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Sexual Harassment is Rightfully Reasoned Should Get Written in the Outlines of What the DDP Operates by

How the DDP became, the ENABLER of this abuse of the women in the population, but not going HARD after the perps, the higher up male officials of the cases of sexual harassments which are, surfacing right now, the sexism, rooted, since the start of time, and it would be next to impossible, getting it, rooted, up…off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, there’d been, “another and another” case of sexual harassment in the DDP, first, it was the former worker of the party’s office claiming she’d been sexually harassed, that the case was not taken seriously by the manager of the department of the Women’s offices, and the individual asked the victim of the harassment, “Why didn’t you just jump out of the car then?”, and what’s worse was, this manager had gotten promoted to the assistant secretary for the entire party; yesterday, there was another former employee of the party’s headquarters who’d disclosed, that the former manager of the youth department had tolerated his subordinates in sexually harassing her, and made an example of her, and bullied her in the workplace again and again.

Why is it again?  Because, there’d been, cases of how the DDP related offices are, involved in the matters of sexual harassment.  From forcibly kissing the part-timing student worker at the headquarters, to holding hands with a married woman, how the sexual harassment cases in Germany, and how the representatives from this country didn’t do a thing to investigate, it seemed, that there are, the Chauvinistic beliefs that runs the party’s ideologies.

What is, “Chauvinistic”?  Chauvinism was originally used to describe an extremist system of belief about a certain racial background, in 1960, it was reinterpreted by the Women’s movement into how “men are better than women” sexist beliefs, and so, those men who act according to Chauvinism are all called “Chauvinistic pigs”.

how we women are often, ignored…illustration from online

The DDP inherited the Taiwanese Asian traditional Chauvinism, through the Taiwanese local movements, and started a like-Cultural Revolution, in the time, those who can’t speak Taiwanese, aren’t patriotic enough toward Taiwan, and not agreeing with the culture of Taiwan, and are, Communist Chinese supporters.

And, of these, the most atrocious was the brute “Da-Fu”, Chauvinistic beliefs, and this is related to the karaoke shops in the Japanese rule era, and the “Grandpa shops”, the teashops, along with the bar cultures.  These macho Taiwanese believed, that by putting out the cash makes them kings, and after a few drinks, the cuss words come out, and they’d started, getting handsy with the ladies, with a total lack of respect toward women.

And so, as a female working for the party’s office, not getting sexually harassed by them males they worked alongside of, would be, next to, impossible, and, chances are, the victims are going to become the “president’s favorite”, Chen, who’d had to, change her name, and, made herself, hidden.

and yes, this SHIT is still happening in today’s societies, right now! Illustration from online

And so, this is how it goes, because we are still living in the deeply rooted beliefs of women are lesser to men, that’s what made us into targets, despite how much advances in women’s rights we already made (hello, hello, hello, in the U.S. women’s rights to vote came AFTER the African Americans’ right to vote, didn’t it???), and, we may think that we’d come a long way, but, we actually hadn’t, look at how women are called as WHORES, BIMBOS (and other derogatory terms) by men!

And what’s worse is that the ideologies of these political parties, of these various cultures around the global community are actually, advocating the discrimination against us, women…

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This is the FATES, of traditional Asian women, despite how the times had, already, advanced into, the modern day, where the emphasis is more on gender equality, but a lot of us women, are still, bound by these, traditional, gender stereotypes of how the female roles should be played out, and we get, trapped by it!  Translated…

After I’d started living on my own, the most annoying thing in my life is, the, leftovers.  This, seemingly nitty-gritty item, but needed to sort through by the meals “business”, often taxed up my mind, although, this is no huge thing like the philosophers are contemplating on, just the traces that remained of my three square meals per day, but it’d, gotten really deep inside, and annoyed, the hell out of, me.  The timelines of life, there must be, close to half of the total time, spending, on how to resolve the matters of, the, leftovers, do we, reheat them up for the meals later, do we, “mask” them up as the lunches of love packed by us to serve to our significant, others?  Or do we, bring them to the office, to SHOW off how we are, cared for?  Or, should we just, toss them away?  Reminding ourselves, to separate the leftovers, to take them out by the curbside on trash collection day, to NOT allow it to start stanching up our, ordinary, days.

