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The Castration of the Rights to Our Bodies

Thank GOD, that we women don’t got them, PENISES here!

The rights to our bodies, well, that’s, CASTRATED all right, by the U.S. Supreme Court decision, overturning RvW!  The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, we are now, breeding pigs, kept in those, tight corrals of the government, each one of us, inside our own, units of, existence, with the sounds of panic (push!  Push!  Push!).

The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, thanks, U.S. Supreme Court for RE-possessing the rights to our bodies, and if we die during child birth, oh well, who CARES, I’m mean, you’ll just find the next carrier, right?  The castration of the rights to our bodies, this, is what U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of RvW does, and, it puts women’s right, back into, the CAVEMEN days (or maybe even way before???), where all we women can do, is stay inside those caves you’d built for us, taking care of those babies that are, popping out of our undersides, ‘cuz we ain’t got nothing else we need to do, but lie on our backs, waiting for all you mother FUCKERS (so???) to come back from killing the MEATS, and to hump us as a stress-relief, as we all know, how much energies you losers had drained, from chasing after those large game animals…

This is still, just one of many things, that men do, to TAKE the rights to how we women CHOOSE to live our lives from us, and, there’s nothing we can do, ‘cuz, CASE CLOSED, that GAVEL had, come down already!

This is still, way too, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) up…

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s Overturning Roe vs. Wade, the Two Sides Stood Opposite, Causing Impact on the Global Community

The U.S. is only that very first domino, following this, there will be more countries, with the extreme conservatives or extreme radicals that take over, and this will have gone to H-E-L-L!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The major news of the U.S. recently is the Supreme Court’s overturned Roe v. Wade from fifty years ago.

And, as I’d read the responses from the website, most of the messages left were all of confusion.  After all, every year, during the month of July, the important part of “helping the soul pass on” is on helping those unborn pass on.  Based off of Taiwanese beliefs, the souls of the aborted won’t be able to reincarnate, and they will stay by the parents eternally.  And I suppose, that the Taiwanese may not agree with the right-wing of the U.S.’s “right to life” beliefs?

I also read the posts from my friends in the U.S., they are all clear on the sides.  Actually, most of the universities in the U.S. leaned toward the left, and I’d often heard of the newest trends in marriage from my friends; but every year around Thanksgiving, Christmas, it’s always the conservative churchgoers who’d invited the students who can’t go home to celebrate with them.  Once I’d read a short story by Michael Cunningham, about a man who’d found his wife’s younger brother on drugs, and worried of whether or not he should disclose it to his wife, then realized, that keeping what he knew to himself, the courtesy from this, was the way to survive in the society.  But the social media had cause, this matter to spin out of control, even though there were those who’d believed that it doesn’t affect them, they’d only posted their own opinions, reblogged someone else’s articles, and they got labeled, and after the wars of the pens, they received a thumbs up seal.

The politicians in the U.S. surely took advantage of this, turned the debate into a national affair.  For instance, the senator, Cruz who is famed in Taiwan for speaking up against China stated, “this is a huge success for life”, while the American President, Biden stated, “Wade is on the ticket of election this fall”.  The Mid-Terms elections are coming up in the U.S. in the fall, inflation caused the Americans to feel furious, and Biden had used the abortion laws to shift the focus of the war of ideologies, and maybe, it’s what will help the Democrats win.

protests all over the U.S. on the Supreme Court ruling

the pro-life! Photo from online

From the practical side, this decision by the Supreme Court, it’d given the right to ban abortions to the states individually, but currently, the situational (for instance, rape, abnormal fetus) abortions can be performed, if the women needed to go to another state to get the abortions, what sort of economic help can they receive, all of these, seemed to be the anti-abortion of the extreme right’s to get the laws set up.  Or maybe the left had come lately, and was hit too fast, or maybe, the Democrats were planning to focus themselves wholly on the election of the latter of this year, and expected the debates to get too hot, to the point, that there’s no, turning back.

Should the constitution stay neutral in the matter of abortions?  Had all Trump’s supporters never had an abortion?  Is voting democrat meaning the voters supported abortion?  The features of a democracy became clear as day in this matter, the three supreme court justice that Trump had put into the supreme court kept the rightist at a majority advantage, and they all voted according to the values of the Republican party, and people don’t need to listen, or watch, and they immediately decide on the right or wrong, based off of stereotypes, who they should support, who they should ban, so scary, this hyperpolarization!

