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Not Winning Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Lost

Thoughts, from observations here, translated…

One day, I’d gone with a good friend, to take her emergency rescuer test, she’d really hoped she could pass and get chosen, because when her mother was hospitalized, she’d received a ton of assistance from the volunteers at the hospital; my friend believed, that one day, after she’s retired, she hoped, to become a volunteer who can also help others.  And so, the examinations on that day is very important to her.

At the end of the exams, I saw her come out of the testing room, with her head, hung downward, looking upset, I guessed, that she may not have done as well as she would’ve hoped to.  On the drive back, I’d inquired: did you lose, or, did you just, not win?  She’d replied: what’s the difference?  I’d continued asking: are you going to take the examinations after this one?  She’d replied, “Of course!”  And so, I’d congratulated her, today, she just didn’t win, she didn’t lose at all.  Because, “not winning” was exactly what’d happened today, but, “losing” is completely negating one’s own abilities from one’s own minds.  My friend smiled and nodded in agreement, and gave me a hug.

The test that came a month later, at the same place, I’d still gone with her to take it, and, this time, she’d hugged me, this time, she’d passed her examinations successfully.  She said, “Not winning doesn’t mean losing”, will be the motto she will keep on living by.

And so, this woman had helped her friend get her confidence from not passing that exam that first time, and, that still just shows, how easy, you can change your losing attitude to a winning one, with JUST one thought, and the way you see things, are often the main determinants of whether or not you’re successful in life.

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Those Blurred Out Memories

There’s that file folder, or maybe, a file cabinet, maybe, with those, blurred out memories, that you’re still keeping for reasons, I wouldn’t know.  Those blurred out memories, why you keepin’ ‘em?  In hopes, that one day, they’ll all become cleared up, without the fogs surrounding them one day on their own?

Those blurred out memories, no use trying to remember their contents, they’re unimportant, that, was why you’re minds “deleted” those files, but just, hadn’t gotten around, to clean out the trash yet!  Those blurred out memories, what, do you think you’ll find, when you’d wiped the dusts away, when they’d become clear again?  Are you looking for forgiveness, to be delivered from them, the way that believing in god would deliver you away from your sins?

Those blurred out memories, let them stay blurred out, because, IF you wipe all those fogs away, what you find, maybe too shocking for you to accept, so, just leave it well enough alone now, you hear!

Those blurred out memories, what, do you hope, to achieve, by making them clear again?  And, are you, ready, to ACCEPT the consequences, of finding out what, exactly it is, that they entail?  Are you ready, to discover, what actually, lies beneath???

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Hearts Have Turned into Stone

Hearts have turned into stones, did they all, gaze upon, the head of Medusa?  Hearts that have turned into stones, what happened, to them, why were they all, petrified, frozen, in FEAR, did they all, go through something, unimaginable, to the human mind?

Hearts have turned into stone, and, there’s, NOTHING we can do about it, there’s NO way, of melting them again, because they’re all, solid now, and, putting them all through the sauna of ice and fire, still wouldn’t do ANY good at all!

Hearts have turned into stones, so, what do we do now?  Is there no way, we can, bring them all back again, NOT even by that first true love’s kiss?  Hearts have turned into stone, because of everything that they’d weathered, and, turning into stone became the ONLY methods that those hearts knew of, to protecting themselves, from getting hurt all over again, and so, turning to stone, they all will.

Hearts have turned into stone, there’s NOTHING we can do, but to, place them all, inside those ironclad boxes, then, bury them deep, into the grounds, without hoping, OR expecting, that one day, they will all, WAKE back up, or come to life once more…

Hearts have turned into stone, perhaps, it’s, all for the best, because at least, a heart that’s made of stone won’t bleed again, right???

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Three Completely Blind Little Girls Finished the Triathlons with the Crowd, Cheering Them on

Here, we have a story of inspiration, on three young ladies, who live up to the name of being handi-CAPABLE, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

“I don’t just want to cheer the competitors on”, the words of these young women made the head of the sponsor of the triathlon allow them to compete.

Not being able to see, but they can still run, swim, and ride bicycles, the three young elementary school girls entered into the junior triathlon competitions yesterday, all three of them managed to make it across the finishing lines, the moment they were given their medals, the three little girls were so happy that they’d shown the victory gestures, “We could do it too!”

The Man in Charge of the Lions’ Club: This, is Probably the First Instance in Taiwan

“This is probably the very first time that the visually-impaired had competed in the triathlons”, the president of the Lions’ Club who’d sponsored this event said, the three young girls were originally planning on competing with the regular kids, but the parents complained how it wouldn’t be fair, and so, the three girls made themselves into “Team Angels”.  Taking from the examples of the international standards of triathlon in a set place, they’d used the treadmills, the spinning wheels, to allow the children to finish the 2.5K run, and the cycling of five kilometers, and they’d needed to swim for twenty-five meters.