Leftover, the remains of our, lives, but it’d, deeply, affected the aesthetic of our lives.

When I was young, I’d not needed to worry about this problem.  Served onto the tables, were all the items that gave us that incredible appetite, the heated up food.  There were, too many choices, given to our chopsticks, raising up in midair, and, in time, we are, still, considering what we wanted to eat, the difficulties on our tongues, that was, patented to our, childhood, years.

During the time, I’d not remember the exact time when my mother served us our, meals, for the kids who’d, stolen out after they were fed to play, they’d not even, considered what the leftovers, looked, like?  Could the “leftovers” became a pronoun for our, mothers?  My oldest cousin said he’d hated the stir-fried cabbages, too simple; my youngest female cousin hated the seaweed soup, that it was too tasteless.  And so, what was favored by all, the more popular dishes, the pork, the chicken, the shrimps, the steamed eggs, were cleaned off the plates in a jiffy, as for those unfavored steamed, less flavored items, had become, frozen, into, a sort of, an animosity, while my mother became the sin bearer of these, and as everybody goes off, she’d, sat, under the dimmed lights, and, started, eating, those, leftovers.

illustration from

I’d gotten a call from my mother at night, toward the adult children, there are, always, the silence that got lost in time in these calls, on the other end of the world, came the asking of how the weather was, and I’d always, slurred to answer her.  After a while, I’d remembered, finally, that my aging mother, toward the cold sounds of the echoes of my responses, must be like, how she used to, eat those, leftovers that we didn’t, finish in our, younger, years too?

On the other end of the world, she’d reminded me, “just toss out the leftover, and don’t eat it, it’s not good to eat them reheated up over, over, and over again.”

But, how much left do we, thrown out?  And, it’d become, hard for me, to weigh and measure this.

Perhaps, half a bowl, that already, mixed to, nothing but chaos inside that served bowl of, rice?  Or, the too savory, too spicy sauce that still had, a-third portion remaining, with the leftover chopped up stems leafy greens; or, must we, finish the plates up, only left the traces of the, pork flosses?  These three meals a day, before we pour them out, as we’re about to, push them into the refrigerators, I’d always, thought again, and gain, and, my mind goes back and forth, back and forth, trapped in tossing them away, or saving them, don’t know how much that’s leftover, that’s, worthy for the world to, keep?  And, how much of what’s remained, should get tossed out, matter-of-factly?  I’d had to, consider this, many times a day, and, felt confused for my mother, who’d been, trapped inside the, vicious cycle, how did she, get along, well with all the leftovers we’d given to her?  In the long road of life, with nothing but the leftovers, taking up her life, the time for recycling the foods, the reheating up the dishes, constantly, back and forth, thinking about, time, and life rushed by her, side as moments like these came and, went.

Leftover became a sort of a fate, teaching the older generations of women, to wait on, endlessly.  When she was younger, she’d lived for her parents; after she was married, she’d lived for her children.  As she aged to elderly, that richness of her life already, gotten, taken out of hers, she’d become, nothing more, than the leftover of who she had been, that’s, remained, as she’d become, the leftovers of fate, in between heating and throwing out, she’d already, forgotten, her original, flavors already.

and unfortunately, they’re not the least, “neatly plated” like, these…photo from online

And this is actually not about the leftovers the family had for their meals, but the fate of traditional Asian women, and although, the traditions are slowly, less and less imposing on the younger generations but, there are still, the gender expectations that imposes themselves onto us, women, how we should give up everything we want, for the sake of our, families, this is still, the primary values that’s rooted too deep in the Asian cultures, which is why, women in these parts of the world, are fated to take on the, leftovers of everybody else’s, life.

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Visiting My Mother-in-Law’s by Myself

The women burdened by the societal expectations of what it means to be a daughter-in-law, and this is still nowhere NEAR changing, anytime soon!  Translated…

Been married nine years to date, because my husband works out of country, every holidays, every New Year’s, I’m the only one in Taiwan, and I’d gone to my in-laws alone by myself often.

My in-laws told, that they wanted to see me more often, I’d known, that it’s my responsibilities to show more care and concerns for them, but, my husband not being in the country, it’d made me feel, a bit, pressured.  For about four years on New Year’s, I’d gone to my in-laws on my own.  No need to help with the meal preps, no need to even lift a single finger, I was fed well, and lived comfortable in their home, but I’d still wanted to run from this, “seemingly mine, but doesn’t quite feel like mine”, space.  I’d started asking why I’d felt like so.

