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My Mother’s Treasures

The mementos of, love, that’s kept, for a, lifetime…translated…

When I was growing up, the cleaning to usher in the new year, that’s when my mother would haul down the items at the top of the shelves to check them, to clean them piece, by piece, that was the most curious also, most excited moment to us children.  Of the stack there was a camphor box, with the documents, the certifications, and the delicate clothing stashed inside, and what caught my attention was, this red, shiny, purse, it was very fashionable, with the golden shiny latch, that made the “clack” sound when it was opened up and closed, it’d felt, very handsome.  But mom never wanted to show us what’s inside it, she was, very, mysterious about that.

As I grew older, left home, got married, and had kids, and this ritual became, extinct, from my life.  Through heading back to visit my parents back home, I’d, slowly, pieced together the details of that purse—it was a gift from dad to mom that he’d bought from Shanghai.

My father was a nautical major, he’d worked for the ships for a bit, visited a ton of places.  As he’d arrived to a new location, he’d written my mother the letters, introducing her to what he was seeing there, and how he’d felt, gazing up at the stars at night at seas; back then, there was, no electronic devices that they’d used to tell where they are, the stars, are the best map.  My dad also loved the movies, he would sent the detailed descriptions of the movies he’d watched in the cities to mom in the letters.  Once he’d arrived in the busy city of Shanghai, and selected this, fashionable, yet elegant red purse, to give it to the woman he loved.

illustration from

My father is very hearty, loved the arts, and literature, being on the seas too long, felt that the life of a seafarer was, way too, unsettled, I’m guessing, that it’s because he’d missed the woman he loved too much, and adjusted his coordinates of life, left the cruise ship he’d worked on.  They’d come to Taiwan, married and had children, worked hard for a living, lived their life happy, set up a household, filled with the humanities, the arts, the music, a family with a gentle father, and a kind mother for us.  They supported and loved and respected one another, we’d never heard the two of them complained, or argued once.

My father passed in his elderly years of illness, my mother, it may be that she grieved for him so, she’d left the home she’d shared with my father for more than half a century, moved to Taipei, to live with my younger brother.

Not long ago, I’d asked my mother about that mysterious purse of hers, and, the revelation—its contents, seventy-six, love letters, the love my father had sent to my mother, over the oceans he’d floated on, over the, thousands of, kilometers.

My daughter’s friend who’s a Japanese writer, was an editor of a magazine, upon hearing my mother’s story, she’d gotten the permissions, came to interview my mother, and see the cherished purse that my mother owned.  My mother showed that red purse to my daughter’s friend, the writer and the assistant asked playfully, if they could read the contents?  My mother no longer had that shyness of her youth, allowed them to.  And so, the thickened nostalgia, the longing, filled the air, and, the few of us, younger generations, were all very, excited, and moved, by the depth, the warmth of the love they’d, shared, I’d felt that this love was quite deep, and what it’d meant to my, mother in her life.

And now, at the age of over ninety, my mother still gave off that elegance, warm feel, she’d continually given her families, her offspring, her friends, her students, unconditional love, and offered us all strength; I’m sure, that this cherished treasure, is what kept her well, hidden inside her heart.

And, this showed, how deep the love shared by the individual’s parents are, and how the elderly cherished the gift that her husband had, given to her, and the contents of what’s inside of that purse, is the, most, priceless, treasure that the elderly woman kept her an entire, lifetime.

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My Husband’s Agent

Giant B-A-B-Y, and the wife’s hovering over her husband like he is her son still don’t do SHIT to help this LOSER to stand up on his own!  Translated…

After my husband retired, most of time, he’d stayed at home.  He’d loved fixing things up, patching things around the house, but there’s not that much in our own that needed his handiwork.

I’d found, that as he saw me going out for my part-time work, he seemed a bit, envious.  I’d worked for two days of the week at an internet shop, based off of what the customers ordered, I’d find the items, packed them up, stuck on that label for delivery on.  I’d told him that work was like a treasure hunt to me, with a bit challenge, that it’s quite fun.  He’d wanted me to ask my boss if he could work there also, I’d told my boss, “my husband is more like a woman than I in personality, he’s agile with his hands, really good at packaging, and he would make the recipients of the packages feel they were receiving presents.”, but unfortunately, my boss only wanted to hire women.

