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We’d Not Lost Out to the Outbreaks, But it Was the Wrong Values that Screwed Us All Over

And this is, yet, ANOTHER case of how we all got, SCREWED OVER by the ideologies of the party that’s leading this country of “ours” (oh wait, this AIN’T my country!!!)…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

2021 was a totally, thrilling, year for us all.  As Taiwan is boasting itself on being the head of the class in preventing the epidemic from hitting us all too hard, suddenly, we’d, shifted gears into stage three alert, and, there was, this, huge lacking in the availability of vaccines to the people, those in power manipulating the situations then, we the people, started, dashing all around, fighting for the limited resources available to us all, fighting to get the residual doses from the clinics all around.  In a year’s time, there are, close to, two thousand in the total population who’d, died by contraction, or by vaccinations, plus the Taroko Train derailing, the city-within-a-city fire of Kaohsiung, the drought, power outages, violence that occurred locally, drunk-driving; you can say, that Taiwan had been, living under, the glooms of, death.

But gladly, a group of Olympic competitors put on a show of “Miracles of the Summertime”, we’d thought it would be the most beautiful firework that marked down last year but, at the end, the political realms, the showbiz all had the show of, “how to breed a loser” suddenly, shifting our focuses away from the four main issues that are up for public voting, and the people ignored the problems that will be, what we will, come into, direct contact with.

The plague had, altered our means of life, and the modes of economic.  At the year-end gathering, my friend who owns a breakfast shop poured it all out: there’s the continuing hike in prices of the raw produces, we’d, cut our earnings; the neighbors who’d sold off the Sandong style duck head bitterly smiled, “the prices of the raw produces is on a continuing hike upwards, only the cost of salt stays the exact same.  The stock markets skyrocketed, with an extreme, side effect!  Every country became, deadlocked in inflation, a bowl of instant noodles here went from thirty-five to forty, and the ordinary citizens’ wallets, shrunk by more than ten-percent, let’s not go into depth about the cost of housing then!

My father died last year, left behind a small chunk of land, the prices rose up, at the same rate as the housing costs, I was originally, guaranteed to make a killing, but, the drought and the outbreaks hit, and I’d, understood, that money can’t bring the dead back to life, nor can the money, make it rain, my mother clearly stated to me that even if the land was sold off, she shall, continue to sell the vegetables, she will, NEVER retire!  Money should be spent, on those who need it, and so, I’d, talked my older sister, and my mother, to donate it all away.  People called me foolish, my mother thought of Mrs. Chen, that at least, we all have roof over our heads, a steady place of residence, and vegetables we can sell to make our living.

Taiwan hadn’t been beaten down by the outbreaks, but we were under the attacks of the messed up values, drug abuse, sexual assaults, hacking, random murders, murdering the parents, child abuse, it’d been on the news, almost, every day; the political parties are against each other, constantly fighting, like a pair of parents disagreeing constantly, always asking the child to choose sides, never, considered how the kid feels, what the child actually needs from them, or, how to make it better for our own, next generations; how can the people, living under this kind of socialization, constantly being bombarded by these values, learn, to live in harmony with one another, and love each other?

Those with money enjoyed solving the problems with it, but, no amount of money can bring back those who’d been hit and killed by the drunk drivers, those who’d died in fires, the train derailing……………all of these, precious lives are gone, too fast.  In this brand new year, I hope, that the parties won’t just make it look good on the surfaces, but, really DO something, to tackle the problems we have in our society, to rebuild that sense of value, so we don’t need to play “the Squid Games” all over again!

And so, this, is a call out to this government, because it got too set on gaining power, that those who are the heads of state, Su, the president, Tsai, and all of those, other, members of the DDP, stopped focusing on the needs of we the people, the government delayed the vaccines, causing, too many to die, and now, they’d, extended the time frame of the second and third doses to six months from before, and now, they’re only, starting to, THINK, that hey, maybe we need to, give those who hadn’t had an mRNA shop a third vaccination in three months, well, guess what, by the time all of these standard-operating-procedures get set up and working fully and functionally, yeah, that’ll, wipe out about……I’m thinking, a-THIRD of the entire population, and, unfortunately, this, “estimated a third of the entire population”, won’t be the DDP followers.

