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When He Made the Neon Shine…

That was, truly, quite, impressive, when he made the neon, shine!

When he made the neon shine, it’s, as if, all the world’s forces are all, under his thumbs, that he could control, everything between heaven and earth, and everything underneath too.

That was, what made her, fell for him too.

When he  made the neon shine, and the sole purpose of that, was merely, to impress, this woman in that little girl that he loved.  He would give heaven, AND earth too, had she, opened up her lips and asked him for it.  But she couldn’t speak…

making the noble gas aglow! Photo from online

When he made the neon shine, the entire world felt it, thunder, lightning, clouds started, gathering in the skies, looked like, a huge, thunderstorm, ‘bout to, rain down, on this world!

When he made the neon shine, well, that was, once his, superpower all right, but no more, he’d, “retired” now, left all that, power behind, as he’d grown, old……………

But, there was NO doubt, that at one time of history, he had, the world, under, his thumbs, and yet, he still couldn’t, hold her!

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Before We Came in…

Before we came in, there was, the world on its own, and as we’d entered, the world is still, running as it usually would…

Before we came in, what’s happened here?  Oh, and do we care?  Naturally N-O-T, because we’re still operating on, I’m the center of this universe of mine mindset, and, we can, careless ‘bout anything that’s, unrelated to us, ‘cuz that’s just how, self-centered, we humans are, and, we can, pretend like we actually care, but we don’t, and we make this feeling of “Wow we actually care” seem so, genuine too!

Before we came in, what’s happened, oh right, it don’t matter, because, we weren’t here yet, and, the world starts running, the moment we made our, grand entrance to that big party.  Before we came in, so many things were happening, and we really could care less, because that, is just how we humans are, we only CARE about our own selves, our loved ones, and, nobody else, who the HELL’s gonna save a stranger (oh, I will!), on that ship that’s sinking, from the scenario given to us by our social psych instructor from back in…’06, was it again???  Can’t really remember W-H-E-N I took that class, somewhere in ’06, that sounds, ‘bout, right…

like, uh, this…

uh-huh! Image from online

Before we came in, the world, ran on its own, and it’s still going ‘round, and ‘round, as we’re in it, and, it will, continue to, roll itself on out (to where again???  Uh, how the HELL would I know here!), after we’re all, dead and gone.

And, the world does NOT revolve around you, at least, not this world you’re currently paying a “visit” to right here……

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No Longer Driven by Working Hard…it’s a Wonder They Were, Fooled & Sold

Wanting the easy way to make the big cash, and not the hard labors of working, that, is the commonality of the mindset of the younger generations these days here, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Recently, my wooden door was, damaged, I’d needed it replaced desperately, several times, I’d called up the factory, and can’t find the master to fix it for me, and so, I’d gone to the shop to wait for the owner, and finally, I caught him, he shook his head, and sighed, “nowadays, no younger generation wanted to learn the skills of carpentry, I’m in desperate need for workers in my shop right now, all the workers all had a ton of work to manage, and can’t even finish their own separate work load, I can’t find a person to help you fix up your door.”

In the corner of the shop, there was an older worker, with his head close to the work counters, focused on measuring, and, used the electric saw to cut off the pieces of wood, and, sawing off the pieces swiftly, and precisely, doing the complex work.  The older master saw me standing there, looking odd, with that helplessness about me, walked over to the owner and started whispering to him.  Later, the owner finally agreed, to send the masters who didn’t mind working the overtime, to use their weekends off to help me fix my doors up.  Before I’d left the shop, I’d especially gone to the older master of the trade, and thanked me, for his willingness to work the overtime, to give up his weekend, to help me fix my home up.  Although the man was covered in saw dust and sweat, but he was, the most admirable laborer that this country lacked the most off, the skilled workers.

