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Looking ELSEWHERE for Sound Advice

Once again, this, is still just one WOMAN’s O-P-I-N-I-O-N, so, don’t take it as a fact!!!

Looking elsewhere for sound advice, but, I’d looked high AND low, to find someone to give me an advice on something, but, I’d come up empty handed for some unknown reasons… Looking elsewhere for sound advice, because I don’t trust my own advice, because in the past, I’d gotten SCREWED over SO very bad, from taking MY own advice, and, it didn’t take me too many tries, for me to realize, that I should NOT trust myself, when I need an advice on something.

Looking elsewhere for sound advice?  Let me ask you this: Who knows YOU best?  Is it, your mother, your father, your husband/wife, your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friends, your siblings, your coworkers, or Y-O-U?  Stop looking ELSEWHERE for sound advice, and, just look deep inside of your hearts, and start listening, to what it’s telling you, but, DO make sure, that you’d run what your hearts are saying OVER three times in your heads, before you go and ACT on whatever your hearts are suggesting you to do, like that first LOSER said, “Follow your heart, but run it over your head THREE times”, and sometimes, three times ain’t enough at all, so…


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I Saw Myself, When I Gazed into Your Eyes

I guess, that, was what drove me to offer you the help, because I saw myself, when I gazed into your eye, and the moments of my past, came flooding back, had someone lend me a helping hand when I was there (in the past), then, maybe, I wouldn’t have had it this hard, and now, you appeared before me, in my “old shoes”, how can I not help you out?

I saw myself, when I gazed into your eyes, and, I knew which wrong turned that you CAN take, and so, I’d decided, to NOT allow you to make the same mistakes as I’d done, because to recover for all of my fucked up mistakes, I’d had to keep going over the same pages again and again, and in the end, it took me a VERY long time, to finally come back out, and I wasn’t going to let you go down like that, because had someone helped me then, like I’m trying to help you right now, then, maybe, my life wouldn’t be as hard as it were.

I saw myself, when I gazed into your eyes, and that, was what scared me, I couldn’t let you travel down that same road that my forefathers and I were pushed down, oh no, I MUST map out a brand new future for you, and, you WILL go wherever it is that I tell you to, after all, I’m older than you, wiser too (I’d like to think so…)…

I saw myself, when I gazed into your eyes, that same helplessness that I’d felt from before, you’re feeling now, right?  And, it doesn’t feel good, does it?  And, I got myself out of there (the bottom), and I’d climbed long, AND hard, and I got to the very T-O-P of my game, and, I want you to copy what I did, so, you can pull yourself out of the jams (not those preservatives!!!) that you’re in too.



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The King of Mistakes & the Queen of Forgiveness

We have here, ANOTHER CLASSIC abuser/enabler “relationship”, but, let’s just wait and see, how these two manage, shall we???

The king of mistakes, had made, ONE more (and no, it still won’t BE his last!!!) mistakes, and, he’d crawled BACK, on ALL fours (what does THAT look like???  Woof!  Woof!), to the Queen of Forgiveness, and, that, being HER name, naturally, as you would’ve guessed, she’d forgiven him, of ALL the evils he’d done, and, took him BACK into her arms, her bed, even, her PANTIES.

The king of mistakes, when the HELL is this LOSER gonna learn, from his mistakes?  The answer would be, the first day of N-E-V-E-R, and, never, is still a long, long, L-O-N-G ways away, from the kingdom where the king of mistakes and his queen of forgiveness lives.

The queen of forgiveness, that, is her nature, being forgiving, like ALL mothers are, of their own offspring’s bad deeds, but, she FAILED to realize, that her H-U-S-B-A-N-D, the king, is NOT her son, and yet, she’d still hovered over him, like HIS mama had done.



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World Suicide Prevention Day

Helping to End Abuse, One Case at a Time…

no longer silenced movement

To Write Love On Her Arms is hosting their annual National Suicide Prevention Day campaign, which across the nation is recognized as September 10th. TWLOHA (for short) “is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery” according to the vision statement that you can view on their site.

Like any resilient survivor, it is hard to overcome a life of tragedy without carrying scars with you everyday. While you might not feel them or reflect on them everyday, the days you do, it can prove unbearable. According to, 80% of survivors of abuse suffer from depression, anxiety, and emotional disorders. Without the proper help, survivors of abuse can turn to a life of crime, teen pregnancy, or become abusers themselves, while many others…

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Raping a Young Boy, the Nude Photos Got Out Over the Coast

Once again, a man who works with children from a CHURCH raped, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A homework counselor, Chen, from a certain church in Pingdong had sexually raped, molested a young boy for multiple years, and he’d even used his cell, took pictures of the child’s penis and testicles, last year, he’d used a communication program in China, to show off the child’s privates, and it was during the time when China started the sweep for sexually illicit materials online, the photographs were found by the police in China, and, they’d notified the police in Taiwan, and that, was how this rape got out into the open.