And, all of these had happened because???  We the people (oh wait, I’m still NOT a part of that, “collective we”!) had, voted, a DICTATOR into office, and, there’s NOTHING we the people CAN do about it…

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Hard to Have the Loyalties When the Physicians’ First Duties to the Patients is to Save Their Lives

The encounters of a doctor in the E.R., treating the patients, the lessons of how we need to get our health exams regularly, instead of checking ourselves into the hospitals, when we feel the symptoms, because by then, it may be too late!  Translated…

The lectures in medical school.

Professor: “We the doctors exist for the sakes of the patients!”

The student arrived home, told him wife what the professor told him in class.

The wife flew into a rage: “Bullshit!  You exist, for my sake!”

The husband couldn’t please either side, couldn’t fulfill his duties as a husband, as a physician, he’d almost become, psychologically split in half, and can only, go have a session with the shrink!

Any occupations have their own calling, for instance, the undertakers serve the deceased, so the deceased can transition to the world after.  While physicians’ duties, are to treat the patients for their illnesses, to make sure their qualities of life is up to standards, to live healthily, therefore, the existences of physicians, are for, the patients, and, saving the lives, is the callings of the physicians.

The modern day husbands get home, need to treat their wives kindness, this, is also, the duties of the husbands when they’re at home, but, the professions of doctors are often with the long overtime hours, night or day, there would be patients who needed them, and at this time, the physicians would need to fulfill the duties of their callings as doctors, putting aside the family, and this, is the hardships of a doctor’s wife, and, the primary reasons of why physicians, and doctors are having it hard, taking care of the home, and of the work.

the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take when they become doctors, found online

In actuality, there are the professions that required great sacrifices, for example, the firefighters, when there’s fire, they will drop everything, and rush over to put out the fires, and, there are the cases of the firefighters who’d, unfortunately, lost their lives too.  And saving the lives of our patients is the same as putting out a fire, as the patients fall into critical condition, the doctors need to drop everything that’s unimportant, and, try and save the individuals’ lives.

How to prevent fires, that’s in education, and preparedness, in case of a fire, that way, the firefighters would have to risk their lives, running into the burning places to put out the blazes.

By the same token, disease prevention is on everybody in the country, preparing ourselves regularly, and not only gone to get treated, when ones’ conditions are deteriorating away, because by then, the right treatments can’t be found, and, no medical professionals have a way of saving the lives, the patients felt awful, the families, nervous too.

Once in the middle of the nights, there was a firefighter friend who’d had a ruptured appendix, causing peritonitis and needed emergency surgery, I’d told him, “Mr. XX, next time you feel off, do let me know sooner!  Don’t wait until you have peritonitis, when you are in so much pain you couldn’t even stand up straight, then come to get treated!”

He’d told me plainly, “yeah, I’m so sorry, waking you up so late at night!  The next time your house caught on fire, be sure, to let me know first too!”

Although he’d spoken this like a joke, but there’s, truth in his words, the preparedness of disasters, prevention always beats treatment, if we stay prepared, there would be the doing away with the unnecessary troubles when the disasters do happen in our lives!

And so, this, is on how we should NOT allow our systems to go completely AWOL before we finally seek out help, because by then, we may be, terminal, and nothing will be able to, save us, this also showed the importance of the need to get our basic physicals regularly, because who knows, these annual physicals may catch things that are bad in us, and, get us into the treatment programs we need, to save our lives.

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Instead of Prohibiting the Children from Using the Cell Phones, Try Utilizing High-Tech Management Instead

How to restrict your own children, from getting addicted to the online world, and the high-tech devices, sound advice from the counselor’s office, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Tik-Tok is not, the children’s favorite kind of new age social media, but there are, too many negative news on it, that it’d made the parents worrisome, that if the children are, using Tik-Tok without their, guidance.  The UDN papers interviewed many adolescents’ parents, the following is the first-person interview in summation.

There are a lot of parents around me who watched the videos on Tik-Tok too, there were friends on my FB who’d shared the videos off of Tik-Tok with us, there’s no way of banning our own young from seeing or using this new form of social media.  If we are worried that the kids may view the video footages of sex, of violence on TikTok, and banned it from their use, it only treats the symptoms, and not the disorder itself, in the online era, you can ban TikTok, but you can’t, ban EVERY other form of social network available for the children to download and use, you should set up the clear cut rules of usage of your kids’ cell phones for them instead.

