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Women…a poem — Rethinking Life

I am here I take up space I have a brain and I know how to use it I have an attitude and I know how to use that as well and I’m sick of having my life ruled by hateful men men in government men on the street men in tweeds who are sorry […]

Women…a poem — Rethinking Life

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The Castration of the Rights to Our Bodies

Thank GOD, that we women don’t got them, PENISES here!

The rights to our bodies, well, that’s, CASTRATED all right, by the U.S. Supreme Court decision, overturning RvW!  The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, we are now, breeding pigs, kept in those, tight corrals of the government, each one of us, inside our own, units of, existence, with the sounds of panic (push!  Push!  Push!).

The castration of the rights to our bodies, well, thanks, U.S. Supreme Court for RE-possessing the rights to our bodies, and if we die during child birth, oh well, who CARES, I’m mean, you’ll just find the next carrier, right?  The castration of the rights to our bodies, this, is what U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of RvW does, and, it puts women’s right, back into, the CAVEMEN days (or maybe even way before???), where all we women can do, is stay inside those caves you’d built for us, taking care of those babies that are, popping out of our undersides, ‘cuz we ain’t got nothing else we need to do, but lie on our backs, waiting for all you mother FUCKERS (so???) to come back from killing the MEATS, and to hump us as a stress-relief, as we all know, how much energies you losers had drained, from chasing after those large game animals…

This is still, just one of many things, that men do, to TAKE the rights to how we women CHOOSE to live our lives from us, and, there’s nothing we can do, ‘cuz, CASE CLOSED, that GAVEL had, come down already!

This is still, way too, FUCKED (don’t pardon me here!) up…

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s Overturning Roe vs. Wade, the Two Sides Stood Opposite, Causing Impact on the Global Community

The U.S. is only that very first domino, following this, there will be more countries, with the extreme conservatives or extreme radicals that take over, and this will have gone to H-E-L-L!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The major news of the U.S. recently is the Supreme Court’s overturned Roe v. Wade from fifty years ago.

And, as I’d read the responses from the website, most of the messages left were all of confusion.  After all, every year, during the month of July, the important part of “helping the soul pass on” is on helping those unborn pass on.  Based off of Taiwanese beliefs, the souls of the aborted won’t be able to reincarnate, and they will stay by the parents eternally.  And I suppose, that the Taiwanese may not agree with the right-wing of the U.S.’s “right to life” beliefs?

I also read the posts from my friends in the U.S., they are all clear on the sides.  Actually, most of the universities in the U.S. leaned toward the left, and I’d often heard of the newest trends in marriage from my friends; but every year around Thanksgiving, Christmas, it’s always the conservative churchgoers who’d invited the students who can’t go home to celebrate with them.  Once I’d read a short story by Michael Cunningham, about a man who’d found his wife’s younger brother on drugs, and worried of whether or not he should disclose it to his wife, then realized, that keeping what he knew to himself, the courtesy from this, was the way to survive in the society.  But the social media had cause, this matter to spin out of control, even though there were those who’d believed that it doesn’t affect them, they’d only posted their own opinions, reblogged someone else’s articles, and they got labeled, and after the wars of the pens, they received a thumbs up seal.

The politicians in the U.S. surely took advantage of this, turned the debate into a national affair.  For instance, the senator, Cruz who is famed in Taiwan for speaking up against China stated, “this is a huge success for life”, while the American President, Biden stated, “Wade is on the ticket of election this fall”.  The Mid-Terms elections are coming up in the U.S. in the fall, inflation caused the Americans to feel furious, and Biden had used the abortion laws to shift the focus of the war of ideologies, and maybe, it’s what will help the Democrats win.

protests all over the U.S. on the Supreme Court ruling

the pro-life! Photo from online

From the practical side, this decision by the Supreme Court, it’d given the right to ban abortions to the states individually, but currently, the situational (for instance, rape, abnormal fetus) abortions can be performed, if the women needed to go to another state to get the abortions, what sort of economic help can they receive, all of these, seemed to be the anti-abortion of the extreme right’s to get the laws set up.  Or maybe the left had come lately, and was hit too fast, or maybe, the Democrats were planning to focus themselves wholly on the election of the latter of this year, and expected the debates to get too hot, to the point, that there’s no, turning back.

