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The Government is the BIGGEST Nail in the Process of Urbanizing the Cities

How the government’s proposal of urbanizing the older apartments, how they’re, stating we need to, update the cities, while they’re the ones, blocking the process, from the smooth transition of the city streets, getting updates here, and the problem is still not just, caused by those, handful of locals who refused to vacate their old homes either, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The raging fire in City in the City in Kaohsiung, brought the subject of urbanization up to the surfaces again.  Actually, the biggest nail in the process of urbanization, IS, the governments, because the government didn’t set up the specific rules of the game, especially, there’s, NO means of integration, the most important part of the process in urbanization, how much will the integration cost?  Who can manage this process of integration?  It’s not, specified at all.

Although, there’s the given incentives of tax reduction, and discounts for those who are willing to come onboard the process of urbanization, but due to the lacking of professional personnel, the process fell through the roof, as the prices are, up for, competition; plus, when there are the separate residents who refused to comply with the urbanization processes, although the votes had gotten over the majorities, the government doesn’t dare go ahead,, and tear down the residents by force, which make urbanization, an, impossibility.

The success or fail of urbanization, relied on the whether or not the integration is successful or not; the workers of the integration process are the first-lines of “defense” of the process, but, who’s, qualified to work the posts?  There’s no written rule of qualifications of these, personnel.  Practically, the developers of construction companies, the professional integration companies, the real estate developers, the real estate agents, the land office workers, the land developers, the city councilmembers, those in charge of the local neighborhoods, land owners, even the head mobsters, the gangsters, as the officials that helps with the process of development.

And, due to lack of professional training of these personnel, there’s, this uneven level, some of the officials, to fight for the cases, had added some unreasonable requests, to get the landowners on their sides, to work with them, but, as everybody is fighting over the case that’s available to build on, this destined the failure of this case of, urbanization process.

this is the before…

photo from online

And looking at the realtors, although there are the separate agencies that operates independently, that competed with each other, but, there’s that order, and every now and then, there would be, the conflicts, the disagreements of the sales, but the rate of this is quite low, and all of this, goes to how the laws regarding managing the real estate agencies were, set up.  And those who’d qualified, are allowed to act as an agent in the transactions of selling and buying of properties.  But, there’s no specific rules, no restrictions on the integration of the lot of land, with the tens of hundreds, and even, thousands of properties, this is also another reason, why the urbanization process is a bust.

And besides, the relators, after the deals were made, get to earn six-percent of the selling prices, but, there’s no rate of pay for the city urbanization officials after several years of trying to make the deals, and they may have done all that work for, nothing.  What’s confusing is, that the urbanization regulations are listed in written law on paper, but, there’s, NO mention of the rate of pay for the workers who’d helped mediate in the process, and that’s why some stated, that the workers who’d negotiated in the procedures, are all, working voluntarily, only gives, and, with, no returns, but, is this, reasonable?

And due to, the Wenling Yuan case, even as the majority of the local residents voted to agree on the urbanization process, and the laws are set up to demolish the estates; but, because the government worried over the votes, they’d not dared, just forcefully, demolish, which allowed for the minority, to win over the majorities, and this sort of doing nothing by the government, is also, a key contributor for why the urbanization process isn’t going through smoothly.

and, this is what the “after” of urbanization might look, like

with the buildings more updated, and newer, and less dangerous to live in, photo from online

I hope, that the government won’t play the role of the biggest obstacle in the process of urbanizing the cities.  Other than adding the needed qualification of the officials, and the costs, and, I hope that the government can enforce the laws to demolish what needed to be, demolished, otherwise, there will be, more than half of the residents here in Taiwan, that’s been built up over thirty years ago, and we’re afraid, that similar tragedies will just, keep on, happening repeatedly.

And so, the government, for the sake of the votes, doesn’t DARE to enforce the demolishing of these, ancient places of thirty, forty plus years, and, the residents refused to move out, because if they agreed to letting up their properties, they may have a smaller place compared to what they originally owned, and, they’re rather, owned that bigger piece of older properties, than to get the more updated, modernized, buildings to live in, and that, is the primary trouble about the urbanization process.

