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Love Became an “Investment”

This, was what love turned into, yeah, I know, everything is really messed up here, because we’re measuring by dollars and cents, and how much we each got from the love.

Love became an “investment”, and I HATE losing money, and yet, because love became an “investment”, there’s that underlying risk factor.

Love became an “investment”, so, how much do I get out of it?  Is there a set ratio, for earning per share for love?  Or, do we just have to wait and see, how love’s doing this quarter?  Love became an “investment”, and so now, we measure and weigh it, based off of monetary values, and, if love can NO longer be profitable, then, we’d DUMP it, in a heartbeat!

Love became an “investment”, and, everybody wants to put in the least amount of money, but get the MOST amount of earning, and, how is that possible?  It’s N-O-T, you don’t even get roughly what you put in, that’s not the way love’s supposed to go, and it should NOT be seen as an investment, so, STOP seeing that husband/wife as your meal ticket for the rest of your lives…because it won’t happen that way!

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How Could the Dead Still Bleed?

Uh, D-U-H, STUPID question here!!!

How could the dead still bleed?  Oh yeah, this, would be a TRICK question, because the answer is N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E, and it still don’t make ANY sense at all.

How could the dead still bleed?  The answer is that it can’t, the dead is dead, meaning that ALL of their biological functions had stopped working, the heart had stopped beating, so, the dead can’t bleed!

How could the dead still bleed?  How can I still be hurting over someone who’s long DEAD and gone, out of my life?  How could the dead still bleed?  The dead can still bleed, because of effects of the deaths, and their impacts on the living, and that, is how the DEAD left their markings on the world.

How could the dead still bleed, don’t be stupid, you’d learned, from a very long time ago, like after Goldie the Goldfish died, you poked its cold, dead body, and it doesn’t move, nor would it follow your hand when you moved it up and down that tank…

How could the dead still bleed, they can’t, bleed, and all the bleeding, is still left, for the living to do, because we, the ones who are still here, would be the ones grieving, hard, over the dead who mattered to us.

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Drowning the Past

Feel free to call me a “murderer” if you want to, but this, was how I’d done it!!!

I took the past by its hair, and, pinned its head down into the sink, filled with water, and it started gurgling for air, and then, it started struggling hard, but because I got a strong grip, it couldn’t fight me off.

Drowning the past, that, is what I was supposed to do, and I don’t CARE if I’d killed it (the past!!!), and, you can be sure, that it will NOT get resurrected again, because I’d made sure, that it was D-E-A-D, checked its vital signs and everything, to make sure it’d stopped its biological functioning.

Drowning the past, I’m supposed to, and I still feel absolutely NO remorse, for this so-called “murder”, guess I am, stone-cold then???  Drowning the past, I had, ‘cuz I couldn’t let it keep tagging on my back, gnawing me, again, again, again, reminding me of what had happened back there now, can I???  Nope!

I took the past, out by the river, and I was able, to TRICK it to go for a swim, then, I’d PINNED its head down, and, I gotta tell ya, my very “first kill” feels great, because I got to be in control, something I’d never had in life, and, this feel of being in control, well, it’s damn addictive…

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When Your Goodbye Sounded So Familiar to Me

Don’t know why, but, apparently, I’d gotten accustomed to it, I guess, after all, you’d barked it toward me, so many times already…

When your goodbye sounded so familiar to me, that means, that I’m systematically desensitized (look THAT up!!!) to you, leaving, and yeah, from the very start of this “cycle”, I’d cried myself to sleep, every single night after you’d left, but, after you’d came back, left, came back, left (you get the picture, don’t you) so very many times, I’d gotten used to it.

When your goodbye became familiar to me, there’s nothing you can say, OR do, to HURT me, because I’d grown accustomed to your bad behaviors (and that still doesn’t mean that I’ll keep on putting up with them).  When your goodbye became familiar to me, because I’d gotten used to them, heard them ‘bout a ZILLION times, and yet, you’d always ended up, BACK in my arms, and so, I knew, that you’re goodbyes were nothing MORE than just words, you have NO intentions of leaving me………

When your goodbye sounded so familiar to me, ‘cuz I’d gotten so used to hearing those words out of your lips, and, I knew you were still lying this time ‘round, because just like the very last time, and the times before, I KNOW you’ll come crawling back.

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A Young “Cougar” Was Turned Down by the Younger Man She’d Pursued, She’d Beaten Up Her Fourteen-Year-Old Rival

Like I’d already stated before, these “things” still goes BOTH ways, and, violence is NO longer just a specialty for M-E-N these days, from the Newspapers, translated…

A woman Chen had a birthday yesterday, she’d called up a man she had a crush on to help her celebrate, and he’d turned her down, said he had to work, but last night, Chen ambushed the man’s place, and found, that he was with a fourteen-year-old girl, Kuo, the two went up the mountains to have a confrontation, Chen found a group of people, to beat up on Kuo, and forced Kuo to strip herself.

The police investigations found, that the thirty-two-year old Chen had a crush on the twenty-four year old man for a long time, yesterday, she’d used her birthday as a reason, hoped that he could spend it with her, but the man used work as the reason to not go to her.

After Chen got drunk, she’d gone to his place, half-hazed, saw that he was with Kuo, an adolescent girl, she flew into a jealous rage, and started slapping Kuo nonstop, then, rode her motorcycle, too the man and the adolescent to a famous night spot in Taishan to confront.