Thinking on it more closely, maybe, it’s my loneliness working, the double dose of it—on the one hand, it’s the loneliness of separating from my husband, another, the loneliness of facing this expectation, this responsibility I suppose.

My in-laws, who are related to my husband, but, the link between me and my in-laws wasn’t, present at all, and I can’t feel comfortable enough, getting along with my in-laws the way I would with my friends either, even if my in-laws are very kind and gentle toward me, they’re very open too, but, I’m sure, both they, and I still expect me, to act more according to what a daughter-in-law should behave as.

My friend once told me, the long-distance/the dual-life couples are becoming the norm of society now, and there are the doing away with the traditions.  I can understand what her words, meant, and knew, that there may be a lot of others like me, who other than needing to cope with the long-term physical separation from their spouses, and also have to face with being companions with one’s own spouse’s families, and all of these feelings, all of these things aren’t, easily, managed at all.

So, this is how you feel, caught, because you are married into your husband’s family, and around the holidays, he works away, and can’t make it home, and you feel that obligation to stay with your in-laws, and this is still from the expectations of us women, in our roles as daughters-in-law, that’s from tradition, and although the in-laws may be more opened these days, you still can’t help but feel the pressures, because it’s the cultural expectations, of how women should put their own husbands’ families, first, before their own.

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The Chastity Belt…

This is still, a SEXIST thing that men created, to keep us women, in “line”, with the aim of ULTIMATE control over us!

The chastity belt, worn by the women during the olden days, similar to the practices of Asians getting their women to bind their feet, because they want to see their females walk in small steps, so they can’t run away when the men chased after them.

And, if we’re on the “subject” of, gender EQUALITY, then, how come all you all sons-of-bitches (still not the four-legged “varieties”) have such a hard time, controlling your DICKS, because when you see one of us, with our large TITS, strutting our stuff (what stuff???), and you started to, undressing us women with your eyes.

like this???

looks, kinda like, a THONG, doesn’t it??? Photo from online

The chastity belts, aimed at, keeping women into their, submissive states, so you all can, have control over us, and, these days, these things of ancient times, is still being put to practices, in other “forms”, like those child brides, or how those, honor killings in the “less developed” and “third world” countries, where we women aren’t FREE to love whoever the @#$% we want to!

And it all goes to show, just how FAR we’d progressed, and we still hadn’t come far out of those, cavemen days, when all you sons-of-bitch (go FETCH, Fido!!!) go out hunting with them, oversized CLUBS, leaving us, womenfolk inside the caves, tending to our young, and, at this time, WOW, a SABERTOOTH tiger want to get invited, so, what do we women do???  Panic, or, we pick up whatever the HECK it is around, and THROW it at the beast, to “shoo” that “kitty”, away?

All these “ancient practices”, all these, modern day taboos, are all men’s way of, keeping us women, under CONTROL, and that’s not gender equality in the world!

And you call us out for not being fitting as your wives because we refused to give you your BLOWJOBS, like YO mamas had always done???

My apologies for the “visuals”…

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You Only Want What’s Superficial

You only want what’s superficial, and yeah, I can, certainly give you that, but why the FUCK will I, huh?  I know I am MORE, than what I have on the surfaces, I am, a woman, of DEPTH, and got NO need to, paint that dumb-blonde bimbo look on my face, just to, satisfy your needs (and dudes, don’t EVEN!)…

You only want what’s superficial, what’s no more than the eyes perceive, well, I’ll give you that, in my hourglass figure, my long skinny legs, oh, would you like me to give you a striptease too, huh?

Yeah, I’ll strip all right, oh wait I am, already, a WORLD RENOWNED, STRIPPER here, and the only thing I will EVER be “stripping” would be, my @#$%ING (maxed out already!) M-I-N-D.

and this, would be, what’s, ideal for all you, mother @#$%ERS, right??? Photo from online

So yeah, you all can just, SHOVE your superficialities, all your god damn NEEDS, up your own separate sorry, ASSES there, ‘k???

Note: this is still just ME, “bitching” ‘bout, stuff, this is still NOT directed toward anybody out there, okay???