I’d turned to the internet to search in the find-a-job websites, to skim through all the want ads, filtered out the ones that weren’t fitting, and I’d thought about whether or not I should, sent my husband’s résumé in.  Sorted through the listings page by page, and after a long while, an opening for a job popped up, as I’d read what the work entailed, I’d asked my husband, “the place hiring is close to home, and it’s what you do best, do you want to try it?”

I’d texted the employer, told that my husband did NOT have an account with the jobseekers website, that I will inquire on his behalf, told that he was very responsible, and very careful in his work, just retired a while ago, he’d appeared only fifty, but I’d not gotten a response back.

illustration from

Three days later, I’d told my husband to call the employer on his own, he’d told him, that it didn’t matter if he found work again, and said that the office listed isn’t far from where we live, why not just go and check it out in person.  He got dressed, readied to go out, I’d, found, that the employer already left a message early in the morn.  My husband inquired, “go with me……”

I rode the scooter, he sat on the back, as we arrived, I’d, observed a bit outside the building, told him to be courteous, to not talk out of turn.  Not long afterwards, the gates rolled up right on time, and a honest looking man exited out of the place, introduced the work environment to my husband, explained to him what his work would be.  It’d sounded like he would have to squat for long hours at a time on the floor, I’d worried that it might hurt his back, and asked, “can he try it first?”, after the business owner gave the response that it would be okay, I’d, left him there.

I’d gone to pick him up after work, he’d told me, “sorting through the camping tents is like playing, I get to exercise my body, make some extra cash, not tiring at all.”, as I’d heard him told me, the worries of my entire day, vanished.  I’d asked the man, “does my husband look like he’s only in his fifties?”, he’d responded, “he looked less than!”, we’d asked him, if he needed the help, do think of my husband.

A few days later, no response, and I could only text the owner of the shop privately.  Waited for another day, message not read still.  I’d picked up my cell phone, called, “hello, is there no more work these few days?  My husband………” then suddenly, my daughter’s word hit me, that when her boss see the high school age interns, interviewing with their mothers accompanying, the boss didn’t have good impressions.  I’d immediately hung up the phones, told my husband, “you want to look for work, you need to go on your own, if I go with you, you are less likely to get hired.”  He’d told me, “my wife helps me finding work, people would feel, that we are relating well to one another, it would make me look better.”  “those around would think that you are a giant baby!”  “This is NOTHING like how the younger generations becoming independent, you are, my agent, of course, it’s your job, to help me find the work!”

Yeah, can’t get through to him.

Using his own wife as a, crutch here, maybe?  Or, he’s just, too shy to ask, and, this will, damage this man’s opportunity to find work, even IF he had all the skills required for the job, and, don’t know what’s going on in the mind of this husband, is he, too clingy to his wife, or is he, naturally, too, “shy”, or is it, something else, entirely, different???  Nobody knows, save for his own wife!

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Like the Choices We Have for Bread

How the marriage is, a matter of give and take, compromises, and making up for each other’s shortcomings, to become complete in love, in marriage, and in a, family too, translated…

“I don’t know where to begin eating”, that’s what I’d heard my husband told me often on the tables.  He’d worried of overeating, that my daughters and I won’t have enough, especially, my youngest eats very slowly, so many times, the plates were completely, cleaned off, and she’d only made one round, and as she tried to go for seconds, there’s, nothing but the plates left.

From before the pandemic, I’d thought of buying four plates, everybody has one, and we’d eaten the suppers like buffets.  But, there’s this lack of, “’we’re eating together”, and as the family gathered, we’re still quite used to the dishes with the pot of soup, and we decide how much and what we want to eat.  Later, with the hikes in number of contracted, friends, relatives, coworkers, they all contracted, and we can only, change our ways of eating.  I’d cooked the foods, my eldest would split up the portions—she had the heavy duties of considering everybody’s likes and dislikes, the amounts, the hot or the cold of the foods, and too great considerations into plating, and we’d, split up the portions completely for the day.  And since, my husband never complained of not knowing when to start off, my youngest never complained of how she’d not gotten to have this or that anymore.

