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The Middle-School Age Female Student Was Called “Ugly”, Had Her Friends Ganged Up on the Person, Forced Her to Get Down on Her Knees and Apologize by Knocking Her Head to the Ground Repeatedly

Bullying in the teenage years here!  Off of the Newspapers, translated…

A female middle school student from Tucheng, Hsinbei City, got upset of how another female student criticized how she appeared physically, had the classmates ganged up on her, forced her to kneel, and knocked her head to her to apologize, and even filmed the whole thing, then streamed it online.  The families of the victim already demanded that the footages get taken off the internet yesterday, and went to the police to report the case.  The school stated that they are going to set up a bully prevention team, to offer counseling to the victim as well as the perpetrators too.

The footages showed, the adolescent girl called on all her friends, and blocked the victim off into a dead-end ally, and demanded that she get down on her knees to apologize, the victim kneeled and knocked her head against the concrete said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those bad things about you”, the bully called her out, “why did you say those bad things about me?”, “what made you so much better than I?”, the victim knocked her head against the concrete and continued, “I shouldn’t have called you ugly”, the abuser and her friends captured all of this on their cellphone, and the footages showed the victim’s head covered in egg yolk and egg white, suspected that the group had smashed the eggs against her head.

and this is what bullying without that SMACKDOWN looked, like…

photo from online

The victim’s parents heard their daughter’s friends told, that was when they learned that she was bullied, but they couldn’t get their daughter to tell them what happened, it wasn’t until the parents saw the footages themselves, yesterday, the parents of the bullied victim went to the school, demanded the perps to delete the footage, the friends and families told, that although the other girl’s parents went to school, but they’d not apologized, and the family already notified the police, they’re waiting on the investigation results.

the school told, that they will host an emergency anti-bullying prevention forum by next Monday, and counsel all students involved in the incident, and offer whatever the parents requested the school.

The Hsinbei Department of Education told, after investigation, this was a misunderstanding among the peers that’s caused the confrontations outside of school, the school already reported the matter, and are now, taking the footages offline, the parents also arrived to school to the counseling of the students involved.

And so, this is still an abuser/enabler interaction, and no, I’m still on the side of the bullies, but, had you not talked TRASH about someone, then, would that person feel compelled to GANG up on you with her friends?  Of course not, and BOTH sides are at fault in this matter!

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The Resolves She’d Helped Me Find in Life

Being bullied is never easy, especially in our, teenage, years, but, someone came along, and showed us the light, and we held on to that light for life!  Translated…

My last year in middle school, I’d started living the life of seven to nine, early to school, studied late into the nights, then turned home, and, even after the graduation, I’d still kept at, this, schedule.

Three weeks until the major exams, the futures belonged to, the future, and, every single tomorrow had, pressed hard down on me.  During the lunch breaks, the heated up classroom became an oven, with only, four buzzing fans high on the ceilings, I’d become, so drained, no matter how much I’d napped, I’d gone without, much, energies, sweated like crazy, and, as we put our heads down onto the desks, as we woke, we still had to watch for the drools we’d left on our desks, otherwise, those bored-out-of-their-bones would, make fun.  And, even as the major exams are coming on, we are stuck in the, awkward years of, puberty.

At the time, I ws best friends with a girl, we’d become, a clique.  The enormous pressures, the tough instructor, those childish boys, the laughter of our friendships, along with that future that’s, driving us on, became, the blueprints of our, teenage, years.

But on that day, after our nap hour, the classmate sitting behind me quietly inquired, “What’s happened between you and your group of, friends?  They’d be spreading the words of you being a ‘bitch’?”, my heart raced very, fast, it’d become, almost, unacceptable, to me.  Are we not the same group?  Didn’t our interactions go very well daily?  I could barely hold down my surprise, ran toward the restrooms, as I’d entered into the stalls, I’d, cried hard, a physiological response that came at me way too hard, I couldn’t stop myself from it, and I couldn’t, head back into the classrooms, again.

it was like, this…getting singled out by that clique you used to, hang out, with…photo from online

My classmate collected my things for me, I’d insisted on riding my bicycle home on my own, but on the way home, I’d had to, pull over to the sides of the road, and started, gagging, with the gall bladder juices rushing up into my mouth.  The following day, I’d decided, to stay at home, and study by myself until the major exams, in the evenings, my instructor called me up, told me to return back to school to study, I’d sat in the living room, without any lights, heard my own, weakened, stubbornness, and the darkness of the future, that awaited, me then.

