the extent of his crimes, and how likely he’s to, commit such acts of violence again, this perp deserved to be locked up in prison, because, he has an untreated mental condition, and, can easily turn into, a loose cannon, that starts up the massacres easily, just see how easily he cracked, just because the store clerk told him to mask up…

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The Sixteen Who’d Returned from the KK Parks, All Suspected of Working in Scamming

The fishes are still, biting, in this, abuser/enabler interaction of getting scammed to head over to Southeast Asia to work as scammers, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The problems of scams in KK Parks in Burma got serious, sixteen from Taiwan awhile ago, left the park, headed to Thailand, and were stopped at the airport in Bangkok, returned back to Taiwan two days ago.  The Criminal Investigation Agency found they were involved in the scams locally in Thailand, of the returned, three have active arrest warrants, after the police interrogated, the three were taken into custody, with the other thirteen, sent back home, the district attorneys were called, and the individuals were charged with human trafficking and fraud.

The criminal investigations agency told, that there’s the serious human trafficking problems in Burma, Cambodia, U.S., China, and other southeastern Asian countries pressured the governments of these two countries, and, it’d made the ransoms of the scam artists lowered all the way down to $100,000 from $600,000, and lately, the group didn’t even take any money, they’d released the people; there were a lot of the country’s citizens who willingly got involved in the scams, that got, “mixed in” with the people who’d been, returned.

The sixteen arrested were made up of fourteen males, two females, all are around thirty years of age, they’d started headed out of the country in March, worked in the mechanical operations unit in Cambodia and Thailand, then, transferred to the KK Park in Burma, put in charge of making the connections online, scamming the Asians in China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, U.S., and Australia with the investment ventures.

Started on the twenty-sixth, the sixteen individuals were taken by the mechanical unit operators to Bangkok, Thailand, two mornings ago, they arrived at the international airport, readied for their flights back here; because three of the individuals’ families reported them missing, the immigrations in Thailand received the tips, and stopped the group at the airport, and after the diplomatic dealings, they got sent back here two evenings ago, and the international department of the Investigative Bureau took over interrogating them.

Of them, the twenty-five-year-old Ke has an active arrest warrant for forgery, counterfeit, he was the major operator of the mechanical unit, the mastermind of teaching the scam artists how to scam, the twenty-five year-old Chung, twenty-seven-year-old Chu, had arrest warrants on them for attempted murder and fraud, put in charge of recruiting the drivers; the three were sent to booking first.

Sixteen others stated that they “involuntarily” got forced to scam, said that they’d seen the ad for hire at “Side Door Business”, a group on FB, that’s why they’d applied, and, as they went abroad, they were controlled by the scam rings, and forced into conning others, but they weren’t abused, and, they’d not paid any ransoms.

And so, this, is how the scam artists groups are, targeting the younger generations here, because they get enticed by easy money, no hard work, when in reality, there’s such a job, I mean, if there is, wouldn’t we all go there?  And yet, these scam rings zoomed in on how inexperienced these younger generations of fresh-out-of-school, looking for work younger generations, knowing, that they’re, stupid enough to fall for the tricks, and, this is still an abuser/enabler relationship, there are, NO victims, think about it, if you weren’t enticed by the money that’s offered to you, would you go?  Uh, of course N-O-T!

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