Comparing to the busyness of the shop, I saw a ton of college kids, doing nothing all day long, getting addicted to the internet, and as they needed the extra spending cash, they’d gone to the 24-hour stores to part-time, or gone to the restaurants to work as waiters and waitresses, to make the deliveries, they seemed not want to learn a set of viable skills at all.  Their goals in life seemed to be just to become a “lain-flat”, dreamed of making money easily, and pursuit the lifestyle that pleased them.

The recent news of the younger generations getting tricked to Cambodia, the unreasonable asking, like working in the casinos locally, no experiences needed, easy work, with the wages of anywhere from $50,000N.T.s to $80,000N.T.s monthly, with the bonuses, eight days off per month, with the couples’ suites offered for them to stay………and it’d, tricked many of the younger generations to go.

Although, none of the victims were of the “lain-flat” group, but, the con artists only used the means of “no need to work hard” as the bait, and, the trap had caught many of those who are into, laying flat, not working, and making the top dollars.

The writer, Hong mentioned in her book, “finding something, do it for the entire life, benefiting the world, that’s, the source of true, happiness.”, reminding the generation of lain-flats, that they should use the example of the carpentry shop owner, to find the meanings to ones’ own existences, learn the skills that is necessary, to NOT get tricked into the scams, to live your lives, fully.

And so, this just showed, how the younger generations all wanted an easy way out, they do NOT want to work hard, but, expected that they can still make the cash, without realizing, that it’s a positive correlation (hello, hello, hello!), the amount of work you put in, with what you get out of it, they all want the easy way out, that’s why, so many of these younger generations had, fallen prey to these schemes of the human traffickers.

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The Transfers

Moved in with his WHORE, thinking that his wife had NO clue, but, she’d, tracked him down, and now, he’d gotten that third strike, and, will soon be, kicked OUT of his own home!  The revenge of the wife, is soon to be, fulfilled here, translated…

The MRT Orange Route from Zhonghe to Sinchuang to Luzhou went past the stations one by one, stopped at Yong-An Market Station.

She exited, and hesitated, should she take the bus, or, a cab?

Orange Route 5 of the buses, not to save up on the commute, but because she wanted to delay getting to where she was going.

The stations ran through the display, one right after the next, and the next, and the next, the driver too, was kind enough, to remind the passengers, that the next station was the Zhongshan Road Intersection, she couldn’t delay getting off even if she’d wanted to.

She’d crossed the intersection based off of the map, turned into the alley, found that building, and, took out her cell phone, double checked the photo of the external of the building, it’s the right one.  She’d followed the delivery person in, outside the entrance, there were the scooters, and bicycles parked, somewhat, cramped, with the graffiti on the walls, the oil stains on the steps, making the apartment appeared, ancient.

Fifth floor, without the elevators, she’d felt, a bit, winded.  He’d only had the stents in his heart, and, isn’t agile enough to climb yet, how’d he get to his place?  Does he not worry at all?  In the early morning as he went out, he’d told, that he will be visiting an old friend, she’d reminded him, “don’t go get drunk, take good care of your heart.”

It’d dawned on her now, that she’d, not understood anything of him, what he was, after, really?

The long hallway with the apartment numbers one right after the next, and the next, she’d, followed the numbers down the line, and, found the number of the residence, and, the intel she bought with money, would be correct, she supposed.

The steel gate had the screens, there was a corner of the screen missing, the gray paint on the steel door a bit, chipped off, the doorbell was the older style, the rectangular kind.  She lifted her hand up, her fingers curled, she’d started, tangling with herself.  Thought, seeing how I’m already here, I need the proofs!  Maybe, it isn’t, as I’d, imagined it.

The truth is about to get bust wide open, she’d, taken a deep inhale, reminded herself, that no matter what was on the other side, she’s not, to lose her, stance.

The doorbell rang, the voices came from within, the footsteps, the click of the lock, the steel gate, pushed, mildly open, a woman’s face came.  She’d seen her over hundreds of times before, and confirmed, that it was her all right, with the flattened features, no makeup on, the sweater she was wearing already fuzzed up, with the curling hairclip behind her head.  That’s what she looked like?