I’d introduced the high-tech devices to my own children by progression, by fifth grade, I’d, given them the iPads, and, as they entered into the middle school years, I’d given them their cell phones.  As the epidemic happened, the school started utilizing the FB groups, LINE groups to assign the homework assignments, and, at this time, I’d taken the advantage, to teach them the dos and don’ts of social media.  For instance, they are only allowed to play the cell phone games after they completed their homework assignments from school, to use TikTok, and, on weekdays, off-line by ten, to avoid the impacts on their sleep.

I know, that there’s, NO way we’ll be there, monitoring the kids over what they’re viewing online, what they’re playing online, but, it’s important that we, as adults, know what programs they’d downloaded onto their cell phones, and how to use certain programs, to prevent the kids from encountering the improper, bad things online.  Using the high-tech device settings it’s more effective than the adults telling the children what they can, or cannot do.

For instance, using the Google Family Link to set the download limitations, using the ratings systems of YouTube that’s available; you can set the usage time on the iPhones too, or limit the time of use of programs on your children’s cellphones.

And so, all of these, are means that are available to all you parents out there, to keep tabs on your children’s time of usage on their high-tech devices, because, let’s face it, high-tech devices had already become, a vital part of our lives, something that we can’t, do without, and, to BAN your own young from using, it’s, just, impossible, so you should teach them how to use their high-tech devices more intelligently instead.

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Don’t Pass the Hatred from Generations Before Us, to the Next Generations

How the DDP that’s ruling right now, will, taint the children that are currently, schooled, as well as, the generations that, follow, written by a part-time professor here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

As the rain slowed in the late morning, and the temperature getting warmer, I’d gone for my exercise walk, and, I’d, turned into the National Human Rights Museum to visit.  Because I worked at a university library, I’d felt especially close, to the volumes of books on display in the museum, and I’d entered into the library to visit, there were, the hundreds of volumes of books on the historical events on February 28th, and other topics of human rights movement, the interviews, the memoirs too.

I’m a lecturer of Taiwanese History, and I’d done the field research regarding these matters, interviewed the elderly individuals who’d weathered through these events of history.  And, I’d, picked up a new volume, and I’d paid special attention to the independent movement historian, Shih’s, memoir, although he is already gone, no matter how he selected to interpret the events during his time, his ideology in politics, his never-stop-fighting for what he believed in spirit, still left me in awe.

here’s one, politically-incorrect children’s book, from online


Looking at the results of the public issues votes, I noted, how the “values of Taiwan” became, nothing more than a card that the two parties had played.  As I held my lecture this past Monday for my students, I did a simple survey, asked if the students showed any cares and concerns for the issues of public voting, or that they were, more interested in the paparazzi of the singer, Wang.  I’d found, that in my two classes, the ratios of former to latter was 1:5 and 1:6.  And, although this didn’t serious impact the outcomes, and the controls of things, but we can see that the modern day Taiwanese students’ awareness of the values of Taiwan, and how much they understand about it.  I can’t help but say, that the younger generations, with the use of media accessibility, and the influences of the news media reports, they’d, understood deeper of the matter, more so than the, ordinary, citizens.

And, out of my expectations, there was, another children’s reading room, children’s game room in the library, I’d entered to take a closer look, there were, close to a hundred volumes of children’s literature.  The larger-sized volumes were about, thirty-pages long, I saw one with the title of “Young Girl 228”, picked it up, it was a book, using a animated sort of way, with the characters being animals, discussing the meanings of the events of February 28th, including murder, hiding, the secret compartments for hiding.  At the back, there was a guided reading section by a scholarly person.

As I’d finished reading, I’d turned to the volunteer at the information desk (the individual was about seventy years of age), I’d told the person, suggested, that this sort of materials should NOT be provided as children’s readers, it may, add to their, being, more misinformed on the matters.  A volunteer called out to me loudly, “This is HISTORY, and we shall, have it!”

I’d told the individual, “I’m only here to tour around, not for arguing, I teach Taiwanese history at a university, this children’s book can contaminate young minds.”  Then, I’d left my name, and had him tell the manager of the library, then, I made my way out.