Then one day, I’d received a card from A, I’d only casually interacted with her from time to time, but in the card, she’d written about how she was worried about me not being in school, and told me to IGNORE what they say to and about me, at the end, she’d given me a motto: you take it all in now, you will feel stable and steady, take a step back, and you will see the world open wide up for you.

“The World Opened Wide Up” was in bold to me, it took up an, entire, page.  I’d read it, and read it, over, and over again, carefully, tucked that card, into my desk drawer, and, my body that was originally filled up with the anger, the resentment, gone then, she’d empathized, and understood my being bullied.

Later I’d, actually gone to that faraway place I wanted to go, but unfortunately, we’re no longer, one another’s, companions.  After I made my way into the adulthood years, out of, puberty, whenever the pains that hit me harder than being called a “bitch” came, as my scabbed up wounds inside started hurting again, I’d, taken out that vast openness inside my heart, that entire, whole, page of it, that’s, still, a guiding light, twinkling, showing me the way in the darkness I was, stuck in.

And so, this is how it got for you, being bullied by your friends, and it’d hurt, but, someone else noticed your pains, and empathized with you, and, you were more than grateful for that individual’s presence in your life, and you’d, taken her words of advice, and, started living by it, and her words became, that bright and shiny beacon, in your moments of darkness, when you needed some, guidance.

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A Teen Threatens the Taiwanese Railroad with a Bomb Multiple Times

Blame it on their, not-yet-fully-developed prefrontal cortex, for NOT realizing the effects of their own behaviors in these teens, the upsets from the pandemic, lashed out, by this teen, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The customer service of Taiwanese Railway Company received an anonymous threat two evenings ago, the individual claimed that he was going to place a bomb at the first train of the 448th Puyuma Train to Taidong, at six in the morn, another threat came that stated that there was going to be a bomb planted on every single train of the 110th Puyoma Trains, the railroad police immediately confirmed, after tracking the phones, that these two calls came from an adolescent living up north, they’d already had him come in to explain.

Based off of understanding, this seventeen year-old had also called on the New Year’s holidays to the customer service of Taiwanese Railroad to make the threats, falsified that there was a train derailing, that it’d caused deaths, back then, as the police called him in for interrogation, he was taken to the hospital on being too emotional, and yet, in his treatment at the psych ward, he’d made other calls to threaten the Taiwanese Railroad Company, the police confirmed that the calls are all made by the same teenager, that they will review his evidence of making the public threats, and, take him to court.

Based off of understanding, this underage adolescent, because he couldn’t find a better outlet for his emotion, that was why he’d “expressed his emotions” by making the threats on the trains, ruling out the recent Taoyuan Airport MRT threat being from a foreign suspect, all the rest of the domestic threats are from this particular teen, he’d used his cell phone to make the threat calls, and the police had zoomed in on him already, and they’d notified his parents to come to the station.

The Taiwanese Railroad Company stated, that during the outbreaks, there were a rising number of threats like this, that recently, the company had set up the identification systems of callers, in the futures, those who called to the station to inquire something will have to verify their identities by text.

The assistant director of the Safety department of Taiwanese Railroad, Huang said, in the past, Taiwanese Railroad had rarely received any threats, there was only an average of one case per year, to none that’s been reported, but during the pandemic, there’d been a clear rise, in recent three years, they’d received around two, three threats, and the officials aren’t ruling the behaviors of modeling effect.

Feng, the assistant manager of Taiwanese Railroad Company believed, that there’s a clear rise in the threats during the pandemic, primarily, the threats were on the holidays when there are the increased number of travelers, and they believed, that there would be more frequent threats in the downturn of economy, as well as under the conditions of people’s lives being affected the most.

And although they already identified where the threats came from, the railroad police still had gone on the trains, to check all the seats, the restrooms, the luggage compartments, the luggage racks, just to be certain, and currently, there’d been no explosives or any other suspicious items being identified.

