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The Sixth Grader Ran on the Track Field, Became a Vegetable, the School Mandated to Pay the Families

Knowing this student’s heart condition, the instructor still made him run, that’s why the school is mandated to pay!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Four years ago, a sixth grade boy with a heart condition, ran around the school track, fell down, he was rushed to the hospital, and became a vegetable, the families filed a suit toward the country, the Taichung District Court found that school needed to pay the boy’s families until he turned twenty, the amount of over $40,000N.T. per month for the medical fees, and over $20,000N.T. per month extra until he’s sixty, that the amount of over $4.36 million N.T. needed to be paid to the boy and his mother for emotional distress.

The parents told, that filing the suit against the country is to get justice for their son who’s “growing up but never waking up”, and they hoped that their son will be the last victim of the negligence of the school campuses, the school already filed for an appeal.

The verdict stated, that the boy had a congenital heart condition, isn’t fitted for hard exercises, and all his teachers knew this.

On the morning of October 20th, 2016, the homeroom instructor told the whole class to get on the track field to practice running, and the instructor stayed in the class, not gone out to keep an eye on the students, allowed the boy to run two laps, the boy started swaying left and right, limping, and started panting, turning pale, along with other symptoms that he was not will.  The homeroom instructor saw, but didn’t call the ambulance immediately, the student was carried by another instructor to the nurse’s office, where the nurse performed CPR, until the paramedics arrived.

The judge believed, that the homeroom instructor wasn’t monitoring the boy when he was running, and not paid enough attention to how he was afterwards, and as the boy passed out, she’d not called the ambulance on time, that it all fitted into negligent in care, that the school should pay for the damages on behalf of the country.

And so, because you weren’t paying enough attention to this student with a HEART condition, and you made him run the laps, that’s why you’re, responsible, for his death, and the school got sued for it, because of the teacher’s not paying enough attention to the student’s health conditions.


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The One-Month-Old Infant Boy Died Sleeping on His Abdomen of Asphyxia, the Nanny Charged

Hello, where the !@#$ is your SENSES, huh, an infant that young can’t turn himself over!!!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The little over a month old young infant boy, Tsai, after only four days of being taken to his nanny’s he’d died of asphyxia from sleeping on his abdomen, he was rushed to the hospital, but still died, the parents of the young baby cried like hell, suspected that the nanny had, left their young son in the room sleeping on his own.  The Social Services of Kaohsiung found, that Kuo the nanny was certified, but, she’d taken in too many infants under ages of two, they will be, retracting her license of operating a public nursery.

The D.A. and police’s preliminary investigations found, that after the infant boy was born, he’d stayed in the hospital with his mother for the afterbirth month-long recovery, as he got home, five days ago, he was, sent to the nanny, Kuo (age 38), two nights ago, Kuo left the infant boy alone as he slept in the bedrooms, half an hour later, the nanny went in, to check on the baby, he’d, stopped, breathing, she’d, immediately performed CPR, and after she’d, rushed him to the Kaohsiung Hospital, he’d still, died.

The police charged the woman with negligence causing death, and, sent the nanny, Kuo to the district attorney’s office, yesterday the district attorneys had, autopsied the infant boy, found him to not have any external injuries, suspected that the cause of death was asphyxia, they will be conducting an autopsy, to confirm his cause of death on another day.  After the nanny, Kuo was interrogated, she’d blamed herself, cried hard, not said a single word, the district attorney sent her home after they’d interrogated her.  The parents of the young infant boy held each other and cried as the D.A. told them the cause of their son’s death.

The couple, the Tsais owned and operated a betel nut stand in Kaohsiung, the infant male who’d died was their secondborn, they have a son of a little over a year old, because there’s not enough space at their original residence, they’d, bought a second home in the city, they were on the way to move into a new home.

The infant’s father stated, that his son was born not too long ago, for the move, he and his wife bought the furniture for their new home, then, found the nanny through FB who’s, certified, but, the nanny left their son alone in the room to sleep on his own, on his abdomen, causing their son to die of asphyxia, as they’d heard the news, they’d both become, “dumbfounded”.  The grandfather of the infant boy was distraught told the press, that he never got a chance to hold his grandson in his arms, and he’d, died.