And, as I walked, I’d pondered, everything in Taiwan is related to politics, and, politics is, currently, expanding out, the past generations’ hatred are, wrapped up, into children’s readers, to BRAIN wash our next generations.  And it’d felt, that in the “democratic” society of Taiwan today, there are those, older generations of writers, younger generations who are influenced by the ideologies of the party ruling over us, that used the untransparent means of words, to wrap up the hatred, and passing the hatred like it was DNA, down to, the next generations of children, how can we expect, that Taiwan would be at peace internally?  If this children’s book was on display at any bookstore, then, nobody can say a thing, because, it’s the freedom to sell for the shops, but, in a library that emphasizes independence, human rights, this was, too, improper.

and another…

all of these, are easily, accessed by parents, to read to their own, young! Photo from online

Think of it, there were the tragedies after the historical events of February 28th, and at the end of Japanese rule over Taiwan, there were the massacres of over 2,400 Taiwanese locals by the Japanese armies.  To how at the end of the Ching Dynasty, Liu, in order to extract the camphor oils, taken the troops into the mountains, and, slaughtered the natives…………Surely, these are all up to interpretations of the writers of history, but, filling the children’s heads with hatred, of what had happened to the people in culture in the past, that’s, quite, morally, irresponsible.  The KMT forgot about the histories, the Communists deleted history, the DDP distorted history, this is, the shared sins of the modern day history of Taiwan and China.  Walking out on this rainy day, I can only feel, that the ugliness of those who want to rule with absolute power, is way harsh, comparing to the coldness of the, cold fronts that are here.

And so, this, is how the younger generations get, tainted by this government of ours, they control ALL the reading materials, print out the distorted versions of history, not based off of facts, but off of whatever it was that they all believe, and, I feel sorry, for the younger generations of children who are being educated in school right now, for they will NEVER know, the truth about, what happened in history, because, the government is in charge, in rewriting it!

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How Do You Make Up for Missing the Coming of Age of the Children?  In the Custody Battles, Do Not Make the Damages Even Harder

How family relations is too important to overlook for all you parents who are, too busy, making ends meet, and NOT spending enough time, with your own young, borrowing from the failed marriage of the singer, Wang, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The marriage of the singer, Wang and his wife, Lee went bust, the woman stayed silent for two whole days, then, started on the offensive, quoted the female blogger, “the one who’s absentee always has a valid excuse”, mentioned how Wang missed all the important milestones of their children’s lives.  The experts told, that the “false” single families are increasing by the numbers today, that there would need to have the “high concentration” of family interactions, to make up for it.

Lee believed, that if you cared, then, you will make the time for it, that love is reflected on the behaviors, not on what is being said, but she’d forgiven, backed down, and Wang stayed absentee, and his children had been disappointed repeatedly, and cried over, over, and over again.  A lot of the middle school and elementary school instructor stated that their story is a great example of “family education” and “emotional education”.

The associate professor of World Journalism University, Jeng stated, whether it be single-parent families or falsified single parenthood, there are, many stories of children coming out of these families well-rounded, the forefront is that the parents need to give the children what they needed the most.  Jeng told, if it’s a false single-parent family, the couple need to explain why they’re absent in the children’s lives; if it’s a single parent family, then, the parents must consider what’s best for the child, when fighting over the parental and custody rights.

The associate professor of Human Development and Family major of the Taiwan National Education University, Wei said, whether it be single parent families or not, the focus should be on having high-quality interactions.  Liking taking an hour of your days, to just spend time with your young, to sit down for a meal together, to exercise together, to stroll together, otherwise, the family interactions, lacking in high quality time together, will eventually, crack, wide open.

And so, this still showed, how very important it is, for you, stupid (b/c that is what you all are???) parents, to MAKE the time, to spend it with your own young, because, they are only young for a very brief moment in your lives, and, if you don’t take advantage of the time with them when they were little, do NOT expect them to be closer to you when they’re older, and, there’s just, NO making up for lost time, with your children IF you had missed out on their younger years, do NOT think, that you can make up for it because you can’t, and that, is the lesson to be taken away, from this.