You only want what’s superficial, and surely, I can be, as superficial as you need me to be, but I still have MORE depth, and I will REFUSE to STOOP down to any of your lowered levels of brain activities!

This is still NOT the QUEEN (moi!!!), insulting anyone, but feel free to see it as that, if you wish to, and send me a “complaint”, why don’t ya???

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A Matter of, Last Names…

Yes, we’re, BACK on, this, “subject of discussion” again, so, BEAR with me here!

Why the FUCK (don’t pardon me!) must we women TAKE our husbands’ (still ONE at a time, LADIES!) last names?  I mean, can’t we keep our own, “surnames” from before we married you mother @#$%ERS?

We have the right to CHOOSE WHOSE last names we take, our fathers’, our mothers’, etc., etc., etc., because we do NOT belong TO anyone, because we are NOT anybody else’s POSSESSIONS.

A matter of, last names, yeah, I got NO problems with my last name, because I CHOSE my own, because I have the right to, and, unless I’d, broken some law in doing so, and you want to come and arrest me for my right to my own last name, yeah, then BACK off!

We women do NOT belong to our fathers, our mothers, our HAS-BEENS, so we got NO need, to FUCKING take YOUR last names, losers, and so, you can go and take all your last names, and just???

Oh yeah, SHOVE IT!

And that would be, T-H-A-T.


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It’s ALWAYS the Female Characters in the Stories that Were Tried, Too, Hard…

Started reading the compilation of fairytales I’d bought from awhile back, and noticed something that’s, quite, ODD.  It’s ALWAYS the female characters (Sleeping Beauty, that princess in Thousandfurs, etc., etc., etc.) who’d been tried, too hard, why IS that?

women portrayed as either M-A-I-D-S! illustration found online

Is it because that WE are women, and we DESERVED to be TRIED, and what of you, huh?  You are MEN, and you were supposed to stand UP on your own two feet, or at least, that’s what I thought, but, do you?  Do YOU???  Of course N-O-T.

And, this extends to MODERN DAY society too, you @#$%ERS (refrain myself from “swearing”…) come home, kick your shoes off, and start SAGGING down on that COUCH, (with that large ASS imprint already???), and expect us all to turn ourselves into MAIDS that served you???

NEWSFLASH: we modern day women, unlike you, sons-of-bitches (not the four-legged “varieties”, as those are, WAY easier, to TRAIN!!!), we work around the clock, from the moment we opened our eyes in the morn, we start running, whether if it’s in the homes, or out, and most of us have our jobs outside of our homes, and we work, just as hard as you, if not harder.

or in a COMATOSE! inside that coffin! From online

So, do NOT expect things to be handed to you, ‘cuz (don’t know ‘bout the rest of y’all BREASTFEEDING women out there!) we ain’t gonna take it, NO MORE!

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Breeding Intolerance

This is what, the “free” world is doing, doesn’t look so “free” NO more (and your point being???) does it now???  Nope!

Breeding intolerance, we’re, teaching our children (still don’t got one!) to HATE those who are different than they are, and, forget about the constitution and all the “freedom” that are, “given” to WE the people, ‘cuz they’re all, CONDITIONAL, and the conditions under which these freedoms are “given” to us (oh MERCIFUL government, we BOW to you!), is that we OBEYED their rules…

Breeding intolerance, we will HATE everybody who are unlike us, those who are of different colors in skin, hair, eye color, yada, yada, yada, we will, STEOREOTYPE, we will, DISCRIMINATE, and OSTRASIZE them, until they finally, gets OUT of this system of ours.  Breeding intolerance, yeah, sure, the laws are passed for okaying same-sex marriage, so?  We still do NOT give equal rights to the same-sex couples as those heterosexual couples.

Breeding intolerance, that, is what these governments are doing, stating that they’re “free”, that every man (what about women, huh???) are created EQUAL (yeah, you’re all EQUAL all right: all ASSuming ASSholes, all IDIOTS, all LOSERS!), that you have the rights over our rights to abort, whether or NOT we choose to have our babies, because we are, a lesser sex to you.

Breeding intolerance, that, is what the FREE world (doesn’t look OR feel that free no more, does it!!!) looked like, as the CONSERVATIVES run it.