The Social Services Department in Kaohsiung pointed out, that based off of the regulations, the nanny Kuo, can only take in two infants under age two but she’d, taken in two infants under age two, and a toddler over two, and on the eleventh, someone asked her, to take in another young child, she’d, taken in more children than she was, supposed to, they will retract her certification for daycare, and issue a fine of $6,000 N.T. to $30,000N.T. based off of the law.  The Social Services already transferred the other infants and toddlers that Kuo had taken on to another nanny now, and called out to the public, that infants should be placed down for their naps on their sides or their backs.

So, in a moment of carelessness, this young infant boy still, D-I-E-D, and this nanny shouldn’t have, taken over the limit of number of young children she was supposed to, and now, she’s charged with negligence homicide, or manslaughter, and this should’ve, NEVER happened, but it still, did, so, what does that tell you, about the nannies who are, certified???  That if you’re not careful, it does NOT matter IF you’re, certified, accidents still, happen, too easily!


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A Naked Father Held onto His Dead Son, Sat Dumbfounded by His Front Steps, the Passersby Were Alarmed

A history of mental illness here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Cho who was diagnosed with a mild form of cognitive disorder yesterday at around noon, carried his two-year-old son who had died, sat, nude, in front of his house, and the passersby called the police, as the police rushed over, they’d found his wife, having taken tranquilizers, naked, and passed out on their bed at home, and the D.A. examined the child, and found there were multiple wounds on the boy, they’d suspected that he’d been abused to death, they will do an autopsy, to clarify the cause of death next week.

The District Attorney of Tainan, Lu examined and found, that there were multiple old and new contusions on the young boy’s head, as well as new abrasions, there were multiple bruising on the child’s arms and legs too, there were contusions on his anus that bled, they’re not ruling out his death as caused by abuse.

“My child is already dead!”, as Cho was taken back to the subprecinct, he’d cried, admitted to abusing his own young, and, at the time when the District Attorneys were questioning him, he’d also told them, “I didn’t mean to”, but, his statements were inconsistent; after the interrogations, the D.A. restricted his movements to his residence, and the police will notify the Department of Sanitations, to force him into treatment.

Cho’s residence was in an alley, leading up to the malls, a lot of the passersby saw him, naked, carrying his limp child with his head tilted backwards, and turning purple, they were all shocked; yesterday morning at eleven, as the pedestrians walked by, they’d noticed something wasn’t right, they’d immediately notified the police.

The man in charge of the local borough said, that Cho had strictly prevented anybody from coming close to him, and, it took three firefighters, to distract him, and get his child away from him.  As the child was taken to the hospital, the paramedic said, that he didn’t have a heartrate, wasn’t breathing, and had died, as he was being rushed to the hospital.

The police rushed over to investigate, they saw that the room was messy, pillows on the floor, there seemed to be signs of struggle, but there wasn’t any blood.  Cho’s wife was found naked too, passed out, on the bed of their rental home, after the firefighters shook her and woke her up, she’d slowly regained consciousness, and was taken to the hospitals for further observations.

Cho’s wife said, that in the morning, she’d had an altercation with her husband, felt bad, took the tranquilizers, and passed out, she wasn’t sure what had happened during the time she was passed out.  The Social Services Department had listed her as a protection case, and she is now, placed by the social workers.

The D.A. said, that the husband and wife had different versions of how the child was injured, Cho claimed, that “I’m not responsible for ALL of the injuries”, and whether or not his wife also beaten the child up, or if the wounds were accidental, they will look more into the matter.

And so, we still have here, the DEATH of a young child, and the reasons are unknown, but in these case, usually, BOTH the parents ARE responsible.

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Etched into the Hearts

This, is something that cuts so very deep, isn’t it???

Etched into the hearts, and, you won’t be able to remove it, like you could that tattoo of that ex-lover, with laser or whatever either!!!

Etched into the hearts, are the experiences of your painful childhood years, those years that you’d spent, all alone, with NOBODY to care for your emotional needs, because those god DAMN adults just, don’t have a SINGLE clue about how to love you, do they?  Nope!

Etched into the hearts, are the lies that he’d sold you out on, and, you knew damn well, that they’re just that, and yet, because you feared losing him, you’d allowed him, to feed you his lies, out of the palms of his hands.  Etched into the hearts, and, there’s NO way you can get rid of them all now, oh no, they’d become engraved completely, so deep down inside.