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The International Energy Crises, Gave Warnings to the Turnaround of Energy Use

Something that all of us, need to, pay more attention to, because we still share, this, COMMON ENVIRONMENT: the PLANET!!!  Looking for that, one-dose cure, that quick fix to the problem here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, the entire global planet is running short of electricity, and, the fossil fuel charges hiking up, and most deeply impacted are European and Asian countries.  The current energy crisis was brought on by the worsening of the global economy, with secondary cause in outbreaks of MERS-CoV coming back, there’s, this desperate increased need for energy, and, the provisions are short, plus, some of the weather issues, or man-caused factors, and, all of these factors blended together, into, this, perfect, storm.

Although the International Energy Agency stated, that this crisis is due to the transformation of energy: first, giving up coal and using natural gas instead, this can cause a shortage in supplies of natural gases that we need, this is, a long-term, factor.  Secondly, closing the coal mines down, the investments in the mines reduced.  This was, originally, for the trend of giving up coal to power the planet, but, this is not lead by the local agencies, but the heads of the federal or state governments, this can easily cause that tilt for supply and demand to get too uneven.

Third, the price of carbon internationally rose too high, studies found, that this current hike in cost of energy, twenty-five-percent of the causes was due to the cost of carbon rising up.  Fourth, there’s, the lacking in wind energies, causing the wind-generated electricity to not be enough to fulfill the needs.  Wind energy is the most important recyclable energy in Europe, and this year, the wind is reduced generally, causing the sharp rise in cost of natural gas directly.

Take the hardest hitting in Europe in the energy crises, Great Britain, and hardest hit in Asia, China for instance.  Wind energy originally took up about twenty-five percent of total energy generations, the northern seas didn’t generate enough wind this year, the rate was lowered to only seven-percent, and can only, rely on the originally thirty-six-percent natural gas to power, but, as the international natural gas costs rose up, and England not having enough energies saved, causing the cost of electricity to hike up more than ten-times.

While China, for the sake of reducing the carbon emissions, started up the doing-away with coal powered energy, up to the end of 2020, about 5,500 mines, were closed down, due to the need to reduce carbon emissions, or the matter of safety concerns.  The prevalence of coal mines in China, compounded with the rate of usage of these mines to produce enough energies is a big problem.  As the need for electricity rose up, if the laws don’t loosen itself, due to the needs of the markets, there’s a tilt of supply and demands, which causes the prices to rise up.

changes like this don’t come overnight! Illustration from online

From the examples of China and Great Britain, in the altering of energies, showed of how difficult it is, to transition to green energy sources.  Reason being, the weathers can’t be controlled, the provisions of coal and natural gas, the countries using them can’t control, in order to reach that quality level of management, we may need to set up a global organization, but currently, this, is not, a possibility yet.

But, there’s, an important principle, “the multifaceted energy, is the key resolution for the various countries’ means to solve the energy crises.  But since the beginning of the transformation of energy sources, the various nations slowly gave up on finding the multiple sources of energies, and, the combinations of energy sources became reliant on natural energies, “wind-powered, and solar panels) to collect the energies, making the sources of provisions of energy, lose that needed flexibility.  This is a key reason of what’s causing this current energy crisis.  In truth, for Europe, which is strictly reliant on wind energies, if there’s not enough wind, there would naturally, be that huge HIKE in natural gas.

And, to turn energy needs around, we only needed to control the demand side, to lower the reliance on fossil fuels to not reduce the production of it, so the market can learn to, adjust itself on its own.  The governments aren’t all powerful, and couldn’t control both the supplies and the demands sides.

The current crises suggested, that we shouldn’t give up on the developments of alternative energies, I believe, that we should set the provisions of naturally forming energy sources to no more than thirty-percent, the rest, can be made up for the nuclear and natural gases, including the heat from the earth, the water generated electricity from the reservoirs, especially the hydrogen-powered energies, we need our government to face this matter seriously  And, to reduce the coal-generated power mills, to keep the variations of energy sources.

And so, this is on, how the world is, trying, to transform itself, so we don’t rely on certain energy forms too much, but, the countries are doing this too fast, they all want to switch to an alternative source of energies immediately, that’s why, there’s the problem of energy shortage in England, China, and all over the world, and, the best way is by not taking too much from the environment that we live in, use only what we need, and then, there would be, enough for everybody, but the countries all around this world are too caught up, in the fact, that we’re in an energy crisis, we’re faced with global warming, etc., etc., etc., etc., and not realized, that this is caused by things that had happened, from long ago, that it’s, a build up, and we’re just, trying, to find that, quick, one-dose cure, and that’s not possible.