So, you’re just, way too bored, that you can’t find anything to do, and that you’d felt upset over things, and felt the need to, lash out, that’s why you’d, misbehaved, is that it?  That’s the problems with the teenage years, they’d lacked the ability to FORESEE the consequences, as their prefrontal cortexes aren’t fully developed yet, and that’s why this young lad made the threats, that alerted the entire country, and now, he will face the punishments, but because he’s a minor, he’ll probably, get off easy, and that’s still not right, he DESERVED to be punished HARSHLY, so he does NOT do it again.

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If the Sushiro Brat Was in Taiwan on the School Campuses

The interpretations, of what would’ve happened to this BRAT, had the incident occurred in, Taiwan, observations, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The “pranks” of that high school brat in Shishiro in Japan, he’d not only opened up the nozzle of the soy sauce and liked it, he’d picked up the teacups, licked around the rims, then, put them back too, and even put his saliva onto the sushi served on the individual plates that are rotating on the belt, and in the end, he’d, turned toward the camera, and, gave a thumbs up; this caused the stock of the company to drop like crazy, and, the losses the company sustained was equal to $3.68 billion N.T.s.  The parents of the high school brat immediately took their son to the store to apologize, but the company stated that they will pursue it in court, set on getting the loss of sales from this brat.

And, might I ask, if some bratty kid had, licked the utensils of the nutritious lunches provided by the schools here, or, what if they’d, “spiced” up the foods served, how do you think the comments are going to go here?

Forgiving this kid, because he didn’t know any better, that he’s allowed to make the mistakes, but what of the other kids in the class, they’re, innocents too?  Would the peers of the schools of the classes be persistent, like Sushiro had, to SUE until the end?

The mess of lessening the disciplines in school is the helplessness of “losing control over discipline of students”.  The instructors, to avoid getting sued, they’d, become hands-off; the bratty students live by the rules of “so long as I like why not?”, forgetting that their behaviors are bound by school rules, and the law.  And, as something were to happen, the teachers can’t touch a single hair on the students, otherwise, they get, sued.

the report, from YouTube

The student’s egos are growing, they can log online, and cry, and the instructors and the office personnel of the school, would get trapped in trying to explain what had happened.  The laws of education, and the welfare organizations all cherished the students so, believed, that “the teachers are only covering each other and for themselves”, that the schools are covering up the bad behaviors of the instructors’; not known, that the instructors had placed themselves on eggshells, and are dodging the students as they possibly, can.  It’s no wonder, that there are the, “instructor’s responsibilities insurances” being high off the markets right now, worried of the increasing risks of teachers and students, suing them, so they would buy this particular insurance, to save themselves.

The rights and the obligations needed to be on equal basis, Sushiro’s go ahead in suing the teenage kid, it’s also, an example for the messy loosening of Taiwanese education; everyone needs to be responsible for her/his own, behaviors, every teacher, every student alike.

And so, this is on how the systems covered up for these, underage minors, but, if they’d committed an adult-scaled crime, should they NOT be held responsible, as if they were, adults?  I mean, I get that the prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed until we’re in our late twenties, or early thirties, that’s why teens do these things, to test the authorities of adults, but, if we allowed these teenage brats to get away with minor misdemeanors, would they NOT escalate, to a life of bigger crimes like robbery, murder, massacres later as they get older?

So yeah, I don’t think the Japanese Sushi company is wrong in making the kid pay.

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Using the Plug-ins to Set up the False Trades, Many Students Got Involved with the Money Laundering Spree Using the Online Games to Get the Coins in the Games

Yeah, that’s some, EASY money, all right, and yet, as you get caught, you get, CUFFED too, so totally NOT, worth it at all!  Scams and scam artists who are in their teens, from the Newspapers, translated…

The publicly traded game company, Gravity three years ago became an agent for the Korean game that’s gained widespread fame, the EOS RED, it’d, gotten a ton of players playing the game, and later, there were the discoveries of the players’ downloading the plug-ins of the game, using the system BUG to scam others to buy up the upgrades of coins, causing the company to suffer billions of dollars in losses.  The Taipei District Attorney’s Offices followed the leads, caught a total of thirty-six players who were scamming the game coins, of them, most were students, the D.A. charged them all with fraud yesterday.