Etched into the hearts, are those painful memories, that just keep on, comin’ right back to haunt, to gnaw on you, each, and every night, and, you’re still losing your sleep………

Etched into the hearts, are the images of that child, being brutally, beaten up by her mother’s boyfriend, because she wouldn’t STOP crying, because she needed a bottle, or that her diaper is wet, and needed changing, but her mother’s boyfriend was getting high, and became really annoyed, and so, he’d picked the child up, and, tossed her, out the window, where the baby landed, into the dumpster down below, and, she’d died, from the fall too!

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The Infant Girl Had a Fractured Skull & Hematoma, the Police Suspecting the Mother

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A short while ago, a two-months old baby girl was sent to the emergency room by her father, the paramedics found, that she had a skull fracture, and was bleeding internally, she’s still in a coma right now.  The police discovered, that on the day of the incident, the child was placed in her mother’s care, the mother was seemingly drunk, emotionally unstable, and, the police is checking to see if the infant had been abused.

The McKay Memorial Hospital that took the child into their care stated, that the girl is in a status three comatose, and is being resuscitated currently.  The child’s skull hadn’t formed properly yet, it still hadn’t closed completely either, that the subdural hematoma should be caused by trauma.

The pediatrician told, that a two-month old baby, the skull hadn’t harden yet or formed completely, that once subdural hematomas was discovered, so long as the bleeding is stopped quickly, it shouldn’t cause the infant into a comatose, nor is it like the adult cases where the blood clots’ pressuring the brain, causing visible after effects.  But this infant is in a stage three comatose, clearly, there’s a massive amount of blood, that she’d been physically, traumatized.

The police stated, that last month at ten o’clock, on the evening of the 25th, the infant’s father returned home, found that the baby was snoring as she slept, felt that it was not normal, took her to the doctors, and that, was when he was told, of how she was bleeding internally.

The police said, that before the infant’s mother married, she had been hospitalized for mental difficulties; and on the day of the incident, as the police went to her house, they’d found her, emotionally unstable, she’d stumbled around, was seemingly drunk.  Asked her why the child was injured?  The mother didn’t answer, and she’d become very emotionally unstable; the police will wait for the mother to feel better, then, take her statements.

And so, perhaps, the child just wouldn’t stop crying, and this mother that’s stuck with staying at home to care for her went NUTS, who knows, plus, it’s only been two months after the child was born, and, it is, right around this time, that those postpartum symptoms start to show, I’m thinkin’………

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When Getting Your Hair Done is More Important than Your Children

Apparently, getting HER hair done IS higher on your priorities list THAN your offspring’s lives, and that makes you an UNFIT parent!!!  From…

A 21-year-old mother was charged with negligent homicide late Tuesday after her two young children died in a house fire while she was out getting her hair done, officials said. Ciarria Johnson left her 4-year-old daughter, Ta’shae Thompson Johnson, and 3-year-old son, Clifton Thompson Johnson, home alone without supervision, according to a statement from the state fire marshal. Johnson also left two gas space heaters turned on in the wood-framed home in Bastrop, Louisiana. She returned tofind the house “completely engulfed in flames.”

“While investigators of the state fire marshal’s office are still piecing together their findings in the tragic fire that occurred on Pruett Street, one thing is certain: Ciarria Johnson … left her children unattended for hours as she was having her hair styled,” the statement said.

A control valve on a gas heater in the living room, where the fire is believed to have started, was found in the “on” position, the statement said. It added the fire likely started because of flammable materials being too close to the heater.

For starters, what the F*** is wrong with you???  And, isn’t there laws to prevent parents from leaving children under a certain age (say, 10-ish???) home alone, unattended?  So, what the F*** happened?  Is your hair really MESSED up bad, that you need to leave your kid home alone?  Yeah, that’s just messed UP all right!!!

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A Young Couple Who Were Married Because of Their Child, Abused Their Son to Death, and Tried to Cremate Him Secretly

Young parents, scapegoating on their child???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A pair of couple, nineteen years old, Wang, married because of their child, the parents were emotionally unstable, when their son starts to cry, they’d cussed him out, and hit him, last month, the father lost control and threw his son, who was just three months old down to the floor, killed him, had originally wanted to cremate him secretly, but the social workers found out, and reported the parents; the courts mandated that this young couple get taken into custody.