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The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

Lots of news lately involving money and politics dropping this week. First, there was the whistleblower story about Facebook and algorithm manipulation which was followed up by a complete network outage for most of the next day. Then, there was the story about the Pandora Papers which exposed how the wealthy have been hiding money […]

The power of money — The Mind of Brosephus

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The Workers in Catholic Churches in France in a Span of Seventy Years, Sexually Assaulted 330,000 Young Children

and here’s a video from CNN on that, off of YouTube...

SEX SCANDALS, from the, CATHOLIC CHURCH, and the church still refused to take responsibilities for it, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 2,500 Pages of Report Revealed, the “Veil of Silence”, with Around 3,000 Perpetrators, the Pope is Heartbroken

The independent investigation committee on the cases of sexual assault of young children by the Catholic Church found that from 1950 to 2020, there are about 216,000 underage victims who’d been sexually assaulted by the workers of the Catholic Church, and this had always been covered up by “the Silent Veil” continually.

After a two-and-a-half year long investigations, this report with the meaningful milestones got published on the fifth formally.  From before, the communities in the world felt infuriating toward the accusations of the sexual assaults on the victims worldwide.

If the instructors, and those who aren’t officials in the Catholic Church are counted in, the number of victims will increase to 330,000 for the last seventy years.

In the investigative reports, there are, estimated a total of 2,900 to 3,200 cases of abuse, and there may be more, and the church usually don’t CARE about the victims.  And, due to too long a time passing from when these cases had happened, based off of French law, the statutes of limitation had long passed.

Pope Francis stated, that he was in pain when he’d read up on the investigative reports.

The chairperson of the investigative committee held a press conference, and stated, “this is a horrific statistic, and it makes man and god, angry, we shall not, tolerate this.  Until the beginning of 2000, the Catholic Church chose to turn a blind eye to the victims, to the point of, cold-blooded.”

The investigator pointed out, “If the silent veil can finally be lifted, we should, thank these, brave victims, because without their testimonies, the community will never have gotten to know, what’s been omitted, what’s been, denied.”

The close to 2,500 page report found, “most” of the victims are prepubescent young boys from across the socioeconomic statuses, and, between ages ten and thirteen.

The report stated, “The Catholic Church is the most prevalent place where sexual violence occurred, next to families and friends.”

The report told, that the church not only was lacking in the preventive measures, knowing what’s happened, not reporting it, and had put the victims in contact with their, abusers intentionally.  The investigator, Sauvé told, that the church not only lacked in its measure of protecting the victims, covering up, and sometimes, they’d, intentionally place the victim children into contact with their, abusers, if someone comes forth, normally, the victims are blamed, and made to shoulder partial of the responsibilities.

The majority of these cases occurred before 1970, but, Sauvé stated, that the sexual assaults in “the Catholic Church poses a huge problem to this very day.”

And so, you still don’t think that reforms in the Catholic Church are, absolutely, necessary?  And, because it’s these, officials who “served” god who’d, committed these, sexual, heinous, crimes, the churches would cover them up, because there’s a reputation to, upkeep, and now, these cases bust loose, because of how the Catholic Church allowed for it.

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As Children Get Bullied, the Parents Rushing in, Stepping on the Mines

It’s only natural, that when the kids are being, bullied, you parents would want to, rush in, to BEAT the CRAP out of that other kid, but, hold your horses first…on education of the next generations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

If the children are bullied, the psychologist at the Student Counseling Center, Chen reminded, that there are, a few, “landmines”, that the parents can easily step on, to make things worse.  The following is a first-person interview summary with the counselor:

As we hear that our children got picked on, it doesn’t mean that the parents needed to rush in immediately, demand the other child to apologize.  As a child gets yelled at abruptly, s/he may feel scared, then, to avoid further scolding, apologize, but, then, the bullies may get harder on the child afterwards, believing, “You tattle told to your parents, making me get yelled at”, and, an originally small argument may get turned into, a long-term bullying.

