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The Ninety-Two Year-Old Elderly Woman from Puli Cared for the Children of Lesser Backgrounds

Some good news here, the legacy of love, of giving, passed down by this, elderly woman here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

The founder of Children & Adolescents’ Homes Welfare Foundation in Nantou, Chen passed away yesterday, at the age of ninety-two.  Chen had cancer in her midlife years, beaten it with chemo, she was with the illnesses big and small, but, we see her out, with the drip racks, to the events that cared for the lost youths and the less-fortunate, her actions gained her the reputations of “Grandma of Puli”.  The foundation stated, that it will keep on carrying the goodwill of Chen, to pass the legacy of care, of love shown by Chen while she was still alive.

The elderly woman, Chen didn’t have the opportunities to get an education, but had helped a lot of the adolescents who’d followed the wrong paths, and the younger generations from lesser homes, the Ji-Nan University awarded her the honorary doctorate just last year, the elderly stated humbly, “I wasn’t educated, I’m not fitting to receive this.”, the president of Ji-Nan University, Wu told, that grandma had the heart of mercy, and helped the youths who had gone down the wrong paths to steer themselves back onto the right tracks, she’d used her life as a lesson to teach them, she’s an amazing educator.

Back when Chen was young, she’d lost her mother, was sent to the Chens in Puli as an adopted daughter.  After she married, she had seven children, at age thirty-eight, she had been diagnosed with colon cancer, uterine cancer, and other forms of cancer, she’d not gotten defeated by her illnesses, bravely gone through the chemotherapy treatments, and used her own illness as strengths she’d found, to give to the world around her, helping the children from lesser backgrounds to get an education, so they can turn their own lives around.

the elderly woman, at an event hosted by her foundation, photo from

With the support of her husband, Lin, she’d sold the land, the house, and helped built a total of thirteen temples including the Liang-Xien Temple, in 1983, the Liang-Xien Temple became the Yu-Liang Xien Tang Social Welfare Organization, then she’d set up the “Chou Chen Home for Youth and Children”, as a place for the children and youths who are from lesser backgrounds.

More than decades ago, there was an adolescent who got placed in the home by the juvenile courts because he got into fights, he was having the troubles adapting to living in the group home, but the elderly woman found that he’d carried his mother’s picture with him, that he’d often sat in the corners, and cried on his own, Chou Chen told him, “You don’t have your mom anymore, but you still have me!”, it’d helped the adolescent loosen his guards, and stopped getting into trouble, the young man even got into university.  He’d returned to the Liang-Xien Foundation to take care of other adolescents.

The Ji-Nan International University awarded the honorary doctorate to Chen last year.  The elderly woman stated, “I’m uneducated, and reason why I received this award, it’s all due to everybody’s giving, I’m only, a representative, hoping that everybody can help out with these children, to get them educated, so they can contribute to this country.”

The foundation told, that the elderly woman had already set up her own final affairs, and her final wishes were that she didn’t want any obituary, that her final affairs should be simple.

And so, this is an amazing woman, who started up her foundation, to help the youths who are on the wrong paths, to steer them onto the right directions, and, it’s with this amazing love she has, that’s touched a ton of younger generations, and even now after she’s gone, her spirits, her will will, keep on, going on, strong.

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In a Moment’s Time, the Decisions of Not Signing the DNR, She Was Intubated, and Was Saved

Two cases of the means of intubation here, but with, totally, different outcomes, on life and death, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the times of outbreaks, the severely symptomatic had signed their DNR, but, the outcomes were, not the same, some, at the moment of critical conditions, retracted the signing of the DNR, intubated and recovered.  But there were those patients whom, not knowing what was happening, signed the DNR, but in the advices of other physicians from other hospitals, retracted, and transferred, had the ECMO placed in, and still died.

The woman, Chen in her sixties with diabetes, was confirmed of contraction, sent to a specialty ward for MERS-CoV of a major hospital in Taipei, she wasn’t good, had a serious case of pneumonia, with her blood sugar rising up, and kidney malfunction, her conditions worsened, and the hospitals put her on dialysis.