“Who are you?”, the woman’s hoarse voice, with the shock that reflected from her eyes, trying to keep her stature.

Without waiting for the woman to respond, she’d pulled the steel gate open, tilted her head in, and, surely, she saw her husband there, sitting on the couch, with a child of a little over a year old on his knees, feeding him using a small bowl.

And he’d told her, that he didn’t care if they could have children or not, turned out, he already had one.  And, to think, that she’d scheduled an appointment at the fertility clinic, to try one more time for his sake.

Her husband’s face turned pale, lips started trembling, his eyes went from confused, to fear, wanted to get up, but kept, falling down on that couch, patted his chest, made the “ah!  Ah!”, the woman rushed over to him, calling his name aloud.

His name, kept lying, in the spousal column of her identification card, and now, the name got, blurted, out of another, woman’s, lips.  She’d sighed, and, held back her urges, to want to go up and look, made her hands into a fist, then, turned around, and left.

Even if she’d, played the scenes over, over, over, and over again in her mind, however, as she came face to face with the truth, she’d not gotten emotional, acted like a madwoman, started screaming hysterically, and cried, she’d acted, unimaginably, calm and collected.

Heading down the stairs, the cold wind came in from the soles of her feet, headed upward, into her heart, she’d, rubbed her hands together, covered her face, and, wiped away the tears, that came out of the corner of her eye.  She’d decided to call the cab using her cell phone.  This time, she didn’t want to take the transfers, she was fatigued, and just wanted to, rush back to her mansion with the elevators, to plan, how to, eliminate her husband, to give him his, third, strike!

And so, this is how, this woman had, acted, so calmly (it’s scary!), to confirm what she probably already knew of her husband’s cheating, and, what comes next can be, expected, this LOSER who kept a whore on the side will be paying alimony for the rest of his life, and he still has an illegitimate son to care for, and the other woman too.  Suits him right!

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The Husband Died, the Son is Ill, the Girlfriend Scammed the Woman for Forty Million Dollars

Vulnerability is the cause of being scammed here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A woman, Chen saw that her childhood best friend after she retired from the banks, she’d weathered through the death of her husband, her eldest son’s divorce, and she had a stroke herself, claimed that she knew a “master”, attempted of scamming her best friend for money using that she wanted to help her get rid of her bad luck, and, as her former colleague realized that something wasn’t quite right and called the police, that, was how this scam got busted, and the D.A. asked for Chen to be taken into custody, which the judge allowed for.

The police pointed out, that the sixty-seven year-old Chen grew up with the victim, and so, she’d trusted Chen, but, Chen too advantage of the victim’s husband dying, her eldest son fallen ill, her younger son in the U.S., working, she felt lonely and empty, in a year’s time, she’d managed, to scam her for about forty million dollars.

The police stated, that last year in August, Chen told the victim, that she knew a “master” who knew how to turn her luck around, to ward off her bad luck, but she must put up the money for the procedures, Chen used the fact, that the victim’s husband had died, because there was something bad in her karma, her eldest son’s divorce, as well as her stroke, are all, due to difficulties in her life, wanted the woman to pay a huge sum of money, to have rituals performed for her.

Later, Chen told the victim, that she was hexed by a former coworker, and that she must pay some money, to have the hex removed, or, she will lose her life, and her offspring will have bad luck too.  The victim had, given thirty million dollars N.T. to Chen, and Chen said, that she is in charge of manipulating the prices on the sales of properties, that she could make sure that the victim gets her property’s value increased, and the woman had signed over a house that she has in a very highly-priced neighborhood, to the bank, for ten million dollars N.T. for Chen to use.

Last month, Chen asked the woman to take her retirement pension which was very good from the banks out, to give it to her in cash, and the woman’s former colleagues realized that something wasn’t quite right, he’d notified the police, and, got the victim to use $100,000N.T., to lure Chen out, and, the police busted her.

Chen stated, that she was looking out for her old friend, that it wasn’t fraud, the police booked her on fraud, and, the judge allowed for her to be taken into custody after the D.A. pleaded the case.