And the American President Biden criticized harshly, that the Supreme Court had taken the U.S. back 250 years; but what I’m most worried is, that the either/or of the culture of election will take the global community back one hundred fifty years.

and the Pro-Choice!

photo from online

And so, this is how it goes, because the extremists got their ways in the U.S., there’s that shift in power, and this is only the first domino that got tipped over, because with the U.S. setting this precedent, there will be more countries’ extreme left or right groups tilting the balance in their countries separately, until, all dominoes fall flat, and there’s gonna be a HUGE spill on AISLE three!

Who the HELL put the firewood and GASOLINE for the barbecue cook-offs next to the rotisserie chicken anyway???

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The Treatment that, Worked

What this elder needed, is not anything the hospital can, offer, but his son to come, and take him home, translated…

As I’d learned of K’s death, I’d still felt shocked.  Although K had cancer for many years, and he’d been eaten away by his cancer long-term, and from a distance, I can make him out, from that, frail frame of his, but every time I saw his eyes aglow, as he’d made his way out of the hospital, to ease his needs to smoke a cigarette, it’d become, hard for me, to think of death in terms of him.

For many of my coworkers, K is a challenging patient, and, those days I’d, interacted with him, it’d reminded me of the term, “someone who’d, tried us”.  And before I was assigned to him, the nurses already advised me, that I need to keep all the priorities in check, if I wasn’t, tough enough, then, I will be, controlled by him; but I can’t, be too tough either, because once angered, he would act up and out, destroying the self-respect of the hospital staff.  Back then, I’d not believed it, but, with the two hospitalizations of K, it’d proven to me, that “keeping a safe distance, to ensure my own safety” was, sound, advice.

K’s reasons for hospitalization is questionable, mostly to adjust his meds, to see the reaction that he has to the medications, but, no matter how the doses were changed, giving him too much meds, to the point of alerting, nothing worked on him, and, nightly, the bell for the nurses to come rang repeatedly, causing the residents on duty to not slept a wink.  Until one day, we’d found that inside K’s drawers, there were, large amounts of medications that he’d faked taking, then, we’d all realized, that what’s occurred, was nothing more than his, longing for attention.

illustration from

Although there’s this, I Spy feel to dealing with the man, K being stabilized, still refuse to check out of the hospitals, not having the huge sums from insurance he could claim for being hospitalized for cancer.  Every time his discharge came, on that very morn, he would start having the severity of his symptoms, aches, loss of appetite, weakness, to the point he couldn’t even, manage out of the bed.  As we’d tried communicating with him, K immediately, wrapped himself in the quilts, turned himself into, a cocoon, refusing to respond.  And, as we’d been taught, to trust what our patients tell us, seeing this, outrageous scene, sometimes, I got too annoyed, and, complained to myself: when are you, getting out of here?

Or maybe, it’s that sort of a psychological dependence toward the treatment units, that need of sense of security, and care from all around him, that’s why he’d, refused to get discharged, and naturally, we’d, asked for help from the social workers, the psychiatric department too, but K had, chased, all these, professionals, away, K’s existence turned into, that huge, annoyance for us all.

Back then, to get K successfully discharged, we’d always, had to, rehearse it over, over, over, and set up a ton of, backup plans, to the point, of, it may not work out well this time, because whether or not we succeed, solely relied off of how good a mood K was in on the day, until one day, I’d, found K’s soft spot—his son.

It was, impossible, to get K to check out of the hospital on his own, but, whenever his son came, K was like, completely all better, and started picking up after his things, packing up, followed behind his son out, with that look of gentleness about him.  Or maybe, the medication K is in need of, is NOT in the hospital settings.

So, it sounded like, this man was only, trying to get the attention of his own son, and every time his son came to check him out, he’d, willingly, gotten, all better, and this is a psychological problem that this elder has, not a, physical, and all his physical symptoms were a manifestation of how much he’d longed for his own son to come and “collect” him.

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Alleged Sexual Assault…

Alleged sexual assault, what’s that?  I mean, can you, kinda, sorta, sexually assault someone, and not really, do it?

Alleged sexual assault, that’s, only what the law enforcement uses, to brush these crimes off their lists as “important things”, after all, nobody will, give a flying #$%@ if a woman gets assaulted, after all, we women are, easy targets, perceived that way, put into our “places”, by the societies’, gender stereotypes.