The game received the comment of the “most dangerous MMORPG cell phone game” by the Korean media press before, back in 2020, the company, Gravity became an agent of the game here in Taiwan, the game claimed that the weapons can’t be bought by the gaming coin credits, that you would have to get them by force in the wild!  The systems of rewards made the kills open to view, this is a real sort of free trade!”, and yet, there were the players who’d taken advantage, using the external plug-ins to scam the coins, this made the gaming company, Gravity, intolerable of it.

The investigations by the D.A.s office found, that someone who’d played the game found the bug in the game, and designed a plug-in especially for the iPhone users, and shared it on the gaming forums.  The players would then download the plug-ins on their own, and falsely purchased the coins, then, cancel the purchase, but the canceling of the purchases would get caught by the plug-in, and get sent to the Apple Store’s payment systems, the system of the game wouldn’t receive this notice, and so, it would pay the coins that were, falsely, bought by the, players.

A lot of the players were able to spend nothing, and tricked the systems to pay them a ton of coins, they were able to get upgrades on the equipment in the game, some had even opened up two, three dummy accounts to get more coins for free.  Because what’s sold in the gaming coins is unproportional with what the game actually made in sales, the company found that there were many players who’d used the above plug-in program to scam the systems, causing the company to lose thousands of millions of, dollars.

But, the players are all over the world, and, those who used the plug-in app, their accounts can’t be traced, and, a lot of these IP addresses are from out of country, which makes this even hard to crack down, it took the district attorneys close to a whole year, to find the exact identities of thirty-six of the Taiwanese players.  And because of these, a lot were students who are still in school, and couldn’t pay for the damages, they can’t fulfill the settlement amount stated by the gaming company, so the district attorney’s offices indicted them all.

And so, this, is how easy you fall prey, to temptation, because you see someone got something good (coins, treasures, etc., etc., etc.) using this external plug-in, so you thought, hey, if others can, so can I, and that sends you on the path to crime, and, once you get on that road, there’s, no turning back, and you got charged, and, chances will be, because you are still students, and CAN’T pay for the damages in the amounts that the gaming company is asking you for, you will serve time, and that’s going to be on your, permanent, records, so totally, NOT worth it, but hey, you still can’t blame these younger generations, because their brains AREN’T fully developed Y-E-T, they can’t see the consequences of their own actions, when they act on it, that’s developing in the 20s, 30s, into our, 40s, even, and these “children” are only in their early, to late teens.

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The Juliet Who Walked into, That, River

The memories, of how you’d, saved a student from committing suicide, of how she’d, thanked you, by sending you that, package to let you know, that she is now, okay…translated…

On the eve of Confucius’s birthday, I’d recalled something that’s, happened from the past.

I’m a psychiatrist in practice, and worked with the Department of Education, the school instructors, made the lectures of suicide preventing to the instructors in the elementary and middle school levels.  One evening a little more than a decade ago, I’d gone to a middle school by the river in the south of the city to visit.  Recalled that that evening, the seminar held in the evenings was very, welcoming, in the time, I’d had the seventy to eighty instructors in the audience to split themselves into groups of three, sharing within the groups, their encounters of their students’ having mutilated themselves, or suicide attempts, or having lost a student to suicide.

During the break, an experienced female instructor came and told me a story.  This almost retired Chinese instructor told me, that she had taught a girl.  To help her students feel motivated in learning, she’d assigned the play of “Romeo & Juliet” in her Chinese language courses, for the students to fight for the roles that they wanted to play.  As it came time to select the Juliet, normally, it would be the prettiest girl in the class who raised up her hand, but it wasn’t.

Although, she was, hesitant, she’d still, let the girl play the role, as that female student had, wished to play the role of, Juliet.

As the play successfully got finished, this event, got lost, in the busyness of the semester, didn’t leave a single, ripple, it seemed.  What caused the waves, was that winter, on a day too cold.  One day after class, this girl whom nobody noticed, walked out of the school.  Nobody paid any attention, that she’d, walked over the embankment, and, into, the, river.