Chen told, that back then, the medical staff members wanted her to sign the DNR, and stated it clearly, “This is for your own good, also, for the sake of your offspring!”, and so she’d, signed it, and, checked the box of “no intubation in emergency resuscitation”.

But, at the other nurses’ advise, she’d, retracted the consent forms, and this decision seemed to have, saved her life, a few days later, she had respiratory failure, the doctors intubated her, and actively treated her, used the steroids, and she’d turned for the better, and was out of the hospital safely in the end.

the medical staff members intubating a patient! Photo from online

The sixty-two-year-old Mr. Shih didn’t have such good luck, he was confirmed of contraction last May on the thirtieth, was hospitalized at the hospital nearby to his home, within two days of admittance into the hospital, the medical staff members tried actively persuading him to sign the DNR, and he’d trusted the medical professionals’ advice, and signed it.

Mrs. Shih had been confirmed of contraction days earlier, and was treated at a different hospital, as she’d learned of her husband’s signing his DNR, she’d discussed it with friends, of them, one who is a physician advised against it, reason being that her husband isn’t elderly, nor did he have any serious illnesses.  And so, she’d tried hard to persuade her husband to get the DNR retracted.

A couple of days later, Mr. Shih’s conditions took a turn for the worst, his primary treating physician called Mrs. Shih up, “Intubation or not, it’s a hope, it’s quite painful for the patients to be intubated, so many patients who’d been intubated didn’t make it.”

The following day, the physician called again, “if you don’t sign the papers, when the time comes, we will, shock him with the electrodes, and, the CPR we perform on him may break his ribs.”, but Mrs. Shih decided to get her husband intubated.  A couple of days later, the hospital told her that her husband needed around-the-clock medical care, and transferred him to a medical center up north.  But because of the critical condition Mr. Shih was in, they’d put the ECMO in, but the sudden internal bleeding, even as the paramedics did their best, he still passed.

And so, this is on the decisions of life or death, made on a dime, and we are faced with these difficult decisions about our loved ones, especially the elderly family members, and, there’s still no right or wrong way to approach this, and, usually, these moments came too quickly, that we won’t get the time to make that list of pros and cons, and then, decide what we want to do for our, loved ones.

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I Love You, Oh So Much, Grandpa!

The final moment of love that’s, shared between this dying elderly man and his young grandson, that’s too, unforgettable, translated…Upon reading Lingo’s “I Love You, Grandpa!” on June 22nd, it’d helped me recalled that memory back up to the surfaces.

It was the year that Professor Lu’s eight year battle with his cancer finally ended, he’d taught at the experimental laboratory of N.T.U. Medical Department, shortly after he retired, he was diagnosed with cancer, the oncologist believed his cancer was caused by the exposure of carcinogens at work, that he’d inhaled in too much formaldehyde that’s caused him to have the cancer cells in his lungs.

On that day, the already retired Professor Jing-Mei asked me to go with her to visit a former coworker, Ms. Tsuei-Ying, along with go see her husband, Professor Lu one final time, and of course I’d said yes.

The studies showed, that the sense of hearing is gone last, even as the patients are in a state of comatose, they can still hear some sounds.  The thoughtful Professor Jing-Mei bought a cake of Professor Lu’s favorite Lily Cheesecake, placed it on his chest, told him, we’d brought your favorite snacks.  His eyes trembled a bit, being shut and all.  I’d mentioned of his daughter who is excellent, and recalled everything we’d shared in school teaching together, at the same time, thanking him for sharing with me what he’d caught on his fishing trips, how he’d, given us the various kinds of breads, cakes he’d baked himself.