And, my husband, who’d become, so used to being, served his foods, he’d rarely gone to the fridge to open the door now.  At breakfast, he’d had a hard-broiled egg, a banana, and a bread bun.  All of these items, always “showed” of on his table, after he’d gone for his morning exercises and come back.

That morn, I was busying, bathing the dogs, my daughters were blow-drying them, on the bath days of our pets, we all got busy.  I told my husband as he walked in, go take something from the fridge.  Your choice of buns”.

illustration from

As we were done with the dogs, he was eating his bread.  From before, he’d always selected the savory, like the onion, or the hotdog sub, the garlic bread.  I’d told him, “can’t believe that you chose this one.”  He’d asked, “did I pick wrong?  Was this what you wanted?”, I’d told, “I’d never thought you’d chosen the sweet variety.  I always thought you loved the savory, so I’d, bought those for you intentionally.”  He’d told me, when I’d opened up the door of the fridge, I’d not chosen, this was right next to the hard-broiled egg, so I’d, chosen it.”

“I’d not chosen” resonated in the air, it’s, as if I caught a glimpse of him as he’d told me he was marrying me, what he was seeing.  I’d told, “So, I’m just like the bread, just right there.  You’d not had a choice”.

On winter solstice, there were ten sticky rice balls, five savory, five sweet.  The feeling for the savory is pork, the sweet is peanut.  The four of us split them, my youngest and I each had three, my eldest and my husband, two.  I’d placed all the pieces into the pot, can’t tell the fillings.  It was like getting the draw when we’d eaten, the lucky combo was having both flavors.

Soon enough, I’d, eaten my three, my two daughters each ate one, I’d, scooped up two into the white porcelain bowl, presented it to my husband.  First one was savory, the three of us, are now, watching him for the second, our girls poked at the remaining rice balls they had in their bowls, prayed that they will get, blessed.  He’d taken a bite, said, “it’s the sweet one”.  “You’re so lucky”, I’d told him, “don’t need to choose, and you got the best combo”  “Just like marrying you, no need to pick and I got the best deal.”

Yep, I was the one who’d pursued him back then, back then I was young, and I’d, stuck to him like glue, back then I’d not even considered if he’d not like me or now.  But now as I’m older, I’d thought, that I was the one with the shorter end of the stick, because I was the one pursuing him, I’d had to, shoulder more of the responsibilities in the marriage, he’d barked out the orders, I’d, carried them out, he’s a higher up official, I’m a, nobody; sometimes, he’d become, too, unreasonable, and I’d had to put up with his bad temper.  My daughter often made fun of how poorly I’d selected my mate, that I’d not had any sight.

I’d wanted to know, that back then, was he too cornered by me, or, was he just, too introverted, didn’t dare to make the first move, to not pursue me.

I’d told him to tell me now.  He’d burst into laughter, and not another word.

And so, this is how this couple had, complimented one another in personality, and, they’d worked well together, because they made up for each other’s shortcomings, and sometimes, that’s what’s necessary in a marriage, to make the marriage work, because, imagine, if the both of you are too hotheaded, always wanted to win, then, your marriages would be filled with the fights, the shouts, and, there won’t be any peace, and chances will be, that you’ll be headed toward the big D!  So, it’s absolutely necessary, that one of you is stronger than the other in this particular marriage.

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Threats, a Short Prose

How the younger generations still, take after their elders’ behaviors, and, that’s how this cycle keeps on, repeating, itself, nonstop, and all of you still get, trapped, and you don’t even realize it!  Translated…

My mother-in-law has her own way of coping with the hard-to-use electric appliances.

“You get stuck again, I shall throw you out, and get a brand new one!”

“So hard to use, guess I’ll just, go out and, buy me, a brand new one!”

“The XX dehumidifier can warm the quilts up in less than half an hour, way better than this one we have at home here!”