The twelve year old, Yang, the ten-year-old, and the seven-year-old, Liang, these three little angels were all in Coach Shao-Chang Chen’s swim class.  Chen said, these three young kids, because they were born prematurely, had lost their sight, and were once very concerned about the issues of safety because of their vision impairments, and so, NO triathlon competitions took their registrations.

“I don’t want to just cheer anymore,” Liang’s words had made her coach, Chen helped to make their dreams come true.

Tzi-Ling Yang: at First in Practice, I Keep on Bumping My Head into the Walls

Tsi-Ling Yang told the papers, that when she first started to practice her swimming, she’d kept hitting her head into the walls; now, not only could she manage to swim the whole way, after she’d climbed out of the pools, she could use the different textures, to guide her to where she’d entered the pools on her own.

Chen said, that for the visually impaired children to train in the triathlon, they take twice the time compared to the regular children.  Because they couldn’t see, and lacked the balance, they’d kept falling on the treadmills, they’d swum in an S-shaped way, other than having them wear earphones as they swam, and holding the coach’s hand as they ran, the rest is practice, practice, AND more practice.

Si-Chia Lin: I Feel Like a Rocket

Si-Chia Lin said, the triathlons are very fun, when running on the treadmills, and cycling, “I feel like a rocket, at high-speed.”  The end results of her competition was twenty-five minutes, and her coach told her, that it is equivalent to the third place in the regular competitors’ competition, she told him happily, “I want to compete again next time.”

Yu-Han Liang: I’m Not Tired, I Want to Finish This Swim on My Own

“I’m not at all tired, I can keep going.”, the youngest, Liang, although sweat was crawling all over her forehead, but, her fulfillment is written on her face.  She was the slowest to finish, but insisted on receiving help from no one else, “I want to finish the swim on my own, the pool is very warm, it feels good”, everybody there was cheering her on.  Chen the coach said, he realized, that the blind children not only didn’t get beaten out by the regular children, they’d cherished every time they were able to practice too, and are unafraid of the hardships that come their ways.  He’d asked the kids to get through the competitions on their own, because after they grow up, “They must rely on themselves for everything.”

And so, these three young women had the chance, to live their dreams, with the accommodations made for them, of course, and, it took them a lot of hard work, a ton of practice, and, they’d finished the race, and, they should be proud of themselves.

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My Mother Who Was Always Uptight Turned Her Personality Around, on Parent-Child Interactions


If you think you know your parents, maybe, one day, you’ll make new discoveries about them.

After my father passed away, when my mother was in her sixties, I’d taken her to Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.  In these two twelve-day trips, I’d gotten the chance to see the childlike side to my mother.

In Europe, my mother entered into the churches, to hear the explanations of the local tour guides lecture on the histories of the buildings, she’d started taking notes, like an elementary school student.  As he’d walked out of the church, she’d asked for an ice cream like a child, and as she’d started eating it, she’d started smiling too.  By the lake, she’d wanted me to take a photo of her with a black swan.  At night, we’d had lobsters on the cruise, my mother didn’t care that it was cold foods, she’d had a grand time, eating.

In New Zealand, she got to hold the koala and the sheep for the photo opportunities.  In Australia, she’d insisted on getting on those roller coaster rides, and I couldn’t talk her out of it, and so, I could only go along with her.  (in the air, the two of us screamed, nonstop, the anti-gravity really DID scare me to death!)

These two trips, she’d gotten well-feed, slept really well too, she was in good spirits and good physique, everything to her is like brand new, and, it’d ignited her curiosities.  I saw how she’d grinned from ear to ear every day, so active, so cute too, like she returned back, to her childhood days.  I feel somewhat, estranged from her now, she’s no longer the uptight, introverted mother I used to know anymore…

So, looks like your mother just needed to unwind a bit, and, her personality change should be applauded, because she’s finally letting loose, and, because you’d accompanied her on so many journeys, that, was why you were granted the chance, to see a side of her, that none of you ever knew existed, and that still just shows, how mothers needed to unwind from time to time…

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Depression, a Long, Hard Climb Upward



So, this, is where you’d found yourselves, climbing up, this never-ending slope called depression, and, along the way to the top, you’d met with, avalanches, snowstorms, rain, sleets, along with an ASSORTMENT of obstacles.

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, this, was the journey you’re destined to be on, because you’d slipped, tripped and fallen, into the troughs, and now, you’re battling, to get yourselves, BACK on your feet once more, and, on the way, of finally getting yourselves back up, you’d gotten hit, over, over, and over again, had relapses, after relapses, you’d gone into therapy, but, there’s only so much, that that dude or woman with the halo of the doctorate can do FOR you.