Alleged sexual assault, does that mean, that someone got assaulted, but we just don’t know who did it yet, as the rape kits aren’t out yet, and, there’s no DNA comparisons in the databases?  Alleged sexual assault, does grabbing someone’s ASS as she walks by count?  Or, must there be, penetration?  How about, grabbing a woman in her TITS, just because they’re too huge for men to resist?

Alleged sexual assault, yeah, uh, that’s still, BULLSHIT, I mean, it’s either occurred, or it hadn’t, so, what is it, huh???

And, if the term: “Alleged sexual assault” is valid, then, would getting grabbed on my tits, when I NEVER asked for it count?  Or, how about, getting whistled at as I walked by your side, as that was, so totally, uncalled for.

Or, are the words of sexual nature categorized in this?

WHAT, exactly, IS, the definition of, “alleged” sexual, assault?

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As the Provisions of Medical Care Units Run Low, the Patients Couldn’t Pick Up the Medication, Chen Became an Ostrich in Dealing with the Matters

How this HEAD of CDC (off with HIS HEAD!!!), still shoots off his, loud mouth not given us enough of what we need, and just, putting the entire country’s people at the risk of, a GENOCIDE!!!  How brainless, these officials are, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

For two whole months, the deficiencies of quick scan kits, the medications, the children’s vaccines, all came up, the government’s “getting ahead”.  Chen, wanted his reputation again, started, getting ahead of the rest.  He’d stated, that the various agencies are already discussing “opening up the borders of the country”, around, “next month-ish!”

Whoa!  If this is NOT getting ahead of ourselves, then, what is, and, we’d, gotten too far up ahead here.  From the pandemic in Taiwan currently, we’re, staying at the plateau phase of development, we can’t estimate when we are going to, climax yet; while Chen is already, planning what comes after as the numbers dropped down, can we say, that he’s not, getting, too, far up, ahead here?

The problem is, that the skills Chen employed, to “get ahead”, are only all applicable, when nothing is, going on; as for when the virus is hitting us hard, he’d, come up, empty, many a time already.  This sort of a “following the flow in getting ahead”, mostly, will cause us to drown, in the waves that are, coming back towards us!

Besides, Chen had, pretended to direct things in the CDC, but, he’d fallen, way, way, WAY behind the local government’s suggestions of what the CDC should do; as he’d cried wolf too many times, who will, trust him again, when he’d stated, that he will, get the country, ahead?  Besides, based off of the virus running free here, even IF the borders are opened, who DARE enter?  The recent number of confirmed contractions, often stayed at the highest of the world, even the U.S. had elevated the alerts against this country to a level two, a “high risk” place to travel to.  And at this time, Chen started, leaping to how we’re, opening up the borders, is this, his, grabbing at the, last straw?

Whoever invented the phrase of, “getting ahead” had done it too well, to make us, remember it, but it’d, disappointed us all, as the country, came up, shorthanded.  What’s even worse, is that Chen’s directions, never falls in accordance to what we the people desperately needed, the only thing that’s getting ahead as he led the CDC, is the, propagandas.  This is, all too clear, on his statements of opening up the borders of this country.

Yeah, this is the leader of the CDC here, living in, the TWILIGHT ZONE, in a, parallel universe, compared to the rest of us, down here on the island, he thought of how wow, we are, getting ahead, from the times before, we were, protected, because the people here, are all afraid to contract the virus, and, because from the start of MERS, we’d done fine and dandy, the head of the CDC, the DDP, the president, had not taken the advantage to stock up of what is needed, the vaccines, from before, accepting the donations of the vaccines of AZ that no longer protected against the Delta strain, let alone the Omicron, and now, as we all needed the quick scan kits, we’d, run short on it again, and it was like that mess of the mask from two years ago (was it???), when we had to go by our ID numbers of odds and evens, and allotted three masks per purchase, and two or was it three purchases from the local pharmacies, and you call this SHIT, getting ahead?  More like, getting, left, way, way, WAY, behind.