But it’s odd, when these appliances get scolded by her like so, all the problems, they’d, vanished out of the blue, and start functioning normally for a bit, it’s, as if these machines can understand her words, worried of, getting, disposed of.

My wife told me that when she was young, she’d seen it many a times, that it’s, nothing new to her.

And that was why it’d dawned on me, why my wife always, threatened me with divorce all the time too.

Yeah, that’s still, emotional blackmailing, except, that your mother-in-law is doing it to the mechanical appliances, and your wife’s doing it to you.  And, there’s, nothing you do about it, you just, fall back into the cycles of her threatening to get rid of you, you behaving yourself better for a little while, until you start, misbehaving yourself again, and, she threatens you, again, and this vicious cycle still, rolls…………..

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As My Husband Got, Possessed

The ELECTRA complex, coming full-circle again, and this time, her ass didn’t get, kicked by it!  Translated…

To tell the truth, if my husband got possessed, there’s, nothing I can do.

After my father passed, his things weren’t what I could handle, thankfully, I’d only needed to hint at my husband, he’d, understood me, and, went to my mother’s home to sort out my father’s things with me.  Those things that remained, were of my mother’s, too, and what us, sisters, left behind at our parents’ home after we were married and moved out.

Lost track of how many days it’d taken for us to clear things up, only that my husband saw this, and that, and told me, that we could use them in the futures.  To thank him for helping me out, I can only ask, “you sure?  Don’t stack the items all over the places at home.”  He’d patted his chest, “don’t worry about it!”

A lot of things, by first look, I’d known, wasn’t my mother’s, must’ve been the “treasures” my father discovered somewhere.  My father became demented in the elderly years, I’d guessed at his path to collecting the items, guessed that maybe what he’d, picked up were those, lost dreams of his.  But, I suppose, my husband won’t have those, symptoms, thankfully, all he’d brought back from my parents’ home were put up nice and neat.  It’s, just that afterwards, things became, a bit, weird.

When there were the large items taken out by the curb that’s waiting to get, recycled, my husband would study them, to see if they’re, worth, something, even if there were the parts that he’d found useful, he’d, taken the things apart, and brought it back home.  But he’d not stacked these junks all over the place, so I’d, turned a, blind eye to his ways, and, not nagged him over them.

One day, he’d made him home earlier in his early morning exercises, entered in from the driveway, with a few iron rods on his arms, strutted in like a warrior who’d won some prizes.  Because of the angle of the sunlight, I couldn’t see him.  He’d called out before I said anything to stop him, “You’re only getting up and going to the markets now?”, I got awakened suddenly, “WHAT is it this time?”, he’d stayed calm, “this is good metal, it’s zinc plated, it wouldn’t become rusted up”.  He’d strutted forward without stopping, and, brushed by me, and pressed the elevator button to go upstairs.  And, my useless awakeness, left me, speechless then.

He was about to take in a preowned desktop, and, there were already, the occupants on his desk and I became troubled where to put it, and it was like he’d, suddenly remembered the location of a treasure he’d stashed somewhere, long, ago, flipped out the board he brought from my parents’ home, the parts he dissembled of the machine from the side of the roads, took him two days, he’d actually, made a computer desk with the extensions that’s the flexi sort.  Although, it wasn’t an original that fitted with the computer, but, he’d spent nothing on the parts, and, what he’d made actually, worked, how can I not, hooray him?

One day he’d come home from his walk, and, he’d gone into the bathroom as he’d come in.  I had my back to the door, felt him, stealthily, behind me, but, I was into my book and didn’t care, then, the water running from the faucet in the bathrooms, and there’s the rustling of scrubbing something.  Turned out, he’d made his way back out of our home, to bring in a screen door he’d found.  I’d thought about my mother’s complaints when she was still alive, “your father NEVER dared bring home the things he’d found, and, as he saw me busying in the kitchen, then, he’d, opened the door, to move what he’d picked up on his walk in.”  I’d caught him all right: “hey!  Why are you, moving this screen door in?”, he was working hard, scrubbing away, without lifting his head, “I’d already measured the size, this is the exact fit for the window frame of our front balcony, that way, the bugs can’t, get in.”  that screen door we had, was blown off by the typhoons many, many years ago, and now, he’d feared that the bugs would get into our home, it’s for my benefit, and I should, thank him.