As Chen came to the spot, she’d brought along couple of her friends, other than keep beating up on Kuo, they’d forced her to strip naked.

And because there were over thirty witnesses present, enjoying the night views, members of the public found this act of violence, quickly called the police, when the adolescent was being beaten up, the man was afraid of Chen, and so, he didn’t say anything.

As the patrol officers took the girl to the hospital for treatment, and took Chen and her gang back to the subprecinct, Chen had a BAC of 0.69, and had lost it in the station, had a verbal altercation with the officers, and the police is still currently interrogating her, and the youth, after being taken to the hospitals, she was okay.

And that, is how FAR jealousy can go, and, the woman wasn’t even dating the dude too, and that, is how a C-R-U-S-H can CRASH and BURN!  And, that still just shows you, that men are NOT just the only ones who resorted to violence, that women nowadays are becoming more and more violent too, don’t know if it’s an effect of global warming or what here!!!

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Mandated by the Courts, to Take Care of Their Irresponsible Father, the Judge Told the Children: As Children, We Must Make Sacrifices

Is this even F-A-I-R, I’ll let you all be the JUDGE this time!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

A man, Yang left home, two decades ago, left his three kids to his wife to take care of, and now, Yang is placed in a nursing home, and he needed to pay the nursing home by the month; Yang sued his kids, and asked for alimonies, the children proved that the father had abandoned them since they were young, and refused to pay, but the Hsinbei District Court insisted that the three kids had “obligatory duty for keeping life” toward their father, and mandated that they must pay their father $20,000N.T. per month.

The attorney, Huang pointed out, that in this case, the situation had fitted the Civil Amendment #1118, which stated that when the parents showed NO caretaking toward the kids, it would be unfair for the kids to take care of them, and that the kids can ask the courts to lessen the amount paid.

The sixty-one year-old man, Yang in Hsinbei City, because he faced debt problems in his factory some twenty years ago, he couldn’t handle the matter, and so, he ran, and left his fourteen, eleven, and seven year old sons and daughter to his wife, Chien, Chien paid all the debts, the mortgage payments, took care of her kids on her own, and raised them up.

And this year in May, Yang just showed up abruptly, and signed the divorce agreement with his wife, then, moved into a nursing home, and, he needed to pay the facility for room, board, diapers, medical charges, etc., etc. etc., totaling up to $40,000N.T.; Yang didn’t have any money saved up, and lost his ability to work, he’d sought out assistance from his younger sister, she was willing to pay for $20,000N.T. per month on his behalf to the facility, and the remaining amount, Yang had sued his children for.

The Three children are working as security guard, in a technology company, and as a customer service representative, and they’d earned anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000N.T. per month; the three children and their mother all claimed, that after Yang left the house, he’d never once showed an inkling of care or concerns toward them, and while the kids were still in school, they’d had to apply for financial aid, or part-timed, and, if there’s any money left over, they’d used it to pay the debts, save up for the foundations of their own marriages, or to give it to their mother, that they did NOT have any extra money to give to the father who’d left them.

The judge pointed out, that based off of Civil Laws children has an obligation to “maintain the lifestyles of the parents”, and toward the parents’ basic living needs, even IF the children didn’t have any extra money, they MUST sacrifice themselves, to keep their parents; and because Yang had gone through the courts and asked for just $20,000N.T. per month, and, based off of their economical status, it wasn’t at all difficult for them to provide, and so, the judge mandated that the children MUST pay.

Are you FUCKING kidding me here?  The losers ran out on his wife and children, left them alone, and now he’s old and ILL (still karma’s work!!!), and is in need of the kids’ assistance, and because the father didn’t give a DAMN from before, so naturally, the kids don’t give a SHIT right now, and the father felt that it was unfair, for him to NOT get a dime from the kids, and so, he sued, and this god DAMN judge doesn’t even have a single clue, and mandated that the kids must pay?  Is there JUSTICE in this world now?  And, why the FUCK should we take care of you, PARENTS, if you’d never taken care of us, if you’d abused and neglected us, simply because we got pulled OUT from your god damn VAGINAS, we owe you, is that it???

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Her Parents Were Fighting, and the High School Student Climbed Out the Windows, Sat on Top of the Air-Conditioning Systems

There was just this picture, in the Front Page Sections, translated…

In the Taishan District of Hsinbei City, a high school girl, early yesterday morning heard her parents fighting, saying that they want to divorce, and the mother claimed she was going to leave, the high school girl took a fruit knife, climbed up to the lanai of her third floor home, on top of the air-conditioning systems, threatened to kill herself, and the firefighters consoled her from her window, and the fire fighter on the fire engines was able to grab Wu, so, they’d prevented a tragic event.

What’s even outrageous was, that the parents, after they’d fought, they’d gone back to their bedrooms, and fell asleep, they never even realized that something wasn’t right with their daughter, until the fire department came, did they realize how serious this had become.

Wow, you still have GOT to be SHITTING me here, parents!!! How STUPID do you think we all are?  When you get into those fights at night, to prevent us from being affected, and you supposed that we’re ALL asleep sound in our beds, but, we’re actually N-O-T, because we got our ears, GLUED to the doors, hearing every single detail of your fights, so, do NOT assume (b/c that would still turn ALL of y’all into ASSholes!!!) that just because we don’t tell you we saw, means that we saw nothing, we are still watching you, stupid PARENTS!!!

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