The foreign hired nurse close by started crying out of sorrows.  At this time, the ward that’s overflown with the tears was disrupted by an energetic young boy, I’d winked at him, he’d made that face at me.  Professor Tsuei-Ying held tightly to her not-yet-preschool-age grandson, told him, “Grandpa is going to become an angel soon!  Tell him you love him in his ears, he can still hear you!”  that young boy slid down out of his grandmother’s lap, got close to his grandpa’s ears, used all of his strengths, declared, “I love you, so very much grandpa!”, that childish voice filled the entire room then, I was moved, and, Professor Lu opened up his eyes wide, then, suddenly, closed them up, passed away with a smile on his lips.

Later, this “I love you so very much grandpa!”, kept surfacing up to my mind repeatedly.

And so, this is on the final passage of life, and, everything that needed to get said got said, and, the man who’d died passed away with ease, and his families felt the loss, but, the loss was also, hand-in-hand with the love they’d shared with this elder of the family.

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Something Shared

The art of giving presents, it’s better to give than to receive, sure, but, sometimes, it’s okay too, that you just, accept the gifts from someone else, translated…

Someone from my morning line dancing group stuffed a bottle of loofah lotion into my hands, “This is something good, spray it on your face at anytime, it can keep your skin moisturized.  I got it from my neighbors, two bottles for a hundred dollars only!”, I don’t know what her name, or her age, where she lives, only know that for the past year and a half, we’d met up every single day, danced together, sweated it out together.

Instinctively, I’d stated to her, “I’ll give you fifty dollars for it!”, she’d insisted on not taking my money, said that two bottles is way too much for her to use up alone.  I’d smiled, it’d reminded me of how I’d given my friend a book awhile, because his situation then, he could find use for the book I’d given him; several weeks later, he’d told me, “I’m just about done with that book you’d given me, I’ll return it to you soon.”, I’d felt bad, reason why I’d given it to him was because that the book would be better put to use with him, than me.  And so, I’d told him, clearly, one more time, that the book I’d given him, he can keep it, and read it slowly.

For me, sharing is, knowing that this gift is put to better use by someone else, and you have it in your possession to give it away.  The mom whom I’d exercised with, perhaps she saw me inquiring about how the loofa lotion is applied?  And, while I was conversing with my friend about work, I’d thought of the book on my shelf, that maybe, he can take something away from reading it.  And honestly, the sharer of these things, may be happier than the recipient.

The point of sharing is there’s no need of give-and-take.  Earlier as I’d started working, and on the occasions I’d received the gifts, I’d always felt quite stressed out.  I’d gone to the business gathering meals, and had to worry about how to treat those who’d treated me back, worried that I may gain the reputation of not knowing the ways well enough.  An old friend of mine owned a business, every time the holidays rolled around, he’d selected the gifts carefully, to give them to the clients or the enterprise owners with whom he had businesses with, while I, someone who’s not in that realm, was also, in that list of his.  Every time I’d received the items, I’d called him back, “Tastes wonderful!”, “You’re excellent in picking the produces!”, was the only return I’d, ever given to him.  Because the thing about sharing is, “not asking for anything in return”.  So, as someone wants to share something with you, just, accept it graciously.

And so, this is on how it felt on the giving and receiving end of these kindness from others, and, it is, better to give than to receive, and sometimes, people find that you have the needs, and they just have what you need on hand, and they’d given it to you, and at this time, you do NOT need to feel that you’d imposed on them, just say thank you, because, one day not too far, you may have something on you, that is fitting to give to the other person too.

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The Hushed in the Criticisms of Taiwanese Government

Corruption, from the top, down!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The election campaigns started warming up in the seemingly steady pandemic, the people’s voices should be heard.

But instead, we see this, as the commander of CDC, Chen switched tracks to enter into the mayoral race of Taipei, when he’d gone to Longshan Temple on the calls, he’d apologized sincerely to how the team’s calling the “broken entry wound” of Wanhwa being too brash to the locals, and, there were those who were objecting to Chen’s running who were taken away by force, and later apologized to him for being, out of sorts; the city government of Taoyuan had the ads of Lin’s theses in question, and the city government’s doings-wrong got pulled off, the company who’d set up the ads stated, that they took it off because they were worried that the political radicals were going to go to the location, make a scene; the DDP legislator, Kao because she’d stated the more pessimistic outlooks of the DDP in the election, she got attacked by those in the DDP.

what the people, became, under the DICTATORSHIP rule of the DDP! Photo from online

And, from all of these you can see the chilling effects of the society, the people AND the politicians all needed to be really careful what they say and do, to avoid getting labeled, their names smeared, they would have to avoid, getting on the bad side of those in power, and the moral standards needed to shift with the times as well too.