Two days ago on the way home by bus from my grocery trip, I’d stared out the windows to see the views along the way.  Half way up the mountains here was, a man in a white shirt, loose casual pants with his wrists together behind his back—that stature, those clothes, is it, dad?  What, it’s past the month of the opening of the gates of hell, thankfully he’d, took that baseball cap that belonged tour son, for me, to confirm that it was, my husband.  SHIT!  Is it, possessed now?

Thinking on it, both him and my father were, tall men from the north, and both were of the same ranks in the armed services too.  When the left sock had a hole, my husband would switch the sock to wear on his right foot for a bit, then, toss it out, when my father was in his eighties, he’d had me use the threads and needles to patch up the holes in HIS socks too.  He’d worn those two outfit at home, and, always silent at home like that shadow that lurked, and, as they both met some stranger and chatted it up, they couldn’t, stop talking to the unknown strangers they just, met.  Both enjoyed noodles, and traditional Chinese buns, never picky on food, as the purpose of food served the only purpose of satisfying their, hungers.

Did I, use my father as a prototype, and I’d, found my, husband?  And, that figure that looked EXACTLY like my father, who was actually, my own, husband, and I’d, thought about how he was, possessed by my own, deceased father from before, then, my lips, curled up into a, smile.

So, the Electra complex still came full-circle here, we select our husbands, based off of the prototypes of our own father, and we can NEVER escape this, and this woman found the “shadows” of her own father in her husband, and, it’s like she still has her father with her, even after he was, gone, because her husband IS the exact replica of her own, dear old, dad!

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The Most Precious Thing of Our Marriage is the Gratitude We Feel Toward Each Other

The SEXIST belief of how women are in charge of what happens within the household (all the chores are up to us!!!), while you losers (not name calling!) are all in charge of working your nine-to-fives out!  Translated…

Because of my children are growing up fast, they’d gotten a ton of energies in them, and naturally, it’d made me busier at home, recently, my wife had been working in and out, sweating like crazy, and, the accumulated stresses that she’d had, became, that final straw that’s, cracked her, back, one day, she’d gotten furious over something, stated, that she’d been working from the beginning, and we didn’t not only thanked her, we’d, taken her for, granted, that she’d become, completely, drained.  Suddenly, the air froze at home, the smokes are rising up then, without the joys of motherhood, with that added, crisis of losing my, marriage now.

Based off of the estimates of the offices of internal statistics, the rate of divorce was up to 47,888 pairs in 2021, second, only to China, second in all of Asia, while, the age group that’s found to be most prevalent for divorces are from ages thirty-five to thirty-nine, and suddenly, it’d dawned on me, that I’m, right at the highest risk of the divorce groups.

There’s a joke: at age thirty we see others around us marrying, start panicking because we didn’t have anyone; at age forty, we see, that everybody around us is, divorcing, and we’d felt glad that we never, tied the, knots.  Looking at today, less and less are choosing to get married, and more and more are, getting, divorced; the experts and scholars tried to find the reasons behind all of this, and, as the studies, research results showed, it was due to how “one side gave too much, and the other side not being, grateful enough”, it’d made me think hard.

how it used to, be…illustration from online

After we’d fought, I’d started, introspecting, if the household chores are split up unevenly, or that I’d, taken my wife’s giving to the family for, granted.  And further, all of these accumulations from long ago, maybe, it’s, the problems of the ordinary marriages, that we’re always, grateful for those who are outside of the realms of family, but not enough thanks given to those who are closest to us, and giving to us, selflessly.

Thought about how I’d, boasted to my wife, how I’d, automatically, did the laundry, hung them up in the closets after they’re all dried, and did the dishes too, and hoped to get a praise, but my wife was confused, because she thinks the household chores are originally, both our, responsibilities, why was I the one, “helping” her out?  Her words were a, rude awakening, so, I’d, believed that it’s a woman’s work, doing all the, household, chores.