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A Better Example for the People

We can’t look up to this government of ours, because it has, NO morals, and, if we look up to this, immoral government of ours, and follow its lead, then, this country will completely, go, D-O-W-N, that’s for sure, written by the professor of neurology, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

I’d bumped into a friend who cares a whole lot about her health, saw she carrying out a whole case of instant noodles at the wholesales mart, I was, a bit, surprised, she’d felt embarrassed, and told me that her last year high school son studies into the depth of nights, and, when he felt hungry, he’d normally gone to the super convenience shop to get the midnight snacks for himself.  But a few days ago, when they were shopping downstairs, there came a man without a mask, she and her son were shocked, and immediately, they’d recalled the eye-gouging case in Pingdong, the clerks were all tensed up too, they’d immediately decided that they didn’t want to buy the food anymore, left immediately.  But her son would still feel hungry in the middle of the nights, especially with the weather getting colder, he’d wanted something warm to eat, that’s why she’d bought a whole case of instant noodles, stashed them up at home, to save her son from the chances that he might encounter danger at night when he needed the refuel.  She’d sighed, “wasn’t Taiwan known for how safe it was from before?  Why is it like this now?”

Surely, from before, we were proud that we could go out late at night, and when, we started worrying, that in the broad day light as we are out, there may be someone who’s psychologically ill that stabs you from the back?  Yesterday, a friend told me, that she saw a man with his head shaved flat, with a weird look on his face, walking towards her, without a second thought, she’d, immediately, cross the streets to the other side, she’d come to inquire, that if she was, too neurotic?  I don’t know how to answer that.  In the past, we’d not placed a weapon in our cars, and now, a baseball bat seemed, fitting.  Recently, there are, the violent air that’s, filled up this, society.  Even in the public high school in Chiayi, a group of students had fought each other using baseball bats in the hallways too.  All of these acts of violence, maxed out our capabilities to handle them psychologically, they’d affected our lives, to the point that the government needs to, do something about it.

The readers wrote into the newspapers, that this sort of atmosphere of violence was started up by the politicians, these drunken younger generations are modeling after the politicians ruling over us, brash, and without the laws.  They don’t see the laws, disrespected others, as well as, themselves too, even the servicemen in uniforms, they would get plastered too, and fallen asleep outside the doorways of the super convenience marts, totally, not care of the image of what their uniforms, represented.

I’m too curious why do these younger generations need to get plastered, to numb themselves out, or smashing up the vehicles, beaten someone else up, to vent?  They were, blessed to have been born, in the resourceful environment of Taiwan, which war had not happened in seventy whole years, they have more resources than we ever had, what do they, feel, upset about?

I’m sure, that a lot of people are wondering about this, and worried that the younger generations couldn’t find a purpose for their own lives, gotten lost in the materialism, and wasting their lives, away.  If we don’t know what we want to do in our lives, then, we can’t change into who we want to become from where we currently are, nor would we have the motivations, the drives, to move forward in our own lives.  So, humans must grow, and we all must have goals, and role models too.  Role models are important, just like Confucius said.

The role models come from all over, so long as their actions are worthy of us following.  Some feel, that the students now lacked that role model, because of the deletion of the contents in history and culture lessons, because they don’t like to read, especially, not histories, they’d not known who in history are worth their modeling after.

A child looks up to Guangong, as he got his stitches out in the hospital, the doctor asked him if he would like anesthesia, and the child told his surgeon, “Guangong wasn’t afraid of pain when he got his injuries treated, nor am I!”, and that is the effect of a role model, it’d encouraged the kid to become the hero that he’d looked up to.

There are so many in the world, who are, wandering, aimlessly, without a sense of purpose, because they don’t know where they’re going in life next; there are also so many who are without goals, who are, in that state of dormancy, because they don’t know what they’re waking up to.  We are given the gift of time, placed on this earth, don’t waste it away, and, the government, do NOT boast your achievements all over the places, DO something that can cause some positive feedback in our lives!

And so, this, is still, a “top-down” problem, because the government does NOT lead by example, we the people have NO role models to look up to, to model our behaviors after, and, because of how bad the government is, misbehaving right now, that’s why, there are, so many things that are, going wrong in society right now, and, we’re, all a part of this, because, we’re, living, in these, societies, that we are all, living in right now.

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The Bullying that’s Found All Around Us

The part, and now, look at the whole, it’s all, intermingled, and, closely related here, observations off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The most precious value of humanity is, that it’d, evolved from “survival of the fittest” to “helping the weak”.  But, all the way here, man showed, more behaviors that exemplified survival of the fittest, rather than helping out the weaker.  Most tragically, in the past, the means are to ensure the sake of survival, and now, it’s for the sake of, gaining power.  This is an ironclad rule in the international relations, those countries with a stronger military power gets to run the world, and, is in charge of “fairness, order, and human rights.”  The authoritarianism of the stronger powers, without the means to balance it off, then, it all relies on the Judgment Day of Armageddon!