Should the constitution stay neutral in the matter of abortions?  Had all Trump’s supporters never had an abortion?  Is voting democrat meaning the voters supported abortion?  The features of a democracy became clear as day in this matter, the three supreme court justice that Trump had put into the supreme court kept the rightist at a majority advantage, and they all voted according to the values of the Republican party, and people don’t need to listen, or watch, and they immediately decide on the right or wrong, based off of stereotypes, who they should support, who they should ban, so scary, this hyperpolarization!

And the American President Biden criticized harshly, that the Supreme Court had taken the U.S. back 250 years; but what I’m most worried is, that the either/or of the culture of election will take the global community back one hundred fifty years.

and the Pro-Choice!

photo from online

And so, this is how it goes, because the extremists got their ways in the U.S., there’s that shift in power, and this is only the first domino that got tipped over, because with the U.S. setting this precedent, there will be more countries’ extreme left or right groups tilting the balance in their countries separately, until, all dominoes fall flat, and there’s gonna be a HUGE spill on AISLE three!

Who the HELL put the firewood and GASOLINE for the barbecue cook-offs next to the rotisserie chicken anyway???

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Women Turned into, Livestock

And yes, ladies, THAT, is what, the U.S. Supreme Court, composed of ALL conservatives had, turned us all, women, into…

Women turned into, livestock, we’re nothing but the animals, cramped inside those bins, corrals, etc., etc., etc., those places where the livestock are kept, your swine, your pigs, your cows for milking and meat too.

And, by turning us, women into, livestock, men would be allowed to do whatever the FUCK (so???) they want to do with us, hump us, knock us up, knowing that we ain’t never gonna be able to get rid of these, unwanted pregnancies legally (but hey, who’s to say, you mother FUCKERS, that we won’t just take the paring knife out of the kitchen drawers and perform the UNSANITIZED HYSTERECTOMIES of our own bodies, huh???)

photo from online

Based off of the abortion bans in the U.S., the law turned us all women into, less than animals, nothing more than those incubators of where the babies are, “hatched out” of (I do believe, that there’s a reproduction center somewhere in the world, where babies are made, inside those, artificial, simulator, women’s wombs!”

And so, this is still, how U.S., which is one of the frontiersman (yeah, uh, right!) of women’s rights, dropped, to taking the MOST basic of all human rights away, from us, WOMEN!

And no, we’re still NOT (well, I know I’m not, but don’t know ‘bout all you other ladies out there!) NOT, taking THIS shit, lying down, are we, ladies?

HELL no!

and here, is what the U.S. Federal Government had, turned us women all, into!

swine! Photo from online

Back to being them, iron jawed angels again…

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Childrearing isn’t Only the Mothers’ Responsibilities

TOTALLY, I-N-F-U-R-I-A-T-I-N-G, how the societies still used these sexist beliefs of gender roles, of what we women should be, to PUT us in our, places, translated…

As I finished my maternity leave, I’d returned back to work.  During the maternity leave, I’d found, that there are still, a ton of, prejudices that societies have toward stay-at-home moms.

“So and so got her education from N.T.U., look at her now, at home, raising the kids!  Why would you waste all that time on getting that higher education degree……………”, “the daughter-in-law of Mrs. Wang from next door took her maternity leave, she’d never returned back to work again, leaving all the bread winning to her husband solely!”, the ladies had often, whispered all of this into my ears, adding on to the end, “you’d made the right decision, returning back to work!”

To tell the truth, I don’t feel the least bit glad hearing this, instead, I’d felt, more uneven.