Based off of the study of Harvard University, the 724 adults the school followed up since 1938, as the participants of the study are all in their nineties, they’d discovered, that the key to happiness, is originally built on “an amicable relationship”.  In sum, through scientific proof, the key to happiness is, “gratitude”.

It’s never too late, as they say, first, we must, learn to, verbalize our gratitude, then, act on it, toward the household chores, stacking up at home, we must, work in them too.  It’s never late to save your marriages, start offering one another the verbal thank yous when you were younger, and keep that heart of gratitude, say thanks, do more household chores, you will, live in the marital bliss!

and this, is how, it SHOULD, be! Comic from online

And so, this is still based off of the sexist beliefs of how women ARE, in charge of what’s in the house, while all of you, LOSERS (not name calling!) are supposed to be the “bread winners”, but that may be true, in the CAVEMEN days, these days, we women are also, working our separate five to nines (instead of nine-to-fives), and when we clocked out from our offices, we go home, and work some more around the house, because, if we don’t, then, who will, and most of us preferred our homes to be, neat and, tidy, that’s why, we women are, slaving ourselves, and you men don’t even help out enough, because, it’s etched in your BRAINS that you’re only in charge, of, “winning the breads”.

WAKE up!  This is NOT the CAVEMEN days, when all you losers (not name calling!) go out hunting with your god damn, oversized, clubs, leaving us women at home, tending to the “hearth”…

and this, is what we’re, or should, aim, at!

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Two Cases of “Untreatable Illnesses” as Causes for Divorce, One Was Approved, the Other Tossed

Reasons W-H-Y, a divorce should be, allowed, by the courts, off of the Newspapers, translated…

The Civil Law stated that of the ten reasons for divorces, one was “with untreatable illness” but, there were the two couples, one in Taoyuan, the other in Yunlin with the wives filing for divorces on the reason because both husbands had strokes and became, paralyzed, and one couple was allowed to divorce, the other, wasn’t, the legal experts stated, that on reviewing over the decree of divorce, the justices would not just see the illness that one party has, but whether or not the marriages can keep going.

The couple, Wang in Yunlin had been married for twelve years, the husband is an alcoholic, later he’d suffered a stroke, became bedridden, the wife filed for divorce on the fact that he can’t get better, she said, she kept consoling with him to stop drinking, but he’d refused to listen, that was why he’d ended up having a stroke, became paralyzed, and so, her husband played a major part of damaging the relationship; and the husband’s legal representative, the mother-in-law, went to court, and, agreed with the daughter-in-law’s, claims.

The mother-in-law told, that her son had been an alcoholic for more than a decade, three years ago, he’d had a hematoma, and became paralyzed and was placed in a care home, that her daughter-in-law wanted a divorce, and, she would be willing to set her daughter-in-law free.  The judge based off of the diagnoses, confirmed that Wang couldn’t care for himself in daily living, that he couldn’t communicate with the outside world, causing the marriage to only be valid in the form, that there’s no way of affirming if his stroke has direct relation with his long-term alcoholism, and so, the courts approved the divorce on “other major reasons”.

The couple, Liu in Taoyuan, the wife also used the fact that the husband had a stroke, and became untreatable in his condition, to file for divorce, but the judge tossed the case, based off of the verdict, the man suffered a stroke two years ago in February, causing him to become paralyzed, and because of the increase in care expenses, plus the woman had conflicts with the means of caretaking, and the assets, she’d started having depression, and wanted to divorce.

But the judge based off of the diagnostic confirmation from the hospital, that although the man had a stroke and is paralyzed, he’s still lucid, and after physical therapy and medication, his movements, responses are, improving, that there’s still the possibility of him recovering, and found that the husband’s conditions aren’t bad enough, that the woman’s not getting along with her in-law’s side of the family isn’t related to the husband, tossed back her divorce claims.