At the start of the court sessions, Chen started telling the judge, that the officers who’d interrogated him cussed him out, and started him down for thirty seconds, causing him to fear, that, was why he’d made the false statements, he’d denied having fellated the young boy.  The judge reviewed the surveillance of the interrogation rooms, turns out, that there was only a small space for interrogation, and at the time of him being questions, there were other officers, discussing another public endangerment case, and one of the officers had cussed and stated the name of another perpetrator.

The judge believed, that the officers who had lost control, was engaged in the discussion of the public endangerment case, and it was NOT the same case that Chen was apparently involved in, and believed that Chen’s words are not truth, and sentenced him to seven years six months for obstruction of sexual freedom, and, for the solicitations of underage sexually illicit photos, he was given four months, and this, he can get out of serving time by paying a charge.

The police pointed out, that two years ago, Chen took the advantage of his afterschool help sessions, took the young boy back to his place multiple times, had the child fellate him, and touched the child’s penis and testicles, even though the child said no, he’d still forced himself on him, the child worried that he might get angered, and so, he didn’t tell anyone.  Until last year when China did an Anti-Sex sweep online, and found that he’d uploaded the photos of the victim to someone in China, the police force in China started contacting the police stations here, and, the detectives went to check out and confiscated his laptop, and that, was how this whole thing went bust.

And so, we still have a man that this child trusted, who’d abused his trust, and used his position of power, to rape the child, and this man works in a C-H-U-R-C-H for crying out loud, and what does that tell you about those who preached about god again???  Oh yeah, they’re LIARS!!!


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His Three Friends Couldn’t Get Him Out of the Waters and the Middle School Student Drowned

Because it’s the summertime, therefore, a LOT of drowning are currently happening, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Four middle school students got together, went to the fishermen’s wharf close to the dock of the fishermen’s association in Hsiao-Gang, Kaohsiung to fish, a teenager, Lai, went swimming in the water, but because he got too tired, his three friends couldn’t manage to pull him back up to shores, he fell back into the oceans hard, and was lost, twenty minutes later, when the fire department discovered him, he was already a dead body, at the bottom of the harbor.

The Hsiao-Gang subprecinct’s officer pointed out, that the thirteen-year-old second year middle school student, yeste3rday afternoon at around two, went with his three younger neighbors, to horseplay by the docks, and Lai had gone alone for a swim for half an hour, the other three hollered that they wanted to head home, he’d made multiple attempts to climb back up to shore using the floating markers, but had failed, the three younger kids saw, wanted to give him a pull, but their hands slipped and he fell back into the oceans.

The three younger kids told, that as they saw Lai fell in, everybody was dumbfounded, and they could only start hollering out his name on the shores, and a member of the group called the family of Lai. As Lai’s father got to the scene, he looked very miserable, the fire department got the call and came, and put on their diving outfits and quickly, went in search of the student, about twenty minutes later, they’d recovered his corpse, at the bottom of the harbor, he was not breathing, and, he died, on the way to the hospitals.

The principal of his middle school stated, that the school had told the students to take precautions when swimming, but, the tragic accident still wasn’t prevented before school started.

And so, this, is an accidental death, but, this could’ve been prevented, had these children NOT gone off to play in the waters, I mean, it’s the OCEAN for crying out loud, and, you can’t swim in the oceans safely, and, without calculating into the “equation” the unforeseen circumstances you might meet up with in the waters, that, was what caused this kid to get killed.


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What Needs to Be Reformed, Are the Mindsets of the Adults

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Our kids are like blank sheets of paper, waiting, for the adults, to give them some education, to “shape” them into forms, to tell them what they need to improve in.

What needed reform in the reforms in education is the “attitudes” and “mindsets” of the teachers and the parents, I suppose!  And yet, this, is the hardest to observe change of them all, but, it is also, the most vital.

Recently, for the sake of the entrance exams of high schools, everybody is ranting, some vouched for the examinations taking place, others don’t want the tests to happen, but, the children needs more than the “just once examinations”, as parents, we all know, that the hardest and the part that was required, in childrearing is the accompaniment of and education, that, is the hardest part.

The point is not whether or not the government should throw out the testing systems, if the parents and the teachers won’t shoulder up the responsibilities, to help them adapt, to help them find their areas of interests, to train them with the skills needed for their futures, then, no matter how well-rounded the systems, they’re still useless.

There are a LOT of those who are willing to make a scene, to fight for one’s own rights, but I believe, that spending time and energy with the child, accompanying her/him, and those who helped our kids in school, the teachers, and the parents, they’re the most respected, even though, they’d remained anonymous, but, they’re the ones who have direct influence on the successes of our children.

And so, this just exemplifies the importance of the roles of the parents AND the teachers, and yet, most parents these days, leave the education to the schools and the teacher, because they FAIL to realize, that they’re the ones with the MOST influence on their kids’ behaviors.