After I became a mother, I’d found, that working as a mother full-time, is something too difficult.  Maintaining the normal “functioning” of the households, taking care of every need, small or large of our young, and, we had to take in all the sarcasms, the mockeries that the outside world has, over how we’re, sitting at home, and doing, nothing, and surely, for some, full-time mothers, they are, not doing much, but, more mothers in the society are doing everything they possibly can, to keep the family members happy and well, taking care every tiny corner of their own, homes.

So our other half can work without worries, no need to worry too excessively over the tiny matters at home, allowing the children to grow up happy and safe, in the care of their mothers, watching over them; when situations happen, to handle any and everything that came, should we NOT, get commended, to offering, our services to our own, families like so?

Especially in the job interviews, women often get asked, “as a mother with children, how do you balance taking care of your family, and staying focused at work?” but we rarely see, that men get asked this same question.  And, the underlying of this question, would it not be, hinting at, how the taking care of the families’ needs, are all the mothers’, responsibilities?

This question had, circled around, in my mind, and it’d, made me realized, that these, traditional, sexist beliefs of gender roles can’t be, easily altered; then, start with, our generation then!  No matter what role we’re playing in our separate families, do GIVE more respect to those women who are, full-time mothers, and the full-time workers too.

This is still, just BULLSHIT!  I mean, what the FUCK (don’t pardon me here!), makes you, the world out there think, that wow, because we’re staying at home, looking after our families, not making that five-digit paychecks, we’re not contributing enough to our, separate, families, and, NEWSFLASH people, this is exactly what’s keeping us women, getting the SAME pay rates as you mother @#$%ERS out there, because we’re the ones, carrying YOUR babies, we deserve to get shunned for not making enough MONEY, to contribute to the families?  Is that it?  Well, let’s see, how much we would be paid for EVERY little item on the “job description” list: as the cook…that’s, 365 days a year, a time and a half of OTs on the weekends, the holidays, the laundry ladies, fifty two times per year, etc., etc., etc., not, press that “sum button” on that, “cashier’s register” and we’d have???  INFINITE dollars, so, how much can you pay, for all our, “services” here, huh?

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The Subject, Lesson of Being a Daughter

How the beliefs about what’s given to the sons and daughters in forms of inheritances, still showed how sexist the Asian societies are!  Translated…

As the three of us, daughters married off one by one, and my youngest brother, discussing the matter of marriage with his girlfriend, my mother told me, that she could, finally let go of what’s on her mind, and thought that she could finally relax, to live out the rest of her years with ease now.

On a sunny day, my younger brother went on a date with his girlfriend, living closest to my mother, I’d often worried, that after my father passed, my mother, when she had nothing to busy her about, would get sad over my father’s passing, and so, I’d suggested to my husband we could take our two young children to see mom to have a meal with her.

After the lunch, my husband took our two children to the yard to play, my mother and I started in conversation in the living room, and, my mother suddenly asked, “what are your thoughts on if I’d left all my monetary assets to you daughters, and my properties all to your, younger brother?”

As a graduate of the law department, I’d known a little about the laws on inheritance, understood, that even as the daughters, they still had equal rights to, inherit the parents’, assets, and, due to the reasons unspecified that’s caused the uneven splitting up of the parents’ assets, no matter what, daughters have the right to equal shares of the parents’ inheritances!  I’d felt a bit, soured in my heart, and instinctively responded, “Then, I shall fight him in court for what’s rightfully mine!”

As my mother heard, she became furious, believed that as a daughter, I’d planned to, take the family assets, and disobeyed the elders’ will.  And so, this originally good-willed company, ended in argument.  And, my husband took me, who’s, upset then, wanted to say some words, but didn’t, away from my mother’s home.  Although, the sexist beliefs are getting away from modern day world right now because of education in this generation, but, in our older generations, it’d still been, rooted in, way too, deeply.

Afterwards, I’d, asked myself, will I really, take my younger brother to court about this?  Do I, really, care about, all of these, external things, and where they’re going to?  Or maybe, I was, just, feeling, upset over how my mother is still, too traditionally, sexist in her, belief systems?