The legal experts analyzed, that the judge would consider on two levels the reasons of divorce was “untreatable conditions”, one, the illness itself, two, does the illness affect the marriage, what’s defined as untreatable illness doesn’t mean that it has to be terminal, normally, it means that there’s no curing the person in the futures to come; as for the untreatable conditions means the diseases that would cause harm to the spouses’ body, like the STDs.

But, with the advancements of medicine, practically, the definitions of the clause needed to get updated too, the highest courts had a newer explanation, that “the untreatable illness” should be interpreted as “enough to impact the maintaining of the marriage, and an illness that’s hard to treat”.

And so, this still showed, that you can’t find your way out of a marriage, just because your spouse is ill with something as these cases showed, that the cases are decided separately, that each case with its own unique situations, and that should be considered.

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Will I, Take YOU, as My, Lawfully Wedded, ASSHOLE???

Yes, we’d, arrived to the SITE of a SUICIDE here…

Will I take YOU, as my, lawfully wedded, ASSHOLE???  Uh, say that again???

Will I take YOU, as my, lawfully wedded, ASSHOLE???  Just to make sure, I am, at my own, funeral (‘cuz that’s what all weddings are???), right???

Will I take YOU, as my, lawfully wedded, ASSHOLE???  To serve for all of eternity, ‘til death do us part?  Taking out that tiny gun I have inside of my bride’s dress right now here…

as they stand at the altar…photo from online

Will I take YOU, as my, lawfully wedded, ASSHOLE???  HECK no!  ‘cuz, for all I know, you’re just, looking to “score” that FUCK, and after you’re done with that shit, I’ll be struck off your list, right?  And, let me tell you something, “honey” (yep, sarcasm’s still INTACT here!!!), I ain’t that easy, and for all I know, of your long track records (since your first WHORE from high school, continuing until, present day I’m thinkin’…), how can I be sure, that you don’t have any STDs, or STIs, ‘cuz I know I got myself, super, duper “clean”, as the ONLY THING that’s ever gotten shoved UP you-know-where, was that ultrasound from back in ’07 here, and, yeah, there’d been TWO men with whom I’d “slept with” continuously up until 2012 to 2013-ish???  And none after that.

And now, I will not, lawfully be “wedded” to an ASShole here still, ‘cuz, got enough of those in my life already, and ain’t got no need for any more, and besides, as a QUEEN, I know that none of y’all, idiots who are still, riding ‘round in this fairytale forest o’ mine, slaying MY pet dragons (and that constitutes as MURDER!!!), settin’ fires to all them wooden cabins, breaking the princesses’ coffins, wakin’ ‘em up before they’d had enough sleep (and we should ALL know by now, how the QUEEN gets, if she didn’t get enough sleep!) already, so…

like the lives animals, getting slaughtered for a sacrifice! Illustration found online

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Come Back Home Soon, Dad Invincible

As the handyman of your house, is on leave for work, and you can’t wait for him to come back, and fix up the things that are, malfunctioning in your homes, and until then, you can only, manage to fix these items on your own, ladies!  Translated…

My husband was the one called on, constantly in my home, by me, and our two daughters, but this year in May, he’d gone abroad for a trip, and, leaving us three ladies on our own, to, fend for, our, selves, and this would be, a major exam for us all.

The first month he went away, we’re faced with the halting of the in-class sessions, as a mom, I’d had to “shape-shift” into a delivery person, taking the packed lunches to my children at school, and during my lunch hour, I’d traveled to and from home and office, and had to head over to the afterschool care program on Fridays to get the lesson plans for the week that followed, and every Monday, turn in the work to the instructor at the afterschool care program to be graded………this life of, one against two, truly had made me into, a busybody.

Dad, the handyman!

the fixer-upper of our homes! Illustration from online

Then, the phone went out of whack too, we’d first, tried to reset it, and couldn’t resolve the problems, and so, my daughters and I became, electricians, moved the furniture away in our living room and the tables in the bedroom, to make sure that the jack wasn’t loosened, but nothing was up, later, we’d, unplugged the power switch, then, plugged it back in, voila!  It worked!  Then, my youngest’s ancient wii started its strike too, dad was on webcam conference, teaching my youngest to use an assortment of measures to try and resolve the issues, unfortunately, we can’t find what’s wrong with it, so, for the time being, she couldn’t, play her, favorite games.