And maybe, it was, how cold it was on the day.  Or maybe, it’s the person who’d wanted to commit suicide being, hesitant (The to be or not to be), this adolescent finally, made her way, back up the shores, entered back into the school, and, the school officials found her completely wet (maybe, frozen too!).  The thrilled instructors ushered her to the principal’s office, not known what they should, say to her.

illustration from

This Chinese instructor recalled, as she was called to the principal’s office, she’d, learned that this young girl had, attempted suicide.  “I wasn’t her homeroom instructor, had no idea of her background, and her situation.  But this kid told the principal, that she wanted, to, see me.”  And yet, being young, the instructor felt anxious then, not known how to counsel a student who’d, just, almost entered into the gates of, hell.

The moment the instructor was forced to walk into the principal’s office, she’d had a thought, pretended that she’d not know what had just happened, as she saw the child, with the fallen leaves stuck on her waist and areas below, she’d, rushed up to her, exclaimed, “My Juliet!  What happened to you?”, and hugged the girl, really tight.

Time flew quickly, as the graduating class graduated, life fast-forwarded close to a full decade’s time.  She’d also, forgotten about this, particular, student, until one day, in school, she’d received a package from that young woman.

Inside it, what would, she find?

She was surprised, and, uneasy, slowly, opening up the package.  There were, the copies of pages of paper.  It was from the girl’s middle school, technical high school, community college, the certifications she’d earned, the awards certificates, and the diplomas.

That evening, in the middle school south of down, that instructor slowly told of the story of then, and hoped, that in the future, in my suicide prevention seminars, she could, share the story she’d, told me.  The instructor looked very, peaceful, but I was, really moved inside.

Actually, in the hundreds of seminars for the past decade or so, I’d not mentioned this story often.  Or maybe, I have, yet to get over the shock it’d, left me, as I’d told this story to the audience, everything stopped whispering, and there was NO sound, and I saw some instructors, secretly, wiping away their, tears.

Confucius birthday comes every year, but I keep on thinking, what, better gift there was, than this, package, on this, day, to celebrate, the teachers?

And so, this is, the huge difference that, a school teacher’s care toward a student can have on the student’s life, this instructor’s hug of the student, helped her turn her own life around, and it’d helped her gain the strengths to keep on going in her life, and the student gave the best present back to the instructor who’d helped her, by sending the package of all of her, important milestone markers, to let the instructor know, that she’s, okay now.

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In Need of More Resources from the Local Communities to Pull the At-Risk Children Back

The problem of these, at-risk teens, and there’s not enough resource provided in their local areas, which makes it harder, to save them, to keep them on that right paths of their lives, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The juvenile criminals are mostly in drugs, and fraud, this is closely related to the society’s current situations, the teens all have a cell phone, and are using the social networking apps, and can easily gather up with their peers, and have a bigger chance of getting into the new age drugs more.  And, there’s a high percentage of teens who’d gotten on the wrong side of the laws who’d been found to have the problems with their psychological wellbeing, and none of these can be resolved by the justice systems.

Guan (a false name), due to his elders’ spoiling him, started behaving badly, his father could no longer teach him wrong from right since a very long time ago, as he’d left home, he’d gotten involved with the gangs through the interactive social networking apps, and had a “godfather”. For Guan, “my godfather was kinder to me, gotten me work at the casinos, where I could make $3,000N.T. a night!”

Because he worked in the casinos, Guan was arrested, and, as the court lets him go, he’d returned to the side of his “godfather” and met and gotten involved with more gangsters.  Later, as his godfather was on the run from the law, he’d died, the court judge found him a place to stay, and he’d slowly, returned his life back on track, and, became a sports figure because of his interests.

“Chih” had been raised by his maternal grandmother, because the tribal regions he was raised in had the drug abuse problems, the first time he was caught for using drugs, he was not yet ten, and now, at age sixteen, he’d become, a frequent customer of the courthouses, other than the drug charges, he also got caught for fraud, as well as, assault.