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, and, it’s a constant battle for you, because you don’t know, when, you will, trip, and fall flat on your faces, and start from the very beginning again, and, each fall became harder to recover from than the last…

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, you know there’s light in the future, at the top of that impossibly tall mountain, and, you’re, trying, so very hard, to keep your gazes upward, looking for the hope, but, the skies had become, darkened all around you, and, you’re having a hard time, seeing the light.

Depression, a long, hard climb upward, will you ever be through, to the very top, and get CURED?  Nobody knows, and, only time can and will tell, but, time is NOT squealing what it knows about your future already, so, you’re basically, STUCK here, down in the troughs.

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Spiraling Toward Denial

You don’t even know it yet, but, you’re, spiraling, toward denial, and, once you’re IN denial, well, there’s NO way out for you!  Spiraling toward denial, you were merely, following that well-trodden road, that all who’d walked before you had, like how the roads of a state was, walked out by cattle and livestock too.

Spiraling toward denial, and, once you’d gotten SUCK, into that VORTEX, there’s NO way to get back out from under again, because, you will keep on going, going, going, ‘til you’re totally and completely G-O-N-E!

Spiraling toward denial, you don’t even KNOW how denial had begun for you, because you are just, way too stubborn in thought, refused to see the cold, HARD truth, that’s bluntly, STARING you, RIGHT in YOUR face.

Spiraling toward denial, once you tripped and fell, well, you will, keep, falling down, into that abyss, and, there’s NO end, NO that HARD-WOOD floor that will, make your butts STAY, you will keep on, spiraling deeper, deeper, and deeper still, into denial, and I’m done, dealing with those who refuse to get the HELL out of their own denials.  I’m done here!

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Where Do the Toys Go

On teaching the younger generations about giving, translated…

When my grandson was younger, I bought a ton of toys, after he’d started elementary school, the toys were packed up in plastic bags and left, in the corner of the storage unit.

One day I asked him, if it was okay that we give the toys he no longer played with to the kids in the orphanage? He’d agreed right away.

So the following weekend, I drove him, took the two bags of toys, to the orphanage, handed them to my friend. On the way back, I told my grandson, “You’re in elementary school now, you don’t play with the toys anymore, and it would be such a shame, to just throw them away, giving them to the kids in the orphanage, they’d be happy. Helping others make oneself happy, right?”

Seeing how he’d nodded his head, he seemed to get the purpose of my actions.

A few days ago, I’d found a box of toys from a drawer I rarely opened, it was, a box of puzzles of Spongebob Square Pants. I’d given it to a four-year-old in my neighborhood, under his older sister’s directions, he’d start4ed putting it together. His older sister in in the fourth grade, and knew the character of Spongebob, she gladly taught her younger brother how to put the pieces together, and kept saying “thank you” to me.

So, this, is teaching about the giving and receiving, to someone who’s young, the woman asked her grandson if he was willing to donate the toys he no longer played with anymore to the kids in the orphanage, by asking him that, she’s showing him that because the toys were his, she’d respected him, and, by dropping off the items, they saw how happy the kids were, and that is, a lesson in helping out, in giving to others, and, later on, when the woman gave the puzzles to the children in her neighborhood, she’d gotten a sense of making someone happy, and she feels very glad about it too.

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Tricky Decisions

Thinking Too Much, Overanalyzing the Situation…

John Lee Taggart

There are often tough decisions we have to make in life – some of them are major heart-wrenching numbers, you know; should I move abroad to look for work? Should I go back to school? Do I really need extra cheese on this XL pizza? 

But occasionally these choices demand an instant response, and can’t be deliberated – the choice is a split-second one…and in this moment your brain spins into total chaos attempting to pick out the least offensive best fit ~

Fresh GIF

That happened to me a few hours ago…in a frenetic snapshot that lasted only a few seconds. You see I was innocently on my jolly old way to the supermarket at about 3:00pm – so I could beat the lines, and get it all over with before I had sniffling school children, and their beleaguered parents wrestling with me for the last on sale pork chop. No…

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Under a Microscope, Their Lives are Examined…

Welcome, to my SCIENCE session!!!

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, and, you know how those microscopes worked, how they can see to the smallest, details?  That, was how the smallest bad parts about their character had been found.

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, and, they’re being judged, for every single little thing they did, or didn’t do, it’s just impossible, to make the crowd satisfied, after all, how many of us are standing by again?  Over a ton, and, that would mean, that there would be, OVER a T-O-N of different opinions on the matters, and, it’s not just a dichotomy anymore, oh no, nothing will BE that simple again, I’m afraid.

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, each one of their little moves, closely, documented by someone, and what’s worse was, the world is expecting them, to make a fatal error, after all, we ALL know, how much better those tragedies SELL, than those boring stories with the happy endings, right???

Under a microscope, their lives are examined, at first, they’d enjoyed the attention very much indeed, but, after awhile, they’d become too pressed, because everybody, is watching their every single move, and, eventually, they will slip up, and, the cruel, cold world will have its fingers, pointed at them, for misbehaving!

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