While “Trust”, is like the recent case of debate on the dissertations of the mayor of Hsinchu, Lin, the politicians’ standards of “honesty”, both are what the politicians needed to fight hard to earn from the voters.  And now, the atmosphere of politics, even the scholarly turned like the movie, “Silence of the Lambs”, when there’s that tiny peep, we are immediately attacked by extraterrestrials, and for the sake of our own survivals, we must, keep everything to ourselves.

The president kept boasting to the world how “free” Taiwan is, and her words moved those in other countries, but ironically, the party in power, and the side wings of the DDP, once they’d heard something that didn’t fit their likings, they’d, immediately, started, attacking, like in the movie, “A Quiet Place”.  Claiming that those who’d criticized had blackened the reputations, that it’s the conspiracies of the KMT or Communist China.  Like how Chen asked those who’d criticized his policies, how much had they contributed to the defense of MERS-CoV, he’d not just forgotten the “humbling words” of the president, Tsai, also forgotten how he’d refused to admit how we’d run short of the supplies of masks, the vaccines, the quick scan kits, even the life-saving medications that we are in dire need of, all of these are, factual; while, as the mayor of Taoyuan, Lin’s thesis came under questions, similar things had been stated, tried to suppress the voices of those who doubted them.

Like the words spoken from the heart of the Korean Soap lead in “Anna”: “man, even in the diaries that’s for one’s own eyes only, will write down the lies.”  Those in power need to be able to introspect themselves, to be truthful to oneself first, then, they will naturally have that sense of ingenuity, that sense of honesty, to gain the people’s “trust”, so they can have a long career in politics.  From the cases of the gates of the fields of sports, the questioning of the theses, it showed, that “time will bring about karma!”

We should also, use our votes, to show this current government, “we’re ashamed of all of you, politicians!”

And so, this is the lack of morality, the indecency of the party controlling this country, and because the head of the country, the president didn’t have enough morals to begin with, certain, all who’s beneath her from the head of state, to the heads of various departments, to the heads of cities, counties, districts, etc., etc., etc., all are, slanted, because crooked stick crooked shadow, and the DDP still doesn’t change its means, because it’d lacked that sense of right and wrong, and, because the leaders of this country lacked a strong sense of morality, how do you think we the people would behave???  In the same level of immorality too!

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The Journey that My Cell Phone Took, on Live-ing

How a lost cell phone, became, that catalyst to pass forward the kindness, translated…

Due to This Comfortable Position, My Ancient Nokia Slipped Out of My Pocket Twice in a Matter of Few Short Days……

The First Time It’d Slipped Out Was as I Was Transferring at Chih-Du

As the seasons of rain came, I’d started riding the trains, instead of riding my scooter all over the places.  I’d loved how the trains are steady, with the large windows, spacious and comfortable seating, not only was it fitting to read the papers, I can look out the windows to see the world flash by if I get tired.  If the rain worse, I can let go of my original plans, just kept riding the train, and treating the process of getting there as my final destination.

Of the trains, I’d especially loved the ticketless, Zi-Chiang Route that you can scan your MRT pass to get on, as I alight, I’d found a seat, lower the seat to almost flat.  But, because of this comfortable position, in just a few short days, it’d caused my Nokia ancient cell phone to escape out of my pockets a couple of times.