Another scenario: get pass the teachers, and go to the parents to confront them for what their child did to yours.  And normally, there are, two scenarios that might happen: first, the parents apologize to other parents first, then, turn around, and discipline their own young.  Another, the parents disbelieving that their kid is capable, and the two parents get into it, to the point of the representatives getting called to mediate.

The two end results, neither teach the children anything, if the other kid is the abuser, but hovered over by her/his parents, how would s/he know, what s/he needed to adjust, in interaction shared with another.  And if, forces outside of the school got involved, the homeroom instructor, even as s/he wanted to intervene, s/he can’t, because the school will not allow the instructor to, and in the end, things are still, left, unresolved.

If the adults weren’t present as the bullying occurred, it would be hard to determine who’s right or who’s wrong, and hard for the parents to determine, if their young was a target of bullying.  As the child tattled, s/he will evade on the details, for instance, being the one to hit first, but didn’t tell the parents, and if the parents went straight away to “get even”, and long-term, this child learned, “so long as I told mom and dad, they will, get even with me!”, which is bad for the developments of their personality characters in the future.

The most important thing that parents should do is to try to understand what happened exactly, and report back to the homeroom instructors, if it’s serious to the point to have a mediator to stop the bullying, then, you take, legal actions.

So, this is on telling the parents to listen, to watch your own young, because if your kid is bullied, it shows, in their, behaviors, and, you, as parents, must not lose it, as your kid comes home crying and told you, that so-and-so punched my nose or whatever, you, as adults, must be the rational ones, because IF you lost it, then, your kid will learn, hey, I can tell mommy and daddy that I got hit, and, they will go after that kid who’d gotten on my bad side, and that’s not good!

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After that Boy Cried “Wolf”, What Then?

The government still plays this, game that the country can’t even, afford to play, and, it’s, risking all our lives here too, yeah, how’s that for the benefits of the people again???  Oh, it’s N-O-T, that game of “chicken” with China here, not a wise idea, commentaries off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

On China’s National Day on the first, from day until night, there were, a total of, thirty-eight Communist Chinese planes that “patrolled” the southwestern air borders.  The following day, that record was broken, from day until night, a total of, thirty-nine aircrafts had, harassed our air.  The head of international affairs, Wu tweeted this: we are threatened by Communist China, and no longer need to “make more excuses for them”.

Funny, what excuses does China have, to satisfy Wu finally?  The levels of hostilities between China and Taiwan heightened up higher, I warn you, you warned me, do we need, any more, excuses?  Wu “shape-shifted” into the head of international affairs, and would cuss China out on the frontlines, the Mainland Affairs Council stood, chicken, on the back; and like so, how can we have civil conversations with China?

what the Chinese government is engaging in with the government here! Illustration found online

Reason why Communist Chinese aircraft kept harassing our southwestern borders because, first, this area is too far away, too vast, too hard for the country’s military to keep watch over it; secondly, they’re using, mental warfare on us, using the advantage of “We can harass you whenever we want” day and night, and there’s nothing you can do about us, to fatigue the country’s defense, to loosening our border patrols.  And like so, other than counting the fighter planes, doing inventories daily on them, calling out, “Wolf!”, the Department of Defense also needed to, have a, better rounded plan.

It’s understandable how the DOD called out “wolf” constantly, to get the locals worked up about how bossy China is.  The problem is, the more times you’d cried “wolf”, people are, getting, tired of hearing; buying up massive amounts of weapons, people would start doubting, will they, actually, if and when an invasion comes?  Then, we will all be asking: once a war becomes, inevitable, is Taiwan, truly, ready?  And, how long will be last in a war with China?

I do beg that the government run by Tsai, to not play that game of “count the planes” anymore, a country, with the mandated armed service terms of only four months, can’t afford to play this game that’s, too high, in cost!

And so, this is like those kids, with one hitting the other first, then, the one who got hit, hit back, and then, this god damn “game” just keeps on occurring, until someone gets punched too hard and start to cry loudly, then, mama comes in and say: stop it you two, or ELSE!  Only, that there’s, no mama in this story, and, we can’t defeat China, because let’s face it, their numbers are, greater than us, more than ten billion in population over there, and how many people do we have here again???  Exactly, and, we also can’t beat them in resources, and, with the world watching close, WHO do you think the rest of the world’s gonna side with, IF we were, ever going to go to war with China (with more than 12 billion in population, right???), that’s, a HUGE piece of the pie called, market economy, so yeah, we’re, destined to lose, and yet, this government still does NOT take heed, are you fucking (don’t pardon me here!!!) kidding me!