The justice put “Chih” on probation, placed him in a home, the court offered counseling to him, they’d even sent him to rehab to help him kick his habit of abusing drugs, and had the psychiatrists discuss his case together, “Chih” loved the freedom of the mountains, ran away from the Daylight Books where he was working, set up by the pastor and his wife who’d treated him like he were their young, headed back to the tribe and helped his maternal grandmother watch and took care of the means of the grocery shops.

The judge stated, that “Chih” was not the only adolescent who’d gotten caught doing something wrong, to pull all of them back successfully, the drugs needed to be rooted up from the tribal, the community levels; and, there’s also the need for psychotherapy as well, counseling, the detox, the rehabilitations.  The court can, transfer the youths to the rehabs, but, it’s still in questions, that after these kids get out of treatment, are there going to be enough resources to keep them staying on the right tracks.

And so, this is a serious, problem, that we’re having here, these kids are from the lesser areas, of tribes, of distant regions, which means, that there would be not enough resources locally, and most of these kids joined up with gangs, because they can’t fit in, they don’t feel they belong anywhere, and the gangs are the only place they feel that there are, someone who cared for them.

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The Fourteen-Year-Old “Snow”, Humiliated Repeated by Her Classmates After She Got Released Out of Juvenile Detention, and Ended Up Dropping Out of School

Yeah, whatever happened to the juvie records being, sealed by the courts???  Oh wait, that did not happen, not here, which makes it even harder, for these young teenagers to turn over a new leaf in their own lives, off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

“You are a SCREW UP all the same”, the Disciplinary Official from My School Called Me to Talk…in the End, He’d Made up the Lies of Me Having a Mental Disorder, and, Kicked Me out of School

The fourteen-year-old “Snow” dropped out at age fourteen, and started wandering the streets, and, unknowingly, she’d taken a ketamine cigarette from her friend, and was sentenced to juvenile detention for six months, and, after her release, she’d returned back to school, and the school official insulted her, and expelled her, she’d felt loss for two whole years.  The following is her own words on the experience”

That autumn, after my release from juvenile detention, I’d never broken the laws again, entered into a private technical high school to study.  The head disciplinary official asked me why I was two months late in, I’d told him the truth, told them that I’d once, broken the law.

in need of a second chance, but the world doesn’t give them that! Photo from online

And, my honesty got me discriminated by the school!  Every day the officials in school forced me to give the urine samples, and because I was cleaned, they couldn’t test anything out from it.  But, every urine test for me was humiliation, and, the disciplinary official would always look at me questioningly, like I’d “cheated” in giving my urine samples, that’s why my tests showed negative for illegal substances.

The school official even used the dyes into the toilet waters, to prevent me from scooping up the water in the toilet to turn in as my sample.  Can’t believe they’d thought up of that, but I really, didn’t use any substances!

“You’d been taken into custody, you’re a bad seed, who will believe you!”, the disciplinary official always picked on me, and had, insulted me like so often.  In the end, the school lied that I had a mental condition, and forced me out.

I’d worked so hard, to get back into the technical high schools, and this was what I got in return.  Paid my tuitions, told the truth, but nobody was tolerant, nobody accepted me with my bad past.  I was defeated, and started getting drunk at the karaoke with my friends everyday now.

Later, as my mother encouraged me, I’d signed up for another technical high school.  And this time, I’d learned better, never told the school the truths of my past, instead I’d kept my priors hidden, and so, they’d not given me a hard time, and I was able to get back into school again, and my life is, back on, track.

If I can return back to six years ago, I wouldn’t have broken the law, nor dropped out of school, instead, I’d followed my original smoother path, and study hard, and maybe, I would have had the chance of getting into a better high school, and university, and maybe, I wouldn’t have bump into, so many hardships of my life, maybe, maybe, there would be no need for detours in my adolescence, maybe………

What these kids need, are a brand new fresh start, a second chance at their lives, and yet, because of their priors on record, despite how they were still minors, and those juvie records should’ve been sealed by the courts, their pasts became out in the open, and the school officials discriminated them, labeled them as bad seeds, and they don’t get a chance to start their lives anew, and, this young lady was one of the luckier ones, because at LEAST she’d found herself back on the right tracks of life, and learned the lessons her pasts had taught her, and, there are many more teens like her, not as lucky as she.