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The Orders of the World, the U.S. is, No Longer in Charge of It

The U.S. and China need to lose that WE’RE No. ONE mindset, to “play along” well with each other, to NOT take toys that don’t belong to oneself, to share the toys that they’re, playing with, and yet, do they?  Uh, nope!  Two major world powers, acting like, big babies here is what we are currently seeing!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The U.S. Secretary of State, Blinken gave a speech on the policies U.S. had set in relation with China, it was not new.  It’d still showed, how U.S. saw itself as the leader of this world, he’d also said, that U.S. would band together with the allied nations, to compete against Chinese powers, blankly stated, the means are still on fighting for that top spot of the world with China, with the rest of the “allied countries”, becoming pawns.

Blinken told, that the most complex, most important international relationship is the U.S.’s with China’s, but there were the values that U.S. try to imply, that China is the country that destroys the orders of the world, this would be, impractical.  To resolve the complex, serious matter, first, the attitudes needed to be reset, the U.S. need to lose that sense of superiority over the rest of the world, and lose the mindset of U.S. as the leader of the pack.

two “children”, engaging in that, “game” of international, relations here

found online

Blinken admit, that China is the only country with the power to restructure world order, but not mentioned of how the U.S. is going to, deal with China in a more, civilized, way.  The U.S. knew that it needed to be practical in its interactions with China, but deep down, it is, still, unwilling, to act in accordance to this.

The orders of the world, got to no longer with U.S. being the leader of the pack, that a lot of other world powers all need to work together, to build up, and the cooperation should be based off of the foundations of trust, and, trust is built on benefiting all sides, to keep the interactions, relationships, stable, and ongoing.

And so, this is how, U.S., is so full of SHIT, preaching that oh, we need to work together with China but deep down, it feared China’s influences on the rest of the known world, because the imperialistic mind of taking over is once again, at play, remember how the Pilgrims took over the U.S.?  The Cherokee’s trial of tears?  Only, this is, on a bigger front, from a larger view, the world’s, instead of just, within, the U.S.’s, territories.

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I Can’t Stop 🤬 … Luckily, Max Boot Can! — Filosofa’s Word

For over 24 hours I have been alternately growling, grumbling, and had @#$%& coming from my mouth over Tuesday’s school massacre in Texas and the horrid responses of some public figures.  I tried twice to put my words to paper, but I ran out of symbols 🤬 and quickly realized that my anger might be […]

I Can’t Stop 🤬 … Luckily, Max Boot Can! — Filosofa’s Word

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Gun Control Had Been Discussed for More Than Nine Years to Date in the U.S., but There’s Still NO Agreements on it

What the U.S. needs is NOT gun-control, is people control, and stricter laws in getting a gun license, and the parents, locking those GUNS inside a combination safe only the parents know the combinations of, and then, maybe, there would be, less of these, cases in the U.S., off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Democrats Opened Fire, the Republicans Ignored, Biden Went to a Gun-Control Event, was Criticized as a “Total Joke”

There had been cases after cases of shootings I schools, it’d brought up the debate of gun control in the U.S., and yet, the Congress’s laws to control guns hadn’t made any progresses since the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it’d caused a lot of the Democrats to go from “mourning” to “anger”, aiming their blames toward the Republicans.

The Democratic Congressman from Connecticut, Murphy stated on the 24th, “We took so much time in getting elected, and we are now elected, and yet, what awaited us, is not a country of peace, but a series of shootings, what, are we doing, as members of the congress?”

Comparing to the angers of the Democrats, the Republicans are still evading responsibilities, said, that the most important thing now, is to help the victims of the shootings recover, not the gun control laws; the Republican House representative from Texas, Gonzales stated, “the innocent children became victims of the violence, it’s heartbreaking, I shall face it with everybody”, and yet, not a word of mentioning of setting up the gun control laws.

Since the shooting on the 14th in Buffalo, New York, it’d caused the matter of gun control to resurface again; but Washington Post reported that after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting took twenty lives ten years ago, the almost birthed gun control laws, still hadn’t made any progress yet, and now, what sort of a progress the mass shooting that’s occurred recently has, it’s, not expected.

President Obama stated that he is to use all “his powers” to prevent the mass shootings after the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, 2012, but toward the voices against it politically, the two Republicans had drafted up a gun-control legislation that both parties agreed with.  Machin and Toomey agreed that gun control is necessary, and drafted up a bill for gun control that both parties could, agree on.