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The Employees of the High-Speed Rails Cut in Line, Found the Holes in the Systems: the Comedies of the Country’s Defense Against MERS-CoV

It’s not, just, the individuals’ faults here, the GOVERNMENT is what’s to, BLAME!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

More than forty employees of High-Speed Rail Company were suspected of falsifying themselves as third group of employees to get their second doses of Moderna vaccines when they’re the seventh group, went from Taichung southbound to Kaohsiung to get their second doses, it was, shocking to everybody.  Actually the receiving, the gaining of the MERS-CoV vaccines in Taiwan had long before, a comedy already, this was, only, a “turn” in the story.

And so, why are this group of people so hurried to get their second doses?  Because after they had their firsts, they’d become, “Moderna orphans”, not known where their second doses are, and so, they can only, save themselves.  The standard period between the Moderna vaccinations are eight weeks apart, but because of a lacking in supply, the W.H.O. advised the term being extended to twelve weeks, and, many of them had already, exceeded the dates, or course they’re all worried the vaccines losing its, effects.  Actually, the elongated time between the doses of mRNA vaccines, had not yet been, prove, and we can only assume, that the protection is still, intact.

situation in this country, since the very start of the outbreaks from, last year! Photo from online

If Moderna is short on supply, then, the best working situation is using BioNTech as the second doses, but the command centers allowed the adolescents to have their first vaccinations in BioNTech, this was, the only precedence in the world!  The W.H.O. already suggested, to let the high-risk group get fully vaccinated first, then, start on the adolescents, but Taiwan had gone against the normal.  In reality, there are the risks of myocarditis for teens receiving the BioNTech vaccines, this was considered heightened risk in Great Britain which had over ten thousand new cases of contractions currently, and surely, it’s even greater here in Taiwan, considering the number of total population.

Those who broken the rules, could breach the appointment system of the hospitals, and gotten their shots, it’s because the orders of the vaccinations here, are the MOST complex of the world, nobody can get it.  The international ways are easy, after the frontline hospital workers received theirs, then, from the elderly population, to younger, because the primary risk factor is age, this not only fitted to the scientific, but also, simplified the managements of the vaccines.  The shipments arriving in are lagging behind, the orders of vaccinations, not set up correctly, surely, there would be, holes that people are trying to get into in this.  From the Hearts & Livers Foundation case, to now, the employees of the high-speed rail, they were originally, law-abiding, citizens, but, because of the bad policies from the vaccine orders, and not enough in supplies, in the panic, they can only, get themselves to the ground, and behaved badly.

Because of the numerous types of persons, it’d caused the platform of appointment to have, too many holes, for instance, first to third types, there are the rosters made for their vaccinations, for the rest, we’d had to sign up online, and because the elderly population may not be agile in using the online appointment systems, the heads of the boroughs passed out the registry forms, too hard for it to not become, too, messy.  In other countries, before the vaccinations, it’s united that people get registered online, receiving their vaccination slips, then, they would make the appointments for vaccinations, one set of systems, one set of procedures.

Last year, Taiwan had passed up the chances of buying the shipments of BioNTech, but because the outbreaks hadn’t hit hard enough yet, it’d, passed up the opportunities, and by May when the outbreaks exploded, the country’s hurrying to buy more was, way too late, so the government can only, push forth the nation’s own “homegrown” vaccines, but the people don’t buy it, and it still didn’t resolve the shortages of vaccines available to us.  Thankfully, because most of us abided by the rules, using the non-medical means to block off the Alpha and the Delta strands.

Currently, based off of how it’s going, it’s a low risk that someone contracts MERS-CoV in this country, the people don’t need to panic and start fighting over the limited supplies of vaccines.  As BioNTech’s first round through all the age groups, the mixing of the vaccinations should be allowed, to have the flexibilities of usages of vaccines.  And the platforms for the registering needed to be unified too, using the computer as the gatekeeper, to separate the registration and the actual vaccination proceedings, instead of letting it up to get evaluated by the hospitals individually, that way, it will, reduce the scams.