And yet, this does not mean, that my mother didn’t love us, her three daughters, the root of it all, is on the splitting up of the assets, unevenly among the sons and daughters, and, how many in the world, can actually, be truly, fair?

Afterward, my mother never brought up that argument t and in that we had on that day, and in the peace, I’d still, felt the ripples, and yet, I can only, let it go; after all, making it nice is my own choice to comply with the woman who’d, used everything she had, to raise me up into, adulthood.

And this still just showed, how deeply rooted, the SEXIST beliefs about sons and daughters, are inside the minds of the older generations right now, and whether or not we like to believe it, this still exists, daughters are expected to give themselves, to sacrifice for their families of origins, as well as the families of their husbands (1 @ a time!), and yet, when it comes to the inheritances, we don’t get a single cent, because our parents believed, that hey, I’d raised you up, and gave you those, properties, we’d, signed over the deeds of those properties, to you, our daughters already, therefore, you got NO right to FIGHT for the inheritance rights with your, brothers, and this is still BULLSHIT, because, we women have equal rights of inheritance to YOU, sons!

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Women Lose AGAIN!!! — Filosofa’s Word

Some people treat their furry companions (cats, dogs, hamsters, etc.) as ‘pets’ … animals to be played with at will, to put cutesy little outfits on them (never mind that they are already far more beautiful than we humans, because they have fur!), and shoo them away when they aren’t in the mood to play […]

Women Lose AGAIN!!! — Filosofa’s Word

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We Don’t Got NO Rights!

We Don’t Got NO Rights

No Rights Over Our Bodies

No Rights Over What We’re Supposed to Think

We Don’t Got NO Rights

We are All, Slaves to the Misogynistic World that We’d Been, Born into

despite how hard those who came before us, fought too hard!

photo from online

We Don’t Got NO Rights

No Rights to Speak UP & Out

‘Bout What We’d Been Through

‘Cuz They’ll All Just, Try &, Silence Us

We Don’t Got NO Rights

Because We’re Women

Because We’re, the

Lesser Sex

Because MEN Want Control

We Don’t Got NO Rights!

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When Abortions Constitutes as, “Murder”…

Yeah, this is, what’s going on, in the, U.S. right now all right!

Because at the moment of “conception”, it’s already, a life, and, you shouldn’t, kill it (as in Thou Shalt Not Kill???)

And, if abortions constitutes as, “murder”, then, wouldn’t MEN’s RANDOMLY EJACULATIONS (including masturbation too!) be the same as murder too, I mean, after all, you losers ARE, wasting those lively, tadpoles of yours, right, I mean, those @#$%ING tadpoles of yours, came out of the SHAFTS of your PENISES, alive and well, swimming away, wiggling their tails (remember???), and WHAM, you’d, shot them into that toilet (I’m assuming that’s where you losers DO your masturbations in, then again, how the HELL should I know???), and voila, after you’re done, you’d, press that knob on the toilet, and, KILLED all your possible “babies” and if abortions are equivalent to murder, then, shouldn’t your EJACULATING into that condom, that TOILET be that same too?

women protesting the anti-abortion laws right now! Photo from online

Or, is it because of how our bodies are “made up” different than yours, that we’re all now, UNDER that @#$%ING, bus here, huh?

Gender equality MY A-S-S!

And so, loser, how many times had all of y’all committed, “MURDER”, based off of this, new definition of, “abortion”?  yeah, more times than we ever will that’s how many…

It’s, MY LIFE, MY CHOICE, MY BODY and, I’d like to see the FUCKING (so???) government control that!

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A List of Things that are the Absolute Truth… — Rethinking Life

No man has ever died in pregnancy  No man has ever died from an illegal abortion  No man has ever gotten pregnant from being raped by his father, brother, uncles, strangers, teachers, neighbors, or anyone else  Women do not have the power to say what men can ,or cannot, do with their bodies  Women […]

A list of things that are the absolute truth… — Rethinking Life

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