That first time, was at the transfer at Chih-Du, as I alighted a northbound, it’d felt lighter!  I’d patted my pockets, my pant pocket was, empty and  light, I’d screamed, “oh, NO!” on the inside!  I’d immediately got off at Ba-Du, asked for help from the train attendant.  The male worker who was having his lunch left his food, wrote down my cell phone number, my last name and my address, and told me to wait for his good news, and I’d, immediately, cancelled my travel plans, rode the next train back to Chihdu, and asked for help from a female worker there.

The female worker used the internet, the cell phone, the walkie talkie, to track, and found that the Zi-Chiang Route I took will return to Chihdu in Keelung in five minutes.  I’d rushed over to the platforms, successfully gotten on the trains, but because I’d not written down my seat number, I can only start searching for my phone seat by seat, train, by train, and I’d, bumped into the conductor.  The meeting meant, that no cell phone was discovered, although it was only a cheap, old thing, losing it, I’m not to be, found by anybody again.  I was bothered by this, and, upset, returned back to Taipei Main Station, I’d not left the station at all, and as I’d scanned my MRT card, I’d found, that I was charged $114N.T.s, this made my day even worse.

I’d inquired to the workers of the railroad company, and he took me for not wanting to pay, and as I’d wanted to explain how I’d lost my cell phone, he’d, ushered me onward!  At that moment, I was furious to beyond speaking, I’d wanted to leave a written grievance on him, but then, no matter what, I’d used the services provided for close to two hours, I should pay for that, and, seeing how the employees from the Chihdu to Badu Station worked so hard to assist me, how can I erase all of their passions for helping me because of one minor displease?

At that moment, my heart cleared up, and I’d, decided, to change my complaints to praises.  I’d used the public phones dialed 104, and had the operator transferred me to Taiwanese Railroad, told the lady on the end of 104 how I was helped by the workers, and the voice on the other end came shocked, the woman told me, that she’d never gotten a call like mine, that all the calls she’d picked up were all complaints.  How’s that possible!  Could it be, that all modern day people do is, complain?  I’d told the operator, “if there were complaints, there are bound to be, praises, the workers with the kindness should get the accolades”, the woman took my words, and told me that she will, handle it.  I’m thinking, that I’m a, nobody, that this will end right then and there.

illustration from

At night when I got home, my mother told me that the Badu Station of the Taiwanese Railroad kept calling nonstop, said that they’d found my cell phone, she’d thought it was scams, and hung up on them several times, and stressed to me, that the “Badu station is really, agile!”, I’d used my home phone, called my cell, it went through, the worker told me, that my cell phone had, tramped all the way to, Keelung.

The next day, I’d gone to the Keelung Station to pick it up, after a full twenty-four hours, I was so fearful that people can’t find me, and yet, there was the unanswered calls from the Badu Station, and me.

Shortly after I got my phone back, I’d received the call from the Chihdu Station manager, said that they were, very happy, to receive my praise, it’d honored them and pleased them.  Accidentally, my simple action, had caused this, huge effect.  And now, I feel, very happy too, but, it’d not lasted long enough, because in a few days, on the Zi-Chiang Trains from Hualien to Dounan, I’d, lost my phone, again.

This Time that It’d Gotten Lost, I Wasn’t at All, Stressed

And this time, I’d reported my cell phone missing where I got off, at the Taipei Main Station, and written down my cell phone model, and my contact number at the first-floor station manager’s office.  Taipei is a major transit station all right, with the specialized system, workers who could handle these things we’d lost on the trains.

And this time, losing my cell phone, it’d not freaked me out one bit, I’d felt, a bit, glad even.  Not that I’m more experienced, but why would I need to get, upset, for losing a cell phone that I used mostly for the calculator, and flashlight, getting emotionally kidnapped by that?  Besides, there were, only three known persons who might call me on that cell phone, taking away the scam artists, the commercials.