So, there’s not just, that faulty registry system at work, but the shortages of vaccine availabilities, and the government still waiting on the AFFIRMATIVE results of mixing and matching the vaccines work, and that’ll take???  Exactly, and during this wait, more will die, and it’s still the god damn government’s faults, for NOT giving WE the people enough vaccines, for setting up this, bullshitting platform for registering for, and to actually sign UP for the vaccines.  And, due to this bad programming of the systems, MORE are gonna, D-I-E, because, apparently, the government WANTS to reduce the problems of OVERPOPULATION in this big old world we all reside in…

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With a High Chance of Repeatedly Offending, Placed in Protective Custody for Five Years, the Families of the Deceased: Can’t Accept This, Will Fight for an Appeal

Another case of how a VIOLENT OFFENDER, with a mental condition had, escaped, the death, penalty here, still NOT justice that’s what this is!!!  How the insanity plea, worked in this, psycho’s, “favor”, and there’s NOTHING that anyone (including the justice systems) can do about it, crime & Punishment, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The man, Chen clubbed his neighbor, Chung to death, the Pingdong District Court, based off of the psych evaluation by the psychiatric department of the hospital, believed, that as he’d committed the murder, he was relapsing from an episode of severe paranoia from his schizophrenia, that he couldn’t control his own behaviors, used the first of Penal Code 19, found him not guilty, and placed him in protective custody for five years.  The families of the victim couldn’t accept this, they will ask the district attorney’s office to fight for an appeal.

There are just a case of how a female store clerk, Pan got her eyes gouged out by the man, Yang who also has schizophrenia, and yesterday the courts found Chen not guilty by insanity, which broken the promises of the local government’s setting a safety net for the sake of the locals.  The legislators also questioned on when the holes in the systems will get patched up, with the recurrences of these events?

The assault on the female store clerk of the super convenience shop, the head of the village, Chang who had been attacked by the perpetrator led a group from his village, to head to the Sanitations Department of Pingdong to make their proclamations, Chang told, that now, the people in the village are all on edge.  A villager, Wu told, that Yang had been in and out of the hospitals multiple times, and had multiple physical assaults on record too, but none of it stuck, and now, he’d used, a more fierce method, gouged someone’s eyes out, and the people are in a panic, due to this huge hole in the security net.

The assistant director of the Pingdong Department of Health & Sanitations, Chang told, that they will discuss with the Central Government on how to reach that balancing point between the rights of the mentally ill and the security of the local societies, that there is, a need for toughening up the reinforcements in the laws, that she will discuss the matter with Central government.

Two years ago in December, Chen first banged on his neighbor, Wu’s door with a wooden bat, beaten Wu to skull and hand fracture; last August, he’d clubbed his neighbor, Chung to death, after the one death, one injury he’d caused, the D.A. finally, prosecuted him on murder charges.

The courts investigated, that started in 2016, Chen had multiple hospitalizations due to schizophrenia.  After the cases happened, the Pingdong Jia-Le Hospital and the Kaohsiung Medical School Hospital’s psych evaluations all found that he was symptomatic of schizophrenia, with strong persecutory paranoia.  The Kaohsiung Medical University hospital found that the coworkers, the neighbors, became the persecutory individuals of the self in life, causing Chen two get into multiple fights with others, without the proper treatment measures, and his life being shut in, lacking that strong social support system, in the end, causing the brutal physical assault on the individuals whom he had the persecutory beliefs from.

The judge believed that it was Chen’s paranoid schizophrenia that’s made him committed murder, that he didn’t have control over his own actions.  Based off of the first of Penal Code 19: “no punishment for individuals who are undertaken by the mental conditions, who couldn’t control one’s own behaviors”, gave him a not-guilty verdict.  But considering the severity of his assault, of how Chen’s conditions can’t be watched over by his own family, and without the proper treatment measures given to him, there’s a high chance for him to offend again, that it’s seriously dangerous, placed him in five year protective custody.

And so, this is still, nowhere NEAR, justice for the victims, because this man poses a danger to himself, as well as others, but because he’d been diagnosed with schizophrenia, instead of charging him with attempted murder, and physical assault, he only got a slap on the wrist, placed in protective custody, in the, psych ward, and what happens, if, after his release, his schizophrenia “acted up” again, and he murders someone, huh?  You just don’t let these loose cannons go all over the places on the streets, and yet, there’s nothing that the justice systems can do, because he’s been, diagnose with a mental condition here!