There are the means of the weak and the strong between the countries, then, how about between people?  Surely, there are the differences of stamina, of strength, and the higher and lower status quos; the former is driven by biology, the latter, the social, the two are naturally, quite, diverse, and so, those with the powers, the status quos, are not at all related with the physical body.  And yet, in a different structure, including the relations of intimacies between two persons, the groups in societies, and running of a country, we can only describe the matter as, odd and weird.

In the intimate relations, the biologically stronger can dominate, and bully the weaker, but, mostly, the couples are, equally, matched up; whether it be husband and wife, or lovers, the means of their relating to each other being dominated by either complimentary or conflict, it’s reliant on the “civilized means of behaving and moral education”.  As for the high or low of socialization, it also has that complimentary, conflicting values, some demanded marrying of the same levels in society, others had, married up, and, that’s reliant on the tolerance and empathy of both parties; if it’s in the political realms, then, the “it couple” may be relating on the terms of keeping score, calculating with each other.  Many cases of domestic violence came from the lacking in civilization and education, and the bullies of the weak by the strong always come one right after another, and another, until someone finally, SNAPS!  Recently, a female legislator had been bullied by her boyfriend, it seemed that one of them tolerated the uncivilized behaviors of another, and, the other’s uncivilized behaviors, took the tolerance of the abused for granted.

If we magnify this to a larger social relations, there’s not just the existence of the strong and the weak, and there’s also, the numbers to consider too, for instance, in school between the students, the cars on the roads, the neighbors conflicting, as well as the oppressions from the net armies too, other than having the strong bullying the weak, there’s that “crowd ganging up on the individuals”, and the net armies are, everywhere around us.  In all of this, although the human “civility and morality” are key determinants, but because it’s related to public services, which showed, of the ability to rule of a government, and institution as well.

The ability to rule is on how the government “effectively” handles this matter, and “in a timely fashion” too, if this can’t be achieved, the stronger may become rash in doing what they’re doing, and the rest of others will copy the bad behaviors too, and in the end, the silencing of the victims, the bullies getting harsher!  In other words, reason why the bad are bad, because they’d found that others will tolerate them, and how the masses are helpless toward the powers to stop them.  What’s interesting is, that the government had continually claiming its “Zero Tolerance” policy toward domestic violence, but, the government itself had, tolerated the bullying of the public systems of the weak by the strong!

To maintain the harmony of life of the group, human had set up the moral standards to keep each other in line, and set up the schemata, and the “model citizens”, through education, it makes people learn.  But with the expansions, the splitting of social organizations maintaining the moral standards became lagging in keeping a society stable, and so, we’d needed “laws”, through the public powers, to keep the rights and responsibilities of people in check.

And when, did all of these get explained as “authorities”, in the past, the civics courses, the history and cultural lessons are now, viewed as the materials which the students are “brainwashed” to learn to obey authorities; and the citizens’ refusing to follow the rules set for them to follow became interpreted as “the flag of justice to fight against authoritarianism”.

After two world wars, humans surely need to retrace the steps that they’d walked, and yet, when the educated used the western concepts to criticize, they may have ignored the misplaced structures of the systems.  And if, the party-preferences were added in, then, the beliefs of “knowing will always be opposite of power”, after the parties traded places, taking office, it will become this cover up of “we still need to work harder to bring about change to work towards equality for all”.

And, how many of the politicians now, are stuck in that chaos of the values of “today right, yesterday wrong” and “yesterday right, today wrong”, and even if the ones in power suddenly finds that the society losing order is a sign of how we need to work hard in gaining a higher moral standard, but, it can’t, get rid of that rancid scent of how it’d, used authoritarianism to enforce the rules that they believed was, correct for the rest of society to, follow.

And so, this still just showed, how when the heads of the governments aren’t acting correctly, without the higher moral standards, the right ways of doing things, not cutting the corners etc., etc., etc., etc., those who are underneath that big machine, is going to screw up, because this is still the case of, “the apple does NOT fall far from the trees”, with the corruption of a top-down process here!


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The Entry Level Medical Staff Members at the Blames for the Vaccinations System Errors?