The following day, I’d called the Taipei Main Station to see if my cell phone was found, and learned, that there’s a lost-and-found registry online to check.  I’d click open the website, wow, so many items lost, with the days they’d been found, the trains they’d been found in, hats, umbrellas, canes, chairs…………from the news previously, there’d been, a two-meter golden python that’s been found.  And, there are, countless cell phones lost in a day, a lot of unclaimed, iPhones, what’s up with the owners of those?  It’s worrisome to me.

and finally, I’d caught a black phone that looked, just like mine, I’d called up the station, the operator told me the brand was Samsung.  As I’d just about given up, the attendant told me, that I “should call the terminal station of the train, you might find something there.”, and, the attendant told me, that all those lost items will eventually get, auctioned off, other than the cell phones, because of the risks of our personal information getting leaked, the cell phones would all be destroyed with a huge hammer.

And surely enough, my cell phone had, made its way to, Dounan, if I go and pick it up personally, it would take a long time and very costly, as the person heard my difficulties, s/he’d told me, s/he can mail it to the station that’s closest to me.  That very night, my cell phone rode the trains from Dounan to Shuling Station.  The following day as I’d gone to pick it up, I saw it wrapped in a brown legal-sized paper envelope, like it was, something that’s, cared for by someone else, I was very moved.

The cellphone without the LINE and FB icons, used an alternative way, connected the kindness of everybody who’d picked it u0p; and I’d, decided to use, an alternative means,——to help everybody who’d ever, helped me out too.

And, since, when I met a worker with excellent customer service skills, I will get really nosy, and tell on them to their superiors; these past few months, a lot of workers are commended.  This isn’t actually really annoying, everybody can do it, if you feel shy, telling the person personally, you can, send in an email, or make that call.  In this age of the soured tongues, the outbreaks, allow the encouragements we give to one another, balance out the sourness of this world of the outbreaks.

So, this, is how the help from the employees at the various stations to help you track back your phone is truly, appreciated by you.  And the writer is absolutely correct, that these times, there are, just way too many grievances, complaints about things that someone does for us that’s not up to “standards”, and too little, encouragements and praises, and if we can give more praises to those who offered us assistance, then, it will slowly, change the world for the better.

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A Working Mom with a Special Needs Child

Because she didn’t want any special treatment from her coworkers, to allow them to make excuse for her lacking in performance from work, that’s why she’d kept her special needs child a secret, and now, her coworker knows, but, they’re, together on the same page, and will offer one another the support they are in need of at work, and in life as well now, translated…

Finally came, that long, awaited sun on the weekends, my husband called out to me to gather the items of a picnic, took the kids, we drove to a park in the suburbs.  The park was at the foot of that mountain, with a lot of acreage, with a parking lot; the plants there were, kept well, it’s a great place, and it’d been one of our favorite, sites to visit regularly.  What’s more amazing was, taking a few turns in the park, there was that quiet corner, with the shades from the trees, the grasses so green, it’s a best place to relax, our, “laziness headquarters”.  And yet, someone had already taken up the spot before we’d arrived there, and before we headed to find another place, the kids ran ahead, told us they wanted to see if the treasures they’d buried were still there.

illustration from

There was a couple, underneath the tree, with their two children, the boy, about seven or eight, kicking a ball around close by.  There was a three, or four year old little girl, with her arms wrapped around her mom’s neck, facing me, with that look of innocence, she’s a Downs’s Syndrome baby.  I’d squinted at her, waved at her to say hello, she’d started, grinning ear to ear, then, she looked embarrassed, buried her head in her mother’s chest, with her daughter’s gaze, the mother turned her head, and, as soon as we were eye-to-eye, I saw her smile froze, there was that scent of, hesitation, then, immediately, she’d, called out, my name.

Jen and I worked for the same foreign trade company from before, last year, she was hired from another firm, because she was assertive, and can really work very hard, agile in her interpersonal skills, she’d immediately earned the trust of the owner of the company, and I’d heard, that she’d been put up for a higher up position that was available, she’d, had a smooth sail to the top in her work.  Although we’d not really friends from work, but, we were, both mothers, and exchanged the means of childrearing in the breakroom every now and then, but I’d never heard her mentions of a daughter with Downs’s Syndrome.  My husband and I walked to the corner opposite, set up the matting for the picnic, and started carrying on in conversation, then, my app started chiming, “Glad to see you by chance, I was wondering, can you keep the secret of my family to yourself?”, I’d felt surprised, I’d originally not planned to tell anyone, but, there’s no shame in having a Downs’s baby, so why would she need to hide it?