The D.A. found, that the infant was born prematurely, at before seven months, and, in the three months he’d lived, he’d lived a life of being tortured, not only did his parents not feed him regularly, he was so thin that there’s only skin and bones on him, there were also, multiple bruises, wounds, and fractures on him.  The coroner’s report came awhile ago, it showed, that his brain was like tofu that was mixed, and, it’d made the investigators shiver, “How could there be parents like this!”

Wang works at night as manual labor at a shipping company, and early in the mornings, he’d part-timed in delivering milk, his wife stays at home to take care of his son.  He’d claimed that he was under great economic stress, and the child won’t stop crying, he lost control, and that, was why he’d murdered his own son.  He said, on the day, the infant won’t stop crying, he got angry, and slammed his son hard, onto the bed, and the child fell off the bed, back then, the infant became limp, his face turned purple, the father was scared and sent him to the hospital immediately.

The police investigated, that after the Wang’s sent their son to the hospitals, never once did they visited him, on November 28th, the hospital had declared the child dead, that, was when the parents came forth, and wanted to cremate the child in a hurry, “it’s probably domestic violence,”, and the hospitals notified the police.

Wang’s grandmother stated, that the couple would fight often, and it’d annoyed the neighbors; she’s already in her seventies, couldn’t manage to help out with the care of the child, even though she’d told her grandson’s wife to check on the baby often, to feed him once every four hours, but, the grandson’s wife and the baby lived on the second floor, she, on the first, they rarely interacted, and so, she couldn’t know what was happening.  She said, as her grandson was in school, he’d gotten into a ton of trouble, and, that her son became handicapped because he was injured on the job, and, the grandson not only didn’t show an ounce of understanding, still constantly takes money from his own father, the grandmother never imagined he would hurt his own child.

And so, this, is still the case of abuse to death, the parents are way too young, they can’t even take care of themselves, how can they possibly take care of a child, and, the man’s the one with the issues, he’s the one who couldn’t sort through his emotions, that, was why he’d taken his angers out on is three months old baby boy.

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The Young Parents Who Were Too Focused with the Online Interactions Who’d Starved Their Young Daughter to Death Got Five-Years Sentences in Their First Trial

The crimes had been committed, and now, comes the PUNISHMENT phase, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A couple, the Wangs are not well to do, they’d fed their newborn infant girl only a small amount of milk every single day, and when they couldn’t afford the formulas, they’d fed her porridge instead; in the year’s time, the child didn’t get enough food into her systems, she’d died of malnutrition in the end.

In the first trial, the judge took that the parents got intrigued and addicted to online gaming, and would rather spend their money on online gaming, instead of food for their offspring, gave them both five years, four months for the abuse to death and abandonment charges; the high courts mandated that the parents have been found to be mentally retarded and that they’re from low income household, and yesterday, the judge gave them both two years of prison time, which they were allowed to delay serve for five years, and, during the time when they’re waiting to serve time, they’re to remain in custody, the case can still be appealed.

Wang (age 27), works as a janitor, four years ago, had a daughter with his wife who’s one year junior, the three lived in Chungli City of Taoyuan, but, the couple had difficulties keeping themselves fed, and couldn’t give their daughter enough nutrition.  On February 23, 2010, they’d found their child not moving, and her limbs had become cold too, they called up the ambulance, that, was how the case blew open.

The coroner’s reports stated that the one-year-old baby girl was born prematurely, showed signs of delayed development, her skin was flabby, with no fats underneath the skin, the muscles in her limbs had deteriorated, and the head is not in proportion to her body either; the cause of death was shock caused by chemical imbalances, too malnourished, and dehydration.

The couple admitted that their child died of malnutrition, but claimed that they did feed her regularly.  Wang said, he knew what he did was wrong, that he’d made too little money, didn’t have the money for the formula, he knew he failed as the child’s father.

Wang’s mother testified, that the couple would play online games at night; and the courts found that the two spent five, to six hours online, and that they’d run up the electricity bills, along with the bills for their internet, but they wouldn’t use that money for a can of formula that’s only $490N.T.s.