Who gets the blame here, oh yeah, not the perps!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A couple in Taipei, in order to receive their vaccinations, lied about how they’d misplaced and lost their yellow vaccine registry card, torn off the sticker of proof of vaccination on their national health insurance cards, signed a written statement, swearing they’d never had their vaccinations yet, to “bug” the medical staff to administer the vaccines on them, and they’d used an assortment of measures, received a total of FOUR injections; but, as the government learned of this, it’d only called out to the public, to NOT abuse the systems, and the Taipei Department of Sanitations stated “there’s no law set to punish this behaviors”.  The entry level medical workers are already stressed, are now, also, responsible, for the health problems, the medical neglect suit that came out of this?

The purpose of setting up a working system is to ensure the policies gets implemented, and the fairness, the local hospitals, treatment clinics in the city of Taipei, so long as you insert in your national health insurances card, you can log into the central national health insurance system, check for the records of the patients’ vaccination records, the different is, that the major hospitals are, connected to the CDC’s interface (API), that they can check in a faster manner; but the independent clinics didn’t have this setting, has a slower time to process the checks, which leads to the delayed uploading information, which became the holes that these individuals trying to cheat the systems can squeeze through.

Although the hospitals, the clinics were mandated to upload the vaccination records on the dates of the vaccinations, but the speed to which the upload is different, and, it would be impossible, to try and prevent these individuals from cheating the systems , and yet, Central government couldn’t, face the shortcomings of the systems, the incomplete policies of vaccination, and, tossed the responsibilities of this to the local hospitals and clinics independently by saying, “check the national health insurance card to see if the members of the public had their vaccinations”, and not mentioned a single word of how these who cheated the systems is to be, dealt with.

No way to punish, the central, the local governments, all took a passive attitude on the matter, and the pressures are on the entry level workers at the hospta8ils.  If the systems, with all its holes not patched up, would the clinics, hospitals, be willing, to, get sued for, negligence, get fined, so there would be, more and more, “fourth dose warriors” in the society here?

There had been past instances of mistakenly injecting the wrong brands of vaccinations, and the HSR workers, falsifying identification, to sneak in a second dose, the demented getting the mix brands, which showed, how the system isn’t, working, properly here, the Central Government should be discussing how to avoid this from happening again, and to punish individuals like these, who’d, cheated the systems, in getting the mix brand, and extra doses in.

And so this is a top-down problem, because the system isn’t set up correctly, which is precisely, W-H-Y, these problems are, happening, because the government is still, delayed in catching up, and it’s still, lagging behind, and that’s why, the people felt the need, to squeeze through these, holes here.  And yet, the government still, doesn’t MAN up, and take responsibilities for it.

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The Digital Footprints, the Criminals with NO Place to Hide

Nobody can hide her/his tracks, in the high-tech age here, written by the professor of South Caroline University, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

An American teenager took the gun his father bought at the Thanksgiving sale to school and went on a shooting rampage, causing four fatalities, seven injuries; the legislator, Kao found of being abused and controlled by her boyfriend, and there were, four more victims found; the net armies are rash and spread the rumors online, trying, to sway the public.  So, what do these three stories, that are, totally different have, in common?

Answer: they’d become, the examples I use to teach from current events in class today.  There’s a computer crimes forensic course offered this semester, and today’s theme was the case studies, and all of these cases, are perfect, in the discussion of how digital evidence is used, in the investigations of crimes, and utilized as the facts in the cases going to trial.

The advancements in technologies are coming every single day, their applications, already, rooted, into our, everyday, lives now, whether it be connecting with friends and families, shopping commuting, leisure and fun, we are leaving, our, digital footprints behind.  Same as the criminals too, which made the studies in digital forensic as, a primary field of study in the criminology forensic investigation department.

inerasable are these, digital, footprints of, ours, photo from online


The American teen posted a picture of his father’s gun on his Instagram account, called it his new toy, that anyone with a question for him, feel free to leave a message; the police also found the carefully detailed plan of the youth’s bringing his gun to school to go on a shooting rampage, although he’d not posted that on social media yet, and the motives of what he was to do wasn’t cleared yet, all of these digital footprints became solid evidences of his premeditating murder, which also made the police to decide to charge him as an adult.