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Anytime, Any Place, the Hard-to-Prevent Cyberbullying

The means, of how the hurt can happen, at any time of day, and anywhere!  On the facets of, cyberbullying, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The school therapist, of the guidance counselor’s office of a school analyzed the differences in cyberbullying and physical bullying in the past, and reason why cyberbullying should be examined, more closely:

From before, the place where bullying happens is in school, and now, with a cell phone to a child, the bullying became at anytime, any place.  For instance, a middle school student, Hwa felt that someone stole her boyfriend, then, she’d called on her cohort of friends, started sending the private messages to the person, posting the words publicly, or go to the IG to start cussing the guy out, and even, setting up a “trash-talk” Line Group of the guy, and the victims may not even be aware, that a group talking trash about her/him/them exists.

like this…

illustration from online

The use of sexual violence for revenge online is getting serious too.  There was a sixth grade who’d received a message that said, “I have nude photos of you, if you send me another, then I won’t post this one”, the kid almost believed, but thankfully, the adults stopped it upon finding out.

The digital footprints will never be erased.  Like the recordings the videos of the photos, the things that makes you targets of bullies, once it gets online, so long as the onlookers started passing it along, even if the bully was caught and reprimanded, the files are forever staying online, and, the victims may be, revictimized again.

What’s worth noting more of cyberbullying is that the bullied already got singled out by her/his friends, and, when it goes online, the endless cusses, the criticisms, will make the victims feel, “So, all those people hate me, despised me, rejects me”.  And if the bystanders, the teachers, the adult counterparts didn’t catch the S.O.S. from the child, with “just deal with it, they’re, just, making fun”, to a child, s/he will die on the inside, because if those s/he trusts won’t even help, it would, hurt her/him, even more.

So, this, is on the adverse effect of being, cyberbullied, because once it’s online, you can’t, EVER, erase, that digital footprint that you’d, left, and, because these children have NO awareness of the foresight of the consequences of their own actions (b/c the prefrontal cortexes aren’t properly developed yet!), the effects are, eternal.

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Raising the Silkworms

The death, of that, whole “hoard” of, silkworms, and the teacher killed them!  A lesson, taught by nature, to this, science teacher of the elementary school years, translated…

Growing up, there were the dogs we kept, as guards of home, they ate, what we all ate, nothing special.

Back in the early 2000s, I’d started working as a science teacher in the elementary school years, the publishers of textbooks put out the silkworms for the children to raise, and mixed that into the lessons in science.  The children then became, nannies, raised their silkworms by the book, finished the lessons.  On the Memorial Day long weekends, leaving the silkworms in school, a few days of not having anyone to watch them, they may die; thought about giving the silkworms to my students, and, naturally, that would, give their parents, the troubles, I’d thought, that I was a science teacher, and I needed to experience what it’s like personally, to keep and raise the silkworms, and besides, I was, curious, how is keeping silkworms, different than keeping cats and dogs.

we use to go to the school shop, and pick a box up for $10N.T.s, and keep it for our science lessons…photo from online

And so, I’d, taken the whole bunch home with me, and, I’d, taken the advantage, of going to the graves to make the offerings, to pluck some mulberry leaves for the silkworms.  But, they’d, all died, and I’d become, a total, executioner.

I’d looked deeper, into the cause of their deaths, and found, that the leaves only, looked like the mulberry leaves, that they weren’t, actually, and, I’d, thought, that the silkworms could eat it, and not have any troubles.  I’d returned back to class, emptyhanded.  The students inquired, “where are the silkworms?” I’d, confessed to them, shamefully, “They all, went to, heaven”, the students started mourning, and I’d, used the opportunity to teach them, to discuss with them, the fragility of life, along with how to adjust our selves, to traumas.

The lesson of the “silkworm incident” taught me one thing, and, afterwards, I’d not, relaxed, one bit, as a, school teacher.

So, this, is the hard-learned lessons, taught by a creature of nature to you, as a, science instructor, and you’d, learned THAT lesson well too, so, you won’t, have to, face the, collective deaths of, the “science project” of the entire class…

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