So, this, is the downside of trusting someone too much, like this woman, who’d trusted the scam artist, and ended up, losing almost everything she had, but gladly, she didn’t, and this scam artist used her friendship with the woman, and she knew the woman’s state of mind, how she felt she was having a good run of bad luck, and that, was how she was able to scam her.


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The Perfect Face with the Perfect Body

There’s NO such thing!

The perfect face with the perfect body, how is that defined?  Based off of one’s perception, knowledge, of what beauty entails, right?  And, do we NOT have the same definitions of what “beauty” is?  So, there’s NO way, that someone can have the perfect face, WITH the perfect body, it’s just not, humanly possible, is it?

The perfect face with the perfect body, well, let’s suppose that someone DOES have that, but, the moment s/he opens UP her/his mouth, you’d wished, that you hadn’t asked the person to talk, because the person is, quacking like a DUCK, or that the person sounds like shattering of those glass windows.

So, to be perfect, in EVERY single way, is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE, isn’t it?

The perfect face with the perfect body, if someone does have what’s been “defined” as a perfect face WITH a perfect body, does that mean, that the person will have it made for life?  That s/he is NEVER to experience ANY kind of difficulties in one’s life?  Of course not, because, as stories often has it, there’s NO such thing, as a good life, that comes with the good looks, and everything, take ALL of those fairytales of Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, etc., etc., etc., didn’t ALL of those heroines have to go through the trials of their own lives, to finally GET what they are searching for, and, for some, even IF they’d given it all they got, they still fell short (like Little Mermaid???), so, what, does THAT tell you?  Think about it, then, you MAY, get back to me, but, it’s NOT mandatory, and, I don’t want my mailboxes to be “stuffed”…

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A short prose, translated…

There was the label, “Made by the Universe” on my shirt collar, the style was Galatic, the material was of ordinary values, every Wednesday, I’d worn it to the nightclubs, and, drank down my own loneliness.

And, that just shows, how ALONE we are all feeling, in this VAST universe, because we’re desperately longing, for that connection with someone else, and that, is still because, we are all, too caught up in the pursuits of things that are of NO value whatsoever, the emptiness of modern man’s soul is seen here.

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Grown-Ups Get Out Their Crayons, by: A. Alter

From the Tuesday edition of The New York Times that came with the papers today…

It may surprise fans of Johanna Basford’s intricately hand-drawn coloring books that the artist is, by her own admission, “pretty bad” at coloring.

“I can’t stay in the lines,” she said sheepishly.

Not that it matters.  Ms. Basford’s coloring book “Secret Garden”, a 96-page collection of elaborate ink drawings of flowers, leaves, trees and birds, has become a global best-seller.

Since its release in spring 2013, “Secret Garden” has sold more than 1.4 million copies in twenty-two languages.  Her follow-up, “Enchanted Forest,” is briskly selling through its first print run of nearly 226,000 copies.

What makes Ms. Basford’s breakout success all the more surprising is her target audience: adults who like coloring books.

There are, it seems, a lot of them.  Though it is tempting to describe the market for her books as a niche.  Ms. Basford, a 31-year-old illustrator in Scotland, has quickly outgrown that label.

Hard-core fans often buy several copies of her books at a time, to experiment with different color combinations.  Others have turned it into a social activity.  Rebekah Jean Duthie, who lives in Queensland, Australia, and works for the Red Cross, says she regularly gathers with friends for “coloring circles” at cafes and in one another’s homes.

“Each page can transport you back to a gentler time of life,” she said of the books in an email.

Ms. Basford has become something of a literary celebrity in South Korea, where “Secret Garden” has sold more than 430,000 copies, she says.  The craze was kicked off in part, it seems, by Korean pop-star, Kim Ki-bum, who posted a delicately colored-in floral pattern from Ms. Basford’s book on Instagram, where he has 1.8 million followers.