During the time when Kao was being abused by her boyfriend, she’d wanted to charge her cell phone, and she’d, found the “recovery data file” gadget that would, save the files of the cellphone into the cell chargers on its own, and found the photos of four other females posing nude; and although, there’s the password function on this backup drive, but her boyfriend clearly, overlooked the importance of the function of this, that’s caused him to get busted.

And the net armies mistakenly believed, that they can spread the rumors anonymously, using the anonymous account names, without knowing, that as they’d logged in using their account names, their IP locations are, registered, which can get traced back to them.

And, all of these cases exemplifies the fact, that “everything leaves a trace”, even in the digital age too.  The criminals search records and the cell phones, the other high-tech devices they’re using, are exposing their activities, which expedited the paces of the investigation, and how quickly the charges will be, pressed; and because there’s the inerasable quality of digital data, it can keep the records of one’s crimes from the younger years through the individuals’ entire lives.  This is why we’re, pushing forth the digital forensic courses, hoping that more would know the powers of the digital footprints, that before these criminals do something bad, they will, think before they act, to NOT make the mistakes that they will be paying for, for the, rest of, their, lives!

And so, due to how we’re all, tracked down, and nobody can not use their cell phones for a minute in her/his life, we’d grown, reliant, on these, high-tech devices, they’d become, something we can’t do without in life, that’s why, it’s that easy, for the systems to, track us, and, this would be considered as an invasion of people’s privacy of sorts, sure, but it’s, utilized as crime prevention, and evidence, in case a crime had, occurred.

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The Investigations Moving Too Slowly, Who Wouldn’t Let the Truth Come Out

Look at the differences in proactiveness, in the cases that the DDP chose to make it its, personal “interest”, there’s, this huge discrepancy, to how the investigations are being, conducted, look at how they chewed down the former president, Ma, or how they’d, called the KMT out, got into the private sector groups supporting the KMT, examining the assets of these foundations under a microscope, and yet, when it came to things relating to their own parties, they became, lackadaisical in its, investigations, total double-standards here!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The case of the legislator, Kao’s being abused, caused everybody to note, and it’d, exposed of how the DDP net armies’ spread the rumors online, how there were the internal discord within the party, but, the head of the DDP hadn’t said a word since, to how the police, the detectives, aren’t working their hardest, to get to the bottom of exactly, what had, happened in the case.

The case of Kao got how the DDP’s net armies twisting the truth, to make Lin, the man who’d abused Kao’s bad behaviors, blackening the legislators, to using the rumors, to attack the mayor of Tainan, letting the internal conflicts of the party come out, and now, the criticisms came from, all around, Su claimed that he will investigate the matter thoroughly, but the account name of “Crazy Vinnie”, is it really, Lee?  And, before the domestic violence case had been reported, there were the threats left online, and the related are already, spreading out all around, but the investigators sat on it, to the point of limiting their investigation on the sole matter of Lin’s suspicions of abusing Kao.

like this…covering up the major details of a case…

lying to the people, that, is what this government is, currently doing…

Lin had been in close relation to the members of the DDP, and, a lot had heard that he’d, falsified himself as members of the National Security, and yet, the police, the district attorneys had, turned a blind eye to these accusations, comparing to how the president, the head of legislature, the head of justice department, stressed on the crackdown of fake messages that are endangering, national security, it left us in doubt of the doings of the police investigators and the district attorneys’ doing something on the matter.

This manipulation of the net armies, was the reflective mirror of Tsai’s own cracking down on the fake news, the cognitive warfare using the internet, in the past, as long as there’s questions, doubts on the policies of the DDP, the attacks verbally on the internet toward the DDP, the police could work around the clock to crack these cases, using the quickest manners, to find out who sent these messages out online.

Comparing to Kao’s case, a lot of the members of the net armies had already been, identified, and the police should be responding, and yet, nothing is done, does the government wish that after awhile, the case would lost public interest, or, does the government, NOT want the truth of the case to come out completely?

And so, this, is how the government, still, spins the truth, only worked those cases that are, in their favors, like going after the former president, Ma’s terms of how he may have, been dirty, and that case had been, dropped, due to lack of, physical evidence, proving that the former president was, dirty, and now the DDP use its powers, to go after those who are speaking up against its rules, how it’d, covered up the truth, so we the people won’t see it, and, many of us here, are still, blind to the truths of how the DDP had already, RUN this, god DAMN country to SIX feet under!

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