The handyman was only out of the country for no more than a month thus far, we’d come across the problems that we had to solve on our own, and, it’s five more months until dad is home again, and we can only, take whatever comes our way, and try to resolve them as they come towards us.

So, this is when the man of the house is the handyman, and, now he’s on leave, and you are all, clueless of how to fix this and fix that, but, you will learn, to manage, because you have to, and your husband being away, will teach you all the lesson of not being too reliant on him, to become, more independent, and learn to problem-solve on your own.

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The Woman Gone Back on Her Promises of Marrying, Refused to Return the Six Million Dollars N.T. in Dowry, Lost the Case for Being the Other Woman Long-Term

This is precisely why, you need to, get EVERYTHING in writing, preferable, with a live witness who can sign off on the means, off of the Newspapers, translated…

An elderly man, Lai in Taichung hoped that his girlfriend, Wu for many years marry him, gave her the offers of giving her $16 million N.T.s, as the woman agreed, but not long after that, she’d, left him, and Lai sued the Wu for going back on the promises of marrying him, and demanded that she pay him the six million dollars N.T. out of the total he’d given to her, but, because they’d not set the date physically for when they were to get wed, there’s no way of confirming that the woman had, gone back on the “contract”, the elderly man lose, Lai filed for an appeal for a second trial, and this time, he’d won, the key being, that Wu had been Lai’s long-term spare.

The experts in the legal realms pointed out, that the pact of marriage becomes valid if both parties agreed to marrying, as for the details of the dates and others, no need to list them out in detail, but, for the cases on the claims of “going back on the dates of marriage as agreed upon”, the forefront of this is that there needed to be an exact date set, and, based off of the precedence of the Highest Courts, the second of the seven major reasons for going back on the agreement of marrying, “intentionally delaying the date”, means that one of the party keep on delaying the time of marrying, and the other party will be allowed, to file the claims in court.

The elderly, Lai and Wu started dating back in 2006, Wu was responsible for taking care of Lai’s living means, a decade ago, Lai wanted her to care for him until he dies, and agreed to give her a mansion, as a forefront for her promise in marrying, Wu told her she didn’t want the mansion, that $16 million N.T.s in cash will do, of the $10 million N.T.s, Lai gave her a check for, the rest, he’d gone to pay her the remain six million dollars N.T. in cashier’s check, but later, Wu went off without a goodbye.

Lai claimed to the courts that Wu went back on the promises of the marriage, but because the gifts of six million N.T. was a part of the agreement of what she would receive had she married him, but Wu refused, and so, he wanted the money back, but Wu stated that the six million dollars N.T. were the gifts for her from him, that it wasn’t from the contractual agreement of marriage that she’d made with him before, and, Lai had never hurried her in marrying him, she’d not, broken any contracts for agreement of marrying him.

The judge investigated, that Lai used the forefront of marriage, Wu told that she only wanted $16 million N.T. in cash, that they’d already made that pact to get wed, that Wu is responsible for caring for Lai until he passed that this was, the unspoken agreement, that was the added clause of the gift, Lai also admitted that he’d never hurried Wu to upkeep her end of the agreement, so the judge found that Lai had lost the case.

Lai was upset, filed for an appeal to the high courts, and, the courts found Wu lost, reason being, that Lai claimed he wanted to marry Wu, but he was still married himself, that Wu was the spare, and so, because of how this marriage was against the means of normal marriage, it was null and void, but Wu got six million dollars N.T. for no reasons, and it’d caused Lai to sustain the losses in assets, found that Wu needed to pay back the $600 million N.T.s that she’d received from Lai, the case can still be appealed.

And so, this still just showed, how important it is, to have everything in writing, oral agreements won’t be worth SHIT, because it will become a he said she said, and, if there are no witnesses in the cases, it would be harder to prove if the promises were made or not.  The woman lost, because she was paid the six million dollars N.T. by the man, and it didn’t matter if the man was still married in status, that she was, his spare, and that’s still just, bullshit!

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