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Not Asking for Return

Acts of kindness, translated…

Once, I rode out with my mother, on the back of the motorcycle, I’d hugged on tightly to her waist, as we are caught up in conversation………

The accident happened, in the blink of an eye, we didn’t even have time to react, and, we were HIT by the car that was going the other direction!  I could NO longer recall the details of the events clearly now, but, what was impressive, was there was a man, who’d parked his mo-ped by the side, and came over, to help my mother and I get back u p.  we’d told him thanks, and he saw we were okay, and smiled and rode off in his motorcycle. Ever since, my views toward a lot of things are changed, turns out, that someone CAN help out, without wanting anything in return, we’re strangers to him, and yet, he was willing to lend us a helping hand without a second thought.

As I’d gone on to middle school, I’d never forgotten the man who’d helped us out that day, and so, I’d decided to carry forth his attitude, even though, I can only do so much, mostly, the things in daily life, like seeing a bicycle tipped over in the parking areas, and I’d helped straightened it up, picking up the trash I see left on the floors………

That, is the spirit of doing, without expecting anything in return, so long as someone gets moved by my actions, and feels helped by my behaviors, then, that would be more than enough to me.

Seeing these ordinary things, it’d made me realize, that compassion doesn’t need to be on a grander scale, even the smallest of things, sometimes can bring convenience to someone else.  And more importantly, we’re willing to do these small deeds.

And so, from being helped, it’d initiated this actions inside of you, and that, is what you’re carrying forth with, passing along that heart, that mindset, hoping someone would get moved by you, as you were moved by that person who’d helped you, without expecting anything in return.

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The Love Chain


I was raised, in a single parent household, but, in the shelter of my mother’s hard work, I’d grown up, without any worries, and in a carefree manner too.

As I grew up, after I’d started working, my first paycheck, I’d given it to my mother, but she’d returned it back to me.  She told me, that I should keep ALL of my paychecks from here on out, but hoped that I could give the child social welfare program its monthly donation.

And so, I’d adopted a young girl in elementary school, every time around the major holidays, she’d written me, in her words, I’d felt her worries for her ailing mother, and the dreams she has for herself after she grows up.  And, I’d always wrote back with encouragements, telling her, to keep working toward her goals.

I thought, that this, was the lesson that my mother tried to teach me, the joys from giving.

Later on, I’d realized, that there was a huge secret behind my mother’s asking me to do this—since from in her elementary school years, and all the way up to before her middle school graduation, she’d received assistance from the children’s welfare foundation.

I knew, that my grandmother’s house wasn’t so well –to-do, that my mother got into the world earlier on in her life, later, she’d part-timed through school and finished her education.  But my mother never told me, that she’d received assistance from the children’s welfare foundation.

After I knew the reasons, I’d finally understood where she was coming from.  When she was younger, she’d received the assistance from others, she’s filled with kindness, and waited until she made it through her hardest time, she’d hoped to give back, even IF it’s just for a little bit.

My mother also wanted to transfer this love she’d received to her own daughter, I hoped, that the kindness that my mother had passed to me, can help make a seed into a flower, until she bloomed and this cycle of love will never end.

Because the mother received help from the organization, she kept her heart of thanks, and had her own daughter, when she was capable, help someone else out, and, the mother had helped initiated the cycle of kindness.

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Short Hair


Since I was a child, I’d asked those I loved, with in a childish manner, “Do you like me with long or short hair.”, and the answers I got was more of the same, and so, I’d always grown my hair long.

This, was an especially hot summer, my hair that’s to my waistline, is hard to manage, and it’d gotten me hot too, and because I’d worked so hard all year long in the hospitals, and didn’t have time to get to a barber, even though, I’m now, annoyed by the heat that my long hair had imposed upon me, but, I still didn’t want to part with my long hair.

This head of long hair, I’d wondered, could it have more value to it?

And, a scene of how I’d chatted up with a cancer patient, about how her hair had fallen out after the chemotherapy, so, why don’t I, just donate my hair, so they can make wigs, and help the cancer patients find their self-confidences back again?

And so, on my day off, I’d carried this sacred attitude, gone to the hair salon.

“Your hair is over thirty centimeters long, it wasn’t permed or dyed, and it doesn’t have that natural curliness, it very fitting, to be donated to those with cancer!”, my hair stylist said to me.

But, if I were to cut, then, the length would be three centimeters lower from my ears.  The hair stylist learned that I’d never had my hair trimmed so short, wanted to give me the time to think about it. But, when I was reminded of how hard and how much strength those diagnosed with cancer are battling, I’d insisted upon my original decision.

The day I’d donated my hair, I was filled with joy in my heart, my long hair, had become a love, and I’m sending it out, to all who need it.

Even though in my heart, they look just as beautiful, with, or without their hair, but I believe, that my kindness can give courage to a lot of other people.

Because I’d chosen to cut my hair short, I’d gained so much happiness too.

So, this woman decided to donate her hair, and, that became her primary motivation for her trim, and, in getting her hair cut short, yeah, she may have lost that sense of her being the older version of who she was before, but, she’d helped someone else out, and she found happiness in that, and, that just shows you, how helping others not only benefitted those being assisted, but it can also lift one’s own moods up.

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