Next, they will go after the rights of women to DIVORCE their abusive husbands, and, take away the rights of our voices to speak up and out…

So, what’s next, huh???  Oh, we’re still waiting for that ASTEROID to come and HIT earth, so everything goes, KA-BOOM!

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Restricted Abortion Access Will Cause Psychiatric Harm — Neuroscience News

Women seeking abortions are three times more likely to suffer from a mental health disorder, and restrictive abortion rights will only cause more women to experience mental health problems, researchers say. Additionally, the physical and emotional stress caused as a result of forced pregnancy will have a detrimental impact on the brain development of the…

Restricted Abortion Access Will Cause Psychiatric Harm — Neuroscience News

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The Former Detective Squad Captain Sexually Assaulted His Subordinate, Got Indicted, Fired from His Post, Got a Written Reprimand

Predators, still comes in all shapes and sizes, and this time, it’s a higher up official in the police department, and he’d, power raped the female subordinates, knowing that they wouldn’t DARE call him out on it, and it took the victims too long, to finally speak up and out, and the power struggle of men and women in the workplace still, doesn’t work out evenly!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Chen was a Star-of-Tomorrow Officer, Was Found of Finger Raping His Female Subordinate after Drinking in the Station, the Surveillance Camera Caught it All

The former captain of the investigative squad of Zhongzhen First Substation of Taipei City Police, last year was found to have sexually assaulted a female subordinate after drinking at the office, the Taipei District Attorney’s Office found, that Chen had raped his subordinate as many as five times, of these, one was an attempt, the other three times, he’d gotten away with raping the woman, the locations where the assault occurred included the woman’s residence, in the car, and at the office, the district attorneys indicted Chen on rape and attempted rape yesterday; another count of sexual harassment in the backseat of his car, but because the incident on the backseat of his car had exceeded the statutory period of six months, the charge was dropped.

The forty-seven-year-old Chen came out of the officers’ training teams, tall in stature, later he’d started working in the investigation squads, performed excellently in work, worked as the fifth captain of the Taipei Police’s Major Drug Bust teams, later he was assigned to Wenshan First Substation of Taipei, and the captain of the investigative squad of Zhongzhen First Substation, he was originally the star of tomorrow in the police forces, he received two major written reprimands, and was relieved of duty from the police station.

Last year, his female subordinate told on him, that as he busted the knife fight of the two gangs outside of the Taipei District Attorney’s Office building, he went out celebrating with his coworkers, and afterwards, he’d returned to the substation, drunk, and asked the female subordinate into the office of the team captain that he was superior to.

At the time, Chen first verbally harassed her, then, he’d pulled the woman into the rest quarters of the investigation team captain, and raped her, and the whole thing was caught on tape by the surveillance camera set up at the station.  The woman who was raped by him took the rape kit results from the E.R. on June third of last, and went to press charges against him with the Taipei Women & Children Squad, the Taipei City Police Station also immediately suspended Chen on this.

The married Chen claimed, that the whole case is due to a relationship gone bad, that he was only having an extramarital affair, that the sex was consensual, not rape, and hoped to settle with the woman, but she refused.

Based off of understanding, because of his higher up status in the station, from the first time the woman got raped back in December of 2020, she’d kept it inside, not told anyone, until June of 2022, she could no longer take it anymore, and decided to transfer to another office, Chen still refused to let her go, and that was when she’d decided to call him out on rape; toward the claims of that they were dating, the victim couldn’t accept it, stated that it was Chen who had a crush on her, that she was held against her will in having sex with him.

The D.A. reviewed the report of the hospital treatment as well as the related surveillance footages, along with the records of conversations of the victim with her trusted friends from before, not believed in Chen’s statements, found that Chen had assaulted and/or molested the woman five times, other than the sexual harassment in 2021 that’s passed the statutory period, there were a total of three sexual assaults, and one count of attempted rape.

And so, this is a sex predator, in the “coat” of a higher up official of the police units, and, this is truly hard for these victims, because the man is in a higher status quo, he’s their superior, and, the victims would be afraid to tell, because, of their lower status quo, and so, these victims had put up with these sexual abuses from their bosses or managers, until they couldn’t anymore, then, finally, these predators in police’s uniforms, finally get, charged with, RAPE!

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