Part of the apparent appeal is the tactile, interactive nature of the books, which offer respite to the screen-weary.  “People are really excited to do something analog and creative, at a time when we’re all so overwhelmed by screens and the Internet,” Ms. Basford said.

Her publish break came in 2011, when an editor at Laurence King Publishing saw her work online.  The editor thought her graceful illustrations c9ould work well as a children’s coloring book.

“I came back and said I would like to do a coloring book for grown-ups, and it got a bit quiet for a moment,” Ms. Basford said.

To convince them that it was a viable market, she drew five sample pages of mosaic-like illustrations.  The publishers were sold.

Ms. Basford spent the next nine months working on the book.  Occasionally she had doubts.  “I was worried that coloring for adults was silly and it was just me that wanted to do it,” she said.

Other entries to this small but growing category include Patricia J. Wynne’s lavish, nature-themed Creative Haven coloring books—discreetly described as being “designed for experienced colorists”—and the more explicitly titled “Coloring Books for Grownups”, released by Chiquita Publishing.  A subspecies of these books promotes the meditative aspect of coloring.

Major publishers are seizing on the trend.  This year, Little, Brown will release four illustrated coloring books for adults, all subtitled, “Color Your Way to Calm.”  The books, “Splendid Cities” by the British artists Rosie Goodwin and Alice Chadwick and three titles by the French illustrator Zoé de Las Cases, feature detailed city-scapes with famous landmarks, cafes and street life.

Ms. Basford is now working on her third book.  In the meantime, “Secret Garden” has sold out in many markets.  Laurence King is reprinting 750,000 copies for the United States.

Last month, Ms. Basford tries to calm her followers with a post of Facebook: “Don’t panic!  New stock of Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest is on its way!”

Some were not placated.  “WEEKS?” on frantic follower replied.   “I can’t possibly wait WEEKS!”

This still just shows, how EMPTY modern man’s souls are becoming, I mean, I get that coloring books somehow brings you BACK to that innocent childhood state of mind, and, in your HECTIC lives, you MAY need to find some ESCAPES, sure, but, this is just, way too out there, it just shows how empty the modern man’s souls are getting, because they needed some childhood activities, to help them COPE, with their adult lives, no offense to the author of the books here though, but, feel free, to TAKE tons, I’m still just, stating MY opinions here on the matter is all.

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Matchmakers’ Training: Classes Now in Session in the Universities

Despite ALL those AVAILABLE fishes in the SEAS, we still just can’t quite to find the right one for us, and this, is what’s put up, to serve THAT purpose, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Socio-psychology Department of the World News University is about to set up the “Research & Education Center for Love” this month, at the quickest, other than helping the students get pass the difficulties in their romantic relationship, doing researches on how the sexes interact with one another, and, it’d also planned to offer cross-major credit hours, and work alongside the matchmaking companies too, becoming the first place with a major in Taiwan that trains professional matchmakers.

The Department Head of the World News University of Psychology, Jeng claimed, that a lot of the college students got their views on love from the media, and are influenced to become fearful of love, due to the hike in divorce rates; but, from the statistical measures, most of the marriages are still very blissful, by setting up this realm of study, it is hoped that it can help the students get past the myths of how marriage will often end up in divorces.

Jeng said, started in 1999, he’d offered a general studies course in “Love Psychology” every year, and, the students would jam packed the auditoriums, it’d showed, how much the students wanted to learn how to interact with members of the opposite sex.

Jeng stated, that the Love Research and Education Center not only studies the trends in love, offer counseling to college students with relationship troubles, in the future, it would be set up as a course in the psychology department as well, and, a set of course combining counseling measures and social psychology, training the students to become “professional modern-day matchmakers”, through counseling, finding the one who is right for you, and the communication during dating, and how to deal when the families are against the lovers, and, the counseling after the marriage, a series of related topics of study.

Jeng pointed out, that there are a TON of matchmaking services in the world, but, those that operated well, aren’t that numerous, the Love Research and Education Center will be working together, with the experts in the areas, working alongside the matchmaking companies, to help with the researches, and matchmaking of the sexes, and even have certification trainings for “Professional Matchmakers”.