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The Families Malfunctioning, the Higher Socioeconomic Families’ Children Also Fell

This is what made these teens into, “criminals” so young, the dys-functional families are to blame first, and foremost!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

Based off of estimates, there’s an increase by sixteen-percent in adolescent criminals in eight years here in Taiwan with the rate of total criminal up by forty-seven percent, quite rare in the countries that are economically running well, especially comparing to U.S. and England estimates, in the recent decades, there’d been an decline by fifty-percent of cases of teens from ages ten to seventeen being arrested.  So, why is there the hikes of the cases involving adolescents here?  Experts had summed up three major reasons: the higher socioeconomic status, the families with migrated parents losing functions, the children with ADHD and mental decapacitations getting border lined, as well as the negative effects from the social media.

The foundation caring for the reformed adolescents found, that in the past five years, the youths who’d broken the laws aren’t necessarily from the lesser homes, but with parents who’d not spent enough time with the children.  For instance, a child of a professor from university, although he is intelligent, and came from well-to-do backgrounds, but the family education had, failed him, he’d run away from home, and became, a mastermind of high-tech crimes.

And so, the key to these children turning bad, is the malfunctioning of their families, and the cases showed, that the families can be well to do, but if the parents don’t take care of their young, spend enough time with them, instilling in their children the right morale, then, chances are, the kids from these well-to-do homes, when they start their criminal careers, they’re going to, be the, heads of the crimes.


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The Teens Ran Away from Home, Stashed the Cash Underneath Their Beds, Ten Adolescents Found to Have Worked as the Pickup for the Mobs

The targeted population being teens, because of their underdeveloped prefrontal cortexes, lacking in foresight, and they’re, disposable too!  Off of the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Taipei City Police’s Juvenile Division awhile ago received calls from the parents, that their underage teens ran away from home a lot of late, became truant, and as the parents examined the kids’ rooms, they’d found tens of thousands of dollars under their children’s beds, and the parents called the youth squad; the police dug deeper in, found that there were ten adolescents who’d been absorbed by the Bamboo Union’s Jen-Ming Division, became the pick up drivers, picking up the cash from the cases of scams, the primary suspect, Jeng and twelve other of his accomplices were taken into custody.

The police pointed out, that Jeng (age 24) proclaimed himself as the man in charge o the subunit of Sanchong chapter of the gang, found two followers, used the youths’ needs of economic, with no social experience, lacking in foresight, used money to entice these teens, getting the underage adolescents to work as the delivery person to pick up the cash drops for the scams.  The group used the means of faking themselves as law enforcement officials, and scammed the members of the public for over millions of dollars N.T.

Jeng not only just used these teens as tools to pick up the cash, once he’d found that the adolescents were suspected of taking the money for themselves, or that the money came up short, he’d ordered the gangsters to take the teens, and beaten them up, kept them in custody, threatened them, to force them to pay up the amount that went missing.

The Juvenile Squad of the city of Taipei chased the leads, arrested Jeng, and his two subordinates, and there were more than a dozen of teens who were caught as well, after the interrogations, the police charged the three suspects, Jeng and two others, the ten teens on organized crimes, threats, and assault, etc., the teens were sent to juvenile court, with the three primary suspects sent to the D.A.’s office.

The captain of the youth squad, Kuo pointed out, that summer is about to begin, the police will start up its “Youth Specialty Division” from July first, to enforce the laws to protect the adolescents in the society, that if the teens have plans to work, they should pay attention to “whether or not the company hiring are legal”, “if there’s an unusually high payout”, and were the workers demanded to “Turn in their identification” and if there’s a “Fee” to get the job, to avoid being used as the scapegoats of these scam rings.

And, these teens are the targets of these crime rings, because they do NOT have any sense of the outcomes of their own behaviors, due to their undeveloped prefrontal cortexes, and besides, they are easy to get, offering them money, and they’d become baited on that hook, and when these unsuspecting teens get caught, the heads behind these operations are already, far, far, far away, leaving these teens to take the fall, for their role in this bigger organized crime.

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