On Monday at lunch, she’d asked me to join her.  “You can tell, that my daughter is a Downs’s baby”.  I’d nodded, before I wanted to tell her that she didn’t need to explain it to me, she’d immediately carried on, “I’m not ashamed of her, I just hope…………”, she’d paused a bit, “to be treated on equal basis at work is all.”

As a mother, I’d understood the hardships of how working women needed balance the home and work.  I’d once stalled my plans to go abroad for the seminars because I got pregnant, and had had to take myself out of a meeting, because my child had an accident; not to mention how many chances of promotions I’d passed up, because I can’t put in the promised two-hundred percent mind.  “She has to go home to take care of her children”———maybe it was out of kindness, or maybe, my coworkers’ unnoted calculating means, in the workplace where it’s like going to war, this label became so hard and heavy, although it’d given me the time to be with my young, but, it’d, cast out all of my opportunities for advancements at work too.

And, at that moment, I’d understood, as a mother of a special needs child, all of these hardships, may not just have been multiplied, but, all of her dreams, all the visions she wanted for herself, and all she wanted, was to be, treated, equally like any other working woman.  I’d, extended my arms toward her hands that were, in knots, I’d given her an understanding smile, and that meal that we’d shared was, joyous, wonderful, and, nothing else needed to be, said.

And so, this is the hardships of being a mother to a special needs child, and a worker too, you have to keep the fact that your child is special needs a “secret”, because you don’t want any special treatments from work, you do NOT want others to define you based off of your role of a mother of a special needs child, and the writer’s understanding shown toward her coworker, is much appreciated.

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Teaching My Son to Take Responsibilities for What He Did

Socializing his son, teaching him how he should behave, when he’d, done something he shouldn’t have, the experiences of a father, translated…

One day, my two-year-old son Flybo acted out when he was on the balcony, playing with the sink and the water.  I’d allowed him to take the cup out to get some water, the kind that was like the Russian dolls, with one inside of another, that sort of a cup.  And, after a bit of playing, don’t know what got into him, he’d, tossed the cup out, watched that cup fall from our twentieth floor home, all the way, down, into the swimming pool.

“Flybo, you can’t throw things!  You will HIT someone!”, I’d told him in a high-pitched voice.  “I’m sorry!”, he’d said.  When he realized that he did something bad or wrong or shouldn’t, he would, apologize.  “It’s okay, but you have to go to the pool manager to tell him you’re sorry, then, go find your toys back.”  Flybo told me okay, and apologized, once more.

In the afternoon, I’d left him to the pool, and told the super what we were there for.  Flybo apologized, “I’m sorry!”, the super smiled and told him that it was no big deal.  I’d taken Flybo around the pools to try to find the cup, but we can’t.  “Fine then, let’s just, go home!”, I’d told him, “No, find longer!”, Flybo declared.  I don’t remember teaching him to say that.  “let’s just go ask the super if he’d seen it, okay?”  “Okay!  Try and find.”, he’d stated.

The super circled around the poolside twice, and still couldn’t find that cup.  I’d told Flybo, “Fine, let’s go home, it’s gone.  Don’t throw your toys out next time, you understand?”, ‘Yes!”, he’d stated.  As we were walking back, I’d taken one more look into the pools, and found there was a light blue object afloat there, focused my eyes, it’s the cup!  “over there!”, I’d carried Flybo up to see, he was excited.

The super stood by the steps next to the pool, used the net, but, it was always, a bit, short to get to the cup.  I’d told the man, “I’ll shake the ropes a bit, to let it float toward us some.”  Pulled on the rope, and swung it hard, Flybo was close by, with his eyes opened up wide, watching, he seemed to find that amusing.