Because there IS a desperate need for this, that, is why this program got set up, to help out those young people (and, I’m still NOT one of those!!!) to find the love they’re looking for, besides, at this day and age, who the HELL has the time, to sit and date someone AT that café, to chit-chat, to see IF we match up perfectly, we want everything FAST, like fast-food?  That, is why, this “department” is being SET up…

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Letting Your Mind Go Offline, by T. Brady

We ALL need some time, to DISCONNECT from the web, especially at this day and age…

We all need to take a break from our screens, and not just to rest our eyes.  The downtime lets us get a little creative thinking done.

Executives’ toys that live on a desk to be played with, some say, are a productive distraction: Magic 8 Balls with cryptic messages; Zen gardens with the little rakes; Newton’s Cradle, the dangling metal balls that knock against one another, the ends flying to demonstrate Newton’s law of the conservation of momentum.

Such objects provoke dialogue and relieve stress, says Adrienne Appel of the Toy Industry Association, and are useful in the digital age.

“With today’s extended work hours, multiple screens and multiple devices, it’s even more important for people to step back and take that moment to de-stress,” she told The Times.

Scott G. Eberle, vice president for play studies at the Strong museum in Rochester, New York, said desktop toys can induce a meditative state.  Mr. Eberle has written on subjects like day-dreaming, and he sees creative value in objects like Newton’s Cradle.  Watching them can create a sense of detachment.

“Ideally, you need to move yourself into a state where your mind is offline,” he said, adding that lava lamps and fish tanks work as well.

Since much of our public space is being filled by the advertisers, Matthew B. Crawford reported in The Times, it’s harder and harder to get offline.

“In the process, we’ve sacrificed silence—the condition of not being addressed,” Mr. Crawford wrote.  “And just as clean air makes it possible to breathe, silence makes it possible to think.”

He noticed that the trays used to place items for X-ray screening at airports are now covered with advertisements, and he was jarred by the sight of all the lipstick colors offered by L’Oreal when he put a memory stick in the tray.

This noise blocks out the silent moments we used to savor when traveling, which contribute to the creativity and innovation, Mr. Crawford argued.  Silence is now marketed as a luxury good.

“In the business-class lounge at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I heard only the occasional tinkling of a spoon against china,” he wrote.  “I saw no advertisements on the walls.  This silence, more than any other feature, is what makes it feel genuinely luxurious.”

His neck muscles relaxed, and he felt revived, after just twenty minutes.

These days we don’t have much chance to relax, Teddy Wayne wrote in The Times, because of ICYMI (In case you missed it.)

Twitter and online alerts appear every few seconds to bring links to the attention of those who may have missed them.  The news industry is publishing stories twenty-four hours a day, entire seasons of TV shows are released at once and most movies are available at any time.

It’s impossible to keep up.  But it’s also possible to access any of these things at any time “so there is no excuse for missing one—and, therefore, a more urgent compulsion to catch up,” Mr. Wayne wrote, “in case you missed it.”

Manoush Zomorodi, the host of a New York radio show called New Tech City, which examines how technology affect our lives, complains she hasn’t been bored in seven years.

She traces it to her first iPhone in 2007, Ms. Zomorodi, 41, started a project called “Bored and Brilliant,” which asked participants to avoid their devices and embrace idleness, hoping the wandering of mind is a more creative one.

Of course there is an app for it.  “We’re trying to embrace the ridiculousness of it”, she told The Times.

So, looks like we’re ALL kidnapped by these modern day inventions, huh?  Because we feel this need to stay connected (it’s still the individual’s problem if you ask me!), and so, we’re, tuned into whatever everybody else is doing, and thus, we find ourselves in the midst of this information overload, and, we wanted to unplug, but, how can we, we’d become reliant on these systems, these modern day technologies, and, it’s still due to the lack of control that people have over themselves, if you ask me, but hey, WHO asked Y-O-U again???  EXACTLY!

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