And, those on the inside stated, back then, after Obama had declared the gun control means, Biden held more than two hundred conferences with the local parents, scholars, the officials, the army and police forces, the local organizations, and set up the blueprint of gun control, and called up the senators too; but it was the two senators, Machin and Toomey who drafted up the bills, which made a former democratic congressman told Washington Post, that Biden is “completely incompetent”, that his role in the gun control laws was a “total joke”.

And, even though the two congressmen had already worked their best, to found a middle ground between the two parties, and those who want stricter gun control laws, and those who supported second amendment rights, the votes still didn’t pass in 2013.

And since this fail, the Congress had, never again, passed any laws closely related to gun control since.

And so, this is, how the availabilities of guns, made these shootings happen, if there are stricter gun control laws, and strict rules for owning guns, to reduce the chances of one being available to all who wanted one, then, maybe, there wouldn’t be as many shootings in the U.S., but it didn’t work!

So yeah, there are going to be, shootings in the future, and it’s still not because there’s no gun control laws, but because of how people can’t control themselves.

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Whose Lives, are the Government, Joking With?

How our (ordinary citizens’) lives are, nothing, compared to the government officials’ lives, because we’d voted them into office, and they are, ruling over us, like we’re all, second-class, MAGGOTS!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the pandemic continued climaxing, we are at an all-time high for the number of contractions, the moderate-to-severe symptoms, the rate of morbidity.  Hundreds of cabdrivers got to the CDC to protest, that they’d not gained access to the quick-scan kits, that their customers can’t feel secure, that when they feel ill, they couldn’t get the PCR tests, that the government lets us live and die on our own, “the government’s joking with our lives here!”

The mess of the quick-scan kits, the mess with the at-home-quarantines, the mess with the students in quarantine of sitting around someone who was confirmed of contraction, the mess with the insurance claims of the pandemic too, it all went wrong, with President Tsai’s “Getting Ahead” a total, joke now!  Tsai hosted the conference of discussing defense against MERS-CoV in person, mentioned how there would be the larger scale scan stations set up, simplifying the clinic treatment sessions with the physicians, the medications, and increasing purchase of the needed resources of defense against the spread of MERS-CoV, these three major areas.  But, all of these practices should’ve already been, set up; the government waited until the virus was hitting hard, forcing us to cohabit with the virus, then, implementing these rules, isn’t this, joking with, our, lives here?

As the pandemic hit, people can only, expect that they will be told, if they’d contracted the virus on time, and once they were confirmed of contraction, they can only, wait for the medication, the treatment procedures they are in need of.  But the head of the CDC, Chen not only not responded to the inquiries of “of the forty-one who’d died, only five were on the medications for MERS-CoV”, instead, he’d turned the blames toward the separate mayors of Taipei and Hsinbei, for their viewing the positive readings of the quick scans as confirmed contractions, and allotting the medications needed to the individuals as “getting flustered with the virus, and treating everything cough as contraction”.  And yet, how can the slowpokes, deal with this, fast-hitting virus?

Actually, not everybody in the population had to wait in lone line outside of the hospital for their PCR, there were the talk show hosts of the DDP who’d, had the physicians gone to their homes for the house calls for the PCRs, the DDP legislators also had a speedy PCR result too.  The slowpokes turned their backs, then, the “green aisle of humanitarianism” was built up.  Like how in the heightened stages of alerts, as the construction workers took off their masks at the construction sites to take a drink of water, and got fined heavily, with the higher up officials of the DDP in their vacation villages, gathering for their grand meals, and not gotten fined.

The lives are separated by the caste systems, the government led by Tsai, isn’t joking with every citizen’s life; as the lives of some, the government led by Tsai, doesn’t, joke about, at all.

And so, this just showed, how this dictatorship of Tsai and the DDP still, overlooked the lives of us, ordinary citizens, not giving us what we needed when we needed them, no vaccines when that’s what we needed, making the people stand in long lines outside the pharmacies for those masks (from before), now it’s the quick scan kits, while all the higher up of DDP still, wines and dines, without a single care or worry in the world, and we the people, are still, allowing this sort of SHIT, ruling over us all!

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Women Lose AGAIN!!! — Filosofa’s Word

Some people treat their furry companions (cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.) as ‘pets’ … animals to be played with at will, to put cutesy little outfits on them (never mind that they are already far more beautiful than we humans, because they have fur!), and shoo them away when they aren’t in the mood to play […]

Women Lose AGAIN!!! — Filosofa’s Word

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