This kid, he did, all of this!

The super netted the cup.  Picked it up, handed it to Flybo.  “What do you say?”, id’ asked him.  “I’m sorry!”, “No, it’s thank you!”  “Thank you”, stated Flybo.  “You’re welcome” said the super, smiling.  “Don’t throw your toys again, you understand?”, I’d patted Flybo’s head, thanked the super again, led my son away, and his hand clenched tightly to that cup of his, we went upstairs, got home.

Maybe, Flybo learned something, or not.  But, this is the model behaviors I’d given to him, as his, dad.

So, in this incident, the kid learned that he should NOT throw his toys down over the balcony, and he’d learned that he should say thank you to someone who’d helped him get his toy back, and that he shouldn’t throw his toys over the balcony again, and, this father didn’t get angry, or loud, and still managed to get his point across to his own young son.

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Women…a poem — Rethinking Life

I am here I take up space I have a brain and I know how to use it I have an attitude and I know how to use that as well and I’m sick of having my life ruled by hateful men men in government men on the street men in tweeds who are sorry […]

Women…a poem — Rethinking Life

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Overlooking the Businesses in the Brothels, Three Current & Retired Officers Taken into Custody

Law enforcement officials, covering up for the illegitimate businesses of sex trafficking, for what???  Extra money!  See how money is still, what drove these, bad behaviors here???  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Neipu Subprecinct’s Beishih Substation’s sergeant, Cheng and the retired manager, Lin, the officer, Li, were found in suspicions for covering up for the privately owned and operated brothels; the offices of police business learned of this, two days ago, the searches of the substation was conducted, and, the three police officials were taken into custody, and, they were all charged on taking bribes, encroachment, and remained in custody.  The local police station stated, that they will pursue all who are involved.

a place, like this??? Photo from online

The privately operated brothels are in the neighborhood close by to the local stations, and the police checks had been zoomed in on the areas surrounding, but the district attorneys office were tipped off, that the retired police officials had been covering for these brothels, looking the other way in the operations.  The retired officer, Lin as he was head of the investigations two years ago before he retired, the office of internal affairs received the tips, that he’d been, covering up, and after they’d investigated into the matter, there was lack of evidence, so he wasn’t, charged with anything.

The D.A.’s office found, that the sixty-year-old Lin, the fifty-four-year-old Li, worked together in the station, and they were responsible for reporting the sex trade, last year, due to drunk driving, Lin was given a major reprimand, and demoted, he’d filed for retirement this June, while Li had already been retired two years ago; the current sergeant, the fifty-year-old Cheng, about five years ago, worked in the Longchuan Substation around that region where the brothels are located, and two years ago, he was transferred to the New Beishih District to work.

The district attorneys interrogated all three retired and officers who are still working currently, and searched their homes, confiscated the records and searched the homes of the privately owned brothel operators, Cheng and Wang.

After the D.A.’s Office interrogated the retired police, they’d asked the courts to have them in custody, which the courts signed off on; Cheng was suspected of bribing, attempted to make the profits off of the sex trades, also taken into custody by the court’s mandates; Wang was out on bail of $100,000N.T.s.  The local county police set up an evaluation committee, and transferred Cheng to a backup squad.

In the best times, the Changching Street brothels had a total of thirty, forty shops, and now, there were, only, around a little more than ten left, mostly were the private single operating workshops, and there were the “grandpa shops” too, the working ladies are between ages thirty and sixty, the business is dying.

And yet, it’s still, operating, because???  There’s still this demand for SEX, and therefore, there will always be those who supplied to these, demands, and, the only way to rid the world of these places where sex is being sold, is by eliminating the demands, but that would be, impossible, because all of you, mother @#$%ERS (maxed out!) still got those, urges, needs, whatever, and until these “demands” are completely eliminated (say, by, getting all you, mother @#$%ERS, NEUTERED!), there will always be these bad places, where women are being sold, for SEX!

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