And so, this, is death by negligence, the parents would rather spend ALL their money on the online games, rather than take some of that money, to care and provide for their young, and, how can these people be parents in the first place????

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Raised by Your Abuse & Her Neglect

I was, raised by your abuse and her neglect, and, I was hurt a lot as a child, just as you were too, and yet, you weren’t wise enough, to KNOW how to treat me right! Are you FUCKING retarded???

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, and look how well I’d done, growin’ up. Raised by your abuse and her neglect, I would’ve hoped for better parents growing up, but seeing how NOBODY gets the first selection of who they were born to…

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, and now, I’m all grown up, and, I will N-E-V-E-R, EVER, EVER, E-V-E-R, allow this pain, this betrayal I’d experienced, to get passed down, to this next generation in MY freakin’ god DAMN bloodline legacy.

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, how could you? Abuse and neglect your own offspring, and call it love?  And, just because you never had the good kinds of parents who loved you unconditionally, doesn’t give you the R-I-G-H-T, to NOT love me unconditionally too, does it?  Of course N-O-T, because RIGHT, is R-I-G-H-T, and WRONG, is W-R-O-N-G!

Raised by your abuse and her neglect, I will N-E-V-E-R, hurt my own, as you’d done yours, and now, you will face, a future, filled with regrets, and you WILL be paying, dearly, for your mistakes, with both your lives, along with the lives of the ones you loved, and cared about, and that, is still??? Oh yeah, NOT my P-R-O-B-L-E-M, because it’s NOT in my B-A-C-K-Y-A-R-D???  Uh, D-U-H!!!

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A Man Abused His Girlfriend’s Young Daughter, Got a “Heavy Sentence” of Fourteen Years

Did you NOT read that last case of the newborn being COOKED by the mother’s boyfriend???  So, why the FUCK (don’t pardon me this time!) is this still happening???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Chou, in Yunlin two years ago, moved in with a married woman, Ke, and because of Ke’s young one-year-three months old daughter won’t stop crying, Chou had multiple times, used rulers, sticks, or cloth hanger, to beat the child, he’d even scooped up the child, and fly-kicked the child, causing her to fall to the ground, the infant, after these abuses, because of the back of her head was beaten, she’d fallen into a coma, then died.

The D.A. charged Chou and Ke together, the first trail, the courts sentenced Chou on abused to death to eleven years, eight months, and sentenced the mother on abuse for three months and she is to serve one more month in jail.  The second trials maintained the ruling toward the mother, but believed that Chou didn’t follow the payback plans, and he is without remorse, he’d charged him on abuse to death on fourteen years and a half, and, on the damages part, he could pay a fine.  The highest courts maintained the rulings of the appeal courts.

As the trial was proceeding, the grandmother of the child showed up and started wailing, screamed at Chou, called him “inhumane, I must get you back for my granddaughter’s sake.”  Even though, Chou had reached a settlement of two million dollars with the infant’s father, Chou still hadn’t paid a single dime.

The verdict pointed out, in an online game, Ke had met Chou, who fixed up the air-conditioning systems, two years ago in May, Ke took along her daughter, and moved in with Chou in Yunlin, the one year three months old daughter would cry often, and Ke would used glue sticks to beat her own daughter’s back or legs, causing the child’s back to swell and bruise.

Chou claimed he was a psychic, claimed that the infant was possessed, not only had he used the punishment toys, rulers, to beat her up, he’d also burned the child with incense and beat her body with a clothe hanger, last June, he’d even fly kicked the child, the child flew across the living room, fell beneath the sofa, and, went into shock, thankfully, a friend of Chou’s performed CPR, to help save the child’s life.

A few days later, the young girl had her bottle, and as sitting on the toy car, Chou, all of a sudden, started hitting the child on the back of the head, the child cried two loud cries, then, fell into a coma, Chou once again, ask his friends to perform CPR, and lifted her to the hospital, the child never woke up again, she’d died six months later.  Chou claimed that he’d only lightly hit the child as a disciplinary method, and Ke claimed that she wasn’t there, but the courts didn’t believe them.

And there are still a TON of parents who are NOT supposed be parents, in this case, the man has emotional problems, and he took his anger of whatever out on the girlfriend’s young daughter, and, fourteen years is still too lenient, these sort of LOSERS should be locked away for L-I-F-E, if you ask me!

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